Juniata sentinel and Republican. (Mifflintown, Juniata County, Pa.) 1873-1955, June 26, 1895, Image 2

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bditob Ait d rsoraiiToa,.
The Repnblicau Clubs 2000 strong,
met in Cleveland, O iio, lat- week,
but gave no expression on the gold
and silver coin question.
There is an under current of strong
belief in Washington tbat the Pres
ident is hoping t secure a third
term nomination for the Presidency.
Whim a mm borrows money, it
does not foltow tlmt be is on the road
to bankruptcy. Tho greatest achieve
ments are accomplished on borrowed
money and the money paid back to
the man who limned it.
Senator M. S Qcit and B. Frank
Gilkeson. are cv.iididates for the
State Chairmanship of the Republi
can part. The State C invention will
meet on tue 23th of August at Har-
risburg, when the Chairman will be
The Democratic Party proclaimed
itself a party for revenue only. Well
it ba.i not baen a pirty for revenue,
sufficient to run the Government. It
is behind with the payment of ex
penses of Government seventy-five
million dollars.
Governor Hastings got a verdict of
three thousand dulluri in the Cumbria
county court Jast Friday, against fx
District Attorney, Frank J. O'Con
nor for slauder. The suit was for
fifty thousand dollars damage for hav
ing charged General Hastings with
having appropriated large sums of
money of the Johnstown Hood relief
fund to his own me, and thereby re
lieving himself from a state of bank
In all the wide range of creation,
there is nothing which approaches
Niagara Falls in magnificence or
grandeur, nor any other object which
inspires the beholder with such awe
inspiring wonder. One must see the
great cataract in order to form any
conception of its vastcess or secure a
proper appreciation of its majesty.
The series of tours arranged by the
Pennsylvania Railroad Company,
leaving Philadelphia July 18, August
1 and 15, September 7, and October
8, and Washington and Baltimore,
July 25, August 8 and 22, September
7, and October 8, affords an excellent
opportunity to make the trip at a re
markably small expense.
The rate for round trip tickets,
good for ten days, is $10 from Phila
delphia, Washington, and Baltimore,
and proportionate rates from other
A special train of Pullman parlor
cars and day coaches will be run on
each of the above-named dates, and a
tourist agent and chaperon will ac
company each tour in fact, every
thing will be done t i make the trip
attractive and pleasurable.
The tickets will also permit of sfcip
offat Watkius and Rochester in each
direction, and at Buffalo on the re
turn trip.
For specific rates and time of trains
application should be made to ticket
agents or to Tourist Agent, Room
411, Broad Street Station, Philadel
phia. A Large Family-
Huntingdon Globe
600 descendants of
Mattern, who came from Switzerland
one hundred years ago and settled
in the Warrior's Mark Valley, Hunt
ingdon county, held a family re-uuion
at Warrior's Mark last Thursday.
Wlx can estimate the number of de
scendants of this family one hundred
years hence? Beyond conception.
Returned the Plunder-
It is a common Bight during a rail
road wreck to see men and boys who
have come to view the scene to take
burs, pieces of iron or whatever else
tbey fancy and appropriate it to their
own use, just as if it belonged to
them. Writing ou this point the
Newport News of a recent date says:
Almost simultRueously with the re
cent wreck near .Villerstown disap
peared the bruss works about loco
motive 1623, of which there was con
siderable says the Harrisbnrg Tele
graph. Dctectiva Boat went to work
on the case. To all inquiries there
was but one answer. No one knew
anything about the brass. Detective
Boat then gave the inhabitants a cer
tain bridf time in which to return
the brass, threatening to search every
house in Millerstown, if it was not
restored to its rightful owner. This
threat had tho desired affect. Be
fore the time limit expired the brass
was found piled nicely in a heap
along the track one morning.
Applicants for certificates will be
examined at the following times and
places in the several Districts of Jun
iata county, lor lo'Ja.
Patterson and Milford, in Patter
son, Monday, July 15.
Port Koval and Turbett, in Port
Royal, Tuesday, J uly 16.
Spruce Hill, at Spruce Hill, Wed
nesday, July 17.
Tuscarora, in East Waterford,
Thursday, July 18.
Lick, ut Cross Kevs, Friday July
Beale, in Johnstown, Monday, July
Mimintown ana Fermanagh, in
Millliutown, Tuesday, July 23.
Walker, in Mexico, Wednesday,
July 24.
lhompsontown and Delaware, m
East Salem. Thursday, July 25.
Greenwood, at Straightwatcr, Fri
dav, July 26.
Susuncbanna. at Prosperity. Sat
urday, July 27.
Monroe, in Richfield, Monday. Ju
Jy 29.
Fayette, in MeAlisterville, Tuesday,
July 30.
Special examination, in Mifflintown
Friday. Aucust 30.
The examinations will begin at 8
A. M- The School Law requires ap
plicanta to be examined in the dis
tricts in whiob they intend to teach
so that directors have an opportunity
to note the attainments of those who
ask for schools; hence all perrons, de
siring to teach must be examined in
their proper districts. Directors
should not employ teachers who hve
found an xcuse for evading the reg
nlar examinations. Certificates will
bd marked upon the grade used lust
year. The certinca'e is a good cri
terion of the teacher's worth. 1J
may be considered as the best av
erage, and three the lowest. All
consideration aside from merit, should
be ignored in the selecting of teach
ers. It is hoped tbat directors will
not reduce the snlaries, as low salar
ies drive many of our teachers out ol
the profession or out of the county,
while those who remain are discour
aged. Directors and all friends of
education are invited to attend.
