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CHAS. E. BOY IE, of Fayette Co.
W. IL ENT, of Columbia,Co
Agents for the Observer.
We have selected the following gentlemen as
our agents in the places named, to transact any
businees in connection with the office. Persons
knowing themselves indebted to us am hand
Them the money, and their receipts will he ac
knowledged the same as if - given by ourselves:
Corry—Amos Heath.
Petroleum Centre—Geo. W. Wilson.
' Tidionte—Nelson Clark.
Oak - Grove—Wm. J. Welker.
Wayne—D, W. Howard.
Voungsville—Cat. G. J. Whitney:
Spartansburg—John G. Burlinglialu.
Titysvlllelark. Ewing.
IMMerford—W. C. White.
. Union Borough—M. V. B. Brown.
Union Township—Mosey Smiley.
Alblon—C. E. Lincoln.
Fairview—Amos Stone. '
. Girard--Capt. 1). W. 'Hutchinson.
Elk Creek and Lundy's Lane—Wm. Sherman.
Spriugfleid--Glibert Hurd.
Lockport—J, C. Cauffraan.
Wattsburg—Lyman Robinson.
McKean Township—E. Pinney. .
Harbor Creek—Wm. Saltsmen.
Wesleyville—Edward Jones.
North East—B. A. Tahoe.
Jackson's—Snaltit J. Jackson. t
DISPATCHES from Europe announce the
sudden but complete snccess of the British
Abyssinnun expedition..- The Army of Thea
dorus has been cut up and routetl, his cap
tives have been released, and his own life
has paid the penalty for his barbarity. The
vengeance of England has only satisfied the
demands of Justice. We congratulate Queen
Victoria on her somewhat severe, but cer
tainly merited, rebuke of her-heathen lover.
TUE Washington correspondent Of the
Chicago Times says it is well known there
that- General Sherman is indignant at the
proNpect of an unjust and partisan conviction
of the President. He says if Johnson is con
vh-ted, he (Sherman) Will appeal to the peo
ple of the 'United States against the finding
of tiic'Senate ; that he will him4elf, if neces
sary, be the standard-hearer of the party op
po.ed to stich conviction, no limiter who
may he the standaro-bearer on the other
side, nod that he will agree to stump the
country on the question ! This threat, deliv
ered with the General's accustomed and
well-known vehemence of manner, has great
ly alarmed the Radicals, and there was u
good dettl'•,r fluttering in their camp-iti, con
The attention of the Impeachment Court
has been wholly occupied since t,mr last issue
by the ari.ruments of the counsel and man
agers, each of whom has been allowed to
"speak his piece." -Messrs. Butler and Curtis
having been granted the privilege of opening
for their respective sides, aro of course re
lieved from the opportunity of again display
ing their oratorical powers. The arguments
for the Radicals have thus far been made by
Messrs. Boutwell, Stevens and Williams. each
of whom spent from four hours iu Stevens'
case to a day and a-half in each of the others
in reading written rehasheS of the Radical
theories with which the country is familiar .
Judge 'Nelson, of Tennessee, and Mr. Groes
beck; of Ohio, answered them in splendid
oral arguments, the effort of the latter being
especially commended for its chaste and con
vincing eloquence. On .Wednesday, Mr.
Evarts, of New York, spoke on the Presi
dent's side, and to-day (Thursday) Mr. Stan
bery is to commence a speech u hi& is ex
pected to last two days. The closing argu
ment will he made by Mr. Bingham, on the
part of the managers, and' as he will be re
quired to sum up the whole ease,hly plea will
probably continue a couple days more. The
belief prevails that the Senate will not come
to a vote before Tuesday or Wednesday of
next week. There tieing nothing to retain
Judge Curtis any longer, he has returned to
his home in Massachusetts. The counsel for
the defence desire that the Chief Justice
shall close with a charge, the same as in or
dinary court ,proceedings, but it is not known
whether he will Comply with their wishes or
not. -
Some excitement has been created by a
proposition to the effect that the question of
the President's guilt or innocence shall he
decided by ballot instead of an oral vote, as
is-customary in the Senate proceedings. The
impeachers profess. to see in this a disposition
to shirk the responsibility by sonic of the
Senators, and openly allege that its adoption
would secure the President's acquittal. We
have no doubt that there are many Senators
who would like to wash their bands of the
whole dirty affair, and if they can &slac
some mode by which the censure of their
Radical associate* and constituents can be
cacaped, will welcome the opportunity to vote
against the President's conviction. The sn i t,.
ject has - not been disposed of,. and may lead
to a spicy scene atthe termination of the
Tut: newly elected Burgess of York, Pa.,
is David Small, the individual who, in 1883,
walked seven miles In surrender the village_
into the hands of the rebels. The people of
that town must-he easily managed, or they
are-of a rebellious tendency. Suppose Small
-has another opportunity, will hgsurrender to
the enemy ? How is it, Mr. Democrat? "Why
is this thus ?'%-•-ttispateh. •
Mr. Small slimily did what any other man
Of good judgment would have done under
the circumstances. When the rebels invaded
Pennsylvania, a detachment was sent to take
possession a the• borough of York, which
did not have a Soldier to rely upon for its de
fence. Anxious to spare the place from pil
lage, Mr. Small and otherprominenteitizens,
iltelw4lie2 rc zit mbtjr RoTticalft, went Sam
distance out to meet the enemy, and, after
informing- the, Commanding officer of their
situation, they peaceably aurrendered the
place to him, upon receiving all assurance
that no violence would be done to person or
property. The people of York had good
rea.ion to congratulate themselves upon hay
ing so judicious allargess, for, as a result of
his mission, they were treated-with a marked
degree of lenity during the whole - period of
the rebel .stay. They have exhibited their
appreciation of his wisdom' by re-electing
him every succeeding year; each time by an
increased majority, although previous to the
war the borough wasone of the most reliable
Radical places In Pennsylvania. This is the
whole etery aud nothiugmore, and we hope
the Dispatch will have sufficient courtesy to
retract Its libel upon one of the most estima•
He men and patriotic citlz inthe Country. I
We hope there is truth in the Cable dis
patch which atateithereitz widespread and
ever-increasing feeling inEngland favorable
to the amelioration of the condition of the
Irish, as the most effective means of suppres
sing Fenianism. Even that old champion of
all sorts of injustice and oppressius. the Lon
don Times, has an editorial favoring the kite.
The eyes of England as to the rvl sentiments
of Ireland begin to be open. Statesmen like
Gladstone, and papers like the London Timm
begin to , admit that, if n popular vote were
to be taken In Ireland O,U her connection
with England, an immense majority of the•
vote would be cast In.. fityor of hnntediate,-
total and ; Anal seParation t' and that If mus
kets were piseed . in . the Lands of 'every Irisk
man, Most of musieniwould be turned
against England. The .exeenttortit at Man
cheater, and the suppressioirerthe funeral
'processions, which by all English papers are
described as most orderly in their appearance,
have greatly strengthened this. spirit of dis
affection. If anything Can yet change this
spirit, it will be a thorough reform or Ep lish.
policy toward Ireland.
TUE Drawrcit AN TIO N.D Tat oincAso
The Democrats Melee gtratly that, the
Chicagoans elected a Demeeratie judge and
clerk the other day, by about nine hundred
majority. The city went Republican last
year by five thousand, and-so-the conserva
tives boast of six thousand gain. When the
fact is known that the vote is four thousand
less than in 1804, showing that at least ten
thousand persons did not vote, it will dimin
ish the agony of their joy a little. Such vic
tories arelleasant, to he sure, but not Woo
rely upon.--Dia-pcteh.
