Juniata sentinel and Republican. (Mifflintown, Juniata County, Pa.) 1873-1955, September 25, 1895, Image 3

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ffKDKsnT. SEP. 85. 1895.
TE liilS.
Subscription, $1.50 par annum If paid
to advance ; 2.00 if not paid In advance.
Transient advertisement"! taiortod at 50
-octs ;wr inch for each insertion.
Tr&cbieni tnr,icejg noricse In local col
oren, 10 cents per line for each Insertion.
i actions will be mado to those de&iriny
to advertise ty Use yxr, half r qnortrr
Just the place to bay clothin&r,
not ley's.
Julgj Lyons ia holding court in
Potlsvil'e this week.
Juniata county people in Altoona,
hoM a re-union once a year.
Tlie colored voter out-numbers the
white voter in South Carolina.
Huntingdon Presbytery will con
veno in Port Royal next Tuesday.
The cannery is a busy place these
clays from dewy morn to dusky eve.
Mr. Noble of Broad Top City, has
bought the etock of merchant John
W. Kirk.
Brainard Parker is housed, nursing
a Icy that was hurt in a game of
foot ball.
Many people from this town and
vicirvty, attended Newport Fir, last
A number of people from town
drove iu carriages to Nowport Fair
last Thursday.
Th' veterans are frying to Iirvo
General Sickles with them at . their
corning ro-union.
North Orolin Las a Post Office
named Troublesome and another one
named ra!.rimony.
The JuDwta Valley Canning Com
pany will not receive apples or corn
nfttr September 26.
TLo Odd Follows held a fcsHvsl in
the Court House corridora last Fri
day and Saturday eveniag3.
Jude Woo-Va salo of Southern
h 'rso3 or. Mouday, was called off on
account of unremunerativo prices.
A ;ok mauy of the electric light
polos, look 93 if they bad been select
ed tepceiaHy f-.;r their crookedness.
You'll ba coming to town far new
i Bo carla:.n t3 drop
17 '.: .jau-'ii's clothincr store fir
R jiab!ican.3 of Perry county ure
t-lkinj; about adopting the Crawford
coivAr avstc-m of making nomina
tion.' B. F. Wallace cf llcCulloch'a .Villa,
di.-;d saJdonly of heart ailment last
llat!.l.xy night, shortly after he had
rt-llicd to be J.
Ii, v.ill bo a big day fit B!ftir's M1II3
n.-.-t Saturday in honor of the com-
i.Iolic.n of tho Tu.;carrra VaiW
;.. id t-j that point.
The BUoinfifld foot-fcill term da-feit-sd
t'uo -Ifilil'iita TTi team on the
Nov. port Fair ground laat Thmsday
afternoon, six to four.
:.Iiss Tllla Parker will CO with
The Juniata Saru
tection Company will meet in the
wourt riousa on October 5th , at 2
o'clock, P. AI., to transact business.
JVfferson Mover was severely Vmrt
by jumping from the encrine on
which he was firincr to avoid a. collis
ion on Tuesday night at Port Royal.
November 14th h.ia been deaipnat-
ea as Pennsylvania Day at the At
lanta, Ga Exposition. A program
for the observance of the day is now
bsincr prepared.
A daughter of II. P. Clark of Tur-
bett township, took sick last Satur
day evening and rapidly grew worse
riu on auuuay evening, when ahe
died. She complained most of pain
in her head.
Rev. Mr. Raven of Phillipsturg,
N. J., will not be able to say whether
he will preach for the Jlfifflintown
Presbyterians till after the Prcsby.
tery with which he is connected has
met, which will not ba till next week.
A lady's Freneh Cony cape and a
lady's Electric Seal cape are made of
one and the same kind of skin. The
difference between them is found in
the dressing. The so called seal
cipe has had an Electric dressing
and that is all.
Certain Democrats denounced Gen
eral Grant for permitting hia friends
to urge him for third term nomina
tion, but it id noticeable that those
same Democrats do not denounce
Cleveland for hinticg to his friends
for a third term nomination
Last Saturday, September 21,
Lewis J. Weisicger, died at his home
in Coneniaugh township, Cambria
county, aged 104 years. Until a few
weeks ng;, ha was able to do work in
his garden and possessed ail his fac
ulties. The circle of hisVelationship,
numbers about five hundred people.