D. M. Marshall,
Co Supt
Walnut, Ta., June 20, 1895.
Dr. S. D. Diffenderfer, graduate of
the University of Maryland Dental
Department, desires to inform the
public that ho has opened a Dental
Office at O lkland Mills, Pa., where
he can be found at all times. Teeth
extracted painlessly. All work guar
In Your Blood
is the cause of that tired, languid
feeling which afflicts you at this sea
son. The blood is impure and has
become thia and poor. That is why
you have no strength, no appetite,
cannot sleep. Purify your blood with
Hood s Ssrsaparilla, which wid give
you an appetite, tone your stomache,
and invigorate your nerves.
Hood's Pills are easy to take, easy
in action and sure in effect. 25c.
Kellef In Six Honrs
Distressing Kidney and Bladder
diseases relieved in six hoars by the
"New Great South American .Kidney
Cire This new remedy is a great
surprise on account of its exceeding
promptness in relieving pain in the
bladder, kidneys, back and every part
of the urinary passages in male or
female It relieves retention of wa
ter and pain in passing it almost im
mediately. If you want quick relief
and cure this is your remedy. Sold
by Ii. Banks & Co., Druggist, Mif
flintown, Pa. Feb. G.
A Daer Captured-
This from the Liverpool Sua:
A live male deer, about five year-old.
was captured in the rivsr near 5'e
Kees Half Falls, not long ago. I
had been for some time on the hill
back of Georgetown. Some dogs
chased it into tbo liver, where it was
seen by Messrs. Kerstetter and Hum
mel, of JlcKees, and thf-y took a bout
and pursued it, and soon had it in
deep water, where thoy attempted to
catch it alive, The buck would have
got away from them, had not thn-e
men from the other side come to
help them. Since its capture, the an
imal has become so tame as to eat
from the hands of any person. The
street railroad people of Shamokin
purchased it from Hummell & Ksr-
atet?cr and put it in their park.
And a good appetite go hand in
band. With the loss of appetite, the
system cinnot long Eustain itself.
Thus the fortifications of good health
are broken down anil the system is
liable to attacks of disease. It is
such cases that the medicinal powers
of Hood's Sareaparilla are clearly
shswn. Thousands who have taken
Hood's Sarsaparilla testify to its
great merits as a purifier of the blood,
its powars to refctore and sharpen the
appetite and promote a healthy ac
tion of the digestive organs. Thus
ip, not what we sav, but whit
Hood's Sarsaparilla does that tells
the story and constitutes the strong
est recommendation that can be urg
ed for any medicine. Why not take
Hood's Sarsaparilla now! July 05. m.
Surprising the Preacher.
The Evangelical Parsouago in Pat
terson, was the focal point of a pleas
ant occasion last Ihursday evening,
and to make tho occasion more inter
esting, Itev. JVlr. ohortess was invei
gled by some of the arnatuer sports
men parishioners to consent to go
inner tbat evening. In point of
fact there was nothing further from
their desire, than the desire to go
fishing, but to carry out their pur
pose, they feigned a great desire to
fisb, and as fishing was the calling of
a number of the Apostles, and a bus
iness in which the Master himself
sometimes engaged in, it was proper
that their pastor should accompany
thf m in pursuit of fish, but somehow
that evening, things would not work
The preacher was ready and had be.
decked himself in old clothes from
his retired ward robe on the garret,
till he looked as if he could wade aud
splash in water and mud without in
the least endangering his clothes.
His clothes were suitable for the w ork
tbat he intended to engage in, and
not the kind that people usually wear
at a society reception or church do
nation party, btill bis companion
fishermen were not ready. One had
lorgotton this, and when he was
ready some other had forgotton some
thing essential to the fishing party,
and when he was ready some other
one was not, and just when the min
ister was wondering what demon of
confusion had gotten among the fish
ing flock that they could not get
themselves ready, the congregation,
dressed in their church going clothes
appeared upon the sceae to tender
him a surprise. It was one of the
most successful surprises, planned
and executed in this community and
was calculated to bring the preach
er's heart to his month, and almost
paralize his tongue. Between the
surprise and the distaste of meeting
his flock in his worst clothes, he was
at first a cood deal abashed, and ex
pressed himself as feeling that way,
but he boob recovered himself and the
occasion became one of the pleasant
est that has taken place m the con
gregation. It was a surprise that
surprised, and left in the minister's
bouse, many of the substantial things
nf Mfa tn nrnra tn him that, rhav nr. 1
preciate his labor in breaking to
them the bread of life.
Hon eadem aetaa, nan men. Horse
Too auk mnny wintcr'd bard"
Whrro hi&c his old vocation
Accept the answf r 1 not hard
A classic explanation.
"Immortal" though ho bo, he still,
Tithononx-liko, grows older,
Whilo aha. his ninae of Pindna hill.
Still barea a youthful shoulder.
Could that too sprightly nymph hot
Ber ageless grace and beauty.
They might, betwixt them both, arhtsSV
A hymn de aenectufcJ.
But she she can't a-row gray, and so
Her slave, whose haira are falling.
Most e'en his Dorio flute forego
And aerk some graver callinir
Hot iU cont.-nt to stand aside.
To yield to minstrels ntter
Eia ringing rolie. his singing pride
Bis fancies sweet and bitter.
Anxtin Dobsun in Temple Bar.
Expert Testimony Cornea Hick,
bat We
Hare to Hare It.
