Juniata sentinel and Republican. (Mifflintown, Juniata County, Pa.) 1873-1955, April 21, 1897, Image 3

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WEDMSBlT. 1PBIL 1, 1897.
gabecriptlon, $1.60 par mini If paid
Ib aiTaaeaj $2.00 If sot paid fa advance.'
TMnaleat adTartlaeaaenta I nam ted at 60
,asata par inch for each inaartloB.
TTaaatant business notice ta local eoi
rju, 10 eeati par liae for each laaartiom.
Dad actios will ba made to than daairtng
le aOertiae by the year, half ar qaartrr
Altoona is to hay tha Stat fair
this year.
Tha price of wheat has an upward
The Easter flower eraze is a beau
tiful craze.
This April is hard to beat for
showers of rain.
"AUgeld's Globe Sayings Bask" is
Chicago has failed.
Oats sowing is late on account of
the frequent rains.
The oat-iid of the National Bank
has been repainted.
Miss Catharine Mathers is visiting
friends in Lancaster.
Dr. Harry Patterson has gone to
Lexington, Kentucky.
Memorial Day is in sight and ora
tors are being selected.
Seventeen persons joined the
Lutheran church on Sunday.
Captain Degen of Fayette was in
town on business on Saturday.
Trout fishing 'stories and snake
stories are coming to the front.
Wilberforce Sehweyer was in
Washington last week on business.
J. N. VanOrmer of Fayette, paid
the county-seat a visit on Saturday.
The prospect for a large crop of
peaches in New Jersey ib first rate.
They can't be beat for style and
low priced clothing at Hollobaugh's.
Three women served as Judges at
tho receat election in Wallace, Idaho.
The ear load of horses sold on Mon
day by L. B. Wilson averaged $73.50.
Philo Bmfcs is at horns from at
tending medical lectures in Phila
delphia. Judge Doty of Greensburg, West
moreland county, spent a day in town
this week.
It has not yet been learned which
one of the jail prisoners is working
the ghost racket.
Matthew and Andrew Allison of
Tyrone spent Easter Sunday in town
with their parents.
Htrry La tab, fish salesman, sold
an eight pound shad in this place
one day last week.
Charles Adams has secured a clerk
ship in a drug store in Newville,
Cumberland county.
Jesse Howe's early potatoes peep
ed through the ground on Good Fri
day morcing, April 16.
A ttraog4 wotnaa lectured in the
Presbyterian church for women only
last Thursday evening.
Mrs. Oden C. Oortner and her two
bright Jittle children are visiting her
parents in Union county.
The Town Council turned down
the proposal to buy a chemical fire
engine oa Saturday evening.
Jacob Witmer of Fayette town
ship, sold his farm of 100 acres to
George Hcckman for $4,000.
The public buildings in Philadel
phia have cost four times the amount
estimated for thair erection.
M'sa -Vauil Bnreb field who has
baen in the Danville Hospital is vis
iting her parents in this town.
A company of young people enjoy
ed a hop at the National House on
Saturday evening t'H midnight.
There was a heavy frost on Good
Friday morninjr, but the day was
graadly clear and full of sunshine.
Tha finest assortment ef cigars, to
bacco, pipes, &c, in the county, at
Howard Kirk's store in Patterson.
Easter Day was a bloody day be
tween Greek and Turk. The whole
fight is between religion anl politic J.
Grant Kauffman has the ex county
office house on its new foundation on
Washintoa street. It was quite an
achievement in house moving.
Mrs. Joseph Burchfisld with her
grand-daughter -Miss Josephine Rob
iaon from Tuscarora Valley, visited
friends and relatives in town last
There is a talk ef a mad dog hav
ing passed through town, which talk
may only be talk, but it is best to
keep an eye on the dogs for hydro
phobia signs.
Ex-Sheriff Noblo has reraodled one
of his store rooms on Main street in
to a comfortable dwelling which he
and family havo moved into. The
store front was also taken out of the
building and replaced with a dwell
ing house front.
The annual re-union of the First
- Defenders' Association was held in
Beading, Pa., on the 17th iust. Of
the 530 men who responded to Pres
ident Lincoln's call in 1861. Only
60 were present at the meeting on
Saturdey, and of the original number
only 123 survive.
