Juniata sentinel and Republican. (Mifflintown, Juniata County, Pa.) 1873-1955, January 30, 1895, Image 2

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Bouok abb- raoraiioa.
Prkszdkrt Clevelakii issued a mea
tatro to Ciin press on Monday on tbe
nofcje t of tbe issning of more bonds.
I Here aoetns to be turee points in
the President's meesai's: First need
of t;old; Second, no reuiooitization of
auvar; Third, call in the five hundred
million greenbacks and treasury non-
ir.terest bearing noU-s ud in their
steal iriaue interest bearing cold
bon.is thttt can be used as a basis
for National Banks to work on.
Tarr man who attempts by violence
to keep another man from honest
work is an outlaw.
ArrAtns between Mexico and Qua
tenia's have a warlike appearance
over a piece of disputed territory.
The country has not yet recovered
from ti e Cleveland tariff reform pan
ic. That panic created a doubt in
the miotic of Europeans who hold
-American gold bonds, and that donbt
c vises t aem to send their bonds
here for ptyment, and being paid in
gold, drains the gold from the Treos-
nry faster than the yellow coin ac
cumulate, and tha it reason for
cverorneot bavin? to sull bonds.
That is simply borrowing from Peter
to par I ajl. Another reason tnat
the government issues more bonds,
is to get money to py its daily ex
penwrS since its first proposal and ef
fort to change the tariff.
There is a bill before the Lgisla
ture to create a Secretary of Agri-coUiir..-.
Farming is the greatest of
a l iaJastries. Upon intelligent and
igurou3 farming depends tbe State
arm Ni'ion. All other industries and
affair of men languish when farming
-declines. But the nature of the occu
pulion of the farmer has ma le him a
modet, unassuming, shrinking man
vrben brought in competition with
the political buffer, and that is why
agi icuiture is not recognized in the
aliuets of State and National Ad
ministrations. It is the proper
thing for the Legislature of this
Cjmmouwealth to establish an agri
cultural State depaitment and give
it a cabinet officer.
Ths men who are urging the pas
sago of a compulsory education law
iu the Legislature are trying to win
popular favor fir thtir bid by declar
ing that it ib from the cls3 of peo
ple thttt pay little or no hted to text
'i'.ok schooling that th- vici'-us po-
lo, crioiinsla end paupers are re
t r:r"'.r-.-l The statistics of jails arid
pf.'Uixntiaries prove nj such Jeclura
tions for the majority of the inmates
of the prison houses f the country
have fair education. I', is not text
txiok education that mikes a man a
i;-od and better m.in. There
, , !
l. re fraud and vicionsness among
the inteliectuallv traiued
people of the cjunty than the people
Ti i. t tire doiicieut in text boc k iearn
i""g Text book leaiing is a good
thirg and people should avail than
st-tvss .f the opportunity, but oppor
fn. :? of a'tv-ndiL-f; nhrK.Ia is ones
me, and forceful uuer.dance at
mot ia anthar. Wherever the
t t" 'r ,;..'
icj' ib r-m:. of tne enactment 01 a
., !- .fTu;r r.v-iM.in
froi ihe control of parents and
guardians, BTraij to f iye them text
bo-ik eduoatior, they have lost tho
tr.;e spirit cf preserving their liber
r es a-.d are apairi on tue high roal
to btate pKvoho- d from which tbe
fstbei iled to America and estab
lished the Republic, Free Schools
and Free Religion.
A Fiddler's Fay
T'is Lewistown Gazette says
!) sg appears to be the rage a:
Locke's Mills this winter, being al
most weekly occurrence in a family
or t wo. Thursday iht of last week
th ha 1 an overflow or double gear
f.i :.iuee, running it in two hnuses
at once. Oje fiddler who had not
much over three miles to walk says
be got fifty eight cents for his night
work, so yot can see how a prof eg
&i jii pays.
Coasting Notos-
At Levi;town on the 22nd while
Harry Wrgner a young man aged
about 19 years was coasting on Acad
emy hill, he ran into a number of
coasters -vho had been upset from a
double r junor and being on a single
sled h i wa not only turned over with
conxiderab'ie violence, but be was al
so run in'o by another single sled,
comirg just o&hind him and the re
sult v-as lint he was knocked sense
less1, his tiuid) wss injured pritty bad
-and he fan considerably bruised.
Among tLos-i who were on the op
sot docMe zanner which was run in
to by V.'sgner was John Noire, who
was biained in a couple of places on
the oack of the head and cat on tbe
right leg. but he is Unable to say just
wbr-Ti or ho he was hurt in the mix.
At HazMon. Pa., on the
23rd A sled containing six bovs
ran into a horse and wagon at tbe
foot of Ilarwood Hill to day. Thom
as Evacj was kickod in the far-e by
the ho; and i hlly iujnred ab- ui
the head. William McMomgle's
bodv 'as crushed and it is feared he
has '.tiinedinternaliujurios. Aug-
ust Hiratcber's arm was broken and
Wi bail I crushed. The others escap
t i wiih but slight braises.
At Shp.mokin, Pa., en the 22rd: A
Ic.rible coabtintr accident occurred
.. Chestnut street by wbicb a nam
Ver of school children were badly in
jiii':t. Thoee hurt were
Sau.ii: J oxen, scalp wound and face
Am JoK3, riL'ht leg broken and
body bruisee.
Atnik IIass, fe badly braised aad
itt frich' fully sashed.
c 'mabi.es Gbakbee, right leg broken
- t v j pldr-s and severe bodv braises.
rvAsx Rhoadks, leg broken and
'If - .'ult.
The young people had just left the
school room to enjoy coasting; find in
choj.iiciir Cbstnut street for their
fun ther took the steepest and long'
cut hil! in the ci-ty. They started at
the 1 u-hest noint of the street and
drondd with frightful rapiditr.
One square from market street the
coasters saw a trolley oar, bat then
was no possibility of stopping th
sled. - When tbe motorman noticed
the sled, be could not hold back his
car and applied all the power possi
ble in order to get oat of tbe way.
As the last track was passing the
crossing the sled dashed against it,
hurling the school children in every
direction. Spectators picked up thi
injured children and carried them to
a drug store close by, where their
wounds were attended to after which
they were conveyed borne
Grave doubts are entertained as to
the recovery of Graeber and Bboidea.
Two girls were knocked down by a
sled load of coasters on a street of
Eagton, Pa., last Thursday. Christ
ian Flucher an old man was knocked
down by coasters. By the fall a
blood vessel was ruptered and he i
died almost instantly. Russell Coune-
inan. aged nine years of Altoona,
died from the affects of being knock
ed down by a coasting sled.
