The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, February 20, 1868, Image 3

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    Emportan t jlottcto
r.Sdrerlenses nserteci under this head
-At 15 rents per line of 10 words for the and
L o n' r oot, V: cents for the second, and 10 cents
b subsequent insertion.
rot Reliable Insurance of all kinds apply
to A. p. Russell, Agent, No. X North Park Erie
ror Insurance In well known and most ta
to R. W. Russell, agent,
flow companies, apply
iistste scree t. fekel'67-Iy.
,rbe Erie Lodge No. O. of Good Tent-
A m meets on evert- Toesday evening, In the
Fot Fellows' Lodge rn, on State street, over
ftiree ur. jewelry - store. Stranger Tempters vhs
"Ring the city an cordially Invited to be resent.
. A Stnnethin o u tlet.=Thgreatest thing
F et. Just lt tells you everything.
.osn'toratch fur-benringnnimaiß, tish,&e. How
"',,iwwhigkers and curl the hair. Fifty great
' tr, sen tr
ee tor 2.1 cents. Addretis
set WOOD, Box 5.97. Y. City.
Uuoincos 13irectorp.
vt.:tr, Cats insrt in
line. this depart.
n alt a do e lla ed r per
"nt •.'" ' _ -
iturge.. , 4 & Walker, tt,, - and X N. Park
500 and 502 rench st.
t Ilrevellle F
r, 513 French at.
wif - )I,FIsAI.F. BOOTS .AND 811003.
4e•:;•k, • ,t (=lark, - 32 North l'ark.
Boor: AND SAGE..
IL Clark, 14 Park 'tow,
Smith, ritti State street.
Fic:lchart & Co., ill North Park. •
Zara, 7111s1 ate street.
••10 State St. •
• k lr sV.'. State st.
North Park.
o. IT•,r•l. 524 French st,
Flidlt X FEED.
Itaver•tick, Park Bow.
t--,Duch A. Bro., 514 French at. •
..',•tt A. Michael, '2l State at.
ot. 51. Sinitli, North Park.
p. zs.itler, s9l state st.
• 1.4.
Win. Willine, SS state ht. •
tnee!or 1'27 State st.
Sewing Machine, tar_ French *4.
str.zer Sewing :Machine, .12i French at.
•;rover A Raker, 020 State at.
‘Vhite, 0 South Part:.
11 ,4 ;lennv, 12 Park Itßw,
Rosen/No . IC, 511 State st.
W %yeti ES ,t• JEWELRY.
11mo A Fisher, 2 Park Rom. .
T 21) North Park.
i• wipon, t North Park.
Ac - t, 513 State street.
6;o1 Kendall, 527 1 4 French st.
. 1 H. Smith, 5_5 French st.
ilerter Ilurgesx, 431 and 700 State street
Minim - a. 1117 Peach street.
vi.- F.l lint, I'2) State street.
0 1 A Warfel, 1210 State at. . .1
.5 Doll, 1312 Peach street.
r p clever h Co., 21 North Park.
w , -• Nick A. Sons. 702 State street.
r....,;l:ckinson h fion,7ll State street. _
DRY Goorki.
K,e.ter h T.ohtnan. IVO Peach at
8r0.4.11-I , ltato
711; Stale at.
4, 41, 'll , ,re l l ill '1 Noble Block.
rt,-,zlz:Vi•V: A Bro., :,12 State st.
, 21(.1 - 1n , q11 & Co_ 5 Reed House Block
rovi GOolls AND CARPETS '
atlorf, litsrts A Foster.
r•varner Raw., 5'% State at.
rmrton A; Griffith, 11! Peach at._
P.... 5. Field et
?.J. P.Pctord l'n„ 1121
• linsbcnder. 1218
Tcnry Beekman, 501 State at.
Iv+hall, Christian lt Craig, 24 North Park
o;off, 515 French ct.
1. Ilinniz, Corner Rth and Stnte •
'lcker tt. Co., 541 French at.
r , •an ,t French at.
Till Tilnllorx. French Rt.,
•• , ohlantlecker, 1121 Stmt. et.
H. V. Claug, 2/1 East Fifth at.
P sehaaf, 701 State st.
wilailer's, over 19, Rosenzwelo4 Block
A. Lott, 1307 Peneh at.
C. Dunn. over 6eB State street.
o,onh Bros., Farrar Hall BulldinC.
q. 11. Wai4er @ Co., over 117.3 Peach at.
It. Welshman. 131; pencil
Ilona fi Asklne,7o,llState St.
Deck 7(ti State at.
M. W. Mehl, .517 French ~t:
11. T. Sterner, 401 State at.
Shannon d: Co.. Peach at ,
W. W. Pierce & 830 State at.
McConkey at Shannon, JlO7 French mi.
J. Selden, 5.41 French
!mac Vrintaggel, 1.121 Peach st.
Hubbard Bros., 701 State st.
M. Mayer & Ron, 1215FR:de at.
Barr, Johnson & Co.. 101 l and 10.1 State st
N. Mtmthy.= North Park.
lilmrod & Co , 1361 Stlltgatraß St.
J. H. Rthlet & Co„ RIR State tit.
J. H. Millet & Co., RIR State at.
Brawley & Ratl, State at., near depot.
John Genshelmer Son, nt?. State et
Stllz R Meth*, I.Ta State Ft,
F. Wanner, 6 . .:4; State st.
J. M. Kuhn, K 2 State Kt.
\ tarkr. A Meyer, I Noble Block.
W. 1.. Ross, No. 10 North Park.
J. Ross Thompson, 521 French Kt.
James Sill, 515 French Rt.
D. W. Hutchinson. Girard. Pa.
1: t. Stewart,:;[) North Park, house 07. state et
V.. J. Frager, Homava third), G 23 Pcschst.
3. M. Make, South Park. -
Mir.. M. rurtis, 9 South Park.
The .M faxes McGrath. tio7 Froneh Pi
C. Ilawkin9,l3lo Pooch 9t.
ieekl..t. Metz, 112 t State Mt.
. .
