Juniata sentinel and Republican. (Mifflintown, Juniata County, Pa.) 1873-1955, September 25, 1895, Image 2

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W5 EA'LMUY, SEP- 55 IS33.
B. F.
pr-iroa asjd raorailTOB,.
fob jciicis or rut stpxaioa court.
CHARLE3 E. RICE, of Luzerne.
E. S. WILLARD, ot Lack-iwannt.
HOWARD J. REEDER, of Northampton.
JOH.S J. WICK HAM. of Beevcr.
GEORGK B. ORLADY, of Huntingdon.
J AUKS A. BEAY'F.ti, of Center.
A. B. EVANS, or Delaware township.
J. 0. BUO'.VN, of BR'e township.
Some one of r.n inquiring mind
wants to Lnow whether bin dates from
the first crnln tree.
- ., . . ., ,
TnxRE are over tbirtorn tnou"nnd
' I.llt. j.ri;i'U lu Ofll U UH1UUU1 "
i-.not read or write.
Fp.i:xcn Haulers have loaned tLo
Spanish Government a large sum of
i.onfrv and in t'uat way is helping to
-hip tbe Cubfti.s.
Av exchange reinirlcs tnat nomar
r:od woaici, I-iok dissatisfied and mar-
r;ed women lo k disappointed. Tbei
cok of men are not commuted on. I
The cotton S'atrs and Tnternation-!
id Espo?;tion, wa9 st-irted at C o -dock
P. 31., on the 18tb, by Presi
d&nt Cleveland tottcbinsr an f-bctric
button in b;s bomo at Groy Ga'.das-,
near Waebington.
Every t'ma (he Democratic party
lowered tbe tariff, tbe timrs frrew
hard and gold was drained out of the
country to pay for tbe cheap poods,
imported from foreign lands, and
hat is tbe best nrgumsnt against a
low tariff
Peary has aaiu b?eu rescued from
tbe Artie region, and he did'nt liod
tbe Xorib Pule. lie was forced to
cat Lin doj,-e it k9rp frovi starvicjr.
He wriil from this on, leava si;ne oth
er tain try to win fame hunting the
North Pule.
Ma. Bkhry, Prohibition candidate
for Stito Treasurer i his pix;ech in
tb-i Cjurt House last Thursday even
ir.rr, said tbe g:M t;a syndicate have
abort, word their gaiao to a f-ical
Ioiut, at.nl will be redy in Ot'.bar
to unload thi lnilli. ns of Greenbacks
that they have been git'ierin, noon
tbe Government, and demand that
tbey ba re formed ii jold, and then
will co:o a panic. A few weeks will
suffice to toll whether Sir. Brry is
correct in b'!a gtstemect.
The battle of Cliicknmatiga. Tenn..
lonp;bt on tbo 13:h of Si-ptemb-irJ
lWiii thirty-two years ago, wait cel
ebrated by a re-uniou r-f mepibers of
the arn.ie.-i of the Bius iad ti.oGrnv,
last Thursday, September 19, 1893.
If -"t-r a Govcnimsr.t likrt tlii, exist--od
in the past, it 19 not m."nriond
by tradition or history, whore toe
CMi'VKTor fllowed tha coaquorcd to
again resumj Ilia ofticc 3 ci Govern
treiit. ard witb;:i tbe pfiried of a gen
eration the two cinfliciing ekii.cata
met to glorify ibeir deeds at one and
tbe ?aiut time, on one und tbe same
battle field.
CAuroFMA is all attention over a
prcs'.-ciJiioii for murder chains! a
young man named Dnrraut.. Tbe
cs-i is intet v'el by the fuel that the
victirr T-;t- a yourg xroman, and tbe
plaf f iier murder wrb in tho Emaa
uel Ifap'.i.st church in Ufa Francisco.
T'bo y-nng tian Durrant who is
cbr.rgecl wih the murder had keyo
by which Le could t-it-.t the church
ai, any tii-ie, and while be wa3 looked
unci) eh a worthy youn man, be was
leading a double iifo and was thor
oughly bad a man who was fallow
1- b.o appetites and lu4ts. Ha took
vantage of his cood standingin tbe
irt;gation apd made tho tuurch
ulding an an.signation place, atid
now muuy outrages be there perpe-
rated, will never be known unless Lf
- lakes coEf??sion, It is not prcsum
' d tb.tt he beguiled the girl into tli
. bnrch to mur-lnr her. He would
not murder her after gratifying his
lesire. But tbe girl bo murdered
vas honest and pur, and unsuspect
ing and after having been begu led
into the church and there outraged
or an outrage attempted, the would
not be 6j'j'.'aed nud threat' aed ex
posure, m il to escape from csponurc
and its cotiKcq-t'-Mces, ho fiendishly
itivudc-ed htr. What other motive
could tbera have been for murdering
tbe young woman. Durraut will get
bis dues when ha is bung.
A Boy Kills a Panther.
A despatch to the Philadelphia
Times under date of September 21,
from Be!!efonte, Centra county, says:
The -whole country around Smow
Shoe, this county, was startled and
pleased over tho great ieat accom
plished by Charles Watson, aged 18,
2 telegriph operator on the Beech
Creek ttailrpui at C'nrcnca Station,
while out bunting for squirrels about
3 o'clock this afternoon. His dog
was slurrying around in the under
brush, and a!' of a sudden commenc
ed a furious barking, which caused
"tVa'ton to hasten forward.
AVbcn he reached the spot, he
i tood still, for there; before bis eyos,
J.il.'ug as largo as an cx, wis amag
nliicent specimen of a panther,
switching bio ljrg tad and snarling
at tho dog. The panther had not hs
yet observed the boy. Ia a. moment
Wiifson recovered biniseif aud quiet
ly slipped out the cartridge from his
gun, aud, replacing it with a buck
shot bhel!, dropped on vuu knee,
took careful aim and fired. Some
T.'hat to his surprise the panther fell
stone ileal iu ita tracks, one of the
b::nksbot having penetrated its brain.
Tue boy ran bomo to tell the news
and get assistance to brieg the csr-c.i-
into the depot, about a mile
away. The panther is the finest
specimen of the species ever seen
hole, measnrisg thirteen feet from
tho tip of its nose to th end of its
tail and brought down the scales at
26," pounds.
It is undoubtedly the animal that
lhas l.en coraintilicg elepieeUfi ;ns
urmn 1 thn region for the i.ist fir?
vnre, carrying e-fT wholo 6hee ac J
ctilven at a li'j-13 nail h.is been huott-d
for often. The carcass Las been sent
to Ward of K-Hibesisr t-j be slurT-1
and mounted.
