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    Important jloticro
grd.dverl/4ement9 Inserted under this
15 cents er lute of 10 words far that:ll'st,
n , re n ts tbr the second, and 10 cents
-oirliNtill,equent 'insertion. t
Fcw Reliable Insurns.s Zce of all kinds ap r ply
p • Russell, Agent, N orth No. Park. Erie,
Fur Insurance In well known and moat re
. Cornpan les, apply to R. W. Russell, naent,
stste street. teb2l'67-Iy.
nemoval.—The Stove and Tin Ware stereo(
g Co.. has bt-en remosved to No. 1361 Sas
.,,,creet, near the Buffalo Road, where will
o n hand n complete stock of goods in
tir line which the public are invited to call
epinfne. ap-t-tf.
grle Lodge lin. VI, I. 0. of Good Tern.
rn ,et. on even - Tuesday evening, in the
Fellows' bodgeltoom, on Finite street, over
i m ory store. Stranger Templarnvis-
J , " .itr ore eenlially Invited to bellirerAmt.
•Ing !• e , • GEO. KNIGHT.
i.114"a: Vial.. S.
seraething Netv.—The greatest thing
;)I vet Jug( out. It tells you everything.
ratch fur-lienrln g ani mat R, fish, dre. How
Irtlkkrn anti curl the hair. Fifty great
.4 , 9 Ire , lor conts„kddreqs
'•, WCHII ) , 116 X 5.9:7, N. Y. City.
-1.. r •
U115111[0 5 El trettore
!•,,:ne•ok Card, inserted in tlds -depart
f,orp. year, at a dollar rer
lkirzes. 4: Walker, tri and al N. Park
Ml l, 3 0 4 :111(1 French Rt.
n Prevell 511 French qt.
• -.e 4 :r2 North Park.
PorriM AND Si - TO} .
; ;irk. II Park Flow.
7 ••,,,) it h. ,50.5 State ,t reel.
c.;;; hart et „Di NOV 11 Park.
Zu ra ;al , :tat %treet.
• Jr„
;f,, MCCr.nrc. North Park.
" FLOI'll..l FEED. •
Filver , :tiek, Park Row.
~.;11 Bro.. 119 French at.
higri)lt STORES.
;;11 State ~t.
it 11, 2a • Nort h Park.
'tote st.
Wln. Wiliill2, ' 55 State ‘.l.
4: 1 1•IV I ; 31.% ciltsE AGExcrEsi
•nC w i t,,n, 127 State
M. 1 ,11 ine, ,I'2 French et . -
. MAachine,.72.: French at.
iahrr, , ;2;1 Salt e
. ,
W'bite, • s;mth Park.
citta 'KERN' .h (31'..1 4 :4WARE
• , G!..ane. 11 not: Row.
State it.
t 110;;; , ...: Park Row.
" N;;rth PArk.
\'r, .O,ID cApi,
j 1, )11, ;:f N. Irt II Park.
• K „ . „ . ‘ z T. illstate street.
";?.7., French at.
n , 7l:l.."lFronell st.
8urg..4.:, 431 and 700 State street
1 , 1:r4; , ' AND MEDICINES..
Ihrnaci, 1117 Peach street.
r2l State street.
Warfel, c,,TI state st.
lor , a" Doll. 1312 Peach street.
r en.. 21 North Park.
state street?
"..01:111.011 & San, 711 State street
, tiny cionnv.. . '
& Wllaps . .
Lehman, 1350 Pearh at
-• • . r. i in., 714 State st.
I ,nele. 716 State st.
& I 11 :Coble Mork.
..-”‘Vr•IC k Rrn., 512 fate st.
11,.111 & Co., 5 Reed Hong* , Block
lorf. CI rocs k Foster.
3116 State st.
_ .
o;rlMth, 1121 Peach ;a: •
Lt. I'o. 1125 "
ford ,
1321 " -
Itrithender, 1218 "
I:eelt man, 501 State At.
A , . 11.. 'llrlAtian f•ratc, 21 North Park
• I_ 115 French At.
\l•nicz, Corner Rth and State At.
t 1 , -, 01;or ee Co., 531 French At. - 1 French '.t. - -
' :rva Mallory, re; French St.
A , hla IcAiter, 1711 suite St.
P, clan., 2t Dolt Fifth St.
•-•` - ,:tf, 701 State At.
over 14, RosenzweigN Block
- 3 Lett, 1:07 Peach
I*. lamb, over 112.4 State street.
iri !Ire,., Farrar Hall 111111,1Ing.
Walter Co., Over 1121 Peach ct.
is Wel...htnan, rlaq Peach St.
,z k .\ , klnc, 70i -tat. ,t.
71L1 Z;tat•
W. Mehl, 517 French , t:
V. sterner, 401 State
Co., 112.3 Peach
W. Pierre Co., K 301.181 ., Xt.
•mkey & Shannon, 5(17 Frrne
52;1 Frenoi)
ne V071110...44, 1211 Peach ht.
'blur.] Bros., 701 State at.
Mn or 0: Son, 1415 State st.
0.• Co., 1018 amt lftdl Stat P rt
M4117/11r, 22 North Park.
Ezi Sassafras et.
It. Ftlll4t & Co., 818 State st.
11. Rlblet RlB State at
cLoTiiiNc; wrortE..3.
Gensheltner et. Son, 6t!State St.
ilz et Stellek, Int State at.
tenciler, 6"33 State at.
ST2 State at.
.nza S M..ver, 4 Noble Block.
1, Itoa., No. In North Park.
o, Thompson, 5'21 French at.
ra ••;111, 51.5 French at.
w. Hutchinson, c iirard, Pa.
art, :P) North Park, hnnaell7 State at..
I ,aer, II ommpathist 62. 4 3 Peach at.
STRAW (.100BS.
ti Blake, south - Park.
tl tart's, :1 South Park.
' • MeGrath. C,07 French it.
Ilaw4ttn..; LilliPenelt at.
'Getz, 1123 State at.
- 1•11, 11.41 k co., 3d and Pench ata.
MO% I .•.tr • l'lnladelphla at p.m.and
at Era. ut 970 u p. tn.
.71.• EXprvy. kuvt, phtladellthia at 1200 tn., and
I. arm e, at Era. at 9:44 a. nt.
..1 ,-, lllllllto.h.tif /II leaves - Warren at 12:.5.5
1' . 4 .. Corr , To 2 :1) m., and ainveg at Erie
f"v,... Erie at ti1:2.1 rn., and arriv,r
l'hil,eltdplita at a. tn.
Erie ut inn p. in.. and tar
a: l'ailadelptia al p.
10,. .analoilal lon lea‘ea Erie at ha.g) -a.
• ' m.. 11114 arrives at Warren
a. 111.
el.! Ex preie, ronneet with all tralna on
t Franklin Railway. Passenizera*
Phil a delphia at 12:1Kini.,arrIveat Ira in..-
,t. m.. and WI City at 9:: . O a. at.
IlioladelpLia m II:1:i p. in., arrive at:
. p.
:r cu, .41 the Warren a. Franklin Katie. av
,enneetlon, at thl iltv with trni,ns
~; sl, l l and l'etrolentli 'entre. II
Warrant in Bankrupte).
