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Dwtort Caution. For Dcmocralto
NaUona! Conventlonites.
Kcriy to B4 Oin RvU For Visitors to
Dwver- Any Form of Exmm at
High Altltua May Bsnd Physical
Wsakllita o Hospital.
Attention to his physical condition.
cartful nvjlatlon of hla diet. Includ
ing drinking these are some of the
thine tha delegate to the Democratic
national contention must tako Into con
tide rati on It fa would preserve hla
normal dsgrt of health while they
remata In. Dearer. Will he be care
fall "Bo will not," emphatically declared
Tammany man the other day, and
added: "Erer attend a national conten
tion? No? I thought not, for no one
who bad would aak how the delegate!!
tako care of themselves. There Is-too
much excitement to think aliout rule
of health. The Individual delegate
might bo careful, but delegates collec
tively never.
'Still, It might be a good thing," be
went on reflectively, "to caution the
boya and tell them what to look out
for when they visit an altitude they
are not used to. Tammany bruvvs arc
lusty trenchermen and llagonmen, ev
ery one, and when 050 of them are
gathered In one place for several days
for political purposes wine Is bound to
flow, and late hours are the rule In
stead of the exception."
Dr. Ilenry 8. Pascal of New York
city, who baa made a study of clima
tology, was asked by a Now York
Times reporter what the thousands of
delegates to Denver must avoid and
also keep In mind to maintain their
normal physical conditions.
"There are certain classes of men,"
said Dr. Pascal, "who are affected se
riously by the change from tbo sea
level to an altitude of 6,000 feet Den
ver la exactly one mile above the sea
level, fl.290 feet. Persona with hard
ned arteries or any tendency to heart
trouble or llrlgbt's disease are apt to
have acute attacks upon suddenly
moving to high altitudes. Men of these
types should avoid, worry and excite
ment and should'ge't plenty of sleep or
It might go bard with tbeni. Tbey
must avoid heavy rating as well as
drinking. -
. . JTlIn -1 -. ..
tending the acclimatizations! -Jtie In
dividual. This Is the inure or less se
vere according to the altitude and
somstl men lasts fur xeveral days. It Is
accompanied by beudacbe, nausea, gas-tro-lntestlnal
disturbances and acceler
ated pulse and respiration. The rare
ficatlon of the ulr lu high altitudes Is
responalbto for these conditions, bring
Ins about changes In the circulator)'
system. In Denver one breathes In SCI
per cent less oxygen than at the sea
level. This decrease In oxyges causes
deeper breathing In order that the
blood may get wSiat It requires; deeper
breathing causes greater muscular ex
ertion, and this Is the reason tubercu
lous patients are benefited In Denver.
Bat persons with Incipient consump
tion who go to the Denver convention
must be careful and take It easy until
tbej are acclimatized.
"Those with ISrlgbt'a disease often
have a hard time when they go Into
mountainous districts. Acute attacka
of the disease often supervene, and
the attacka are made worse, of coarse,
by heavy eating and drinking.
"On the other baud, tbey get over
the acclimatization period with com
paratively trifling discomfort If they
are careen auoui eating ana annsing.
Tuberculosis patients must be very
moderate Indeed In the matter of
food and drink when they go to such
an altitude in that of Denver If tbey
would avoid ucute attacks. If they be
come fatigued In the (lint few days ot
their residence In nu allltudlnous coun
try It goes hard with them.
'The gnstro-lntestthal disturbances
that come nu without apparent cause
nmoug tliot'-e who visit tho mountains
must be attributed to tbo altitude.
"Elderly or old crsous with harden
ed arteries or those who have at somo
period suffered slight attacks of paraly
sis actually run risks when they visit
a place as high as Denver. Such per
sons especially must avoid fatigue for
the first few days, and excessive eat
ing and dilnklng lire the very worst
things for them.
"Acute Itrlght'8 disease Is not com
mon lu Denver, but It Is particularly
severe there when It does occur. Stim
ulants arc more likely to produce such
physical disturbances than at the sea
"Another thing that those who pro
pose to attend tliu Denver convention
would do well to bear In mind Is that
sleep Is disturbed more easily at n high
altitude, by trivial vauses and In those
who arc overworked mentally. Again,
nervous persons are more apt to be
disturbed III their sleep In IVnver
than at the sea leel If they are phys
ically ovcrnnrknl.
"Mountain sickness Is undoubtedly
attributable to less oxygen, ami the re
sulting vascular chance are responsi
ble for the ncute attacks in tuone suf
fering from heart and kidney disease,"
physician pointed out that the
gradual ascent of n mountain, on foot
or horseback, Instead of a rapid jour
ney by train, allowed the lungs to get
used to the decrease in oxygen and
thus lessened the period of acclimati
zation. Til In, of eoursi, inudltleH the
severity or does ana) entirely with
mountain fever.
Toek.qssr to Gat a Wagsr Down and
' Wins to Qtt It Cashed.
The problem of getting u bet down
at Jhoracu track under the present
strict Interpretation of the new anil
betthiK law was solved tlm other day
tj flniveseiid, N. Y, In u rather In
genious way,
A man who was nuxous In wager $10
on u supposed "good thing" upptoached
I one time iKsiLuuiLei- mid nsked what
pi Ice ho would lay against It)o In the
fourth race.
"Oh, four to one," was tha response,
"but I don't know you and don't care
to be arrested for accepting the cash."
"Thill's nil light." replied tlieiiiiiloua
bettor. "C'oniu and have n beer. I'll
pay with n ten dollar bill, mul 5011 run
pick up tho change, Of course I'm get
ting a shade the Is'ht of It, but you
won't ml ltd that."
They had the drink, and the minutes
later a certain man rooted long utid
hard and shouted Jubilantly when It) e
gullopcd homo In front. lie then rush
til off to find tha "memory broker" mid
get bis inouc; , but the same old prnb
leui confronted him ugalii,
"I'll tell )oil," sl)ly suggested theono
time lu) ur, "coino nmt huvu a Is it lie of
wine. I'll pay for It with a fifty dollar
bill, and you can pick up Hie cbuiige.