Loverlen, Hall Zr Co., Id and Peach sth.
Jas. P. Comic & Son, cor. Ith and Peach sts
1.. White & Co., corner 11th and French st.
Bush Jones, corner llt.h and Holland eta.
Jse,th Boot?, 1211 Peach ht.
Through and Direct Route between Philadel
phia. Baltimore, Harrikburg, Williams- • •
port. and the
On nil Night Trait...
IN met after MflNll.l tY, NOV. aith, 1817. the
t 1 trains nn the Pniladelphla & Erg« Railroad
w.ll nlll at tallow,,:
11:n1 Tra 111 le tt.._l'htl:utelpliia ut 11:13 p.m. and
arrives at Erie at tkot p. m..
Fne Express leave.i.Pidlratel ph la at 12:W in., and
Arriven at Erie at 9:15 a. ta,
Warren Accommodation leaves Warren at 12:55
p. in., torn' at 2:30 p„ in„ and arrives at I.:de
at 410 it. in:
M.Ol bun Leaves Erie at ntaro a, in., and arrives
at Philadelphia at 8:55 a. in.
Erie F.xpress leaves Erie at 4:25 p. nr., and Cr.
ova'. at Philadelphia at 1:09 p. m.
Welrren .I” , nnniodation leaves Erie at kit) a.
m. Corry at 9:45 u. in., and arrtvtis at Warren
at 11:15a. ni.
Mail and Express connect with all trAins on
the Warren & F'ranklin Hallway. Passengers
letninc Ph iladelphia at 12:00 m. r arrivo at Irvine.
ton at a. m., and Oil City nt 8:50 n. m.
Letwing Philadelphia ni 11:15 p. 712., arrive nt
011 City at neo. m.
All trains on the Warren At Franklin Railway
make close con neettomi at 011 City With trains
for Franklin and Petroleum Centre. IlAnoAnic.
ruin - arm TUROW3II.
Gen . ' Superintendent.
Warrant in Bankruptrx,
'PIN IA TO GIVE:4OTIOE t hat on the ?.1t h dny
t January, Psi". a Warrant In Bankruptcy
W/ii - lvilled out of the District Court or the Erni
*.o,f States, for the Western Dintlict of Penn'a,
ephist the estate or Nan iteusefar Gillet t, of Ise
poor, county or Erie, in multi district, adjudged
rstlitropt on LIN own petition: That the pay.
.wat: of any debts and the delivery of any pro
nrtr to such bankrupt, to him or I
s.e,e, and the. transfer of•nnY ProPerlYbY
at.. forbidden. by Law: . and that u meet
'llttter -Op. creditors of said bankrupt, to prove
nod to eltoo.Ne 0110` or more .Volltneen
•of lilx u,tate a will be held, at a Court of Bank
rsPley. to ter hoiden nt t be office of the Register,
'thy at Erie, before s. E.' Woodruff, Esq., Regis
zcr to liaitki4autey for said district, on the tfith
-htY of .‘prll. A. D., ltol,, at Itlo'cloCk, M.
r. S. Marshal for said District.
fdr ti. P. Davis, Dept. U. 8. Marshal. _
=French Street, Erie, P.
1 , 0( ill Men WORICII, possessing good
, character, and energy, isseieverwace
ini , liatenee, to net as canvassers for a
~r New Engraving., Five Beautiful Ideal
Ainericah Faces, cilivav ett on stone Al Paris by
„. 1 / 1 " aunt eminent Lltlastraphers In the world.
faces, which are most beautiful tout
t7i , e Omeeptions, are designed to typite the
ide.d type. of American Womnahtxxi. rep
-I,,eht ine their chnrit devotionosyrnpatlites,
." 4, bluetits and heroism. The lithograph Is In
the higle , 4 style of the art, and Is such as has
rareh been equaled, and ennnot be exeelled.
Thew Portraits have receivod unequalled praise
aPtue most. eminent, crithn and prominen t n"wppers of the countr3. and th F ey should
urbrrt everrplusehold in the laud. or partic
u4r4 and descriptive circular, address
- Main 14t., liprinSlleld, Maas.
- P. P. Jr. DSOS' . A. WILLIKIC.
317.1140!..: dc WILDER,
M anufaeturen; and Wholesale Dealers In Tin,
Japan and Pres ed Ware, Move Pipe. Stove
Trimmings, Waterford, Erie Co., Pa. Or
-48118..hY mall promptly attended to. Jan%
TOR PRINTING of every lc lotion begs or
'null 1 quantities, plain or colored, done in
beat style, and at moderate prices at -the
"Jesiever ales.
TERMS.-42 per year when paid in advance,
or within a month, $2.60 when not paid in ad.
cant*. and V. when not paid until the expira
tion of the year. AU new subscriptions must
be paid in advance, unless handed in by parties
who are known to us,
Agents for the Observer.
We have selected the following gentlemen as
our agents In the planes named, to transact any
business In ccusnection withthe cake. Persons
knowing themselves indebted to us can hand
them the money, and their receipts will be ac
knowledged the same as If given by ourselves:
Corry—Amos Heath.
Petroleum Centre=Geo. W. Wilson.
Tidlonte—Nelson Clark.
Oak Grave—Wm. J. Welker.
Wayne—B. W. Howard.
Youngsvtile—Copt. 0, J. Whitney. -
Srtansburg—john G. Burlingham.
Titusville—Clark Ewing.
Waterford—W. C. White. •
Union Borough—M. V. B. Bro‘n.
Union Township—
Albion—C. E. Lincoln.
Fairview—Amos Stone.
fitrani—Qtpt. O. W. Hutchinson.
Elk Creek and Lundy's Lane—Wret. Sherman._
Springhelii--Gilbert Hurd.
Lockport—J. C. Caull'man.
Wattsburu—Lyman Robinson.
McKean Township—E. Pinney. -
Edinboro—Marcus Saley.
Harbor Creek—Wm. Saltsman.
Wesleyville—Edward Jones.
North East-13. A. Tabor.
Jackson's—Smith J. Jackson.
Observer for the Campaign.