1 /.,.,1 ENI al. th:lt On the 7.111. hr:
16 p.7,a Wo: rant in Bankruptcy
'' the ol I hie.% It. Brown,
..n rs its the 4,k:tat V of Erie. awl
l't an, lx alga, wit. her atljtitltp4l
hi- 06111.t.tith,11: that the pee' -.
”.1x 40 , 4 :in , l deli% cry of nny ploperty.
Itc 'tt Win. tor 6tti 11,e. Melt the I rrt,t,r
11, Llw .ITe .y
111..ert.difOria of OW
• tlwir and to eluar..e or
•of lug ....;at.% will Ie toll at a
hitikruptvv, fob.. holden hi lin , °Mee
s '• trutl, in the Cour?. !fount., In the
411..triet, before S. E. Wn.oit
"'stkt. htt the I h dn% of Febnutry, A.
I..( Ci`l.Nqi.. .1. NI
i'lli)SfAS A. ROWLEY,
I=- ; , s• 31arstial for said District
.t uditor's Notice.
, Id lt4 ri
Erie•C*o, No. MI May
•Term, 1467. Vendamid
1,-,n7, on 'notion (i ~,, e, W.
apeolut Auditor, •
ta.reb‘ itivem tont! part Interested
Az:. rat to litlt les of ray, appoint
, Jan. :id, at 2 p. tn., at fay ° Mee
1-IZ-1µ Gt.:4 W, it;NNISON. Auditor.
Rank Notice.
Ntatonal Hank of Erie,
De , entber , 1.14.17.
eloct ton for Director"; l27th of this Bank
th:. Ranking Ifonie,ort Tuetulay,
,4 January next, between the
0 and 12 o', lock, nt.
WM. C. erKRY, Caglijer.
Timber Land for Sale. -
'FrER 101: 170 ekrry of timber land
I.m.n`old tp Crawford eo nt • abotH- 1 -
t „ .„ . . u ,
L n , , oc mil Crerk, and about mllra from
, Mak. It'll! br hold cheap for cloth.
Crawford Co., Pa.
IF=l E Feed Cutter..
s IIARPEING. The begt inarket.
cut ettntw or cos nAtalk,s faeterand
µmei 'than any other.
Wt French Street.
Agents Or the Observer.
We have seleileil the following gentlemen as
our agents in the places named, to transact any
busluesstin connect ion wittethe °Mee. Persons
knowing themselves indebted in ux can hand
them the nunlinilkd tkele. keeelpts jilae . ac
knaWledeiattkailininns,, onn*ivra :
Parole:2M ang4no-orci; •'. ' •
Oak Gni - Th- - Wkal J 1 Welker. '
Waynata l lir: Upward. -
Young w;ffilii..4:liipt;ti: 3. ViThltneY. -
Spartans anti O. Burlingham. • ,
Tltuavi Ewing. .
_ Waterfard-IV. Ct.:White.
Union- likiroauga.-X. V. B. Brown.-
Union waramahlp-kiosTgirlileT:
FalrvieW-Ainos Marie.
Oirard-Capt. D. W. Hutebinaoii, • • -
- Elk Creek and Landra lane-Wmßhermau.
sprlnglieldC.Oilbert-Thied. ;
i,flek pad-a. C Cantrman. •••-,•• •
Watiaburg-Lymsn fiobitunn.
Me - ICenn Tuve:a:hip-E. •
• Edinboro-Xarrum Kalev. .
father C'ree'k-Wm. 'Rittman.
Wesleyville-Edward Jones.
North Fast-B. A. Tabor.
Jackson's-Smith J. Jackson. tt
Our Terms.
As our uew terms for 186$ seem to hat e
escaped the notice of many of our friends, we
again call attention to them, in order to pre
vent. misunderstanding.. To all who pay is
advance,or within a month atter the com
mencement of their subscriptions, the price
will be Two Dom...tits per year—subscribers
served by city carriers being charged r wry
iI:NT9 extra. All who do not pay in adsance,
or within a month, will be
Two Dem
i...NW, AND FIFTY CENTS, ald those who wait
until the expiration of the year, THREE Dol.-
LARS. We have had some 'complaint that
the lbniter price of the paper was too high,
and avail ourself of this arrangement to avoid
it in future. Those who think they eannot
afford more than Two Dollars for a paper
have the efiance afforded them by making
prompt payment, And those who neglect to
do so must expect to pay the extra fifty
cents. Thow rafca trill Le: otriray adhered t.,,
and we shall publiiih this notice sufficiently
long for all to see it, so that none will have
an excuse frir saying that they did not know
Mir,precise terms.
A number of i,:abseribers - paid in advance
at the old rates, before we decided upon ma
king a change. In all instances, the extra
sum will be allowed them upon their next
year's subscription, being at the rate of three
months for each fifty cent, in excess.
6 6 Loyal 99 and 4 • Loyalty."
The daily Republican copies ." from the
latest edition of Webster's Unabridged," the
following - definitions of these two much
abused words, for the " special use and be
hoof of the editor of the Observer:"
LOYAL, a. [Fr. loyal, &c., &c.. Lat. legalis,
from ler, leffizt, Fr. b y, lai lei, law-1
1. Devoted to . the maintenance of law ;
di,po , ed to uphold the constituted authority ;
faithful to the lawful govi•rnment, he!her
parental, civil, or divine.•
LOYALTY, la. the state or quality of being
Mr"".l:4galty . . . being derived from
[Fri 10i, expresses, properly„,that fidelity
which one owes according to law,—and does
not necessarily include that attachment to
the royal person, which, happily, we in En
gland have been able further to throw into
the world."—French.
" LOYAL MEN, it. Those who sustained the
Government during the great Rebellion."—
After reading these definitions, we arc
confirmed in the view heretofore expressed,
that our cotemporary, its lavish use of the
terms retiTred to, either did not understand
their meaning until the editor turned to Web
ster to ascertain it, or employed them with.a
tnll knowledge that it was misconstruing the
- slime. It has invariably alluded to Radicals
as the "loyal men." and to the Radical or
ganization as the party of " loyalty," the in
ference being that their opponents were all
" disloyal." Taking Websterand Grant, who
are accepted by the Republican, as our guide,
it Is an easy matter to' show that the terms
oufr,lit to be used in exactly the Opposite
sense from that employed by our cotem
porary. The Democratic party is the may_
one which, through its whole history, under
all circumstances and in every crisis of the
•nation, has been steadfastly • devoted to the
maintainance of law disposed to uphold
the constitt4ted authority," and consistently
" faithful toi the lawfel•government, whether
parental, civil or divine." It was the only
one which " sustained the Government
during the great relidlion," to the end that
the Constitution, the; ulwark of our liberty,
and the highest authority in the land, might
he maintained unimpaired, and handed down
to posterity the same pure and beneficent in
strutnent transmitted te . • us by our fittheis. The
Radical party, on the other hand, has signal
! ized its career by innumerable violation 4 of
1 these definition,. Founded upon a direct de
-1 fiance of the binding decision of the Su
preme Court, it disphiyed its hostility to law
by sending. armed emissaries into the South
I and the Territories to create insurrections
among their people. • It announced its
tention to overturn the guaranteed rights of
nearly half the • States in the Union, and
elected a President upon that idea. Having
by it.. vindictiveness 'and sectional agitation
accomplished its purpose of driving the
South into secession, it availed itself of the
war which followed to brealt, down every ban
ner of constitutional law that stood in the
war of it, ambition. Free'speech and free
dom of opinion were ruiltha,sly trampled
under foot, thousands of honest citizens east
into dungeons for Tin other crime than daring
to utter what the ruling powers at the time
did; not approve, States divested of their
most sacred rights, civil law made to give
Way to. military, •appropriations voted with
out the slightest regard to legal restrictions,
and a reign of terror, corruption' and ex
travagance continued tilt six years that has
few parallels in the world's history. Not
satisfied with this infamous record, it has
gone a step further, and to•duv keeps out of
the Union ten Stites that are nq much enti
tied to representation 'as Pennsylvania or
\ew• York, in disregard of the plainest pro
vkions of the Constitution, rind to the ruin
of the be.t intrret.t , of the entire nation.
