Juniata sentinel and Republican. (Mifflintown, Juniata County, Pa.) 1873-1955, December 02, 1896, Image 2

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tnrot asd ricrtuiot.
i a.. . -.- - - --
Still After a Receivership.
The Pennsylvania Traction Com-i
has recently been crea 2y ia evidence !
belore Judge Da. I as in tho (Jotted
States Court in Philadelphia i r the :
appointment of a receiver. It i-i a !
concern in which Juniata cuaaty pe-j
pie are interested to te r stent of .
many thousand dollars, and a good :
deal of the mocay nut into it was
borrowed upon the r sia e aasurane ' I was unconscious at times, but throngh
that it would eoan orov to ba a prof- s it all the idea was firmly rcotcd in my
itable corcera for "all investor?! Simind tha "there is more life for mo,
far it has been a delusive pbanturo.l cannot. I will net go."
now raising them upon tha tip toe of ' . followed four days of complete
. , 1 it - darkness, and when a little natural
Mpectancy.nowdropp.ngthe.n ia., ifc accoIcr&nicd each
the depths of 3. spondency, till a. night for threo wks by a drCiUa of mtr
last they hava been led to tho brink encounter with -some vicious animal
o: a r a!izit:.3 that the profits are ' beginning with a bull, then a boar and
liito t'-n baseless fa'-rica of a dr6Boi, next a largo mastiff. This order never
and that taeeuji l fads locking them
in tho fsico tells them, that if tbey
can got out what they put into the
concern they will be doiag very wt-il.
Th suits id the Uaicsd bt-ia
r enetle luVhrr '
Court, knocks the n
than a kite
The concern is in such a shtpe
that the United States Court has
been called upon to appoint someone
to take charge of the road an man
age it or settle or rworgaa-za it to the
satisfaction of complainants, ltoeb
ling's S cs uiidpr tlif claim of cvr
twenty-six th jusand dollars first ask- i
ed tho said court to appoint a re
ceiver, because they said the com- I
pany had defatiit-d in thn payment J
of interest, and bestu? of tho mis-'
application of bonds, &c.
Two dajs hiter the concern was (
again bsforo (ho court on an applies-! In the nest dream I saw a blue and
tioa of Geo. A. Lse, represvutiu tho j white light growing iuto a crown, in
Patterson maiagooient, praying fr ! which tbo word "Power" in bright lct
the appointment of a r-ceiver. T;.e I tors was inclofcd. Tnis rrmod to give
Lee party claim that- thev have the ! 'P' rirtiwifjtl. audcourage, and
J . , I felt somewhat better,
most paper against the concern . Tnwe a!gJllli ,h,CP X drcoircaof bSing
They p!end that they represent about joa ,h Ji;ko GaIiloe lu lbo boat
SO per cent, of the bonds The j vUh Christ and his disciples, and snch
amount of the stock is nut slated, j a picture as lay bofcro mo is hard to lo
Tbey represent that the KoebIing ! ficri bo. The disciples seemed cgitateel.
Sons' iatert3t is email compared t j 1 the sea was rough, and the boat frail;
their interest, and therefore tho re yet I was calm. The disciples looked r.t
raiverabip should be handed down o I me utid then at the sleeping Christ, bat
thc Lee combine. The I.se Bvndi
cate claim a bond holdiog iut&rcst of
ovt-r Feven hundred thousand dollars
Tivo d-ys after the Lee p.ea for
tha appaintmeut of a receiver a'ai;.
came Koeblicg's Sons v. ith an addi
tional plea of bond holders, represent
ing over nine thousand do.iars, as-k-ing
fjr leave to filo an atnon.iiDHnt lo
their former bill cr suit for a rec liv
er. Tae iaJre refused thir epplica-
tion for the liling of an aromdaie'.t!
to their former action acd that ru t-d
thtm out on that line of action.
The Lee application, Judge Da las
bolus under ndvisf meet till tin's week
His opinion is looked for tvery day.
The interest of tho 'Juniati people
seems to bo tied up with the Len
movement, and it ia earnestly hoped
that enr people maj' bo far enoug'i
froLt v.ita the piipers tbey hold in the
concern that in "the grand round up,"
as tLe cow bojs ssy, which seems
eocn to take place, they may coice in
eecuroly with the firft obligaiitn?,
branded number oi.e. How ur.foti'i
nate it would be if their traction pa
per i hou'd come in the erand vim l
up with two or three brands ahead cf
their.;'. It would be a burning, blis
tering shame if for orsr -psoplo's mon
ey, they had been givtn wat-red
bonds and stock bo fcr behind in the
issue of paper that in the rcorgaciza
tion tfcat now socma inevitable, they
will be so far cut vith their hcldii-gs
as to come in tmong the losers. Just
how tho Leo combice Tvill reorgat iza
the con.ps.Dy if they get the receiver
shij , does not appear upon tho face
of tho revealed state of affiirs.