The scene was the private laboratory
of the greatest chemical analyst known
to science, J. Bigle Bighead, M. D-,
F. B. S.. P. D. etc. There was a
timid rap on the door, and a dark fea
tured man entered, saluting with obse
quious grace and handing the great ex
nert a card, on which was the firm
name of "Baggem & Fleecem, Private !
The celebrated lexicologist glanced at
the card and motioned tho visitor to a
seat "Happy to make your acquaint
ance, 6ir. Vhnt can I do for yon?"
The swarthy browed visitor glanced
around to make sure that they were
alone, then drew forth from the folds of
his clonk a small bottle containing some
mysterious fluid.
"Sir," ho began hi undertones, "this
bottlo contains part of tho contents of a
man's stomach. The deceased died two
days ago tinder the most suspicions cir
cumstances, after having dined with a
very beautiful woman. I want expert
sworn testimony an ironclad, all wool,
yard wide, no rebate, expert analysis.
What's yonr price, sir?"
The great man held the bottle np to
the light, then pnlled a string disclos
ing a scale of prices on the wall, which
tho visitor read, as follows :
To And Dolaon and nwrar to it 11.000
Not to nod potion und swear to it..
To find poison and swear I didn't..
Not to find poison and sw-t-ar I did.
To "ball up" tho Jury with learned t-ch-nlralltlrs,
so that tt won't matter
whether 1 did or didn't 1.500
To boonx-rang 400 yarchi of Latin at tho
To brina ten other great men toxwear for
onr side, each.
To cito eminent authorities whiehever
way yon wish, per cito
To throw up enor.iih aeientiflr dust to be
fog and mutUilo the Judipi, Jury, prose
cuting attorney and myself, per shovel
ful Consultation, beginning with this one,
per minute
"Now, sir," continued the great tox
icological expert, "on which side of tho
fence are yonr Are you employed in tho
interest of the poisoner or the poisonce?"
But the detective had finished the last
lino of the scale of prices, and his hair
stood on end. Slowly he arove, looked
at his watch, saw that ho had been
there 30 seconds, drew forth a roll aud
conntol ont $100, pressing it into tho
band of tho great expert. Then, with a
look of envy and admiration, ho fled
just in time to save, another hundred.
San Francisco Argonaut.
Tho highest temperature e-i .
in Loudou was recorded Jnly 15, 18S1,
95. Ti ilenrees ; at Palis, 101, on Aug. 20,
17C5; ut Adi-luiilc, Australia, January,
1841, 114; nt Monrzuk, India, July 10,
1S72, 13;1.
The Ih.tutfitouic iii Connecticut was
callfil Vy (ko 'Ju.luiiis WnsxiadcWX. the
stream hevoml the mrmntuins.
Statement of Receipts and Expenditures of the School Board of
mauagh District, for the year ending
Statement of Account of C. E. Hower,
To amount of School Duplicate
6 per cent, added to (76.17 uncalled tax
By amt. paid Treasurer
rebate on $043.11 5 per cent
12 per cent. commission od $043.44......
amt. paid Treasurer....
' Commission on Balance
JlccH of Treasurer E. C. Doty.
To State appropriation, 1894
Cash from Collecor Ilowur
Loan from Bank
Amt from Dog I und
By amount orders paid, Sec
By order to
c t
. i
. c
u (
t -f
C l
ii i.
cc u u
C C( cc
c tc
cc c cc
cc c cc
cc cc
cc cc cc
cc cc cc
cc cc cc
c. c cc
cc cc cc
cc cc cc
C l II
cc c cc
By oveniratt lay...
B. F. Scbweier, printing statements. 1893-
B. F. Scbweier, Auditor's tee 1894 .
a. A. Ptambaogh " cc .... .
S. A. Thomai, Auditor's fee, 1894
D. L. Weller, repairs at Cuba S.U
John Morgan, nx ttug at Cuba.....
First Nations Batik (note due), Aug. 6....
John Morgan, cleaning and wbitc-washing at Cuba...
PufTeDbcrgcr, cleaning and repairs, H. Hollow...... .
Wm. Kanch, plastering at Big Run..... ...
J. C. Hower, cleaning W.Hall oath of office.......
Lizzie Ryrjer, cleaning and white-washirjg at Cuba....,
J. W. Williams, cleaning at Alt. Hope oath of office ,
J. C. Hower. freight paid on books .
Banks Sieber, cleaning, Jlc. at
Walker Twp. School Board Tuition Stouffer Children for two
years, ending J una 1894... ....
J. B. Lippincott fc Co., 6 dictiooaiies
J. C. Hower, fro'ght paid on books ....
Par id Wolfgang, repairs at kit.
D. L. weller, banging blinds.
O. C. Difl'cnderfer, Ireigbt on books
American Book Co. Bill of books to date
The Werner Co Bill of Books to data
Haynard, Merrill fc Co., Book
H. C. McClelan, bill merebandise to December 21, 1894.
G. W. OiQenderl'er, hauling 85O01bs coal Big Run
George Hower borrowed money paid with interest
H.J. T. Wachob, State map W.
Wm. FulTenberger, hauling coal
North Son, coal bill, 1894
J. B. Williams, hauling coa,
J. C. Hower, hauling coal, W.
K. H. McClintic, merchandise
Teachers Salaries and attending I ostitato
Total amount $
Financial Statement, June 3rd, 1895.
To money borrowed from Bank, 9275 00
" overdraft on Treasury til 88
By cash in Treasury from Hower
Total liabilities.