Are we not right, then, in claiming, as we
often have, that the real "disloyal" party of
Ameriva ig the Ittaieal One, which Int, done
so much to we the ties of public affec
tion, bring our institution. into contempt,
and injure the peoerity of tire• country?
Front tie• tiro moment of it. inception
down to the lore-ent dty, it hay heott the
fonleqt enemy of everythinz that is ••
to the spirit or I{.2publivan government.
Born in eritne,mirsed by turmoil, and trained
to corruption, if Plovitlenec had been dis
posed to wreak Ilk vengeance, upon the
'United, States for some awful , iolation ;of
His will, ht• coald not have sent a more
blasting curse than the advent of the Itadir;al
party, and the time is not distant when ita
memory will Ix• regarded by the mass of the
people with the same horror they would en
tertain thr some great natural convulsion or
terrible pestilence.
We hope our cotemporary, in its future
allusions to the " loyal men" of the land
will take pains to give the expression its
fit application.
IT is unnecessary- that we should be con-,
standy repeating the fart, to satisfy the pub
lic that the Observer is the most largely cir
culated weekly in the county. - Every person
who is acquainted with our people is aware
that in whatever portion of the county lie
visits the Obseryer has more readers than
any other paper. We make the assertion
without hesitation or Par of contradiction,
that an advertisement inserted in our col
umns will reach one-third more people than
the same iu either of the other county pa
pers. The rapidity with which our subscrip
tion list is increasing leads us to believe that
before the year ends we w ill have twice as
large a list as the most widely circulated of
our cotemporaries.
1 • WRodell
The lecture of Wendel: iir tps - on:
I Lost Arts, postponed froth Wednesday even
ing on account of his fitilure to reach the city
in time, was • given on Saturday-evening;
Mr. Phillips explaining that the cause of his
:disappointment was owing to erroneous in
formation relative to the. railroad connections,
:It was a learned,uble and eloquent attempt to
show- that nith all its boasting the present
generation has made but little advancement
-over the ancients in the knowledge of the
sciences, and in many respects has even fall
'en behind titem. • The 411bject was entirely
new to a vast majority or the audience. and
the large' amount of valuable information
.given, the novelty of its statements, the ele
gant style in which it was prepared, and the
graceful and easy manner, of the speaker,
gave the lecture a fascination such as few
in any of our courses have possessed. It
occupied about an hour In its deliyery, and
Was listened to with the closest attention.
At the termination of the regular lecture,
as previously announced, and at the request
of many of lur Radical citizens, Mr. Phillips
spoke about an hour on * political toples, dur
ing which he proved himself to be even a
more effective orator than before. The re
sult showed that the Radicals who bad drawn
him out "reckoned without their boTit."
About half of the hour was occupied in a
review of the events and causes of the war,
from an Abolition stand-point, and' the bal
ance to unsparing criticisms upon the past
and probable record of the Republican party.
He fired hot shot, right and left, claimed that
the Radical masses were again to be betrayed,
alluded sneeringly to "the late lamented
martyr," and castigated Grant with unrelt nt
ing severity, and to Considerable length. No
man, he declared, who was too timid or ig
norant to give his views on public questions,
was fit to be or would•be chosen next Presi
dent of the United States! The Grant peo
ple were indignant beyond description, the
anti-Grants were, delighted, a good many
hesitating ones Were placed more a-straddle
the ferice Than ever, and the Democrats felt
tickled And displayed their emotions by
manifestations. anything but consolatory to
their opponents.
Mr. Phillips is a medium sized man, of
fifty-live or sixty years of age, pleasing ap
pearance, and mild and attractive manners.
Ile wears light side whiskers, and his gray
hair is so thin that it leaves the larger part
of his heti(' exposed. His manner of speak
ing is much like Edward Everett's, though
his sentences are more nervous and prepared
Without any attempt at polish. He uses no
notes, makes few gestures, moves about but
little on the stage, and generally speaks_in a
frank, conversational tone, regardless of pro
during an effect. After hearing him ou Sat
urday we wonder no longer at his wide re
putation. His opinions we of course abomi
nate as fill good citizens should, but candor
compels us to say that we have heard but
one or two public speakers who approached
him in the peculiar qualities which - f s 'o to
make up genuine oratory.
s - jan9-tf
The gassiiks of the city have had il rare mor
sel to wet their appetites upon in an incident
that occurred on Saturday- afternoon, and
came to a climax on Tuesday before Justice
Curtze. It seems that a young man named'
Milo Pelton Nils been keeping company for
some time with a daughter of S. Finch, to the
intense annoyance of the latter individual.
On the afternoon named Pelton hired a ear- .
riage, and, accompanied by Oliver Kennedy, -
went to the lady's residence fin the purpose
of taking her out riding. Another lady, it is
said, was to go with them, and the circum
stances look much as if a runaway match
was on the tapis, though the parties deny
the gentle impeachment The irascible papa
got wind of the. transaction, and bursting
upon the parties with a brick-bat in his
hand, produced .a consternation in their
midst easier to imagine than describe. Pelton
took to his-heels, followed cloSely by several
brick-bats, and Finch, as one of the witnesses
testified, having applied an umbrella to his
daughter, forced her to return home, where
she remains a victim of "arbitary arrest"
The up-shot of the affair was t suit brought
by Pelton against Finch for as4ault and bat
tery, which, as all such cases do, attracted a
crowd of. interested-spectators. The -.Court,
Justice Curtze presiding, sensibly pat both
parties under bonds to keep the . peace, and
here the matter rests until the next act.
TUE C. of DEnuati.—The much talked
about and anxiously nwnited trial 'of Julius
Degmeir, the "loyal" reverend, Indicted for
embezzlement of public funds, on oath of J.
W. Douglass, Esq., Colleator of Internal Rev
enue, commenced on Tuesday morning, and
has been in progress during, the week be
fore the U. S. District court_ The main
witnesses on behalf of the Government are
Mr. Douglass and the employees in his office,
whose testimony is exceedingly: damaging
to the prisoner. The rulings of the
Court -have 'invariably been against the
defence, and there is a common belief - that
Lis conviction is nlinost certain, though the
sentiment of mercy, in consideration of his
past position, and the temptations placed be
fpre him, finds many advocates.
