Juniata sentinel and Republican. (Mifflintown, Juniata County, Pa.) 1873-1955, November 04, 1896, Image 2

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WED3ESDAY. KOT 4, lt.1 .
In national election on Tuesday
mi grandly overwhelming in ita re
mit. There is now no danger in
isht to the financial system, and
when the new Republican eongrecg
comes into power it will be with Mr.
McKinley in accord on the tariff
qneition which will ioeare a- higher
tariff and mor revenue with which
to run the government. A halt bae
been called in the panic The large
majority in J uniata county for -Me-KiDley
is political good cheer for the
republicans who in good faith stood
up for tlia ticket from one end of the
Lds to the other, but to the treacher
ous gang who clouded the victory by
knifing in eountv ticket it must be
a bitter dose.
The party had all tbe
ouatv offices in their hand, and '
. y . - ii'
Would have presented an notoremu ,
nniirl front if it bad not been for the 1
treachery "f a little ring in certain
districts to destroy the ticket. It is
source of regret that the unity of
the party has thus been broken.
They have sown the thistle from
which they will never be able to
father figs. The unofficial vote for
McKinley is 2057. for Brysn 1797,
IfcEiujey'a majority 260. ahon a
vote is 2016, Kearn s vote is 1788,
Mabon's majority is 228. The vote
forHertzler was 196S, for Parcels
1862 Hertzler'e majority over Parcel
106. Eapenscbade s vote was 1755,
Keller's vote was 2087, Keller's
majority over Espenschade 332
eashore's vote is 1777, Louden,
lager's vote is 1827, Puffenberger 's
vote is 1959, Rbinesmitb'e vote is
Zeider'a vote is 1941, Conn is
Zeider 'a maioritv is 36. !
Seaweyer s vote is 1877, Crawford's
vote IS 15KJO, Urawiora a majority n
88. The vote for Lacdis is 2045. tbe
vote for McCachren is 1799. majority !
forLandis 216, Sterrett bad 1S84'
,r . , . 0 . 0 . .
votes, Maager had 1843 votes, W enter
had 1824 votes, Swartz bad 2011
VOtefl, the vote for Hartman is 2005,
vote for Beaver is 1965, the vots
. .
Dims is 182J, the vote of Harrs ib
One Fisherman's Luck.
Frem the Raftsman's Journal.
Alvin Holes of Curwsnsville is
probably the greatest fisherman in
Clearfield county. This year he pre
sents a record that cannot be beaten
aloDg the Susquehanna anywhere.
During the trout season he secured
1,500 spreckled beauties; 800 he
caught in bear run, Greenwood town
ship and 700 in Uemer rnn. He has
on exhibition 150 eel skins, the re
sult of this year's catch and Lbs
caught 135 bast, ell of which were se
cured in a distance of one-fourth mile
from Curwsnsville dam to a point be
low the Susquehanna house. Forty
four bats were caught while stand
ing on one stone, sod six of these 44
were over 19 inches long. This is no
fith story, but can be verified by Cur
wensviile citizens, whom nobody dare
'ua'?apge for trutii and veracity.
To Reduce Flesh-
There isn't much in fashion, but
still people some people like to
follow the fusbions. They like fasl -ionable
manners, fashionable dresses
and fashionable forma Tbe slender
form is the fashionable form and a
ourse of diet has been prescribed
to reduce or keep to slenderneas the
form of peopie who are naturally
prone to grow heavy or fleshy. The
authority on flesh reduction recom
mends that they should regulate
their days as follows: A tumblerful
-of hot water must be taken on wak
ing in tne morning, xuse early ana i
have a tepid bath with vigorous rub
bing afterwards with a flesh brnsb.
Avoid drinking at meals and only
have tire meals a day. Take one
mali cup of tea at breakfast, sorui
-dry toast, koilnd fish or a small cut
let and a baked apple or a little fresh
At dinner, which should be at mid
day, take white fish or meat, tiry
toaat or stIe bread, . vegetables and
fruit either fresh or slewed. For
-supper, toast, salad, fruit and six
ounces of water. Hot water with
lemon juice in it ia good for supper.
14 Walks That Are 1'roCtably Vtillsad
In a New Industry.
As tbe steamers puss along St Clair
flats, bntwn :i Lake Huron and Detroit
river, the pahgenpers koo numbers of old
hulks anchored oil iu shallow water aud
lnrarinbly ask tbe steward or one of tho
deck boys what ttiey aro there for. Tbe
answer alwuys ia ivcn iu a gruff and
contemptuous tone, as if it were a fool'a
question :
"They're eaud suckers."
"What's a sand sucker?"
"Old tchs that suck up sand."
"How do they suck np Band?"
Then the oracle looks at you and
grins. He doesn't qnite know whether
yen 're a futmer yourself cr are guying
him, and it takes a great deal more
questioning to find out the fact that a
new industry has beeu found to utilize
ancient and leaky hulks that are not fit
to go to sea.
The bottom of Lake St. Clair and the
slats thut surround it are covered with
tieautiful white sand, and these boats
go ont every morning, anchor in a fa
vorable place near tbe channel, and
drop overboard large hose pipes of can
vas or rubber, with iron tips, which
eink of their own weight Then they
set the pumps going and suck up tbe
eaiid, wbicb brings a good deal of water
with it, and is deposited in the bottom
of the boat. The sand sinks, and the
water rises to the surface and returns to
the river through boles pierced for its
accommodation. Thus, before sunset
the hatches are filled with pure, clear
sand at a nominal cost, which is un
loaded on the docks at Detroit and sold
lor building purposes.
Iu early days there was a community
of Frenchmen wbo made a business of
gathering this sand and hauling it to
the city, but they had to work very
hard because of their ignorance of hy
draulics and their lack of boats. They
poled and rowed up fiatboata, which
they would fill by jumping overboard
in shallow water and shoveling in the
sand. They would work a month with
the water up to their waists and pot get
as large a cargo as a modern" sand sucker,
operated by two men, can pick up in a
single day. Chicago Record.
mm iTKniLEii
Will be the Twenty-Fifth Presi
dent of the United States.
Kentucky, Maryland and Dela
ware in the Bepnblioan Column.
The Pwiiirti of Tha
largh a theClalnss of Their Oppoe.ate
Om BfaJorltloa fee MaBUole 11 X.o
Teak and r..a,lT.la - CWnma.
Jan.. mt the DtBMnita National
Ciilt, issssts Thee the Wei
Chicago, Xov. 4V The return received
by the Associated Frees up to midnight
t . . a zr i
. Robert, althoua-h returns are a
meeirre from a number of doubtful atatei
. . . . . . ,
nn wis conclusion can amy no raacneu
by an estimate based upon the gains anc
The beat estimates obtainable in
dleate that Maine and Vermont bars
given majorities somewhat reduced from
the September elections; that New Hamp
shire gives about 80,000, Hasaachutettt
about 130,000 and Rhode Island and Con
necticut by proportionate majorities, all
for McKlnley. New York la estimated al
above 250,000 and Pennsylvania reaohet
Maryland haa been carried for the Re
publican candidate for president by a ma
jority exceeding 80,000, and Delaware 1
confidently claimed by both, apparently
in dispute, although the plurality ia not
likely to exceed 1,000.
