Juniata sentinel and Republican. (Mifflintown, Juniata County, Pa.) 1873-1955, June 26, 1895, Image 3

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rTElMESDAT. JPKE gg. 1895.
Bnbacrlption, S1JSO per ananas if paid
la adrance; $2.00 if not paid In adTance.
Transient adTertisementa Inserted at 60
eenta par loch for each tnaertton.
Transient bnalnesa aotleea la loeal co!
nmn, 10 eenU per Una for eaek tnaertton.
Deductions will ba made to thoee dean-tag
to adTertiae by tha year, half or quarter
The peneh crop of Georgia is large
this year.
Th newflst thing in trousers it
the new woman.
Watermelons sell in Florida at 8,
10 and locts a piece.
Mrs. Turbett ia quite ill on her
farm in Tuscarora Valley.
Mips Bessie Hackenberger is visit
ing acquaintances in Tyrone.
Andrew 0. Allison returned home
from Tyione last Wednesday.
Sliss Alra Smart of McCoysville
has been the guest of Mrs. Diehl.
Judge Lucien Doty of Westmore"
land was in town a day last week.
Editor Bonsall has a trap in which
he caught 13 rats one night recently.
Tbo drought has played haroc
with the hay and other crops in Eng.
Mrs. B. Frank Burcbfield and Hiss
Emma Robison are visiting in Water
ford. .Vi and .Wrs. Liggett of Harris
burg are boarding at the National
tfiss Jennie Adams is visiting her
sunt Miss Lizzie Curran in Walker
Mies Carrie Stump of Lewistown,
has been spending the past week with
her parents.
Miss Maud Burcbfield spent last
Thursday with the Misses Grahams
at Academia.
Mrs. Merindeth of Ligioncr, Pa.,
wi3 rioed $4 for ten oaths on the
21st of June.
Joseph Webb of Philadelphia fell
dead last Saturday, while taking a
hearly laugh.
The peach crop in Juniata county
will be light this year. It is estimat
ed at 13,000 crates.
Eels are plenty and may be bought
and cleaned, ready for the pan at 10
to 12 cents a pound.
Mrs. W. H. Manbcck and son
Maxwell, visited the family of Mr. M.
R. Bashore at Van Dyke.
Rev. Mr. Pollock of the State of
Indiana will preach in the Presby
terian church next Sabbath.
'Some Norwav, Me., store builders
are moving to the back streets to get
away from the electric cars.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Robison of
kLtitoaa, recently visited the family
ol Ueorge Y llaoa in Patterson.
Miss Harriet Jack man returned
from Pittsburg on account of Bevere
illness, and is rapidly recovering.
JViss Annie Heister of Lancaster
countv and Miss Nora Boss of Mech-
anicsburg, are visiting Mrs. Hess.
Rsv. Mr. Herbert of Genoa, York
State, preached in the Presbyterian
Church on Sabbath morning and
D. M. Marshall, County Superin
temlent was in town on Saturday,
shaping affairs for the teacher's ex
Hot weather proves depressing to
those whose blood is impure. Such
people should enrich their blood with
Hood s Sarsaparula.
John Sheiblev, Esq., of the Bloom
field Advocate, was in attendance
upon the funeral of his kinsman,
Dand Holmau on Monday.
Caller. "Is the fashion editor in?"
New Reporter "Yes; that's the
fellow over there sewing his old neck
tie around his new straw hat. Ex.
Dr. H. B. Piper of Tyrone fell
dead in front of bis house on Satur
day. On Friday evening he gave a
party in Conor of bis wife s birtn day
The McVeytown Journal says
Soiilfe nf fliA FVrroAra in trna mnntv
have been obliged to plant corn the
jru time on account of tnecut worms
W. R. MemminErer of Spruce HilL
had the end of a finger cut off while
sawing shingles at his saw mill. It
was done so quickly that he did not
realize it, till several minutes had
The long drougth was broken on
Monday afternoon by a copious show
er of rain, that put new life into
withered oats, grass, potatoes and
corn. A trood deal of thunder ac
companied the rain.
Governor Hastings will run as a
delegate to the State Convention from
Center county, and has expressed a
desire to bo msde President of the
State Convention to meet on the 28th
of August at Harrisburg.
The Lutheran Sabbath School pic
nic to be held on Thursday at
Schmittle's grove, haa been postpon
ed on account of the death of Mr.