Nothitig now is clearly in eight, cx
cepting that bilh parties are asking
for, namoly, a receiver, lo save some
thing for someone frcm the wreck
that has overtaken the concern. Who
will come out of the wrecked etneeru
financially whole with a pocketful of
money fleeced from the lambs thnt
basked in the hopeful sunshine e-f ex
pectancy the future wll tell. The
1rv was when bank cashiers and oth
er bank oilicers could with a bol l and
audacious front take money from con
tiding patrons f.;r sfe keeping ou de
posit, when they knew their brnkiiig
concern could never rut urn tho ruon
ej, bat that d:iy l as passed. Peni
tentif v doors staL tl invitinctv opeu
for bii.k f flioers who do sue-h tricks,
acd tho day ia dangerously near, if
not immediately prestnt, when meu
who blink on a railroad plant tJ oveT
isinc or water bonds acd steek to
confiding people for the selfish pur
pose of enriching tUemselves1, will be
sent to prison as common criminals
end confidence men.
Sicco the above wa3 put in type
the couit appointed a receiver: On
Monday, November 30th court ap
pointed William Given of Colombia,
receiver. Mr. Given was Chaiiman
of the Ponnyivania J effersoniuu dem
ocracy during tho late Presidential
Not Msny Ktch In Our Wan, Write Ex
Pr,!!lut llnrrison.
"Tliero rjay be fair differences of
opinion as to the extent and conditions
of pension relief, hut there is no room
for doubts as to pensions, " writes ex
President Harrisroi in Tho Ladies'
IIo:ue Journal. "Eleven dollars a month
for wur serv.ioo implies at least relief
in caso of wounds or sickjiess for the
soldier and that the public will caro
for his widow and minor children.
When the law of pillage prevailed, it
was otherwise, and when our rich men
tako to fighting our wars wo can abol
ish the pension system, but thus far it
is as historically true of the armies that
won our independence, delivered us
from tho Indians pud the British and
saved tho nation iu tho great civil war
as of the kingdom of heaven, 'Not
many rich. '
'There aro two views of the pension
question one from the Little Bound
Top at Gettysburg, looking out over a
field sown thickly with the dead and
around npoa bloody, blackened and
maimed men cheering the shot torn
banner of their country; tbo other from
an cilice desk on a busy street or from
an endowed chair in a nniversity, look
ing only upon a tutiical table. "
Though. Very 111 lie Loomed From Yiriaaa
That lie Would Xleeover Dreams of
Straggle smd th Next Day Ho Wu
Very gore On the Sea of Galilee.
Dreams are not with oat significance,
especially to (hose who have a high sot
purpose in life. And aa this subject is
of interest to many I will relate a
eeriea of dreams in my own experience
to which possibly some one can give
clearer interpretation than L
Having been taken very ill in winter
and this being my second attack, al;
my friends and associate physicians said
I was at death's door and it was no
possible for mo to recover. It meant
but a few hours, or days at tho most.
varied. When the boll tamo toward me,
I easily cud quickly vaulted the fence
as he pinned it below mo. In my en
counter with tho boar I grabbed him by
the throat und threw him on his back.
,hns getting safely away. (Next morn-.
1" """" ,,....0 J
were so sore that they had to be rub
bed). Next the mastiff approached. I
quickly gratied him by the Iarnyx till
J could gt-t hold cf his tongue. This
grip seemed to affect the muscles of my
wrist and l:r.:id alone, which were just
as sore and Etiil as formerly.
After the cipiratiou of the threo
weeks I had no dreams whatever for a
few nights. When tbty returned, I be
came more and more worried, until,
after the last one, scmctiiiiig said to
me: "This is good, not evil. You arc
surely a conqueror." However, not
much physical improvement was visl-
: but why to calm I knew net. PrcE?atly
tho spokesmaa of tho grocp arose and
whispered to tbo rest, and as th?y all
pot up ho touched Christ and said,
"Waster, cr.rest ifccu uot that we per
ish?" Christ 'a fnco, as he arce and ro
buked thcci, were aa expression of min
gled gpallentsJ, Eterrnes3 and pit7. I
was thrilled ns he held out his hand,
with a graceful covenieiit mid siid,
"Peace, be Mill." Then ccio a re
markable calm a beaetiful sunset on a
sea of ;;3ai!?.
I eweko fsoling much hotter nnd with
strong hope. iTy ixprcvei-tent was very j
coticeablo from tlm timo forward.
Then came a lull, which was follosrcd !
by drc;.ms cf a ciCe rent character for I
another period cf three weeka. I heard ;
glorious rnaru; ry a fall voiced cbojr, j
commoticii: rt-gulariy at sunset and j
eontiuuin until I was soothed asleep,' !