The counties of central Pennsylva
nia, have a large crop of potatoes.
Reports of the crop from beyond the
limifg of the State are not yet in.
But if other States have raised pota
toes this year as has Pennsylvania,
the price will rule low from now to
next uummer. Next 3-ear people will
not pknt so tniinj acres to potatoes.
The seven months old son of John
W. and Eila V. Mitchell, who was so
sevevely p.calded wbilo sitting on a
high chair at a table where its moth
er was washing dishes at their horns
in LewSstown by pulling a pau of
scalding watsr upon itse;f, died last
Friday. The body was brought to
Minhntown for interment in the
Presbyterian grave yard on Saturday,
Saptember 21.
Thomas Patterson, a member of
the ilililintown Foot Ball team, had
his neck severely alrainsd ly a Bloom
field Foot Ball man j-imping on Pat
terson's nck with his fet. Tom
had sufficient courage and strength
to continue iu the n ht to tbe elose,
but Foon after the contest, the injury
to h?3 neck began to tell on him.
He does'nt look like the paras young
rcan. everyone is wisnmg mm a
speedy restoration to health.
The Slingrove Tribune in ppe&k
iug of th8 goss-'pa of that town says:
S&lin's Grove has had a viper den
for '-oars, ami tho old the snake
should lone; ago hnvo had her venom-
Resolattoae fBaapect.
On Monday, September 9th, 1895,
Miss Clemmie M Dimm, fell asleep
in Jesus, after an illness of bat two
days. Death came very unsuspected,
no one suspecting her end so near.
By this sad bereavement we are
reminded that "God moves in a mys
terious way, His wonders to per
form." She is gone but will not be
forgotton by her many friends and
The following Preamble and Res
olutions were adopted by the Key
stone League of Christian Endeavor
ol Bethlehem United
Whereat, Death has entered our
midst for the first time since our or
ganization, and removed from
ranks sister Clemmie M.
therefore be it
RuolveJ, That by .he death of this
our sister, our C. & Society has lost
an active member and an earnest
worker, the church a faithful member,
and the family a loving daughter
and an affectionate sister.
Remtlved, That by her early death,
we arc reminded of the unoertainty
of life, and not only tako warning
ourselves, but ask others to heed the
Resolved, That we tender our heart
felt sympathy to the family of the
deceased, and would point them for
comfort to Him who said: "Lo, I am
with you even unto the ends of the
Resolved, That a copy of these res
olutions be sent to the family of the
deceased, that they be recorded upon
the minutes, and that they be sent to
each of the editors of the county for
I L. A. Woodward,
Committee: -j W. F. Castles,
( Mabth.i M. Casxles
Football. MimiB s- B1eRi-fleld.
. ''V. . -..f vi fen as imlied through tha nrrency
a company M ina- ' . -y j . ' t , ud ..ead.
timl t.
week, and remain
veraity of Dresden, Europe.
Bail'-oaders who Imve been in the
railroad Bcrvica a quarter ol cea
t i.y will hold a re-union in Alcooua
on the 17th day of October.
Th" Odd Fellows nre making ex
tensive preparations for the celebra
tion Of their fiftieth anniversary to
ruke place on the 3rd of October.
-i... nirtomfield. Perry county.
i-. r.nlv beon one death in
sra since tbe 1st oi oauau.j,
Only one dsath in 9 months.
business ot
The cm s-'ho'l has been dissolved
Showei a 4 ,nMDt. llr. Scholi will
by raatual c. business at the old
rontinus tit
rt that a nine pound
There ia a rcpo. e river iQ the
salmon was caught ;b aD j Lewis
Narrows between tk ;3 the
town. But who caog.
question. . .
etaraed in
Tho wheat sowing was brought
n;ippr Tuscarora Valley by . unty,
Ii. tho eastern part of the t back
s'.-.owers of rain kept the farmers .
with their work.