Resources .
Liabilities in excess ol rsaonrces
The foregoing Statement was
isoara, ana to the best ol their knowledge, the Auditors believe their state
ment to be correct.
What Ailed Him.
A gentleman of Berwyn, Pa., who is
employed with an electrical light com
pany, has two boys aged 3 and 5 years
respectively. The older one, through
freqnent conversations with his father,
is familiar with electrical terms, appli-
i ances and probabilities. -
Little 8-year-old one cold morning
was fumbling with a half frozen wasp
that had lodged on tho window silt The
wa?p thawed ont, and recovered mich
cf hisusnal animation, a fact proved by
a succession cf yells on the part of tho
"What's the matter with Dawson?"
cried tho father as he rushed from an
adjoining room.
"I "spect he touched a live wire," re
plied the brother, with a scarcely per
ceptible grin. Youth's Companion.
She Dtdat Notice
Mr. Minks Who is that pretty young
lady in the bine
Mrs. Minks Huh ! Do you call her
pretty? Never saw such a
Mr. Minks Well, who is tbat young
lady in the bine
Mrs. Minks Perhaps she's a lady and
perhaps she isn't You men seem to
think every
Mr. Minks Who is that or chit in
the blue dress?
Mrs. Minks I don't know.
I didn't
notice. New York Weekly.
Cinnamon is the bark of a tree which
is native to Ceylon, south India and
many of tho East India islands. During
the middle ages it was highly esteemed
as a medicine, and ono instanco is on
record of a pound of it being sold in
Spain A. D. 856 for a sum nearly equiv
alent to $13(5 of onr money. It was be
lieved to have tho property of keeping
away dc.viL;.
Bulgaria was formerly Volgario, at.
called from tho Volsci who inhabited It
MirrLiarowa, June 26. l!-5
n ter
, 18
? boulder, ......
I ard . . m . .
Wheat 80
forn in ear.... ...... .... ...... 60
Oati 35
Eye 60
Clover eeed.......... .... .... ..
Timothy seed 2.C0
Flux seed HO
Bran 90
tt-", $.'i0 a hundred
Middlings ... .. 1 10
Ground Alum Snlt 1.00
An eri.aii Sill.. .......... ..75c to t0
PmLAPELTHiA Markets, June 22,
1895 "Wheat 75 to 85c; corn 53 to
51c; oats 35r; strawberries at 4 to 10
cents a qt; whortleberries 5 to 7c a
nt; iroose-berries 4 to 6c a q?; cher
ries, sweet 6 to 8c; soar 4 to 6c; cur-
ran's 5 to 8c; red raspberries o to 10
crnts a pt; black, 5 to 63 a pint;
Southern peaches $1 to $2 a basket;
hay $12 to $15 a ton; butter 11 to
23c a lb; eggs 11 to 13c a doz; lhe
chickens 10 to lie a lb: roosters 7 to
8c a lb: spring chickens at 15 to 25c
a piece, according to size: lard 6 to 7
cents a lb; sugars 3$ to 4c a lb;
tallow in cakes 4i a lb; old potatoes
56 to 60c a bush.; onions $1 a half
bushel; tomatoes 75c, $1 a basket;
encumbers 50 to 75c a bush. No
olinngtt in rattle sheep aud bog
Juco 3rd, 1895.
Collector of Taxes.
$1065 04
8 80
.... ...... 643 44
o 00
........... ......... 13 15
.. 87 92
.... 276 02
14 45
$I0G8 84 $10G8 84
106!) 16
843 44
682 t
272 25
82 20
81 83
2931 86
46 84
4 70
1 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
8 30
6 40
606 00
3 25
4 80
3 09
1 6
2 50
3 25
2 75
1 10
43 88
2 60
14 28
22 50
4 17
2 60
1 26
121 47
49 28
63 14
17 40
6 7
2 98
6 27
6 31
479 92
89 95
Kenno.... ..
... .......i
bill to date.
to Happy Hollow.
6 90
5 76
75 17
25 08
7 47
Mt. Hope.,
to date...
8 81
2 22
1170 26
2981 86
76 OS
S56 it
76 62
$280 81
presented to the Auditors by the School
WorK 15
never done
It la a constant round of ear and toll
from which there is no escape. How -entia
I, then, are health and strongth, and
yet with how many women these are al
together lacking. Therare tired all day
end una Me to sleep at night. In thia con
dition the system will soon break dowa.
Re3tor tho Strength,
overcome that tired fooling, boild op the
system by the use of Hood's Sarsaparilla
before It is too late. This ereat madic-ine
is exactly what overworked women need.
It makes pure, rich blood, creates so ap
petite, gives strength to the nerves.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Is the Only
True Blood Purifier
Prominently In the public eys today.
Hood's Pills rit-
fctatc of Geo. W. Smith, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that letters Tes
tamentary on the eatate of George W
Smith, lat ' ol the borough of Miftllntown,
hare been granted in due form of law to tho
undersigned. All persons indebted to saia
estate are requested to make payment, and
those having claims will pleas present
them for settlement June 15, 1895.
Wm. G Surra,
Ac.iirnMi Estate nf John If. Williams.
Tho undersigned Aadinr . appointed by
the Court of Common Tleas of Juniata
county, to make distribution of the fund a
remaining in the hands of W. H. Robiaon,
Assignee of John X. Williams, will attsod
to the duties or his appointment, at his of
fice in the Borough of JfifUintown on Fri
day, the 12th day or July, 1895, between
the hours of 9 o'clock A. M. and 4 o'clock
P. M., when and where all parties interest
ed must appear, and prove tbeir c'alms or
be forever barred from parlicipatiag in said
fund. WiLncsroBCK Schweysb.