. -
Beys ia the Pa'plt-
The Philadelphia North American
of January 25, if responsible for the
following lesson in moral suasion.
given two boys in Lebanon county.
Some time ago a boy wasacoident-
rlly shot in the Bell Grove Chnrcb,
near Palmyra, while a compauion
was carelessly handling a revolver.
The report of the pistol created
great excitement, and the trustees
determined to punish the young men.
Some wanted the bovs arrested.
while others were undecided. Finsl-
ly it was agreed that the accused
should attend church for three Sun
days in succession, and to sit on th
pulpit one on each side of the minis
ter. The boys agreed to this prop
osition rather than be arrested. The
penalty is now being carried oat, and
tbe attendance has been very large
in consequence.
Tuscarora Valley Railroad-
Trains on tbe Tascarora Valley
Railroad will run as follows:
Leave East Waterford at 8 03 a.
m., and 2 r. it, arriving at Port Roy
al at 9.15 a. k. and 3.15 r. m.
Leave Port Royal at 10:30 a. m.
and 5.15 r- m., arriving at Fast Wa
terford at 11.45 a. u. and 6.30 r. x.
Rheumatism Cared 1st a Day;
"Mystic Cure" for Rheumatism
and Neuralgia radically cures in 1 to
3 days. Its action upon the syrtem
is remarkable and mysterious. It re
moves at on re the cause, and the dis
ease immediately disappears. Ti.e
first dose gretly benefits, 75 cents
Sold by L. Banks & Co., drnrg-t.
llifii ntown. Jau. 9,
Clipping Cows.
I A number of dairymen in tie vi-
i , 1 . t
cinuy oi wxiorii are naving ineir
herds clipped, the cows having been
Idehoreed a few years ago. William
lonarpiess a aairyman living norm oi
Oxford, he had his herd of forty
bead sheared. It is claimed the clip
ping prevents the cows from con
froin contracting mange. County
Treasurer J. B. Pussey, a neighbor
of Mr. Sharpless, reports that the
sheared cows gave twenty more
quarts of milk the morning after the
clipping than previonslv. The cows
prevented from suffering in
weather by keeping them in warm
stables. . The experiment ia being
notud generally, aud a strict account
of the milk yield is kept by tbe pro
prietor of the herds so sheared.
Perseaally Conducted Toars
via Pennsylvania
It is at this season of the year that
peopje's thoughts turn to some meth
od by which the rigors of our north
ern winter climate may be escaped,
and a trip to tbe '"Land of Flowers,"
if only for a short time, offers the
easiest eolation of the question.
In order to give tbe public an op
portunity to visit Florida at a very
reasonable cost, the Pennsylvania
railroad oompany has arranged for a
series of tours to Jacksonville, and
the well-earned reputation (acquired
by that company for the superiority
of its personally-conducted tours will
be maintained for this year's series
Since the system of personally con-'
ducted tours inaugurated by that
company has been in fleet, none but
words of commendation have ben
received. Its uuexcelled train ser
vice, experienced Tourist Agents and
Cbaperons, and above all, its moder
ate charges, leave nothing to be de
sired. The tours to Jacksonville, allowing
two weeks' stay in Florida, will leave
New Y- rk and Philadelphia on Jan
uary 29. February 12 and 26, and
.March 12 and 26, 1895. The rate,
including transportation, meals en
route, and Pullman berth on special
train, is $50,00 frvm New York, and
t4o.UU from I'niladeipbia; propor
tionate rates lrom other points.
i or further information apply to
ticket agents, or uddress Tourist
Agent, 1196 Broadway, New York, or
RKm 411, Broad Street Station.
Philadelphia, to whom application
for space shomd also be made.
Fire in Wedding Pants-
Adrain Van der Sious was consid
ered tbn most eligible young man in
the rural community of Wisconsin in
which he lived. A fair maid at lat
won him, aud the other night they
were married. There was a fine
wedding supper with a lovely bride's
cane, covered with a thick layer of
soft sugar and chocolate. The cake
had been too tempting for the bride's
small sister, who had taken a quarter
section of it, bat, being unable to eat
it, bad bidden it in a chair. That
was the chair in which Adrian Van
der Sious sat, and Adriau Van der
Sious bad on fine lavender trousers.
When he arose and led the way from
the wedding feast, the guests began
to iaagn. rue bride wbo was a
woman of resource, harried him into
another room, and with a sponge ap
plied gasoline where it would do the
most good, and soon Adrian was able
to return to hid guests, but alas,
someoiis suggested a smoke, and the
uniortunate bridegroom in his con
fusion struck a match on his laven
aer trousers, xnere was a pan, a
bhtzo and a jell of agony, and some
one had to put the fire oat with the
door mat Adrian's lavender trous
ers are a wreoVr but worst of all, all
the girls who didn't win him think
it very fanny.
A Ixmmt LlNi Hwtom an
The sketch printed below is copied
from that excellent journal, Tbe Pool-
j try Monthly. It is made from a pencil
drswiuff. It does not take a very critio
al eye to see in these Dorkings ideal
form, massiveness and beautifully pen
ciled plumage. Their deep, solid breasts
short- legs, broad, bodies and compara
tively small bones show bnt little
waste. It is not to be wondered that
Dorkings make an attractive feature in
the showroom.
Few breeds of fowls have stood their
ground with so little change for so long
a period as Dorkings, during which
lime many varieties of poultry have be-
come greatly changed if not extinct.
The greatest change has been merely in
the selection of lighter colored birds of
tbe simple Gray Dorkings and called
Silver Grays, all other points having
been left undisturbed for the last 60
years. But this does not apply to the
variety called Colored Dorkings, seen
in the illustration. These are bred dark
er than they were years ago, making the
distinction between the two varieties
more defined. Of course, since poultry
shows have become popular, nniformi
, ty in markings, size, eta, has been
: more regarded. Dorkings are becoming
1 more appreciated every year. Mure
i birds are shown at onr exhibitions than
iu former times. There is no doubt they
I will be still more appreciated when bet
1 ter understood.
They do not stand confinement like
the Asiatics, bnt with a fair run and
! proper care few birds con compare with
them as layers, and tbey are par excel
lence for the table. Tbey are a long liv
ed breed, oontiuuing their laying to au
advanced age; they are also careful
mothers, caring for their broods longer
than most fowls.
Haw to Enhance tha Intensity and Braaty
of Floniag-e.