Farm for Sale
The nnderarpoed esoator of JesBe
K:ce, lae of jpruce Kill township,
Juniata county, P., will s I! on the
preriiixiu, a farm of 121 acres, more
or les". Iitmeai-titio iii'l, ii-.i'jsi and
barn and ont-bjiidmt?, one milo on
tnpt from Sprut e HiJl poet o2ice; a
fiurttt i f a mile from ludcarora Val
ley liiilroad Station. Sale at 1 o
clock P. M.t oq Thurs lay.Sopteiaber
26 1895. Also at the same time and
plac?. a tract of 4 acres of cleared
:aud wirli boimo and Btabie and ou-
bjildirgalo Sprues Hill towrjsbip.
A's'J 50 acres, mro or b6, mountain
land, fairly well timl)ered. Also 187
acrep, trore or Ires mountain land.
And on Friday, Se; t?n;Wr 27, 1S95,
be will sell a farm of 179 acres on tbe
prt-mises, a half mile west of i'.cCvye
vill, Tasciuora townsbip at 1 o'clock
P. 31. Tlo improvtmenta are a
I fnnie hoti3;
I hajiliiis. Xi
biuk barn and cut-
no laii-.I is no.lnr alt
clear, ior particulars, large
poatira J W. Stimmel.
ftbeunintinm Cured o n Da)"
"Mystic C-jre" fnr Haeu'Eatisra
and Neuralgia radically cures in 1 to
3 day?. Ils action upon tbe ji tem
is rcmtirkabla and myHtfi ions. It rc
moves at one tbe cans?, Rtd :be dis
a in3me(iiat:dv disappcara. Tlie
tirst gce.-ttly obnents, io (rorit.
Sold by L. Banks &
Co., tlrnggtsts
Jan. 9, '9G.
for active lady or gentleman acquaint',
td witli neighborhood. Compensa
tion fro-n $49 to $159 inouthiy
H'ork outlined. Oulv ecergetic par
ty, aiii'r.i'ions to succod, need apply
Xo capital req.iircd. Address, iib.
reference, sl.Ue age snd whether mar
ried or single. Giobo Bildo Publisli
iog Co., 723 Cuestuut Street, I'bila.,
Rellefin Six Hours.
Dii;'ri-.-s:rg Kidney ari'l Bbid.ler
diseases r?ii.ived in six hours by tbe
X.:w G.kat Soi;Ta American iItdnev
Ci:re." This new remedy is a great
surprise on account of its seeding
promptness in relieving paiu ia the
bladder, ki 'ncys, back andevory pirt
of tue urinary passages m ttrn'o or ;
female. It re';eyts retention of
ter and pain in passing it almost ;:n I
mediittely. If you wa?t qn.-k r'tefl
and cure this is your reined r. S j!d I
by L. Banks & G., Drugget, Mtf-1
tl'-ntowri, Pi.
The (centime Merit
of Hooj's Sarsapiri.lj
whurever it is fa':, ly
win? fricda
1 t.. n
itftu 11 u:-tt; v )
muj. io nave period tieaiu:, yoa
must Lave pave blood, and to? b -?t
way to bav.n pura blood is to tvke
Iiood'a Sarsaparilbj, tin bi;st bliod
putilbu- and strength builder. It ex
pels ai; taint, of scrofula, sale rheum
and ail otIi.r Lunior?, and at tue
same time builds up tho whole cya
tc:u. . - 1 .1,1.
Ws Ml
Qci-i-t- 25::.
are prompt aad ef-
of the NnmproiM Theories oa the
Mydriou4 Current.
Well, what 1 it? It is scarcely pos-
stoio to say. liieriue theories many
which wo cannot take a pint ; we can-1
not cat a piece- of it off and subject it to j
analysis, nor cau wo pour a little cf it 1
into a boti lo for future study and ecu- j
1. t. i;i- n. .,.).., ;., :
. , , -.
effer-ts can be r.!isurod, its force, I
strength r.ud quantity c:m now bo cal
culaltd to a very nice degree. Still, to
likeu it to the wind, it 13 a Ktupeudous
power, a mighty typhoon, blowing, art
It were, without moving, two ways at
once aiong ail parls ot its path, giving !
oil' a halo of magnetism at vight anglos j
to that path e very wh' re.
Ono of tbo iiieait theories, perhaps, ia
tlio one that considers electricity a "Ven
dition" of atoms, brought about by
clioniic.il action, as iu a battery cell, or
by what miht be called a severe irrita
tion cf the magnetic halo, as in a dyna
mo, rnd by othr means, such as heat
and fiiction.
What this condition is is beyond cs;
it may be a violent rotation, or it may
bo an equally violent vibration of
atoms! Probably tl:o pra light would
prove it to !h a vibrr.fii.u. Lut as no
man b:.;i seen an atom lit any time, not
even with tho n:ost powerful micro
scope, it is :t!po: ril)!o (o say. Fri.';?!.;n
in Tonic form or i!:cr :s present, as
bout i:i 1 n.i'.i:: r :1 l.' fi to burning, or de
struction, f;:k"s niuce. Il-;cii:aiga
II.1T7 to ,1 u.'ffe a I-.--k.
V.'c knew that tho -Mo ;Icui:;, when they
co:i ;c.;ercd Pcr.-i:i, fo'.it'd :u that country
an inr.niucR.Ldo qnauiiiy 01 tiouks rud
Kuenfific trisitise?:, and that their gva
eral, Saad Ion Abl Oac-csis, asked Ca
liph Omar by letter if ho would allow
him to distribute t'.ioso books among
tle true believers with tho rest of tbe
booty. Omar answered him iu these
terms: "Throw them into tho water. If
they contain anything which caa faide
men to the truth, wo have received from
God what will guide us much better.
If they contain errors, wo shall be well
rid of them, thank God." In conse
quence of this order ibo books were
thrown into tho water and tho fire, :md
tho literature and science e.f tho Per
sians disapiiearcd. Notices et Extraits.
Coattail liutta-..
The buttons at tho hacks of our ccats
aro a survival. Formerly there was a
batfoukole in tho forward corner of each
skirt, and when u gentleman was walk
ing or riding he turned his Ekirts and
bnttoned them to tho bottom at his
back. Tho buttons ou tho wrists of our
coats aro relics cf the days when the
fJeeyea were so long that they covered
the tips of the fingers, and the cutfs
were turned back and buttoned when
the bands wero employed.
The chief feature of Alobammcd's face
was the pair cf great, lustrous eyes that
shone out from his swarthy counte
nance. They were intensely black aud
glittering, aud when he was angry they
seemed to turn green. Otherwise his
face was not prep)3essing.
When the Erie canal was being exca
vated, live mollusks were found in a
gravel stratum at a depth of 45 feet
from the surface.
Wo mnst ell r nxtilier when
Wo won Irttlo UaicM oud mm.
Wbra each Borrow tUKK'xl woy with aU tt
At onr little hearts and eyv
Till ibe oir wss loU of ii;iis
And the Vtishtcat day wiu turned to darkest
How we'd weep,
E'jvr we'J crix?
