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    Zi.ricriztv Obocrber
TN j;,.:,:.7«•KW BLOCK, (TT? STAIRS,)
p tnl I:n - TLY iii ffitVano4l: .....
p.ii lin ads ... 30
by carnets, Fifty Cents
I notetl,
pit to the same flersoll ^ 400
wot t to one atitlrestt, ;IA 00
r,, , tt“ , apply only to theme who pay-in
are ouradvertking rattla. which
o,llclly adhered to. In reckoning the
.t art I,emants, an inch Iq considered
les4 than'on inch is rated
t . Mi. C. C. IC.
• - 1.00 1.71 ` 3 I 2.75 5.00 7.110 12.11)
, 1.50 2.10 3.25 4.110 7.00 12.00 3100
MO 5.00 8.00 15,00 25.00
,4 2.'43 3.75 4.5 1 6.00 10.1 r 18.00 SO.OO
5.3/ 7.011 5.51116.00111.00 45,00
S,OO 10.14.112.p0 2i1.00 UN) 80.00
5i11112. 1 / 1 11 , .(11):311.111/10.00 50.00 83.10
12.111. 45,00 50.00 90.00 150.01.1
.1i A4ltninistrap;rs' Notice' Ci
and Estrac Notices .52. each;
• N..: •et in I,aded Nonpnriel, and
I 1,, t,re Mart la.:tel. and Deaths 21 pt
:on tole:tut:lr rates; Local Notices,
‘ , l „ v 1 1„, part per line of Eight
1:•el l Inn. cen is per line forsec
vents for each subsequent loser
t; Ned Ices tti cents per line; Mar
-1 vents each. Ativer
led every other heels, two-thirds
--on , handing In advert Isements
,•,, the Fs tied they wish thtm pub
they will In , continued until
tho expense of the advertisers.
pt",NYN WHl ...lnand he aTMddAN,ressed to
Editor and Proprietor.
LittsllloA 7trittton2
W f tZll(.7Ellci.
Curs .t NV:tiker, '2.1 ail if :fti N. Pi; rk
A 51; Fron , h
r •„ En.11,•11
;11., 11 l' " k linty.
l'f Nf .011
h.. '(•t.<
..", ~.,,,....t it,, , 4t. • ..• „.
it.; - ,1,1•„t `...t . 'filalrit 011i.5 . , I :c.t Peneli.M.- ..
.1, ~,,I. l'tll ~ ....,T ,. ..t., , . ,
ir.•••., mel Freitoli -t. . :i
~ ” , 1 , III; l'ol.o , tit. ; . -
P. 001.:. • STATRIN‘EN:Y..
M..Gre it y ..t \ lo.t: .end, North Pill:.
N-,E1.1.1.1-iis AND NEWS ...A:EXP.I.
~, !I -:•,- ,•, 7' state Street.
A p..t:it; ,,
I': it l', , ,teli .t.
Itj , lllei, 7:2 Statt. st. - - :..
Ft ~ 11 , 1,t & FEET). 7 ,
,T.t.•:ek. Park l'eov. ' ..
:. 1:1,1;.! - )19 rre'lloll , l.
:%IV - .1 1 . ' . .-.1 . 011EZ .1 .
1.17 4 . 1 . 111111 V:. .1 .1 ii , tr....t. • -
t A. - 1 lip.l Ifouse. ~-A :
,•,..11,4 1:1,•11111...,•••17 Stater st; . • e'
. It. ).1;.1.:11 - 1' ~t Gr 4 visw.irty: , ..
..,', ;Inv. 12 l'.111.: I{oW. • '.. .....
4 , v; ‘TillEs .1 invEnity. "
r.r . -00 : - •tate opp. fir Arri"••• I 10c..1.
,f;.;•; .. - ..rants. pct enth St.
•tAtFIP.I[III:s:CI.• •
i •Lzi••••11
, Na. . Sort h Park Row:
11.1 TS ANTI 4) .;
Frenon tit.
,Nrix - rtoNERv.
l'ark Itnw.
N-o*, MEDICINEct.."..
slc • • • ' .
..r A h Park.' ,
;.•1•I, 1;17 Peachll3(A. ,
:Atate Street..
S , 711 state hurflist.,
47 I Noble
.1, •••• , t 'tate ,t.
; , Er ,::), - als; `AND CARPETS '
'+e; State : . ' •
13111 1 cERIEs..
I'n..)+lltitutestreer. • ••<
13.2 i Peach ist;
I'l'2l " • ,
I :nr.a, 5111 State st.
~r ncr Mit and StatP •tt. t •
ker. 13'21 State st.'
•,u,„ .."; East Fifth st.•
r„: -, ; state st, • 1 • . •,
1.rn.•11 St. • Up. '
Nendiz, 712 st,tte ht,
cot% Parade fralo sty
, trer. 121 , Slate sr.)
S Mel:pni.l,t;:;•2.l Freneh st. • ,
g On, corner of tilt .5: Myrtle st.. •
tierk'z 102; Parade st.
111 i Miracle st. • '
Schultz's 5c , w1310,^14. reder:il Hi!!
1.1•2.5 Peach st. '
e , lhaner, trench ht. near the Part:.
• .11.1.1:111.1ES,
i2O c h tat. , sl. "
n0:0 , rnor r; 2 State
r. r'2ll
t!e, 1J ;Corth
St ate
511'Slitto:Nt, _
TOI.I.ACCO AND C11.1.A.T1. •
7tt; •etatis
1,1, 117 Pri•noll Ft•
titate. , ,t. . ,
H.1.11.0VA111 - •.:;
Flll ,, :-.(Ate het 2 . 111 1)...p 4 r,1
Ny lijier',,W;ttvrford. - • •
c:TovEs AND TINwARE,..
Brott.,7l l l'St:kt, , st.
,tattPr, 1W l'arado ht. -
in & .cverv, fiL. Ftenell st.
& N'tlit4.llead, 12tle &
r a •••••bu. I.lj SVate -•
Fr:R.N.ltr RE - f'.ftoo)L. I:
tfi Co., 11V Statit as r• 3 •.•
Ft.ix . w.ll22,:atts• .t.
• 1:,•71. - • I••••!tatc.t.' '
I.l.'MP.l2. ` "mF3tclikyr;::
ts Hat; tits te st., neat depot, ."
I I.I.INER ath) R.. 0
soutli , Park. •
".',inij , tato St. .
131tASS'Vtir NDRIEs., • St. • •
F;:tst ! Ut strg•et.
IS'N'4, F(.41 - 11P.P...4 _l\li „kIILER,
• • )lAkEttg.
atv ctn..
.. j r C r4SINGAILF- 4 1,. •• .
Son, - ci•te-11114%tut Frlcelt - nth. ,
'<az. 121 i Pi`lll`ll gt.
• c.)PPEE
n, 411 Pe,ch
French ht.
gr. 1212 Stat e ,t. = ,
sb Trit.s;lNG St. 1101!.
;! tr.. strati. ~(•
Co.cur. 12611,...t Peach stk
0.„.41.. - holesuile)l Park It. ,
1:0.xor. 01:114!.: :llyrcle I,hs.
I f I.leen , eMiror.Stale,.i. itli..ts
• iiOOk . BINDPR:-.. • ,
Son, Keystone Batik Rioek.
R LE.WORICS. • , '
• :'7 , 111 rint door bel. Custom jjtjnce
N ipth eat. bet. Si, at & Peach ••0 , ..
wr.lifelder,•l2iti Turnpike st: ,
WanchMi & Co., 824 State
.11sny, American Block Park Row.