About noon on the 16th insi, two
men entered the Great Falls Nation
al Bank at Somerworth, N. II., knock
ed down and cut the throat of Cash
ier Joseph A. Siiokney and gathered
up six thoasand dollars cnah and then
fled. The murder and robbery was
not discovered for almost an hour,
which gave the marderers time to
get out of the town.
The migration of wild ducks into
the Valley of the Juniata was not the
only valUy in the State that the
fowles flew into by thousands this
spring. The Valley of the Susque
hanna was invaded by unprecedented
numbers. The fowles traversed the
entire length of that valley and as
here hundreds of them were bagged
by sportsmen and furnished many a
savory mel for those whe were for
innate enough to seeure on or more.
R. Lonia
wignt a carp in
the Jamato on a certain day recently,
pojndt! eanwenand eight
Tranlr fnm.. rt t tt- ...
of Newport, was struck by a local
freight engine last week and pain
folly hurt. y
The letter. nn
flintown post office on April 19, were
for -Visa Jiuy Barnet, John Hase,
Voong Marshall.
Suicide statin! im fmm a
. w iTiAiUU
say suicides in that country are 5 per
eent. higher on Tuesdays than on
any other days of the week.
Maior Parian snil J.nkt.. u:
Pidge Patton, visited the family of
t uuvnurce ocuweyer on Tuesday.
Mrs. Sehweyer is a daughter of .Major
OS the 15th of Anril a. Ttnatnn
Alice Manon Wilson 22 veara' old!
married a Chinaman T W.k r,A
22 years. It is reported to be a eren
uma love match.
The banks in thia tnwa AM link aK.
serve Good Friday. Thev had nlnntv
of work and plenty of money and did
1 1 i , . . ...
uut im co lose tne time to use both
time and money.
Henrv C. Havmvr of Na Ynrlr
President of the Sugar Trust called
John Bercen a liar niil TUrcren hu
sued Havemyer for libel and slander.
n wants ten tnousand dollars dam
The barn on the Samuel A. Tvson
farm, adjoining Union cemetery,
south of town, was destroyed by fire
on Sunday, about midnight- It ia
believed to have been an incendiary
For Osborne Farm Implemants.
Buckeye Corn Workers, grain drills,
pumps, water pipes and fittings.
call on F. W. Noble, Mifflintown.
Pa. A full line on hand for your in.
spection. 3t.
Merchant Schott while driving
from Lewistown on Monday, found a
7 pound snapping turtle on the road.
A good thing like that was not to be
passed and Mr. Schott took it in and
brought it home.
The new weather man who has not
a past weather record is puzzled over
the question whether an early Easter
brings an early spring. He says the
question puzzles him as much as tho
ground hog question.
Three hundred and seventy-eight
persons were in attendance upon the
Lutheran Sunday School on the 18th
inst. It was net a Christmas or pic
nic boom, but tha even-tide of Sun
day School prosperity.
The Sprinsr weather of Eiater was
followed on Monday night by real
winter weather. The thermometer
dropped to 26 degrees. Ice three
Quarters of an inch thick was mn.da
and a general concern for the fruit is
The collections in the Lutheran
church on Sunday amounted to two
hundred and eigntythrao dollars.
This is not counting the Sunday
School collections, and tw.-i Snndava
previous a collection of five hundred
ana ioriy.six dollars was taken.
A large delegation of Amish peo
pie from Mifflin county, attended the
horse sale on Monday. The Amish
are among the most substantial peo
ple in the State. Wherever they lo.
cate order and sobriety and industry
flourishes. Real estate always com
mands a good price wherever they
Charles Hollobaugh of Pittsburg
eame home on a short vacation last
week. He made it a special point to
be in Juniata for the opening day of
the trout fishing season, April 15,
but unexpectedly it rained that day,
and the waters have not been in first
rate condition since.
A member of the Illinois Lsgisla
ture beats them all on libel law. He
proposes a law to punish editors for
praising men beyond their merits.
He tikej the position that people are
often deceived into supporting unfit
men by the good character that news
papers give unworthy men.
"Anotner fatality irom excessive
rope jumping is reported from Read
ing, in the case of Annie I. Delcamp,
aged 7 years. She skipped the rope
fiftv-8BV(n times without stopping,
and died in great agony. Too many
of our young girls engage in this
pnstime to the detriment of their
health and well-being."
