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ERIE• PENN'A, APRIL 1; 4 ; 1838
- _
, 7
frt.. r 111, ("Eq . ;lo paprr t rig ;, c
firr tiny length of brae,
r p qrnent in admire?, xadery t,) ,)?d
- c ip,nribilitp ire are acquainted
sew Advertisements.
• • Mlle statements of the First
3.0 1 ; ,-; of Erie and Union Mills appear
columns.—John Lindt has
1,1 a new grocery store at No. 1340 Peach
Clemens Son have removed
, :nwer y e.:tablishment to 134t1 Peach
Meyer, in Beat's new build
".,yl•„ -are received a large stock of spring and
fi.r men, boys and children.—
em Thumb Troupe will exhibit in Fa r
„n Friday afternoon and evening
the linh cost.—The executors of Judge
& or ptibli , h the usual legal notice.—
Girincr, South of the Depot, has a
o f hardware and stoves.—W. H.
has opened a new confectionery and
.dere in the room lately occupied by
Meti4alf.—The summer- term of the
r•-•• Ara limey ovens on Monday, April2oth.
;hinter 1134 removed his hat and cap
Fichenlaub's building, rear of the
-47 -can linuse.—Henry M. Riblet is as-
Girdna J. Mill, a bankrupt. —The
f Dint, Goodwin itCo. has dissolved
S new one been established, under the
,.:John Eliot & Co.—Frank Windmill&
, oet ioneers, have changed their location
door; North; on State street —C. J.
:-:•11eol has opened a new dour, feed and
• itore, at the corner of State and
r hth .streets.—ltoolland's Bitters speak
....Ilearielves.—L. H. Clark, Brown's Hotel
; is receiving his spring stock of boots,
‘tv.--(1. F. Breviller, corner of Sixth
:, 'Miami streets, manufactures n superior
r . nf snap and candles. •
dt it clever friend, Capt., W. W. Dobbins,
we arc continually tinder oblig,a
for one favor anti another, lies laid up
table two copies of old Erie papers,
rttpectively in 1808' and lsr. The
•,:vantione,i is "The Mirror,' published by
Wveth, and is dated October 20th
;,printed on dingy paper, not as good as
...tslr)la,ed for wrapping in many stores,
,:..,.,boat a quarter the size of the Observer.
i r e s ts it was Federal, a large majority
rople in the comity-at that time be
:: the same persuasion,
_there ; being
.ITelr more than a dozen Democrats-with
-2 limits of the present city. The Mirror
up in the clumsy typography of the
ta ned only about a dozen advertise
and devoted no room whatever to
news'. The paper is about as much of
as we have seen in a long period.
other journal is a copy of the first issue
"Banner of the Unlon;" published in
rumond Row, North side of the Public
~re," on the Stli of April, by S. W. Ran
,'ad M. Whallon: It , purports to have
esn.blishml , for the express purpose of
Lit the Abolitionists, who had alrelidy
.u:ne numerous eifough to be a mischiev-'
- ,ros‘ er in the land. The editor views
putum issue as endangering the safety of
Union, and predicts that if Abolitionism
n the upper hand, there will be civil war
prophecy which has, only been too liter:
'y niltilled, Considering the date,the Fistiripr .
n:her a neatly printed journal, and the
of a good quality; Its size is less
half that of the Observer.
wnwon.—ln pursuance with an arrange
.nt made by some of his Buffalo admirers,
fatuous pedestrian Weston, on Friday af
-.oon last, again undertook the feat of
o.iing one hundred miles in twenty-four
:s.ossive hours. The, point selected to start
was 9 1-2 miles west of this city, on the
Lte road. From here to Buffalo, the Main
to the latter city was followed. At five
,wk precisely, the pedestrian started upon
•matwarci tour, and reached the city limits
I Buffalo at 13 minutes past four on Saint--
completing the journey in forty-seven
unites less than the time stipulated. The
t,' her mdst of the time was cold and clriz
k the It:liking was had, and_ the clreuru
t.Dts nnfavorablt; generally. Weston did
1: appear to be much affected by his long
nand alter a couple hdurs' rest attended a
F lo. given in his honor by the sporting
of Buffalo, remaining until 11 o'clock.
Sunday morning he attended chitrch, and
1. , afternoon was spent in calling upon
Hs, as if nothing unusual had happened.
who profess to know say that the teat
. ..a , greatest effort in pedestrianism ever
-41ishel ;Weston is to make Buffalo
`nitre home r Whereat the papers and pet).
+I that sensational city are vastly re-
IF. Gazette contains a curious commnni-
from Geo. W. Colton, Esq., upon the
Congressional nomination. George
.:Ing in some capacity at Washington,
I:a.. got hold of a number of astonishing
Ationywhich he &gar& it as his duty to
:to print. The sum and substance of
di? Lowry wants to go to Congress,
trimming his sails for that purpose,
iat tittle la his enemies are sharp, he will
.to the nomination almost before they
•zate of it. GeorStt can never forgive
;1;s - defeating him re the Senate. He
him as a very wicked wan, and his
.cr,, speech as the quintesscence of cop-
Perhaps George will tell who
;on for Congress. i o one suspects that
S^cfield, though ho did secure George a
at berth in Washington. Eveygbody is
:bat Sc - ofield is oneof the , miiiiiiisin
.llCll in the world, and thelast thing
Id be likely to do is to obtain an ap
nt for antbodi, with the object of .
leg his support. .
'resitects.for the opening of the Lake
our 'harborltre more encouraging
-I have been for years, and we are
'!tteived if the season does not prove
rwe have ever had. The Empire
citation 90: Kamp will place their
propellent' operation t ae sttten as
opens,, and 'a large trade is
lea to. be done; by 'the - Elevntor rota?
The. Propeller line will consist of six
!.4, nuking trips to the upper cities once
t or oftener, and cannot fair to add
r to the Lake business , of the city:,
two mimes.; of prosperity, add ed 10.
eta' trade of the harbor, and the an
iaereaie in the anthracite coal traf
fa! Iphia & Erie Railroad, will
t lively . time at the docks, and all
IS the city must be benefited by it.
be over enthusiastic, but It really ,
as if Erie is Soon to become one of the
''' l Ponant ports along the whole line of
of work were a warrant to success,
Icon's chances for the Radicaloom-
Coneress ought to be assured al-
Ile is up early and late, in pleasant
' 131 3" weather, dodging here, there and .