Hollman His son Dr. Hollman is
Superintendent of the Sabbath
The Huntingdon Globe keeps fir
ing at the carp. Its last shot deliv
ered on the 20th of June reads: A
large number of carp, whose aggre
gate weight was 189 pounds, were
caught near Alexandria last Satur
day. The people of that vicinity,
have determined to get these "water
hogs" ot of the river, for which they
deserve the thanks of every fisher
A woman fiddler accompanied by a
lilt la mj C .1 .
..v. uunnu on ui8 streets to
turn an honest penny last Friday.
She was a waif upon the great sea of
life, trying to make a living Whose
daughter was she? Possibly 30 years
ago, she was the daughter of a de
Toted father aad mother who provid
ed for her the musical education that
from8 U8iDff 10 gather Uline
The "fire-fly" ia here. It gives
ugui wimoui mat. woo is that man
to invent light without heat
Perry coantiana scattered everv-
i. i t . . -
nuvre wm noia a re-onion in irony
county at Hontebello Park on the
20th of July.
You cannot be well unless your
blood ia 1nre. Therefore
your blood with the beet blood pnri-
nor, nooa m oarsapaniia.
James A. and Andrew Banks, John
Pannebaker, Burt Hinkle and Banks
and Oscar Calhoun, are some of the
bass fishers that have bad "look."
The letters uncalled for in the Mif
flintown post office for the week end
iaar June 24. were for Mrs. Man n
Server, .Mrs. Milton Bear, Scott's
Despatches indicate that tha.
ent English gold bug cabinet will
soon resign, and that a new cabinet
ior iuugland will be called, composed
of men who favor the ramoni fixation
of silver.
When a man confesses that he can
not compel his children to go to
school, and that be wants officers to
make them go to school, he confesses
that he is not fit for self or family
If reports concerning the growing
peach crop be true, the fruit will de
mand large prices in the after part of
the season. It is estimated that this
county will not have over 18,000
crates to sell.
Itch on human, mange on horses.
dogs and all stock, cured in 30 min
utes by Woo! ford's Sanitary Lotion.
This never fails. Sold by L. Banks
& Jo., Uruggist, Mifflintown, Pa.
Feb. 6, ly.
Subscribe for the Sxxtixel ajtd
Republican, a paper that contains
choice reading matter, full of inform-
tion that does the reader good, and
in addition to that all local news that
are worth publishing find places in
its columns- tf.
It is no uncommon thing these
mornings to see the eld father who
has labored bard through life, laying
by something for old age, out hoe
ing in the garden or workinc on the
farm while the son is snoozing off the
fatigue gained the night previous by
violent exercise on his wheel. Mead
villo Tribune.
Copies of the "Ode to Dr. Wilson."
composed by W. W. Fuller and re
cited by bim at the dedication of
tne v Hson inenument, are on sale at
the jewelry store of W. H. Bollman;
ten cents per copy. They are dainty
booklets, and no one will be disap
pointed in their purchase. Thev
contain a fine picture of the Dr. It.
A correspondent of the Lewistown
Gazette from Decatur says: We
have some people in our neighbor
hood who are more l:ko cattle than
anything else. They run through
corn-fields, and any other that they
want to go into and tramp corn down.
We would like to have it stopped or
the next thing we will have to use the
This is what a 75 year old man
says: At 25, when a man ia young,
ha trunks no knows it all; he likes to
wag his active tongue and exercise
his gall; he struts around in
noble rage th6 world is all his
own; he laughs to scorn the world of
age and lists of self alone. He wears
a window in his eye to see bis whisk
ers grow; he thinks the ladies pine
and die, because they love bim so.
At 40, as you may suppose, he's
knuckled down to biz; 'tis not till 60
that he knows how big a chump he is.
"A family of ten sturdy children.
all under o years of age, is attract
ing a good deal of attention in Wau
chula, Fla. The mother of the chit
dren, Mrs. William Webb, first bore
twins, then triplets, and April 4 laat,
she gave birth to quintuplets, four
girls and one boy, all of whom are
said to be thriving remarkably welL
It is proposed to introduce a bill in
to the Florida Legislature for the
relief of the parents of this large and
little family, as they are very poor
The local newspaper which vouches
for this story, think Mrs. Webb's is a
world s record.
