The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, April 22, 1869, Image 1

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~• v CotiNVN TAT L . T. AND PARE.
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~[,, OM ST1:11:ILY ill Advayteo,..Lit2 00
r Iti 111 EVIVIII/VV. 2 40
~I:s'ilwrs.servod by carriers, - ' , lay cput,
, j1;0 213
',i . to the same person , 400
''''' ' •rt to one Addre55,....... , ...... ..,
~,,,tt+,m 10 (X)
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;,... Taws :WO) 0111) to those who pin
, ‘'.. A pyritTLSINCI RATER.
in 4 Arc isir rid verttsl ng ratelywhich
~.t r ;rrp adhered to. In reeUennut the
, h rt inement?,nn Inch Is considered
less than nn Inch Is rated
1:841. 3 Nq.,4 0.1 10.
3.21. 7.ia 7.0042.00 i 20.00
300: .00' 5.00 ttrols.oo, 25.00
3.75' '4. 50, CIE 10.003a.00c 30.110
^,*- 510 7,00' K5O 1e5.(1044,11.1 15.00
5.' • 1 4 .) 10.00 1'100111.03 31101 60.00
•n:• 12 `" 00 POO :11.00 31110:50.03; KV°
no" ..3101 auk' 50„Ou 444.00 me,oo
and !Administrators * Noticea $3
kuAltors' and kistray Notices $2 each;
,„. 5„ t i,,,, - set In Leaded Nonparle A l and
1 „1,1. Marriages and Deaths, 2.3 , pat
t' . ? reular tes; Local Not Ices,
he p , rat r
et a a. per line of Eight.
tir.t insert ion. 12 cents per line for see
';•t ten c ent.. tor etich subbequent
orial Not tor , 21 v eents per line; nix
':t! lwattls :ocents each. Adver
inset led ~very other week, tscodhlrds
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the period they wish them puh
-1 ,t'aenst.e 111,y wl e continued until
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the advertisers.
t ton. snail ILI be riddrouied to
Editor and Proprietor.
43115111E55 trcrtory
1101.1›A ( IiZOCEIts.
N Walker, and, 17...; N. Park
B're% Frrnch
,t ro„, MI French M., • •
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• ,rk, o
I‘.k. Bow.
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trt co.. North Park. '
,It:rn.sN•t.tte stret.,
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t Pekeh st.
rrenoh ,t.
.1 , 01, 1117 Parade ..t.„
, v )11,:ro Moor ...A. North Park.
~q•:••1•1.1,1-:its AND NEWS AGENTS.
.t 71R State Street.
A Perut. 2lt Pe +eli
t 1;r,41.+ 7'..2 State
. o r.t,wk. Irk Row.
A 11ro., •
mrsre .4.ronrs.
St. •
r \Vlkon,•-• Ree,l,l-1011,,,
Newlin', sr State st.
'lan KEBY cIi..I.SsWAT.F.
1: Park ltnw..
\V ATt '111:S A 3 F.W 1: [. ILA% ' ,
a, :.9..sortt, Palk.
- ,•statt . opp. Brown's liotel
11 t El••• 1 Stt'elitlt st.
•\V TCIIE ltEr.l.llo•Nti.
Nn. 11 North Bark Row. •
rs AN L) CAPS.
Frvneli st. •
t ',North t'ark. Row.
V,a't;: . : AND lIEDICI.NES.
C 0... 21 North Park.
Peach st., Just above Depot
5‘ 0 .... - .1r2 State street.
,0 03. 711 State street.
• DRY titl'ODSt.
ty.e e,„ i Seath•
• • r,•03 .trite St.
V, .! I street.
~ tir .ICI Peach st.
state st.
eernet 'I if and State St.
st. St.
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7, L t State st.
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rtzratle st.
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~r: a , •rtler St ate and :1,1 st..
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A. W:lder, Wlttertond.
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Ft)t - Ni+EILS ANS) BOILF - it
:111 and S.lttte
Pl—v.'s:lNi; MILLS.
.4on. , or. 4th and. Peach at%
• • -
• C•)Fr .t ?111d
^...lFi•ell st.
.71'_ Mate st.
t.tte st.
A. 11\f: ,\
& ~,r 1;:th t Fe:l4:h sts,
t•:• , - \\ - .-Ite, V. Plitt ROW.
,•or. Nfyrth ,
11: 1, Llcen , t - ',l„lte A ith .IS
4;0 4 )K BIN
1,7 t Key,Slolletallk .1110", k..
L W0R1:24:
tir4 door bet. cii.torn house
...,:d, N1:1111 et. bet. State 6: Veaela sty.
"11.1 , 11XC I:TF CiTilN N.t..1.
rs:'.tehter. 1:1.16 Turnpike st.
vt •:•%et:.l Co., s'24 State Wit.
; .11iterleau kllx-k Park Row. •
tiusintss ilottrts
3 , law, Peach street, above I;ntort
„Foit,- - .F. 11. CC - I'I.ER.
Girard. Erie Couni:r.
attended to with
'• manur.oturers
• , ~,,,aUank. iYll'67-t.
' I . f . .
t.i ' l ne , f or b t , S•ntS , ... 0.1 .
.ItYN DAY . I'ECEMDER iZU, 1 ,. t -. 1,
in the tx - in..linEl• °Mee prevaivisti - mien pi, , ,1 by tiv•
-----, , Merchant's Itiir.k, Brown's Buildirra. north-e.a.i.t
• A Lri',4 11 .i. 7:: I CO., ' o.lraer at State street and pubile Park.
I It , 1.41: lNP.t.ers tit Anthracite, , wm„ i,„ .i . i.4, ()TT. rrei,i, wm. C. CEERY, Cash. ;
.•• ! ii: .....k.iiiith ceall. °Mee eNal2Fth' ;Aux.:Am-3:
.t is ez , ,, Erie. Pa.' W :A. L. riCOTT. et drin 33T J. Beam& • n...0.i
•. ......'",-•.f. R. J. SA Lrit.iiAit. , • 0,..,1, 1 ,
" ' JO. If C.A.Rrial„ of drill of Sehfen, B:tioi A; i
A'. F., i Nlo.•.,,rst•T. Builders.
. , )ir! ... in R...., ara...:4•ii - !Mex. north • GEO. J. JIORTON, Coal Dealer. ,
... • W... BROWN Afent Buffalo a Erie R.. R.- i.
'."-- • JOB:: C. 1.11:1“.•E`....4, of lirriaof Clernenii.Ciatigh- '.
FRANK WINCIIELL .1t CO— ey .t Burgess. Wholesale Gmeers
':: i- t i' , iiiii,it , Ntan Merehrtuta,and Real i O. E. ChlOrill, of Crra or crouch* Bro., Floor ,
, A , i 7 .•':it•i. iz - ,:r State. %trtset, scorner Ninth.) Merchants.
' , ..1 . - R. BAR R_ of .rxu of Barr, it. 1111 1 ,5021 A saa- i
Pit E.I.I,I(YrT.
tto, , et,opp.r.zte
`.. hours n.-ozu A. M. to
to:, p. M. ' 0.•10'47-tr.
-kmade on coos kgatneuts.7 „ 11. _
N'etzdtle-, Attended to loplipty part - o 1 man, Stove Manuraettuvrs. •
F." FARRAJI. of firm of Gray t Farrar,
lOU'S 46 " Kft-iiTT. WttOlesale_Gra...ers.
! J. DRF.I:-.IGAKER. Grocer. dere;
„.„ 1- ' ' .....__,_ ,
.1 l' slllt, C:.: - ..tner 1.11111011 =MK' .0' ••
ei- FQ,,„„ . „ aotiiesisom,,ekaa- 1 3ew Store, il altber's Block.
? r<.‘tatre.l. on sl.4..rrt notice. Verrnatrolie..
s'r - .....5y. :-.: flak ' NO. 808 STATE' SWUM. 1
) - i
EAGLE HOTEL. -: - -,. .
••,.. :., ~ ..m.lh.‘pot. Erie, p a „,;,1 4 „, - ;"ta=„ I Tog. superstars' would call the attenUon of
Tr i • rulor. House open at all tonna Mg ' puhile to his splendid stock of
'-it'e zt:sra, s supplied crittkUseehrdetal s4i ng an d sunnurr Dry Goods,
--r -.2.Larkets arorl.. • tiltbgratAt; r 1
' Just received audio:Tend at,
~; F'‘. C. • BiNNETT, n,/ i 1
='" .-1. 4 ' ,o •sulzes , a. otrtt_„,.. - w. Emir. PfLi,Lit... ' CSPRECEDENTLI-I.OW PRICES!
