The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, September 24, 1868, Image 3

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to the LatlicE.—
1,1 . 1. pc' ,N CI VS
Lnrx rEßropicAr, 111i,Ls,
run LE,4
. „ • : 'l,lltllly Timi, : tota
mieci:sufui bs pro-
,Ni• PI M. It: A I tO,l
Irty Fit , inted,,nr
;11,` caUt coned aggli list Using
1 , ,1•,.1, lulu in that eoielii ion, I,s,t they
filch admonition the
~e, ,'lit any mi.-chief to
pie ricomuulnded
1. V L I.IEM ED I'
r‘t lon of tlio suffering from any
'lnver, a. well n. 51.0 Kerent as
,‘• •,` • I
f.tfii 11 hen Lealth will not permit
• • t 1., and bringtti , 2, I,a , k the
..r,•• " to t he cheek of the most
r I , • 7:
4 1,,_.1 it through. the Po-,
, • ,v.• t! g , nt ((sal thlentlally)by
of Chu country, free of polstaqe,
V. 1. 11.17% Itinc., ll'urron;
; 11 , ,n , 1i0r&1'0., Mead-
,Towett etz
, rVi', l'o.prt-t4•7,
New Yol
1 ill I . o)rt ttscm 11115
, Cu S!•t•Late. tn.crttnn, tuna
':•6 Co. t•1.,,e1: 011 Tilltr,(1:1 morn
`.!! nftN't•rtl• ~ 111 Pt. N. 1111,0 enntintwa ac
advotti,r,lllll,•••, oidered
To the Ladies.
. in - nu wc•akn, the
10: LI, 111111, V.l( II 1,ear1:1.2;-,101; tt
i! th:ll4•itlty that ti v can
• See' 11 he r..lieN CEI at I.lleo,
uy :V“I It lINCit
..a 11,1 , ," :Ilia ...It .4111:: serer
11 01 u-ed in thig county:, .' t ,r
call upon or h...htrv.. v.:11: , I,llllp,
E. J. 141..111:11, M. 1 , „
l't P....
!! , ,,el,iarr., , e in lEttniiriii)te.y.
r runt . r rrt th.• t .-liced
I : .•
("cal:, a bankrupt utPler the
1.1t7. h:,~:nu applied
::It his deld , ., other
Act, by of the
7 , • , en to all persons
I r uther pursons
appe:o .7411 11.1 r of Nov.,
~• A %I !,
„ I. !II lln“,
. • 11 hy it discharge siithild not
I Ib, banliropt. And [either,
• u -rel.`. gl :ell [lint the nre.nul :old third
doors of tee said !Milli' 111-t, re
to: ah m d.htiit,eettoutofsaid.\ct,
0,1•:ce the :.,:dtlitegistr :it (tie tinmo
rge' i2l Baillia`llPteY•
;):, COL'lrr of he Unite•l
-.• • •I• tl, • ),I'‘ -I. :a U, trh•t. I'rnm> l.
I,IA. a }.ant, rapt whl,r the
• • , •I ch ing
< • • • : .1: 1,+1•1 :1]) )11 , ot)/-
• • ,1 • 12,- 91,1• r of
:-112 . 41 ... .•// !l t ' l. 2112.0111
I ,• I ~ r ,Lt arol °the:pen-4)11S
• , `lh v of
1 I,,re S. E.
It ..f, his th
• t of nn., -
~ to slum. cause, 11
ha .wl.y a ‘ll-..11.11,ie ,11(.111,1 not
to the 4..;i11 hank:apt. And further,
_ herby - Given that the , eeond and third
tiints of creditors of said bankrupt, required
:1..• t h and 2stli thins of said act, will be
betore the said iteglster, at the same tithe
.5.1.1 place. S. C. .\IcCANDLES , t,
t.,rk of U.S. Dl,trlet Court for said District.
TN TIIE Disnact CoITIZT of the L'altral
for the Western Districtof Pen n'a.
F.S. loinkrupts unit, r the Art
11 ), tati cm of )(mill '2, ha bug applied for
narge (ruin all their debt , " of her violins
.:11t1 Art, by order tit the Court
'.4 hereby given to all pelsons who have
.1 their debts, and other per.ote. Interest
e appear on the sth day of aov., at 9
1,..1)ai , S. 1:. 11:w - rim:H, lip g.l.ter,
in the auto'', at Erie, Pa., to show cause
anv they have, why a cliseliarge should not
b. L„tote , l to the salt' bankrupt, .1 el tardier
notice Is hereby given, that the second and
'tUrd tneetlnus of erediturii of the said ulk
rapt, required by the '-'7tli—and nth sections of
it l act, a ill lie hall before the said It...pi...ter at
‘ante way an.l plar2._
-; of C. L. ; rict Cottrt lot ..11(1. 1 , 0,1 ric t
Dry C.-00c; itc; CarPot'?
No. 7 Heed
t '4l all th. it frketplc to
131... duo notwo. and
th•-. 1- I‘. t 11 It
v_ IlaN Icl.l - .1
~1001: 01
Dry Goods, Carpets,
DC) - illitiCS, Oil Cloths,
•-• Gc
e • ti
- 1: e I,
. ,-_•.: , 1 at—; ~ ,:,, p lO., -:, , 1:.. - ..E , ', 31T..t.
(" .". _. , , - , .„
~,,,•„:,„ , . ~,, ii:,
:A T :..1 ' , ' II I 'LW, 111 :_:..:1 ~ .1, 1
t ' , 1 .1' I': . , 1:'1 . ...,"," I , ‘ I• 7. 1 4 ~., at
No. 1 , 2 ( 1 REED HOUSE!
t• I.lll‘ 11 CFlllllb h . , .111 WI)01
M.1.t.1 eN•t. , -,
:1110. 14:‘,:„ t-, „
\i'ink(r. , .. P.11...1, and nor
dt kt,ap at
I , liv Ftxture4, the
nen, ,„It, tiaiLsparent
ft-kr, It ItuaTaln-
L. ar Curnivt,, Loyq.s
.ttz• vk.n to form-hint , . Hotels,
ory or
Window Shades & Curtains,
"1' ALL
FL \ NNEL, (F ALL tr.:241.;
It.w prli 4,t
.1/paca,, i 1.t,4c at. I in and
1',.1.1111 rru,•h P 1.1.01 It WI
and Frei', h V ,, p1.41y, Valottn4 .
mon; 6f rich Black cilkvever
'tcb th , city I. to be faun , ! at
..? 1- i!!..leorl, , rEit' , loCi;: 1,. It 1121 , 1
pail ment, and lA, aslt an impartial
our g0'3,1-• and prter,, retliag
^.—,•-• ti ‘t our tY tends and the plitm.•
1.1 , 1 y aired With ll', In Our it•settion
_Ho Goods and Carpet
11';)F1 3. ()1t1T1E - 1%I.
