The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, March 25, 1869, Image 2

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Pi.. v . , , I GRANT'S (41t1:.11: GIPT 'ENTERPRISE.
- o.lli (f 7 tir ' 0: 1' . t ' CII S l ' ' ' i . -
—*.• --..-, • ' ' -. V, - • ' 4 ; The ir.. 1 1.1 rpmity 'Stilt (: r a in;, the. '•
share., .:
---.......---.--- - i
Tic., s‘c.l iptious Elstin;•r• lb. IP 4
I_ PrIT.Cs. 1
t: D. 41 HARGII trio
)11 , I,',—.4fter Mir dote )I(,ll4tpt r trill IA
••• ctinee, fo• ony It itylli--- , f tithe,
t: I,,Tywe,it Pcder
,:f p,irtte. lit' are ar
quaialed uirr. 4
1t xubs.7're"ption* n0,0,t t xettleil annually.
nins be - 44 , 21(11- the elosi of . each year
who arc in arrea
_ ..
-. J• •Y'irl.7 arc ,i,,e• .1., .1,01, 41.1 the I
,r,V1:11.1 , ;14.1i•re,^01. • . feblB-t1; ;
fs- 2
__ __ _ -
- SE.NkTOII Made Island, Lai
lhale Two significant 31)1..ZCIICS in CUllgre.! , S
iVci - W1011( . 13 ,-, t weel:, Ite told his Radical
0441F . ..44 - nes that their swore was seriongly :
affecting the 'prosperity of the ( ottutry,.and.
if peri•iti , d,in:woulii to the overthrow
of their party W. hull pulAish h.,th in our
The Indiana E!eeqou:
Special elections_ were held On Tue-dav
6)rty-SiX counties for ufembers of the
Lvgislaiore,3o vac ancie‘: eate i sed
“eratie resk-,ziations to avoid thd* p t4a9,e of
tin fifteenth .t.'<in:itituilonal Attiendzne4t In
nearly every county the res - ighing niqinberi ;
cvt re renotniraii7d. and' in all the Derti,:,crat
t 3ndidraei were eleete;l. he i
r in= matte t ~;, ,e t
afraid, to , ll t t - i - inLl 4 „ma,
* the 1.1.=t1..
Th, Civil .r.reitur,
rite •ienate has at last, after h
disen-4don, pas , •sl.a bill virtual
rip tile Tenure-of-office het, ereutO. to j
cripple Mr.'.loltn , )Ws :ulfniai:tr..fiofr. ;fn.'
i rig the authority of the Pre.3hlenP nearly i
11.• thenaoption ti-it mean- i
t• tyrant had pretionsly taken a i
onn' , l. in the premises, ant informed
th,y , env.for: and members k that he 'wonld fill
%.„ .; in t1,, , ,, ! ffh only when • 'Al(' .13W
Intel kfieti or repealed to . rn , i+:l'
itliotit t, ie e , 1)1,3N11
It deterfinnuff , 'm creati. l l , s 'onste,..r...ttion
th, (1:11rt .- 4-see-kt gf,' N . ll an
- . ; , :lrf• for
w : t •r4:l - 1‘• •AN . II 130;1,1.- for,
zi repr3l t,•<<• it will
in Lliti
The Cithinet
l • tier ` c al C . llO-1111 the: r elvine<,,; in the
Let to rtanstun.l. Ihla RTCI., and it. iiitn,l*
1:t..1 Cie.)111t11.11: , For the pre-Cut, ?.11(1
i ' urtlwr [hr 1 0 )1‘,v, un },e the
tcct it
11 , ..1, • NeNN Sprrvuir, I.f
;061 S t:A (11, :11.; , z4:14.101 , et t-,
Li c L TM! Tr.'7l`4llTV
“11,11 F_ Bori , I'vll , l,Slv.,ni, ter: lrt'llV
4 !).,
.1 .1 - 4 1 1 I) Co \ ()hi, Vii•*..:ll. 1L1• 1;
—(k , .‘..“.el .:,r
.1 .1. .1 1
t.,l •
ttesel‘ed Itigittg of (he People
I'l , - I t :int.:l o, r ! : 41:r - 1)0
! ) , 111(1 zhat "ncitLer
. t• n.ny
f. ,• Irq•gr.; ,uffritz.: ti,k•
tnv nr_7ii.33. , their v;i11, no] witlimit
tio augl, fhe ~al
.1 Lypre-, cpll,lll
The rigl,l
r ptchi;e. is 111 irll , ll
' I.f tzl-11.-
of cann,,t , Irtt eon
.),ltioipil.prlov*li re4l: 4:11-j the Nut . -
7f•liwn. tltmpt- have been
11.1.tuie t but tlic-k• 11:0,e ;01 V4'ell
1:1 , 1111111 ,. .e , i lil:t1 111111 hv t:r , St , prt-mr,
( i't I,e7f ,tl l ,l I. not
ha.- ri1:1,1
'tl;, , rieri: lhe • I:t•ctive ,The
the Oqii , titt,tll,tl 6; the 1-nfied
tt-t r for a taw:tent et:tacit:y.l,oe%! the
:11(.11 tteth , r. t.s h
Netttttl , ~ , w . 7.,.fiture
vex. , r ,1 any
1 nvgn, ,utTia;;;,.. n ;he
• - ;I futi
clmr.,, 1- I t17;,,..1
- ,
Bon!. that should In• in 1.% e 1.% Hon
and Svirool.
11 . /. L./1, r,-1 /Tr
by Blak(•lnan
N(SIN 17 , 1 N1111(11 ' , 1.0114 itr ..t
it ttillt• tilftt Et.
nfni(•r thull
• :'n::? !hr02,17h rnu• rt•i; tar •depnrinlPHl:
It is entitled (al iy,k
ravneni,' : ;nnil 1.n , . been preferred
dkin Toi% use-n4.1,wh0 1a. , " tor ye:o - ,
,::hjr• , •t a cpeciniity in le ,, ong And
'frith , 111,41i100 , to New
. v.i.11 I.;
Ite.r..u2h k:o);l4e,lge oi the prini
gorerntiteLtt. ft wire- a entitpAt
rehahle ; , f the roredittition,
:!,.it tit , cutte . lo; in lull, ;,tki, it up , tt -
:Itta ht , e(qion 4444,1 4 .441,1.4ir,•4 0.1 , • iiti-44n1444.; 441
t• 44.4711, v1 , .. 44-4i114 , - .411 Ow , n14:4, , , t-4.11 ! ,‘ , ..4 , 41 4:41'4•4t4,4
v • ' i
:tutLori:i• an.l
:,;14 , I,llolp 13,:foii:' the 5111:
,i.:l)i 111 it hi• ennhot 1.61 to c6ntprelivini - 111,7
l., 1) 1N 11 of thu
1,0, h i, tree Irtni pier ,
v. Ile Ilk , ullllll.ltMll (In ninn• tou
the )1)r
-clay tlyin
, !;,znig :hat r. ill Ti.
tor tic next ten ye:tn. l i t
-• at' the low price of :'.ll
ianpanitnent , lic.
tt, i,i i 3 lurninhett in he i-f the
(%)11,:inItion "1 the •;thtt,N, • I,‘• the
thur t con•iol
:nr11 , 4 i;a41.1). pfpiltd latz , . call
'to! Pa,U) .‘ of 1,1
snnl the ccc, an-I nwunted I , roller. so :et
l‘e ,u-pen,l,l 0,11 the. wnil 11 tabular
Ana topioal e,..fnise, of the
thcory t. govvrntnent eon,iirelivede'd in the
ot the United States The entire
matter of the Cohstitnti4tll :Ir/1111:r:ea in cer
!:on, AllL)l.i . Vf . Cuntt.
tl•m of -licit menti ;,-; prop' r):,
it. et , pynf vlitirt can
profit in ev-ly •ta , i iri
every el-ls,-room where pupil, ..)%cr fIN el vi;
) var. oil are - taught ill be worth
Ireble 11. cost 51 , . a Work in releTe;;::.• iII every
- Num. Law, l'ioverninent Alta nlitnr%
ncie. 'rite I.: 4 _ce tit I
-3( pa) the-, two u. , :eftil tc,xls, will tint!,
p1:14.c in i•very 11T1 , 1a unnl in th e
3:0, If we Iml the direction i,j our edika. l
t:ore , litittinn
~ , •:713.3 wi'al ph.ri ,i 1 torn
in-ArLeti , a: a , rrndir,
and arithmetic are at Prevent
immrdiatc ly upon tmt:'Mu
President, (lire( Teti 0131 il•rt,in pnr-
Oons is3tled by I , 'resitknt Johnson, should
r e r t ,t ic ,t, n Mittel(' frcm the prrsbris to he
nardoned in certain cases in New York,
Ilassachnsetts and elsewhere. Attoinev-
General Hoar has had this subject under
consideration, itnd decides that the revoca
tion of the President will not stand in law:
that the act of the El , c tins complete
w hen the warrant of pLrtlOn was placed in
the hands of the United States Marshal or
other ofticer ; and that it the peprins intend
ed to he pardoned shallnot hr relraFed,that,
upon habeas rorpts, the 'reams would re
trace them.
A WAF:afsoToN'iligpoel l , qit i, ttr-tl
nitely settled that jouberi, wcaltity
olurnil man, is too he tile , A., ,,, 5i0r -of the
First Dktriet of Imiiisittiet. Steeetitry).)nt.
well sent for bite 144 d tendered Itimrtlie of-
lion, for identyied•in sentiment with any. of
the puliticalTirkatnizations of the country.
lie Waachosen simply beet - 114.e he was the
representative of a great military name,
which captivated the public.