Of course I'm getting a Innle the best
of It, but Jon won't mind Hint."
The vino whs oiu'iuil and the trans
action completed, and then the lttor
turned away, remarking, "It louts
loiuethlng to win a but under the Ag
uvwllart law,"
Latest Find en a Paelflo Island Bur
pass Any Yst Discovered.
Nothing In recent years has contrib
uted so much to Increase the economic
Importance to tbo ocean world as the
discovery here and there of great beds
of phosphate. These aeries of new
finds among the islands began nliout
twelve years ago, when a Ilrltlsh sur
vey vessel, dredging In the Indian
tcenn, brought from tho depths n piece
of phosphate that was traced to the
neighboring Christmas bland, on unin
habited rock where some ttondrcda of
men now find employment bi the phos
phate works.
Then came even more noteworthy
surprises. Large beds of phosphste
were found on Ocean Island, over
which no country had taken the trou
ble to raise Its flag; on the erertnan
Island of Nauru, west of the (alliens,
and on Maiden Island, a llrttbih rock
far south of the Island of Hawaii.
All these little Islands bad been un
considered trifles In the ocean world,
but now there Is always n ship or two
off their shores and the bustle ot a
mining camp on tbclr small surfaces.
The latest find surpasses ever) thing
yet discovered, says the New York
Bun. Makatea, only four and n half
miles long and one and n half miles
wide. Is just now the most tallied of
bit of land In the eastern Pacific. It
stands In the Paumotu group, nhnut
120 miles- northwest of Tahiti. The
engineers who have lieen studying Its
phosphate beds estimate that It con
tains at least .W.rjm.OOO tons of the
richest of phosphates, the nnalyscs
revealing from 05 to 8." and even 00
per cent of pure phosphate. The Island
rises to 230 feet nbove the sea, has no
lagoon, nnd Hie work of prospecting
for more lieds Is not yet completed.
Preparations are now twlng made nt
an exponso of $.V).0(X to extract the
deposits at the rate of 300,000 Ions a
Phosphates have also tecn found on
Nlau and some other atolls of this
archipelago. Such discoveries of great
natural wealth In tho Pacific nre cer
tain to stimulate mure thorough ef
forts to ascertain the extent of the
natural wealth which (he myriad Is
lands have to offer the world.
Postmaster Qsnersl Mads Hsppy by
Ourprlss Return of Lost Watch.
Postmaster General Meyer dropped
Into the White House for a few min
utes' chat with President Itoosevelt
tbe other morning.
"Dy the way, can you tell me the
timer" asked Mr. Itoosevelt as Mr.
Meyer was about to take his leave.
"My watch Is not going."
"That reminds me," exclaimed the
postmaster general. "I don't know
whether mine la going or not, but
there Is no question that It's gone. I
lost It somewhere yesterday."
"Well, I will show you that a watch
can be gono and going at the same
time," replied the president. Then bu
walked to his desk, oiiened a drawer
snd took out a handsome gold time
piece which Mr. Meyer recognized as
bis own.
McDermott, a cavalry sergeant, for
several years the president's orderly,
riding on a recent afternoon nt a re
spectful distance behind the presiden
tial party, which Included tbe poetnias
ter general, saw the watch lying In the
dust At tbe White House some one
Identified It as Mr. Meyer's, and the
president himself undertook to return
It to Its owner.
Ponlsrds In the Hair.
New Tork coiffeurs are trying to In
troduce the Italian fashion of wearing
a tiny poniard In the hair. 'Tin n
pretty Idea, even If a tilfle murderous,
for In King Victor's realm the orna
ment often has a more practical and
thereto tragic use than to serve as a
coiffure skewer. Dut, since the New
York woman has been trusted safely
tiVtbtbe hatpin, doubtless the iionlard
may bo confided to her care with equal
safety, says the New York Press.
Many of those made for women In
New York are copies of tho fifth cen
tury models, with Jeweled hilts nnd
blades almost as slender as bodkins.
Tbey flash gloriously against dark
hair, but they are not so effective for
blonds. However, there Is no ques
tion that light haired women will wear
them If the brunettes do. The blonds
complexion Is not as positive as that
of her olive skinned sister, but she Is
not seen 'frequently In the extreme
rear of tho social procession.
A Chicago Boclsty Reveals It For Pub
llo. Benefit.
No more sunstrokes and no recur
rences of the same for tH-rsuhs who
iave been stricken with heat.
The Higher IYactlcal Ilducntlonnl so
ciety of Chicago believes that It has
made a discovery that will be of prac
tical benefit to thousands, perhaps
The proposition Is simple Just block
the Inside of your hat with felt and
you never will suffer from sunstroke.
The hoclely Is not absolutely sum of
this, but from experiments Is positive
that n felt lining will prevent any re
currence of heat trouble.
J. W. (ioHsard of the society Is very
enthusiastic nlsitit It.
"There nre many men who went
through the Cuban war nnd suffered
from beat prostrations who have been
repeatedly attacked by tho mine trou
ble ever Bluce," be said the other day,
"and when we accidentally illscovensl
that men thus afflicted could with
stund the ruys of the run If they wore
their winter felt hats wo decided to
experiment, l'or three seasons now
we hate hud iiieu weuriug straw hats
with felt llnlugs, mill where they for
merly were obliged to hunt Hie shade
now they suffer no luconveiilenco nt
Lewie Nixon 8aye It Will De Motive
Power of the Future,
"llattleshlps of Ihu future will use
Km as motile iivcr," said U-uli
Nixon, the shipbuilder mid imval ex
pert, the oilier day. .Mr. Nlxiui, who
recently returned to New York from
KiiKlmid, was commenting on a report
from London that the admiralty had
given orders that n lli.rjm l,.n battle
ship, tho SI. Vim cut, should be so
ciUlpHsl us tu make It dependent
wholly on gas for motor power.
"Knglaiid Is ahead of the world in
this mutter," wild .Mr. NImhi "TIiii
gas inotlUzcd battleship will be much
more economical and elllclent than the
steam battleship. The lighter, more
compact iiiiicliluevy will save Isitli
space and weight, A smaller and in
ferior quality of coal can nlso be umsl.