The Observer -s t ill he furnished to cam
paign subscribers, from , this (late, until the
-of the Presidential canvass, at the fol
lowing low rntes':
One copy, six months, - • - $l.OO
Five copies, six months, - • - coo
Ten copies, six months, and an addition- -
al copy for the one who gets up the -
club, - - - - - 10.00
One copy, three months, - - 50
Five copies, three months, - - 2.40
Ten espies, three tricintii, - - :;.00
Subscriptions may commence at any date
between this and election, and u ill he
promptly discontinued when the time has ex
pired. ti•ltfi-tt:
Democratic Victory in Legami.
The spring election in 'Leß(euf township
is held by a special act of legislation on the
2d Tuesday of *February, and resulted at *the
contest last week as follows:
Justice, A. L. Tilden, Dew., GO majority.
Assessor, John Welker, Dem., 43
Road Com., Gen. Kellison; Dem., 43 "
Inspector, T. Davis, Dem., 40 "
Constable,Wm. Kinyen, Dem., 22 "
Auditor, J. S. 3leLane, Dem., 4 "
School Diet'r, R. Burger, Dem., S "
Jude of Elect'n, L. Porter, awl.,
Srh'l Dice r, J. L.Waterhouse, " 8 "
In 1867 the Radicals had 43 majority in
Leßawl township, and at ~onte elections
they have exceeded that number. The Cor
respondent who furnishes us the above adds
"Sham loyalty i ! ; at a diwriunt ip old Le
Tim greater portion, of Senator Lowry's
grievance, arise from the press of his own
party. They will nut let hint alone, and are
incessantly giving him something to corn
plain of. A short time since, he felt it to be
his duty to make some strictures upon
. the
Radical press of Pittsburgh, whereupon the
Gazette, of that city, says ; "It does not be
come Mr. Lowry to put himself forward as a
cen , or of the press in general or of any sec
tion thereof. If any ten journals in the
Commonwealth have done as much violent
and coarse scolding in their columns as he
has done from his seat in the Senate, during
the seven years he has occupied it, they de
serve to be abated as public nuisances." The
Meadville Republican, which never loses an
opportunit)s to give him a slap, unkindly
adds to the above that "about the worst com
pliment a newspaper could receive would be
Lowry's approval." The Senator has a tacit
ty of saying as share things us he receives,
and we expect soon to hear of him coming
down upon the Gazette and Republican in
regular sledge hammer style.
WE learn front Harrisburg that the State
authorities have resolved upon adopting de
termined measures to make the Atlantic ez
Great Westetn Railway Company comply
with the provision of their charter which
provides that they shall Make a connection
with the harbor of Erie. The, act was passed
in May, 1857, and gave them ten years in
which to ffiltil its provisions, which tifne
having more than elapsed, it is evident that
the company have no intention M obey the
law unless compelled by the strong' arm of
the State. It is contended that in a strict le
gal sense, the company, by . refusing to obey
one portion of the charter, have forfeited the
whole, but the State officers do not intend
forcing the case to this unpleasant conclusion
unless the company, by its perverseness, shall
oblige them to resort to the MR extent of the
law, The Senate has authorized the Attorney
General to proceed by such means as may be
neeessa'ry to secure obedience to the violated
charter, and instructed hint, if he fails to brine
the matter to a aatisfitctory point through the
Courts, M report to that binly what addition
al legislation is required to compel the en
ibreemon tiof the company's obligations to the
Tin: spring elections in Warren bounty
were held last week, and seem Mhavemost
ly been contended upon political grounds.
In Warren borough the Democrats elected
all of their ticket except the candidates for
school Directors by majorities ranging from
to 11. The Radicals made tremendous ef
forts, but without avail. Brokenstraw town
ship, always Radical heretofore, cave' 46
Democratic majority. Glade went Itadietd
by an average majority of 18, and In Youngs
ville, though the Democrats were beaten,
they gained 11 upon the vote of last MI. The
Democratic candidate for constable in
Youngsville was a soldier who served his
time in the Bncktail Regiment, yet he was
defeated by a "slishy-slashy sort of a Radical,
whom our opponents were pleased to calla
Copperhes;Td" during the war. The staunch
Democratib townships of Conewango, Plea
sant, Limestone nod Meade, stood faithfully
bv'the old flag: Deerfield, hitherto reliably
Radical, Wheeled herself into the Democrat
ic column. In the two Radical townships
of Spring Creek and Pine Grove we carried
the election boards, while in Columbus, the
Radical ranks were so much "demoralized,'!,
that in several ea,ei the vote is a tie. Tidi
oute went Radical by a reduced majority,
and in the heavy °Radical township of Pitts
field they are reduced to the beg t garly major
ity of four votes. These facts show that the
Warren county Democracy are alert to the
necessities of the hour, and give the warrant
of an encouraging result in the fall.
Is it not a little stranue that in Lancaster
county, in this State, with a Republican' ma
jority of 0,000, the rate of taxation for the
current year is fixed at two and a half mills
on the dollar? In the Democratic county of
York it is seven mills on the dollar, and in
Berks, with a Democratic majority of 7,000,
it is nearly ten mills.—Republican.
Wouldn't it be advisable for our neighbor
to make solve - inquiries into the rates of tax
ation at home, before troubling itself about
the affairs of counties way off in the Eastern
part of the state? Unless we are wrongly in
formusl,,the tax levy of Erie _county is higher
than either of theea, named, while that of
Erie city, having a Radical 'majority of sev
eral hundred, is nearly double that of either
Ltincaster or Harrisburg, both under Demo
cratic rule. We would suggest to our neigh
bor. that a close investigation into the com
parative expensei under Radical and' Demo
cratic administrations may not •prove very
.profitable to its party interests.
.Wants. Emma , 4k•DirrESenituut, the
ice dealers, haie laid in a Pupply of 26,600
tons this winter, with which they expect to
meet all the wants of the city and surround
ing country. The ice this winter ht never
been surpassed ; some of the blocks are 14
inches thick, and as solid as so much marble.
County . Expenses.