Mr. Degmeir has been confined in the
county jail ever since his last arrest, from
width he is taken to the Court room at the
opening of each day's proceedings. He looks
depressed and haggard, and it is plain that
he . suffers exerutiating mental agony. ..1
man of education and cultivated - taste, his
position is deplorable indeed, and furniShei
a sad commentary on the frailties of human
character, and the .chants of earthly thr
establishment, at the corner of State and
Twelfth streets, continues to occupy its posi
tion, so long maintained, as the leading man
ufactory in North-Western Pennsylvania.
The dull season which has stopped so many
of its rivals, or obliged them to work on re
duced time, seems to have effected it but
slightly, and it. maintains its prospirity with
little perceptible diminution. The concern
makes a speciality of - the celebrated Brad
ley' engine, which is every daygrowiog more
in favor with machinists, and bids fair to re
volutionize the thole steam power system.
His a compotmil or• double cylinder, using
Vie steam twice. and the manufacturers war
rant it to tinm hilt* to a hundred per
cent. more 100 er than the ordinary single.
cylinder. To titoe• of our readers using en
gines' who Lave 'not hail their attetiti:p tailed
to the Bradley, we earnestly recianmend it
as well worth examination. Besides these
engines, the comp Any continue to fill orders
for the old styles or Engines, Boilers,Oil Stills
and Tanks; Circular Saw Mills -aid Head
Blocks; and everything else in the line of a
first-elan - manufactory:
To yin very great sorrow we are obliged
this week to part company with a number of
dearly beloved patrons who have been upon
our list several-years. ' They are of the class
who believe in taking a paper for the sake of
encouraging it, never for a moment deeming
that it is of the slightest - importance to Ru
ttish the editor with a cent of cash. The
faithful fellows have stuck to us "closer than
a brother," and Would probably continue to
do so fur life. We have too much charity,
though, to impose upon them any longer the
heavy burden of our "support," and so part
company with them sadly and reluctantly.
Profitable patrons, adieu! May your sleep be
disturbed with no visions of gaunt and ghost
ly printers clamoring for
,their pay ; and in
the hotter clime to which you are &mad
may there be no little printers' imps to pinch
your skin and with their tiny, red
hot forks, for the sins done in the flesh!
"Fare thee well, and if forever,
Still forever fare thee well!"
WE are unavoidably obliged, to postpone
several communication 9 of intereat
. -
Thwtie, - Widnes; tirriltienfr mip are
able to - 10eitore our reader* the (allotting
,in the history of two
gentlemen whose names and deeds are now
familiar, to the; 9ee ° M e m*
U. (( (lim aGint:l.#.odsir-in-citlef of
'the titialet of4h4H Piked States, and &Foca
incottanditlit4o)l,otPrealdanci ; another
the 'gallant coukta - ander Stevens, , Is known
pemotuilly by most and made
a record during the war that was surpassed
by few of his fellaw' David 9filneta• At the
time the contract.waswiltten both were un
known to fame,' - with , means, and wil
ling toemhark in almost any enterprise to
better Weir fbitunes. Only fourteen years
have'elarated,: and how astonishing, are the'
changtis thithave occurred, not only in their
bytt In (lint of the nation !
This leaseiiiitu la Win fifth day of October,
A. D. 1854 between Ilium 3L Han, of the
city of San Francisco,' of the tint part, and
Henry D. Wage, _prises - B. • Grant and
Thomas H.'
.if Mlsiii; or tbe,llWric -ace, of
the second • park .--idtneriseth,`Autt t ine party
of the first paithitedentkieti And-let to the
'parties of the second 'part,' the 'rear and
eastern' room on the that floor of the build
ing known as the Union Hotel in said city,
fronting on Kearney street; said room being
about e ighty feet: in depth by the width of
the bonding, for the term of one year, com
mencing on the day of the date hereof, at
the nvauth)y rent of five hundred dollars per
month, payable'Monthly in advance, with
the' privilege to said parties of the second
part-of nne;yearAnors,,provitled-they• give 01. the • first •part written notice of
their intention to hold over, Sixty days pre
vious to the termination of the first year.
Said parties of the second part covenant that
'they will not transfer this lease, or sub-let
any portion. of said premise 3, without the
written consent of said party of the first
part, and it is expreosly agreed Wardle
premises herein leased shall be used for bil
liard tables eiclusi , iely;• and for' no other.
business or purpose whatever, and that no
article of any description 'shall he sold there
in.' Said parties of the second part further
agree, that they. will pay, the said rent as
above presided, and in case they fait tolpay
any portion thereof, when same becomeL
due, or to Mini any of the provisions or stip
ulations of this lease, it bhall be absolutely
forfeited, and said party of the first part shall
thereupon be at liberty -to re-enter said prem
ises, Without
,notice or demand, and hold
possession thereof free from all claims of the
said parties of the second part, or resort to
any other" legal remedy. 'At the expiration
of this lease said parties of the second part
agree to surrender the possession of the
premises leased in as good condition as now;
ordinary wear and damage by the elements
Witness our bands and seals the day and
year aforesaid. ISAAC 31. HALL,
Signed in presence of) . U. S. GRANT,
Attached to this letter is the following as
I, U. S. Grant, of the Fourth, U. S. In
fantry, hereby empower, Lieutenant T.
Stevens, IT. S. N., and Captain H. D. Wal
let'. U. S. A., to sell my proportion of the
billiard tables, fixtures, etc., -in the Union
San .14'runctwti.
[Signed] U. S. GRANT, Capt. U. S. A
San Francisco, Cal., Dee. 20t1141853.
CORRESPONDENCE.—The follottifig highly
interesting letter comes to us from a uew cor
respondent. The writer develope4 a striking
capacity for the epistolary art :
Mit. EDITOR :—Excuse the liberty I take
in nthires.sing you this note, but thinking you
'ould like to hear front this remote part of
the earth.
I take the liberty to addre's•.3 you this, and
trust that it will be acceptable.
- Although there is nothing of particular In
terest-to write, however I will endeavor to
make it.sufficiently interesting to publish.
At present we are having miserable mud
dy wet weather; it is bad on all kinds of
This Ls it great wood country but they are
fast cutting it off. There is one gentleman
in this town that intends to get between
three and four thousand cords of wood out
to the Railroad this winter. It looks waste
ful to see the stately ffitests swept away.
Yours truly.
P. S: If this proves of sufficient interest
to you, I will in my - nest endeavor to write
you a longer and I think a better one.
LIBERAL OFTER.—"3terrill's Two Horse
Store" offers to every person buying over
five (5) dollars worth of goods • at that estab
lishment a present valued from fifty cents to
thirty (30) dollars. They have selected from
their stock•a large number of articles, con
sisting of cloaks, shawls, dress patterns, Bal
moral and hOop skirts, &c., to. be given to
their customers. To prevent partiality being
shown each package is numbered, and the
customer selecting a number secures the
package with the same number. The 4xic-
CeS.4 this novel plan of advertising has met
with during the past week has compelled
Messrs. Merrill, & Co. to add a large number
of new presents, and we advise all intending
to purchase dry goods to test this plan, as it
is one of the best inducements yet (*red.
Card of Thanks.
The writer, who speaks for many of his
fellow-citizens, desires to acknowledge,, the
obligations which this city and its people owe
the zealous and indefatigable pastor of St.