Juno 19, '95. JuiittT.
Assigned Estate of A.J. Ferguson . Son,
A. J. Ferguson and J. B. Kergnsoa.
Notice is hereby giv.-n tbat the under
signed appointed an Auditor by the Court
of Common fleas of Juniata county to die
tribute the balance remaining in the bands
of Geo. W. Kongo, Assignee ot A.J. rrr
guson t Son, among the parties entitled
thereto sod pa."s npon exceptions to the ac
count, will be at his offlee in the borough
of Mifflintown. on Thursday, July 11th,
1895, at 9 o'clock A. M., of said day, to at
tend to the duties of his appointment, then
and where parties interested muat present
their claims or be forever debarred from
coming in on said fund.
Wn....,o,ri ScawSYCB.
June 19, 1895. Auditor.
Editor Sistinii. & Republic: ?ieas
announce to the Republicans ! Juniata
county, tbat Uriah Shu in an is a candidate
for Representative Delegate tn the next Re
publican State Convention. Mr. Shumaois
a veteran Republican, and iiends no intro
duction to the Republicans of Juniata.
Emtob Sestisiel ft. Repi blicas: Please
present the name of W. North Sterrett of
Patterson, as a candidate lor Representa
tive Delegate to the next Republican State
Convention. PATTERSON.
for active lady or gentleman acquaint
ed with neighborhood. Compensa
tion from $40 to $150 monthly.
Work outlined. Oulr energeiic par
ty, ambitions to suew-ed, nid apply.
No capital required. Addnss, with
reference, state age and whether mar
ried or single. Globe Bible Publish
ing Co., 723 Chestuut Street, Pbila
The waste water from kitchen , &c,
that is allowed t- run int-j tho gutter
across the street at East Point, rreatea
a stench on warm d-iy, and fright
ens a good many horse s of travelers,
and if not abated it, is only a ques
tion of time when some shy horse in
crossing it will cause an accident and
open the way for a suit, for heavy
Waterproof collars and cofla that will
not wilt, are not effected by moisture
and look just like linen are all the
fashion now. They are made by cov
ering a linen collar or cuff with "cel
luloid " aud are the only waterproof
goods made with an interlining, con
sequently the only ones that will stand
wear and give perfect satisfaction. Try
them and yon will never regret it. Al
ways neat, and easily cleaned. When
soiled simply wipe off with a wet clot
or sponge. Every piece of the genu
ine is stamped as follows :
Ask for those bo marked and re rase any
imitations, as they cannot possibly
please yon. If your dealer does not
keep them, we will send a sample di
rect on receipt of price. Collars 35c.
each. Cuns 50c pair. State size and
whether stand-up or turned-down col
lar is wanted.
t7-4it9 anaaaar, InrYl
lUcs heat, Tr 0, Ml
U yoa tef to borrow msaejf on ifitabl
. . a
o you derirt to pay off m mmngag mum
reborrow tkt atsaey at 6 per etut. internt
Would you ear to b as situated that you
could rtdutt U t mortgage against your
boms by paying off a small amount mouth
ly aud at Iks end of each year reitiv cred
itor all paxdt With interest bang charg
ed only on rtmatmug portion of loan.
Would you tike to buy your family a homer
If to, read the following:
t twnrearat a Oomnany that has embod
ied in its plan all tho features enumerated
above and many more. Can you see any
rrasoa why you snouM pay large mareat
r. , ha von kava Knod SfCUrityf
Can you present any good raaaou why it is
not as wall to receive proms twit t
wait from 7 to 10 years as one does ia many
of tho Associations Is not the reduction of
intarrat vearlv better, than waiting many
years for pro tits? Borrowers under the piau
representee By me assume airauiuiij
as each $1 00 paid eu the loan is credited
on tho mortgage, thereby reducing it in
proportion to the amount paid.
Building Associations have beaented
hundreds of thoussnds. so did tbo old cars
tbat wera propelled by horses. Oar plan is
as far superior to Building Associations ss
tho trolley ears sre to tho eld antiquated
horse car system. My time is to much oc
cupied to answer questions tor tbo curions,
but those sacking information for tho bet
terment nf their condition will receive full
information promptly. We offer an invest
ment tn those who hsve a small amount to
save monthly that baa no superior ss to
saiety and seldom eqnaleu ror proms, iui
or write. M aubkb Leosabd,
Oakland JKills,
Jtn2t-3m Juniata county, Pa
The following schedule went Into effect
Nov. 19, 1893, aod the trains will be run as
p. m
4 30
4 86
4 39
3 41
4 45
4 46
4 61
4 64
4 56
4 69
9 15
9 21
9 24
9 2
9 31
9 36
9 41
9 44
Leave Arrive
King's Hill
Sulphur Springs
"Corman Siding
Hontebello Park
Long's Road
Green Pvk
Montour June
Arrive Leave
a. rn p. m
8 40 8 50
8 84 8 4
8 31 S 41
8 29 3 89
8 26 3 86
8 24 3 84
819 8 29
8 16 3 26
8 14 3 24
811 8 21
8 05 3 15
7 52 2 45
7 46 2 89
7 43 2 86
7 40 2 33
7 84 2 27
7 32 2 25
7 27 2 20
6 65 1 60
a. m p m
5 10 10 00
6 17 10 07
6 22 10 13
6 26 10 16
6 28 10 19
6 24 10 2
6 86 10 27
5 41 10 82
6 0911 20
p. m a. m
Train leaves Bloonitleld at 6.10
a. 111.
and arrives at Landisburg at 6.47 a. m.
