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CHAS. E. BOYLE, of Fayette Co.
W. H. ENT, of Columbia Co.
The Radical National Convention Met in
Chicago on Wednesday, and orgtufired by
the election of ('en. Carl Schurz as tempora
ry Chairnian. Re-Governor Hawley, of Con
necticut, was chosen permanent President,
with the usual batch of Vice Presidents sod
Secretaries. Delegates are in attendance
from all the States and Territories, number
ing over five hundred in all. Gen. Grant
will be nominated by acclamation, and the
Vice Presidency will probably be given to
New England. The prominent candidates
are Wade, Wilson, Hamlin, Fenton and Col
IN the House on Friday, Judge Woodward
offered a resolution authorizing the appoint
ment of a special committee to inquire into
the conduct of certain Radical members of
the Missouri delegation, who had written a
letter to Senator Henderson of that State,
with a view of influencing his vote on the
impeachment question. Judge Werodwird,
in the resolution, very properly character
ized such conduct as :'an' infringement of
the rights and privileges of the Senate, an
obstacle to and subversive of, the cause of
justice, and calculated to bring dishonor up
on the House." • The Speaker, however,
ruled that the resolution was not a question
of privilege. Judge Woodward proposed to
amend it so as to make it such a question,
but Garfield, of Ohio, objected to its• mep
tion, and it was consigned to the fate of so
many more good measures.
We are pleased to learn from the Lancas.
ter Tutelligencer, that "iiteps are being taken
to test, before the Supreme Court, the con
stitutionality of the Registry act, passed by
the last Legislature. bir, Chalfant, of the
House of Representatives, from Columbia
county, declares that the journal of the
House shows that the act as passed, con
tained but three Sections, whiles,' printed in
the Legislative Record and in the Pamphlet
Laws, it contains twenty-one Sections.. He
charged in the House that it had been 'tam
pered with after it was passed, and asked
that a committee of investigation be ordered,
which was refitted by the Radical members.
The statement la a startling one, and we are
glad that it is going to be Investigated. The
constitutionality of the law will be tested at
the same time. Its sole object is to injure
the Democratic party, by throwing obstacles
in the way of the exercise of the right of
suffrage by the poor men, the masit - of whom
are Democrats, and is In perfect consistency
with the Radical policy of restricting In every
way the Influence of white men in the con
trol of our government, and extending that
of black men." -
No more palpable trick has been exposed
in a long period, than the recent widely an
nounced resignation of John W. Forney es
Clerk of the U. S. Senate. It has provoked
ridicule wherever Forney is known. .The
ostensible purpose of the resignation was to
enable him to be free to criticise the Sena
tors as he might Gee fit, but nobody doubts
that the programme was fixed up before
hand, and that he never expected the resig
nation to be accepted. In the Senate, Sum
ner moved to lay the resignation On the
table, the effect of which would be to con
tinue Forney as Secretary by failing to elect
a successor. To this Cameron, who hates
the Dead Duck, objected and moved the
resignation be accepted. But Sumner's mo
tion prevailed. Hendricks then moved the
resignation be accepted, and a Secretary pro
ten. appointed until a regular election could
be had. Sumner objected to the considera
tion of this motion, which would have made
Forney's resignation a resignation in earnest.
and It went over, so that no successor, either
permanent or ad interim, having been ap
pointed, Forney is still the Secretary with a
fat salary.
- In the whole history of American politics,
there has never been anYthiag so disgraceful
as the attempt of the impeachers to overawe
and intimidate the sworn members of the
"High Court of Impeachment" into perjuring
themselves by voting for the deposition of
President Johnson. The only thing approxi
mating to it in history, that we remember,
was the action of the Jacobin club, in Paris,
when it was in the habit of repairing to the
French Convention, compelling It by men
aces and open violence to carry out its blood
thirsty designs. Every day we see develop
ments showing the remarkable similarity be
tween the more reckless and violent of the
Radicals, and the miscreants who governed
France during the "reign of-terror."
What would be thought if such °Vide
pressure, arid violent menaces, as we now
see employed toward Senators to wring
trom them a verdict which they do not !v
-itae to be just were brought to bear upon
jurors in private cases, either civil or crimi
nal in the highest degree, and the perpetra
tors would suffer condign punishment. Yet
there is no case where such displays could
he mom rascally, or where they would have
Such a fatal etil..ct upon the peace of the coun
try, as this one in which they ire employed.
We shall soon see whether a miserable mob
Is to rule in thir-Government, or whether it
will be conducted in accordance with
the oaths and conscientious convictions of
the constitutional representatives of the peo
ple. •
TUE impeachers think that they nutke a
point against the independent Senators who
are against-Johnson's conviction, by a charge
ofinconsistency. The charge is that they voted
with the majority of the Senate on the 21st of
February for a resolution charging the Presi
dent with violating the tenure-of-office law
by the removal of Stanton.. Tide action of
the Senate amounts to nothing. It was taken
before .icapeachment, before the case had
been argued, before they heard the evi
dence involved in it. Therefore, Sena
tors, who, in a hasty manner e yes, we could
use ranch stronger language in relation to it,
for it was not only hasty, but grossly impro
per sad outrageous,—committed themselves
before-hand, are not to be harshly judged,
because they consider their vote after the
case has been properly presented to them.
Besides It does not follow that Senators who
believe that the President did violate the law,
should aeceasarly declare, by their vote, that
such violation amounted, in the view of the
Constitution, to a "high crime, and misde
manor 1"
Ti. folickwing is a resolution introduced
at as impeachment meeting in Lancaster
city, the home of Thad. Stevens. It bears tts
own comment :
ulimotad, That Lyman Trumbull and Win.
Pitt Feesenden, in selling their names to the
devil, and voting to acquit Andrew Johnson
of the mime with which he is charged, have
rendered the name of J. WWces Booth hon
Trot fo owing are the votes ibr and against
the "Southern constitntimul, as given in
communication sent by Gen. Grant to Cute
grass on Tuesday :
North Carolina, for, 92,500; against,. 71,820,
South Carolina, for, 70,758; against, 2746.
Georgia, for, 89,007; against, 71,309.
Louisiana, for, 66,152 against, 48,739.
Alabama, fur, 69,807;_against, 10,005.
Tun pßatti-iiiiie,'ii‘itirrati.
Tim, Nation .avo4 6.01111
- The Radical majority In the , U. S. Senate,
after all the energies otthe nary had Veen
expended in endeavoring to mix and indly
the supposed douhtftal members Moil sup
port ( r conviction, finally mustered up coat:
age take a vote on Saturday last,
feeling confident that it would result carom
blv'tiftlieir *fetes: " A full Sinate,was pies:
ent, Messrs. Howard Grimes antreoitkling,
who had been very M t leaving their sick
beds air the purpose of crating their votes.
It had been- previously decided is eancus
that the only one of the articles on which
there was a chance of conviction writ/the
eleventh, and it was accordingly decided that
the test should be made upon that one, leer
ing the others to be disposed of as circum
stances might suggest. This article was
drawn up by Thad. Stevens, after asserting
that any lawyer could drive a four-horse
team through -either of the others, end Isla
substance as follows: . •
Mama ti. That he declared in a pub
lie speech in Washington, August 18, 1866,
that the Thirty-Ninth Congress las not a
constitutional Congress of the .I;inited States,
but a Congress of part of the States ; thus de
nying the validity of their legislation, except
so far as he chose to approve it; and, in pus-,
nuance of tide declaration, attempted to Ere
vent the execution of the Tenure-of-Office
act, by unlawfully contriving means of pre
venting Edwin M. Stanton from resuming
the office of Secretary of War, when the Sen
ate had refused to concur in ids suspension;
and also attempted to prevent the execution
of thadtppropriation act of MarchlB67,
(as in article 9); and also the act of M arch 2,
1867, " for the more efficient government of
the rebel States;" thus committing a high
misdemeanor in office.