The returns from West Virginia are not
sufficient to justify the claim of elthet
party. Ohio haa given a very large Re
publican plurality, and Kentucky is ap
parently assured to the McKinley column,
although later returns may not justify
this claim. Tennessee seems to have been
carried for Bryan, notwithstanding the
confidential assertions to the contrary of
the Republican managers, and the same
Is probably true of North Carolina. In
diana and Michigan, aa well as Minne-
gotm, indicate heavy Republican gain
and a strong probability that they have
fne for McKlnley. Illinois will give
'i &hrka
braska and North and booth Dakota are
Tery and still in doubt Wyoming
seems to have gone for McKinley.
The returns from the Pacific coast state
n)0B to justify any claim re-
aravtitiif tliAv Tha atntiu nr VI pHnli
epecting thein. The states of Virginia,
houth Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Al
abama, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri,
Colorado, Nevada, Montana and Idaho
may rafely be placed in the Bryan column.
The returns from Kansas and Texas are
scattering and Indicate nothing, although
heavy Republican gains are reported from
Dallas and Galveston.
This morning Chairman Jones gave out
the following sigued suttouient :
"There is no foundation for the claims
of the Republicans. There Is at this time
no reason to think that any one of the
States claimed by mo for Mr. Bryan haa
failed to vote for him. While misleading
reports are being sent out in all directions,
private advices assure us that each one of
these states has gone for Mr. Bryan. The
most extravugant claims as to Kentucky
and Indiana havo bcou telegraphed all
over the country, whllo in tike last few
minutes our committees assure us that
both are safe for us. Mr. Bryan is cer
tainly elected."
"tteKlnler Ead In the Tot by a -taJoe-Ity
or 30,000.
Baltiiiorb, Nov. 4. Tha Democrats of
Maryland, undor the leadership of Senator
Oorman, have again tested tho bitterness
of a defeat so crushing as to be almost
disheartening. The almost phenomenal
majority of 0,000 for Lowndes a year ago
has been duplicated, and, perhaps, ex
ceeded, as with full return! from two
thirds of the state and half of the city the
Indications are that McKinley leads
Bryan by 80.0U0, 20,000 of which has been
contributed by Baltimore city, heretofore
e Gibraltar of Democracy.
Five Republican congressmen have
surely been elected, the only doubtful dis
trict at this writing being the First, in
which Joshua W. Miles, Democratic, may
be re-elected. Mr. Miles, although run
ning on a silver platform, has always fav
ored the gold standard, and many think he
may be relied upon to vote that way if re
turned to congress. There was no state
ticket in the field, and a detailed vote, in
case like this, would oppear superfluous.
In the city an almost unanimously Re
publican council haa been chosen. Includ
ing all the members of the "combine"
which opposed Mayor Hooper, save the
two Democrats who acted with them. The
latter have been snowed under in wards
heretofore deemed Irrevocably Demo
McKlnley Cets th Eleetors, bat Demo
crat Capture the State OOlees,
WiLMiXQTox, DeL, Nov. 4. Returns
from thl city and all over the state aro
very slow. Those received from a few pre
cincts in this oitv show slisht Republican
losses on the presidential vote, as compared !
wlth the vote for governor in ISM, when :
Mnrvll, rep., had 1,000 majority. It is be-
lleved, however, that the Republicans elect
the presidential electors by at least 1,000
majority, but Tunnell, deiu., Is probably
elected governor, and Handy, free sllverlto )
congressman, la also probably elected. He-
port from Kent and Sussox counties say
there was a great deal of trouble at the
polls, the Addlcks men attempting to se
cure the voters' assistants. In some dis
tricts no election was held.
The Democrats claim they have carried
Kent and Sussex counties by small plural
ities. One man Is reported to have been
killed in an election fight in Baltimore
MUsawtsI Die Hesmblleea Majority-.
St. Pavu Nov. 4. Owing to the city
lection and three long ballots being j eoonty complete, the plurality of MoKln
eounted, the vote of Minneapolis Is late. ley over Bryan promlsos to exceed 808,000
The ratio of gain for the Republicans In 1 In the state. One eoonty la the state,
the rest of the state Indicate one of the 1 Schoharie, which la the home of Chalr-
largest Republican majorities ever cast in
Bow tbe Net Congress Will Staad.
Chicago, Nov. 4 Tbe Chicago Tribune
elulms that the next congress will stand :
otepublloaat. 838; Democrat', 111, and 19
btdependeBts, made np of Populists and
nee llvv Republican.
MeKlaley Mlchlgaa Majority.
Detroit, Mich. Nov. 4. It Is evident
that the Republicans have carried Michi
gan by 40,000 to 80,000 for McKlnley and
Plngree, rep., la elected governor by a
majority not for short of that given Mc
Kinley. The Tribune (free silver) concede
that McKlnley carries the state by 90,000,
and believes that Plngree'a vote will not
run greatly behind McKinley' a
In the Kleetoral OeUosje.
Chicago, Nov. 4. This morning Ties
Chairman Payne summarised the situa
tion a follow: Sure for McKinley, 83
States with ATI votes. Claimed for Mc
Klnley, t states with II rotes. Conceded
Bryan, 14 states with 108
Doubtful, state with 87 vote.
BUSS) Dakota Mepablleaa.
Tiimoi, a D., Nov. A Chairman El
of the Republican committee, la
sanguine that hisUmate of 8.000 for Mo-'
Klnloy will below. It all depend npon
the oonntry praclacta. The towns all give .
HaKlnley good majoritlee, but the eoun-'
n a liaMo So Mwf fiea tha maiarifcr to I
Repablioaao Big nHaols Majority.
CtuoAOO, Nov. A At 8.80 a- m. the Re
publican officials at headquarters closed
their doers for the night aatianed that
SBtnoto had gone between 100,000 and
tVAOOO asr McKinley eavd about the
nr rKKjrarLVAKiA.
BtfiMlw morality lm tho)
04tm at ea.ese.
Pbiladblphia, Not. 4. Six judge oi
tha court of common pleat were elected
In tbia atate yesterday, aa follow : Flral
diatrlct, Abraham M. Bel tier, Jamaa Gay
Gordon and Charles B. McMlchael, aU oi
Philadelphia; Fifth district. Bobert &
Praser, Allegheny; Sixth district, Emory
A. Walling, Erie county; Twenty-seventh
district, John Add Mollvaine, Washing
ton county.
McKlnley has carried Allegheny by
about 40,000. a Be pa bU can nun of 86,000.
C I. Magee, for atata aenator, will prob
ably hare a majority over Fhelan of 3,000.
The entire legislative ticket, with the ex
ception of -one assemblyman, haa been
carried by the Republican with about
the bum proportion aa the head of the
ticket. Congressman John DalselL Is
the Twenty-second, and W. A. Stone, In
the Twenty-third districts, have been re
elected. The vote In the county waa th
' heaviest ln history.
State senators were elected in twenty-
five of the fifty senatorial districts today.
Based on the returns thus far reoelved th
next senate will stand: Republicans, 44;
Democrats, 6. Of the holdover senators,
SO are Republicans and S are Democrats.