'acre, and never letting a favorable
slip to advance his political in
' Tile poorestlaborer and the wealth
ri.ertv holder arc alike greeted with a
hand, and ,given to understand
's r !uPPort will be gmtefully' appre-
We ars not so sure that those who
Whallon will be without strength,
li kelY to be disappointed. He is
rsough to. ee that the new 'nontina
-111143 the choice of candidates to
" Il tztent out of the hands of the poll
is bending all his energies to se
favor of the working maws. The
krs scout his pretensions, and say
,oesn't stand a chance of success, but
mmething of a joke upon them
Pied the most votes, atter all.
The Itegiqtryl3ill..lfore Rfttheal
tie folloaing is an abstract of the new
I bill passed by the Legislature, and approved
by the Governor, to regulate The elective
franchise in this State. Its proper title would
be'Ali act to denrive the working men of
the right of suifrig;e. by placing so nians oh
struettons in the way,that, in their
families, they - will be' unable to give it the
required time and attention." A baser at
tempt to harais and defraud tho laboring
class of the community was never invented :
Section one provides that the several as
sessors shall make out alphabetical lists ofall
whom they know to be, or who may claim to
be voters, marking opposite the names of
housekeepers, their residence, and if they are
not housekeepers, their occupation, boarding
house and the name of their employer. Natur
ntliied citizens must show their papers to the
assessors, before their names can be placed
on the listsi d uniess they have voted in the
district at five preceding elections, and the
letter N. will be placed opposite their name - s.
Where the person has only declared his in
tentions, the letters D. L shall be appended
to the name ; the word "age" to such as have
just arrived at twenty-one Land the letter 11.
to those who have removed from another dis
trict. It is the duty of the Co. Commission
ers to cause the alphabetical list to be re
turned by the, assessors on or before the Ist
of September; and all persons who voted at
the last election in October, 1867, shall have
their names.registered, without further proof
or qualifieation,,but they shall be subject to
challenge the Same as provided in the fourth
On the list being completed, the commi+-
sioners shall have duplicate copies made-,
two of which shall be given to each assessor,
who shall, prior to August Ist of . every year,
post one copy up at the Polls of his district,
and keep the other for the free, inspection of
all who wish fusee it ; and, on the personal
application of any one claiming to vote, his
name shall be added, with the letters C. V,
annexed. The judges and inspectors of
elections must be provided with a list by the
assessor on the tenth day preceding the
election in October. .
On Saturday, the tenth day next preced
ing - the Second Tuesday of October, the
judges and inspectors shall hold a session at
the election place of their district % between
the hours of nine and six o'clock, to hear
proof of the right of the persons whose names are
on the list to rote, or who shall apply to be reg
istered ; and all who hare not previously been
registered inust make proof of their righf,and on
their chant being conceded the assessor is
forthwith to asses - s'a personal tax upon'them.
When .the - session is concluded; duplicate
copies of the revised list must be made out—
one to be posted up at the polls, the other to
he retained by the judge of election, who
shall hold the same open to public inspection.
In case of a general or presidential election,
the officers miy hold their session one or
more days (not exceeding four) preceding the
tenth day named, of which proper notice
shall be given; and where two or more dis
tricts.havp only one assessor all the election
officers shall in the precinct giving the
largest number' of votes. The election offi—
cers are required to meet again on the Thurs
day next preceding any general election, be
tween the same hours as before, for the pur
pose of hearing any claims from persons who
wish to vote, not before registered. The per
son so claiming must produce a witness to
his residence in the district ten days, and he
must further . Make an affidaVit, stating where
he was born ; how long a citizen of Penn
sylvania ; where, and when naturalized, if a
foreigner ; present his naturalization -PaPers,
unless he has voted in the district five years ;
that he has not moved into the district merely
to vote ; that he could not appear at the
former registry ; that he is not registered
diets-here ; that he has paid the legal tax,
and where and to whom ; and he must pro-.
duce his tax receipt or make oath that it has
been lost.. Persons voting on age are ex
empt from the taxation feature. The affida
vits of said claimants are to be preserved un
til election day, and at its close sealed up,
with the other official papers. After the sec
ond session has ended, the new names regis
tered shall be appended to the other list, and
disposed of as befoni provided: It shall not
be lawful to receive the vote of any one
whose name., is not -cm the registry, and any
Ofticer,so doing is liable to fine Or imprison
ment. -
Any qualified citizen of the district has.
the right to challenge persons whose names
are on the registry, and compel them to bring
the same pronts_as are now required by law.
Every naturalized citizen must take his pa
pers to the polls, unless ,he Ins voted ten
years. When any person has deposited his
ballot, a record shall be made of the act, and
any one voting more than once the same day
shall beliable-ti, punishment, not exceeding
$lOO fine or one year's imprisonment.
At the close of tho polls, the registry lists
shall be sealed up, and remain unopened un
til after the next meeting of the Legislature,
unless required for official use.
Tell days preceding a presidential election,
another session of the judges and inspectors
shall be held, to go through the same fermu- .
la provided in the third section.
At special,_ city, borough, and township
elections, the registry may' be used as evi
dence ; but the absence of any person's name
shall not be conclusive against his
right to vote. The assessors, inspectors and
judges shall take an oath before • competent
authority to perform their duties faithfully,
and they have the right to administer oaths
in all cases eenuected with an;upplication to
Note. They are to receive the same com
pensation per day as,. at present, with extra
al4owance for making opt the list; No as
s •sor shall assess a tax within ten days pre
c ding a general or presidential election, or
he will subject himself to severe penalty.
On petition of five or more citizens of the
County, stating, under oath, that they believe
frauds will be practised in any district, the
court shall appoint tvio. persons (one from
each party) to act as overseers at said polls.
