Juniata sentinel and Republican. (Mifflintown, Juniata County, Pa.) 1873-1955, December 23, 1896, Image 3

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Stbserlptioa, MM m tanna if mM
adwie $2.00 If not paid in advance
TiMatoot adTerttawmeata inserted at 60
ts par inch for each tnaertlom.
TrmB.toot bu.ta,,. .ottoe. ta ted eol-
Hi, 10 emu par line for each tnaertlon.
Deduction will be made to tkm deairinc
to aTrtie dt tha hair .ifZ
Philadelphia had snow enough to
laigh two days laat weak.
It is the faithful employee that
mfAaTa.Br. SB iaat-a Ya m,.'
Rat. IT Tmaf. IU l-i
-wwa;uM "AtLJafJlAU WeV
visitor in town last Friday.
Reader, we wish you a merry
Christmas and a hapir New Tear.
Citizens of Fayette township are
petitioning for a post office at Bunk
ertown. The McKInley inauguration ball
wiu do neia in tne fenaion Buildine.
Amos Fogleman has purchased the
Barefoot farm in Fayette township
from J. Hooley.
Several bears were seen alone the
Banbury 3c Selinsgroye railroad not
-xarirom Troxemilc.
There is to be a Christmas cantata
in the Presbyterian church building
on Thursday evening.
Isabella Schweier is home from
ber studies at Bucknell University
for the Holliday season.
The number of men employed by
the railroads of Pennsylvania were
20,000 less in 1896 than in 1892.
Miss Esther McKinley is home
from West Chester Normal School,
pending the Christmas vacation.
The Presbyterians will hold a sun
rise meeting in their church building
at half past seven o'clock A. M , on
-Christmas morning.
Cashier Doty of the Firtt National
Bank was in attendance at the Con
Teition of Pennsylvania Bankers held
at Pittsburg last week.
The gypaey carnival will take place
in the Court House on the evening
-of the 30th for the benefit of the
-Presbyterian Sunday School.
Eugene Leslie Allison who is teller
in the Colombia National Bank
of Washington, D. C, is now visiting
his parents Mr. and Mrs. Allison.
"Farmers of Lancaster and Chester
counties, who. are suffering from
hors9 thieves, say it is cheaper to buy
new ones than hunt for the stolen an
seat of Sena-
United States
warm between
Moses Arnold of Millerstown, Per
ry county has entered upon a 16
year course of confinement in the
eastern penitentiary for passing
-counterfeit money.
The contest for the
tor Cameron in the
Senate is growing
State Senator Penrose and
tary Wannamaker.
Senator Q iy gave a dinner at his
Washington home to Pennsylvania
"State Senators. Senator Hertzler
and 'Carl F. Espenachade of this
county were present.
Recently a thief stole a box con
taining 21 pieces of colored glass
-from the outside of the new house
that Mr. Edward Sieber has built at
the east end of town.
Yeu may be fined three hundred
dollars for selling cigarettes ' to per'
sons under 16 years old. snd yet you
meet boys as young as 12 years on
the streets smoking cigarettes.
David B. Slouffer and Wm. F
Scile?el took two wagon loads of
turkeys to ML Carmel this week.
They will sell them there and return
to their homes in this county.
The letters remaining in the Mif
fliutown TKBt office for the week end
ing December 19. were for: C. A
Penny, Columbus Cooper, James Mo-
Manigal. oupt Daniel otapieton.
The past week's cold snap has tak
en the bright green color eut of the
.growing wheat, but the freezing has
not been hard enough to lift the
wheat and break its roots in spouty
Mr. Jaeob Thomas and family have
moved to Norristown. Mr. Thomas
has been a citizen of Juniata county
manr vears and is well known
throughout the county as a buyer of
live stock.
VA. Darr. Thomas Patterson and
"Philo IT. Banks students in Philadel
nfaia schools and Ederar Burchfield
of Princeton college are spending
tfioir Trnni vacation among tneir
friends in town.
The Chambersbnrg Repository of
Tamber 16 savs: "A young fellow
enamored of a Pondtown girl who is
tn. line court, was gallant enough
oemirt. t.hn damsel to her home at
least ten miles from here, last night.