I felt mor3 vicreus after this expe
rience. Th'.M!, fcr tho next throe weeks,
I saw only a bcautifal bice acd whita
light, just r.s I feil asleep.
Aa I weut nho&t, rbiiged to ningio
iu tho effairs cf dnily life-, I had no
dreanjs for qaito cwhilo, being soine
whiit worried by baiincss arid other
cures. t ir.aJlT my v.-ni again ass&rcoa
iteelf. Then began, lupins for threo
weeks, a cerits of wonderful tests and
sayings, which verc given to mo by a
voice sufficiently ancible to arouse mo
iu the morning. They would frequent
ly ring iu my ears all day. This soemed
to give mo power ever rsyself aud oth
ers. Then I began to fret nieagos and
impressions from friends ut a distance.
Lastly, approaching rcy ofllce ouo
morning after le-aving the cur, I seemed
overwhelmed by a condition in which
I was very happy aud uncoa.Tcions of my
surroundings. When I reached tho
cfBce, I felt a desire to be alone for a
few minutes. I sat down, aud ruy eyes
jlosed, when I saw a beautiful, largo
star, and while I was locking at it a
voice said audibly, seven times, "Let the
light of life shino forth in you."
Next morning the same condition
came at precisely the same place, lasting
until tho oftieo was reached. This time
I saw a beautiful moon and heard a
voice- speak tho words seven timop,
'This light of lifo, so free, ia yours. "
The moon disappeared, as the- star had
lone, after tho seventh time. I felt
rory sleepy and dozed for about three
It wonld seem that in these occur
rents the regularity of the appearances
md of tho number of times iu each case
is worthy of note. Metaphysical If aga-
Chinese Way
The Chinese ura said to bo very skill
ful in telling the time of day by looking
Into a cat's eyes. When they want to
mow what o'clock it ia, the-y will run
lo the nearest cat, open her eyes, and at
Jnce tell what timo it ia. This thoy do
&y observing the size of tho aperture of
the pupil of tho eye, which they have
discovered is of varying size at different
Hoars of the day, being affected by the
position of the sun and tho character of
tight, even when tho day Is cloudy.
Now York Times.
Crime and Cruelty.
Crime 13 nothing but cruelty, nnd all
sruoltv is criminal iu its tendencies.
hurch Union.
For music
Tart falls tho niht. bat r.ct for thoe
Twill fade like thot of ycturduy.
VThfin on co cieatn nlooB tho lea
Tho tiicorous glints of rooming stray, "
Tbra wilt have jiasscd to fields, unaoen.
To meadows of perennial May.
Where never vuors tbo vernnl preen
Nor fleet the vernul flowers oway.
If e'er I thin of thee as sons.
If o"er I divrtim of theo an sped.
Twill only bo in winter wan.
When leaves He lorn and flower ban fled.
But when anew tho sun has shone
Its welcome to tho world of spring
Btill by my side thou 'It wander on
Aa though thou no'er hadst token wtng.
Still beneath day'j dilnting beams
Greet each new flower that lluy unfurls,
Bttll mix thy monnur with tho stream's
And blend thy uotdc with the merle's.
Toen, as In vespertlnal dreams.
The sun's tired rays receding slant,
Bcvk, as of old. the wood where teems
The nit-'htingale'B awaking chant.
Fast falls tho nlffht. I will nnt weep.
Ah. nol Not t ara shell be thy dower
To carry throat h tho folds of slo-p
leaf and flowcrl
Fist fzl the nipht. More dark, inore deep,
Each iastar.t grvfsrs its eerie swny.
Farewell, farewell. I will not wcop,
Bnt s.-ntle thee on thy journey's way!
TSiliiain Toynlx.-e in Gentle-man's Magazine
mi 9Zi tr
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Clerical Donee.
It is to be feared that clergymen who
have entered tho church through theolo
gical colleges are wretched soholars aa a
rule. The bishops have lately found it
necessary to insist on an entrance exam
ination on general subjects before ad
mission to a theological colle-ge can be
grunted, and tho results have been de
cidedly startling. Tho requirements are
almost ridiculously elementary a cou
ple of books of Xcnophou'a "Anaba
sis, some quite easy ljarm, iwu uound
of Enclid and bo forth. Nevertheless, it
is stated that a htrge cumber of candi
dates for orders are so grossly ignorant
that -they hitvo been enable to get
through this exceedingly easy ordeal.
London Truth.
Craoping; at a Straw.
Doctor Don't be alarmed. I was
sicker than you are a year ego, and
with the same trouble. Today I am
woll and hearty.
Patient (anxiously) Oh, doctor, tell
mo, who was your physician? Water
bury. Gun Accidents-
John llowery living near New-
bar$, Cumberland county, was in
stantly killed on That ksgivicgr Day.
