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- ERIE, PENYA, APRIL $0; 1868
voTlCE.—After this date Ina paper trill be
frain this olltee, for any lenctkof time,
ixzyment in adoanee,itnless told sub-
AgBe resPo?Rtaility toe are 44i - tainted
- ,ap94f.
Near Adve!ttse,e*s.
, 9 Ziegler has, reeeited a 7OL of new
31. Ribirt,Rsq., is assignee of
lden and E. A-Upson, banitrophs.
The 'Court have granted 'the appliogion
the i n earpoption of 24. John's Chita.
Ellser will hold an auction on fiat
.• . • moraisn'•—:C. XL :Wiliam. of lie
publishes an inaki t jotice
Welteatis',agent tar
1 3 'Burdett CelestOlltioosi - and for the
&Baker Beteg Machine.--Lyman
hag applied fain diselinige
Observer for the Cflinpriign:
Observer will be furnished to cam
„•:11 sahscribers, front this date, until Alm,
"•:.e of the Presidential eaavasi, at the' f01;,m4
;,m4 low rates : -
ye copy, six months, .._
v, ve c opies, six months, , .
;;:r. x months, and an addition.
„I (o ily for the one who gets up the
Pdr,• - - - 10.00.
„.„ c oo., three months, .60
c opies, three months, 2.00
c opit , „ three months, . 5 . 00
;it<riptions may bommenee at any date
~tta this anti election, and will tie ,
di:continued when the time has ex
This Means Yon !
q:nd Out this week a_ number of hills
_ l ,..:4‘.cribers who are in arrears for a
.rr ,ter, and will continue to pursue the
c(,ar-e until all indebted are notified.
;. our re,olve to slight none, and We hope
,t ( very one will give a prompt respono„
have ,everal thousand dollars scat
-mall sums over the country, ;Lod can't
:rot to lie out of it any loage . r..- , % Nue , of
i ; debtor; we have kindly appealed to be
e, and we now mike tilts lasi request to
:Lau, in the trust that they are men:: of too
tvaueet to continue-to cause:twin
, ,arcuienee by withholding our JULi dtien.l;
.ft st Cora.—The folloitring cases me set
n for trial at the Nuit- commencing on
• tit,t Monday in June next. The list of
•inir3 appears in another . •
Graham vs Slat, et al, Clark et.. al, vs.
3:rick & Wiruet, Silvertbom vs Paul,. Use
Erie en. vs Hoyt et al, Reed vs Griswold;
Ikiry vs Colby, 'Linsley vs Corner, Goalding
Kelley, Osborn vs Spaulding, Bryan vs
Bran, Colburn vs Roberts, Seymore vs Cor
n Dudley Oil Co., Cosper vs Erie City, 0. C.
S: T. M. & T. Co. vs Hill, Same vs Black,
role y,1•111141ralli, Griswold vs Reed, Gloth
-. Tracy et al, Ellsey v. 4 Graudies, Harrison
Loomis et al, Use Williams vs Rollins et
: Merrill vs E. & N. E. R R., Kinsey &
nk vs Dudley, Jurecki & Co. vs Irvin,
Erie City vs Burr, 2 casts, Davenport, As
_nee, &c., vs Taylor & King, McKinsie vs
Gugain vs Downing, Taylor vs Av
v. llitrts'vs Stein et al, Ransom vs McKin
/.-.lrwiu vs Oakley, Sonneboru & Co. vs
et al.
BIIINI it's travelling show, being the rem
of the Museum fire, was exhibited in '
F,tra . Hall On Tuesday and Wednesday,
<I presented about as queer a collection of
Wu deformities as it would be possible to
Acct. The most interesting specimen was
Nova Scotia Giantess, an adorable dam
eight feet and one inch high, who
, ssered shove the audience like do ostrich
a chicken yard, and resembled that bird
Tar much in her walk. She clahus to be
..!y twenty-four years of age, andjnformed
Ae of our bachelor acquaintances, to his ut
wr discouragement, that it required thirty
surds of silk for her dress._ Next in order
ai the Kentucky Fat Lady, twenty-five
seam old, and weighing 490 potmds 7 —think
I that for an armful ! The man who gets
it tt ill be muchly married and no mistake.
The "beautiful Cireassiartgirls" do npt differ
much front ordinary females, except that hair stands on end and spreads put like
brush. Willie Wallace, the Scoth
osarl, k claimed to be 19 years old, weighs
ft pounds, measures 2.i inches, and is pre
ec,clous 'and diQagreeable in proportion to his
Iltnituttiveness. Last, but not least, is the
runenoth infant, 3 years old, and weighing
f) pounds. He looks as near like au over
f,l pig as anything not a real porker could,
at would command a premium in a Cincin
lei parking house. This blessed baby has
:i hct. a serious time getting through the
iorld, as his immense size renders it nearly
for him to move, The curiosity
,f-tis public led enormous audiences to visit,
11.111, most of whom _remained a• half
`tar, and left in disgust: --
Tux C,onneautville Record, not long sine,,
; , ,,blished a letter addressed to Senator Lots
by Hon. Howell Powell, of Spring, urging
'le former to support a bill obliging all ap•
;Lk ations for license to sell liquors to be sub.
c,ittl to the qualified voters of the district
occirned. The mine paper last Nveek . coll- . '
wined a reply to Mn Powell's letter, written
Col. Frank Hantor, 'now a resident of
Nov York city, arguing against the fcirrnefs
gestions, and expressing,. the belief that
pre,ent law, "if properly lived up to and
imalted, in case of infringements," is as ef
,tnal as can be secured. He says his ex
;-rience teaches him that all such schemes
melt in failure, and he recites the instance
the law of 1811 or '46, whercit was left to
2., people of each locality to decide whether
4 no one or more responsible persons should
“dected by the Courts to sell liquor for
zolieinal, mechanical or sacramental purpo
-, and no other. The borough of Conne
mille voted in favor of this plan, as it has
nearly every humbug orighinted since,
see will permit Col. Maitor to tell the
lion. J. E. Patton received that appoint
.4l to sell fur such purposes. I was at that
-,-.1- 11erk in Mr. Patton r s Store, and without
a serious matter into a 'ridiculous
r•th,' I must confess I have never known so
:411y sickly persons, nor that the mechanic
required so much alcohol, or that so
wine was needed at the sacramental
'twit, as during that memorable `no license'
ttir to Conneautville. The -whole matter
v.I• farcical from the beginning to the' end.
'Jh was the verdict of the best and most
I'llotts temperance men throughout, that sec
at that time'
THOSE of our readers whO have attended
C , firt need not be told that the difficulty 'of
I., ling the proceedings Is ti serious objection
L , the audience Pim tho:tenil4 Wl*
with the' least stir In any iscotiOn of the.
'.. - a.bag it is nearly impossible for those 'Nit&
' .7l ' °bilged to remain outside the railing to
' 4 l) track of what; is going on, and the com
aims arising therefrotn have beau Many
k=l well founded. The County Commis..
''tern have long contemplated making an to improve the acoustic properties of the
:'"oin. and some time ago a contract was en
t•-rol into with Mr. R. C. Chapin= km that
' l '.7 , e. In case he succeeds a thousand dol
-I.N win he paid him ; if he fails, his services
tfi lbr nothing. In, ,Impardinice with
agreement, a number of imitoftsui
` l4 ges have beep made, based uPon • the
bJ.,,t scientific principles, and It is gen erally
ledtted that the 'character of the outgun
been essentially improved. If the de
r!sult i s att a i ne d, the people will glad'
. 1 TAY the sum required, and thankflilly re-
Zizaber all who have helped to secure it.
Ws notice in the appropriation bill fused
.F the last legislature an (teat of teat 'thous.
t dollars towards the erection of buildings
4, t the Slarine Hospital at this city. With
liberal a sum to start upon. it ought not to
tdifficult to secure enough more from our
mums to elect the completion of this vain-
Lit and beneficent enterprise.
yy~~ e
We publish below &Denial list of the-in
come reltmtS t ffir 0870 4 0 44 ,04 49.,t h, v.
S. Aisessors in this city. A portion of the
county has noilfer i bieft firWdeirti,' - and we
reserve its publicationWn later lane. Com
plaints having beepitiOk. regard t o the
mo6e 'of pulgliditillt. -- 1111i11#6 1, . eretofore, we
have thcriflitUf wt****itiiiiiiit.,
instead Or titti*,ititlitiolt4ol4,-.*On'iii
_ ! ,
lia l 4 yeari,": Tlielliti*ftnobtBolo6loo'per
sons who reinet:likOtitittilice,*,:ii:Ot 46in as- j
deletions allosredbiltrivi Z.,-; .- -_, , -7 . "':- c"-i
Mit filtiC 011 *3 404 : 64 " ' 1
Abell, dotal, ' -1-
' Ariithf-,LlVTiuswl
Arbttckle P'- . --: 4
,„. '111!4r :i : ' . ' ''
Breirster:WitiC.zi . ' ' - . i . '!' . ' .:...i t t'tt'' '
Ball. GJ ,•,-; ,- -;,411(1 t ...„ 1 .. a ,. . 0 y,....
Ilailey.FP, ;:-.,', 7 '''''` ' :::2: . F. 'J.