His firstmoves at the head of the Govern
ment were ttspielons. He coatulted no one.
lie hell little' or no intercourse 'NNW' anyo of
the ka,ding politlealithiefs. Ile made a Cab
inet of warm and attached Ventura] friends,
'whia li9 d always'been devoted to Lim in the
darkest moments of his checkered career. .
In the &amt, navy, and treasury he placed
men who were not known as Republican,
lmt Weft notorious as Napolconists! Tie
was a -lien! and taciturn mart;: who acted
h t n ire he spoke.. He t•filllC into ottlee with
many professions of devotion to the Consti
tution. He promised to enforce all the laws
of the Republic, bad and indifferent.
lie cultivated the will of his. army. Ile
It is inc ct . the. loose anomalow< and ro- opposed its reduction, He placed his favor
mantic incidents ettehneeled wialfthe hunt for l lie ofticcr , in those command, I,,vbete they
plxer in—Washimftem, that, at the pat sent inc- cordd tender him, 'm tin emergency, .the
men t, loeking fOr an office, are mernimrs of a i at e.ite-t I - The-c 01 - Heels xi Ito were
family livitte jitst oiU of St. Louis who knew .to' good Republieans to he reliable for his
Ceruni sierral years ago, when ho esAd to pert-n3l -elitnirs he selet off on distant set•
haed wood i'rom The, 'city to the farmer , . in the vire• . 'r retained them without errnmand.
'flw ;don special NS 111 r/. pat t 11 , arlv di-oovere,l in the law ft stain
in is that on oft- notable occasion, tiraut 410,1, in the way.. It had been pro
f-titled tome Mel to tht•ut , and thna the - moth- aid' , l That a President of the Republic emeel
er of 'tit, li,usehold called him in the bark or be re t le. cii. His friends, in his behalf,
and cnrcfndly darn.] a considerably made an
, e ti.o - ; - -r- 1 , I etl pe. thi , law. The
'dilapidated oleleonr of it he then teantster French f 'ongress wits against it. and the law
'and now President, a.ince then the family I ha'd to anti.
.hay- met with reverse, and hearing of the In r Awn lime there came tile flexamedirill.
"grt American' gin enterplist:^ set up since I The Preside nt made hit reap debd. His
Malefi ;, have sent on several of their
:•,:,-arrnoil in the War; Navy, Treas
r r:( ;91 oillef• I , r the imsVanti of, tits nvs and Polite Department,' tie controlleil
wit -e-tied the bkto"ii>al garment -t veral : the aitnv Tbs. Conere-s was arrested and
diQper,ed . at the
. point ol tint ba3onel, anti
Gun. Grant's gift • tnterpri , c standard of ;
qualification for ollicOs lif:strange and on-
happy contrast to the conduct of his much
abused predecessor. 'When. Andrew :John'.
son became President =rune friends In NeW!
York cent him a magnifident carriage and a;
span of fine horses. Ile declined to receive'
them or any other presents, holding to the
idea that no officer of the gov s ernment should
receive anything in the shape of gifts. Oen. I
Grant has muck lom,clr notions on this sulk.
ject' lie is ready to accept anything, from a
horse, or a chick for *65,000, down to a box.
of t i7ars or :t bottle of liquor. Ile has had
four or ti;'e tine
. houses given to him, and
epomzli moneyana other things_ to Mske,
him a rit 11 man. Ile is non in a position
wiA re he can payoff ,ome of hi: obligations,
and lit litts been doin2 it I. the bc - st of his
Th. ..1 ., -ls, ihnti ,, n of • ,, ,ph.lati.l national _ins
; 1.4)11;4 Napoleon ; hy the 'lc i/rk not Of :I Single .
ill t;r:111 , ':i grrat hiitiTy -till troes out al Wash- 7 n Litt Inzt of yqursanf patietti and artful idol
ingtmr. - The loci;); holders- pr . ,lltwn . ittim- I'litm;plared on hi. head san , Imperial'Crorm.
bPrti ar;'ointing forward rapidly Ito • ( :lalni : i i :lliq•rittile , t - aillietepts *me the nten•of 'lum
ina,. Weir prizili Tiitt.'fq:lici:win,vii; th, e)' - th .b
i. greili ttapitdlisls'iif .ilris—w4 c) wii,re
anr,4artrt il tip 11, t,he present late -. • . J.triei.,l'inolN• i•earCul that if tilf`l; 'lid not hay.e
.. - • .ong- 'ililinllT (40VPilitill•111 ghere Mild,
t-ighti E NV:e,libui n 6. tir;t cliiii:a.preittinto. ;' 1 . 41 • • - ' •
I; nyly .If.; taut -in Galena, and 'obtained air; ,ii 4. ;the nirr s ible'lliing . or:r'epitiliatitin. The ut-.
hint i.i4 •fit st' 'promotion "in' 'th e army. He i limner 'airdritm„qpii .... , ,corll. •••tn , l .the -inrateY
iit its- , tly,, prize: Sct-Fetablt• , c. .
Sl itv. and c . -: • • " • . • ..,, , ,. he
1): trs .. Att..) , 13.,t5, - 10, the present- any: i
'dine:lt r 1 , , France. . i
- '..\ I , v:rider T. Sh•le, tat, ltr::1 ,1„;.,...4'5.. lie %mit 41v "rd ( "/IPet - biw.init . re 4 t )/ 1 the Nation:4
a :Awe - -, A-a lipw,e and lot iii Wasliington 1 st.i',..atit':&...,:,tit,ltfi.e. N a.ta mays' oltith ,,, mtiin
ot m.o. 1,, Ni•v: Yori?, )ie Aireiv the'oniee ~ tt o. ri 0..,• .. w ,; l ,i i) 1 .1, s 1 ,),; ( .,.; .. 4 .`.- :. O .
111 ..,; , ;1 . 1:Ir) , ‘I Till' I rea•-•tirr. - An old and ; - xv, , 11 ,
le 0
11 ,. t ' l ‘,.,
14 0 i,i,to i ii. . tara f ie l l
4,l,:t•il'lg• hi,W or 1.7;i1t - ushapmly chliveri.; the 1 • --a . , c • I. ' %n • "t' . ~- • . . ".•
•matitiliciint prize into a blank. 1 to Nvliat tsvis , ing at the' pre. , ent Time in am
I I atni!N m. Fi - -al, th.t (12:s }IT invested in ! other so-ealled,Rentiblie, the n - atr. - e'qif , ; 4,
11 handsome imr-e irs'....ed hy Ihe, merchant, i :t LA tinnecesgary rd inentisin.
pride:- of Nev, 1 . , :1,.• a lull; years ago, and 1 •
~- . tne- , ~ .1 Se , T , l.,Tl',if .4 l•til* 11l Wa , liburne's
plan: . ..") . , .
' A,lolph 12..P.mie. tip% Cia.,,. Jle •was a lm- J - --* ..
- era', ( ~ottiliktot to I l tatat's , idefniitt Mrnished , Tustin: never wai :melt at hungry "bread
liiiii,e on Ci)e..tunt, - .lzie;, I'biladelpt - ii.4' jk ' .ani butt: - .'r - hrhzide in Wa , :hington tee there
,:mv.,•; the I Itlin o 01 Secretary of the Navy. 14 11,,a 2 ' . :
i: IL ii.. I - 4,c e] a:,,. lie presenttal• a li- ,
to Iry ),,, to lb rift( en thousand dollar.; tl') 1/6 , Tir:: ~,..!it,, , r ~ 1 11,,,' .'...:LAN . leak Tritium: say;
E , , , ,•11en, ~- and ,pull, the splemil . ,l t•tize of of the ( 41 , iiiet , I hat.•'•the tong agony i.., nver. - •
. .
Att , l ,lttay i-i c'lit•Li; -,11,1 .. ! Mar IlIPt lii'lt it hat just begun.
- A. :...qillria-. Mild , 1.,',.., Lad 'the c., , ,,,a: for- ; • " , ' ,
'Tile cI..!W 'Cori, Ilerald is ^Telteinently in
tune lo ntarrs Gru. (.; ran c..., ;% it'e . ,, sisi.tec. and;
Ca - X..% , .7.1 itichniond, Va., the pti4e otl‘lar- 1 fagor .ii; ',tie Cram Admini-tration. This,
steal ...,.. ay.: Di-trio of Columbia. . ' t.. 17.6116.1., ilLictil:-. nolliing v.wert that •it
• ... 1 t`.l.-it.}, tii;rd , - la.ti , ,, is atiothe,rl,rofimr
, Wei 1. , 11!“..111:'101,' a;:alt , t it n6xt month.
ill-1 ,w, and di ,-;,, the I . I,llee mr-.111), a,I Nets
'HU Mi'si , s;Pfd , s.ddint: for a mix.
ill. l' 11.-4 Llas, Thi , geniletnalt i'. 3 ! i,,,, , C X'S :li , ,' , :111 , 3 blaCkS in the g(114)01 ,
lilViltlit.: ~f the ,ii-tinguished Gran , l 5111111 \'.' - .„
nod is to he promoted front Consul at ',v01. - . I 10 " 1 "'"""" 0 I. '" • I"" 4"-;'-'rnnt. hating at
in llngl:Lnd, 14. Minister to Switzerland. . • rival I,i. -",..,
, 7v111: . (:rant, third, t 1- to b t
I,„i„i i ,l inv.rn a l, rev,•l l “, : in I b:111:4 1111.41 y lit up•
Ch;,. 111 ‘l,:t•ti iot bis hrot!:tir •p)intinent „t f:: finssett, colored,
t. third
di- I Prim - 'pal (4 It t-t7hopl in Philadelphia,' I.:,
n r e >. ttl r;,u: e tin-
tun, .„ .
1 ,, I t t raw , to Hayti endorsed -by the
riltit"... , ; • nrit t Cu-ton,.. Now ••1 t aired men, Fred.