The big buttleshlps will carry coal gns
producer and gem-rute the gas from
the coal."
Mr. Xlsuti recently prepared n design
for n gas moth Izcd battleship of IHl.inn
horsepower. It bad triple screws, w Itti
twelve cjllndcrs 110 by IW Indies on
each shaft.
Rlvsle of the Diamond,
The diamond, so long tin) hardest
known substance, now lias two rivals,
Hie slllclile and tho Imrlilu of tllallilui,
products of Henri Mnlsvnn's electric
furnace, Iwlng claimed to bo as linrd,
That Eight Ullllon Crop.
Ton led Into prosperity the $S,000,00V
000 crop which th agricultural experts
predict for this jenr will make us for
get tbe panic and ls le.nly to buy up
two or three more If nnyone bus n llllle
ranlc that's causing worry. Hit Ivfuiu
the alleged panic we dll have n real
panic which worried chiefle those who
grow prosperity crops, T6 was the
panic over n freight car famine. Sure
ly the hundreds of thoujamls of ears
reported Idle Hie last few- mouths vlll
not gi far toward moU.ig rvcoid
crop of tbe country when they nre
ngaln sot to work.
It Is sail that the frtlg'it cars of n.l
the world could not mo'.eonr toni ti ,.
from wheie It Is rnbel to while It l
wanted. And so with t!.j lest of t!.e
product. .Since It iilh't be ino.d on
time It seems worth while to !:oUl,'.'
whether some sjstem e.iiinot Is- do
vised to ante part of till.) crop Moving,
for a considerable volume of our prod
ucts Is moved twice over mid i-rlinp
more, nnd every movo ties up cars.
The exMirttlons must lie moved to
tidewater, nnd that Is their only move.
On the other band, grnln for homo con
sumption Is moved from the field to
tho grain centers and then moves back
again In tbe form of meal and flour.
The same with potatoes, eggs and but
ter. A large sharj' of these prisliuls
travel hundnsls of miles mid then t 'i.o
the back track, to be consumed licar
where they were raised. This double
handling comes out of thepnslucerniid
the consumer. Tllght here may ! a
ch&ncc to conserve energy nnd make
our resources go further. Ics useless
transportation would give necessary
transportation the rood at all times. It
Is said that fruit travels two to thro;
thousand miles and Is sold for le nt
Its destination than it would fetch riu'lil
at home. If this Is true to any evtei
with other pnslucts. our waste of trans
portatlou value is enormous, mid n bet
ter system would make our humr
crops a hi.'sMng till nroimd the natioiinl
Blow Spelling lErfurm.
Willie some of the pcilodlcals adhere
rigidly to the phonetic spelling, It Is
noticed that score of new American
books nre published overy )ear with
the very old st)le of spelling for many
words. In fact. It seems lis though pub
lishers are going backward Instead of
forward In the matter of spelling.
Words like "honour," "favour" mid
"humour" had taeniae rare in Ameil
can print before the spelling reform,
but this form of spelling not only per
sists; It seems to be more In evidence
every year. In these same prints the
Ilrltlsh style of using "s" where we In
variably use "z," nB In "civilise," nnd
"x" where "ct" Is preferred In America
and some other variations from rou
tine spelling are found.
No copyright Ilrltlsh works for which
the tyim is set by printers tu Kugland
are now- Issued here. The International
copyright law provides that copyright
can Issue In t' Is country only upon
books printed ,im t)pe set within the
limits of tbe I oiled States. Therefore
It Is not a iiiuio custom of spelling
among English typesetters which puts
the Kngllsh form Into so many books
sold In America. Hut books set up
and printed In America may be sold In
England, and tho New York Mull says
that the desire of our publishers to
cater for sales In Ilrltlsh territory lends
them to "humour" English prejudice
In the matter of spelling because the
Americans who are to read those some
books do not caro what the spelling Is.
Strange as It may seem. In the face of
all the lecturing of spelling reformers
there are many Americans who rather
like the old style which they first met
with In works printed in England. In
social Invitations the spellings "favour"
and "honour" appear to bo more com
mon than they were a few years ngo.
Apparently the general public in Amer
ica docs not caro very much either w ay,
nnd so while the few nre making vio
lent changes still others nre Inclined to
return to tho old classic standard.
As to the cause of the recent explo
sion on the battleship Tennessee, - n
practical engineer says: "Never mind
who made the tubes. Tell us how
much the water column showed und
when the boiler was opened up nnd
cleaned last; then we'll get n line on
why she let go."
John Moiley frankly admits (hat Hie
situation lu Imll.i Is alarming the llrlt
IbIi government. Had a similar power
of perception prevailed lu London lift)
years or more ugn that n 1 ill eh ipter
of the sepoy mutiny nil'-tlit never hive
been written lu the hl-toi) of l'.iii!.!,
That annual Jain about the girl In n
red bathing suit who hit the turf at
Atlantic City and came out with He
rod gone floiu the suit, hut with her
still, got afloat n 1 oin t u month late till
year, owing to our baekwanl spiltig.
A scientist now claims that sunshine
can Is; neighed. Then It would ro
ijtllre hay or coal scales to balance one
tquare foot of It when Hie Hiermoiue
ler registers 09 In Hie shade.
Now renson discovert! for u greater
in vy too late, however, to help Hi)
"four battleships n jear" nheine, I!
can 1st Dawned.
American weather It alternately a
topic for Jest and tli-ni latlof,, but It
behaves pretty well in coiiipailsoii with
that of eqiiatoilal Africa, where u par
ty of cvplorcia leieutly froze to death
in a snowstorm.
This recipe is always good, even III
presidential )ear: To lie happy uiin
needs only something to do, sor.iethlng
to lovo nud something to hope for.
John I la) a Hammond Is going down
In Alncflcun political history as tlm
one loan who wanted the otlico of vlcu
president bad enough to b'.-!i "
Tho shah of Persia threatened to
blow up bis capital city unless the. peo
ple submitted to Ids will, lie plainly
thinks that It Is a poor sort of dyna
mite that won't work both ways ns n
political iirguiiieiit.