The Commisstmers have published their
annual statement of the receipts and expens=
es of the county, from which we -learn that
the total sum in the Treasury during the year
1867 was $157,818, of which $96,031 was left
over fram the year preceding, and the total
expenditures $94,059. There were redeemed
$365.45 of the' warrants of 1866, $4,275 of
bounty warrants, and $30,000 of county scrip
was destroyed, leaving a balance in the Trea
sury on the Ist of January, 1868, of $ 29 .218-'
a very snug sum to • . start upon. Of the
expenses, the following are, among the most
interesting items . : Coal for Court House and
Jail $720.13; for the tailor's house $134;
boarding prisoners $3,002 ; painting Court
House $1,853 ; paid Sheriff Brown for con
veying persons to Penitentiary, - House of
Refuge and Insane Asylum $386; paid same
for summoning jurors $ll7 ; paid Grand Ju
rors $745; paid Traverse Jnrers $3,647; ex
penses of Commonivealth cases - $2,173; for
arrest of horse thieves $4O ; paid for Coro
ner's Inquests $110; requisitions of Poor Di
rectors $27,000; board of inmates of House
of Refuge. $2,350 ; hoard of inmates of Dix
mont Hospital $1.02.1; board of convicts in
Western ,Penitentiary $1,596; expenses of
General Election, 1867, $1,334; expenses of
spring election, 1867, $571 ;-bond of Court
House loan redeemed, with interest, $1,131;
Sunbury ti Erie bonds redeemed, with coil;
ports ; $33,983; interest on bounty warrants
$930; commissions allowed County Treasur
er $2,47.5.
The comparative indebtedness of the coun
ty on - the Ist of January, 1867, and 1805, is
given as follows :
' nEscrtrritox. Jan. 1,'07. Jan. I,'oB.
Co. Loan Bonds, $6,000 00 $5,000 00
House of Refuge, 500 00 ' 500 00
Sunbury ez E. R. R., 43,600 00 13,400 00
Bounty - Warrantq, 10 , 233 00 5,850 00
County Scrip, 55,000 00 25,000 00
Total, $115,225 00. $49,750 00
kdd Bounty Warrtnts
issued in 1867, • 300 00
Total liabilities of Co
Jan. 1, DM,
Due from Colfors...te., $21,300 66
Cash in Treas'y, Jan.
1, 1868, 29,218 70 36,319 i 6
It will be perceived. by these figures that
the finances of the county ure in a healthy
condition, and that all the prospects point to
a speedy release from indebtediess of every
kind. Some of the items of expeoselook to
us remarkably:large, but as we are not ac
quainted with the circumstances sufficiently
to be able to giye a correct statement in re
gard to them, we withhold Comment until we
secure more accurate information.
Trial List.
- The following eases nre set down for trial
at the session of Court commencing on the
fourth Monilav-inOtarell next
Bulkley vs Evans, issue, (lark & Meicalf vs
Douglass, issue, Bill & Colt vs Loomis &
Tyler, issue, I)l , :Cracken, et al vs Olds, issue,
Landpherevs E. s N. E. R. R. Co., Land
phere vs Zinn, Stranaban vs Pa. R. R. Co.,
Henry vs Colby, Girard Borough vs Hart &
Wright, Turner et al vs Scott, Use Baser vs .
Boyd et al, Use Vaughn vs same, Use Baser
vs Same (5 cases,) Tanner vs Kessler, Casper
vs Erie City ; Gioth vs Tracy et at, I.7ht vs
Raisch, Swannon vs }lnn' & Stearns, Bald
win & Darling use Merrill vs E. & N. E.. It
R. Co., City of Erie vs Barr, same vs same,
Conner vs . Brown et al, Gaggin vs Downing,
Taylor vs Avery, Mays VS Stein, Mausell vs
Hall's Administrators, Roberts vs Deriah et
al, Robinson vs Nantes, Russell vs Kennedy,
Russell vs Kennedy, et al.
The following is the list for the Court com
mencing on the succeeding Monday :
Sherman vs Hartman, Jarecki i Co. vs
Greenfield Oil Company, Sherman vs Doug.
lass; Bryan. vs Spires et al, Gunnison vs Ben
nett, Nelson vs Cooper, Crozier vs Scott,
Rankin & Co., WebSter vs Manhattan'ln
surunce Company, Use Crawford vs Flem
ing, Gilman vs Corry National Bank, Loom
is vs Smith, Kelsey vs Gilbert, Mansell va -
McChire's administrators. 'Second National
-Bank of Erie vs Brown, Johnson vs Smith,
Smith vs Haynes, Taber Ts Sears, Mansell
vs ItlcClure'c administrators; Mansell vs .
Hall's administrators, (2 cases,) Keith's ez
ecutom vs Wolverton's administrators, How
ard vs Covell, Baum vs Sherer & Co., Reed
vs Cavanagh, Benson vs Phelps, Benson vs
Way, Moore guardian, &c:, vs Sherer & Co.,
Burr vs Dunham, School Directors of Le
Beouf township vs Hunter, Pomeroy vs Ark
inburg, Riblet vs Pennsylvania Railroad
Company, Haggerty vs Densmore, Ilughs vs
American Express Company. MeTiallin vs
I)avis, Stevenson vs Abbey.
The Sunday School Entertainment of the
United Presbyterian church, on last Friday
evening, was a very fine affair. The exer
cises were well arranged, and the declama
tions, singing, &c., were exceedingly well
rendered, reflecting great credit upon those
taking an active part. At the -close Of the
services. Mr. Barr, on behalf of the cones
gallon, presented a befutiful Coffee Uru to
Miss Ettie Riblet, for long services in 'the
choir, with the following remarks:
Miss Henrietta giblet—By request of
many of your friends in this congregation,
and by their direction, present you from
them this Urn, as a testimonial of their re
gard and a very slight acknowledgement of
the value of the voluntary and long continu
ed assistance rendered by you in an Impor
tant part of public worship in this house.