W:11 Le fiaind the best goods at the
of ah 2, phco in tho etl3.
il - 1-1,N1•0111', I Ei
ion pitlyrixr, - of ev, ry kind, in large or
p mull citiltutttles., pimp. or colored, done in ,
style. mad lir, moderate prices, at the
The Observer has the Largest circulation
or any paper in N. W. Pcnn'a, either
• Daily or Weekly. On this point we
challenge contradiction. Its circula.
lion extends to allplaces of importance
its Erie, Crawford, Warren and Velma.
go counties.
MILL CREra Tr.—We are requested to
say that a meeting of the Democrats of:31ill
Creek Tp. will be held at the Town Hall, on
Saturday evening nest, to make arrange
ments for securing the assessment of all the
legal voters of that locality:
(lDflI g IDP W~~ P
Hon. J. D. Doolittle, the end
neatt, WIRCOUSIII Senator, will
spealiVin Farrar nail, on Fri
day evening., Sept. 25th.
Band will be in at
Sold fu Erle by
: -, gent, for
The undersigned have been appointed a
.Committee on the part of the. Democratic
party, to assist those who may be entitled to
naturalization, or are ready to declare their
intentions. Applications made to either of
them w ill receive prOmpt attention
Ist Dist.—Adam Wild, W. W. Lyle, John
Carse,y. Me izner.
21 Dist.—Patrick Burns, John M. Kuhn,
P. A, Be:eiter, Eugene Metz.
ad P2Liebel, Jacob Bootz, Wm.
3ttirmv, James Canipbell. . •
4th Dist—Barney Donnelly, Michael HO-
Iran, James Tuohy, Jacob Driesirzaker.
tiouth Erie.—P. W. Kohler, J. J. Werner,
Adam Acheson, E. F. Wilson.
East Mill Creek.--J. W. Kehler, John*.
Welhh, 3tichael Timon.
\\ - eat Mill Crcelz.—Charles Justice, C.
Thomas, Stephen Hadley.
ses,ion of Court will commence on Mon
day. Sept. , 28:11, and also on the first Monday
of October. Persona should apply in the
cai iv part of the week: as the length of the
stssion is uncertain. The .Naturalization
Committee for Eric city and county will
meet even• day until election at 1 1-42 o'clock,
P. the (Coe of E. Camphauscu, Esq.,
Hosenzwcig's Mock, where all wishing in
formatimican apply.
11. L. WmTL,
Sc ere tar 3-.
S dt:rday, the 31 of October, is last day
when asst. ssments can be made in time to
vote at the State chn:tion. It is recommend
ed that in every district committees be chosen
to obtain copies of the Assessment list, and
gee (hot no Democrat loses his vote 'on Ac
count titilure to be assessed.
Prom the relmrts that come to us, we are
led to believe that the Radieid Assessors
have entercal into an, arrangement through
out the county to,asacas no peraon who does
not apply in perabn, although the efistom has
always been to receive any names handed
in by a responsible citizen. The object
of this is undoubtedly to keep poor men,
who are unable to leave their work
and hunt up the Assessors, from voting in
October. The better plan, perhaps, would
be, to procure , a list of the Democrats entitled
to assessmen), fix upon a day for having
their names enrolled, and havo them all at
tend to the maitter on that occasion.
It will be \sal to keep a watch on the
Radical Assessors, and see that they are not
pursuing ono policy for Democrats and an
other for their own party friends. If it can
be aseertaindthat any Assessor who refuses
to accept the names of Democrats without
they appear in person, rs adding the names
of Radicals handed him by' others, proper
aeti,en should at once he adopted to compel
him to set in a just and honorable manner.
meeting of the Detnocraticeratral Club
was held on Wednesday evening, at which
the following officers were chosen:
President—Hon. W. L. Scott.
Vice Presidents—W. G. Arbuckle, F. P.
Liebel, W. W. Dobbins, John M. Kuhn,
Alvanus Thayer.
Setretary—E. F. Wilson.
Finance Committee—Adam Achesop, J.
B. Otinnigon, C. M. 13riggs, IL C. Shannon,
F. Schlaudccker.
The Vice Presidents were appointed an,
Fvceutive CoMmittee, and a motion was
adopted that the officers selected have gen
eral ,opervision of the party affairs in the
city, and bold their positions until their suc
cessors arc chosen. The club is not intend
ed to interfere with any of the district or
ganizations, but to act in concert with them,
and in concentrating their efforts. A
meeting of the above named officers is to be
hell at Mr. Scott's office on Saturday evening
next The following gentlemen were ap-
peinte l a reception committee to meet Sena
tor Doolittle en Friklay:,
t:.• th_i:
W. A. Galbraith, F. P. Marshall, Benj.
Whitman, It. S. Hunter, E. Camphausen, P.
A. 13 , Tker, C. Seicsel, J. Rocs Thompson, J.
B. Gunni., , un, Sehien Mirrin, W. L. Scott, S.
E. Foote, B. P. Sloan, Wm. Henry, E. P.
WiLon, Adam Acheson.
The First Di. , trict club, on Wednesday
erming, elected the following officen4:
t A. Bennett.
Vice Pre-lJents—Jolin Emling, Frank .
It%ler. •
'Stcremry-11. S. Hunter. %
E‘rentive Committee—W. W.tyle, Thos.
C.,sananqh, Dennis Fogarty, Michael Love,
Jienry C. Shannon, John P. Wilkins, John
Fin:ince Coznmittee4—W. %V. Dobbins,Jolin ,
Carle, John McCloskey, 11. V. anis, Peter
The _President is to be an advisory member
pf each committee. The Secretary was in
structed to inform the members of the Cosa
mittees of their seleMion, and ask the chair
man of each to appoint as early a flay as
convenient for their meeting. The club ad
journed to meet in Bray's-Hall, on Wednes
day evening next, at seven o'clock.
A. meeting to orgailize a club in the Third
district was held in Liebel's Hall, on Mon
day evening, which was well attended. The
following officers were chosen :—President,
Jacob Bootz; Secretary, F. P. Liebel,—after
which, interesting speeches were made by
Messrs. Thompson, Bootz and Liebel. The
club adjourned to meet on Monday evening
next, at the same place. '
The meeting of the Fourth District club,
which was to be held on Friday evening, has
been postponed to Tuesday evening, at
Streek's Hall, when plans are to be perfected
for securing a more efficient working or Cue
MoNT3tENT Fmn.—The ladles of the• Sol
tilers' and Sailors' Monument Association
have secured the following articles, which
are to he disposed of at the Fair in this city,
on the first Monday in December. They can
be seen at the places mentioned:
One very fine• Piano, at Mrs. "William Wil
One half-cabinet Wheeler & Wilson- Sew
ing Machine, at the store of E. IL Chapman,
Brown's Hotel. ;
One Silver Set, at T. M. Austin's.