It does not sound like the most
pleasant thing that L. A. Whitmire,
a Muncy shoe maker has been engag
ed by a Williamsport doctor to make
3 pair of slippers from human bide.
The leather is from the leg of an un
identified tramp, who was killed on
the railroad at Williamsport six
months ago. The leather was pre
pared by a Williamsport tanner.
Chambersburg News, April 16.
A boy while digging out a chip
munk-, near (Jaledonia Furnace, a few
days ago, dug up a large Indian bat
tle axe, measuring eight inches in
length and weighing four pounds.
It was a fine specimen of Indian
workmanship and was as perfect as
the day it was made. It ia now in
the possession of Dr. L N. Snivel y cf
Tho Greeks can only muster an
army of 80,000 meB. Turkey can
raife an army of 200,000.
The Greek steamer Athens was
sunk by a Turkish Torpedo boat in
the gulf of Salon ica. Later reports
from the seat of war say the Turkish
General Edhem Pasha was defeated
at Reveni and was nearly taken pris
oner. The six powers are keeping
up the cry "don't fight!" but there is
no peace, and the six powers can't
stop the fight and if they step in
with their armies they will be into
the fight with Greek and Turk.
The coal oil pipe line across the
Susquehanna near Shenk's Ferry
leaks and is playing havoc with the
shad and other fish, driving them
out of the stream. The fish Com
miesioners who quickly pounce upon
a luckless man who violates the fish
law in some away off by stream, sit
back with their thumbs in their
mouth, when a corporation like an
oil company or other corporation de
populates streams of their fish by
whoksale by allowing the corpora
tions to dump tLeir leakage and
waste material into the fish world.
The fish law is a farce as applied now
and should be repealed.
The fall (!..
Presbytery will bo held in the Pres
byterian ohuroh at Bell wood, Blair
A new Ci. A R Pa.1 ku Ranii
started at Markelsburg, Huntingdon
county, it is a ntue late, bat the
boys think better late than never.
A man with explosives to axtin
guish fires, held forth on Water St.,
the other evening, and showed how a
fire may be put oat by aid of explo
sives. Something of the intellectual ac
quirements of Middle Age kings of
Europe may be learned from the fact
that Henry I was called "Bsanclerk,"
because he was one of the few kings
of bis time who could read and write.
New pension bills are being offer
ed in Congress. Why not pass a
general pension bill and be done with
pension legislation. Pension every
one who was in the service against
rebellion for a long or short period
of tim9.
"With the assistance of the latest
machines, a piece of leather can be
transformed into a pair of boots in
thirty-foar minutes, ia which time it
passes through the hands of sixty
three people and through fifteen ma
chines." Now comes the tug of war. Turk
ey has declared war agaiast Greece.
Fighting in the Karya district took
place : on Saturday and Sunday.
About 50,000 troops were engaged.
The advantage of the battle was with
the Turks.
It is many years sinca wild ducks
came into tho Juniata Valley as they
did last week. Thousands ,yf ducks
frequented the river last week and
handreds of sportsmen from the
mouth of the river to its head were
shooting ducks.
Merchant Barley is now east and
by next week will have a stock of new
clothing for men and boys. You
know the place, corner of Bridge and
Front streets. The old reliable place.
Always up to date, with new styles
at prices to suit the times.
Altoona Tribune: It used to be
the young fellows who sowed wild
oats;. New it's the old chaps. It
would be no difficult task to name a
half dozen men in this community,
who were models in youth, who have
gone to the dogs after the gray hairs
The State Fishery managemeut are
urgent to catch the violators of the
fish law in the bye way places. But
where corporal ions kill fish by the
hundreds and where they depopu
late streams of fi3h the management
say nothing. Who can understand
the fish management.
The religions feeling and devotion
of a number of church member fe
males, were sadly out of tune last
Sunday, because they had not a new
Easter bonnet, and that kept them
from going to preaching. Many
sisters, however, attended church
and never onca t nought of au Easter
Perry county papers report the
Newport Deposit Bank caso as set
tled. It is stated that a settlement
has been m ule by the payment of
fifty cents on thn ninety cents due
the depositors, which with the ttn
per cent, paid some months ago,
makes sixty per cent, of their entire
Sometime on Friday night or Sat
urday morning, thieves entered the
Howe store on Main street by way of
the cellar window. From the cellar
it was an easy way to the etore room
above, where they helped themselves
to such things as suited their taste
from a stock of goods in a grocery
and confectionary store.