Patrick's, Rev. Thomas Carroll. Since his
advent a reformation and improvement have
been effected among his people which-chul
leng,es admiration ; and although no flowerets
are strewn in his pathway, the prayers of
crateful citizens are sowing the seeds of
flowers that will have an_ everlasting bloom,
and be a crown of recompense for him in a
better and brighter wnrld. It is only there
merits like his can be rewarded. He has grap
pled with and banished from families and
from our streets the demon of intemperance.
lle is giving the rising generation under his
charge the blessings of education that will
tit them in brave the cares and _make
them good citizens and good ehristians.—
Nine hundred communicants on Christmas
day and five hundred on New 'Year's day, at
test his efficiency, the moral improvement
of his people, and their cordial co-operation
with him. There is no home to-day in Erie,
no not one home, where his benign and sal
utary influence is not felt and acknowledged.
In a few years his work will be indestructi
ble. Let us, therefore, as people •who feel
proud of him, greet him, bless him, and re
turn thanks to him, in the beginning of this
new year, 1868. GRATITUDE.
Sargeant, the agent of the publishers, has
exhibited to us .1 sample 01 this very valua
ble work. In a convenient and portable
form, The publisher has Collected over ninety
maps and plans of all the countries, and
many of the cities and harliors of, the world.
All railmadS and important routes are indi
catet to the present time. A neat new map
of tlif late "Russian Possessions" is among
its features. Also an arrangement for fitting
in ndw maps as they may be published. The
United States and Canadian Post Office lists,
census returns, and other statistival matters
are added. We hope the agent will receive
the encouragement of all intelligent citizens,
a , we are sure the work he has in hand de
serves no ley,,
tielans—prearhers—playem—all salTer from
dyspepsia, nervousness, loss of appetite, liver
complaints, and all diseases which they may
cure or prevent by the use of Plantation Bit
ters. If thosivgufferers took these bitters, the
poetry would be purer, the printing neater,
the painting grander, the politics hohester,
the sermons livelier, and the acting truer.
This splendid lonic invigorates the system,
and enables the brain to work healthily.
Perhaps no article. was ever so well en
dorsed by all who have used it.
711mrsomA WaTr.n.—S delightful toilet arc
tide—superior to Cologne and at half the
price. ..YanD-2t.
The satistketion given by our "Holiday
Drawing," induces us on the 16th day of
January to again plade before the public the
same nri valled opportunity to gain a fortune.
The capital prize of 00,000 WWI drawn by a
citizen of Charleston. S. our drawing
of December 31st. Price of tickets
fore, wholes, $l2 ; halves, $6 ; quarters, $3.
Remittance to any other parties will not be
invested in this lottery. Address, as usual,
the authorized State 3lanagcrs, Murray, Ed
dy it Co., Covington, KY. .
METCALFE'S Lionel! Cough Balm is par
ticular/y recommended forchildren. It cures
coughs, colds, croup, sore throat and hooping
cough, is pleasant to the taste, and acts like
a charm. For sale by all druggists.
Tin; Gazettt is *Nick" of the course of the
Radicals in Congress : It will be sicker yet
before the year expiree.
Tun Observer can be obtained every Fri
day morning at tila. fcakTiPg'Olice 2l 2, . •
Caughey, McCreary it Co., Park Row.
May & Sell, State street.
garkm &Bro.; Cony. tt
OCR enterprising, soung,friend o John Ro
land, has fitted up hts islooit, - niar the south
west curtlet Of State retnie,t and the Park, in
a tip-top style. He is prepared to meet all
the wants of the "inner-man."
Tux Republican calla the Gazette a " dis
organizing sheet." • The Gazette retaliates
by styling the Republican "our skim milk
cotemporatrY , ' Roth hie uoir studeing the
dictionary thoroughly to !Ind' out the hardest
words with which to retort upon one another.
Happy, happy family.! •
. • .•
Titre Democratic Almanac, issued from the
Day Book office, and the World Almanac,
each containing invaluable statistical infor
mation, are for sale at this office . ; price 2
censf, PC! copy. Thy.y_are, .potl lunch supe
rior to the well known,Triburte Almanse,
and no Democrat who desires to keep well
posted will do without them.
Tneßnierisitunen * ts 'to he AleZr by the
Grand Army of the Republic, on the even
ings of the ifith and 18th bats., deserve the
liberal encouragement of our citizens. 'The
proceeds are to be applied to the widows and
orphans of deceased soldiers, of whom we
learn that ibenteurett 'nntubez in-,
needy eircumstanees.
OUR thanks de due to the Young yen's
-Democratic Club of Philadelphia; for a com
plimentary ticket-19 their first annual ball
on the evening of :the 7th inst., held in com
memoration of Jackson's victory at New
Orleans. BusinesS ne'cesSitleA * alone could
have pr'evented' ns from participating in an
occasion which, we feel cunfideuo must have
been one of the greatest 'Pleasure.'
TwO weeks or ruore.have pa - sied since Mr.
Carpenter retracted his ' slander upon ex-
Gov. Seymour, yet the Republican, which
published the first statement in full, has not
containucta.wqd to show that. its author has
admitted its falsehood. We expect such
conduct from the - Dispatch and Gazette, but
had hoped butter things.,of4m, new cotem-,
THE Tidioute, Joarnal publishes a black
list of a quarter column in length, giving thu
names of dead=beats %vho have swindled the
printer out of his dues. Among the amounts
•giverrare $3O chaiged to the account of the
Republican Mass meeting, and $5 to the Re
publican caucus. • We infer from this that
'the Radicals In that section gave reached the
most advanced stage of "great moral ideas."
Warx business is dull, Is the very time at
advertise. In the, first place, that is when,
you most need to advertise; And in the sec
ond:that is when people devote mast time to
reading the newspapers, and when -tour ad
vertisement consequently is most generally.
seen. A, few dollars invested iathe-columbs'
of the Observer*lll do more to revive a
sluggish business than •anytbing"else in the
THAT either of our, Representatives pro
pose to sticiiflce .the interests of Western
Pennsylvania, or disappoint their consti
tuents, by supporting for Speaker and State
Treasurer men who are in the interest of Mr.
Cameron, we do not believe.—Gautle. •
Then you must he very green, for every
voter in the county knows that SenatOr
Lowry is committed to the Catheron interest,
and will do all be can -to 'advance_ it as
against that .of Curtin - .
A on: whole-aouled people' than the
citizens of Girard do 'hot exist anywhere.
We have had frequent,opportuniti6 to test
their hospitality, and on every occasion came
away with a higher estimate of their quali
ties than ever. On our last visit we hap
pened to fall into the hospitable hands of
Col. Dan Rice, who did everything any one
could have done to make our stay pleasant
We are a poor hand at tip compliment,but our
Girard friends may rest assured that their,
numerous kindnesses are gratefully appre
ciated. t.
As the Gazette continues to publish the
Post office list, with the comment that 'it is
"published by authority, the Gazette having
the largest circulation of any paper published
in the city," it map be well for 'the public
to know that the DU is given to any paper
which asks for it, that no pay is allowed for
its publication, and that its appearance is no
criterion of the circulation of any paper..
