Juniata sentinel and Republican. (Mifflintown, Juniata County, Pa.) 1873-1955, August 21, 1895, Image 2

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B. F. S C H W E I E R
cmi-ok aud ranrsiiTos..
The combine that havo orauizscl
to tnru dowD Q icy, represent one
hundred million dollars watered
stuck in Philadelphia alone, and tUe
people we expected to pay the inter
est oa that watered stock to the
corabica thieve. Pooplo Lave gone
into violent revolution for lees out
rao upon their rights thaa that.
Qcav carried five of the six coun
ties that votoi liwt Saturday. Ches
ter, 5 for Quay : Cameron, 1 for Quay;
Mifllin, 1 for Qa:iy; Fnlton, 1 for
Quay. Total, 1) Lr Quay. Hastings
carried one county for Gilkeson, tliat
of Lycoming, which gives the com
bine three delegates- Saturday's
work sums up delegates for Qoaj;
3 delegates fur Hs stings, Gilkeson.
Peter Fbeuericx Kothermzl, a
Pennsylvania artist, who was born at j
.Nescopeck on trie norta brand) of
the .Sii.-qnelir.nna, Jul 8, 1813, died
of cancer in his m.uith on the night
rf t.'.e 14th of Adjust, lla painted
the great pictun ''Battle of Gettys
burg, 32 feet long, 13 feet wide, for
the Stafe of Penasylvanip, and nctiv
ed .25,000 for the work. The paint
ing is in the State Capital at Harris
burg. When you go to Harrisburg,
go and see the painting.
Aa exchange asks: "Mother dees
this fit ycu.' A girl of our acquaint
ance recently foiled a package of love
lett'is in an old trunk thai Lad been
written to her mother by bc-r father
belt re t!;ey had been married. The
dutiful daughter saw that sho could
havo a little eporf, and read them to
her mother, substituting her own
name for that of her mother and htr
line oung man for that of her fatutr.
The mother fairly raved and seemed
utterly disgusted and forbade her
daughter having anvtbing t- do w:th
a young man who would write such j
sickening, nonsensical staff to a girl.
S'jc then bande.l the let tern to her.
mother to read and the houso became
so still mid the at.-uosphera eo op
pressive that tho grass could be
heard growing ii the back-yard.
Three Cattla Daad-
Thrce o )v.. -i belonging to Chides
Gieckler uf Irter township, have
died withm ho list ten days of a dis
ease r'st-:nbling Texas fever or r.leuTo
pneuiifonia, a:id two others are in a
bad way. Mr. Gaeckltr does not
know how bis cattle contracted the
cliser, a they have been kept at
le:i.t il m ie from those of his nearest
neiq!j!i;r;.. Ths theory lhat Sir.
Grur's cattle at lirmii:giiam caoght
the Tr-xis fevT by graz'Tg alert? the
railroid, whs-re the microbes of tho
disease were left by cattle going
through on st.:ck trains, does not ap
ply in the present case, for Mr.
Gaeckler is situated fully three miles
from the P. Ii. II , and tho origin i-f
the disease must therefore be attrib
ute! t-i some other source. One of
the c ws thnt died, bled freely at the
lioalriia. Tho others broke orit in
sor s c-n their backs abont the size of
a !eii-etnt Silver piece, and they ap
peared tj 19 in great agony. Mr.
Gaeckler is treating tho two remain
ing cows of the herd himself and
hopes to save them, bat the hot
weather is very much agiinst them.
Uuntiugdon Glob;-, August 15.
A Doctor's Account Book-
Tho Franklin Repository of Aug.
m. 14, 18!o, gives the following de
cision of Judge Stewart, which is rel
ative to the manner in which a Sbip-pen-sburg
doctor kept his book of
ciiargos upon which he roi'ls a largo
ebiim for m-idic -l attendance.
Catharine Subively was an old lady
in ill health who lived for a numbar
of yoars tit G-fetnviilao in uis coun
ty. She wos a sister of Dr. J. B.
Schivt'ly's mother of Shipponsburg.
Aftor tbe death of the DjcLoi's moth
er, CitLiiriuo Sis-iivelv married the
DjcU.r's fiith!r: 30 that the decadent
was at onw ilu aunt and step-mothfer I
of tb.3 Doctor, j
Catharine Schively became very ill j
in February 1891 and died in Slay j
1801. From 1887 until he.r death, !
oi,.. Cz ., tt.....i ..1 i. 11. r,. u !
presented at tvj audit of her estate,
a largo cUiru for medical service.
The claim wus resisted upon Siv
cial groti'iils, among others that dur
ing a part of the time for which com
pensation was chained the Doctor
v.is a membor of the decedent's fam
ily, and that during that time no
compensation therefor could be claim
ed unlees an express contract to pay
for them was shown. It was con
tended din that tbe book which the
Doctor presented as evidence in sup
port of his claim wai not a book of
original entries, but was only used
by the Doctor as memoranda frcm
which to make Lis charges.
Ju lgo Stewart fn dlsv .wing tha
claim s '-The book submitted in
fi'ippjrt of tbe claim is not r book of
orig:uaI entries. It has still fewer of
the requisites of whit is known as a
blotter or counter book. It contains
memoranda intended to serve until
the proper entries could be made:
and such of thftm ns were 'made at
the time of tbo particular service
charged for so moagr? as to be unin
telligible to anyone except to the
party who mad them or by his help;
thj entries not being charges, but
simply u.ata from which charges were
to te tn.ida subsequently, they can
not bo used in evidence in the way
I ropored.
1 be ! :ok is what is known as a
I'hrsicir.iis Visiting List, correepond
exac 3 ho far as we can see to the
book which was offered in evidence
under similar circumstances in Ger
man's estate. In that caae it was
disallowed as u book of original en
tries in an opinion by Judge Ashman
which presents the entire argument
and leaves nothing to be added.
In the present case tha book has
less to support it than in that inas
much as Dr. Schively himself testi
fies that the only charges made at
the time of the services were render
ed ore the strokes made under' the
days of tbe week; the amount on the
right Land margin of the page are
made when the book is posted; it
mav be at tbe end of the week; some
time during the following week: and
sometimes two or t.brei wefk-. Il
wc-nld t an UnprceedLnlsd liberal
ity to allow such lacuioiT-n'Sa fho
force of original entries as m'ttteri
of evidence. Since tbe claim was un
supported by other evidence it must
Quay Sweeps Chester County at
the Primary Election.
The Senator's Election as State
Chairman Positively Assured.