,They will have the right to be present with
the election officers during the whole time
the polls are open and the vote being count
ed ; to keep a list of voters ; to challenge ap
plicants and examine witnesses and papers ;
and must be afforded every facility for the
discharge of their duty. if the officers re
fuse, or the overseers are diiven from the
polls, all the votes of the district are to be
rejected.. _
Any officer giving a fraudulent naturaliza
tion certificate shall be guilty of a high mis
demeanor; and any person knowingly tusk
ing use of one shall be fined not less than
$l,OOO, and imnrisoned not exceeding three
Any officer of election or- overseer neg
lecting to,perform any duty required by the'
act shall be liable to a penalty of $100; any
assesoeor election officer-who shall,enroll
disqualified person,
_or reline to enroll one
qualified, knowing the fact, shall be guilty of
a misdemeanor, and liable to an Action for
damages; any person Manahan alter, add to,-
tear down -:or deface a registry list, with
fraudulent intent, shall have a fine, iropoiC4
not exceeding $OO, or twoyear's'impristm
ment ; any tax collector giving a beg* re-,
ceipt shall-be fined,not less / Atari 4100,,aud
imprisoned not leas! than three months for
every offence.
The polls are to be bpined • betierion"sii asti
seren o'clock in the morning, and dosed at sir
o'clock in the ofteniooo,—before most. labor
ing men Itayelinishe4 their day's work. .„
THE opening of Walther Lt Berses lialV
will take place, on Monday next, the 13th
inst., under the auspices of the Liedertafel
and Casino Clubs. - A large number of invi
tations have been extended, and the occasion
is expected to he one of the pleasantest of the
LouAti. unEvrrits..
TnE bc,t forms of notes anti blanks in the
city at the Observer office.
Tun rate of taxation to4n.-3.tetl by the Co.
(ommis•ionl'N this yoar i exactiy double
that of 1....017.
LAW I, likv a 0 ice ; you urty see throult
it, but you mist be considerahly reduced be.
titre you c.ut get through it.
NEXT Saithatil will he Hagler Sunday—a
day alwayi oh.erved with great ceremony
in the Catholi;, T:pi.,e(cpal and several other
Tam manairer3 of the canal erpect to be
able to let the water into it by the 20th of the
month, and nayhration will commence soon
Tor: Treasurer's sale of Unseated lands
will be held on the second - Monday iu June,
the 9th of the mouth. The list of tracts to be
sold will appear in our next issue.
EAOLE Fula Co., No.l, will give their Ist
annual ball in Cronenberger's Hall, on Mon
day evening next, the 13th. inst. Knoll's
Band will furnish the musie... A goo d t i me
is expected.
A FRIEND of ours who was 'appealed to for
aid for the suffering poor of Crete,replied that
there were poor "creturs" enough near home
to claim all the aid that he could afford to
PERSONS wishing photographs from Cham
ber's, St. Clair's Toad a portion of Palmer's
negatives, can have them by leaving their
orders at Ohlwiler's photograph rooms, Ros
enzweig's Block. apr2-St
Tim Democrats of Cambridge, CraWford
county, have organized a campaign- club,
with S. IL Ellis, Esq., one of the Most active
and intelligent men of the township, asPres
ident. We hope. to see: their trample fol
lowed in every portion . or North-Western
ONE of the best docnments we Have read
in many a day - is the inaugural addreis of
Hon. It. U. Palmer, the nity Democratic
Mayor of Corry. It is modest iri, tone, and
practical in its, suggestions, and fully exist/des
the confidence reposed in its author by, the
people of that city:
NVti notice by the Cleveland papers, that
between 600 and 800 railroad men and ma
chinists are on a strike in that city.- The
strike is in opposition to the reduetion of
wages in the shops of the Cleveland* Pitts
burgh, Cleveland & Erie, Cleveland, Colum
bus & Cincinnati, and 3laboning railroads,
and McNary, Claflin & Co.'s shop.
- A n.i.r and overcoat belonging to abciarder
were taken (by mistake, probably) from the
hall of a house in State street in 'the' early
part of last week. Presuplipg that theparty
having them in possession at present is more
in need of them than the owner, the latter
offers to:give him 'OA cfriket to the„same,
provided lie will return the papers contained
in the coat pockets.
THE Warren Ledger says 4the.3lail's siory
that Mr. Scofield declined - being Ccantlidate
for U. S. Senator, when urged by the Rat%
cal delegation, "is considered by those best
acquainted with the Honorable gentleman's
political aspirations, as being the greatest
sell of the season. The article should have
been dated on All Fools' Day, and then its
ridiculousness would have been better ap
ONE of the prisoners in the jail, who watt
let out temporarily to work in the barn, took
to his heels last week, and escaped to his
former place of residence. lie was followed,
captured, and securely placed in "durance
vile" again. Some two months ago, a priso
ner allowed. to .go out of , !doors
errand, was seized with absence of mind, and
forgot to return. He has never been heard
of since.
Tut two Radical editors in Cony have a
happy time. Lasr week, a Grant campaign
club was organized, and both of them were
placed upon the committee to report officers.
Pahl, of the Telegraph, declined serving, for
the reason that he couldn't act with Pratt, of
the Republican, under any circumstances,
and another person was substituted. Pratt
says he "felt awfully," but at last reports he
was not considered dangerous.
Tae Democrats of West Mill Creek made
a considerable reduction in the Radical ma•
jority at the March election, and came near
electing several of their candidates. A truer
hearted or more vigilant set of Democrats
than some of those of West 31111 Creek can
not be'met in any portion of the county. We
wish the spirit they display was more com
mon among our party friends in this section.
Tue terulof the late landlord of Brown's
Hotel having expired, and no party taking:a
lease of the property, the house has been
temporarily closed. Several persons have
made application, to lease it, but it Is not yet
known into whlise hands it may fall, not
when it will re-open. We trust that'when
the Hotel is again thrown t open to the pub
lic it will be under such auspices as will re
it from the bad reputation it has bad
for a number.of years past.
