The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, January 14, 1869, Image 1

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    • Uri, tritAceklp Oboerbet.
Single copies, paid sTracTLY in advance ...... $2 00
• If not paid In -advance 2 50
City Subscribers, served by carriers, Fifty Ceuta
Two copies to the same person 4 00
Five copies sent to.pne 10
Ten 'X 00
Clubs rates apply only to those who pay in
All subscription accounts must he settled an
nually. No paper will - be.sent to any person
where responsibility is not known, unless the
price is paid in advance,
The following are our advertising rata.•;, which
will ho strictly adhered•to. Tu. reckoning the
length of advertisements, an Inch is ccinsiderctl
a square. Anything less than an inch Is rated
ssa. nikftionrci:
ST,;: Itise - rtlrins 1 sq, sq. 4 5q.1.1 c
0ne...... 1.7 w 2.70 5.00, 7.00, 12.00
Two 1.50 . 1 2.50, 3.2.5 4.00 , 7.0)1200, MOO
Three weelfs.... 2.00 3.00 1 4.00 5,00' 0.50 15.00 25.00
Four week.„... 2.511 , 3.75 0.00:01.00`19.00, 3[1,00
Two months—, 3.751 5.60 7.00, 5.5010.00,23.00 45.00
Three months_ 5.001 ft. 0010.00 12.0k20.0030.130 so.oo
six months_:.; 8.00,12.0 n is.oo 29.#30 iitou'so.oo; RSA*
One year. 112.(013).00.30.0) 35.00 50.0)00.00 150.00
Executo*ii' and Administrators% ZS TI ot I ces S 3
each; Auditors' and Estray Notices f 2 each;
'Special" Notices, set in Leaded Noupariel, and
Inserted before 'Marriages and Deaths, 2, per
cent. in addition to regular rates ; Local Not ices,
furnished by the part 1e5,15 cts, per line of Eight
words, for ling insertion, 12 gents per line, fir St
sinib and ten cents for each kribSeilnent inser
- lion; Editorial Notices 25 cents per line; Mar
rlng,es SO cents; Deaths 25 cents each.' _Adver
t i.emonis insiTtefl every other week, two-thirds
full rates. Persons handing In advert le4. , ments
oionid state the period thew, wish them pub.
0 , 11,1; otherwise they will he -continued until
'oidered out, at the expense of the advertisers.
_ .
siVe have a very superior Jobbing niTire, ttit•l
are irrepoired to do any kind qty work, in large
or gatnli orders;nt as -reasonable tutees and fn
;1. Rood littyle as all estabtLsbanent, In the eonn ,
All ronittnunient ions..slion !ante add re‘sed to
• 1 I.:EN.IIy W/11:01.x.N,
' : • . Editor nod Proprietor.
4 -
'' , l.sitotnegs Antice.d.. .
.lllitlre o'T Iliby 4
eace, Fast= Hall itUildtraz,
i• - ,11e; Pa. ,
- • oc0;1-tf'.;
kti "ram' nt Law, Pawl& st rept , • above Union
I , e 1 At, Erie, Pa. , ' • no-P67.
t:oriley. at Law, Girithl, Erte Comity, Pa.
dl et ions and other liusiness attended to with
, . uu:ptnrae and diSpifich.
14'11101i In ,Pine, I'Vhdtetyrx)d, Cherry, Ash,
Walnut 'and Quit Lumber, T.ath and Shitdev.
l!rivo, State street, Nortlfof it. P. Imput, Erie,
oEo. w. GuNsrsirre' .
a,t Law, and .Itillee of the Penee,
= 1%11..1 , m an,1..1...zerq, ,Conveynnet,r > awl
"t•oltector. Office in Ilindernecht's sotsb
west corner of Fifth and State streets, Erie, Pa.
' 1103%.1-tf. t: • . .
•ok ndels tuld Plonk Hook Manufacturers,
r.‘ er Key.tone National - Bank. Jylll7-tf.
- Dentist. No. State iitreet.OPPosite Brown's
u'l, Erre, Pa. Office trours.from Slrl A. M. to
12 M., And from ItosP. M. .Itr67-1 1.
Wnblesale and Retail Dealers In lnthrnelt e,
Prtuminoun and Blacksmith Coal. Office corner
Pencil and 12th streets, Erie, Ftc,.
.1. IL NAUMAN. • [Stabtfj n: Z. SA L11431A
,A.' KING, -
halter Brewer. and Dealer In Enpq, flarley,
Malt, Ales; Lager. - ite.' Trciprletnr. of 'Ale and
Lager. .Breweries and 'Walt Warehouses, F:rle,
Ihnltict. Office in Roscnzwi•tg's Block, north
cite of the Park, Erie, Pa.
A tietionand Cnninlission 3„fentliants, and Real
F.Ntato Agents, SU State .r.treet. (corner Ninth,)
El u•, Pa. Advances made on con,lginnents.
country Vendues attended to in any pat t ul
the county.
Tailor fad 00dr:es Cleaner, Union Block,
above Dr. Itennett's office. Clot Ilry made, clean
ed and repaired oualiart notice. Term, as rt.-a
tonable as ally. • ' • mr22.
Aftorneva at Lnur,r - Franklin, NEN. in
Kerr's bitildintt, Liberty' street. t l'ithole City,
Pa.,—otlice over Kemp'.Bank, iw ten reel.
Collections protnptly nude in all hart. ”r the
oat regions.
41116\\'S k co.
-- Wholesale deal Cunard and :101l real, Erie,
Pa..' ;Haying dig ed of' our Aloe"; operty to
theitbovomatu arra, werkece..vo, dly rei rre from
the eaai trade, reeonuneuding our sueo , vsont as
ttgAltterttty_ Worthy of the coaddrsov and pat I on
`sktroyour old friends =I the_public.
ja3'B7-1E 6t.391V. RANK I
nutufact.untrs 4,tri Wbolesqle Deni,ll; to Tin,
Japan and Pretl44l Worn, Stove Pipe, stove
Trull mipgst Waterford, Erie Co., Pa. Or-•
dets brtnall =lnaptly attended to. jan9.
E.A.13L1 HOTF,T,,
oppoqte L t 'lltott Depot, mte, caw p
b, rroprirtnr: irou . se otierritt all hours. Tim;lln•:;pssnpplltial the choicest
thatttteA>arkctls alTorkl. lel
ruion .Erie Co., Pa., George Tabor,
proprietor, Good aceommoclajions and niN
m te
rr GF.6. 11EICNE'lt,1. - D., .
PhNelnn nnll finrgeon. Office, East Park St.,
ovpr Unverstiek's dour stote,—h, wards at the lIN
-I,le n of O. V7: - Kellko, °A door , &oath of the M:
Ckureb, on Ross/Liras duct. ()thee hours
from 11 n. m. unW I. n- In. In.y.10•01-tf.
J. , K. 11.ALLOCE.. 1.A. - 111( . 111:0ND,
1.70. ' . Meatlvillv ; Pa.
' . ETCH-MON haw arta Solicitors of Patents,
No. 29 Noritt Park Place. Erie, Pa. Personot de
siring to obtain Letters Patent -tar •their Inven
lums, Win plcase call or tldre‘s as als,re. -Fees
rea..onaltin. Territory *wild for patrutflesSpe
rad attchtion given to Pot/et:lions. myT-Iy.
nt thC Pv:ace, Peach street, cix doors
i i ;Auth ot Bunk) ftreet, South Eric.
spencer & Marvin, Attorneyx and enunKellors;
Law. Office , Paragon Block, near North WeNt,
met of the Public ,Square, Erte, Pn.
• It. V. CLAUS,
Dealer in all kinds Of Family Grocerics 'and
Provisions, Stone Were, de., find srlinte<l2l le de:11-
vr to Clears, Tub:wen, 0., No, :f3
Fast Fifth street, Erie, Pa. - e4,17-tf.