‘Ball.l l a ~. -,- ..'0) 1-771 4 tAtitThW
Bloeser 311;r 16, - ; -, 11562 ~ - - ~,-.-1 1,-r...,-- ,.--- .•:;-)10116
Baker, ftevzs-otos miarioni, - .. ':_ts
Iteciagta H. .„ ~.°M BM.* - A,. . 86.
Etra)idelt, bf e -1 '4600 ttekiltir;lPAillt
Burton, George 1632 Misr; no H 5181
Brubaker" Peter' 1666 Black, WIT :: 1 '41299
Bennett, P. A.. . 12ii0 Burton And'W/, MI6
Burgess, JC • 1945 Beebe, duo Cc.- 1 2765•
Benstm; War" 1800 ButterfleM,A '-: 2178'
Brown, Wth ,A:, 231 130 U, W E:,,-,':...;15001
Boyer, hlm i ll , 8961. Beeler, P A.' - 4 8 84
Bacon; R --1 7,' - 1600 Brown , Patsy • 1%8
Craig, .A A. ..• .S, 'lO3O Crour,b.,_o, E r , 2 ins'
Colt, Geo? 8277 Clark,D 8 ',. 20591
,Cain; Rev G F 2101 Cochttin,3 R .8806
Colton, Geo W • 1424 Cofiwell,F, I 1482,
Crouch, II L • • 1597 Crowell. T W . 2007
Caughey, Wm X 3670 Curry, Wll 10585
Crouch, JB i 1597 Clemens, Jno 4225 ,
Clark. NJ • ' 8983 Caughey, A H 1705
Camphausen, E 1862 Carse, John 2800
Carroll, Geo 1646 Churchill, G F 4892
Carron, Thos El 1626 Chirk,3 D 7870
Curtis, Mrs Karr 1250 Girt's, C B 1213
Courtright, 31 14000'Catlin Henry 1500
-Dunlap; Jati 2175 Thrivning,J F 12000
DeCamp, G W 12962 Dinsmore f W W 1005
Drelsigaker, J. 1408 Dobblna, L . - 1916
Disbrow, dla ' 1862 Davenport,S.A . 2664
Davenport, W R 6445 Diefenth,aler,J .1- 1729_,
Dunbar CF •" 6554 . ' " '
Elliot,' GeO A ' 2331 l Ensign, D ri, ' 1870
Eichenlaub, , F . 1.499 Erhart, , - 8 1717'
Eichenlaub, JJr 5596 Elliott, 0 1.: • 2845
•Ebish; Gustav - 2458 - 1 " '"• -^ '' '' -
-Fraser, Dr E J 1515 Fairbatai,44 :AM
Fitch, DW • - IWO Farrar,leF - • ••: - :4148.
Foote;•8 E- 1. ' ' - 412152 Fitai s et.E.N - - 1800
Flow ero R W ~ -,'-. 1 4 55 3 PIgt99I.B:WST: 14 0 0
Fuess, Joseph ' 2500,prench,,J4 . -.. • . 2558
,Foster; A J • ..-' L 14431 , fl . ; , L, .. -;i,/-_ - : .1. ..
Gtintd,son, - .1, A , ; OW GMiniselhAD," . :2sll .
kloodwin, Jno'S .2300 Gimnisonailir...:l442,
Gunnison; CE- - 37 , r ~, tliii4glP' l ' , - - -:4691`-
r rant„Beya , 5712 Gans, I s li _
.. 2700
,Giumlatin.r7Mrtii Mt r ir ,t o -,...,1013,
'Graham, jii , 1500 {la raith, w A 18352
Gallagher, W M 2782
Houston, J E , • IWO Ihiys 319 2822
Hughes, Geo 1179 Thirtieth, M .. 2619
Hart, I W , ' Rearn,John., 14099
Harvey, H 0 2621 Hays. Wm 11 2822
Renrichs, Peter _l4OB Hall,1" ~,- 2899.
' ',., z• - •_ ,-':- ''. - '•''' F 'T. '. 1111 g, ThlnieV,, - _ , 1592 1
Jones, - 11 - S -' ' " 1500' 7ohnscin,ll X 1913
Jacobi, Wm 2330 Jarecki, H 14001
Johnson, 011 • •8750 Jarecki, Henry 2450
Juries, Hugh 2104 Johnson, N G 1300
Jones, DLP„
,1218 Johnson,Rey„RA 1430
Jarecki, GiUdtiv"2o6o Areal, August ' 1600
Kellogg, i S 31 1320 Keller, C W 2510
Kendie, Eli 1075 Kline, D II 1500
Kelso, Wm C 2065 Kennedy, D 1890 1
Kelsey, II C. - 1729 Kelsey, - .$ ft, - ~ ,2 42111
Liebe!, R.P 1923 Lawrence, J S 4768
Lynn, R4` II 1500 Loyer, John 1287
Lytle, CAV 2000 Lyon, Rev 0 A 21169
Liebel, - R 2831 Lyon, W W 3310
Lamb; LL ' . 4373 Luco, WM H , 1560
Liebel, Philip 1045 Liddell, WJ F 53114
Liebel, Adam 1045 Lowry, M B 12371
Layer, Geo. 1238
Meyer, P A 1925
Marks, C S 1925
Meld, 31.1 V 18001:
Murphy, N 3467 , ,
McKnight, S J 21121
McCarter, Jos " 47601'
McCreary, D B 2547 ;
Marshall, Sea C 7745!
Moore, 51 31 10601
Magill; W E 3095,
Metcalf, Chas 105261,
Noble, II •W ' 1932'
Nick, Win - 18001
Orion, Thos H 1800 1
Ottinger, Copt D 4467;
Ostheuner, ..T 1745
Pelton, Halsey 2032 1
Pelton, Milo C ',.1717 . 4
Pelton, Ed L 2428,
Pelton, R 2428'
Rosenzweig, lSr 5600 1
Reed, C l 3f - 2 i
Reed, C3l Jr 2,0001
Riblet, G W 1346;
Rogers, C P _2886!
Howie, Henry 18,243,
Richards, J S 44761
Riblet, J H 16601
Seaman, H S • 87741
Sanford, 31 . 9000!
Spencer, J C 117 731
Scott, Walter -1966:
Swalley, J W 12301
Spencer, S S 1725:
Shenk, Henry 1050 1
Spaulding, Rev
J F 2408:
Starr, Geo W 150.5;
Southard, If S 52751
Stewart, Dr J L 28211
Scott, Wm L •50627 t
Sloan, B F ' 21251
Thayer, R H 22631
Tracy, Jno A 79481
Tyler, A L 7374,
Vincent, B B 87371
Whittlesey, E 1200.
Wetmore, J W 1712 1
Woods, j IV - '.-15051
Witter,' tie*. - - 1287
Whitman, Real ,1875
Wilson, T E 1200'
' ,- -Viruite;l, P. ~,- Awl !
iVittich, Fred 29281
Wilkins, H L 1618 1
Wright, E J 26011
- $lOO
Erie City, Eaet of Hold
,cre4, Hurbeir
Greene Tpe.
Baker, G L • • 1500
Broca] er, 'F'"` 13305 1
Blenner, Jos .1343;
Baker, B nnui
Curtze, F 1741
Crouch, P 160;1
Carter, .Ino S 2300
Cronenberger, .7; 1532
Ellis, Freeman • 1444 ,
Evans, JECIIKIN 2174
Evans, 'Robert 1266
Eliot, John 2073
Gabel, Jacob 1200'
Gunnison, A B 2333 1
Gricashaw,Betej .14941
Gould, AJAMS , 1300
Gingerdrach,l o :1079,
Geushelmer,lnd 2:001
Hannan, B 3405'
Hart, James , 15681
Japes, Heenan .47741
Koehler, Chas lag
faipstrlek, - ,ino 18115;
Kededy; 13 B 1200;
Laurie, At G 1864,
McKee, MAIN 1307 1
McDinaalkW H 1328
Mayer, M 1210
,°rlnsb.7l P G 1220
brusby,J W 1225
Ilastetter,33l - 111k1jaussa; NW 2480
Ryan, W 2292 , Russell, G J 1265
Schultz, V 12011Shoenreldt,Jno 1561
Schultz, F. 1201iSterre, tt, AJ. ,1154
SchluittlY,' WA's' ''.l2BllSterrett,tvirm - 1 '1285
Short, S 2105;Saltsmtul, j R • 1821
Toe!, D D • ' 12951Thcitittood,111 1500
Town, ,B 5815jThayet, DrA - IToo,l
Tinnpkiits 11 1200 ;
Wilkins, OTC T 2784 i WWtints, Cap* B -1800
Young, in° --1018 j
I Zuck, Jno C 1299
On Wednesday morning of last week, a
detective from Michigan, get on
,board the
Lake shore train with a prisoner wlioni he
bad arrested in Allegheny 'county, upon a
charge of forgery and" home stealing. The
latter had 4 chain upon. his right leg, with a
hail attached; , weighing not less than forty
Peenda When' iglar fie, Ohio, he
aaliedi*ol l ical 142 # tiP 9 ,
..1 1 raiet ci :a r t o
Mid soon after, it wis 'ascertained that he
had leafed. citit Pflhe The train
was at once stepped, and the „dating felb,
-Captured without much slitles4ty
the itaCo-wraslat ter tidtr~{'i
miles an Pdie4 ii.o:! l ***
Jury - tops's-dolt:rpm ape_seprot bid
to ncii4o6o4,tisrdliN-140
tally beep tetsiseetebethif Wit.'Stiteollo :
ona shoit time ago, and preferred risking
his life to another long period of solitary
Ws.Tun Wit!) let Into the canal on Wednes
day of last week, and boats are running in
consideinble numbers•
Tat best ibrms of notes and blanks a the
city at the Observer office. tf.
