Juniata sentinel and Republican. (Mifflintown, Juniata County, Pa.) 1873-1955, January 30, 1895, Image 3

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WEWflSDAT. JiH- BO, 189S.
c3tteriBfc, fl.W Mr aaaaa If
tB artraino: $2.00 If lot mM in advance.
Trtsaient aaerttaanta tnaertea at 60
casta par tttenvfer sack Insertion.
fmalent buaiaoae motion la loeal ooU
ah 10 seats Mr !! for each insertion.
vtlactoiu wHI be made to taoee deeMng
to atUertla by the raw, half or qaarter
Winter Clothing at cost.
Hollobaugh & Son.
Mi-a Harriet Jackman is in Pitts
burg viaiting relatives.
lis Annie Dimm of Centre iaris
tiDH '.be Miige Diebl.
lira. J. R. Henderson is visiting a
schc-ol friend in PhilucL-'pkia.
diaries Allison ot Pittsburg is vis
K.njLis parents in this place.
The Harrisburg Telegram was
old by the Sbnriff last Friday.
Mies Maude Irwin is visiting Mrs.
E S. Parker in Washington, D. a
Tho t-now oi Shade mountain
north of town is said to be three feet
P.i?. August ui Fasiclc of Harris
burp is visiting bis parents in this
J. M. .Vc Donald baa invented a
Ved spring that beat ail former bed
Ji-nes ilcCauley will supply you
with fruit trees and grape Tines of
nl' ifinda.
Brooklyn peoplo wrestled last
Trt-ek with the grip and the trolly
car men strike.
Harry Slirom of Newport and Mr.
Frank of Pittsburg spent Saturday
evening in town.
Ei Qj.-ernor Pattison. has accept
ed the democratic nomiaation for
.Varor of Poiladelphia.
Edgar .Vusser harirg reooTer
ed frojn his illnessreturned to Wash
icg'on on the 27th inst
Tlir Central Pennsylvania Episco
pal Conference will meet in Tyrone
cn the 13th of next March.
Ttiiad in another column the ac
count of a figct between preachers
w'v-s in church in Oklahoma.
Thui far the spoil of war that
Japan Las fathered from China
ami.inU to 40 million dollars.
P- role in want of a servant for
household work may do well to ad
dross Rath Bunce, Mifflintown, Pa.
Miss Lizzie Miiliken of'Lndis
tarpr an.l Kile BaUy of Mifflin Co.,
are visiting -Miss Emma Robison
Miss Grace Clair and brother
Frank of Baltimore, M. D , spent
list wek visiting friends in and
ab-ui town.
The Cleveland Bay Stallion that
c-t $2,800 about two rears ago was
fd in ttf- Court House on Satur
Vy f-r $335.
T Lucinn Banks and niece Miss
Jen:o Banks, attended the funeral
cf f'ranci? .Varicn Banks, Esq., at
Readme", last week.
"The Nebraska Legislature will in
. titrate the lynching of Barrett
S. 'r, the defaulting county treasu
rer" 1 daacicg party at Locke's Mills,
MirSIi county, danced one whole
rJerit last week, and paid their fid-d-er
fifty-i-ight cents.
he Philadelphia Record saya:
vf-veen telephones and electric
1 . there seems to be a shocking
state c f ftff ::rs in Councils.
Governor Hastings hs appointed
Co. -.71 el J. K Kobison of this town,
a deputy facto-y inspector for the
central 1 -'strict of Pennsylvania.
Sheriff Calhoun's experience with
f wo tramps whom he sheltered one
night 'asi wenk, has not softened his
hear! toward the, turnpike sailors.
M"." Emma Johnson of Philarfal
ph:a, who has twen visitinar in Hunt
ingdon li;e past week, is now visit
in,' her sister Mrs. Isenberg in Pat
terson. A. W. Hooley ef Mifflin county,
bourht, what used to be known ss
he Tfarefoo farm in Faytte town-
hi from the Loan Association for
:-" C0.
The following letters remained nn
ralled for in the M-fflintown Post Of
fice lat Saturday evenincr: Miss An
na M Showers, Orant Stuart, Mrs.
Daniel Miller
A wari. ftiend of Conrnessman
Jtfahon "av; Hon. T. M. Mahon's
brilliant achievements in Congress
pais rfore the proud honor won
lant week in becoming tl a . father of
a bouncing boy.
