Juniata sentinel and Republican. (Mifflintown, Juniata County, Pa.) 1873-1955, December 02, 1896, Image 3

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Bnbacrtption, $1.60 per annum If paid
adraac ; $2.00 If not pM in advance.
. Timaatoat advertisements Inserted, at 60
aaata par inch for each Inasrttoa.
Transient business aotioea la local eol
- usa. 10 eeata par Una for oach Inapt tion.
Deductions will be made to these d wiring
to adTerUse by the year, balf or quarto
. .Now for Christmas.
Cambria county is oat of debt.
Alias Nellie Masser is Tinting in
The Lutherans are expecting their
new pastor this Wednesday.
Ezra Parker of Washington, spent
Saturday acd Sunday in town.
There are already 1,465 bills on the
Congressional calendars lor consider
.Airs. William Gortner of Selins-
prove is visiting her son Odin C.
Miss Pidge Patton spsnt Wednes
day acd Thursday last in town among
People acd cattle were frozen to
death by the blizzard ia ' Minnesota
last week ,
Mrs. Robert Nixon, Jr., and little
daughter, are visiting relatives in
this place.
The horse sale was called off last
Saturday on account of want of pay
(jog bidders.
Ud to the 1st of Deeember there
had not been enough enow to whiten
tHe ground.
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Howe of Har
riabnrg, spent Friday at his parents'
home in town.
Mr. Cbarles Kearna of ilifilin Co.
SDent several days with relatives in
town last week. -
Jtfrs. Ilarrv Kioffman of Harris
burg', spent several days in town with
ielativea last week.
Dr. Fred-jrick Espenschade, Jr
has crono to Mahanov City, Pa., to
practice dentistry.
Miaa Sue Kothrock of Thompson
town, is visiting the family of Squire
vfilson in Patterson.
ilattu. Allison left lor Tyrone on
r Saturday to take charge of his print
ing bnsinesa in that town.
The railroad men's meeting in the
Methodist church on Sunday and
Sunday evening drew a large audience.
Dandelion was" in full bloom on the
28th of November, which proves the
mildnccs of the weather last weak,
Wbilo the weather here was de
ligbt ful on Thanksgiving dy, it was
30 degrees below zero in Montana,
"Our hospitals abound in tea
drunkards and coffee drunkards, just
as much, perEaps as alcoholic drunk
Miss Isabella Schwoier came from
Bucknel! University to spend the
Thanksgiving holidays and relarneJ
on Monday.
Mrs. Catherine Marks and dnu
ter -Margaret attended the funeral of
Miss Jennie Marks cf JLewistown
last Monday.
" From a summer temperature on
Saturday morning the weather cbang.
ed to a freez'Dg temperature on jlon
day morning.
Mrs. Sieber wife of Itav. Lemuel
Sieber of Gettysburg, is visiting her
father's family, the family of Mr. Jcs
enb Rotbrock.
Pater Espenschade, William Itoh'
rer of Lancaster, paid a visit to their
kinsman Mr. Frederick Kspecschnde
of this town last week.
A re33rtti in will bs held in th
Lutheran , church for Rev. Mr.
Fahs on Friday evening. All Luth
eran are expected to attend.
Professor Dysiager has purchased
15 acres of land from Cashier Doty
east of town, and will erect an Acad
emy near the middle of the ground.
The Board of County Commission
ers elect, were in town last week and
paid a visit to the County Commis
sioners' effioa the duties of which
they will noon assume.
The Altoana Tribune says: Al
bert Isenberg of Williamsburg, husk
ad twenty-four ears of corn ia vuo
nvnute, and ia 11 hours and 30 min
utes husked 238 bushels.
"All food beyond the amount nec
essary to supply the principle that is
deficient, as nitrates, carbouatea and
phosphates, is not only wasted but
burdens the system with tffjrts to dis
pose of it."
The Lcwistown and Mifflin town
foot bail teams phiyod a gme on the
MifHiutowu ground on Thanksgiving
dav ia the presence of a !ari num
ber of people. The MLfflmtowu Learn
won the game 16 to 0.
iaU Sentinel, dated Dacember 9
.1846. If you have it, send to thi
office by first mail. Don't wait for
2nd mail. Stmd imsncJiately. We
will give you one dollar for the
paper. .