The wild ducks that entered the
Juniata Valley ten days ago did not
stop goiag up stream till they reach
ed the head of the stream in the back
bone of tho Allegheny mountain ba
yond Altoona. Tha last heard of the
tail end of the great flock was that
Altoona hunters were shooting them
in the reservoir at Horseshoe Bend.
The organ grinder as a rule is the
first music man to leave bis winter
quarters iu some city and start on a
spring and summer tour in the coun
try towes, but the first music people
to strike this town this year came
last week and were a couple of men
the one with a harp tha other with
a violin. They played the town for
The bushel basket that was taken
with Jesse Howe's chickens and corn
some nights ago, has been returned.
The brace and bit and other tools
used by thieves to work their way in
to Howe's store some nights ago
were obtained in Creswell's black,
smith shop. Creswell identifies a
cumber of the tools, and too Is that
he found lying outside of his shop,
fit the work done on the cellar door.
Lowisburg Chronicle. The good
wife of Dr. W. D. Heiser of Miffiin
burg, is a firm bsliever in certain
kinds of dreams. About ten days
ago she lost a valuable gold watch
and a thorough searoh by all hands
failed to find it. The other night,
however, she dreamed twice in suc
cession, that if she looked out a cer
tain window she would see it. She
looked, saw it in an adjoining lot to
their home and is again happy in iis
The General Grant monument will
be dedicated next Tuesday, April
27, with great demonstration in New
York City. 50,000 troops from the
several states are expected: to be
present. "Ir is one of the grandest
monuments in the world. Such is
fate. 40 years ago Grant was haul
ing cord wood with a mule team
from his farm that he called "Hard-
scrable" 11 miles to St. Louis. He
drove the mules; sold and unloaded
the wood himself.
One had better be careful about
the name they apply to a neighbor
as may be learned from what took
place in Reading, Pa. In that city,
last Thursday, April 15, a jury in
Jndge Ermantroat's Court, returned
a verdict of $151.62 damage for Miss
Maggie senhcter, who bad been call
ed a "chippie." Mrs. Julia Esterly
called Miss Schlictor a "chippie," and
Miss Schlictor sued Mrs. Esterly for
calling her by that name and the jury
found a verdict in favor of Miss
Schlictor to the amout above stated.
Mrs. Esterly, hereafter will be more
guarded in the use of names.
Easter day was a beautiful day and
handreds of people walked oat of
doors to snjoy the delightful spring
"The 16th annual re anion of the
49th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volun
teers, will be held at Port Royal,
Thursday and Friday, October 14
and 15."
"In Ireland a belt of a woman's
hair is placed about a child to keep
harm away, and garlic, salt, bread
and steak are put into the cradle of a
new born baby in Holland."
Joseph Strode has been re ap
pointed post master at Strode's Mills,
Mifflin county. He has held the of.
fice continuously 52 years. He was
first appointed by President J E.
Polk in 1845.
"Does your mother like her new
neighbors, Jennie?"
"Very much. We borrow butter
of them and give them oleomargar
ine in return. They seamed pleased
over it." Detroit Free Press.
She "Why is it, when physicians
are ill, they never attend to their
own cases?"
He "I don't know, but I should
say it was because they can't charge
themselves anything for it." Boston
"At Norfolk, Vs., a plant has been
established with capacity for five
tons of peanuts daily, for tha manu
facture of peanut oil, peanut flour
and stock feed, the estimated com
bined yield representing more than
$400 a day."
Town people are getting on their
metal and are loading their shot guns
to warn the thieves that are playing
their games at night. It would be no
surprise to hear of some of the thiev
ing fraternity, baing found dead on
some other man's property any morn
ing. "The town authorities of West
Chester have undertaken to deal with
the tramp nuisance. Their plan is a
model one. First catch your tramp.
This is made the duty of the consta
bulary. Next, attach to his leg a
twelve pound iron ball with chain.