Th Indication Are Saw Tlit nattlngs
anil GllkMoa Will Mot Hava Store Than
a Itakera Dozen of Couutie In the Con
entioa Qnaj'e Manrolotu Tietory Over
the Combine of PlillaiXelphta and
Philadelphia, Aug. 19. Senator Quay
on Saturday scored a big victory. Pri
maries were held in flvo coiintleB.Chester,
Lycoming, Mifflin, Cameron and Fulton.
In all 11 delegate were ehosen and ol
these Quay captured S, winuing every
county but Lycoming, which is tho home
of Attorney General McCormick. Chester
has 6 delegates and the other three carried
by iUo ISoavcr man havo 1 each. These
TlctorlfS, with Montgomery, Schuylkill,
Lancitxter oad tho torty other suro Quay
uouutles, absolutely insures the eloctlon
ol Quay oj state chairman.
A rtUpateh from West Chester says:
Tho vote cast at tho Republican primaries
in Chestorconnty wai a record breaker,
and Quay sweeps everything. j
Iu We.t Chester one of tho largest votes'
ever counted was out, and in every pre
cinct the contest waged bitterly.
In tho country districts an exceptionally
large vote was also out. In many town
ships returns will bo late in gritting in.
EiK-h lotion has a cart-fully made up
table, howoviT, aud from these a pretty
correct estimato may bi gathered as to
the ultimate result.
The combiuo forces aro greatly disap
pointed at the showing made by them.
They are running away behind their cal
culations, and Quay will sweep the
There ras 6 stiff fight In tho recorder
ship contest between T. L. Eyre, of West
Chester, the Q'iay candidnte, and Thomas
D. Grover, of I'liwilxviile, the ll.uilins
candidate. While Eyre Is ruuuiiiir close
wltPQuay he will fall behind him prob
ably 10 delegates In tho convention. All
tho delogctes tu the state convention elec
ted arc not only Q.i:iy men, but ore In
structed for him for state chairman. They
ore H. C. ISuckwaltrr of West Chester,
Pavls Menou;;! of Oxford. ir:uivill
Prlzer of Lionville, F. B. lirakmau of
Coatesvilio and G. Koswoll Merrick of
Contesvilla Kyre cirries nlmost entire.
In West Chester ho wins 14 of the 18 dele
gate. Quay carries all but one precinct
In West Chester. There was a great lighi
made aaiust him here. ITis friends are
jubilant over this result.
Out;ic!o of West Cho.iter the districts
carried for Senator Quay are JJinninghani,
East Bradford, Cain, West Cain, Coates
vilio, West Uowiiinglon, Iluiicybrook,
Kew Garden, Newlin, Kast Nottingham,
Wt Kottingbam, l'eunsbury,' Third
ward of riiiLiiiivillo, Fourth ward ot
Pboenixville, ixth ward of Phienixvillo,
Sadsbury, W.;st Sadsbury. Spring City,
Uwchlr.n, Valley, Kast Vincent, West
WHitelanu, Atglcu, hjistX.-uituical, Hope
well, Oxford. The combine districts heard
from arj West lir.mdywine, l-'iftli pre
cinct of CjuIi-sx lUf, West Goshen, Chat
bam, West Xottingu;im, Liov.-tr Oxford
and Westtown.
With twf-rhlrtl"! of the county heard
from, tho lmiiiMtiona arc t!i!t Quay will
have 110 ujleimtes in the convention, and
Eyre 10U, while 8 are necessary to a choice.
A dispatch from McCounellsbiirg rays:
"No fifht letween tho old timo political
parties for many years has been attended
with inoro activity on tbe part of tbo con
testants than that within thu ranks of
the Republicans at tho primaries in Ful
ton county. While the watchwords Lnvo
been Hastings and Quay, yet the real
fight coDalfted in the opportunity for the
local politicians to settle old scores.
Trusted messengers scoured tho rural dis
trict, and each fnclion manifested a de
termination to win that showed too
plainly that they felt that defeat iu this
contest means political annihilation. Re
ports from Tod, MeConncllsburg, Thomp
son and Ayr, the last fie homo of Repre
sentative Pattsnoa, leader of the com
bine faction, show thnt Quay has swept
everything, and there is no doubt but
that he carries the entire county. Dr. A.
11. Pal bey will likely be chairman of tho
county comi.'iittce, and the election of
delegate to the state convention will be
between M. R. Shaffuor and Dr. W. I.
A dispatch from LewUtowa says: "Sev
enteen out of the nineteen districts give
Quay a majority of 300, and the other dis
tricts will probably increase his majority.
The contest has been tho most bitter ever
known hero. The administration mode a
most aggre3sivo uphill fight. The Woods
faction supported the cause of Gilkeson
and the Culbcrtson faction that of Quay.
Two emissaries of the administration
have been in tho county for two weeks,
aud ths sinews ot war were not wanting.
The victory of tho Culbcrtson faction is
complete II. J. Culbcrtson has secured
the nomination for president judge. Alex
ander Read, tho state delegate, will be In
structed for Quay."
' A dispatch from Kmporium says: "Re
publican primaries were held in Cameron
county and passed off quietly, and Quay
'will certainly havo tho state delegate.
Thcra did not eppcar to be a serious con
'test put up against him."
1 A dispatcn from Wyoming, dated Sat
urday, says: O'.vln r to tho dispute about
btato Delegate R. P. Northrop, tho Re
publicans of Wyoming county today held
another primary election. Tho Gilkeson
followers remained away from the polls
and there was no opposition to tho Quay
The convention of Monday will be of
ficered the same as the former conven
tion. Northrop will be given an oppor
tunity to face the convention, and, failing
to pledge himself for Quay, a new dele
gate, fully instructed for Quayr will be
Northrop is strongly opposed to Quay,
and was chosen a state delegate before the
fight began. He 6ince refuted to bo bound
by Quay instructions.
j Menders of tin State Gommittsa
i Demand a Meeting of TLxt Eodj.
Gllkeeoa RafBMa the) Request, Bat the
- Coiumittoo Will Omt Together tm Spite
or Hi Obstruct! Tactics Tbe Chair
man tho Creature aad Mot tho Master
mt tbe Party Fair Play All Around.
Hakkisburo, Aug. 19. Two letters
were sent to chairman Gilkeson, of the Re
publican state commiMeo, a few days ago.
Ono, from "Jack" Robinson, calls for aa
audit of his accounts in the last cam
paign, and tbo other, Glgnod by thirty or
forty members of tho state committee
demands the Issuance of a call for a meet
ing of that body In Harrisburg on Aug.