~,,,,..•.,:- , flour .tore,--- , cazw4. 1 1 . - .. w. - I
‘' t NW:11...r. ‘Lis... m .. wer,i sixth street.= `, I bare a laraw s ' asortment or 1
- '-'z'a 'N.l4‘stras. o=oa hours rtora ti a.m. Don,e,tirs„ Prints , Gress Goods, &e.,
• ‘.. , =I'CM ,
, bought 42C tow prices. and eonsconently ran sell 1
_ v.......-x
. .. a _ .- it : / "....tri.1 1 ' - '"'• them Very low. C'all and examine tur stoek.
'''.,. r.y . .
24MUV11115 Fa. k 6100115 .bosun alit% pleasure.
ii.A.I.I.Ot'K. .t. IlicamovD/ , - i
"..);'?.' '-'I Lau' and SolleittasioePatents. i rny ;_ tf„ NIS State SS.
~.1 i'4r!.: Nam. firte,Pa. Persons de- 1
'-,..0 Letters Pident. for thclrincen- . ------
..;7.. 1 -`;,'''tldr*m4 acig'°ve.
. *.).1 for rr,ltentesa. FlPe' 1
... r_t - sz 1g.% in to oallectioni. iny7-Ic. ' a
F. W. ROEHLRF., -,
or ,
.z . the PrArts, Peach atrrei„ six 1 oors
-,Z.0., s,:reet, So:lth Erie,
, !
‘: -„ -
arval, Attrirsarri eXtd.01XL11.4110,1 4 3
Purarvia nearlibrth Wee.
Ptthile :44=ar,r, Psta , • •
- in-is ef Fanatic . Gromries and
Ware, Se, ana wlanitesale deal
:-..,•.1.1.11:01m. Tatunvo, No.
F lntl , trvs.t. Pn...
Ballovre Spikes,
Leather sad Dabber / 4 • 1 = ,, 5,
*whizz Packing. qiiti2r7.
• Saw* Ales, &F
-„Tom; 1;1- :kuLLAR,
"eni.rel as ser taemt kn, Steel
F-aglz,e: azdliurTerar.. Resecteweetyn ALSO , 3 eii i - nd ca
•zrt.t, strve. and East Acen EAst •
- S J. FRASER, fit.
, E4-catt Wl3 Su horn. - Ottog
- Lt. :ice resc. St, one:lane the Park,
hours tha.LAD)U4 L.116./SL, to
to p. m. •
Plmet: and Stlts:o sta. Sohn la-S.tare az at* old stand of Mr. J. V.iIaIVEIA
1305 1 of aecturtalau Um, NS people ; mat aide of Rate strartia sturak
• tte , r-r-try. • Good atablii attached. 1 t,he Der* OYU& alf WES&
,t u tsrea.l
t .
. . . , .
. . .
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, •. ... . . ~. .. . . . •.•. . . . r ,
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1-•;..-; ._ . . .. ._
il, i :
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Al • ~ .. 6.:•,.:. 0 IS, l- i . ..
414- t ' ' ' ' " ' -. . . '.- E ,t,_,
..- , . ,
~.V ), ,I
- YSy .f
1 • - : !. ,
V i - - - A ,- ,- -
' J
VOL. 9.
Orocetito, Vrobuct. gait, Sc.
J. E. AklBY it CO.,
Wholesale anti Retail --
Blank Book Manufacturers.
Nragardnes, 'Music Book; .1:e.; nonnd In any
style' desired, and In the neatest and
best !Intoner.
All 'kin& or Rail Ruatl ) fonimerelal,
t And Paper or all o al o r.g er on band or made
Done with neatness and divatch
Ii: IN V . E I_4 Co 1-' E S
in an IN branches. done to order
s% 1I n neat nntl di,patch
E. 1:111;Y Lt CO,
t,. , irt et Wrizlit's Block, Erie, P 3
Wtinle.nlo and Reinll
304 State Street, Erie, Pa.
Rifidernecht's Old Stand.
IHAVE ON HA v i n splendid stock of Gro
ceries, consisting or
Wooden it: Willow Ware*
Of all kind=
Nlalcing: the niot eorrtpleteassortnaent of goods
kept try - any Urocer to the phlce.
I tun algo agent for •
Ileadqoarters for_
Cloverand Timothy' Seed.
occ:2 6ra
ll'hole.cale and Retail
Socr,..ssor to F. & M. Senlandeetrer, is now re-
eel ins; a splendid assartment of
OROCERIF:3, pnovrgroNs, WIN}
I..!quors, Wlllosr, Wooden and Stone Ware
T., uita, Nuts, ac. lane stock of
Call and see us, tit the
Amerfrau Block, Safe St., Erie,
Grocer} -
ni3 - 9'67-t f.
Wholesale and Retail Grocery Sure.
tiortlt-East L'ornor Park and Freactk
respcettul/y t Ile at tention of the corn- °
inanity to their large stack of -
Gracerien and Provinions,
wh Cell they are des Ir6us to tell at .
• t - Their aLS,OI. ;Moat Of
Sugars, T offees, Was. Syrups. Mery description,
is-not stirmueaeol to the etty,sethey are prepared
to prove to all!who Ore theme Cali:
They also keep on hand a superior lot of ; ,
' Than any house in this city. Also,
for the wholesale trade. to which they ", (M ', direst .
kt Wholesale, as cheap sts any Jobbing hettase in ..i
the :Men: ton of the public. country,
Their motto ts. "Quick sales,' small pioritssahl
a hall equivalent for the money. - apliVt-ti.
Authcyr Ized 1[12500.i)04).
1:4 31110,02(s.
Vibelesale and Retail Dealers in all klnasot
_ 4
Cf. CAA, hats innocent!' This exclamation,
which strueik upon the hearts of all, pro.
ceeden from an Ohl tnansWhe -sat not far
from me, and who had tallell on bit knees in
the attitude otprayer, his hands convulsive
ay grasped together: his- Bp were moving.
but his eyes were-abut. It Was his father.
A young and beantball girl had thrown her
arms around the old man's bred:, and hong
on his breast, pale andotionleas . The
1 1
prisoner started ht' the - w eb known voice„ and instinctively sprang r rward lowarn •
them, but he recollected` hilt ,position, and,
with a look whiiihnwent to my heart, sat
down, and a flood-91 tears carne to ,Iris re.
Men It would henittneult to paint the effect
which so melancholy a sight bad an the as
sembler ; liars flowed from every eye. Eien
the jatlor, who came to lead the youth to the
eonilemnacell, appeared affected.
"The execution 'was to take place the fol
lowing Monday: My late and respected
Lamle, whosealife's tvorkis to visit the gloomy
duugeop, and - to shed on the atilt deeper
;,loom of benighted souls the beams of Chris
a truth, was unremitting in hi,s attentions'
to the young f3cotehmen. 11111 the told me j
that he went there not to admintsterebut to I
receive ; and that the edifying bObavior, the
simplicity-and resignation of .the interesting
youth, left no doubts of Ins innocence to all I
who visited him. Efforts were Made, but •
too late, too save him. The day came. My ,
uncle took vac With him to the prison. At
that lime I was young and very thoughtless,
but I received there an impreelon which
neither years, nor sorrow, nor Joy , have• ef- I
faced, and which will remain to my dying
, e . hour., .., , • , ,
a - s•
"Many nears ago;" said my friend. "in an. "On.icnching the seaffeklathe condemned
man ascended the platform. with a firm
idle moment, I went into the Old Bailey, In step, supporting, rather than supported, by 1
London, when a scene of more than ordina- I his father. Ile addr esed a few words bathe
re interest was about to lake place on that crowd, told them hey was innocent, that he
theatre of human 'misery and degradation.