Then give him thirty days at the
stone quarry breaking stone. If he
refuses to work, don't feed him."
"A thoughtful woman living in
Annville, a small village of Lebanon
county, has been keeping count of
the number of tramps she feeds, and
reports that during the year ending
last month, she furnished meals to
no less than 419 knights of the road
The number was smallest during
June, when but 16 were accommo
dated, and largest during February,
when 67 were given food. During
the fjur winter months of Djcembar,
January, February and March, mora
tramps were fed than during trie re
maining part of the year."
People laugh at the decision that
prevented Dr. Swallow from going
into the ruics of the burnt Capitol
as, Harrisburg. If the doctor felt
anxious to take the risk of having a
brick drop on his head from a crum
bling wall, why not allow him to take
the r:tk. No harm could come to
the rubbish pile by his prying in it,
and if ha succeeded in finding any
thing to Eustain him in his belief,
well and good fur him, but if he fail
ed it would ba most unfortunate for
the doctor- Giva the doctor an op
portunity to tea all he knows.
Huntingdon Globe, April 15. A
revolver in the hands of Arthur Heck-
ard, who was in the offica of the
Adam Express at Mt. Union on Mon
day evening, accidectilly discaarged.
The ball went through the office
window, passed to the residence of
Thos- A. Appleby, about 110 feet
away, and going through a window
of the dining room, it struck .Wrs.
Appleby on the forehead, rendering
her insensible, oho is recovering
from the shock. It is very fortunate
that the ball had spent its force,
otherwise the accident might havs
been attended with fatal results.
Who began the war bat ween
Greece and Turkey is the question.
They have both been disclaiming
war purposes, but both have been
fighting each other in Crete. Both
have committed great barbaiities in
Crete. Both Governments have de
nied omcial recognition oi the war
that has been going on in Crete -the
past many weeks. The six nations
have stood, making threats that nei
ther Turkey or Greece shall Le al
lowed to carry on a war to dispo6ess
the other of territorial or other rights,
and that they shall not fight. But
war between the two nations has
been begun. Now what are the six
nations to do. The sympathy of
Christendom is with Greece, but can
she win against Turkish odds.
PattersoBi nia-h School Com
mencement. The commencement exercises of
the Patterson High School will take
place in the Court House, May 6,
1897, at 8 P. M.
Motto: "We are Aiming still High
er." Class flower White Lily.
Class Roll: Lola M. Kelly, L. Ed
na Landis, Sarah C. Gues, Ella K
Hench, Dora V. Fritz, Mary A Hibbs,
John I.
Zeiders and Cha?
Easy to Take, Easy.to Operate
Yon will find a true friend in
Hood's Pills. When yon take them,
you will not be disagreeably remind
ed of the fact bv griping and agon
izing pains. They contain none of
the drastic drugs formerly so exten
stvely employed. Every ingredient
used in Hood's Pills is selected with
care. They will break up a cold.
prevent the grip, and are especially
valuable to regulate the liver. They
cure s;ck head-ache ccd indigestion.
The attention of ladies is request
ed. Mrs. M. A. Diehl has a stock of
handsome millinery goods at her
place of business on Front St New
goods just in from the millinery em
poriums of 2 the Quaker City than
whose fashions there are none more
elegant. Millinery trimming , done
on short notice. The Misses Diehl
made the selections of the large as
sortment of novelties in the .Millinery
line and are satisfied that they can
satisfy the patrons, who favor them
with a call. Their goods will give
satisfaction in style, quality and
Bargain Days!
Bargain Days!
A Reaplesa Spender generally gets a poor bargain.
Beginning, Thursday, April 22a d and 'continues to Saturday avaning,
May 15th.
Monej is to scarce to be tbrorn away. Thrift is the ordar of the times.
Buyers of merchandise, who know the value of a dollar want to make that
dollar go as far as rofgible in tfae purchase of goods. Schott iraaraBtees to
thrifty buyers that one dollar or ten dollars will boy more bubstantial values
in merchandise at bis Mammoth Storea tban it will bny anywhere or at any
other Store in Juniata eounty. Every day dnriog (Lege Bargain Days ws
Jean Waists for children, sizes 1 to 6 far 10c; worth 20o.