13usinr.50 jlottsts
Prartt str e et: nhot•e rnlon
rie, Pa l
..o - , , ) 1:(;r: It. (TTLEIL
Girard, Cotinty, Pa.
I:ol,,ther t.11,in...s jttetuled to with.
• .
; I* . M. i ?V.1.!: 6: SON. , •
t "
• •• Monk FS(Nat M:inur.m•tnrer,,
•••••• N'otna..:l lAttYS. ".0 11. .. 67- rr• •
I , lt. o. L. ELLIOTT,
s•;• •
• • . 1-.Nars,', A. "•!. tp
•••1 tc, R ' C.
C 0.,, 7 ,
t;r~u~l • (~.:~,c•r•c • hi Amthnu•lte,
1:1:1 •:s•inith Coal. I•Nilr•i•
I Ey. le Pn.
\V, '
nftll.l4 ifs Tttork; north
FIi;I:CK t 4).. •
:on ( fniE,,ion rehrt fx,ittid
.I.z..cits, kr). State street (corner Nint.h)
Advayve.., made onp)nsignnaenfß: • ,
nitendod to.ln ans•part Of
• WM. - MA - RI:FA, .., S •
or ..nq . Clothes Cleanc•r.7 Union' Mock,
Dr 11..nnett's otßee. Ciotiles ;nude, clean
ir• Ignt , l ou•stfort 'notice. 'Tering as i:ea....
lk• A., any. •. . inrlr2.-,
Erie. Pa:. • Jas. Camp
; opeu•nt all'ahetim. The
n t 1 . 0 , 1 , u•:.3,, supplied:m-Ith the ehnicest
oki ath)),l.. • * 10).2"1-1,.*
c. P.P.:s7NETT, M: D., -•
:-att gron. ()thee, 11.1%.,t Park St.,
hour ,torrtt,-I)oards at the res
”: P Wi.4t Sixth street, th.l
from ~,, afiab. =ooloe hours [role II it. In.
P la ' ,
1i 111!irg}/
ro, I.L. ' Meadville, Pa.
I'•4.Locit t RICIBioND,
_• '
s 'Ett - I,aw and Solicitors of Patents,
Park Place, Erie, Pa. Persons de
n,,,t,taln Letters Patent for their invem
. n ill plea, c• call or address, as above. Fees
Tt-rritory sold for patentees.
11r1,1i„}r given td collection.. my7-ly.
IV.• K6E11.141,
th.- }'lure. j'pavh EtIPIQ . NIX tlnorN
st re -et, South Erie.
- - -
:10,r A- mar% .n. Attorneys and Cotitutlinfa.,
Edock, near 'West
of Ow square, Erie, Pa.
H. V. CS, -
..14 In all 10 L of Fam AU ily Grocerlea, and
m e Wu h., de., and Wit°lesale dea I
\V ines.taunt, Cigars, Tobacea,
Fl , Erie, Pa. Je6'b7-tf.-
Phyhlehtn and Surgeon. 01116 e
xeteuee Peaeh ; -, t.:(qiolte the Park
°titre hour.; from 10 to 12 n. in., .7 , to 5 p.
an.t '7 to n p,
-JOHN H.:11114,AR,
11 f.tigIncer . and Surveyor. Reldderic.e. cor
r.:m:ll ntr , jet and East Avenue, Eaxt., Erie.
!ler Pcach and Buffalo sts. Jdtin B.yle,
,prietor. - Best of. accommodations for people
to tan conntry. Good stable nt tached.
.1 • •
VOL 39
48roceriro, Vroburt, fruit, fic
.IWhole.ale ana ft nil
301 State Street, Erie, Pa.
niintorll6-ht . . Old Sqtentl.
IHAVE ON HAND n spl ndld ,took of Oro
cedes, consfsting of
,Wooden d: Willow Ware,
Making the TnOst complete acsortment of goads
kept by auy Urocer In the.plavt%
• t 'I am also agent for
flerulquarters for
7 Wholesale .4.0 Retail' 4" .•
& Aehlantleeker, Is now re ;
relvingji.splendicl :assortment 01
(411,00F.R.IES: ‘ PROVIStrOiCi.I, WINES; .
I.lrittin`s i Willow, Wooden and' stone Ware
• Nuts tte A lar,estnek'of
0 - 11 . c 6'; N C I R ,
Call andalee aCtiva
Xm ' Crirain Itlurlc, staig;'‘if., N.
tury67-t f. :F. 9.(7111.,..NUDF.CF2ER,
M] IP4nlt'.o 41 Retail' (4rocerly:Slore.
• , I'. -1 t'O.,
'S art c.orntr Park 'awl French St.,,pect fop v ;Men t of thoPoln-
Inunif. to helr karge stock of
4C4it-oeer'ieK 1 l'voirigions,
Wfitelpt Iluy are deslions to sell at
"rhea as:+nrtnleut of
k. •
Sugars:. • Coffees. Teas. Syrups.
Ir. not suipaq4ilin tlw Mir, as they Wke urepared
to prove to nll who tqlve thenVrtcall+l
Thhy'alho 4reli on brirt,cl - n. Hapertor . Int nt -
• •
for the wholesale trade, to which they direct
the attention of the public,
Theft Motto sates, small profits and
a Sun enuivaierrt Tor the money," aplllt3-tf,
Dry) sEicabo.
nYel:. .Nl4 111.EnV I.TH A N srit •A'OCk.'
Great, OA DOLLkR Sale
, .
i[kiy and Fancy
G 0 II
F•/r_Ctub Thirty:,
'• " stxty
'• Ono -Hundred,
All other prentlums.ltil.:CMC ratio.-
EloitrgeivExtqukvige i • wtti ne .s.rillt 11. PM/
Art 'cies. •
See new circular Anil sample. Scut to any
address tree.
ti t y- Piensn !send ymir money by Registered
Letter, addreso.tott to •
J. S. FLAVirtS &
128 & 130 Federal St., Boston, Maas
Post Office Box C. iarlu-4w
Family. inbroidery, and Mtinnfaetnring
Sewin'3l - achinem.
'sr 64,000 made an sold In the.yer
tale° rear of Gee'sheimer'R (TothMg Store„
E 1,32 State St., Erie, Pa. • • t 1)1 3
Ne 4 o gtore,Walther's,Bloek.
iintrwriner wohlil call the at tenthin of the
public to his splendid sixie_lcof
Springand..Summer Dry Goods,
Just received and offered aL
I have a large assortment of
. Dinuestics, Prints, DreNs,Goodi,,&e.,
_ .
bought at low prices and consequently can sell
them very low, Call .and examine my stock.
t,iocids shown with rlen.ure,
my 7-tf."
po - ,14:47,
Whniesale and R'etail Dealers In all hinds of
HlLfji.F . I\P HEAVE
.3elroira, Nails, Spikes,
• • Leatber and Rubber Belting,
1 Machine Packing, Cutlery;
Sawa, din. •
Also, a general assortment of Iron, Steel
• ; And CarrlagoAlarilware.
1 4A
#l7-titore nt the old stanil of Mr. V. BOYEAt,
cunt side'of State, street Siew doors north o
the Depot. , RIOTER A FVF,tSS•
JpRINTING:or every kind, In laige or
ftl atonal quantities, plata.or colored, done In
the beat style, and at moderate prices, at the
ohsfiArer cllefr.
Of nll lands
it Fr,
c~ttF ~f;~inr•,~
Iv: nrh
.21 Yes; eh .eting
" "
tAIS State St
~ .ffitticat.