"One of the features of the Cen
tennial week in Lewistown in Sep
tember next wnl be a G. A. Iv. En
campment of veterans of Blair, Hunt
ingdon, JHifnin, J uniata, Perrr, Sny
der, Northumberland and Union
counties, lasting three days. The
Post of G. A. B , in that place has
taken hold of the project, and sent
invitations to tne various rosts, in
the counties named, to participate."
Foartti Annual Assembly el
the Pennsylvania Cfcaa
tauqaa at Mi. Gretna.
Redaced Rates via
The Fourth Annual Assembly of
the Pennsylvania Chautauqua will be
held at Mt Gretna, Pa , from July 1
to August 2, 1895, and the Pennsyl
vania Railroad Company will sell ex
cursion tickets to Mt Gretna, from
principal stations in Pennsylvania,
June 28 to August 2 inclusive, at re
duced rates. The tickets will be
good for return passage until August
5 inclusive.
The beautiful Mt Gretna Park is
situated on the Cornwall and Leban
on Railroad, thirteen miles from Con
ewago station.
Meeting ofPhysiclaas.
In pursuance of a call issued in the
county papers, a meeting of physic
ians oi i uniata county, was held in
the Jacobs House, Mifflintown on the
19th of June 1895, for the purpose of
taking into consideration the import
ance of forming a Medical Society
for Juniata county. Dr. D. M. Craw
ford, was elected temporary Chair,
man; Dr. A. J. Fisher, Vice Chair
man and Dr. S. A. Sulouff, Secretary.
It was determined that a meeting
should be held at the same place on
Wednesday, September 4, 1895, in
order to affect a permanent organiza
tion. On motion the chair appointed
a committee of three to draft a con
stitution and by laws for the perman
ent organization. Dr. T. ftanba.
Dr. A. J. Fisher and Dr. I. N. Grubb
are the committee. The Secretary
Dr. 8. A. Sulouff was requested to
secure for the Society, of the 8taU
Medical Society, all the requisite in
formation to aid the formation of a
Countv .Medical Honeiw. Tha ohV
sicians present and participating
in the meeting were: Dr. D. M.
Crawford, Dr. A. J, Fisher, Dr. I. N.
uTuoo, isr. u .Banks, Dr. B. Bitter,
Dr. g. A. Sulouff. Dr. David M.
Crawford. Dr. Wiiu rv nr.:
-. -' . , it turner.
Dr. Heading, about a third of all the
physicians in tha county.
C-awt PrCMiagfl.
Court eanmnul at Q a - mr
- -- " uw a. anu,
on Monday, the 24th inst
Pedlars' license was issued to E. S.
Pettit of the borough of Port RoyaL
In the assigned estate of Beuben
Lauver. B. F. Burcbfield, Esq., was
appointed an Aud.t.r to ascertain
tne liens.
In the estate of Jamaa Oallali
deceased, motion on the part of the
Woman's Foreign Missionary Society
for a rehearinc in the oninirtn anil Aa
cree of Judge JtfcClure was filed and
aomiEiea to rfuage JUcJlure-
In Haldeman vs. Haldeman. Di
vorce. ADDlicalion on thn narf ' nf
respondent for increase in alimony.
In the ease of Keeler On
Emil Schott, motion for a new trial
argued, and held under considera
Am tm Miss TaaOrsner nht lost
kr life la the) Atlaatlc
row weeks ttge.
The following laitar baa Iwutn pa.
ceived by Miss VanOrmer's family,
from the International Navication
Ihtebxatiomai. Navioatioh Compart.,
106 and S07 Walnut St., Pblla.
Jnaalff, 189S.
Referring to the mattar rtf nfiaa
VanOrmer's disaDnearauca. onr Liv
erpool Agents write ns to-day as fol
lows: "No one saw Misa VanOrmar
go overheard. The lady who occu
pied the same room savu there was
nothing in the appearance or de
meanor of the mjssincr ladv to indi
cate anything wrong. This passen
ger, Mrs. Berry, sat in her state room
until very late on the night of, the
disappearance, waiting for Miss Van
Ormer to come to bed. and waited an
long that she did not care to make
any inquiry for fear of disturbing
tne snip, and thinking that Miss
VanOrmer had probably turned in
with some other lady, made no re
port of her non-appearance until
earlv the following moraine, wThan
her absence was remarked at the ta
ble, and when the matter was made
known to the shin's officers, who at
once instituted a search without any
result, we regret that no more
light can be thrown on this painful
;ubject. Yours Truly,
A. S. AimaiLanv- Mar.
Miss VanOrmer sailed on tha 18 th
of Mav. for Livernool. and lost hiR
life sometime during the evening of
Her sister interriewed the officers
of the ship, during the past week,
out could gain no more positive in
formation as to how the sad event
occurred, as no one had witnessed it.