While all acknowledge their indebtedness to
others who have renderedvaltable assistance
in the same department from time to time,
yours has been for a longer period, without
interruption, than that of any other volunta
rily given. This is not intended, by any of
those whom I here represent, as payment,
but simply as a remembrance to you that
while, your services have not been paid for,
they have not been under-estimated, nor for
gotten ; and permit me here to remark that
one whose voice has been most frequently
heard by us in union with your own in our
church music, has been the , most active in
collecting the necessary fends for its pur
chase. We are well convinced that this is to
you an unexpected part, of this evening's eb
tertainment, and that you are entirely taken
by surprise, and we shall therefore expect no
reply from you Wishing von'a long, a hap
py amili useful life, we unite in- expressing
the hope that when your voice shall have
ceased to be heard In singing the praises of
God in - his earthly- courts, that the blessed
Jesus shall have called you to join in the
music of that happy host, that great congre
gation of His saints who sing His praises in
His holy temple in Heaven.
Tits colored man, George Washington
Gardner, by name, who undertook the feat
of walking one hundred miles in as many
successive hours, in Empire Hall, last week,
arrived at his journey's cud on Saturday
night at 10 o'clock, having accomplished the
task successfnlly. He appeared but little
fatigued by the tramp, and on Monday morn
ing was seen upon the streets looking as live
ly as a cricket, and declaring by all that's
good and bad that ho can travel twenty-four
hours longer whenever any one sees fit to
make a bet on it. `dime doubts are expressed
whether Gardner actually walked as agreed,
but wesare informed by parties who profess
to be posted, that he was so carefully watched
there could have been no opportunity for him
to shirk any portion of the task. A good
deal of money changed hands over the walk,
but the number of spectators was limited,
and we question whether the managers much
more than paid.expenses.
We have sent this week a number of bills
to persons who are still indebted to 119 for
subscription, and hope they wilt . respond to
our calls promptly. The times are so tight
that we barely take in enough money to meet
our expenses, and every-cent that is unjustly
withheld . adds just that much to the difficul
ties of our position. It Is not often that we
complain, but the dilatoriness _which some
exhibit would have been too much for the pa-
tience of Job.
Iris not generally known that the guy
ernment redeems all mutilated cturetioy,
whether greenbacks or shinplasters, when
sent in to the Treasurer of the Vaited States,
at Washington, in packages of three dollars
or-over. Business men can save themselves
considerable loss by keeping this fact in mem
Saz fourth . pave for interesting reading
strz young home mast be sold regard.
less of cost: No. 815 State' street, Erie, Pa.
feblB-tf. - Z. Satan.
Tur. Second National Bank will remove
to its new office in Waltter's block, on or
about the 15th of Starch. S
LET our fatiner readers who hare !endue
bills to print, remember that we are prepaied
to do them in the best' style, and at short
Asonten paper is to be started in Tiones
ta, Forest county. "The fools are not all
detid yet," and the printing fraternity -con
tains its MI proportion of them. - -
A Di:Noce/au Club has been organized in
Meadville, with some of the best citizens of
the place as its officers. We hope to see 'a
similarmoyentent inauguntied in every ward,
borough and township of otti+ county, imme
diately after the State Convention.
Tne authorities of a number of cities arc
endeavoring to stop the news dealers from
selling the obscene papers of which so many
are springing into existence in New York.
In Philadelphia the Grand Jury has found
true bills against several parties.
Taz destitution and suffering arnort the
working classes in almOst every Nosihern
State has never been so bad in the memory
of man as at present. The country is trav
ersed in every direbtign by mechanics in search
of work.- Let Radicalismcontinue in power
and the condition of the Working classes will
be made still worse.
, AN Instance is related of an "active Dem
ocrat in one of the townships of.Ouernsey
county, Ohio , who has p ro red the mime of
every Democratic voter irllis own and ad
ioi uing school district as subscribers to a Dem
ocratic county paper." HIS example is worthy
of imitation not only here, but in every por
tion of the country,
SURE of our Radicals declare that Lowry
is preparing to join the Democrats. We sm•
cerely.hope that if he has any notion of the
kind, his friends, may prevail on him to change
his mind.. The Democracy can get along
well enough without him, but what in the
world will•the poor, disjointed and dying old
Radical party do in mac they lose their
$50,0.10 00
A COTRIEPOItARY gives an - account of a
"London practitioner" who "cures the most
desperate eases of toothache, Unless the dis
ease is connected with 'rheumatism, by an
application of the following remedy : Alum,
reduced to an inpalpable powder, two
drachms; nitrous spirits of ether, seven
drachms; mix and apply to the tooth."
Should the application be what is claimed
for it, the "London practitioner" will deserve
the thanks of the race for its invention.
THE Democratic Committee of Lawrence
county haveitelected D. R. Morris as Senato
rial and Col. E. W. Stephens, Jr., as Repre
sentative delegates to the State Convention.
They also adopted a resolution earnestly
urging the Democrats of the county to or
ganize associations and prepare for the great
work of the fall campaign. The Gazette
states. that "the' members of the Committee
gave a cheering account, of the condition of
the party in their respective districts. All are
awake and in good heart for the work.- No
where are we sustaining losses; and in dif
ferent localities we are making important
A IIOVEMENT is on Riot to take the grant
ing of licenses out of the control of the Court
and place it in the hands of the city Treasur
er, the same as in several other cities of the
State. It is claimed that the revenue de
rived from this source in the city properly
belongs to our corporation Treasury, and
that the Treasurer, froit his more intimate
acquaintance with the people of the city, is
better able to decide who should have licen
ses, than the Judges, only one of whoth is a
resident of Erie. The argument is plausible,
to say the least, and we do not see how any
reasonable objection can be made to the pro
posed' change.
TUE Titusville Herald vents its .curses
loud and deep upon the Radical State Sen
ate. fir defeating its pet new county 'project,
and throws out grave hints of treachery
against the dominant Radical politicians bf
Crawfdrd county, who_ promised the success
of the bill. - Under this pledge many Demo
crats in Eastern Crawford were induced to
support the Radical nominees for Assembly,
and they will probably conclude now, as see
told them at the tithe, that it would have
been better to adhere to theirown party. We
haw never• seen nn ...instance where Demo
crats deserted their principles to secure some
object of real or imaginary local advantage
that they did not find rause to regret it after
THE stot4iholders:nf the Dunkirk & War
ren R.. R. Met at the Reed House on Mon
day and held their annual election for officers.
