Juniata sentinel and Republican. (Mifflintown, Juniata County, Pa.) 1873-1955, November 18, 1896, Image 3

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BnbacriptloB, $1.69 par annoa If paid
drone t $3.09 If aot p1d In adTaoce.
Transient advertiseatoata luraiod at 60
eenta par inch for each innor'Jon.
Truulast baaintys aot'.oes In local eoU
On, 10 cents pr lino for each rneortion.
Pndoctlona will t-o made to the desiring
te adTrtiM by tbe year, half or quarter
elect McKimUj ig a
Mrs. Jamea North, Sr., it eerioucl-
Hertzler's majority in the district
Uahon's majority in the district is
. Methodist.
Hard wild cherry rails are said to
last a century.
Wheat is steadily working its way
to a higher price.
The little people are beginning to
talk of Christmas.
Mr. Henry Groainger spent Satur
day in Port Royal.
There were mixed sqaalla of snow
and rain on Friday.
The passenger train schedule
changed on Sunday.
UeKinley has about 306,000
jority in Pennsylvania.
Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Reynolds
are vieitiDg in Pittsburg.
Margaret Laird spent Saturday
and Sunday op the Talley.
Candidates for all kinds of
pointments are popping np.
Bessie Mod&agU of Patterson
pent Thursday in Pert HoyaL
The Juniata Valley Editorial Asso
ciation met in Lewiatown last Friday.
The Lutheran congregation have
their ohurea supplied with electric
light. .
J. H. Simons and wife hare gone
to Philadelphia and New Jersey to
itiit friends
Governor Hastings hts designated
Noreinber 2G, as Thanksgiving dty
for Pennsylvania.
The only Southern States that Mc
3Kinley carried ara Kentucky, Mary
land and West Virginia. -
The Callefonte glass worts, which
have been idle six years, will resume
operations in about two weeks.
The Lancaster Traction Company
has been sued for default in payment
of interest last April and October.
McKinley'a majority in the elector
al college is 99, and he has a major
ity of ov6r a million o" tho popular
Caislidat3 for post office appoint
ments are revealing themselves every
where in the county where a post
office in located.
The Swedish Grand Qaartett will
give en entertainment before the
Teachers Institute on Thursday even
ing, .November lo,
Water sipped os hot as can be
without scalding, is better to stop
spells or coughing than many of the
high-prieed medicines.
On Wednesday, November 2o
Prof. R. L. Cummock will give an
elocutionary entertainment before
the Teachers' Institute.
VvT. J. Clark will deliver an illus
trated lecture before the Teachers'
Institute on Tueaday evening, .Nov'
ember 24. Subject X Rays.
Tae .'Missouri river is frozen ovm
at Sioux city, Iowa, a freeze the like
of which has not takeu place at this
time in the year in 18 years.
The repudiation, states" rights
pint form of the Bryan party, had
more io do with the defeat of the
democracy than the silver question.
Rev. Mr. Mortimer of the Slelh
dint Church will preach the Union
Thanksgiving sermon in the Presby
terian Church on Inaokagiving Day.
Rsv. A. N. Ravon will lecture be
fore the Teachers' Institote, on Fri
day eveniner. November 27. Sub
ject, The Old Woman and the "New."
President Cleveland and Secretary
Carlisle have formed a law partner
ship and will open an omce in .New
York after the inauguration of Ho-
Candidates for the Miffiintown
post office are already on the track,
and candidates for Cotuniiamonera'
elerk and for Court House janitor are
Mrs. Harry Hawk is slowly recov
from the effect of an illnets
brought on by tramping on a nail
that nascad through the sole cf her
hoe into her foot
Mrs Samuel Aucker aged about 65
fm- d:d of consumption on the
J v
12th insL Interment in
Creek Valley Mennonite
n Sunday the 15th.
Tha anti-Bryan democrats are
reading the Bryan Democrats out of
the party, or in otfier woras iuej
ara holdicg meetings declaring them
elves the only democratic party.