After the necessary preliniittarles, the vote
was taken with due solemAity, and was as
follows. The names of the Democratic Sen
ators are printed, in italic type:
Guilty: Messm Anthony of R. 1., Cameron
of Pa., Cattell of N. J., Chandler of Mich.,
Cole of Cul., Conkling of N. Y., Conneas of
Cal., Corbett of Oregon, Cragin of N. H.,
Drake of Mo., Edmunds of Vt., Ferry of
Frelinghuysen of N. J., Harlan of
lowa, Howard of Mich., Howe of Win., Mor
gan of N. V., Morrill of Me., Morrill of Vt.,
Mort'n of Ind., Nye of Nevada, Patients& of
N. H„ Pomeroy of Kansas, Ramsey of Minn.,
Sherman of Ohio, Sprague of It. 1., Stesfart
of Nevada, Sumner of Mass., Thayer and Tip
ton of Nebraska. Wade of Ohio, Willey of
West Vu., Williams of Oregon, Wilson of
Mass., and Yates of IIL-35.
Not guilty: Messrs. Bayard of Del., Back
alew of Penn., Davis of Ky., Dixon of Conn.,
Doolittiej4 Wis., Fessenden of Maine, Fow
ler cirrenn., Grimes of lowa, Henderson of
Mo., Hendricks of Ind., Johnson of Md., MC
efetery of Ky., Norton of ]fine., Patterson
of Tenn., Ross of Kansas, &ralsbury of Del.,
Trumbull of 111.. Van Winkle of WratAra.,
Vithys of ?ad.-19.
There being fifty-four votes cast, and two
thirds necessary to convict, the Chief Justice
announced that the President hid been ac
quitted on the eleventh article. The tidings
were immediately dispatched over the.coun
try by telegraph, and within half an hour af
ter the verdict had been rendered, .every im
portant place in the Union had been apprised
that honesty and justice bad triumphed over
party madness and intrigue.
The bupeachers seem to have been dread
fully deceived in their calculations of the re
sult, Senator Ross, of Kansas, who voted
for acquittal, had never been doubted by
them, and their labors were Mainly expended
upon such men as Prelinghnysen, Sprague,
Willey and Anthony, who were suspected of
being alightly troubled with twitchings of
conscience. When his vote was recorded
against conviction, it fell upon them like an
avalanche, stud at one blow demolished all
their nice laid schemes of personal ambition
and party interest. The news of acquittal is
received with satisfaction by all except the
extreme Radicals, and public demonstrations
of joy have occurred in many places. After
the vote had been taken, knowing that the
same result would attend all the other arti
cles, the„ subject was postponed against the
urgent appeals of the conservative Senators,
and the Senate adjourned until the 28th inst.,
when the Chicago convention will have
closed its labors. This \ mLserable cowardice
—cowardice the more marked inasmuch as
the impeachers caucus forced the vote on
Saturday—was doubtless at the instance of
the friends of Ben. Wade, who feared that if
the question was settled that he could not at
tain the Presidential ()Bice by usurpation
that he would not receive the nomination for
Vice-president. Hence they preferred to
leave the impression upon the delegates, who
wanted . o/Bees or patronage, that if they vo
ted for Mr. Wade he shortly might reward
them with the patronage they desired. This
postponement, inasmuch as it is a clear ac
knowledgement of present defeat—and as it
is a wanton procrastination of* great public
question, leaving the nation in the utmost
anxiety as to the future—will have a wore
disastrous effect upon the, fortunes of the
Radical party than it' they had met the IssiLe
boldly, and bad stood up to it like men.
A tremendous pressure will be brought "to
bear to secure conviction yet on the other ar
ticles, but we are convinced that it will not
meet with success. It is untieritood that all
the Senators who voted against the eleventh
article are equally firm in their conviethm
that he is not guilty upon sillier of the others,
and several Senators are so positively:com
mitted against them that it cannot be believ
ed they will go back upon their expressed
opinions. We doubt if any of the articles
receive as ' large a support as the eleventh,
and one or two will nut receive half a dozen
votes. Our news on this point is confirmed
by the N. Y. Tribune, which, in au editorial
on Monday, remarkable- for its moderation
in comparison with its frothy ebullitions pre
ceding the vote, speaks as follows:
" The MALI was deliberately, and we doubt
nutjudiciously, selected as the article that
would command must votes. This tailing,
all tail. There may be those who deem it
wise and well to admit Senators front the re
constructed States and force- a verdict of
guilty by their votes; but we cannot concur.
It might have been well to defer the Im
peachment until those States should be rep.
resented lu the SenuteLbut, having It:Mated
it, we think it would not du to admit new
Senators to vote upon it utter the testimony
was taken and the argument closed."
IN the struggle oniaturtlay, which killed
the eleventh article and probably decided
the fate of Impeachment, Mr. Wade com
mitted the unpardonable shame of voting for
himself. Every instinct which could animate
a gentleman was violated in his rote ; and
was violated iu vain. Parliamentary and
Judicial etiquette he did not scruple to inr: ,
molate, and the immolation accomplished
nothing. We do not expect decency in men
of Mr. Wade's stamp, neither can we often
hOpe to see the absence of it so signally pun
ished. There was dignity in the spectacle
of Robespierre under his own gUintatttie ; and
of anua swinging on, gatlowa of his own
ruanuilicturs ; but. no sedsemlng feature
saves from*ridicule and contempt the figure
which is now presented to the eyes of Gods
and men by Ben. Wade.
IT is regarded as an offense, meriting in
vestigation by a committee of Outgrew% in
the President attempting to influence Sena
tors ; but no offense in members of Congress,
Governors of States or town meetings
threatening Senators, and demanding ofthein
that they shall vote, not se their cotuieleacts
dictate, but as outsiders desire. We do not
know when we have Witruneext * more im"
Patient, ProCeedieg• wouldneetn as If a 4
shit= had le6 the Bleentddcan manapra, at
Witiddustoti, siui they had surrendered theta
selreato the assurance of the deril.
Tag" Rochester Union mune/talcs three
kedecencies of the day. The Judd divorce
trial, the We Illacock murder trial, and the
debates in Congrtga. They certainly mark
the progress of the times, and, as they ere all
of the Radical family i are evidences of what
"high moral Ideis" are doing for the countlir•
pouOichz , i A4aahsins.
TER Gleebaud Commercial (Eery►
beads ISS Congressiokad iepart "Our Natioutd
Sewer."' •
Tar. Charleston (8., C.) Courier is out for
Gen. Hancock as the" Democratic Candidate
for the Presidency. - •
TWENTY-BUTEN Republicans and Ave Dein
elcetg4 to PRPOZtetikeelt.the.
reeonsuucted States.
Cruse June. CUASE is reported to have
said that. in a legal point of view, impeach
ment has not a leg to stand upon.
Ton German Radicals. of St. Louis have
declared against Grant: they also want the
office of President abolished and the balance
of poweebe given Congtesst.
iMPILACHItEN'r is not only dead,' but it
stinketh ; and the general feeling amongeven
Radicals is, to bury - the loathsome object out
of sight as soon as possible.
"Inee.ACIIMKNT or infamy" -cried the New
York Tribune last week. Now it can with
far more truth. say ; Impeachment and infa
Ton East Floridian, published at Jackson
ville, Florida, comes to us in mourning over
the recent election in that State. Its obituary
is this : "Died of black vomit, the beautiful
and once promising State of Florida."