The beauty of a Light Brahma is
greatly enhanced by the intensity and
brilliancy of the black iu tho hackles
and tail. The tendency iu breeding ia
' toward a failing out of this color, the
brilliant Muck becoming a dull rusty
! brown and soiuetijies disappearing al
together, as has been the ca.o iu the
White Brahmas. I once elected a
Light Brahma cockerel for a gentleman
who had experienced great tlimculty in
preferring the beauty of tho hackles iu
his birds. lie declared it to be impossi
ble to breed good hackles iu bis climate.
His birds were otherwise very handsome
ones, of laige size aud fine ehape The
cockerel selected for him had a good
stripe iu his bnekh and a deep darkly
colored niidcrfinn. I saw the pullets the
next winter which had been bred from
this male, and they had very handsome
ha-'kles, the stripe net only U:un oi
good i'-ugth, bnt of a very brilliant
black. But thf:SO dark luidcrfluffcd bird
may breed some pull nt a with too much
black iu tho hack. Such pullet eft mi
mako fine hens, for ngo tends to a loss
of color.
To sum up, for male secure a cnofc
with dark nnderflnlT; for females, ono
with light underflnff, mid iu both cases
luato to exhibition females. When tbe
females are deficient in black, use a
male, even for pullet breeding, with a
dark nnderfluff. B. Cook iu American
Early Broiler.
Iu raising broilers for market it i an
item to have, them ready early and to
have them weigh about two ponnds-each.
Both these points are necessary to the
highest price, and as the cost is the same
whether thuy nre ready in good season
or two or three weeks lato the differ
ence iu price is all profit. Au iuenbator
is necessary, because tho hens cannot be
depended upon to sit during the caily
part of the winter, and-at this soasou it
is less troublo to manage a good incu
bator that can be depended upon to
hatch a good percent of 200 or SOOeggs
at one time than to look after a doxen
sitting hens. Then, when tho chickens
are hatched, tbey can be looked after
with much less troublo and with less
risk of losiin a brooder than with ten
or a dozen hens.
Slsa of Flecks aad
On general principles the smaller the
flock the greater the per cent of eggs,
but of course there is a limit. Very
much depends ou the care given and
the amount of work required of the
hens. A pen 13 by 13 should be ample
for 0U bens if kept clean aud the supply
of dry earth or chaff or chopped straw
ample to bury completely ail food and
keep the hens scratching. Some of our
most successful ponltrymen allow a
building 13 by 20 to every 50 hens, and
reap a rich harvest, bnt very much de
pends upon the man. The majority suc
ceed best with flocks of 13 or IS in pens
8 by 12. It seems easier to keep every
thing in order, and this must be done.
Maine Farmer.
Ta Foaltry Beglaaen.
If yon have a notion of beginning the
poultry business, commence with a small
flock an J learn the ins and oats from
the gTonnd np. It is a mistake that
there is nothing to learn in the success
ful handling of fowls; that any one
without experience can start in tbe bosi-'
nuss wholesale at once and make it
profitable. Many have tried it and fail-!
ed. If yon find that yon can make a few
hens pay yon and yon like the business,
then enlarge tbe flock.
Ten hens in a house that is 10 feet
sqnare, with yards ten times tbe size of
the bouse, is a rule to go by.
Ten hens !
with one male is the correct mating,
and ten eggs under a sitting hen in win
ter are enough. Ten weeks are long
enough to keep a broiler before it goes
to market. A pair of docks or fowls
Should weigh not over ten pounds; 10
cents per pound is nt-ar the average
price for fowls in market, and 10 cents
should feed a hen one month.
Dowt Overfeed.
Be careful about the quantity of food
given to the pullets. Don't overfeed. If
corn was worth $10 a bushel, it would
be a blessing to the ponltrymen by
arousing them to the fact that something
else is better. Stop the waste of corn
and permanent Injury to the pullets.
Egg are high, and 'this should be the
youltryman's harvest time. It may be If
the hens and pullets are not overfed
and allowed to get fat.
ltebeoca Wilkinson, of Brown
valley, InL, says: "I have been in a
distressed condition for three years
from Nervousness, Weakness of tbe
Stomach e, Dyspepsia, and Indiges
tion until my health was gone. 1
had been doctoring constantly with
no relief. I boueht one bottle of
South American Nervine which done
mj more good than any $50 worth of
doctoring 1 ever did in my uie. I
would advise every weakly person to
use this valuable and lovely remedy;
A few bottles of it has cured me
completely. I consider it the grand
est medicine in the world." War
ranted the most wonderful stomach
and nerve cure ever known. Trial
bottle 15 cents. Sold by L. Banks
& Co., Druggist, Mifflintown,' Pa,
Feb. 1, 93-ly.
Farmero'8 Institute-
The Juniata Farmers' Institute
will convene in tbe Court House in
Mifflintown, February 12tb, 1S95,
and continue two days, under the
management of the President
.Watt hew Kodgers, and Vice Presi
dents, Ed Davis, M 8. Esh, Hugh
Hamilton, J. S. McConnell.
FEB. 12, 10 A. at., tO 12 M.
Prayer by Bev. Dr. Holloway; Ad
dress of Welcome, Hon. L. E. Atkin
son; Response, M, S. Esh: Trucking,
B. L. Shuman, Esq.
Dignity and importance of agricul
ture, J, J. Robison; Soiling vs. pas-'
turing, Hon. E. M. Tewsbury of Col
umbia county; How to make the
creamery a benefit to its patrons, J.
O. Hildeman; Dairying, D. KSpich
er. TUESDAY EVEXntO, T r. it.
Recitation, Miss Aary McCotraick;
The outlook What shall we do? D.
B. Esh; Specialities in agriculttite, !
W. II. Knouse; Two of the primary i
causes why the average farmer does
not succeed, M. R. Bashore; "Care of
small things on the farm, J.E Porter.
WEDNESDAY MOKNINQ, 9:30 to 12 at.
Prayer by Rev. M. L. Drum; Econ
omy in fencing, Ed. Davis; Can the
Juniata Farmer profitably increase
his corn area? M. S. Eb; Talks on
manure, U. ts. AlcWiUiams; ssay,
.Miss M. J. Hunt.
Ownership of Land in several ty,1
R. McMeer, Esq.; Is anv legislation j
needed for the Pennsylvania farmer
Hon. E. M. Tewksborv; Paosphates .
and how to use them. H. J. Shellen-1
berger; Silo and Ensilage. A. P. -Dimm.