Iloaftand': German Tonle,
T) , e great, Remedies for all Riseases of the Liver,
• Stomach, or Dlgestivo Organg.
Iti compo%ed of the pure Juieex (or, foi, they ate
medicinally termed, Extracho of Hoots,
Herby an d Barka, TX making a prepant-
Lion highly concert- 11 trated and entirely
free from alcoholic admixture of any
Ho°fland's German Tonle
Is a combination of all
,the Ingredients cd the
Bitters, with the purest quality of Santa Cruz
Rum, Orange, etc., malting one s of toe most
pleasant and agreeable retnedies ever offered to
the public.
Those preferring n Mealeine, tree from Alen-.
tio/le admixture, Trill use
Those Who have no objection to the combina
tlon 'of the Bitters, as Milted; will use
They are both equally'good, and contain the
sante medicinal virtues, the choice between the
two being a mere matter of taste, the Tonle be
ing the most palatable. '
The stomach, from a variety of causes, such
a's Indigestion, Dys- pepsin, I\-rvous De
bility;. is very -e t apt to have Its func
tions deranged: The 1,,f Liver, sympathizing
as closely as it does with the Stomach,
then becomes affected, the result of witch is
that the patient suffers from several or more of
the following diseases: ,
.Coniitlpation ' Flatulence, InWrnil Piles Full
_nes.4 of Blood to the Head, A eldit v of the Stem-
rich, Nausea, Heartburn, D•sgust Tor Food, Full
, neg.' or Weight. In the 'Stomach. Sour Erueta.
tions,Sinking or,Fluttering at the Pit of the
Stomach, Swimming of the Head, Hurried or`i
Difficult Breathing Fluttering at the Heart,
Clinking or Suffocating Sensations then In a
lying posture, Dimness of Vislon.Dots or Webs"
before the: Sight, Dull Pain in the Head, Den• •
ciency of Perspiration, Yellowness of the.sktn
and Eyes. Pain in the Side. Back. Chest, Limbs.
etc., Sudden Flushes of Heat, Burning of the'
Flesh, Constant Imaginings hf Evil and Great
Depression of Spirits.
The Au fiereHrom these diseases should exer •
else the greatest caution In the selection of a
remedy' for his case, • mireillsing only
thtit which he is as- IA surest from his in
vtiligatlons and in- izy qnlrl e s possesseli
true merit, Js skill- fiillycompoundedis
free from Injurious ingredients nod has estab
lished for Itself a reputation for the cure of
these diseases. 111 this connection vie would
'submit these well-known remedies-,
Iroorl,ANlP .Pc
TIL(3O , I 7 'T.Ai N'llk•t4
PrPpared lw
3311. E 1:. )I. .lACIf£ 0 4%1 ,
IMlladelphla, pa
TwAmt y"-tivo tnrv,tilnee they were flrq.mitro...
duce.] into rhhicountry from Germany, (luring
'which time tiles- have muiciplitedly performell
more cure 4, and benefit ted. suffering hurt:WIRY
to - a greater extent, thin any other remedies
known to the public.' •
• These rem effect tin ty . :s.ti re Liver Com
plaint, Jaundice, . ellrolliC
or Nervous Debility, 1 4;:hronlej>larrtarce,
Diseases of the •r• , tfeys and all diseag
es arising from a CUR- o r d e red
Mansell, or Intestinsa, 4 .
, .
' D 3d.1311,.1'1`
:,, . . • ,
pecultlrtg; frc67)...d'hy cause tehntever;:itrbsint;
Chip of the ttV'stetp,'lnduced by Skevere . ~..
- Labor. Hardt/hips Exposnt.ti, . ~
' . - Fevers. F.tei ;
•Their,lce` no me•licine extant filinil to - tiiese
remedies in such eases. A tone And vigor is Im
parted to' the•whole`eysterrt; the appetite Is'
strengthened, food is eirjoyed; the stomach di
' geats promptly, the blood 15 , phritled o , the, coal
pinxion becomes sound arelhZ•althy, the yeliow
tinge Is '4;r:talented /rout' the eyes, a bioorri Is
1 Oren to the cheeks, and the weak'and nervous
invalid beedmem a strong and healthy being:
Perr - ens advtineed in life, andjeeling the hand
of time weighing heaylly upon them, with a3l
its attendant Ills, will find to the use of this
BITTERS, or the TONIC, ate elixir that will...ln
stil new Ilfeinto their veins, restore In a meas
ure the energy and ardor of more youthful day#,..
build up their shrunkep forms - and give health
'and Inipplivis theta remaining to thel years.
• • • ,
It inn wyll 4stal;lisheil rally one-had!
Of the fortairi portion of onr population
are seldom in the en- T foyrnent of good
health ;, dt, to ma 1.4 their own expres
sion, "never f eel Well." They are lan
guld;devoid of all energy, e trriinely nervous,-
and have no appetite.
To thfq elwoi of person , : the lIIITEIV4, or the
TONIC, iv e_cpecially reeo-muiendod.
Weak and delicate children arc made strong
by the use of Other of these remedies. They
wilt cure every case of MA11.1.8:11p4, without
fail. Thousands of certificates have accumula
ted in the hands of_ the • proprietor, but space
will allow of but few. These,it will be observed,
arA`men of note Junior such staudfng that they
tifost he believed.
'rr:lsrr 1 3tois 1 A.l.s ;
I.X;ChI 6I jnstir.• o( the Snpreine Court o
l'ern‘ylvFinin, writes;
PIII T.A DELPiiIA, ,Mareh IG, 15.17
"I find Hoofiand's German Bitters t a
good Louie, lo.eful in* - ISNIREN of the di
gestive organs. and /t of great benefit In
eases of d e nd want of nervons Re
tion in the system. Yonrs
r w4 r
• 'A'
. .ftelgciCif the Suprenie Court offl'ennsylvnnla:'i
.. .
FIT I LADELPII I A. April Zi, 1566.
"I consider Hoollaturs German }lntents valu
able znedlelne In ee tit uttacks of Indlostion
or DysPepsla. I can certify-this from my expe
rience. ,Yonrs with respect.
i'11031.1.1:EV:4()SA : I. .11ENNAll.D, D. P.,
Pastor nCttie Tenth Baptist 'Church, Phila.-
- •
have frtquetV,
been requested to connect my name with
ommendationa of different kinds of medicines,
hut regarding the practice as out of my appro. ,
printe sphere, I have in all-cases declined; but
with a clear proof in • various. Jn. fiances
and pirtieularlv in Xi. my own family, of
the useful fiess of Dr. -,11 Iloofland's -German
Bitters, I depart: for one , from my usual
Connie to express my full Conviction that, for
General Debility of the Sye.tern, and especially
for Liver Complaint, it is a safe' and valuable
preparation.. .In some cases' it may fail; but,
usiurilv,,l doubt not; it will' be very beneficial to
those \Vito guirer from the above cause.
pun gory respectfully. -
. • .1. H. KENNARD; , •
Eighth. below toutes,lst.,
. ,
A., , iistant Editor Christhin Chrou tele, Philad'a
I have derived deehleil beuellt from the Use of
lioottand's German Bitters, and feel It reiy.prkv
liege to recommend. them as a most valuable ,
tonic to all who are suiresing front General De
bility or from diseases arising raml derange
ment of the Liver. Yours tnrly,' ' .
1~., .
CAUTION. ' ' '
floofland's Germatt ftemedtesnre counterfeit'.
011, See that the Sig-n a t u.r of C. M.
JACKS 27 .4 is on the •rt wrapper of each bat,
,tle. All others are counterfeit. Prlncl-
Npaloace and made- factory at, the Ger..
man Kedlcine Store, N0:'631 Arch street, Phila..