The bitter local struggle over the elec
tion for sheriff resulted in a victory foi
Alexander Crow, Jr., the Independent
Republican and Democratic candidate.
He has swept the city by a majority of Is,
881 votes.
Estimates from every county In the state
give McKinley aa apparent plurality oi
Sl,M0. The great siae of the ticket made
counting necessarily alow, and the esti
mates In many counties are undoubtedly
below the actual Republican pluralities.
There la every reason to believe that th
official return will show a plurality fat
McKinley of nearly 880,000. The legisla
ture Is almost entirely Republican, the
Democratic representation not exceeding
10 per cent, in a membership In the lowet
house of 801. The following ahowa th
plurality In each county with the Republi
can gain as compared with the vote foe
president In 180s:
f !
Adams 833 ' SOO .... tSt
Allrt-hray... 1SK1 .... slMOO .... S907S
Armstrong.. UK 00 Tut
Bearer 108 .... 290 .... 1439
Bedford 017 .... 1400 .... 7x3
Burks BBS .... WOO SKIS
Blair 214 .... 6000 .... 2B38
Bradford 4052 .... 4300 .... 44S
Backs MO 4000 .... 4160
Butler 898 .... 1300 .... 84t
Cambria KM UlOO .... IXM
Cameron 128 .... SSO .... 132
Carbon ftS .... 100 (81
Centre OSS 800 .... 1238
Chester 8183 .... 7000 .... 3877
Clarion .... 12D8 .... 130 OSS
Clearfield 1843 U0O .... 2843
Clinton 80S SU0 .... 708
Columbia 29U8 .... U00 10BJ
Crawford.... BBS .... 1700 .... 714
Cumberland 836 1000 .... 1838
Dauphin 0490 .... u .... 8910
Delaware.... 87W .... fAJO .... 8448
Bk .... 488 2U0 .... tm
Erie. U .... 1TU0 .... 871
Fayette 649 1500 .... 2148
Forest. 278 .... 500 .... 823
Franklin 700 .... 2900 .... 1740
Fulton 202 .... 100 Utt
Greene 1891 .... 800 1051
Huntingdon. 1319 8000 .... 881
Indiana 8428 2704 .... 278
Jefferson 848 U00 .... 691
J nil lata 4 830 .... 4S4
Lackawana.. 878 .... UU .... 1112
Lancaster.... WOO .... lfiuOO .... 62U9
Lawrence 2U49 .... 23U 491
Lebanon 1S04 .... 3000 .... 1O0S
Leuigu 3C10 .... 200 2410
Luserne 1818 2000 .... 8818
Lycoming 1788 800 .... 23N3
BioKesn 7S1 .... 2300 .... 1348
Mercer 843 .... ltvOO .... 897
Mifflin. let .... 80S .... 154
Monroe 8038 .... 1CO0 498
Montgomery. .... 80 6000 003)
Montour 789 2E0 MB
Kortharapt'a 8428 .... 600 2SC8
Northumb'd. .... 772 1200 .... 1872
Perry 413 .... 1U00 .... 985
Philadelphia. 82213 .... 110UU0 .... 7f7d8
pike era .... eoo 73
Potter 010 .... 000 .... 284
fiohuylktU 2291 4000 .... 6391
Snydw 798 .... 900 104
Somerset 2408 .... 2700 .... 298
Sullivan 893 .... ISO 248
Sasqachanna 1148 .... 18(10 .... H
Tioga 8789 .... 4SO0 .... 715
Union 789 .... 1600 .... 881
Venanee 811 .... 10 .... 889
Warren I10S .... 1800 .... 6P7
Washington. 1218 .... 4000 .... 2787
Wayne 825 800 .... 835
Westmorel'd 57 .... 5000 .... BOST
Wyoming.... 184 .... 230 110
Tork 877 900 .... 4370
Totals 104704 4107 278700 11T30 ....
Harrt'o'splu 83747
McKinleys plurality, 288,89).
ik H'Mmtwa statsv.
Ohio Made Vaprecedeated Gala Ss 88s
Columbus, O., Nov. 4. On the compar
ison of the vote with that of tbe last presi
dential (lection, Ohio mode unprecedented
Sdns yesterday for McKlnley. In 1899
arrison carried Ohio by an average plu
rality for the Republican electors of 1,07s.
In that year one of the Cleveland and
Stevenson electors was elected. In 18M
McKlnley had a plurality of over 80,000,
and the Republicans carried Ohio in 1894
by 137,000, and last year Bushnell, rep.,
was elected governor by over 08,000.
The Republicans have had phenomenally
large pluralities in Ohio the past three
yeots, commencing with McKinley 'a re-
election aa governor ia ism, wnue in ina
the result was very close. The atate in
1809, for the first time, did not give lta en-
tire electoral vote to tbe Republican pres
idential candidate. Tho largest plurality
ever given a Republican presidential
ticket in Ohio was 84.000 for Garfield In
While the Democratic state committee
makes no claims on the state, the Republi
can state committee expect the complete
returns to break all former records. Kin
ney, for secretary of state, haa about the
eaine vote as McKinley and Hobart,
Mew V ark's HeftmMleaa Majority.
A leant, X. Y., Nov. 4. With leaa than
one-fourth of the election diatrlct above
th Harlem river to bear from, and with
the vote of New York city and Kings
man Danforth of the state Democratic
committee, has given Bryan a plurality of
600. New York city haa given a Republi
can plurality for president for the first
time In its history.
Biru Carvtos TJtatv.
Salt Lin Cm, Nov. A IndtoaflosM
are that Bryan haa eaietrd th state by es
least 14,000.
Kepobllaaa Gala to Wasklsgtoa.
SSATTLB, Wash., Nov. 4. The vote in
this state Is very heavy. Indications point
to Republican gains, but the vote will be
close. Republicans expect to elect at least
one of the two congressmen. The fusion
ists oontlnue to claim everything by large
majorities, while the Republicans at state
headquarters are confident of carrying the
state by a small plurality.
Big Majority Against Sllvo. '
Washixctox, Nov. A Chairman Bab
eock, of the Republican national commit
tee, telegrapha Major McKlnley that the
next house of representatives will have a
majority of 100 for '-sound money." It
does not give party majorities. No esti
mate has been received on the United
States senate.
Iowa Olvos McKlalay SO.OOO.
Dbs Moines, Ia., Nov. 4. The Register,
(rep.), claim that Iowa will give McKln
ley over 50,000 plurality and electa an en
tire Republican congressional delegation.
The Dumocratio atate central committee
concede Iowa to McKlnley.
Rcpablioaa by se,i
Milwaukee; Nov. A On a basis of
gains from the first twenty town In tbe
atate, Wisconsin is Republican by 00,000,
and will probably be more.
Prtxatmcvhia; Nov. A Including the
two enn sressmen-at-iarg, Pennsylvania
yesterday elected thirty congis in II. Ac
cording to the latest return received by
the Associated Press the delegation will
be divided politically as follows : Bapnbli-
aans, 89; Democrats, B, the same as In the
Inst congress
At large: Galusha A. Grow and Sam
uel A. Davenport: District 1, Henry H.