To ocr littlo lK-Ci to tlot-.
With we. k.siici qn CuijeU fact-s; even then
Net a Bonl would ever know
Half enr auny, uiid
We ehotild synipathiaa with little dame and
Wo mitt oil ron-effibor when
Vi'u tt-ere little dames aud men
IT'ic-n we ujuvt tlio little ones from day today.
A kind word i JeHt as chua;.
And it einks to deaths as dit p
Aa the harsh one yon were sending dowa their
If yon know
liow a few
Orarlor nets and words from you
Here planted ia their uouls, to hlomoin when
(Kldin duyH of childhood penm
To b uhrulows of n ulvnm,
Stuwonld loveoud cherish litrlj dauica and
-Xmt England BlaBaiino.
The Procc by Vhlch th Uupful Klllrote
Cotton is t'reduccd.
Of those who knew what mineral
wool is, or Filicata cotton, as it is kokio
times culletl, prohably only a suiall
uuu-ber a.9 familicr with tbo simple
pioce by winch it ia made. Tho wool
itself, cervine a variety of useful pur-;ia0!-:,
us a nonconducting covcriu.1?
n:iii!-t hcnf and cold alike, for Kteam
pipos and cild p;orage rtoii walls, as a
s.'i-:;d "deadener" in flooisof buildit!?s
tcid as a UiCHUS of firoiirooAuK, auiouy
r.!.:i:y o'.licrj, if, as its naaic implies, a
si.lt cud woolly sabiUiOice, con.sistiuf? of
a ia:i:;j of very line uiiucral fibers iuter-la:i:,-r
cue another iu every direction,
a:id thus forming an eudloa narubor oT
EinnM air cells.
The wot-! appears o:: the market iu a
variety pf colors, principally white, but
ef.ou ytllow or pray and occasionally
tudto e.srk aud is tuude by converting
hcoriul i:nd. cortain nx-ks while iu a
r.!.'.!t!i bt:ito itsio a tibrotw coiuliUon by
ttstcaml'fort d:rrct"d xp.inst the liquid
::iater:t.L I!h:.-:t foniato tdag fotms tliO
raw uiaicrliil fjr oi'O variety of the wool
and tan;k't.;6 for unotm-r, yielding re
spectively slag wool and rock wool, tbo
l.itUv l.-ciisy prtferablo for pije covering
be.-au.-s of theabseeco frota it of sal
I'hur, vhich, v. iih m.ir.tnre ir- sc!it, l
c:o:ics an active corrcdiusj agent.
Ylie fni-K'i o sl.ig or tho roi k, as the
c-.isa may be, is melted iu a huge cupo
la, c::d cs It trickk out at tbe tup hole
i.u a Ei.incwisat r.lnRRi::b Ftreuai it moots
a hith i-rcs'iire stcain jet whicli atom
izr:! the v.'oo'o'i tniuc'-al, if it iu:y bo so
t-cm;e;l, bln-.yiirg it i:i ;icav cloud.i into
tho Sim;.;;.; ro-j'j rr vjK-'l for it tuft
cud downy, tbe rtsft' ret! Irs wherever a
r;sti:.'g place aijonli it.- It, tho l.eavicr
a:iu easier wool coining clown uit, wnuo
tho ligkf-r por:icr.s tire Mown farther
along by tho f .wee of thesteara aul s;
tlo in the r.:.ir ; distant party of the
rovaa, the matorial thos naturally gr-.td-it'i-
itr'If into varieties of diflforet
I quality.
j A thou -and pounds ot wool i r lio'-r
I are ttirii.d or:t by cue t f thecapolas,
r'-'l pft'-r !'o storage r;oni ):9 b?o:
I f -r t 'if ' 1 1
I bio .n fiui iioctxlcat tr.ass u puth.-d
' iiitQ b:'c. r-'o-Tv ".! !.- 'v-t. 'Pl-e
, i , ' ..- f t "f 5
Jutereirf mg il!iiruut:.ii of t!:? at'.l!;t:-ja
of an utterly wii.sto product. C;.c;ier'6
t?l ralmjr De-rs Are Gone.
Tim ji'L'giii.g futir, having bren driv
en fiou more lucrative scheuie.i, has
b-en reduced to u very common ljvel.
One ot tbo cinsa who was recognized as
hiiviug worn diamonds live years a.-o,
pud who wits known a.; one of the most
skillfnl shell workers iu tho country,
Vi.-u tho center r f an eager group cf Ik;vs
iu tl:e rca. of a big store r-t dinner hour
Siatun'ay. Ho was Fcrdy ai:d rr.u down,
cud a wrec'i of b:s foiiiifr dr.yi--, iudicut
i.'ig that t'.iosbcll ewiudlo is too well
knov.n nowadays to be successfully
He bad a basket in front cf him, con
taining a number of small paper bags.
In one baud lie held a pretty gold rint;,
and this be pretended to put into cue of
the bugi Tlit u ho sbook tho pile up.
"Pick it out for a cent, boys 1" he
cried many tinos.
"It's in that one, "cried o:to. "There
is," shoutpd another, and eo the boys
vigorously t;u '.-.sed, but they (lulu t pro-
, , J 1
duco the pennies.
When the observer left, the decayed
thimble ri.vger w;u still monotonously
aud despairingly cidiing out :
"Pick it out for p. cent, boys! There's
no deception, and t'10 lucky boy gets a
gold ring worth $."n'i. Pick it out for a
cent !" Philadelphia Call.
Ir!ntln5 Kamefl oa Frills.
Tho rosy cheek of an nniilo is on the
sunny side. The coloi lc apple grows
in tho leafy slmae. Advantage may bo
takeu of this to have n pleasant surprise
for children. A pineo cf stiff paper
placed around r.n enp'o in tho full sun
will shade it, and if the Wary or Bobbio
is cut in the paper so that tho sun can
color the apple through theso stencHcd
spaces tho little one can gather the ap
ple for itself with tbo name printed on
the fruit by natnro herself. Meehau's
The Honor More Tlmn Salary.
The salary of an associate justice of
the supreme court $10,000 per year
Is not sufficient in itself to tempt a first
class lawyer, but the honor is an attrac
tion which is hard to resist. This ac
counts for the fact that our highest ju
dicial tribunal is equal to tho best
courts of other countries, which are
much better paid. St. Louis Globo-Deuiocrat-
As the sword of tho best tempered
metal is most flexible, so tho truly gen
erous are most pliant aud courteous in
their behavior to thoir inferiors. Ful
ler. More than 1,000 forms of snow crys
tals have been observed and copied.
ejonstner tno great rDnivlt-de -f Chris
tians who are constitutionally meapause
of believing that there cau be gci in
any other religious system than their
own. How many Protestants aro there
who hold it incredible that any good
thing can come ont of Rome? Can you
number the Romanists who aro without
faith in anything the Protestants ever
A similar peculiarity ia seen in races.