If the wheat crop aa reported in
Argentinia is a failure the price will
go higher than it is now. The trou
ble is with most farmers, they have
little to sell and some have wheat to
"There are 15 counties in the State
without almshouses. These are
Butier, Cameron, Jefferson, Potter,
Forest, Indiana, Fulton, Juniata,
Pike, Sullivan, Union, Snyder and
The Pennsylvania State Senate will
consist of 44 republicans and 6 dem
ocrat. The house of representa
tives will consist of 170 republiuans
and 34 democrats. The republican
majority on joint ballot will be 174.
Last week agents for the British
government bought 160,000 bushels
f eora in New York city to be hip-
Cd to India for seed, and this is the
ginning of com raising in India.
It U the first eora that ha been ship-1
pad te India froaa America.
tLe Lost
J an lata, mini .VMi.-
tarna numbered seven thousand and
fifty-two words and figures for record
w the Prothonotary s office.
The woman suffrage cause came
near carrying the day in California.
An amendment to the constitution
nfranchiaing women received 85,
000 votes and was defeated by only
15,000 majority. 3 3
If Jsome of the numerous patrons
of the Skntdtel axd Rbpttblicah, who
are in arrears will bring to this office
a can of lard, it will be considered a
favor, and at the same time square
np an indebtedness, perhaps more
conveniently than to pay in money.
Richard V. a Woods, of New York,
assistant cashier of the Metropolitan
Bank ia wanted to answer for having
appropriated to his own use some
860,000 of bank securities. Stocks,
wine, late sappers and women be.
guiled him and proved bis downfall
Employees of the United States
Mail service are not allowed here
after to smeke, either going er com
ing from their routes, Neither will
they be permitted to smoke in the
office, in the lobby, or in front cf the
buildicg, whether on or off duty, in
An American traveling in Spain
says: The women in that country,
are the most beautiful in the world,
but they are superficially educated
and as companions soon grow tire
some, because they possess no basis
for conversation, no general inform
ation, no ideas.
The Sectetary of Agriculture of the
United States has offered a prize of
one thousand dollars for the largest
pumpkin grown in the United States
this year. Martin Horning of Blair
county, Pa., has sent a 119 pound
pumpkin that he raised to Washing
ton as a prize contestant.
The race for the Miffiintown post
office is on. There are at this time
entered: Wm. M. Allison, Esq., Dr.
W. H.Rodgers, Captain MoClellac,
John North, James McCauley, Tobias
Aucker and a number of dark horses,
who are getting ready to enter the
race. All the above applicants are
pensioners excepting Aucker and Mc
On Sunday evening the dwelling
house, barn and all outbuildings, the
property of John Dolan, of Jackson
villo, Centre county, were totally de
stroyed by fire. Mr. Dolan escaped
with his life by jumping from
second gtary window, but a 13-year
eld girl was burnt to death. Tho
loss by the fire is $5,000 ; no in
Buy your hunting dog and have
them acquainted befora the Luuting
season opens. I Lava the following
to oiler, guaranteed thoroughly brok
ea on their game and reliable. Fox
hounds, rabbit hounds, beagles, set
tors and pointers; also some fine
Newfoundlands, spaniels, collies, fox
and bull terriers; fancy poultry and
pigeons; Be'giaia and German hares:
prjces low. J. Howabd Iaylob,
Au;:r.27,ly. West Chester, Pa.
The .Methodist congregation of
Burnmde, Clearfield county, have
sf iisationitl diaturbiiace among them.
TLeir church was closed acrainefc the
newly appointed preacher. Rev. B.
SirdJes. The congregation want
their former pastor, Rev. Bryington
The conference appointee appealed
to Court to have toe church opened.
Judg9 Gordon issued an iinuuct.ios
and the church was opened, but the
congregation will net worohip in the
JLsstjtndar, .November la, was
meteoric shower night. If there was
a display of meteors that night, it
was not seen bv peoplo in this com'
muiiitr. The men who lived in 1833
and s w the grand and startling dis
play of meteors on the niebt of the
13th of November of .. that year are
gel ting scarce. That wa3 63 years
aero last Friday night. We have
heard men speak of it. They all
thought the world was about to come
to an end.