Konfttor elect Hartzler was one of
the wedding ushers of Congressman
.loot Toward 15. Bobbins and Miss
T.1U 8. Moore at Greensburg.
Woifmnrol an A eonntv last week. It
was one of the notable weddings
that county this year.
The wire nail trust, the steel nail
trust and the billet trust or pool have
.11 fnilnJ within the rjaat lew weess.
all WAVA considered strong com
binations. Their failure has caused
- ; nnila and a drop of three
dollars per ton on steel rails.
The Bloomfteld Advocate Bays:
- tt7 . a a.:iu.r V.mn.. auditor in the
M;rned estate of the defunct Perry
n it.nv TWaaahcr 15. filed his
JJ. awaaav ' ' . ...
ok.r.win? that depositors will re
L,e21oercenton their deposits.
It is expected, however, that the es--ill
finally pay probably 8 per
la w w
E. J. Cleve, superviaor of R
Division No,
haa acraincarn
..wild. a. man to eut a few lo
tust trees. For particulars caU at
this effice.
Grain merchant llanbeek has
been quite ill from the effects of an
abceea caused by a bad tooth in bis
On Monday the National Bank o'
Illinois, in Chicago, closed its doors.
In its crash it palled down two oth
er banks.
n A. Nash a veteran journalist
in Huntingdon, aged 7i years, died
at his home in Huntingdon about 3
o'clock on the morning of the 21st of
December 1895. His connection
with jo urnalism dates from 1855.
In the clothing line Harley can't
be beat Step in, get a warm suit
One that will make you look nice at
figures so low that yon will wonder
that they can be made far 'that, but
all the same step in and realize for
The Women's Christian Temper,
ance Union and 500 other' signers
have petitioned the councils of Ches
ter, Pa., to prohibit girls and boys
under 16 years of age from being on
the streets after 8 P.M. in winter and
9 P. M., in summer.
The Beaver Springs, Snyder Co.
Herald says: Some of the teachers
of the late teachers' institute "put in
o much hotel time that they were
so tired that they could hardlv walk.
stand, sit or talk." All that of course
was not the fault of the institute.
Overcoats and all other kinds of
clothing at Hollobaugh's. That is
the plaee to be surprised at the low
prices. There have nver been any
prices like the prices they are selling
at They are not giving clothing
away, but their prices are lower for
clothing than any time since the
world began.
The suspension of the three Blair
county banks, one in Hollidaysburg;
one in Williamsburg and one in Mart
insburg it is said will retard the com
mon school work in Blair county, for
the reason that the school funds of
five towns and seven townships in
Blair county were on deposit in the
broken banks.
A large percentage of Congress
men favor the recognition of the in
dependence of Cuba from Spanish
rule. President Cleveland, however.
says that he is not in favor of the in
dependence of Cuba at this time, and
that if Cor green passes a resolution
favoring the independence of Cuba,
he the President will not sign the
According to the state school rolls,
there are one million, eighty-eight
thousand, seven hundred and eighty
children attending the public schools
in Pennsylvania. That armv of chil
dren are taught by twenty six thou
sand, seven hundred and fifty-four
teachers. The eost of keeping the
common schools going one year is
over nineteen million and a half dol
6 of the Middle Division
ried off the Supenntena-
r an hnndred dollars for
keeping the best division on the road
TTarriaburg and Altoona.
aeve mu-t be a hustler for Jthi- in the
fifth time that he has carried off the
hundred loiiar pn.
The Pottstown School Board has
adopted a resolution forbidding the
acceptance of presents by teachers
from their schools. Tbe directors
tock this action, because they be
lieve tbat many poor children are
embarras.nd at their inability to con
tribute along with the other children
to the gifts. They also regard tbe
practice as tending to influence the
teacher's relations with the pupils.
Last Saturday evening while El
mer (Jver, a f rantnn county mar
ried man was driving in a bug
try, witb Miss x eager tbey were
fired upon from ambush. He
was shot in head and back from s
strip of woods along the wayside.