We are sorry to be compelled to post oar
neighbor up so frequently. but as It 'trill per
sist in distorting the facts, either ignorantly
r intentionally, we cannot be blamed forgo
denvorin,g, as a faithful conserver of the pub
lic morals, to maintain it In the path of Un
biased rectitude. In the first place, the
Democrats did. not elect their "judge
. end
clerk by about 900 majority." • The. former
'succeeded by 910 and the latter by only 120,
neither majority being very large, but suffi
cient to brag over, under the circumstances,
and too heavy it would appear for- the DU=
patch to receive by telegraph, though' itean
secure reports of Radical tunjoriticsTromlit
tle places way off in Maine and .Tennessee
that no person cares it straw about: in the'
next place, the comparison with the rote of
1864 is unfair, and calculated to give an erro
neous impression. At that time there were
thousands of soldiers In the city, all of whom
were allowed to vote, and their ballots
swelled the total to an extent far exceeding
the number which is its just proportion. The
fair mode of comparing the result is with
other elections when there were no National .
or State officers to choose, which was the
case last year. In that contest, fought upon
a straight party issue, the vote stood: '
Rice, (Republic:lml - - 11,909
Sherman, (Democrat,} • 7,991
Republican majority la-ct year, - 3,918
Total vote, - . - - 10,900
This year the rote k ng follows on indge:
McAllister, (E/Cinocrat,) - - : 12,284
Smith, (Republican,) - - - 11,374
Democratic majority,
Total vote, -
It will be observed that the vote of 1868
is nearly four, thousand more than in 1807, al
though a Mayor was chosen upon the latter
oeca,ion, and the campaign was conducted
with - Irue Western energS, brief space
of a year, the Radicals , huVe lost WO votes,
while the Democrats have gained over 3,000 ,
a change sufficient to overthrow the nearly
4,000 majority against ns, and turn it to 000
in our favor. If this is not sOntothing to
rejoice over, we do not know , what would he.
A still better idea of the vast Democratle
gain in that locality tnliv be bad by going
back to 1866, when the Radical catolitlate, fur
Congress had 6,580 majority in the -county,
the entire Democratic vote, with the city in
cluded, being only 5,697. It-may 'be good
partisan policy for. the Dispatch to belittle
facts like these, but the .circumstance . does
not speak well for the justice of its disposi
tion. Better to concede the truth at once,
and save its readers sore disappointinent in
November. •
A SHOUT time orevious to the close at the
Inter legislative session, Senator Lowry made
another speech, reiterating his views upon
the financial position, taking ,the most 'de
cided ground in• favor of the overthrow of
the 'National bank system, favarlog the tax
ing of the bonds, advocating their con
version into greenbacks, and planting him
selfif possible even more fairly and squarely
upon the Democratic platform in this res
pect than in his previons effort. He tells his
Radical associates that their attempts to gag
him will not anceced, and solemnly warns
them that they are "lolling themselves to
sleep, in fancied security, 'upon a voltsmo,
that may ut any time break forth anti en
pipit them in the bunting lava of an out
raged people and a bankrupt goverument."
The present financial plan ho characterizes
as a "robbery," which "surpasses in villainy
any scheme of public theft that the world
ever witnessed, sod its end," he pre lists;
"will be speedy disaster and ruin." "We
must either reform,", he exclaims, "or repu
diate. ~I ant in favor of reform." In spite of
the opposition of all his party papers in this
county, there is no questioninit the fact that
Lou ry• has the sympathies of n vast majority
of this Radicals of the district upon thissines
lion. The people who do not hold bonds or
are not interested In their perpetuation en
dorse the greenback policy, without distinc
tion of party or class, and the day is not far
distant when it will be the great and over
whelming issne that will sweep everything
The American Colonization tic' wiety is mak
ing an earnest appeal for money to colonize
in Liberia more than two thousand freed
men who want to go there. Four thousand.
freedmen have petitioned -Congress to send
them to Liberia, or to give the Colonization
Society the Meats' to send thetu. Some of
their petitions have been published, and also
letters from them, from 'all of which we
judge they are persona of some intelligence,.
good character, and earnest in. their desire
to emigrate. They arts poor and unable to
pay their expenses. Many of them have
friends in Liberia. They are all — needed
there—and, as they want to go, it seems de
sirable that They ratottiti he assisted." The
Society's ship it exPeeted to sail bit the first
of May, and can earl* six hindred and fifty
of them. Don4liens should, therefore, 'be
made at once, and - sent in sums, large or
small, tr. Rev. W.NeLain, D. D., Financial
Secretary American ,Colonization Society,
Washington,D. C. ' •
1. Thit.t.lip bentlhaltlers ought to take the
smut kind of toolleY is Poeta of The Goy'
errunent debt tine them that they tent the
Gcnrentotent: an which they, agreed ' to take
in return. •
2. That the bondholders are entitled to no
Letter cnrreney for 'their debts" than , the not-
dier, the farmer, the mechanic
er receive for theie*--no better than the
lmodheldem themselves pay to their credit
ors. •
3. That it is not taTood poliey'fo exten‘n
public debt aq a pertnanenUt afittnina which
wata the people in iulereat every year VA
000,tal0 irtgold, which intern:4Ln eiilegn years
amounts to as mush us the principal itself.
We tad better pay the inlittited mud atop the .
interet4 hnfona,the people are alt itirpoverish,'
eyi and beggared. ~. -
"HT 1
Why not disband . the standing army?'
. .
Why not reduce the expenses of the navy
to Lomas' flgureit „ •
Why not kip eir halt the unnemente
expenses of the kkivernment ' • '
Why clit out dOwn to pay of Congress
mot; , •
Why continue tile costry and uselentFret;tl:
Si metes Bureau
Were piaugresa: to ipactice getmiti . e&mee
my, we' might readily dispense with ull
taxes, except customs, stsurriurmul excises
ou liquors and, tobaceti,•without affecting our
tuitional faith or itureiritig our" tuitional
. .
ORE thousand dollars ,petraltudeis about
the amount of tantiesa•which the . People of
this.coluttry are paibig to.raMpori
, ous policy of the limapeortgress! Cintithati
sand'dollarts per atistaust, and wbat:for Nol
to promote pros/wit-Y-4x a reunion of the
sections—or the ' re-estatdialintent of trade
and commeree—or the old lultdlylntemonsia
of the States—but to enable a corrupt party
to keep power in the government,-by tippres
sing white- people, awl elevating the =grow
to the ruling power in the States ! Bue fur
this there would have been, lung ago, a duly
b:tg trade, as of old, between the North and
South—peace; prosperity, and happiness.
Tor. - "Lost Canss"-::..the — Ottsie of "tge
THE most dangerikii eounkirfalt ituar in
circulation is Radical republiditnism.
- ox some of the juries in Texas there is not
a single white min, owing to the "trotAO
oath." •
Me. ilarrtmrsaytc"ThriteMatirrik ,
every free American_ to mike of
Self is beyond question." Greeley means to
exercise all his privileges. " ' "
TnE Radicals tint all Harts of insular-and
humiliations. and outrages upon , ficatth
and then are ese.eedlttgly o.4•AptCly auk*
that the people of the SOrith daunt love them
for it.
THE Chicago Tribune ' uints 'ynteti to _rc
sign on account of his
If all the drunken Senators would do .that
the Jacobins wontd - ttooniiiie to" only
in Congts .
AN exchange has the hilknrittignixl thing:
We yesterday heard a couple of,coloreij
gents discussing the qUesdon of finpeixelt 7 ,
went, when one of them etchinted: ."Whora
de use 'peaching ole Andy- 7 =he'd It
TUE Bradfortl„Argets rakes'ont
ing scrap of obi history: , , •
"I ant not, and never have been, in favor
of making voters or jurors of Negroes nor of
qualifying them to holtloMee. lem not In
favor of negro eitizeurhip." laiscom
MY friend, if I owed you a,dietti antioffered
you its amount in grumbackt; woad - Yon ;utli
:it "repudiation?: Or if I offeredyou in Fe
turn, the same 'kind of money . that I
borrowed of you, would Ibe "penitentiary_
hint ?" ,• • .