Train leaver Landisburg at 6.14 p. m., and
arrives at Bloomtield al 6. 50 p. m.
Trains leave Loysville for Dnncannon at
7. 220 a. m., and 2. 15 p. m. Returning,
arrive at 10 87 a. in., and 4.50 p. m.
Between Landiabarg nd Loysville trains
ran ss lollows: Leave Land isbarg for Loys
ville 6 55 a. m., and 1 50 p m., Loysville
for Landisburg 11 10 a. m., and 5 09 p. m.
All stations marked () are nag stations,
at wbict trains will come to a full stop on
Louis E. Atmxso. F. M. M. Pes mi
IO""Collectlng and Conveyancing prompt
ly attended to.
Orrioa On Main street, in place of rest
dence of Louis B. Atkinson, Bsq., south
Bridge street. fOct 26, 1892.
District Attorney.
hsve formed a partnership for the practice
of Medicine and their collatteral branches.
Othce at old stand, corner of Third and Or
ange streets, Mifflintown, Fa. One or both
ot them will be round at their office at all
times, unless otherwise professionally en
gaged. April 1st, 1895.
(Graduate of the Philadelphia Dental Col
lege,) formerly of Mifflinburg, Pa., has lo
cated permanently in Mifflintown, as suc
cessor to the late Dr. O. L. Derr, and will
continue tho dental bnsiness (established
by the latter in I860) at the well known of
flee on Bridge street opposite Court House.
.Ae Chloroform, Ether, or Gas used.
No Sore Gams or Discomfort to patient,
either during extraction or afterwards.
All these are Guaranteed cr ro charge
will be made,
Uy All work guaranteed to give perfect
satisfaction. Terms, strictly cash.
Practical Deattat.
The undersigned persons have associated
themseves together for the protection of
Willow Run Trout stream in Lack town,
ship, Juniata Co., Pa. All persons are
strickly forbidden not to trespass upon the
land or stream ef the said parties to flak
as the stream baa been stocked with trout
Parsons violating this notice, will be pros
ecuted according to law.
R. H. Patterson,
T. H. Garuthers, J. P.
Rob't A. Woodside,
W. D. Walls,
Frank Vawn,
Dyson Vawn.
April 23, 1895.
The underlined persons hsve formed an
Association for the protection of their re-
sneetive urODerties. All persons are here-
ot no tinea noi to trespass on mo lauua ui
the nadersiraed for the purpose of hunting
gathering nuts, chiping timber or throwing
down fences or tiring Umber in any way
whatever. Any violation et the above no
tice will be dealt with according te law.
John slietuel,
William Punenberger,
Oideoa Sieber,
Beaahor sX Zook,
Mary A. Srubaker,
Joseph Rothrock,
John Byler,
Samuel Bell.
September6, 1896. .
Salary and expenses or commission!
High grade Stock at low prices. Nea
specialties. Seed Potatoes, tut.
in every town. Steady work. Pay Week
ly. Address, H. B. WILLIAMS, See'y
rssriaaa, jl. i. Sep. 16.18W.
On and after Saadar, May 20,
1895, trains will ran as follows:
Way Passenger, lesvoa Philadelphia at
4 80 a. tn; Uarrisburg 8 18 a. tn; Dnncan
non 8 54 a. m; New Port 9 24 a. m; Mil
lerstown 986 a. m; Durword 9 43 a. ro;
Thompsontown 9 47 a. m; Van Dyke 9 66
a. m; Tuscarora 9 69 a. u; Mexico 10 02 a.
m; Port Royal 10 07 a. m: MiBlin JO 14 a.
m; Denholm 10 21 a, tn; Lewistown 10 40
m; McVeytown 11 08 a. m; Nrwton
Hamilton 11 82 a. ro; Mount Union 1140
a. m; Huntingdon 12 10 p. ro; Tyrone 1 02
p. m; Altoona 145 p. ro; Pittsburg6 60 p. m.
Mail Train leaves Philadelphia at 7 00 a.
m. Harrisburg 11 20 a. m; Duncannon 1 1 60
a. sa; Newport 12 14 p. m; Mifflin 12 62 p.
m; Lewistown 1 12 p. m; McVeytown 1 33
p. m; Mount Union 1 66 p. m; Uantingdon
2 17 p. m; Petersburg 2 30 p. m; Tyrone
S 06 p. m Altoona 8 40 p. ro; Pittsburg
8 10 p. m.
Altoona Accommodation leaves riarrts-
burg at 6 00 p. m; Duncannon S 84 p. m;
Newport 02 p. m; ifilleratown 6 13 p. m;
Thompsontown 6 24 p m; Tuscarora 6 85
p. m; Mexico 6 37 p. an; Port Royal 6 42
p. m; Mifflin 6 47 p. ro; Denholm 6 65 p. m;
Lewistown 7 13 p. ro; AfcVeytown 7 88 p.
Newton Hamilton 8 00 p. m; miming
don 8 82 p. m; Tyrone 9 16 p. m; Altoona
9 60 p. m.