Bingham; t, Robert Adams, Jr. ; 8, Wil
liam McAleer; 4, James Rankin Young;
6, Alfred C. Harmer; a, doubtful; , Ir
ving P. Wanger; 8, William 8. Klrkpat
rick ; a, Daniel Ermentrout; 10, Marriott
Broslus; 11, William Council : IS, Morgan
B. Williams; U, Charles N. Brnmm; 14,
Martin . Olmatead; 18, James H. Cod
ding; 18, Horace B. Packer; IT, Monroe
H. Kulp; 18, Thaddeua H. Mahon; 19,
Frank K. Hollar; 80, JosUh D. Hicks;
SI, Kdward K. Bobbins; 3, John DalzoU;
S3, William A. Stone; 84, Ernest F. A she
son; 26, Jamas J. Davidson; 88, John C.
Stnrtevant; 87, Charles W. Stone; 88,
William C Arnold. Of ,the above only
McAleer and Ermentrout are Democrats
New York District 1, J. M. Belford,
rep. ; 8, J. M. Clancy, dem. ; 8, P. H. Wil
son, rep. ; 4, L F. Fisher, rap. ; ft, C G.
Bennett, rep. ; 6. J. R. Howe, rap. ; ?, J.
H. Venning, dem.; 8, J. M. Mitchell,
rep. ; 8, T. J. Bradley, dam. ; 10, A. J.
Cummlnga, dem.; 11, W. Sulser, dem.;
18, G. R. MoClellaa, dem. ; 18, JVC Shan
non, rep. ; 14, L. K. Qulgg, rep. ; IS, P. R.
Low, rep. ; 10, W. It. Ward, rep. : IT, B. B.
Odell, Jr., rep. ; 18, J. H. Ketcham, rep. ;
10, V. S. Cochran, rep. ; 90,. O. N. South
wick, rep. ; 1, D. F. Wilbur, rep. ; 98, L.
N. Littaosr, rap.; 83, W. T. Foot, Jr.,
rep. ; 84, C. R. Checkering, ran. ; 88, J. &
Sherman, rep.; 86, G. W. Ray, rep.; ST,
J. J. Beldcn, L rep. : 88, J. B Payae,
rep.; 88. C W. Gillette, rep.; SO, J. W.
Wads worth, rep.; 81, H. C. Brewater,
rep.; 88, R. B. Mahany, rep.; 88, D. J.
Alexander, rep.; 84, W. B. Hookav, rap.
Republicans, 87; Independent RepobU
cana. 1 ; Democrats, ft; total, 8A
New Jersey Diatrlct L Henry C. Lo
donalagtr, rep. ; 8, John J. Gardner, rep. ;
8, Benjamin C. Howell, rep. ; ft, James F.
Stewart, rep. ; 8, B. B, Wayne Parke, rep. ;
8, Chart N. Fowlor, rep. The Fourth
and Seventh district aro still In doubt.
It will probably take a full count tc
definitely ascertain the result in tha Sev
enth. McEwan, Republican, may be el co
tod by a very small plurality. At thli
hour it look as though eight congress
men might be Republican.
Maryland District 1, Dr. Isaac A, Bar
ber, rep. ; 8, William B. Baker, rep. ; 8, Dr.
W. & Boone, rep.; 4, W. W.. Mclntyro,
rep. ; ft, Sydney R. Mudd, rep. j 0, Jobs
McDonald, rep. . '
Massachusetts District 1, Wright, rep. ;
8, Gillett. rop. ; 8, Walker, rep. ; 4, Wey
mouth, rep. ; ft, Knox, rep. ; 8, Moody, rep. ;
7, Barrett, rep. ; 8, MoCaU, rep. ; 9, Flta
gerald, dem; 10, In doubt; 11, Sprague,
rep. ; 13, Loverlng, rep. ; 13, Slmpkins, rop.
Mississippi District 1, Allon : 8, Sulli
van; 3. Cutchings; 4, Fob; ft, Williams,
8, Love; 7, Henry. All re-elected.
Maine District 1, Thomas B. Reed, rep. ;
8, Nelson Dinglcy, rep. ; 3, 3. L. MUllkon,
rep. ; 4, C A- BouteUe, rep,
Oregon District 1, Thomas H. Tongue,
rep. ; 8, W. R. Kill sou. rep.
Vermont District 1, H. H. Powers, rep. ;
8, W. W. Grout, rop.
Tha Republicans, However, Seearo th
Most Legislators.
Raleiob, Nov. 4. The election passed
off very quietly. Bryan, so far as heard
from, was supported by both the Demo
crats and Populists, and haa carried th
electoral vote of tha atate by mojorltiei
variously estimated at between 10,000 and
80,000. Holton, Republican Chairman,
however, claims the atata for McKlnley
by between 8,000 and 10,000.
Reports aro too meagre to secte the re
sult for congressmen.
The Populists have carried tho First,
Third, Fourth, Sixth and Seventh dis
tricts. The Republican have carried tha
Second district certain, electing Whit
(colored) over Woodward. Pearson, rep.,
in the Ninth, Is probably elected. Th
only two doubtful dlstriots are the Fifth
and Eighth, where the eon test la between
Ltnney, rep., and Doughton, dem., in the
Eighth, and Settle, rep., and Kltcher,
dem., In the Fifth.
The Republicans will have more mem
bers of the legislature than either of the
other two parties, but not enough to
organise either house of the
MeKlnlya Majority May Reach. 10.0OO.
Breckinridge Elected to Ceng.
Louisville, Nov. A The returns from
the state Indicate that Kentucky will give
the McKinley electors a majority of from
10,000 to 18,000. Republicans are claiming
It by 15,000, while Chairman Soramer, of
the Democratic committee, says all re
turns show Demooratie gaiaa
Eight of the twelve wards of the city
and Jefferson county, with exception of
one precinct, give MeKlaley a majority
of 8,868. AU returns from test ma and
central Kentucky are favorable to the Re
publicans. Th Democrat have proba
bly carried but three congressional dis
trict. Breekanridge's election is proba
ble. The counties to hear from ar largely
They refuse to gtva np the atate at Dem
ocratic headquarters, still claiming that
they have a chance to carry the state.
It Is Overwawtsalag far the Ropablieoja)
National Ylekat.
Pbovidbkcb, B L, Nov. A The
haa given McKlnley an overwhelming
majority. The Democrats themaelvea ad
mit that McKlnley haa a plurality of
16.000, while the Republican claim 88,000,
the high eat plurality ever given In Rhode
Island. The vote for the gold candidates
la very email. Iu the two congressional
districts the veto follows closely that east
for the national ticket
Melville Bull astd Aden F. Cfcpron, th
congressional candidates from the Fart
and Second dlatrleta, are elected by plu
ralities which surpass any on rosord.
Rhode Island Is more overwhelmingly Re
publican than It has aver been. The total
vote oast Is also the largest on reoord.
Vtrgtoto ! atto by e.eeo.