Poi.ie ot the unner end of Tusca-
r! i Vallev. will iubilate at Blair's
Mills over Uip completion of the Tus
earora Valley Railroad to that place
or. 'be 28:1;, present month
Tl.c .completion of tho Tuscarora
V,!:; v Railroad to Blair's Mills, wilt
b n'thrated at ihat clace next Sat-
nr.lv. Sentember 28. It will be a
picnic and spccch-niakiDg day.
Tl.; Kvangelical Lutheran Synod
of Centrnl Pennsylvania, convenes
iVis WednPBiav evening at 7:30.
Rv. A. O. Wolf of Aaronsburg, Cen
ter county, Ss-crotary of the Synod,
will prrach the opening Synod.
A cold wave last Saturday struck
part of Nebraska and Wyomincr.
Snow to tbe depth of two inches felL
On Monday the thermometer regis
t' rod OS to 100 here. On Tuesday
i vr.s dowu to almost frost line.
Iy work, might long ere this have
beon tut tor?st. Did you, gossiper.
ever Btop to think of the many heart
-eiios. tho nise wortis Known to oe
such to vou when spoken, have caus
ed vour helpless victims t If there is
one place hotter than another in tbe
deijth of the infernal world, it should
be reserved for the malignant sland
erer and fulsiCer.
There is a dead lock in the nomi
nation for JuJgo in the Huntingdon
Jlf.Glin Judicial District for a Repub
lican candidate. The candidates be
fore tho Conference at Huntingdon
were. Horace o. uuioerioon oi jjsww
town and W. McKnicUt liliamson
of HoJitingdDn. After 78 liebaUotS;
the Conference adjourned to meet at
Lewiatown on tho 2nd day oi Uct
ober. If the Democrats tie them
selves tho same way there will be a
chance for a scrub roe like in the
Juniata and Perry district at the late
Judicial Ekction, where cone of the
candidates made the district nomina
eion, but where every one ran for
himself as bast ho could.
Poiuosa Graacc No- 35.
The foot ball game between Mifflin
and Bloo hi field alias Harrisburg, at
Newport Fair, last Thursday, was a
very close and interesting one. The
game was called at 3:30 o'clock, with
the boys on the gridiron. Being the
first game of the season, it was found
necessary to pay but 20 minute halves.
jWiflao won tbe tots, lined ud. Dut
the ball in play with a "kick-off," and
made a touch down in the first five
minutes, Patterson making the ran
from Bloomfield's 25 yard line. Osr
ing to the wind bains: hard acrainat
Mifflin's- kick for goal, the ball was
blown about three feet wide of the
mark, letting them but 4 points.
xKoomield then kicked off the bs3.
Mifflin got it oa their 25 vard line.
formed a good interference and
fetched it half-way back to the oen
ter, where tbe two teams battled till
the first half was through, findiag
Bloomfiekl on Mifflin's 25 yard line,
looking rather sad.
The second half was started with
a kick-oil by Bloomfield, who with
their pugilistic apparatuses in readi
ness had vowed in their hearts to
take the enemy dead or alive.
Though having been coached- by a
Harrisburg man for over a week be
fore,, and having this man with othei
professionals from that city on their
team, Alimui beld them dowa tall
within seven minutes of the ending
ot tme last naif. Then white Mifflin
was disputing an unfair five yards
given to Bloomfield, Bloomfield lined
np, the right end taking the ball
from the center before it was in play,
puiuea inrougn and made a touch.
down. The wind bain? calm the
goal was very easily kicked, making
lor tnem b points
Mifflin then made the last kick-off
and held Bloomfield in their own ter
ritory till the end of the game.
The teams lined up as follows:
Bloomflald. Poaitieaa. Mifflia
Flickiaser Left Ead Dawiac
...Left Tackle Cajla
. . Lett Oaard Walls
.... Canlre.... ...... Joo
. . . .Right Gnard. . . . .Calhona
...Bigot Tekle. Paaaebakar
Clark Right End Nobis
Sticea Eight UalfBaek...Pattanea
Kinter Left Half Back....Campsll
Grosh, Capt.. ..QaarterBack atarray
uaatt Full Back.RobisoB, Capt
Substitutes Bloomfield: Gar
man, Luiter, Fleming, Barnett and
-Vifllin: Derr, Bihop, Parker,
Utrayer and McClellan.