THE Peruvian 'Minister re! arkeditt Wash
ington the other day: "Itupwlelonent ie. a
novelty with you here !a 'the Iltdted States;
brit when pott have tried It ak often as we
hare in our *country, you will not like it so'
THE New York Independent -(Theodore
Tilton's paper) reads Chief-justice Chi* out`
of the Radical party. The late eleetlatts All
over the country have shown that tens of
thousands of honest men have lef
without waiting to he read out
Tor, majority In Michigan aganst the Ja•,
whin corner-stone—indiscriminate negro sof
frage—stentlily increases as the rettirris from
remote counties come In. The :vote Is: the
largest ever imiled in flint state, anti reveals
an actual majority of over forty thousand
against the grand idea tlfJatobinisn.
Saturday,—the-28111-zU. r Tim&leas
Stevens declared on the tloorpf Iheßun l l).
"I am often retninded;b3e4entietnenritnound
me, some very wise, and some otherwise,
that I have said more than once that all this
is outside the Constitntion. He is otherwise
who thinks that assertion is not true."
Tim Philadelphia Post, referring to the
atatemeut 'which has been made within the
Last few days that "General Grant' will not
accept a nomination on a 'Antrum - favoring
negro voting," says that if the statement be
true, then "General Grant will not be tannin
nnted at all, inasmuch ns the great majority
of the Republic:an papers favor negro suf
frage?' . ,
A 'Tort" turns oat the, Mhriring negro;
melody :
~ • -
"Old Uncle fro down dat hoe!
And Dinah, 41rop dat kitchen dough !
We now aro free, with nothin to do. •
Ant to dance all night and; all day, too. -
"The poor white trash have-notila ,to say i
But to work I work t Laza pay.
While the brewed darkies dance dull'
Let. the white trash foot the liddler's•bilV
Tuts country has been convulsed by many
vehement political contests ; that of 1888 is
destined to eclipse and dwarf them alt. The
aggregate populak vote for Prealtlent at the
three last elections Vas as follows: 18.56,4,011,-
018 ; 1860, .1,6801.95 ; 1861, (11 States silent,)
4,031,189. This year, we presume there will
not be kw than Six Millions.of votes polled,
although nearly or quite One Hundred Thou
sand persons are now
. tilifninchised because
4f their pronduent "participation in the late
illE Wnstington corespondent of the
Cleveland Leader, a ,rank Abolition sheet,
has the lollowing paragraph in a letter from
the Capital: ' .
"lie (Wade) is a dapgeroiri- savage, fat of
the unquenchable fire of tyrannous revenge.
Bad watt the day for' he party of light, of in
telligence, of charity and of the i future.
when this cursing and hating old man egraf
toil himself upon our organization. lie is to
us neither an ornament, an example,. nor a
moral power. Nature gave him no Amity ;
art no grace and God no benevolence."
SwimAar Mcctrm.oen, we observe by
'his April repart of the public debt, continues
to keep• 'about' $100,000,000, in gold in the
Treasury. This gold, converted Into: legal
tenders, would take up•$189,000,000 of five
twenty bonds, upon- which tke people are
now paying en interest orals per tent., which'
amounts. to $13,280,000 a year. This would
be , a very hendsoiue saving to, the taxes of
the people: But McCulloch prefers to keep
his' gold end let the bondholders hem Wean-
terest on the bonds which the gold Ought to'
pay. This is caged : wise financieringrhy
some people. - It - is wistkcertainly, for the
bonded intense: • - • •
ittAceartfaretlectious previous to the mak.
ing way with Making; in older (bathe aught
rile in his place, are vet); applicable to
scene duals au* being enacted at WaslOg
ton. • Macbeth. in 'view of the "taking . otr of
Duncan, soliloquizes: • •
"If it were done, when. 'Os done, then %want
well -
.It were dune quickly. If the assassination
Could tranunel up the consequence, and
catch, '
- With his surcease, success ; that but this blow
3light be the he-ail end end-all'here.
But here upon the bank and Shoal of time-4
We'd strip the life . to crane: 'Ea in these
clwes • '
'4Vc stilt hare jrulgirient here: 'Shall:re but
teach ) •- '
Bloody initrnbtions, 3ritieft,„heleg Wight; re=
turn , . ". _
'To plague cue inyermor, ,,
' Tug Kansas State Jogged,' published at
Laerroice,,ind merit
front 3liekliniti,ht greatly disgusied. With the .
late election of that Stale4in voting doWn the
negro-suffrage Constitution by 40,4ffiernajori-
IY: Jt ,
"Idlchlaeis aJtailiCil Stale, Or
posedto be. Repablican ray had its
- birth is ' P;Ptesol4
'of Michiliari wi se.riraft
for %),Othiattoticht Republican insinrity. But
..ltichigan,9o - Michigan; tied > w
shed eZfes. eil"theee4Y
inconsistency.. its relts to adopt., 9 n
Oonstitntion.:: Withltil-000p00,whlic popn
baton it hit.sidao ttlisttl*o 'sad for
some nniccOuntolffe , reason the le do.
'dared by aboa4kooonogar.lothatito 1200
negmes shall vote; and vet -7111eldiputhas
the inconsistency ro ask. or, Milli. Ageeop-
ou theple .of-tlte South lite, my rnlp
Wi he/ th self yseh re te . tu
ffttfr elkeutlezitYage Which n
she rejecn 't o
I .
' siskyvicei: - w9, is
the Revoluthin, Abat."-ibenlaimin, um*.
stands that all abominations she seee•at
every into-tttlie'liimbole and UM 'gabbling
41Opri- 7 nr:e sub *taof legislation to 6a taloa,
up :or down, what stupidity to suppose Mat
She' win not gladly, use her vote -to•annove
ietQtation from tie AiSy of Oucesi l she (min
liegra 4 o* - 3; l!s4rik
never will?`age up es dawn" the anttwsuco
.31t& stump 'mentions. the people of the
Mate of appiaamatte;"after saexperfamete
dime yeas, lbrze goti4e 'Ode minds / 1 !*,
minholes, ;Mimi be "voted 4oba ;" and the
alma would be thei "ratulter every oilier at.
tempt to forcibly . 'aiiriprms vice. 'Why, they
cannot even get .0 'of; Mktyeti ald murder
in New yuti vitt; ilieald - bi two thomandpo
lieetnerx, !Cis Ibillyrto talk of stippreadng
MIA oles and gabitilingsakmrts by nfly web
-hr wflti a politic* rteceility = . tIITI M ,
, thugart out* hiS 2 ,iteat lit: thfOenate ok
;Pennayllillithi. Willrldii4 ;the 11,/emocrati
bad Wind to tbesitire sure to be added the,
atuakko. be 'elected. ia the Luzeent arid
Adains districts. Two Senators are to be
elected in Philadelphia, and the Radicals
lbsiiiie cotalotivriith oP•the people there.
If tqlV el t ,ere ,g l .4l 4 * W I*mO.
mitts wen d ve at:Sept eauji-therati
oftie ring," the power of the majority and
the patronage or 'the = Strode' Weald have
passed from Radical hands. , , .
.. the nitzt Hopi of Reprwittitivea of
that Sista will eantaht a =pray . of Radt.
cabirattgitig from tear to l'irotit , yP, :s3titinuen
-"Uncle!: out totto-borotkib';illtem;:th.ii
suit' .404 Jws Lohertzue',.
'betatiOiitio,solcuittes of 11,000oloctitaly dire
Itepsteentat aggregate - moto,oF
— near nom Thit - glow wirli
'DO morepate 44tibfllath elect
• Repretositativis. No comment »n
'ibis is menenatlV ) .. •- ' '
; AN , ~,:exe :l2 #o:F i a . r: j At:Si Pav FiciWATP.
nunuma,motthern man -tesidgpt la Charles
,ton, Carolina,- only eighty-eight. of
wilted anemic the Ratßeattistepation_called
leco&tructlon;,iindOxti of the eighty-eight
ore eciur*ted With the turnip or the Negro
Bureau, More than halt of the live hundred
were Radicals melons to settlement In the
South; bit they have nil tette for being dom
inated over In their new Wits_ by insolent
'and igatrantrdarkies, even to please, Thad.