Pacific Express leaves fhiladeipoia at
11 20 p. m: Harrisburc 8 10 a. m; Marrs-
ville8 24a. m; Duncannon 3 88 a. m; New.
port 3 59 a. ro; Port Royal 4 31 a. u; Mif
flin 4 87 a. m; Lewistown 00 a. ro; Mc
Veytown 6 80 a. m; Huntingdon 6 0S a.
m; Tvrone 6 55 a. m; Altoona 7 40 a. ui;
Pittsburg 12 10 p. m.
Oyster Express leaves Philadelphia at 4-
40 p.m; Harrisburg at 10 20 p. in; Newport
11 Oo p. m; Mifflin 11 to p. m; Lewistown
12 68 a. m; Huntingdon 12 65 a. m.; Trone
1 42 a m; Altoona 2 00 a. m; Pittsburg 5 30
a. m.
Fsat Line leaves Philadelphia at 12 25 p.
m; Harrrisbnrg 3 50 p. m; Duncanon 4 15
Lm; Newport 4 87 p. m; Milllin 5 10 p. ro.
wistown 6 29 p. m; Mount Union 6 09 p.
m; Huntingdon 6 28 p. m; Tyrone 7 06 p
m; Altoona 7 40 p. ro; Pittsburg 1130
p. m.
Harrisburg Accommodation leaves Al.
toona at 6 00 a. m; Tyrone 5 28 a. m; Hunt
ingdon 6 05 a. m; Newton Humiltun 6 43
a. ro; McVeytown 6 52 a. ni; Lewistown
7 15 a. m; Milllin 7 38 a. m; Port Royal
7 44 a. m; Mexico 7 48 a. m; Thompson
town 8 02 a. m; Millerstown 8 12 a.
Newport 8 22 a. m; Dnncannon 8 49 a
Harrisburg 9 20 a. m.
Sea Shore leaves Pitttsbnrg 8 10 a in;
Altoona 7 15 a ra; Tyrone 7 48 a ra; Hunt
ingdon 8 80 a m; McVeytown 9 15 a ro:
Lewistown 9 85 a m; Milllin 9 65 a m;
Port Royal 9 59 m; Thompjontowu 10 11;
Millerstown 10 22 am; Newport 10 32 a m;
Dnncannon 10 64 a m; Marysviilo 1 1 07 a
m; Harrisburg 11 25 a m; Philadelphia 3 CO
p m.
Main Line Express leaves Pittsburg at
8 00 a. n:; Altoona 11 40 a. in; Tyrone 12-
03 p. ra; Huntingdon 12 35 p. raj Lewis
town 1 83 p. m; Milllin ISO n. m; Harris
burg 3 10 p. m; Baltimore 6 15 p. m; Wash
ington 7 30 p. m; Philadelphia 6 23 p. m;
New York 9 23 p. ra
Mil leaves Altooua at 2 00 p. m, Tyrone
2 36 p. 10, Huntingdon 3 20 p m; Newton
Hamilton 3 51 p. nij McVeytown 4 12 p. rr;
Lewistown 4 88 p. no; Mifflin 5 03 p. m.
Port Uoyal 5 09 p. in; jVexico 6 13 p. in;
Thompsontown 5 27 p. ni; Millerstown o SS
p. ni; Newport 5 44 p. m; Dnncannon 6 20
p. m; Harrisburg 7 00 p. m.
Hail Expres-c loaves l'ittsb;irg at 1 00 p.
m; Altoon:i 6 05 p. m; Tyione 6 37 p m;
Huntingdon 7 20 p.tn; McVeytown 8 01 p.
m; Lewistown 8 26 p m; jlfilllin 8 47 p ni;
Part Royal 8 52 p. in; Millerstown '.) C7 p.
ni; Newport 9 26 p. ro; Duncannon 9 00 p.
m; Unrrisburg 10 2') p. ra.
Philadelphia Express leaves Tittsbu-g at
4 30 p m; Altooua 9 05 p. ni; Tyrone 9 33
p. m; Huntingdon 10 12 p. m; Meunt Un
ion 10 32 p. 111; Lewistown 11 16 p. 111; Mir.
Hin 11 37 p m; narrisburg 1 00 a. m; Phil
adelphia 4 30 New York 7 33 a. rn.
Trains for sundurv at 7 85 a. m. and i VI
p. m., leave Sunbury for Lewistown 10 05
a. m, and 2 25 p. m.
Trains leave for Bllefontc and Lo
Haven at 10 a. ni., 3 34 and 7 25 p ni
leave Lock Haven lur Tjrmo l so, u 10 p.
ro. and 4 15 p. in.
Trains leave Tvrono for Clearfield and
Curwensville at 8 30 a. m.. 3 15 and 7 :I0
p. m.. leave Curwensville tor Tyrone at 4 39
m , 9 loand 3 51 p ra.
For, rates, maps, etc., eall on Ticket
Agent, or address, Thos. E. Watt, P.
A. W. D.. 110 Fifth Avenue. Pitts
burg, Pa.
S. M. Pbevost, J. R. Wood,
Uen'l Manager. Gcn'l Pass. Agt
Wo want a few men to sell a Choice Line
of Nursery Stock. We cannot iu;sku you
rich in a month but can give ou ntcatly
employment aod will pay vea well for it.
Out prices correspond with tho times.
Write for term sni trritrrv to
Jnly 14, 1805. Kochcsicr, N. Y.
The McClintic Hardware
Stores and tin-wre, mill and
Collars, Lap Robes, Blanket?,
jjcbi, sjrouus jjow rrices. we am an encouraging business
during the pas season and hope by constant application and
J. A i J A 1 11 1 .
prumpi, aiieniion iq ao aouoiy
TIT 1 a a -l j n
tie rw ui.ier preparea w iurnisn
Tin. Iron and Felt lioofiner.