Ladies' Cornets for 31o, 39o, 45o and 50c. 33 per cent, below thair value.
Snromer Csrsets at 44o and 49c; worth 60o and 75o.
Amorside Corsets at 85c; worth $1.00.
Dr. Ball's Corsets; Dr. Warner's Corsets; high bust corsets for 90o.
Ladies' Corset Covers, faooy embroidered for 23c; worth 35o.
Ladies' Fancy night cowos and
10 yards of Cue uDbUaibed muslin fur 34o.
10 yrds of better unbleached mutilin at 38o i.nd 45o.
10 yards f.f luavv ui.hlpsiched ans'.in, rd wi e at 50c
10 jrds ! ben Ai plttm A , oot i' su' td 37 ir.cb uuslinfnr 5So.
Best jard wide, Hill bleached muslin at 6c a yard. I
Good 36 inch bleachf d fine muslin for 4Jo, 5o and 54?.
Be&t Lanaiiiile liravy bleached 36 inch uiulin for 7c; worih 10c.
Lansdale Cambric, finest make, 10 yards for 98o. I
Good Aprob O ughains at 3Jo a yard
Better Apron Gingl ams ot 4c a yard and best Apron Ginghams at 5ds
for 24c.
Best Calicoes iu Indigo Blue, turkey rtd and light chintz, 10 yards for
Fancy Bar or striird and Dimity effect in wbit? goods fer⁣ worth 10c.
All our white gocda and wab g cds at ppecially reduced prices.
10d; t of German knit torcben laces at 10c, 12c, 15c and 20c: worth double.
yards cf fancy, bet embroideries, 39o, 35o and 45o.
We have the finest assortment cf t mbroideries tbat ever was been in Jun
iata county at extra low prices.
10yds of Fancy Dreas GingLama at 55c.
10 yards of finest Parkl.ill zephrs ginghams for 75o; worth $1.25.
Fine effect cf Novelty Dress Gcodf, all wool, and silk and wool for 25o.
Fancy woo), finest novelty cress goods plaid at 12c.
Our Fine Assortment of Fancy Dress Henriettas Goods, Drap TeTete, mo
air, ailks, &o., at specially reduced prices.
10yds of black Sateen at 89c; Fine French Sateen 10 yards for $1.15.
9-4 and 10-4 bleached and unbleached sheetings at 12c, 15o and 18o.
42 men bleached pillow casing, 10yds for 95o.
Men's 60o unlanodriad shirts for 39o.
Good summer vesta for Ia lies and ohildren at 5o and all tb3 finer grades
at reduced prices.
Men's heavy shirtings at 5c, 7o, 7lo sod 8o; worth 10c
Chaff ticking, 9 yards for 69o, 89c and 98o
Pants goods for 12o, 14o, 18o and 20o.
9000 yards of all kinds of Carpet at specially low prioes; 18c striped
carpet fer 12o; 20o carpets for 15o
Home made rag and good domestic carpets at 25o; 45o iDgrain Carpets
ot 25o.
75o Brussel Carpets for 50c; C0o Hrus-e! carpets fer 69o.
Lace Curtains, bound all around for 49o a pair and finer lace curtains for
75o, 90o, $1. and $1.50.
Laoo curtains by the yard, bound on botb bides 10yds for 90c and
lace curtain scrim 10yds for 49c. '
English Floor Oil Cloth at 19c a tqaare yard.
Table OilCIoth at 13o a yard; worth 20o.
2 good felt stades for 25o; spring roller oil shades for 25a, and all
tha finer window shades at reduce,! prices
1000 rolls of wall paper at reduced prices; fine 12e Wall Papors for 7
ots a double roll of 16 yards and borders to match.
A bottle of fine machine oil for o.
3 eakes of good toilet soap for bo and 3 cakes of butter milk soap for 8o.
Ladies' Shirt Waists and ladies' dress skirts, tea gowns and wrappers at
specially reduced prices.
Ladies' silk and velvet capes at very low prices.
Cloth capea for 65o, 90c to $1 50.
Trunks an 1 satchels at reduced prices.
8000 Pair of Men's, Ladieb' and Children's footwear at specially low and
and ex'ra reduced prires.
Cnrtain Poles , Brass Fixtures for 21c
Stair Rods at 50c a doz.