I • delphia,_
CHAS.'S!: FVANKProprtetor...
- Formerly C..M: JACKSON. R CO, -. •
tr • .
• I.'llVrc I*. - •
••. •
Hoofland's German Bitters, Per IxdflL, 81.00
" • „0 0 half dozen, 6'oo
Itoollarld'a Germap Ton fo, put up In quart hot.
flea, 50 per 1?ottle, or a half dozen fory7: 50.
. 1 ;
Lir- Do not forget to exgrnizercrell the
- article
yott buy, In order to get the gennlive. '
‘avlffi-ly. ,
zsir.r... ;
The Bradley Engine!
A New Componnii or
Double Cylinder Engine.
U TI 11 7 .1 SIT'I 7 I A 111 i W C
And is 'Warranted to give
More power than 'a Single t!,‘ tinder Engine
tp.lng the :qtme amount of 4teatn.
Of all Descriptions
- No. 824 State Street.
11,iuseliold" Furniture and all klruls of Uoods
Wares and 'Merchandise, bought amt sold. aud
received on consignment.
. Sales at prl;:afe resldencesjittendeD to lita ny part of the city.
Sale of ItouseltoldFurnktnre Uarpets,Queens
ware, florses,Wagons,ft if all kinds or goods
AT 9 Wel.f K, A. M.
A la rg - e •conglgnmenp of Qiipeitswate,
ware, Itolteinlun4ts.l(lllinit Vases 111.Avtin hind,
will lie eliimeil out retturrl Less of enq i , nt' private
sale. ,
Ventlueg attoiLledt to hi .t i lt] part'bt-the
county. - - api)-t7.
NO: 139,6 PGEACg
Have snloptNl n nrw syst , m nt'doing• bunt
tinsn, rut would•renpeetfully call the atnenthnn
at their.eustonier% tn;t he lAA 11181 they now
selling goodm nn• •
Oral wit, can: do nur cuittonierc
lice by no doing atittWouid askithem to call and
goo nur mpliittil fit crock or grnactiffig,conalstlog.or
Teng -
• Comprlithig riefythinv: ilia well kept•srneers ,
store. NVtvaTso have_the hest (1111410' of ,
•• '
Also FF.ED 5 rtljrnlted ciivvoim
ma 11..; , • •
, TOT:i.fiTAITITY & I.OVg •
. • 1 . 390 Peneh 5 , 44, optylsfl4. NIA lonal•Hotel.
' • ' ' mgl2:4f.
1100tSjNio SHOES,
Keep alwayu nti Ilona :ill ~ y Tos of
Pitnel4, kid, Goat and Pebble Goat-,
• e .
Laced, Button and Congress
C) 4 ( ) P T I S
d tho . tinegt quality; which will be warrant(L
for' nrabli ity, as 114 143 fli, which wp
- - will sell a%
Low aim . the Lowest.
We all() oink e, to 'order. 14T:tiring rarefitrly
attended to.
iny2l-tf ,C. H. do CO:
Caughey, McCreary & Moorhead,
of every def,eript lon
Than nny house in this city. Alm),
At Wholesale, as cheap as any Jobbing noose In
he country
13 113 1J .F . . S !
The Dera:ittory pf the Tlible Soeleey. at
Keystone National Bank,
dAPITAL $250,000.
Ftltien Mar Vin, Jahn - AV. Hall, El Marvin,
fir` ter Town, O. Noble. •
_ _
GRANO F. NOBLE; Prekt. JNO. J. TOWN, Cavil
The . n above bank Is now doing boainess In Its
Ant Isfactory. paper Alseonnred. Money, re•
eeice . d on deposit. Collections• made and pro•
CCedB accounted for With pro,mptpero. 4. Drafts,
Aped() and Rank Notes ,bought and sold. A
share of puldie patronage holte It ecl. • •
TYlere i01(1 , use rending to New kirk ,
No use ',going to the t;elleeries to inty
REFINED 4 qn.! ,
NA Use going to soap factories to buy '
' tioilse t 4 3, pay , big price.; for roV of yonr
Groeeries and - Provisions 3
White thero iv a
tin the,=eorner of
. nth and State Streets.
• Try the li Stare.
~ genni Wanted.
-NATIONAL GEODsTEIt for 18M. Astron
omical,. /I istorleal, - Poll Wel, Commercial, Agri
entinnA, Educational Religiouli. This work
contains a vast fund of late and valuable Infor
mation re peeling the 'United States and
Foreign Co ntries, including every department
of the Gene and
t l ai
State 'Governments, which
all classes of business 'arid - professidnal men
will find invaluable for daily reference. Ad
dress O. D. CASE & CO. Publishers,
inn2l-4w 1 , Ifa rt ford, Cnnn.
. • ,; . .
Agents for the. ObsPerer.; •
South V.rle—F: W. Koehler.
('orry—Amos , Henth,John Scott.
Petroleum Centre—Cierr. N 17., '
Oak kirove—Wm. J. Welker. •
Wayne-11. W. Ilowurd,l). C. Kenneay.
Spartansburg—John Burlingham.
Writerford—W,C. While.
Union Borough—\t=. V. B. Brown.
Albion—Alden romero.l%
Fairy lew-.Amoo f;;tone.
(:nerd—('opt. I). \V. rjutehl mion.
- lalt Creek and Immly'o Ifo - ine—Wm.Shennon
Concord—A. W. Covell.
Lockport—J. C. Coughlan.:
Wattbloirg—l4hion Bolghsolk, A.
McKean Township—E. Pinney..
Edlnboro—Marens,so ley.
llarl.or Creek—Wm. Soltsmon.
North East—lt. A. TAbrir.
Through and 'Direct Route between Philadel
phia, Baltimore, Harrisburg, Wllltainl;--
Dort and the
On alt Night Trains.
Oand 'after 'MONDAY, - Nov, Lit,+.,,thr
trains on the Philadelphia &Erie Railroad
will rrfn as follows :
Mall Train leaves Philadelphia at' p.
Corry, 3 , :00 p. in. and arrives- - at Erie at
p. rn.
Erie Expr• ss leaves Philadelphia at 11:50 a. nll.
Corry, Stio 41. 711, and arrives at Erie at titan
a. m.
Warren Aeconurnodni ion,leaves Warren at i 2
p. m„ Corry at '2:00 tn„ and arrives at Erie
at 3:50 p. to. -
Mall Train Leave , ' Krht at Piti, a. m., Crary, P2:15
p. tn. nud arrive/4 at: Plilladetphia at lthW a.
Erie Ictcpre.s leaves Erie At 6:•3i p. m., Corry, Sal
p. m. and arrives at Philadelphia at
Warren Accommodation leaves Erie at 8:10 a.
tn., Corry at lo'l.o, and arrives at I ,Va r
mu at 11:1ta:.m.:
Mall and Expreas connect with Oil C,rewk abd
All ghent litter Railroad. BAGUAO cnrcK ED
Erie. •• I V . , rsburgh Railroad.
thdu, %V ; 111 run on this road nkfollows:
19.1x7 A. M.,Pittsburgh Express, stops at all sta
, 11ons, and arrives at A. &0. W. It. R. Trans
- ter at - 1:45 p. m., at New Castle at 4:15 p.
• and at Pittsburgh at 6:00 p. th.•
POO P. M., ,'Aeeonitinaiation, arrives at Pitts
burgh at. ItttX) a. in.
7:15 a. ra., Erle`ExpreN4 leaves ,Pittsburgh and
arrives'at Erie
P. M., AccomModation leave% Pittsburgh
and arrives St ErSie 1:!::15 a. in.