Tho other day the threo year old
son of frotuonotary Zciuers was in
vestigating his mother's sewing ma-
chine and succeeded in sending the
needlo down through the front finger
of his left hand. The needlo passed
throucrh the rail of the finger,
through and through the digit, fast
ening the little fellow completely to
the machine. His call brought bis
mothor to his rescue and it required
quite a pull on the wheel to draw the
neeaie dsck mrouga ma anger.
On Saturday, Nov. 28, Messrs Bit
ter and Rice, will sell a ear-load of
Iowa horses at the Jacobs House in
Miffiintown. The lot consists of
heavy draeght horses, good roadsters
and drivers, ranging in age from
three to six years and will weigh from
1000 to 1400 rounds. Terms of
sale : Sixty days credit on approved
paper, or one per coot off for caab.
The asual guarantee will be given.
Sale commences at one o'clock, p. m.
of said day. H. H. Sktdeb, .
The most singular and inconsist
ent thiag about dead-head newspaper
raders, is that they are generally
ready to speak unfavorably of the pa
per thus used, and probably as a pre
text for not purebasiug. Reasoning
by analogy, they must be relatives of
the farmer who once tooK a sausage
machine "on trial" Alter cutting
all of his year's supply of sausage
meat, and loaning it to several neigh
bcrs. who also used it to cat all
theirs, he returned with complaints
as to alleged defects, and a state
ment that he "didn't care for a ma
chine of that make." Ex.
The school directors of Blythe
towafhip, Schuylkill county have
been found guilty in court of stealing
large sums of the school funds of the
township. They were all into the
steal, which they accomplished by
charging for purchases of books,
desks, furniture and all' kinds of
school supplies which were never
bought. The entries of purchases
were false entries. Who would want
to live in a township where six
school directors elected by a popular
vote were common thieves. If there
ia an honest man in the township, he
shomld get out of it with his family as
Boon as he can, for honest people
there are at a fearful discount
Thieves the other night tried to
steal two fat bogs from the pen of
Dr. Smith at Adamsburg, Snyder
county, bat the hogs squealed and
squealing always scares thieves.
"When the hands are dirty with
house work, they may be thoroughly
cleansed by using mixture of salt
and vaseline, which must be well rub
bed in and then washed off with or
dinary soap."
"Supervisor James Oullen of the
Middle division with head-quarters
at Spruce Greek, has been in the em
ploy of the Company for forty-seven
years, and daring this time has not
lost one hoar."
Subscribe for the Skxtdxel akp
Republioax, a paper that contains
choice reading matter, full of inform
tion that does the rnftdr rrood, and
in addition to that all local news that
are worth publisning find places in
its columns. if.
Centre county ministers have been
unfortunate this summer. Not three
months ago, the Reporter noted the
amputation of Rev. 8. Ditzel's leg.
This week we cbroniole another min
ister's sad misfortune. Rev. John
Craig of Julian had his right leg am
putated in the hospital at Johnstown
a week ago. The leg was diseased
from a wound received daring the
war. Centre Hall Reporter.
Bousum's tailor shop was burglar
ized last Saturday morning. The
thieves managed to slip a thin instra
raent through a crack between the
ash on the lower part of a back door,
thereby releasing the sash from the
door, and when they had that aooom.
plished they had a clear admission to
tho room. They stole about eighty
dollars worth of clothing that hung
on the wall customer work and
ransacked the drawers in the tables
in the place, and stole a number of
little things that they found in the
John Neff of Tarbett township,
aged about 22 years was found dead
along the railroad at Van Dyke sta
tion abeut 8 o'clock on Sunday morn
ing. It is believed that he had rid
den on a freight train from Port Roy
al, and in attcmptisg to get off af
Van Dyke was thrown under the cars
in each a way that his right arm was
cut off close to the shoulder, and his
right shoe was torn from the foot and
lay away from the track about 20 feet.
He was not instantly killed as is evi
denced by the faet that he had crawl
ed from the track to the side of the
road where he bled to death. His
remains were brought to undertaker
Snyder's place and there prepared
for interment which took place on
Tuesday at Church HilL
The six school directors of Blyiho
township, Schuikili county, have been
indicted and found guilty of stealing
the school fund3 a: dividing the
stolen funds among themsclvos.