"Tna say Johnion is vulgar 1# his-de
meanor, and all that," said John Yattßuren.
"The fact is the country was spolled,sand
public taste led too expect too mudi - by the
high aristocratic tones of his predecessor."
Tne Pittsburgh Post says that at recent
caucus of the Democratic State Senators of
Pennsylvania, an exprestrian in ktvorilfetinal
taxation and one currency for all wss made
with only a single dissenting vote.
Coxoussmors - WAP11111311.2:K - Or
and Donnelly, of Minnesota; att - stated to be
self-educated men, whereupon the Boston
Post repark.4 that this mast be a mistake, as
they are evidently graduates_ of the distin
guished "School for Scandal."
Cuaritss & Moss, writing from Waehing
ton to- the American Anti-Slaiery Standard,
says •Lkleneral Grant has declared himself
for ,tudversal suffrage, and maintains this
must be the ruling idea of his administration,
if he is elected in 1868." Ho also reps rte
Gen. Grant to favor the conviction of the
Tin bill, for the readmission to the Union
of thaarolluas, Louisiana, Georgia and Al.
under the negro ConStitutiona, has
passed the House under the operation of the
previous question; An effort to strike out
Alabama, because a majority of her registered
votes had not been polled on the adoption of
her new Constitution, failed.
Wu 1. business had Senator Grimes to get
sick at so inopportune a time, just as Howard
and Conkling fell ill ? He spoiled a great
sensation, with which the country would
otherwise have been regaled. Howard and
Conkling would have been poisoned by the
Ku-Eluss in order to Save Johnson from con.
viction. The New York Tribune will never
forgive Grimes for his Interference.
WE are glad to receive the assurance of
the Columbus (Ga.) Enquirer that "a majori
ty of the electoral votes of the ten States,
now undergoing reconstruction, can be given
against General Grant, and in favor of the
nominee of the New York Convention." If
this assurance is sustained, and the white
people of the South we know can do it, the
Democratic success this fall is no longer pro.
lematical, but is an absolute certainty.
Txs negroes are making progress. Twen
ty uegroes have jam been elected to the Geor
gia Leginlature. Two negroee In South Car
olina an 4. one in Virginia have been elected
delegates to the Chicago Convention. The
new Secretary of State of South Carolina Is a
mulatto. The South Carolina Senate con
laths twenty white *embers antrtwelve col
ored ; the Rouse of Representatives, forty
four whites and eighty colored. .
Tun Senators from the Staley of California,
New Jersey, New York, Ohio, and Oregon
voted for conviction, while the vote of Con
necticut was divided. The people In these
States have overwhelmingly declared against
Radicalises, and If these people had been pro
perly represented in the Court of Impeach
ment, the vote for acquittal would have been
30 instead of 19, and the vote for conviction
would have been but 24 instead of 35. The
Radical party, like its leading organ in this
city, lives by "misrepresentation."
IT is &tumidy indicative of the esteem in
which the Republicans hold their leading
men, that many 'of them distinctly charge
bribery upon every Republican Senator who
lies pronounced against the conviction of the
President. It seems to be thought Incredible
that a Republican should act under any other
than corrupt motives ; and as the party Mo
tive is absent in the case of these Senators, it
—in Republican contemplation—logically
follows that they have made up their minds
upon some material indircement.
Tun colored milliner, Mrs. Keckley, says
in her new volume : "Mrs. Patterson and
Mrs. Stover are kind-hearted, - plain, unassum
ing women, making no pretensions to ele
gance. One day when I called at the Yilite
House, in relation to some work I was doing
fur them, I found Mrs. Pattrson busily at
work with a 'sewing machine. The sight
was a novel one to me for the IVbite House,
for as long as I remained with Mrs. - Lincoln,
I do not recollect ever having seen her with
a needle in her hand."
HERE is another specimen of the rarjous
methods of coercion employed to fix the
votes of Republican Senators. Senator Mor
ton, 'Atwell a Methodist, telegraphed to Riah
op Simpson there words; "I fear Brother
Willey is lost." To which Bishop Simpson
replied: "Brother Willey professes to he a
Christian. Brother Willey has a soul to be
saved. He cannot barter away his soul and
imperil the country. Pray with Brother
Wiley," Whereupon Brother Harlan pray
ed with Brother Willey, and Brother Willey
war saved.
THE New Ynrk Tribune says: "The man
who has done more than all others, unless in
a pecuniary way, to secure this result, (ac
quittal of the President) is Chief-Justice
Chase. He decided the vote of Mr. Van
Winkle. He did his utmost—happily in vain
—to carry off Messrs. Anthony and Sprague.
We doubt that Hr. Henderson would have
voted as he did but for theChief-Justice's ex
ertions, - Those exertions saved Andrew
Wnax Ulysses S. Grant was a suull boy
bis father bought him a little hatchet.
Ulysses was so delighted that he went about
hatcheting everything he could find. One
fatal , day, after things had been going on
thus, so, for a week, Ulysses cut down one of
'his father's favorite pear trees. When the
old ientleman saw the ruin of his favorite
pear tree he went to U. S. and said: "U. S.
who cut down my ihvorite pear tree?" "I
cannot tell a lie father ; I cannot tell a lie,"
said Moses, "A. Johnson cut it down with
his hatchet." "My dear son," said the old
gentleman, spanking him, "I would .rather
have you tell a thousand Iles titan lose so
fine a tree."
Tan following correspondence explains it
ST. Loma, May 18,158&
To Me Hon. J. H. Henderson: ,
There is intense eicitemeat here. ?test
ing called for to-morrow night. Can your
Mends bopeAlutt you wilt vote, - for the elo ,
tenth article?Or
If so all will tiell.
T o w
Wined inch ) Senator fiend enWi:x.
' Winsitairros • CrrY, osif37BBB.
To &W. Par Louis: • - •
Say to my Mends that I aro sworn to do
l e i= justice according to law and the
and I . will try and do it like' an
(Signed) - Unsointion.
Tani fbilalkingtolluental Republican jrO
~ en ti the - course of tut independent
Senutegis: New York RienittgrPost, Chi
grerribuno4tinO . InnatiSornnttircial,
deuce Journal, 'Springfield Republican,
Bridgeport Standard, Buffalo Advertiser,
Buffalo Express, and tlartford,Courent.
Saswrou Ff.eauringal la reported to have
declared that be "will not rimjure himself
•• - plerme - partrittende - - littelvitentallence'
as that is so Incomprehensible to the Radical
prelim' 'that theSenatm; Is treated by theta
*01,,k sort of traitor,, little better than .TelT
Davis'itiritself." - • "
Fes deepest Aorrr,an thon Washington
comes through thecorrespcunlimt of the New
York. Independent. lie Pays "Marina come
with its 'lbsen birds and blossoming trees,
and Wade is not In the Presidential *Man
sion." How sad!
MCCUE are only 950 toilet of the -Pacific
Railroad yet to be constructed.
WK. B. ASTOR'S sister has sued him far
property valued at several millions.
Tug Methodist -marriage service was
amended in 1864,- by dropping the words
"obey" and "nerve" in the injunction to the
Mna. Jess KINNEY, of Virginia, Warren
County, Pennsylvania, recently became a
grandmother at the age of thirty-one years,
site haying been a mother at sixteen. The
daughter has well followed the maternal ex
ample by doing the same at fifteen. ,
A Yooso married man in Newark, N. J.,'
has become insane through apprehensions
that the ceremony uniting him to his wife Is
not valid. Bo an exchange says. But it is
not an uncommon occurrenee, we beliete, fur
a man to become insane from causes directly
the opposite to this. •
A nmsnr-natinixo story of the abdtiction
of &child in Illinois by a gray eagle, is great
ly shorn of its tragic interest by the explane.
lion, that the baby was carried on the stainer
Gray Eagle, playing between 'Keokuk and
Quincy, its mother having gone ashore and
failed to return before the steamer departed.