Young Jlowerv was taming to a
friend and had the bait of his gtra
resting on the ground, tha barrels
rrrainst bis chest. In swinging bis
foot, it struck the tripge-r, ari l the
hsromers being cocked, the gun was
discharged, and tbecontenio of both
barrels entered his cbest bdcI stom
ach making a frightful wound, and
before assistance could be given bim
bo was dead. On th
morning of tho 23th of November,
David Holly t-f Center township, Per
ry county, got his enn and prepared
to shoot a hog. When he pulled the
trigger, the breech pia blew out and
the barrel burst. The pin passed
through Lis lip and through Lis jaw,
tiiak ntr a terrible wound, while a
piece of tbe stock struck bis face and
plowed up over the forehead, cutting
a severe gash, bnt fortunately not
fracturing the skull. H. was able to
come to town, and Dr. Moore dres
ed his wounds. ' Cut Le killed the
hog. At JUoysviile, .Ferry
connty, Ed. Ad&ms shot himself in
the foreaim while bunting. Ho was
resting bis arm on the muzzle of bis
gun and cne foot on tbe fence, when
bis foot slipped off the fence and
struck tbe hammer of bis gun caus
icg it to go off Tbe Dr. does - not
know vt-t whether he can save the
arm. One bone is badly shattered.
w ip c. v' w r var w w
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Ettattof Samuel jt.Tkoma; dtctiutd.
Wbeieas lftters of administrarir n on tbe
rst.te of Samuel A. Thomas, late or Fer
managh township, Jnnlats Co., Pa., decsaa
cd. bave been issued out or tbe Orphans'
Court to the undersigned, notice is hereby
given to all persons inilebte'l te ti e rdd es.
tnt-i to n rko ininitdijte pa meut, and
those having claims to present them prop
erly authenticted for settleraeiit.
Charles YT. Bcok.
Mexico, Juniata Co., Pa., Nov. 21, lfSfi.
Letters Testamtntiry on thn estto rf
Eva Auktr, la'e of Walker township, Juni
ata county. Pa., having been granted In
dne rorra nf law to the undersigned resid
ing in Walker township. All person
knowing themselves indebted to said dece.
dent will pleasa make immediate payment,
and those bating claims will present them
troperly authenticatud for aettletnent. to
Josiab GlIOBICH,
Sep'r 22nd, 1836. Executor.
Letters testamentary on tte estate of
Edward A. Smith, late of Mexico, walker
township, Juniata county, Pa., havine
been granted in due form of law to tbe on
dersiened residinu in Mexico. All pr-
eons knowing ihemso 'es indebted to said
decedent will please mihe irrmediato pay
ment, and those navirg Claims win urosnm
tht.ni properlj authunt catcd for settlement
Kat V. Smith,
Estatt of Christi&M Brtggs, deceased.
Whereas letters of administration oa the
estate or Christiana Brijrgs, late of Walker
township, Juniata Co., Pa., deceased, have
been issued out of tbe Orphans' Court to
lbo nndersigned, notice is hereby given te
alt rxrtoni indebted to the said estate to
make immediate payment, aad those having;
claims to present tbem propeily authenticat
ed lor (uttlement.
Jacksoh Bbioos,
Walker t ownship, Pa.. Angnst 16,1891).
In the estate of Mary McAllister, late of tbe
Borough ot Mtmmtown, ra., deceased.
Tbe andersiirned appointed bv tbe Or
phans' Court ot Jnniata county. Auditor to
a" lit, settle and adjust tbo first and final
account or Jeremiah Lyons, Executor of
the last will aod testament of Mary McAlU
ter. ! tie of Mifflintown, Juniata county,
Pennsylvania, deceased, aod to make dis
tribution of the balance in tbe bandi of said
Executor to and among creditors and oth
ers having claims against said estate and
' Jt'm JCS,
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o'clock P. M., at bis office No. 24, Main
street in the borengb of Mifflintown, Juni
ata cousty. Pennsylvania, when and where
all parting interested as claimants, credi
tors, legatees or devisees, heirs at law or in
any other reepect are required lo make and
prove their claims or be fercver debarred
from coming in en said fund.
r. M. M. Fennell.
Nov. 12th '98. Auditor.
Whereas, the lion. JEREMIAH LYONS,
President Judge of tho Court or Common
Pleas, for the Forty-First Judicial District,
composed of the counties of Juniata and
Perry, and tbe Honorable JOS1AU L. 15AK
TON and J. P. WICKEKSHAM, Associate
Judges of the said court of Common Pleas
Of Juniata county, by precept dnlv issued
and to me directed for holding a Court of
Oyer and Terminer and Geneial Jail Deliv
ery, and General Quarter sessions 01 toe
Peace at Mifliintown, on the
Notice is herkbt oivbr, to tbe Coronor
Justices of the Peace and Constables of the
County of JnnHta, that they be then and
there in their proper prsons, at 10 o'clock
in tbe forenoon of said day, with their rec
ords, inquisitions, examinations and Oyer
rcmembernces, to do those things that to
their offices respectfully appertain, and
those that are bound by recognisance to
prosecute ngainst tbo prisoners that are or
tncy be in tbe Jail of raid county, be then
and there to prosecute against tbem aa
shall bo just.