Miss Yeager did not faint or scream.
but took the lines and drove to his
home in Mercarsburg where he w w
put in care or doctors lie nas a
wife and five children.
Neighborly kindness was never
more appreciated tban recently on
the occasion of the departure of Mr.
Jaeob Thomas and his family for
their new home in Norristown, Pa,
On (hat cccasion neighbors Amos
Fogleman, William Yalleotine, David
BeAshor, John Sieber, Wm. Page,
C. E. Hower, Clayton Michael, Allen
Copenhaver, Wm. Thomas, Wm. Puf
fenberger, VYm. bhirk, all assisted
Mr. Thomas and family and greatly
lightened the burden and care that of
necessity belongs to a moving.
Despatches from largo towns and
cities throughout the country indi
cates that a great many men are over
anxious for a war with Spain, but
the American people are not thought
less hot heads. The great majority
feel that American interests shall be
properly protected in Cuba no matter
now tne tXOUDies Between ine lsiana
people and Spam may be adjusted,
bnt such a feeling and sucn a pur-
pose does not imply that this people
desires to rush into battle like an un
thinking horse. War is not to be
thought of excepting as a last resort
for the protection or aaionai inter
ests and National honor.
James McGaw of Port Roval lost a
leg on the railroad on Thursday
night. He had been to this place
during the evening and between 10
and 11 P. M., be started to go to
Port Royal. While a freight train
wa passing him, he attempted to
board it, missed his hold, fell and got
one leg on the rail and before he
could pull it off wheels of cars cruh
ed the limb into a shapeless mass of
bones and human flesh. He was
brought to the station at thia place,
where limb was amputated, and he
was sent to Port Royal where he is
doing as well as can be expected con
sidering the nature of his injuries.
The great little island of England
was shaken- violently by an earth
quake last week. In some parts of
the island buildings were partly
tumbled down. People were terror
ised. It is not probable that the
sea is about to swallow England.
Tbe sea has every' once in awhile
within the history of man evinced a
swallowing appetite and should it
some of these days swallow the is
land it would be a surprise, but
would be an act perfectly ia keeping
with earthquake precedents. We
are told that long, long ago, the
great Atalantia stretching from Gib
raltar to America was swallowed
within the period of a day and a half.
a. Uayton Howes ia welting K.
cratches, tha result of having eut his
- wnue raanng railroad
ties. He is now recovering after
having been housed a number of
weeks. "
Subscribe for the Rmvmr
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in addition to that all local news that
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them acquainted before the bunting
season opens. I have the following
to offer, guaranteed thoroughly brok
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bounds, rabbit hounds, beagles, set
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1 II A V
mu uuii terriers; iancy poultry and
pigeons; Belgium and German hares;
prices low. J. Howard Taylor,
Ang.27,ly. West Chester, Pa.
Tbe funeral of Fred 8tone aon nf
Dr. D. D. Stone of Washington, D.
C, took plaee from the National
House on Mondav. The decnaaml
had been long oat of health and late
last summer as a last resort deter
mined to go to Arizona with the
hope that a change of climate might
restore hi health. His sister Mias
EUie Stone accompanied him, but
alas, there was ny cure for Fred and
on Sunday, December 13, he aank to
the better state of rest that knows
no awakening till the dawn of a
brighter and better life on resurrec
tion morn. Mr. and Mrs. Stone and
the other members of 'the .family
came from Washington to attend the
funeral and to aee the body of the
loved one placed in the family burial
lot in the Presbyterian cemetery in
this place.
John P. Leach of Patterson, tele
graph lineman, was severely hurt on
a telegraph pole near York, Pa , on
Tuesday morning. He was adjust
ing a wire on an upper cross piece
when an insulator sprang loose and
upwards striking him on the right
side of the nose, completely covering
the eye- The end of a wire wrap
ped around the insulator penetrated
his nose at the corner of the eye.
The blow knocked him senseless and
he sank limp and seemingly lifeless
across oae of the arms of the pole,
and there hung a startling and ter
rorizing sight to the group of line
men at work on the ground. Two
men speedily climbed tbe pole and
brought him from his perilous posi
tion. He appeared like a dead man
for the period of about two hoars
when he revived and consciousness
was restored. He was brought to
his home in Patterson the afternoon
of the same dav, and is doing as
well as can be expected.