As the chief qualification of Gen. Grant for
the Presidency appears to be that he can
"talk horse," it is proposed that the respec
tive claims ofhimselfand Dan Rice be decided
on that issue. The suggestion . is, that each
deliver a lecture of an hour or two before ti
public assembly in New York city, and that
at the close they give a practical illustration
of their skill in the management of the noble
beast, by riding three times around the ring,
bare-backed. Whichever does the best, to
be pronounced the Presidential nominee, and
elected by acclamation. .
Oun readers cannot have failed to notice
the heavy advertising patronage which the
Observer has been receiving for some time
past. The fact is becoming generally known
that our circulation is the largest in the city,
and business men of both parties are eager to
avail themselves of its advantages. The ap
pearance of a number of county advertise
ments, proves, that the bigotrl which pre
vailed during the war is, rapidly passing
away, and We are in hopes that by another
year all of tills class of public patronage will
be so published as to reach,every voter, in
terestedors'the law intende, and justice 're
,the Aepublican
urges the sale of ttr i e'll'oor"Hottse Farm hr
parcels of Sire or ten acres, the, purchase of
another farm In some location where land is
cheaper, and away from the main routes of
travel, and the application of the remaining
proceeds to, the buildieg of. a new Poor
House. He plausibly arm; that by cutting
up the farm into small tracts a larger sum
could be realized than if it were sold bodily,
and that the purchase money would go a
considerable way towards erecting the neces
sary buildings: The idea of selling the farm
is growing in favor, and we believe it would
receive the support of a majority of the
-Tnz Gazette demands of the Radical Co.
.Committee that it shall take early steps for
holding the primary elections of the party.
It urges that Erie county should lead off in
the selection of a Congressional candidate,
and claims that whoever shoi agrees, upon
will be accepted by ill() balance- of the. dis
trict. From what information we can se•
cure, the other couniles concede the nominee
to Erie this tern. The Weal& - Ls to find an
available man upon whom the party can
unite. Walker and Benson are bOth unpop
ular; Cutler is not looked, upon as .eAtictly
sound ; 'DeCamp has moved away-;
refuies to run ; Lowry has nigger and gnien
back on the brain ; and Whallon—well, the
least said the soonest mended. We would sug
gest to the party that if it were to advertise
for proposals for candidates, it might be
that an acceptable one could be secured in
course of time.
• ... - ..,.....-.--.
A rum of Philadelphia builiterlytittl 4 lM; 'il) '
• lir abbrrtionnitts. •
erecting ni hotel near Erie, Pa., in. , ..ta4trelt __ _ ~...
thick, strong paper is used to form Viiffwatts t
Ibe handed to secure insertion, must
and ceilings in lieu of lath and plaskie - in by s o'clock on Wedneetuy after
paper is put upon a backing of cotnierolilie,m. noon. All udeertlseinents wilt be earititineit at
lock boarding . liti - this new tnethotlidl the the expense or Lim advertiser, unless ordered
lior 2 speeltlett time.
walls and reillrigi tOf n - grnl-sized'honse cant _. - —.-:
be put up in a very short time, and as well in
the At int( r time: , in the .S11.111:111.r, no drying .
beinfr, required. The jiapee 'walls and 'cell
in,q are said to he much ritenyer than the
lath and plaster.—Eirrhd age.
We llnd the above paragraph going the
'round. of the press. Will some one inform
us in what portion of the eofinty this'novel
etrneture is being erected, qnd who lag build
ers are ? We have made' hniuirv, but can
not rind any one Who knotty;
Tin: dificrenee between "my ox and your
bull" is well illustrated be.rtbe Disputeli'a
course in reizard to the " down 'cast "
When New ITimpshlre and Rhode
Island went Radiell by reduced
they were ludic& as "freslt :runs fi imp iiieh
ment," and paraded as if of' wonderbil 'con
sequence. But, now that ennnectient has
been carried ht• the Democrats, our coma
porary pionottam the "intinence of the
election" as " of mighty snitali importance,"
and the State itself only a "colony or back
yard" fOr i Nmv York city! Had the Radi
cals won; What a totally - different tune would
have been sung! - •
Tut: city councils, on Monday, re-appoint.
ed Messrs. T. Chellis, James' O'Brien,
Adam Schneider, Jacob SandttAY, Adam
Sherline, John Murray, Daniel Kendig and
George Henry police officers for the ensuing
year, and continued Thomas Crowley as
Chief of the fore'e. The report of the latter
officer was submitted, from which we learn
that the total number of arrests during the
year 18C7 Was 478, and the whole amount of
fines collected $1,70,5.50. Nine hundred and
twenty-ftve dollars •worth of stolen goods
was recovered and restored 'to the owners
during the same period.
THE little folks in particular, and the pub
lic in general,4filbEdelthrod to learn teat
the famous Lilliputians, Gen. and Mrs. Tom
Thumb, Oem. :Nutt and Miss Minnie Warren,
wilt appear In Erie on Fray of neat week,
the 17th inst., to remain for that day only.
Of course there will he a ritith ' to see them,
and of course all who attend Will pronounce
them the cutest party they, ever sale.. We
are not infbrmed whether Mr. and Mrs. T. T.
will be accompanied by that "blessed baby"
or not.
THE first ground was broken for the new
water works upon the ban • of the Lake, oh
Tuesday morning. The contractors intend
pressing the improvement forward as rapidly
as possible, and will Probably have it suffi
ciently completed to admit of the use of the
pumps by August or September.,
Tun city councils have re-appointed Geo.
W. giblet and C. Bei - liner tax collectors for
the year 1668. These gentlemen having pre
tionsly received the appointment of the
_County Commisslonep, will . have the collec
tion of all the taxes within the city limits.
TUE Undine Boat Club will give a fancy
iliess party at the Reed Rouse, on the eve
ning of the 16th inst., which promises to be
one of the most fashionable and successful
entertainments ever held in the city.
A 5 important public sale will be held at
the place .of./.. L. ;Grettiwooll, in Harbor
Creek township, oirluesday,„April 14th, for
particulars of which see band-bilb.
THE RtDDLE SOLVED The following is the
solution of_Ns. Smith's big advertisement,'
in our last and preienf issue :
. , - . • . -
"Now, ladies and gentletnen, is the time
to safely invest your money in purchasing a
supply of boots, shoes, gaiters, slippers, &e.