TnE List sensation is the accidental dis
covery of a whiskey spring, near Nodawny.
Missouri. The liquid flows from between
two rocks, and looks like highly-colored
brandy, but it tastes and smells like pure
whiskey, and has the same intoxicating ef•
feet, The man on whose farm it has been
discovered expects to realize a fortune by the
ON Saturday last Stephen Heffernan, a fire
man on the Central Railroad, saw• a little
child sitting on the rail and paralyzed with
fear, as she saw the locomotive hasten
ing toward her. Hurrying forward to the
cow-catcher, he reached down, snatched her
from the track, and lifted her uninjured upon
the engine. That man deserves a medal
from the Life Saving Benevolent Associa
The paper was of course, in a crumpled
and wet condition, but, upon exposing it to
the sun and ironing the kinks out °fit, it be-
came quite legible. Wise heads are puzzled
to learn how and when it got there. Some
think the fish was- originally a missionary,
who was drowned and transformed, or that
the rock has been picking some dead man's
pocket. Who can solve the mystery ?—Dafjt
ton (,'Kary/and) Journal.
A Ms'e In Pennsylvania has invented and
prepared a model of an Iron railway pas .ea.
ger car, one-eighth of an-inch in thickness,
cylindrical in shape, strengthened by iron
ribs of V form, completely padded . inside
with at least four inches Of padding, amply
lighted and ventilated, heated by warm air
furnaces under the car (and outside), and
protected; in case of collision, by compressi
ble, platforms that will "give" freely when
knocked together.
OwE James DI. Gnint, of Bridgeport, Conn.,
recently obtained a divorce from his wife
Julia, who the next day inforited the public,
through the canna of a local paper, that she
was not aware that a suit for divorce bad
been commenced until she saw the decree
made public, But when, a few days later,
she received intelligence that a deceased rela
tive in England had left her eighty thousand
dollars, she probably was content to let mat
ters remain as they were.
PHILADELPIIILL, like Pittsburg, enjoys a
steady and substantial growth. Last year
between three and four thousand nest and
commodious brick dwellings were erected,
and there are now in the corporate limits
(which include' the whole county) one hund
red and one thousand dwellings, independent
of stores; workshops, etc. The population
Is put down in round numbers at 800,000.
The city more than doubled itself every twen
ty years since 1790, and, at this rate of pro
gress, middle aged men will live to - see it
with a population of over two millions. It
is expected that about fire thousand new
buildings will be erected this summer, but
the demand for houses is always in excess of
the supply, owing to the "steady increasing
A RExtotous Ftan.—A short time ago
mine host Stewart, of the Denton Hotel, pur
chased a rock fish weighing about sixty
pounds. Upon opening it be found in int
belly a eertitleate of membership of the Meth
odist Episcopal Church, which we read as
follows :
"POUNDED. A. D. 17t44.
"Oar light affliction. which. , is but for a
moment, worketh for us a far more exceed
lug and eternal weight of glory.-2 Corinth
ians. lv. 17.
"Oh ! what are all my sufferings here,
If, Lord, thou count me meet
With that entraptured host to appear,
And worship at thy feet?"
Coxanass has appropriated from time to
time--and the first grant is not many years
old—to aid railroads, 124.000,000 acres of
land. It has also, given to several States
57,588,000 acres, and including amounts to
wagon roads, it is estimated that In the ag
gregate there have been : conceded 185,813,000
acres,of which quantity the government has
given a certificate for about twenty-one mil
lion acres. This quantity of land exceeds,
by more than five millions of um, the ell
tire_area of all the New England States, New.
York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania. Ohio, Mary
land, Delaware. and Virginia. Besides this
general outgo, the government received from
sales last year $1,347,862. Agricultural land
scrip, military and bounty lend warrants, un
der the homestead laws of 1862, '64 and '66,
and railroad grants also madigreat demands
upon the West. The area Of the public lands,
exclusive ,of Russian possessions, is now
1,463,468,800 acres. In the new purchase
there are 369,539,000 acres, making a total of
acres owned by the United States of 1,834,-
198,400. -
Dann same WANT oa !lunar.—The fol
lowing communication was recently made
to a British society: "A Chinese merchant
has been convicted of murdering his wife,
and sentenced to die by being deprived of
sleep. This painful mode of death, was car
ried into execution under the following cir
cumstances. The condemned was placed in
prison under the tare of three of the police
guard, who relieved each other every alter
nate hour, and who prevented the prisoner
frail falling asleep night or day. He thus
lived nineteen days without enfoying any
sleep. At the commencement of the eighth
day his sufferings were so intense that he im
plored the authorities to grant him the
blessed opportunity of being strangled, guillo
tined, bunted to death, drowned,' shot, gar
roted, qyartered, blown np with gunpowder,
or put to death law otherconceivable way
which their humanity or ferocity could in-
A Dwietrile LlVEitl . Wrrnol7l l A READ.—
Mr. Whit. Herr, of this city, says the Day
ton Journal, has shown us. s - letter from a
relative, in. San Francisco, giving an
account ofa rooster that had his head chop.
ped off on the 28th of February,, and was
alive at the date of the letter—March 22—;
and walking around as large as life! The
history of this most wonderful niftir it brief
tlps2BthofFebruary, the cook of
a restaurant In San Francisco,-decapitated
three roosters, and on going out into the iard
again &few moments afterward,. he
find but two chiekeria. On looking around
more closely, he discovered the missing -roos
ter-walking around without his head I The
proprietors ofthe restaurant were acquainted
with the wonderful circumstance, and
they immediately had the rooster carefully
taken_ care of, and fed him"boiled milk by
means Of a small tube inserted In the throat.
Strange as it may seem; the rooster was
thriving nicely, and the severed neck had
nearly healed over. Time chickenwas placed
on exhibition in a popular garden in San
Francisco, and thousands of people were ad
' wilted daily td see it.' The correspondent
from whose letter we derive these items, saw
and critically examined this headless rooster,
I and certifies to the truth of the relation. We
have heard no theory advanced to account
for this strange case. •
A GAY old seducer named Sherman, with
the hot blood of sixty summers in his veins,
ran away with the wife of John D. Wells,
of Weston, Missouri, some time ago. The
fugitives took with them $B,OOO in Govern
ment bonds, and $1.1,700 in gold. They were
pursued, arrested in Michigan, brought
back, and gave up the bonds, but did net
account for the money. The - case was sub
'thitted to the grand jury, at Platte City, last
Wednesday, and they mimed to find an in
dictment. Sherman was therefore dis
charged, and started to walk to Weston.
Soon afterward his body was found, a quar
ter of a mile from that place, with a heaiy
charge from a shot-gun lodged in the aide
and breast It is suspected that Wells, des
pairing of getting justice legally, deter
mined to avenge his wrongs with his own
hands. •
THE llartfonl Post is responsible for the
story of a conductor on a road not a thous
and miles from Hartford, who had agreed in
the kindness of his heart to pass a poor perm
fleas fellow on his train. An officer of the
road sitting in the same car Kith the man,
observed that the conductor took po fare of
him, and caffed him to accotmefor it "Why
do you pass that man ?" said Mr. Treasure 7.
"Oh, he's a conductor on the railroad."
"Ile's a conductor! why what makes him
dress so shabby?" "Oh, he's trying to live
on his.csilary !" was the quick reply. Mr.