RiCBfttoarnv Nov. A The returns r
eetved here tndieate that the Demeeraas
have earrUd Virginia by 80,000. They
gained la the black couatiea, but lest in
the cities and some white ooanMes. Ilsen
eorattc ciiugiiiin are elected as follows:
Jones, firs diatrlct; Lamb, third; Swan
son, fifth ; Otey, sixth; Hoy, seven th. and
Rixey. eighth. The second, fourth, ninth
and tenth are In doubt, with chances fav
oring the Democrat in the two. first
named and the BepuUloaats la taotwo
Bryan' Majority la Texas.
Sax Axtoxio, Nov. 4. Bryan's major
ity in Texas will be 76,000; Democratic
state ticket will run 50,000 behind Bryan's.
The Galveston News concedes the election
of Bryan and Sewnll electors also elec
tion of Culbanaon, silver Democrat, for
nryan Majority la Montana,
Bvttr, Nov. A Bryan's majority in
the stnto may reach 15.000. The entire
Democratic-Populist fusion state ticket la
elected, with the possible exception of
associate justice of the supreme court,
treasurer and secretary of state.
Fow Ketarne from Nevada.
Carsox, Nov. A It will bo impossible
to give complete returns from Nevada for
several days, communication being alow,
but indications are that Bryan'a plurality
will be far from aa large a at first asti-
Probably not reach 8,000.
Bryan Wine in Urban
Little Rocs, Nov. A Return show
that the fusion ticket haa carried the atata
by 86.000 majority. The complete vote la:
Bryan, 1.880; McKlnley, 1,07. game In
lAtu: Cleveland. 1.886; Harrison, 1.08T.
Chktejbil Nov. A anarhteen oreeineta
oak of atata! of 8TB a-lva MeKlnWaie-
Bryan, 74U, a Demoaratio gain of 183. The
gni (uougnini sue aw wiu glT
IninAYAMLia, Nov. A Charles W.
Falrbanka oMarea that returns received'
Indioate that McKlnley has carried Indi
ana by a plurality of 46,000. The Repub
licans have carried beta branches of tha
legislature, thus insuring tho election of e
Republlean United States senator. They
have also elected twelvo of the thirteen
atamume of congress. The Republicans
have made aa aggressive campaign and
have been greatly aided by the gold stand
ard Democrat.
Chairman Gowr, of the Republican
state committee, seat the following tele
gram to Mark f :
"Indiana will give McKlnley a plurality
of 80,000. Eleven Republican eongreaa
men will be elected; two In donbA We
will carry both branches of the legislature
by a safe majority."
Chairman Martin, of the Democratic
committee, said: "At this hour on ac
count of the fact that returns have been
suoaived only from cities where Demo
aratio losses were anticipated, no estimate
af any reliability can be made.
bui nr vxBMOBm
Have as,eoe Majority.
MoBTMLrsa, Vs., Nov. A Returns from
the state are being eompletad very slowly.
Those In thus far indlcat that the Repub
lican majority will be about 00 par cant
sweater than that of 1808, but that It win
fall away from the September plurality'.
Aa near as can be calculated the Repub
llean plurality will be about 35.000. In the
towns heard from lbs gold Dunooraa
hold about 10 per cent of the total vote,
and this loss to the Demooratie party la
about equal to that of the Republican
party in the state.
RopabMoan Tata.
POBTLAXn, Me., Nov. A Maine' plur
ality for McKinley, according to esti
mates made on the basis of returns from
cities and towns in all quarters of the
state, will probably fall short of the Im
mense plurality at the September election
by from 1,600 to 8,009 votes. The returns
Indicate a Republican plurality In the
state of 46,600, while the plurality In Sep
tember wna 48,877 for governor.
Repabllcaa Chairman Claim the Stat by
0,000 riarallty.
Harttoud, Nov. A Chairman Fyler, oi
the Republican atate central committee,
says that If tha present ratio of gains con
tinue In towns and cities yet to be heard
from McKlnley will have at least 50,0
plurality In this state. The legislature
will be overwholmlngly Republican, and
the four Republican congressmen are
Connecticut' campaign closed with a
vote that stands out a a record breaker, a
vote of approximately 173,00a The Demo
cratic party was divided Into two wing
of gold and silver, with the silver forces
sided by a small nucleus of tho Populist
party. Connecticut givea a great plur
ality for McKinley, electa the entire atate
ticket for tho Republican party, chooses a
Republican general assembly and state
senate, which .will elect to the United
States senate Hon. Orrtlle H. Piatt as Mr
own successor, and returns to congresf
the presont Republican members from
each of the four district.
Enormous Republican gains are re
ported in almost every section of the state.
The Republican state ticket is elected by
m.ijoriilas ranging from 80,000 to 40.000.
The four Republican oongrossinon are
elected by largely increased majorities
and the atate legislature will bo over
whelmingly Republican.
Republican Claim the State by a Ma
jority of SA.OOO.
Whkeu.no, W. Va., Nov. 4. Figure on
which to base a correct estimate of tho re
sult in West Virginia are not yet avail
able. The reports thus far received ar
from only five counties and they are only
estimated. Tbey give a Republican gain
over 101)2 of 2,500. This Includes tho city
f Wlseuling. Otliciid reports from aeveo
precincts In Wheeling show a net Repub
lican gain of 5l over l!il, when the Demo
cratic majority theretofore existing was
completely reversed.
Chairman Dawson, of tho Republican
atate committee said to the Associated
Press at midnight that McKinley has car
ried West Virginia by from 13,000 to 16,000
and the Republican state ticket and four
Republican congressmen are elected. The
Democratic headquarter make no claims,
but express hope.
Tbe Rspablieaos Carry Every City and
Town In the State.
Bostox, Nov. A McKlnley s majority
In Massachusetts is now placed at 184,000.
The Republican candidates for president
and governor have carried every city and
town for tbe first time In the history of
the state. The congressional delegation
ia unchanged, there being twelve Repub
lloana and one Democrat, the latter the
only one In New England. The gold vote
was about I per cant. There is Utile dif
forenee In the vote between Bryan and
Willlama. The vote on tho biennial
amendments Is very close. The legisla
ture 1 more strongly Republican than
Goo Fred Williams DoaoatoAV
Bostox, Nov. A McKinley carried thl
city by a majority of 18,096, with eighteen
precinct to be heard from, and for the
first time In many years Boston has en
dorsed Republican candidates for presi
dent and governor. The vote throughout
waaaa heavy aa anticipated McKlnley
and Woloott ran far ahead of the ticket
in every ward. George Fred Williams la
overwhelmingly defeated La hAs eon test
for th governorship.
. ii.
The Bosalt nt anortoa.
Jacksonville, Nov. A Bryan and
Bewail carry Florida by a majority over
McKlnley closely estimated at 18,000 to
14,600. The returns received, covering
one-fourth of the state, show a loss of
about 4 per cant. In the Demoera tio vote
and a gain of 88 per eent. In the Republi
san. The gold standard Democ ratio
ticket developed no strength outside of
the cities and large town.
aWpaMleeae Carry the atstte by a 88a
Jority of A7.ee.