Our stock is new (gnu—see dictionary) and
,e,Mbraces all styles of calf, kip and cloth.
iDtChot fail to call and examine, and learn
vices. Postscript—We offer great induce
merits ; not to be undersold by any dealers is
our motto."
CrtnErrrsoN—Tows-T—ln Edinboro, March
24th, 1868, by Rev. Wm. Grassir. Mr. Ed
wilt G. Culbertson, to 313ss Ella H. Town,
all of Edinboro.
WElDLElt—Bsert—On March. 243 th, 1868, at
the Methodist Parsonage, in Fairview, by
the. Rev. A. Hall, Mr. Samuel S..Weidler
to Miss Hattie Bear, all of Fairview, Pa.
LlLLY—.TonaisoN—On 31areh.2511, 1868, by
Rev. Tenant, at the residence of the bride,
Mr. S. J. Lilly, of Riceville, Crawford Co.,
and Miss Sarah A., daughter of Capt Sam
uel Johnson, of tfnion mob, Pa.
Moont:—Wrtntxs.--On March Blst, 1868, by
Rev. C. I. Barnhart, in Greene township,
Mr. C. A. Meore, of Waterford, Pa.,' and
Miss Lydia A. Wilkins, of Greene.
28th;1868, by 0: F. Wilson, Esq., Mr. J.
-g Pratt to Miss Mary Mandaville, all of
EVAIs-S—Pinmrs—On 6th, 1868, by
G. C. Barney, Esq., at his residence, in
Greene, Mr. John Etna', tof Greene, and
Miss Sally Phelps, of Venango township,
- Erie Co.; ' •-' - -- ' ; ' '
Rrstt:—ln this city. on the 4th inst., Wm. IL
Reed, 'son of William and 'Anna Bush,
aged 7 wars. 10 months and 2 days.
STACY-At Colnmbns; on the sth lost, Rev.
N. Stacy.
_EMLNIMNIT men assert:that Mishler's Herb
Bitters Is the great household remedy of the
age for Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Constipation,
General Debility, Flatulency, Loss of Appe
tite, Sick Headache, Cholera :kit:trims, Cramps
in the Bowels. It was never known to fail
when taken thoroughly, according lo the di
rectioias which accompany each bottle. Cler
gymen, physicians, prolehsional gentlemen in
all stations of life—and - the most eminent
men in public positions--all who have ever
need or seen it need, join in the most un
bounded praise of its merits. Our best phy
sicians are constantly urging us to tell them
the formula from which it is made, saying its
effects are wonderful ; its success is beyond
all precedent, and its cures in even the most
aggravated cases are an certain as sunrise. It
Will stop distress after eating in a moment's
time; sweeten a sour stomach as soon as
taken ; relieve pains or cramps in the stomach
or bowels instantaneously: and znables the ,
dyspeptic sufferer, who has lived on Graham
bread and the plainest" diet, to eat a hearty
meal without fear of any trouble from it. For
sale by all respectable druggists.
Tun Overernc.—The trials and suffer
ings of the dyspeptic can only berealized by
those so unfortunate as to be afflicted by this
disease,- And yet how many of them suffer,
and continue to suffer ? Why they do this
so patiently it is impossible to tell. It may
be nom ignorance of any certain remedy, or,
It may be from prejudice menet the use of a
pint medicine. llooBanffls German Bitters
has cured thimande of the woret'casesof
dyspepsia, and each day adds new names to
the record of its useitilness. (live the Bitters
trilL Hooitend'e Bitten contains no liquor
m ally form. flooflandli German Tonic 154
combination alai the Ingredients of the
tern; with pins Santa cm Rum, anise, or ,
ange, &c., making a s prepsration of rare Med
bpi value. The Tonle is used for the stunt
diseases as the Bitters, In eneeti.where icons
alcohol stimulus is neces. Principal Of
fice, 681 Arch sweet, .
'l l n.- hold
by drualsta and eiltenkevinrimm
DA3lP;ihnwilienlititheiiiiiihihei Beni it
colds, (Frig - and r.ot*l'';'Whzionsir r dliih.
eases. e'sitarthortherl i itgim.2
in time Jnagield in' their" power lOW VI
diseases br the threat an. lungs. For..the
public spaiker or 'the f they are Wire
pensablk( _Sold by all ~; is at %/lents
per box, • M.,
Da. li. Y. Pim:intl.:64odd iitarnthinki
to his many kind patron, In •Erie fbr their
liberal rafppcnidnringi hil Nikita= here,andi
having rellnquleheda tiptic!*aion of,d
tistry,lCCOMMend t hAs .patrotui and:
friends to De." C.' B. Pelee aidpetior ope
rator in all inanehes of the parfenston.
METc.turn's Honey Cough , , Balm' soon
cures the mast violent:Cottglw and Colds.
Being a -powerful expectorant, It increases
thil secretions of the mouth and throat, and
instantly relieves tightness of, the, chest, abort
and difficult breathing, etc.- •
•' tieeitanos Welke.
LF:TTERS TESTAMENTARY to the estate of
James Miles, late of Girard township, de.
ceased, have been granted to the subscribers.
All persons indebted to the estate are requested
to make Immediate payment, and thosehaving
claims or demands against the estate of the de
ceased will make known the same without de.
lay. JAMFA
W. WET/1011E.
Atimignee in Itankrupley.
TILE DI STRICT COURT of the 17 It lied States
I for the Western District of Petin'a. In the
mat ter of the bankruptcy of Gunton
The undersigned hereby gives notiee of his nu
pointtnent as assignee of Gordon J. Mills, of
(lirard, Erie County, and State of l'ennsylva.-
nia, within said Distriet, who has beet', adjudged
a bankrupt upon his "wit pet Ition by the DI4-
trtet Court of said .Iktriet, dated at Erie, April
7, A. D., 1803).„
_ _
)IF.NRY Nr..rartLET.
No. 33Z.1 reach St., Erh•, Ht
llooflandN, Geriiian Tonic,
Throat Renie.ileg lor all Ulw.ivK vut t tie Li , t Or.
stomach Or Dige4l.ll, r C;r34?, w.