Tobias W. Au;kr killed his big
hog on Tuesday. It measured 6 feet,
3 inches from the tip of the ham to
the end of the nose, and measured 5
feet, 6 inches around the body. If
you know the rule of weight by mea
surement, you can tell how much the
hog weighed.
Certain men at Washington pro
fess to balieve that Spain will soon
declare war against the United States
on account of the open sympathy
that the people of this country have
expressed for the Cuban insurgents.
It is hoped that Spain will not be so
rash as to make such a declaration, j
At a merry silver wedding at the
Stewart heme in Hollidaysburg on
Saturday, November ?8. some sixty
cf the guests were poisoned by ar
aenic that in some way got into the
chicken salad. While many are ser
iously ill none had died up to latest
report How the poison got into the
salad ia not yet. known. .
While the teachers attending th
uniata County Teachers' Institnte
were enjoying fine weather last week,
the weather was terrific in Minneso
ta and the thermometer was balnw
zero and deep snows fell.
Subscribe for the Rnmm.
Republican, a paper that contains
choice reading matter, full of inform
tion that does the reader good, and
in addition to that all local news that
are worth publishing find places in
its columns. tf.
The Philadelphia nrison keener of
Holmas the murderer, committed
suicide last week. His unfortunate
death revives the story of Holmes'
evil eye. The story is that Holmes
bad the "evil eye." and when ho di
rected his eye on one with a bad pur
pose, ine person was sure to be over
come in some evil way.
Rev. W. H. Fahs, .paster elect of
the Lutheran ehurcb, will come to
HiSlintown with his family on Wed
nesday, this week. Preaching ser-
vices ia the chureh next Sabbath
morning at xu.'ou and in tbe evening
at 7 o'clock. No services at St.
Stephens' until the following Sunday
aiternoon. ah persons welcome to
attend above named services.
Buy your hunting dog and have
them acquainted before the hunting
season opens- I bave the following
to oner, guaranteed thoroughly brok
ea on their game and reliable. Fox
hounds, rabbit hounds, beagles, set
ters and pointers; also eomo fine
Newfoundlands, spaniels, collies, fox
and bull terriers; fancy poultry and
pigeons; Belgium and German hares;
prices low. J. Howard Taylor,
Aag.'27,ly. West Chester, Pa
John H. Honer, caahisr of the
Lebanon, Pa , First National Bank,
stole all that was in sight in the benk
amounting to over one hundred thou
saad dollars. The stock holders of
the bank have means and are honor
able rnea and will make good the loss
though it will cost them more than
one hundred thousand dollars. They
are the right kind of men and are de
serving of honor. The monvl worth
of their example iu that community
is of untold value. The rascallvHof
fer is in jail.
Mr. Daniel Lyons of near Ickes
burg, Perry county wa3 hurt.by a fall
from a pasecger car at Millerstown
about 5:43 o'clock last Saturday even
ing. ( Mr. Lyons had been visiting
his brother Judge Lyons in this town
and took the 5.10 p. m. train to go to
Miiltiratown. Ha arrivod there and
has no further recollection thin that
he stood at the car door waiting for
the train to come to a stand still.
How he came to fill off he does not
know, but the probability is thit a
sudden jolt of the train pitched him
headlong off. That conjecture is sus
tained by the fact that the scalp of
his head is bruised and cut. Ha was
fonud in an insensible condition on
the track over which a freigbt train
had parsed not a miau'o bsforo he
fell off. Had he fallsn while the
freight train was passing ho would
have been ki'led. He was carried in
to the station house acd after soma
time consciousness was restored, but
he knew nothing whatever of what
had taken place. The time between
the time he stood in the car door and
the return of consciousness was a
blaik to liiin, just as if it h id never
happened. Hi remained at -Millers-town
ovtr night, and on Sunday
morning went up the valley v to hi3
home, seemingly none the wor3e from
the accident.
Teachers' Institute.