One French China Dinner Set, at Glenny's
Crockery store.
Tickets for either of the above articles can
be purchased at the stores above mentioned;
also at Caughey, McCreary ik Moorhead's,
D. P. Ensign & Co.'s, May •Sz Bro.'s, and W.
.T. Sell & Co.'s.
Tin: N. Y. Tribune has a column review
of the campaign in Ptinnsylvania, in which
the name of every ILulical candidate for Von
gress is mentioned except Glenn' W. Sco
field. Why, how is this ? We ate told
every week by the Radical press of; the dis
trict that Mr. S. is one of the letultrs of the
.House, and yet his name seems Utterly un
known to the correspondent of the great
pally organ. has Greeley withheld it from
ital,t.ey that Scofield ray nitre day become
his 1 ival, or is the latter, what we suspect,
considered a member of such ordinary
qualities that he is hardly know outside of
the dlitrict ?
Naturalization 1
The City Democracy.
-:;- Z't--
910 w Do Yor LitiE Corry
Republican giyes'us the interesting item of
information that "in Waterford, Eric county,
$320,000 was expended for the bonds that
the Democratic party are now so eager to
tax." We thank the Republi in for the state . -
meat, and hope the figures may In fellable.
It furnishes a fresh illustration of the injus
tice •of exempting the bonds from taxation,
and shows more clearly than a column of ar
gument how unfairly the system•which Rad
icalism has engrafted upon the nation ope
rates against the interests of the farmer and
laboring man. Let us see. The amount for
which the people of Waterford borough and
township arc assessed upon the books at the
Commissioner's office, is as follows:
Leal Estate. Femme. Ifono. - Tufa
Township, $155,053 $10,274 $506 $171,833
Borough, 39,182 2,587 3,540 45,309
194,235 - 18514,046 217,142
The valuation, as'we learn from the ,clerk'
to the Commissioners, is only from .4e-sev
enth to one-eighth the real value. We will
take the most liberal figure, which gives us
as the total amount of real and personal pro
perty for taxable IntrPOs4s in Waterford bor
ough and township, the sum of $1,704,499.
This property pays all the State, county,
road, school and .every other kind of tax,
while theenfo invested in bondsdoesnol pay
a penny. The bonds exempted are nearly a
fifth the whole property, and it is easy hisee
that the taxes fall heavier upon these` who
hold no bonds, in the same proportiOn. The
farmer with hisland, and the mechaniewith
hislteuse, pays one-filth more Afturptan is
fairly his
.share, solely because tits Wealthier
neighbor, who happened to have some spare
faeans—diiring, the war, saw proper to , invest
it in bonds, in preference'to - buildind up im
provements in the place of his residence,
which wouldhave prenioted the prosperity
of the neighborhood at the Rama time that it
benefited himself. This fact is too plain for
any man, however ignorant he may be, to
misunderstand,' If these bonds were taxed,.
like other property, as by right they ought to
be, the effect would be a reduction of one
fifth indhe direct taxation of each property
holder in Waterford borough and Tp. The
indirect taxation they pay upon all articles
which they eat, drink and wear, for the pur
pose of pioviding the interest for these same
bondholders, is as large, if not larger, than
that levied by the State, county, township
and borough authorities.
The same state of affairs which exists in
Waterford prevails to a more or less extait -
In every township, borough and 'ward in the
county. The •people •in &try 'section are
paving heavy burdens to keep up ti privileged
class who do nothing to promote the welare
of their localities, l and aro daily sapping the
earnings of their industrious and less fortu•
nate neighbors. We ask all to look at the
facts, and jutLre fir themselves whether such
injustice shall be saddled permanently upon
the country.
Ir any Democrat is in the habit of believ
ing every statement he finds In a Democrat
ic paper, say the Observer, for instance, no
difficulty will be found in accounting for the
fact that ho remains a Democrat. On our
side we think more discrimination prevails,
so that should one of our papers once get the
reputation of falsifying or misrepresenting,
suchpaper would an aink sms Jon, that no
regard would be paid to its statements.—
Then by this time they must be very
"low" indeed, for we do not know a single
Radical paper whose whole stock in trade,
ever since we have had a connection with
journalism, has not consisted. of. "falsify
ing" and "misrepresenting." The Dis
patch is a fair sample of all, and we need
only cite its recent course on matters of local
polities, familiar to many of our citizens, to
enable the public to IFiew how much reli
ance can be placed upon its teachings. The
halting insinuation that the Observer pub
lishes statements which cannot be believed,
is untrue, and.we challenge the proof. We
may at times have been led into making
erroneous assertions, which we have ever
made it a rule to correct whenever they
were called to our attention; but we defy
a paper to be found anywhere 'which is more
generally careful in its statements than the
Observer. The Dispatch on this point fur
nishes us a fresh illustration of the old "Stop
Thief" story. It seizes anything that it can
find, which may help to prejudice the Dem
ocratic cause, with eagerness ; and when
its blunders or falsehoods are exposed, as we
have given half a dozen examples in as
many months, it refuses either to retract or
correct them, and, in the majority of cases,
goes on with their repetition as coolly as if
they had never been disputed. People *vim
live in glass houses ought to he cautious
how they cast stones in their neighbor's win
dows. -
Jum.F. 3IcC.ti;DLE-s has sentenced three
citizens of Pittsburgh to pay fines and tin:
dergo imprisonment for illicit distilling in the
third'story of it warehouse of that city. The
charges against them were: Ist. Distilling
without payment of special taxes. 2d. Dis
tilling withofit bonds. al. Distilling
in a forbidden place. In his remarks upon
the ease the Jude said:
I have had many cases before me here, at
Eric and at.Williarnsport, from the mountain
regions of this Judicial District, Where
farmers; and the descendants of a past_age,
wholly unacquainted with modern legislation
upon this subject, have set up their stills, and,
after tbe custom of their fathers, made what
they ctnsidefed necessary fur the harvest
field atut home consumption:, With all such
I have been as lenient as tile law would ad
mit, Mad, although the maxim is, that ieno
rance the law excuseth no man, these peo
ple rarely see the published acts of Congress,
and if they did, in sonic instances they could
not understand them. With greater intent
geuce, and occupying respectable positions
in this ccmmunity,you have violated the law
for gain, and if the Court supposed it would
be better vindicated by a longer imprison
ment, It would be is solemn duty to impose
WE notice in the list of speakers at Radi
cal meetings in the neighboring towns the
name of IV. 11. Burleigh, of Massachusetts,
who seems to be regarded as one of the "big
guns" of the party. The fact may not have
escaped the memory of our readers that this
man was one of the leaders of the old Aboli
tion crowd, who advocated a dissehation of ,
the 'Union, and proclaimed the Constitution
"a' league with hell and a coventuatowith
death." He was once denounced by name by
Henry Clay AS "a vile and traitorous agita
tor," in a letter - that ought to be read by
every man, woman and child in the nation.