Bv an Act of the Assemblv, passed the
6th dav of May, 1834. it made the duty of
Justices of tho Peace of the several coun
ties of this Commonwealth, lo return lo the
Cletk of the Court of Quarter Sessions of
the respective counties, all the recogniz
ances entered into before them by any per
son or persons charged with tbe Commis
sion of any crime, except auch cases as
mi, be ended before a Justice of tbe
Peace, under existing laws, at least ten
davs before the commencement cf the ses
sion or tbe Court to which tbey are made
returnable respectively, and in all cases
where recognisances are entered into less
than ten days before tbe commencement of
the session to which they are made, return.
able, tbe said Justices are to return tbe
same in tbe same manner aa if said Act
bad not been passed.
Dated at Mifflintown, Ibe 2nd day of No
vember in the year of our Lord, one
tbouaaud eight hundred and ninety .six.
Jam ca P. Caxhoosj, Sheriff.
SberifTa OfHce,
Mifliintown, Pa., November 2, 1896.
Notice is hereby given Ibat the following
namrd persons have Sled their aecoants in
the Register's Offiee of Juniata connty,
Pennsylvania, and the same will be present
ed for continuation an J allowance at an Or
phans' Court to be held at Mifflintown, Pa.,
- m. a. aa oa, tw a- aft if aa. k m a aP A f S r" MA fBk WTkfZ O C.
td Vu bwl t r
ca-ijww u,,.l.""''J
RAt'Iiy," etc., etc. It also
on Tuesday tbe 22nd dsy of December,
D.. 1896, at 9 o'etook A. M.
1st. Tbe First arceuct ot Samuel A.
0.8'rutn. execa tor ef tbe last will and tes
tament of John Gingrich, late of Sprnce
hill township, deceased, Keller, Att'y,
2nd. The First and Final account et H.
F. Smith, executor of tbe last will and tea
tament of Anthony Hockenberry, late of
Tuscaro ra township, deceased.
Atkinson Av Penncll, Att'y
3rd. Tbe snpplcmeutai account of Daniel
Kloss, executor or tbe last will and teste,
incnt ot Irwin D. Wallia, late of Walker
township, deceased. Keller, Att'y.
Register's Oibce, 1 Anson B. Will,
Mifliintown, Pa., Register.
Nov. 23rd, 1896. J - -,
Tbe nndersined b avtng been restored te
bealtb by simpfe means, after snnering seV'
eral years with serere lung affection, and
that dread disease consumption, ie anxiona
to make known to his fellow sufferers the
means of core. To tbose who desire it, he
will cheerfully send (free of chargs) a copy
ol the prescription used, which they will
find a sure core for Contumptiou, Jttihma,
Catarrh, Mrtnekitu and all throat and lung
Malaam. He hopes all suuerera will try
bis remedy, aa it is invaluable. Those de-
airing tbe prescription, which will cost tbem
nothing, and may prote a blessing, wlfl
please address,
New York. Sep. 9, DO.
The nndersigned persons bave associated
themseres together for the protection of
Willow Run Trout stream In Lack town
ship, Juniata Co., Pa. All persona are
strickly forbidden not to trespass npon the
land or stream of tbe said parties to flsh
aa the stream has been stocked with trout
Persons violating this noice, will be pros.
rented according to law.
R. B. Patterson,
T. H. Carnthers, J. P.
Robt A. Woodside,
W. D. Walls,
Frank Vawn,
Dyson Vawn.
April 23, 1896.
The nndersigned persons have formed an
Association for the protection of tbeir re
apective properties. All persons are here
by notified not to trespass on the lands of
the nndersigned for the purpose of huntinr
gathering nuts, cbiping timber or throwing
down fences or firing timber in any way
whatever. Any violation ot tbe above no
tice will be dealt witb according to law.
John MkshsBl,
William Puffenberger,
Gideon Sieber,
Beaahor It Zook, x
Mary A. Srabaker,
Joseph Roth rock,
John Byler,
Samuel Bell.
September 6 1896.
Lona K. Amnw. F. M. Kmtu..
KColleetiac aad Ooaveyaaetag PP
tv attended to.
Orruia On Main street, ia place 01 resi
dence of Lonia B. Atkinwin, Baq., ioptli
Bridge street. . . Ootat,iow
District Attorney.
bave formed a partnertbip for tbo practice
of Medicine and tbctr collatteral branches.