The event attracted a large number of the
most proininent citizens of Warren, who are
deeply interested In the measure. It seems
likely that before tiro more years have
passed, this mad will be an accomplished
fact. The contract has been lehand wealthy
men have taken hold hf the enterprise, who
are resolved to push it through. The road
will connect with the Lake Shore at Dunkirk,
and with the Allegheny Valley at Irvine,
making a continuous route from Butrnto to
Pittsburgh. Its completion will be of great
advantage toWarren; as that place will, in
all likelihood, be thelocation of the machine
.hops of the road.
Aurnouott the day: is rather late, we ten
ted refrain from adding our testimony to the
merits of the loneert given by the "Old
Folks of Titusville" at Farrar Hall, on. Thur
sday evening of hist week. The audience
was one of the largest convened in our city
during the present winter, and we have not
beard a „person who. wasjin attendance that
did not pronounce the:tertainment with
out exception the best t t has been given in
Erie for a long period. ,The singing of Mrs.
Burtis was alone worth the price of adnils
sion., We congratulate the people of Titus
ville upon having a corps of musicians•ln
their midst of such unsurpassed attainments
as the "Old Folks."
EVERY week the N. Y. Tribune publishes
a column or more of letters from wealthy
Radicals sending money". to secure the free
distribution of that paper among the people.
The men who purstie this course Understand
the secret of poll dealanceess. One live journal
of either party, freely circulated among the
masses, will have more influence than ten
times the amount expended in noisy mass
meetings. We commend the example of the
Tribune's friends to Democrats everywhere;
as the best means that can be adopted for
procuring the triumph of our cause.
THE Irish portion of our citizens are mak
ing their preparations for the customary an
nual celebration of St. Patrick's day, on the
17th of March next. A grand procession is
to take place, in which the Father Mathew,
Irish American and Fenian Societies will
participate, to he followed with an entertain the evening. The four city. bands
have all been engaged, and it-is expected
that the celebration will be more largely at
tended and on a better scale than any one
hitherto held in Erie.
Tux. National Publishing Compady of
Philadelphia will sbon publish 'a new book
by Hon. Alex. H. Stephens, which promises
to be one of the most interesting issued in
many years. Its title indicates its contents:
"A Constitutional 'view of the late Vat be
tween the States ; its causes, character, con-.
duct and revolts, presented in a series of
Ha. Joan Bons, of the National Hotel,
will give a Rail? Ball, this Thutiday
taitiaiNt . men are WoAdt:* ,nbotit the•
city for a dollar and a dollar and a quarter a
day, and find employment 'scarce even it
such beggarly wages.' Many of this class of
people find it hard to support their
and we are inclined to believe that* in some
cases a great deal of distress prevails. We
have never seen a period - when so many per
sons were out of employment, and unless the
spring opens better than we anticipate the
cases of extreme poverty will be double any
former season. But what matters it that
white men, women and children starve, when
the nigger is free, .and "Witty" reignk tri
umphant ? The Cuffees, Sambas and
Jemimas of the South can eat, drink and - be
merry at the public expense, while the poor
men here at the North, who were so unfortu
nate as to be born white, are compelled - to
wear out body and "soul to eke, a TIMM
subsistence. The acme of pure Republican
government is reached at last; let us rejoice
and shout hallelujah day and night ! Allah,
be praised ; Grant is King; Steven's is his
prophet; and the millennium which the Re
publican party was established to secure, is
finally at hand !
TrrE German Insurance • Company com
menced transacting business on Wednesday.
morning, in their office in iValthees block,
under the management of the follow
ing officers President, Col. if. Schlaudeek
er ; Secretary, F. P. Liebel; Treasurer, P. A.
Becker; Directors, `Mathew. Scblaudecker,
F. P. Liebel, P. A. Becker, Henry Stahl, Jno.
Gensheimer, G. F. Brevillier, Frank Schlan
decker, U. Herinann, Joseph Serr, J. M. Ras
tatter, Valentine Shultz. These names afford
a sufficient guarantee for the stability and re
sponsibility Apt the new institution, and we
are much mistaken if it does not at once se
cure a wide pOpularity. Henry Stahl has
been selected as general agent f of the Com
Tim Chairman of the Radical Co. „Com
mittee, James Sill, Esq., hag called a tutting
of that body-on the 26th inst., for the election
of delegates to the State Convention. Al:wavy
pressure is being brought to bear upon the
Committee by the friends of Cameron and
Curtin respectively, and the contest bids fair
to assume a lively aspect before it is conclud
ed. As the majority of the Committee were
selected in the Lowry - interest, • which is
known to be hostile to Curtin, the friends of
the latter, anticipating defeat, have com
menced'an outcry for a .Convention, which,
as it has been customary for a number of
years for the Committee to select, they,will
hardly-be able to secure. •
MR. STEM Au. has introduced an act in
vythe Legislature requiring the railroads in
Erie county to erect fences five feet high the
whole length of their lines, under a penalty
of fifty dollars for each case of violation;
also, an act authorizing the Court of Erie
,county to appoint a discreet person to act in
conjunction with the Commissoners and Di
rectors of the Poor to sell the present Alms
Douse and invest the proceeds in the erection
of a new building.
Tawlate local election in Sparta township,
CrawfOrd county, shows how much may be
effected by energy and determination. A few
years ago. the township seemed hopelessly
given aver to Radleitlism, but the Demo
trots resolved to redeem it, and now ive have
the'gratifyiag report that on the 7th inst. our
full.ticket was succesSful by majorities rang
ing from 34 to 39 votes. The 'Democrats of
Sparta deserve the thanks of their brethren
throughout the Northwest, for the undaunted
spirit the have displayed.