Arprftroll 4flifecle4: 4 s7AnAldsl4l4o!
nt of the American Button Hole & Sewing
Machine. • ..• I
Sunkntains at Waterford and Oak Grove
Rill find a - statement of their, Mininta at W.
:O. White's, In W Will be glad
to flattish thim C4lOl regard to the
1 Taz members of Labia and
Ofreie, Fenian rfrogterho6Y,i4.te,; ,
.quested to meet at tb:Xiiiiti on Sunday af
oon, their; 11-tusfness` bf
• • • im
a •-• tobetteansacted.-...By.adecot the
Tnz rate i•WPthhi Year,
Incittahteat State,eanntroschnoland special,
1 1 1 nine an 4: p ETT )W4-4 1 :4 p Ponth
Erie Ateyen and, a-hall pet cent Mk,. person
ftbii"oniiteitaitnit ali3:4oM be rolled:
on to pay.
Tar. can didates for Congress in this coun
ty authoritatively, announced in the papers
of their party, are John H. Walker, Esq.,
Geo. R. Cutler, Esq., and Rev. (not ea , Rev.)
J. 11. Whallon. Two or three other gentle
men are named in connection with the office,
but have not yet been regularly announced.
THE Lake trade has commenced In Inn
earnest, and everything about the docks
wears a lively appearance. Some dozen or
more vessels enter and depart• daily, most of
theta being engaged in the upper Lake trade.
The Lake men anticipate one of She most
Prosperous seasons ever experienced at our
- ,
FOR several weeks the congregation of the
"First Presbyterian church have dispensed
with a choir, Mad The singing lido's; partici--
pated In- by the whole audience. The ex•
periment has ,worketf with entire satisfaction,
and dia .: 4lol'dt* otthe SCo 11411%06 geii;
erally ilsvor ite iontinuance. We hOpe to
see the, day ad:Lei ".COngregatiOital singing
Will be the rule instead - of the exception, as
at present. 7•„1!..1.11,,n
Taniindaiurdsver tutWaid
. trOdtii:-'1 1, 411 'A t orin'
assume-hei ittelilCiptft*ht*" The. fraslin
*may localities -hatt : attlineether-helght of
seierstbiel*Atati:itre P> eating
a '1°1: gTVk.!* * l O pro
sotOitui,Vuts 410ersetas)1.ftlitit t~to: Halt
trettiliet lifrOtMit .*01.,---i4dia.41..,"t
TutilEt ofiitceunes inanothercqlumnwill
be perused withisenepg interest, told -give
rise to the usual amount of speculation and
gossip. Pe%do„williotypiheir . ort.,ithias as
to who reported too little, and who too much,
and the reasons, pro and con, will be de
batetkat lets th. ti
.Weelltsv,6ltot tbcrAitk fig
1868 fiefhie us;`lint a glance over the figures
'gives us the impresitibitiliftt tile , 'average in
comes equal, if they do- not emceed, those of
Haggerty & Co., of New York .city, propose
putting it in a complete stated repair with
in the neat few months. A new roof is lobe
placed upon it, new floors laid, the rooms
thoroughly fitted up, and the whole concern
put through a thoroogh , course of renova
tion. Several parties, we are told, stand
ready to lease the hotel as soon as itis placed
in good shape, and the belief seems to be en
tertained that It could be made a profitable
Mayer, M G 1532
Minnig, Peter 2959
Mayo, Henry 1157_
D 1850
!Maus, Geo V 1800
IMetealf, P 17020
;Marvin, S 3481
Marshall, F F 4553
ilkloorhead, 1, 2245
' McCreary, C 2073
!Marvin, Elihu 8630
:Nicholson, Alm 2000
iNoble, 0 25494
; Oliver, John 1750
O'Brien, R 4875
Olds, L - 3620
Perley, S Todd 3426
, Payne, - JtOE 2150
Pel ton, R J 1753
Tim Republican Primary elections in
Crawford county have beeti "celled for the
5311 ',01Ju11e;.Xt313
competition among the candidates for office
"has alresitly eommencetLetThe folkiwing an
nouncements are. made, and scores of others
may be expected to follow :' District .Attor
ney, Jciseph Shippen aid R. L. Richmond,
Jr., both of Meadville; Assembly, H. R.
Stewart, Adamsville, and W. H. Crtrzier, of
Sununerhill ; • Commissioner, Win. B. Wright,
of Conneaut, C. G. Roister, of Greenwood,
and John 11. Smith, of Summit.
Tue Erie Dime Savings and Loan Co. is
expectedlo open for business next week, in
the room in the Keystone Bank building
lately occupied by the German Savings
institution. We have already referred to the
features upon which this new Bank is to be
conducted•, and the more we learn of it the
better we are satisfied that it will be a con
cern well worthy the * consideration of the
public. The officers are: President, L. L
Lamb ; Secretary and Treasurer, George W.
Colton ; Attorney, Belden Marvin ; Direc
tors, Orange Noble, Prescott Metealf, M. R.
Barr. John H. Bliss, John C.• Belden, M.
Griswold, Jr., Selden Mania; Wm. A. Gal
braith, M. Hnrtleib, L L. Lamb, and G. B.
Delamateri c Meadville.
,Reed, . 1040
Reed, Win . 1600
Reynold; J W 2067
'Rinderneeht,W F 3704
Reed; W W - 6036
Russell, R W 1600
'Robinson, J P 1100
Sexaner, C 1928
Smith, J W 1098
Behlandecker, M 1850
:Sterrett, Jos M - 1262
Spencer, Dr R A 1285
Selden, J C 5600
'Sherman, E 1521
'Suerken, 13 J 1189
Saltsman, R J 1135
Shirk, David 3548
Shirk, C C 1735
Sherwin,( W F 1800
Stearns, EIT 10000
!Thayer:o C 2035
C M 4110
iTown, J J 8500
;Vincent, dno P 5107
Warner, E L 1798
'Warner, W 51798
T v iralketd
halton,Retd 5000'
{Walker, T M 1945
Warfel, M dr 2028
Walkera W s ; 2500
:1 Wallace, Dr W 4812
:'Woolcott, Ed' 1174
Sosta,noplimsatt feeling has existed among
the De m ocrat s of the Crawford congressional
district, over the selection of delegates to the
New TortletAnrentiallOri'dng" o"tulY out of
the knowledge that one of thent,llr. Corbett,of
Clarkin, Ls an Officer Of National Bank, and
was understood, to be hostile to the Aanver
son of bond into greenbaCks. We are grat
ified to learnthat the difilitati.bas been sat
isfaOtorily atilusted, and that Mr. Corbett bus
voluntarily declared, himself in sympathy
with the , mass o; the, party ids district
upon the all:ahsorbingtinancitil issue. At a
convention heldin frlatian, , s week .ortwO
ago, resolutions endordeg the imenback-Ool
ley were unanimously adopted,- and ; in an
address _delivered upon PAO noosaion;. Mr.
Corbett announced himself a warm friend of
-the same.
Young, .Tno
zu sbyet, south Erie,
Creek, .2Vorth Rao and.
Acheson, A 1803
Baker,,lsaao -18 W
Blaine,"A W 24.50
Burton, Jno 2280
!Blackmer, Betsy 1073
'Cavanagh, Thos 15.50
:Cass. Wm - 1434
tenter, Jno 11 5,087
Decker, Geo MO_
Edick, Abel 1897
Inches'hub; J A 2125
Eogellout, 1010
• _
• Errarir ility tends to convince usilie more
strongly that what Erie most needs is a chief
epeutiva elected, tor, is term of yeara, with a
salary sufficient to enable hint to bestow his
whole attention to the enforcement of the
city laws, and possessing the right to select
his official annistalini. lA* long as that map.'
agement of chi' efilitrala allowed to mat upon
a dozemor mare Afferent-persons, esktit no
. reSPOnsibillty 'attaching to either;ll is
itsfutUeliiiipect efficient city govern
ment as it would be tp manage a- railroad
where each couductor and train Man acted
to aulthiniselfiT 4.,)xtrit - ite passiblNlthatme•
taste tfo pilisitounongliftvlidpostesielciair
'ffeelent knowledge of a correct system of
municipal government to draw :tip.. a plan
for enanimitti ItPthlt bait 1 'tare, 4l
will make us a city In fact as ell as In
would he foolish to e• to con 7
ceal the - fact that there is an extraordinary
depressiomoniiiinet‘Wat:riktly in Z Cue- eity,
but in all the neighboring towns, Nearly .