All the past autumn some wild an-
iaial that had its biding place on tbe
ridge north west of Patterson was
feasting on the chickens of people
living along tbe ridge. Some said it
was a panther; some said it was a
wild cat, a catamount, and some came
down among the domestic animali
and pronounced it a common house
cat, but the number ot chickens dis
posed of and tbe terrific catterwaul
gotten off occasionally disposod of
tbe tame cat theory, borne people
who had not been disturbed pro
nonnced tbe tales freaks of imroagi
nation. The animal seemed to have
preference for the chickens of
Charles Rowe and Ephraim shores,
and last week the thing made bold
enough to take up quarters about
Shores' stable, and thtt was tbe be
ginning of the end of the beast.
Shores was on the lookout for it.
Neighbors armed themselves to get a
pop at it It fell however to the lot
of Noah SuIoudT to bring tbe career
of the festive beast to an end. Just
at nightfall last Sunday evening he
shouldered his double-barrled shot
gun and walked to Shores' placs.
He was going around a corn fodder
stack, when down from the top of
the stack pounced tbe animal just in
front of him. He quickly aimed and
shot, wounding tbe animal sufficient
ly to cause it to leap at him, at the
same time screaming loud enough to
bring the people out of the houses in
that neighborhood. Another leap
and the beast would have beon on
him, but he was too quick for it and
gave it the contents of the second
barrel of bis gun, and that stretched
it on the ground It was a wild cat
Its length was 29 inches. It weighed
9 pounds.
3 and 4. valid to return from March
4 to 8, at the following rates: From
New York $8.00; Philadelphia $5.40;
Baltimore $1.60; Harrisburg $5.06;
Williamsport $8.79; Buffalo $11.20;
Rochester $10.48; Altoona and Pitts
burg 910.00; and from all other sta
uons on the Pennsylvania system at
reduced rates.
ibis inauguration will be a most
interesting event and will undoubt
edly attract a large number of people
irum every section 01 tbe country.
The magnificent facilities of the
Pennsylvania Railroad make this line
the favorite route to the National
Capital at all times, and its enormous
equipment and splendid terminal ad
vantages at Washington make it es
pecially popular on such occa
sions, ml.
HOOD'S Sarsaparilla has over and
over again proved by its cures,
when all other preparations failed, that
it is the One True BLOOD Purifier.
The) Crop Oatlaalt for
Dakota ! 1S9T.
It requires bnt a small amount of
rain-fall in South Dakota to mature
the crop. During 1896 South Dako
ta had np to September 30tb, three
and seven tenth inches more of rain
fall than for any of the previous six
teen years. Since September 30th
there has been added at least thiee
or four inches to the excess, making
a gin of nearly eight inches more
than the average. Early in Novem.
ber there were heavy rains, deposit
ing over two inches, and since then
there hava been heavy snows, and
about a foot of snow covered the
ground on November 25th. Dakota
farmers have abundance of hay and
great supplies of oats, barley and
corn. Wheat has advanced to about
seventy cents a bushel in the local
market, and prospects for further ad
vance are good. The ground will
come out in tbe spring better soaked
than ever before. The prospect for
better prices next year is good.
There are thousands of people in the
east who could do no better than to
go to South Dakota now and buy
their seed and feed for next year and
move out in tbe spring. First class
farming land in' South Dakota along
the lines of the Chicago, -Milwaukee
& St Paul railway, can now be bought
ot from $10 to $15 an acre. The
creamery industry and stock-raising
in Sou'h Dakota will greatly increase
during 1896. For further informa
tion addsess W. E. Powell, General
Immigration Agent 410 Old Colony
Building, Chicago or H. F. Hunter,
Immigration Agent for South Dakota,
295 Dearborn street, Chicago, 11L
Dec. 9, 2t.
Bargain Days
To Potato Growers.
. I have a limited quantity of extra
varieties of potatoes raised from seed
costing $6.00from regular seedsmen,
which I will sell to persons wishing
to improve their seed at a much less
price, if applied for soon.