(Continnod.) The last report of
the proceedings published in those
columns, clospd with ths X rays lec
ture of Prof. Clarke, Tuesday even
ing. On
after routine opening', tho first sub .
j.ct for the consideraUou of the la
etituto was that of "Doing Good
Work," and was opened by Harry L.
Koons. Discussed by Mary McCul
loch, O. C. Gortner, J. H. Crn?y,
I. L. Zimmerman, W. S. Keiter, O. B.
SuloutT, . Maudo Robison, Blanche
Fry, M. S. E3b, J. H. Deen, and clos
ed by H. L. Koona. Such an array
of homo talent on so important a top
ic, must needs tk9 in a wide rings
in the consideration of the subject
After recess Dr. W. Frank Beck
talked on the subject of stimulants
and narcotics." Tiie subject of a suc
cessful papil wa3 presented and dis
cussed by Dr. GjoT W. Hull of Mil
leraviJle Stats Normal School. Dr.
Schaffer, State Suderinteudent of.
Public Instruction spoke to tbe point
of rowspaper criticism, that the
schools do not teach tho fundamen
tal studies thoroughly. Ho advised
teachers to test pupils a.t where
they are f jund weak to strengthen
liism by additional drill in tho stud
ies in which they are deficient.
Afternoon. Dr. Seha-lfer deliver
ed an addrass to the directors aud
teachers on School ecinomv.
After recces Professor W. P. Dick
delivered an ad lress appropriate to
teachers' work from the test or topic
"Apples of Gold in Pictures of Sil
ver," which was followed by aa ad
dress by Dr. Geo. W. Hal!, ou the
subject, "a Successful T acbor."
Wednesday evening s?8siou was de
voted to an elocutionary entertain
rnent by Professor Cumuock.
This was Thanksgiving day and
the moiring session was a short one
given over to the consideration of the
subject. "To what extent 6hould tho
'-.. -17
teacher assjst trie pnp;i, ana was op
ened by Miss Mary McCulloch, and
was discussed bv lioine laient, ,i ai.
BartoD, A. N. Wileaian, Maggie E.
Kinser, J. H CUrney, Katherine Dip
pie, F. N. Thomas, J. H. Deen, M. L.
Keiser, H. L. Klirtger, M. S. Esh and
was olosod by AJiea Mary 5fcCa!locb.
Prof. Geo. W. Twitmeyer,- superin
tendent of the schools of Bethlehem,
Pa., discussed the subject of "School
Room Wastes," after which adjourn
ment took place to give the teachers
an oDOortunitv to attend xnanKssiv-
ing Union Service in the Presbyterian
Afternoon. Professor Twitmeyer
continued tho . consideration 01
"School Room Wastes," after which
Prefesaor W. W. Dietrick of the Key
stone State Normal School at Kutz
town, Pa , discussed the subject,
"New Light on the Nervous System."
After recess Professor Dick discuss
ed the subject, "tbe Best Questioner
the Best TeachT.
The evening session was devoted to
a musical and elocutionary entertain
ment by tbe Swedish Quartet and
Miss Webb and Jlisa Shoemaker.
Tbe Quarlett was good.: The ladies
were nard to equal. Miss Shoemak
er'e elocutionary deliverances were of
sue una mat requires every limb of
body and muscle of face to talk or
give expression. She talked not only
with her mouth, but with her whole
body, and every oral expression and
every faoial expression and every ex-
prosaiou oi oouy proved tbe rigid
training to which she hsd been sub
ject She captivated her audience.
They were spell-bound by her
delineation ef character. In her
elocutionary deliverances she iol
'" me xrencn' jjeieartiau elocu
tionary system of talking' all over.
Delsarte taught that every thought of
iuu HiiDu ana every raciiug ot the
heart can b9 expressed bv Iha mus
cles of the faca and by the action of
oouy, and be laid down a system of
i - i - . .
suies vy wuica cis ByBtem ot elocu
tion may be taught. It would be a
sight to witness a whole institute go
through the bodily expression of Ioto,
hate, jealousy, joy, sorrow, exultation
and so forth as laJd down by Delsarte.
FS1DAY, kovehbes 27.