There are many L-ishmen who can be
lieve in nothing but Saxon "perfidy,"
many Poles who can believe in nothing
but Russian "wickedness, many Bo
hemians who can believe in nothing but
the German "brute," and many Eng
lishmen who can believe in nothing but
the "unspeakable" Turk. All the Vear
"In the economy of nature," says a
philosopher, "nothing is lost The in
side of an orange may refresh one man,
while the outside of the same fruit may
serve as the medium for breaking an
other man's leg. "
The Orthodox Jewish congregations
in this country number 816. They have
123 synagogues and also use 193 balls,
.'hey chum a membership ot 57,507.
Poor Strsdsht riuslica Kesalt In an Equal
I Division of the Stakes.
' A straight flush iu the great Ameri
' can game of draw peker is such a rr.rity
that the person holding it isrpganded as
one of the nio?;t fortuuatouud blessed of
; mortals. Devotees of that game will
j pernse the following etory with incredu
lity, bet its absoluto authenticity can
; be verifitd by at least ten thoroughly
j reliablo witnesses : A party of four play
era entered a place not a thousand niiks
. from Summit one night not long ago
: and prepared to enjoy a few houra of
recreation at their favorito game. An
other game iu progress at the time was
fall, 60 tho four players were obliged to
' start at an adjoining table.
The "jack pot" came around, eacn or
the f arr players filled in, aud tho game
proceeded. Tho cards, regulation pack,
03 cards, wero cut by the player to the
right of the dealer and dealt out in the
regular manner. The first player to the
ltft of the dealer opened tho "jack pot,"
and each succeeding player in turn
raised. The limit was 10 cents, and the
players are usually light bottora, so
that tho raising and lively chipping in
beforo tho draw created considerable
Enrptise. When tho dealer prepared to
serve the cards for tho draw, eacL of tho
players stood "pat," and tie betting
again started.
Yi'hen each of the players had chipped
in $10, it was decided to stop the bet
ting, as that amount had never before
been wagered on a game In the place,
and none of tho players could afford lo
risk a greater amount. When the hands,
wero shown, some of tho players almost
succumbed to heart disease, for there
lay four straight Sashes, one of each
suit and all running from four to eight.
Tho pot was dividtd, and the cards
wero carefully put away lu a case to be
preserved as a reminder of the greatest
pxikor bauds ever held in this section
end probably in tho United States.
Summit (N. J. ) Record.
How l;!ce Zctrodnccxl This rnlqnc Char
acter to tho Stnc.
In the early twenties Thomas Dart
mouth Rico first entered upon his theat
rical career by "doing littlo uojrcbits,"
fiotween tho acts of plays, Eay3 the
writer ia tho Boston Herald. While iu
Lonisvillo tho theater at which be per
formed looked out back upon an old
stable yiu-d, around which there Was
constantly lounging an old. decrepit
slave named Jim Crow, who was so
frightfully deformed cs to appear Inhu
man. His left chonldcr r.lcpcd off from
tho neck in a way that would indicate
that tho bono had been inverted, iiis
lower limu3 were dreadfully distorted,
tho left knee In-in a huge bo:iy knot
larger than hi.i head, which caused hhu
to rucvo about with u pitiful, yet ludi
crous, hobble.
Ihis forlorn dr.rky was in the habit
i f crooning a queer old truie, aud desig
nated the close of each verse by taking
a peculiar stop "rkin tie heel." Rice
closely watched this unconscious per
former, aud conceived the idea of pro
ducing r. t'lmilarstago character, which,
ho felt assured, would "take" wonder
fully. Accordingly, he made up prcciso-
ly aa the, oriyinal I "VPCl Tipojl
morons versed to the air slightly
changed and unlcktffd of the poor,
wretched cripple. The audlouo? reeeoVed
this innovation whb L:u-(a cf apphTuso,
enct rini him a d- zen times the liest
night. And thes "Jim Crow" Jumped
into fame cud l'liinjoriab'ty.
An Impomlblo Sifrlf.ee.
A Hungarian paper says that FranctS
Deak, the Hungarian statesman, ned
to get rid of troublesome visitors by
telling them the following etory : "Once,
v hen in Paris, Napoleon and I paid a
visit to a hospital for old soldiers. Here
he perceived among the rest a man who
had lost ono of his arms, and he entered
into conversation with him. 'Where did
yoa lose your arm ?" asked tho emperor.
'At Austoilitz, your majesty.' 'Then
no doubt you curse tbo emperor and
your country every tirao yon look at
your mutilated limb?' 'No indeed,' pro
tested the veteran, 'for the cinpt-ror and
my native laud I would readily sacrifice
my other arm if needs be. ' 'I can hardly
believe that,' the emperor remarked
and passed on. But the soldier, anxious
to prove that he was in earnest, imme
diately drew a caber from it sheath and
lopped off his other arm. "
Here Deak would pauso and fix a
penot rating look on his visitor. "Well,
what havo yon to soy of such a man
and such an action?" "A most sublime
act of self sacrifice 1 A truly noblo char
acter !" This wa3 the stylo of reply in
variably given. "But tho story has ono
fliwv," he would gravely add. "What
is that, pray?" "It is simply imprac
ticable. How could a one armed man
coctrivo to cut off Ms only remaining
A Small Engines dillrilnar.
The distinction of lxiiu(j tho smallest
business establishment in this city i
churned f.r a diminutive Georgia plt:e
building at 8.ijK:wt lion: ton street,
where is Icja'rd a candy, fn't and soda
water bj:-'iue-n. Tho ctructnra isfilted
tigMly between two towering brick
vails cud covers an all.'vway surface
which bad not hiihe-rio I wen cons-e.'.'.ved
sr.- - ;.tilile of utilization. Ti;o cerjt
tbo tiny place was $150, and it rents
for $200 a year. Ita actual measure
ments are 5 feet 4 inches front, 13 feet
deep and 9 feet high. New York Her
ald. Single Hen Chastised.
Plato condemned tho single men to a
fine, aud in Sparta they wero driven at
stated times to the temple of Hercules
by the women, who there drilled them
in trno military style.
Married a Foreigner. '
"So old Brown is married at last?"
"Yes, and a fnrrinor, I 'oard. "
"A foreigner? No, an English lady."
"Oh, I 'eard as 'ow she was a Tar
tar. " London Judy.
...... a
The pkuit of friendship grows only
in tho warm air of cougeaiiality. Con
fidence binds its parts tcge-ther and is
the cohesive power of its nature, while
sympathy is the b.'e giving tap coursing
through every tibe r. It is r.n evergreen
aud is indigenous to all labels. Iu
most beautiful flowers rpcu during the
night, and, while a perennial bloomer,
it is moat fragrant in winter. Tinio
cannot wither or destroy it; ape but
strengthens and develops. C. S. Field.