Cu. It has freely boon said that tbo Gilke
son faction Intend to doctor up tbo rolls
by shutting ont Quay men and substitut
ing dummies of tho combine in quarters
where "fake" contests bavo been organ
The letter from the members of the com
mittee asking for a mooting is as follows:
II. F. Gilkeson, Ksq., Chairman Repub
lican State Committee, 1231 Wuluut
street, Philadelphia, Pa.:
Sir Wo, the undersigned members of
tbe Republican state committee, duly
chosen and representing our respective
counties, and at large, respectfully request
that you call a meeting of the Republi
can state committee, to be held at Harris
burg on Aug. 23, 13Jo, at tho Lochlel hotel,
at Si o'clock p. in.
It is our opinion thnt thorn nro several
mutters requiring the serious attention
and direction of the couimlttco, and wo
believe thnt in the opinion of a great ninny
Republicans and members of the commit
tee such action might be taken at a ::i sett
ing of the committee as would harmonize
tho present disagreeable factional differ
ences existent In tho party and which if
not settled before the holding of tho stato
convention 111 ly lead to still further un
fortunate aud disastrous divisions In the
ranks of tho party. Vory respectfully,
JosErn O. Hornr,
How William H. Asu::ews,
Hon. Samuel A. Davenport,
Hos. Thomas V. Coorn:,
Members at L-irgo.
Allegheny John R. Murphy, b J. Tor
rance. Armstrong Williani W. Fiscus.
Beaver J. R. Harrah.
Berks J. B. fj. Fenstennachor.
Butler James M. Carson.
Chester Charles H. Speakmnn, Cbarlea
C. Wilder.
Carbon H. F. Kuntz.
Crawford Frank P. Ray, Joseph 21.
Cumberlond Jr.mcs M. Weakley.
Dauphin Allwrt Miller, J. Gilbert.
Delaware Harry Hugueuolle, John B.
Klk William E. Sapp.
Krle William J. Robinson, P. V.
Fayette Frank M. Fuller.
Forest W. T. Thompson.
Frnnklin M. A. Foltz.
Fulton Abel O. Griflith.
Huntingdon H. C. Chisholm.
Ltu kawonna F. M. Francis, S S. Jones.
Lancaster A. B. Hassl.-r. J. P. MUler,
Dr.vW Witmer, J. R. Stobcr.
Lawrence 4fcorga B. Berger.
Luzjrno William J. Harvey.
And twenty-flvo other me'iiliera.
Mr. Robinson, when asked about the
"twenty-five otherc," said: "I say twenty
five other members. Wo really have mora
by letter and wiro who signed, but I do
not wish to give all the namos. as It
would disclose who bavo joined In the
call. If Gtlkeson refuses the 1 -Jt of
the members they will issuo th 1 .;.ul and
meet anyhow. Then If h stiil p-rsislsin
refusing to have the rollcf di-.outos prop
erly prepared we will go into court and
compel him to do It."
Congressman John B. Robinson has
sent auothor letter to Gilkeson, asking
him what be did "with the fJO.OOO col
lected In the lust campaign." Tho 000
grcssman says, among other things:
"Yon have although been given several
weeks, so far rof used to give me any in
formation or reply to my lost letter.
"I havo tried to ascertain from the var
ious committeemen and otherwise whether
any consideri'.blo sums of money weruseut
into tbe various counties of tho stat: to
assist in the legitimate work of organiza
tion and election of the Republican can
didates of last year. I can only ascertain
that here and there In a few localities you
sent a few hundred dollars for this pur
pose. Tho county of Delaware, which 1
hare the honor to represent in part on the
state committee, did not receive a cout,
although our majority lost fall for tbo
head of the ticket was 6,500, the next in
size to that ot Philadelphia, Allegheny
and Lancaster counties. I have ascer
tained in ono instauco from tho commitr
tcemen from Berks county that you re
fused, after repeated calls, to send a small
amount ot monoy there for organization,
which might have resulted in tho return
of a Republican eongroasman from this
strong Democratic district. If you had
contributed (1,000 to each of tbe several
counties in the state tbeie would have
still remained of tha amount stated as
contributed $23,000 unaccounted for.
"It Is important that there be a meeting
of the state committee to set this matter
right between you and me, and, what is
of far greater importance, to place the
party In its proper relation toall its mem
bers; as any wrongful acts of yourself,
being chairman and at tho headship of
of the executive committee of tbo party,
would bring it Into a disrepute that would
militate against its future success.
Republican Newspapers ef PeonsylTanla
Score the Governor.
Tbe Republican newspapers cf tho state
continue to severely score Governor Has
tings for his course iu the present fac
tional contest.
The People Against KxeentiTo Interfax
enee la Fatlonal Polities.
The governor roust be able to percblre
by tnis time that wherovcr tho Republi
cans have been under the least restraint
from personal and official influences they
have cast the largest majorities against
the combine, and Indirectly against exec
utivo Interference iu a contest entirely
foreign to the function of tho guberna
torial ofllce. Pittsburg Commercial Gr
sette. Bastings Has Fallen into a Dsn of Thieves
and Plunderers.
Tfie triumph of Quay in this fight will
bo a victory for tho pjoplo. The success
of the comblna will mean further degra
dation, more corruption aud abject politi
cal slavery for the masses. The common
people ar.- :rry Governor Hastings has
iU-md ilieiii and fallnu into a den of
thii-M' -n-i.l ;li!.'i'l.-r.-i-s in order to assist
ii; .'..!... 13 tii-ji-.i. Harrisburg Nows.
Tlid C-i:;iTj.uo r-ni.-i'a A: Afraid to Go
t tile i'roplc
One of the 111.1st significant "straws" in
the present battle within tbe ranks of the
Republican ;..rty is II10 fact that in every
instance where the Quay pooplo have
asked that an expression of opinion on
the stats ohairraanshlp question, by Tote,
be allowed, tbe present state chairman
and candidate for re-election, Gilkeson,
has refused. Hollidaysburg Register.
The Cameron Bngabe lent Catting Unoh
of m Figure.
The Cameron bugaboo Isn't cutting
much of a figure in the factional tight in
i state politics. There ore many men sup
porting Quay who would not be for Cum
I eron under any circumstances, and vioe
j versa. The trouble with the combine is
; they have no issue. The fight made on
j Senator Quay is yet to be Justified.
' Wellsboro Advocate.