• "The prisoner at the bar was a young Man hoped his innocence would one day appear,
but that he was resigned to die, trusting CO
of about twenty-four years of tine, tall, of a t h e merc y of Hi m w h o - di e d fo r , all m en .
dignified and preposseseinnair; his dark hair After this, the father and he kneeled down
.hanging disorderly oii his shoulders and
about his brow, gave a singelarly wild and in silent prayer—no words could have ex
prened the feelings of they souls; then,
mournful expression ; to his features . that f while the executioner was' adjusting the
seemed to indicate feelings such as felons rope and covering his eyes, they sang tar
seldom possess. j
- psalm together, in the most heart-rending
accents. Thenrowd was still as death, And
-. The indictment was read; it contained an
nothing was heard but these last supplicee
account of .a most atrocious crime, condnitted
Botts of the old-man and his son mournfullyunder cincumstance* -of ingratitude • that
deepened its horror. ,ire was, it appeard, a ascending on high. , The song ceased the
young Scotehman. the son of a minister'; he living mess below heaved back with a shin
had distingu i
sbed himself in the Unverainn ulianeons motion of horror—the happy- soul
of Glasgow by his talents and acquirements, h a d ti e d . ~.. .
and litur been ordained a minister of thegoss "A few days - utter, while thea i noorriiither
pet. While at college he had formed the ac- was vet too, weak to bear the fatigue of a
quidn tance era Highland laird, of nearly the i journey, the seizare of a nioase breaker led
same age, and of.inn amiable and ,cultivated j to the netention of. one , of the darkest pion
mind. The lethal: of this youth, • a man of that was ever contrived by entry man. The
large property, had been so pleased With the. ruffian?. knowing. there was no elope for him;
friend his son had made, that lie bad obta ine deoeteissef that be had been introduced into
for him a church in the highlands, on con-
the lionise
dition that he should previously accompany by the old game keeper, and com
mit-ten the murder- according trinnis 'nine
his son hi his travels over the Continent. '...- tions. The fatheehearn this accoune with lit
" They had accordingly gone to London; the emotion. "tknew'satil twang sonevan in
and having thereneeelved large reinittanees noeent—l shall soon tie with him, non , ' am
for their proimsed journay, .were Just nein:: glad, for his 'sister's sake, thet the worlin
to set off when one night the youth was found I knows it; bitt' its could 'not appreciate, it
murdered inshis bed, annioniearances seem- iiii cciani not feel the dignity of innocence.' -
ed to point out natnprisoner as the perpetra- "This calamity excited universal system
tee of the deed. , They were'briefty these: • thy -* ' Government offered to settle a pension
"Some dayi, before they hail Deezabeard •
_o ft ,it, d En
o l t ia ; he rejected it with di s d a i n.
:talking in theleroorn with a eery loud and en ta il
angry tone of voice. The subjeetbf the dis- f take the price of' my son's blood"'
, said li e. Then felt for nim, respected his
pine was, it was supposed ; ' a lade:, whose I corona. and pressed him no further.. A sinn
name was mentioned. The wordscenousr i plc dud elegant ninpument was erected over
and 'revenge' were distinefly hear d;. a vil'lne, the 'kettles of the two - vi c tims, recording in a
bee coolness was observe I `for some flog at - ' few Weeds their Miserable end. . ?The 01(1
ten till the evening of the murder, when theyenenan I;returfien • to Scotland, where he- died
glee au entertaininent at their lodgings to not longeater his arrival ; and his daughter
Inendi who had come to bid themnialywell. 1 soon alter folleang Lain to linettob."
Au trident change had taken place in the
behavior of tbe prisoner„ who affected to tie -
1 .-
olnenulouely enemies:A° his friend: - :But the • - The Office - Seeker.
principal witness for 'the prosecution was an e -The following, ix tram an old story, by .. ..J.
old game-keepte, who, Tor many ;years, had l`nin. Pauldingente eovelist, and first went the
• been in the teriployvf the deceased, anineyno I reuuds of the feign thirty years affb. It rep
seemed almost overpoweren with grief. .Ile !'resents a conversation between a member of
stated.tbat on the fatal night, wbile sitting in tithe Cabinet and a 'hen - ger-on for race:and
the kitchen; smoking his pipe in company j is suitable for tLenpre . sent time:
Ins With a woreareorlielicted as chair-woman in i The, Se - cretary Was eafled from Ins bed-one
the Judningitieuse, he Learn , a noiseein his , cold winter morning, to attend to. business of
:master's room as persons were scrag- the "Mminat ciinsequence." He entre' a
shin; - lie alarmed the landlord. entered I queer, long-sided man; at least six feet high.
the onm.•tvlticli*us open ; a light yeas on the t with a little tipple head, a long queue, end
doors:inn still smoking, and the ;Prisoner was I a tact crineally rota niX as, rosy as as ripe
fiaind bangiu_ tore the bed—a bloody knife,
which eras kninyam.beleng in bitn:by his 1 see d j
, eherryn n aful the following' conversation en
. ,
side, hie hands Moody, his lace pale, and be- . 't - Wellonen friend. abet siteation do you
trio in all the marks one . guilty . and dis- j oe f e nse - _• e .
curbed mind. The ;prisoner was skilled in ; "Why, :spy, I'm not yen , particular, but
: anatomy ; he ;hail:been heaid to describe the ' sen'elniaor other, I think I should like to be
quickest and surest any of 'deeiroying life :. a Minister. J e dotet mean of-the Gospel; but
land the place of-"the wound .corresponded; one of them m inisters to fereigtentrtnen ' I,
i thithithe description; Moreover, some notes, ..fe m e on . sorr y . ver y &gig ..I-mien:, there
paid by a banner to the deceased . Were 'Tn. I is no vacancy just now. .WOuld not same I
du ee d in the eotirt-hy a woman whom t i i . e . - - ~ -./
other plane suit r0u , .. - ,
.) 1 1 .
prisoner hid been • Seen to visit from ail ~ "Who--y-y," ansWerts) the, apple-hea,,e(.
it 'licit pr. sirs it setiefactorily appeared that • then, 1 Nrouldn't.-nin , :h . care if I topk a situ
this unhappy's yoeth, corrupted - bp. eieious
j ad, by leelitera of jealeusy I . :ft ion in ode of the clepartments. I Wouldn't
company. h
and ; meet mind being.a Comptroller, Anditerow ;
d o e teniptation of money, been Instigated ' to e,inetienn ;
a .
~ , i s.
murder nit friend. „ •• • - ;Me- dear sir, n e-se
ints-. very sorr indeed, i
"While this melancholy detail was given, but ii cli appens„ TiOcriu - natelv, that - ,..11 these I
' the prisoner appeared almost sinking.under siOntfioirS are at present filled. Weald not
, Conn - hit:n and shame. When the case had e vent mi t e snmetleing, else r' •
been closed for the prosecution, the June-, in -• en/ friend sjruked his chin, and-seemed
the most impressive manner. celled upon him ' struts:ling to keep down the snerings of his.:
i for his detenee. lie stood up, and, a:ter, a
: high ambition to the present crisis. At lemon j
short but tielent eine: to relerleis feelings, • h., a n swern i_ _,
" W heavy. yes: don't care it I get a good 1
he addressed the Intich with a voice. at first :
' neat: and tremnlons, but afterward collected Cone-eons-hip, or. Inspectors:Mp h :en. Neer
' and fen : . Agee:nee:or anything 01 that sort. • ',
-31 y Lord and Jury—You call upon me for elleally, my good sin' said the Serretary. ;
me delenCe :,..1 have nine to snake. vet I am' c4re.2,-, 1 :I.‘
' rxreedinglV that not only all these 1
not guilty. lain have just heard it eircum- places; but every' other place of consequence I
stantial account of an atrocious crime , sup - in the Gierentment, is at preseenoiscepied. i
; rented by a weight off s evidence which, Ifs aa, , pray, s i i nk ! ,f ~'„„e i ti i „g e 1 .,,,,.
R iii lea Ve upon ' r °,l eilind s no doubt of ray% fle then, after solos lientatiop. esked fora i
CUM' But it is all wrong. The womanoeho , clerkship e andeinally.the phitce - of messenger 1
; has alms:wed lasts - Morten, never received the ; of nue of the eithlie "nicest.- Finding no VII- i
money from me: it aas my fear of the dare , caner here, he seemed in vast anrplexity, j
genies influence which she had acquired over
,‘ and Woken nil around the- retina Menne . hie I
hint, that was the cause of the temporary : eves at leneth on me. and measuring toy i
enlaces at my friend,' - and: winch his better ; .l e: hen from head to foot. At last, put:ing on I
feelings, and his confidence' in the parity af : one of ihndrellest looks nest ever adorned-I
; gnesieeentions, enabled him to conquer. ' ,lll . • the face of man, he sliel : • - i
, visite To the woman had no other object bit ; "Mister, so:nand I seem to be - built pretty I
much alike ; hark't ! o pt :94 s.,ine fie r?otAis I
' to prevail upon her to. break oft her ennnee- ,
1 Lion with hire. As to that horrible night I ,„,„ ee „ nerre r. 1
i will state all I know of it. I was awakened , n . . s
;by a noise in my friend's roam• which was - Ais.3.lA - sts. of Tll - F. Ittomas-The followincl
i next to mine. .1
listened, and all was still. , ana l ys e s o f the Old an d ;N ew T estament. , is!