Iw compOsed of the pump:dee+ (or, as they are
medicinally termed, - .Extraets) of !toots,
Herbs and Elark,s, ty Mahing n preigarns
lion highly eancen- tratssl and entirely
free from rtlephOlie admlxtlirr of rply
notiflandroit tierman Tonic
s a comblitation of all the Ingredients of the
littera, with the purest quality, of Santa Cruz
tom, Orange, etc., making one of the mast
.leasant and agroeable.rrmedles ever offered to
he public.
Those preferring a Medicine, tree front fi.ico
iolle admixt tire, will use'
Those who have no objection to the combine•
ton of tlac_Xitters, as stated, will Ilse
.Therure-both equally geggi, and contain, the
saute medicinal virtues, the choice between the
two being a mere matter of taste, the Tonic be
ing the most palatable. -
The stomach, from a variety of muses, such
as Indigestion, Dye- peisiti, Nervous De-
Why, etc., is 'very CI aptto have, its func
tions deranged. The v,, Liver, sympathizing
as cloSely as It does with the Stomach,
then becomes affected, thd remelt of which is
that the patient suffers from several or more of
the foLlowing diseakes:
Constipation, Flatulence, Inward Piles, Full
ness of Blood to the Head, Acidity &lite Stom
ach, Nausea, Heartburn, Disgust for Food, Flill
nese or Weight in the Stomach. Sour Eruct*.
Hone, Sinking nr Fluttering at_the Pit of the .
Stomach, Swimming of .the.lied, Hurried or
Difficult Breathing, Flutterin at the Heart,
Choking or flufibeating Sensat ions
when in a
lying posture, DitrineSs of Vision Dots or Webs
before the Sight, Dull Pain In the Head, Dell•
cleric). of •Perspiration, Yellowness of the Skin
and Eyes, Pain in the Side, Back, Chest, Limbs,
etc., Sodden Flushes of Heat, Burning of the
Flesh, Constant Imaginings of Evil and Great
Depression of Spirits.
The sifferer from these diseases should exer •
tile the greatest caption in the selection of a
remedyfor his case, purchasing on l y
that w lab he la an- tr i es his in- ,
vestiga loris %Ind in- possesses'
true merit, is skill- fully compounded Is
free from injurious Ingredients and has estab
lished for itself a reputation for the cure of
these diseases. in this connection we would
sulitalt these well-known remedies—
Prepayed by
DR..- C. 3t.".TA.CILSON,
Phittkil.oo;las, Pa
Twenty-two years lanes they were first intro
duced into thin country teem Grumpy, during
which time they hare 'undoubtedly performed
more amen, and be-matted. suiferingtumanity
to a greater extent, than any other remedies
known to the public.
These remedies will effectually cure Liver Com
plal nt , Jaundice, Dyysfyyepppaata, Chronle
or Nervous Debility, l,'hronfe Manlius,
Diseases of the Kid- _r neys and all disease.
ea arising from a dig- order 0111 Liver,
Stomach, twiny:sting. -
Smutting from any cause whatever • Prostm
tton of the S_ystem, Induced by Severe
Inbar. no.rdships, Exposure,
Fevers, EW. t
There Is no medicine extant equal to these
remedies In such gaup, A tone and vigor is im
parted to tne.selsola-syetem, the appetite is
strengthened, [midis ftjoyed, the Stomach di
gests promp t. bleards Purified, the tont
.plezion beco - and healthy,the yellow
'tinge is e -hum the eyes, abloom Is
given to the d 1 Vet the wean and nervous
Invalid becomer ',a- 'Krone and healthy being.
Persons advanced In life, and feeding the band
of time weighing heavily -upon them, with all
Its attendant ills, will find in the tweet this
BITTERN, or the TONIC, an elixir that will in
stil new life into their veins, restore in a meas
ure the energy and ardor of more youthful ds,
build up their shrunken [
remaining d pears. health
and happiness M their sears. .
It ht a well eatabllahed feet that fully one-half
of the female portion of our - popedaUon
are seldom in the en- T joyment of good
health: or, to use jj their own expos.
Sion, "never t eel . well." They are len
gold, devoid of all energy, extremely nervous,
have no appetite.
To this class of parsons tbo BITTERS, or the
TONIC, to expect ally recommended. •
Weak and delicate children are retitle strong
by the use. of t inter of these remedies. They
will cure every case of ILLUASM US, without
fail. Thousands of certificates have accumula
ted in the hands of the proprietor, but space
will allow 'of but few. Those, it will be observed,
are men of note and& such standing that they
must be believed. ,
Lx-ChleY Justice of the .-fauprefoe Court of
Pennsylvania, writes: -
PIIILADELrIITA, Mardi 18,1587.
• "I find Hooffandli C4erman Bitters Is a
good tonic, useful In diseases 61 the dl
easesveorga, and 21. of great 4,enetlt In
of deblllty.and want of nervous ac
tion In the Willem. am; _
Judge of the Supreme Court of Penturylvards.
• Pitu.sormiqua. Aid/ 23 . /Mc
"l consider latoottanors German inners a vain
able medicine in caw of attacks of Indigestion
or Dyspepsia. I can certify this from my expe
rience. - Yams with nowt.
Pastor of the Tenth Baptist Church, Phila.
JACESolr—Dear Sir have frequently
been muesrted to connect my name with rec
ommendations of different kinds of ma:Mines,
but ng the practice as out of my appro.
sphere, I have in all cases declined ; but
wittka clear in various itotaneee,
and particularly in IkT my own family,. ot
themsefulnessof.Dr. Hooliand's Gannett
Bitters, I depart for- once from =pineal
course to my full. conviction that, A?
General t# of the Hysteria, "OhlteltpeChillY
for Liver Complaint , it 4s a safe and valuable
preparation. In 1113D1* it Mai Cal; bui.
usually. 'doubt not, it will be very beneficial to
those who suffer from the above cause. .
Yours Teri' rea pecttnll
J. H. • A.RD,
Eighth, below Costae, 44.