The newest reported wrinkle in
aariti'Try is ine implanting of new
artificial teeth in holes drilled in the
j2w hone. An application of cocaine
to the gum and jaws makea the
drilling of teeth holes tolerable.
In accordance with the joint reso
lution unanimously passed by both
branch n of the Legislature, A. K
McClutc will deliver aa address be
fore tlmt liody on the life, character
anri public services of the late Gov
Curtin, on this Wednesday evening,
January 30.
Last Friday evening a party of
young people sleighed out to Mrs.
Catherine McMeen's home near Mo-
Aiistersville- When it was time to
tan nome tney found they were
toi rr staid, and had to remain . till
thr Ktorm passed away. They spent
th ninrht dancing aid playing games,
and did not start home till the morn
"While coasting on Sunday, Ed
wari Piutto of French descent, aged
22 years, whe lived near Cumberland
miue on the Sandv run branch of
the Broad Top railroad wag killed.
His sled struck a stone pile, throw
mfir him with great force against a
fracturing his skull and cans-ir0-
slmost insUnt death. He was
unmarried and resided with bis pa.
The acoustio properties' of the re
modled chamber of the State Legis
lature is poor.
Aristotype Cabinet Photographs;
Something new and beautiful, all for
fl.50 per dosen at Hess' Gallery.
There is a bill before the Legisla
tare that makes the standard weight
of a bushel of onions 50 pounds.
John Stoner a life long citizen of
Slim Valley, Fermanagh township,
died on the 25th, aged 85 years.
Judge Geo. Blattenberger of Per
ry county, fell on the ice on the 8th
of January from the affects of whieh
he never recovered. He died on the
It is a horrible thing to relate that
in Allegheny connty there were 22
murders in 1894, and only two exe
cutions, anu tney were brought over
irom ine year lava.
Men's, Bojb' and Children's
Overcoats at coat.
Hollobaugh & Son.
"Physicians are puzzled over the
case of Anna Grafton, at Orabtree,
near Greensburg, whose eyesight
suddenly left her when she struck a
match to light a lamp."
After the 1st of February, visitors
to the Huntingdon Reformatory will
be charged 15 cents admission fee,
whicu sum will be devoted to keep
ing up the prisoners' libiary.
Do you have headache, dizziness,
drowsiness, loss of appetite and oth
er symptoms of biliousnesaf Hood's
Saraaparilla will cure you.
Jtfiss Mary Ann Smith of McCoys
ville, died at the home of her sister,
Mrs. Margaret Given on the night of
the 25th. She was born at Belfast,
Ireland on the 3rd day of April, 1815
There is a bill before the Legisla
ture to abolish Jury Commissioners.
and directing the County Commision-
ers to discbarge the duties nnw in
cumbent upon the Jury Commis
sioners. '
Petitions to the Legislature have
been circulated in the Juniata Yal
ley the past week, asking for the
passage of a law requiring the plac
ing of fish sluices in the Millerstown
and Le wistown dams.
Grocerymen in York, Pa., cut the
price of retail molassus last week,
Down, down went the price under
the fierce excitement of competition
un oaturday tne price bad been re
duced to One cent a quart.
Men's, Boys and
Overcoats at cost.
"During the past year the connty
of .ferry, paid for toe support of in
mates of the Eastern Penitentiary
Philadelphia, and Asylum, Harris
burtr, $2236.78;!soldier's burial. $502
00; foxes and minks killed, $301.50.
What do you take medicine for
Because you are sifk and want to get
well of course. Then remember
Flood's Saraaparilla Cures.
Charles Adams, Ed. Derr, Miss
Jennie Berry, Miss Louie McClellan
met with an upset at the intersection
of Main and Bridge streets last
Thursday evening while coasting
down Bridge street. All escaped
The Board of Trade is in commun
ication with a manufacturer of shoes
who has in contemplation the locat
ing of a shoe manafactory in this
place. It is an enterprise that every
one in this community would like to
see put in operation.
On Monday evening the Republi
cans nominated the following ticket
for the borough of Mifflintown.