Ifoincepathle Physician and Surge°,
and Residence G Peach St., opposite
Howe. Office boort from 10 to 12. n.
m., and to Bp.
.artvil Engineer and Surveyor.• Itoldonee cor
aNtilath atreet and Aventr4c Eiud, Ern.:
opposite Union 'Depot. A. W. Van Taq.ct;ll,
opriet,o. Honse open at all Ilnurs.l'able and
Lux. sup Tied with the lx•st in market. t'llarge
rpaxnnal,le. 1'421127V-Iy.
(turnor Pencil and Buffalo sty. John
3 niprictor. Best of a cco inni ad at lons for pepplu
!ruin the country. Good stahrti xatactied.
1119Y1 rt, & VT,TI7,SS,
Whole .alt; and Itetall Dcaters Ili a l 3dn 1M of
p Mrns, 33.ellbars, Nails, Spikes, .
Lepther and Rubber
*so`liinte Pacling , Cutlery,
Swars, Filea , &c.
ALI), a general assortment of free, Steel
and Carriage Hardware.
rz, lore at the old stood of Mr. f. V. BOYE11;'
tact rdde of State i.treot o few doors north oL;
the Depot.
tuf•A's..l 3 - •-,.
-. __a it Embroidgry and Ilantiftieturiti ,,
Sewi4!g . /
°Mee rear of Gensheimers.Clutliing Store,
§tate 13t.,110-e, r-126
! 13L3NK131';— completi uSsort
-11 taent el every kind Blanks needed by
attnrneya,-Justlees, Constallint and,zlloBlllo.9-
Men. for sale at the Observer ottlee. ,
Eiraccrieo, Vrobtice, gruit, AVr.
T HAVE' ON' HAM) a splonahl stork of Ora
1 cartes, cimatsting of
Malone the most eompleteAsmnrt Men t Or goods
kept by any - Utz/tier in the place.
I am also agent for
.Headquarters .for
Clover • and :Thnothy Seed
oct22-Cm HENRY BEC7iMAN.
suceen,or to F. & M. Sehlandeeker, Ls now re
ceivine a splendid assortment of
~(31tocmtlE.9, PRoVisiONs, NVI:IFIS,
Liquors, IS'Mow, Wooden and Stone Ware,
Kruits, Nuts,tc. A largestock
Clrrocery Metidcluttt-ters,
m r Wei- IS.
iVliolesale and Retail Grocery Store.
North-Fiat Corner Park and French fit.,
Would rev pert folly rail the attention of the corn
inanity to their large stock-of
Groceries and Prolribdoxia,
Sugars, Coffees, Teas, Syrlips,
Is not surpas)wil in the city,ali they are prepared
to prove to all who give them rreall.!
They also keep on hand a szperior lot of
for the wholesale trade; to which they direct
the attention of the public.
Their motto Is, "Quick Sales, small profits and
a full equivalent for the money." Apilln-tf.
. .
r 4.1 4 ' ?' .;
• l' ,. Ci ' re E
~. :„., e.. 4
1 7i, ..... - •". %.; :: •. k
-1 c t•••• k 4 - • = -
I =
..! ' • mil ,„^ A . ' -6 1 il
r4i ;.,.. _
. c. • ) _ ril g
w. .
....; •••
' 4.• 5, ti ?
-41 `••••' tt ::: • ,
c... z .z.
. Z ' ..
P.l - ' E. 4 2
. . A. 1 - . =
g 1 i '5 71 1
' ii 2o •••: '
..- . ..,
• tii ti
• ^+• 'ZI
''' .2
1-4 O 2 —
6 - IZI 4> `-' ... -7
• Is; . r 4 F:
.J. _..t.- v
~- 4
' P.* Z
rzi - .9, -
• c,f ...t . . 7.
Itai ...4 et
gal f.,i ii a
- , 4
. E 1 7
. :4..
,4 ' - . -.
P .IP 1 1 r 4 8
CI N Co N Ft, ,
_ llaveou hand a splendid assoit 'nem of
rnovisloss, YANKEE NOTIONS,
Those favoring 'us with a call will go away
aatlsfled that our prices are lower than those of
any other house In the trade.
etuth Is the Motto!
G00d , ,, delivered to any - part of the city free of
Cost. 0
I . Otle2
nit Birk .
, - to a p.
•f' c 0 VST 1 N , TLY purchasing for
ii cash in . the - Nan: York nut lloston mar
kels, all kinds of
DOMESTIC 000D S , Se. Ste.,
which pr e are acitailly :selling( at au average
price of One Dollar for each article. Our sales
being Isirielly for cash, and our trade much lar
ger than that of any similar concern, enables
u 3 to givehetter bargains than can be obtained
of any other house. ,
• '1"1:1E,
Are: specially invited to give us a trial. Send
fur a Circular and Exult:lngo List. .•
• Our •ciob sy,.tein of selling is as follow:: For
$2 WO scud :20 pat cut pen fountains and checks
,leseribl nu 20 tittrerent art icles - Ao he sold for a
dollar elicit: 40 for 6-1; 60 far $6 ; 100 for $10; &c.
Seat by Commissions larger than liaise
Offered by any other firm, accordihu to size of
clot:. Single forrataln and check, 10 cis. Send
Money In registered - letters. Send us a trial
club, and yon will acknowledge that you cannot
afford to buy goods of nay other house thereaf
ter. - - EASTM AN &ICE:NT/ALL,
novl9-1m Hanover: 4 A., Boston.
Carpet & Dry Goods House
Priniß Linens;
Cloths, Eaekings ; Igi r ail l irettl n ash French
Poplins, Mohan's, Alpacas, rielaines,ttc. Also,
wil - rr.v. GOODS, liosivaw.
wAßs.r.s, EROS.,
apr3 (57-Iy. No, EOC,, Marble Front, State St.
.New StOre, Walther's Block.
xo. sos STATE sng=
fne sekocrroci would call the attention of the
public told:, splendid stock of
Spring and gtatilwer .Dry Goods,.
Test received,and offered at
I have a large assortment of
liontesties, Prints, Dri , ss Goods,,tc.,
bougfiCat iovv . prices and consenuently . can hell
xerylotr. Call and examine IPI stock.
Goods shown with pleasuie. -
. •'• ' J. F. WALTHER,
my7-tf. - " . SOS StattrSt.
ri 'i '
: 'C t
L1"4 4 r
E. A. BA KERAt,, CD.% •
.• ,
Great One — Dollar- Sale
DitY AND' FANCY dOOT*l„eo., where
• , they present as commission loans. person
bending them a Oulu— •-
WthrlSh'eetile4, Silk.Drek; Pattern, Car
- f Peling,.*wing Machine, ~
• I _Pre° o f +Cost. -
descriptive checks of articles' sold for One
caeli, senor ft; 24 far &A. Celat}Mig .
blons not exceede4hy any other concern. Cir.
culla* seta free. Address-
• •
E. A. BAKE I L t CO., .
47 ifanover SLIM/44m0
, r• el
: '
1.1 , -• -•
I ,
. . . -...: \ i 1 . ,: ,
:. e-
1 . 1.
. 1 .."
, I .
.• , , .
11 1
: ' , . .
' • ~
1, . i
' 1,-.
..., 8,. ).... ,
.., . 4 1. .
.... . :
. . _•.. ~ .
~. _
liti' ~, ' -.--1.• fiARV
. .
-...: „ .
, A .
-AI- --
. .
k .
VOL. 39.
Mrholesale and Retail
304CState Street, Erie, Pa. -,
ainderriechvii Old Stand.
ili r oodeu,d: Willow Ware,
Of all Muds,
Wholesale and Retail
Call and xee us, at the
Americanlaek, State St., Erie, Pit.
P. A. 411;CIMR & CO.:
Which they are desirous to sell at.
Their assortment of
No. MI French St
Orn Goobo.