Stevens & Co.
. Tut - white population of Illemplthi, is about
My thousand. The negroes gave 4,200
votes at the late city election. There are
7,000 whiteince lathe eitv;hut 4,600 of them
were disfrunchltied," so that they polled only .
9,400 :vo'tM6 •bitiv one white person voted
of every twenty, whilst there was a' negro
vote foI-'every, four 'heroes. . Thus 50,000
white men is a greatcity ;a re put Under the
control of 15,000 niggers. „
Tim Radicals bought up the Fenian Head
Centre In Connecticut. He tried to coax the
Irish from the' Democratic frith.' Result,
1,781 . Democratic maturity, , When the Hud
ion thus into Lake Champlain, the Radicals
Will succeed in inducing the Irish to vote for
negro equality and white slavery under Con
gressional rule. „ ' ,
' Tun Montgomery; , Ala., Mail, , and tbe
Mobile, Alm, Register, both spettk in beconi•
jog trips of the trn:liin soltileri. The Reg
/stet saga : '1 4 4 of - the South. honor the
Northern soldiers, bemuse .they fought us
gallantly and died like men in defence of their
eatvie,' •
A maim named BMWs was tarred and
feathered in Demopolis, Alabama, last week,
for haring married a negro Woman.
A. T. STESTAIreB city and • State taxes
amount to MAO this year. Poor men
escape such frightful burdens.
PIIMITICE says that Carl Sahara's writings
make the kworile larigh almost as much as his
fighting, so called, used .
A MAN In Sacrosanct, N. 3.,was fined one
dollar for working in his minm on Sunday,
and fifty tents each for -two inteant in which
lielndalged at the proceeding.
• fitivr.7novhs -Irovno, of Ittiottssippi, is S
rti9l9 youth - of 843; who married a woman of
133, who, is the progenitrqs of oiler s I.luti-
4 avtx}sn Indianapolis has sentenced a
n4ro to liitißsbatiiintlbriwo:friirs, and tlffst'
thousand,ollals . firtc.loing a whit('
'woman. ! '
Onu lame tltyt goods houseln New Twit
discharged-411114 Anglo 'wen in. its employ
on the first instant, and reduced the salaries
Of the ietithlndCr.: ' '"
151rry-stv divorce cases are to be heard at
the session of , the ihipreme ,Judicial Court,
which commenced at Taunt on,Massachnsetts,
on Tuesday.
Mincua jfMtv4it was elecieg Griveruor of
Massachusetts, in 1839, by a majority of one
in a vote of 192,060, after being a candidate
for sixteen consecutive year'
. AN advertisement inserted three times in a
Boston- newspaper, requiring a "copyist, was
answered by four hundred and Sixiy persons,
three-foniths of whom were women.
A TccrsESSEICAN recently Committed sui
cide because 4)ollkned to having
!Uwe(' diver* and sundry men in her life"
before their acquaintance commenced.
. Tttt perfOt . thance of "Ten 11104 . Bar
room," at the ibetttre In Henty,lll., was an
nouncedfrom the pulpits of that town, and
the: respective - congregations were reconk
:mended to attend—
brfmta the last fiscal year the United
* States sold seven millions of acres - of land:
h still has .44000,00 . 0 .retualnlng, besides
three,hundresi and sixtptlve millionm snore
in Alaska.
A WOMAN in Greeneecinnty, tekiedediran
tilge of Leap - Yeir PrlYilegrit "OPPed the
question" to an unsumpecting young.. 'nen,
who accepted; but afterwards changed his
mind, 'wheretpon, the lady, beestite obstrep
erous, and challetigetthiin td fight a duel.
• i
A B -ofisearchterittittatatect-ftv
mentation i :rdiluc ed u•k atorelinz, Pelfhtelir
the other'''. t, :latoeking'ine init'clititor
ten feet, burstinglhe•barrel'Anto .finginents,
and seattelq, ug the , contents in cm) , diree,
lion. - r
THE Ncw..Yorit 13'un "knows of a ixicir
went by fourteen days' steady work thereon,
and recefied :theirair • four' ' ite
material cost seven dolhus.and thte.merchant
sold the aliment for,
• Tim Memphis Avalanche_ tugs there are
.twenty thousand starving negrom • in Mem
phis tilli; :timid 'raga, Wiwi are kept
slit 0 only by, *Ong, this
owy be, it is the case, to a greater or less ex
lent; in evety - Scitathere town and city.
DitrCrukititii tuts recently hsd ti,e kind .
mew to postpone the destractkas, of the world
foi si period of one million years. Those who
Lave an interest - In remaining on' this globe_
• render than kt--03; thetaselm . , r d 1130:0*.
Ir having been
~itated Detroit paper
thitthuiOnithitheitoryaittspannellitaSeitY .
vri;re out of employntentot: gentletittut just
across the Canallit'llrieirrites that he will
employ one hundred" of theih' in nutting
wood,atAriettDWl itiltelitt guilt ; Nola!
orMie 343tIn g mei% VT Y.ll, 9tlll,Pil>
JQs ),damtn, who died recenily at his
itv;sideneWin cOnniy, New tork, the
owner of property estimated to be - w0rth
.40,000,000, commenced without is
Hls ownership of nneplsra~la warn:tines
a a lines gik
to them, gave him the hulk of his grent,
roam yelp ago preparations_ were .made
ibr a marriage `bettypett,al6. Similaird `Mid
Is 'Bess ShiPp• s or
.anise reastatilii.
single, dad, lit Woodtbri(conntnirtnideity;,
thaotherdai; Was finally united to her old.
ley.; who bar ntnentsi3wsMieatereS three
• years and ten. POWs s lively young
creature of ainetitui dieirsixtr. •
• A "mato servant- girl,firk oss the
*l, when told be her anphsyer that she
laded go ta tite vrPlied
ids% gobs'. I 'salvia' to mix wid white folks
that don't think 'emselves any better dun de
!digger, and I'm toldithuthe , Filinklitt Street
crew is coin' to try and be big guns amongst
t he niggers on litat day. No, Indeed, I
'isn't gain* nil iitid no milt mesa wbita
-- •
AN interest g endL stonishing e t
'transpired on the ~d t, at the ,housiti
%Mr. George Chandler, &tomer, n % ;
the Lowell roar betweett freshen:NOV*4i
boro, 3lssa. ittaphysitilin,
stopped on the afternoon of the day men
tioned at Mr. C.'s house to feed bia horse-
On entering the heise Mrs. Chandler in
4-rged ihre i:erMatighter, L iiiatian,!
, *e , 916..fiAgir&—vat3aithati.p. bsdsAtatii=
been pTieed Ins coffin fOrinterment on Sun- ,
day. The doctor on info the coffin
remarked that the girl was not dead but
only in* -Reordered_ therernoyakof elm
Wily and placed it in a warm bath. Alter a
long struggle the girl was brought to •life.
Liter leaving some medicine the doctor took
Ms dePierldreloo.lllldStbiloiving dat.rrihts
one assigned for,the funeral—the remscita
titi voided a tape- worm measuring twenty
-eight feet in length, add instead of burying
Miss Susan Chandler, the parents. interred
thy cause of all her troubles.