Judge of E'ection, J. Wallis Fasick;
Inspector, Reuben L. Auker; Justice
of the Peace, W. H. Rodger; Audi
tor, T. V. Irwin; School Directors,
Joseph Rothrock, John Bergy, James
Robison; Town Council, Jame Mc-
Cauley, Frederick Espenschade; Ov
erseer of Poor, Daniel Pannebaker.
Men's, Boys and Children's
Overcoats at cost.
Hollobaugh & Son.
During the hot weather impurities
in tne blood may seriously annoy you.
JKxpel them by taking Hood a Sarsa
parilla, the great blood purifier.
martin lecnard aged t i years'
died at Uamsburg last Friday. He
had been a railroader more than 30
Tars. He was a member of Post
116 G. A. R, Harrisbnrg, and a mem
ber of a secret societie. A wife and
several children survive him. His
remains were brought to this place
lor interment in Union cemetery.
The funeral took place from the heme
of Mr. J. 11. JH. lodd on -Monday at
1 P. M. Jlfrs. Todd is a sister of the
Rev. L. L. Sieber who is conduct
ing religious meetings after the man
ner ot Mr Moody, is meeting with
success. His efforts in this county
at Thompsontown, resulted in about
50 people joining the church. He
ia now at Steelton, Dauphin countv.
- i , . .
ine ainorem enurcaes mere are
united under his leadership, and one
thousand to twelve hundred people
are present at tne evening meetings,
Between nve ana six nnnared men
were in attendance at the . Men's
.Meeting, Sabbath morning. The en
tire town is awakened and hundreds
are enquiring the way of Salvation.
Some days ago after a fall of new
snow.Jamea Horsing of this town
went to Shade mountain. By and by
he came upon a rabbit track and two
weasel tracks following the rabbit
track. He took the trail np the
mountain to a hollow log into which
the three tracks disappeared. The
log was old and not strong and he
soon had it pryed apart. In its cav
itv he found the rabbit dead. The
blood had all been sucked from its
body by the weasels. He looked for
the little animals that had feasted on
the blood of the cony but tney were
not seen. Hastening to the far end
of the log, he found the hole thiough
hich they had escaped, and by
their tracks he saw that they had
made a circuit and gone down the
mountain in the direction from which
they came.
Scrofula, humorg and all diseases
caused or promoted by impure blood
or low state of the system, are cured
by Hood's Sarsaparilla. !
Men's, Boy's and Children's
Overcoats at cost.
Hollobaugh & Son.
A man was arrested in Chambers.
burg one day last week, charged
with profanity on the street- He
was committed to jail for twenty-five
days in default of paying his fine.
"E. M. Johnson, a Kentnekv M Acr-
istrate, does'nt fool away any time
ia marrying couples that come be
fore him. Here in hi fnmnii,.
Wye met here to perform the sacred
rites of mat'mony, Join hands. De
you take man your lawful husband?
Take woman be wife? Dismissed.''
rm "ii i ..
xnere wiii oe an elocutionary en
tertainment by Miss E Myrtle Drum
at the Piesbvterian Church. Aea-
deniia, Friday, February 8tb at 8 P.
M. Admission, adults 15 cents: chil
drenlO cents. i:f.c-dhments after
entertainment, extra. Proceeds for
use of Trustees of Tuscarora Acad
Fermanagh Township Republican
Ticket: Judge of Election, W. A.
Stouffer; Inspector, Huffman Bea
shore; Supervisors, H. C. Penny, J. P-
Smith; Overseer, Evan Davis; School
Directors, David S. -Vumah, Solo
mon Beashor; Assessor, O. C. Dif-
fenderfer; Auditor, D.Irwin Beashor;
Auditor s Clerk, A. J. Wileman; Jus
tice of the Peace, Wm. Singer.
Fermanagh Township Democratic
Ticket: Judge of Election, Jacob
B. Stoner; Inspector, Clayton K.
Michael; School Directors, T. B. Su-
louff, Wm. Puffenberger; Oreraeer of
Poor, Evan Davis; Auditor, Jesse
Elder; Supervisofs Lantz C.Shievely,
David Hackenberger; Clerk, Wm. B.
Dunn; Assessor, Wm. B. Horning;
Justice of the Peace, E. E. Berry.
The torture of dyspepsia and sick
headache, the agonieiog itching and
pain of salt rbem, are removed by
Hood's Sarsaparilla.