'Pit ishargli preycsout h onin4bts tit .Tames.
toa ti at 12..:2.; p. in., F'. for
F'rettiklin and Oil City. Connertm at Vansfer at
I:4:Ap. in., with A.& U. W. Aconairtodatlon wast
for Warrrn, andlyietadand.
Erie Extwess north eon - harts at A.• O. W:
Tninsfrr at 11:10 a. M., with Mail east -,lbr*Meall
yille, Franklin and Oil City, and at Jante.down
.with J. di F'. Exprass for Franklin.
. _
Train:sr()"inert at Rochester with trains for
Wheeling and West Virginia, and
at Pitishurgh connections for Philadelphia,
liarrishurg, Baltimore and Washington, - ia
Pennsylvania Central
Erie Ex'press, north 'Om nech: ait Girard with
Cleveland dr. Erie:l.l7llns westward for Cleveland,
Chicago and all points in the West; at Erie with
Elle Rail rOml for Corry, Warren,
I riineton; Tidionte de.. and with Buttalo & Erie
Railroad for Button, Thinkirit, Niagara Falls
and;New York City., F. N. FINNEY,
deel2'67-t f .5..5t. Superintendent.
I,A - 11; Pr f. M. HARTIAMI, Vico Prest
COl.ToN,l.4ccrptary and Treasurer.
Spices * dm.,
ORA:NC:E. Nf.rl:l.r, , w: A. GA1:1111.AITII
PRE. , ,COTT SIETC.II, V, •iill:DE.ti MABV/N,
J(.1111: 11. 111.ts.s, , M. a inswoi.n.
.1. 7 8A5:-IcuLt - nArr, . M. 11ARTL.S.B,
4 lii, 11. DEL 11.1ATV.R, 7.lfentlVlllp.
The above inst'llution la now-fully-oiganized,
and ready for the transaction of.banking opera
t ions, in the room under the Keystone Bank,
A Capital Stock of $lOO,OOO,
Nvith the Inereusing to half a million.
Loans and 'allscounk trawateted, and pur•
ehasesema , le of all kinds of ~ .atb,f?telory Ezeurl
the ritlzens generally this Bank (diem
an expelikit opportunity for laying by their
small savings, as interest will be allowed on
Deposits of One Dollar or Upwards.
A Qpecial feature of the Bank will be the re
ception, for safe keeping, of all hinds of Bonds
and Securities, Jewelry, Plate, he., .for which a
has been carefully provided.
Persons having any property of this character
which they V. ISII to depoNit In a secure place,
will find tbis feature worthy their attention.
Life Insurance Company,
South Eirit Corner 4th and' Market Sta.
Coral - % nlzed
Ant 114 Company—Nearly '2l 'you's
o)lllp : tuy—A,,etq, 5-I,fgeo,ipo!
A Sale Comp tnr—X4'ver 1“..t a dollar_ t . ) . l* In
ve4ttnents: •
•An Company
Inerea4eil annually !
A blying ompanv-41 . per ,ent. naLl ti. N(11..
t Illti pooilt - y—titsioien.; •
A Iffillf: COMP:I/4NY
Philadelphian , : and Penncyl vanlanv.
You eal Ilnt 0 ,1 ) 1)13i ter, nii,mripduworse
See`. Tron , . President.
Waßllcesi Block, y.iglith Erie.
• . ..
...Ad •
,;.; .., ,:,•,
•.%. ••T•
co •-'
C .
'...' t
. VCO .
5, rt '
... . 6 „, c.
, . :.•••_,
• g -
:••• -
-v- . . ....
1.. • t t ili
. ...... .- 4 , .e,
'''''4 %.. d '''
' • _ % 5.... 11 13 = Z. , *-,,...
. • Z
Z ::
a> .
.',.' .
... t
, 4 .4'
171111 . lie t :
. 1 ,,
_ -
- 4 . - a -
. - • Z
tli74' ,
4: -
s tt F'
, 0 . - = :.. • •
.... . ,
op -..-.'" --- -
, 0 •:'• • •
Ob. ~ •.=.
, ;.•• c tr.
, ill • 41.- =.' •-:
,:, :.
• ' ejt..
!, • IV
T TILE Wont,lif.LNG ;Lin iinw pre-
I pared to furnish nil classiis with constant
employment at their homes, the. \viii:o°(if the
time, or for, the spore moinents. Business new,
light and profit:J:4e. Fifty cetrtetoai per even
ing, is easily cams! by per sons, of either sex,
and the boys arulg.tris earn nearly as lunch as
men. (treat inducements are offered to Wow
who will fwate , their whole• time to the bust
nesi.; and, that every person who sees this no
tice may send me their _address and test the
business fix themselves, I make the Sotiowlrm
unparalleled offer: To all who are not well.sat
-1 , c 1 with the liminess I will send to pay for
the troubte of Writing me. Full part icrilars,dl-
recthins, ete., sent free. Ramp leg sent brirmtli
for 10 cents. Addreii,s
mrls: ALLEN, Ammon,. Me,
ADAM Mt, 4 l. IG
fleb Abbertiontento
Oen'l !inDerlntendent.
It °ileum With
W. R. GRAY, Agent,
There areitwo wats'to live on earth—
Two whys to judge, to act, to view ;
For all things here have a double birth
' A rightand 'Wrong—n false and trve !
Give me the home where kindnehs seek.;
To make that sweet Which seemed; mnall;
Where every lip in foqdness speaks,
And , every mind liai• care I'm - all.
Whose inmates livelti'glad exchange
Of : pleasure free from"vain expense;
Who.e thoug:hts heyorni their means- ne'er
range, '" '
4tr denials give offence :
• No
in a neighbor's Mytunc find ,
tvists, nu impulse to complain
feel uot--.never felt—the mind
euvi• et another's 'gain !.
Who, dream not C)f. the moeiduktide;
Atulatiods - foiled endeavor meets—
The bitter pangs of wounded pride,
Nor fallen power. that .4huna the strreis
Though fate deny its glittering'store,
Los wealth is still the wealth to choose
For all'That gold can purebase more
Are guilds, it is no lots to 10 , ,
Some beings, 'wheresoler they go ,
Find nought to please, or to ex It--
Their constant study but to show
Perpetual modes of finding fault.
While other.; in the ciaiseles, roma"
01 daily wants and daily care,
Can yet cull flower. from common ground,
And take enjoy the j(,) , they Ahan.
Oh! happy they w•ho happy mit,te—
Who, blessing, still themselves are Wst.
Who something spare for others' sake,
And strive, in all things, for the best!
ll:Mina Sinclair was the beauty of Willow
Grove, and she knew it. Every look snit
grsture,•and even the carriage of her head,
was studied. When she was at a party she
was continually thinking of the effect she
produced; and When she was at home ~he
was planning some new ornament to wear in
Of courac she had many admirers. 546
e Dahl never walk half thelength of the prin %
final street without being joined by some
'gentleman; and at a dancing assembly she
was sine to be engaged, for every set before
she had been in the room ten minutes. In
thu summer there was always a brisk compe
tition for the honor_of her company ata pie-
air. And yet, , omehow, she wo. Still tilt
Her school companions-, one after another,
had - settled in lite but ,he was left
alone, of all the number—it' we except !Mol
lie Newcomb, who, trom shyness and exces
sive phi n less, Was generally :et down as
(to lain to die an old maid.