B. F. BuaonrnxD.
Miffluitown, Pa., Dec. 22nd, 1896
Santa Claas Candy.
The time of "peace upon earth and
good will to man, is not only for spir
itual refreshment, and a reconsscra
tion to the teachings that came with
the babe in tbe manger, but it is
time when people look well to sup
plying the inner mac and inner chil
dren with the goad appetizing things
tbat were made for people to eat-
Jesse Howe has been moving right
along with the advancing column to
furnish people old and young with
the 1896 Santa Clans candy. Candy
of all kinds and color?, red white and
blue and all intermediate shades, and
with flavors to suit all tastes. Some
of his candies are so iinelv flavored
tbat sick people are almost tempted
to eat them. His place is just the
room to drop into to secure a choice
assortment of the best candy 'going
in tbese days of improved candy mak
ing. He certain to give him a call
When you come to town ask for his
place. Everyone knows that his
place is opposite Court House square
on Main street. Don't- miss the
place- Ask if you can't find it. It
will pay to buy at his place. 2t.
Redacod Rates to Washington
acceaai ine inaaga
ration via Pennsylvania
For the benefit of those who de
sire to attend the ceremonies inci
dent to tha inauguration of President
elect .McKinley, the Pennsylvania
nanroad company will sell excursion
tickets to Washington. March 1,
By Its Record of remarkable cures
Hood's Sarsaparilla has become the
one true blood purifier prominently in
tbe public eye. Get only Hood s.
Hood's Pills arc the best family
cathartic and liver medicine. 25c.
iisr '
Holiday Goods
The Jilerry Christmas Time.
. A time when bearts expand and purse strings loosen; whes our greatest
Happiness is in making otbers bappy. At no time in tbe round year is this
store (year store) io sttraetive to jou as now. ' Time, mosey and braina have
Dean taxes in collecting tbis beautiful array of Ubr.stmas merchandise.
Tail preparation bat been made to fit yonr gift-riving needs. The store
bag donned its holiday attire and bids you kindly weleome.
Dres Goeda. Dull, Toys, Games, China, Giant, Silver, Albums, Plush
Sets, Stationary, Jewelry.
Handkerchief, Umbrellas, Muffler, Kid Glovs, Aprons, Leather, Good,
rar sets, .nobby nee wear, JTine Bbtrts. &s , So.
HOLIDAY HANDKERCHIEFS. A Christmas without handkerchief
is about as interesting as a country dance without a fiddler. We've more
than doubled onr selling space; nearly doubled tbe stock and shall make a bold
push to fully doable the cales over any previous season.
Here are a few Speeial things: Ladies' & Children's, Kmbroidery & Hdfs
for 5e, 7e, lOo, 12Jo, 15e, 25e; all worth double the money.
UMBRELLAS: For men, women or children; forests of sticks; wonders
of workmanship in handles. The whole wutfit boa eat for the gift giver; all
priced to please you.
- A PAIR of Kid Glovts makes a most exceptable Christmas gift Tbis
department is now at its best
LEATHER GOODS SECTION. Pooketbooks, Wallets, Card Cases,
Coin Par. a, Hand Satebels and Travelling Bags. Can't begin to note tbe
different items under separate beading. A peep at the stook in ita enticing
entirety will do more to enlighten you tban columns of inscription.
MEN'S NOBBY NECKWEAR. No small item this in onr Holiday
selling. Special lots of handiome teeks, Bows and Four.in Bands, all mado
for us from special, picked denigns. Quiet, gentlemanly affairs tbey are, and
just wnat you a seieet tor latber, brother, husband or friend.
Decorated China, Fancy Glassware, Perfumery Specials, Silver-ware, jew
elry, boots aad shoes at specially low prices.
HfHiUlAL. WI S or Holiday Good for quick buyers. Tbese lots were
bosght at a priee, ond they'll be sold at about on half actual value f k
all there were of each lot. When tbev're gone, that ends it.
ivuiio. in uie. ormK id ue cnuaren ana let laem SDIOT il l dolidav
Bargains in Ladies and Children's Coat, Capes and Jackets, Carpets aad
1103 to 109 BRIDGE'ST.,
mmm & m, tin tnotMcrs, 11B Cain St. Fattenoa, Fa.