every branch of business is effeiled by lc
and, indeed, if there any exceptions we have
been unable to hear of 'them. Those who
consoled themselves during thet first three
months of the year with the reflection that
affairs would brighten up -about the first of
April begin to experience a feeling of disap
pointment, and the impression Is growing
general that the year will *one of unusual
dullness., ,It may be that the approach of
the Presidential election will induce Congress
to adopt some measure for easing the
financial market, pat it will be only a tem
poisxy matter, to be followed ,by a still spore
trying season of depression -*haw the cam-
Fuels , Mrs C 2460
'Goodrich,cr. 2125
I Genslielmer, Jlll2OO
06,srgia.R F_., 1' '8
Gunnison,o lB7l
Geist, Anil* 1581
Hughes Jas 2760
Hatch,lra G 24:12
gave'age, 14. 2410
igttobtoch, J . IM2O
,Lotje, Wm F iies
;Low, 31 L 1650
Raman, Wm - 1542
Moorhead, J R 1714
Nelbituer,,ll ',- 1244'
'Ozer, Gorge 2901
im l / 2 01 is ended. Whiles tenth part of the
'capital of the nattoa is tied up in bonds, that
dam apes itaLT Fic t sll l)o FA?
drawitia 7 lall,•ra ll t f r dat -13 . 11g P l AT
'Mon -Is depthod -Of Ito otii . oritha* to
contribute:: •tbf:itha rift"kawsPedir , dhll
&Mad to succeed the day. 'BusinCtir irked
may be too mnchblinded by party passion
to see it now, but the time is not far distant
when they will be convinced' that .the only
way of restoring Prosperityjs to - Change the
PriAciPlea upon which the Government is
Twgr44 oi*lffal6 Ttteadap s ' kelea
special electlon,„and decided by a vote of
over two-thirds to subseribe 'OOO,OOO to the
stock of the Buffalo & Weskit:if/to:11k R. Co.
0 110 ffstt0101
a point ileac Ik iPoitent, on thePliiiadelphia
it Erie road, to Buffalo, with,-the object of
securing better -- tiellitiee for *wining the
anthracite coal of Pennsylvania, and making
a through route from the Lakes to Balti
more, Philadelphia and Tashington.. Thrill
be, to a tiert alit'eatent, a competitor with the
Phila. & Erie road, and may , conflict, to the
seralt-43ticre0;Wlatike Inicrege;bur - ,iity-
Its tatystage to the State.l general,
ever,- will be considerable., sad .irwdo not
wdedei that the people terse Commies Moat
directly concerned should be eager for Us
. Wrrunt the last month we have noticed
ate demise *frig lass tuna dozen-day pat
Pere lei *kite ix4eat
inflated era of ihe wareareseddailtellasspring,
up in every direction , and, except in the'
hugest y cittes, the present period la . pus..
ting most of them to a severe lest: • Alx - itit
the hardest, and most unprofitable and
thankless business a aunt can engage in is
the publication of a daily in a small city,
where the business is not sufficient to give it
an adequate support. We tried one ven
ture in that direction, when we were younger
and less experienced, and after getting out of
it with an empty purse and broken consti
tution, resolved never to be caught in the
same scrape again. ,
ENCOURAGED by the success which has at.=
tended the Young Menht Christian Associa
tion, a number of our penman citizens are
about makiniaueffort to establish a library
in the city, to comprise 'ail the standard
works and publications in their, language.
The arrangements are not completed, but
we understand that sufficient efieburagetnent
has been extended to warrant the belief that
a large sum can be procured for the object
A. numberof our 'American' born 'residents
Love volunteered liberal contributions in be
half of the Omar
THE Gazette is displeased because the Re
, publican County Conairdikte has not issued a
-call for the primary electionsiand, by way of
-40 a t ra!'-tt ) fnii. 1/I . , t hf.
'co:tciiaailtiee, wit appraiatory comments:
The latter are given'crexilyhr lagging
behind," while the inttetirity of the former is
compared to "a 'collectiOn 'cif petrified oys
ters!!--,',WCint 'Sorely ,diatiissed^ trilearh_
that the Committee do not, regard- the elo
quent appalls hf thp , Gazette as derrring of
their notice: •= -
• Colvoultsa having reduced the tar on lie
tridenra one-half, a movement is. now on
foot tai abolish It entirely, at place it at a' fig
ure proportiottateld_ottter articles of_domes
tic Trot .ce. The refiners', forcibly argue
that .learn has become 4 tes ranch an Ott
"Cle'if intim _as meat or dour;",
that itsConimmittion among the poolticlassea .
is as general or more so than among the
rich; pd that there Is no aim .propriety In
subjecting it to exhorbibuit taxation than
there would be in levVing -the same upon
potatoes, butter or grain.
We are seldom called upon to perform a
sadder duty,tbau in. publishing the death no
tices of Mrs. Smith, Jackion and her son
James .. both Of which appear 'ln the pro
per depart:tient l of this week's issue. The
esteem in which the deceased tvere held
by our community caused their funeral cere
monies, on Tuesday, to be attended by an
unusually' large con course ; Outing th
expressions of sympathy and friendship were
as general as they were unreserved and siu
THE Burdett "Celeste" Organ is without
exception the finest reed organ that has ever
been introduced to the public. By the nse of
the "Vox Humana," "Harmonic Celeste," and
other combinations, it is capable of produc
ing such grand and beautifid effects as have
not heretofore been attempted or deemed
possible in instruments of this class. Sold at
S. H. Weigel's Piano Rooms, 1004 State St.,
Erie, Pa. ap3ol w.
A FEW days ago, Joseph M. Sprague and
-Mrs. A. Weaver were united in marriage by
Justice Gunnison,' within the walls of the
county jail. Sprague has been In confine
ment for some time, and, finding that he
could not go to his love, , she did the next
belt thing and went to him.; The ceremony
was done up "according to Gunter," the
bride being attended by a lady friend, and
the bridegroom having the turnkey as his
"right bower."
WE are indebted to Gen. W. W. H. Davis,
of I)oylestown, for a'copy of; the History of
the 104th Regiment, of which he is the nu
tilos; Thel3eneral commanded thisreement
' during the greater portion of itaserrice, and
it was no more than fitting .that he
Lave been selected to act as its historian. He
has, prOduced , work of rare ability, , and
more thin local interest, which wM 'add to
his reputation as a matt of talent and patriot-
' Tni"body. of Charles Hirt was round by
Policeman O'Brien on Friday morning, tloati
ing upqn the surface of the canal near Fifth
street" Ile had attended the ball at Cronen- -
berger's Hall, on Thursday evening,' and
started for home at a late boar. When dla
'coveied_there,.Were slight .sigus:ofilk, but
all attempt to resuscitate, hint faited.,..lle
leaves a - witly tiveamall chitchat". •
• A - FENIAN meeting' wa;a:beld‘ in Pwry
gall on Tuesday evening, -which `was ad
dressed by Gen. O'Neil; Senator Gibbons,
.and another gentleman whose name we did
lot learn. Mayor `Noble, Presided, and es
corted the speakers from the-hotel. Owing
to the chatze fdr_.l4mission,,the audience_
was not large,lnitiilnade;np . M enthusitts
what was lacking in numbers. It — appears
that there are two branches of Fenianism In
the city.
Tux: Irish American Society, on Tuesday
evening, made the ft:knowing .excellent selec
don of officers for the ensuing term:
Preiid . int—Patrick Barns,
Tice jtoigest---Itichani O'Brien.
ffeeretery- 1 1". 31. - 013uMvan; - - •
Secretary-gas. O'Hearn.
cT 2lvaturer—Thos. Stevens.
4.2Biewiriti,-Thomas Whelan, JohnlJdortis.
itninoinit West Sprissilelitan
the- Id test; by Rey. A. Isut,'..str. ::1!".x:
Smitlx,M,Wire , w r is- Reynolds. '.
THOMAIV—Citoss 7 .III,, the
i Venee Qf
'bridal fitfietr, Aft -- the atti. 1 Wiley! It
Chambmialn, Kr: A. 3, Themes, of West
Springfield, to Mist4ll tsogEset.
,_ 7 4,,,.r.-y
Gmweti-4 111‘7Atille - 4lite
Wide's either, in -~ ' *las
21st inst., Tu. Thmkont the
Godfrey arid Ms Ma'am*
Onnialc—ament , —Ort the 20th hist.,liiitedr.
W. N. Reno, Mr. ahem D. Green and
Miss Kits B. Kidder, both of Girard.
CnEssenan—Gies—On'tbe 20th of April,
by Rev. W. N. RenoJfir. James L Chem
man and Miss Lacy .IL Gibbs, both of Gi
Twasn—Tzt.t.--On the '27th Inst., by Rev.
E. A. Johnson; Mr. James Tweed and Mbs
Mattis 4, -Tell, di of thin ettr. - - -
JacEsatt—On the 25th that; Mrs.
• Jackson widow of the late
dareesed: -- • - :• • '
di, 26th hit, James G. 'Mini
•fllM. eldest son oflN Mary F.
• cst• lief 141011tiigliter, Res* R.
fAvutaug nutter; aged•'l7 years and
months. "Blessed are the pure hi heart,
for they shall see God.'
lisysun.—ln North Dia s on Thursday,
April 23d, of cancer of the stomach, Hiss
Theresa Havelin,sged 20 years.