Their method of operation was te
charge for books, desks end other
school supplies that Lad never been
ordered or obtained. Under the law
a man is pr6suoed to be innocent un
til he has been proven guilty. There
fore the teachers of Blythe township
ere presumed to be innocent cf any
participation in the thievery that the
directors have been found guilty of.
The Juniata county Teachers' Insti
tute that convenes next week might
profitably disccss the subect: ''What
effect has the thievery of a school
board by false entries for school sup
plies, upon the children in the public
In Soath and North Dakota, relat
ing their own personal experience in
those States, have been published in
phamphlat ferm by the Chicago, Mil
waukee & St. Paul Railway, and as
these letter are extremely interest
ing, and the pbamphlet is finely il
lustrated, one copy will be sent to
any address, on receipt of two cent
postage stamp. Apply to John R.
Pott, District Passenger Agent 486
William street, Williamsport, Pa.
November 3, "96,3t.
Oa November 17 and December 1
and 15, 1896, the Chicago, ftlillwau
kee & St Paul railway, will sell round
trio excursion tickets from Chicago
to a great many points in the West
ern and South-western states, both
on its own line and elsewhere, at
greatly reduced rates. Details as to
rates, routes, &c, may be obtained
on application to any coupon ticket
agent or by addressing John R. Pott,
District Passenger Agent, Williams
port, Pa.
November 3, "96-St.
Dinner to Colonel McClare-
Representatives of the Press of
Philadelphia have tendered a dinner
to Colonel A. K. McClure, in com
memoration of the fiftieth year of his
connection with the press of Penn
sylvania. The honorary dinner will
take place on the 9th day of Decem
ber, 1896, jast 50 years to the day
when Colonel McClure issued the
first cumber of the Juniata Sentinel
at Mifflin town. Colonel McClure is
now editor of the Philadelphia Times
and his paper is extensively read here
in Miffiintown where be entered upon
his brilliant career of journalism 50
years ago.
Tho l'hlto Douse will be qolet
The social life in the White Bouse
for the ntxt four years nill he, apart
from the regular stale receptions and
dinners, necessarily quiet, inasmuch
as the delicate health of jVrs. Mc-
Kinley will prevent her from partiei
pating to any great extent in the
usual society of official life. For
years that estimable lady has been
more or less of an invalid, and it
not improbable that the burden
receiving acd presiding will frequent
ly iall upon come other cf i resident'
elect McKinley's family. Major Mo
Kinley himself is quiet and pleasant
in manner, uttuny irae from hauteur
r.nd condacsca)it"'on of mannr and
always approachable.
ssfrg Tow Eyes. "
We warn the readers of this journal that we do not authorize the
use of our name in advertisements of so-called traveling optical
specialists. Our advice to all persons who nave defectivt eyesight :
Arc Li traveling specialist tad pedlar ol Spectacles.
QUEEN & CO., The Opticians, lOIO Chestnut St., Philadelphia.
auuiaactureni and Importer or Acccrmt wt Beawtinu 8yetmcl . 'y
Our By 9 SlKb UtiUw seat on receipt of are 2-ceai pustac at'.mpa.
AfcKinley carried the electoral
vote of 23 states aa follows:
California 9
Connecticut 6
Delaware . . .
Illinois 24
Indiana 15
Iowa 13
Kentucky , 13
Maine 6
Maryland .'. 8
Slarsachusetts 15
Michigan 11
New Hampshire
New Jersey 10
North Dakota 3
New York 36
Oregon 4
Ohio 23
Pennsylvania 32
Rhode Island 4
Vermont 4
West Virginia. . . .