Let us give you a Pointer.
Fv: When you are told tbat you can boy a tvit at $8.50, that others
sell at $12.00. Call on us and we will fursiab jcu with the same suit ss well
not better made and trimmed for $7.50, and have a living profit on it k-
Sk As to Tailor made Clothing, we will furnish you with an all-wee!
Suit for $12; a fanoy one for $15, and on up to 18.00, 20.00, 25.00 and 80.00,
and guaranteed a fit.
Tailor made Pantaloons all-wool 4.50, 5.00, 6.00, 7.00 and 8.00 dollars.
Paney Tailor Made Vests $5.00, $6.00, $7.00 sad $8.50.
Third: We sever put the odd cents to our prices. Instead of marking aa
fa'ari f5 88' - "imply knock off the odd cts snd call it $1.7o
$3-50. We will sell yon knee pants suits that you eannot duplicate for one
fourth more money at $1.35 $170, $2.00, $2 50 and $3 00, and your choice ef
vur entire line ior 94.UU.
Youth' and Boya' Suite, we have made a speciality of this season. We
have auita frem 2 00, 8.00, 4.00, 5.00, 6.00, 7.00, 8.00, 9 00 dollars and up
to 10.00 dollar for the finest Young Men's Suit ia our stock.
Fomrtkx la eur bat department you will find all tbe latest blocks in either
rash or derby. Oar competitors in this lias have nothing to say. We stand
second to none in the hat line.
Fifth: Our Fall line of underwear oomprises Six Complete Varieties a
Fsir Grey Winter Weight, 50e; A esmel's hair for 75c; Fine all-wool $1;
still finer $1.50; fine fleece lined extra finish, $2, and tbe finest lamb's wool,
soft aa Eider-down $3 No such line of underwear in Juniata county.
Sixth. We are sols agents for tha Celebrated Douglas Shoe. We carry
them in 12 different styles.
Seventh: We are also Agenta for tbe Sweet-Orr Overalls, and have them te
fit tbe smallest boy or the Largest Jtfan.
Eighth: Our line ef Beck-wear is in touch with the latest fashions. The
same can be said of our line ef collar, cuff and dress shirts.
JVtaM: The day has gene by when yea can sell eld fogy furnishing goods
to young men who wsat to be fashionably dressed.
Heavy Winter Boot only $1.35.
Mackiotoshe ia all stjlea and at all prices.
Tenth: And laat but not leaat, we desire to aall speoial attention to our
line of Men's, Boys' and Children' Overcoats. Men's all wool overcoat from
$3 to $12; Boys' $2.50 to $6;" ehildrsn' $1 to $4. We carry storm and fly
ever eoata in Chinchilla, Shetland, Irish Friese and Rum bo Beaver.
Dresa Overooit in Melton, Btaver and Fine all wool Kerseys; black and
blues are the prevailing styles for this seaion. We eourt a comparison of onr
goods and prioea Aa examination of our line will convince the mnat akenti-
eal tbat we sell goods at a closer margin and give better value for the money
loan you ean get elsewhere.
Finally we ask you to see eur line of Gloves, the finest'drivioa: cloves la the
county See them aad be eonviaced.
HirrLmzows makskts.
ViivLisrowa, Dec. 23, 1896
Wheat ...
Corn in ear.......
Clo'eroeed ....... .. .... .... ..
Butter 14
Egf 12
Htm 12
Shoulder 12
Lard 7
lilies. ..........................
Timuthv aeed $2.10
F'axaeed SO
Bran 9
Chop $1.20 a bandred
Middlings 1.10
Ground um Salt 1.U0
American Salt.... 76c to 80c
Philadelphia Markets, December
22nd, 1896. Wheat 92; Corn 28
Oats 24c; tallow cakes 3?c; live chick
ens 5 to 8c; Turkeys, ducks, geese 9
to 10c: butter 9 to28o . iegers 21 to
22c; apples at 60o to $1.75 a bushel
potatoes at 25 to 38c a bushel; Penn
sylvania tobacco 4 to 12c; Havana
running lots 12 to 15c; beef cattle
$2.75 to 14.75; Fresh cows ana
springers 15 to $45; hogs $2.75 to
$3 50; Sheep $1 to $3.75.