Mac. Birnett, umpire: Andrew
Banks, referee; Jesse Dietrick, lines
Points: Bloomfield 6; Mifflin'4.
Goals: Bloomfield 1; Mifflin 0,
that has evsr been inflicted . on tbe i
American people, and predicts! a fi
nancial pinch on tha Government by
the gold bugs, who have teen dull
ing in tbe bonds that the Cleveland
administration has been selling. He
declared that there is not enough
gold in America to base its business
on. He said the syndicate's contract
to buy bonds expires in October, and
then they will step up to the United
States Treasurer with their millions
of greenbacks and demand gold and
drain the Treasury and that will
create a panic. He disaproves of
tha National Bank system, and in its
stead would have a non interest bear
ing Government note for circulation.
He denounced the leaders of the
Democratic and Republican parties
with incincerity on the tariff ques
tion. He declared that they do not
want to settle the tariff question.
He favors a tariff to be based on the
difference between the wages of the
Old World and America. He behav
ed the principles of the Prohibition
party te be those bast suited to the
eradication of the evils complained of.
The saloon ia an evil the magnitude
of which cannot be estimated. There
is one in every five of the people who
are habitual drinkers, and they drink
200 gallons of intoxicating drink a
year. If tbe saloon can be abolished
and Prohibition established, the evils
of society can be corrected. The sa
loon is the enemy of labor and labor
organizations. Organized labor can
not succeed with the saloon in the
way. His own experience had taught
him, he said, how the saloon breaks
up organized labor. An organiza
tion of labor is affected.
In most cases half the men are
drinkers, and they spend their sur
plus earnings at the cup. A trenble
takes place, a strike follows, and then
the relief committee has to take
charge of, who. The suckers, they
have no money. The sober men of
the order, who have saved money for
the rainy day, are called" on by the
relief committee time and again, for
funds to keep the suckers, and soon
the savings of the sober men begin
to dwindle. Day by day their mon
ey grows less, and they grow restless.
They are men who wilnot leavj their
families suffer, and they break the
strike and go back t& work. Mr.
Berry is a ready and entertaining
peaker. Another feataro of tbe po
litical Prohibition meeting was tbe
two singers, Mr. and Mrs. Bevendge.
He is a good singer and quite an act
or and she sings so entertainly that
the audience would have remained
there almost all night to hear her
Darling toa..
Haosinger. .
Whitmore .
Ed. C. Gushard will represent the
Mifilntown Hose Company and R. L.
Cramer will represeut the Patterson
Friendship Fire Company at the
Pennsylvania Slate Fireman's Con
vout ion to be beld at Reading, Pa.,
October lst.
Johnstown, Cambria county, has
parsril im ordinance taxing bicyclers
ii.-yj a yer r. TL.:y say bicyclers are
constantly urging roau repair, and it
i not more- tban right, that they
hou'.d nav niirt of tha ornensen of
niiiking rosids.
Francis Schlatter, a shoa-maker is
the latest marvelous worker in the
Loaltu giving art. Tbe past week he
stood 7 Loui s each day shaking hands
w-!h and healing- three persons'every
minute at Denver, Colorado, where
thousands upon thousands flocked to
se him, and' to be benefited by a
shake of his hand. Deaf people,
W-jud people, paralytic and rheuaa
utlc people claimed to have been enr
-'! by hia marvelous touch.
The Juaata County Pomona
1 range will meet wta Milford
C nge iu Milford to.vnship, on
Or.. iday, Octobt r lO-.h, at 10 A. M.,
Thur.. 'a in session until 12 M, on
to reraa. ' e 11th.
Friday, tb. "Welcome," by Mil
Pkooram. Tssponse, Joseph Roth
ford Grange; x ving subjects have
rock The folio Woman's Work,"
been assigned: . -s by Mrs. Nettie
W. H. Knouse; Essa 'illiken, "the
Ailmau and Mrs. Ada a 'on Smith,
Future Farmer;" Welling.. ;ng and
"the btst method for Stor. . B.