' It Until must be ,told, Emma was exces
sively particular. Her notions , of herself
were so high that she thoug i ht bet few suitors
good enough for her. At last, howeve'r,
witch George Budd returned froth Europe.
and settled down in the large 'old marfflon of
his family, the Grpve agreed that the beauty
had found at last a lover equal to her ideal ;
for lie was both rich ' and thlented and be
longed, beside, to the most aristocratic set of
the country. •
George serum d to have been conquered by
her charms the very first lithe they met. He'
danced with her as frequently •as ho dared,
and when not dancing stood apart stealing
glances at her ; he hung over - her when she
sung, and accompanied her home. The next
day he called upon her* as soon as etiquette
permitted, and on Sunday appeared with
Emma at church. Everybody said it was an
engagethent, for if be was fascinated. she ap-'
peared no less so.
But all at once G'eorge•Budd ceased his at
tentions to the beauty of the village, and was
soon beheld as assiduous ;n his attentions to
Mollie Newcomb, as he had ever been to her
more beautiful rival. Everybddy was as
tounded eNeept a few elders of the place,
with whoin Mollie had always been a litvor
ite.-who shook. their heads, saying it was just
what they expeeted,lor that Mollie's amia
was a thousand times better than Em
ma's beauty,
Let us' 100k..0n George, as he sits chatting
with a confidential friend, and hear the raid
cause of the change.
` , You must know MoWe." he said.
is modesty personified ; yet her talents are
extraordinary, and her amiability and ac;
complishments 'as - gitat. , .---Indeed, her modes
ty, by causing shyness, makes many think
her plain ; but plain she is not, at least 10
those who knots' her; fin. in familiar conver
sation, the enthusiasm of her soul kindles
her countenance into a spiritual beauty that
is indescribable."
"You were score out with the beautiful Mho
Sinclair, of whom volt wrote so ; rapturously
the first week von-spent here." George
blushed a little, lot be felt how foolish he had
been, as he re - plied
- ties she s -dazzled me for awhile, but I
soon found nix error; though J caluot for
give myself for.being duped, even for a week,
by a pair (It' tine - eyes and a covette's artificial
"Is she merely a beauty ?"
"Yes, merely a beauty. All she thiiiks
about is how she looks. Her mind is amere
blank ; or rather a shallow stream, of which
one gets the plummet immediately."
';Yet you seemed so enraptured at first, that
I fear she may have begun to like you."
George laughed."
"No tear of that, my good fellow ; she loves
herself too intensely ever to love any man.
Alt' what a contrast between her and Mollie.
It is like passing front a crowded, close ball
room, With its glare Of gas, and its hum of
meaningless conversation, to' .the for air of
heaven, with the ,birds singing the waters
gurgling, and the sunshine sparkling around
"You tire poetical."
I "And so 'you will be, too, It lien you know
Mollie -Bid Caine, put on your hat it is
time to go`there, and I want you to be quite
intimate 'before yon return to he my grooms:
1- man.
I A month from that-time George Budd mar
tied Mollie 'Newcomb. The bride really
I looked beautiful on that auspicious moniiinr,
and what is more, has been growing more
lovely ever since. Would you know why?
Because an intelligent mind, united to a gen-
Mild heart, is the, creator of beanty, even
where it does not originally4xist.
3lks Sinclair is now a faded old maid,
.with sunken. eyes, a skin' iikN, parchment
mild the sharpest of noses IIeP face has a
sour anti discontented loot, which increases
1 with her years. Ever since, she lost George'
Budd she has been secretly at war with the
Now, then, reade4, which is the better—to
be, plain and good, ot merely a beauty We
kayo it to your special consideration.
- • . Too Much Modes'.
iMr. P., a wealthy man retired front tit Ai
t: ncss, was urged by a' friend to engage in a
/ mercantile scheme. from which large profits
were apparent. "Yon are right." said be, "as
regards the probable success of the scheme,
but I shall not embark in it . I have too ranch
money already. - 'I--
• Ile was asked to e \ plain, and remarked :
"Yes. I upolLi 1O)t cu , : tho ',tree! to gain '
thou.and , . , l Anntld 1. , happier, if toy lucerne '
were less. I in i. 141. in a year or two
Nl hivever I ia,,,el.s will hvail me nouLdit. My
daughters are dead,. and I base three sons
whom I dearly love. My-own edtication had
teen nezle . &ted; row fortune wa• - ; gained by
honest lit sir and careful economy ; I had no
I:ne for study, but I resolved that my sons
should have every advantage. They each
received a good classical education rind I
then gave them the choice of.a profession.,
i The eldest would be a p'tysician ; the second
t chose the law ; the third resolved to follow
Imy footAteps as a merchant. This was all to
my mina ;, I was proud at my sons. and
! trusted one day to see them distinguished, or
at least useful to their fellow men. I had
Is:pared no expense in their training ; they had
I . never wanted money, for I gave to each a
1 liberal allowance. Never had men fairer op
! portunities ; Aral, look at the results. Thel
1 physician hes no patients; the lawyer has no ;
clients ; while the merchant—instead of tbl- 1
toying my rxample—is above visiting' his ;
Icounting room ! In vain I. urge them togreat- I
,er diligence: What is the response? 'There t
is no use, father,=we shall never want mon
ey; we know yeti have enough for all.
'thus, instead of being tnergetic and useful
members of society, ray,sons are mere idlers 1
and tnen of vain display. Had - they been
forced to struggle against difficulties to gain
their own proli ssions, and were, even nose,
dependent on their ' own exertions for sup
port, they would, in all probability, have
done crudit to themselves and' me."
Aar, before beauty, of course. Let old
!Wt. retirr lwfore teu.
twenty miles from •New York lives
a rich man, who has a lino estate, and an in
teresting, family, of which the eldest is a
beautiful young lady, her father's pride and
hope. Last year, while his elegant mansion
was building, a voting carpenter who bad
just finished his trade, and whose- :•ole pro
pertv consisted in a paw of large hands, a
snil, good heart, and habits of industry and
tame to work upon the • premizes
Very naturally, the young 'knight of the
br , iad-axe soon, fell in" love with the, vnung
lady, and, not strange to say, the young lady
wit:- equally pleas-d with him. She spent
considerable time •every day watching the
progress of the weak., particularly that per;
formed by theyoung weelianie, and lie foam]
his greatest incentive the joy_'“l" working
under the•wateh of het loving eyes. •
The secret, however: soon became an open
one, and filially was broken td the. young
lady's father'. He heard the sad news with
out apparent concern, Moja a few moments
set off for the ,village, where he made dill=
gent inquiry respecting theyouug carpenter,
who, he learned, was the only son and sup:
pal of a poor widow,bit was an intelligent,
capable and promisir ' , young man.
The father returned home, and calling his
daughter to his room, asked her how the
matter stood between -herself and the young
carpenter. It was a critical moment to her,
and for a moment her fears triumphed over
her feelings, and - she burst into tears. The
tears were followed by a eonfeqsion of an at
tachment, which had grown stronger every
du, with the fear that it was doomed to a
cruel disappointment, for thoobject of it Was
nothing but a poor mechanic. "lint I love
him with-all my might, and would give my
life for him," said the' honest girl.
"Does he h eiprocate ,your affeetionit?"
asked the lather.
"That he does,"replied the daughter; "but he
; knows thatyou would never consent to have
him pay his addtesses to me,' nd he has been
very reserved about it. He talks about go-
Ling. away because he cannot live here with
: out seeing me, and thinks vbu would be tin•
willing to have him visit the house.