Hoofland's. German Tonic,
The great liettlo4.ll2/1 for all Diseases cattle Liver
Stomach or Digestive Organs.
composed of the pureinicen (or, as the 4
medicinally termed, Extracts) of Roots,
Herbs an Li Barks, TT making a prepara.
Hon eoncen- I 1 trated and entirely
free from alcoholic admixture of any
Hootiand'm German Tonic
Is a Combination of all the ingredients of the
Bitters.ivith the purest quality of Santa Crnz
Ruin,Orange, etc., making one of too most
plea.toint: and agreeable remedies ever offered to
the public.
Those preferring a Medicine, free from Alco
holic admixture, win use
Those who have no objection to the eornbina
Unit of the Bitters, as stated, will use,
, Tifey are both eetially good, and contain the
same inedleinalVirtues, the choice between the
two being a mere matter br taste, the Tonic be
ing the most rAtlatable.
The stomach from a variety of causes, such
as Indigi‘stion; llys. - pep sla Nervous De.
!dilly, etc., is very , apt to have its func
tions deranged. The ' Liver, sympathizing
as closely as it,does with the Stomach,
then becomes affected, the result of which is
that the patient suffers from several or tnoro.ot
The following diseases:
Constipation, Flatulence, Inward Plies, Full
ness of Blood to the Head Acidity - of the Stom
ach, Nausea, Ifeartburn,Disgnst for Food, Full
ness or Weight in the Stomach, Sour Eructa
tions, Sinking or Fluttering at the Pit of the
Stomach, SNimming of the Head, Hurried or
Dill'cult Breathing, Fluttering at the Heart,
Choking or Suffocating Sensations when In a
lying posture, Dimness of Vision, Dots orNebs
before the Sight, Dull Pain In the Head, Deli.
eleney of Perspiration, Yellownesi of the Skin
and Eyes, Pain in the Side, hack. Chest, Limbs,
'etc., Sudden Flush of eat, Burnin of the
Flesh, Constant Imaginings of Evil and
Depression of Spirits.
.The sufferer from these diseases should exer:
else the greatest caution In the selection of a
remedy for his case,. purchasing o n
that which he in fif"A 'Pared from his in
vertigations and in- kJ qui ries possesses
true merit, Is skill- fully cornqi:ndeAl is
free from Injurious ingredients and estab
lislied for itself a reputation for th cure of
these diseases., in this connection we would
submit, these well-known remedies—
110 4 11VLe1N.1143
Prepared by
Philadelphia, 'Pa
Twenty-two years since theywere first intro
duced into this country from Germany, during
which thno they have undoubtedly perforated
more cures, and benetitted suffering humanity
to a greater extent; than any other remedies
known to the public.
Thee remedies will effectually cure Liver Com
plaint, Jaundice, Dyspepsia, Chronic
or Nervous Debility , Tv Chronic Diarrhma,
Diseases of the Kid- r neys and all diseas
es arising froze a dls- - orate red! Liver,
Stomach, or Intestines..
Resulting from an cause whatever; Prostra
tion of the System, Induced by Severe
Labor, Hardships Exposure,
Fevers, Etc..
There is no medicine extant equal to these
remedies in such cases. A tone and vigor is im therwhole system, the appetite is
str ngthened, food is enjoyed, the stomach tli
ges promptly, the blood ht purified, the com
plex. Miles sound and healthy, the yellow
tinge is eradicated from the eyes, a bloom Is
given to the cheeks, and the weak and, nervous
invalid becomes a strong and healthy being.
Persons advanced In-life, and feeling the hand
of time weighing heavily upon them, with all
its attendant ills, will find in the use of this
nrrrEtts, or the TONIC; an elixir that will in
stil new life Into their veins, restore inn meas
ure the energy and ardor of morn youtliful days,
build up their shrunken forms and give health
and happiness to their renutining years.
It Iva well established find that fully one-half
of the female portion of our pc qnliattoti
aro seldom-In the en- ir -joyntent of go o
health •, or, to use Li their own, expres
sion, ''neyer feel ' well." They are
devoid of all energy, extrentery nervous,
and have no appetite.
To thls'elass of perKops the 1111TEIM, or the
TONIC, Is espeetnlly recotnlnt:nded.
Weak and delicate children are tuade strong
by the use of tither 'of these remedies. They
will cure every case of,MARASMUS, without
fall. Thousands or certificates have nectunu ha
ted in the hands of the propriCtor,, but space
will Allow of. but few. These, It will be observed,
are men of note and of such standing that they
must be believed.
"rI7.,SPI:VICINT A T.!..14
Lx-Chlef .Tastleo of .the Suprenioleonrt
. ,
Pennsylvania, writes:
- Prftrant r rtuw, March IP,, NV.
"1 find Hoogland's Gerinan,llitters is a
good tonic, useful In Al' diseases of the di
gestive orgiiiis,,and II of great benefit in
eases of debillty.shd want of nervous ac
tion in the system. Yours truly,
110 N. J.1.31ES THOMPSON,
Judge or the Supreme Court ur PennsSiviinla.
• Puti.sngt.mits, April 24, 1848.
"I consider Flootland'sGerman 13ft ters a valu
able medicine in case of attacks. of Indigestion
or 'Dyspepsia. 1 can certify this from my expe
rience. Yours with respect. •
FROM REV:10B. 11. KENNARD, I). I),
Pastor of the Tenth•l2Bptist Church. Phila.
Da; .iaciptorr—Dear Sir have frequently
peen requested to connect my name with rec
ommendations of different hinds of medicines,
imt regarding the practice as out, of ins apprp
velursphere, I have In all eases declined ; bat
with & clear proof in • • various imtance%
and particularly in AT my own flintily; of
the usefulness of Dr. Iloolland's German
Bitters, I depart for one' from my usual
course to express my full ebuvlction that for
General Debility of the System, and especially
fur Liver Complaint, it is a mite and valuable
preparation. In some cases It mayn't!: but,
usually, I doubt not, it will be very beneficial to
those who suffer ilvm the above cause.
Yours very respectfully„__ J. H. KENNARD,
Eighth, below Coates, it.
• ~ - -
Asisistant Editor Christian Chronicle. Philad's.
, I have derived decided bendakfrom 'the use of
rlootland's German Bitters, and feel it my prly
liege to recommend them as a most valuable
tante to all who are suffering from General De
bility or from diseases - arising from derange
meet of tLe Liver. Yours truly,
, _ E. D. VENDA LL.
Hooiland'a German Remedies are counterf6it
ed. fieethat thb Sig- nature of C. M.
JACKSON is on the vrapper ofetteh bot
tic. AU others aro , counterfeit: Print +.
pal ofiloetutdmanu-_. • factory at the Ger
man Medicine Share, N0.,63l Arch street, Pitiln
delphls; Pa.
CHAS. M. EVANS, Proprietor.
Formerly C. M. JACKSON sit. CO,
Elooflagd'a German Blitere, per honk.. 11 00
half dozen; S'CO
DeennitlTelVelt 11 1 11 n (Inert het!
des: El GO bottle , ore , doeni fur ST 50. ,
. e
Ns- Do riot forget , to e x amine the Article
you buy, is order-to get:the genuine. '
aP OO4 -I.Y. . • , ,
AI iscillan to tic
O. NOBLE. • L 11. HALL
Bay State. Iron' Works I
Droul4m ar. nAta„
yoiniders,'Maeldnists and Boil.,
• er Makers,
Works Corner PLettand id Sts., Erie, Pa.
Having made extenidVo additions to our ma,
eldnery, we are prepared to fill till orders
promptly for .
Stationery, Narine and Birtable Engines,
Of alt eizea, either with mingle or cat-ofrval vet
kyrk.AM PUMPS. SAW MILL wcinit, BOIL
Also,all kinds of Heavy and Light Casting.
Particular attention giVen to Building and Ma
chinery Castings.
FOR SALE.—.Stertrn's Ci rcular- Mill Riga and
Head Mocks, which are the best in use. John.
-son's Rotary Pumps, Gas Pipe and 'Fittings,
Brass Goodsi Babbitt Metal, etc.