Ittlettn , D0tk u 1, , ,,, Dort lottt.2 , tott, many
(;,•orgo lint NVilitt. , 0
to: ill the Tiatts„., -portiti2, •
nowspapi rin S,•,‘ Yol it, :id Lt - , :,ne of Grant:- lc , lit I.eeislattire the tth
.table ertie-. ILL m1'0..4! jilt. '6.i ; rtr . It . sr
1 , Y,;(1 , 111 ::/1;I lift ' V:" (1 " 1 /9' a V"IP
in h i s •of to trwl -1111. r 2P
agt adopter! by 21
ret,,rn; it it,l people will I,e It IL- NV,• don't iitdieve thudi ju l'enntle silt:
tizhl Whilp f1:1,2e . 111( s,L,ol,]q on, ; th,, and
trt , ,t'ortiruz ty):irl - 4%1 10 r ..-1):ove eotP- •
All +he broth r- '''''
thi• ,11:;,w
, ran-i•lor.thly•thove
":!y theta
day, Ind thf•reby 4.11.011r:1
ci.hsn , .-.11 hi-, ;;fits draw , draw , a 1 , 1:tn1,.
If 1 , rei:.
I;rizit, \\l live- in'cwitits.•
Tit*. kv
pr, t PoAta.., t
i.i,•() he I.
I • It ',,
' 4 l' it
Val , ' 0
I{,K. Ci.licti•r, , lrrinlCrir, en apiam of fue
wp ,, r anti Com,'ll at
• \yin probai)le 14. appointed l'on4nl
ic ner:tl;zt Frtokforl Ile 1- - the 101,1.1111,1 of
Johnkq7Nix(;n, of tovinqloa,
p.irtienlar ttlend of the 01 4:cukr:il
I mll4, \Vac pile>intr tor the
to 0r:44. , 1 by ehe Prrsidt-nt
' •lecept the Collector-lop of.
bi-tricf. of R. 1011( kV. Ine has oini.eri
t, te, I ; 4r.
i ) Lit.irpt it,ts re.igne.l the
))-tTht "t f'..r hi. Ilisttiet,
%yin lqo •Hi•et.t..!) t't hy \Vel,-ter,
~f :01 Britt': waft
.111 ttli.) , l"th , ri-itt.lau ;mat" . srt.i ontl.-
are to he titfol:tltil :ot •t , tir .116o,itito
tin , ••••1 ,. ,'.111,1 nr,
that :11'0.r dtr
rPrlmirtint.t'f)llicr: , :, if tili..)••
flu cclviiM<Alt
nt the E-xecittive ‘,ell s :41 tit
I'o:l37l`o , laLe 1114.-:. orl! , P, it is
stiggc , ,ted tit 4t null br •t,,•11"
(11 - 4111;tr lik,l 0,1
/irk ft,g - ‘1:14.,fc. I • it i,Nl'l; (PT ENT , Erct . lll:,l-:, r
• in iQi;lo.
the <,IR<•,• tht
ncvt- atimiliktrrition -
App --,110 The extent ttnit
aeter of the c.intritintion;' made, hy them:
the time when iniele: its value then • anil
vu hie now If- it eore•ig.teit of real estate
they meet specify whether zit was imprtived
or unimproved: whether tot, it or contitry
property ft city- 101,, whether turner -or
( ) nu.' . :11-p), Whether atintting on an al
ley or not it e oontry propi , ,ity, how n,-,eir tq
a naltread, and whether prairie er tindiered.
if inipt oreil city property, whet-hca and
water are in all the rumor.
It the rontrillotion wo r my.
'the applicant must <tat:. the vrrvi , ••
and whether It totes in Later. g,ohi dr I'll N
1(11,{ (01mi:dud int .liorses,
the appiieent ra , state precisely the age.
color, •ze,... and „onditintt 01 the animal, an.l
xyliether eaw.:-.a.dihred not. with :t
pr,eftared pedigree in the former cape.
Co3tributions, °Wet than real (Ante, Mon
cy horsea, may he classed under the ene
rat head c . - miscellaneous,'"hut the Items
must he distinctly elven, together with thekr
value, &e
Future contributTons must b.•
money or improve nit?' mopertr. This rale
will admit or nu del iation. The number of
horses on hand forbb's further additions, and
the,unsale tblz charal*.,er ut Sarin propeity:Will
not warrant the accumulation 01 that , spei ics
..of real estale. To acsommoilatc eustomers,
however, a reatA•sthte agent will he attached
to the headquarters stall, whole. duty it will
be pillFe hh; heat endeavor? to sell c °out , y_
property, and'fo convet t it into money fur the
benefit of applicants jrC office.
All contributions must he made and re
ceipted fur betimes the applicant)? claims are
pas s ed upon. This rule is necessary to avoid
a rpt onion 0: Abe unpleasant, telatim $ aris
ing a few clays since out of a case in which
the applicant was found disqualified after the
appointment had been mad , . In no 011 , P will
the money be refunded.
h titin2
. .
Compliance ;'wit,b the abole in;truktins
will greatly faellitate businm;.
By order of. the Pre.klent of till , //rust
Bitt Enterprise.
A. I). C. and A. A. (i.,
Brig. t rien'l and Brevet
Private t3ecretary.
Cotiatersigne‘i Napoleon Bonaparte Jinkh, of the floss MatillCg and Gli of
Engineer of the Orralt Gift Enterpri,,e.
Tits. Tribmio - heart ily" approve 4 ti t re nom
ination of Gen..J.sing‘treet by our new Presi
deni. as an indication that men are not to be
forever excluded from office bemuse they
were engaged. in the late Rebellion." But
how it world have'howled had Pre..ident
Johnson made the same appointment:
, mitaling knoW
to-~i ~I
(• -Livlt iu
I ,1;-!!,1•1;•t- th(
. ..
. . •
.. . , .
A Chapter from )!'retch 'Uhl°ll. t • Tag growls of the dissuppoititAl factions
In 19:1). 4 a Republic wn.4 org . inize'd in in the radical party are loud .and deep,
France. At tile bead ‘,l it ifie people were Gran; i$ no
,lont , ,er, in their eyes, the. 4 ':,;.1-
.50 ittfatoateil as to place as President Louis 1 vibt , tf the nation." A Colombo- (Ohio Llis•
, i patch says. The liepublivaus here,-itt and
hpulcon, a - man r 4
o • pre% ious repute
'r4 f! ( Pf(.4,4•10. EMI(
Ir t , &LA. , stmint t , t (It rl
,itt In 11;:n-. i 't‘ itl,t , .tt Sttit,int
.;t l l, ma-tither, ~1 tittli•tor it qv %tit ,
n,if 1 t- 1.1,',
1,,f1,,,411.11.,,3 1 ‘e:tkintz h. ail
14,1,111) - : . 0 t.. 1 , r1 , 17.J!1c. -:ly,
rho !-leere
t ;he y A.1,,11,11 the
t4tteri , ter rtt-Ntfoll,• %%Rh only one
iitnl t3p , .-1. , not v rim:: in the name f
11;•• ijoar.' The
calmly h re•olio tr , cr, z,fter eettrittu: thk
iri:brrt tfinr. .
I;it )ht Prc4lent, in
which on.' .:1 the ',1;111,11v Committ , .c orate
U. ni P. 5111 1 Ili• thontrio cviathl not
11,1 ,-- long ; t ant reqpnnarq - I am
m hen. - it : I think iin I..arly.fadjounia
nwl,l very h,•-: thimx Con4re . -; can
Th, conniYvCrfq + C Wall-114n.
ere , idetu. aohns..m tr , ta
ina , lizurafton pt(wurdittgA i Om, ex
-16iJni.-(1 • un 1,•40re the in:ohtra
-1"4.1: .101it..11 it. rote a note to the
Pri ,, i.i,•nt inviting him to rile itit
Dim to Ow I:apitor Tn thi: Grant did not
,•1 , sn t (milt. , calla to reply, and of e‘ittr.te self
reiwet w4,uhl illat:4•;.! Mr. Johnqr;rl to talk
nD terther :.zt , eteit in tut. lnatiti. - •
Tin: , 431: Georui?t, on the I7th
tekik up Ow littet.'nlll amendment, :nil a Imo
'dun 7n intltfinitely po-tponer,e , ulttiFin
vc.tik of tt to 17: ttenhunin the
ittleltliettn or IL, t 4 ein.te: having
e.i , ; :‘ gut., gilt, iiirliginitely
jq.,tpcinint 1111.1 11'0 lany 41t`leatillg the aitop
titot of t7l!••enlit ntne
o ntlntent in (tenrght.
"MA k' meta zentleinan a icy: days ago ,
mtho w., riditiinr: from the White liottsit,'
voltete•he luta ju , t I , eelt snubbed by 6rant in
Oat dis:atabgt Ith ut ni a "slate." The tir.t.
1f(1.4 he aI i , tittered in a tont. betwer:n
:-t.et_r;ll;2, fVl . l'O. "\V 'v
gill a
,011, !hit. 11111 ' .: a, r llr ;1•.
T , T% ll'lnrlll 4 l4 Cll i,o=liiiio.ters in Ws..bine•-
1 tro. ,erking to !seep thihnse hc , in plti&,
beaAe udr,r my 'r-cone &moralized by au
atiMaufecinent, ::rule by Postmaster-Gener
al t'relwell, in the nairne of Mr. Grant. That
annonmement is that the presence of post
masters will be von4idered as a proof that
they .rr . e 'ne...;leiting their duties by being
absent min Ittejr.plaves, and that new men
I will ilVappoillked to till them. A hegira of
I these wilehtts, e4;niequently, occurred.