Wisconsin 12
Total ; 273
Biyan carried the electoral vote of
22 states as follows:
Alabama 11
Arkansas 8
Colorado 4
Florida 4
Georgia 13
Idaho 3
Kansas 10
Louisiana 8
Mississippi 9
Missouri 17
Moutsna 3
Nebraska 8
Nevada 3
North Carolina 11
South Carolina 9
South Dakota 4
Tennessee 12
Texas 15
Utah 3
Virginia 12
Washington 4
Wyoming 3
Total 174
To Make Apple Butter-
Miles Shenefelt of Juniata town
ship, experimented with three kettles
of apole butter with same make of
cider. He boiltd the apples for one
kettle in fresh cider, for another ket
tie in boiled cider, and for another
kettle in water. The apples that
were boiled in water first made the
best apple butter. Tyrone Times.
Timely Keproof
"A new England clergyman was
for some time disturbed by the mem
bers of the choir. Finally, he found
a way of quieting them. After the
long prayer one Sunday he announc
ed a hymn, an usual, and added: "I
hope the entire congregation will
join in singing the grand old hymn;
and I know the choir will, for I heard
them hamming it daring the prayer."
On the 11th inst , Sheriff Calhoun
was directed to levy upoa and collect
$(,8.jii.ttl irom W. N. Sterrett, Wm
Puffenberger and Wm. B. McCahon
three members of the board of direc
tors of tho Juniaia Valley Canning
Company. The other directors of
the Company ara George L. Hower,
C. F. Ilickle, Samuel A. Thomas,
Joseph Rothrock, Simon Ulsh, W. B,
Horning, Euail Schott, D. W. Harley
A. J. Moist, M. H. Varnes, William
Guas, Wellington Smith, J. E. Jam
son, James D. Williams, J. II. Hower.
The judgement record against the
bojrd is S17.8S7 33 in favor of Pom
eroy, Patterson, Jacobs & Company,
for the use of II. C. Hower. There
are some crbdits which do cot ap
pear up n the records, bat wiucn in
time will be presented. The can
nery was. not run last summer owing
to financial embarrassment, which
the public had come to believe had
about been tided over or squared by
amicable adjustment and when the
new turn af affiiirs was made known
it created considerable excitement.
The community generally sympathize
with all concerned. The cannery was
a good thing, and the men who put
their means in it and backed it with
their credit did so with tho best of
intention?, and now that it has turn
ed one to be sucb a boomerang on
their hands is discouiaging and fi
nancially barrnsaiog. The directors
are ell good fubstantial citizens and
the claims can all be collected to the
payment of a for thing, but when the
payments have all been mcde, the di
rectors nave lost lust that much in
their experience in running a can
nery. Tho writ was stayed on Mon
day by order cf Court. Tha cas
will likely be tried at the February
term of Court.
Beashobk Stodtfib. Oa tho lOt
mat., in Himintown, by Rev. Alfre
N. Rwen, Mr. Frank M. Seeshor
and Miss la aggie Stouffer.
Detkw Gamut. On the 28th day
oi uctooer, at ijivorpool, l'erry Co
by Rev. H. T. Scarle, Mr. Ambrose
Depew and Visa Hettie E. Gamby.
l aiufoii, Not. H, 1896.
Wbeat 85
Corn in oar.... ...... .... ..... 30
Cats 18
Rye 85
tutter 14
Kggs 12
Bam 12
Shoulder 2
Timothy aced $2.C0
t".ni seod 6 J
Iran .... .... 9-
Cttoy. . ... . ........$1.20 a huadrei
Middlings 1.10
(irouud Alara Salt 1.00
amtiri:an Salt.... "'6o to 80
Philadelphia Makexts, November
1C, 1896. Wheat 91 tg 94e; Corn 3
to 33c; Oats 24 to 25c; eggs 21 to
22c; butier 9 to 27c Potatoes 25 to
30c; onions $i to $1 10 a barrel; cab
bage $2 to$2.50 per 100 heads.
East Liberty. Pa., Nov. 16. Cat
tle. Extra i4.G0a4.70; prime $4.50a
4 60; good $4 20a4 40; tidy $44 10;
fair 3.50a3.90; common, $2 75a3.40:
common to good fat bulls and cows.
$2a3; heifers $2.2'5a4; fresh cows and
springers $15a43. Hogs. market.
pr.n o medium, $3 60a3.65; good Tork-
s J.6Ua3 6o; ligbt lorkeia S3.55a
3.60; pigs $J;40a3.60; heavy hogs
$3 353.50; eood roughs S3a3 20.