CliU.esosj Co'iM Kut IIa1i tha Ma
J'irit of JLaftt Tmrr
It Is miliar amu-lug t-) sue tko combine
oreaitio'i Gillnston with lasttyear' Ko
publicurt iii.ijurily iu Pennsylvania. Why,
ho couldn't have prevented it if ho tried.
Tho Mntiro country went that way, a-id it
was like olwyiug the lvw of grivici-.ti-n to
have Pennsylvania's great majority go tha
way it did. Scruutoul'ruth..
Quay Has Made a Clrau Sweep of Weet
era PannkjlvMata.
Senator Quay has made a clean sweep of
western Pennsylvania, always excepting
Allegheny county, which wm "c up" by
Magce and Flinn before tho chairmanship
fight began, and if another vote oould be
taken in this county his vote in the west
would be almost unanimous. Pittsburg
"Show Km Quarter to tha Combine," Is tbe
Cry of Quay's rrleads.
If Senator Qay follows tbe ad rice of
his friends In this suction he will not listen
to any proposition to compromise. - He
hns friends hero who will stand by him at
all times and who would rather see him
defeated than show any quarter to tho
combine. Armstrong Republican.
Combines Must be lteatcn for the Good
of tha Party.
The fact that our state politics Is domi
nated by tho combinations which exist in
Philadelphia and Pittsburg is suflicient
reason why tho voters of Pennsylvania
should nnito In the matter of putting into
practice the policy announced by our
junior senator. Warron Mirror.
! t.aimMm Hllkltinil "lniT Ilia FoViF for
Candidate Gilkczoa.
The state committee ought to prepare
the roll of delegates, not Colonel Gilkeson
nor any other individual working solely
in tho interests of tho combine. Quay
only nsks for fair play. McKocsport
A Utile Query for tha Comblae Men to
If tho success of Quay moans the ascend
ency of Cameron tho combine organ ought
to explain why nearly all the newspapers
supporting Quay aro antagonistic to Cam
eron. West Chester Republican.
Quay a Sore Winner Please Stick a Pin
In This.
Quay is a sure winner. Tho result of
the primaries held lust Saturday domon
stratcs his success beyond all reasonable
doubt. Chester News.
Quick Work at tha X.0113 Distance Tele
phono, Which tho Landlord Had Not
Bern Acquainted With Very Lonx lnaft
Cashed and Ulaner Thrown In.
"Did I ever tell you about tho great
bluff I invented and worked off on a
conulry hotel proprietor?" ausked Meek
in, tbe lazy inventor, as he tjJted back
his chair and lit hi.i pipe. 'Ut would
havo been blamed inconvenient for mo
if I hadn't bronpht my inventive facul
ties to bear on tho subject, and if I had
neglected to observe the new telephone.
It caino abont like this: I was making a
flving trip through the west in search of
a man who was naid to hav irtvmtcd a
process for tempering copper by electric
ity. One evening abont dinner time I
rettched on Indiana town which I'll call
Juyvillo, us tho town is still there, and
so is the hotel proprietor. I rushed into
the ouly hotel in the place, asked fot
some dinner and was shown to the din
ing room after I had registered. I want
ed to catch the 0 :13 train for Indianap
olis, so I could spend the night there.
When I had finished my meal, I fished
around in my pockets far a dime to tip
the waiter with. I found I hadn't a
blooming cent in my clothes. Yon know
I'm cureless abont monoy matters, and
never think of lucre until I'm out of it
Well, I hadn't any cash, bnt I had a $50
draft on New York in my pockctbeok. I
let tho waiter go without his tip and
walked out to tho office, where I found
the landlord. I ostentatiouslyook; up.a
pen, asked the landlord his name, and
made the draft payable to him.
" 'Now,' said I, 'if you'll kindly
take oux the price of a dinner and give
me the balance of this $50 I'll be
obliged. '
"The landlord read over the draft for
ward, backwtird, sideways aud upside
down. Then he held it np to tho light.
At last ho looked at mo sharply and
" 'Your namo MeekinP
" 'Euro thing,' said L
" 'T. J. Meokiu?'
" 'Snrtj.'
" 'How do I know it?'
" 'You don't, bnt I'm telling you,
said L
" 'How do I know you ain't one o
thet-ij yere Aim fiainniers?'
"'You don't. Do I look like a Aim
" 'Waal, ye monght an ye monirhtn't,'
was the landlord's encouraging reply. It
was getting iinar train time, and 1 v?as
getting nervous. In glancing around the
office with the faint hope that I'd see
some one I knew, m.v glance fell upon a
long tlisUi'ico if!;!ph&!C over in tbt' t or-n'-r.
R.;ci:t Lrro wa:; vi.e-e Ii:naited
mv -a-i ii . a! p. in.
" tx-ohcrparr. M :n.'I m'.A V tho
huidlord. 'y..-.i t.tiuw n bank lr:.ft v. ::ea
y.-.n Fyj it, 3 ::!'t ?.a? V .'!, t.'r-t.'s a
biu.k tlrnft. Kmv, it- (.-.n't n-.J.o any
uit'oicnco to you who I am if I can
prove that the draft u good, dons it? All
right. I see you havo a telephone. Can
I use it?'
" 'Yo can if yo know how to work
tbe thing. Just put her in yistiddy, an I
ain't on to the gaino yit
"'AH right,' I replied. 'Now you
come over here to tho telephone with,
m'e, and I'll soon satisfy you that - your
suspicions of me and this draft are all
"We went over to tho 'phone; the
landlord leaned up against t'?a wall
watching my every movement. Luckily
no one was around bnt an old man
asleep near tho stove and a stupid Qer
man porter. I picked np tho receiver
without ringing, and this is what the
landlord heard :
1' :HojIo, central!
! Gimme New York.
Hello! This New York? Giuinie 8833
Cortlandt Hollo! 3833 Cortlandt?
Manhattan Exchange National bank?
Mr. Craudell there? Hello! This you,
Craiidall, old man? Till; is Meekin.
M-donble-e-k-i-n. Yes, Meekin, T. J.
How are you? Say. I'm iu Jayville,
Ind. Hotel man says your draft number
847 on my account is no good. How
about it? Well? Good for $."i,000, is it?