Svonan—ln Corry, April Bth, Mrs. Esther
M. Storer, wife of Geo. H. Storer, aged 28
TON GMEA? Broittel.-IProiti- every toed=
of the country legitimist& are pouring in
llidt&avalanclui ,umt .-ther melodeon of
a Celebrated Herb` Meta: Th'e
mend is really unpreeedianted=4lonbkr:iyhat
it bap ever been heretofore, and mama We,
Me Wade tad is now efeelinit. are
scoresottmes which What thirikill of the
"halted WM&
lees Mit Bitters—ea ,a Tait .ntakorti surd is
many. instances It btemed likehoplaxagskiet
sit hope;. but the sure 1124 iteld_y)utd - *rob
'reliable - .powers of BOUM
were soon diseavered: to be tyeattlivarith
thetrosual prmeeticy, and yletttn. otter Sie
tim &ease has been misied,Aotok *k
coaches and - restored again , rpaftet , and
rmai4ent health. This wonftrW careerof
a Herb BltUntrb onlythelastantag
of itifklimiphs.' 1%7 disease Mai both
brromides of theblood,l t bp=
the -utosf P2aovo 4 1 4 AlesulliPt.Pih3LAUP
eotel*:, Au Os* ottiatak
brittle of4adderb tryy
=3l=l - 4141%
-= -Wow .81,4*11,3 , ,i urciekt
lileltlMmtth es? .714. 1 PMk AAP Altri
At*. Ank - Yar lbw
uornplabiti; ;idE 'diseases,
these Bitters have never,been lmorrn to fail
effbdtigta care: . These ; lift!** may be
"takenas:e C, and are. inripleasant to the
taste and bivigrating loth°ratio. Mlle
speetable sell; themellittara, but be
sore von' Hisblees and :do not take
any otherkina. Branch lloblei Maikel
street, Pithiburgh. Faliztestock*.lloitou,
managers. apt3.2w.
NEW Spring Bilk and Fancy Rats, beauti
ful Coatings and Clessimeres; also, agents for
reports of fashion. ".lonms & Lyrus.
Attn ilibberketnittatt
The leoior NOUN!?
610 this Farm ere
Mril "in tatirc b r a iessla tar the o f the
same will be received at the_ tiers'
office until the Li day et Julie twTh_
TERMS-Onwthird down end listanee • In two
omelet:l=d alE with intereerpayable
weSt ananaily.gedist ' " •
ap21 7 .3w. itai4. tteKLE, Chat.
Book - Agents Xantad;„ •
s • tioldhtv and Statesman.. An saturate
of his mill E and civil ° carver. • One
bra" ixtslyplrot Mee,
Agen ts.lime . OA; _the book. to sail nt the
present . momlargest eamuntstdots gleam
y u l t =phy tt r to mmtnaltagegs, ite_d_ce s brezus,
the advantage of denting direcirMit. the gab.
Ushers. For particulars and terms, address
J.B. LITJRR A 109.• , Publishers.
Hartford, Ct.
ti R}: .IiMM CIiIIVN
-IN •
LE -& SON-
Herwrs' fltutelmilsr.Dimprzlnes at .75 cents
per volume,
Gods3i•e; Isul-liitn 114- lihigttlnes, nt•V:ai• per
Harper's and Frank Leone's papers, at 62.23
,per year.
We are aM miqrlapr anal selling ,
IE3 La it lc 131.0 k
Bindery over Keystone Natirmui Bauk car.
tier Stnte anti Nth streets,. ,
For . the Official History
, „ THE •
Itq Cause*, Character, Conduct awl Reauhe
A Book for all fileotions'aritt all Part te4,
and This great work
_presents th e only, complete
d impartial amilysis of the CRUX'S of the war
yet published, and gives those interior lights
and shadows of the great conflict only known
to those high ollicerswhovnitchedtheSond•thie
of revolution from its fountain , springs, and
which weft accessible to Mr. Ste=s=hts
positional. wend (Meer of the
Tfta public that has been surfeited with AIN,
promise a change of fare both agreeable, and
salutary, and an Intellectual treat of the nigh
est order. 'The Great American War has AT
LAST found a historian worthy of its Import
ance, and at whose hands it will receive that
moderate, candid and impartial treatment
which truth and jostles so urgently demand.
The Intense desire everywhere manifested to
obtain this work, its Ofllcial characterand ready
sale, combined with an Increased commission,
make it the best ': subscription book ever pub
limbed.. .
One agent In Easton, Pa., reports 12 subscri
bers in three days. One In Boston, Maas., la 3
subscribers In four days. One In 31eniphIA,
Tenn., 108 subscribers in aye days.
Send for Circulars and see our terms, and a
full description of the work, with Press notices
of advanced sheet; etc.
28 South Seventh St., Philturn, Pe.
No. 824 State Street.
Household Furniture andall kinds of Hoodik
Wares and Merchandise. bought and sold and
received on (4:instilment.- ,
f4aleaat private n%ithmai!:s attended to In any
- past of tbeeity.
'fink 'if Hoitarhold Furniturepivfts,Qtmerns&
ware, 115kises, Wagcm*,,nd or gads au
, -
A lame dinafghtneut of illweenswere;
wore MbMittin end Mau Vow. Wow on band,
will be closed oil; reprdleeis of cosi -peivate
itit 4 Vendee% et tended to he any , pert of the
county. . - • , • • ittet-tt• -
! • Atodipleer to. asuelknitsteii.
N THE 'DISTRICT COVET of the' United
Metes for the Western District of Penns*
van n the matter of the partnered of
Drotberasndof Ste .
A. Whither end Bawittel M.phen
Which*, hank=
rings. - .The undersigned hereby_ irises notice of
Ms apointment Ita ONIIIIIIIIIIM Of SOO partnership
estate p of %Weller Brothers and the Inditlitual
emtates of Stephen N. 'Untidier, F. S. Whicher
and samuel M. Which**. of the city, of Oorry,
the county or EtkollMi RIM of PeroVe * WithiV
said.dletrfet,who have hem adJu l = t bariß_ raPhs
upon their own fietitiori try the Drmirt of
Wit district, dated at Erie,Pu.. April 47. A. U.
Atty.* barraqa, Posch M.* Billikr ll6
stal-dw. •. . •
THE DigTEJeTtlq .1747.4 f the Unit cd Mat es
for the Western Vilfiffirk of Penn's, in the
matter. Chariot, „Ileistenbah. kstolowyt.
The -heath-hmkbp...giver mattes 4 of hie
trxi i rtruent .g ri alagnerflakestikulan al Vi n; :r4
within saitilMrict, who. las
bankrupt upon his own petition. by sue motet
Lan of said district, dated at. Union.
April 20, 1880. - •-JOB,B- JOHNSON,
- And-we.
r Assignee lit linititriiptey.
STAB uorratcroargrof the Unttedfltstei.
for ther Western Vhttrtet, at - PennsAnt&ill.~
n the aratterot RAD Crassereitbaakrup‘ , sper
tuulerelgned hereby eyes mum of 66U ap.
sertntment. as aselepeee 436
I the clty ' atom aitinAy ef e Wl it , _
J•State of Pen hranhe,, smith NM
^Whobiut bosh .; a • 'VW 1 1111111%
pent plot'
_Wm, • , point distal
tlatolhl ..F 7l
cm it '4 . :
ala .
Atty. tiMa7r, tfq.43Xlreeteh BIACItee
W. / 1.71.4 1. 11 ,Vt•
rfoan DlNTRHYDlXitltibfeniret.
r the Western District, of
the , roaltari-o-Sr.
,rrtrar.r.mai-werr.-11.,thfi ga
wf Tp., Erie ponniar and Btaie
ithin the
t maktinM•k% !rho haste= adj
a bankru apple his own'pertiti by tat
Witt COOS of saki district; date on, d at Girard" Ps-.
April n, A. WAL
mum. •
Atty. at Law. Na =I Pesch lit.. Srie, Ita
- Tl 4 i • _ AYR
• •
thlt .. llr . Ifflegared . to Its erlptnei :Tootitut
tloiot vrlassitabakiiiirinripee beld
f ;=dri4:
VritTvilMf= =hair te nor
labedisrei ; • • ;
It will prevent the hair teem tatttematerttl .
does not Mtn , •
DlLlettor eri u rree s igtioril ai need be ,
I? o 4 adtur r ta mir i f e .
voi ant tre.)y
P. BALL I CO., nature. N. Ft.. rroprosere.
For sale by all druggists. ape -Pm.
Clotting awl Gent's • lisiandsklag Goods I
RIME& i'••
Treasurer's Sales of Unseated Loads and
Jaya Lots,
NOI I /Cg iihereb given that in pursuance of
• an act of the Absembb* of the Qom-.
• onwealth of Pe vents, passed the 13th
=gar% 1415, Eng "masa to tuner n sii
op the mode of seilirqf unseatedlands
for taxes," mut the several subsequent acts
It_ipo-Mialtsurythereto, sod intact roUthal "an
en us hareem the county rates end levier for
the use of the Oonsmorwrodth,".psweed the PM
day of Mau* Val ; and agreeably to the ppm!.
alone of tho Cat section of an act entitled "an
act to redneethe mate debt and incorporate the
Pennsylvania Railroad Company" passed the
111 ill day of April, OK find 'an actin relation
to the sale of unseated lands In the several
counties of this Commonwealth," weed th e 6th
day of March, Mt; the following tracts and lota
- of unseated lands in the county of Erie, (or so
much thereof aa will pay the arrearairee of taxes
axed costs seemed thereon,) will be an gs I."alo
public sale at the saws Ifonte, in the city of
tale,on th e second Monday of June, MS, at
o'clock, p. ni.„ and continue by adjournment
from day to day, Is it should he found necessa
ry to do so.