Jobbing solicited at reduced prices. All work
warranted. Ouj mottols, •
We are bound to sell as low as the lowest. ,
Please cap and examine.
febl3.-tf. NOBLE & UALL.
.No. 824 State Street.
Household Furniture and ait P.lnds of doods,
Wares and Iderchandlse, bought and, sold and
received on consignment.
Sales at pirate residences attended to in any
part of the city.
Sale of 'Household Furn tu re, Carpets, Queens.
ware, horses , Wagons, and all kinds of goods on
•, AT 9% o'cLock, A. M.
A large consignment of Queenswure,. Glass.
ware, Bohemian nail now on hand,
will he closed out regardless of cost at private
co unty.
Vendues attended to in any part of the
Toll_ worthy Si , Love,
NO:1390 PEACH ST.,
Rave adopted a new systi In of doing busi
ness, and would respectfully call the attention
of their customers to the fact that they are now
selling goods fob
We believe that we our customers jus
tice by so doing and would ask them to call and
gee our splendid steel: of groceries,comdstitig of
• Coffees,
Sugars, - •
• Spices; afire.,
Comprising everything In a well kept grocery
store. We also have the best qUality of ,
Also FEED In unlimited quantities. •Give ns
a call.
1390 Peach St., opposite National Hotel.
• 18)1244
Keep always on hand all sylea of
Prenella; Kid, Goat and Pebble Goat
Laced, Button and Congress
1":3 S
Of the finest 9unllty, which wilt be warranted_
for ilurnblliCy, as well as to tit, which we
will sell as
LoNy .toe the Lowehat.
'We also mako loonier. 14:erralrIngrarefully,
attended to. • •
mylttt C. E.& CO.
Catighey, McCreary & Moorhead,
of every description,
Than any holm) In this city. Abu).
At Wbniesale, co cheap as any jobbing Loans In
the country..
13 II X. E. SI !
The Depository of the Bible Society, at --
CktrGIIEY, II'CREATiY S 3100ftlirAD'S.
tsiyi I-t f.
jieygtobe . National
or 10111 M:
CAPITAL $250,000,
Aelden Marvin, John W. Hail Elam Atarvin,
Beater Town, O. Noble. -
The above bank 1s n . ow . doingbus Iness In Its
• new
. .
• Satisfactory' paper discounted. Money to
celved on deposit. Collections made and'pro•
coeds accounted for wititpreimptness. Drafts;
Specie .and k Notes bought. ,and sold. A
share of public patronage solicited.
' TO THE " PU81.116..
There is no use sending to. New 'Yoilit
No use going to the ieflnerles to buy
No use going to soap factories to buy
S 0 A. P-4
Nouse to pny big prices for nay Or your
Groceries and Proiisiot ts
• WhileAbere is
bn the coiner of ;" •
.€l:!,h and ,filEtat,a -Straetti r ''
Try the fibab tore: ! -
n p . • •
• NEW LIVERY;: . :
Boardlitg and Sale Stal)
Cgraer of French and ?lb -Sta.
'Frain SMBRIBERS hiving taken the !dada
lately poeupted by Blenner sst frohneo l 4
would Werra the public that. they have pdr•
etuuwd tt' ,
et Horses, Harness and Carriages. fowl are• tire-
FlNto give pelted; eitthilitellon Well who may
them with o cull. We have i.tie heat stee.k
orthwwiternTomintivanta.' -
MY2I-il • . , • AutuatTra
• ' I
11QUANIVitt 'BLANKET f;-A eoniplete nielortu
nienCelf every kind of Skulk* needed by
Attorneys, Justices, Constables and Budgie=
Men, for sale at the Observer
fmportant potoci.
• Greasau : osaGavigelioutilaraCkilioutAci
• and the. New Englaud
This Railway 'extends frtmi Denlark to New
=4OO miles, Buffalo to New York,423mites.
anca to New York. 41511111e5. And Ls from
tralns run directly through to blew-York, 430
L 1 ~without change of dachas.
Prom and afterNov* 4 4,lool_trains will leave;
in connection with ' n i t the - Weitern Lines, as
follows: : From DiI.NK/RK. and SALAMANCA
—by New York time—from Union Depots:
O:3rA.. U.- ;low York Llay Express,. from Salsz
marica, {Sundays excepted). Stops at. Mr
' nellsville. 9.15 A: Unit;) intersecting
- wI t thec.. 6 . 26 A. M.; Loa Express from Buf
falo, stopping and connecGagas below.sxri
' sing in New York Itloo, M
7:30 A. Din Express Mall, from 'Dunkirk daily
(except Stindays). Stops at Salamanca at
10:00 'A. and connects at Hornellsville
and Corning with the 7.30 A.M. Ex press Mail
from_DulLaloandarrivealn New York at 7.40
A. -M.
&Xi P. df., Lightning Express, from Salamanca
daily (except Sundays). Stops at. Monteith.
villa 0:14 P. AL, (Supper), intersecting with
the 2.50 P. M. train front Buffalo; stopping
and connecting as helow, arriving In New
York at 7 .40A. M.
5:.30 P. BL:, New -York Night Express, from Dun.;
kirk daily 4exoept 5041414'81- atom at Sala
-manca at 7:40 P. bf.,• Olean 4.1.5 P. Al., (Sup.,)
Turner's H.OB A. M., (BkftLand arrives In
New York at 1:10 P. M. '-Connects at New
York with :afternoon trains and steamers
for Boston and 'New England Otte%
From Buttalo—by New York time—from Depot
- corner Exchange and Michigan Sta.:
Eq.') A. M., New York Day Express daily (except
Sundays). Stops at Hornellsville 9.10 A. At.,
hersB.2o 2.;ff P. M., (Bine4 Tar
ners 8.20 P IL, ftitip); - and arrives in -New
York at 10:40 P. M. Connects at. Great Bend
with Delaware, LatkaWanna and western
'Railroad, and at Jersey City with midnight.
express - train of New Jersey Railroad for
Philadelphia. - • - • •
7:30 A. Al. , Express Mall, via. Avon and Horuells
villa, iSuridaYsexcepteff). Arrives In New.
York at 7.40 .
2:50 P. M., Lightning Express; (daily.) Stops at
Ilornellsville at% P. • M.. (Supper); and. ar
rives In New York 7.40 A. M.. Patineete at
Elmira witliNorthem Central Railway for
Harrisburg and the South, and at Jersey
City with Morning express train of New
' JerseY Railroulfor Philadelphia, Baltimore
and Washington.
400 P. IL, Newyork Night Express, daily, (Sun
days excepted.) Stops at Norma. e.14.501'. Al.,
• (Supper,) Intersect lug at Hornellsvlllewith
the 5.50 P.. 11 .1 train from Dunkirk; and at
' rtvcs In New York at 1.4.0 P. M.
1131 P. M., Cincinnati Express, daily (except
Sundays). Stops at suequehanua Lai A.
(ilk ft); Turner's 1.5 u P. M., ;Dine), and arrtves
la New York at*loP. M. Connects at Great
• • Bend with Delaware,Lackaminna aud Wes,
tern Railroad, add at Jersey City with After
noon and Evening Trains for Philadelphia,
Baltimore and Washington.
Only one train East on Sunday, leaving Buffa
lo at, 2:50 P. At,, and reaching New York at 7:40
Boldest and IC'evr England rmssengers, with
their baggage, are transferred, free of charge, in
.New York. -
/*-,To pleaintre travelers the line of the Eric
litrilmny presents many onjectm of Interest, pas •
King through the. beautiful valleys of the Dhe..
/mum, Susquehanna, Delaware and Ramapo
rivers. an everchanging panorama of nature'a
beauties commands-attention.
. .
The best Ventilated and most Luxurious
Sleeping Cars In the World accompany aft night
trains on this Railway.