Ou last Theraday flight o= oFtlte most ve-
Vidting deeds in the annals of crime was per
petrated about four miles from, Grenada,
Misilesippi. A negro woman, about titlitY
rars'of age, named Basalt - Jorol,liiing On
the place of Mr. Samuel Berry, coolly and
d4ibemtelynmulered her two children,, eel
aged seven years and the other four:* The
appearance of the children when discovered
Was most-horrible. The oldest Wei' lying in
the corner of the room, with its throat cut
from ear to ear, weltering in a poolof its own
blood, its black features almost hidden by,
the crinviontide. which hail stained them-
TIT other was found about midway of , the
cabin, literally ripped open• from the p e l v i s
to the breast bone, and its entrails covered
the floor in its neighborhood. • •
A MORE commendable that then Meston's
is now being performed by three boys, who
are drawing their father and mother and one
brother Montreal; .the , two latter -being
cripplts. Their vehicle consists Of a rude
wagon, in which there.are.a sew old clothes
anti some dishes, and In which the father and
mother are being draWn by the' four boys.
They state that they left Detroit eight weeks
ago, and have travelled the whole distance
in this troublesome manner, with the excep
tion of fifteen miles this side of Red Creek,
Wayne county, where a kind-hearted firmer
carried them in his wagon. The object of
their journey is to -reach their friends in
Montreal, who,- they say, are abundantly able
to take care of them. The distance travelled
is . over four hundred miles. The family late
ly passed through Ogdensburg, N. Y.
..As the North Pennsylvania passenger.
train was approaching the Sellersville tunnel,
a few.tlayaago,sa young couple in one or the
cars were noticed to have a great ibndness
for each other. This suggested fan. Some
mischievous chap, as the train was aboiit the
middle of the tunnel- illuminated -the - car by
lighting a match, when the' loving couple
were diac6ierod: andalissiag r eich
other in the most ardent'mannr. Of course
there was an immediate cessation of the de
licious amusement. The passengers roared
with laughter, and the kn - eramerelvaraensely
embarrassed. Lovers should not allow them
selves to forget, when going..through a. rail
road tunnel, that a sudden illumination of
the car is very likely to happen.
A CUIIIOCS and ultimately fatal accident
occurred - In Orleans - the -other :day:-
Mr. %Vermouth; one of the Radical candi
dates for Governor of Louisiana, makes his
home at the house of his friend Mr. John
Dean. While lying Upon his bed asleep one
day, a little child of Mr. Dean dumb up and
tickled his feet. The , slieper involuntarily
Ave a convulsive, kick, which itimeked the
child from the bed • to' the door, the little .
-thing striking upon its bead, receiving inju 7
ries which resulted in brain fever, andlinallr
terminated in death. "
• A :q:cato delegate in the Alabama Constt
tudottal Convention introduced a clause.dis
solving the marriage relation between all
men who took part in the late rebellion and
their wives, and declaring, that "all children
begotten of such marriages bettreerithe
day of January, 1881, and the 21st day of
July, 1885, arc hereby declared illegitimate."
The 'sable - Solomon justified the proposed
action on the grounds that the persons named
In the clause were
. traitors, therefore legally
dead; and was improper to tie a live, wo
'man to a dead carcass.
A Truvixvisited a friend on Friday after- -
noon, and as he •was
and did not
desire to part with the "stomp," put it in
his pocket, supposing he had extinguished'
the fire. IV: ran into tt bed rent, threw, his
IMming coat on the bed, and in a few min
utes the lied clothing was so an fire. The
Inmates of tho house became alarmed and
after a desperate - struggle, succeeded in ex
tinguishing the flames., The bed was en
tirely ruined, as was also the careless young
gentleman's overcoat. The articles destroyed
were valued at about 11150.
. ON Friday List, d gentleman, residing in
Milwa.ukie s was -walking, along the 'street,
when, as be littssied a shabby looking female,
he beard a baby voice call him "papa" from
the woman's shawl, .and then for the first
time noticing her, saw her awkward at
tempt to stop the Tait MO s tar :
prise he found the child to,he hi own, which
the woman hadatiden , -ftbrifthe &mit, who
had left it in itslittle carriage fora few rain
jnisia. Ile took the* youngster hOnte: Where
he found a heavy time in progress, on account
of the loss of theliaby. -
Jas. P. TnostAs arid Hiss 4:Utah:tette .Ibil-„
ger, both colored, wci iota - tied bi
cent's church', St. Louis, on brit Wednesday
morning. The ceremony occupied two hours
awl a half; and Was very imposing-. The
bride has $400,000., The hpsband,bas shoo
the &MO amount. He presented the bride
check far 410,000—pin money as a wed
ding gift. The bridal Yell cot : 4800, and
the bride wore - ear -rings testing $5;000.' The,
husband sports- a. $8,500 diamond ring--
rather valuable fora barber. , "
A a . nond named Gilsson, who lives at that
aink-hole of Radicalism and inlquity,t3eneca
villa, GuerilSo.PriautlYs'Phio, on lost i3aiil7-1;
day visited Washington, in that county, and
on the outskirts of The city niet it' white %O
-man whom he grasped-by.the- shoulders,
throwing 14eircifir4 and cutting hei
face Kerre!r•
to her nspplittqf Aar)* Ara % 1 '
to - narni - 0ut , 16 fell deaigC t
negro Is nOnf,llo4l."'"
14°34. iiireirtlUMr;vitti. -iye;'Oliesiavi
the ellltill'ehli t grvekitat ' fitilloningAbttik
brides :
"When. iklaMtirried-luld the
is paying the his fee, if he shcaild for
get to hand bin a dollar to payforsetting up
the' notice of the event in therr, the
.bride ought to to„. , wrfera.inmediate • a nd dp ,
the first great du ti of her married, eby In
sisting that they antanence their careeri
orably and justly, by paying the first -bill of
7nt !!" totro. ,Cg>le7A,`'de:, bfl?~
been discoverediallith;a tear isilesahnen
the mouth. of,l3alt' 'The iitabiiiin
from thi.ity-five to fifty feet in width, and the
,walls, which are from five tonight feet high,
hale been traced teat,..9slllketat piles from
-the river. The ruins ' are fitf — erias the
length of thnvralley‘ , Aktrati t iobsecct
„ , .
(A and
stor beim% Are•ta
antly tmi:!l,ol!is old Wens •
WrraUtilwelve &ye the r thus 41tat
the Baited, States Bagmaa, hoisted at Mks,
sew,entrAntericans had nnlieff : there; who
opened stores, drinking saloons,dce. A spirit
of speculation was developed. Furs and
provisions rose to San Fisittelii4iices, and
the standard of all btadneis tranioactions tdaa
Americanized at once: * ,
A ?walnut lady. residing in Brooklyn, Is
rVaorted to be now Minsky helpless, Bean
Paralysis netweloned tty tied heirs.
KUrrl.F. 4 datighte r of Mr. Bucklek near
B&W, Virginia, aged seven i4artg, met %oath
a hOrrible death *last Thursday. She Was
a-ldining: do grinding sugar cane, when her
laad-wasiturglit lin...the machinery said so
terribly crushed as to cause her death almost
uE Boston Transcript says the people of
lititiiiity; who twice laid away their snow
liaanida,fin-tas imasonslaire-ilecided-io
thetn stand near the back door' until the Ist
of June.
AN Elyria doctor recently experirueuted
with n rheumatic patient by blowing mor
plane jn his . The experhannt tirTs,
aucce§oll.- - kritn 064 i,oii barer. 9 _ ,;_f
nocron in Louktiana agreid to cure a
man for $lOO.- The manldied, and hie wid
ow sued the physician and obtained the
A ST. Louis paper says : "There were
never, berh4rs; eslnany persons clatit of etnc
ployment in this city as there are at this
Elie an 4 Pittabitigh. •-`
Prointhe Pittsburgh Gazette.]