Forenoon. Miss Magrxie R. Kin
zer in an able address presented the
question: "Can I teach my boys and
gins to govern themselves. The fol
lowrag teachers participated in the
discussion of the question: "Carrie
Guss, Bertha Cramer, J. S. Zimmer
mad, JUary E. McMeea, Mary Thom
as, Jf. JJrent, J. H. Carner, M. S.
Eah, W. S. Keiter, J. M. Birton, A
M. Earner, W. E. Auman. The
question or diacuesion was closed by
Miss Maggie K. Kinzer.
Professor Twitmeyer discussed the
subject: "Some things the Schools
maat do lor tho pupils, after which
frofessor Uaitrick resumed the con
sidoration of the subject: "Now sight
on the Nervous System.
Afternoon. Professor W. P. Dick
gave a closing talk to the Institute
which waB followed by Professor
Tnilcieyer's farewell address and
Whereas God in his goodnes? has
again permitted ns to meet in our an
nual Institute, we therefore render to
Lira thanksgiving and praise for the
mercie3 of the past yecr, and crave
hip continued blessing: upon us ' in
our woik as teaches i.
Resolved: That wo continue
li e work of making the 6choo3 " cf
this county still more efficient ia tho
matter of laying a common founda
tion for the civil and Bocial duties of
Second. That our worthy Super
intendent D. M. Marshall be paid a
high tribute of praisa for tho good
work which he has done during the
past three years, and now being duly
re elected for another term," may he
bo more earnest and zealous in be
half of the schools of J uniata county.
Third. That wa tf L-d sr a voto of
tHanks to the clergymen who so earn,
estly conducted the devotional exer
cises. Also to the choir for tho :uu
sic rendered bj them.
Fourth. That we make known
our high appreciation of the noble
work don9 by our instructors and r.ll
thoSQ who Lava helped to make our
institute a success.
Fifth. That we extend a vote of
' than ks to the commissioners for th9
use of the Court Houss, and tbo ho
tels for the uso of their parlors for
committee meetings.
Sixth. That we have appreciated
the ho?pitality of the people of 51 f
fllutown and their intareat shown in
our causo. Also thanking the editors
for tho publis! inj of our icslituta
Pereutb. That we appreciate the
great advantages enjoyed by our
boys &ni girls inasmuch as - the pub
lic school course is a progressive one,
but that we make known our Urs:rc
for a moro perfect system, even in
the establishing of township high
Eighth. That wo appreciate the
course of study adopted for our good
and that all tho teachers bo advised
to earces'.ly pursue th:s cause.
Thauks to the chairman of the com
mittee upon study for bis trouble in
procuring the books so that all might
procdre some before leaving the lu
B iiuto.
Tho resolutions were adopted.
Superinte'ideat Marshall then ad
dressed the inslituto upon the-. "Dig
nity and Importance of the teacher's
The Institute sang "Love at Home;''
"Don't count Your Chickens before
thsv are Hatched;" "Nearer my God
to Thee," and then adjourned sine die.
The Friday evening lecture by iiev,
A. N. Raven, subject: "the Old
Woman and tho New," was an elab
orate production, reviewing woman
from a primitive state to tbe position
she holds in. modern civilized society,
on to tbe glorified state in the church
triumphant. A larii audience was
present and listened with marked at
ten tion.
that have tails like monkeys. The
explorer came upon a (roup of peo
ple with tails, who instantly took to
night with the exception of one indiv
idual who was gathering honey
combs in a tall tree. When - he saw
the travelers be came down tbe trunk
with his foot flat on the bark, appar
ently not using his tail, and attempt
ed to escape, but tuey bad surround
ed tne tree, and after a struggle cap
tured him.
Some of the party understood the
Aioi language, lor V inioy tells us
that tbo wild man gave them some
information about his people, though
lnterruptiuc bis discourse with sobs
and howls.
All his race, he stated, formerly
possessed tails, but they are no long
er universal appndaces, because
many cf the tribe had ceased to be of
pure oloi blood through inter-mar
riage, especially in tue case of those
dwelling m the out-skirts of the
country with tailless tribes.
The wild man s companions had
escaped, but they left behind them
in a long, tunnel shaped hut built of.
ary leaves, some polished stones, bam
boo pipes, copper bracelets and bead
collars. These were said to be ob
tained from Annamese neighbors.
with waom tbey occasionally trade.