Canneries Do they benefit the
farmer? W. B. McCahan; How to
grow fine fruits, J. E. Jamison "The
Dollar," J. T. Ailman.
Cot.t.ahs axo Ccfvs that are watrr
pr.tof. Never wilt aud not effected by
moisture. Clean, neat and durable.
When soiled simply wipe off with s
wet cloth. The genuine are made by
covering o linen collar or cufif on both
sides with "ccllcioid" and cs they nrc
the only waterproof goods made with
sttcb an interlining, it follov.-3 that
they are the only collars and cuffs that
will stand the wear and give satisfac
tion. Every piece is slumped as follows:
I;' anything else is offered you it is an
huitauoa. Refuse any but the genu
ine, aud if your dealer docs not have
what you viaut send direct to us, en.
closing amount and stating size and
whether a stand-up or turned-down
collar is wanted. Collars 25c. each.
CufJs 50c pair.
Tbe Celluloid Company,
427-42 Broadway Hew fork.
Do ya wtnt It borrow miney on tquiUblt
Do voa dtrirt to pay off a morteatt aud !
reborrow the moay 5 per eemt. intern t
WemM care to be to tituattd that yes
could reduce tie mortgage again t your
aunme by paying off a email amount mouth
iy and at the end of each year metre ered
it for all patdl Wtfk intereet betng charg
ed only an remaning portion of loan
Would yon like to buy your family a komtt
If to, read the following:
1 represent a Company that his embod
ied in its plan all the Haturri enumerated
above snd many more. Can you see any
reason why you should pay a large interest
for money when yon have good security 1
Can yon present any good reason why it ia
not as well to receive profits v early aa te
wait from 7 to 10 years as one does in many
of the Associations? Is not tbe reduction at
interest yearly better, than waiting many
years for profits Borrowers nnder tbe plan
represented by me assume absolutely no risk
as each $1 SO paid on Ihe loan ia credited
on tbe mortgage, thereby reducing It in
proportion to the amount paid.
Building Associations have benefited
hundreds of thousands, so did tbe old cars
that were propelled by boraes. Our plan is
as far superior to Building Associations as
the trolley cats are to tbe oM antiquated
borse car system. My time is to much oc
cupied to answer questions tor the curious,
but those seeking information for the bet
terment of their condition will receive fell
'"to"01100 promptly. We offer an invest-
,v mvn wuo nave a araaii amount to
save monthly that has no superior as to
safety and seldom equaled for profits. Call
or write. Madbics Lkosasd,
Oakland Kills,
Ju28-3m Juniata connty, Pa
A wonderful improvement In Frtetlae Feeda and
Ot-Bark. Back motion of CarrlaceS ttmrarsUst
a any otner la Um market. Fricttea C'lMirkj feeai,
cauatnc all tha feed aaarint; to aland Millwntl bnrlc
mc: ereat aavhaar ta aawer aad wear, tfend
4cnuinMmpsairlanraCataloanaaridpiicB Also
Harrewa, Day Rakea. Caltivatera.
'arn Planters, tteellere, etc. ilrntton thti fwixr.
HEKCH 4k- DBOatOOU. BAa, York. Fa.
51 &
A Heeise Bag.
' A queer exhibit is on file at tbe
clerk's office of tho Court of Appeals
at Frankfort It is a "negro hoodoo
bag." coctaJnin dice, a rabbit foot,
and some other mysterious artie'es.
Tbe b-ig is filed as an exhibit in tbe
case of Edgar Bell vs. Commonwealth
Trom Warren county. Bell, who is a
negro, claims that he was "hoodoo
ed" by this bag to kill a man, and he
hopes to convince tbe Judges that
bis claims deserte consideration
Louisville Courier-Journal.
Mr. Wm. A. Hmoth
Indiana, Pa.
Saved Iviy Life
05 Worth of Hood's arsa-
tevef Caee of Nicotine Poleonlna
-C L Bood A Co., Lowell, Mats. :
1 "OratlcuMBs I write these Haes ta certify
tbMt Hoed'sSarssparllla has cured m at a Boat
painful disease from which I have suffered the
past Soar years. It appeared ta the fens el
eruption en nr neck and face, spreading ever
soy body, e painful that I could not sleep at
night, aad could not work In the day tune, and
when I did lay down and get into a little don. If
I would awve pjet Bttle, R would start that
terrible sensation, and
Blood Would Start
from the eruptions en nry legs and body. I had
to wear bandages alt tbe tine. My eyes were
badly swollen, my back ha terrible condition.
One physician said It was weed poison, another
ecuima, aad the last Mi aae It was
Nicotine? Poisoning,
and that I would have to-go-to- a phystefaa whe
mads a speciality of my disease. (I emitted te
say that I am a cigar maker by trade.) But
Hood's Sanaparilla had1 been recommended,
and I thought 1 would try It, and I am heartily
thankful that I dirt. I can truly say that ttood's
fiarsaparilla lias effected
A Prfec Cure.
I am free from sores, have a good appetite, ae
dull feelings, and tltat continual: sick headache
Is gone. This wonderful cure has only cost met
fire dollars. This small amount ot msnsy hae
rid me of all ssy auffcrlnga. I am- SOU taking;
Hood's Sarsaparllla, my faithful friend which
aas eaved nay life. I cannot praise K eneeghi 99
Wm. A. Booth, Indiana, Pennsylvania.
Hood's Pills cure liver Ills, constipation,
biliousness. Jaundice, sick headache. indigestion.
(Graduate or tbe Philadelphia Dental Cel
leg,) formerly of M ialinborg, Ha., has- lo
cated permanently in Mifljintnwn, ax sue
cesror to tbe late Or. O. L. Derr, and will
continue tbe denial business (established
by tbe latter in 1860) at tbe well known of
fice on Bridge street opposite Court House.
Jto CAloroform, Ether, or Gm wedi
No Sore Gums or Discomfort to parientr
eilhrr (turing extraction or afterwards.
All tlit'Sti are Guaranteed tr co charge
will be madn.
EJ" All work guaranteed to give per rot
satisfaction. Terms, strictly cash.
Practical Dentist.
Appeals will be held in tbe- Commission
ers Office, Mifflintown, Pa., on the 7lh day
of Fb 1695. for the esst side ol the
river, and on the Sth day ol.Peb. 196, fop
tbe west side or the river.
Persons aggrieved will please altacd .
w. u. Moons,
Nial If. SrcwABT, SCotunx
Attest: Jons Kkimobd,
Wm. II. Ukosiioib.
In the ettateaf MJROJRET J. REfTXE
DY, late of Lack tovnukip, daread.