Office at old stand, comer or i nira mna ui
mnpe streets, Mifflintowo, P. One or both
of them will be foaDd at their office at ali
times, anlcea otherwise professionally eo
April lit, 1886.
Graduate of the Philadelphia Dental
College. Omoe at old established lo
cation, Bridge Street,' opposite Court
House, fifflintowu, Pa.
iTF" Crown aad Bridge work;
Painless Eztraotion.
All work guaranteed.
I iiint oB"er for sale a ralnabie prop
erty, situated in Ferroanagh townsDlp, x
miles corlb.eist of Himtntown, contaioing
26 Acn . more or less. 1 acres or wood
land. The balance cleared and ia geod
atats of cnttivation. Buildings ordinary.
but la good repair. A good spring of never
failing gravel water nearby. Tbis property
also contains 250 poach trees and 2000 ber-
rr olants: 80 BDDle trees, besides other
fruit. Tbe above property is si;aaiea near
White Halt school bouse ia said townsDlp.
For farther information address.
8-23-'3C. Mifnintown, Fa.
Tuscarora Valley Eailroad.
Xo.l No.3
Blairs Mills Lv. 7 2 00
Waterloo. 7 50 2 05
Leonard's Grove 8 00 2 10
Roes Farm 8 05 2 15
Perulock 8 15 2 20
East Wattrford 8 20 2 30
Heckman 8 SO 2 37
Honer Grove 8-35 2 42
Fort Bighftm 8 48 2 48
Warble 8 55 2 55
Pleasant View 9 00 3 00
Seven Pines 9 06 3 06
Spruce Hill . 9 10 3 10
Graham's 9 14 3 14
Stewart 9 16 3 16
Freedom 9 183 18"
Turbett 9 20 3 20
Old Port 9 25 3 25
Port Koyal Ar.9 30 3 30
Trains No. I and 2 connec t at Port R oy a
with Way Passenger and Seashore Express
on P. R. &., and Nos. 8 and 4 with Mui east
A. M.
10 30
Port Koyal
Old Port
1.319 35
Spruce Hill. . . . . . . .
10 40
10 42
10 44
10 46 5 36
10 50 5 40
10 54 5 44
beven PineB.
Pleasant View
11 03 5
5 55
Fort Bighftm
6 01
Honey Grove ......
11 1816 08
11 25 6 15
11 35 6 25
East Waterford...
1 ! mr
Perulack ............
Ross Farm
Leonard's Grove. . .
Blair's Mills Ar
11 4S'C 35
12 556 45
24.0 12 02 6 52
25.5 12 09,6 59
27.012 15 7 05
Trains Nos. 2 and ft connect witb Slaf
Line at Blair's Mills for Concord, Doyle
burg and Dry Rnn.
President. .
The following schedule went Into effect
May 18, 1896, and the trains will be rnn as
follows: -
p. m
4 30
4 86
4 39
8 41
4 45
4 46
4 61
4 64
4 66
4 69
9 15
9 21
9 24
9 26
9 29
9 81
9 86
9 89
9 41
9 44
Leave Arrive a. m
Duncannon 7 26
King's Mill 7.21
'Sulphur Springs 7 18
Corman Siding 7 16
Montebello Park 7 13
p. ra
2 28
2 23
2 20
8 18
2 15
2 13
2 08
2 65
2 03
1 41
Weaver 7 12
Roddy 7 08
Hoffman 7 05
Royer 7 03
Mahanoy 7 00
6 10 10 00 Bloomfleld 6 46
A 21 10 11 Nellaon 6 86
6 24 10 14 Dors'i 6 83
6 27 10 17 Elliotsbnrg 6 80
6 82 10 22 Bcrubeisl's 6 25
6 84 10 24 Groen Pk 6 23
6 87 10 27 'Montour June 6 20
6 0210 62 Landisburg 6 W0
1 28
1 25
1 20
1 18
1 16
8 60
p. m a. in Arrive Leave a. m p m
Train leaves Bloomfleld. at 6.10 a
am arriTOT mi uauaisourg at 0.47 a. m.
Train leaver Landisbarg at 6.14 p. m., and
arrives at nioomueld at 6. 50 p. ra.
1 rains mare ajoysviiie ror Unneannon at
i. i a. m., ana t. 16 p. ns. Returning,
arma hiviii, m., ana .oo p. ns.
Between Landisbunr and Lovsvilla trains
run aa follows: Leave Landisburg for Loys-
tuio v 00 u. m., ana 1 ov p. m., Loysville
for Land U burg 11 10 a. m and 6 09 d. m.