Trixtox, Nov. A R porta raeetved
from all part of New Jerecy indioate that
the atate has gone RepubUoan by Bf.000
en president. Several of the Republican
candidates for congress appear to be
elected The atata legislature wfll prob
ably stand: Assembly Republicans, 44
or 46; Democrats, IS or 16. Senate Re
publicans, 18; Democrats, 8.
The election made no change in the
political complexion of the New Jersey
state senate. The senate in 1897 will
stand 18 Republicans, 8 Democrats. Thli
la the same as last year. Seven Republl
aana retired and either anoeeeded them
salves or were succeeded by Republicans.
One Democrat retired and a Democrat
was elected in his place.
- There will be six new faoes in the house.
Herbert A. Johnson, rap., of Camden, wot
elected to succeed Maurice A. Rogers.
Solomon H. Stanger, rep., of Oloueeeter,
In place of Daniel G. Packer. C Asa Fran
cis, rep., was sloe ted from Monmouth tc
noosed James A. Bradley. Charles A.
Held was elected from Somerset to suc
ceed Lewis A. Thompson, and Isaac Bar
ber, dem., waa elected from Warren
county to succeed Christopher F. Staatea
Forater M. Voorheaa. rep., of Union, and
George W. Ketcham, rep., of Essex, were
elected to suooeed them salve.
Revised estimates, based on the return!
already In, give McKlnley New Jersey by
68,600i Bryan carries three counties, Hud
son by 8,600, Hunterdon by 800, Warren
by 1,000. The total, 8,630. McKlnley'i
plurality In the other 18 counties ia et&
mated aafollowa: Atlantic, 1,000; Bergen,
8,000; Burlington, 8,600; Oamden, 6,600;
Caps May, 000; Cumberland, 8,600; Essex,
18.000; Clouoester. 1,800; Mercer. 6.000;
Middlesex, 1.500; Monmouth, 1,000; Mor
ris, 8,000; Ocean, 8,100; Paasale, a,00
Salem. 000: Somerset. 1.600; Sussex. 800
Leant X. Ave sen. P. H. V. PaxBBl.
s -Collecting and Oeaveyaneiag prompt
ly attendad to.
OmoB a Main street, tn place of reel
deaee of Louis K. Atkmsea, Isq., south
Bridge street, fOe , MM
DUtrict Attorney.
Da.B.uxaAwroBB, a a. babwtb RxnAwrenn
bsv feraaed a partnership far the practice
ef Medicine sad their collat tarsi branches.
Office at eld staad, comer of Third and Or
snr streets, MlBintowa, Pa. One or both
el them will be found at their office at all
times, unless otherwise profeaaiovally en
gaged. April let, 1886.
Graduate of the Philadelphia Dental
College. Office at old established lo
cation, Bridge Street, opposite Cenrt
House, Jlflffltntown, Pa.
IT" Crown sad Bridge work;
Paisleas Extraetion.
All work guaranteed.
I as a bet 'efftr for sale a valuable prep
erty, aitaated in Fermanagh tewaahip, Z
ilea nerthaat er Mimiatowa, ceatalolDf
26 Acrta, more or lasa. 4 acres of wood
land. The balance cleared sad in geed
atata ef euttivatioB. Bulktlaga ordinary,
bat Is good repair. A good apriag of sever
failisg gravel water aearby. Tbia property
also contain 268 peach tree aa row ber
ry plants; 88 apple trace, besides ether
rruit. The above property la aiiuateu Bear
White Hall school boats iu said towasblp.
For further iaforstation address.
Cbablb Cobkibs,
S .39-'8S . Mifflistowa, Pa.
Letters Ttaai catary ea the eatate ef
Eva Aaker, late ef Walkar tewaahip, Jnal
ata coaaty. Pa., having beea granted la
dae ferateriatr to the aadertigaed resid
ing ia Walker township. All persons
kaewiag theaaeelv iadabtad to aaid dcs.
tfMlBiHnUiuaiia toiiooillsta Mvotit
ad tho hating claim will preaaal tbeaa
preperiy aaiseaiicaion icr aeMiemeat. te
Josiab GiaaaiCE,
Stp'r 22nd, M98. EztemUr.
Letters lettasteBtary ea tbe estats ef
Edward A. Smith, lata of Mexico, Walker
township, Janiata county, fa., having
beea granted la dae form ef law te the ua-
dersigued residing la Mexico. All pr
ob k sewing iheatae 'a indabtad t aaid
decedent wilt please make lajtaediate par-
mast, and these havirg claims will present
tbtm proper It aathaat cated far eettleiacBt
to eUtilba Surra,
Katb V. Surra,
Estate mf Ckrittimna Srtggt, dtetmted.
whraa Uttsrs of sdministrstiea ea tbe
stat of Christiana Briers, lata ef "Talker
tewaahip, Jaalata Co., Pa., deceased, hv
boss issned eat of the Orphana' Court te
the aaderaigBed, aotice la hrby, giva te
all perseat iadabtad le the aaid eetate te
auk immediate peymeat, aad tkeae having
alaiasa te preiaat than prepetly aatkaaticat-
a icr aettiameat.
Jacxsob Baioea,
Walker Tewathlp, Pa., Aaguat 1ft, 1S9S
The nuderal aed having beea reaterad le
health by aiwpre meant, after eufleriag er
ral years witha aavere lanf affectlea, aad
that dread diaeaae crnnmptiom, ia aaxioaa
te make knows te hia fellow BBBerers the
eana ef cm. Te those who deaire It, he
will cheerfully aend (free ef ehargt) a copy
el the prescrfptiea used, which lhy wiU
Bad a sure cure for Cnmsh, jlitkma,
Cmtmrrk, Brmntkttii and all threat aad I nag
Mmlmiut. B hopes sll sufferers will try
hia remedy, aa M ia iavalocble. These de
siring the previptia, which will coat thai
Botbiag, aad may prate a blessing, will
pies t address,
nw xerk. Sep. V, T.
The undersigned persona have associated
tben.sevea together for the protection of
Willow Rna Trout atream ia Lack town,
ship, .'uniata Co., Pa. All persona are
atnckiy loroiuoen aol to trespass ap'm Mm
land or atream of the aaid partiea to flth
aa the atream haa beea stocked wttb trout
Persons violating 'his noice, will be proa
rented according le law.
B. H. Patterson,
T. H. Csruthera, J. P.
Rob't A. Woodsido,
W. D. Walla,
Frank Vawa,
Dyson Yawn.
April 28, 1896.
Tbe andertign.d persons have formed aa
Association for the protection of their re.
spective properties. All persons are here
by notified not to trespass on the lands of
the undersigned tor the purpose of bunting
gathering but, chiplng timber er throwing
down fences or Rring timber in any way
whatever. Any violation ot the above no
tice will bo dealt with according to law.
John Mtehsjl,
William Puffenberger,
OMeen Sieber,
Beaahor At Book,
Mary A. Brubeker,
Joseph Rotbreck,
John By lev,
Samuel Bell.
September 6 1896.
n PIsCs Banedy far r n tithe I
I Bat.Eslot toTJse,aaS flimnl. I
far UTmHiTi ant IITI'.SIT, na.'r'
3i'syassT est Bummr. Children Esq Ta.