Sure? You arc, eh?. Good joke ou your
old bank, ain't it, Craudell? Cost yot
a bottlo v. hen I get back. Sore it's good,
aro you? Ha, ba ! That's good. Well, so
long. See you next Monday. '
"With that I hung up the receiver
without ringing off, aud turned to look
at the landlord. His eyes were bulging
out, and when I asked him if he required
any further proof he gasped ont :
" 'Waal, I swum to gracious ! Ef that
ain't tbe finest thing 1 ever see! Talk
ing to New York, eh ! Waal, I never
thought to see it. Here, come over here
and get yer cash. Tbe dinner's on me.
Never see anything so wonderful since
tbe circus was here last. '
"I took the money, thanked him and
nearly laughed myself into hysterica all
the way to Indianapolis." Electrical
An Old Apple Tree-
F.oi-ablr the oldest ar.d largest
t:u:s tree in tbe towr, if not io the
ooonuv, star.;ls on the lot of of our
to -.vassal), Mr. Samuel Eyder, and ib
oiia el the few remaining landmarks
i, the town. It measures nearly
to'.-.i- f . ct in .tiameterand its brunches
at ono iirie mfrapared 180 feet nr.r
cun,r.roiice. " l sagn can be dated
back 140 yenrs and it is even older
than that. Mr. B. thinks that it
sprang from a seed that was drop
ped by bird or fow I or probably by
ome lone Indian, omoDg the forest
trees that tta occupied tho ground
where the c.'d Monarch now stands.
Mobt of the original limbs have de
cayed and have been removed by ax
and saw, but young and vigorous
branches have taken their place and
are now losd-d with Urge and healthy
apples, which are famous for their
bilking q-ialitie-T. It was a remarsa
ble bearer in its timo. Mr Ii. re
n.embeiB the crop of 010 year cspec
i IJy.as he says, "it produced enough
appU-s for a barrel of snits, two boil-i-jb
of baiter and 20 bnshels forwin
ttr use." What a Listorv that old
trco rasy have, and were it possess
ed of the pofver of speto'i it might
relate an in ten s( in j chapter of events.
l.f-sib!y foniij lone Indian on bis way
to tho Mtt?ng sun may have rested
his veary limbs bsnealh its shade,
vihilEt repairing an i replenishing his
block of arrows, and Gen. Wayne as
he passed tLrou;;h th's neck of woods
luay Lava been attracted by its iavit-ir-p-
nnnoarnnce and mav hava eniov
O " 1 j .
sd for awhile its shade and delicious
fruit. Wayuesburg Zephyr.
"Celluloid" Coliars aht Cuffs
arc made by covering a linen collar or
cuff with "celluloid," thus making
tbcin strong, durable and waterproof.
Wbcn soiled they can be cleaned by
simply wiping off with a wet cloth.
No other waterproof goods are made
with this interlining, consequently no
other goods con possibly give Satisfac
tion. Do not forget that every piece
of the genuine is stamped as follows :
Insist upon goooa so marked and re
fuse anything else if offered. If your
dealer docs not keep them you can
procure a sample from us direct by
enclosing amount and stating size and
whether stand-up or turned-down col
lar is wanted. Collars 35c each. Cufis
50c pair.
Tbe Celluloid Company.
427-429 Broadway Hew York.
Notice is hereby giren that the following
nsmed persons have Hied their accounts in
the Register's Office of Juniata county, and
the same will be presented for conflrrostion
sod allowance at an Orphans' Coort to be
held at Mifflintown, Ps., en Tuesday, the
17th day of September, A. D., 189-5, at 9
o'clock A. M.
1. The tirst and fiosl account of Wn. F.
Longscre, Administrator of Joseph Long
acre, late of Delaware township, Juniata
ccunlj, deceased.
Atkinson k. Pennell, tt'ys.
2. Tbe iirst and partial account uf Rob
ert Innis, executor of the last will and tea.
lament of Philip S. Zendt, late of Tnsca
rora township, Juoiata county, Pa., dee'd.
'John J. Patterson, Att'y.
3. Tha first and final account of II.
Cloyd Horning, administrator of the estate
of Charles S. Wiretm, late of tbe borough
of Pattersnn, Juniata county. Pa., dee'd.
Neely, Alt'y.
4. Tha first and final account of James K.
Huffman. administrator ol Samuel Huffman.
j late of Lack township, Juniata county, Pa.,
5. Tbe first and final account of David
Scale, ad aiiniMratur of tho estate of Mary
Peck, ljfs ot Tuscarom township, Juniata
county. Ph., deceased. Neely, Att'y.
7. The first and final account of W. P.
fiell, auuinislrator of the estate of Joseph
Bull, late of Lack township, Juniata coauty,
deceased. Neely. Att'y.
Anson B. Will,
Register's Office, Mifflintown, Pa., i
August 19, 1895. S
will prepare a person
' and
than any other school in the State.
Try next year. 40 weeks cost
J. Hobby DraoroxB,
HiffliBtowa, reana.
P.u res Sick Headacto
Gorfiold Tons
BUS. Saauuafma, GuuuIuO&.lliW.SallJI.L
Mr. At. a. HyM
Hamilton, Ohio.
The Same as Bread
Hood's Sarsaparilla on the Tabl
at Every Meal
"la my opinion Hood's Sanaparfila has
not an equal aa a blood puriflor. I doc
tored 6 months for stomach trouble audi
Neuralgia of the Heart
without any good and then took Hood's
Sarsaparilla. Every spring and fall since
I hare used it and it has done me lota of
good. I have not been attended by a
physician for the last four years. My wife
was suffering with water brash and
Feeling All Tired Out.
She was severely afflicted bat upon my
prevailing upon her to take Hood s Sana
parllla and Hood's Pills she felt differently
in a ehort time. Now she la quite well.
We have great faith In Hood's Barsapa-
flood's Cures
rills and pat it on the table at every meal
the same as bread." Al O. Htams, with
T. V. flowKM, & Sons, residence, 428
North Third Street, Hamilton, Ohio.
Hood's Pills ea.,m'S8ectSTa1efk
Kttate of Geo. W. Smith, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that letters Tes
tamentary on tba estate of George W.
Smith, late ol the borough of Mifllintown,
have been granted in dne form of law to the
undersigned. All persons indebted to said
estate are requested to make payment, and
those having claims will please present
them for settlement.
Wn. G Surra,
June 15, 1895. Extattor.
Estate of Joseph B. Kauffinan, deceased.
Notice is hereby given thst letters Testa
mentary on tbe OHtate of Joseph E. Kauff
man, 'ste i f tbe tt.wntbip of Fayette,
have been granted in due form of law to the
undersigned. All persons indebted to said
estate aie requested to make payment, and
those having claims will please present
them for settlement.