Pllll6--E.tliT IVAIID.
17.1171'11 OWNER& natrairrn. Ta's. su , r.
Corm Michael, lot 44, IttiockE 1896 a K 3
Davidsorr, Amelia, h'rs, In-lot Dm
821 s 1880-67 84 00
Melding, 1663 9 10
Hemet, y i heirs, N, W out
lot 521 -- 1466-a P 2 96
Mamot P S V. hens, 16 lota In out
-1866-67 to
Irvine, Wm A, In-lot 1956-- 1886 nil 5
linb lBBoll . Wm T„.3 , lin-10t1905-,-;-; 1r66-67 16 80
Bombe,Valentlae, SAN feet,'out
lot. 568 1867 1 95
Sterrett, Jas 11, heirs, In-lot 26:16. 1840.67 11.)
Stewart, J H, 328 . 4 and
feet.bibtiAL4— Ml Qt; 4D 40
Stumm tandair, cot rt in. tot KM 1861 165
Wallace, Rev Benj. heirs, in-iot 659 18M•67, 53 60
ValheseAleallowli hnink. Air fi t• , '
tot _ .. 1894.t.7 - lb 88
Wallace, — Mev Birenens„ w y In-
William, lie' vlienj, helm, E In
lot 166147 21 12
Brady:Jamas, lot De, Itiled's Plat ... VIM '9 10
Brady .1 11, tot 11M.......... .....;: VIM 5.85
Boyer, Jeseph,lobs 55, Deart BM.-- MR •:1 SG
Clerbissh, Austin, lot 2808, q lB-- 1808" 840
DimpbelliillB, Llo4ot „., VW 47 05
rtaleftwn. ftn9 , th a , tots 711. - *****..** 1886 ii ms
nub, .I P. lots ~1,.:0 and 14 Illso Ze: 1887 802
Gross, ,Tolin, lots V, Di, so 018—.-- 1891 7 28
Green, Mumuel, lot 18 so al —. 1887 885
Grace, Patrick,,k•t 18 so 21L... 1/917 3 85
14erring, dumb, heirs, 45 it
ri kA 555_ 1891 548
Jewett, 0 1 e =l.. 10
Meader ( J lt acob, Mt 15, edema's Pial, lBs7
I/Mt-Iff ' Di
Kiel, Sohn, lots 8 and 9, so 9 1887 7 11
Lomsh. Wm, = ft lot nand be, n
lot 21, og vd.. ..- .. • ..... low 18 40
Marvin. Wr. andElle"beth, y.,, NM 188 , 3 DI 75
Martin, Mcnry, lots 18,19 andl), of '
ont•TotBlX4 —..--- 18 6 0 0 10
,Martin, Henry, I lot ...'l'*4 . 18173 0 10
Plerlsbnivitalkis4Mompliiik;S"R`a.7.,.l2,l3G., - 1
.... ................ i&r: 6k)
ihusdeil,l44 ..,....- ..:.^,—.." litst , • 15 40
ridiscri fid
Strop& Las • pui-1041 - 2MSA. , :.: '• -
. - 04 and IA 13._ 11.106437 MI 00
, do / 1 .4( o f ILO 1000-67 al 00
E do •M 1,434100 ft lot Em... Pen v - 5
do 10430. 1 7 —... 1/00-447 70 (N
Snell, Mary A, 1 lota, 16(1 81, Itl%xler,
feet each. ... -... .. ....-1------
-._ 114:.-07 hi SO
Sunburn, Win, lot: 125 1867 ,5 85
Sehnab, P' hillp_J lot 18, aq 52.—„._ ir.r; 1 57,
Thompson; V 31,3441107.:.•—........4— . hO7 - - 2.3 10
Unkhown, lot 42. Lot sod • ..... 101 g 2 D 4
410 lot 40, all 308 r 12103 224
Sin In 09444-..........:* - ..114110.16r44 - OS
Woods, Dr W I, 5-18 so 1840 ln 38
West, llrs 51 ll kl, lot Ml7_ 1801-87 25 20
Honecker, 1. 11,'2' ft lots 1V47:U..... NC 19 45
SOUTH ERIE nomovou
.Willintrl, J - 12 ./.14:01.! - 6 aim' °vitt''
1 Int. ..... ' 1
' 1111.1.CIIER.1: MR - NSW P.
Wfu out-lota . •
tfil, MI VAl'- -. 11431
Frey, Jacob. lucre of irrt:et - 351.,..,.... taw-C1
• JoUn, out-lota 3114551, I acre
Ea terle, • each
John, 47184 ft out-lot 214... Mtn
• M i ng„JohnJ4 acre out-lbt 180tt-67
Grant, ilea O.= acre out4ot-fra.....-12100
UoabllngiAnna, Caitiff. out-lot 534 Itrn-ef
Hubbleu h tte, Jas. hers, 3 aerea„ nq ISCIti
Inn, John , , acre out-lot 350.... .. ton
Rlll. Rufus, - helm, 5 acres out-lot
RO, 1 4 am Out-lot -37 f, and - .
nerve ilut
-garwon, Jon, ,01131 ft out-lot MN_ laoo
Joltuth, Martha, 121r.163 ft out Jut
I.itu "." ,:itterf;ii.RWieVeza.:..: m i ta
31cfkiareerf,, Clark, a acre flu t 4at ail ki
Me&voy, helm, 1-16 acre out-lot 50i)
Razidirlv, 3.larUn, acre out-lot 314 ;. la%
Itcciarray..loho„allialea aw.-Ilat • -
MI 1403
lefear, John, 1:1 wren trait ' ll9 11th -47
Plata Elt H. On, 3 acres truer ns.. Paid
Pit taburgit & E R R acres; 3,1
sea No 2.4 V acres Itt Met , No 2421 lois,
Patton, Win, Jaorta out-lot &it__ lstki
Root, Lualux uereout-10tX2...... Dar.
Ri Cha flee: facial ft out-lot lgot;
heel% Nferehant.Erte, .1-16ont-lot •Z.ltt 1' 4 64
fgewart •Oktaphate.en, 104x165
' out-lot at 1104;
Sheraton], Conrad, 401110 s't'et ont
lot 2,1
Sterrett, T, 11 acres, tract 317.1___. 1406
Shook, Peter, 821166 ft out-lot 1181-67
Stevens, Nichols, 4; I ac's out-lot 311 11661
\Vatic)), El isha, 3 wires unt-lotsll.ll
and Md.— 1666
Colton, Geo W. 4 acre out-lot ddi.. 150647;
DeLltrup, Geo W;;4) acre oat-tat
Plyzzipton, B 0, 154 acres Best 34 166)-67
Unknown. lot 31 oat-lot,
Taylor, .1 H,147 perches oat-lot 416 ISM •
Kramer, Mr, 401140 ft out-lot hl_... 1667
'Kessler, Mr, 411165 ft tract
Click. Philip, acre out-lot 504 P 6,7
Cowley, David, 4111:1) ft lies M.. 067,
(Siton, Thus, 2-641 ont-lots Tas, Yet_ 1 4 67 '
Howl's, Mrs Mary, G-sa oat-10t5549,
Idc(3irtY;Jarneaf.. l 7ticre out-lot 504
'Sterrett, Jas B, Beacres 57) 4)6C
th Stringer, A, 4 acre oat-lot 1667
Volmer, Geo, acre oat-lot 361._ DV
Wlckerman, Jas, '2Ol acre ontdot.Bl6 M
K muierr, Mrs,4ox Mft oat-lut %Lad • ISM
Wagner,-Ge0,40x140 oat-lot 201,:)d 1617
McCrack, Jane W, lots square 48.. Iwl7
'Blake, Tyler R, out-lot ..$
do do !t' acres, Rai 37.....; hid
Sanford, 31 t 1,, la acres tract 'MI_ 1416-67
Burke, John 1 lot on t 31......_..!x6;
Brown (of Warren) 1 lot rat Erud
Wayne street.
Abel, I acre land Pail
Casauda, Charlea, 55 acre twilit 1567
Finnegan, Thomas, one lot PS;
Gurney, II A., one 1667
Hussey, 31, 1 lot on Washington ht 184'
do do 704 acrea, h act ...... lAd
do do i‘ acre, tract St 1x67d0 do 154 acres, land of Hull Pa,.