The third term sentiment seems now
to 1jo confined to Hie Jungles of Africa,
where cuinlng events cast oinluoilil
shadows lsfore, and the feeling "It
might huvu Vvn" grows deeper nnd
It Is announced that l.bOO sallori
have deserted tho battleship fleet now
on the l'aillle coast This leilalnly
M'cnis an argument for or iignlust
flenrge Could waited to sny thut
Anna could marry her prince until
ufter she bad said she wan going to
liar lilui mi) way.
Man Must Drive Them Out or Be
Driven, 8yt French Scientist.
Dr. A. Cnlmctte, n French scientist.
In a recent nuinlsr of La Itovne dti
Mole predicts that mankind will hare
to engipo In a general warfare on
rats N'fo' many more years elapse If
tke world Is to continue to lw bnbltn
bio. He iiolnts out Hint the f rtl
comes from the migratory rat, which
follows the manli of men Into every
dime. It.1l of other breeds have Is'en
known ever "Ince man iVgan to keep
records. The tulstnlory or fewer rat
Is lift mentioned III PKM, when bo
vvns n native of IVr-da and East In
dl.i. He did not Invade Europe until
Hie eighteenth ivhtury.
Professor Cnlmctlo .i.vs that the
sower rat did not appear lu America
until I""'" As Lite ns ISTo be bad not
yet reuchisl the headwaters of the
Missouri. Ily ! he bad gone up to
Hie pennnnclit Ice le!t.
At present, the si lentUt continues,
this migratory nslent is destroying In
the West Indies, in the Azoni mid In
the Cape Verde 1-1. mils nnnunlly hun
dnsls of thousands of dollars' worth
of roffis-, I i.l nana, sucar mid orange
As n sample of what be can do the
case of nn Island In the estuary of the
river Hiimber Is cited. This Island
once kept In condition all the yenr
nround about 3,f) head of cattle. The
place was lnfestisl by rats fifteen
years ago. Tislay there Is not enough
Verdure on the Island to nourish n
Dr. Calmctlo says within two years
n slncle pair of rals will ordinarily
multiply to l,.V.rt.
Traveler From Chandelalre River Telle
of a "Noah'a Ark."
The story of the existence of n big
ship nu n high bill overlooking n string
of likes lift) miles from the head of
Chamlelalre rlvir has Is-en brought to
li.ivvsoti by N. J. llrowu, u recent nr
rival from that district, says n Tacoma
dhpatch. It Ills lu with Hie story told
years ago of the "Hudlugof .Noah'snrk."
The Ids structure as described by
llrown m.iy h-ive bis-u n Uusslau fort.
He Is-lleves It was u sort of floating
fort constructed lu nunc of the lakes
by early Russian sitlhrs mid later
iibatidonisl. The structure is one
story high, measuring twelve to four
teen feet to the e.lVes. It Is H 10 yards
long, llrowu says, mul is made with
copper nails, Iwilts mid washers. It
lias doors and windows lu the upper
works and bears pis-uliar letters un
known b) any traveler, besides some
Kilsslan words.
Indians In the vicinity go to the near
by lakes to tsh. Some of them have
u-isl the huge craft for drying silinoii.
A majority of the tribe, however, are
superstitious, mill Hie whole tribe has
now moved a hundred miles to get
away from it.
Eggs Placed Under Sitting Hem to
Secure $1 Offered For Birds.
A Jiiimt'tT tif fimiiiT' In M:ullon
county, Ky.. mv In tin "hawk t-at I
Irtiilni", u I.mltiKtuit ill-patch.
Thoj linn liirp iiuinlHT.H of hawk
i-ppi mult-r fiviis niul will raUo I'liIcUon
liawks In Inw numlitTH that they tuny
a Mlh'tl mul tho statu compelled to
jmy tin- int nf $1 oarh.
What th authorltlfs can do about
tlil-t I-fun' the (oim'iilnK of thu next
lonMatmv Is nut kunwu.
OwIiik' to the Ktv. t dtimaRi dono In
different partH of Kentucky by thicken
liawks, whl''h annually kill thoustimU
of fliick.'iis the last It'Klslatufe passed
n bill )r idfiiK for $1 bounty for
each of the-H birds dead presented at
the eounty eletk's olllce of the county
In which It Is killed.
Railroad Signal Horns.
The rruiau Mute railroads nre ex
perimenting with signal hums, with
whleli guards uie to lepeat brake sig
nals Klveii by the endue men, which ou
Ioi.k piixls trains sometimes are not
heard by all the guards, especially In
Monny weather, when they hnve their
collars turiuil up. It Is tiUo propusrd
to jiierlaln whether these horns may
not be u-.d tu advantage when train
break In two. One management which
lets used tin Imrns fur repeating start
' signals reruns that they can In!
heard for creat distances, oven ngalnst
tho wind.
A Salvation Army Fleet,
(leneral Itouih's latest prujeet !s to
establish a lleet of Salvation Army
steamers to carry the army's oml
grants across the Atlantic.
The S.-G. Gs.
JToH) mini h thy sweet fclrl graduates,
Trlpi Inn ri loti ( ulth ttirlr ppcpclua.
Ain't lluy a liiuuh f rtHlcloiijitU'SS, then?
Ain't tiny uiloi.iblf iuhi a?
fi..! Tin i tlny rlhnl. 1 tin- plitform
Lin- iiiiw,
l'l" rll tll'A III! 1 ' t t I'S I!" W 11 (lop
I, win . (Ii,. hVh tliuiiKhtMs, I
"I'll i'w tlhimt vocals will lit ti r.
Tht-rr! They h.iv ninttMt tlnir rtever
Hull, 'i i' i i that uratoiy'
nil iil. put in .' Invi'(mnt In
War ts a ilrea-l ihl.i nn1 r-T '
Ilriiwnltif'n InvlKht ! mi iM v.uin'in'n
l. nri'
KiifLui'l tt fr'.- lraV iiw, urn shift
Inn' IWoplulnnlcH i.i t K"ii art!
oli, din th. Mpli'ri ttpiifiiim?