Alias VanOrmer being peculiarly
conscientious in her demeanor ex
peeted to find the same traits in the
character of others, and felt it keen
ly when treated treacherously.
i i ar -i:
and confidence prove unworthv she
suffered from a sense of wroner and
lniustice received, and crew melan
For some time the family have not
iced an increasing de6ire on her part
to withdraw from all societv, and
latterly, that her physical health
seemed to be gradually giving away,
and she becoming more depressed in
ii is nrmiy oeiieved Dy tnose wno
anew ner most intimately, tnat dur
ing her latter days, she was a victim
Everyone old and young, needs
rest and recreation at some time dur-
inr the heated Summer term, and
where can it be obtained better than
at the eeashortf
No other place can compare with
Southern New Jersey in seaside re
sorts, cither in point of number or of
excellence. Atlantic City ia the most
popular resort in America, and Cape
Mav, Sea Isle City, and Ocean City
do not fall far short of Atlantic City's
high standard.
The Pennsylvania Railroad Com
pany whose object always is to give
its patrons tne cheapest rates com
patible with good 'service, has arrant;
nd for a series of excursions to the
seashore, similar to those which were
so popular last season. The excur
sions will leave Pittsburg, July 18,
August l, l-i and Td, and tne rates
will be as follows: fittsbnrg. Union
town, Connellsville, Seottdale, Greens-
bnrer. Butler and Latrobe. $10: Johns
town, $9.25; Cresson $8 50; Altoona,
$8; Tyrone, $7.65; Clearfield, $8.90;
Bellefoute, $8.65; Bedford, $8.50;
Huntingdon, $7.10; .Mifflin, $5.65;
proportionate!rates from other points.
The tickets will permit of a stay of
nearly two weeks, and a choice of
either of the seashore points named
above will be allowed. A special
train of parlor cars and day coaches
will leave Pittsburg on each of the
above mentioned dates at about 8.50
For detailed information in regard
to rates and time of trains Pplj to
Ticket Agent, Pittsburg, or to Tour
ist Agent, Room 411, Broad Street
btation, Philadelphia.
Belief In Oat Day.
South American NKavnrs relieves
the worst rannn nf Varmna nmaln.
tion. Nervousness and Nervous Dys
pepsia in a single day. No such re.
lief and blessing has ever come to
the invalids of this country. Its
powers to cure the atnmiha wnn.
derfal in the extreme. It always
cures; it cannot fail. It radically
cures all weakness of tha nVimuli
and never disappoints. It is a luxury
to take and always safe. Trial bot
tles 15 cento. Hold hv L Rank. Jk
uo., iiruggist, Mifflintown. ra.
sod. e, iy.
David Holman fell dead while at
work in his foundery in this town
last Satardav about 4 aVM T r
He had worked hard all day in put-
ung a ,ouu ponna pianeing machine
in place in the foundery, and was well
pleased at beholdinc the frail nf tha
days work when the machine .was
snovea into place about tne hour just
usuwuuvu. If l,u Ml UU VBIl 111 OH
hand, he Stepped from the machine
shop to the boiler room and
there sank to the floor dead. The
only sound that be ottered was
faint moan. Klmer North and Boy
Showers were in the machine-shop,
and heard the moan. They turned
X a mm
ana looxea ana saw Mr. llolman at
the place mentioned on the floor.
They ran to him. He was not con
scious, out melees, xney Hastened
to Auker'a buainaaa nlv. and ha and
Harrv Luck ran to the fonnderv. lift.
d the prostrate foim of Mr. Holman,
placed nun in a cnair, ..but he was
limp, dead. Dr Crawford was speed
ily summoned. When he arrived all
heart action had ceased. The entire
community was startled. They were
again iaoe to lace witb tne fact that
"in the midst of life we are in death."
and that no man has ever lived who
can explain the phenomena of life
and death. While there was a can.
eral expression of sympathy for bis
family for the loss they sustain in his
demise, many expressed a preference
for such a short and hasty summons
to the long snd distressing one of ly
ing on a bed of sickness. The de
ceased was 65 yeajs old, was born in
Perry county and in his early man
hood was a locomotive encineer.