- We have been sometimes tempted to be
lieve that the importance to all the material
interests of the State, of its, hold upon the
lakes, at the thriving and prosperous port of
Erie, is not adequately appreciated by the
present generation of our citizens. Our lath
e** knew that value thoroughly, and while
the region was yet a wilderness,. they looked
forward to the assured triumphs "of their
children over all , the Obstacles of natnre and'
to the redemption of this fertile territory to
the sustenance and profit of man. Let. us
imitate their wisdom by a better and clearer
perception of our mutual relations in these
'days of our waveruos.growth. Vie Is our
lake port} and as such, she Is effectively but
an outlying ward of Pittsburgh. Let us re
gard hems such and be as prompt to pro
mote her interest as our own. Her citizens
recognize the overshadowing influence which
enterprise and Wealth - have - given the Iron
City. ,It is but simple justice to ourselves as
well as to her that we should never disregard
her just claims, upon her moral and substan
tial cooperation and sympathy. Lei our
young sister city-march-on in her vapid and
triumphant development of every element of
prosperity. If she shall finally overshadow
us, in her turn, we pledge to her our hearty
allegiance, as ire stow count on hers IJRuI
that, and after that, she can count surely up
on the heartiest sympathy and support
of her Pittsburgh brethren in all Just propo
sitions for the common interest.
Prom'the Pittsburgh Dispatch.]
The magnificent scheme of connecting
Pittsburgh and Erie by a wide and deep ship
canal, Is be g imatti to attract attention at
points remote from sits immediate influence,
but which cannot fail txr"frel >the impulse
Which this project will give to wratnerce In its
ever - widening circles.. .The 'Philadelphia
Press of Thursday, we are pleased to note,
has a thoughtful article on the subJect,which
Is utterly free frcim those feelings of section
alism and jealousy which we have 'sometimes
seen in the Philadelphia Papers when corn.
mentlng on Pittsburgh t affidra. In a broad.
and liberal spirit: the', Press remarks that
what tends to the interest of Pittsburgh, and
of Erieotud 'of the Western portion Of the
,Commonwealth, is for the interest of the
-whole State. What this yroposetlcanal will
do for Pittsburg!' the Press sees more clearly
than, we are afraid, some of our own citizens
do. With a comparativpr trilling outlay of
money` It promises to• ve Pittsburgh the
trade of the great lakes from Chicago in the
West, to the port of- the St. Lawrence in the
East. It will give tas a steam freight mute to
New York city by means of the great canals
of New York State. It will furnish a great
internal water route from 9uebec, and from
Chicago, and from New ltork city to New
,Qrleana. "Vessels," says the report of the
cointnitteerstrateitUbjectat liarrisburV4ttat
can ascend the rapids of the St. Lawrence,
may pass through the Welland Canal, ride
over the ridge that separates the hikes eland
the Mississippi, and upon the bosom of the
Ohio, glide !onward .to the Gulf, receiving
tind discharging freight at the • thousand in
termediate ports that dot the Shores' of this
great cOmmerchttrouto. n ;In pence itwill be
one of .the grand: sinews of commerce. In
war a great military-highway.
. -
Jury List.
Jo :writ drawn for The 'Court of Quurter Bea
rion, ifto.ifor fie 4th Monday in "May, A
D. 1868: -
GRAND Jurtoutt.—Eric—Geo. W. Starr,-
Foreman. G. D. - Healey, B. Baker. South
Erie—Wm. Henry. Mill Creek—L. Busick,
D. Geist, A. C. Martin. Harbor Creek—C.
Dumas. North East Bora—A. Jones.
Greenfield—James M. Finn. Corry—S. A.
Beavis, 11. D. Farnham, Chas. E. Hatch, A.
H. Spencer. Concord—Hem:in Heath.
Union Tp.—L: Shepard. Summit—L. A.
Hull. Elk Creek—Alonzo Pnwell, 31. P.
Maxon. Conneaut—W. F. Brockway.
Springfield—N. Blicksenderfer, James C.
Getred. Girard Boro—Maxon Randall, Br.
Fairview Harp—Pressley McCreary.
• TraserseJetrora.—Erie--Win. G. Arbuckle,
G: D. Atkins, James Bell, 0. E. Crouch, J. J.
batman, W. J. F. Liddell, 31. W. Mett, Clark
McSparren, John Rover, D. D. Walker.
Mill Creek—R. H.' Arbuckle, G. W. Barr,
Robt.'arts, Henry Gins, W. W. Lore.
North- Kent, Boro-r-Wm. Brookins, Di. W. C.
Evans. Greentleld—J. R. Prindle. Venan
go—J. W. Urch. Wattebtugh—R. Tuttle.
Amity—Morris Clark. - Wayne—Cyrus Hill,
James D. Smith.Concord—S. F. Hammond.
Corry—L. L. Dunn. Union Tp.—W.- O.
Black, 0. Horton, D.. Wilson. Le 13ceuf—
'S. E.' Dewey. Waterford Tp.-8-11.1mred.
Summit—James W. Graham. McKean—
John Doll, Seymour Washburn,C.Wood, -
Washington—Henry Bove, W. Coleman,
D. Leyland. Ediabonr—in. ,Burlingham,
IL R. Love. Franklin — Wm:: Mixon.
Elk Cteek—)L H. Cole. Ccameaut—C. 0.
Wheeler. Albion—L. - D. Davenport, T,
Thornton. Girard Tp.--James Sampson.
Girard.Boro—W. H.Edson, ' Fairviow Tp.—
John Stunts, Jet.Fogleban,gb - .
Jurors for the antrf,sof 'Common Pleas lett
Mohdaji (agent.
Erie—W. A. Brown, John Halyard, John
Curse .• Thomas Mon, TIL - 3.Httloit, P.
Gunnison - Jacob' Hamm; Ileldt, Janes
Skinner, O= Mum°. Mill Creek—James
Fergimin, "Ilaylinver.:t . Manly.
' North:l4st Tp.—E, But H . D. Porter.
Venango,p4ohn W.' Bennett, K. Brightman.
Kennedy.' 'Coneord—A: A.
Mammcnid: • W Carry—WV: 'Hubbard. Union.
Boto—P. ebber: -Le Ikeuf—E. Benda
ley, W. W. Range. Waterford Tp.---John
Lattimore, 31. Stroh ' , McKean-4. B.
Gnaw. Fninkfia—A. SiatTord. :KW-Creek
—L. Culver Godfra. B Cotitt'eaut—
A. Barnes; P. Paul. Girard Tp.—Jcii.
Long, James Sherman, Schuyler Johnson.
Jots Pnnting.
We retuirtdAtta - pnLUc that Atte.Aliaerrer
race is now fitted up in the most .complete
=trifler, and that our fitellititsibr doing Job
Vork eleftrpklnd am unsurpassed by any
other eatitrliabme= in,this section. We are
prepared"tfldo arl'Ailies 'of Printing 4? or-
AtzuFY 1311e1 pinta eolOiVat short notice,
and on the Most reasonablii lama. ,Bludnesi
men bilteettormlythinglo Mar Ude "will find
it,to thib intereiLto - give us
= Atilteati3iastma—We rewind those In need'
of Mimics • that our il.9BoAnel* Is the most
,lrtpletebs the eltyv comprising ert,try sort
genemilit s l *+ Aar !1, Asio*eys; ,Con
etilA®; Vtsiik‘iy - ostriers find Btlabliso men.
Ihey ate ill *pad by eipaiineed men.
itaPP *IA *fa* sold at the 4/ 4 *
reasonable prices. pent dednctien sr,M
be made &Akio' . ei,oiliese Imrciastr
large qui*ttles: ' • mime =
EnoKm Huta lithatelitit.—The cheapest
and beat. Ithunitioth betties only .75 ceats.
The Eugenia Hair Restorer' ecliyas- -a all
known discoveries rot theMititillityrilarith
Which it restores gray and Sided hair to its
'original color, promotes its rapid and healthy
the human hair and head t rendering. soft
silky and lust:tea. "`Sold b y 13: - Dtamson -
Son, sole agentaltilk*:;.wll-ioteetiKye_
820 State street, grief
_Pe: Vocal. etata . ,„
by Beethoven—the 14912 g of sangl., Price up
"Ante.Lifilearatgle Bimphlin—s
Price 35 cents. Instrumen.
'OA Glen, E.•H. 'Sherwood—a grace-
—not difficult. Price 80 cents.