.tottNsoti uught to be kutywn
:P. the .v,h , Pliaidetti: though it tarns out on
exandnalion that he nut veto a 5 exten
sively a has been buppoEed. The record is
as during ids term, is which two
Congresses held fiVe seysion'i : Total veto w,
10: pocket vetoes,. 6 hecarae laws with
out the Prc.3ident's eignsthre, 16. tieurlY all
the bilk hi vetoed were promptly passed
- Over. the veto.
THYME hai: been a. great deal of loud and
bitter •complaint among- Republicans of all
positions over the Ingmar:in displaVed by the
President. The St. Louis, New Orleans,
Cincinnati and Distrkl of Columbia offlce4
have thus far been given to the relatives Or
personal friends, of the President, in utter
disregard of thh hard-working and warmly
endorse. - 1 Republican applteants. A Radical
Senator declared that - the country would
soon know how large ;its Preside:nes family
real:v wits.
IT itch been telegraphed all over the coun
try that Kansas, by its. Legislatnre, has rail
bed the last constitutiond amendment. The
people of Kansas, at a. recent general elec
tion, squarely voted 3nt♦n thiN suffrage pro
posed to be ,established by the amendment.
The vote stood, on the question of striking
the word "white" from the Constitution:
.Against, 19.600: For, 10,529; Majority
against, 9,071. ••Thia shows how much re
spect Radical legislatam have for the "will
of the people."
out ~r the" Legislature. ate tertildy e \cited
about some of Grant's appointments. Their
privately manifest a great dealpt disgust and
stv'ear a great deal." The New Yorkers are
very denunciatory of Governor Fish's selec
tion as Secretary of State. °They declare
that he t 4 a strong Conservative, and, though
an old Whig, has never been itlentitied in
word or deed with the Republican party. A.
Radical Senator, in Executive Session, sail
that Fish's nomination was like a 11st
Mit. itteitAuDs, of Cleve4md, k in great
joy beeang.e hi.s• wife left Mitt' a few day ago.
She took all the money saved during tv enty
six years of joint lahor. hilt he thinks it it a
- l ithlahee.
Pb•wittl,trilk, nn Saturday• the Ce
Brothers, at a depth of 898 feet, struck a new
Nv e 1 1 , which i 9 nov, pumping 125 barrels pci
day. This Aonnds something like the anal
old times of the oil speculation
TRE Conneattlville Record doi tt n't like
the practice of -ending off money to ttimort
the mi , .ionttrieF. "Let," it say, "some of the
money tegularly , Plll out from here for the
benefit . of the tiO'or in tbieign Inudy, he
diipensed when-- it is known that it d.-,og
I) As nn, lea, trie.l Satnrdie
in Buffalo, for the munier or John Pont, an.l
w; ,, found. guilty 1 . 4 tuan.,laughter in the
third degree. Ile reeeilll.B, , entenee of ,
years imprisonment. The race
iirominen(e in ~ .m<,e.i i tenee the
int it In*.
Tltuisdny las,l the p, tt.ler
and torpet:n fnetory..itutited on Clint ell Hun,
about ty% n tail(: nortl.t . n . f exPitulol
killing Barre men:ill:inlet] A 1) Griffin, 11 . ,
S. Bills and Henry Todd. And filthily injuring
I)avid•on, the preprielet i the.
worht.+ - orlto letq tint dirt. _
BY TILE of •t still - in Alex:11014
Selnifieliri Co.:A*rviiiii.iy, in Ulev.iiiir.lom
„Matthew. Wilsoti, d the
firm, tcn ioktstntl4 killed, awl eowan.
ins-flttet, pil4uthly Tile
•lirtte:r,h;ol..ntOreci the Itill.Whii•iiw,lt,onder
g9ing ri;rviirs. and .attack a match In :t.r. hia
t„ • . • ,
()N-Sritur.,blN, IA an ix Ateollon"n , l-
t.i9p, trait, on theA'hila. Erie.' Nras NN i
in wic,tuSle cif YOungsCille,, the rearsar.was
r tbro . wn iron\ ifie - "tra . ct b 34 , a in:oken lig,. The
I ear beety.tne detached from the traia'and'Al
on its put.bengers, wholow•" 1
e ,in ;1111;)1111SPIV111 , heap. Niw bones
we) e 1 I ken 1411'1Si:11w pt• Non. • w ere mol,••or
Irc injute.r:
A. \l. 4,.1'..kee.p1 . the lit-titdo 1.. ,pre,„, who
plus beriveleciefl. pntdie pri9ter by /be
nte, gone home tranl4cr nis. newspaper
interest to, his euu, :50 may comply I
pith the terms . of the lnti (Tenting the oillee,
which provides tliat. the perecir holding., it
411111 wit be intere6ti d directly or indirectly,
in the publieal on of any Deli-yapor. There
left' a goOd nnr, - rim.; 01 wrlthqr =.10,14.
, corner, and !hi! , is one.
flepitliiican voter , it or Wt:Trytt bortmglr
11‘. 1 ; 1 . 'An in•intitte
l'o-attotQlei'lludvr pr.,,ent
incatzth,•nr. trhu ita- itc.) , l the po-i:jott . '"eight
ymirc. :00 (' rpt. I)ennis, , i), a :,..;nlu7 matt
wlob )rt-pt the tx,,r• .1- NN 41.11.0,
frota 111-I,stufvr4 (, iteie
the Smith, the wsla ‘yet ed
at It/ 411/...11:10,4 . Ow war, it t /• k woo:
onv -r ,, ?<•..)11ti . 11 , 11 , f• r • en
titled 1.1 tttmtitio , another 14 nil it; 11
iittl- k‘!114.(
THE C . "nri(lttoN Re , ,01 %ay, 'A jollv
old codger. from thiti phlre, wit•on the Erie ,k-
Piti , blirgh wain at our !dation.: one .I. t y l•t“
I'll Vat.'
withma Cotvitiehor canto'
called terlk airy. "What
-k the tate the Rent. "Wh re
are e,,11 :" tt-lted the eitridoet-r:
1,- 11: lr l y the repl‘ • " I•iten', ni<l the eon-,
dart' 411,1 -ixty veht.k,
get oil At :`,olaran.
• tilt . el
iZOf 4•1 tlit; r < .!)1 I{l, "Alter
lan< <• in hi- 101111' :tr.4 . 4 . 4 e 1.
Ft. rr•orr L ry
t.Ff Hr.y . .1. , .1 r.ailt 01 , 1- eng Meer
on the Lake Shore road, ha% ja,t ecovered
* 1 5,000 clanyn.'re in n Quit at h. %‘. with Richard
Ikot ly, for alleged ' , intimacy' it ith Iti, tc ire,
whit It re...tilted in .Ift tr a complete tdiehation
(,f her :tire( lion. from Chita-elf that in July
t. , :t ,he left Itih ittave, in ( ,ittria ,
him Sll‘Sterki-e 144;11 one of hi, regulat hilt nn
the railroad, hiking with her a iarf.te 'portion
of hiv hnu , ttoki gothh., and .info that time
utterly refn , ett to recognize Jib a; her
ho.ban t -1 Five thott4and ;:houl.l go - a
cont,hterab'e Way , . lowan!. hi , wound
ed honor. .
A t.t,i rn.r. in Cleveland went: to etancli to
lie mart ieml a week or ltV , , nmi up 1.0
the time they temm(Amtml the alum] m•vervthing,
looked prointion: for a nappy evir:nt. But
when 'the' tainisnrr cam" mp l e,mion the
youn:: lady in the II:nal manner, the- hidden
apt illy : of her heart Mete 4rairlieti, and ,he
ilatly refused to ronsurnthate the matrimoni
al engagt merit The 3,,]:n: ; than 11%.1\ of
eourrze, ;:reatly , hocked, anti all pfecent welt.
\V 011(101111 y 11111".24:(1, hilt lilt: young lamb: was
the would not cull-ent to Duds."
a life arrangenwnt .I.gnint whim is her lwart
revolted, and• till" • weddimt patty dM, d
without havinm; "(Ping
Amtesi. the pal ticipants in the rn6sing of
grape vowel, at the Court Douse, on Satur
diy, was .11r. Laurence Oliphant, e t Broe
.ton, N. Y., who is known as one of the lar
gest and most sueet stul grape produkers
along the Lake Shure. 'lle history of tlti
gentleman is quite romantic, and mar inter
est FAMW of our readers. We quote us it is
'related by the New York papers:
• Mr. illiphant was introduced to the world
and to pOlitirs by thelate Lord Elgin, whose
private secretary he Was, and made a deep
impression on the fashionable and politi ca l
world by his brilliant talents. He was com
paratively unknown, bin hi a tew Months
.took all hearts by storm, lie obtained a scat
in Parliament from Scotland, moved in the
highe4t circles of society, and was the uni
versal favorite of the world of fashion. Re
was once seen sauntering into the Travelers'
Club with two men leaning' on his arms—
one Ills Royal Highness the Prince of Wales
.and the other His Majesty the Prince of
Denmark such a (inure us that which lay
before this handsome,- clever, fascinating
young diplomatist nny mail might have -en
vied. Stuldenly,• however, Laurence Oh
pliant was missed from his place in societcy
trom club, and 'House,' and opera. Where
he had gone none could tell, Even his con
stituents at Stirling were tumble' to get any
aecurate_intormatiou concerning him, and as
he made u appearance at.'- the recent elec
tion, another matt was pilO,Cn in his place.