The then who sustain the teachings of Clay
are now declared to be untrue to the Union
by these same Abolitionists, while Burleigh
' himself travels over the country mouthing
his "loyalty," and assailing men who never
'wavered in their devotion to the Constitution
as enemies of the country! The altered con
dition of public opinion could receive no bet
ter illustration than this man's record'
WE have carefully read the glo - xing re
ports of the Radical mass meeting at Corry,
on-Tuesday, as given by our Radical dotem
poraries, and are compelled to own up that
it nmst have been a monster assemblage - , The
attendance, we are led to believei could not
have numbered less than a =lion people.
The procession was huge, and eclipsed any
thing before seen. Its length was so great
that at latest' advices the tail en& had not
reached Corry yet, though the immt ;me affair
had been marching , over, two dt tys. The
speakers were the most famous man of the
country, and in thrilling Oratory P. Henry
and 11. Clay could not hold a enTulle to them.
So overwhelming was' this detnon stration,
that the poor Copperheads,Srightenc d out_ of
their wits, capitulated in despair by - the thou
sand, and it is a safe calculation to make, that
not less than fire hundred converts to the
Radical cause were made by this one znecting
alone. A few more such •' uprisings of the
patriotic masses" will give Pennsylvania to
Grant hr an UnniTrions vote..
ALL wool blankets at Frank Willi:hell A:
Co.'s, 824 State street, only $4.130 a pair.
AEI! iteablariketa at Frtakic
n.'s; '3ll - State street, 0n1y . ," I.N) a pak,,i
Come commences Monday next, the 28th
inst. All wanting naturalization papers
should apply in the early part of the week.
lIAs the Gazette "heard from Maine ':" A
Radical rnajorityof 18,805, by the official ac
count. Only a loss of 0,000 for that party
since 1806.
Drevezinonv , , °floss S Fosvin have re
ceived their new stock of fall goods. Read
their advertisement in the first column of
this page.
COL. J. Ross Thompson will address the
meeting of the Irish National Democratic
Club, in Austin's Hall, on Saturday evening,
September 26th.
MANI- Democratic ladieS laving eipressed
a wish to hear Senator Doolittle, on Friday
evening, the committ ce request us to say that
the front "scats will be reserved for their ac
commodation. They also ask us to invite
Democrats to bring theli ladies with them.
political editors of the Republican,
having totally demolished the Observer, imd
cleaned it out root, branch and tde nail, have,
during the past week, directed their attention
to the World, with a fair prospect of s t eron
compelling it to succumb to the weight of
their heavy artillery.
.; F. F. M.A.nsaw.., Esq., addressed meetings
in the 'Mirth. Ward on Friday evening,
and at *Harbor Creek on Saturday evening,
giving good satisfaction to his audiences.
Mr. M. is one of the staunchest Democrats in
the county, and we expect to see his services
called into frequent requisition during the
balance - of the campaign.
Tnt. abundance of money which the Radi
cals have to spend in this county may be ac:
conated for on the supposition that Mr. Sco
field has contributed his portion of the extra
pay for Radical campaign purposes. This
liould Ice a snug way of raising a fund for .
party use without any direct burden upon
the leaders. Who.can tell?
SEscr. writing our paragraph, in another
place, we learn that the Republican Com
mittee of Crawford county, by a vote nearly
unanimous, on Monday, presented ion. S.
Newton Pettis as a candidate for Congress,
to All the vacancy caused by Mr. Finney's
death. Mr: P. is endorsed by the Greenville
Argus, and will probably receive the sup
port of Mercer county.
THE "irrepressible conflict" between the .
two facttons of Radicalism iu our county has
broke out afresh over the selection of Hon.
John H. WalkerforPreslylent of the meeting
to-day. • The Lowry men arc anything but
mealy-mouthed over what they call the in
delicacy of the Chairman Of the Countiy Com
mittee in choosing his own Mier to preside
over the big meeting of the campaign.
AT every ,fire that occurs there is a certain
class of.. people who are very free in their
criticisMs of the management of the fire de
partment. Now, the wonder is that these
gentlemen, who know exactly what ought to.
he done, don't become firemen theniselves,
and remedy the faults of which they com
plain. It strikes us that a class of men who
do as much hard work for' nothing as the
firemen, ought to receive some other recom
pense than incessant fault finding.
JUDGE SCOFIELD, the Radical papers tell
us, having been called to, Washington, is
compelled to throw up all his appointments
in this county. His absence From the cam
paign.may prevent thepeople from receiving
an answer to the question which they are
everywhere asking: "Did our Congressman
take the 4xtra pay, after giving Lis promise
that ho wouldn't?" Perhaps his immediate
organ, the Republican, may be able to tell
them something about it:
The, Middletown Journal, edited by J. W.
Stofer, Esq., came to us last week, in a com
plete new dress, and presenting as neat an
appearance as any paper on our exciringe
list. The Journal office was the scene of
our first ambitious experience as a publisher,
and for that reason as well as for the kind
relations that have long existed between
ns and-Mr:S., we have always taken more
than ordinary interest in its welfare. We
are,very glad to see that it is in so prosper
ous a condition.
Tin proprietors of . the Titusville Herald,
In writing to the Phila. Press, asking the
correction of one of the dozen falsehoods
'that paper publishes daily, fall into7a blun
der themselves, whiclkis none the less ex
cusable, in claiming to have the "largest cir
culation in North-Western Pennsylvania."
Our friends of the Herald print a good paper,
and itiedeserving of,•as it undoubtedly se
cures, a wide circulation, but that of the Ob
server still exceeds it, as we mean that it
always shall, that of any other paper in this
section. We cannot do better than repeat
its request of the Press, that: "the retraction
will be prompt, complete, mil conspicuous,.
and as generously, its blunder )val mortify-.
lug and presumably damaging."
Tun Warren Mail denies, on the 'authority
of Judge Scofield, *e'presume, that he "was
officious in ousting Young, of Kentucky and
admitting McKee to a seat in Congress. In
the Committee on Elections," it says, "Judge
Scofield with Judge Poland, of Vermont, in
variably voted for admitting the Kentucky
members. When the case came up in the
House lid neither engineered it nor votql for
McKee I ; 'Mr. Cook, of Illinois, had the case
In charge as the records -101 show." We
hope the Mail's statement ma} be correct,
and are pleased to know that nudge Scofield
is so ashamed of the:- course of dii - s fellow
Radicals in Congress that he is anxious to
wash- his hands of the transaction. The
ejection of Mr. McKee was one of the most
dikreditable acts ever perpetrated in the
Halls of Congress.