Pi Tai )! kaalotuiof atioooai
L7uau SuffAPAv Vimb BaoaoMttaawS
Sj, V S I yw M I IPI UBmm
SQMs,casiam iiis,piarraiaa.iai
tarBsdJ or Ulb. Bftg joiati or Stn
Sua. Sold vprrwhmL lirs s aol. or Slfl S t
Uaini pts.afc i. s. MBJISOJI O0 iMToa. Bust
sWararosom TBUtO. W. raljaa. SWS.
b m twoiBi
ii tl pDtator aa! all spring croro will
cn.w twtter and yMd au- more, vyoa
; H " eon .
,11 f"-"
ra A
rin'nt fortllteer Sir an klnfls of soft.
Iii I frirtii miuiunjctanrto tormrr u
KpnctRl prim for esrlosit krta.
iilKH ( llCXRAL W0KKS lerk, 1
saat-- HEKCM
A weoasrnd haiiiaasthi Frledoa Far da ae
Cla-abtik. Jtac moOom ot SrrU. U enului
unjnlliorlsl'-l " aHeslaatlalehTe.
tn'-a ail thefoid ssartag to stlU wbus Ijack
hig: araat savlasr Aa power end wear. Bsc
tooatslastuiuofcrlaiirsCalaloiMaea rrlrov aim
tartea IJjurrowa, Hsf Btafcea. t'alliTsle
torolFlmaura, BaaUara, . Ar.aU.slA.
.BArs Tsrk, Fa
.TBiotfora Valley Bsdlroad.
il'i' a-VtYaC.Vmm-ksfaV VsbbVb
sr protuabu If rleliUy grows. J f
I 0.20 it I
1 A nnkft iLMonVroo as Uwy, I
I V. should grow; makes Cera, J f
1 1. Wheat sod otbor crops J I
? grow botur than any Ut- -m I
1 tuner known. anu for JU I
1 iMwPrlooUsc. 2 I
A. M. P. M.
Blair's Mills Iv. 7 45 2 00
Waterlwo. 7 502 05
Leonard's Grove 8 002 10
Boss Farm 8 05 2 15
Perulaek 8 15 2 20
East Waterford 8 20 2 SO
Heclunsn. 8 80 2 37
Hone j Grove 8 35 2 42
Fort Bighsm 8 48 2 48
Wsrbla 8 55 2 65
Pleasant Tie w 9 00 3 00
Seven Pines 9 06 3 06
Spruce Hill 9 10 3 10
Grahams 9 14 3 14
Stewart 9 16 3 16
Freedom 9 18 3 IS
Turbett 9 20 3 20
Old Port 9 25 3 25
Pert Royal Ar. 9 30 3 30
Traiat Not. 1 and 2 coanee I at Port Boys
With Way Passenger aad Seashore Express
ea P. B. R., and Noa. 8 and 4 with Mail eaat
M. IP. M .
Port Koyal ,
O'd Port
Tarbett ,
Freedom ,
Stewart ,
Graham's ,
Spruce Hill
Seven Pines
Pleasant View
Fort Bicrham.
30 5 20
35 5 25
3.7 10
44 5 34
465 3G
11 6 01
186 03
2516 ?5
35 6 25
48 6 35
Honey Grove
East Waterford
Boss Farm
5516 45
02 6 52
Leonard's Grove. . .
09 6 59
Blair's Mais Ar
1517 85
Trains Wca. 9 aoA S .An.. wltK c
Lis. at Blair's Mill, for R...i n..i
Sarg and Dry Ban.
Tbe follewinr ached nl. want Intj. rui
May 18. 189. and tha trains will ha on.
p. at a. at Leave Arrive a. m
4 80 8 16 OnncaBBon 7 98
2 28
2 20
8 18
2 16
2 18
2 8S
2 08
I 41
1 28
1 26
1 28
1 18
I 16
4 88 21 'Ring's MiU 7 21
4 89
9 26
'Sulphur Springe 7 18
CortBaa Siding 716
4 46
4 61
4 69
9 SI
9 89
9 41
nentebello Park 7 IS
Weaver 7 12
Roddy 7 08
'Hoffman 7 06
Royer 7 63
Mahanno V an
1616 00 BloomfleM 6 46
6 21 10 11 Nellaoa 6 88
24 10 14 Drat 6 S3
6 27 10 17 Blllotshurg 6 86
6 S2 10 22 Bernheial's 6 26
84 16 24 Green Park 6 28
6 87 16 27 MoBtour June 6 26
6 02 10 62 Landisbnrs- a on
p. a. Arrive Leave a. a
Train Imwm Blloao.B.1
. mm v.lV a. SB.
sad arrives at Land is burg at 6.47 a. m.
Train leaver Landiabnro ait M. .
arrives at Blootaneld at 6. 66 p. m. "
i rains icave ijoyaviiht rer araneaanon at
7. 22 a. aa., aad 2. 16 n. aa. n.rnt..
r.ra at 18 87 a. m.. and 4.5 p. m.
nolwaau f .nillBl.o,. muI r .
. ,, jtuio trains
ma ss loUewt: Leave Land Ubarg for Leys
ville 6 66 a. m., and 1 66 p. nt., Lovsvills
rer Landisourg 11 10 a. as., and 6 09 p. ra.
All stvaona marked () are lag .UHoua,
at which traias will come to a full .to. -
MTv-mmr VftVan
J No.2No.4
Ob and after Sunday May 38,
1896, trains will mm as feUows:
Way Pasaeuger. leavee Philadelphia at
4 80 a. as; Barriebarg 8 16 a. at) SaDcaa
BenS46a.aat Kew Pert 16 a. at) Mil.
lerstewn 9 17 a, aa; Durwerd t 26 a. aw
ThompeoatowB 8 86 a. m; Tan Dyke 9 48
a. at; Tuaearera 9 46 a. at; Kaxko 9 66 a.
st; rert Beyal 64 a. mt MiSia 16 66 a.
as- Deaholm 16 12 a, as; Lewiatewa 16 28
g. aa; MeVeytewa 1041 a. Kewtea
Haatiltea 11 10 a. as; Meaat Uaiea I1 16
a. at; HBBtiBidoB 11 42 p. at; Tyreae 12 80
p. as; Altooaa 1 16 p. mt Pittaaarg6 66 p. m.
PiUsbarg Express lesvea Philadelphia at
8 23 a at, Harrisbarf 11 80 a. at; Daaean.
aeull69a.aas KewpertI221 p. aaj Mtf.
lia 12 68 p. at; Lawistowa 1 10 p. at; Ma.
Teytewa 1 27 p. aa, Meaat TjBioa 1 46 p.
at; RaatiBgdea B 64 p. a; Petsrabarg 2
18 p. m, Tyrone AO p. a Alteeaa 8
16 p. m; Pittskarg7 20p. at.
Alteeaa AecemaMdatioa leaves trrhv
barg at 6 66 p. at; Daacaaaea 6 84 p. mi
Newport 6 62 p. at; Jfillaratewn 6 11 p. m
TtiBipaeBtewB 6 21 p. a; Tasearsra 6 66
p. at; ifeziee 6 SS p. st; Pert Beyal 6 S9
p. mt Mini in 6 48 p. ; DaBkeltj 6 49 p.aa;
LewiatowB 7 69 p. at; AmTeytewa 7S6p
at; Nawtes Haatiltea 7M p. m; Maatisg.