Sheep. Prime $3.603.70; good $3.
40a3 50; fair mixed S2.75a3.10; calls
50ca$l; choice lambs $4 504 80;
common to fair lambs 93a; veal
calves $5a7.
ConmenoiBg November 7th sad oontinuet natil November 28th.
80 boxes and paekages of dry goods and fancy goods.
- 10 packages of Ladies' Misses' and Children's Goats and Wraps.
25 oases of Men's, Ladies' and Children's footwear.
40 Cases of Men's, Ladies' and Children's rubber boots and sboes were
bought at my last visit to N.w York at very advantageous prioes te our ome-
We are able to sell goods cheaper than any ether store.
We iavite Iaipeotion! We nrge comparison. Dress Goods Prioes.
800 yards, all shades, ail wool yard wide serges at 81o.
200 yards Vienna twill oloth, 40 inoh at 25o; worth SOo.
160 yards Sieilian blaek mohair, 50 iaob wide at 85c.
100 yards blaek 50 inoh all wool serges at 38o; worth 60o.
SOO yards oi fancy novelty and tufted mohair drees goods at 25o, S8o
800 yards finest Arnold Henriettas at 50o and 75c.
15 pieces of fancy and blaek eloakiogi very ebp.
10 yard unbleached Caatoa Flannel at 49e, 69o, 69a and 75c
10x4 nnblcaebcd sheeting at 121s; worth 18o.
200 yards fancy ginec flannel for 81o, 9lo and 10c.
Shaker Flannel for 6o, 9o, 12o aui 15o.
All wool faetory skirts elcetcd patterns for 75c.
Wbited and colored Table Lioan at 20a and 25c.
Blankets for 50c, 75c, $1, $1 25 a pair.
Heavy shirting and cheviots for 7o.
Good vnbleacbed yard wide muslin 10yds for 45o, 55o snd 65e.
Bit ached yard wide ncutlin 10yds for 50, 55, 60 and 65o.
Hill best bleached scnslin, jard wide, 10yds for 69o.
Underwear for men, ladies and obiidren.
Men's natural wool shirts and drawers at39o; worth 60o.
Ilea's natural wool shirts sad drawers at 50e; worth 90o.
Ladies' ribbed fieeaed vests and pants ia cream while and natural colors
at zuc; worth 3Uo.
Ladies' finest lambs' wool in medieated red for 73s.
Misses' Union Suits for 25o; worth $1.
Children's vests for 10c and np as to size.
3 papers of pini for 5c.
Chaff ticking, 10yds for 75o and finest feather tioking for 12 and 15c and
20 eentc.
Best Saxonia Yarns at 6o a hank.
Men's Cotton Goraantewn Hose ne seams; 5 pair for 25o.
Oil tan leather gloves for men and bo;s at 25o; 3 pair for 25c.
Ladies wool mitts at 121c.
Men's, Ladiea' and Children's Footwear. Men's good leather boots for
$1.35, $1.60, $1.75, 2.00. Boya' boots for SI, $1.25, $1.50.
Men's Felt Boots and Overs for $2. and $2.50;
Felt Boots for Boys at $1.65 to $1-90.
Ladies heavy oil taa winter shoes for $1.
All our Shoes at Specially low prioes. Ladies' and children's cloaks, oapes,
Jackets ond wrappers. All the newest etylca and lowest prioes than wo ever
sold them before.
Window Shades, Spring Rollers, good quality, new eolor; 2 thades for
25c; spring rollers with fringe shades at 15o.
Best Oil Shades, Spring Roller at 25o.
Oil Cloths and Carpets and very cheap.
Fancy shawls for Ladies and Children; very low.
Fasinator for 25o to 35o.
Ladies Skirts for dress very cheap.
Taffety Silks in all the row shades for 75o. They are very pretty.
All silks and velvets at extra reduoed prices.
Don't miss it! Don't forget it.
Commencing, November 7 and eoBtiancs antil Nov. 28.
Schott's Stores.
1865, ESTABLISHED, 1889.