The coasting on Bridge street
from the Lutheran parsonage to the
river was fine last Thursday evening,
aud many boys and girls enjoyed the
si iding. The sled sped over the icy
street at tbe rate of an Express train.
A short time after nightfall a sled on
which were seated a number of
young people ran into a horse and
sleigh that Samuel Cunningham of
Milford township was driving. Tbe
collision took place between the two
banks on bridge street. Horse,
sleighers, coasters for n moment were
ming ed in almost inextractible con
fusion, but to the surprise of every
one, who witnessed the run-in, the
the only injury done was tho break
ing of a finger for Banks Hawk, and
a horse kick on his head, and a horse
kick bruise on shin of Harry Ellis
and a threat from Murry that the
coasters will have to pay for tho re
pairs of his sleigh.
From tho Bloomfiell Times: A
good act has baen doue by the man
agers of the Perry County Agricul
tural Society in excluding all gamb
ling devices from their grounds.
Not less than a thousand dollars, dur
ing each fair week has been carried
away as spoils by these fakers, by
their trampling upon the laws of
Pennsylvania, by robbing tbe un
wary. Let other counties follow in
our footrteps. On Sunday the
13th, the dwelling houso owned by
David Hair in Carroll township, and
occupied by his son, William, took
fire while the family were at church
and was entirely destroyed. There
was some insurance on the property
in Farmers' and Mechanics' Mutual
Ct mpanv of this county. A pocket-
book in the house, having in it about
f ou in money and several notes was
also burned. On Friday after
noon. Bertha, the six year old daugh
ter ef Samuel Perry, was coasting on
the hill at the south-end approach to
Sherman's creek bridge, when she
lost control of her sled and ran un
dep the guard railing on the side of
the bridge, and fell twenty-five or
tnirty feet, landing on tne ice cover
ing the creek. She struck the ice in
a sitting position, the sled under
neath her The plunge through
pace was a fearful one and the won
der is that the little one was not ser
iously hurt; outside of being some
what shaken up, she was not tbe
least bit injured. Oa Tuesday
afternoon, the wife of Albert Fry at
Alinda, went out and found her hus
band sitting on a log at the saw mill,
suffering great pain. He complain
ed ot nis Dead, but was able to say
only a few words By the help of
his wife, he was got into the house
and Dr. -Williken of Landisburg, was
at once summoned, but bis presence
was useless as wr. JTry only lived i
few moments after the doctor arriv
ed. He nau woricea ail day and up
to a few moments of the time, he
was found by his wife, Mr. Fry had
appeared in his usual health. He
was aged about 12 years. He leaves
a wife, who was a Miss Rosi of Cen
tre township, and five children.
Mr. Romig was Over-seer of the
Poor, for many years an offiear and
leading member of the Reformed
Church. He leaves a widow and an
interesting family ef sons and daughters-
Our community is greatly ex
cited and all business ia sua ponded.
Miss Annie Potter ia aerionslv "In
jured. Prof. Hartman was injured
in the bead.
A. W. Smith & wife, Chas. P.
Ulrieh, Esq., Roscoe North, Prof. R.
L. Schroyer and .Miss Carrie Hen
dricks escaped uninjured.
Harrisburg, Pa., January 25. Mr.
Woodringof Northampton in the
house presented a bill which reads as
"That any person who will willful
ly state or deliver or transmit by any
means whatever to the manager, edi
tor or reporter of any newspaper,
magazine, periodical or aerial for pub
lication therein any libellous state
ment concerning any person or cor
poration, and thereby secure the
actual publication of tne same, is
hereby declared guilty of a misde
meanor, and upon conviction shall be
sentenced to pay a fine notexceediag
$500 and undergo an imprisonment
for a period not exceeding two years
or either at the discretion of the
when they are "dead
sure" of it.
That Tired Feellac
Sleigh aad Railrsiel Calam-Uj.
Last Friday morning about four
o'clock, a frightful accident overtook
a sleigh load of Selinsgrove people
while crossing the Lewistown and
Selinsgrove railroad at Cramer
Snyuer county, which is narrated by
the Selinsgrove Tribune as follows:
One of the most terrible calamities
that hart ever occurred in this com
munity, took place at Kreamer this
county, this county at 4 o'clock. A
party of people from this place who
bad attended a dance at Middle
burgh, on their way home the sled
was inn into by a double-header
freight on the S. & L. Railroad at
above place by which the drivers Is
aac D. ttomig and hi son Charles
were killed outrigbt. A. W. Potter,
Esq , had one hand out off and the
other arm seriously injured. Miss
Mollie Burns had a limb so terribly
mangled that it was amputated.