&gen - - Itiazurice,`bk Clark 'D: Mee.
To hest_iii admire_ it. Prica_Bo_ cents.
rtmde'i...piumn ANIMA* :
universal !iterate.' - Pilo% w•mw. • -
TrcuE well -known :gall& haw, et !Watt&
burg, no keg kr Robigace, lab
Ma he= taken D. Oginan. Ensirorth, In whose
ce It( rebutsi *al not be allowed to
detede - ntle.. _Good and abundant atablingja,
attached to - theverii• itawandliersent eta ,
• fag Wattaburgh will And h An =to
''brie nalitet ,
The folloilltakejllo buying plias of the re.
*al dealers:
h-Errs elm VrollEtßuts—A, green, pi
el, IR 6001 73; Dried apples - 111 - Matta ft
taloa' *bushel fen Turnips I.,,tleshel 40c
‘l,bississl4loa;.Onickas Wsialo 0003 50
Beans Vi bushel el 0001 CO; Raspberries 115 3100
Blackberries 'l4 lb 15c ; CabbeAe ahead 6c.
Psovistoss—Butter 1p 16 &,c ; Mmie VI ID'
14301-lard lit 5 Vel- EI/Ort 4 10 senate ; Beef, draw
ed, it ID 8(410o; 244t10n, riressed•Tilts itet
dressed. 1 4 ID Bc; Hams, =Or •14
limns, Plain, 'it lb ; Shoal Vet '-
henry% romig..ll—bllllllll.lloz,rigp
$3O 00T - Dged ware. — -
mukzu.Aszoto—aovu litip4lll burbeltUllt
Timothy S e e d ' ? • Inishel - Nr7004 r nig
qt lb $2 00; Lumber, hemlock, $lO 00; do Pine,
common, 818 00; doPine„ clear, $46 00; Bbingles;
shaved $1 30; do sawed 30' Ha y 'it ton Vs oc 4X,
S II M n194'14,9°,14 ,tPi :1 0 116101:. 4.0
1:111.41$1, FLOUR Aso Prom—The following are
the retai l sellitur prices: Flour,XXX W. W. it
D 61515 00 •
, do XX red 11 bl3l $l3 1)0; doXX sprLng
bbl $ll 00; Wheat, white winter. ? bushel 13 00;
do red winter, lit bushel $2 72(42 7.5•.
do spring,
$2 33i52 43; do seed spring, $2 0002 70; Corn ?
tmattel $1 20• Oats vibuthel Mc; Meal $1 100 I?si
112 2/* Feellitlo4 l sts2 `•
13tiginciss Mictitotv.
Caughey, Burgess & Walker, 25 and 23 N. Park.
Scott & UM and 303 French at.
lohnstan, & Breveliter, 513 French at.,
, WR4i &PALM unforrk , Aou4aimist •
• Arbuckle & Clark, :C North Park.
•L. IL Clark, 14 Park Row.
S. 1., Smith, 505 State street.
C Englehart & Co., 19 North Park.
Geome Burn, 7a5 State street,
F. Pfeffer, 816 State at.
J. Evans, Jr., ICIN State at.
CaughOr 12,MKIM1,14'orth•Park. . • ,
O. Spalfbrd, OW' French at.
H. IL Haveratick, Park Row.
Crouch & Bro., M French at.
Smith Line &, Son, =State St.
1.142.11011 STORFM. •
Stott & Michael, =I State at.
Geo. H. Smith, t 3 North Park.
B. D..7.leigler, MO State at.
Arc Won 'Willing, ana State st.
Wheeler & Wilson, 1r State at.
Howe ligifinit Machkg'4lll2 French st.
Singer (*Owing Maehine, 524 French at.
Grover & Baker. 112) State at.
ILI. White, 8 South Park.
Win. H. (Benny, 12 Park liow. •
Isaaa Rosenzweig, 314 Stale at.
Mann & Flatter, 2 Park Row.
T.44.•Auattn. 29 North Park - .
J. E. Wilson. 24 North Park.
J. Kunz, Ag't, 513 State street.
Wm. Kendall, 52734 French at.
J. Smith. French at.
Boner & Burgess, 431 and 700 State street
S. 11. Barnum; 1317 Peach street.
Viers & Mil CS State street. •••.• '
Hall & Warfel, MO State at.
Wilkins & Doll, 1312 Peach street.
J. Br. Carver & Co., 21 North Park.
Wm. Nick & Sons 702 State street.
Dr. 14. Dickinson , Son, 711 State street,
Menet!, Stephens & Wildey.
G. B. Merrill.
Decker, Koster & Lehman, 1350 Peach at
Morrison Bros, 714 State at.
P. Henrietta, 716 State at.
Edson, Churchill & Co., 3 Noble Block.
Rosenzwedg & Bro., 512 State at.
Clark, Boothe% Cp., 5 RYA Arno Block -
Dalfendorf, Gross A Foster.
Warner Bros., 506 State at.
Burton & Griffith, 1314 Peach at.
-R. A. Field A Co., 132.1
F. J. Rexford & C0..1221
A. et 3. Brahender. 121 e ' •
Henry Beckman, 501 State at.
Marshall, Christian & Craig, 24 North Park.
A. Goff, 515 French at.
A. Mlnnig, Corner 11th and State Si.
P. A. Becker & Co., 531 French st.
Bryan & MrGlvertn, :Ai French at.
William Mallory. aff French at.
F. Sehlandecker, 624 State at.
H. V. Clans, Di East Film at.
P. Schaaf. 704 State at.
Ohlwiler's, easel% Roftenzwelg's Block.
W. A. Lott, 1867 Peach at.
Geo. C. Dunn. over 624 State street.
Dolph Bow., Farrar Hall Building.
S. D. Wager & Co.. over 1927 Peach at.
Pi. R. Welshman, 1315 Peach at.
Hoag & Askine, 7114 State at.
C. Deck, VC State at.
M. Mehl. 517 French at:
IL Y. Sterner, 401 State at.
Shannon & Co., 1323 Peach at.
W. W. Pierce & 830 State at.
McConkey & Shannon, 507 French st.
J. 40. Belden, 523 French at. •
Isaac Vantasael, 1221 Peach at.
Hubbard Bay
r., State at. ),
M. Mayer & Son, 1215 State at.
Barr Johnson & Co., 1018 and prz State if.
N. Idurphy, = North Park.•
fitmrod &Co , 1364 Sassafras st.
J. 11. Rlhlet & Co., 818 State it.
J.H. Rlblet & Co., 818 State at.
' - Lumina?. ratatemorzs.
Brawley & 'Belli - State at., nesrdepot. •
John Gensheimer & Son, CL' State at.
Stns & Renck, 1213 State at.
F. Wagner, 628 State at.
J. lit Kuhn, 822 State at.
Marks & Meyer, 4 Noble Block.
W. L. Rosa, No. 10 North Park.
J. Roes Thompson, 521 French at.
James Sill, 51.5 French at.
D. W. HiltChlnson,Glmrd, Pa.
J. L. Stewart, 30 North Park: home 417 State st.
E. 3. Fraser, (Horticepathist), 623 Peach at.
4. IL Blake, South Park.
&In. M. Curtis, a South Park.
The Mimes McGrath, 607 French at. '
C. Hawkins, 1310 Peach at.
recta & Metz, 11231 Mate at. - - -
. Loverien, Hall & Co., 3d and Peach sta.
Jas. P. Crook & Son, cor. 4th and Peach eta.
L. White & Co., corner 11th and French at.
Hugh Jones, corner 11th and Holland sta.
Jacob Boots, 1214 Peach at. - •
Pit-Advertisements, to secure insertion. must
be handed in by 9 teelocir on TidirxdaY morn'
Mg. Ail advertisements will be continued at
the especif xpense
ied time of the advertiser, unless ordered
pllll4 SATURDAY MOICM2O, of Horses,
Buggies, Harness, Thimble Scala, two horse
agon, (Mackey Wag ent - !away, Fttlfodturs, ro-
Carpets, equal to new, all wool, and other p
perty: Parties selling cab enter in this ode and
get their cash. Also, I ease more of latest style
I.sAtes' Hata and Bonnets, all wool Carpets,
Furniture and other property, this Saturday
Morning. G. W. ELLSEY,
1 1 9 30- /w,- - t , Anctioskeer.