Baggage checked through and faro always as
low as by any other route.
which can be obtained at all principal ticket of
flocs In the West and Month-West.
upl. Gen't Yawl. Ag't.
nay%-tf -'
Through and Direct Route between ridladel
plda, Baltimore, Harrisburg, Williams-.
port and the
On all Nlkli!, Trains.
lAN and after MONDAY, N0v.1411, the
trainv on the Philadelphia di plrle Railroad
will run as follows :
Mall Train leaves.:Philadp.iniiia at 16:45 p. m.
(Awry, 8:00 p. in. and arrived at Erie lit leo
Erie Express leaves Philadelphia at 11:50 a. In.
Corry: 0:10 11.' m. and arrives at Erie at 10:00
Warren Acocanntodatiott lettSeS Warren at 12:33
p. m. Crory at 2:00 p. in., and arrives at Erie
at 3:50 p.
Mall Train Leaves Erie at 10:&^, m., Corry /2:15
• p, and arrives at Philadelphia at 10:00
Eric Express leaves Erie at Galp. in., Corry, 13:Z
p. m. and arrives at Philinlelptila at 411.5 Tr.
in. ,
„Warren Accommodation leaves Erie at 8:10 a.
in., Von"' at 10:10 a. in:, and arrived at' War-.
ran at 11:10 a. m.
:Mill mid Express connect with'oll Creak and
Alleglietly River Railroad. I.l.4.Ccmix climicEp
Erie & Pittsburgh ,Raiiroul.
riNAND AFTER •MONDAY; wax &on on I.llisTuad aa'rollows: •
LEAPT; ERIE -- 60trtir*ARD.
10:65 .1. M., Pittsburgh -Express, stops at all ata
. flan's, and arrives at A. & G. W. B. It. Trans
fer at 1: p. m.,at New Castle at 3:15, p. ra.,
and at Pittsburgh at 6:0011, In.
6 :00 P. Accouunodation, arrlytal at Pitta-
I s burgh at 10:00 a. m.;
LEAVE inwrintiMoll- - StarrlWA RD.
7:15 a. in., Erie Express loaves Pittsburgh and
' arrives at Erie a• - 50p. m.
4:,3,1 P. Accommodation leaves PittSburgh
and arrives at Erie 12-.35 n, in.
Pittsburgh Express south connect* at Jaines,
:town at It2sp. with 3. * F. Express fOr
- Franklin arid 011, City with
Traniter at
1:11.5 A. M.., with A. A. Accommodation west .
for Warren, Ravenna and Cleveland.
Erie ExPress north relined,* at A.
Transfer at 11:10 A. in., with Mall east Or pm:ad-
Franklin and Oil City, mid at Jamestown
with L4;1% Express for Franklin. - - •
Trains (sonata at ItricheSter with train* for
Wheeling anthill points In West Virginia, and
at pittsbucgh', connections for Philadelphia,
Itamsburg, Baltimore' itnd Washington, via
Pennsylvania Central Railroad. . •
Erie Express north connects at Girard with
Cleveland & Erie traituswestwardfor.Cluveland,
Chicago and all points In the West; atErie with
Philadelphia * Erie Railroad far Corry, NN , anon,
Irvineton, Tidloute, /lc., and with Bulled° it Erie.
Railroad for Buffalo, -Dunkirk, Niagara) Falls
.and New York tlty. , _ .• F. N. FI.NNEY,
dec12 . 67-tf , Asst. Euperlatendent.
L. L. L.L\lB,•Prext.. .31..1141.1tT1.E13: 't'lce'Prt•ct
• GEO. W. COl,TON,E4eeretgry andiTteaxtirer.
' DIM:MD=I= '
OHANnz Notir.k.. W. A. GALHRAYTtI,
JOHN C. ll ELDEN', ' U.'P.' TlHavtr.mEH,
0. 11, DICIAMATER. Meadville. i' .
The above ' l,noir tellkOrganized,
and ready for the trans:talon of bankingopera••
[loam, In the room under the Keystone 13auff ?
CORNER, of RrA.Tp and 4* .
• • ' reepeits vrlth'
A Capital Stoek of $lOO,OOO l
with the fet %liege of Increasing to hill fa mllUon.
Ivan.' and discounts ,trantuicted, and pun;
chases made et all kindlier aattataeterr 4043Pri"
Xer To the citizens generally this Think offers
ati - excellent eppextenity for Japing bp I.l4etr
legaisAl savings , as interest wilt be allowed.rt
Deposits of One Dollar or Upwards.
4 1 ,
A special teatureof the Bank will be the rot
cepUon, for side keeplii&Of nil kinds of- Bonds
and Necuriti ;ft,iewelry,. Plate. '&c. for whicliis
has been carefully provided.
PersonShavilig any,property 4fthis character
plitchthey wish to deposit in a secure, place,
will find this, feature worthy their attention.
fugal-tf. _
- , . •
. CorMiciulq . Btate Sts.,'
r. ' A. I. I R .ITT ;
• • _ • • ,
Artist, TWO' , Thad Wit lie. Muth Brushes,
Whife ',Ltadi* Zinc, taints:
agents for the
Aver/II Ckeiplqtl Paint Comp'y.
smut of u : itood and pure
E. Iturnpiroro,N. , :s
1.3 the kiluito get. Fo r male 421u1Y
11015410.. 1341.4)141reet,
B .
lASleigi' IitAIMS 1-z/i", ,'‘x:liiiiili assort
mentor every kind of -131anlui needed by
Attorneys, 'Justices, Constables and Ensinais
Mess, for sale at the ObserveyoM w e ,
tPubliltied by Itoquestj
i‘a 0 PRE aost Trim aospurf TO awl: am
, . . •, „ CUE AT MAW' , .
Take the blessing of - the pastor, ' ,
:. Take the:Bookr before we part,
In the , name or the Great Maker ,
13im1'it to each throbbittg heart.
Read it dailyi r t s hhere it -
• Leaves to e you 'as a shield,
Words to to away each bullet '
J....Sweepinghe:ensanguined field.
'Take the gi —do not refuse it= '
it will gul e yon day. by day..
OA ihe bate -tlehl peruse it, ,
f i i
Read—altlrrtate—shootind pray.
, Keeptt mark, in at :the chapter :
~ Of the SerMon on the Mount, , •
And where l says " Forgive thy Brother,"
Lines that ne would tire to count... ' ,
. , I ...
.. .
When the,stooko,bas cleared ,a. little,
'And yon'rel sure your man is killed, •
Read.; thare -hall not pass one tittle ,
Till the la dr Love's ffilffited. •
upon this verse, to
sight k taking 111111 :
ies who curse+ yon, , .
oWd have, do the same
Ponder then,
' Help. your ,
Bless the, eh
What...Ye •
rc t anothbrlesson ;
I s; Thou shalt not kill ;
t, the meek, on,
thy Fathei's will.
T L : Lo k ,k e lv ti toe im r :
Seek to do
- Whence come •bloody wurs among you;
1.1 Come they pot of evil lust ?
While. the' v0,11.:e of truth - and virtue
( i i
By the'luw.of .sin is crushed.
.In,anoth r verse 'tis Written : '
.. .Be thy neighbors' lawless limb ;
It thou thy cheek art smitten
Turn t e.other cheek to him.
Wortla like these 'would turn a bomlshell ;
Press tLCm closely to thy breast.
0 betty preolouk Islas Gospel!
How it glees eaeh'soldter rest!. •
Domot to your foes disclose it,
TheYmight learn to wear it ton,
0, ray daily iw your closet
That this shield be but for Ton.
Else when each contending army •
MeLin 'wrath and mortal strife,
Not a steel oelead shi u'd I arm thy
• Heart beneath the Book of Life.
Bloodless then would be each battle,-
And our trust Asi god defied ; _
Only by the foes' death rattle
Can this gift be sanctified.
May yotir efforts bless the Nigger,
'rliougli the land be rent in twain,
Thouggh winne'er you pull a trigger
Your own brother may be slain.