Notice is hereby given that let tiers ot
Administration on tbe eetate of Margaret
A. Kennedy, lata ef Lack township. Jani
ata county, deeeaaed, have been granted ra
the undersigned. All persons indented to
aid estste wi I p!eaae make immediate pay.
ment, and those having claims wijl peasant
them authenticated for settlement.
Joseph B. Kssssnv
Lbti H. CAMreiu,
Janusry 1st, 1805. Jdmuuetratomu.
la the enlate off S YBILLjt LEITZKL, lato
of Ielawmr tomukip, dactaatd.
Notice s hereby given that letters of Ad.
ministration on the estate el Sybilla Leitiel,
late of Delaware township, Juniata ceanty,
deceased, have been granted to tbe under
signed. All persois indebted to said estate
will please make immediate payment, and
thoae having claims will present themaath
entioacad for settlement.
December 11th, 1894.
In the matter ot tbe petition of William
H. Longacre for 'be henettt of the insolvent
To all tbe creditors ef said potitioner.
Notice is hereby given that William H.
Longacre, of Fermanagh township, Juniata
Co., Pa., will present bis petition for tbe
bene&t of the iaeolvent law of this Com
mon wealth, to the Court ol Common Pleas
of Juniata ceanty, on Monday tbe fourth
day of rcbtaary, A. D , 1K9S. at ten o'clock
Att'y. for
To Louis L. Hudson, late or the town,
ship of Belawere, County of Juniata,
Stale of Pennsylvania.
Wisbsas, Anna Laura Hudson, your
wiTe, baa SI".! a libel ia tbe Court er Com
mon Picas of JublaU County, of Septem
ber Term 1894, No. 148, praying a divorce
against yoa. Now you are hereby notified,
and required to appear ia said Court on or
before Monday; the 4th day of February, 4.
D., 1S96 next, to answer the complaint ot
tbe said Anna Laura Hadsoa, and in de
fault of such appearance, you wiU be liable
to have a divorce granted la your absence.
Dnenars voce, imintown,
Dec. 10th, 1894.
wwark. KiclwM emissary. fSM
lull Mati WaW. Wa,sv aaiiLs
11 ce aae raamily lasM sauauta.
mvnt ars es us
Vltava ami tag uw ha. Yej
aaBSi tax- ttlwas, lis aefaiae sVarg
Mm wm. M.m. --"
mm4 rmmtrtaS livat Sea Bca
ri" TillsifcaMiasi
ir i m WesT? neat
.irrfaea. ahlwswe
!3 L. eUO j.r-ssffat tiTSS
ZZ TZ w-: .tlUumsUtfWtlMII
oro,oj.-s at trood-rnia, SUht .sesas as ear
UHuliocL B: ffcs;UtoNU.
UuaraBteed aaava aa aawatt sail for ITS tp fat
ACKE ROAD RACER, 25 Ibt. tfOfj
e w war - w
wtrafaaly"taeverya.acliine. BrjEM'"
ina bJ? a birfS. tliroMh an .rnt TOO HjWtoW
amr wboleaaie prlco for eaataejaalltr.
uleSfcou aa SicVto aeU Mercies tbrourh
Jroaalarsaalt ooa to male the. LJ
Slaaaaaaeoaoair auajrart Ua btter .ar.aotf
pradanae "J . Hrnct at wholecala prices
Acme Cycle Company,
The following ached ale went Into eSVct
Nov. 19, 1898, aod the trains will bo ran as
p. m a.m. Leave Arrive a. m p. at
4 SO 9 16 Dnacanaon 8 40 8 60
4 3 9 21 King's Mill 8 84 8 44
4 19 9 24 Sulphnr Springe 8 81 8 I
8 41 9 26 Corman Siding 29 8 89
4 45 9 29 Montebello Park 8 26 8 88
4 46 9 81 - 'Weaver 8 24 8 84
4 61 9 86 'Roddy 8 19 8 29
4 64 9 89 Hoff man 8 16 8 26
4 8 9 41 Royer 8 14 8 24
4 59 9 44 Mshaaoy 8 118 21
6 10 10 0O Bloomfield 8 05 8 16
6 17 10 07 'Long's Koad 7 52 2 45
6 22 10 13 Nellsoo 7 46 2 89
6 25 10 16 Duns's 7 43 2 86
6 28 10 19 Elliotsburg 7 40 2 83
6 24 10 2fi Bcrnbeisl's 7 84 2 27
6 86 10 27 'Green Park 7 82 2 24
6 41 10 82 Montour June. 7 27 2 20
6 0911 20 Laudisburg 6 66 1 60
p. m a. m Arrive Leave a. m p m
Train leaves BIoomBeld at 6.10 a.
and arrives at Laadisburg at 6.4 a.
Train leaver Landisburg at 6.14 p. m., and
arrives at BleoniBeld al 6. 60 p. m.
Trains leave Loysrille for Luncannon at
7. 220 a. ni., and 2. lo p. m. Returning,
arrive at 10 Si a. m., and 4.6G p. as.
Between Landisbnrg aad Loysville trains
run as follows: Leave Laadisburg for Loys
villa 6 6A a. m., and 1 50 p m., Loysville
for Landrsbarg 11 10 a. m., and 6 09 p. m.
All stations marked () are Hag statiens,
at wl.tct trains will come to a full stop on
m a - - - - . i
V ia srtxiaI sat nmjTAt i
asjaT K R nT, gWrv Br I an Utri.RAI WrWS SSL
Ji'SjiasaT eas Mupmr, CSlIdewv Zove It.
fT TtaHr iJwia fcara a aotl ot Mlahiaauenai
O rreaa SS,ailhwi Snl
aftVSJiy W"OI Dl u Knlgtm, W
i nan ii ma mini, i lis ia.ouaaa,.cairra.
la aadr ar Limta. St 1 9 JatmSM or i
Has aid Anatra iriM and mmraj .
Vaa Sold mrrffhm Wn-r M h
vapme pulsa . a. jobxbom
If van waat work that is pleaatnt and praSuble,
aaadaayaaraildriBioiUallr. W itaati inen
aad wenu-o httm t aara from fce.ee r da to
StS.Oes par ycarwiiauat baring had prevtaaa
aparieaaa, aua Saraiu tha raiplavment w whiah
thav ran anaae that aawaui. tstkiii difDeult u
leara er that rranirea aueh time. 1 h a urk ts
, haatlhr, ana lianarafale, ad aaa bedvnedur
la( davtUae' or eraaiag. right ia your aw a local
ity, wderavar yea live. Tba roaalt ef a few
trawrV warfc eftaa awaala a waak'a waarea.