He has at last ].teen diseovertxl at Brometr, vu
the border of Lake Et*, where the tare
idolized star of Belgravia now tolkito-the
plow and wears the homespun,"
WE gar; `nn artxtunt at the time of the
elopement of Rev. J. J. Shorthill, a Baptist
preacher, at Pairtsatawny, Jeffersoweotn4,
with the wife of G W. Colkitt", of the same
place. The, parties are supposed 'to have
gone in the 'direction of, Louisville, Ky.,, the
chief of police of which - city has received
the following letter on the
from the
aggrieved husband. It is one of the raresref
fusions we havti'retid in many niontha, and
has the merit of heing,entirely original i"` •
"Ponssutawaney r Jefferson co Pennsvl M
ule febury the 23 18119 to the chefesollea
louisville Ky Sir I want you to take this in
han and sarch the cyty and see if
has been there and a rest theta and I will re
ward you with one hundred and seventy tive
dolers as soon as I git to see them and have
them 'shore the kit pittsburg on the nine
teerith of Jenury fur that cyty tha had there
trunks check ed to that, plase din was 2 new
trunks throed char oat wens a way got new
wens in pittaburg he tali baptia preacher by
:the name. J J Shorthill and mt wife is the
mother Ida name Is M E Colkitt tha Eloped
:sad mbed me of fern hunted delete in cash
he - has bone pretben for 16 . fears he is about I the requisite number necessary to discredit a
5 rot S inches hl and hes along pore of ‘ehis- witness could be got to sweat that they would
hers all oyerthis case and sandy colottl . with not In lieve him on his oath.
sulthen eves beveytored red sein and Ail* 1 0 ,, Norio.
Timm: is": 1 great deal of 01 , po',Itionin the ,
ball bead he'vart s black clothes he be basn ranks of the tietny, to that part of the pro"
hat and a cap with him tutl lie is abed 45 gmearne of the Republicans in Congresstrom
years oald an,d 1. a' little stoop
. .sbol . dered the
Pennsylvania whit h gives to Senators Cainl l
lady fu his eumpeny is ''..NI I,2ollidt She is
stun and ;Scott the distribution of the offices
mi wife She is a bout five fettiti lochs hi with in the districts reptesented in Congress by
black bare and black esestAnd.dark coin-
Democrats. It is alleged that it wili Com
plection slintioilt leene and he i hir rite shop pletcly ignore the active men in those ilia'
der of plane if you find them yon' can exam
en hir sholdt thug lan lump
for Cnd
Congress, unless Senator Scott 'tumid re-,.
Li 'TN year.; oabl . thare trunks hes his books in , solve' to consult those candidates.- It is: con-
tha ova a bnitt from ninety to a hundred .
pounds and She had a carpet 'sac and basisit tended - timl the Republican members eket.;l
mare not entitled to any more consideration in 1
with hir and w ore when she left home a Wil" :their ,11 8 t r i c i i than the Republicans who ran
ter dres and Myer now if you a rest those
party and holl. them till i cum i will pay. you as candidates in hopeless districts like Mosel
a hundred am 75 dolers reward Mr them
I.\ 1.4 Berks., York, Northampton, Lebigii,Civar
field, I.threrne, etc. "
and if you dortt follow, them the futile out ;
Iwhich corse ) th) went frm that phew and let 1 , Gov. Gram . has het n doing some very
tme no ' , - " • 1 dirty work for his 'fiend and backer, John
"ph t,..ct to Pu k•inuctcoel ii:tr,rwl tt co Pa : COV011(1.: It: will be remembered that the con
to G W Colkin \ ' . j test lietaia.c . n Corode and Foster was a close
"The teloffrapl k brooktiille Jetlersort co I one. illhen the return judges met, twomere
Pa - \
1 Democrats and one a. Repliblicau. The latter
"talc to Me as SM as youcan abd It t tec i claimed hands, and would not;sign the (Tr
. ,
no the noo: whichettrlsq, tha boiled fir. - i titic tte in favor of Fo,-ter,„ but drew up au
i other eert4ing, that ('uvode had uteri (Iraq
' ed When Gearyis,ned his proclamation tiller
the October clect,ou, declaring the names of
A I 1. , H1 oceihrrc 'Oil TiltlrNd.ty hiSt
week, :it, Fort Lyon , bettrecti the colored
and White Ar.op , , in triti , h ,cvcral JI the
combatants were kith . 1 and unundrn
t: It t-. lk , rn r, c
onnumfied hy the Sont , C.trolina CongTes
sionaldcicgatinn and en loried
master achrral for plc.% tacter at Coltinthi.t,
in that State.
A yuust, 6Pl'lllitti in Ni'
refuq.,l by the girl b.. 1 ,
Sun.:ay, Lillie_ her ant ,
then with the . ".ame pi.1 ,, 1 r
uwn ..i.tencp.-
I TIC %.:\ 1). , : if.,
woown r..,,ttniqtrcAtt.‘
Wa , :ltitzton :t rti.ll of letota .
Some of thttto tiri• in perittit
tet Iv\ nu, ofiltler , , olltt
! .14
brant•l..- , f thy
' A I :no, i, et-lit i'1 ,,, ...ii0n in V in. 'II , I, \..1 ,
it t\ - t- i.ptill 111111111111011 , 1 y V"ted I. lIIIN P . llO
liV . llgt 1.1 ..4 . 11 liquor-. Tiille N - er.• t W.,
Licht t.. ill Olt' field, itle'lltling 011 V • youilin';
till:, t,' nominated' by ft meeting of turn aril
W.:;< if 4:11.57.a.9i , to ii..niali sinTrin4i.,, TN.
Ivoin• ii ..1 , ,t in 411 Isl 2 voles. Mill!) one of
. 11 0 . noing.n.Film.; on I,2iiiiii.: avenne, W 5 4
tittnii , liniz Ili( pulls: her tolsbantl, g.& , 1, kind
-Iy/:,1,11,1, it aq/aolne• . tht: ::+llOrly ironing.
.t . •
TUE. New York Iftral.l eay. the greatest
epoch in .Imerican history ••i, covered by a
rail -plittor, a tailor and a tanner—Linroln.
Johnson and Grant." We do not know at
; any more. honorable avocations. than tho:e
A ri , T ,,,,ripn li p; ..fter mention d, and we Should hat , to think that I
," • Incubi loiroe4m d t`rint -•I "/ •
Mt. . 0 1 111 010 n. y a t `: at ,• l l, llr , b y ! • • • I .
;Tenni:4. a ,old out hie
tere:4-, the tto give a fat ew-11 I{.atal 1 - .)entokTiAts unite
i e nincv a or Warmly praising ttowfrritor lilitlinatt, of New
'York, for votm-; of gl'ecial le •illation.
; night a grand enter dninent,and the up.
pearanee of tit •4 1. tuition veloeipt cll,t flout Mr,. (112AttA‘i of `Flint
Harper n ' t unsc - :taiZat.l t e hour,cdr, Ids hisk et moth
tniMe, lie dorincc •fentale attire: and rude his and attemptim; to ,m0...k Mr. Harper down,
hyciclr, to ;h, utatetti, ,, nt of a large Midi. was ~ urprised to ti nil himself :A jactilated from
once. At tatd. he It ft, t',.%n alllt tire,l hi, own window hr the tiendi-h but mmccu
, pit:ceeds of the exl.l,Thith , n nnd
Fir liarpeti
'r,r,namuy at N:viliingtim ann tvulce3 tint
A oat t:s fa, low in Litn con,My, fat a. four tramdatiou, are making of "Bulertu's
,mdc•ivort...l the i titer, ;la) to force ltr •u...ty ot tir_nt," into French, Spanish,
into: a rez..m 410A:1411.A by ! Imulitin and Gi•ruilan. hint vet -un
kict,sl in *lout, dertaken„iv- helb %,•, translate it ;JIM
not a , a.l. cie ttLcn ~1 '
richrelievc•(l him t 11 . :zr‘ em). , irrlesMl.ll. 11,1 , tun•n_Ieiu! this
clopiiinu, it rll' v. ilk nn,..0;(. cotmtr. ',vii; !rive ol..eti - od lit
A ~r d e r, ,--, ro11;eall•ol the Po. tv-lit-t
); - e-- , el: oar front tiii• Pacific Scptud . rou tor ab•YI.C.: ill sr, Gutblll H. 1.1..-1 assiduous a
the 15'est Indies, to protect the kitcrecs, o frepresentative he has ai'e been was the
lurnricnn e i t ik en , dui. i nu:e noire no•iceahle. lire. CoNsisnow in Europe
dition of 'affair- itt Cul , a• Two iron-clad--4 /or tie "ake of to- health, a , nd . Ids plt, In,
bare Kee Wu-4 eo. 1 eminent Dr. 13.•nnett. Ment ne. has
, the w c ., t inklomed him front retaining !Mine till af , er
• " bat Wil11:_ ~f ,11!
in( 31. p:r:i.E.n, a .tfelvly marritd
, ot , FF.I:: Lamed trimyer addie-sed
relo„2,o 2 tts revit.dt-,1 I fatintiond by
-1.:::kol.'1,1111;,•)„,p(1,11licti is plying his vocation in
I{o?!,,lte-tet, through ma. ot the Mc al new.-pa
-11,111(1N, :01.1 a,r,"„drank urgin, him. tilt' name ot public de
the content:,lwo ounces in all. - Dr. van P er '•
n tames . , to quit Ills had farce and hi. I.,“Ne
. t!f Wappittget' nillg;havir ,
tra , edv :oil b. talc ,ning•
pa 11.41. admini,terekt a powetrtl erautir - '
c;illin- •
tom , , v.unitod and was
k , l [i , • 'Ladd hei•Ll it'd only inn•.
v,el•k- Ili• win• '\ t. LLH•i twin
an 1 . somlaintei .