Treasurer saw the point and - dropped the
subject. •
Istattentvrtos to this country is largely on
the increase. From 1859 to 1963 there was
an average of about 00,000 arrivals per an
num; iu 1803 there were 161,6481 iu 180,
184,700; in 1865,, 200,031; in 1866, 2;26,641 ;
and during the past year 245,489 emigrants
landed at Castle Garden, showing thus a.
steady increase in numbers : From January
1 to April 29 of tlie.current year the number
of emigrants landed nt emetic Garden was
37,579, awl at that lime, about seven thous
and persons at Havre and Bremen were,
awaiting transportation.
GEnnoE K. Gnonwts, the backer of Wes
ton, has - offered to stake $40,000 that Weston
ran make twenty different stretches, of 100.
tidies at intervals of a fortnight, the - first in
twenty-three and a half consecutive hours
and the others in gradually diminishing
periods, the most being. twenty , one hours.
The terms lire that $2,000 be won or lost on
each special attempt, thus making $40,000.
He also offers to bet that Weston csn, beat
the best sworn tide of uny long distance pe
destrian on record, and that he can walk fifty
miles In nine hours. '
THE following rather hard story is told by
a Troy paper : "The other' morning a gen
tleman found in a trap he had set a complete
rat skin, and—nothing more ! The snap had
caught the animal by the nose, and in strug
gling to escape he walked entirely out of his
skin. Attached to the skin well; portions of
the bones of the head, the hind feet, and the
whole tail. Leading from the trap to a hole
near by were tracks of blood."
ON Sunday, while three sous of Henry
Foge of Delaware, Ind., aged ten, twelve, and
sixteen years, were•out in a ,Meld together, a
difficulty arose between thew, *hen the
oldest mashed the heads• at the younger
brothers with an axe, killing,one - outright,
and,leaving the other nearly dead. At the
approach of the thther, the oldest boy ran to
the barn and hung himself. '
bins. BROWNE requests that the tnonument
which, the printers propose to erect to the
memory of her son, Charles F. Browne (Ar
teams Ward), shall be located in Waterlord,
Maine, his native place, instead of New York
city, Its contemplated.
IN New York, on Wednesday, out of 1000
advertisements in the various papers for situ
ations and help, it was noticed that 733 were
for situations and only 273 for help, show
ing that the demand for lab'or is less than the
A LAD of eighteen, in Wisconsin, the son
of wealthy parents, - was recently detected
pilfering money from his employer. lie
hung himself through mortification it the ex
posure. •
AREMAIIICABLE temperance revival is in
progress among the Irish population of Stan
ford, Conn„ which directed by the Roman
Catholic clergy of the town. "
A MAN is about to be tried for Murder in
Paris for having blown out -the brains of a
friend, who wanted to commit suicide, but
hadn't the courage.
A iIICALOCS lover treated - his sweelhart to
oysters and strychnine, in Chic 4, on Wcal
nesday night: The result was as might have
been expected.
Tux census of Washington shows that it
has 73,957 whites and 31,874 blacks. - ,
Dead-Beat List.
The following individuals are
us to the amounts set opposite their names
and have thus far neglected ,to give us the
slightest satisfaction in
- regard to the Same,
though often reminded Of their delinquency.
We publish their ninies'for_the benefit of the
public, and intend pursuing the same course
in regard to all who follow their example :
Barnes McDevitt, Erie, - - $5.50
ThomasMtuime, Erie, - lO.OO
Ink Tafdor, Erie; • • - . 14.15
A. L. Rouse, Corry, 1.90
A. J. Place, Carry, 1 - 2 . 65
I. B. Weston, Waterford, - 10.00
Joseph DeCamp, Waterford, - , 7.10
Danleillossfter. Cherry Hill. B.OO
D. E. PowenkFranklin, - - 9.00
E. V. Allem, Plates, - - - 11.75
John Nurss, Plates, . - ' - - 12.75
Zena White, Edinboro, - • 7.00
Pinnacle. Erie, , 3.00
Clark Bro. Erie, ' - - - 19.44
Ede Basket Report.
FROM wan Vforrasum-Apples, Green. *
bushel,lll DOW 75; Dried apples* bushel. ID A
Potatoes* bushel - 00n • Turnips ip busbel
Beets oi bushel OnionsEffi 0003 SI
Beefs bushel ODR_ ,SP Te lb Me
Blackberries 150; wane held Or.
PEOOlinata-Butteroilb ; ID 1.51 D
leo; Lard. bilks• Einsidocenlik• Bectdrestr
ed.} D 0010 e; * * attest, thawed, OD 10e ; 'Pork,
dressed, lab 17e; Bann, immix cureA Polk
Mune, plain, kr* Shoulders* b 120; k,
heavy mess bbi $llO 00; Pork, clear, IpIDDI
$3;00.• Dried tips Ze.
BILISCOLLaver Heed 111 bushel $7 00;
Timothy Seed }Mahal 83 75011 a 00; Flu Seed
* SP DO; Umber,
_Amnia*, 4 w: do Pine.
common, 1113 OD; donne, clear 00; Shingles,
shared, $d V); do sawmill SO; 11 ton
Wood- bard, short, cord 00; o hard, long,
II earl* a
OWN, Plana AND Fria -The followingwiw
Mall ssiUmpilees. Fl, XXX
b the bl (Xi; do /11% red 111 bbl R our D OD; do XX
bbl Oil DO; Wheat, whitewthteros bushel - WM
do red winter, * bushel al Mgt isq do swim.
12 3501 45; domed 70; Ourzi
ullet," id; Oats 4=l gm Keel 1 1 1 11:0 lDa i
110 SO: ~PM bs el 35.
- - - - - - - - - -
ifirAdvarthientents, to secure Insertion, must
be handed in by 9 o'clock on Thursday morn.
advertisements trill be continued at
the expense of the advertiser, unless ordered
for a speeifled time.
Stockholders' Meeting.
MEETING of the [Stockholders Of the Erie
/1. -County Agricultural hoclety will be held
at the Erie Co. Clerk's °ince, (Court House,) In
Erie, on Saturday, May Ind inst.. at I o'clock, P.
nu- A faillatendancm he desirable, as iptiestkma
Involving the title to the Fair Grounds and a
propoaltion from the Driving Park Association
will be presented Inr dertaton.
fly Grier of the thinag - ers.
my2l-1w HENRY 0/N'GRICH, Prest.
Erie City Steam Bakery !
{V. J., SANDS CO., ProftTit.tots.
Nianutucturer; uf all Ir./wise of
Crackers, Bread, Cake,
It c..,
AD4o, the celebrated
And sole manufacturers of the patent
.Factory, earner State and 34 Sts., }rte. Pa
HAIM up tofondr TTAn:n seiary ic
an Stone Culvert 04712:44 11th street; at Garri
son Itnn„ between German and Parade streets.
Plane and specifications to be seen at the office
of the City tngineer.
• G. M. SMITH',
Street Committee.
Adnalnisdrator's Notice.
Late of Miry Fe'kit& Heintz, deed., late of
Erie city, having been granted to the under
signed, notlee Ls hereby given to all Indebted to
the same to make Immediate payment, and
those having claims agabastthe mM estate will
present them duly authenticated for settle
Erie. mrn'et I. EO
Administrators' •Notter.
-14 tate of JosephßehloeT,dec'd4late Greene
township, having been granted to the under
signed, notice t hereby given to all indebted to
the same-to make immediate payment, and
those having claims against maid estate will
present them duly authenticated for settle.