All stations marked () are Sac stations
at which trains will come to a full stopl on 1
signal, "I
Om indft r Sunday November 15,
1896, .tains will ran as fellows: -
War Passenger. leaves Philadelphia at
4 80 a. m; Harrisburg 8 04 a. IB Drjcean-
non8 8.Se. n; New Port w C& a. sat Mil-
lerstown 9 16 a. aat Dnrwerd " 21 -a. aa:
ThompaoDtowa 26 a. m; Yan Dyke t 88
a. m; Tnaeerora 8Q a. m; Mexico lo a.
m; Port Royal 9 44 a. mt Miflfia IN t.
m; Denholm 1 66 a. n; Lewiatowa 10 18
; Mcveytowa ivis a. M nrwtoa
Hamilton 11 00 a. m; Mount Uoioa II M
m; Hantwgdon II IS p. m; Tyrene 12 2V
m; Altoona 1 00 p. m; PitUburgO 9i p. ns. .
Niagara and Pittsburg Rx press learea .
Philadelphia at 8.80 a. f Harrisburg at
rT-46 a. m.i Miffl 12.67 p. Lewis tewa '
18 p. m.i Huntingdon 2.06 p. n.; Tyreia
S.46 p. m 1 Alteena 8.1S p. n.s f ittabnrf .
v p. m.
Altoona Aceowmaodatioa, learea irris-
burg at 6 00 p. at Daneaanoa 6 84 p.
Newport 8 02 p. m; Jliilratwa II w.mat
Tbompsnntowa 6 21 p. m; Tnaearora 6 80
m; JVexico 81 p. m; rort Koyal 0 w
ra; MiUJin 6 48 . tm Denbolia 49 p. m;
Lewiatown 7 07 p. m; JbfcYeytowa 7 80 p
Newton Hamilton 7 6U p. as; Hnating.
don 8 20 p. mj Tyrone 9 02 p. m; Altoona
9 85 p. m
Pacific Express leaves Philadelphia at
11 20 p. m; Harrisbarc S 10 a. aai Marys.
w lie 8 24 a. mi Duncannen 8 88 a. aa; Nesr-
Pit 8 r9 a. m. Port Ksval 4 81 a. aat Mif
MiB 4 87 a. m; Lewiatown 4 68 a. ; Me
Ye town 6 20 a. n; Huntingdon SIS a,
Tyrone 6 66 a. m; Altoona 7 40 a. mi;
Pittsburg 12 10 p. m.
Oyster Express leaves Philadelphia at 4
86 p m; Han tubers; at 10 20 p. w: Newport
11 06 p. mi Mifllin 11 49 p. m; Lewiatown
12 68 a. m; Mnntingdon 12 66 a. at.; Tyrone
1 82 a aa; Altooaa t 00 a. m; Pittsburg 6 80
Fast Line leaves Philadelphia at 12 26 p.
m; Hsrrrlsonrg 6 b p. a; uartcaaoa 4 16
p. n; Newport p. as; MittllB V7 p. n. '
Lwistown 6 27 p. m; Mount Union 6 08 p.
m; Huntingdon 27 p. a; Tyrone 7 01 p
Altoona 7 40 p. m; Pittsburg 11 30
Huntingdon Accommodation leaves Al
toona at 6 00 a. m; Tyrone 6 28 a ra; Hunt
ingdon 6 40 a.' m; Newton Hamilton OS
1; Mcveylown o Z3 a. m; Lewiatown
6 42 a. m; M iff in 7 01 a. la; Port Royal
7 l6 a. ro; Mexico 7 09 a. m; Thompson
town 7 22 a. mt Mtllerstown 7 81 a. m
Newport 7 40 a. m; Duncaanon 8 07 m;
Harrisburg 40 a. m.
Sea Shore leaves Pitttsbnrg ' t 10 a i
Altoona 7 15 am; Tyrone 7 48 n; Hunt
ingdon 8 80 a ro: McVevtewn (15 1 ik
Lewiatown 9 86 a m: Mifflin I ii 1 u;
Pert Royal 9 59 a m; Thompsontown 10 I i;
Millers town 10 22 ant; Newport 10 87 a U
Duncannon 10 64 a m; Maryaville 1107
m; Harrisburg 11 2i a m; Philadelphia 800
p m.
Main Line Express leaves Pittsburg nt
8 00 a. m; Alteena 11 40 a. m; Tyrone 12-
03 p. m; Huntingdon 12 85 p. na; Lewfa-
town 1 33 p. m; MiKtin 1M p. m; tl arris
burg 3 10 p. m; Baltimore 0 Ou p. n; Wash
iugton 7 15 p. ra; Philadelphia 6 23 p. m;
New York 923 p. m
Mtil leaves Altoona at 2 10 p. m, Tyrone
2 45 p. m, Huntingdon 8 28 p. m; Newton
Hamilton 8 68 p. ni; Me vrytown 4 20 p. m;
Lowistown 4 46 p. n; MhUin 6 10 p. m.