Should -•ou fall, then make a cartridge
• Of the Sermon on the Mount,
With some sayings of thii smart age
1 From Lord Beecher's Gospel fount.
iCt Ilion In one MaS3 be blended—
Load a Mortar to the brim—
Take aim,—fire—the war is ended—
' Gospel triumphssing a hyma! !
I visited St. Louis lately,"and on my way
West, after changing cars at• Terre haute,
Indiana, a mild, benevolent looking gentle
man, of about forty-five or may be fifty, cattle
in at one of the way stations and sat
beside me. We talked - together pleasantly
oti various'subjects for an hour, perhaps, and
I found him exceeding: interesting_ When
ho learned that I CMS from Washington, he
immediately begun In ask questions about
various public men, and about Congress
ional of ; and I saw very shortly
that "I was conversing with a who
was perfectly familiar with the ins
anti outs of political life at' the Capital even
.to Um ways and manners and customs of
,procedure of Senators and Representatives
in the chambers of the -National Legislature.
Presently two men halted near us -ter a sin
gle, moment, and one said to the other :
"Harris, if you'll do that for me,yllnever
'forget you, my boyP
My new comrade's eyed lightened pleasant
ly. The words had touched upon a happy
memory, I thought. Then lace settled
into thoughtfulness—almost into gloom. He
finned to me and said :-
" Let me tell you a story—let me give you
a secret chanter of my life—a chapter that
has never been referred to since its events
transpired. Listen patiently, and promise
`that you will not interrupt me."
' I said I would not, and he related the I.'o
- strange adventure, speaking some
times with, melancholy, but always with feel
ing and earnestness : -
On the 10th of December, 1853, I shirted
tront St. Louis in the eveninglyound train for
Chicago. There were only twenty-four pas=
sengers, all told. There were no ladies, and
,no children. We were in excellent spirits,
pleasant acquaintances were soon formed.
The Journey bade fair to be a happy one,and
no individual in the party, t think, had even
the vaguest presentiment of the horrors we
,were soon to undergo.
At. 11 p. tn. it began to snow hard. Shortly
after leaving the small village of Weldon, we
entered upon that tremendous prairie that.
stretches. its leagues on leagues of houseles.s
dreariness far away toward the Jubilee Set
tlements. The wind, unobstructed by trees
or hills, or even vagrant rocks: whialett
timely,. tierces the' level desert, driving the
ftlline enow before it like spray from the crest
ed waves of a , stormy sea I'lni.snow was
deepening fast, and we knew by the diminish
ed, speed of-the train,lliat the engine was
plowing through it-with steadily intreasing
difficulty. Indeed it almost' came to a dead
halt sometimes in the midst of great drifts
that plied themselves like collosal- graves
stress the track.' Conversation begun_ to
flag. Cheerfulness gave place to grave con
cern. The , possibility, of being imprisoned
in Me snow, on the bleak prairie, fitly miles
from anii house, presented itself to every
mind, and extended its depressing influence
over every spirit.
. At two eclair - in the morning I was
aroused out of an 'easy slumber by the ceas
ing of all motion about me. The appalling
truth'ilashed upon me Instantly—;-we were
captives bra snowdrift I "All hands to the
rescue.',' , Every Man sprang ta.obey. Out
into the,wilitnight, the pitchy darkness, tins
billowing 'sinew,' the driving storm, every
soul leaped; with the 'conseiottSness that
Moment lost now might bring destruction to
us all. Shovels, hands; boards—anything,
everything, that could displace snow—was
brou,ght into 'natant reqnisition. It' was a
w lent plettire, that 'entail .comps ny of frantic
men fighting the banking snows, hall in the
blackest shadow and" half in the angry light
of the locomotive's reflector.
One short hour sufficed to prove the utter
uselessness of our efforts. The storm. barri
caded the track with a dozen drifts while we
,dugpne away. And wtmo than this, it was
discovered that the last..grand charge the en
gibe had made upon the enemy had broken
, the fore and aftershill of the driving wheel!
With a free track before .us we should have
still been. helplesa. We entered the car
Wearied with labor, and very sorrowful. We
gathered about the Stoves, and gravely can
•vassed our situation. We had no provisions
whatever-T-1n this lay our chief distress. We
teould not.freeze, for there ,waea good supply
of wood in the tender., 'rids was our only
conifort. The discussion ended at last in ac
cepting the &gleaning decision of the con
' (Meter, via : that it would be death for any
nian to attempt to trarel fifty miles on foot
through snow like that. We could not send
for help, and if we could, it ccinlil 'not come.
'We must submit and await, as patiently as
we might succor or starvation!' I think - the
stouOst heart there felt a momentary chill
these words were uttered.
Nis itliiu an' hour conversation Aubsitled• to
a low murthur here and' there about the car,
caught fitfully between the rising and falling
bf the-blast;- the lamps ,grew dim; and the
majority "of the, cast-sways settled them
selves among the.flickering shadows to think
forget the present if they could—to sleep
if they might. -
The eternal night=it seemed eternal to us
—wore its lagging hours away at last, , and
the cold gray dawn broke in the East. As
the light grew stronger the passengers began
to stir end give signs of lifeccine alter 'the
I other, and each in turn puttlied his slouched
hat up from his forehead, stretched his stiffen
ed limbs, and glanced' out at the windows
'upon the cheerless prospect. It was cheer;
less indeedlltrita living thing visible any
where,'not a human habitation; nothing but
a vast white desert; uplifted sheets orsnow
drifting hither and thither before the wind—
a world of eddying flakes shutting out the
firmament above
All day we moped about the ears, saying
much. Another lingeting,
dreary night—arid hunger. •
Another 'dawning—another day of si
lence, sadness; *siting, hunger, hopeless
watching fur succor that could not come. A
night of restless slumber, tilled with dreams
of feasting—wakings, distressed with the
guawings of hunger.
The fourth came and went-,and the fifth
live 'days of dreadful imprisonment! A
savage hunger looked. out at every eye.
There was in it a sign Of awful import—the
firieshadoiving of tt something that w ss_vazue
iy sh a ping w e ir into every heart—a some
tiling which no tongue dared yet to frame
into words.
• The sixth day passed-Lthe seventh dawn
ed upon as gaunt, and hagpril,nnti hoPeleas a
company of men as ever stood in the shadow
of death. It mat, out now ! That thing
which had been growing u`> in ever heart was
ready to leap from every lip at last !; Nature
had been taxed to the utmost—she must
yield ! Richard IL Gaston; of Minnesota,
tall, cadaverous. and pale, rose up. • All pre
pared—every emotion, every semblance .of
excitement was smothered—only a calm,
thoughtful seriousness appeared in the eyes
that were lately so wild. -
"Gentlemen, it cannot be delayed longer!
The time is at hand! We must, determine
which or us shall die to flu:ash food for the
rest !"
Mr. John J. Williams, of Illinois, rose and
said: " Gentlemen, I nominate the Rev.
Jantes Sawyer, of , Tennessee:
Mr. William B. :Vilnius, of Indinna.
nominate Mr. Daniel Slote. of N.,Y."
_ Mr. Charles J.,Langdon—" I nominate Mr.
Samnel A. Bowen, of St. Louis."
Mr. Slote—" Gentlemen, I desire to decline
in favor of, Mr. John A. Van Nastrand, Jr.,
of New Jersey."
31j. Gaston—" If there be no objection,
the pendeman's desire will be acceded to."
, Mr. Van Nastrand objecting, the resigna
tion Of Mr. Slote was rejected. The mng
naiads of Messrs. Sawyer and Bowen were
also offered, and refused on the same
- Bascom, - of Ohio—" L move that
the nominations, now close, and that - the
house proceed to. election by ballot."
Mr. Sawyer—" Gentlemen, I protest ear
nestly' 'against these proceedings. They are,
in every way, Irregular and unbecoming. • I
must beg -to move- that they be dropped at
once, and that we elect a chairman of the
meeting and proper officers to assist him,
and then we can go on with the business lie- .
fore us understandingly.' _
Mr. Belknap, of Ohio—" Gentlemen, I oh •
ject. This is no time to stand upon forms
and ceremonious observances. . For-, more
than seven - days we have been without food.