Greene, mr2l4w
Warrant in Bankruptcy.
r 11431114 ISTO GIVE NOTICE that on the 4th day
1 of May, A. A, Itol,aWarratit in Bankruptcy
was i ue iaeatnat the estate of William Sherer
of Abe city of Erie, in thecounty of Erie, and
State of Pennsylvania, who has been adjudged
a' bankrupt on his own petition; that the pay
ment of any debts and delivery of any property
belonging to him, for his use, and the transfer
of any property by hlm are forbidden by. law. ;
that ainee ng of the creditors of the saldhant
rapt, to prove their debts and to choose - one Or
more Assignees of hie estate, will bo held at a
Court of Bankruptcy, to be holden nt the office
of the Itegister, in the city of Erie, before h. E.
Woodruff; Esq.. Register in said district, on the
Dth day 'of July A. D ism. at 10 o'clock A. M.
t rltokAs A. nowLEV,
11. M. Marshal, Messenger.
ily G.. P. Doris, Dept. U.S. Marshal.
Warrant •In Bankruptcy.
'PHIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE that on the4thday
L. of May A. D., Tifet, a Warrant in Bank
ruptcy waslssued out of the District Court of
the United States fur the Western District of
Penu'rt, against the estate of Samuel B. Mann
and Lemuel Fisher, OtErie City, in the county
Erie and State of Penn'a,who have been adjudged.
bankrupts upon their own petition •, that the
payment of any debts and delivery of any pro
pertv belonging to such bankrupts, to them or
for ['heir nse, and the transfer of any property
by them are forbidden by law ;.tliat a meeting
of the creditors of said bankrupts to prove
their debts and to choose one oT more- assignee*
.if their estates, will be held stn Court of Bank
runtev, to be holden at the nniee of R. E. Wood
ruff, In the Court House, In the city of Erie, be.
fore S. E. Woodruff,.Esq., Register, on the 9th
day of July, A. 11., tat /0 o'clock, A.
11. S. Mrrshal, Messenger.
By U. P. Dsvis, Dept. U. S. Marshal.
• My2.l-4w..
Warrant in Bankruptcy.
iMIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE that on the lib
Iday of May, A. D., It, a Warrant in
Bankruptcy was Lssued against the estate of
Timothy P. Babcock. of Waterford Rom., in the
county of Erie, and State of Pennsylvania, who
has been adjudged a bankrupt on his own pe
tition ; That the payment of any debts and de
livery of any property belonging to such bank
rupt to him, and for his use, and the transfer of
any property by him, are forbidden by law; that
a meeting of the creditors of said bankrupt, to
prove their debts and to- choose one or more
Assignees of his estate, will be held at a Court
of Bankruptcy, to be. holden at the office of the
Register, in the city of Erie, before S. E.
Woodruff, Register, on the 9th day of July,
A. D., ISIS, at 10 o'cleck, A. M.
D. S. Marshal, Messenger.
By G. P. Davis, Dept. U. S. Marshal.
Discharge to Bankruptcy.
1 Stater, for the western District of Pennsyl
vania. Joseph 1. Town, a bankrupt under the
Act of Conof March 21,1817, having applied
fur a Discnh rge from all his debts, and other
provableel,ime under said Act, by order of the
Court, notice Is hereby given to all persons
who have proved their debts, and other persons
Interested, to appear on the 18th day of dune,
at 10 o'clock A. 3f., before 8. E. Woodruff; Esq..
Register, at I da °dice In Erie, Pa., to show cause
if any they have, wh y d a dlachurge should not
be granted to the sal bankrupt. And further,
notice I* hereby given that the second and third
meetings of creditor, of the said bankrupt, re
quired by the 27th and 28th section, of Raid Act,
will be had before the laid Re_ Oder at the Ohne
t hne and place. S. C. 31c.CANDLE8.81„
Clerk of U. 5, District Wourt for said District.
my2l-2w '
Discharge in . Bankruptcy.
States for the Western District of Pennayl
vents. David 13. Chapin, a bankrupt under the
Act of Congress of March 2d,1887, tearing applied
for a discharge from all his debts, and other
claims provable Under said Act, by order of the
Court, Notice is hereby given to all persona who
have proved their debts, and ether persons in
terested, to appear on the 18th day ofJunejBBB,
at 10 o'clock. A. M., before S. it Woodruff. sus.,
Register, at his office in Rrie, Pa., tomboy cause,
if any they have, why adhicharge should not be
granted to the said bankrupt. And thrther no
tice-is hereby given that the second and third
meetings of creditors of the said bankrupt, re
quired by the 27th and 33th sections of said Act,
will be had before the said Register at the same
time and place. S. C. McCANDLESS,
Clerk of U. S. District Court for said District.
, Dlscharge in Bankruptcy.
States. for the Western District of Pennsyl
vania. E. A. Upson, a bankrupt under the Act
of Congress of March lid, 1007, having applied for
a Discharge from all his debts, and other claims
provable under said Act, by order of the Court;
Notice is hereby give n to all persons who have
proved their debts, and other persons interest
ed, to appear on the 4th day of Jetneig6S, at 10
o'clock, A. M.. before 13. E. Wtaxtrtiff.Lag. Re
tater, at his office in Erie, pa., to show i f
any they have, why a discharge should not be
grunted to the said bankrupt_ And further, no
tice is hereby given that the Second and third
meetings c( creditors of the said bankrupt. re.
iiulred by We trith and 93th acctions or vat' Act,
will be had before the said Register at the same
time and place. - S. C. SicCANDLEIO4
Cirri: of U.S. District Court for said District.
- tny2l-2w
Ansignee in 'Bankruptcy.
ITHE DISTRICT COURT of tg: United States
fur the Western District of nn'a. In the
matter. of John J. Wadswotth, bankrupt,
The undersigned hereby gives obtice of his ap
pointment as assignee of John J. Wadsworth, of
Erie city, Erie County, and State of Pennsylva
nia, within said District, who ints.been adjudged
a bankrupt upon his Wien petition by the Ids.
trietCourt of said district, dated at Erie, 31ay
19, A. D., IS9B.
HENRY M. RIBLET, Assignee,
Atty. nt Law, No. 1333 Peach St., Erie e Pa.
Assignee in Bankruptcy.
I N THE DISTRICT COURT sof the United States
for the Western District of Penn'a. In the
matter of Geo. W. Ellsey, ban k rupt. The under
signed hereby' gives notice of his appointment
as assignee of O. W. Eileen of Erie city, county
of Erie, and State of Penn'a, within said dis
trict,' who has.heen tuljudged a bankrupt upon
Ina own petition, by the District Court of said
district., dated nt Eric, Pa., May 3:), A. D.,1864.
HENRY 31. RIIILET, Assignee,
Atty. at Law, No. I= Peach St., Erie, Pa.
-Assignee In Bankrupiey.•
I States for the Western District of Penney'.
nla, in the matter of Joseph I. Town, bankrupt.
Thu undersigned -hereby gives notice of ap
pointment ns .rssignee of Joseph I. 'low'', of
Erie City, In the counts of Erie and State of
Penn'a, within said district, who has been ad
judged a bankrupt upon his own petition by the
District Court of said district, dated t Erie, Pa„
May 15, A.
Atty. at Law, N 0.1323 Peach St., Este, Pa.
'Assignee In Bankruptcy.
TN THE DISTRICT COI7RT of the United States
.I. for the Western District of Pennsylvania,
to the matterof Wan. If. Ward, bankrupt. The
undersigned hereby gives notice of his ap
pointment as assignee of Wm. H. Ward; of
the city of Erie, county of Erie and
State of Pennsylvania, within said district,
who has been adjudged * tiankrupt, Upon big
own petition, try the District Court of said dis
trict., dated at Erie P.. Hay d A. D., tiM.