THE TEAS 1897.
Jan. 10 Swamp S., eve., W. C.
" 24 Frederick Lauver.
Pike M
Jacob Shirk.
McVey town
Pike M
..Swamp S., eve., S. L.
, Red Rock S.
Pike M.
Feb. 7
" 21...,
April 4....
May 2....
" 16....
" 30 McVeytown
Jun.13 PikeM
" 27 Swamp S., eve., W. C.
July 11 Red Rock S
" 25 PikeM.
Aug. 8 Frederick Lauver.
" 22 McVeytown.
Sep. 5 PikeM
Sep. 19 Swamp S , eve., S. L.
Oct. 3 Red Rock.
" 17 FikeM
" 31 Jacob Shirk
Nov. 14 McYeytown
28 PikeM.
Dec. 12 Swamp S , eve., W. C.
" 26 Frederick Lauver.
Burns Vaugheh. Oa the 17t.h
inst at Cross Keys by Rev. John F.
Diener, Hervey M. Burns and -Wary
Ca. Vanghen.
Rice Sioleb. On the 16th insL
in Delaware township, by Jeremiah
Loudenslager, J. P., Jacob L. Rice
and Henrietta Sigler, both of this
Babtlet McKklet. On the 22d
inst., at Mifflintown, by Rev. John
H. Mortimer. Mr. Ed. E. Bartley
and Miss MaUnaa O. McKinley, both
of Mifflintown
Dux Waehee. On the 16th inst,
at Mifflintown by Rev. JohnH.Mort
imer, Samuel O. Dill and Mary War-
xtHooEa. un tne lata inst., near
MaziL Juniata county, Pa, Jacob
RhoAas aged 82 years, 7 months and
2,(21 days.
The MeCUntic Hardware
to get along in tho world is to buy ''real cheap things.
rule, the less yeu pay, the more it costs in the long run.
1865, ESTABLISHED. 1881.
Special Invitation To The Public
To attend the Attractive Sale of Clothing that goes on daily
It will be
Who have money to invest to examine the Stock of Goods for
It is truly marvelous to See
of Suits and Overcoats at the Wonderfully Low Prices.
Bis prices leave all Competitors in the rear, so don't hi
to give him a call if in need ot Ulouiing.
S. S. Ruble,
Practical Emhalmcr and Funer
al Director.
Bridge t., Mifflintown, Pa
We don't boast of "cheap" prices at this Store, and still
quality considered, we sell at prices that ought to interest a
careful buyers.
COOK STOVES- We control the Sale of
cook stoves tn this county. We bare never heard a woman
complain who bought one of these btoves. Every buyer has
agreed on four things:
The Stoves Cook better, they bake better, they are easiest
to regulate, and are less trouble than any other stove.
We have them in four sizes. Prices range from $15.00
to $28.00.
how easily things get "scratched up around the house.
Sometimes it's a chair or a table or a door. More than half
the time, the scratc-Les are neglected, because it seems hardly
worth while to send for a painter.
Why not do the work yourself. You can
Get Prepared Paints all Ready
to nee at a triflipp coft. Yon can brighten np furniture, doors, flower pots,
boggies and lots f ctber tilings.
We keep tbese prepared paints in all tbe colors. And we sell paint
brushes, too pood one.
The paint crroe in tin bnebetg, holding 1 P. The price is 15c.
K. H. McClintic.
0 m
B A X ,
1 JM! I.N lv.. i a.
Mcn?y Loaned at Lowest Kates.
Garfield $m
puwt. rsmn ti irvs-
We warn the readers of this journal that we do not authorize the
use of our name in advertisements of so-called traveling optical
specialists. Our advice to all persons who have defectivi eyesight :
AtoU Umrellng specUlists and peHwn of Spectacles.
OUEEN & CO., Tbe Opticians, lOIO Chestnut St.. Philadelphia.