Lewis Pros,
July 8, 1895. Executor.
In the Orphans' Court of Juniati County.
Estate of Samuel Lotidenslnger, deceased ,
I.oudenslager, deceased; David Louden.
To Hettie Loudenslager, widow of Samuel
sla;er,James Lndenslaeer,Louiss Rodger,
Susan Wert and Joseph Wert, her husband,
all of Junista county ; Henry LoudeusUgc r,
Joseph Loudenslager and Samuel Louden,
slager, of Maze, Sedgwich county, Kansas,
and Ephnsm Loudenslager, of Bellevue,
Huron county, Ohio, children and heirs ot
said decedent, snd all others interested.
Tou are hereby notified that the Orphans
Conrt of said county of Juniata awarded an
inquest to make partition and valuation of
certain real estate of Ihe said Samuel Loud
enslager, deceased , consisting of two tracts
ol land, situate in Walker township, Joniata
county, Pennsylvania, No. I containing
about thirty acres, and No. 2 containing
bout fifty-six acres, snd that said inquest
will be held on ssid premises on Wednes
day, tbe 2 1 at day of August, A. D. 1895, at
11 o'clock A. M., at which time and place
yon ore requested to attend if you think
J. P. Calhoun,
SaEKirr's Orrics,
Mittliutown, July 8, 1895.
The undersigned executor of the last will
and testamaot of Elizabeth Leonard, late of
Favette township, Juniafa county, Pa., de.
ceased, under and by virtue of an order of
an order of the Orphans Conrt or Juniata
couny to pay debts, will expose to sale by
public vendue or outcry, on the premises
in said township, on
SATURDAY. ACQ. 34, 189,
at 1 o'clock P. M., or said day, tbe follow,
ing described Real Estate, to wit:
All that certain farm and tract of land,
situate in Fayette township, Joniata courty,
Pa., bonnded and d-cribed aa to I law r; On
the north by pnblic road and lar.da of Jer
sey Leonard; on tbe east by lands of Henry
Shellrnberger; on the tonth by lands of
G. W. McAiater and Martha Book and on
tbe west by lands of Jarsey Leonard, con
more or less.
This is a very considerable farm. conven
iently located to churches, schools, store,
mill and blacksmith shop, being situated
1 miles Irom Afc Aiatercille, niilo from
Oakland Mi'a. Tbe land ia very fertile
and under a high state of cultivation, is
well watered, having a
at the door and a stream of water running
through it. It is in the center of the Lost
Creek Valley. It has erected om it a
Wagon-abed, falily good Dwelling Honse
snd other out buildings. It has also erect
ed thereon a
Also an Apple Orchard of over 600 trees
and a Peach Orchard and 90 pear trees, all
in fine bearing condition; also 200 grape
vines and a large lot of , raap-berries and
black berries; also a largo number of tbe
finest grafted Cherry Trees.
This farm will be sold in parts or the
whole aa is most ad van tag sou a to the pur
chaser. TERMS OF SALE. Ten per cent, of the
purchase money to be paid on day of sale;
25 per cent, on day ot confirmation of sale
by the court; 85 per eent. oa April 1, 1896,
when deed will be delivered snd possession
given, and tbe balance April 1, 1897, defer,
red payment to be secured by judgment and
to bear interest from April 1, 1896. Posses
sion will be given earlier, il desirable to
Attendance will be gives on day of sale
by J. B. If . TODD,
Executor of Elisabeth Leonard, deceased.
nUaatlaa- two towot. V braaa. A
fiastad br baa. (aVGET TH fel OEJa DUB.
Bookk.piaa. PALMS
!i!"fin?5i"' I COLLEGK.
Comroorcial I BIS Chartnat 8k,
nrmnebtta. a ruuaaauuua.
eaefca Patent.)
Ltg.ta.iif. Firt and Storm todi.
Senator Tno
af prices.
a a-a IU44 fjirre Faculty.
Two fa I conrt es of study Classical and
Scientific, Special courses in all deport
ments. OOtervaiory, Liaoorniurrea
new Gh muasinm. Seam best. Lioraries,
an AAA .l.ina IT.TnAnial low. Dt)Drt-
sent of Hygiene and Physical Culture in
charge of an experienced physician. Ac
cessible by frequent railroad trains. Loca
tion on tho BATTLEFIELD of Geitvsburg,
most p'essan snd healthy. 1'Bt.rAlt-
Tno v ncPinTHKHT. in separ-
. h.iMi... in. him and vounc men pre
paring for buainesa or College, under spec
ial care of the Principal ana tnree ni
snts, residing witb students in tbe building.
Fall term onens Seotember 5th, 1895. For
Catalogues, sddress
or REV. O. G. KLINGER, A. M.,
Getttysbarg, Pa.
WOOIj bought.
Correspondence Solicited. Pkillelphia
Long Distance Telephone M9-
The following schedule went Into effect
Nov. 19, 1893, aod the trains will be run as
p. m a. m Leave Arrive a. m p. m
4 80 9 15 Dnncannon 8 40 8 60
4 86 9 21 King's Mill 8 84 8 44
4 89 9 24 "Sulphur Springs 8 81 8 41
8 41 9 26 "Cormsn Siding If 29 3 89
4 46 9 29 Montebelle Park 8 26 3 36
4 46 9 81 . Weaver 8 24 8 34
4 61 9 36 'Roddy 8 19 3 29
4 64 9 89 Hod'man 8 16 8 26
4 56 9 41 Royer 8 14 3 21
4 59 9 44 'Mahaooy 8 118 21
6 10 10 00 Bloomfield 8 05 8 15
6 17 10 07 'Long's Road 7 52 2 45
6 22 10 13 "Neilson 7 46 2 39
6 25 10 16 "Duru's 7 43 2 86
6 28 10 19 Elllotsbnrg 7 40 2 33
5 24 10 2ft Bernheisl's 7 84 2 27 I
6 86 10 27 "Groen Pirk 7 32 2 25
6 41 10 32 Montour Juno 7 27 2 20
6 0911 20 Landisburg 6 65 1 60
p. to a. m Arrive Leave a. m p m
Train leaves Btoomtleld at 6.10 a. m.
and arrives at Landisburg at 6.47 a. m.
Train leaver Landisburg -at 6.14 p. m., and
arrives at Bloomfield at 6. 60 p. m.
Trains leave Loysville for Dnncannon at
7. 220 a. in. , and 2. 15 p. m. Returning,
arrive at 10 37 a. m., ar.d 4.50 p. m.