• HENRY H. ItMLET. Assignee,
Atty. at Law, No, 'LSE Poach Erie, Pa.
Andignee In Bankruptcy.
tor the Western District peat ' In the
matter of Alvin Z. Hamden. bankrupt.
The undendgned hereby gives notice of MS
wolntaunitits Assignee of Alvin Z. Randall, of
Union borough,Erleoounty and State of rem's,
within said district, who Ma been adjudged ••
bankrupt upon his own petition, by the District
Court of said district, dated at Erie, Pa.,
May la, Mg
Atty. at law, Na Peach Stillar,
ILLANKSI SWUM t—A cosoploto wooed
omit of .••rs Wad of Ellabbs beaded by
swum; 3421.1, Voristabbo and, Badness
Wm, for saLo at Os Mammy offloo
L. L LAMI3, Prost. M. HAR.TLEB, Vic e Pre.
UEO. W. tXPLTON, Secretary and Treasurer.
PamicalT Mcreaur, tiztimmi MASVIN,
Joux FL Was, M. oMuswox.D.
JOHN C. ArLDKR. G. F. Basmissur.,
WitirmAic, • ' L. L. LAMB,
Ii,DELATIATF.II, Metulvllle.
The above institution is now fully organized,
Mons;a y far the transaction
Seanking opera
tlll the room under the tone Bank,
ciiltigF.R. of STATE and EIGHTH STREET:4.
A CapitalStoekorsloo,oo o ,
wi ihoprivitegoof inemiging
Loans and discounts transacted, and pur.;
chases - made of all kinds of satisfactory securi
To theelitserut generally this Bank otters
an excellent opportunity for !flying lw their
Brasil savings, Its interest, will he allowed on
Deposita of One Dollar or Upwards.
A special feature of the Bank will be the re
ception, for safe keeping of all Inds of Bonds
and riecurnies Jewelry, Plate, kc.,OF VAULT for which a
has been carefully provided PRO .
Persons having any property o f this character
which they wish to deposit in a secure place,
will find this feature worthy their attention,
City Engineer
Through and Direct Route between Phtladel
. phia, Baltimore. Harrie d t/mg. W il liam+.
Dort an the
/VI and after MONDAY, SIAY 11th, MS, the
IJ trains on the Philadelphia & Erie Railroad
8111 tvn sa follows : .
Mall Train leavcw Ph Iladelphts a t 11:15 p.m. an I
arrives at Erie at &SO p. m.
Erie Express leaves Philadelphia at 1:00 tn., and
arrivals at Erie at 10:05 a. m.
Warren Aerommodation leaves Warren tit 12.:00
na., Curry at 1:10 p. tn., and arrives at Erie
at 3:30 p. m.
Mall Train Leaves Erie at 11:00 a. in., and arrives
at Philadelphia at 7:10 a. ra.
Erie Express leaves Erie at 7:40 p. m., and ar
- rives at Philadelphia at 000 p. m. •
Warren Accommodation leaves Erie at 14:00 a.
m., Corry at 0:45 u. nt., and arrives at Warren
at 11:33 a.
, Mail and Express connect with Oil Creek and
Allegheny River Railroad. ISAGGAUP: CHFICICED
Erie it Pittsburgh Railroad.
O N t A ran will A ru i n ion iC tOPO Y ah nv follow,:
1ik.05 A. SI., Pittsburgh Express, stops at all htu-
Lions, and arrives at A. S G. W. R. R. Trans
fer at 140 p. at New Castle at 3:110 p,
and at Pittsburgh at 6:00 p. in.
&On P. M., Accommodation, arrive% at l'itts
burgh at MOO a. tn.
7:15 a. m., Erie Express leaves Pittsburgh and
arrives at Erie 2:45 p. tn.
4:55 P. 31., Aecommodation leaves Pittsburgh
and arrives at Erie 1:20
Pittsburgh Express south connects at James
town at 12:40 p. m., with J. & F. Express for
Franklin and Oil City. Connects at Transfer at
1:45p, m., with A. S.: G. W. Accommodation west
for Warren, Ravenna and Cleveland.
Erie Express north connects nt A. & G. W.
Transfer at 11:10 a. in.. with Mail east for Mead
ville. Franklin and Oil City, and at Jamestown
with J. & F. Express for Franklin.
Trains connect at Rochester with trains for
Wheeling and all points In West Virginia, and
at Pittsburgh connections for Philadelphia,
Harrisburg, Baltimore and Washington, via
Pennsylvania Central Railroad.
Erie Express north connects at Gltard with
Cleveland & Erie trains westward for Cleveland,
Chicago awl all points In the West ; at Erie with
Philadelphia & Erie Railroad for Corry, Warren,
Irvineton, Tidioute, ay., and with Minato& Erie
Railroad for Buffalo. Dunkirk. Niagara Falls
and New York City. J. J. LAWRENCE,
decl7o7-tf Superintendent.
On east 12th Street, between Ash and Beerb
Streets, a Rood 2story house, Ace rooms; closeim,
etc.. Lot 794'160 feet to 10 foot alley. A num
ber of bearing frult trees on lot and Nell of wa
ter. Price SIX'S. Terms east-.
No. I Heed Hotp4e.
The line two story modern style, well fi nished
brick dwelling on 'l6th street, lst door west of
Barton 6: Griffith's Store. Frame Dwelling on
the rear of Lot. HAWS & KEPLER,
No. 1 Reed House.
Situate on Wallace Ht., east-aide, 2d door son th
of 10th. Lot 6a.t179, Completely stocked with
choice bearing Grape Flues, good burn, two .to
welln- built howu' 211 gal atone teller under till
the home. Price t Cht4P,
- - . .
We have es number of very desirable residen
ces to offer easterners. For particulars call at
our office, No. I Reed House.
myfil-tf. _'HAIFJ F Kt.:FLAIL
Prenella, Kid, Goat and Pebble Goat
Laced, Button and Cimgress
Of the finest quality, which will be warranted
for durability, as well as to tit, which we
will sell 211
Low on the LoweiKt.
V.:e also mate to order. Repairing carefully
attended to.
Boarding and Sale Stable,
rilnE SUBSCRIBERS having-taken the stable
j, lately occupied by filenner de Johnson,
would Inform the public that they have pur
chased an
of Homes, Harness and Carriages, and are pre
pared to give perfect satisfaction to alt who may
favor them with a call. We have the heat stock
In Northwestern Pennsylvania.
my2l-tf BRECHT BROH.
A Card to the Ladles.—
InfaLlable In correcting Irregularities, remov
ing Obstructions of the Monthly Turns, from
whatever cause, and always successful as a pre
' Females peculiarly situated, or those suppos
ing themselves so, /Ire eantioned against using
these Pills-while In that coutUpon, lest they In
vitemiscarriage, after which admonition the
Proprietor assumes no responsibility, although
their mildness. would prevent any Mischief to
health; otherwise the Pills are recommended
for the alleviation of those suffering from any
Irregularities whatever, mi well as to prevent an
Increase of family when health will not permit
It; quieting the nerves and bringing back the
"rosy color of health " to the cheek of the most
Pull and explicit directions accompany each
Price $1 per box. six bozei $5. Sold in Erie by
W3L NICE dt. SONS, druggists, sole agents for
Erie and vicinity.
,Ladies by sending there 11 through the Poet
Office, can have the pills sent (confidentially) by
mail to any part of the country, free of postage.
Sold also by E. T. Hazeltine, Warren; Hoff
man di Andrews. Corry; Callender & CO., Weak.
vine% C E. Vimll & Co., North East; Jewett &
S. D. NOWA Sole Preprietor,
ntrarat!47. New York.