We were offered the list on the same terms .
with the Gazette, but having no faith in the
policy of " working for nothing and paying
your board," asked leave to "respectfully
ONE of the 'staunchest Demcicrats in the
Eastern portion of the county sends us the
the followitig, capital suggestion. We • are
confident that if it were carried into prac
tical our vote would be increased
five hundred in the County a the newt elec
tion :
" Why cannot onn county committee call
a meeting somewhere,' and raise a fund-of
five hdndred dollars, to distribute free copies
ot - some good Democnttie 'paper, like
the Observer? ji fully
,believe, and would
almost pledge myAelf to that effect, that if
I hud,2s copies of the Observer to distribute,
for one year, I could add 2.5 more Democratic
votes in my tovrn.'.'
HORACE GREELEY, in his last published
autobiographical sketch in. the New York
Ledger, the subject of which is "Harry
Clay," rkiews the Presidential canvass of
1844, and thereupon makes the following
most pertinent, weighty and "correct obser
vation: "To put II good e feient journal into
Me hands of ere rater who will mid it, is Me
true nude (g . prosecuting a political urasS
meetings and speeche . 4 ore well enough, h)! this
is' indispensable." Let the wisdom ( this
remark, coming front the most experienced 1 '
enemy of the Democracy, suggest to our
active Democrats everywhere the largest
possible circulation .of Democratic journals
for the great canvass of 1868; and let-them
go to work noze, in the winter season, when
workingmen have most time for reading,
thinking and reflecting.
TUE Buffalo Coiirier appeared on the Ist 1
of January in an entire new dreis, enlarged
to the extent of a column. aid printed in I
folio instead of (part° 'form, Among the:
many exchanges upon ounli.4, there are only
two or three that hold an equal place in our
esteem with ,the Courier. Its Miler is al- !,
ways fresh,- vigorous and up to the' spirit of'.
the times; its course has been pre-eminently'
judicious ; and its political tonels always of
the purest kind. The leading editcr of the!
Courier, Mr. Joseph Warren, has beeri Wee:
titled with its interests for fifteen years, and
won in' that period a relietatlon for comoler,
courtesy and gentlemanly diameter that is I
seldom excelled., We congratulate him and
all connected with the paper on the substan
tial prosperity that it has attained, and hope
it may continue to thrive until its patronage '
is not excelled by that of any other journal
in the country.
A natos correspondent of the
Corry Republican tells 'rather. a dubioes
I story about a waggish Radidtil in that place,
who, to getr'off,a joke °Aids 'Democratic
neighbor, "pasted the heading of the EriC-
Oliserver over that of the Erie ReOublican
and quietly-left it on his desk; after git'ing
him time to read it, he with a few others
whO were let into the secret. accidentally
dropped into his place of business; Dem
ocratic"friend'Wds in ecatacies nver the pa.
•per, said he 'could not see how any are
could help endorsing the articles—was in
favOr et,htlyin - g 200 copies and distribute
them among his Republican friends, if they
' would only read them—pve it na his Opin
ion that they would never vote another
Republican ticket. We omit names, but it
does not cost some people 'much for steak."
I Very good, if true, but it is quite likely that
fuller particulars will spoil its . point some
what. Won't some'friend at Union give us
the correct story?
R t purports io
be "the law In regard to strayed cattle," &c.
Now will It please tell just pull thin* that's
worth all the rest—how many times and In
how many papers must the advertisement be
publishid. pafa 'IOW we ;Caul (16 d ottt
from the taiyeriGazette.
The misfortune with our cotemporati is,
that the attorneys to whoni It applies for legal
ads-lei are as pobrly_ versed in State law as in
tonstitutiona)-lawi r 4..klm* n printer in
s i
the Commonwealth could tell that three.
insertions in one weekly journal 1s all the
newspaper notice required. •
TUE following additionallatitlen • ti of the
Angola disaster l areOassing the ..r.qutls. of
the press:
"Mrs. Utilthaid, of Port Dalhousie,
ada, lus, Ir &red $7.000 remune
loss of 'tier husband, who was kill
from tliC Railroad Company, dad • .;
am at - trident insurance policy. -
A sister Of Charles . Lobticit
slaughtered at Angola, has become hopelems.
ly insane. She resides at Bridgeport,Conn.
TtrEnF,ls . ttFeneral tefulency ry eve part
of the 'cokifittly tia:ravor ;6f cheipei rents.
The price of almost everything has fallen
from one-third to one-half, and landlords
ought to,be willing to concede a correspond
ing reduction. Unless the figures of the last
two years are modified, p - biis of kiitqfness tneti
will have to "close' up shop," and many .
families retire to more moderate quarters.
Tug pgturtA el'. twig rivaireli r safe; manu
fwere aeturers reetailty presentlng the-claims'
of their respective articles. One was a Yan
kee, the other wasn't. Ile Abet wasn4 told
his story. A gamecock had been shut up in
one of his safes, and then it was exposed for
.three days to the most intense: heat, .IYheu
the door was opened . the kockitalkett out as
if nothing had happened. It was now Yan
kee's turn. A rock had been shut up in one
of his safes, with a potkrtd•qt fresh butter,
and the ante was subjected to the tHal"of
tremendous heat for more than a week. • The:
legs of the sate were melted off, and the door
itself SQ far fused as Us reffeite 0-cold chisel
to get it open. When irwas' opened the
cock was found frozen defid, and the butter
was so solid that a man who - knocked off a
piece of it with a hammer had his eyes rat
out with a butter splinter! _ "
ErGENVI. H.wt RESTORER.—The cheapest
and best. Mammoth bottles only 73 (Tuts.
The Eugenia hair Restorer eclipses all
- known discoveries. for the rapidity with
which-it restores gray and faded hair to its
original color, pronfotes its rapid and-healthy
growth, prevents and stops it when falling
off, and is a most luxuriant hair dressing-tbr
the human, hair and, head, — ri:ndering soil,
silky fid Thstrier: Sold by S.- blekin:-.di*
Son, sole agents in Erie. , - ticel2-Iy.
DAMES' Erie City Picture Frame Manu
factory, 60.5 French street, East Park. Look
ing Glasses, Picture- Frames, Engravings;
Chromos, Brackets, Card Pictures, Stationery,
Groups, Ste. ; a large stockon hand for Holi
day Presents, cheap.• Call-imil see then'. 605
French street East Park. decl9-3t*
Nrebi abbtrtisements:-
Courts of Appeal.
NTOTICE Is hereby given that Courts of Mo
il peal will be held In the several Wards.
'Townships and Boroughs in Erie county, for
the purpose of heariDgappeals from the trien
nial assessments therein, for the year 181 kl, at
the following times and places, to wit
Erie, Ist district, Jan. V, Commissioners Of
Erie, al district, Jan. al, Coramixmlonrrt' Of
Erie, 4th distriet, Feb. 4, CononliStoners• Of
South Erie, Feb. I; school. house.
Mill Creek, Feb..',, Town . Hall.
Harbor Creek, Jan.o.ll. Halfway House.
„Worth 22, Haynes' lintel.
North East boro.. Tan. 22, Haynes' Hotel.
Greenfield, Jan. Mrs. Lewis' house.
Venango, fan. 21, .len king' Hotel • Wattsburg.