Then I be-and what must have been my peer ,
I friends lest dying cry, but which I thought taken from an exchanze—iew ill no dbubt he ,.
inters sting„, to our readers:
was on ly the inenneatnee moan of disturkedl B oo ks in the Old Testament - 39
sleep : sfillea vagee but irresistible teelinTof .Chapters,
- flee
alarm impelled me to the roam. By a light v erse , , o • - - ; - 23.214
that was dimly linrning, I enteovereil my w or d, • • - - n. 12,439
friend in the condition' you here heard de- Utters - - , - .n7:2a.100
• ecribcd- Here hi - voice laherlat I have n° Books in the Heir Testament . , .• ..
- •
, eeneleetien of what folioe - ed. \T h en I Chapter Ch apte . ' : '=Go ee
c - ...ine 1 ,, tit) self the room was roll of people, Verses 7.959
"log I saw re, onc . I saw only him who lay in we ir d, . . . , . _ 181,241
• that twit • Letters sienem
I . "You have here a plain, urnntrniehni tale. The Apocraphy has 14 ' 3 chapters, 6,1261
' -I
al hsve no hopes that it will bear down Ilie , verses, 1,52,18.5 words.
niass of evidence against me. I knise - lem
Whole number of words in the Bible. n.
. the only one that charged witanthe eis e een .
• .1 crime Still I must say, pause—bin...ay. "t' The middle chapter, and the least in the :
' sbedsling inti,(• - ent blond! May the'Lord, in. Bible. is Peelin 117. i
• i
' ''
n-t • ' 'M• E nICAINT L ' llff.. " .' : this unerring wisdom, more s-our minds. as , The middle verse is the Bth of Psalm 117. 1
CAPITALS2SO,OOO. , 1 . -to„,,,„,,„:„„„,„,-..,,,,„,,„),..e. seemethneel to Him, ter -in - Him is all rin" The wont "and . ' ~.:airs in the old Teets- I
. ; trust-s-man oriel nice me, . - • ment 3,5543 times.
. "The Jury, after It - siren hrolesconatiltalinli, , The I,,ine is the New Testament also oc-
e - • • JOHN S. witskis. ALEX. wi11i.3.1201N,
, .
- i . , • returned the yerdieelleilly! He heard it re- eur ,10 .4 ;e4 l i me ,.
. ; See. A, Trea*. . ,
. President. speetfralv, but unmovest. Seetence was pro
.. The word Jehovah occurs 6,853 times. j
semen Marvin , John W.' Halt, Milan Marvin, . -- I nonmed in ;the most impressive manner by j The middle book of the Old Testament is ;
Beater Town, O. Noble. I. ' _. ' 1
oneNGE 'et OMR.. Prose ISO. J. TOWN, Cash. 1 - wanner ., nte , n. testae St ..
a CtitAt. Agent,
'the - Judge, in a long sail pathetic address, ; p rover b s . - . • .
Ede, I'. i often interrupted by his emotion_ - 11 e ex- The middle chapter is Job 29. ,
' febenlete. .a
fdreine . ttrio simile of the prieonens guilt, and ', The middle verse it ..d Climnicles, chi pter !
The above bank hi now doing bilainess in Its . i lamented the abuse of talents., the culeupticin j 20 . nee venue.
new building, H. REMOVA 'I 'j of *mind once innocent, and earnestly ree-, j The least verse is Ist Chronicles, chapter
L •
• commends:lithe unfortunate yout h to confess 1, and I st verse.
. • I . • • . ~. I Isis Vat rather th in tennis - pensist in protes- , The middle book lit the New Testament hi 1
Satisfactory paper taiscouetted. Motley re e; . ; - •:- tenons of innocence which could no longer lod Thessalonians.
i -
neere on deposlt• conertions taxers and P r°. i The chit established &sok Bindery of E.lll. Cole: i care his life, and which precluded all recess ,
s t lsetsis asicOnntee for with promptness. Drams,
,g Son has been removed to 1 I - The middle chapters are Romans 13, mid
'• to divine me le e. , 1 14. en
specie and Etutk Notes bought and sold., A , , . .
steers , or prattle patroznee colleted. . .. i "The prisoner then arose, and never did I I Inge m iddl e veto, is A cts t e . t e te yen ,.
. 1 RINDERNECHTS BLOCK, i see „were expressive and eeremnei ni ng men _ {
The least verse is Jelin 9, 35th verse.
. ..
1 • : I .
' • Corner of State and Fifth sta., „The 21st versesehapter 1, id' Earn, has all
I , , , tot n f a e u ar ce an .
d lt th ov e se g n ioo o l ifl onger' of
h i o h pe e despo nd ence „,
rive letters of the alphabet.
I-Wensreawitn improved retinues. we to mai l I. the The 19th chapter.of lil.d Kings, and chapter
r 0 of martvr- •_e• • • 1 re -
l rated to do an kinds of Binding-in the best none shout to receives the c ~ ,„, et 1 ;11 , 3 . 3. are both a , e..
triumphant, yet . calm and modest ..n look of ,
I style and at price3taeatispete with any: : dom. ,• .1 ' ~ - I
• I' e'l bow in submission; said he. 'en the ; • ,
I. Day BookS, Ledge'rs tie'
. 9 *9 I Jut.. ,
' ' 'enient . of my coutftry;and, tes for the I
tlaotigh I die ' I ONE 'OF the Radical candid& . ,
1 - I Legislature - I innocent, I return my thanks to the 'venera - in Choctaw county, bad a little I
Id who tell in love '
Made to, order • as cheap as they can belasul , , 1 •Jad,,, who has J us t pronounced the awe 1 . boy about fifteen years old
, . anywhere- see ,e- }R ich end em"sged himself . to one ofthe
Iha sentence, for the Christian tendernesqw . , ee. ,
,- • . -
'• -) neilthbotit , 4 Tris. Ilie father, besting the
Er I . I : CGI"-t.aF.E•CLEE ATTE- 403 ED f O. - With which he has treated one. seeminglyee ,• ... , e n
deeply ineolYeil in guilt as I am..,
• The jurv, I 'art t dee:man e man up, and findine
I Neoax/nes, Papers, Bookiand Pamphlets I. as me - a, could have retnraesi no • other nee . -
tWm hia isny-lia - ve's home gave tern a good
• hippingand sent him home. The little fel
-1 •
Booriti at Rehleed Prima. . - , iiost • NI.
• • diet ; ter be it from me to mnrinur s e ,
n-,tv • low , Larted-on his way crying , a n dmet one
i them; my doom was sealed in heaven. •• . . ,
~ . .
1 ar . Give as a it and see for yourselve.. I , the sacrifice of toy life atone , it-riot for a 7 -of the nenannetas who inquired b 3
• t h e • I
t • I ' eof which lam , innocent, at least tort , -
matter. The little fellow refilled that his ,
I menstr. E..' M. COLE .P- .443 - , crial ' e- e e ls a e mm iteed, It , fiatter hal whipped hint because he created I i
• the many fau l ts w it. o eco . t•
I •
- is impetneible net 'to recognize in this
:he •to marry. "Why, my aeon," end the neigh i
I "I would ' n , -,t care t
. for that—ederov of
; • Aditninbdiator's :Notice. i r hand of' the Supreme Dispaser of events.. I , 42r, . .
time m nye years Oar cot to marry. 'res. j
IT, ETTFTea . . on . ...I,DefLantn - Tf. - tATION on the es- I did' at fi rst cling to 'life, and :thelisited' fend ;
i ne sate of Andrew itakerAtee
t_ : d.Lsies of Greene Il hopes that I might net be • . . -
saved and rt-stored ba' 1 , ,
tri " • replied the little fellow, blubber- I
- Fre 'sot 0, citan to marry a .
I tP.• Erie Co. • P 6 -, l i a vi un ' lnca g ramtEd tlie tto .my beloved father : and theestenen of geed, inn ! • e . ;pad'5 ....... ,
1 understgatd notice ts'kerstn - .gm'en t0...a1l in- o. • .
>lthink lam now resigned to snee• -el eon - , and theevey grime on, i II ~
dehted to the sane, to make truniediate My- i wen ; 1021
...a „ Lt ~,,,
marry a
n. 6
i.., 1
tient and those having seatm_s meanest said • w i t h a fi rm h o p e , t h a t a m y a y e r e ee ile l e
estate anti present them. darn anthentnenned•
Ft L. Pie:NIA I short I
I for settlen*nt• "•, • Ary•' s La or, l h app i nes s have been. Masten, and an. ipail- i Da.4p rillt - NX . .-- 4 „Tae day last week a men 1
feb2.l6tr. ' con
- nr:n death 13 to be my lot, it Is -. wisely :in New Lims, 0410, dunned a barre l . .