WE understand that on the evening of the
Republican proct!ssion there was a Demo
cratic meeting at S—s, in Jerusalem. Fine
speakers were - present, to address an audi
ence of four tvt4t7.—Dispatch.
The occasion -- was a club meeting for the
Fourth district, and, though, .no handbills
had been circulated, there were seventy-five
persons present by actual count—more, we
will venture to assert, than has convened at
any Radical assemblage in the - city wider-the
same circumstances. The Dispatch's injus
tice towards Democrats is becoming too
marked to be submitted to in patience any
longer. In order to retain its party standing,
the manners of that paper seem to regard it
as necessary to make their columns ten times
meaner than the meanest paper anywhere in
the country.
ABOUT a hundred and fifty Sons of Erin
met in Austin's Hall, on Saturday evening,
in accordance with the call for the organiza
tion of a Democratic club. They were all
imbued with the' true Irish fervor for the
cause, and the scenes of enthusiasm which
prevailed during the •eszel .... aing exceeded any
political meeting of the campaign. As a
preliminary step towards organization, Hon.
Wm. L. Scott was called to the chair, and
Speeches were delivered In response to calls,
by that gentleman, Jeremiah Noonan, Capt.
Dobbins, Mr. Whitman, M. A. Quinn and
others, each . speaker bringing down the
house with round after round of applause.
,Quinn was
,elected permanent Presi
dent, P. McGinnis pqmanent Secretary, and
the name of Irish National Democratic club
was adopted. Over a hundred names were
signed to the ConstitutiOn, and it is confi
dent& believed the club will number three
hundred working members before the cam
paign closes. ..tnother meeting will be held
in the same place on Saturday evening . next,
whefi Col. Thompson will be - present, and
we promise all who attend one of the best 41
speeches they hays heard in a long tim.W...l
.- . .
'Di Democrats had scores of office holders,
and.expeetants to furnish filo money, they
might indulge in such luxuries us proces
sions, torch-light parades, &c., in a style sim:
liar to the 'Radicals. As they -have none
now, have not had for tight years, and do
hot anticipate getting any through local
sources, their means are necessarily limi
ted, and they are compelled to use what little,
they have in the most economical way. We,
therefore, advise our friends to give 'up any
idea of competing with the opposition in' the
costly show 'and "fuss and feathers" which
the latter rely upon as their most effective
campaign material. ' The district and town
organizations which we have established
reach the people mord directly, are less
expensive and could be made to per
form infinitely better service, if every
man who professes to wish for Democratic
success would connect himself with them,
and lead an active part in'the work entrusted
to them. If we fail this year, it will be be
cause so many men who claim to be ardent
Democrats neglect performing their fair
share of the duty which every one who de
sires the triumph of our, principles ought to
:be willing and proud to fulfil.
A pnicE on Sunday night burned down the
large brick building at the corner of French
and Fifth streets, owned by Hon. M. B. Low
ry, and occupied by Morrison, & Dinsmore,
dealers in 'pork and beef, on' the first and
part of the second floors, and on the third
floor as a Jewish synagogue„ Mr.•F. W.
Biddle had a sleeping room on the second
floor, from which he escaped by means of a
ladder furnished by Mr. G. A. Bennett, bare
ly in time to prevent being smothered.
Mr. Lowry had an insurance of $8,500 on
the building ; Messrs. Morrison Dinsmore
had 6,000 insurance, which will cover their
loss; and the furniture of the synagogue was
insured for $3OO. The circumstances attend
ing the breaking out of the fire, lead to the
conclusion that it was caused by. incendi
aries. For a time the new Wayne Hall was.
in great danger,and the office of Benj. Grant,
Esq.!, who had just moved into the building,
was completely gutted, by the efforts' of his
fridds to avoid the los.s of his • boobs and
furniture. The "fire fiend'? seems to have a
special spite against Mr. Grant, this • being
the fifth Occasiofi, we believe, in which alias
driven him from his quarters.
WE ask in all seriousness if any of Mr. Sco
fiehrs friends can inform us whether he ever
drew that extra, pay, which was voted hit
three years ago whack was Weep? In the
last campaign he said he had never drawn it
out of the Treasury, and nercr intended to do
so! But we are nearly certain he has done
so since, leastwise he has been charged with
it, and so far as we know, has offered no
denial, either orally verbally.—Etk Advocate.
Outicotemporaryadnformed that neither
Mr. Scofield nor his friends will either an
swer yes or no to the question. We have
put it to them fur four weeks, and they are
as mum as an oyster. The public, can con
strue their conduct in but one sense, and
there are few persons in this county who
doubt that Mr. Scofield did take the extra
pay, notwithstanding , his promises ter the
OF the ten" "dlztinguislicd speaker.;'
nounced to he "poAtively present" at the
Radical mass"mcetlnglo:day, eight are retie
gade Democrats, vii: Sickles, Wilson, Cam
eron, Putnam, Ihrtranft,,lirewster, Scofield
and . Schluembacli; and the remaining two,
Curtin and Lawrence, were both bright and
shining lights of Know-Nothingism. It
must be grateful to the fullest degree for old
Whigs, like Messrs. Walker, Reed, Babbitt
and Sterrett, and the numerous foreign born
members of the party in our city, to receive
their political inspiration from such sources.
Tun death or Mr. Fiuney nece.isitates the
election of a Congressman to fill his vacancy,
and both parties in the Crawford district are
preparing to select nominees. Judge Pettis
is being urged by his friends, but the Mead
ville Republican suggests the choice of some ,
,new man, who has not been identified with
their lodal strifes. -It would save trouble for
each side to select the candidate it. alreahv
has in the field.:
Trtgionowing paragraph appears in the
Harrisburg Patriot of Friday last :
"The. State Guard still urges us to publish
Scofield's speech. When the Patriot be
comes so destitute of news as to be compelled
to choose between publishin.g- such a tissue
of barefaced, unmitrzated falsehoods as Glen-
ni W. Seofteld's speech is made up of, and, a
blank sheet, It will choose the latter. The
Guard may suit its own taste in such matters,
and so shall we."
TTLE bark Claugh went ashore twelve
miles this side ofCleveland during the, gale
on Tuesday night of last week. She was
owned by J. S. Reed, of Illack River. MI on
board were lost except the second mate, Rush
Reed, who clung to a Spar, and after remain
ing in the water thirty-six hours, was picked
up by the schooner Ramon and taken to
Cleveland. Seven persons were drowned.