Special Invitation T The Public
To attend the Attractive Sal of Clothing that goes on daily
It will U
Who Have money to iaveet to examine the Stock f Croeda
BOLLOBAUBI A SOS, the GktluBrs, UB I!m Sir F&tterssa, Fiv
Let as give yen a Pointer.
fft-Vfhn you arc told that yon can bay a sail at $8.50, that others
sell at $12.00. Call ea an and we will famish yon with the same snit as well
sides ' md tri,Bn,,d for 7 -80' nd h,T" liTi-K Fra " 11
Sennit-. Aa te Tailor made Clothing, we will famish yon with an ell-weel
8nit for $12; a fancy one for $16, and on np te 18.00, 20.00, 25.00 aad 80.0,
and guaranteed a fit.
Tailor made Pantaloons all wool 40, 5.60, 6.00, 7.00 aad 8.00 dollars.
Fancy Tailor Made Vests $5.00, $6 00, $7.00 aad $8.50.
Third: VTc never pat the odd cents to onr priocc. Instead of marking aa ;
"J10'8 SJJ9, $8 68, Ac., wc simply knock off the odd etc and call it $1.7,
93-50. We will acll yon knee pants suits that yon cannot dnplioatc fer one
fourth mere money at $1.85 $175, $2.00, $2 50 aad $3.00, aad yonr choice ef
onr entire line for $4 00.
Youths' and Boys' Suits, we have made a cpcciality of this season. We -
'',,fron:200'8-00'4 00'6 006 00. 7-00, 8.00, 9.00 dollars aid up
to 10.00 dollars for the finest Xonag Men's Snit ia our stock.
Fourth: la 0nr hat department you will find all tbo latcat bloeks in either
rush er derby. Our oompctitors in this line have nothing to say. We stand
second to none in the hat line.
Fifth: Onr Fall line of underwear comprises Six Complete Varieties a
Fair Grey Winter Weight, 60c; A camel's hair for 75c; Fine all-wool 81;
, l 50; fin fl" llBd extr finUh 2 M fiB"' U"b' Ml
ccft as Eidar-dewo $3. No snob line ef underwear ia Juniata county.
StM: We ara sole agents for the Celebrated Dcuglas Shoe. We carry
them ia 12 different styles.
Seventh-. Wc arc also Agents for the 8wcct-Orr Overalls, and have them te
nt the smallest boy or the Largest Jtfan.
Etghih: Our lino ef ueok-wear is in touch with the latest fashions. The
"." he said af our line ef collars, cufia aad drcaa chirtc.
JVM: The day has gene by when you can sell eld fegy furniihing goods
to young saca who waat to be faibionably dressed.
Heavy Winter Boots only $1.35.
Uaekintcabcs ia all styles and at all prices.
Tenth: Aad last but aot least, wc desire to call cpesial attention to our
hue of Men's, Boya' and Ohildrena' Ovoreoats. Men's all wool overcoatc from
$3 to $12; Boya' $2 50 to $6; children's $1 to $4. We carry storm and iy
ever coata ia Chinchilla, Shetland, Irish Friasc and Rum bo Beaver.
Dresc Overcoats in Melton, Bsaver aad Fine all-wool Kcracys; black and
blues are the prevailing styles for this cation. Wc court a ccmpariscu ef eur
goods and prioas. An examination of onr lice will oonvinac the most skepti
cal that wc cell goodc at a cloasr margin and give better value far tho money .
than jou ean get elsewhere.
Finally wo ask yon te sec ear line or Gloves, the finest driving gloves la tha
county See them and be eeaviaocd.
jfke JfSeClintic Hardware
to fcttaloEg in the er?d is to luy 'ieal ctesp. Ihirgp.
rule, the lees you pay, tho triors it coets in tbe Jong run.
It is truly mxrvelouB to See
of Suits aad Overooata at the Wonderfully Low Prices.
Bis prioes leave all Competitor ia the tear, so don't fail
to give him a call if in Bead of Clothing,
S. S. Ruble,
Practical Embalmcr and Funer
al Director.
21 riil gc HI iff! in tow ii, Pa.