Writer Can you tell me where I can
go to suffer oxcrutiating agony for a
brief season? I'm writing a torture
chapter in my novel and want to get it
as near to nature as I cau.
Critic Um um er oh, yes, I
know just the place Come np to my
house this evening. Tho young lady
next door is going to have an amateur
musicale. Detroit Free Press.
The Comma
The common bean was cultivated by
the ancient Egyptians, but their priests
regarded it as "unclean." The Old
Testament mentions the bean twice,,
and it is certain that the Hebrews knew
of its existence at least 1,000 yean B. C
ftome of the Odd Diaccitiea of Operatise
a Una ThronH Queer Coontriea,
A good deal of romance hovers around
tho means by which the world's news is
gathered. Tho speed and ccuracy with
which telegraph messages are trans
mitted between the uttermost parts of
the cLrth ia marvelous when tbe condi
tions under which tbey are sometimes
transmitted are considered.
The ludo-Ruropean telegraph line
offers a good illustration. It runs f rom
London to Lowestoft on the east coast
of England. It then dips under the sea
to Emden, on the CJormaa coast, whence
it pasces through Germuny to tbe Rus
sian frontier. From this point the wire
passes by way of Warsaw, Iiawno, Odes
sa, tho Caucasus, and Tiflis to Persia,and
by Tanris to Teheran, tho capital of the
shah's queer domain. There it joins
the Indian government lino which runs
from the Persian capital to Bushise on
tbo Persian gulf. Thence the wires run
through Baluchistan, and complete the
route by connecting at Karachi, in
northern Iudia. Tbe operation of Ibis
immoiiKe stretch of line, passing through
countries of tueh varying climates and
general characteristics, is obviously one
of much difficulty. Oa the snow
Bwept "steppes of Rus-da tho wires are
sometimes snapped like thread by the
rapid flight of fiockeof wild gese. The
polos aro cut down and made into fire
wool by the nomud tribes of tho Cau
casiuu districts, and the cunning inn
keepers of Georgia seek to boom their
post horee trr.de by deliberately creating
fault.1; in the wires. In certain parts of
tho mountainous regions of Ar.ia the
maintenance of tho solitary line involves
uo little personal risk and hardship to
tho staff h.tnds. Communication is
often cut off by avalanches in the moun
tain districts, and tho work of repairing
after a nowf!l of five or six feet is
do light matter.
These mountain stations are provi
sioned with ?overal mouths' supplies be
fore tho winter sets in, as the staff will
bo in touch with tho rest of tho world
by tbe wire enly until tho spring
weather opens cut tho passes. Iu these
supplies are always iuclutled a liberal
allowance of books and games where
with to relievo the monotony of the
tedious winter exile, New York Sun.
It Is Claimed Ti:it While Long It Ia Mot
Wrong impressions aro hard to eradW
cato from the human mind. In the
noith and we.;t it is a popular delusion
that southern summer.! are extremely
hot and oppressive, and that life hero
during tbo summer mouths is almost
unbearable. This impression is formed
upon no knowledge of the matter, but
simply upon tho assumption that, as
v.c r.ro nearer tho equator, it nTust
nccew-arily bo much v.-annex tban in
me.ro northern latitudes. An investiga
tion of tli records of tho government
weather btueuu will show that there is
no groiyid for such an p.sumptiom.
Onr summers aro long, but tbey are
not unpleasant. Tho heat in tho north
and west ia much mcio oppressive dur-
ia June, July and August than in the
1 w-'i-s ,vt:i stiii?M-'wo are Pinn
decidedly mere sultry. Otir long even
ings aro delihtfal, anti a sultry night
is et'hjoru esperic!,cCL Oar laborers
work in tbo field;! all tLsy long, and
suffer levs from tbo wf.rnitll than those
of tbe north.
Ia a uufidioll, our fcumin;ni compute
fuvor..b!;r with those of any section of
the Country, afid our long, pleasant,
warm season ts a dovided advantage.
Our fanners r.n oomnieuoo to work the
lai:d long lieforc their corthern and
We-slern brothers 1- ink of beginniug,
und cm continue to utilise it months
after they hare etopi-cd. In the towns
and cities tho residents are exempted
from heavy expenditures for worm win
ter clothing, and for tho larger portion
of the year the ouly fnel burned is for
cooking pur pices.
Iu comparison with the north aud
west, it is doubtful if onr long, pleas
ant summer is not as far superior to
their short, blistering one cs onr sljort,
mild winters aro io their long, frigid
onea. Montgomery (Ala.) Advertiser.
Iwyrm Who Mt'to Their Own Wills.
Bfany celebrated men have neglected
to settle their affairs. Pen Jonson, Dry
den and Sir Isaac Newton all elred in
testate. Bacon Insolvent, and the epi
gram on Butler's monument in tho ab
bey Euflie.icutly explains why l.o and
many others liko him never made a
Tho poet's f;ito ia hero in emblem ehown:
He alc9 fur bread and hu receives a stone.
"Wills," suid Lord Coke, "and the
construction of them do more perplex
a man than any other, and to make a
certain construct ion of them exceedeth
jnri.sprudentium artem. " An old prov
erb says that every man is cither a fool
or a physician at 40. Sir H. Halford
huppeuing one day to quote the Baying
to a circle cf friends, Cunning humor
ously inquired. Sir Henry, mayn't he
be both?' ' At any rate experience teaches
thnt lawyers who drr.w their own Wills
sometimes make gieut mistakes. Sir
Samuel Romilly's will was improperly
wonted. Chief Baron Thompson 8 will
bocuiuo the subject of chancery proceed
ings, while the will of Bradley, the
emiuent conveyancer, was actually set
asida by Loul Thnrluw. Temple Bar.
Ths undersigned Executor of the last
will and 'cstamcnt of Josyph E. Rufl'mn.
late ot Fayette township, Juniata county,
rennsrvsuia, will offer for sale on the
prcmisrs in said township of Fayette, on
at 1 o'clock in tbe afternoon, lbs following
described real estate, to wit;
adjoining lacdi of Amanda Beashor, E. L.
Jamison, C. D. Shedcnberger aad others,
SO ACRES, more cr less mere or less, hav-
ing thereon erected a
Frame Bask Bark and all 'ho necessary
There in a first class orchard oa the place:
Apples, pears and other fruit.
Ths Innd is Limestone Flint. About 25
.teres cleared; balance in Timber, and U
mi listed less tban 1 nsilo east of ifcAUster.
TERMS OF SALE 10 per cent, in cash
on day of sale; 40 per cent, on April lit,
1856; balance April 1, 1897, with interest
from April 1, lsa6, to be secured by judg
ment in mortgage. Deed aud poisession
Riven, April 1, 18W,
Also at the same time and place: 1 horse,
1 cow. tanning implements, harness, wag
on, Household Furmtnre, Carpets and oib
r articles to numerous to mention.