4a 8 20 p. at; Tyreae 1 62 p. at; Alteeaa
1 8tp. as
Paella Xx areas leaves Philadeinal at
11 20 p. m; Marriaeurg 16 a. aa; Marys.
v!'ls8 Z4 a. at; Daacaaaea 8 68 a. at; Mew.
pstt 69 s. m, Pert Beyal A 81 a. m; Mlf
is 4 87 a. as; Lewiatewa 4 AS a. ; Ma-'
TettewaS 86 a. as; MBstiagds 6 68 a.
at; Tyreae 6 66 a. st; Alteeaa 1 46 a. Be;
Pittasarg IS 16 p. as.
Oyater Ezpreaa leaves Philadelphia al
SS p at; arrisearg at 16 26 p. a; Mearperl
11 06 p. a; Miflia 11 46 p. a; Lewistewa
12 68 a. a; MBBtiagdaa'lS 88 a. a.; Tyreae
1.42 a a Alteeaa B 69 a. aa; PltUbarg 6S6
A. St.
Past Lias lesvea Philadelphia at 12 26 p.
; HarrrUbarg 8 66 p. a; DuacsBea 4 16
p. at; Newport A Ea p. st; Mifflia 6 7 p. a.
Lewiatewn 6 29 p. a; Meaat Uaiea 6 66 p.
a; Bantiagdea 6 27 p. ; Tyreae T 64 p
a; Alteeaa 7 46 p. at ritubarg 11 SO
p. a.
HaatiBgdea Aeeeaaedatiea leave AU
teoaa at 6 60 a. a; Tyreae 6 SS a a: Maau
lagdea 6 16 a. a; Vewtea tlaailtea 6 86
a. a; MeTeytowa 6 68 a. a; Lewutewa
6 16 a. a; MiBia 6 86 a. a; Pert Beyal
6 42 a. a; Baxice 141 a. a; Thomases,
town 6 67 a. a; Miileratewa 7 66 a. a
Newport 7 16 a. a; Baacaaaea 7 88 a -at
arrisbarg 8 16 a. a.
Sea Shore leavee Pitttabarg 8 19 a ar;
Altooaa 7 16 a a; Tyreae 7 48 a a; Haat
lagdea S 86 a a; MeTevtetra 9 16 a at:
LewUtwa9SS a a; MiflliB 6 66 a aa;
Pert Beyal 9 68 a a; Tbeapseatewa 19 14;
Miileratewa 10 22 aa; Newport 16 82 a aa;
Daacaaaea 10 64 a a; Marytvill 11 67 a
a; Harrisbarg 11 26 a a; Philadelphia 1 66
Maia Llae Bxpraaa laavaa Pittsbarg at
S 06 a. a; Alteeaa 11 46 a. a; Tyreae 12
03 p. a; Haatiagdea 12 86 p. a; Lewi,
tewa 1 S3 p. a; MiMia 1 66 . a; Barris
burg S 10 p. a; Baltiaaere 6 60 p. a; Waah
ingtea 7 16 p. a; Philadelphia 23 p. a:
Mew Terk923p. a
Mail leave Alteeaa at 2 00 p. a, Tyreae
2 46- p. a, Baatiacdea 3 80 p a; Newtea
HaiailtoB 4 62 p. a; HeTeytows 4 23 p. at;
Lewiatewa 4 60 p. a; MiMia 6 16 p. a.
Port Royal 6 20 p. m; ifexiee ill a. a;
TboaipaoatoWB 6 S3 p. nt; Millarttewa 648
p. m; Newport 6 00 p. a; DaBeaaaea 9 26
p. m; Barriabarg 7 00 p. a.
Mail Express leaves Pitttbarg at 1 66 p.
a; Altooaa 6 05 p. ; Tyreae 6 87 p. a;
Uuntingdoa 7 20 p. w; MeVeytewa 8 64 p.
a; Lewiatewa 8 26 p a; AfifBis 8 47 p a;
Port Royal 8 62 p. in; Miileratewa 9 16 p.
a; Newport 9 26 p. a; Dtwcaaaea t 66 p.
a; Harritbarr 10 20 p. a.
Philadelphia Bxprrat leave rutaburg at
4 30 p. a; Alteona 9 05 p. ai; Tyreae 9 SS
p. ra; Hnatingdea 9 12 p. a; Meaat-Ub-iou
10 82 p. d; Lawistowa 11 16 p. a; Mif
flin 1 1 87 p. m; Harrisburg 1 00 a. a; rbil
adslphia 4 80 New Terk 7 S3 a. a.
Trains for suubary at 7 86 a. a. aad 8 16
p. a., leave Sanbnry ler Lwistwa 16 06
p. a. and 2 26 p. m ; fsr Milrev 6 26 a. a.
16.25 a. a. and S 25 p. m.. weak days.
Traina loav for Bol'.fuet. aad Lack
Haven at 8 10 a. a., 8 34 at d 7 25 p. a.
leave Lock Haven lor Tyreae 4 S9, 9 19 p
a. and 4 15 p. m.
Trains loav Tyrone fur Cletrfleld aad
Curwensville at 8 30 a. a.. 8 16 aad 7 99
p. a., leave Curwenaville lor Tyres at 4 89
a. a., 9 16 and 8 61 p a.
For, rates, asps, ete., sail ea Tioket
Agentr, or address, 1 Los. S. Watt, P.
A. W. D., 360 Fifth Avesae, Pitta,
burg. Pa.
8. If. Pbitost, J. R. Wosd,
Gea'l Manager. Gea'l Pass.Agt
I v ley Railroad Company. Time taste
of passenger traiae, ia erect ea Meaday,
May 18th, 1896.
ward. 1
1 4
a ar p
5 86 4 66
8 27 S67
28 868
20 8 66
10 S46
08 S88
60 8 82
7 45 SIS
7 46 816
7 84 S64
7 26 S 66
7 1g S49
7 16 2 46
7 16 t 46
7 63 1 83
68 124
6 68 189
p a ' a
Buffalo Bride
6 05' 10 86
6 08 16 88
6 1210 42
Jnniata furnace ...
6 15 145
6 2510 62
6 2;11 01
6 31:11 091
6 3 11 08
6 61 11 21
4 64 11 24
7 0611 35
7 lllll 41
7 16 11 45
7 21:11 61
7 27 11 67
7 86112 06
7 4112 11
7 45112 16
Wat-r Ping
Brooafleld Jnnct'n.
Vallv Read
Green Park
Port Robesoa .....
Center ...........
Cisna's Rna
Aaderaonburg .....
Mount Pleasant ...
New Germant'a ...
D. GRING, President and Manager
C. K. Haiti, General Agent.
Jj-tto Ulioas state of the system. sueh as
ettaa. Pais ia tas aid. oTwiU! UeM
anaoai aaa bota ahowa Im arsag
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are oeoally valuable la CwoUpatioa, sarin.
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far 81. Sold everywhere, raonnoat
uaatee TTIfl 88, Bat Taa.
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