Wattsburg, Jan. 24,
Amity, Jan. 21,
Wayne, Feb. 12. llov, Her House, Corry.
Cot:wort, Feb. 13,
Corry City, Feb. 11, .
• rnion tp., Feb. 10, Bennett Minsk.. •
Union boro., Jan. 21.
'LeßYe.uf, Feb. 8, Mill Village.
Waterford born. Feb. - ;, I'nion Hotel.
Waterford tp., Feb. 7,
Greene, Feb. 6, Wm. B. Weed's.
' Summit., Jan. is, John C. Graham.
McKean, Jan. 17, Martin's Hotel.
31idfiletmro, Jan. 17, .
Woshington, Jan. Kttablnsam's llotel.
Edinboro, Jan. 16, - .
Franklin; Jan. 13, Franklin Corner:.
11k Creek., Jan. ii, Ferry's lintel.
Conneaut, Jan. 13, Albion House.
Albion, Jan. 11,
-Rprlrfglield, Jan. H. Anilrews'a Hotel.
Girard tp • Jan. 30, Martin's Hotel.
Girard Jan. 30, "
Fuir few; Jan. IN, bionitor House.
BY order of County Commissioners. '
• , A. J. STF.RHEIT, Clerk.
l'ornmissioners - Ottice, Erie, Dec. 21, 1567.
des!". 1-.
Railroad Farina for Sale.
VE OFFER for sale two Farms on the Lake
11 Road, West.
FLUSTFKRM—ds 15 acres, te milessfrerit the
city. Oisuer-8, F. - Russell: The Old Home
stead, 2 story Frame House; in good repair,'
barns;sheds and nut houses; 2 orchards of choice
fruit, variety of grapes, strawberries, plums;
cherries, quinces and other small fruit; 9 acres.
timber. Soil—rich sandy and gravel loam. Price,
95,0110, part of which earl remain on the place..
SECOND FARM—Is the David Russell plaor,
and formerlfa part of the ThoS. McKee proper
ty; 74 acres, about ten acres timber-which has
not been culled; 2 story now frame dwelling
house, new barn. Fences good. Price, 97,000;
about 92000 in hand. Soil—all of the best sand
and gravel.
WeNeve the above fartna In point of moil,
character of .the neighborhood, schools, church
ea, Ac., &c., offer attractions seldom. found - in
thla county, and more, they are cheap.
• a Building Lots,Priee .
6 " .. " trieg. -
3 " " " 5750. In put hots 2 , 41
and MO, north east earner Buffalo and Chestnut
streets. This desirable property Is about IN
rods fratn.the depot, dry gravel soll,good Water.
A numbeeof fine Iriwellirro and a large sum
has been built on the. block this Reason, and
quite a numberrilore will b 0 built the coming
year. We plink them to be the best invest
ment-4U small svn3 , now offering.. Tern:44so
b4 l . l iMe: ol2 time. •
COTTAGE 1101.7 ME.
Moder:l4.4yle,Complete Finish, all the Mod
ern ronvenleneee, altpate on Myrtle; between
Ninth and Tenth Ntreet,--the Dr. WWI
perty-- , 4 City tnt..
A .malt Howie, full City Lot well trulte,l,
tinted nn Eli venth, between %elm* and .S,th
Lune. Only MO.
. „ . .
' VOR SALK. "...i .
A number of Lout on Third and V'onrth streets
between Holland and German. Terms $.50 to
WO In hand, hitlancs on atm Ye/tuft : time.
dee:To-tr. - " HAY Hi 'd, , KEHLER.
n A ccco: PciTlA.c-cr)r
;v. W. TAYLOR, •
Manufacturer of -
NAVY. - SPUN ROLLS, Bs, 10s,
And all the other brand.' of •
'l' 0 -11 A• C. C 0!
A "Silk: "Dreits P c n i e r rg, 6l :4lll:* Sewing
Machin UT: CILINer
For one or two .lar•s' service In any town or
Particulars And &apples sent free,• by
addresilang, with stantp, 7 • r
No. an Hanover St., Hosion. Mass.
,immig,tioi. in fintikriip . icy.
ITILEI)IsTRIt lnlyr rn it ea
for th.• We..tern• In.orol or n0m4.71%it11121,
In the matter of Jai T. bankrupt.
The lindendt:ne"4 herehe gives naner , of his
ingotmem IL•cdgue ,, ut da T. I:oobnit, ot GI- ;
rant borough, Erie c , ,unty !Lad State 011.enn'a,1
Nr ;thin the di.triet, ho has been wlnab , ed
a bankrupt upon ltty own petlt:..n, by the Ili:.
tr!et rourr of huh( district, dated at t iirartt Pa I
'Dc 21Nt, ISI7.
lIENRY Atilunce-.-- I
Owner Wanted.
rr, near the Extbimge llotel, In the
eity of F.,ne, on !Sunday lemming, Devem
ber tttb, a mare and light %Print: wagon. The
mare is a small, dark chestnut One ; apparent ly
eight,vears old and seemed to hay e been driven
Rome distance. The owner is requested to come
forward, prove property-, pay' elutrges and take
her away ; otherwise she will tie disposed of ac
cording to law. E. B. HOYT.
derL2-'4w' .
Clothing and Gent's Furnishing Goods"
mum. v.v.
NEk_; cu-A-riinuts.
Of The best kiwi, at
1.16 - -tr
' I NEINV s-rcov"
Atid Tin Wan 'Establishment:
Cull at Itintrod tirt.
1364Pdassatram street, weer the Buffalo Waal
Erie, Pe. ayld 6T LL
.; .
=French Street, Eile, Ps.
Wat*ingten : lAbrary Cu.,
Ix chartered by the State of Pennsylvania, and
• • Organized in aid of the
Etitli. l3 lMitti!, and mAll.Clitti.!••
ilii*porated by the State of New Jersey
4 e •
• 4,:,•"? t. s, 11467.
.non One Dolbir !
By virtue of their Charter, and In aceOrdance
with lt 1 prat - Islam, will distribnte
In Presents to the shareholder, oti
Wednesday, 4an'y S, 186 S,
Ofie Piesisnt ; vr . oith t oo..
One Present worth 0
. •
One Present worth 10 000.
One Present worth .000.
Two Presents worth $2 500 each. $5,000.
Oiler Ptsmerstvatormi‘el; Siarno..
2-Presentsst , VArA--;4.,n0 ; I Present at
MOW: .4 Presents at_ ING) each, S9OOO ; 2 Pres
ents at .$3.000 each. ~AO,MO• It Presents at Kea)
oath. WV; A ll i' WO each, 1110,000; lo
310 At elie:
Presets at 1f.150
$7501 a) Presents id ! =m itt, $1,500; 33 Presents
at $lO web, $11,000; .50 Presents 'Ai 1t.175 each,
110 Presents at , 11100 each, 11,000; 23 Presents at
1,75 each, 31,501 ; 10 Presents at $k each, MOO.
The rtanatalng Presents consist of articles of
use and value, a pertaining in the diffusion et
Litemtnir itnljtie tputiA • .