Every moment we lose in idle discussion in
creases our distress. J. am satisfied ,with the
nominations that have been made—every
gentleman present is, I believe—and - I, for
one, do not see why we should not proceed
at once to elect one or more of them. ' I wish
to infer a resolution—"
Mr. Gas/un—" It would be objected to, and
have to lie over one day under the ruleS,
thus bringing about the very delay you wish to
avoid. The gentleman from, New Jersey—"
Mr. Van Nastrand—" Gentleman, I am a
stranger among you • I have not soughts the
distinction that has been conferred upon me,
and I feel a delicaei." . .
Mr. Morgan, •of Alabama—'
previous question.'.'_ -
The motion war carried, and further-de
Irate shut off of course. The motion to elect
officers was passed, and under it Mr. Ga-ston
was chosed. Chairman, Mr. Blake, Secretary,
Messrs. Holcomb, Dyer and Baldwin a com
mittee on nominations, and Mr. R. M. How
land, Surveyor, to assist the committee in.
making selections. '
A recess of half an hour was then taken
and sonic. little caucusing followed. At the
sound of the gavel the meeting re-assembled.
and the committee reported fu favor -of
Messrs. George Ferguson of Kentucky, Lu
cien Hermann, of Louisiana, and W. Messick,
of Colorado, as candidates. The report was,;, ,
accepted. '
Mr. Rogers
.of Missourl---t`llr., President.
The report being properly before the house
now, I move to amend it by substituting for
the name of Mr. Herrman that of Mr. Lucius
Harris,-4 St. Lords, who Is-Well and honor-
ably known. to us all. Ido not wish to be
understood as eastingihe least reflection uri
on the high character and standing of the
gentleman from Lousiana—tie from it, I re
spect and esteem him as Junehttts any gentle
man here present possibly can ; but mine of
us -can be blind to the fact that he has lost
more flesh during the week ire lure laid
hpre than any among, none of us can be
blind to the fact that the committee has,been
direlict in its duty,either through negligence.
or a graver fault, in thus offering fur our miff ,
rages u gentleman, who, however pure his
motives may be, has really less nutriment iu
The Clutir--"The gentleman from Missouri
will take his seat.. The chair cannot allow
the integrity of-the einnmiltee to be ques
tioned sure by the regular course, Under the
rules. What action will the loose take up
on the gentleman's Anotion ?"
Mr. Halliday, of Virginia—" I mere to
further amend the report by substituting - Mr.
Harvey Davis, or Oregon, for Mr. Messick.
It may he urged by gentlemen that the hard
ships and- privations of a frontier life have
rendered Mr. Davis tough; but, gentlemen,
is this a time to c ivil at toughness ? Is this
a Mini ,
tO fastidious -'concerning trifles?
Is this a time to dispute abut matters of !Lib
try significance? No, ,gentlemen ; bulk is
what wu.dc.iire—iulktauce, now—talent,-not
genius, not - edbcation. I insist upon my mo
Mr. 3for4:111
I do most strenuously object to the amend
ment. The gentleman Irani Oregon is bld, and
furthermore is bulky only in bone—not in
'flesh. 1 ask the gentleman from Virginia if
it be soup ; we want itistead of solid sub
stance? /f he would delude us with shad
ows? If he. would muck our sufferings with
hn Oregonian spectre? i ask him if he ban
look upon the anions faces around him, if
hoc to gaze Into our sad eyes, trim call listen -
the beating of our expectant hearts, and Ma
thrust this famine stricken traud upon us?
I ask him it' he can think of our desolate
state, of our past sorrows, of our dark .
tare, and still unpityingly foist upon tis this
wreck, this ruin, this tottezing swindle, this
gnarled and blighted-and sapless vagabond
from Oregon's inhospitable shores ? Never !"
The amendment was
_put to Vote, after a
fiery debate, and lost. Mr. Harris was sub
stituted on the first amendment. TM:ballot
ing then began. rive balhns were held with
out a choice. Orr the sixth, Harris, was
elected; all voting for him but himself. it
was then moved that his election should be
ratified by acclamation, which was lost, in
consequence of his again voting against
ulway moved that the house nlw
take up the remaining candidates, and go in
to election for breakfast This was carried.
On the first ballot there was a tie, half the
members favoring one immlidate on account
of 'his youth, and half favoring the other on
account of his superior size. The President
gave the casting vote Tor the latter, kr: 31c-s
-tuck. This decision created considerable Id is
sat isfaction among the friends of Mr. Fergu
son, the defeated candidate. and there was
-some talk of demanding a new ballot; but
in the midst - of it a -motion to adjourn was
carried, and the meeting broke up at once.
The preparation for supper diverted the at
tention of the Ferguson Mellon from the dis
cussion of their gnevanees for a long time,
and then, when thep,would have taken it up
again, the happy hnnouncement that. Mr.
Harris was ready, drove all thought of it to
the winds. '
We improvised tables by propping up the
backs of our seats, and sat down with hearts,
full of gratitude to the finest supper that had
blessed our vision - for seven torturing days.
How changed we were from what we had
been a few short hours pefore ! IlopeleSs,
sad-eyed, mis.n . y, hunger, fevoish :anxiety,
desperation, then— thanithlness, serenity,
joy too deep for utterance now. That, I
know. Was the cheeriest hour of my eventful
life. The winds howled, and blew the snow
wildly - about our prison hoifse,but they were
powerless to distress us any more. I liked
Harris. lie might have been better dOne,
perhaps, but,l am free to say that no Man
ever agreed with me better than Harris,. or
afforded me so large a degree of satisfaction.
Messick was very well,Thongit rather high
flavored ;',hut for genuine nutritiousness and
delicacy 'of fibre give me Harris.. Messick
had his good points—l will not attempt to
,deny it, nor do I wish to do it—but ho
was no more fitted ~ f or• breakfast than a
mummy would be, sir—not , a bit. Lean?
why bless me !—anti , tough ! Ab t he was
very tough! You could not ituapne it—you
could never imagine - anything like
" But do you mean to tell me that—"
Do nottinterrupt me if you please: - Atte
breakfast we elected a man by the, name of
N‘ralker, from 'Detroit, for supper. De was
very good. I wrote his wife so afterward.
Ha Wan tiOrithy of; atilt always
remember Walker. .fie was'ilttle rare, but
vey good. And, then, In thig. morning we
had Morgan of Alabama, for breakfagt. He
was one of the finest nidn I ever sat down, to
—handsome; edueatetr,"reflned,titoke several
languages fluently, he Fes a perfect gentle
man, and singuYarly juicy. For supper we had •
that Orogen patriarch, and he Was a.fraud,
there is no question about it-Lold;'scraggy,
ton:rill—nobody , can picture the reality.,
finally said." Ueritlemen„you can
.do as you , •
please but I will wait for another eletticfn',7
When you elect a man who has'emndthhui to
reeenimend hi n.l Ann be glad to join yOu
NO. 36.
It soon became evident that there was
general dissatisfaction with Davis, of Ore
gon, and"so, to preserve the 'good will that
had prevailed so pleasantly since we had
Harris, an cleetlell was eallfdtattd the result,
of it was that Baker, of Georgia, wastlopen.
Ile was splendid. Well, well. Afler that
we had Doolittle, and and McElroy
(there - was some complaintabout McElroy,
but lie was uncommonly abort awl thin.jand
Penrod and two Smiths, and 'Palley, (Bailey
had a Wooden leg;which- was 'akar loss, but
he was good, otherwi2e,:gOod) awl as Indian
Ixiy and an organ' grinBrer;frars entieoiati
by the name of BucktMaster—a poor stick of.
a vagabond, thst wasn't any good for corn
ploy and no nceodot for breakfast. We
were - glad we got 'him elected before relief
" And so the dossed relief did come at
last':" •
" Yes ; it came one bright slimmer morn
Just after election. John Murphy was
.the choice, and there never was a better, I am
'willing to, testify rfiut John Hamby -came
home with us in. Abe train to succor us, and
lived to marry the - widow -Harris—
"Relict of
"Relict o ir first choice. He married
her,. and is respected and prosperous yet.