They burn their dead and bury the
ashss m bamboo pots.
The prisoner was extremely- sav'
age in aspect, and that is the charac
ter .01 tne race. Their hair is excep-
tienally rough, sticking out like spurs
01 cocks, aud the surrounding people
treat them as savage beasts and apes,
so that they are being gradually ex
THE ONLY True Blood Purifier
prominently in the public eye to
day is flood's barsaparilla. Therefore
get Hood's and ONLY HOOD'S.
Thursday, December 10. Mrs. J.
S. Thomas will sdl at her place of
residence, 4 miles east cf Mifilintown
Household goods of all kinds, horses,
hogs, wagons, buggies, harness and
all kind cf farming implements.
Pennsylvania Railroad to
sue Clerical Order.
The Pennsylvania Railroad Com
pany announces that for 1837, it will
issue clerical orders to regularly or
dalred clergymen in charge cf
churches located on or near its lines
east of Pittsburg and Erie. To se
cure these crdsis derymon thould
make application to the nearest tick
et agent as soon a? possible, as it is
dsired that all applications reach the
General Office by December 15.
Wonderful are the enrcs by HoOd's
Sarsaparilla and yet it is only because
as the one true blood purifier, it makes
pure, rich, healthy, life-giving blood.
Hood's. Pills for the liver and
bowels, act easily, yet promptly. 25c.
Kihsloe Leach Oa the 25th ult.,
by Rav. H. S. Gilbert at Port Royal,
A. L. Kinlce and Lizzie Leech.
Colter Shreffler. On tbe 10th
uif., at Peru Lack by Rev. John F.
Diener, Mr John S. Colver and Miss
Margaret E. Shreffler.
HocHENEEnnr Lomos. On the
17th dav of October by Rev. W. J.
Stuart at East Waterford, ' Mr: R.
Bruce Hockenberry and Lottie J.
Teixvan Ebuight. On the 15tb
uli , bv B.-.v. Geo. J. ScbaefiVr at
Ricb field, John Pdlraan asd Clara
pAr.rcK Wabsi.r. Oa tho 24th
ult., by Rev. J. II. Mortimer at Mif
flintown, Gideon T, Rarick rnd L;z
zie Werner.
Eaij to Take, Easy to Operate?
To Fix the Price of Wheat.
Tho Woahirgton Post says: "A
confbrcQcs of nations ou Ihe subject
of tho world's wheit market ia under
stood to be desired by at le.tst one of
tbe :ret foreign wneat crowing em-
rures. It is sliitcu in omauu circles
bore that Russia is particularly friend
ly to such an idea, end is believed to
be making overtures not only to the
United State, but to England, the Ar
gentine Republic and Australia. The
idea suggested, aa outlined herri, is
that thi 89 nations should Bee fit to
unite in an agreement upon tho sub
ject, could fix a price for wheat, to
be maintained uniformly through var
ious seasons of overproduction and
unsatisfactory crops, caused by
drougth r r continual rain, and thus
make the principal grain staple upon"
which the millions of consumers de
pend for food almost as unchange
able in value as gold itself has be
come. This would, it is orgasd, en
able the producer in case of aa un
usually large crop to store his wheat
and -obtain thereupon a loan that
would tide him over until the wheat
was in demand in the world's mark
eta, when he would reotiva a fall and
fair price for it."
Men with Tails-
A despatch from London on the
28th of November says: Paul D'En
joy. a French explorer in tbe vast un
explored region of Indo-China, has
found a tribe of people named Moi,
i.n win unci a true inecd in
Hood's Pil's. When yon take them,
yon will cot be disagreeably remind
ed cl U'0 lact by griping and agon
izing pains. They contain none of
the drastic drugs formerly so ex ten
sively employed. Every icgrodient
used in Hcoi's Fills ii scl?cted with
care. Tbey will break up a cold,
prevent the grip, and are especially
valuib'e lo regulate the livr. Thfev
cure sick head-ache and indigf s'ion.
Mimmowy, Dpc 2, .l96
a a
TV'iBiit . ...
Corn io ear.
i cttar 14
Shoulder. ......