Don't forget tbat if you want honest money stving prices, you will be
more than repaid by buying here.
Commencing April 22.
No premium tickets with muslins, gioghatus and calicoes.
103 to 109 Bridge Street. Mifflintown, Pa.
1865, ESTABLISHED. 1880.
Special Invitation To The Public
To attend the Attractive Sale of Clothing that goes on daily
It will be
Who nave money to invest to examine the Stock of Goods for
It is truly marvelous to See
of ISu.'ts and Overcoats at the Wonderfully Low Prices.
His prices leave all Competitors in the rear, so don't fail
to give him a call if in need of Clothing
Reduced Kate t New York
via PemnsylTania Railroad,
bccohsi dedication of
Ciiaat Moanmeat-
For the dedication of the Grant
Monumental Tomb, April 27, the
Pennsylvania Bailroad Company will
sell tickets from all points on its line
to New York, April 26 (and from
points within one hundred and fifty
miles of New York, April 26 and" 27),
grtod to return until April ,29, inclu
give, at rate of a fare and a third f.r
the round trip. Tickets for military
companies in uniform, numbering fif
tj or more, traveling in a body on
one ticket, will be sold at rate of sin-
gle fare per capita for the round trip.
The parade on this occasion will be
the grandest military demonstration
since the war. Thousands of veter
ans, United States regulars, and
State militiamen will be in line.
muslin underwear at less tban price ef
l lsamfeandproniptTYme4;
I Vor bo euro of dlat-rbtru.
! a V aterr eollc, cholera
F nv tarn and all Tonus oi
HU Kr Conplmlat and
1m iiesact the . owels. IT
f Stratdclndeep. Therearethonsanrtaoflaili'j
1 vrho l.ave regular features anil would trf) m
oorUed tb palm of beauty w oro it not for a por
ccmclcxton. To all such vrc recommend DH.
HEBRA'8 VIOLA CREAM as possessing those.
cjUAiitica that qulci:y change tho most eallo-
and florid complexion to one ct natural health
pnd unblemished beauty. It cures Oily Skin.
Freckles, Black Heads, Blotches. Susbtri
Tan, Pimples, and all 1m perfections ci t
in. It if . not acosmcUc but a cure, yei i.i i-. :
lr for that Uilet table than powder. Bold t ..
l.Ugsists, or sent postpaid upon receipt of Sfs
. O, C SarTNtR CO.. TOtda. :-
U L ... . ....
' u jom on ouy tne nest ready made clothing or have your measare
t,kn and I guaranteed a strictly merchant tailor made suit, sewed with
auk throughout and made in any atyle you may wish. All the latest plats
to select frorc Over 500 samples.
Meu's Suits, site 34 to 42; 200 men's toil?, trown and gray mixed $3.75,
men a auiis, strictly all win!, neat pattern 4 75; men's all wool plaid suits,
5.00 aad 5.50; men's all wool plaids, better grade, 6.00 to 8.00; men's still
finer, 9 75, 10 00 and 12.00; men's clay worsteds, 5.00, 6.50, 8 00, 10.00, 12
CO, 15.00 and 18.00, men's extra site suit?, 42 ineh to 46 incb, dark 6 00 to
10.00; boy's suits, Orrey mixed, 90s to 1.00; bys' suits, neat patterns, 1.25
1 5, 2.00, 2 50, 3 00; boys' all wool plaid suits, 3.50, 4.00, 4.50 and 5.00
boys' light and dark plaids, finest, 6.00, 6 50, 7.00, 8.00, 9.00 aod 10 00;
children's suits, nobby patterns, 50c, 75o, 1.00, 1.25, 1.50; children's Reefer
suits, 1.00, 2,00, 3 00 and 3 75; children's double breasted all wool 1.50 to
5.00; children's Junior suits with or without vests 2.80 to 4.50; Uats Cady,.