Yi t an I to (.t. t'lfi.i i tv Inn linn
Tli "p tt.- i iniiir 1 1 11 i r N.mittlntf
1 Ii Uf .1 h'l' It ti ai I 1 1 i.i .'Iism
Tlmt il i ! Is r !!. t itiK i.ti h wi ntin.
llli;!i t.i wih1 thy und A I In th Ir
1 Uh.
Kirn . of in Knif- h,
',Yi t I In o i -i (il ii. i in i ur route
UliW Will l! ' , Ml IH UlfftN
--U1 lu.i'-n I '''Inn .) !ttw.'itrl.
Tho Vice Presidency.
Thiy nfffK't H in Hlmi'Mhit, who wan
inui h lit in it.t w. si tin : ".uv i"!U. u.ll, Flini.hlnK.
Yuil ilirtitw tlie lllllf int"
ltat Wmi klna -r. w ijultr nnirry and re-
inaikMl T ivlt il! H. t-7
nt lonw frmn any tint but tint you'ro
K"lnit to iM.-ir.u-( me."
They off i tv tt tu TltnikliiR, who po.
hi'km-I a liny Imam.
Tho wnU h I. i.i int, Tlm." ml they,
anl ' iiin nwity thu Klnoin "
OM 'Itni.kJiiM o.r. l.n imj urny hnlr ami
crh'l: "V t--,'u. laK!
ivyo think I'll 1. 1 y.ii 1. nn u n.
Iilnumhr cnl li-ac?"
Tluy offi-rcd It la Jlnif'kln frnm tho
K"Utlnril rotti'lt Kll8.
'You'll lutvw tu l:ik It, Jimp," they Hahl,
"Ihciiiiki tin i'i 'h no enu 1h'."
I lilt Jliai'Klna' iiuil-lui Hi'iiain vt jaln, It
cut t hf m llko n knife,
"limi't nuku mo do It, bujal" aohhM ho,
'Th I low wuiild kill my wlfwl"
Thty offiTfd It to r.hnjiltlin, with n club,
"And If yu'i f.ill
To tako tt by lln nuw law yon will hao
to no tu J ill."
Vonr Iliiupldnii H'tw no way out. hut ho
Imwhd 111 n'j wlih cramps,
'I n'putii I'll Irnvu to tako It, hut you
inlKht i1 v tnidinu htampat"
-II H. II. In Itlchmon l Thiics-nifciatch.
Alaska Mosquitoes.
Poinu Indian trlUn lu Alaska get
even with their mosquito tormentors
by eating them.
Gibbon's "Rome."
When GlliUm sat down to wrlto his
Kreat hlbtuty of I tome, ho seriously
proposal to write It In Trench, but
David Huiuo, who was n great friend
of Olhlron, on henrttiK' of thin, wroto
a letter of icinouM ranee, nnj Injr,
a iiion other IhliiKH, Unit It would lm
n bhamo fur him not to write It In
Farm arid
Syetem Will Save Time and Trouble In
Farm Work,
in plowInK nlin to !c tlic plow
clran ami fn-i fmni rul, so It lll
Rciur nt tlu atnrt. Cotipli' the horii
cliwr tn lii" ilov .tlmn tu a wnpin
Boo that tin" li'l l ii'ljuiteil so It Ii
In a illrrrt lln. niul rnii'-'w' tin plow to
Ri the propnr ili'pth. 'Inko inla to
lime n atenily, I'M'ii piillini: team. See
that the li.irini flu Jut rlnht ami
everjthlni: U In onler l'or plonlns
level tunke nnrrim Iniuli niul enu
aeqiientiy more ileail furrowa. Un to
the alile of the llehl mul alep off tlie
reiiuirint illvtiiixe at enrli eiiil anil plmt
a le iiprlulit nt eiidi . n.l ami lit tlie
enil i'ppolte to tlie one uliere you
romim'tye ploulnu l'i:in iniotlier
pole further on, llnliii; It up with the
eml hiIm. Step off the same illstiiuee
at each eml Hint J oil ilo lit tlie hI.Ici.
m the lninl will In' Hie rk-ht propor
tion. Start the plow iinil keep the two
enil poles In line iietween the horsei'
he.ul, niul Ket n Ptrnli;hl furrow to
start Willi All that U now iniesury
In to Itivp the luii k furrow strnklit
with tlie other, mul nfter Hint keep
the horse In the fuiruw, mul turn the
aoll In even Injurs, i-llchtly Inppliiir
over, leailnir no spare Itetwi-iMi them
Afl soiiu im a N HiiUIiihI harrow
niul ilrnn It ln-fure eoiutni'ni'inii nnolh
er llelil. If ii-Iiil' two li'.iiui, Hie llrst
one to ilulsli ii-'es the liarrow mul ilrmr
Tills rests tlie team liy n i liaime. This
iiuthuil putH Hie Ininl lu tine eoiullllon
und Mives inui h futuie woik, us fresh
ly ploweil works nuiih hetter
than where nn entire IVM is pioweil
liefore ilmKelne or harrow hie
IiraL'L'lui; "Diilcli fnliluii" may In'
new to some niul prove of Millie. Its
ailvnulnu'i's me that It ilnnrs m-llher
ieiiKlhw-lse nr sipiare it. r,.ss ihe fur
rows mul i-tJer eorners tlian
tlie orilliriry ilhmon il ilriiculni;. The
plain IHHeli fashion Is shown lu the
dluirrmn. ("oinnieni-e h. "stiiklnu out"
from A to II. Turn to the i-1-.-ht mul
pi liai-k on the left sl.le of first trmk
till you reach eilne of tlehl near A.
Drive neross tho first trnrk niul hark
on the opposite ship to the other eml.