Between Landisburg and Loysville trains
run ss follows: Leave Landisburgfor Loys
ville 6 65 a. m., and 1 50 p m., Loysville
for Landisburg II 10 a. m., and 5 09 p. m.
All stations marked () are flag stations,
at which trains will come to a full f top on
Louis E. Atkmsos. F. V. M. Pbmnell
fiy Collecting and Conveyancing prompt
ly attended to.
Orrtcx On Main street, In place of rest
dence of Louis K. Atkinson, Esq., south
Bridge street. fOct 26, 1892.
District Attorney.
have formed a partnership for the practic4
of lledicine aud their collatteral branches.
Office at old stand, corner of Third and Or
ange streets, Mifflintown, Pa. One or bolL
ot them will be found at their office at al:
times, unless otherwise professiornlly en
gaged. April 1st, 185.
(Graduate of tbe Philadelphia Dental Col
lege,) formerly of Iflffiinburg, Ps., has lo
cated permanently in Miftiintown, as suc
cessor to the late Dr. 6. L. Derr, and will
continue the dental business (established
by the latter in 18CG) at tbe well known of
fice on Bridge street opposite Court House.
JVe CMoroform, Ether, or Gas used.
No Sore Gums or Dissomfort to patient,
either dnnng extraction or atterwarus.
All these are Guaranteed sr ro charge
will be made.
AU work guaranteed to give perfect
satisfaction. Terras, strictly caf 3.
Practical Dentist
Tbe undersigned persons have associated
themseves together for the protection of
Willow Run Trout stream in Lack town.
ship, Juniata Co., Pa. All persons are
s trick ly forbidden not lo trespass upon the
land or stream of the said parties to flsn
aa the stream has been stocked with trout
Persons violating this noice, will be pros
ecuted according to law.
R. n. Patterson,
T. H. Csruthers, J. P.
Rob't A. Woodside,
W. D. Walls,
Frank Vawn,
Dyson Vawn.
April 23, 1895.
Tbe undersigned persons have formed an
Association for the protection of their re.
spective properties. All persons are here
by notified not to trespass on the lands of
tbe undersigned for the purpose of hunting
gathering nuts, cbiping timber or throwing
down fences or firing timber in any way
whatever. Any violation ot tbe above no
tice will bo dealt with according to law.
John Micbad,
William PuSenberger,
Gideon Sieber,
Beasbor A Zook,
Mary A. Brubaker,
Joseph Rothrock,
John Byler,
Pamuel Bell.
September 6, 1896.
Salary and expenses or commission
High grade Stock at low prices. New
specialties. Seed Potatoes, feo.
ia every town. Steady work. Pay Week
ly. Andress, rl. is. WILLIAMS, See'y
rortiona, n . i . sep. io, law,
A wonderful Imnmvcnifrt In PrbilM I
til-Hark. Back motion of Carriage 3 rinra as fast
as any other In Ui. market. FrletiniintehFerd,
eauauig all thefeed gearing- to uuuirt atill while U-k-uik:
arrrnt aavina In mm ..J n.ntt
4cectHlusuunrjaforlanteCaulonieand prices Aim
2r"""rrnwi, ir Kakr t-nltlvntora,
T'.rnPlnnUsra.Sbellrra.etc. JUmttOH IhU pui-.:
saaanvsa a WBWSavHMaU. MUks., Tswaw W
On and after Sundav, Mav 2(1
1895, trains will run as follows:
Wav Passenger, lesvei Philadeln'.i. .,
4 80 a. to; rlarrisbiirp 8 18 a. m; Danran.
nonSoia. m; New Fort 9 24 a. m, uiu
leratown 836 s. m; Durword 9 43 a. m
Thompson town 9 4? a. in; Van Dyke 955
a. m; Tnscarora 9 69 a. m; Mexico 10 02 a
m; Port Royal III 07 s. ui: Mifllin 10 14
m; Denholm 10 '21 a, rr; Lewistown 10 4ri
a m; aicveyiown 11 io a. ni; newtr.a
Hamilton 11 3 S s. m; Mount Union II 40
a. uij Huntingdon 12 10 p. in; Tyrone I 02
p. m; AHoona 1 45 p m; Piftshurg6 50 p. m.
Mail Train leaves Philadelphia at 7 00 a.
m, Harrisburg 11 20 a. m; Dunrannoa 1 1 50
a. no; Newport 12 14 p. m; Mifflin 12 52 p.
m; Lewistown 1 12 p. m; McVevtown 1 33
d. ra: Mount Union 1 66 p rr; IIiintioEJon
2 17 p. m; Petersburg 2 30 p. ni; Tyrone
8 05 p. m; Alfoona 8 40 p. m; Pittsburg
8 10 p. m.
Altoona Accommoaaiion leaves Harris
burs at 5 00 p. rr.; Dnncannon 5 84 p. il:
Newport 6 02 p. ro; filltrstown 6 13 p. m;
Thompsontown 6 24 p ni; Tuscarora 6 35
p. m; .Mexico G 37 p. m; Port Koyal 6 42
p. m; Miinin 0 p. m; uennoim o 03 p. m,
Lewistown 7 13 p. m; JWeVeytown 7 38 p.
m: Newton Hamilton 8 00 p. ni; Hunting
don 8 32 p. m; Tyrone 9 16 p. m; Altoona
50 p. m.
Pacific Express leaves Philadelphia at
20 p. m; HarrUbtir 3 10 a. ru; Marts.
v Ic8 21a. m; Duncanuon 3 38 a. ni; New.
poit 3 69 a. m; Port Royal 4 31 a. to; Mif
flin 4 37 a. in; Lenistown 4 58 a. ro; Mc
Vevtown 5 SO a. rr; Huntingdon 0 0? a.
m; '1 yrone 6 55 a. m; Altoona 7 40 a. rnj
Pittsburg 12 10 p. m.
Oyster Express leaves Philadelphia at 4.
40 p m; Harrisburg at 10 20 p. ui; Newport
II 00 p. ro; Milnin 11 u p. m; Lesistown
12 58 a. m; HuutiDgdon 12 55 a. m.; Tyrone
1 42 a ro; Altoona 2 00 a. at; Pittsburg 6 30
a. in.
Fast Line leaves PhilsdelnMa at 12 '2 p.
ni: Harrrisbnrg 3 60 p. ro; Duucanon 4 l j
p. in; Newport 4 37 p. ni; Itifiiin 5 10 p. m.