Wa hare lauaal liMMisaiwis of both seaaa aad all
aa. and- raanr hare k,id fnanaalioas that wilt
raralv bring raea ricaee. Saraa ef the aaurtaat
ruea In this eanaWT awe their sneer e ia Mf to
th. .tut iv.n chaia wUlW ia oar eaaDle-jr 1
aeo. Yon, render, raav da at wrllitrr n. Ton
aanaat fail. So capital nimilrr Wafltroaaut
with aomeibtnc that ia aaw, aalM, aad aura. A
beak ariattai at aeriaa ia free te all. Hale roar,
aalt by writing tar R te-aer not te-aaatraw.
Belaya ma easily.
E. C. ALLEN & CO.,
Box ao,
John look offers at Private Sale a farm
of 76 Acres, all clear land ia Fermanagh
township, shout two miles from Afifflmtown.
on the stage read ta Selinsgrove, with good
Bank Barn 7Axt-. good Log flnnae weath
er hoarded, corn crib, ehicken-honse and
other oet fctitldings, piped water at the
door ol boase, well water at the barn.
There ia yonng apple orchard of 69 trees
fast beainaing to bear, an abundance of
grimes aad other trait. There ia a first
rate location for a peach orchard of 1500
trees nit tbe farm. For particulara, address
Joaa Zook, Box 16, ifilHiatown, Juniata
Connty, Pa.
Whereas, the Hon. JEREMIAH LTONS,
President Judge or the Court, or Common
Plena, for the Forty-First Jodicial District,
composed or the eonntiee of Juniata and
Perrv, and tbe Honerahles JOSIAB L. BAR
TON and J. r. WICKEKSHAM, Associate
Judges of tho said court of Common Pleas
of Juniata county, by precept duly issued
and to me directed for holding a Court of
Oyer and Terminer and Geaeial Jail Deliv
ery, and General Quarter 8ossiona of tbe
Peace at Mifflintown, on tbe
1896, BKINt? THE 4th DAT OF TBE.
Notice acavsT oivbs, to theCoroi
Justices or the Peace and Constables of tho
County of Juniata, tnat tbey bo then and
there ia tbeir proper persons, at 10 o'clock
ia the forenoon of said day, with tbeir res
ords, inquisitions, examination and Oyer
remain be raactts, to do mote inings laaa- to
tbeir offices respectfully appertain, and
those tbat are bound by recognisance to
prosecute againat tbe prisoners that are or
may be in tbe Jail ot rata county, oe wen
and there to
shall be lust.
prosecute against them aa
By an act of the Assembly, passed the
6th day of May, 1854, it made tbe duty or
Justices of the Peace of tbe several conn
ties of this Commonwealth to return to tbe
Clerk of the Court of Quarter Besaions of
the respective connties, all tbe recegnt
lances entered into before them by any ci.
sen or persons charged with tbe cob mis
sion of any crime, except such case as may
be ended before a Justice of tbe Peace, un.
der existing laws at least tea days before
the commencement of tbs sessioa of the
Court to ehich tbey are made returnable
respectively, sad in all eases where recog
nisances are entered into leas than ten days
before tbe commencement of tbe session to
which they are made returnable, the said
Justices are to return the same in the same
manner ss if said act bad not been passed.
watea at Mitnintown, tbe 31st day of
ueeemDer, in the year of our Lord, ono
thousand eight hundred aad ninety-row. -SAMUEL
LAPP, Sheriff.
Saiairr'a Onus,
Mifllntown, Dectmber 6, 1894. J
On and after Sunday, November
26, 1894. trains willrtimas follows:
Way Passenger, leaves Philadelphia at
4 30 a. m; Harris burg 8 18 a. nu Danean
uoo8 64a.m; Now Port 9 24 a. m; Mil
Irrstown 986 a. as; Oarword 9 43 a. nti
Thompeentowa 9 47 a. ai; Tea Dyke 9 85
a. mt Tascarora 9 69 a. m; Mexico 10 02 a.
m; Port Royal 10 07 a. tnt MUBia 10 14 a.
m; Denbelm 10 21 a, mi Lewistown 10 40
m; McYeytowo 11 08 a. m; Newton
Hamilton 11 81 a. m; Mount Union 1140
a. m; Huntingdon 12 10 p. in; Tyrone 1 02
p. roj Altoona 1 46 p. m; Pittsbarf 6 60 p. m.
Nail Train Itavea Philadelphia at 7 00 a.
m, Ilarrisburg 11 20 a. m; Duneannon 1 1 60
a. as; Newport 1214 p. m; Mifflia 12 62 p.
m Lewistown 1 12 p. m; McYeytown 1 88
p. m Mount Union I 66 p at; Huntingdon
2 17 p. m; Petersburg 2 SO p. m; Tyrone
8 06 p. m; Altoona 8 40 p. m; Pittsburg
8 60 p. m.
Altoona Accommodation leaves Harris
burg at 6 00 p. n; Duneannon 6 84 p. m;
Newport 6 02 p. in; ifilleratown 6 18 p. m;
Thompsentown 6 24 p m; Tnscsrora 6 86
p. at; JfexWso 6 87 p m; Port Koyal 6 42
p. tri) Mifflin 8 47 p. m; Denbolm 6 66 p.m;
Lewistown 7 18 p. as; JfcYeytown 7 88 p.
m; Newtoa Hamilton 8 00 p. m; Haatiag
don 8 82 p. n; Tyrone 9 16 p. m; Altoona
9 40 p. m,
Pacifie Kx press leaves Philadelphia at
It 20 p. m; Hsrrisburc 3 10 a. m; Marrs
vllte 8 24 a. m; Duneannon 8 88 a. m; New.
port 6 s. mi Port Royal 4 31 a. n; Mif
flin 4 37 a. n; Lewistown 4 68 a. in; Me
Yeytown 6 80 a. m; Huntingdon 101 t.
m; Tyrone 6 66 a. as; Altoona 7 40 a. m;
Pittsburg 12 10 p. m.
Express leaves Harrisborg at 10 20 p. m;
Newport 11 08 p. m; Mifflin 11 46 p. m;
Lewistown 12 06 a. m; Huntingdan 1 05 a.
n. Ttrone i z. a m; Altoona z iu a. m;
Pittshnrg 6 60 a. us.