Casiag for Winter Apples;" ' to
Esh, "tho relation tho Youth, at f.
day Sustains to tho Future;" J. a
Bmion, " the beat manner of Curing
and Preserving Meats for family
I have written tho State Lecturer,
W. F. Hill to be with us. I will en
doavor to procure additional assist
ance from adjoining counties.
Thursday evening session will be
private and will b-j devote.l to degree
work and the good of tbe order.
Written reports from tha Secretaries
of each Grange, will be called for.
As to membership, progress, Ac,
resolutions to be presented to the
State Grange, will be considered.
D. ii. 3iC Y HilAMS,
Redacd Rates via PeaatTlva
nla Railroad to tbe Allan
ta Exposition.
For the cotton States and Inter
national Exposition, to be huld at At
lanta, Go., from September 18 to De
cember 31, the Pennsylvania Rail
road Company are now selling excur
sion tickets to Atlanta and return at
greatly reduced rales.
For specific information in regard
to dates of sale, rates, routes, and
time of trains, apply to nearest ticket
Seaai Ccateaalal Celebration.
Ham, 18 -
Should-sr, 12
Lard I
WhOfit 68
Corn in ear 50
Oi:s, 26
870 60
Timothy aeed $2.00
Flux 8e?a 60
Bre.3 90
Chop. ..... ......,.$1.20 a hundred
Middlings 1.10
OroiiLd Alum Salt 1.U0
American Salt 76o to 60
Philadelphia Markets, September
27, 1895: Wheat 64 ts 6Gc; corn 36
to 41c; Oats 26 to 27c; Live chickens
9 to 10c a lb; butter 14 to 27c a lb;
eggs 16 to 17c; adples $2 to $2.25 s
btirrel; peacnes $1 to $1.75; potatoes,
8 of a bushe" basket 15 to 30c; hay
$11 to 116.50 a ton.
A Timely Bemiader.
Each season forces upon our con -sideration
its own peculiar perils to
health. The advent of fall finds
many reduced in strength and vigor,
poorly prepared to continue the bus
iness of life. The atomache and bow
els, the great highway of animal econ
omy, is especially liable to disorder
in the fall. The nervous system has
alee suffered in tbe struggle. Ty
phoid fever and malaria in particu
lar find in the fall tht combination of
earth, air and water tLat mark tl is
season as especially dangerous. The
falling leavep, the decaying vegeta
bles contribute their share of con
tamination. Hood's Sarsaparilla
furnishes a most valuable safe guard
at these important points, and
should be used in the fall before ser
ious sickness has laid you low.
Whn so many people are taking
and deriving btnafit from Hood's
Sarsf parilla, why don't you try it
yourself? It is highly recommended.
Tuscarora Valley Railroad.
.Trains on the .Tuscarora Valley
Railroad will run as follows:
Leave East Waterford at 8.00 a.
il, and 2 p. m., arriving at Port Roy
al at 9.15 a. m. and 3.15 p. m.
Leave Port Royal at 10:30 a. m.
and 5.15 p. u., arriving at East Wa
terford at 11.45 a. k. and 6.30 p. m.
Acting through the blood, Hood's
Sarsaparilla not only cures f arofula,
salt rheum, Ac., but gives health and
vigor to the whole body.
miprrmav ajOfdlSl
DUUwccnn 1 ,t.7....v.
Is a aafe and prompt wnwf
for the euro of dlttrrfcara,
ycatry. colic. cholrr
m or bun and ell forms of
Hummrr Complaint and
lAosenensot tbo owels. IT
Best made for
'Gig" Fishing.
Write for Price List,
Tbe.T.R. Bakes
k, Sons Co.,
Kendall ville, Ind.
Carl F. Espenschade of Lancaster,
is borne on a vacation..
Mrs Nellie Musser spent last week
visiting relatives in Newport
Ed. Rhom of Harrisburg is visit-
iag his brother Fred ia town.
Miss Kell Doyle oft Patterson has
been visitinghr aunt in Huntingdon.
Harry Copeland. ef Greensburg,
has been spending tse past week in
wWiss May Robinson of Harrisburg,
spent Saturday with, her aunt .Mrs.