‘yhiell, r Too, nth , tit . ,
1 . 1.(0.; ilockyt (it thy .3/". 14;9
Hartford ,ciikuity, , ttil• '
term. Ti, Ilan I :arc
- •
di..,-.-oiuthal (it 111 ".". 111
litany 14 thy par;a , bay,. if.' in E. A
togiaber 191.1. a o tiv.-iy -.boll i
-/ ("ral• , .
ofl '2:2, CtVtlr IT.
daaglitcr% of to twas, ; I t. 13 irclav, Erit.,
trYto a..1.11te.1 by a iirg-r() ankl R„(;ll—K'nr. AlllaiST sual
thelr outraged. c.)l(nial alt:i Erie. sl,Fio.
19, named on Not has biaai n.-1(•,1 ; s t • l o.,' iwar,l, 11 'i t to
lho \ 10/ %ant. OU l'i day lihi.lo au attempt. 1 W Franklin, Curry, $3OO
Wit . made by the thetWellied I Marrh 1, '65—'1,3 to! nip.) fo to
from the h.hig hit, lint tut' tunhvt,i,
111)111 )
IJ. .hick, (lorry,l Vo4 tla. act hr pr ,, ,, nt r , •-1 11, IA all ,l (1,
Nor ..-till in Ili , • a-to•!.. ,; i.' C , ,rrv, ;4000
SM•riff, %silo ha. t.):..' P.. P.a1.1 1 : Pr:finktia nut tii
bin) in (ailla, I,ov. l'orry, $1350.
Tittu.:(: French Wklllien Nl,,trai•ike, )( t.:5, - (l'l—Silas Clark and II ill! to ('. M.
eentlr 10 having Young. Corn - , .$3502 .
and the r‘.ivehition4 inaale on tint I .Ifatch flay ilird and win..lo
t r i a l ,t to weil th a t i;t' r w wr y. n .,Sani'l IVeigt•l, McKean, 5ill,50(1.
thini fnr tilt it ti- tit :11:.t ta.ii•t• ri IGet. J. tlt3-1). if Yager to Wilson T. \farts,
their litAtinds in (hi , •• n thy j $ 525 •
mean- ei ci,annindatinz c er-. We "Iv" 15, " 11 `. , 41- 1471
nnw in , the Fr;tnn It vatt , :rs the r,port to 11 'nry Gro‘g, Fa i, , till 5.0 0 1).
of a ittal :114 , nitaithan. in which eialit wo. M'm -- -k• II Wint:
It 'T i' (VW,' je:IY, fit Itr ,..n a t a t • litjattp, E ,
tion ~f their NVOI[IIII . C.3 — M . 1 " 11 ' 1 'l" 1 1 I. is 1 1
tried (Cr littr 14 Ti“k r er , Erin ,
nurm-. Several 01, them have on- • NI itch G Burnham et al 1 , 1
vier ,Pnrynei .1 nu jail lot $ 1 •:tW 0 . •
3lity 10,'611—\C. A. Yt»t ei al to
A nuri 11 :Ind 11:)pr , t•like.1 71111r,ii%r tray
r4)llllllitted t , II suipluy four
tifflei from Hampton, 1 - it. A titan rt - :tincii
.1 . 01,11 Titount-, Who rear
v.:a , ar,i , cd. 1,;•••un,• pH., in the, anti featin:, tluit it rol.her4,
hr It nn flown his , lior utt lutti lei Id oat
t h e 1,;,(.1 ; o.m. tie t ivtncrd e.tution-1‘
in pr. , . i' , L;
open pte doer lit- e.tale lip near Liu ni
- What art :0111 6)1112: t :•,
thuv all 'fire - 11 at him 311.1
tout: owe in tie nti•c, tine in ',li
,houliler and the but•
did ti proAR instaiii }• fatal. Thias
11,(11), r Le• 1) 01..101
I,:«'e v,t lx•c n nta(l.•
.:•to , ti. of the convicts iu is:irm Sin:
tit uh• de,perate at ietopt- to e4capcl,t q o. !;.
At four o'clock in the morning, one ot the
keeper ., named Forc-t, took five it T h e
let- from their cell , 1 , 4 thepm cot brit;;-
in, in the breaktast fur, the °tilt r pris , mm,
on hi , way to the kitc'ten the eonv'e
..,ei7e.l Forest and tomnd and eaitg-il
le.t% inn hint on the th.,ot Tin 'y then -went •
to the kitchen and Forced the guard 'in like
manner, atter nitich they escaped by Means,
of the root. It was afterward fou'ud that'
Edw aro Craft, .the guard, who had been
-bound, had died of :-.l.tti'ocation from being
gaggtit. Two of the t-,caped convicts were
soon atter capttned in a bate at Terrytowu.
In the afternoon a number, of con., h i while
at %yolk overpowered their goard, and made
a nib for a :Ne.110(»IVr was, lyinzut
anchor. They drove es - cry one away arum
it, but before they could get the schooner
away,from the dock it guvd from the priquti
arrived and commenced firing uptto them.
Two or three went set ioucly injured and, the
remainder surrendered.
TIM l'ittsburgh Post says the spring elec
tions in Allegheny county, on Friday, "Pt-
Whit decided gaito for the Democracy."
Gov. Crams, during the war,Tejoieed
in the title of "The Soldier's Friend." In
view of his anxiety for office, he is now.witli
more propriety, &nominated "Tb" (foyer
nor's Friend."
Tim World stir, that in- the deladd upon
the tenure-of-office bill, on Friday, 7Johu
Scott, the new Senator from Pennvivania,
surprised the Senate, anti contradicted his
appearance, by a very forcible and entirely
of iginal.speech."
Ciit kNT has displayed his love for the sol
diers by removing Gem Joseph . P. Knipe. as.
Postmaster at Harrisburg, anti-putting the
notorious George Bergner, of the Telegraph,
in his place. Knipe was one of - the bravest
of the brave, while Bergner was a stay-at
home mule contractor. The Republicans of
Harrisburg are nearly unanintrata in oppo
sing Berguer's appointment. ,
Stmos CAMERON, the proprietor of the Re
public= party, is believed to he averse to the
nomination of any of the candidates now be
fore that party for Governor. Geary, and
Morehead, and Grow; and all , the others
named, are obnoxious to Simon. Ile will
probably not announce his favorite until the
Convention meets, and then, as he did in re
gat-d United States Senator, the "ceasing
man" will be announced and nominated.
When Cameron commands, the Republican
party of Pennsylvania must obey.
Tftegliambersburg Repository, the Repub•
'lean organ of Franklin county, has an arti
cle charging Governor -Geary with lying in
reference to the appointment of ex-Governor
Curtin to a position In Grant's Cabinet, and
not only charging it but proving it. Geary.
is regarded by a large number of the .promi
nent men of his party as utterly unwOrthe
of belief, and we•have no doubt =ore than
the uwinber , of Congre , ,s elected _trout this
State, and in which he refmwd to c‘!r,tily that
either Fo.;ler or Cavol, had been elected,
his ‘luty era,ed and NVZI , at nn end under the
election hmi of the State. After ihat he had
ao more right to inkrlere in the matter Man
any lois - ate citizen. Be now chtitni to have
atild,.‘tts %%Melt convince him that Covntle
t and 11:14 .eent them to Walhing•
ton with a requist that the latter be admitted
to a , cat, (IT course the whiffle thing has
been conented for the occfolom Geary linow4
that Foster k the choke of the people, hut
he 11:, , h n bullied into his pre.ent eonrse
Covode, echo threatened to - his nmn
itutt mon for Governor.
N 1 Irk, 5...1...b0ing:
ypti, chnt her on
t 111.4tanily, atul
! nn t•, fri+
toL u•lt ;flit•••
i. attra.•tvcl
j)1i1(t It* ill
ti, Cll=lolll
in 0011.1
JialN M., nged 74, and
qv P,lrri.ll, aged S:!, were inarr . a.,l ttdi
vino L h whet . ni.rid.
THE ilitrif,rd Tins, %%rote that. Alex. 1".
Stewart wit , the greate-1 •ImporLer" in the
conntry. and printed tha , titC , areal
est.-impostur. It tipulugi - D,s fur the Witte
der, ?nit -inys it might h is-e'f3.•en
Raymond, Greenfield, $.5'42.
Feh. 1 , 'l;.:t--W. Yle.t t o
niOntl, Greenfield, $lOO
Marrh 15, '69—Gustave Jareeki et al J
Scerk.•n; Erie $1,515.
Match '65 2 C. 11. Carle and ;IN ire t E.tra -
Cooper, Union tp., $3OO.
April 4, 'o , 3—Srurid McClelland and wit'e
to Chas. Zinc:, Springfield, $3O.
Feb 2'7,'6'3—A. F. Swan. Sheriff, to, Pro,. ,
per E Welinein, Corry,' $175.
21 1 , ''-i—John V. Chapman and Wile
to iletire .1. Miner. F,tircie.t tp., $l,OOO
Mdre 1:i, 'O-11enry A. Miner and -% fit'
to S: A. Larvik Fairview tp, $3,150. '
J o h it, 'MS —Nuncv Philltp. to G. W. Phil
lip-, West Springfield, 5,z500.
Marg.!' la, I;tt-4./. W. Phi±lips to John Al
berts, Springfield, too.
Feb. 0, —Ni-ati I. Keene et a l to II c.
"Ii tenon. S.ait 0 Erie ,
Heed and 'a iti- to 11.
Sli :neon, sl,otri.
A, klorri.on et 3 1 to 11
on! , al, 1:t it , , $1,475.
S. In—Eli/3 I'. 11, , t‘ , 1 to
'Prue dell, ('. , rev, $5OO.
Aug. t;, '67-41. E. Peek tool %rib. th Jay
E. True4dell, Corrv„s2,6o9.
March IC,, '69—John Clemens and wife to
Geo. II Knight, Erie, $7OO.