Edward Hummell had his face
terribly cut; Mrs. Chas. P. Ul
rieh and Miss Lottie Eby, Mrs. Pot
ter were seriously injured whilst all
the rest were seriously shaken np.
xnn train wnicn ran into them, ap
parently gave no signal or they did
not see or hear it until it was upon
Mr. Romig, when found was seat
ed upon the cow-catcher, he bad not
got a scratch and died apparently
from heart failure, caused by fright
Charles Romig was terribly mangled
Both were highly respected citizens.
is a dangerous condition directly due
to depleted or impure blood. It
should not be allowed to continue, as
in its debility the system is especial
ly liable to serious attacks of illness.
Hood's Ssrsaparilla is the remedy for
Buch a condition, and also for that
weakness which prevails st the
chauge of season, climate or life.
Hood's PitU are purely vegetable,
carefully prepared from the best in
gredients. 25c.
Heme and Abrvad-
It is the duty of everyone, whether
at home or travelling for pleasure or
business, to equip himself with the
remedy which will keep up strength
and prevent illness, and cure such
ills as are liable to come upon all in
every day life. Hood's Pills are
hand made, and perfect in propor
tion and appeance. 25o per box.
Harriet E. Hall of Waynetown,
Ind., says: "I owe my life to the
great South American Nervine. I
had been in bed for five months from
the effects of an exhausted Stomach,
Indigestion, Nervous prostration and
a general shattered condition of my
whole system. Had given up all
hopes of getting well. Had tried
three doctors with no relief. The
first bottle of the Nervine Tonic im
proved me so much that I was able
to walk about and a few bottles cur
ed me entirely. I believe it is the
best medicine in the world. I can
not recommend it to highly." Sold
by L. Batiks & Co., Druggist, Mif
flintown. Pa. Feb. 9 "93, ly.
and you will and must have money, if you buy at Our Stores,
Ladies Coats and Children's Wraps, Shawls, Blankets'
Flannels and all underwear. One-third and one-fourth off
from former prices.
On last Thursday, we had to lock Our Store Doors, be
tween 11 and 12 o'ciock A. M. Our Stores were so crowded
that no person could get in comfortnbly and buy Goods, and to
the Teopie wno were locked out, we ask for an Apology and
ask them to come to Our Store, and we will make it specially
interesting in tne prices of our Goods.
Spring Goods is coming in now: Carpets, Oil Cloths, Win
dow Shades, you find at Special Prices at Our Stores.
103, 105, 107, 109 BRIDGE ST,
Will Commence
The wise merchant is ho who earries no stoek from one Season to another.
We are determined to CLEAN UP, and here are prieas that will do i
HERE IS YOUR CHANCE. That's tbe way we sell Clothing and tiens
Famishing Goods now. Clothing for leas than the eoat of Kew Material.
$9 50
6 50
6 63
t 37
2 87
Our $9 Hoys' Overcoats are rednoed
ct 6 t. it
tt 5 f " t
$5 83
3 50
Our $15 Men's Suits are reduced to
12 " u
it 8 " " " " "
it 5 tt ti it t
tt 4 tt a
Atieod ApppeUte
always accompanies good health, and
an absence of appetite is an indica
tion of something wrong. The uni
versal testimony given by those who
have used Hood's Sarsaparilla, as to
its merit iu restoring the appetite,
and as a purifier of the blood, con
stitutes the strongest recommenda
tion that can be urged by any medicine.
Hood's PitU cure all liver ills, bil
iousness, jaundice, indigestion, sick
haadacbe. 2oc.
Dr. S. D. Diffenderfer, graduate of
the University of Maryland Dental
Department, desires to inform tbe
public that he has opened a Dental
Office at Oakland Mills, Pa , where
he can be found at all times. Teeth
extracted painlessly. All work guar
Thurston's PILLS
Are perf rt fcaltb Jvwela. d
r known to dialres, bat tntat
jioie to rviipTc vtnen ry
tDinrrl hu failed to brink
yea relitf for noatUcb, bil
iousness, stomneh and livrr
complaint Hr AMK YOl'K
MlliiOIST for Till' KKTMN'lt
11 B, ;
per Backaca.