John Horning.
Mrs. North,, wife of Caleb North of
Washington, Dl C, visited friends iu
town last week.
Miss Hall Parker of Lewistown.
visited her Mint Mrs. Robert McMeea
several days last week.
Miss Rye Patton of Washington
D. C, spent a day with her niece,
Mrs. W. Schweyer last week.
Mrs. Nan Leach and children of
Spruee Hill spent last Saturday with
her sisters the Jlfis3es Laird.
Miss Louisa Jackmaa alter spend
ing the summer with her parents in
town, returned to irittsourg wnere
she has a class in music.
Mr. Horace Curry and wife and son
Raymond of Altoona, spent a few
hours in town Inst Friday among
friends, while on thoir way to Phila
as gain Bays!
ConiXEencing, Saturday September 11th and continne until Saturday eveninr. Or.
tober 6th.
Fall & Winter
are all in for the
Fall Witttes tirade
of 1895.
the style and the price
An Examination will demonstrate the truth of our assertions.
Patttcrson Pa.
Hie jflcCIintic Hardware
Did Tea Ever Think,
Belleria One Day.
South American Nebvdte relieves
the worst cases of Nervous prostra
tion, Nervousness and Nervous Dys
pepsin in a single day. No such re
lief and blessing has ever come to
tbe invalids of this countrv. Its
powers to enre the stomache are won
derful in the extreme. It always
cures; it cannot fail. It radically
cures all weakness of the stomache
and never disappoints. It is a luxury
to take and always safe. Trial bot
tles 15 cents. Sold by L. Banks &
Co., Druggist, Mifflintown. Pa.
Feb. 6, ly.
"xne semi centennial anniversary
le introduction of the Odd Fel-
0 .- lo Juniata will be fittingly cel-
kwp t.nia place on Thursday,
ebratad - a grand street parade
Uctooer i' . and exercises in
A-. Jr.
at 2 o'clock'
theCourtajytJiwj; -d other
wtujunot ; - ;. OI
niHiiap k mrk 'w v . .
:t m. 1 Fellow wffr bfl v.
r forty niSs&botlWT
. u invited, nftmt of
avrvac vo mdid unnu -
that you cannot be well unless you
have pure, rich blood? If you are
weak, tired, languid and all run down,
it is because your blood is iinpwer
isbed and laoka vitality. These iron
bles may be overcome by Hood's
Sarsaparilla, because Hood's Sarsa
Psxilla makes pure,rich blood. It ie,
in truth, the great blood purifier.
Hoo(P$ Ptlls cure liver ills, consti
pation, billiousness, jaundice, sick
headache, indigestion.
Subscribe for the Sentinel and
Rbpublican, a paper that contains
choice reading matter, full of inform
tion that does the reader good, and
in addition to that all local news that
are worth publishing find places in
its celumns- If.
Dr. S. D. Diffenderfer, graduate of
el.. XT Z m a . .
i.uo umversiry 01 Maryland Dental
Department, desires to inform the
public that he has opened a Dental
Office at Oakland Mills, Pa., where
he can be found at all times. Teeth
extracted painlessly. All work guar
Tbe greatest Rale of Fall and Winter
Goods ever known; a monster purchase of
Dry Goods, Carpets, Fancy Goods, Ladies'
and Cbildrrns coals and wraps, boots and
sbces at ay recent vi8it to New fork and
BO cases of tarious kinds cf goods- are
unpacked, and more coming vvery day.
1 purchased this goods at low prices, and
propose to sell Ibrm at low. prices. Bar
gain bunttrs, money savers, shrewd buy
on, Economical flouse-kecpere, xpirt
shoppers, wo advise yoa and all to be on
band at this barf ain sale.
Fiom 0 o'clock in tbo morning antil 4
o'clock in the ailernoon:
Ladies' Jat kets and Capes at 2. 23,
$3.90, S3. 60, M.0O, $5 00, $8.00 wonb
Men's ai.d Ladies' Fleeoed nndcrwear
li 25c j worth 0c.
Men's bUck or striped1 half hose, 5 pair
for 25 cent;; worth 50c.