Cross over nntl back on opposlle slile
Continue rrosslpf: over nt each eml
Inslile your Inst trnek mill outshle the
last trmk along the shies. When half
done the piece will look like tlie (list
ilincrain, nn. the not trip woulil lie
from C tn II, to II, to I', to (. When
ilone the Inst trip woiil.l le from ' to
II, mul the piece will lime Iseii ilraK
ireil twice illniionally In opposite illivc
tlons. This works well on pieces that
are nearly square or not more than
twice ns long ns wiile. Of late, snlil
one who had tried this system, wo
have found that it Is economy in plow
Inii, cult 1 vat Intr. etc., to make our lauds
ns low us pos-lli!c. Oil tllese Dutch
drnxKlni; did not work ns well, us It
w-us tisi nenr lenpthwlse Hie furrows,
so we hit upon what we call "crayy
Dutch," shown lu tlie second dlm:rain
We "strlku out" zigzag neross the
piece two or three or inure times, uc
conllnK tn Its leuirth eonipnrtsl to
width. The ill iurniii shows three times
- vl7.,from A to It, to ('.to IV Tun to Hie
right nnd so Imck on left to first trmk
to C nnd drive neross it. Ilo on rliiht
side to It, then up left tide to A. Cross
over nnd Imck on left side of II. Inlve
atrnlejil neross tlie llrst two traiks,
turn to tho left nnd no on rlulit side to
C, where jou will cross the two Hacks
UKiiln, and on h-lt side to D. Al
ways no slralKht till you cet to
IITe cilue of Hie Held liefore you make a
When half ihnie it will look like the
picture, and Hie liest trip would I si
from U to 1", (i, II, I, J, K, 1,, II. When
done I lie lust trip will lie from M (o X.
(), 1'. This looks complicated, hut It
Isn't half ns haul to do It as It Is to
tell nliout It. At least It seems nil)
to me Just now. lu strlklnit out we
neer measure n pleie, hut miess nt tlie
tingles. llnwoM'!, the truer you get It
stiuck out the heller It wniks out la
Eaitern Poultry Plants,
leghorns, Miuorcas und Uhodo Island
Ketls nre used on tlie egg farm, l.lghl
llraliinns mid I'lyiiioutli Itorks on the
roaster mul apon pi. mis, while ihe
hmller mul loiulilnatlou plants use
I'ljiiMHilh Hoiks, Wjiind'Hli'S or Ithode
Island Itisls. Oscar '.rt
Qrasiea Every-Ahere.
flrasses are wldelj ilistrlloitisl We
usually think of them ns evl.tiug lu
our temperate .oni-s olil, liecau.e lcre
we lime Ihe pfivmiltl pisim-es and
meadows. Tliey nre, howcicr, to l.e
found so far north tint the soil l tro
zcli muler llii'iii iluilng Hie greater put
of Hie year, while they nre ulo e.uu
iiioti to parts of the south where the
frost Is neer known. liven Hie inoiiii
tfilu tops that are i loiln-d witli 'lorpct
mil snow hale Just In-low Hie snow
line their caipets of p.ias Hi it grow
nnd hloom tliroiigli n hrlef polio I cwry
Jear. Tin- grasses push haul against
the eternal snows
Renewing Fencepotta.
Do not throw nway old femeposis
Just lies-ausu tlie ends in the gr. u I
huvu mltisl uwiiy. Veil can p itch tlie
nut nml tho jiosts will last ns long us
new (mi's. Tnke u piece of nu ordinary
post two feet long mul smooili down
one end with nil nv so us to (It on to
tlm eml of the post, which should
likewise lie suiiHitheil down. Now get
u hulf dozen spikes mul nail Hie piece
to tho post. Heierse the post, leaving
the patiheil end lit the toll.
One Man Spraying,
l'or nn nri'i of less than mm ncre n
amiill coiiipressisl ulr or knapsack
prnyer will ho very ".iitlsfnctiiry
Where fruits us well ns pntntis-s me tn
he sprayed the burrel spruy pump nut
fit will lsi mast economical, Ily mount
lag tho DuTl en n nuu-horsu two.
wheeled enrt, n ( rear of which n
three-quarter IncL pipe uf snlllclent
leiiRlh to cover four rows nnd prm
with noitles Is ultiichisl, one man can
da the tpruylug unussUtcd,
M rV D r o t
Everything ae It Should Be. .
"1 havo n qiieatlon to ask Jon." Tha
proud. Intellectual beauty looked In
tently In tho face of tbo young man
who had sworn to lovo her forever.
"Wo nro In such perfect sympathy,"
sho said, "Hint It Is hardly worth whllo
to refer to a slight detnll, and yet, as a
mere formality, the matter would tiet
tor he referred to now that wc nre
olsiut to Is? married nnd the long even
ings nro ahead of us cicnlngi during
which no can discuss the manifold
question of Hie day."
tie smiled hrlghtly. "I'm only too
dellghtisl, dear," he replied, "to satisfy
your nirloslty I'ray proceed."
Smiling lightly, she said: "Very well,
then This Is the question to which I
nm sure you must have giien earnest
and prayerful thought. In which,
ainopg nil of Ibsen's plays, do you
consider the great master reached the
height of his genius?''
"Do you wish to know my real opln
"I do."
Lowering his voice, ho said, "Darling,
tho Ibsen cult makes me very weary.
He never wrote anything that can bo
roniotedly considered a work At Renins,
lie is a frenk. There's nothing In him.
"Do you really mean thatV Bho
strained him to lier lieart.
"I do, Indeed. Does It please you?"
And she replied: "Ah, I cannot tell
how much. I was afraid you might sp
pruiate htm even In n remote wny.
And I knew If oii did ou might rude
ly break In nt times on my eoutempla
Hon of ids Immensity. Now nothing
can happen to draw us apart." Thomas
I,. Mnssou lu Judge.
To Improve a Joke.
Mrs. Youngley I heard an awfully
funny Joke today about an Irishman In
an niitomolille.
Mr Youngley Yes, dear; 1 heard It.
Mrs. Youngley Oh, you mean thing!
I wanted to tell It to you; It was BO
Mr. Youngley-Oo ahead, dear; It will
tie even funnier the way Jou tell It
riilladelphla I'ress.
Real Pleasure.
Mrs. A. Does Mr... Lovelorn believe
everything Ivr husband tells her?