I • about halt, a basted onclie_rries which ,
' Admlubitratorit" Notice.. - I and tnateinelly decreed. in order to 'redeem I raining . . _
into w hi ch I have fallen. i had been soa ked in - whiskey:- The cherries
T ETTEItn. Cieentamirmwerio.v on the es- I me Anent the serves feel ., . If_ by
of his hogs. The west'
purify my soul from those wigs ei. en j were eaten
sate ern James Tate,deed. late of Summit , tot . -
tp,. s•ie Co.. Pa.. having
- -been granted to the i a ppl a use an d pride which had mule me seek i morning 11 , .
c. found Ins Loe dead, as he sun
ande.-e4u.ed. notice is, hereby given to -au '
by praise rather than peace with . God: i posed, and atecsmlingle hauled it some d'
indebted to the same to make nameeliato POT . I - - -
address the gall was - tance and roiled it down a steep bank. 'ce
ment. and those hiving rams agatia.V.alsid r es:. t - Eluting this althelang . .
tata will present there, dalynntherineated , for i hushed to peace - t seeing his h
; etillims,aad it wasseerette ae-tne his emptier ahog appear
settlement, .. • 301.1111 Lie TAIT, 1 V onacheded, when the deep, soleror. silence in the esenia.- hiring recovered from its
feteS-eir . Adosirdstratorai ' was broken _ byettiese wo rds;
. .•- • . ' .
• .7th.:11.1.1.
The Bradley Engine I
1,1 New Compound in
Double Cylinder Engine,
And is Werrantod to give
rim TO osg IiirNDRED FEN CENT.
More porr`er than a Single C. Under Engine
axing the same amount of steam.
Of all Descriptions.
' • IIEAD 111 LOCKS.
No. 824 State Street.
Household Furniture and all kinds of GoodA%
Wares and Merchandise. bought and !kohl and
received on consignment.
gales at private restdenees attended to many
part of the city,
Sale of flon.elold .
rn I t nre, t`arpels, Qtreen4-
ware, Horses , .l
agonx; and alt kind, of in wits on
AT O'cmocg, A- x
A large consignment of q . ucensware, Glass
ware, Bohemian and China \ uses now on hand,
u. ill De closed out regardless 'of cost at private
. -V endues attended any part Of Jhe
county. ap9-tf.
Tollworthy & Love,
NO. 1890 PEACH ST.,
Have adopted a new anal , m of doing busi
ness, and would respeettillly call the attention
of their customers to the fact that they are now
selling gouts fur
We believe that we can do our customers Jus
tice by so doing and would as them to call and
see our splendid stock of grocerles,consisting of
Testi, •
Spices, ate.,
Comprising everything in a well kept grocery
store. We also have the best quality of
4 1 ,
Also FEED In unlimited quantities. Give us
MX , Peach St., opposite National Hotel.
Weep always on )1117331 all xylem' of
Prenella, Kid, Goat and Pebble Goat
Laeed,Entton and Congress
B 4110 40 P S .
OC the•llutAt quality. who will be warranted
for durability. a:, well as to 111, whirl] we
_will ?Act! as
Low no the .I...(lvreoit.
We also make to onler. Repl;•. - Ing carefully
ray2.l- C. E.& CO.
Caughey, McCreary k Moorhead.
131,A NIL 130_0ILS.
SIB .1. - V. S :
The flei)sliory of the Btble Society ca
An Elate:prising Cni
apany—Strattevi largely
CAUGHF:Y. 31 - CREARY & StooarrEaus. i t
iner'''' l, et! nanuanY !
rayll-tf. i
.. A Paying Coral:rally-40 per (...,nt. p,xid to Mu
-1 ttl,l I.l:icy-La:dem!,
.. .
key stone National
There bao use .ending to New York
:No tise gotiag to the mll:late* to bay
1. 4 10 use going to soap fulories to bay
Nouse to pay big vices for n - of 70 . 4 2 :
Groceries and Provisions!
NThile them is a
on the eonter at
Sth and State Streets.
Try the ash Stiare.
logl - NG bone..t. the nate note. tn Wr
-1.1.V rote, ovuld InfOrmAtte that tie ate has
thomaghty_letltted the same. and is nor reads
to areototoodate all in the best of sqle. His
table is bountiflute supplied. mad the bar Ls
510 ,4- 04 vitt the choicest of nocWett.
JTOS PELIMMG eti every' kind. W ee
She bestaLste. &AA a. d ons
nA a
Miens, olitm. •
ERIE, PA.. THURSDAt.4I4 -4 TE4Nook APRIL 22. 1869.
' Agents for the Observer.
Fiouth itoehler.
Clrrir,-Amos Heath, John Scott:
'Petroleum Centre—Geo. W. Wibou.
Oak,Orove—or..l. Welker.
%3Vayne—D; W. Hoirarti,D. C. Kennedy. •
Neartarisbarg—John G. Buriingharn.
nterford—W. CoWhite.
Umcm Borough—dd. V. B. Brown. •
Untm Township—Woes Smiler.
Albion—Alden Pomeroy.
Fair Hew—Amos stone.
Giraiil 7 , Capt. D. W: Mitchinson.
Elk Cteek And Lundy's Lone—Wrs.eherman.
Concord—A. W. COAL, .-- • -
• Sprim pe o.ele—Gilbert-Titird.
Lock 0. Ornlntlan.
Wonalnrt—J : uk—Lyman Robinson: 4. Ensworth.
McKedti Township—E. Pinner.
Edintrrro—Murni Saley
Etartra Creek—Wm. Saltzman.
Sorra tlrst—B. A. Tabor. '
1 1 4 1 , girth gilibtrtiotinnito.
Through and Direct ROtlte between jihlladel
phla, Baltimore, Harrisburg, Williams• •
port and She
On an Night Trtatir:,
ON and after MONDAY, Nov. Ed, 1661, the
trains on the Philadelphia / 44:1e 4.allroad
will ran as follows : • - • .4" • ,
: •
Mail Train leaves Philadelphlsiiit 1445 p. m ;
Corry, 8400 p. at. and arrives at Erie at tr
Erie Express leaves Philadelphia at 11:50 a. In..
Carry, 5:10 a. mand arrives at Erie a, 10:ee
Warren Accommodation leaves Warren at IL.'-al
p. m. Cony2xiti p. and arriVis at Erie
at a:5O p. m. •-•
Mall Train Leaves Erie at 10:55a. in.. Corry, 12.43
P. M. and arrives at Philadelphia at 10:00 a.
Erie Express leaves Erie at ac..S p. m.. Corry,
p. in. and arrives at Philadelphia, at 1:21 p.
Warren Accommodation leaves Erie at &t 0 a.
in., Corry at 10:10 a. m., and arrives at War
ren nt 11:40 a. in.
Mall and Express connect: with Oil Creek and
Allegheny River Railroad. BAGGAGE CHECKED
Erio&Pittsborgh Railroad.
ON g i' r r 9na l" ' 16T'4
n! Al em o -
LF-4.VIC 15111E - -86:6171NrAUD.
10,05 A. afwpittsburgli Express, stops at ail sta
tions, and arrives at A. & G. W. It. 11. Trans
fer at 1:4.1 p. zu., at New CalstLe at 3:15 p. m.,.
and at Pittsburgh at4l-00 p. m.
ilitO P. M., Arcommodatton, arrives at Pitts,-
burgh at 10:00 a. in.
7:15 a. in., Erie Express leaves Pittsburgh and
arrives at Erie 2..511 p.m.
tai I'. M., Amommodation leaves Pitiabprgh
and arrives at Erie 1:11:11 a. in.
Pitt sbare,h Express south eonnects at James
town at p. m., with J. & F. E:spress for
Franklin and Oil City. Connects at Transfer at
m.. with A.& G. W. Acisimmodation!west
for Warren, Ravenna and Cleveland.
Erie, Express north connects at A. &G. W.
Transfer at II:10 a. m., with Mail cast far Mead
ville, Franklin nip! Oil City, and at Jamestown
with .1. & F. Express for Franklin.
Trains connect at Rochester with trains for
Wheeling and all points te. West Virginia, arid
at Pittsburgh connections for Philadelphli.,
Harrisburg, Baltimore and tin
Pennsylvania Central Railroad.