Then a merchant in Patterson; then
a founderyman in Mifflmtown. He
was a member of, the town council
sod a consistent member of the Luth
eran church. The f nneral took nlann
at 2:30 P. M., Monday. Interment in
Union Cemetery.
Threshing Dene.
I have a steam thresher readv
for work. Give me a call at Oakland
Mills. Jerome Aucxxa.
Tnscarara Talley Rallread.
Trains on the Tuscarora Valley
Railroad will run as follows:
Leave East Watcrford at 8 fin i
il, and 3 r. v., arriving at Port Roy
al at 9.15 a. k. and 3.15 r. m.
TjAara Pm-t TlV.-al at 10-90 w
and 5.15 r. u., arriving at East Wa
tenord at a. x. and U.30 r. ic.
J. C. Mooreheao,
Rheamatlsni Cared li
a Day.
"Mystic Cure" for Rheumatism
and Neuralgia radically cures in 1 to
3 days. Its action upon the eyetem
is remarkable and mysterious. It re
moves at once the cause, and the dis
ss immediatelv disappears. The
first dose greatly benefits, 75 cents.
Sold by L. Banks & Co., druggists,
aiimintown. . Jan. 9. 96.
Tascarora Academy Cona-
Every available space in the Pres
byterian church at Academia was oc
cupied last Ibursday evening, June
zu, Dy an intelligent and highly ap
preciative audience to witness the
Commencement exercises of Tusca
rora Academy underjthe management
and directorship of Miss Mary Bod
ney. That the school was a flourish-
ing one under ner direction was
abundantly proven on this occasion.
Rev. S. A. Davenport of the lea
demia Presbyterian church made tLe
opening prayer.
Miss May Rodney's address of v.tl
come was echolastic and ladylike
throughout, and was indicative of
high order of ability.
The Esay entitled: The Super
only oi iviucauon over innate Tend'
encies in the Formation of a Good
and Great Character, by graduate
Miss May T. Barton proved the thor
ougbness of her Academics trainine:
aad impressed upon the minds of the
audience, the power that intellectual
trailing and culture bos in subordi
rating the coarser propensities and
tendencies of human nature.
The Essay. Entitled: "The In
flunce of the Poetic," by graduate
Miss M. Isabel Davenport, indicated
not only a knowledge of text book
training in the construction of an es
say, but a comprehensiveness of the
power of poetic influence over the
hearts and minds of people of all
phases of life.
The Address "The Coming
Woman," by Wilberforce Schweyer,
contained few if any of the platitudes
common to such occasions, but was a
presentation of the positions in every
aay me tnat women are seeding and
findiig and filling to complete satis
faction in the new order of civiliza
tion that has been happily instituted
in this country.
The MCharge to Undergraduates,"
by Miss May Barton and the replv by
Miss Alma V. Okeson of class '97,
were each of a high order of merit
The Valedictory. By Miss M.
Isabel Davenport, was a display of
talent that promises well for - the fu
The presentation of diplomas by
xtev. a. a. lAvenport wa interesting
and learned.
The guitar and banjo music, was
furnished by Miss M. A. Gilliford,
Miss M. McLaughlin, Miss Hallie Gill
iford, Miss Mary McLaughlin, was
fine and added good cheer and en.
livement to the occasion.
The marshalls were Anna Beaver
and Oliver Davenport
The benediction was pronounced
by Rev. S. A. Davenport after which
the large audience speedily adjourn
ed for the night was well advanced,
all highly pleased with the commence
ment exercises, and with Miss Rod
ney as an Academic teacher.
blacuerrt yffl!!!?!
Is a aaft) aad prompt remedy
for lb cure or dlarrbaea,
yaemci7. cll, clMlera
t and all tonus of
twatr Cmaptelala and
LooMness of the oweis. it
can num.
fl L C0UPER,
Correapoadeace Solicited. Philudtlpki
L.ag Distance Telephone 61 a.
f G5ol "i
Offer to the People
Juniata County,
he mcst Complete btock of Clothing and Gents' Furnishing Goods,
they have ever handled. Tbey carry all the Latest in Hats, Shirts and Neck
wear. It is conceded by all tbat they have no Competitor! in these Lines.
Their Goods were selected with tbo greatest care, and comprise all the latest
weaves in plain and Fancy Cbevoits, Blacks, Blues. Browns. Plain and Fannv
Worsteds, Cassimeres, Ac. These Garments are made in Single and Doable-
i,ia wile, Ken uijit vai;ri
ler me louow'.Dg opeoiai Dargains:
MEN'S SUITS. For 2 3 4 5 6-7 8 9.