'Gun distinguished, amiable and popular
fellow citizen, Isaac Rosenzweig, Esq., has
been honored by Governor Geary with the
apPointrrient of Notary Public, the highly
important duties of which he is prepared to
assume without delay. The keen faculty he
displays in managing his own affairs war
rants us in predicting that as a Notary he will
be a "success," exercising a promptness that
will cause the hearts of creditors to beat with
renewed joy.'
Tim Democratic Committee of Warren
county met last week and elected B. F. Mor
ris Senatorial and E. B. Eldred Repirenta
tive delegates to the . State Convention. The
Senatorial district Is' composed of Warren.
Venango and Mercer counties, and our friends
in Warren claim that they are entitled to the
delegate on this occasion t Venango having
had him for the several past years,
"WE (eel ashamed every time we give an
extract from 'Briar? Pomeroy a vile sheet."—
Ikpublien. •
The beat course we can recommend to you
then, is not to give any more of them. "We
feel ashamed" every time we take up a Rad
ical paper, at the Ignorance respecting our
institutions, and the spirit of petty malignity
which they display, but it does not follow
thnt we must lament over theni like a school
boy on the loss of his grandmother.
A Young Woman's Temperance Society.
has been formed in Chatauqua county, N. V.
They pledge theMselves to repel the - advances
of any young man who uses intoxicating
drinks. If the young men of Chautauqua
county are like those of Erie, we fear the
main portion of tbtladies have predes
tined themselves for c Ttain old maids.
Tern famous Johan Steele has applied for
l i
the benefit of the ban - pt act. Among the
debts enumerated in his petition area hotel
bill of $19,000, and "a cigar bill of $5,000.
The papers say.foltnny le ix.en driven to
the necessity of driving team in the .oil re
gion for the last few months. "..‘ foot and his
money are soon parted." - - 2
We are nnsip obligations to D. C. Kenne
dy, Esq., of W yne township, for numerous
accessions to_ cm list•of subscribers, Mr. K.
is one of the most Indefatigable Democrats
in the county, and the zeal he displays in
promoting the interests of the Observer en
titles him to our warmest thanks. - '
.WE are - requested by a member Of the
congrega i tion to say that Rev: J. L. Smith, of
the English Lutheran church, corner of
Peach and 11th streets, will 'preach a sermon
on "Theatres," next Sunday morning, at 11
o'clock.- All are invited to attend.
Tag Dispatch establishment has been con
verted into a joint stock concern, with n cap
ital of $60,000. The individual members of
the company consist of B. F H. Lynn, Pres
ident; Azro GotT,Treasurer ; Wm. P. Atkin
son, Secretary.
bur Year puties, in which the ladies per
form all the duties . of gallantry, are getting
quite fashionable in the neighboring towns.
One took place at Link's lintel, Garland,
on Friday last, in which some slaty couples
A PR IZEI scheme has been got up at Carry,
under the management - of Mr. A. D. Russell.
The price of tickets is $5, and $lO,OOO in
prizes are prondsed to those who ingest.
We shall see whale we shall see.
Tnr. Mercer Radical Co. Committee met
on the 14th inst., and selected D. F. - llouq.
ton as Senatorial, and S. C. Koonce and T.
A. Mann as Representative deleantes to the
State Convention of - that party.
SINCE writing our paragraph about the
Warren county spring elections, 'we have
been informed that the Dernociata carried .
Columbus township by a considerable ma
jority. •
AMONO the contributions published in the
Pittsburgh papers, for the rebuilding of St.
Ravices Academy, we notice $2.0 from Jas.
Casey and sl4fonn Rev. J. D. Coady, both
of this city.'
Tor. delegates to the Democratic State
Convention from Venango county are :. Sen
atorial, Arnold Plumer ; Representa dye, Jan.
BLANK NcyrEs and receipts for sale at Ibis
office, single; of in books of twenty-five, fifty
and one hundred.
Tim report or the otlicers 'a the Phila. &
Erie R. R. Co„ for the year 1887, exhlbita
the fbllowlng facts :
The total amount of tonnage in
• 1866 was - .
The total amount of tonnage in
..1.847 was
Decrease in 1867 - • 23,087
Total number of passengers car
ried In 1866 was - • • 698,415
While in 1867 it was but - 635,542
The through business, however, has in
In 1866 the No. of through pas
sengers carried was .• 2,026
While in 1867 it was - - 13,186
In 1866 the tonnage of the •
thmugh freight was • 21,763
In 1867 it amounted to • • 42,607
The receipts of the road are as follows :
From passengers • - $637,941 , 65
Mall and miscellaneous • 63,916 25
Freight - • 1,611,902 02
Total • - - $2,333,73994
Wusatt—Krea - Exs—On the 13th liott.,by Rev:
Mr. Benner, at the residence of the bride's
mother, Mr. Volt M. Willis , to Miss Kate
Stevens, both of this city.
Ttnn.u.s—Hincocs—At Worcester, Mass.,
on the 12th inst., by- Rot Win. R. Hun
tington, Charles M. Tibbals, Jr., of Chi
cago, 111., to Fanny S. Hancock, of Wor
cester. No Cards. '.
HtErt-iittrort—On the 13th inst., by Rev.
G. A. Lyon, D. D., Mr. E. W. Reed to Miss
Abbie E. Hilton, all or this city.
TIONECEER—LAWER--Oe the 18th inst., at
Warren, by Rev. Jacob Honecker, Mr. J.
W. Honecher,lof this city, to At as Pauline
Lawer. of Warren.
Dkainsnoron—On the 3d inst., at Marengo,
lowa, Mrs. Martha Deflinbough, formerly
of this city, in the 36th year of her age.
CLAns—At Cherry Hill, Erie county, Pa., on
the 3d inst., George E. Clark, son of Hor
ace and Caroline DI Clark, aged 24 years:
AFTER using Blade's Lubribators for sev
eral years, we have no hesitancy in pro
nouncing them the best thing of the kind in
the market. To. public speakers, especially,
they are invaluable, removing all roughness
from- the throat, and giving- a smoothness
and flexibility to the voice which" we have
failed to obtain by the aid of any other medi
cine. We consider them all they profess to
be, and would recommend them_ to all
troubled with throat or lung disease. -
REV. Wm. Anaurrnonti,
. of East Genesee Conf. 31. E. Ch.