Erie Express north connects at Girard with
Cleveland & Erie trains westward for Clevelanki,
Chleago.and ail points in the West ; at Er e. with
Phlladelplii*.t. Erie Railroad for Carry, W4rren,
Irrineima, Tutioute, Sc., and with Buffalo & Erie
Railroad for Buffalo. laankirk, NI - Amami Falls
and New York City. F. N. FINNEY.
dec121174( - As.t . SuPerintendent-
1 -
_ .
_Vice C
GEO. W. Cx_ILTO:q, secretary and Treasurer.
.r.' DIRECTORS: , : I
Elmscorr 31rrea LT, SELMER MAILVIN;, ..
Jom H. Ittm, M. GRISWOLD.
Jaws C. Brx.Dr..,r, G. F.,
G. IL DELARA TER, MesidlTlO. ~
The above institution is now. fatly °noir:dual,
and ready for the transaction of banking opera-
Loos, to the room under the Keystone Bank.
A Capital Steel of $lOO,OOO,
with the privilege of Increasing to hatta
Loans and discounts transacted, and pur
chases made of all kinds of satisfactory securi
•-• Lir To the citizens generally this Bank mien
an excellent opportunity for laying by their
small savings, as Interest Will be allowed on.•
Deposlis of One Dollar or Upward..
A -pedal feature of the Rank will be the re
ception, tor we keeping. of all k Inds of Bonds
and 14ecurities, Jewelry, Plate, &c., for which a
lame FIRE: AND Bcrwa....-tx. PROOF VAI:LT
has been c:wefully provided.
Persons having any- property of this character
which they wish to deposit in a secure place,
will find thi% feature worthy their attention.
Life . Insurance Company,
OF ertiLtDELPH lA,
1 South Egnkt Coiner 4th and Nik iket Stu.
• 4.
I Oraatilzccl
1.1 , 14)1.1 - ;Compatiy—Nettle :Xi years:
A Sound Corlapiny - -Assets, 1-4501/,(4.10:
Agate ann[utiy- - Never hx,t x Jolla: of In
Philadelphian: and Pennsylranian.:,
- Uen't Superintendent.
It opens with
im , ktaz IS rac
Theres.ii JOT Saxck) proverb
That is,pretty much like this,
That a man is harks heaven
When he has a woman's kiss..
But there's danger iti-delaying,
•And the sweetness may forsake it •
So I tell you, bashful lover.
If you want a kits why take It.•;
Never let anotherfeijOw
Steal a march on you in this, •
Never let a laughing maiden
Seep:in spoiling ilk a kiss.
There 'S a royal. way to kiSsing,
And the Jolly ones who make it
Have ataoito that Is whining •
• If you want a kiss; *by take it. , •
Any fool may face a cannon
- Any booby wear a"crown ;
But a man must win a woman
If he'd base her for his own.
• Would you have the golden apple:"
You must find the tree and shake it ;
If, the thing is worth the having,
• And yon want a kiss, why take ii
Whi) would burn upon a desert,
• With a forest,smiling by?'
Who would Ore his sunny summer
' ,For a bleak.atid wintry sky'
Oh I tell yen there is magic, •
And you cannot, Cannot bask it.
For.the sweetest part of livid •
'- to want a kiss and—take it.
, z l. l
--.....-.......- ' ' t , ii
ft it
sJ • -1.
A lax in Rhode Island was 50
ten days for steeping in church. No ftt
done to the clergyman. 1 I il`
Tani late Hon. E.lward, Bates
Attorney 'General, was the albeit
teen children by the wife who Su . 1 " ' -
11.e.StuY A.'Wtse is very poor. Th• i lrish
Literary Association of Memphis. Tells-, re
cently presented`him with $7OO.
GEN. FBA.NK P. Btam, Jr., is reportfd to
he Itttirig out an expedition for Cuba, in con
jenctitgt with Gen. Steadman.
lbotCocK denies "the trut , ho
itoryMutt ghostly after the Tam ny ' •
vention be "cut" Gen. Grant by re us! gto
return his greeting.
Is the Goodnuut. Miss, burying gro Ind ie
a simple shaft of white marble, be;ari g th 4.
inscription : "Rere lies Jack 3hitlentt, n old'
A carnmeonany wants to know •Il e
Lee will come in under the distript
good things? lle gave Gen. Gra f .
checirs in 1864.
IT 1.4 asserted that the Chaplain bf
S. Senate never fails to pray for an;
that is acceptableto the majority. and
prays for anything that he does not co
A WAstrusitros correspondent me,
as an honorable incident connected wt
late President, that "Mr. Johnson to
family left the White House in very
condition, and did not carry off anrthi
longing to the United Statesr
Mn. Wrx.tss, of Clermoni , county,
hasbeen nominated to the Senate fo
master at Newport, Ky...itt eonsidetati
his gallant and patriotic service in ma
a niece of our heroic President. .
HERE is a chance fur some am 'dons
young Radical. It comes in a Ne York
pape.: "Wanted—American youth tO travel
this sunimer with a young colored an ; a
youth who can write; $l2 a month and
board. .AddreQs . —, Georgetown, IX C." '
Trier are growing modest in 3lexico. The
Legislative of Z.Ma.tecas has made tt a penal
otieuse for citizens to walk abroad any, mote
without their trowsers,—Bogion Root,
That pift an end to any,s;lpiralons Dick
Vateg i nlay have had "t , i liwnni: Miniih.r to
.. .
A Yktvictmizirl broke of' an etimagernent
to marry because her intended hit.hatul bad
3 „.1 habit t f snoring in his sleep.—E.rtliauge.
Most ladies bevel:find such thiugs',Outnin
, til too.late. brit Yankee girls are euriOns and
experimental, and,gpnerally "know if :ill."
AN - Ohio paper tells of a confluctor,m 110
very kindly stopped his train 'to allow two
coupldiaud a cl . er ‘ gymatt to alight ver
forni_the marriageicereyaony at a house by
thetroad " ';'ham performanke occupied
about three plinute4, and the wkiiiled pairs
gettittil aboard again. the tia l in moved ou.
IN Huntsville, Alahama, the other day:; a
oldier by accident -droppCda set of surer
spoons from his pocket-- He ball coptiseAte‘l
them that morning at his boarding house.
He admitted to having served in -he war tin-.
der Butler.
WIEFN Jefferson si . as Si:lslip rated. he rwip
.16 borserrsek. No friends an
contfianied him; and tio procession filled the
streets. When he reached the capitol, he
dismounted, and with - his own hands futtl his the fence:- ten went in and
took the oath of. office. retiniaing in the sinio
manner. • • - •
Ttiz•-wife of 3l•trshal V,tiliant, whtt receitt- , -,
ly died. shaved re.wlarly-eve'ry day for many , State - Senato. , s —Wm. )le.Arttanr,Allym. Bell,
years. She' liad a Ihicger beard than most Wilson 'Smith, of Erie Co . 1'34'3; Joseph
men. -- During - her laid illness her bean! be-ci
.sat'innoti. IST3- Ileury )Flurst, ni CrsWford,
came so bushy that *hen the physician who i ,„.. .
visits all the dead, to see that they died a ' '"- ' -
natural death, eiamined her, he askr4l,"' what•'eniblyinen Alex. 'f3 fcliiliFth.' ISA ;
was thisgentleattan'sOce.ition Y'' . . , •, John Lt - tie; Jr.. of Erie Co , 15.,52 Wilson
• IT, is rep4rted.that some lers , m-11 - frienlt f f4*.nitit, „f Erie Co, 1-!4)-5: Jo'in,'Pttillips, of
of Sa.cret„aiy- Stanton profiose to
- present him Erie, and Jas. Iferrington, of. 3ferer. t 9 113 ;
with a sum of money. as a teatimonal ' of re- ''.,J„),•,, Phillips ":3 Buser Am en. o' dc ra wf,y r d,
gars for his groat services and sympathy in - '-*- ' - ' ' 11 , •
his present and, it is feared, permanbnt 1a5,..4 Ca., 1*.r3.:, John Phillips arid Patflck. Farrel
of 'health. If the sighs an tears'ot his vie; 1 ly. of Crawford, 1311 : J.l_4. NVesnap; 'or Erie,'
time and their familiei could Is' coined into land Jast. Burchfield, of CrttavOrd, 1513;
Mult" "SeCreiary SlAttlon %coati be the ideti- i
er'st man alive. .1 .Tae , h Herrington, James Westo. 1 Ralph all
. •
, I irlin , , of Crair!) - )ril, 1:•)15t; S. II vs, of,,Erie.