Fast tine leave Philadelphia at 12 26 p.
m; Harrrnbnrg 8 69 p. m; Dnneanon 4 15
p. m; Newport 4 87 p. m; Mifflin 6 10 p. m;
Lewiatowa 6 29- p. to; Mount Union 6 09 p.
m; Huntingdon 6-28 p. rcj Tyrone 7 06 j
m; Altoooar 7 4V p-. m; Pittsburg 11 20
p. ni.
Harrisbur Aecoeamodatien leaves Al.
toona at '6 00 a. m; Tyrone 5 28 a mj Huat
ingdon 6 05 a. m;- Newton H'tnl'ton 6 83
a. m; McVeylown- 6-62 a. m; Lawiatowo
7 16 a. m; Mifflin 7 89 a. m; Port Royal
7 44 a n; Mexico 7 48 a. m; Thompron
town 8 02 a m; Milleratown 8 12 a. tn;
Newport 8 22 a. m; Duneannon 8 49 n. m;
Harriabnrg 9 2 a. mi
Sea S bore leaves Pitttsborr 3 10 a m;
Altoona 7 15 a tn; Tyrone 7 48 a to; Hunt
ingdon 8 30 a m; KcYeytown 9 15 a m;
Lewistown 9 35 a m; Mifflia 9 65 a ai;
Port Roval 9 69 a u; Thompsentown 10 14;
Milleratown 10 22 am; Newport 10 82 a m;
Duneannon 10 64 a m; Marvsville 11 07 a
m; Harrisborg 11 26 am; Philadelphia 8 09
p m.
Dav Express leavea Pittsburg at 8 00 a.
m; 4 'toona 11 oO ej ss; Tyrone 12 15 p. m;
Huntingdon 12 48 p. m; Lewistown t 45 p.
m; Mini in 2 06 p. n.; Harrisburg 8' 20 p. m;
Baltimore 4 46 p. m; Wasbingten 7 60 p.
m; Philadelphia 6 60 p. ro;:New Tork 988
p. m
Mail leavea Altoona at 2 00 p. ni, Tyrone
2 85 p. ta, Huntingdon 3 20 pi m; Newton
Hamilton 3 61 p. m; Meveytowo 4 1? pi m;
Lewistown 4 88 p. m; Mifflin 5 08 p. ra.
Port Royal 6 09 p. m; JbTexico 6 18' p. ror
Tbompsontown 5 V p. m; Milleratown 5 SS
p. tn; Kewport 6 49 p. m; Duneannon S-ZO1
p. ra; Ilarrisburg 7 00 p. m.
Mail Express leaves Pittsburg at I 00 p.
m; Altoona 6 15 p. m; Tyrone 87 p. m:
Huntinsdon 7 20 p. m; McYeytown 8 04' p.
m; Lewistown 8 26 p. m; Jfifflin 8 47 p III;
Part Koyal 8 52 p. m; Millerstown 9 87 p.
m; Newport 9 26 p. m; Duneannon 9 50 p.
m; Harritburg 10 23 p. m.
Philadelphia Ex proas leaves f'ittaburav at
4 30 p tn; Alioona 9 05 p. ra: Tyrone 9 33
p. m; Iluiitlngdnn 10 12 p. m; Mount Up-
ion 10 82 i'. u; Lcwietnwn 11 16 p. m; Mifi.
Hin 11 37 p. ru; narrisburg 1 00 a. w: P'ril-
adelphia 4 80 New York 7 83 a. tu.
Trains leave Dnncaunon for Bioornilo d a:
15 a. m. and 4 80 p. re; retaining, erriva
at Dnncannon 8 36 a. ni. and 8 69 p. m. on
week days.
Traina leave Mt. Onion on week dsye- at'.
9 20 and 11 20 a. m 4 00 aud 6 15 p. tu,
trains arrivo at Mt. Union 8 10 and 11 20 a.
ni. 8 14 and 6 37 p. m.
P. N. N. VT. R. R:
Tra-na leave Bellwood at S 00 a. ra. aad
3 38 m. arrived at Bellwood at 11 10' a.
m. and 6 46 p. m.
N. k. S. V-- R K
Trains leave Newport on week days at
10 00 a. m aod 6 05 p. m. arrive at New.
pert 7 55 a. ra. and 4 00 p. uiv
T. V. K. R
Trains leave Pert Royal 10 80 a. iu. and)
6 16 p. m., artire at Port Koyal 8 45 a. m.
and 8 16 p m , week dav.
Train for bcadury at 7 40 a. ra. and 3 00
p. ra., leave Snnbury for Lewistowo 10 08
a. m, and 2 25 p. m.
Trains leave tor Bedford and Cumber,
land at 8 10, 8 85 a. ta., and 6 35 p. in.
leave Bedford for Huntingdon 9 60 a. m
8 65 and 4 20 p. ra , leave CuaakMrland tur
Huntingdon at 2 36 p. ra.
Trains leavo for Bellefonto and Lock
uavea at 8 iu a. m., a 34 and' T 25 p. m.,
leave Lock Haven tor Tyrone 4t30, 9 87 a.
ru. and 4 15 p. ra.
Traina leave Tyrone ter- Clnartield and
CurwensvilleatHSOa.ra.. 3:16 and 7 :t0
p m., leave Curwenaville loir Tyrone at 4 30
a. ui , 9 42 and ol p . ta,
I 1 lev Railroad Comnanv.
Time table
of passenger trains, in eSbet on Monday,
uatobor 1st, 18l.
STATIONS. West- East
ward, wari.
8j 1 2 4
n ai an r a
Newport ....... 6 85 10 00 6 16 4 0i
Buffalo Bridge ..; 8 08 10 03 6 10 8 67
Juniata Fnraaoo 6 12 10 07 6 28 8 68
Wanaeta S 15 10 10 ii 3 60
Sylvan 6 25 10 17 40; 8 46
Wat-r Ping .... 6 22 10 2i 6 44; 3 41
Bloomneld. Junctn. 6 31 10 26 6 6lt 8 88
Yalley Road 6 39 10 84 6 69 8 82
Blliottaburg 61 10 46 7 1 8 15
Green. Park 6 64 10 49 7 20 8 10
LoyavMU 7 15 11 00 7 06 8 04
Fert Bsaeson 7 1211 07 7 33 2 66
Center 7 17 11 12 7 41 2 49
Ciena's Run 7 28 11 18 7 86 2 45
Aaderaonbnrg 7 27:11 22 7 46 2 40
BkYi 7 8511 80 7 48 2 83
Ueant Pleasant ... 7 41 11 88 7 62 2 24
Now Germant'n ... 7 4511 40 7 651 2 20
D. GRING, President and Hanaro r.
G. It.. Miubb, General Agent.
Tha undersigned persons have formed an
Association for tbe pretention of their re
anective Drooertiea. All aoraona hm.
by notified not to trespass on tbe lands of
iae uBaersiguea lor tne purpose or bunting
gathering nuts, cbiping timber or throwing
down fences or firms: timber in anv wav
whatever. Any violation ot the above no
tice will be dealt with according to law.