March 18, '69—Mathew Kneih and wile to
J. Fleming, Erie, $5OO.
Nov. 5, 't.lB----13. P. Middleton nn.l witi- to
G, IV, Underwood, IYaterfoca Euro, $6OO.
March I,'69—Mrs. Jane Beeke , , to
Shannon, Stun!' Erie, $2,300.
Aug. 29, '4:l-11enry Ciamond to Judah C.
Spencer, 31111 Creek, $732.
31-troll 10. '69—B.Lippott, and wife to Au
gasto4 Auer, Corry, 42,009.
Feb. 4.'69—henry Malick and wife to J.
Metzler, 31111 Creek, $220. • 1
March 17,'65---John Zimmerly and wile t 6
Anna L. Zimmer!), South Erie, $l.
Jan. 26, '6 l 3—John ZianuerlY and wite to
Mary E. Zhumerly, South Erie, $ . l.
Jan. 26,'63—John Zirnmerly and wife to
Georgietta A. Zimmerly, South Erie, $l. "r'
March 17. '69—John Zimmerlv and wife to
Fraticea E,. Zimmerly, South Erie, $1:
July 2,'o6—Henry Althof et al to Jacob
Born, Mill Creek, $4OO.
May 25 '63—Alvin• Francis and wife to S.
G. Francis, Erie county, POO.
Oct 31,'68—A, H. Tyler and wife to Oh
vsr Young. Corry, $2,050.
Sept. 22, '6B-11. D. Frat;Cris it al to Oliver
YOung, Corry, V+oo.
SINGVLAit I'itOkbSTTION.—Dr. Sage has n -
I.louhttsily discovered a perfect specific for
Catarrh, judging from the universal satiqfac
tion and approbation which we hear ex
pressed by several persons who hare used it.
rt. .V. Pierce, 31. D., of Buffalo, N. y., the
proprietor, us will be seen by reference to our
advertising columns, has so much confidence
in the remedy us to offer a standing reward
of 000 for a ease of Catarrh that he cannot
cure. The remedy is said to be very mild
and pleasant to use. It may be procured by
enclosing sixty cents to the proprietor, or of
any Druggist in the land.-7okdo
LEGAL Bt ANKS.—Wo remind those in need
of blanks that our assortment is the most
complete in the city, comprising every sort
generally in use by Justices, Attorneys, Can
al doles, Property Ownerikand Business men
They are all prepared by experienced men.
got up in the best style s and sold at the most
reasonable prices. - A liberal deduction will
be made to dealers or others purchasing in
large quantities. iv2s-tl.
Ir you need whitlow curtains, hay them
now, while they artrcheap; they are only
ten cents each at Wkn. tJ. Sell & Co.'s book.
store, WS State stmt. They have green;
blue and buff, and
,a dozen different patterns.
Call and MO them. •
Heal 'b:,tate• I ratiNlet*.
Nstu Abbertustments
: 1 1V tve3.
Ma Mists & Boiler Wien,
NfN,.ouirt„ of Strainuery,
A 1,46,
J f:I,II,ERS, ;411 [,1.4, sTEA3i p 1.7111 ”,
Nlll.l, WORK,
Jobbtug b6licited rviluct.4l prier, A I„bik
warranted. Our motto, 1.
Ceb4tottters; In list be ttnitc•ct.
Cam-Works miner of Pcn,li ;ITO Thtici sh oefq
Li OW Losp How' u.F.-"sm
erfjfk, publlshed, a !WV: 141111.11
Of Dr. C ulverwell' t ctaati , l
• F ay OH [ht• ratite:ll curia (.7Ariltmeit
medselne.) of l , vr.it3s.A.loltlt/PEA, or seminal
Wealertes4, 131 Voluntary wetntnal no,hes, ltnno
leney, 1.4 lid Pi* nival Inca p r ,r•i* j.
Irletsts t., M.lrriar4e, hiso. 4 'WI 'filftipti , M,
F:plle•p•y, and 1.1t',1.1n In'
,or sieNlllll , , .
ttu , - l'rlee'ln a sealed
The , celebrated author, in thh adillir:ll.l.•
ag,V, ele.,rty demonstrate , l (tom thirty pets n'.
es•ful praeliee, that the n.lartnize;; e0n.,..-
Linenres of ,iiay
wltlenathellanzermm ttse of Internal me , llenrie.
Or the application of the knife; p , .. 1-I:ing uLt 4
of cure at one,' Mmplo, certain and et.
l'of bud, be mean 4 of v. lllell cs, ry *tiff,
In:ou.r what MI emicl!lion may be, may •e.iri•
lilting If elmaplY,
a3' THIS Leciale• , 1e.n1.1 he In barn!, 11f
y0111.11111)(1 evk ry 111811 in 111.•
Sent. under •tr,qCii In At plain unrelovo, to foly
fe, ern fe-Cenfort Of Venn . ,
o post altunpg. Aleut, Dr. l'uls‘rv. ell', ••Mnr
' Gtlldo," prier Si cent. A‘t•lrosm (nit ?Oh o
11.,h. CHAS. J. LI NE
raratq. froa.e. and !ot. Ralf
• Hanle eof I. i,ri•t 4.1. 1.,“
hiL 11, 4 ,1 J. LIZ Ala.?
fa l, -•
:Re: , I :trio. :11:L•,....1U1 1.1 WI
4 11 . 11/". :..(111 v‘tneil I w.
i •,:. Wlltl.-4+114
/41.,..1 1" itilV't 1.01/d. J't tett,
EL:LAWA WlLA.lthurrl' , . Farm
suer. Tht, is ori, of farms in
co inty—buSWSn ¢+. orclictram unit rllr4
the bert. rwr le r—etcruy.
• Two :.,octCrt-ert , ,t ,, lrt*rof F:liVtth
and 4 lieAtnut stteetn. 0.,e larro Y ..tore, I
one (rim... Pt!celtrs • torn,
S to it z var..
Ilittl4l.”tteet. N. Hd•. Ikt•A'
lot. Prror•,
N.. tr....t.
,I; he.u,‘.. amp.
No. FD
),N3 hoo.
:11r1 tf.
m . .u.inolli 2 ONE DOLLAR SALE!
• OF ONE I:111,1..111.
1 t.. - a s tretil•ir PE,
S .V%l MOTH 'lt
I.E-4/tf• tintl
lion.• in tiii• tcortd. NV, with t
hut inwn,
ti, tt11..11 ‘Ve.• 111.; :11.1;1,14 , 1
pri,ents c,u ytng ut ealnr ;
frnr,t“ni• tinaisiiinit dollar i*
Itl It.l I
(3I1011•, 11. 1 1111, 1.1,11 '5 I - li 111 , • III.:
'4O, ..III . ; iv. F.'nu . 7 , t;rinii..Stis
V. i n ', ‘ , l
ri ti.t .i•
po.• . , I SII•1,0., ,p 1
13 •4 .1 4 4 -1 04 - 4. 4 .1 4 44.", .1:4•14 1441111 4 1' ,1
Qth' 4 l 1 , 4441
W.• k• ikkkkt k• •I 44 4 11 4 '4,
1 / 1 . 11 1411'i 4 'in 4 147 "1.11.1 1%:,44•1 4 . 4.4
ll kik•rtk our extraordinary fkiPilittos for storing.
kkllk•V: kkkk i ••••kkkkpl.lL:kl•kkkkl,w:l; k'I11,1•11,;:••
tk•r 1.. rl,l ..:I•k••••1kip all k - fttlo rk. t •I•kk •k;
It , 7 11 , 01.1, 'I4••:411V 4 4 4 14:1 4 •`44 . 4
.! 4 :}f l•
I ; I•-k It 4tt.,a II o - .+,,
• 4 , •
Pl,' 071. ,• 1 4 4 44 1'204 :,krl kw.
.llarker, Cultivatow :am:11111,r.
c,i 1 17 :( /TIC; El It. —4lilN N r: - 1";
)IE t twiLLE, 1'
• 11.1 , 1 , 100•41 pe.rfect and gr.. —:
•allll4 .7.1.1 , 11in,:0r ti.e. kind cat CA' ••tt It I 1:t•tlltaLti Itt• tin et:t•liii•ltt 11 , .•
11'41 only tliat. 4 t t) 441 41,1 t• 11•11, till.
ton, leavl,ll4 ...II halo and al. r. 1, , .• . 1
t•ondil lon to 1,1.11.1
d. , nc, by hel4llt and i••• ,. fflint •11
Ow tooth- They aro v7:11, v.llO-
out. 1110 3 can 1 "' • I •f "," •
'rho tt•,•( h rRn '/I 1 i'ver(..l 10 tjl , .1
irtti4l 1,11. , row-. mi.
1111pilt111 , 10 the` lainwr 144 1 11 e VIII , 1. ttion
of corn Or orti..r coarse plan t••• 1 or It
ITi roos. 1it,147111114 ts ha% t• lit t It 01,
tett-tLtoi . . tad ari•WPICP.:IIt ttto glv. , a , Is; 1. !ion.
rrr:ttr - • t :
111 , LOrtif10,111“, ,
.1 1:04. - •
ot I 01 t. , d
Double 1N,1nt , ,..1.1ti I - I.litt•table I 'tt:tt it
aii.iliged /0 do It, \Volk in .1. .1. 'nab!,
mann,. r in all kin-1.-of t.r"p, in tl.tar , Ittlerent'l , for ‘‘111,..n Ow t It anti Ilt,r•••
is t: ,- eq. Jr thrrryttghly Intlvert it C , lull , !.
eut, and t•over•, up the w , 4414., Nally, a
lull, i 1,1,1114 t!.• nr no for r!,?