Mrs. '..- Does she? Well, 1 stnuld
say so. lie told her lust week Bho
linked prettier with n towel wrapped
nround her hend than sho did In n
"Merry Widow" lint, utid the dear lit
tle woiiinu has lieeu tiousecleaulug
ever since.- Detroit Trlbuue.
He Talks Back.
"So let that settle It," Mrs. Uenpeck
concluded. "A word to the wise Is suf
ficient." "Yes, my dear," replied Uenpeck,
"nnd to the average married man a
word In edgewise Is sufficient." Phil
adelphia Tress.
External Evidence.
Little Clarence had Ihe experience
for the first time of taking his bath ill
n cold room with water not ut the usu
nl teuiperntiire. Ills inaiiiinn left him
for n moment, w hlle lie looked ngtuisi
lit the "goose flesh" Hint appeared.
"Hurry up, mniiiina," he called, "I'm
turning Into n chicken."- Harper's
"Do you understand do menu', nske.l
tho burly waiter In the bout i.iil apron
"I'm afraid not," falteied I'ucle lie,
eklnli from Sandy Springs. "It sa)S
here, 'Hop kickers on TV What In the
world nre they':"
"rings' legs on tonst Get up, old
man!" Chicago News.
Mr. Chatters You don't seem to
consider my opinions very valuable.
Mr. Chatters Why, dear, I consider
them so valuable that It shocks mo to
Ms you giving them out so proiuiscu
ously. Catholic Ktnndnrd nnd Times.
Good Neighbors,
Nodd You live next to a burying
ground, don't sou? llow do you like
Todd Very much, flood neighbors.
Quiet nud peaceable; never running lu
unexpectedly. New Yuik Life,
Already Laughable.
Itoggj Sapp Ah, Miss Wose, I somo
times wish Hint I had been a humorist
and could make ieople laugh.
Miss ltosi Hut you don't have to be
a humorist for that, lteggy. -Chicago
Cupid at tha Rink,
The It I vn I Proposed to you. Why,
the diinii' must bale had wheels.
(ii'lueiitinu I tot 1 of us hud wheels,
lay dear, lie proposed while we were
roller skating. St. Louis Post-Dls
Big as a Mountain.
Mrs. Iteiiliaiu -You used to say that
you would moie mountains for oie.
lienliam Well, didn't I bring home
jour new hat Ihe older night?
A Change.
"Von must lu-io'im!" wu used to cry
Unlit th" Inmls That cry Is throbsh,
"I'lrus.- M us Blsy," we humbly bIkIi,
"Good trusts, un tho same earth with
Bt. liula ltepubltc.
Evolution Again.
"Advertlslir Is one of de fus' laws of
nature," said Undo Klien. "A lien's
business Is layln' nigs, an' ov'y time
she completes n transaction sho stunts
right in to cackle." Washington Star.
How She Did It
A ynung lady auto lo hfr beam
" H leap )i-ar, us you nt-au
Tin r fiTc, I linens.
If you'll say Vi-e.'
Straight tu th. parson u.ll genu."
s'lilc.iKo News.
A Slight Misunderstanding.
"Is your occupation n sedentary
"Well, It might lie, except that 1
enn't get out much whllo I'm working."
llallliiinri' Ameilciin.
Here's to tho man whose brain can clutch
Ilatca, nuiiifs mul facta in vast srrayt
Eoim-tlmcs ho aruna to know ao much
That soma of It Kcta lu tha way.
Quite Natural,
Crusty fient-lJsher, can't jou stop
that fool? lie Is annoying eiery one
with his violent applause.
Usher No, sir. You er aee, be la
tho author of tho play .Judge,
Quite the Reverse.
Tho whistler rages near and far
'MM constant consternation.
Why la n tuna called popular
That wakca euch InOlfnattont
Oliver Chilled
STILL TAKE ins, oi riows anu.Kepairs received in re
Tuts ourjBiiowBvruE
No. 56 SIDE' HILL,
We.nlso have No. 57, a size smaller.
i Vie,No' , 'be popular Fiat Ls.n.1 Plow. We alio k-i Hi alock th- No. V, i, 41 sod
itieog iron i Beam, pearly 2,imisoM in Wayne county. The IoIIoihb mum. gem kn-p
fi?i Lf V!SW' "'"' It'l'aira on hsiul i .1. K. Tiffany, Ples.nit Mount t K. A.lMTsii). Coin
ivitln Woon"''';. ''keComoi II N, Farley. hiUlnunki A.J. Abrahams, ilulllee
r rank il. Pmwn I.., , f I u- ut,.iv... n - . . . . , . . . . . . ... . ' , .
Kellam, Ledgrdale; r. (3. Ilamrs, Ureentown.and Walls's llunes.laleanil llawle mores
Honesdnle and PDAUAM UIATTO Honesdale and
Hawley Stores UnHnHlYl WR I I 5, Hawlcy Stores
Sash, Doors and Winds, Front Rash Door.s, Sewer Pipe, nnd
Huilders' Hardware of Every Description.
Agricultural Implements :
Harrows, Cultivators, Lawn Mowers, Homo ltikc, Mowing Mael-incF, Iron
Gravel and Tarred Hoofing, ISarb Wire, Woven Fence iie,
Poultry Netting, and Lime and Cement.
Ktlmatee alien on short notice for Hot Air and Steam Heat.
Bicycles aarLoL Snn 6Lj?es.
laatBJoni Trains In KtTecl ,11'NK 21. iws. Weal Hound Trains.
Bunaay only,
ios lot m
Dally, oxeept Hunday.
S tW B4 B3"
Leae ....rAriue
..i'artiondftle. .
...Lincoln Ale., '
. ...c'
...Lake l.oilore,.
.... Wayinarl, ..
Kcenc i
.... I'rompton....
Kortenia... .
.... seelyMlle....
r. h.