Reese, Graff& Da% _ In the Common Pleas
use Of Clark & Metall, of Erie County.
se Altai FE FL. No. 214
Finn & Steam. Feb'y Term, 18*.
'gm lINDESSIGNED, appointed Auditor to
distribute the money wide on above writ
attend to it on C
the UNA of June
ofexEriA t, at 10 O'clock. A criaa to te city
seyri4ir Millar.
fifty abbeitionnente.
It opetis..with
On all Night Train,
Gen'l Stwerintendent.
No. 1 Reed House
Keep always on hand all aylea ut
B CO CD 'I" S ,
Corner of French and 7th Sts.
♦idltoiss Notice.
jacto abberuseintnt;,--
Burton, f& Griffith's corne'r.
Prices Have tome Down,
13.14 Peach Street. r
For particular% %cr small
COMP /II 1111.1 see our
nedneW Prieeki °it
Kith "flarmoul4.: et•leste - .
na" attachment'. The
parta a wonderful elearnes. ttri• - •
tone, and 111 Wit be le•erd to be • •
t - "Vox Humana," beadle,
bly sweet, almo , t perfe , t ,
man voice. .A. 1.40,
Pianos, Melodeons, lioita - e„, A ccord
nr('., ANI) NEW Ift',ll
Received as Soon ae Pub4l.l-1
Seeol3ll hand Piallfrs taki•n m es..;",
new ones. Pianos and
PIANOS Tr:NED N,> \gyp
S. M. NV
No. 10,11Stati•Str,rt,
White Men 7111114 Rule Atneri m
The Best New York Weekly Pub'z4l_,
The New York La.ty-hook 1, a s ;,„ ; ,,L if ,
!Leticia Democratic paper, a a th
lation than any rather Dema mate Jun Li,
published on this cunt/Drat,
the threshold of 1 11Imore prast, l „, i ,
hopeful of the great cause It uphold.
talon.. Standing on the Pt. • •
penitence, that ",all (whites au,a
tlwrefore entitled to equal 4:this, it 1, ,
to all torms and degree, of spevial 1 ,
that eranfliet with this gr.oci
Democracy, and over all mad .0/01.•
COHibat that monstrous trea,,n
liberty, wlalch, thrusting the lasur n „
to our polith•al syshear , moat
flue whole mighty Warm ten n, t.i
God has created a bite men stuff rif-r
gnat, Inferior, and tirereir , re
the past viz, years to abolish IM , '
equalize with negroes--ei ere late
ry Mate Constitution _avert num 1, , -„•-,
saerinced, and every dollar exp; tide! ,;„,
cessurlly fast No litany steps tOss.ara. •
suicide; anal the simple :awl ass MI pm „
upon us Jest thisthis,--shun--, e ia
son and retrace our stern, or mar, h 0:. t;3l
grelism, social anarchy, foul Me
oar country.
The Day Book, therefore, it mend. ;;„
ration ol the "Cidon as it as - -a
equal States upon the Na hitt bast
hope, and the only mean, paisahle.a. • ,
fur saving the, grand Ideas tat 71*,
amental priciples of .1 merlean
the real freemen. and Oar• earnest
that sacred and glonau, vans.- -
men of the Revolution oderel up
will now labor to expose the lgn"r.o„-1, I
anal treason of the Mongrel p.arti. n
coed, and the white 'tenable- of
be restored again In all its ar,gmal
and grandeur.
The Day Book Will, howei er,
More than ever devoted tat all the r,-r,,,; ;
,hey Of U. news paper. Consci; tn. tut' I . -
es thousands of families who tag, a;;;;;,
Journal, beyond perhaps their local
will continue and Iniprele
Week ” Summary, 80 :Ls pro-cal
of the World's event, in eau h l• l' 'a •
ply Department" %11l embruee the pest ,;;;,,,
and selected stories. Its "Agrienftura•
ment" will be fully ;rustalned, and
only paper of its clay, made up express., e
country circulation, at as ecntblen t It i s a
double the price of was kIA hurrasila r at .,
ed from a daily. It car a s lull atilt 4..tanple,
ports of the Sea York and .I.loanv Can:, 1.
Leta.; Prat 1.15,0, is I a oleo! Mad.
and a ' , Weekly review of Fin.rni ail matt,
gether with the a o I-, lelecrapc :
New Orleans, Cairo,
ate., dm., up to time at coact to pre—.
Termer—Catch in Advance. - I
Ope copy one year . .
Three copies one year.. ,
Five copies one year, and ene to the
up of the club * ..... .... .. -.. . . .
Ten copies ono year, and one to the g 0,: ,;
up of the club.. ..
Additional c0pie5........... . .. .
Twenty copies one Veal, WO ,;Le 10i1.,,,, ,
ter up of the club . .
Specimen copies , cni flee.
copy. Addrems, giving poor (dice, ,0u1,17 ,
State In full, VAN EVRIE, HORTON:. t LI,
decl2. No 162 Na..:01 ht., ale'. 1 a
0. N 0111.1.. I 11
Bay State iron Worl6!
Founders, Maehinigth and Bod
er Maker':
Works Corner Peach and 3d Sts.. Ent h
Having made extensive widtti-n , to ...,
chinery, we are prepared to MI . a.
pionipt. y for
Stationery, Marine and Portably tazit
Of all sites, either with mii4lr er ow-a -
Also, all kinds of lie.vvy •:,
Particular attention given to liulthu.
chinery cast
FOR SALE.-- , ltearn's (111111.1 r 13.+:<r
Read Blocks, which are the m
sou's Rotary Punuo,-, t,.0 Pipe
Brass Gorxls, Babbitt Metal. en% -
Jobbing solicited at redneed
warranted. Onr motto-P•
We nre bound to sooli :is Ow ^ •
Please call and exam i to.. .
fe1,13-tt. lilt
Page's (linsa . x Salve, 11
blessing for t.!;`) cents.
.It heals without a sear.'
family S11(111111 he w ithout it.
IVe_ warrant it to care Scrotal)
Sores, Snlt
Tetter. Pi:»tties, :lad all Eraptip
of the. Poi Sore Breast er
Nipples, Cats. Sprain, Bruicf%
Burns, Seabi4, ,liapped Hag'
&e., it makes a perfect cure.
It has 'been used over lifted
years, nithont one failure.
C. E. a CO
It has no par:111(4-1ml In.; per
fectly eradicated (ii.4eall'
healed after all other remedies bd
filed. It is a compound of Arnio
With , many other ,Extnieti ar,
Balsams, and put up in tarter
boxes for tht. tin M.` price tinni
&014 by Druggigil ereryorL. Whltf V1.,1•••
PrOprietara., 121 I..;Forry •-:,.•. vr York
Keystone National Ba
CAPITAL $250,0 00,
• • DlBECrOftsi ;
Belden Marvin, John W. Hail s Eh"
Beater Town, 0. Noble.
Pat. .1;40. J. ToWN-'''
The above bank is now doing bo th''' .
new building,
Satisfactory paper discounted. Bad;
calved on deposit, Collectionm mnJe ariL,
eeeds accounted for with prouiphie ....
Smete and Bank Notes bought ,a"
share of public patronage solidi".
Executor"is Notice.
Janlei' Miles, late of Girard totrtt,s„
ceased, have been granted to the
All persons lattebt& to the et.tate ore tet; t l
to make Immediate payment, arta Mot;
chilli:m.or demands against the eqtatt
A 'l .O V - e
ceased will make known the same il
1117. JAEs 3111. Y.
SOHN, J. lA'. WET31;:.11ull,
ClitC4,l N