•The father sent liar the "young carpenter,
who came to the room with the greatest tre
' lie suspected what was in the
j wind, and. anticipating an immediate drs
missal, his heart was in his throat when the.
father said La him :
"Young man, how is it that you dare to
carry on a ftirtatiot with my daughter with
out consent 1"
"That is false, sir, utterly false," the young.
flan replied. "Your daughter came to the
;.1101:1,=e where we were at work, and I saw
her and I loved her. She returned my look
and interest, and asked me• a question • Al
i slot every day she has been to the .liaise,
and her coming makes it a heaven, to me
! lint I knew I was only a poor utt4 baffle,
s\ ill; my mother (molly hands. anti 1.4;1.: you
. 'would not consent to my ottering he,: eny
•particillar attention. &0.1 have kept. away.
I'm going off, sir, as soon as the job is deMe,
for frannot live without 'seeing her, anti I ,
would not do anything dishonorable., or that I
her f.thef would disapprove.'
The.young man turned his fare towards as'
'a indow to hide a few stray tears which
Caine into his eyes The father looked
steadily into his secretary, as if it contained
something 411111141331 interest. Alter a not
nnweleoitte -ilenre he turned to the young
man and said.. "You'have acted honorably
in This matter. You shall see my daughter
all you please. I hear that you are 'a wor- I
thy, industrious young man, and I prefer I
such a one for a son to any dissolute snob. I
.I 1 aria sorry your education has been so much
neglected 'But it is not ton late to remedy i
that matter. ' I will pay ymkr wages regnlar
lv to your mother, and send you to school
for a 'year or two.' After you get a good
foundation laid I will take you into my busi
ness,: and if you bear yourself in a worthy
manner. one of these days my daughter shall
. be your wife. Yon may quit work at - once."
Our readers can imagine the scene and the
i joy that followed this speech of a wise and
kind father, far better than we can describe
i them. -
, The young man has just finished a year's
ourbe at school, where he has made wonder- .
ful progress. The father seems to be peoud
of him, as he has found that life in his new
Imansion on the tanks 'of the IludSon, with
, an accomplished daughter who cannot Bur:
I tieiently , express her gratitude for his kind
-1 ness, and the occasional visits of ; noble
' minded young man who is wor/iingdfis way
lup in the world, is only, a sweet foretaste of
' elysium. If other rich fathers would 'follow
I his example there would be fewer dope
merits and far less misery than at present.
and a great many happy hearts and happier
' ho
Our Only Surviving Pre.idenl
The precarious health of General Franklin
Pit.rce, now the only survivor of the four
teen persona whom the people have eleiited
- uevesaively , to the ['residential chair, until
rally invest.; him at this time With peculiar !
interest. We wilthere give, in a tabular form, I
the dates of the.death of each President. and
the time that had• eliipsed after . their retire
went from ofliee
DiPd. Years out of office
tieorge Washington, 1797
John Adams, Iti2i; 25
Thomas Jefferson, IN'_G . 'l7 •
James Madison, , . 1830 . , : 19
James .3tonroe. . Its7:l . 0
John' Q. Adams - , • 184 N. .10
Andrew Jackson, 1543 ,
Nartin Van Buren, thzo22l >
. _
'‘ In the Ist mouth
W. 11. Iturrison,, .1611. of his official
I term.
rarneA K. Three. in nth
leariwz nt
While in osTice in
Gen. Z.laylor, • lASO the 15th month
I of cerviee.
Still living.
FlRllitlirt Pierce, ----
.Jameg Buchanan, 186 S
' In the ...2a .111011th
Abraham Lincoln,. 18(17) of hi, second
I term. ,
It is rather a remarkable thct that our•list
of Prt silents, chosen every four years, should .
have dwindled down to a solitary survivor.
It significant that the earlier .p,e,,itlents
lived notch longer in retirement. alter they
had left the Preslilentlal chair, than those of
modern days. The reason is easily account
ed tin . . The Presidential ollice, in the into
- of the Republic, was romp3rativvly a
small affair. Now it is tl to most laborious
and responsible evl.cutive position on the
face of the earth. The immense appointing
power lodged in his hands, is every year in
creasing, until it has become burdensome
and exacting in the, last decree, and, super
added to his other great duties and responsi
bilities, is well calculated to Wear Out iron
the hardest constitution. -
A Tkr.i: OF LOVE - , One (inlet clay in leafy
Arne, when hers and birds were well in trine,
two lovers walked beneath the moon. The
nigh was fair—so was the maid ; they walked
and talked tienesith the shade, With none to
harm or make afraid. Her name was Sue
and his name Wag Jim. and he was fat, and
she was slim ; he took her and she took him.
Sara Jim 'to Sue: "By all the snakes that
spirm among the bush and brake4,l love von
better'n buckwheat cakes" Says Sue, to Jim :
"Since you've begun it, I like you next In a
'new hormit." Jim in ,Sne : Mv heart
you've Misted but I hayefalways the gals
inistrusted " Says Sue to Jim : "r will he As, English Judge lately instructed a jury
true: if yen love me as Llove vint, tio knife _eve ni , deratf danneres in "a breach at
can enr,pnr love kn two:" Say.. ittivto SIIV • I pr,usli , C cage, trecause it :Non , a:110.31, 1111,,chie
"Th,6*;ck. an thin, for your true lovers iris thing to "fri:rhten a man into marrying
cant me in', VII court no other gal ttgfil... i a woman . not like by heavy danutgve:
Jim - leaned to Sue; Sut; leaned to It is inin•li liejtia - ,t , ‘: . the girl that 511::. should.
nose just toughed her ,i(a . kv brim; tour lips 'find out db:plic before than after mar
met—went-t . ,,aliern' ahem ! And then—and r ia ge
then—and THEN—tried TII EN ! Oh ! gals!
beware of men in .Tong, and underneath the
'silver moon, When the figs and:erickets are
in tune, lest yon get your names in the papers
LEARN TO Warr.—Of all the lessons that
humanity leas to learn in life', iiihool,•the
hardest is to learn to wait. Nut to wait with
the folded hands that claims prizes without previous chlurt, hat, having strue
Bled and crowdcil the slow.years with trial,
see no such result as effort seems .to warrant
—nay, perhaps, disaster instead.' To stand,
firm at. such a crisis 'of existence, to pre
serve one's selrpoise and self respect. not to
loss hold or relax effort, this is greatness,
-whither achieved by man or woman, wheth
er the eye of the world notes it, or it is re
corded in that hoo:which the light oh' eter
nity shall :One make clear to the vision.
CLAIMS or'-FuEsrn HrmlANDS.—In a mural
story, by the younger Duping, a Amulet( wo-
Om is represented as writing to her lover,
splaining why she not follow him.
am not,free," she Says.; "public opinion, my
society and—l must say it-,my hug.,
band, too, have claims on me." The nodelia
lance and careless indifference with which
the husband is slipped in among the things
which prevent her elopement, finds no paral
el nut or a French novel.
Finds home convenient place to rest;
So comes to it when he thinks best;
ITi4 manners wiih his hat puts doWn
Puts on his Alipperi and a frown ;
NO. 46. ,
And veil probably, loth scold,
Whenc'er he finds his tea is cold
-r - - 7
Or if, to have it made moat waft, -
It tottkos it qo "eGnfounded late."
Helvondeis what on earth's the, re.sttos
Nothing is ever done in season."
Tea o'er, - good nights - are quickly said
Thoor; "noisy ebildren - ,ent to bed.