50e, 75o, 1 00. 1.50, I 75, 2.00, 2 25, 2.75; ctusb bats 25o, 50c, 75c, LOO,
1 25, 1 50, 1.75 and 2.00; bats, all the latent blocks in stiff or soft Over 150
styles to select from; Trunks, 2,00, 2 24. 2.50, 3,00, 4 00, 5,00, 6.00; va
lelsts, 35c, 50c, 75c, 1.00, 1.50, 2 00, 3.00, 4.00; Telescopes 50o, 76o, 1.00;
umbrellas, 50o, 75o, 1 00, 1.25, 1.50, 2.00, 3.50, 3 00, 4.C0; Men's Unsset in
latest toe, 150, 2.25, 3 00; men's undcrweir, 25o, 50o, 75o and 1 00, Per
cale shirts, 50 ftyles, 25c, 50o, 75c, 1.00; working shirte, 25c, 50o, 75o, and
1.00 for Sweet (4rr, Sweet Orra Overalls, all sizes 70c 75o and 80; Latestr
style neok-wear, 5, 10, 15, 25 and 50cU; collars, celluloid, linen and poper
2, 5. 10 and 15r; cuff celluloid, linen and taper 5, 15, 25c; men's dress panta
loons, 1 50, 2., 2.50, 3., 3.50. 4 00, men's working pantaloons, GOc, 75a, 1.00,
1.50; all the Jaicft in csps 5, 10. 15, 20,25 and 5Uc; boys' pantaloons, 5i)o,
75c and 1.00; boys' fine dress pantaloons 1.00 1.50, 2, 2.5J, 3J0; knee pants
25, 50, 75ots and 1.00; Boys' and children's shoes 25, 50 75o, 1.00, 150,
2.00 and 2.50. We advertise nothing but what we have. Call and see for
Hollobaugh & Son,
Leaders in Clothing,
WARE is as far ahead of other
Enameled ware as china is ahead
of clay.
prices have given a fresh impetus
to the sale of this unequaled ware
and placed it within reach of the
smallest purse.
Eleven and one.half inch wash basin, 20c; reduced from 30c.
Twelve and one-half inch " " 25c, reduced from 40c.
Two quart Coffee boiler, 40c reduced from GOc.
Fourteen quart dish pan COc; reduced from 90c.
One Pint Drinking cups 10c; reduced from 15c
am: you a borkower I
r.(LL AT
Money Loaned at Lowest Rates
rtie.Q isass.
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.ne tbelc Espreas and I'. O. adilreae. l-;s . t
X.VeAttIit, M. 181 itsrl tt.. N
aael ( UILDBEI'I
Founded in 3'1. Lare Faculty
Two tu l conrtes ol ctudy Classical an!
Scientific, Special courses in all depart
meDta. .. Observatory, Laboratories am",
new d ninasiura. Steam beat. Libraries,
2,000 volumes. Expenses low. Depart
ment of Hygiene and Physical Culture in
cbarge ot an experienced physician. Ac
cessible by freqiiit railroad trains. Loca
tion on tli BATTLEFIELD ol Geitvuhurir,
nifst p'csanf and healthy. PREP4R
ate tuidings, tor boys and young men pre
t aring lor business or College, under spec
ial care of tbe Principal and three aosist
snts, residing with students in Ibebnilding
Fall term opens September 6th, 1895. For
Catalogues, address
or REV. O. G. KLINGER, A. M.,
Gutttybbarg, Pt.
Stockholders Individually Liab!
T. VAN IRWIN, Cmth tr
W. ('. Pomeroy, Joseph Rotbroc -
John Hertzler,
Josiah L. Barto
Robert K. Parker,
T. V. Irwin.
Louis B. Atkir.t
Georjre A. Kepner, Annie M. ShnllRv,
Joseih Kotbrock, P. W. Kat.betK,
L. E. A'kinsoa, R. E. PaiKer,
W. C. "Pomeroy, J. Holmes Irw'n
Jiihn Bertzlor, Jerome. Tborrrshi!,
Charlotte Snyder,
Jbn M. Blair,
F. M. V. Penoell,
BamuelS. Kothicck,
H.N. Sterrett,
James G. Heading,
8. W. Hesps.
Samuel Schlegel.
T. V. Irwir.
Josiah L B-trior.
Robert U. Patten -.n,
Levi Lipht,
Wm. Rwn.
H. J.Shellei.beri-- ,
" If. P.. Schlrgel.
""hrec and Four por cenr. ir.iertmt p
paid ''-n cei ;Pr.at s ol deposit.
pan 2a, 187--J
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