TUE absence of Mr. Scofield will deprive
a large number of his supporters from hear
lag that celebrated cat story,which promises
to attain a reputation equalling " Sinbad The
Sailor" in its best days. great many ar
dent Radicals in the interior, who have not
yet been treatcd to this wonderful piece of
witticism, and were waiting for it with pain
ful anxiety, have gone almost crazed over the
disaPpOintment. •
TirE Democracy will have a great Mass
'Meeting on the occasion of Senator Doolit
tle's visit to Warren; on Saturday, commen
cing at two o'clock, p. m. Excursion trains
will run on the Phila. d Erie R. R. Hon.
W. P. looks is engaged to spend the whole
of next week upon the stump in Warrbn
county, and, after that, will visit any portion
of Eric county to which he may be invited.
Tim District Court of the United States,
at Pittsburgh, has granted an injunction
against the "dentists who have been using vul
canite rubber in the manufacture of artificial
.teeth, on the ground that it is au infringe
ment upon the Goodyear patent.' Four Erie
dentists arc numbered among the Unfortu
nates. '
clause of the bankrept act witich
provided that no person should tie:discharzed
whose estate would not pay fifty per cent.
on thckdollar, and which took effect on the
first of June last, has been further extended
to the first of January next. This gives
more time for the appliCation of those who
have no assets.
WE are authilrized by. John 'Curse to say
that those who run the Irish Republican
Club, after trying in vain to get Irishmen for
the purpose,' offered the Portuguese at the
Pittsburgh' dock (who are not voters) one
dollar each to carry a torch. Although poor
and needy they'refused to be bought.
Tar. Titusville Evening Journal (Demo
cratic) after a brief suspension, has again
taken on the garments of vitality, with
Messrs. Jackson Dodd as publishers. We
hope they may have better luck than we an
ticipate. Our faitils in Democratic dailies
hereabouts is of a stay limited nature. ,
NEVER, perhaps, says the Forest Press,
,was there a candidate bef;re the people so
universally well spoken of by all parties,
where personally, known, as our candidate
for Congress, Hon. Rasselas Brown of War
• Tire Councils on Monday 'concluded con
trczta for paving Peach street with the Nich
olson pavement, building an iron bridge over,
the canal at Sixth street, Ord erecting, a
honsei t or,the steam engine at the corner of
Fifth and Chestnut streets.
&tomla has removaft his mock left
titter the &e to 507 State' stnet: poly
lislies a new song, entitleil "Jessie Vane.''
gri ri a heavy ,ft : ost fell tit litre:et: t !iv all
tics of the couaty, on several nigitig of the
last week. •
ALL wool blankets at Frank Winchell
82-1 state street, only $l.OO a pair.
Two months ag,o we mimed to the edi
tors of the Meadville Republican that, if
they would publish through their paper the
speech of Geo. H. Pendleton, delivered in
West Virginia, on the Bond question, we
would publish through the; Democrat an
equal amount of matter, on the same subject,
to be selected by . themselves. To this pro
position our neighbors have no response.
Arc they afraid to let their readersknow Mr.
Pendleton's views, whom they stigmatiie as
a repadiator . I —Cra,rford Democrat.
• We trust the Democrat is not so innetent
as ever to haVe expected that its offer would
be accepted. We predicted. at the time that
it would not, and our prophecy has been
fully verified. Whenever Radical editors
permit their readers to see both side's of the
issues, their party will fall to pieces. They
know this too well ever to risk the • experi
TUE small frame building, on Eighth, near
Chestnut street, occupied by John Moore as
a grocery, was destroyed by fire about twelve
o'clock on Thursday night of last week. A
frame house adjoining, occupied as a resi
dence by Mr. Glover, was also partially
burned, nothing but the shell being left.
The stock and furniture of both parties was
nearly all saved, by the exertion of the fire
men and citizens. -- I
'DIE Republican has a stranger story to the
effect that a certain newspaper establish
ment in this strong'. Radical county has ap
plied to the State Committee of that party
for a donation of $l,OOO. Which one can it
be? It scarcely appears credible that with
three thousand majority in the county, any
of the Radical organs should be in such re
duced circumstances as to require help from
TITE Gazette prints an extract from a pre
tended speech of Gen. Blair's, two years ago,
and wants the Observer to "disprove its au
thority, if it can." The Observer is relieved
from all necessity of doing so, by Gen. Blair
himself. In If card wrilten by him, a Month
ago, which has strangely escaped the Ga
zette's notice, he pronounced the extract "a
forgery from beginning to end, and its au
thor a willful and maliciona liar."
DIE Gazette compares dttr two dailies to
a rat-terrier and a turtle, "and whether the
terrier crunches the turtle's head or the tur
tle bites off the terrier's tail—the result will
be equally amusing, and faithfully noted by
the Gazette." What a sorry joke it Would
be If the Gazette should - happen to come into
the real of the contending parties, and lose
both head and tail in consequence !
AFTER much trial and tribulation, the long
talked-of Street Railway is at length . under
contract, and we are promised its completion
by the middle of November. It will exteud
through State and Peach streets, from Sec
ond to Federal Hill, and have 'a branch to
the Cemetery.
DUNLAVV, the keeper of a small gro
cery west of the city, WaS aCcitlentally
drowned in the, canal near his home on
Wednesday of last \reek. Ile leaves a wife
and two childr,en.
Titan funniest thing ue have sten since the
campaign opened is the old Know-Nothing
Gazette patting Irishmen on the head and
instructing them how to vote.
Ton Fair of the Crawford Co. Agricul
tural Society will commence at Conneaut
rin,2, on the 30111 of September, lasting until
ARE you ci•rtafn tluit your nano is on the
Assessment list ? If not, attend to it at once.
Friday of next week is the last day.
JACOB SUITEIERS, ESQ., of Cony, will ad
dress the club of that city on Friday evening,
the 2 - sth inst.
Am. wool blankets at Frank
85 State street, only $4.50 a pair.
THE new Jewiili itabbi, Rev. Mr. Fuld,
Las entered upon his duties.
Gi:RMAN DOCUMENTS.—We have received
a large supply of,.documents printed in the
German language, which will he furnished,
free of charge, to any. who want them for
distribution. Will. some of out German
friends see to having them properly distribu
ted ?