Paints, Glass and Carpenter, Tools at low Prices. '
m i .l ii ii ... .a .
Diacatsmitns will tond it to tneir interests to call and ex
rmine our Stock and cet Prices of Norwav fc rAfinAri Kar in
Horse and Mnle Shoes and Nails and Tools.
Lumbermen and Mill Men will not go away uninterested,
after thev have exsmined and tiriced Our Sfnolr nf t"!rna Art
Saws, files, Gum and Leather
M.iixat wuou ana iron pumps oi tne oest make; also a lull line
of Housefurnishing Goods, Stoves, Tinware, Granite ware, Wil
low ware, wooden-ware, Nickle Tea Kettle and coffee pots.
wan raper at all Prices.
that we are offering at Special
enee Wire, Gasoline Stove, Ice Cream Freezer, forks, scythes.
Screen Door and Window Hammocks, brushes of all kinds,
prices furnished on application, Cook Stove, Fruit Dr-er, the
best out estimates to furnish contractors with the material so
licited. Thanking for past patronage, I solicit a continuance
of the same.
II ley Railroad Company. Time table
of passenger trains, in effect on Monday,
October 1st, 1891.
ward. East
ward. V n A M
4 00
8 67
3 63
3 50
3 46
3 41
8 88
8 82
8 15
8 10
3 04
2 66
2 49
2 45
2 40
2 88
2 21
2 20
Buffalo Bridge..
Juniata Furnace
6 05 10 00
6 08 10 03
6 12 10 07
6 16
6 19
6 28
6 85
6 15 10 10
Wat-r Ping
Bloomlield Junct'n.
Valley Road
Groeu Park
Fort Robeson
Cisna's Rnn
6 25 10 17
6 40
6 22 10 20
6 31 10 26
6 89 10 34
6 61 10 46
6 44:
6 61
6 69
7 10
7 20
7 05
6 64 10 49!
7 16:11 00
7 12:il 07
7 17111 12
7 23 II 18
7 33;
7 41
7 3fi
7 45
7 48
7 62
7 65
Andorsenburg .....
Blttiu '
Mount Pleasant . .
New German t'n ...
7 27
7 85
11 22
11 80
7 41
11 86
7 45 11 40
D. GRING, President and Manager.
C. K. MfUES., General Agent.
lr2lc Kcsiair Shop at ttiC f
EMtimau System
t&'wzw. ip1?! ef
& STH is Eleyt Active
SStiAI.TEl will reuilT
,TB 7
r; t:jiis yi??i'.-si
r r-T.? T
ah:i;.i trivia? eu$$
a.i itiijfcurlCU'5 . a
5 vf. r-r. C'
Fi 1
SO : I.E.
KJ -
No feints. VTe tro
1101 e-
I s 1: i 11 ?... ocr : iio f&tno nfiaccutssell
't r ;.:;, o ir ct ?hj w(vtl-rini9, Z lbs., esati m any
Ci-ij iTut-ci. IZ it:y lcs 13 lo tdi.
CCK 00
fiviisE HOilQSTER $SB
Guaranteed ?cn:3 m r?nt soil lor tt to fM).
ASMS- KO&S RACES, 25 Ebs. enrt
IV-rftvt Jtncs. porfotB'ctrlr.a. perfect ptljusruir nt.
O'lnnmtoctl arao nff.'iirs cil tor ii'y ft"d ?'
Wiiuen warrant 7 wi;h cvery MHtainev j- v.-ry ttmo
r-.: buy a bicyoM trouahaiiD.-TPiityM ii:y ' if. 0
noTCt thaour wSol"Wtlc prit c for b.it.o cjnn: ty
" 1 cost about tn'H-L to evil l-r-ytlc thn-Mclt
- -enW and dop.lftM nstt tr b ;i!;o tUcii. lAt
'ru.lcnc ttntl ocoiioTiiy :cirr-t t(n hrttrr rr"'l
bU7 lnn ua tiit-ift nt friitHcMii.' j-rit'O
Ulutjtmted Catalone Xrcc.
Acme Cycle Company,
A wonr!rfi!l .niprovonn nt 'r Fr!rtio!i Vt-i ; I
4ai.i-Inrk, Bjirk motion ol irr;ni;: Iht: .: sf.i-t
as any otln-rin tlicuiurkct, Frh-riun 'iufrh r -t!-mtisint;
htl tlieft-J imring tn rftniiit still w h.; t.:i' k-
rent nnrint; la p.wr mill -iir. -l
4sntsin:itnnifirU:r;cCa;alTrean,t pr: A'-
sprint; llnrrovw, liny link. uti'nlor,
t",i-r: !'!n:HprH,Shf!lrr w. Mnin :'!.
IIIZXUI fe UMUMCKJLU iUfrfles) Vork, I d
and SIDina,
ieiicr?J's Patent.)
v.gr.iii.'.ij, Fi?Q and Slsrui ?tstf,
S"--: fcr i Tar rrnn Iron Kwofni nutl CofsTi
.i : f - s. i ilo 31 f rat.
black-smith supplies, Harness,
Fly-nets and Saddler's Supplies.
as mucn in tne coming season.
- ,
I I A RI )AVr T?ir
Sheatkinfr And I lininnp nanar
Bel tine, and Lacer at Low
Prices to close them out, Uarbed