A.rousogentleman, ia-earin4 a maenitieent I
new hat. visited the theatre in NJw- Orleans II ..r Irfin tin•l J. Tl , ";rr - mvon. iSt i.., .. S. Bari',
the other night and carefully placed it b•:•. i Thos. \W skein, of•Erlo, 'apd RI a - f
•neath-his; seat,w,hile_he viewed-the pect, -, rni- !. lf•d7;•.T. Iferritizton, Jas. C ;-hr5.,.., at Craw
enFillt! titia .3,-,e, st l ge, --- When -the pl.ty eit , 1F ., 111.1 :vial J. 11.1C - krie.y. ~f nViltli2
eZa• / 9113
he di...covered hi.; nei- , hist -• I i ‘ '
Wilson Srnith... Tas Coc-brin, all. Wm Con
usinz his hr as a spiv. ) 3 , :ill j! iv t.: ~, ri , ' , - , . •
p113g:WI•li ht ' l,Wl''l , pit:l , - . . • - ' ~ , neliy. of t'eari.ap - t,-1519: ---, = , •
TilF. Vollit:'..: .in tn- elec , .eii P: , _••••i, I -I, o-f; Protti 'int try. Ilsgist'er-atil .R •' ,r,lcr, tall
the 1..7:11 ,, t t.:7,•.,,,, li (; 'n a- in s t. tv;l.l v i; •in one (111 . 1 - !r)—( . lllCn4t - C ,Irl - 1.?..,1!":33 ;J.
tsar= ad the 22 I or the moat!) of .farttl). : E. -Herr tO-I , H; .Tolin - -Kels 1:- Tilp{. Wilson,
w f) .4,N , ,_s t , q , wet. t - 4, .lohn Al no Ili. Ti.--,) • is, 9o
, .
• , -„
JetTerssei 57, If elison 5•;1, }morgue .5-.), J , ',:i
Q n i ney A 1 ,.,,,, & , 4. A , 1 , 11 „ . .,
, T. , ek ,
~, , I .
~ ,,.1 . 40. Slierif..T,Sarmil'"'Satith,. 1" , i)1 to ISO4:,
Att•rt'a Val 14 ireti 5:, William Ilt - otv 11. r. t James Weston. 1811 to, jc..07: Jac"kh'SPartg.,
ristm 1;7..1 ame- li,. l'olli 4' 4 . Z ten -try Tavior.! 1- -, •117 'to •1..10 ; Jacob, 'C Irmac%. 1810 to 1913;
et-3. Er.ode.iti P , r-e -13..1 ttrt. , - , 13.'-h-in it, ti), , DIVI I W IlliCn'i '11:i to l''ktfi: St.:•ph , n Wool
and Abrall tot Liorolo n , -trio st, ia l i e n ;,1,, ,, ,- ,
were. t 1 ett ki.
_ f rerlon-. 1 4 fit; to 1419: Ti:at.-nas Laird. 1819 tot
,- „ ' l'i - .12. - •
, .
Gun Itadical cote:up iraries are rani lly 1 - „.,-- r-- 6-thee - i '''.'nit't 1'; it • T‘shrt
exharistine. the yoe,drilary, , It inebrioae ee- 1. '''''' ron '' - '''' ' ' ' ' • ' • •- '
Plierni-msw leich they seem to have, inyented.l 'Milroy. Viteki: John
. Grty. l'Srr: John C.e
for the exprree-ion of Graut's physic il and f tVallst-e. 1-31y:t :. _J - nl l n :kr -c: •n 1. Liite. John
mental - condition. Afe days bethre tee in-I.srr .
ivlttusation he was "filllgliefl. - lillreesii. fit Iv ' ' er ., ~ - .
..r.f., f• 1 'EaP•I.,-.1 ( 1.--‘ 1 1 'Were•
after that historic event he was "tired. - , A , I ''''' ' " 1 3' n '' ''' ' ' '` -.: .- '
week litter he was "unwell. - Next he weiel Stephen Woolverton, G•o. Nicholson and '
"sick, - and then - indie i nosed." I,isalv, we 1 Vies_ Foster--Tives, IVll;:irie elerk
-, . •
were told lite was , "too illlts see an% les IV. - ' 's
' 17p . tp 1.‘,.'f0, Nrhrt th , :t n-w ror,:tftutton
l ' A SOUTHERN writer, who ii.te hal an la- I wen . • i ), - . : f,, ~ p.. i v --,Wis nre , Regi‘e i r
I terview with Mr. George I). Prenti;•eesivs he ; ' - -!• •
; i.' toot the man he 'was ten rearsaeo. - Ilie ' mini R ''''' lr ' lr Y' in ' i Tr ''''' lr ' r we '''''' lP ' 7l°lntea
genius is gone,' and lies -person is a mere .by Th.! Govornor. The refilotv'ele: ereotletneri
I wry k. His family is broken tili-!--wife d'ea.l., , E t re s i n t i e . inte F ee i s, I, e tse.,..e.n, 1.••,?,0 and
' ofil...son killed on the Confederate eide e en- j '
? „ . - 9 .. '
, other settled on n farm down the river—an,{—an,{t - '. .
I .
the old man, yereinte on threescore and len t - Proth snotery....t.• —E. j. lielen. anpointed
I rook , his breakfast And dinner in his lir! ! in 132.4 : Wm. K.;•lly, ISItl: S i. ,, . C .Marshall.
1 room on the third tloor of the Courier build- : 1e,..e0.' i n ti i i: veetr th- otnee , s.l 11'"ii;ter aail
i hue and live. only in conversation show thi! '
! ra T; t. s ' . t Pv.,C71.1.ri I.V ‘.t ~ H a-ha- I fteern ?hat of Pro
,- • to'
• Tine New York Comniercial Adverti-err 111 ' rv ' t.ar7 ' * ' a-1 17; ' T. : nn:--onappointed .: ke ; v, ,..__ ,,n
I (R•epA has, the f.sliow in,: le't han•led eat at I t '''rve tint'" ' l '-''' ' l ' l l t ' l '' cti " o •
I. Grant: , 4, .inehle to :in I j li-t •s tho Cums• r Tret-tett
i - TnE Sorters: . TiOMAN orTueist .11.L."-- 1 , re es. -
r , •
At the close. •,f the was the eathusiletic • •
To•• Pros' lin: ae i Ass ••••:1••• J lees were
friends of General Thum is rrea•fe up a: purse •
cns-s tee t‘ , .• Goeezner res te 'vii. wben the
lof 4100,0 1 30 to percher.... for , him a, •" a home. • - .•
I, In a iintet, male et manreer—so quiet and so • ainetel•nee• •o the C ••••..-tltirt so w..ut into ef
t modest that one cannot zet hold even of tae-: f ee t, d'hefee- Seipp- n s.- ..e.t.seintesl Presi
i refusal to mike 3 POPi/iir I) , ):'nr of—lie dr- ! .dent J ,i,i,,,,. 1 ., • eo- •se •• .. ' f T• I ..E.
. - E. se tf ', fl te••• 4 1 . • , 2:,_
lelined the zift. ills sturdy, honest sen-e of , - -
' i self-reltincee and self-resneet shrunk from the ' 3leora : N. ii 1- - '.I lred wets aios-iese I in l'ist3S: ,
1 traneticd•in. We ran we'd say let is ii,.• 1 end G.sclo-ti Choreel in 'Nl's. se:ving until
I noblest Roman of them ail." • i ' ' the fill eleee. min 1 -, 5;1.. Associate Judge
T/IF. New York' Cornmereial ,Adrertiser Vineent retired froal tell, e - Fel.t. ''.2t. 1540: f.iti t. \..
acs of Gen. MeCleil in : "The : who yi-ito
1 'NfiA sneceesksi by John Brawler. Ass seiate -
saunters along the. much. tretiaented i• inset- ' - ...
way. by the river side.hetween llobok,ea 3'3,1 .T 1 1 ,1 2 1! irrll?iif retired Feb. - 27, li4l. and 1 , 1/3
the Elysian Fields. will c.creasionally meet a ' succeeded te: dross liutchinsrm. Judzca
modest looking little zentlemain walking i B r a w l e r end Hutchinson - serve:' until the
leisurely alone. or sometirnes ,attended by a ',. el ~, : their/,.. - b •,•,.! p er , s e
, ili....ti•fa Of 5.,..54 ,- )r , y
~.., .