Hunt, 3011 a, Me were, tnset ,
King, C L, one lot i'SD
Messner& Matthews, I nere,tractal 1407
Kelsey, Mn', 2 lots on Franklin at_ 1467
Morey, It K,l lot corner Main and '
Gates streets .... 1 6 m
; Murphy', Michael, P" acres, tract 34 1567
;Mitchell, John, one' lot - iwr
' Prindle, Flat, 2-4 acre, tract 34 1,217
Rhode*, Mrs 4'l lot on Picard st... 11)07
Menu, Patrick, one lot
Randallone 10t.,.......:._1463
Shedd's, 'Peter, 3i acre 1616
4Smith, Henry, one lot .... . 1W
Storer, David, lacres E Waynest IWI7
Stoner, 'Mrs L,2 area l 6 Wayni•st
Stewart ataKane tract 31. 1W
! Monts & Mrs Vedder, 2 lots, 2d Av PIC
fileeper‘C B, 2 nerve on E Wayne at
Tilland, James, 14 acre trail ...... ISM
Unknown, log, at 1W
! Williams, Otis, one ..... Is:. •
gUatIoN IkkigoVOit:
('lark, Jesse, helm, lots tl, 0, bl'k 13 1967 ' lil
Dakiaalue, lot 10 block 1/0--......4.191-67 59
Fp A, lots II and 12 block 10 VW 11/
Guttiralki j ral l a i lltl i fitl i ti l iT t l t 3 9 : l l 1 1 :16: --,...111
Keith, A, lot 4, black M..... 1/01-07 -A1
Montgomery, (1 It, lot II Wit 13,...1935491-46 - 99
Paul, Latter, lot 9 block 21.-a
—....... Istin-M" 411
Towner, Jos, lots 13. 14, 13 aaaaaa a , ~ • : ~
• black 13... .... ...-..,............—Mie1ik1ign ~ 2111 ,
linkliclllm. .74 374:444,111,12, is,. . , _!,,.
14, fidand Lilo* 13.-..-01111 ~,, .7 :7
lota 12, nt, 90.91,42,23,,, •• . ~ • i
21 and \ 12--.... Mt ~, ..1 44
M 42 . • 4 4, 11 i * n 1 . 2 162 1 . , .L,i
Maim* 60M 1a...........:. iari 121
lota 9, 31,S z ilit iz tA t 17, 19,19 .
?LU& brk 13 lAte 3 Or
2 : 7,
7 4 o il, 7 61,k 19 i
0 1 : 2 3 % 4
44 \ 10. 91 - ,
1 1 3, /909 • 2ln
awl 14,1d0e It—. 1996. 1 7,1
tole''" 3,1, 710, 12717, Pc , „
19, 20721 an d"', block 13.. Mt 1 "13
' lut 9. block Z ... . 13111 - ~, 13
'lots 4 .11, a, 7, n, if iiiii ii ma • 9z)
lots a i r, 24, 4. 5., ••• 'l3 Mt It)
lots 7„ 12.47 - „1,1„ 12 a n d.
'33,-lblock 13: , .......-.. ... -: ..... 1953 - ' - ' t 47
lota 5 and tbloek la _ 199 8 91
lot bloc k W. . -..... ....... . 190047 4,1
MM/ 4 iituo. l r o W 2l3ll Ly•
Farrell, Itruel to, tract 1403 acres.. 133 e ro U ,
poodrlcb, IJC, tract.* LID acres-1355491447 74 80
Rartsbom,Wl7=B3.lB : Sl Bel
~ 04094411ina,overS310 •
,b li 4 p
4 1
Crain non e; tract 8, 50 ace's
-do -tki tract U 0 (i>. 14 ID
Halo Old*, traettr Carree— , :.:-1,:.t. , 4385 ) *. 3St
_tract SI, acre* ben 14 31
Marshal. Robert, tract 24 100 scree 1306-3 r, $ 75
Robertson, Cko W. tract 1,50 acne RC 550
, Yager. DivOldetritet93,looaurea...:.. , 133. ` 3 11..tR,
• 'AiiyA r Tawxsiu*:,'„ : 1
Map*.t a cti4 l34 o /95%18 - noi'a 19;94 ' ' l . 4; 4 '75
18/14 arm* 18113 •., 111
aseaktaiat.lAsaaraa... mesa awn
r i gn it An. AC, tract reea. /62 acres- 188 S 816
, 109,14ULtic ^ a " •
4V144,"finat213-1465-:2 • 7t
eitrmair •
•.:;•:,4 - Ira 54 1331 t
"Uekit-1 tract 88,
6n4:'.Z‘OCTVI 18®6 lee 0
sere— . , 150 1
JJohn, tract 323% 2 scree— 1806 030
RaMtnt'aract 34, 1 %01
„11' *gad 11199 acre ;59attes..z 1381331" 33 53
tract 9. 43 acres-- .
13311 l i i) 441
Wils ".. J 9eFlll4.,Vi l ik li PO $
coxcomb ToOrzooriP.
A & 0 W R B t ayteacta43,el sods),
il r elsa ny t a .‘. 1 . 5.1" ' INE'ren - ; Ma 17 44
Aad Coiligiillo6, , g 70, 0. I l k i 1 1 1 •4 2 1
Virw l h ea- i i ... fiiiiintriiiiiii " Wile " " "
1U Oa.
do tram • le.
do do Ind, r IX, ,
7 4. st,o6Vieiph.l"..:M - IC
sem— Ogg7 iso I
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41.1 sere- 14137 44
X 0 tyre, ri l m Vis_,...tzset Mk & aer.A . :: lea 12 75
- * 4..Almete 956ancl _
• letlaiell.:4.--4- 4' —.• - 1451 , li*
EE . team o";tere4_, IliS 495
Arkin, tia414441412 - 4140a 211114417 211 44
trod SION acres.. - yes i ss
tiiiimin iowozono. ,
Downs,DovlA 7 acres ...... INC 2 go
1 Milks Nu% 0 lima..
_tract DAM acres-- .... 001477: 17 79
Farter,Blarajami U 45 acres—. VMB 1 SO
/Abe", Wet 117, 50 acres— 1861 • 5 25
Tbampeock e„ trade 119. In. 100 sell 1888 18 20
Wade, Mauer C.traot "O' ,81 aces 18804 M 918
'SION 110110VGII
lat 1991• 59
fifb) gilibutionnent.,
DRVEEpOrt. A, tract "AA" 8t ac's 1866-87 60 45
MD, John. beim tract "C", 30 aces 180447 17 21
Sweet, Willard, M ()rant, 3 acres— 1866-67 130
ftheracsal, C Jr, tract ''C,"4o3iacea 18/38 828
Trout, Samoa, tract 2418, 106 acres leC7 - 378
anazas volezenizr.
SA, tract 338, 24 nerve Bowery, (IA tract. lea and 18b, 400 WC 713
RCM iHat; 118 80
Benius,W LitA J, tract "F"l7 nes 1867 2fa
/admit, Richard, tract ZO4, 28 ac'e 1807 462
14 - nch, Charles, tract 1.21, 13 acres.- 18a5-417 410
Metzner, George, traetidit; lerucrel 4 44
Sherwood, traerlick *cora.-- 18k-.J 34 11
143thiner e Ctuts, tract 213, 100 acres— ' 8 to
Walince, Irvin M, tract 3:19, 2i acra 1836-47 15 12
Wrong, Francis D, tract 2,l3oac'm 19cr,47 P 72
Abram, aere
TalrnagP, If L. hefts, acre
Growl, John, tract "U(" :tort% 14416 t 44t
Nolan, Michael, tract 4.7), SO sem_ 1467 I .59
Howard, Thomas, tract 7N acr's 18C8-67
Luther, Goo W, tract 84. SO acres-- bB 7 4 31
ThqmpapthV A, Ira* 40, 440Acra. lita.67, 89
Weld/of, SOlcallitraetlo 4 aercat.. !"
' six casitit r rowsmittr: "
Slierznun, Oliver, tract 477, 92 nem, 1%6 in 02
Whiteley, JB, tract 93,30 acres 186044 10 92
11,11(MY, J B, (10rc,L.5 acres 1037 3 1.1
Grant, Beni, tracts adr.,1107.11101tce13.18111.1 . ?'211.81
do do tract 602, 19 acre 5......... Par 201
do du tract 017, &) acres lac: 042
HnU, Humes., tract an, 1 1807 20
Ilannah, Win, I' acre Dial 5 70
Is:, tract 6 17, gore, 71 tier's' 16ti; 11 16
Jones, J , gore, 10 acres. 1*;1-o -o' tll sl . l
Jacoby, LC, 1n1et55713, 580, 61 Roes 18336437 71
Lace, Nardi, gore, 5 acres tsite-6MI 92
Low, M L, gore, 05 acres 21 31
Milks, Iraq Ist, tract :r2O, acres, Asst _ t
More, AL irate, 50 IBS%
Ileralustst, N, h art errignro, Trite* 1.!
Thompann, Jag, t met On, :nu acres. 11466
do do tract OE4 144 firma.. 0101 22 Is
do. do trartlo74l2 , twos_ trleret7 :!9
Wallacw, John W, tract ems, .21)) /lea 110.;
do do fractal°, an Ws IVA 10 03
do tract ON, 75 neroi LA97
do do I nog 610 250 ac's 1137
''non? y Tre,..nret
nplf:4l% -
Treeri! Trees! ! Trees!!!
Apple TreeN.
Pear Tree*.
Cherry ,Treeu,
Plum Tereu.
Wieeping Trees,
SOlMAlliki l . -
• ' "
114 / I !e n9
We would re..pret fully /immune, to the titl.
• rens of Erie and vicinity that we are prepared
to , turnimh them mitit
of ev. ry and nut ranted snt
tioll in every , case; flu your trees, etc., at
-home and patronise barer - bed it ut lons, thereM
Saving agent's profits, freights, and a variety of
other connected with the importation
of trees from a distance, esPeciallY When tit"
_Home Institutions produce as fitlOD and a
31UCti ligrTER stock. Call and see us and be
convinced that we wilt ilo all Ire Advert I.le.