10-12 16-18 and 20 Dollars.
3-4-5-6.7-8-9-10-12 aad 14 Dollars.
Lanndried in 100 different stjles for
-35 50- 75c and 1 dollar.
.Wen's Working Pantaloons 50c, (Oc, 70c, 80c, 90c, $1.00.
.Men's Drees Pants $2., 2.50, 3., 3.50 4., 4.50 and 5.
Latest Stjle Derby Hate $1., 1.60, 2., 2.50, 2.75, 3.
" Tound Hats, $1., 1.35, 1 50, 2.
" " Crush Hate 25c, 50o and 75o. tl 1.25. 1.50 2.
We are Agenta for tie celebrated Sweet Overalls; we are Agents for the
Newborn, never rip Over alls; same make and same guarantee as Sweet Orrs
for less mcney. We'are elso Agents for the Deoglacs shoes. Grand Army
suits, mi.
All the latest in Collars, Caffs,
A pair of Cellnoid Coffs for 5c;
We have mads arrangement! with a merchant tailor and have 500 samples
from which to select. We will take jour measure for a bait, guarantee a tier-
feet nt ana save you irom o to iu dollars on a suit msde to order by your tail
or. All we ask is a trial. Spring
patrons for tbsir liberal patronage,
it a continuance or tbo same, we are
S. S. Ruble,
Practical Embalmcr and Funer
al Director.
I shall from now on use the
or outside box to last and be in good condition for
ages, which will certainly be
for people to use to preserve the remains of their
friends It also is an exterminator of all vermin.
Bridge Nt, filifflintown, Pa.
Space is re
for Schott's
-mi vuitiifi. sc., ao. vv e oi
2 pair for '25c; better quality 20c, 50o
toe ana t. per pair.
1-2 3 4 and 5 Dollars.
psper, linen and celluloid. 1
Celluloid Collar lOo.
ovtrcoats made to order. Thanking our
aid assuring them we will endeavor to mer
yours to please, HOLLOBAUGH & SON.
Spring FasMans in Ms, Boys' & '(Mdrga's Clothng.
JVeic Tariff Prices.
It was our shrewd baying. It's
our nervy selling tbat has leveled the
read for the Wage-Earners to the don.
kle-purab aeiag rower of the dollar, for
we are In an excellent position to
meet all reduced wages with reduced
priees! We have touched the popular
chord of the people it has vibrated in
our behalf, so shall the booming of
these bargains vibrate in behalf of the
Next to quality and style tbe most important point to be considered ia
connection with your New Spring Suits is tbe price. Bigbt here wo assert
without fear of successful contradiction, tbat if tbe superior excellence of Oar
Clothing entitles as to year eastom, tbe price does even more so.
Men's All-Wool Imported Clay Worsted Suits, in either stylish Backs or
the Dressy 3- button Cutaway and Begent Frocke molded in tbe most perfect
fitting garments. They're $10 values $7 98.
Men's stvlibh, sinele or double
bets snd rich unfinished Wr.rstfds; $8
jeeve ana nooy .wings, ana nt just ngnt
We challenge anv houee in
we offer in Spring Suits for men. Look about, compare, ex
amine, but le'ore you buy don't fail to fee a line ol new style
Sack Suits m Black, Brown and Oiford mixed Cheveits. act
ually worth $10, but being sold
Men's extra fine imported
Suits, in either blue cr black Sack, Cut away, Regent or Prince
Airjert, test of trimmings, sewed
every penny of $12; Price
Men's extra fine imrortf d
unfinished Worsteds, in sincle'or
way or Regent frocks; genuine
trimmed and tinisned, every size, fit as they should fit, $11.85.
Short Pants Suits. A lice of thfse ia dark "frvicrable'niaterials for everyday wear
and for school, necis.1 Talne at SI. Pots Fine Suits t 'l rb. mhirh r warth 4.