,Aptant Editor Christian Chronicle, Philad's.
y. -
• • •
I have derived decided benefit roni the use of
Rootianora German Bittern:And feel it MY firrt
liege to recommend them as most valuable
tonic to all who aro bait General De
billy or from diceawca ITum derange
mat of the L= Yap* tri • •
Hoodand's °erns= lienOsiteiiireeOunteit
ed see Mutt the Sig- . nature of G M.
JACKSON is on the 11 wrapper of esehbot
tle. AM, others are LI counterfeit. Prindz
pal office end trunti._ fsetory at the Oer•
~ • medicine Mere, bro.aza Arch Meet, /NW:
delphta, Pa.: •
CRAB. P VANS troprietV,
Irbrmerly C. M. JACKSOM &TO.
. . , . . • • ;
Hootlgud's per Tan 13tIrs t per
tblfallsk, l ozen bro
Hoodand's German Tonic, putt*, in quasi bot
ties. $1 50 Per bottle, pro half dozen for $7 W.
irir Do not forget to'examioe well the article
you buy.ln order to get the genuine.
N.F.w" ns
C'othing House !
• -t , ' ,
Have:removed to their elegant new Store, _
Borst's Building,
Direetly . oppobite nadir 01,1 &tend, in the Noble
Black. and arc now receiving their
Spring and Summer
Nlien!pii., Boys'
wsn ' - -
Which fol.
Elegance, "Variety; quality,
Will compare favorably with any house
Wed of iiew.Yprk,
To which en Inspection is resf)eet rally solicited
, •
TL a .
. No. IA. fork Flags, , •
Is now receiving his stock of
Will have anti keepconstantly in 'stomp stock
that OW be nnsurpassed Iu
And will be alwayaso4nt the
Lowest Market Prices.
First door 'F'st or the entrance to Brown's
Hotel. -ap9-Im.
Dissolution of Partnenthip.
tyttrE CO-PARTN;ERBIiIP heretofote pasting
IL under the rim name of Eliot, Goodwin
C nt P ,d ut t.doh day
, be G e o n o ddwnl v r ed briyn mutual
co h
_WM. A. - BROWN% A. 11. GRAY,
Erie, April I, 180. * • • •
Coiraitnerthip Notice.—
Toth; Rum & RANICERS.: -John
ep Wm. F. Madernecht, A. H. v ase _, M. Cr
Moyer, fanner , Wid era of E li ot, &-.
Co, have Ms day formed* eo-parttresshio -wa
der the Orm,Diros of "John Ellot*Co,," foe the
purpose of Continuing the Banking and FM
change Iluslnomas,==aples.l by_ Eliot..
Goodwin & yenta, Tbeerat
of Jahn E li ot it Co. a 111 mettle ear the businces
of Elibt, Goodwin *Co. •
-3011,'S ELIOT „A. BROWN,
ht. C. MAY! A. A. H. GRAY,.
71„April I,IIIS. : • • ap9-3w.
Jahn Itadt, 1340 Peach Street,
Retell Dealer in •
Havinglately opened an _entirely new stock
of goods, I am prepared_to offer superior Indbee
mewls to all who May
gtYe me a call.
Remember the
e, Pa. place, 1340 Peach street, mull
Stove, Tiii and House Furnishing Hardware !
At the Store of W.
Stoves of the most Improved Patterns,
Plain and Japanned Tin ~ti are, Table and Pocket Cutlery, l and
House Furninhing Gonda Generally,
Mj.d . W2a . 'AL . V .i, JUIRZ . IA . I2kUani i; 7II
PANS AND PAILS by the Quantity and in Small Lots, Cheap. ROOFING and all kinds
of Jobbing in TIN, SHEET IRON awl (X)PPER gone at the shortest notice by competent work
men, and at the Lowest Prices.
Particular attention given to Heating Churches and other public) stud prrvate buildings with
Hot Air. Surveys and est imates made free of charge.
L •
Home Comforter Cooking Stove, for Wood and Coal.
Wou'd call particular attention to the above Stove. Any one wishing a STRICTLY Ilret•clawit
stove, would do well to examine this celebrated Stove before purchasing any ether.
Quickest and Most Even Baker
The Most sEeonnotleal in F-nel,
And to be made of the hest of any !.tto
to the Worl.l.
Old Samos, Coppet, Brass, Bags, itc., &c., taken in exchange for goods, at the How
Pnrnishitigttore of
ape 3m . •. - W. G. GVA.ll.l3l4. — Mit, South of the Depot,Exte, Ps.
134.8 Peaeh, Street.
We removed our stock on April /at from IM
Peach Ntreet to our present romnuxilous and
pleasant location and rum prepared to offer our
customers a
Groceries,. Proviwiou N.
coMDI=OISMITTII.:f;t, ,t 4,
We are alga deallrig largely In
I.43tt.tteii4itil Sweet Potatoes.
. .
Now on hand. Orders from cocustry dealers so
lief tel. ap9.3m.
lrridny, 17th, 180,
TWO LEVEES AT 3 AND 8 P. M., ~,.!
Return from Dingle, after an absence of three
years, where they have appeared before nearly
all the Rlnim qtreetur, Emperors, and Nobility
of the Old World.
The Greatest Woriders of the Age:
&ir beantlfar and symmetrically formed
Ladles and Gentlemen In Mlnlature, the nrlgt
nal and rencrarned _ -
Their unique and exquisitely enchanting per
formances arid exhibitions never tail , to elates
and delight every behohlet. They appear lu
Swigs, Ruotta, 'Dawes, Garda Delineations,
edies in Charactezistio Costumes.
brilliant collodion of DIAMONDS 'worn before
the various Potentates of Europe, all of which
are introdacedin these popular Levees,cost over
Twenty Thousand Dollars ln Gold.
Ladles and Children are considerately advis
ed to attend the Day Exhibition, and thus avoid
the crowd ni confusion of the Evening Per.