Lewis Diobh,
Executor ot Joseph E. KaufTmxn, dee'd.
September 18th.
A full line of all hardy FRUIT and OR.
NfAMENTAL TREES, Shrubs, Evergreens,
Vines, Eosas, Hedge plants, Ate. Agents,
men or women, wanted tor immediate em
ployment. Address, with reference to
Morris Naraarias, West Chester, Pa.
Get a good paper by subscribing for the
Weak, Tired, Nervous
I was leellna; as" miserable as any one
eonld feel, tired all the time, many times
unable to go out on the street even after
I had started. If I went up one flight of
stairs I felt aa though I ahould falL I
had palpitation of the heart and suffered
matly with catarrh of the head and
throat. I finally decided to try Hood's
Baraapmrlua, and soon felt better. I used
the third bottle and I then felt like
a different person. I hose others in ill
health will do as I did. If yon take
Hood's Saraaparilia and use It faithfully
I am sure yoa will be benefited. I have
also found Hood's Fills to be of great
benefit and I highly recommend them."
Miss Jkssib FaaucovT, Saddle River, N.J.
Hood'o Sarsaparilla
lo the OnSy
True Blood Pmiuci
Prominently in the public eye today.
Heed's PHI ro all liver Ills. 25c
will prepare a person
than any other school in tbe State.
Trv next rear. 40 weeks cost
J. Harry Dvsixgeb,
Mifflin town, fonna.
fa this S
(fit ia Kepi
Z H av
- r can tint hlu
;'l -tUtri. tin-. it)fi'.U,A
yam itiriu$ii
Xftll- ili-iiiiif
Ar fTTl & n rTi lTtT, i
the WJiUD over'.
o. . uii4. ..x.
V- v; - .s
A wonderful Improvement In Friction FrnN and
l.is-nnrK, tsucK raoiionor f nrnaaca itmrmiR Utst
aeanyuuierin tiieruarKec r rirllnnl luo h F c-I,
cnuslne all tneftd gvarinz to H'anil Mill lillo buck
mit: arrat MtTlna- power and irrr.r, Ken 1
ScenOOnntaaipn furlarKeettaloxneand prices AXro
4prtna Ilarrawa. liar ltake. t'ulliTatora,
'orriHiiteni,Sliellcra,etc. Jl-ntiun (Ai ;;;.
HEBCU mtOJttUOla). Slrrs., Vork, fn.
and SIDirJC.
Llshtninc, Fire and Stona Precis
Send tor I The Pen Ii
Iraa R mm sual Oasiaw
catalogue i aatiaut
at prloak I
If roa want work tnat is pleasant ana proncaDte,
send as yoar adaraM inunediatelr. We taeh awn
and wossen how to earn from aa.OO per day to
S.OOO per year wlthoat havhif baa prerieus
exerieBee, and furiiUh I lie eniplo vnieut at wbtcli
they can mak t bat anuauu jatUiufi dilhcult to
teara er that reauiras atush Una. The work fc)
easr, healthy, ana toaerabW, nd saa bedoae awr.
Illg aavfHue ur To,nii)re, rum in wrg,i iwui-
ilr, wherarer yoa lire. Tbe resalt T a (aw
Btara' wwrk eAew eaamla a week's wbm
We Kv tanrlit thraanKda of both seaws aal an
aaes, and many harm laid foaadatloea that win
surely otitis lurn ridic. ouiho ei im vaiarieHV
mum la Ihis country owe tlMtr sueesss ia Hfa a
the start aire them while la mr eanalty yenrs
ao. Yoa, render, may lie as weH; try it. Tea
eanaet fail. No enplral neaeemrr. Wefltyoaeut
with something thst is new, solid, ami sure. A
book briatf ul of advlee is (res to aU. Help rear,
self by writ in for it to-day not to-saarrew.
Delays are costly.
H. C. ALLEN & OO.,
Bex 430,
Garfield Toas:
P.u res Sick Head ache
trawiv V v
Foaaded IB 1S3'J. Large Faculty.
Two fu l courses of study Classical and
Scientific, P Feci d courses in all depart
ments. Obsi rvalory, Laboratories ana
new Grmnssinro. Sfeam heat. Libraries,
22,000 volumes. Expenses low. Depirl
roent of Hygiene and Physical Culture in
charge of an experienced phystciau. Ac
cessible by frequent railroal trains. Loca
tion on the BATTLEFIELD ot Gettysburg,
most pleassnf and healthy. PREPAR-a'a-AaaV
nrpmTMLlT iu separ
ate buildings, lor boys and youug man pre -
paring tor business or tjouege, uuuer
ial care of tbe PriscipsJ aod three asaist
srts, residing with students in tbe bnildiag.
Fall term opens September otb, 1893. For
Catalogues, address
or BEV. O. G. KLINGER, A. M.,
Qetttysburg, Pa,
Correspondence Solicited. Philadelphia
Long Distance Telephone 519.
The following schedule went Into effect
Nov. 19, 1893, aod the trains will bo run as
p. m
4 80
4 86
4 39
4 45
4 61
4 64
4 56
4 59
9 16
9 21
9 24
9 26
9 29
9 31
9 36
9 39
9 41
9 44
Leave Arrive
KiDg's Mill
'Sulphur Springs
"Cornian Siding
Montebello Park
Long's Road
Groen Pirk
Montour June
a. m p. m
8 40 3 50
8 34 3 41
8 31 8 41
8 29 3 39
8 20 3 36
8 24 3 31
813 3 29
8 16 3 26
8 14 3 21
8 11 8 21
8 05 3 15
7 52 2 45
7 46 2 39
7 43 2 86
7 40 2 33
7 84 2 27
7 82 2 25
7 27 2 20
6 55 1 50
6 10 10 00
6 17 10 07
5 22 10 13
6 26 10 16
6 28 10 19
5 24 10 25
6 36 10 27
6 41 10 32
6 09 11 20
p. m a. m
Arrive Leavo
a. m p in
Train leaves Bioomtlald at 6.10 a. in.
and arrives at Landisburg at 6.47 a. in.
Train leaver Landisburg at 6.14 p. in., and
arrives at Bloomtield at 6. 61) p. ni.
Trains leave Loysvilie tor Duncannon at
7. 220 a. in., and 2. 15 p. m. Returning,
arrive at 10 37 a. m., and 4.66 p. m.
Between Landisbnrg und Loysvilie trains
run as lollows: Leave Landisbnrg for Loy -ville
6 65 a. m., and 1 60 p m., Loysvilie
for Landisburc 11 10 a. m., and 5 09 p. m.
All stations marked () are tlag stations,
at which trains will come to a full stop on
Locis E. ATKUisoa. K. a. M. Ps jnsll
CyCollecting and Conveyancing prompt
ly attended to.