• Bev. E. P. CRANE,
Pnstor Baptist Ch., Wellsville, N. Y.
GOOD STORIEI3.—Part 3 ; just issued by
Ticknor cb - Fields, banishes a collection of
capital stories specially suited for reading on
winter evenings. They are excellent for the
family, or for reading in cars or .on steam•
boats." The price is only 110 cents per copy.
All booksellers and news dealers have them,
or they can be procured, postpaid, directly
from the publishers, Ticknor & Field., 80.-
A. LIMY who has suffered for over five
month's the most extreme torture from Neu
ralgia has been completely cured by one
dose (forty drops) Metcalfe's Great Rheumat
ic Remedy. Sold by all druggists.
.fteln bbertiorntento
ffirAdvertisements. to secure insertion, must
be handed in by 8 o'clock ou Wednesday after•
noon. All advertisements will be continued at
the expense of the advvitser. unless ordered
for a specitled time.
- Opposite Union Erie, Pa., Jas. Camp
bell, proprietor. House open at all hours. The
bar and table always mippi led with the choicest
that the market s land.
1301 Peach Bt., ono. /Corbin House
News Dealer and Stationer,
And Dealer In
Havana and Domestic Clgans,
' Chewing and Brooking Tohaken,
All the
Repeived, Immediately upon publication.
No. 701 State St., Erie, Pa.
Dealers In •
Stoves, Tin Ware and Sheet'
11.- Iv A. "tr.. - •
A• large aasortineut of
SPOON 4. Sr.C.
Warrant In Bankruptcy.
HIB NTOGIVE NOTICE that on the 13th day
of A. D.,lBol,aWarrant in Bankruptcy
was issued against theestateof John B. Perkins,
of the city of Erie, An the comity of Erie, and
State of Pennsylvania, who hits been adjudged
a bankrupt on his own petition.; that the pay
ment of any debts and delivery of any property
belonging to hint. for his use, and the transfer'
of any property by hint are forbidden by law;
that a meet Mg of the creditors of the
rupt, td prove their debts anti to choose one or
more Assignees of his estate, will be held at a
Court of Bankruptcy, to be hoiden at the otflea
of the Register, in the city of Erie, before S. K
Woodruff, Esq.., Register In said district, on the
Pith day of April, A. D. 103, at 10 o'clock. A. M.
D. S. Marshal for said District.
By (b P. Davis, Dept. C. S. Marshal.
Warrant in Bankruptcy.
?Lint IS IS TO GIVE NOTICE that att the ifftlitlay
I of Februarq„A. D. 1848,a Warrant in Bank
ruptcy was Issued against the estate of German
R. - Nourse, of Edinboro, iff the county of Erie,
State of Pennsylvania, who luta been adjudged
bankrupt on his own petition That the pay
ment of any debti and dellveryof any property
belonging to such bankrupt, to him and for his
use, and the transfer of any property by him
are' forbidden by law; that a meeting of the
creditors of the Said bankrupt, to prove their
debts and to choose one or more Assignees of
his estate, will be held nt a than of Bankrupt
cy, to be holden at the office of the Register, in
the city of Erie, in the county of Erie and State
of Penn's, before S. E. Woodruff;
. .egister. on
the Z3d day of April A. D. ISM, at. o'clock, P.
I THoBIAs A. Rovrixy.
U. S. Marshal for said District.
By O. P. WWII, Dept. U. S. Marshal.
-- Discharge to Bankruptcy.
DISTRItT. COURT of the United
I States, for the Western District of Pennsyl
vania. Homer'J. Clark, a bankrupt under the
Act of Congress of Starch Id, 1867, having-ap
plied for a discharge froze all his debts, and oth
er claims provable under said act by order of
the Court, notice in hereby given Mall creditors
who.have proved their debts, and otherpersons
interested, to appear on the 13th day of
April, NW, at 9 o'clock, A. .11., before 8. E.
Woodruff, Esq., Register, at his office, at
Girard, Erie county, Pa., to show cause, if
any they have, why. a discharge should not
be granted to the said bankrupt. And further,
notice is hereby given that the second and third
meetings of creditors of said bankrupt, reunited
by the 2rth and 24th sect Mir; of said act, Will be
held before the said Register. nt the same time
and place. S. C. IfcCANDLESS, .
Clerk of U. H. District Court for /Aid
Assigner in Bankruptcy.
IN THE DISTRICT COURT of the EnittAl Stairs
I for the 'Western District of Penn'a. In the
matter of the bankruptcy of Silas R. (leer.
The undersigned hereby gives notice of his ap
pointment as assignee of Silas. It. Geer, of
t'orry, Erie County, and State of l'ennsylva
nia, within said District. who has been adjudged
a bankrupt upon his own petition by the Dis
trict Court of said district, dated at Erie, Feb.
A. D., ISris.
No."1:11,1 Peach St., Erie,
Assignee in Bankruptcy.
TN THE DISTRI CT COURT of thellnited States
T for the Western DiStTlet "of Pennsylvania,
In the matter of Chas. R. Brown, bankrupt. The
undersigned hereby gives nattee of his ap
pointment as assignee of Chas; R. Brown, of
the city of awry, county of Erie and
State of Pennsylvania, within, said district,
who has been adjudged, a bankrupt, upon his
own petition, by the District Court of said dis
trict, dated at Erie. Pa.. Feb. 3 A. D.,1801.
HENRY M. RIBLET, Assignee_,
No. ICI Peach pt., Erie. Ps.
1h -sr
"i 92,008
Johnson and Grant in a Flurry !
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Book .13indingx, Ruling, *Ace._
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The 'Mend patronage extentle.i to tbk onlo• during the to ,4 two years has encouraged tut to
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. . .
ifto. tltte..l up our office In tbe.
MOI4T• • CC)3IPI_:E.:Trk:
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i tftbElts Fol:
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