Jfi-rHisrows, Jan. 80. I8P6.
HuttAr 20
Ear" 24
Ham, 18
Shoulder, 12
Lard......... . ............... H
Sid as, ..........................
i urdi . ..... ....
Corn in ear
Cloverse wl .........
Timothy seed
Flax seed.... .... ..
Bran. ............ .,
Cliop. .. . ......
Ground Alum Salt..
1c eri'an Salt......
.$1.20 a hundred
.. .. 1.10
75c to 80
Philadelphia Jvabkkts. Jsnuarv
zotn, loao. nneat 57 to 5Wc: Oat
34 to 37c; butter 10 to 28c a lb; eggs,
fall packed, 18c; fresh eggs 23 to 24c;
live hens 8 to 9c; roosters 6 to 7c a
lb; turkeys 7 to 8c; ducks 10 to 12c;
tallow in cakes 4c a lb; Tobacco,
Pennsylvania filler, 5 to 7c. 11 to 14
cents; best 15 to 20 cents; Sumatra
with duty paid $2 50 to 4 75; Wool,
Pennsylvania. 16 to 22c. washed:
wheat straw and oats straw J7 to 7.-
50; straight rye straw, $11.00; prairie
nay o; ciover nay to $11; timo.
thy $11 to $13.
East Libkrtt. Jan. 24. Cattle
$510S30; good at $4.604 80;
bulls, stags and cows at $2.003 10.
Hogs at $4 354.40; common to fair
at $4.10420; roughsat$3 004.00.
Sheep were firm; extra at $3.553.
75; good at $3.00(93 40; common to
jair Lambs at $2.504.00.
Watters MoClure. On the 16th
inst., by Rev. J. K. Lloyd, Jesse M.
Watters and Ella L. McClure, both
of Juniata county.
Thkcsb Allison. On the 17th
inst, in Camden, by Rev. W. H.
Burrell, John H. Thrush of Lewis
town, Pa., and Irene E. Allison of
of this place.
Men's suits.
$3 50
5 60
3 6T
2 87
OurSlO Bay's snits are reduced to $7.26!Onr $5 Children' suits are reduced to ft 7
g h . 25 " 3 " " " ? C
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of the
Juniata Valley.
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Men's Gum Overshoes. Alnekin
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1865, ESTABLISHED, 1889.
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Who have money to invest to examine the Stock of Goods tr
It is truly marvelous to See
of Suits and Overcoats at the Wonderfully Low Prion.
Bis prices leave all Competitors in the rear, i-m't i'
to give him a call if in need of Clothing
S. S. Ruble,
Practical Embalmcr and Funer
al Director.
I shall from now on use the
or outside box to last and be in good condition for
agtF, it hich will certainly be
for people to ute to prercive the remains of their
friends. It alto is an exterminator of all vermin.
Bridge St, Mifflintown, Pa.
Money Loaned at Lowest Bates.
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Nuner Stock. Salary, Expense! and
Steady Employment guaranteed.
Dec. 8, '31. Kocheater, N. T.
Tbe Sntftnel nd StptHtnm office ia tbe
place to get job work dome. Try It- It wCl
pay yon if yoa need anything in that line.
StooHeldera Individnally Liable
W. C. Pomeroy, Joseph Rolhrork,
John Hertaler, Joaiah I. Barton,
Robert K. Parker, Louis B. Atkinson
T. V. Irwin.
George A. Kepner, Annie M. Shelley,
Joseph Rothrock, P. W. Macbock,
L. E. Atkinson, R. E. Parker,
W. C. Pomeroy, J. Holmes Irwin-
Mary Kartx, Jerome, K. Thompson, Jr,
John Hertzler,
Charlotte Snyder,
John M. Blair,
F. M. M. Ponnell,
Sarunnl 8. Rothrock,
M. N. Sterrett,
T. V. Irwin.
Joftlao L Barton,
Robert H. Patterson,
Levi Lipl.t,
Wm. fwarta.
B. J. Sballcnberger.
Three and Four per cent, interest w!l r.
paid on certificates of d .pos't.
rjan 24, 1894 ti
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