ITff A iobl BMk i 'Nrt
iltmsum aeut free to any adiie
Iff And poor p&tlenta c&n also obtain
aalB UU uieUiclue free of chant.
Putor Koennr. of Fort Wayne. Ind. alaea bfiS. ami
tsosw prepared under hi diracUon by tha
8oUbrDrBaia at lpv Bottle Osorea
teswtUaa.CM.70. :BaUaafor .
ta a aafa and prompt rerpedy
Vor 'be en TO of Clarratosa
ay . atari', a alia, cholera
aaa -Mae and all forma of
Ha . aar Ceaapftalat. ani
J,o - neM of tbo : -owela. IT
mpsciallt uasroi. sua
We don't beast of "cheap" prices at this Store, and utill
quality considered, v?o tell at prices tLat ought to interest
careful buyers.
COOIv STOTES- We control the Sale ol
cook 6toves tn this ceunty. We have never heard a nvomaB
com plain vho bought en of these ftcvef. Every buyer has
agreed on four things:
The Stoves Cook better, they bake better, they are easiest
to regulate, nnd re less trouble than anv ether store.
We hare th em in (our sizes,
to $28 CO.
from $16.00
how e8pily things get "scratched up"' 6icund tbe house.
Fcn3etin:e8 it's a cheir tr a table or a deer. More than half
the tirre, the scratches sre ntglectcd, lecai'ee it feems hardly
worth vhile to send for a painter.
Why not do the work j'ourself. You can
Get Prepared Paints all Ready
to use at a trifling coet. Tee can brighten pp furniture, doors, flower pets,
lupgics and lots cf ctber things.
Wc keep tbese prepared paints ia all the oolcrc. Add wc cell paial
brtuheo, too good oues.
The paintg cose in tin tntkftg, heldjcj . P. Tbe price Ic 16o
K. H. McClintic.
pmmvm college,
Founded In 1X3-2. Larre Fannltv
Two full cocrrcs ot otudv Classical and
Scientific, P pecial courses In all depart,
meats. Observatory. Laboratories and
sew Gvmnasinm. Suam heat.. I
22,000 volumes. Expenses low. DcDirU
Baent cf Hygiene and Physical Culture in
charga of an experienced physician. Ac
cessible by frequent railroad trains. Loca
tion on th BATTLEFIELD orfjettvsbnrjr,
niosi pieasanc arm Gcalthy. PREPAR
ate buidioes, for boya and yonnz men ore-
paring for business or College, under spec
ial care oi ine rrincipal and three assist
ants, residing with students in the building,
fall term epeas September 6th. 1895. For
Catalogue, address
er EEV. O. G. KLINGEK, A. M.,
Oetttysburg, Pa.
, aft f Cat Qeit3bcrl.ajcl
1 l-aiJlS
Stockholders Indiridiially Liable
W. C. Poroeroy, Joseph Rothroek,
John Hertcler, Josiah L. Barton.
Robert B. Parker, Louie B. Atkinson
T. V. Irwin.
George A. Kepner, Annie M. She'lry,
Joseph Ko throe, p. W. Man beck.
L. E. Atkinson, R. E. Parker.
-W. C. Pomeroy, J. Holmes Irwin
Mary Korts, Jerome, N. Thompson.
John Hertzler,
Chariot te Snyder,
Joba M. Blair,
F. M. M. Pennell,
Samuel S. Rothrock,
M.N. Sterrett,
James G. Heading,
S. T. Heaps.
T. V. Irwin.
Josiah L Barton,
Robert H. Patterson.
Levi Light,
Wm. Swarts.
H. J. Shollenberger,
M. E. Schlrgel,
Samual Schlegel.
'hreo and Four per cunt, interest will t
paid on certificates of deposit.
n 23, 1896 M
thing to patent? Protect your ideaa ; thy mar
BUKN CO., Patent Attorneys, WaahiaaOBV
1. C. for their ajSU prize offer
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tnaa should be without It. Waoklr, SS.ee
yeariaiJealxiiioiitaa. aildraoa, E OVtr k Ott.
m Fiast
Money Loaned at Lowest Bates.
Coneumpttort Svarel 9urmd.
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