Ab, it.was like a romance. This is my stop;
ping place, sir. Imu St bid you goOd bye.
Any time you can make it convenient to tar
ry a day or two. with me, I shall be glad to
have you. I like you, sir, I have conceived
an affection for you. I could like you as
well as I liked Harris himself, sir. Good day,
sir; and a pleasant Journey,"
lie was gone. imever felt so stunned, so
distresst:d, so bewildered in my life. 'But in
my soul I was glad he was gone. With all
-his gentleness Of manner and his soft voice; I
shuddered" whenever he turned his hungry
eye upon me,- and when I heard that I.
had achieved his perilous affection, and that
I stood almost with the late Harris in his es !
teem, my heart fairly stood
I was bewildered beyond description. 1
did not doubt his words ; t could nol, foes
tion a single item in a fitatatneat 40 *Winded
with the earnestness of truth as his; but its
dreadful details overpowered me, and threW
my thoughts into hopeless confusion. -
I saw the eondui3tor looking at me, and said,
"Mho is that man?"
" He was a Member of Congress once ! and
a good one. .Ba t he got caught Ma snow drift
the cars, and liked to have been starved to
death. Ile got so frost bitten and frozen up
generally, and used up for want of some
thing to eat, that he was sick and out of his
head two or three months afterwards. He
is all right now, onlylie la n monomaniac,- and
when he gets on that old subject he never
stops till he has eaten up that whole car load
of people he talks about. lie would have
finished the crowd by - this time, only he had
to get out here. He has got their names as
pat as A. B.C. When begets them all eaten
up but himself he always says "Then tits
• hour for the usual-election for breakfast it:m
ing arrived, and there being no cippositiou,
I was duly elected, after which !here being
no objections offered, Lresignetl. Thus l'atit
I felt inexpressibly relieved to know that
I had only been listening'-to the harmless
vagaries of a madman, Instead of the genu
ine experiences of a bloodthirsty cannibal
".I move the
A PI filY SER - 1101 TO 'YOUNG 31F.N.--You
are the architects of your own fortunes.
Rely upon your own strength- of body and
soul. Take for your -motto, self-reliance,
honesty and industry; for your star, faith,
perseverance and pluck, and . inscribe on your
banner, "Bk just, and, fear not." Don't take
too much advice; keep at the helm and steer
your own ship. StAke out. Think well of
yourselves. Fire above the mark you in-,
tend to hit. Assume
,vour position.. Don't
practice excessive humility ; you can't get
above your level—water don't ran up hill—
put potatoes in a cart,civer a rough road, and
the small potatoes" wilt go to the bottom.
Energy, invincible determination, with a
right motile, are the -levehs that rule the
world. The great art of commanding is to
take a fair share of the work. Civility costs
nothing and buys everything. Don't drink,
don't smoke; don't sweat: don't gamble.
don't lie ; don't steal don't deceive ; don't
tattle. Be polite,. ' be .generous; be -kind.
Study hard ; play hard. Be in earnest. Be
s elf reliant. Read good bioks. Lave your
il2llow-man as well as your God; love your
country and obev-the law's; love truth: love
virtue. Always do what your conscience
tells you to be a duty, and leave the c.mse
quenees with God.—sv. John Todd.
Wouitn's 1.41 Ye•
Mark. Twain says when Weenen frame
laws the first thing they do will be to enact
1. That all men should be at home at ten
p. in. without fail. ',, f -
2. That married men should bestow con
siderable attention upon tkeif own wives. .
Th: That It abould 'be a-hanging offence 1
sell tvhiskey in saloons, and that tines an,
dis!t in-hisetn , :ut shoill follow It iti su
4. 'That the -moons x of cigars to excess,
should be forbidden, and the smoking of pipes
utterl , ,- abolished.
1„ that the wile shonll hav r e ,the title of
her own property when she In wries a man
that hada t any.
" Snell tyranny n OILS," WS M.*k, "wP
could never stand. Oar free souls couhl
never endure such degrading lltrakievo.
Womem-go away! Seek not to begone us
of our imperial privileges. Content your
selves with your little feminine-trifles—your
lmbies, your benevolent societies and your
-knitting—sand let your natural boints do - the
votin. - Stand hack—you vtill be wontit,g to
g.) to war net. We will let you teach
snout ass much as yeti want to, and p4y pot
half price, too; but Inlware we don't . wa - n
you - to crowd us too' much."
Mr. Ohairman,
Tot: Lotto's PICAYRIL—A mai lee itnelt in
the 'twilight hour, and, clasping her hanil4,
breatlfed fervently forth : "Om; Father who
•trt in Heaven., htllowed be Thy name:"
A-mother: in deep agony of grief, gazed
on her child, sleeping her long last sleep, a
smile wreathing her soft lips, and white
hands folded across that still and pulsele+s
heart, and kneeling there, the living beside
the dead, she prays: Thy will be done."
As the early beams of the orient gilds the ,
sleeping land, a widow, with her suffering-,
little ones, chilled by poverty and woe, bows
at the . throne of grace, and fervently prays:
" Give us this day our daily bread."
An aged father, its•his loved and loving boy
goes forth from his patetrutl care, to brave the
cold frowns of life, kneels beside him on the
eve of his dep inure; and pleads : " Lead .
hint not into temptation, but deliver hint
front evil, for thine Is the langtioni, the power
and the glory, forever and ever. Amen."
PEOPLE about to marry, whotwlsh to know
the prupdr age, are referred to the following ,
precedents: Adam and Eye. 0; Shaks
peare, ; Ben '.Johnson, 2 • Franklin, 21;
Moz at, 23 ; Dante, Kepler, Fuller. Johnson,
Burke, Scott, 28; Tycho
as &atm,' Byron,
Whington, Bonaparte, 97; Penn and
Sterne, 28; Linnmus and Nelson, 20 ;
30 r i.Chancer, Ilogarth, and Peel, 32 ; Words
worth and - Davy, ,31 ; Aristotle,. 30 ; Sir
William Jones and Welington; 37 Wilber
force, 38; Luther, 42; Addison, 4i ; Wesley
and Young, 47; 5wi11,,,49.; Ilutfon, 55; Old
Pti.rr, last time, 120. These are good prece
dents, ranging from - Adam' andllve before
they were a year old, down to the yetern
"d SWINDLE."—The Journal - of the Tele
braph tells the story of an odd telegraphic
lunder : "" A merchant who was absent
from his home received s telegram informing
him of hist wile's sate delivery of a little boy ;
at the same time a letter from his partner ad•
. him that a draft had been presented
for five thousand dollartcand the signature
seemed rather doubtful. The merchant re
plied to both dispatches ; but misdirected
them. The'astonishment ut the wile ma be
imagined when she read: ' I know.nothing
about it ; it is a swindle: The. partner re
ceived hearty congratulations upon his' safe
deliverance: "
J• tAoi of distinction gave - a fancy ball
not long since, and in-order tobe distinguish
ed placed a sPrvant at the door to announce
the costumes at they entered. A couple of
ladies appeared in a full ball-room dress_
" What costume. shall I- announce I'," asked
the servant. "We are not in costume," - the;
replied. "Two ladies without costume,"
shouted Old servant, to the horror of every.
body. • -
A CONDUCTOR OA the Eastern railroad, whin
lives in Gloucester, , Mass., was Teem*
awakened from a sound sleep in church, and
with his secular twang called out—;tieverly t
.change cars for Gloucester, litant*eater and
Beverly *Farms !" The effect Ow . ere
gregation may he imaOned.