John Michael,
William PuSenberg er,
Oldeoa Sieber,
Beasher at Zook,
Mary A. Brnbaker,
Joseph Rotbrock, ,
John Byler,
Samuel Bell.
September 6, 1896.
Garfsold Toaa
CiirwZ.'fMlpatM, Banana CaeiLilmoaVn. n
laua sasajaafn.. .lAanai I v 4ii ti.. if. f.
P.u res Sick Headache
uta. tasaaieSraa. SajswTaa Cassis WaaSt!3Cf
Curos Constipation
The 2U jy.i.r tile
HKinafi KyaiecM T
fa the
Cf ft is Kent Aefiw.r
:Cnrcs ",Icr Trt??sTi5s
Iby cleansing: tS iAi
SSila. thai tiri :$.; nut A
.mil Imparl lifcs .
S' PER fe-5tTL P f
hrTC IT THE MAhHl lr SA.claeA.u Ca
Sheridans Condition Powder t
Strong aad Healthy : Praveata si! Otsaaaa.
Good for ITottlUaf Hone.
Mlsabaolualraara. Byhr mii. ua LtM. lsaas,
Mr aaata tot of c i m ear- 44aroe-rM,tMl
vroc. STlatlr a WSL ;ca. "OlokiTnte4u
0; ma-'. ax ta frrmuM Sgtw." ajm oaaaaaaanr.
If yoa oaat sret It aeae ta
VBaawiairKt PIT. A S M Ifc. aaa ' SI
oar. as K .xpe-w pld. AtowMry oafe- OmU', prsom
Xt cnaLfr wicta ai ssoroar r mtm. 8aa.r4 toff
vf m law Povut Rii-w i-artri
L 8. J0BMUN eu.S! Caawai Ilaniaa St, Doetoa. aas
A -osdcrtal laisaarameDt la Frtetloa rV4
(iic-Baeh. Bauk aaaUoacr larraun tt-.
a foat aa any otbar la tt- fa&rlr4 ?:'??y
losqh Faed, eaala( at ts? ac r- 3 m iJ
.IU wSlla kaaklnt ereat aa ring .4 --r
-war. WrUc tar c-a:ara k4 rfat , 'Ti
?ravapoh apeiec;n. Abu sipriaar Twatfl
rawa, Har Itakaa, CalrKatara, Crt tfism
era. aellrr, ere. iZtMan tU .v.
TfllmiAInficop. TbererethoTj').:Mi.
1. wio haverejrolar l-. ttjrrs uiuil v-'.ui : v -jt-oordr
i :' psiiu n: beauty Y z- it Mt L-T i i ont
cntai.lexl jr.. ToaI neh Ve rtc-nimerj! fl.
HESnA'S VTOU CffCAM as rmoui) Mii
qu Itira that qri.HciTtlians;'? Ilia u..ni sv.ijw
iai Jtrid ccior; -ion V; vn itur-l bti.
cn untla'p!ii.i r3?H7- t 'JK V f ' n.
Krttklfa, Jliack ITcaiiJ, F-tJ ii-..Ljr.
"ii-, P'opla, Hid ttl lui .iWiJui'i ihe
Ai.n. It u. wt d.-rar-a lnt a t-ox.-. 5-t x V--irr
for '.bt tcilet Ukble lha r:wW. tcM . -Druagists,
or;it flj5l nr-:n rirr
g. c. oTteR a co.. Tvivt o.
,oie K. Arawsos. F. M. hi. Ptju
Cy"'lltcting and Cor veaar:aj: oyt
K attended to.
Ovrtcs On Mala street, place ! ;ci.'
dence of Loam R. Atkiuacs, " ;o.th c
Sridgo street. i'-.c it- i.
District Attoruff.
Bb.is.eAwroB, ss. iiisvin n.cxAr.
have formed a partnership for the pract'rt
of Medicine and their collatteral brancas.
Oflsto at old atand, corner of Third ard Gr
ange streets, MitBiatowa, Pa. One or to:b
ot thosn will be luand at their eftce al all
tiasaa, unress otherwise profcasioraliy en
gaged. April 1st, 1890.
jyR. B. F. ACKLKY, SrccuweT
Propbylazis aad treatment of lua
lion by Diphtheria, Croup, Tjpse'l Fe
ver, Ac., and of diaeaaes of the Diyestlr
System, Acute and Cbrocic. Dr. A't msih
ods are in full accord with th' meat exact'
ing Bacteriology. Havic; received tavcr.
able recognition by advanced jaaraals azi
members ol the two leading k.Iik' of nad
iciue, tbe author ezprcsscscoufldence in uis
on ability to render satisfactory nrt !s
line of bis apeclalitiea. 8 ina saetheds ta
gcim eiements ot diaeasn are dearrovad
turn 1 to 8 days.audth patient prograwiaf
tt con aleicence wiibout tbe usnai sttgM
ot metorism er swcilinr, dlarrhoaa s"4
hmorrag in Typhoid Fever or the fern.
gsrona aequencea ot Diphtheria, vis-, blood
ptiaoDiug, Ac. They have a spnc:fle pot
sncy in degenerative coadltioos cuaumP ,
e:derlt and aged persons and heretofore
ragarded incurable. Aril 19, 1S8.
Wheat I
grow best when planted wfta Pan- 4
Bourn Dnat. A fertilize- that al. -al
: ways hrlnes-a r-rof. alwava im- 3?
; proves th-. soil. Hold Jli rt" ?o .t- ? '
: mera S"J7.W ner Inn. N, .rants. -- A
: Bam pies free. 3
! York Chemical Works, York, Pa. Wt
Sulestifio Ambrf.-ar
Agnoy for
COPVRtOHVa, eta.
d free Handbook write to
earaaa rr isiasliis aatae-B ia Awitea.
tetpyaM oa ay as as Br-wnt ; -
pash bj a aotlea srven tr. ot eaasa la ta
gtxtniiixc mtxaxx
world. SalamaiiDv i?
aaaa .
a I I A
afWataJiaO IB
mt t
aKaatlfle eor c
r.Dewirota, .
ian abuuld be wKh
rear: SLSfl