Office On Main street, la place of reel
dence of Louis K. Atkinson, Esq., south
Bridgo street. fOct 26, 18P2.
District Attorney.
have formed a partnership for the practic
of Medicine and their coilattpral brauciics.
Office at old stand, corner of Thirl and Or
aoge streets, MifHintown, Pa. One cr toih
of them will be found at their office at s'.I
times, unless otherwise profession-dry ec
1st, 18t5.
(Graduate of tbe Philadelphia Dental Col
lege,) formerly of Mifflinburg, Pa., has lo
cated permanently in Mtfttintowny s suc
cessor to the late Dr. (I. L. Derr, and will
continue the denat business (cstibiUbed
by the latter in 1360) at the well kaown of
fice on Bridge street opposite Court Ijuse.
Ao CAloroform, Ether, or Gas used.
No Sore Gums or Diseomfort to patient,
either dnring extraction or afterwards
All these are Guaranteed rr no charge
will be made.
All work guaranteed to give perfect
satisfaction. Terms, strictly cash.
Practical Deutlat.
The nndersigned persons have associated
them?efves togethor for tbe protection ot
Willow Run Trout stream iu Lack town
ship, Juniata Co., Pa. AU persons are
strickly forbidden not to trespass np'n the
land or stream of the said parties to fish
as the stream has been stocked with trout
Persons violation this noice, will be pros
ecuted according to law.
R. H. Patterson,
T. H. Caruthtrs, J. P.
Kob't A. Woodside,
W. D. Walls,
Frank Vawn,
Dyson Vawn.
April 23, 1895.
The nndcrsigntd persons hare formed an
Association for the protection of their re.
spective properties. All persons are here
by notified not to trespass on tbo lands of
the undersigned for the purpose of hunting
gathering nuts, chiping timber or throwing
down fences or firing timber in any way
whatever. Any violation et the above no
tice will be dealt with according to law.
John MicliaO,
William Puflenberger,
Gideon Sieber,
Beashor Jl Zook,
Mary A. Brubaker,
Joseph Rolhrock,
John Byler,
Famuel Bed.
September 6, 1896.
Salary acd expenses or commission.
High trade Stock at low
specialties. Seed Potatoes, &e.
in every town. Steady wark. Pay Week.
ly. Address, H. B. WILLIAMS, Sec'y
Portland, N. T. Sep. 15,1896.
AShSl."'! PAI..MS I Tenth Year.
umih?n. I BlUSINEMS I fhBhf
Commercial I MM Chestnut St, I t.
Braachsa, Philadelphia, I rornished
The maximum of kaowledeattn,mutauoiot 'ooat
aXOWeifuaUw. TEX W. PAIdta. PreaU
Cwnaumptlon Surely Cured.
To Tan awws:- Flaass inform vonr rH.1
asatlhava a posture remadr tor the abore-n.mi
By Ua timalj nae thousands of hspelesa
oases have bean parmsnantly cared. I shall be gbul
w asao swoBottlea of my remedy FBKE to auy of
Toar laadam who bare eonatunotioa if ti.c-rriii
asod m thatr Eipreas and P. O. addnaa. liaepect.
tatty. X. A.aUX3UMM.C,llPaaoU.x.
Oa and after Sunday, May 20
1895, iraics will run as fo!ln,- '
Way Passenger, leaves Philadelphia at
4 30 a. ro; Harrisburg 8 18 a. m; Duncan
non 8 54 a.m; New Port 9 24 a.
lerstown 9 86 a. in; Dinword 9 43
Tbomsontown 9 47 a. tn; Van Dko '955
a. m; Tuscarora 9 59 a. ni; Mcxici," if) qo t
m; Port Ro.val l' 07 a. m: Mifllin 10 it"
m; Detiholm 10 21 a, rr.; LcwUtown lij 41)
a ni; .McVejtown 11 f8 a. m; Newt(,n
Usmilton 11 3 1 a. m; Mount Uninr. n 41)
a, m; Huntiugdcu 12 10 p. ni; Tyrone 1 02
p. mj A'toona I 45 p ro; Pittsn-ir.?ti C) p. m
Mfl'l Train leaves Phila l'-lfilr.n at 7 00 a!
ro, Harrinburg 11 20 a. ni; Dunrannoa 1 1 5()
a. tn; Newport 12 14 p. in; Mi!Hin 12 VJ p.
m; Le-istosrn 1 12 p. in; UcVevtown 133
p. m; Mount Union 1 C6 p iu; Humin'lon
2 17 p. ro; Petersbnra; 2 30 p. m; Tyrone
3 05 p. in; Altoona 3 40 p. ni; i'i:it.lilr(
8 10 p. m.
Altoona Accommodation Icavea Harris,
burp; at 6 00 p. ra; Duncannon 5 HI p. mi
Newport 6 02 p. m; JHillerstown 6 13 p. rn;
Thoropsontown 6 24 p. m; Tiiicarora 0 35
p. m; .Mexico 6 37 p m; Port Royal (j i
p. m; Mifliia 6 47 p. m; Denhol.11 6 o j p. Ul.
Lowistown 7 13 p. m; JlfcVeytown 7 SH p.
m; Newton Hamilton 8 00 p. iu; IIuiMitg'
don 8 82 p. m; Tyrone 9 16 p. in; Altoon
50 p. m.
Pacific Express leaves Philadelphia at
20 p. in; Harrisbur 3 10 a. m; alerts,
v le 8 21 a. 111; Duncannon 3 38 a. ni; 2im.
pi it 3 59 a. in; Port Royal 4 81 a. 01; Mir.
ttin 4 87 a. m; Lenistown 4 58 a. ni; Mc
VeitowaS 30 a. m; Huntingdon 6 OS a.
ni; 'lyrone 6 55 a. ni; AltoODa 7 10 c. ni;
Pittsburg 12 10 p. m.
Oyster Express leaves Philadelphia at 4
40 p.m; Hanisburg at 10 20 p. in; Newport
11 06 p. m; Mifflin 11 40 p. ro; Lciri..twn
12 58 a. ta; Huntingdon 12 55 a. m.; Tn.ne
142 am; Altoona 2 00 a. m; I'ittst ur,; 5 30
a. in.
Fast Line leaves Philadelphia at 12 25 p.
m; Harrrisburg 3 50 p. in; Dui.caii'm 115
p. ni; Newport 4 37 p. ni; Miillin 5 10 p. iu.
Lcwistown 6 29 p. iu; Mount Union e, e:p.
ni; Huntingdon 6 28 p. ni; Tyrone 7 Wi p
m; AitooDA 7 40 p ti; Pittsbars 11.50
p. 111.