Jiauulacturer c1 Importer of Acert wl Bwirl Spele am
Our Hr. Sgkt AIoMttar aent oa receipt of live fruuui poum i
sT Q r 17 h?
SltLL tpi
All nnMdyk
Pmwt twin.
aiihl Book a Kervoc
sent rreo to anrau.'nMa
iroa onatv.
Draoarsd artba Ktmnat
at Wtt Warn. lad. rtnee 1MI auc
aadarhisdlnettoa by Sua
KOCNIC MED. CO.. Chicago, Ilk
JoUbyDraaxllsaSlperBata &
lamStaa.SJl.7S. Bottles aor SSI
1, a aB and pram p rn: r
for rfcaeaiaof aiarrhrax,
a.v atory.oaM olcr
at and all forms of
Stf acr Cosatlalau and
lot nesaof the "owela. I?
sracMixT ossrui. ro
"H'l "'-
-fc4Cc, SO VAR8"
Athadb MARK),
Anyone mains a aksteb and description may
ealekly aaoertaln, f rae, whether an Invention la
probably patentable. Communications strictly
eonfldeotlal. Oldest aaaney for securing patent
la America. We bar a Washington office.
sstStSr Munnco-
beautifully Illustrated, lanraat circulation ot
any sdentifle Journal, weekly, teems S3.00 a yeart
SLtt six months. Specimen copies and tiAaO
Book oh Pateht sent free. Address
381 Broadway. New York.
Consumption Surely Cured.
To Tom Edtwbu PloAee inform your t-tcV:t
that I hare a poaitivo reiuofij tor the aboTo-na-noa
disnro. By its timely vun thocaaO'la t.f bop. :.
cm haw Ivii priHiiit?irl7 ctire:L I sli.ti: K . tu
ts? t.1 ; s.t: U fr nx rrnie-ty Kit i-'-ii . ir t.
TVtr "' ! m'i.' ete..1 timi:Tiltlile U ... J H v
Founded In 1S31. Large Faculty
Two (n I courses ol Muily Classical ar-1
Scientific, t? pecial courses in all depart
ments. Observatory, Laboratories atid
new Gymnasium. Scain beat. Librarie,
22,000 volumes. Expenses low. Depart
ment of Hygiene and Fbysicul Culture in
charge of an experienced physician. Ac
cessible by frequent railroad trains. Loca
tion on the BATTLEFIELD ofGettysbur?.
most pleasar. and healthy. PREPAM
.4. TORY DEPARTMENT, tn cpur
a:o t'liidinpa, tor boya eti'l jo'iik men pro
paries; tor business or College, under spec
ial care of the Principal and three assist
ants, residing with students in tbe build ir. j.
Fall term opens September 6th, 1895. t'nr
Catalogues, address
n. W. MCKNIGHT, D. D.,
or EEV. O. G. RLINGER, A. V .,
Gotltystrarg, hi.
Stockholders Individually Liable
tV. C. Pomoroy, Joseph Hotbrcc!:,
John Hertrler, Josiah h. Bart.ju.
K.!ert K. Partter, Loci B. KtiiU-.ttn.
T. V. Jrwin.
fJeorfre A. Kepner, Annie H. She:;..-
loseph Kotbrock, P. W. Wanlmci:,
?. K. Atkinwa, it. E. Parker.
W. C. Pomeroy, i. Holmes Irw.n
John Hertzler, Jerome, IN . Thompson
Cn art ot t c s n y d er,
John M. Biair,
F. M. M. Pennll,
Sumnnl S. Rotbiock,
M.N. Sterrett,
James G. Heading,
8. W. Heaps.
Samuel Schlegel.
T. V. Irwin.
Josiah L B-.rt.d.,
Robert H. Patterson,
Levi Light,
Wm. Bwartz.
H. J. Sbellenberirnr,
M. R. Scblrgctl.
Three snd Four per cent. Iivtoref t wlil be
puid i n ccrtiftcHtes of deposit.
fian 28, 18!-fi
thing to patent? Protect your ideas : they mn.
bring yon wealth. Write JOHN DURCV
& CO., Patent Attorneys, WaaUustoa,
1. C for their $1UU prize oiler.