'bras 1-.lli, ground lit a ...ouitt 011 It, o't "Li
lightne,s and nloistar.. We t0,..nme1..! th,:n
t.. C•4rta...n to. the r iie ii,. I, (1." ‘ . 1.0
greatest tabor -al Ir 2 t • hint- of tl” - 1;:n
hnit• ev. , l '
1 r 1
3t.11.1.11:1-.EN.-Itoh, .1:5a14 , . k.1.1.,;t041:.
Sprague. .t: G... 4 :re* 44 n 4n. .-%1"1114.1
John lf.rnrlt•l 4 rN, r, 11.
.1, %I.
NOW, atlif \
right and left hand. ihe ra x i ,th. :ul of
:4413 - olog•r plow In Ll . it, Z. 11.1 It 41,.71
please you bring it bael: Wand MJII4 of
the late. t 1411pr04 cJ kink. Fol sale at Wzioh-411.•
General Agent for I..'ric County..
‘..•, hv R. 4111"L.T.X. I'..d,ra I 11111.
1* . !•• NOE ice.
Eril•AL-, Admmi,t ott , t, 011 e
: , 010t0..1 .1••••"41, 1.::.• f
z...v.n•hip. I Nc ....•“111. - , I Tt grnitt
e.l to 11/e ut/.1, nlyts..l : u /fit ••, 1 . 1 , . y gi% ru
tO ail in.11!•11,1 to t.• N. 7!: .• MI-
Illf . 11.1:1• 1.3 II.ent,'1:11(1 11.1,11 t: ..1111„olp
tig. , lll•; %Val 1.,1•_ , 0•0
elllloll,ti I, kn
'1‘110.4. syrEnur.rr,
I I'.
&..titai ist r4it t.r-p4
, tab•nt Inhew tialc..•:, •,- 'A. • ! , . , •ne
IT. Erie buying been
tiii:lerAign. it. notice LC hereby given h. n. in-
itellted 3i) the Naine immediate pay
merit, and ihn,te having &aims againgt
estate will preheat theta, antlientteat
for isettleinen:. ' U. 1. PINNEY.
• fel.C.s 6w. Adtn Inbar:llw.
4(intiiiiistrattors' Notice.
ETTErts nr APNI .NLSTRATIO: 4 .I on the.•
J ♦ to to of James Tate, deed; late of Snot:nit
tp., Erie ,:0.. Pa., having bo, n grantcd to the
timlenogned, not lee is hereby given to all
Indebted to tit.• 'sane' tcr.tuake immediate pay
ment, and those having elomm against said es
tate will Fremont thorn, duty anthem looted, for
suttlentent. !LIU'III.
felai-Sw AdrninistrotorN.
how to Train Aninials: •
INCLITDViri fmtiiitry , ciremi trickg an , l9tht,r
tricks stlit more surprising, in No, 1:: ut Ils
ney:s Journal. 1,500 square inches of rein brig,
Must rationq, etr., only .1 cents ofanydenlvr, Ity
mutt to places where no rleraer Ss, iel et., it year,
spoeiniens 7 cents, none free, .E.spoiaare4 of
lintninn,, awl swindles every month. ' .11 , ,•454:
lIANEY a., 119 Nativt,n Ht., N. Y. 'nn IS
..;;cuts; Wrtufett
I: National Capitol. The most startlimr„ in
structive andAmtertiumag book of the day.
Send for ctruntars and see our terms. Addrbsa
IT. R. DIIBLINDING fl,t.„ No. ID Itroorm. Nr.l
New mrlB-ht.
1011 PRINTING of every kind, In large or,
•) S mall quantities, plaln or colored, done in
the hest style, and at moderate prices, at Ile.
9b‘errer oftlea
Goitre or Thick Neck
use of Galvanic EleetrJetty. it hhbelleved
that every case is curable, net ntritter how lanl.
The very worst easel can, If they clestee, test the
virtues 01 this harmless agent by calling at the
°lnce of DR, E. J. FRASER.
WANTED—Agents, Male or Female.
IN EVERY TOWN AND CITY to sell the new
Violet Ink. zunnufatattrod by ritENCII et
C0,,:i00 Ara) street, Philadelphia. Send 25 et%
Mr sample. foblg•rlim
!' '7
TO.TFIE WORKING C'l,ASs.—f am now pre
;sired to fluniSh nil classes with constant
employment at their homes, the whole of the
time, or for - the spare moments. Rosiness new,
light and profitable. Fifty cent' $.l per even
ing, Is easily earned by persons of either acs,
and the boys and girls earn nearly as' much as
men. (treat inducements are offered to those
who will devote their whole time to the busi
ness; and, that every person who sees this no
tice may send me their address and test the
business for themselves, I make the following
unparalleled offer: To all who are not. well sat
iated with the business I will send to pay for
the trouble of writing me. Full partleulars,di
ructions, ete., sent free. Samples sent by matt
for 10eents. Address
to rll l l, F. fl ALLEN, Atticastek Me.
Toll. li 4 1.1
:Lll , vt,
; • flrto .a.trUtuttotracnts
I.lfE so'n:NT s
1.•,d Yttric \V, elclv it
%An° f. , r• t ty• th•guocr.lti.:
T:).• c I Iyll Grid :or ht:Ji
-Lot the dead pa,t ;try
battle and pal Intl U eftat ref Ttn64, the I:20
COittrittel o the cot , ant
temovracy ut ,ktoorle t ItiliV.•ll
routh,r,, Rttd to f/ t/3-1 v:etoi). [toe. ate tl
11,t, Ia toe a is ti".e,t rlgoroti•l!. to 1/0 teLt
iii/W f , tht • ‘o,l l lf , r:, Vl/1 4 11 • '• • 1: . s 1 •••
prompt l y rtld 1110.4
I lit-o• aro the rfael tea) qu.,t, r i 4 th- ,
And to , tlitiw quy , ticapi W.,;.1d
~wer now, t.livinif.ati..n is the 1.,
In !lie battlt:•11e1t1; organ i.k!ton I‘,
sra the r.i.;ltteo‘im.o..ot of ow dr,
pktlß , o. Victory. Wl,at; , /o
and tay doin,;
foo,r4cy inu,t do If Demioo iteN t!
1 t• ti/1 Ong of the Ninth.%
:stt a day inal`..v., :nett doe. tpo „,
enfol venivnt 01'110, pant, r •i.t.t;
sOtt, toir,l4 :tit
it.-nrisylvanh larto.•r:
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For a .C.lub of Thirty card $3.00,
One til;‘ t , ,Notring:trtteh,: A 3111 , 1tt.t,
0? .I.ll,:rmtt ani, Cot tor, !
'Lair 1, Lam
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Ladfcr vxtv:t quo Ivry (10th !to+
t L;.• size 1,im;11 rowyk, Allot min I
t., L e 'lock, White Woc,) Binniz,t, 13 v,,,,;
l'rmt, I'2:yards
ell Il.llller Napkins , .-to.
• •
For a Club or'Sixty and $O.OO.
tme ur the nation lug : ro•vop.,
; u p or Si ringrleid ar.lgShr.etuse
lidnexednin quilts, Cylinder Watek,
1)04ble Width Vv terproof Cloaking, 1.,
Doubln Wool ' , bawl, Lac:cal:Ayr Quilt, All
Dress pattern, Engraved, ~ .11yrr-flaill,
1- nu led I tev , 4% ing Castor, Set of Ivory 11. tn
Kni.Vvs WM% er Plated Forks, pair
Wool Blank ei 5, pair A lhambra gnat , , 1'
putts Priut dr a 'Marseille, Quill, double,
keyed Aecordeon, \ifebster', National Ph.:
Linlitaouary ()l engravings, 9.90 p
DOt i.kiu r.): suit, etc.
For a Club of One Hundred and $113.9 ,
Double Barrel Shot (tun RU le Came ortsltt • t
Ride 65 yards Smtettnitt, Valley Canon e ere Ct
Pants end Vest Vattern te.l..tra tinale*),
splendid R-'e Blankets, fancy plant itt-sd
shawl, ;;;:i yank Hemp Carpeting, 4plendl , l
Humid stow, splenclul A Ipatfca MY" P. 0.:.
silver Hunting taNed alatvtl.singlehan - vls
Oun,Sharp't, Revolver, one pair tine lltal
Mule Covet , ;wit o mitt dozeh dittmar Nat'l+
to match, NVolettAter's Illustrated 1. 1
Dictionary,. (I,soo rte.;
For additional tut oC ,
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Agents will pleake take nt tit.* of this. P
send name.'. but number your (dolts 'nail
upwards. Make your letters short and et tti
T.SIiF: / ~NOTIt 1: TITI
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by ItElbilt,TEltED / •ETTEit, elm
from any Post 011.1oe.
Thl., way of ..sending m o ti t s . , ! ~ pra t r,.•
any other method, whatever. We ..Annot
sponsible for ,non.-y 1(.1.-U, unless stun,
twits are taken to Insure Its safety. ‘l ,
Cfreutarm. Send your. .-Altir..sts lit 1,;11.1.
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will be bold of public nalr on t hit WI, d.Q. of
next, at 10 o'clock. t. iii. Trt to t or-5,11.c
-tlifrd In hand, one-third in ott year, ,vna,
thin) In two yeare, with Interte.t,
bond and tyiOrtgae,e.
i•IIRIST".tY I'Kflt
Cancers-•Turuots..fleer 4 .
AL l3nor. KLINE, of the Philadelphia Unix
tr. is making astonishing cores or CI
all tumors, bya new puree, :. A VI
CANCER ArTID4YrF:, that removes the lar.o,
cancers unit tumors without Pall) or the n
the knife'; without caustic, etttinir or thlr
medicines, and withons the loss or u dre
'blood. For parttettlarA enll on or ntliiro , g
R. 11. KLINE, M. D.
lw cireti St, Philadelphia. /