Ladies' tle&ry Ribbed black hose; 4
pair for 25c; worth 40c.
LQiet hne seamless, extra black bose
at 10c a pair; worth lSe.
Louies extra One, regular made, dou
ble black bose, 2 pair for 26c; worth 40c. I
Ladies' Fleece bied black hose at 10c;
worth 20c.
Marseil Towels, largo aiza for 20c a
pair; worth 38c.
White linen d&misk at 25c: worth 50c.
Ked and gray damack at 20c; worth
Gencine Turkey Red Damask at 25c;
worth 60c.
Fine White Linen Irish Table Damak
for 59c; worth $1.00.
White Linen Doylies and napkina at
75c a doa.; werth $1.
10 yards of Una yellow muslin, yard
wida for 89c; worth 60c.
10 yards extra Una unbeached yard
wide muslin for 60c; worth 5c.
10 yards of Hill Best, yard wideblaach
ed muslin for 60r; worth 90c.
S yards ot best Lancaster Ginghams for
25c; worth 40c.
10 yards cf coed giogbams for 4cc
worth G5e.
8 yards of all wool, 36 inch Henriettas;
for $2 ; worth $3.40.
8 yards of all wool, imported serges,
near 40 inches wido for $2.60; worth $4.00.
6 yards extra tine, all wool, French
Henriettas and serges, 45 inches wide for
$3 30; worth $5.
Fancy Brocade Bilk for WaiMs and
trimmipjr for 49c; worth 75c. j
Black si!k, 22 inches Faille, French
Goods, 12 yards for $9.65; worth $14.
Canton Flannel, lOids lor 49c: worth I
65c. j
Extra heavy Canton Flannel in yellow, I
brown and elate, 10 yds for 69c; worth $1.
Men's unlanndried Shirts for S9c;
worth 65c.
Good bed ticking; 9 yds for 75c; worth
Grand styles of Pants Goods for 14c
and lc; worth 20c and 2-5c.
Outing flannels, 6c a yd; worth 9c.
All wool Red Flannel, 15c a yard;
worth 21c.
Men's s"li embroidered swper.ders, 10
cms a pair worth 25c.
Bsck or fancy color Sateens for 9c;
worth loc.
Extra lancy Sateena for 10c and 12c:
ertn 10- and isc.
BI- Denim for overalls, 3 yds for
28c; worth 45c.
Imported Saxonia yarns, 7c a bank:
worth 10c.
Factory Stocking Yarn, beet goods 49c
a pound; worth 60c.
White Shaker Flannel, 10 yards for
60c: worth 90c.
Heavy white Shaker flannel, 10yds for
75c, worth $1.25.
10 yrds of Fancy Dark or Indigo Blue
Calicoes for 45c; worth 70c.
$4,000 of Afon't, Ladies' and children's
9 hoes at specially reduced prices.
r one or gray oiankeisat 6'Jc a pair;
worth $1.00. All the finer goods of blank-
eta at specially reduced prices.
Striped Carpets for 124, 15, 18 and 20c;
wonn ou per cent. more.
Fine Ingrain Carpets at 25cworth 40c.
Btnasel and best Ingrain Carpets at
specially rcdueed prices.
uuiiiorn, window bbades. ixco cur
tains at specially reduced prices.
It will pay you to come 130 nales tose
' cure some of these wonderful bargains.
Stoves and tin-ware, mill and black-smith supplies, Harness,
Collars, Lap Robes, Blankets, FJy-nets and Saddler's Supplies.
Best Gocds at Low Prices. We did an encouraging business
during the past season and hope by constant application and
prompt attention to do doubly as much in the coming season.
We are better prepared to furnish
Commencing Sept 14th and continues until October Stb.
103 TO 1O0 BRIDGE ST.,
Tin, Iron and Felt Hoofing, Sheathing ar.d Lining paper,
Paints, Glass and Carpenter Tools at low Prices.
Bl acksmiths will find it to their interests to call and ex
amine our Stcck and get Prices of Norway & refined bar iron,
Horse and Mule Shoes and Nails and Tcols.