I.xrrt ,
T n;.'.hy sebd...,
t'f' . . . ,
Gro Tit A'::ni Sal!
. n r!cii Sr.it . . .
, 12
$1.30 a biiedro
75o to 80
PmLADixpaiA Markets, December
1st, lS9u Wheat 95 to 9Sc; oats 24
to 25c; corn 29e; chickens 8e; ducks 9
to 10c; geese 8 to 9c; turkeys 9 to 10c;
butter 9 to 23c; eggs 23 to 24c; ap
ples at SI lo $1.60 a barrel; potatoes
23 to 2-5.1 a busbel; IVmest lauia to-
bno'cio fillers 4 to 12c; broad leaf run
ning lots 10 to 12c: Havana running
lots 12 io 15c 1
Jii ast JjIbebtt, Fa., iov. 30. Cat
tle Exra, $4 60a4.70; prime $4.40a
4.45; good $4 30a4.40; t;dv 84a4.15;
fair $3 G0a3.90; common 2 50a3 25;
e unmoa to good fat bu'l and cotvs
2 13; heifers $2 50a4; fiesh cows and
eprinci-Ts $15a43. Hcjrs, prime, med
ium, $3 55s3.G0; prime light, $S G5a
3 70; pigs $3.70n3.80; heavy hogs $3.
40a3.50; good roughs S2.75a3.10.
Sheep. Prims, g3.50s3.G5; good $3.
25a3.40; fair mixed !2 50i2 90; com
mon $1.50a2; culls 50c.a SI; choice
l;imbs ?4 25a4.75; commen to fair
lambs $2 75a i; veal calves $5aG.
Like biliousness, Oyspepsia, headache, consti
pation, soar stomach. Indigestion are promptly
cured by Hood's rills. - They do their work
easily and thoroughly.
Best after dinner pills.
26 cents. All druggists.
Prepared by C L Iiood & Co., Lowell, Mass.
Tbe only to take with IIckxI's Snrsipar!lla.
toalrout fox E,
next weeb.
E0LLO3AUE3 ft SON, the ClotMErs, 116 LTain St., Fattersoa, Pa.
Let ut give yoa a Pointer.
Ftnt; Wbea yon are told tbat yen can bnv a tnit at $8.50, that other
ell at $12.00. Call on as and we will furnish yon with tbe same rait aa well
if not better made and trimmed for $7.50, and have a living profit oa it ' be
Second: As to Tailor made Clothinir. wa will furnish von with an all- weel
Suit for $12; a faney one for $15, and on up to 18.00, 20.00, 25.00 and 80.00,
and guaranteed a fit.
Tailor made fattaloooa all-wool 4.50, 5.00, 6.00, 7.00 and 8.UU dollars. ..
Fancy Tailor Mads Vests $5 00, $6 00, $7.00 and $8.50.
TAirrf: We never pat tbe odd cents to oar prices. Instead of marking am
article $1.79, $3 58, Ac, we simply knock off tbe edd cti and eall it f 1.7ft,
$3-50. We will aeli you knee panta suits that you eannot dnplioate for one
fourth mere money at $1.85 $1.75, $2.00, $2 50 and $3 CO, and jour ehoioeof
oar entire lino for $4 00.
Youths' and Bevs' Suits, we have made a aneeialitt of tbia season. We
have sails from 2 00, 8.00, 4.00, 5 00, 6 00, 7.00, 8.00, 9.00 dollars and a
to 10.00 dollars for the finest Young Men's Suit in oar stock.
tourth: In oar bat department yoa will nod all tbe latest blocks j ia eiiner
rash or derby. Oar competitors in this lino have nothing to say. We at an
second to none in tbe bat lino.
Fifth: Our Fall line of underwear oomprieoa Six Complete Varieties a
Fair Grey Winter Weight, 50c; A camel's bair for 75o; Fine all-wool $1;
till finer $1.50; fine fleece lined extra finish, $2, and the finest lamb's wool,
soft as Eider-down $3. No snob, line of nndorwear in Juniata eounty.
Sixth: We are sole agents for the Celebrated Douglas Shoo. V e carry
them in 12 different styles.