Takes his eigarirom ;I`e
And r(Aots' his paoer
'Don't long,` insband a young
bride,tenderly. in my presence one evening,
as her husband was preparing to go out The
words themselves were insignificant, but the
look of melting fondness with which they
were accompanied, spoke viflumes. It' told
the whole vast depth of woman's love—of
her grief when the light of his smile, the
source of all her joy, beamed not brightly
npon, her.
o'Don't_stay long, husband !" awl )..'fancied
I san'the losing,; gentle wire sitting alone,
anxiously countibg the moment's of her hue
band's absence, every few moments runningy,
to the door to see it he was not in sight, and
finding that he was not, I thought I could
hear her exekriming. in 11 , Appointed tones.
"not yet."
"Don't stay long, husband !" and I again
thought I could see the young wile rocking
nerv:ously in her great arm chair and weep
ing as tbough her ii6rt would break, as her
thoughtless "turd and master" prolonged
stay to a wearisome length of time.
011,'you th`at have wives to say—''Don't
stay long, - when you go forth, think of them
kinigy hea You are mingling in the busy
hive of life, and try just a little to mike their
homes and hearts happy,for they are gems
too seldom replaced. You cannot find amid
the pleasures of the world, the peace and joy
' that a quiet home, blessed with such a wo
man's presence, will afford.
"Don't stay long, husband :" Mid the 7,•oting
wife's look seemed-to say—for lie,re in your
own sweet home is a loving heart whose mu
sic is hushed when you-are absent—here is
soft breast to lay your weary head upon, and
here pure lips, unsoiled by sin; that will pay
von 161,e, Inr comiug back so soon;
Minister Shot while-Performing:thf
From !lie Nl:won 31...i,euger, Mare:. 11.
IVe %Yenr inexpressibly shocked last night
to he: of Ok.e. shooting, by a man whose
.name our informant could not give us, of the
Rev. Samuel „Anthony, one of the oldest and
most respected minister ll of the .Methodist
Church'in thiS Stale. .
The tragedy Vs )1S enacted vestenlav at Au
dersonville, just heMre the art iv d of the up
train on the Southwestern Road. It seems
that Mr. -Inl bony had gone to Ander.sonville
to marry a couple, and while in the middle
of the oeililliOny was mterntpted by the stepz
i.tih-r of the lady, who 6. dened him to desist
fie rj`monsttated n lilt the intruder, telling
hi - in it alas too late then, and that t e ought
not to be guilty of such unseemly- conduct .
The man's rrsiam 7 e was the raising end tir
ing. at almost point-blank range, of a double
barrel shot gun, loaded with buckshot. the
entire load taking tf et in the lower Part of
his sictim's stomach. The brave old man
fell to the floor, bur by a tronien , loui etl.rt
raised himself up, and saying„ "I will finish
the job,"proceeded with the esremorty, and
pronounced the couple man Med wife. He
then tell "dowii completeltr,exhausted, and
when thy Par , left was expl!cled to die every
T.nE Eyeuing .
Telecraph, a prominent Rad
ical newspaper, of Philadelphia, closes an
article on Geary with the following para
graph :.
'Governor Geary has managed, durina Lid r
official term, to dissatisfy both the politicians
and the people, in a rain effort to appease
both: lie has proved a poor politician, Mad
given not a title of evidence that nossds
ses a spark of statesmanship. Pennsylvania
has little cause for ['Tide or congratulation' 's
as she looks back on the lon2; line of her ,
Governors. If a few zmiti and brilliant men
are stricken from the list. there is little left
to raise it up above the level of mediocrity ; .
and Geary has, done nothing. as Governor,
to distinguish himself over the mass of his
predecessors Meanwhile, althOugh cur
ruption reeks at Varrisburg, ' , and the in. •
terest , of the State are mosi shamefully neg.
lect(Ri and betray Cal. his Voice. hainever beep
heard prote,ting in the clarion tongue that
some men Might have made ring throdghout
the Commonwealth against this carnival of
folly and fraud.`' -
did much:While lk-imtl
Composed of sharks, qtirks and shystt rs.
with here and there an hones . t man—
rwil, Wondered how in pie dette , t he cot in
that crowd.]
Its last moments were s*nt in quarrelling
Over the plunder its members had made
The carcass of the monster is here.:
Its spirit diiapppared at the time of death
But there AVM a great smell of sulphur then
and there.
• Born March 4th, 13G7
Died Ma•rclt 4th, 1569
fr, YOUR income is live dollars aday, <mend
but four. If it is' one dollar, spend eighty
cents. It it is but ten cents, SPeiol but nine.
If it is three potatoes, save half potato Col
seed. Thus, ,you will gradually acriuire
something while, if you spend and con;
sume as con go, you. will never get ahead
One Melt in life, but every sunset will look on .
vou poorer than at sunrtse,becanse pin will
have used unprofitably one , day more of 'your
strength and your allotted time of life. , And
remember that no possible crop returns so
mua to the :.eed sown as life insurance
IlYsTHßtat's Dtin.--sA young:gentleman
in a certain business house, having tarried
much longer atr„his hoarding was
thought neee , gary fen the morning me:ILI:
asked, on hi.• return, in a joakiru: way, Whru,
he had for breakta.iit Fie replied, candidly,
"A Sult id cotlee, a into ton chop and nun
mystery ski v!" said the ernploy..r,
"what g. that not having been thoro
enlightened in all. the "mysteries - of a board;
in_-lion-e fare: -Why, - answered the other,
t •
-Cubs Stied a lady for hreach
promiSe. Iler friends ofri . .red to settle i t f or
twt hundred ,'oll trs: "What !" cried green,
"two hundred dollars for rained hoke,
shattered mind, a blasted life and a bleedinir
heart ?• Two hundred dullars •for all this?
Never! never! never! Make it ihrechun
tired, ;Ind its a tetra'aiu ' ,
TEACLIER—"b‘me her', you Yiamg qcamp,
' a sounci epankimi." !Scholar- 4 'l'ou
hahrt got no richt t' spank me, and the copy
you set says so.' ' , Teacher--- - I..shouhl like to
hear you read that copy." Scholar (reads)—
"Let all the end , ' thou aim'st at be thy coun
"Father, ditl you ever have another wire
be,:ile..; ‘ mother ?" "No, my boy, what pos
,,&,:eil you t a9l; quell a cpwition r "Be
came I'lw in the nl,l family Bible wlirro
you marrieci• Arum Domini; 1835, and that
kn't mother, for her name wa,; sans smith.'
T 1! r. Utica Observer published the f o llow.
ing gem:irk:o4 apolozy, by request "The
ad v w hos& tniiling Skirts eau-ied r.vntionat
to fall on Fs s t - etW street-, Salihatla afternoon.
'wishes to apologizeonit, to say she will hover
b. guilty of ,!4veitt-ht• such :in nia titahle
the streets a-riin."
Tim Boston State House con-tains t Maroc
of Washington, which a hold of uic, willtont
the fear of.llo , tn betere hi - 4ves, says "con
veys to one who looks rpotOt for the first
time the unwsthetic impression that it repre
sents a man getting up in his night shirt and
attempting •to 1 ght , the gas."
HOLINE . ,S.-At 'one.of the ragged schools
in 4,,reland; a elet4inau asked the question,
"Wilat is holiness?" ,A poor Irish convert;
in dirty, tattered ral:4, - ,itunped up and said,
your reverence, its to be dame in
NoT haring heard from, the debating seel•
*eties in relation to the conundrum, "Why'do
hens always lay eggs in the day-time?"• a co
temporary answers, "Because :it night they
are roosters," , • ' ',„
crstcm, husband says that th'e,only good
rhn of luck he ever had was When',ltig wife
ran away from him.
I)an , t , Stay Long.
Marriage Ceremony.
Whinier no cnc anon