_ Assignee 4.1 alkakruPtieY6
TSTRE DISTRICT COURT of the United States
A for theilTeStrait District of Pentea.. •In the
matter of the bankruptcy of Samuel golden.
The undersigned hereby gives notice of his ap
pointment as assignee of Samuel 13cIden, of
Erie city, Erie County, and State of Pennsylva
nia; within said District, whotutabeen adjufted
a bankrupt upon his own petition by the
trict Court of said.district, dated at Erie, April
MA. -.• • r • .
HEY M . R.IBLET, Ateeistiet,
Atty. at Law, ‘No. 1823 Peach Psi., Erie, Fu r
ap..10-3w. . .
. Assignee in Bsualieuptey.
N THE DISTRICT COURT of the United States
I for the *Western Distriet of Penn's: In the
matter of E. A. Upson, Bankrupt. The under
psitrued hereby glee* notice of him appointment
as staignenof - E. A. Limon. of. Erie county
of Erie and State of'Penn'a, within said
met, who tau been adinduela_bankrupt upon
Ms own petition, by the District, (bust of said
district, dated at Erie, Pa. April V, A. D., DM.
• 'HENRY 31.,R181ZT. Alatee,
" Atty. at Luw, N 0.185 Peach St.; Erie, - Pa.
Spnrsw. •
!arm' 0$106,0111( , 07.
Sla for the Western District of Penn.
abealter . . ander
for the-
disr, ot
a fro= Ms. and
claim* pro grade; itattroot by cs•ster ot 14a
Cann, notice Is heresy given to tiu creditors
wholnixeproyediheir debtsoutd.other Pereons
interested. Jal;Nywist Ott , the - Zblt , :aar of
- Man INK at 10 o'clock, A. M., before S.
E..-Woodnitf; Esq., Register. at, las oMe
at Erie. Penna. to show catute if any they
a tis a MegAt ia r 6 ) lll 3 l , l l l93ll 4l / ?. l i 1) . C P!; i1 R1- 1 : 4 f
'M it oU. S. Markt Cann for sittil warm;
febtB tE
• Mart of Common In the matter of the In-
Picas of Erie Co.- corporation of the Rector,
No. 13 May Term, Wardens and Vestrymen
DM& . • elk:John's Coifed in the
• City of Eite.
XTOIV, TO WIT:- larg, the-with
/I In chartatiof incorporation having been
exhibited and praentad to the Court of Com
mon Pim, of the COttlltytotailiN t sad- the add
Court having perused - ittut •e•ahted the sold
-Instrument *Wand that the -cadarts, articles
And conditions appall to bs Wald and' not In-
Juricms in the oomuinntty,it is hereisz directed
thasthe•saag writing be Mod tstha otiics otthe
Prothonotam of said Court, and - we ese Meselie
rect that n Woe be Insarled Inca's
se t
the county of Erie. for at lealit ?tree
On& forth that MIS applicatiOis has been node
to Wit 'Cant, telbelebt reason be
g sh ran w ted
t tu o t -
p the e d n N b a u o y b , m l kt u r M tb l Mon day
May 1810, In open Court.
FR' " 8 .4: 11 .. •
tiIAVB TIMM MS= BVLI the stock
of whichtmorsey_ astetested for being wod
tter MUtmakethSclel antra* sale at rent. I
mulltualsh Mminerfe evedsoce that from two
- to three Itundred pounds of butter have bcom
1211.1 " °1 5 4- . 7, 4 11 Mk breed- In- a season..
• aseo-evro L amo ntp., Ede flop au.
Inuit ',III4ANVISI- 0 A ealuPleta own"
=OlB at alth it Irony
I, MM needed by
ibbser V:
rar A " 111411331".
-1471 1.-A ,tompleta smart
mat at vary at mead by
,ftwear oim Wks ana Salaam
p,tb:i ft bbratormnits.
Burton & Griffith's Cornet
Prices Have Come Down!
1824 Peiiis Street, Comer ICth.
For particulars see Small MU.
come in end see oar • ,
Reduced Prices on Team;
With "Harmonic Celeste" and "Vox ltn
D p a a r r t a a
t ew hm d e e n r t f s u . l
c T e h a e r " ne a a m nd n r c c Chnesse it.
tone, and moat be heard to be !tweets's.), u n ? .
tho "Vox Humana." besides bong 10de51.4 4
bly sweet, is almost s perfect ho I tat P.m
man 'V o ce.
PllllOOl4, Melodeons,, Guitars, Areordcuti,,
Eli'., AND NEW Nit'sli
Received as Boon as Pubbelie&
Second hand Plantes taken in eXVilalig. „
WNW One% Pl.ollols and Mrlirdeonm to N
Grover Sc Baker
No. 1004 Mtate Street, Erk
I-.U. CAEA- I.S 'l l- s !
030_ State St., Erie, Pa..
AndlmpOr ens of
French Win ow Glass,
The public are respectfully informed that
Stock of
Imported by us directly from the maunfsrn•,r
In France is the largest and Most extra. ,
to be found west of New York city. It oats,
both single and double thickness, of al.:trite,.
ry size. The superior strength, eleanzo.; , e:l
beauty of French glass is ad litted by aIL
prices are but little more hnn for Amens
We also keep constantly on hand a large
varied supply of American Glass, quality,
both single and, double thickneeernr-newil
every size. Dealers and consumers in Cant
Glass will promote their inteTt by examining
our stock and prices of Fnc and Arne Mean
Glass, before ordering troin N w York or else
Paints, 01Is'and Tarnishes.
White Lead of various qualiti,,,
raw and boiled, Spirits Turpentine, Varnt,Lm
Colored Po.luta, both dry and In oil, lirteda. and
every other article In the Painting I,lne at lb
Lowest Market Price, In large or atnall gnaw:
Our Stock of Dye Woodn and Dye Sniff. u
complete, which we are selling at w•hole , nlesm
All the popular Medlelnes of the day, at Inv
est cash prices.
Drugs, Chemicals & Glues.
Our supply of above articles is eXtensise, ncd
are prepared at all times to supply the ones
both of the retail and jobbing trade.
Whale 011,
' Lard 011
Tanners' OIL
Unlteed OH,
Both now and boiled.
Cestor OH,
Neats , F , ;ot OU
And all kinds of Essential 0118, in lag! ad
We express our thanks for the 111x6r.s1 p •tr ,
age received during the last twenty-thfl4 . 3
andnow invite the at of s
ourWbolessie and Retate ilntion
Depart mcoeat s,nquner I'll'3
are well supplied with •iitliple Goods, which ire
are selling at lowest cash prices.
Page's Climax &the, a Family
blessingtor 25 rents.
It without a sear. No
family should he without it.
We warrant it to cure Scrofula
' 8( ""k- Salt 'Bilettat, ChilbWas
Tetter, PimPles, and all Eruptions
of the Skin: - For Sore Breast or
Nipples, Cuts, Sprains, Braises.
Scalds, 'Chapped Hand'
It makes a perfect cure.
It has been used over fifte"
' XS, without one failure.
It has no parallel—having per'
itrtly eradicated disease and
"filed afterajl other remedies had
Billed. It is compound of Anil"
with many. other 'Extracts anti
Balsams, and put up in large
boxes for thf same price than an)
fold by entai.t. everywhere, White &
itopentani. 121 Liberty Street. New York.
for the Holidays!
Silver & Plated Wore!
The isfDsef assortment in' town, at Priet 4
Do not WI to call on
No. 2 Reed Block.
Two doors Said of matst entrance. waft!,