SeveatA: We are also Agents for the Swcet-Orr Ureralls, and have meat
fit tbe smallest boy or tha Largest .Afan. t
jLtghtk: Oar line of neck-wear is in touch with tbe latest fashions, ine
eame can be said of onr line of collars, cuffs and dress shirts.
.... ' . ...
jyintfi: Tho day has gene by wbca yoa can eell eld fegy furnishing goooa
to yoong men who want to be fashionably drsssed.
Heavy Winter Boots only $1.35. u -mackintoshes
in all styles and at all prices.
lent A: And last bat not least, we desiro to eall special attention to our
lins of Men's, Boys' and Childrens' Overcoats. Men's all wool overcoats from
$3 to $12; Boys' $2.50 to$G; children's $1 to $4. We carry storm and fly
ever eoata in Chinchilla,' ShetUnd, Irish Frieie and Rnmbo Beaver.
Dress Overcoats in Melton, Beaver and Fine all-wool Kerseys; black and
blues are the prevailing styles for this season. We eeurt a comparison of oar
goods and prioes. An examination of onr line will oooviaoe tha most skepti
cal tbat we sell goods at a closer margin and give better valne for tbe aiooey
than yoa can ger elsewhere.
Finally we ask you to sco our lioo of Oloves, the finest driving gloves in the
eounty See them and be conviaoed.
The JfSe Clin tic Hardware
1865, ESTABLISHED. 1889.
Special Invitation To T7ic Iublm
Tojtttend the Attractive Sale of Clothing that goes on daily
from - ...
n OF
It will be
Who Have money to invest to examine the Stock of Goods for
It is truly marvelous to See
of Suits and Overcoats at the Wonderfully Low Prices.
His prices leave all Competitors in the rear, so don't tn
1 a ytv 1 -
to give nun a can 11 in need 01 uiotmng.
D. W. HAR L E T,
S. S. Ruble,
Practical Embalmer and Funer
al Director.
Bridge t, Mifiiintowii, Pa.
a yaar sjes.
Wt Exansisa
lTc varn the readers of this journal that we do not authorize the
:isa of oar name ui advertisameats of so-called -traveling oxtical
ppecinlistB. Our advice to all persoa3 who have defectivn eyesight:
- AroIJ traveling specialists and pedlars ot Speetaelms.
QUEEN CC CO., The Opticians, IOIO Chestnut St., Pb'lsdclphia.
MannSicturers hd1 Imoortern of Accurate nud tlroatlfn! wtaflfnirac Glui
vie Kyc i-lslit j!oi1:o- stnt oa receipt Sf live i-ccal pasUiije n ..p
-U SiJ
3 i
Tlni remedy hu been prepared by the Revere tK
Pft?tor Koenitr, of Fort Wayne. Ind mince UTrtX aiit
'ojow prep&rea ooiusr nu airecuun oj cue
A Vnablc Roolc en jorvo.
UiM&m aont free to any mUcira?
aud yoor patients can also oxtail
this medicine free ef chavrtre.
SaldbrDrnsgtetaatSIperBotUeb BfcrSS.
Lux. Hint. BottiaSar .
IsasifeaDd proiPTtrcT9ciT
Vor bo core of dlarrhrra,
. atery eelie cholera
bM . -wis and all forms of
Hn ser Complaint and
ZAM : D?S9 0f thO " OWclS. IT
the mmzr way mzm
to .it trg in tLc vcrld is to tv.y ol cLf p ll.ii F. As a
ru?e, 1hc left jcu f oy, tbe more it cot-Is in tho long run.
We on't Icatt of "cheap" prices at this Store, and still
quality cei-tideicd, ne eell at prices that ought to interest
careful buyers.
COOK STOVES- We control the Sale trf
cook tfoves tn this county. We hare never heard a woman
complain who bought one of tbete stores. Every bujer has
agreed on lour things:
The SI ores Cook better, they bake better, they are easiest
to regulate, and are less trouble than any other stove.
We have them in four sizep. Prices range from $16.00
how easily-Ihirgs get "scratched up"' ticurd the hcui-e.
Scmc-tin es it's a chair tr a table or a dcor. More than half
the time, the scratches are mglecttd, localise it seems hardly
wortli wbi!e to send ior a painter.