6 10
15 tO
II tl
10 II
t 1J
s a
e as;
s J
fs u
rs s!
ts a
ti M
r. v. . r, m.
s v i av s iii
s ir.1
ft so t s uo 18 ao
in M n M
n ti
s it
V 4?
ft st I ti
H ss i t n
19 it
19 19
9 S4
r 3
ni at
re as
It 41
i mi a si
7 01 I I II
n is 1 1 til
10 00
IT lo I t 44
II 0,l I II
17 84 I 'i tl
10 M
to ml
10 11
ti 7 f 1 Slil
n 4i
1U 15
131, 3 at
9 M
r, h
r.H. r. m. i a, ii.
catea aa ala tlooa.
l" . SIM9.M Vice President.
A. A. Heard, ueneral :
Thg is the most
piitUUUtll, UKjpiUl,
useful, entertaining,
national illustrated
weekly in the
United States.
Send your name for free sample copy.
New-York Tribune Farmer,
Tribune Building, N. Y.
WILSON & PENNIMAN Proprietor..
Established In" 1844.
Book and Job Work Promptly
Successors to E. H. umm
General Insurance Agents
urixiMUvt th rouowKo cement:
or Harttont.
ot Germany,
of Niwark, N. J.
of New York,
ot Philadelphia
of England,
of England,
of Enaland.
nt Milwaukee
of SprinHeld, Mass,
of Uartrord.
of Philadelphia.
Cough Syrup
Relieves Colds by working them out
d tha system through a copious and
healthy action el the bowels.
Relieves coughs by cleansing the
mucous membranes of tho throat, chest
and bronchial tubes.
"As alMUat to tbe test
aa Mapl Sagst"
Children Like It
BsVtfs ttfeij tad 8&4w Pitis-Sari tti
Sold by PEIL, Tho Druggist.
SlanBraotnrcr ot
Monumental Work
Honesdale Pa.
Inflammatory Rhoumatism Gnrea In
Tbree Davs.
ftllortonUIIlil.otUosLon. I&a.,saysi "Mr wife
htd inStminsuirr Kaeumatlsm la everr muscle aoe
lolaii tier sufferlDif was urrtble sad ber body and
ice were swollen almost beyond recognition 1 bad
been In bed for sis weeks and bad elf tit iitij uclana,
bat received no bonerJt aoUl sne tried Ibe yysuo
cure lor Hbeiunatlsm, It katb immediste rellel sod
sns was Atle to walk about In tbree dsys. I sm sura
t SATed ber hie " Hold br Bosl dodos, linvrglat,
HoneadAis. fs. ssnis
l.llly, except Siuiill),
Stinil.iy Only,
iu w si " a: " liu lu,',
a.m. r, m, r. m. r.H. V. m. V. m', r, h
a i1 1 J" to It II s ti
7 64 I n 6 an it in a i;
tl :i 1 1 ir, a vi vi m s i.i
17 J.i ii: t. in , 11 41 i ti
II yj, n m is m; Ml si 7 47
7 111, 12 IB 4 M. I 11 31 7 41
7 It It 41 4 T.I, 11 '.H 7 :o
I 17 It 112 SS II IS1 11 tS IJ .It
illO'l flSSJ I4 4.H 11211 ti ao
it t nt hi ii ti it lc t7 ea
I 17 III !! 1 11 12
i 111 as nt -.'I M 31 it oy t t is
' e a.i it 9ii ii an i it ot 1 1 a
! a. a, 1 p.m. r.H, r.M, a.m. r. w. r. m,
J. W. 1IUKUIUK, 1'aa.vneer Tramo Manaser
'assenirer AKi'nt. AKiiini, it, V
Both of
these papers
one year
for only
if you
(live below a list of Deslers In
Honesdale and Vicinity
no nan me
Ferlier Brolliers
A Ktieihsrdt
W 11 Holmes
J Oscar Terrel
John Itangert
II Bishop
Theodore 0 Urania;
Mrs. F Kroll
(leoitia U Kimble
J II HteRiier
II Keilly
J W 8harptm 8s
B & 0 Hcellg
A A Urambe
Menner & Co
Katz Brother!.
Clark tt Hullck
Mrs N a l'olt
Ilenry t'reunl
W L Uurnard;
Antonio Barbori
W L tlermau
Jacob A Hills
O Bmllli tHm
I'alni'k Weir
M It Barrel I
W II Uigait
PJ Bower
U Coil-orau
Frank Foster
Mm 1' lfin,.n
O II Woodwaid
n j uk-harttson
James 1) Ames
Maty A Waturson
F KUwlncle
.Intm f'nyrnn
f LTutllH Ji Co
Weigh & Ames
R I. Hchlager
(Jeorpe A woe
Henry F Ben
I, II lViltz
White Mills
Samuel Saunders
Edward T Kelley
Margaret Slavin
If wc should attempt to give a list of
those who
it would tike a dozen newspapen
Una of l.j'bet teMlmoriltili of the ex
cellent qiitty uf
Clark & Snover Tobacco
t the fact tbat those who now usn it
trtt)t thirty years ago, and notonuof
tHin won I t.chew or muoko nny other
brand If it vett gtven to them.
I Vi to li Alams Ave., HCltANTON, I'A
kOlj, That Corn!"
How rf)i can suffer with such a
corn I V look at, it's almost nothing,
but tlKriurt that's where t-orns
rount. "f,w the InnRsnlTeriug those
who Iibvi laithdilly tried lots nt i-orn
itures Whoul elTui-t, mny iiiesliou
our sladiiient, liut, novel iheiees, we
makelJand it's true. We have a
orn i' that will take out your
L-orns rrsts and all. If used at'cnrdine;
to dire lolls It will Irave nn noreneiii..
We w ant II your money back II
you ary'ot satisfied. Call lor
-xorn Cure.
0. T. JHAntbtno. HiailliaciSl
0pp. D. & II. STATION,
nOHEHDAIib, - I' A
pay lets and
habit or buyin
tMpeople's tailor.
better. Get the
aMi rr imvinff our 100 tier cent, pure
wool, s rictly fast color goods.
YiU will find our clothes very differ
ent from 'Jie ordinary ready-to-wear
garments you meet at every turn.
Latest Stvles and Perfect Fit
Prices Reasonable at
1107 Main St, Honesdair,. Pa,
Near Uu-Tow-Cridfo.