Lumbeimen er.d Mill Men will not go away uninterested,
after Ihey have extmined and priced Our Stock of Cross Art
Saws, files, Gum and Leather Belting, a ad Lacer at Low
Prices, wood and iron pumps of the best make; also a full line
of House furnishing Goods, Stoves, Tinware, Granite ware, Wil
low ware, wocden-ware, Nickle lea Kettle and coffee pots.
Wall Paper at all Prices.
that we are offering at Special Prices to close them out, Barbed
Fence Wire, Gasoline Stove, Ice Cream Freezers, forks, scythes.
Screen Door and Window Hammocks, brushes of all kind,
prices furnifhed on application, Cook Stove, Fruit Dryer, the
best out estimates to furnish contractors with the material so
licited. Thanking for past patronage, I solicit a continuance
of the same.
1865, ESTABLISHED. 188fJ.
Special Invitation To Hie luhli?
which will be pretk
nt in force ai'cP a
big time may be ex ecte
A Palltlcal Prfclk,,,"
The Prohibitionparty lu meet"
ins in the Court Honss lma
da.v aveninfr. Tha attonsl tee
J o -.--.'.. .
women and children was . Iar8e-
Tbe candidate for State Treaaw ,rer
Mr. Berry, waa present and addra
ed the meeting. His address waa . a
general criticism 01 me snort com
ings of both . the Republican and
Democrat parties, and the evils- that
afflict human society. He denounced
trusts, corporations and banks, and
blamed the evils that may be found
in such institutions to the legislation
of the parties who have had control
ofaflairs of Government. He de
nounced the demooitization of silver
as the greatest hold up and deliver
w'ge uawj stoc, cured in 30
Thia nver fatig. Sold by L. Banks
A Co., .Druggist, iailHintoffn. Pa.
Feb. 6i, ly.
To attend the Attractive Sale of Clothing that goes on
S. S. Ruble,
Practical Embalmer and Funer
al director.
Bridge St., Mifflintown, Po.
SwaJM-AVsMTZ. On the 16thifl3t,
ky Rev. Solomon Sieber of TBomp
sontown, Iff. S. W. Swab an Miss
Nora Arentz.
Metos HHrtv. On7 (iie 19th
inst., by Rev. Solomon Sieber of
Thompsontown, tit. Eugene B. -Mov
ers and Miss Ella Henry.
Kick BaTra. On the 19th inst.
I - Rev. H. C. Holloway, D. D., Mr.
ard K Bice and Miss Rebecca
jjpjjk -r, both of Beale township.
Hm -uavova, Srp. 25, 1&6.
twill be
Who have money ttf invest to examine the Stock of Goods for
It is truly marvelous to See .
of Suits and Overcoats at the Wonderfully Low Prices.
His prices leave all Competitors in the rear, so don't f 3il
to give him a call if in need of Clothing.
Stooji1,olae,B viinally Liable
W'C-PomeTOj, Joseph Sothroeh,'
John Eortaler. Jniah r.
Srt,B-PAer. IiOnia E. Atkinson
T. V. Irwin.
George A. Keener, Annie M. Shenw.
Joseph Roibrocb. P. w. u..h.i.
L. E. Atkinson. R. F p..t. " '
W. C. Pomerov. J xint,am rL;
Mary Knrtz, erome. N. Thompson.
John Hertxler, T. V. Irwin.
Charlotte Snyder, Josian L Barton,
John M. Blair, Robert H. Patterson
F. M. M. Pennell. . Levi Mht
Samuel 8. Rothrock. Wm. R warts:
M. N. Sferrett.
Three and Four sorent. ir.rm. .
paid on certificates of deposit.
fjan 23, 18S6 ti
"88 nm
toy leaned at Lowest Bates.
The 8entnul mnd Rtpuiluan office u tho
place to get Job work done. Tx v It. It wfl
pay yon if yon need anything n that line.
.tool uii iKAvr .i.ran
Nnrscry Stock. 8l h."L....
steady Employment irnaranteed.
Dec. 8, '91. Rocheater, K. T.
. I
i 1
1 H
1 Si
1 V
iaaaaaai,aBaBB -W -
m 'ti-i'-.jU.
M. ; - - - -rtm y ':frMf:T'