Port Royal 6 16 p. m; JUexico 5 20 p. mt
Thompsontown 5 33 p. m; MiltnrMown 643
p. m; Newport 5 64 p. m; Dancsnaen 6 28
p. m; Harrisburg 7 00 p. m.
Mail Express leaves Pittsburg at I 00 p.
m; Altoona 6 05 p. m; Tyrone 6 87 p. ant
Huntingdon 7 20 p. m; WcVcvtown 8 04 p.
m; Lewiatown 8 26 p m; ifiHlin 8 47 p. mt
Port Royal 8 62 p. ra; Millerst6wn 9 16 p.
m; Newport 9 26 p. m; Duncannon 9 60 p.
m; Harrisburg 10 20 p. m. '
Philadelphia Express leavea Pittsburg at
4 80 p m; Altoona 9 05 p. m; Tvrona 9 88
p. m; Huntingdon 10 12 p. m; Mount Uu-
ion 10 82 p. ro; Lewietown 11 16 p. m; Mif.
Bin 11 87 p. m; Harrisburg 1 00 a. m; Phil
adelphia 4 30 New York 7 83 a. m.
Trains for Kunbnrv at 7 30 a. m. and 8 IS
p. ru., leave Sunbury for Lewiatown 10 06
p. m. and 2 25 p. m.; for Uilrov 6 20 a. m.
10.20 a. in. and 3 15 p. m.. week days. '
Trains leave fi Pelleronte aad Lock
Haven at tl 10 a. m., 8 34 nd 7 25 p m
leave Lock Haven for Tyrone 4 St), 9 10 p
ni. end 4 15 p. m.
Trains leave Tyrone fur Clearfield and
CnrwensviHe at 8 10 n. m.. I2.S0 and 7 90
p. m.. k-ave CnrwensviHe for Tyrone at 4 89
a. m., 9 15 and 3 51 p ra.
- For, rates, maps, etc., call onTioket
Agents, or addrest, Thos. . Watt, P;
A. W. D., 3G0 Fifth Avenue, Pitta,
berg. Fa.
S. 11. Pbkvost, J. K. Wood,
Gen 'I Slansjer. Gen'l Pass. Agt
ti ley Railroad Company. Time table
of passenger trains, in effect on Monday,
May 18th, 18.
STATIONS. West- ' East
ward, ward.
, a I t " 2 4
fm'am am ru
Newport' 6 05'l0 35 8 80 4 OA
BnSalo Bridge S 0 10 88 8 27 8 67
Juniata Furnace ... 6 12.10 42 8 23 8 68
VVhneta 6 15,1' 45 2 8 60
riyivau 6 2') 10 52 16 8 46
Wat-r Ping 6 2S!ll 1 8 H 8 41
Bloomtield Junct'u. 6 31 11 09 8 0S 8 88
Valley Road 6 89:1 1 OS 8 00 8 82
Elliottaburg 6 51 II 21 7 46 8 16
Green Park 6 64 11 24 7 4t 8 10
Loysville 7 05 11 35 7 84 8 04
Fort Robenon 7 1111 41 7 26 tH
Center 7 15 1145 Tip (49
Cisoa's Ron 7 21 11 61 7 16 2 46
Andersonbnrg ..... 7 27 11 57 7 16 40
Bluin 7S5 1J1.U 7 03,2 88
Mount Pleasant ... 7 4112 11 6 68 1 24
New German t'n ... 7 45 12 15 6 60' 2 20
D. GKING, President and Manager
, K. Mules, General Agent.
Pick Headache and relievo all the troubles sad
dent to a bilious state of the system, such aa
Dirziness, Nausea. Drowsiness,' Diktnsa attar
eatine. Pain in the Side, arc. While their mod
remarkable success haa been shown in curing
Headache, yot Caktcs's Littlb Ltrn hu
are equally valuable in Constipation, coring
and preventing; this annorinft eomplaint, while
Uiey also correct ail disorders of the stomach,
stimulate the liver and regulate the bowels.
Kvem if mey only cured
Ache they would be almost prioeless to tkeae
who sutlar from this diatreaatea; complaint;
but fortunately their goodnir doea not end
hare, aad thosa who ooce try tbm will And
these little pu la rateable iu so many ways that.
tney win not be waling to oo wnaonx 1
ss tne oaaa or so nun v nves t
.we make our great boast. Our puis can it
wnw wu, s no Boa.
riwTVn T it 1 1 a Tuan Tin sen mj siisiS
ad very easy to take. One er ro pills maka
a does. Tbey ar strictly vagvuble and da
net artpe or puree, but by their gentle actios
pnunuivnom un. lavMuaatssf
for $1. Sold ei j whete, or at by
f m in
hat here f wusin)
0A8SIS nsicm OO, Vrw Tork.
fclE SaUta .kJIfo
f .
1 ' 5