1 bright-eyed boy of five or six summers, tot, /,
1 whom the cares and r&scsonsibilities of this ! 1 . 1, 7 f.)11,,,-inz offt....ers were cieeen. at . the
1 . life seem no more than the sunshine that 1 s q .- 4 , 1 1 , h election held in Erie. Mir 11. 1.i..10 .
t dances am' the water. Beneath the meek ! -
Bnr'N d.,
ess. Jeh C sit . Town Connell. P. S. -
garb anti unoetentatious manner of the i "
stran•-er he will hardly recognize the s e il e lier 1 V. Hem,:. Dr. Aes C. oars. Samuel Bays,
of the Peninsula, or the min• upon whine 1 Raft' Seth Reel, Gee. A Vint :- llizli Cort
1 shoulders a political party would have cast ; stable, Hneh c„ ne i ng s, i ,, n ,
i the tn , lath. , of the Republic's Chief Magis- i ..e, , ~._:, i . „ 1
t trate.' ' 1 i at. t.-....,..:.e..0 ..3 election•
, NH of the same year, James Monroe, being
i LILY. mas.ter like man. The new Commis- •
i sinner of Internal Revenue be•eins the earn- I unanimouslv eupported e for rs - _-e , ecti.m. , Pate
i bet_
pai ,
gm a. follows: . i rick Fancily was thin eleeter - . -, •r th',.. destrict.
Delano. Commissioner, Wary , . s(l.e.,.•nAn , E, or uoveralr.tlo. D.-ni. , , re , . - , 11,:i0t - ted Waa
-1 Smith. Delano's partner. Solicitor.
i John Delano, Delano's son. Secretary.
4 . 0,) i
Gen. ,T ,Fuillt-:{, e lf AllitehLnY, an-I tie- Federalia:s.
Clarke, son-in-law to Delano. Aesis;-
I .l.steeph !Be:sue, ef Berks. This follow.
ant Clerk. LiVii) I la.: wee the vt , -..• .:: lii 0. - ..u-rit.T;
After these see may look for the speedy ap. ' . ii , e.frey. , Meer,
pointment to fat positions of the rest of Dc-', E-ie :In ; Mil - creek, 91 - IN
lasso's relations, voting Delano's re'iations.. MeEoen. , .2fi 21
1 Smith's relations. Clarke's relations. ; and tlii.n • Fairs:. w,
Delano's old friends, young i)elan.a's • •`•1 ' Sp:ir:field.
friends, Smith's °Misleads and ('liege's • •.1 ' t'onneaut an I Elk (-'re , k,
friends. Bow the country is off now fL.I. 1 :1. - ext.:or& i. , 84r:1f en
Clarkes and Delanos rig-have no means of i 13e3ver 1) irn.
c•ntnputing ; but there is a lull - of i Barhor C:s.ek.
Smiths. . ; Nerth Enst, - ,
. f Greceftell. ,
HEALTH 1N1:1 Motere. - .—There Is this duffer- ! i• n i e e 4n l Br, deen:• r,, a
ence between those two temporal blmssines, i v el e: l ngo,
health and money : money is the most en- f Cenneautte,
vied, but the least enjoyed; health is the
most enjoyed. but the least envied; and tills'
superioritvesaf the latter is still more obvious
when we reflect that the poorest roan would
not part with health for mosey. but that the
richest would gladly - part with ail their monet
for health. -
• - 110 w Dots the Empress Eugenie dress
inquired an inquisitive female of a bachelor
friend, just returned from Paris. "Like a .
wornsn - was the brm.sque reply. Of course;*
continued the inquirer, "but I wish to know
whether she wears costly dresies. - »I un
derstand you, tied - am; was the ungallant re
sponse; "she dieetm like a woman—wearing
the most emtly garments she ein procure."
,0 4 1 e frit a bunter.
1 h
I 0
Titurtsrfic . lr: APRIL 4 22, 1849
Political Ellstory of Erie County.
The county of Eric was organized in 1800,
being a portion of what was formerly Alle
gheny. Crawford, Warren,-Venango and the
other North West counties were organized at
the same time.. The first court ip Erie coun- .
ty . was held in 1803. The first newspaper
was the Mirror, commenced May 21st, 181: 1 3,,
by Geo. Wyeth. Of the journals now in ex
istence, the Gazette was the first established,
its publication haying been ,commenced by
Jos. 31. Sterrett in January, 1820. The Oh.
server was -first issued in May, 1810, T. B.
Barnum editor. Iu March, 1824, the Court
house was destroyed by fire, with all its rec
ords. Very little political information is4t- .
joinable bytand the files of the Gazette, com
mencing in 1820, so that we ate unable to
give a complete record of eve n ts pi ions to
that period. )41
In that year Erie, Crawtord,'tttfa:..ango,
Mercer, Beaver' and Warren cornprfAfed the
congressional district. The Senattifial
tract was composed of Erie, Crawfoicl it*l ,
Warren. The .Tudicial district 4ruretstffil of,
Erie, ('rawford. Mercer. Veitang.) add Itari
ren. Erie:Crawford . , Mercer, Venaitgo an 4
Warren formed one Asiernhly distrO, elect
ing three members of the Legislatuie l • •
The following"- were
,the election diatiicts
in. Eric county, the same year : Erie apd Mill'
Creek, voting together ; 31c1Ccan ;Fttirview;
'Springfield ; Conneaut and Elk Crife;,-vnting
together: Waterford; Lettceuf alit Braver
Dam voting together; Harbor Crek;, : t 4 ortli
East; Greenfield ; Union and. Broketistraw 4
voting together; Venan,go Conneauttee,
now 'Washington.
Sitice 18 4 0, the 'following new district
have been made: South Erie was formed •
ant of a part of Mill Creek; East and West
Mill. Creek are the * remaiusler of the
township. - divided ; North ‘Eift, ; borough
seas part of the `townillip of /the' same'
Warne ; Wattshnrg Sim part `man
go feAvnsliip; Amity 'and 'Wayne trivitute
what was formerly e 41(.4 liroltenstraw ; Cor
ry was taken from Wai i ;;te \ and tithcord ;
Union and Waterford bArougth s, 'parts
of the townships of ithe stme :tame ; Greene
Is what wa.= known as Braver Dain ; Summit
n foilhed parts rif, ,'Gresne: and Meg:emit:
lu:l , ,Ugc,f to McKean ;Washing. , /
ton was formeily li.'nmenl as Conneauttee-,
f:. tinhorn belonged to Ww.itinzion:
era, f,.-''ed of parts
,of Wftkington "and
Cr.;itzNibirm bel;ipg.P4 to Elk. ,
C ree k ; Gifur I wt.:Tor:fled of patk-spiSPri2z•
riel,l awl F.lii-viewj'',l 11,01 d
W 31
)1:p formed of.
part. ofGirtrd mid tr.:::
Fairtitß lor'on2l; Delon..! 14:n701in
of the ante name: : 1
The ofllen, or wimmtve hare, mree- ,
bid up to 1820. are tit° 6'4lo:pug: •7
' Mdkon, ap- •
• - i
w.inted 1 , 300: .frise slime ih ,11,3(13,. '
afil for
nil of •
he U
tll the
'r d his
I tr tt-
I Post
1, of
. ,
A . siorilte Jill:7.r , -.-.lo3inlji , -1,;,(3 . ;341,1 Wm.
lkl(. Julpt Cqehr,tii :t.mi WlT , ion STith : John
Vittlent and Jahn grub!). 011' 1 : latter appointed
. ..I.pill, 1820, in plac. • i.f
. .Ttl,j.;(• Smith, elected
te, the 'l,ozl;l3,ttiv - -. ,• - • '
JD Slf4rter,Cel.,
Salmel Smith. ItupPrt.)l. - ) , )re,,ne 'Me re e r '
Ivn,;n,6f.Erls .Tuner Lnc.ock;
Pntrie4. (fras\ - -
for:1 '
• 415
TLS cAnd: fj7 . C tti weir Rabe::
.)10 , %re,Cma-.
ford, and - M,..rz-er al!
Demc4crat7- Patrice rcz-:cepd mt.
bf 407 votc.ii , a;1:if.v..12 , 1 Was elect
ed by a pllzality 1,104 is the cliitriet. The
camil,lates for vceri•Muleon Smith.
of Cc.: Geo. Moore. of Erie; J.u:r•h
Merrizaton, of. Mt'irA'r ; CYta.Cottzelly, of
yezazgo; Jas. Cochran, cif Craw)ri ; Wm.
Moore, of Ve.asago sad Walter . Oliver, of
Merzer. Eac9 of th*se zentle:tmert simecnced
62 I is;
»,.,i. .
„... i
0 15
44 (