Ilarrishiirg Accomma.iation leaves Al.
toona at 5 00 a. m; T) roue a 2S a in; Hu:it
ingrion 0 05 a. ni; Newton Il3Ui ''o 0
a. in; McVeylown 6 52 a. ni; Ll-wi'Ioau
7 15 a. in; Miiilin 7 35 a. nu Port Kiyal
7 44 a. in; Mexico 7 48 a. ro; Thomp-ou.
town 8 02 a. 111; Millerstowti 8 12 a.
Mewport 8 2- a. m; Duncmno'i 8 49 a f
Harristmrg 9 20 a. m.
Sea hore leaves Pitttsbnrg 3 10 a m;
Al'oona 7 15 a ni; Tyrone 7 a tn; Hunt
ingdon 8 30 a n;; .VcVevtovn 9 1 a ro:
Lcwistown 9 35 a n; Miillin ' '5 a tn;
Port Roval 9 59 a ai; Thompiontown 10 1 1;
Millerstown 10 21 am; Nowp-.rl 10 32 a in;
Dnnracnon 10 54 a ni; Marvsvillo 11
m; Harri-burg 1125a n-; Philadeh hi t .5 f.ij
p ni.
Ma;n Line Express leaves Pittsburg at
8 OO a. rc; A!!o-.:-a 11 40 a. nj; Tyron ; 12
03 p m; Iluntit.plon 12 35 p. in; Lewla
townl33p. ni; .Mifflin 150 p. in; Ibiriis.
1 urg C 10 p. a;j Baltimore 6 l-i p. ni; U a.-h-ington
7 30 p. 11.; Phi'.t lelphia G Ti p. m;
New York 9 23 ;. m
MH leaves A:;oona st 2 CO p. ni, Tymns
2 35 p. in, lliiniiiigd.iti 3 2o p 1:1; 'w-.it. a
Harnilten 3 51 p. ni; McVeytown 4 l .'ji. ri;
Lewistown 4 ::8 p. n ; Miillin 5i'i p. t.i.
Port R ival 5 t! ; "'S .Wexico 5 13 p. in;
Thompsoutoivn 5 p 11.; Millortown 5 3S
p. m; Newport 5 l-i p. ni; Dancaun-ja 20
p. ni; Harrisbtirg 7 !0 r. ni.
Mail Exprees leaves Pittsburg at 1 00 p.
re.; AItoi.ua G 05 p. in; Tytone ti 37 p m;
Hunttugdon 7 20 p. ia; JlcVt; to v. it ? I p,
n; Lewistown 8 25 p. r.i; 3 4 7 r. in;
P.Tt R 'j-a! ? -2 f . Ill: JlUkTsroTT
ir; Newuirl 5 9A p. r,.j r.UL.c.l.-C
1 p.
ni; IIrriburg 10 20 p. ru.
Pbila'le'iphta Exprr-ss arsa Pifii-'trr at
4 30 p. 01; Altoona 9 05 p. m; Tvi:. ;
p. rr; Hnntinirdon 10 12 p. ni: Mu:it i'a.
icn 10 S2 p. ir; L:wUto;v:i 11 10 p p; Mif.
Hin 11 37 p. ni; ilanisb ir? 1 00 a. mi; PLil
adilpbia 4 30 Now Vcrli 7 C3 it. u.
Trains for Suudnrr at 7 3-3 a. la. find h
p. m., leave .SnnOtiry for Lcwistovru 10 Oo
a. id, and 2 25 p. ni.
Trjifs loave li r Pcllfl'ontf and Lo '
Uavt-a ft S 1" a. t.i... ? 34 pnl 7 25 p. ro.
leave Lock liiv.3 ir Tyrona 4 89, 10 p.
ni. an 14 15 p. m.
i rtil':i hive Tyrone lor Cl-arH.-M and
j Cu' e-nsvillc at 8 30 a. m.. 3 15 and 7
p. 11. . itu.e tiirntjuoTini: lur iroue:.i ' oj
a. in , V 15 end 3 5 p ni.
For, ratsp, maps, etc., call oa Ticket
Agent.-, or address, Thos. E. Vi'att, F.
A. W. IX. 110 Fifth Avenue, Pitta,
burg, Pa.
S. IvJ. Pkevost, J. R. Wooh,
Gan'l Manager. Gcn'l Pass. Agt
lcy Railroad Company. Tims table
of pas-eneer trains, in effect on M'Qdav,
October 1st, 1894.
ward. East
v.T.ri. 1
3 1 1
r M I
6 05
6 OS
6 12
6 15
6 25
6 22
6 31
6 39
6 51
6 54
7 15
7 12
7 17
7 23
7 I-
7 41
7 45
A if
A M !
6 15'
6 19;
6 2
6 35
6 40
6 44
6 51
6 59
7 10
7 20
7 05
7 33
7 41
7 ;!'
7 45
7 4S
7 52
7 55:
r X
4 00
3 57
3 53
3 50
3 46
3 41
3 33
3 32
3 15
3 10
3 Vi
2 56
2 9
2 15
2 40
2 33
2 24
2 20
BnflHlo Bridge
Jnniata Furnace ...
V, bneta
WatT Plug
Bloomlield Jitnct'ti.
VaUev Road
Green Park
Loysvilie .........
Fort Robeson
Cisna's Run
Mount Pleasant ...
New Gcrmant'n ...
10 00!
10 03
10 07
10 10:
10 17
10 20
10 26
10 S4
10 4i
10 49!
1 1 00!
11 07!
11 12
11 18
11 22i
11 30
11 36
11 40
D. GRING, President and Manager.
C. Miller, General Agent.
Wo want a few men to sell a Choirs JCmm
of Nnrse-ry Stock. Wo cannot muke you
rich iu a monlh bnt can give you jcjis
employment and will pay yen well for it.
Our prices correspond with the times.
Write for term and territory to
July 14. 1895. Rochester, N. Y.
S-1 Fo scents. We sen fWoj
"("t S? ' L Chtaiiwue at tVh..le
; 3 t' . t t" .! Jf'rlee. fc!ir I'm
aac-;rrit3 j t iTieari at same as asents tell
oj "Jfy. oar atss) woi.-1-riins, i lbs., same assay
tiaarasteed same as aeU 611 for tii to flCO.
Perfect ltnes. pcrfectsteerlnir. perfect rUJustnient.
C:uaranU:e!l?aiut8 nin-nis roll xor I1SS ard fux
V'Tittnn warranty "ith every mi;ehinv .'v r tirno
- -i bur a b..-yrl IlironKuanrgpntyor. i-;-, ..-.t'
or than ourwhotesale price for ei-. cjt.n.icy.
il costa auout h much to sell bicycle througn
ula and dealer as It doee to mjki teri. let
rudaoaa and economy sucgot the hettrr way ana
buy f rom us aireet at wliil.alJ frier
bmps Illustrated Catalogue free.
Acme Cycle Company,
.1 .
V. -r-4 '