Why not do the work yourself. You eant
Oct Prepared Paints ai? Ready
to use at a trifling cost. Yon can brighten up furniture, doors, flower pole,
bnpgics ediI lots cf elber thiDga. - r i
We keep these prepared paints in til" tbe colors. And we sell paint
brotbes, too good ones.
The paints come in tin lockets, holding I P. The price is 15c
K. H. McClintic.
mf'mM Tea ss
alM tVV i J--3.
UA &.-v'i2a Atnsrlean
TDlno miaL3
- .- ev i
yor lr'"ra"tl"C63Hfrra Handbook Willi to
J1jj! Ii CO.. 1 UitOADmr. ii Ew Ions
piilj-.t ijtmau f scouring p.'ttvr.fe; Id AmvU-r
Ivtfy ratniit ukraool )j rj b br'.irht ovi..
tle pubil-j by a noUuo gl7;n lrao clcttar -o ifi
jMmtft clrmlatlrTi of any ndontine pnper r
man i
vnw uuvn or any K"CTJal1C BAper JH fl'
1. SplerMatlJy tlluiatraUNl, No Uit' lll.r.-n.
tshauUl bo witLoat it. 7eeky, kl.OOt
wiUiw.umiiwis, BU,H.l OL IAJL
TmjBHffna, 301 Droadway, Hew yort City.
Money Loaned at Lowest Eatss.
OonaumpUow Surely Cured.
To Thb dodb: ncsaa laftwm your ncdei,
tbstlbar apaaMtiamiMdrftirttWkbOTMnrd
dlTM. By lta timely ue tfannnl ofhocolaw
cwM Usre been prmanratly ennd. I shall b gi
to mj,1 two bottles of my rmredyFBEK tn m-r
rw r&itlais who hva cmuwimption it tb-r -i.
ic TCe tocK- Eiprea and P. O. addnu. t:--.
fnuj. X.vWaVUICUI.li.a.UlCcKiev.1., i
Fonoded In Large Faculty
Two lui courses ot study Classical an I
Scicntilic, Special courses in all depart,
mcnts. Observatory, Laboratories aod
new GTHiDsiiiai. Seam beat. Libraries,
22,000 volumes. Expenses low. Depart,
roent of Hygiene and Physical Culture in
charge of an experienced physician. Ac
cessible by frequent railroad trains. Loca
tion on tbe BATTLEFIELD of Gettysburg,
nioM plcasat' and healthy. PREP.iR
ate tiiidinfs, tor 003 s and younfr men pre
paring for business or College, under spec
ial care 01 the Principal and ibree assist
ants, residing with students in tbe building.
Fall term opens September 6th, 1895. For
Catalogues, address
- orBEV. O. G. KLIMGEK, A. H.,
Gettysburg, Pa.
Stoflkholdera Indiyidually Liable
T. TAN IRWIN," Caihtt
W. C. Pomeroy,
John Hnrtsler,
Robert E. Parker,
T. V. Irwin.
Joseph Rotbroek,
Josiab L. Barton,
Louis B. Atkinaoa
George A. Kipner, Anr.ie M. Shelley
Joseph Boihrock, p. w. Mai.beck,
h. E. Atkinson, R. E. Parkur,
W. C. Pomeroy, J. Holmes Irwin
Mary Kurtz, Jerome N. Tbompson
John Ilertzler.
Charlotte Snyder,
John M. Blsir,
F. M. M. PennnlU
9eamelP. Rothtnck,
M.N. Srerrett,
James G. Heading,
n. n . neap.
T. V. Irwin.
Josiab L Barton,.
Kouert I!. Pattcreoav
Levi Liebt,
Wm. Swart.
H. J. Sbellennerger
M. B. Scblrgel,
Samuel Scblegel.
-hr-: anl Fonr jn-r cent, interest win t.
:1 .n rcrflTnti-s ui depusit.
finn 2. !' 6 1
brirur yoa wealth. Write JOHN ArKmiKlZ
BURN A CO., Patent Attorneya, Waahlasteaa.
U.C- tor their (lUU prize offer. " ".