Lewistown 6 29 p. id; Mount Union 6 09 p.
ru; Huntingdon G 28 p. in; Tyrone 7 00 p
ru; Altoona 7 40 p. ra; Pittsburg ll il)
p. m.
Ilarribbure Accommodation leaves AI.
toona at 6 1)0 a. m; Tyrone 5 28 a m; Hunt
ingdon G 0i a. m; Newton Hat.iii oi 6 Si
m; McVevtown a. m; Lewistown
7 15 a. ra; Midi in 7 38 a. m; Port Royal
7 44 a. in; Mexico 7 48 a. m; Thompson-
town 8 02 a. ni; Millerstown 8 12 a.
Newport 8 22 a. ni; Duncannon 8 49 a ;
Hamsbnrg 'J 20 a. ra.
Sea Shore leaves Pitttsbcrg 3 10 a m;
Altoona 7 15 a ru; Tyrone 7 48 s m; Hunt
ingdon 8 80 a ro; &icVeytown 9 15 a m;
Lewistown 8 85 a m: Mifflin 9 65 a ru;
Port Royal 9 59 a ra; Thompsontown 10 14;
Millerstown 10 22 am; Newport 10 32 a ni;
Dnncannon 10 64 a ra; Mary sville 1107 a
m; Harrisburg 11 25 a m; Philadelphia 3 00
p m.
Main Line (xpresa leaves Pittsburg at
8 00 a. ro; Altoona 11 40 a. m; Tyrone 12
03 p. m; Huntingdon 12 35 p, m; Lewis
town 1 33 p. m; Mifllin 160 p. ra; Harris,
burg 3 10 p. m; Baltimore 4 15 p. 111; Wash
ington 7 30 p. ra; Philadelphia G 23 p. m;
New Tork 9 23 p. m
Mail leaves Altoona at 2 0J p. m, Tyrone
2 85 p. in, Huntingdon 3 20 pro; Newton
Hamilton 3 51 p. m; McVevtown 4 12 p. m;
Lewistown 4 38 p. m; Mifflin 5 03 p. 10.
Port Royal 6 09 p.m; Afexico 6 13 p. m;
Thompsontown 5 2" p. m; MillerMown 5 38
p. to; "Newport 5 48 p. ni; Duncannon 6 20
p. m; Harrisburg 7 00 p. m.
Mail Express leaves Pittsburg at 1 00 p.
m; Altoona 6 05 p. ro; Tyrone 6 "7 p m;
Huntingdon 7 20 p. ni; McVevtown 8 04 p.
at; Lewistown 8 26 p m; Af.fllin 8 47 p ni
Part Royal 8 62 p. m; Millerstown 0 07 p.
m; Newport 9 26 p. m; Dnncannon 9 50 p.
in; Harrisburg 10 20 p. ra.
Philadelphia Express leaves rittsbur at
4 30 p. ra; Altoona 9 05 p. m; Tyrone 9 33
p. ni; Huntingdon 10 12 p. ra; Mount Un.
ion 10 32 p. in; Lewfetown 11 16 p. in; Mif
flin II 37 p m; Ilarrisbiirg 1 00 a. m; Phil-
adelphia 4 30 New York 7 33 a, m.
Trains for Sundnrv at 7 35 a. 111. and b W
p. m., leave Sunbnry for Lewistown 10(15
a. ni, and 2 25 p. tu.
Trains leave fur Bellufonto and Lo ;
Haven at 8 10 a. ni., 3 34 and 7 25 p. m.
leave Lock Haven for Tyrone 4 30, 9 10 p.
ru. and 4 15 p. m.
Tratna leave Tyrone lor Cleartk'ld and
Curwensville at 8 30 a. nr.. 3 15 a.id 7 :0
p. m., leave Cnrwensville tor Tyrone at 4 33
a. ra , 9 15 and 3 51 p m.
For, rates, maps, etc., call on Ticket
Agentr.or address, Thos. E. Watt, P.
A. W. D., 110 Fifth Avenue, I'ittg.
burg, Pa.
S. II. I'kevost, J. R. Wood,
Geu'l Manager. Gen') Pas. Agt
ll ley Railroad Company. Time tublo
of passenger trains, in effect on Monday,
October 1st, 1891.
I Wcst
I ward.
ward. 3
r !
6 05,
6 08
6 12
6 15
6 25
6 31
6 39
6 61
6 54
7 15
7 12
7 17
7 23
10 00
0 16
6 19
6 35
6 44
6 M
6 5!
7 10
7 20
7 05
7 S3
7 41
7 3;
7 45
7 43
7 52
7 65
r x
4 00
3 57
3 53
3 60
-'! 4
3 41
3 88
3 32
3 15
3 10
3 04
2 49
2 45
2 40
2 83
2 24
2 20
Newp-- rt ,
Buffalo Bridge
Juniata Furnace ...
Watr Plug
Blootntluld Junct'u,
Valley Road
Green Park
Loysville .........
Fort Robeson . . . . .
Ciena's Rnn .......
Andersonbnrg .....
Blain .
Mount Pleasant ...
New Gerraant'n ...
10 03!
10 07'
10 10
10 17
10 20
10 26
10 84!
10 451
10 49
11 00i
11 07!
II 12;
HI 18
7 27
11 221
1 1 un:
7 85
j 1 v
7 41
II 00 1
11 40
7 45
D. GRING, President and Manager.
C. K. Miller, General Agent.
We want a few men to sell a Choice Lin
of Nursery Stock. We cannot mako you
rich in a month but can give yon tfeady
employment aud will pay yes) well for it.
Our prices correspond with the time.
Write for ternn and territory to
July 14, 1896. Rochester, N.
ttnaraatead same as agonts sell for rs to tTOO,
ACME ROAD RACER, 25 Ibi. 00n
Prrct line, perfeet mearlnir. usrfect sdjnfuaent.
r.ranVevd"'"'' agents tX tor ,
w-ltta!i warranty with every aiarbtnc. ' riTi,VeS
if,n bS? a bieycle through an agentyou Par!'11,
more than our wholeaala prloe for "",q?'iIi!S
rroTwaoont aa much to sett hl-cle f.irougj
Lr.-nu aod dealers aa It doo to mnK t!ie.-. 9
udenea and economy suggest the I tr TSna
Illnstratad Catalugus tree.
Acme Cycle Company""
asacnUiM-:if rS;i,cors nttM aame aentMU
fcrl.oilrs attal w oti-rima, 16 Iba.. aaoia aa acj
Siwticel. r-'brylestUtoibX