14.60, f5 cod $6 Kfolbirs, alttr too bave
taf ifcaf they sre ite tt srd bipeest tarpaiss licb hate ever been brought to your
notice. Lone Parts Suits. Two srrcials in tbrte. well worth invftitiDr. A larce
and ltrsrt)T litr of tbrre in riaik inixturrs.
for $4.00. A Fine (bowing at Lone Pants Suits in "Black and Gray Mixed Cbevoits,
sirale rid Pr.uMe ftrotcd. 14 to 19 for S6.00. 600 nairs Children's Pants, in tha ro-
liab'e Union Cbevoits, trtry size, now sell for 19. SPRING THOtJSEHS. A choice
line, comprising sll ibe new styles in foreign and domestic fabrics. Fancy Worsted
stripes 96c. Black and Blue Cbevoita in eord aualitr S1.75. All wool stripes and
checks, new effects $2.00. Fine imported Wcrsteads 'and ;Csssimeres, elegantly made
and trimmed, I4.ro. Ten should wear a bat the proper shape. London shapes, is
what you want. We bare thtm. A new and complete line of Gents' Furnishing
Goods at the Lowest Price in the history of Juniata connty.
1865, ESTABLISHED. 1889.
Special Invitation
To attend the Attractive Sale of
It will be
Who have money to invest to examine the Stock of Goods ft ' -
It ia truly marvelous to See
of Suits and Overcoats at the Wonderfully Low Prices.
His prices leave all Competitors in the rear, so don't 3x1
to give him a call if in need of Clothing.
Money Loaned at Lowest Bates.
HrwtartaaqaaHttaaaraaasnrpMSMl, actual!
aatiastins; two boxe. of uay other brand. Hot
Ossta by haa. WUET TBEfiEH U1XE.
Nnrsery Stock. Salary, Expenses and
8 teady Employment guaranteed.
Dec. 8, Rochester, N. Y.
Tha SeainuJ md Repuihrmm office ia the
place to get Job work dons. Try U. It will
pay yon if yon need anything (a that line.
As the Leading and Largest
Clothier of Jnniata county, it behoevee
us to supply the gentlemen of Juniata
oonnty with tie very newest Fabrics
and Fashions in wearing apparal. This
we are prepared to do, having spaat
much time and labor in our efforts te
produee a line of garments eat, made
and finished in striot accordance with
the most fine and latest diotates of Fash
breasted Sack Suits, in ttlain black Thi-
gems, containing tbe most reliable
the countv to ecmal the valua
for the trifling sum of. . .$0.76.
All-Wool French Worsted
and finished by artists, worth
Diagonal Woratpd Chpvnita and
Double-breasted Sacks. Cuta
$15 to $18 values, elegantly
sren Ibrre Eovk' Suits Ton will scknowl-
rirsla-tirerstfd stTlr. all 14 ta 10.
Wholesale and Retail Clothier,
116 Bridge Street, Mifflintown, Penna.
To The Public
Clothing that gees on daily
Stockholders Individually Liable
W. C. Pomeroy, Joaeph Rothrock,
John Hertiler, Josiab L. Barton,
Robert B. Parker, Loola K. Atkinson
T. V. Irwin.
George A. Kepner, Annie at. Shelley,
Joseph Rotbrock, P. W. afanbeck,'
L. E. Atkinson, R. E. Parker,
W. C. Pomeroy, J. Holaiea Irwin
at ary Knrtz, Jerome N . Thompson,
John Hertzler, T.' V. Irwin.
Charlotte Snyder, Josiah L Barton,
John M. Blair, Robert H. Patterson,
F. M. ft. Penncll, Lari Light,
Samuels. Rothiock, Wm. S warts.
H.N. Sterrett, B. J. Sbellenberger.
Three and Fonr per cent, interest will ba
paid on certificates of deposit.
fjan 23, 1895 tl
r from th Htects of roothfal wTorm, rW
Ssear, waatlna waakaMa. tat nwabxMd. I wffi
aaa4 a vaioabla ttasMss (saatMneootalDlBC fan
aattimUaraforBaaaaeaia, FRH cmii
aauama BMoJoal wan : aaonia os iw
assa who ta atrrena and daMUtaatd.
TrmU W. C romEH. Sieua,
Consumption SHirely Cured.
Ib Tax KotiDSK naaaa Inform yoarnadasa
that I hare a poaMra raaaadr aba aixm-naaMd
Jlasaaa. Br 1U atmjr aae taonaanrts of hopalaaa
caMaarabamfatauaanflyearad. IakaUbeglad
to saad two bottles of my tsaaaaFRIBta aay at
Tour leadsia who bars eonaomptkm it thay wfU
sand ma tbair Knitaaa aad P. O. atiliaas. Sanact
folly, T. A. aiXXXJat. at. 1S1 rsadSU S. X.