Address, .
Platlmau k Sprague,
Cottonetviai Nanseries, '
Corner of Nlyrtie and Situp Strtein, Krte
City, Pa. apiti-dw
2' WI
3 to
2 96
2 00
4 01)
1 00
3 SO
2 ixt
Then, ttbe ...tiding to New York
NO g 0171,4 ti the relitteries to t-oy
St. tI N • I • s.)11) 1.1 hu
S 0-A p:
41.1 e p big mi.,' t.., • , 1 V , 4111
•Gromries 81141 PINOVisiMIN
W htte "there is rt
2 01
4 ()
2 11:1
eit the 6.)iner of
PAtit - und tate , Streot.-4.
ri7 t t st.,ro
lag removed I& Mack tir Ig.,odA to the
store in the Rid lionhe formerly ..eeupled by
Niewirr. Munell, Stephens a WUtley. lakes plea
stun, In announelng to his old ellYtoiners owl
the citiz e n s of Erie gen. rolly. that he lets open
ed telt 4
NEW AND iEl.}:ta ~TUCK
Dry Goods, Dress Goods, &s.,
For Spring iind t.tunither Welly*.
I intend to keep at ell times the beit gouda in
the market, and it full Hattori went of everything
In say. line. thmitatters cnn alwaya do better
by buying of me than by gokng East.'
a 11)
2 01
3 IX)
2 go
•Rrntetnbrr the pht,e,
No. 6 Reed House.
Stqueh %Kid.. of Ow Pure
5 OD
'3 73
3 75
m ' a4. BAK K R 4 1 owellE1.111:7.1t Intr.; thlH
do sermitted Late thvir !Inn Mr. lISAAC
Itie.K: KR. The filMl iuk)nr (min nnw MI ivr 1 I lw
Baskin; osthelmer & CO4
Erie, March 2, Mkt
'2 25
2 25
On Aptll Ist WO will remove to t h e middle
store in . ,
- Eigillart Sleek, •N0:503 State i3treet,
• - •
Two (kora below our present shnd where we
will open an entire
For itta , *Ong Trade, mt prima - '4l suit 'the
- -RAKER,-114Tagrartirlkat.
•. .
Executor's Ng§lee:
iAir ETTIMS TENTAMENTARY to the rotate Of
JILA Jainft Miles, late of Girard township. de.
canard, have been wanted to the subwriners.
All perwuth Indebted to the volute are reqUeAteit
to make itfarrediate mitten', and t !TOW having
elahosarAlamandsagaduatUto esiatesif.the do.
mailed will make known the came without de
lay. JAMFI4 5111.k.N.
c: ,:::-,-;:---:- ,-. ,1. ROBERT HALL,
,f,0. , ,, .' ~,,.,:- -.. 1: - .lir.iarEnultx,
xpa-ait :-..r.; = -..-, • . - .
_, Executor..
rv ig Trlp,,=, Bistri f ir t ri le g i nsyMila.
in the ntatterofSonnkin - V Andrews, bankrtipt.
Tbo and igAglitedi hereby gives notice of his up
pWntnientse of sam'l F. Mid:vont; of
o k a
Albion, l and Mate of Pennsylvania,
within fithrtoirbo has been adjudged a
At:taken - - hi awstiletitlins. Iler the District
?la . 1 PirAILIN
Z. I'Ve. M. Anal
-I. 4.,:. - „IL RIBLET, Aslttguee.
ntorl : +i - . 1 ".• .4.10. MO Peach 1it.,„ . 0,1%. :
111.44 . 1140 Peach Street,
'l=l , lll4nd Dealer its
Havana lataiiiiiiisnad an entirely new stork
of goods. I sat ttieftetiqfpork*Utd*ce
tarots to alliikozot7 Itly* *** dell.
Romembettitit place. 1319 Peach street., south
'of the Depol,:feStei ap9-31n.
W 11.40 0 DYED aKe P
rtl h
to May 11th. MI,
VI Weigle grading, curbing and st ns with
reedit:int -. sand. setone of the ea ' Vs? Of
French streetarom tie north line of sth street,
1.0 the north-Bros of Front, street. •Phsniond
=lcations eghbeseen at the °glee of the CRY
eer. „ M. HARTLEB,
O. M. B.lllTli,
J. 0. BAKER,
Btree Opintulttee.
44. W. "Tii l o riVFXBY Engine t
' &pH-3w.
tale Walf„ deed, late,otlfill Crest
tp„ bele '
tad to themsderslitual;
nodal') - to all Indebted tattle
mama to payment , and Waft
hasimiejauaatemtnetaakl estate will prealitt
tbem.-duly M
iediasktbe settlemen
• i 7111AAC WOLF.
. cre.411,141 , ..,::: 1110.4 w.
. liallar. -
......... - . ...._ _ .- - - - - -
~ • - anbierther,at
AWL& ..;......;041'4".i i 7 r ta t= 14 '
opimmatifte lwil uN t i r
ap2a•Swer, , ,i , .N. \ ,.
• Administrator's Notice.
L been granted to the undersigned. on the'
estate or Mrs. Aunt e,Wade deted, late of Green.
field 04 Notice te hereby given to all Indebted:
to the saint to make immediate payment, and
those tinting claims against the maid estate will
present. them, dilly authenticated, for settle
input. A R. BEEMAN.
Greenfield. April lA, 11101.--preA-6,1.
Clothing House !-
1847 `A
18,4L7 72
!Nye rrmnr. 41 in their eleannt new Store
lietS4P4' littfiding,
Dirertly .41PtoollertInelpnld land, In III; NoI,IP
M.0.:7. noel are now reeetvinz their
Spring and Summer
Eic - Iyais"
Elegance, Variety, quality,
V. 111 P , llltpare invorAhly Y. aLly
TO . Vitileh 1.01 re-Th4i-t fully tiollrlttd
ui - , ,, 11.1/
We removed our stock on April let (non 1:1.15
Pencil ?tree! to nor prey lit C.:MAIM/it MN and -
PleaMl l44, :1 , 1 0 not prop,' e-1 to oft: r
cumtomenc a
Gro(•4i•i(l+.' Provioatovam.
ut., ;I,+O ,leatim4
11.intityme and 14lorc. le it Pot it t *Nay
Now on lintot. t4nlrn from coootry dr.lert st
nocyrt4 Sc. F4IFICIFIS
14. 11. C! 11, AAR.
No. 14 Park Place,
Will have. and keepeonstiitil lii_.tore a , tor k
tat 'than 1w nwttirpaiNeil
VAl2liirr - V. 144'1'V.1.1.1 A N - •
Alta wHt illluiwity.•oid thr•
Lowest Market Prices.
aw- First door Fdaotoitho entrauptitalkoinVir.
Hotel. ap9-144,
. ,
. ~... .
- - 'Disaistutlion - of Ptiriikenship.
ftErECil-PARTNERFiIIIV heretofore existing
under the firm mane of Yalta, Goodwin
has this day been dbwolved by mutual con
sent, Mr. John S. itoodwiu retiring from the
ann. -
µM.. A. IllioW,.:, A. H. GRAY
,ErieiAmil 1, laki.
/OWN RUOT di CO.. BAN KERS. -John Eliot.
ii Wm. F. Rinderneeht, A. H. Gray, M. C.
Mayer, former partneri of Eliot, Qoodwin &
CO., have this day (conned a rt.pnyinpriakip no,
c ibe
der the arm mune of "John Eliot & for the
purpose of continuing the Man and Fat,
RAidttea , at the (ace opeupled Eliot
=rho drib.; for the tart two years. Brio
of John Eliot & Co. a ill settle all the beidnee.
of Ellot.OoodWln &Co.
• JOBB' ELIOT • —' ' ; W3t. A. BROWN.
ALI': MAYEli is * ' A. R. GRAY,
Mir, April I, lisen. apit4w._
Sew ; Roareetkatery afal Variety Store I
lIA 141,43 1 1Nr,
'So.* 20 Boaaitairatirs Mock, North Park
linnJunt returned from New York withan en•
tire new stock of
Cealbetioneries, Ilse Groverlasi, Pkktek,
I luteud to keep at all tlmee a complete ea
sortmeut of the liner groeeties for fkmllo7 we. 1
will also have
EARLY .V}X*Er*.BLIDS, 01140 N *FIRM*
I'vibuld invite the people or Erie to_ glee Int
call. an I Intend to keep everything unn,y mit
that be called tor. Remember the plate,
No. 2) t ensweti(~m Block, formerly goakdog
office of Omit & Metcalf.
_ , HA. opened! new -
Flour, Feed &Produce More,
ALtlle corner of
'Elet l antli and State Streets.
Tarlitat bolsi* ale atien of all w .
anything In b O line. wil l dear ate
thing In the
And warrants his goods to be &plat to the best
In the market.
/37' The highest market. price in smith paid for
all kinds of country produce. - uP9-aor
JOB PAINTING of every kind, in large or
small quantities, plain or colored, done In
am bast stYie. and at moderate prices, at the
Observer office.
Attu grebetlistutents.
xr.liv Ironic
f ~llf ~
whi h lor
I.OW Pill( 'FDA.
Wost or Now York,
.13.1 Pesteh Street.
i•-•; y't I)NE I Es. es.
Is now receiving Lin took
Con Partnership Notice.