[ - 0031.31rNICATED.]
evening ttb2d inst.), an interesting presenta
tion took place at the residence of Eugene
Dietz, Esq.,Motive Power Clerk, Western Di
vision Phila. & Erie R. R., who is recently of
this city. Mr. Metz's fellow employees and
friends purchased at the_well known estab
lishment of Joseph Serf, Esq., Ene, Pa.,one
of his most excellent sets of Parlor nti
ture, complete; they, being aware that he
was spending the evening with a neighbor
friend, in his absence took possession of his
house, arranged the furniture, and organized
• the meeting properly. On his return, his sur
prise can be more easily imagined than ex
pressed. In reply to a most eloquent and
effective presentation speech by R. Kane,
Esq., Mr. M. acknowledged the surprise and
honor in a corresponding and appropriate
manner, after which, by the kindness of
neighbor friends, refreshments were served,
applauded toast s made by Mr. W.F. Andrew,
Capt, J. If. Welsh, and others; followed by
several select sours, and.all retired highly
appreciating the affair.
" Er.r.entic Orb."—This far-famed remedy,
made by Dr. Smith, of Philadelphia, is ma
king many cures of Deafness, SIR ITheton,
fetter, &re Throat, Croup, Piles, Felons,
Gathered Bread, Rluntmatim, Sr. It cures
the worst tied Headache in TWENTY minutes,
as all knort who have tested it. Many Doc
tors have tried it personally.
Dr. Smith wrote the best Cholera articles
that have yet appeared. He also invented ,
the first " Sugar-coated Pills" ever made, and
supplied Druggists in Erie and every other
town 25 years ago. The Doctor may be con,-
suited, free, at the Reed House. seo'24•lt.
Sons. 25 to 50 laboitng men, employed by
a coal firm at the Dock, were called together
on Saturday last, to listen to a political speech
by one of the firm, who expected to convert
all within his hearing. But "nary convert."
After an able address a vote was taken, which
resulted as follows: For Grant and Colfax,
1, the speaker. For Seymour and Blair, the
entire party. The speaker had "business
up-town." "Adjourned to meet no more."
ERIE Co3rsrEncmt. COLLEGE.—This insti
tution promises to be one of the most pros
perous and practical schOols in the Cnited
States. Special private instruction is given
to students Ivhose acquirements do not per
mit them to enter directly upon the actual
business course. For further 'information,
call at College rooms, 628 State St., or ad
dress J. C. Dolan, Principal, Erie, Va.*
&overt Cheivot necyCassinteres and Coat
ogsjor fall wear, at JONES Lvvies.
BRNNETT-ARNES-At the Empire House,
Corry, Sept. 13 - , by Rev. J. C. Scofield; Mr.
George F. Bennett to Miss Rose M. Ames,
• all of Union, Pa.
BNuor—BELLtsonit—tAt the same time and
place by the same, Mr. William H. Bishop
to Miss Jennie Bellinger, both of Union,
31t:LICIE—STEwAirr—In Corry, on the 17th
inst., by Rev. J. C. Scofield, Mr. Frank E.
Mulkic and Miss Dorlisca M. Stewart, all
of that city.
CLAIRK-31ATTni.ts=--In Curry, on the 16th
inst., by 11ev. J. C. Scofield, assisted by
Rev. J. Leslie, at the residence of the
bride's father, Mr. John C. - Clark to Miss
- Elizabeth 31. Matthias, both or that city.
Cnoss—FnAztr.n—ln Girard, on .the 2d frisk.;
by Henry Ball, Esq, Mr. E. A. Cross and
Miss Desdemona, Pmzier, both .of Con
neaut, Ohio.
Noon--G.nIFEY—Io Cennennt, Erie Co.,
Pa., on the 10th inst., by• Rev. 0. T. Wy
man, Mr._L. Wood, of Amboy, 0., to
Miss Gr 3l.
iffer, •
Rsilm—A% Black's Mils, N. J., on Saturday,
Sept. 12th, Dan Rice Reed, son of -Charles
'and Elizabeth Reed, of Girard,Ta., aged
3 years.
PATTEnsoN—In NOrthEast, on the 18th inst.,
at the residence of Mr. Archibald Dancan
ther uncle); Velona A., beloved wilt. , of
Robert 1)., Pattei,on, of St. LoulL4, 310.,
aged 35 year..., 1 month and 21 days.
knr—On September 16th, in West 3EII
Creek, Mrs. Anna Di. Bart, aged 22 years
and 1 month.
therce k (1113 1 0 Motible column.
Ist.—The Adjustable Throat, adapting the grinding apparatus to all kinds and sizes of Fruit.'
2d.—The Adjustable Grinding Rollers for same purpose. '
M.—The Metallic Box, holding all parte
and shrinking
grinding apparatus' firmly In place 'without 1.
ability of disarrangement from swelling and shrinking of wooden sides and ends.
4th.—The Solid and Compact Frame for 51111 and Press.
iith.—The strong Iron Be-BM and Screw, warranted to stand the severest pressure of the Lev.•i
6th.—The most perfect Grinding Apparattut; having the serrated ribs our one roller workiii.
against thest might ribs on the other, thus giving a shearing cut, and requiring a smaller eel,
sumpt ion of power than with any other Mill.
7tl2.—The Strainer Board under the tub allowing the Cider to pass freely off from the clap
and without which great loss in pressing is caused.
Made of the best material; finished in the highest style; and most popular Mill made.
This is the Mill that thcrunderslgned Sold so extensively last year, and which has given sae:
great batLsfaction. It is undoubtedly the best one lu the market. Call and see It—the socr.,
the better. auX-2.1.t
But you shoUld also recollect that the
- 13 - srJr - ro CHEAPESrr
The above eut represents a new and improved four-knife Cutting Box, greatly stiperh.r t‘,
any four-knife Feed Cutter in use. Its strength, dumblilty,compactness,self-feeding, adjust abi,•
throat and knives, ease of cutting all kinds of feed equally well, different length of cut, operated
by hand or horse power, all combined, give the "Empire Feed Cutter" the decided yreferen,
over every other four-knife Cutter. Took the First Premium nt the New York State I.lur in is+,2,.
We offer them to the public with full confidence that they will give entire satisfaction.
We have the Largest and Best Assortment of Stoves in the: City of Erie. All the filTruN
varieties. Several entirely new Patents.
The ,Cosmopolitan, [New.]
This new Cooking Stove leads the market. It is for coal or wood., has galvanized Iron -
ervoir ; is equal to the highest priced Reservoir Stoves, and costs ,S,D) less: A superb Cooker
Baker, in all respects. Also,
And a dozen other vartetiel or the most approved stems, for all purposes. Thit season,
Stove stock Is larger, better and cheaper than ever before.
The Renowned Stewart Stove.
We have the sole agency for Erie of tile renowned Stewart Stove, for kitchen or pn N.
er purchase a stove before you see a Stewart, The biggest thing in parlor or office "
season la
The 'New Stewart rtase-lEturner.