. Admission 25 eentl; Children under ten, 15
eta. Reserved Heats,:i) ets ; Children under ten;
25 eta. apits2cr.
lion Confectionery and Variety ken
w. 11:Arra.Oiw;--
No. 20 Rooeusreir Bleak, North Pirk
Hasp:it returned from Nevi YOrk with an en
tire new stock of
Confectioneries, Fine Cfroiserles,•Plekles,
I intend to keep at all Hates (Complete afit,
gortmetit of the finer groceries tartan:Lily use. /
will alno,have
I would Inviterthe people otltrie to give me
call. as I Intend to keep everything In my line
that may be-es/led for. Remember the ware.
No. 2') liceemineeire 131oett i lbruierly. banking
°Mee of ClaZikk Metcalf.' :
Ras °pandit new 4
Flour,Feed& Produce Store,
at. the corner of
• • Eleventh and State Streets,
To which he asks the attention of al/ who need
anything in his has. He will deal in every
thing in the
And Warrantshla goode to be equal to the Baal
In the market.
Air The highest market price in mak paid Cot
all kinds of country produce. ap9-3m•
- D S. HUNTEH has removed from his old
IV. stand, south of the American the new store
three doers west of the Hotel, south,
west PAM. whiet*e ne haisa very fine - lino of '
HATS,: CAPS,. 41c0.,. •B:C.,
Warranted to be mutt in quality and fin
lith to any in the market, and respectfully solic
its a call from his old friends and the public
generally, assuring them none will goaway dis
satisfied. , . apirei3.
BLANKst BLANKS !—A complete assort
inept of every kind of Blanks needed by
Attorneys, Justices, °amiable& and Business
Neu. for sale at the Observer °Moe.
0 43 FA. 4 ta:i , c. 6 :4 1 *Nzi•1st.M: 1 10:4.0: 11 :00DnI4kg0 , 10,:fb:/.1
Quarterly Report
tiF THE CONDITION of the Finn Nliglogint
Bank of Erie on the morning of tho firte.
nclay of April, ISGS:
Louis and Discounts:. .... ..... ....... 8 211,6111:q. ;
Furniture and Fixture, ME 00
Current Expenses 2 . 0 41 0 "
2,12 l
Cash-items and Revenue Stutiqui ......
l) u e front National Banks SIVNEt fit
U. S. Bonds Deposited with U. 54. Trea
surer to secure Circulating Notes IVO te)
Do. do. to secure Deposits
U. S. B „ vds and Securities on hand lAMO .00
Other Woksßonds 20020 02.
Cash on hand:
Fractional Currency
National Bank Notes:....
Motes of State Banks.._,
Legal Tender Notes
Cozupound Interest Note.,
Sib SD
~-.....12,1137 00 -
..... 2,0i0 00 17.16 1
Capital Stock 'paid in MAW 00
Surplua Fund —. %ate!
CirculationoW'M 00
Individual Deposita - wus-t,p,
United StatesDepoaita
—. 37 JIMALI
Deposits of U. S. Dinbursing
Discount, Exchange, - Interest, Profit
and Loss i2,i 7.1
" Ar
I, M. Sanford, Cashier of the Flab • N nol
Bank of Erie. do solemnly swear tbattheabov
atatement is true to the beat of my knairlediz•
and belief. . M. SANFORD. Pah.
State oL Penrea, Con nt y.of Erie. 113.
SiVC= to and subscribed before me this Asee.
enth day of April, Ifo. F. maim
apr9-It. - Jost ice of the Peace.
Quarterly Report
OP TIM CONDITION of the First litiktipa
Brink of Union Mills. Pa., on the thant
of the first Monday in April, Pitl.S:
Cemmerthil Prtper Bills of Ex
change _ top •
Overdrafts 824 ,
Furniture aud
Current I..penses ....... ..... 75
Premiums ...—.-......--- IS
Cash Items and Revenue Stamps...—. IRV^
Due from National • IWO
U.S. Bonds deposited with U. &Tree
surer to secure Circulating Notes....,
U. S. Bonds and Securities on hand..,
Cash on' hand in circulating notes of
other National ,Banks--
Fractional Currency
.... ....
Legal Tender Notes
Tax Account
Capital Stock paid In
Murplus Fund__
Circulating Notes
Due to 'National Hanks
....... ...... 650,030 Or)
47400 to
Exchanges, Interest, VroSit and Lam.. 3,018
Josepl7 . Sill, Cashier of the FirstNauonal
Bank of Union Mills, Erie Co., Pa.,alo solemnly
swear that the above statement is lime, to the
best of my knowledge and belief.
State of Pennsylvania, County of Erie, u,
sworn to and subscribed before me, this OM
day of April, Dad.
.11nl aus . ti a m J o A f
tu CKSO e
ram. _ ,IsT
No. 824 State Street.
liour.eliold Striatum and all kinds of Goods,
Wareq and Merchandise, bought and Sold an d
received on coneignment.,. •
Salsa at revere reel idenets atternlitti to in any
part of the eit6 , • _ ".
ittle of Vietistelhold Furniture. Queens
ware, Hopes, Wagons,end all kh a Tettoods On
.4v of cycLocze.t. f. •
I ..A. l . , ar a: <ing4m aTifni c .l ` ,,s "" TgrAi I, G r * : d.
closed out regardteits of wet at priests
sate. • -
lir Vendnes attended to in any part of the
county. • apik-tf.
Educational Notice.
THE SUMMEE - TER.4 of the Erie Academy
will open on Monday ..April 3) , IWA with
ttiVollowths corps of teacher*: ,
..a.'inclDajoi.T.L.Titzel. ,
- First Amletante;-Slim Emm a Ditto. ' • : •.
Second Asaletant—Mlsa Lizzie lialltMelt. —
German and French—Matl'rn Anus Sobteler.,.
Penmanship—Pmt. W. it. Hoeg.
Vocal Mode- - .
Tuition, per term of ten week*:
Common brancheit,... .--...—55 fO.
1 Higher branches,ClanateatUn w , ainsmatica 8 00•
German and French ..,atre, , ac t 1 „......„....._ s es.
1 Vocal Music exert , 50 ,
Tuition MOW atrictly_in advance.
apt-2c. A. H. CAUGHEY,See'y.
395 0)
-10,8 N tt.
••-•-• 261 thq
$1111.401 77