Perfection as near as a Stove can be. The Stewart Base Burner is handsome, economic,'
!latent, reliable, easy to manage, and, to short, is the possible combination of the luval
ble Stewart patent with the best base burning models.
The Morning Glory--formerly Littlefield—Base Bnrnint
Greatly improved since last season. This, the best of - all Hot Air Furnaces, Ls now marine,-
Lured In Erle, by Barr, Johnson & Co., and we have the solo Retail Agency for this sect ten. A
base burning Furnace is the only proper kind. The base burning Improvement Is even Illo] ••
essential to a Furnace than a stove. Among our many home endorsements L 9 the follow inn , :
The Littlefield (now Morning Glory Base Burning) Furnace, has been used by us in our r, -
deuces during the pant year, and we heartily endorse it in every respect (gnat to the gUaral ,
of W. W. Pierce ,t Co., from whom we ( - Mtained it. Capt. J. S. Richards, W. S. Brown, 1 , 0
'Moorhead, H. W. Spooner, S. A. Davenport, B. Grant, NN • J. F. Liddell, Robert Evans,
Brown, B. Minlum and 20 others.
GIRARD TESTPXONY.—The undersigned, citizens of (ilrard, cheerfully endorse the above. ,
S. Battles, James Webster, W. C. Culbertson, Henry 3lcConnell.
We have a very large and well selected stock of Hardware, House Furnishing Goods,
and Agricultural Implements; Our stock ls complete. It is nearly double in extent and varlet v
to that of former years. Prices the most reasonable. Go(xis the most reliable. Come and -ee
mum murr. Co.
Live Stock Insurance Co.
Organized by electing the following officers:
S. H. F.Y, Vice President.
M. ILABTLEB, Treasurer.
G. T, CHURCHILL, Secretary.
J. BLEY.NER, Geneml Agent.
D. S. Clark, H. Jareckl,
Joseph Blenner, • C. Bustelt,
M. Hartle"), F. Schneider,
R.M. Johnson, G. T. Churchill,
J. Hearn, Joseph McCarter.
S. H. Kelsey, Henry C. Shannon
This Company la organized with
A Capital Stock of Fifty Thousand
The office or this Company will be kept for
the present in the "Dime Savings Bank,"
Keystone Bank Building, and they are pre
pared to issue policies on liberal terms to all
who have stock to insure. au2O-3111
1 N THE:DISTRICT COURT-of the Milted
States for the Western District of Penn'a.
Ransom J. Morrison, a bankrupt under the
Act of Congress of March 2d, IStrr; having ap
plied for a discharge from all is debt' and oth
er claims provable under said Act, by older,of
the Court notice is hereby given to ail pctsous
who have proved their debts, and other persons
interested, to appear on the sth ,day of Nov.,
MS, at 10 o'clock, A. M., before S, E.
Esq. Register, in the Court liouse, at Erie, Pa.,
to show came, if any they have, why n dis
charge slmuld not bo granted to the saki bank
rupt. Ai d. further notice is hereby eft en that
the second and third meetings of Traitors of
the said bankrupt, required by the '.rith and
%tit sections of said Act, will be hadcCAls'l3LE before the
said Register at the same S. timo M and place.
C. KS,
Clerk of U. S. District Court for said District.
States, for the Western District of Penn's.
Jerome B. Morrison, a bankrupt under the Act.
of Congress of March 2.f1, 1867, having applied
for a discharge from all his debts and other
claims provable under said Act, by order of the
Court notice is hereby given to all persons who
have proved their debts and others interested,
to appear on the sth day of Nov:, 1855, at 10
o'clock, A. M. before S. E. Woodruff, Esq., Reg
ister, in the Court House, Erie, Pa., to show
cause if any they have, why a discharge should
not be granted to the said bankrupt. And fur
ther notice is hereby given that the second and
third meetings of creditors of the said bank
nipt, required by the 27th anti 25th heet ions of
said Act, will be had before the said lto_dster at
the sante nine and place.
it. C. Mc-CANI , I ,I :s.s,
Clerk of U. S. District Court for said District.
BLANKS! BLANKS !—A complete assort BLANKS! BLANKS!—A completo 11,0
meat of every kind of Blanks needed by 13 meat of every kind of Shuts need*. a
Attorneys, Justices, Constables and Business Attorneys, Justices, Constables and' Ruin
Men, for sale at the Observer office. Men, for sale at the Observer office.
No. 6 State Street, Erie, Pa
Mercier• Flexible Harrow.
Well known citizens explana Us merits :
I hereby certify that I have used the "Mere', r
Flexible narrow ". the right of which for tlm,
County is owned CaPt. John It Welsh, ati.l
find that I Can accomplish one-third more with
this machine 'than with any other I am a..-
qua-tilted 'With. It combines the qualitits of
lightness, cheapness and durabliity, and is th.,
most perfect barrow that I hay to ever seen. It
can be easily changed into a cultivator-for Cm a
and any boy lame enough to drive a team tali
readily and easily take a 6 anarLand put it to
gether again. I most cheerfedly recommend
my friends gad acquaintances to buy this ]0:1-
chine, as .consider It altogether therst tit
use. lib risk Is incurred by Use purchase, at,
buyer will have ample opportunities of tr:.
before paying for lt. I have purchased - a !far
row and a farm right.
East Mill Cret I.
/laving witnessed the operation of this Ilan-
row nt t he trial on the laud of Gen. Killpatrie . :,
on the 13tH of June, I have no hesitation in sa -
lug that I belleve - It to ben very superior lin pi—
ment of its class, and quite worthy the at:Le:l
-lion of all who have occasion to use such an 0. -
tide. Its tfoxibtilty—wlitch causes it to mho) .
itself closely to the surface of the ground, le,‘,
ever rough or uneven it may be, Is a reale,
much importance, and one that diStinguls ,
this from all other Harrows. There are al,,
other peculiarities in Its construction whe . l
will be readily perceived by the nitviligent for
mer, and which will doubtless tend, vie long, ti
bring it into general use. I have purchased ont
of these Harrows for use on trry land.
JON S, cutTriz.
Manufactured and sold 1)5 , the taiderNkrn. I
who guarantees the Harrows to give entire:
Is:action. JOHN 11. WELSH,
Welsh House, near Phila. & Erie shop , .
Jy2116,-tf Erie,
GEO. L. liAirEit ,
Formerly with Onthout .t Baker Itoetu,:,
having taken the well known Brewery ou
French Street, below Fourth, Erie, I'4-
Fonnerly f ocenpled by Wm. Jacobi, wont' i•
form his old nennalntances and the pub' io
rally that he is unw brewing avery , up •11 ,
quality of From his long expert& u u•;:
Uliform he Is fully prepitrol
best of Dealert are Inv Itea t,,
119-ly OEO. 1.. I; IKI