Earl] ni swell' 14 aceompani.ll% ith
Beautiful Steel Plate Engraving, .
man's° ensures to the te?iiler a
p4:4q5:4;w1r7V:r1c):451-4.1.)(:sot: 4 •:1 1 10 4 1W;i 1
Subscription One Dollar !
Any person sending us one dollar, or paying
the same to any of our local agents, will receive
immediately a fine Steel Plate Engraving, at
choice from the following list , and one certifk
cate of stock, insuring one present in the great.
d int ribu t ion.
No.l--“ny Child! 3ly Child!" No. l.!—"They'r
Raved ! They're Saved!" No. 3--"Ohl Slovenly-
Nix; or, the Early llays of the Revolution."
Any peon payld,g,two dollars will receive
either of the following fine Steel I'latm,at choice,
and,two vertillcateli of dock, thus becoming en.
titled to two presents.
No. 1—" Washington's Courtship." No.
Washington's Last Interview with hi 4 Moth-
Any person paying three dollars will receive
the beautiful steel plate of
and three eertitleates of stock, becoming enti
tled to three present.
Any person paying f. , 0: + - Marsreceive
the large and beautiful ateel plate of -
and four certificates of stall:- entitling theta to
four prements.
Any person paying five dollars shall twelve
flu; large and splendid steel plate of
And live certlfleates of Stock, en titling them to
five presentc.
The engravings and certincate4 will be dellv
ered-to each sulo.criber at our Local Agetteles,
or gent by mall. pted paid. or exprens,as ntay be
How to obtain Shares and Engravings.
r,e n d orders to ns by mail, enclosing from :II to
'tai. either, by Post unite orders or In a registered
letter, at Our risk. Larger amounts should be
sent by draft or expres,
10 shares with Engravings 9 a
tri shares tt ith Engravings
. .
.10,mharoi 'with F.ngravings
75 sUnrec with Engraving;
1(X) Allan-, with Entorwihiz4
situate at River Aide, Burlington county, Sets
Jersey, 1 , 4 foututed for the purpose otirrattlitou4.
ly educating the sous of decu+ed Soldier+ and
U it
Sailors of the
nited Stat....
The Board, of Trustee, of thelostitute consist•
of the fettetviett well-known eft izet of Penn
sylvania soul New Jerwy
!lox. W 11.1.1-1.11 R. MANN; I Al
Hos. 1.1. - wic 1:. Ex-clik4
P. s. 31int, and Recorder or Deeds, Pfdlad n.
J. SCOVEL, New •Ter,e,y. - - •
Hos. W. W. WARE, New Jersey.
Ass - ex Go cst..t!e . , EA., Agent Marne .
Ph I Ina'n. -
J. cop, H.Q., of Joy, (.e d: PhWnt.
TM:Agri:l I)I3 . .inTMENT, W.19111)16111):, 1). t,
April 114.11997.r-011icti Intt.rnal ilkwenuei—Hav•
Jug received , 4at itanictory evidence that the pro•
cerdn of the enterpri.e, conduded by the Waah-
Inßtmt totnpany, will be devoted to
charitable nNes, perinihsioll is hereby gninted to
.00111:1110 tltitak enterpriqe exempt from all charge.
-whether'-fruni special tax nr other dutc. '
I :."A.
The A...a...10ti0n have
_Nle%st.s.ilEonnt: A. COOKE& Co., South Third
mtt.-et. Philnalelplitri, whose well known integri
ty and Inednewi experience at9lT he wanclent
Yuan titre that the money int rukted to them will
be promptb :Invited to the purpo,e stated.
PHILADELPHIA, PA., Mai" J), 1%0..
To the ORIOITH and \k•tubers of the Washingtot,
Library Co., N. S. READ, Secretary .
Gentlemen--On receipt pf your favor of the
Pith Rent., notifklng us of one appointrneht as
Receivers for your Company. we took the libers
V..• to hplmtit , a copy of vohr ('harter, with a plan
of your enterprise, to the highest le—a, I authori
ty' of tbeState, and having receiVed his favor
able opinion in man n] to its legality, and sym
pathizing with the benevolent ol2Ject of you'
Amociation, viz: the education and mainte
nance of the orphan children of soldiers and
sailors at the Riverside Institute, we , have con
4nluded to occept the trust and to use our bent
effiirts to pmmoto worthy an ohjeet.
'Respectfully yours, a te.,
A. t111)E: (' U.
Address all letters and orders to
11l:0. CoOKE et: I'o.. 11A.NRE IS,
:ret South Btl st., Philadelphia, Pa.
Receiver , for the Washington Library p't',
31a Az. Sol 1 .722 kt-ut e 11 6 4 t
Agents at Enc..
' The Elastic FamHy Machine does ail kind. Lo
sewing. thlek or thin. Without elainge to un
ion. -11P.0 Brant Lila Embri.ntering.
Lock Stitch for light :too heavy
or l.l,ther stork. Simple, quiet anct - t-asy
in operation. Machines • exchancrd and to
rent. For sale by S. M. W :El.. at Welgers
Piano Ware Uncurls, IWO mote Ni 1 mq, tt Jell
4-1 - Plan" Organs, 'telotieoti. and i
of Musical Instrument kept for sale.
Sold In Erie by J. 13. CARVER & 011..111111
IWX tt.sON, anti Irrunlsts.every
e where.
' L. Fahnestock & Co., Pittsburgh, Pa.. sole
1 agents. • -
131.—CSKTO 1111,A,SKet A complete assort
! it to me e r y tk njuesury Blank s k(Yoindsghiattdaleiik.ll...%
Men, foe gale at the. Oleterver entre.
For educating Rixtultounjy
Mat the
k 300.000.
-- Aar Ittibettiotitriftr.
: b
The most elegant Alection for 3tereg, Boys' and
No. 4 Noble Bloek
Th , !complat•mt stock 01
Coating, Cassimeres,
►'r Till
No. 4 Nobliallocli
Clothing Made to Order,
In a atyle anperlor to any hOrePifore made In
this. vicinity, at the
No. 4 Noble Block
Full Linea In
Men's .Furnishing Goods,
From a Paper Collar to the finest Bilk Under -
' wear, at S,' per sett, at the
ND. 4 Noble Block
Innpectioti_uf our malty tortiutlful Stock of
Fall and Winter Goods!
r.".ta•rtfttlty ftnlielted
Wholesnle Department Is connected
with this House. oclo4m.
4E; ill
No. 628 State Street.
We have just fin shed, and prepared for pub
lic inspertim 1, n mammoth stock of Boot s, Sh nett,
Gaiters, Rubbers, rte. embraeing every descrip
tion and variety of kinds, and which for styte,
quality and finish cannot be surpassed in the
market. all of whleh are otrered at late reduced
rates. We also - pay especial -and strict atten
tion to •
C 1:1 4 41r031 WORK
For which the finest collection-of Leathern are
kept on hand, and every facilit.3, , la secured for
accommodating customers promptly, and in n
style to render urfect sati.fartion. Particular
attention le also directed to our
No. 6 West Seventh Street, _
Where we manufacture at Wholesale, Men's
Boys', ladies; Misses' and ehildren's Boots,.
Shoes, Gaiters, etc., of every variety and kind.
Having lately enlarged our manufactory by the
addition of new int,iLlings and improved ma
chinery, we are prepared to r.upply the Trade
on short notice and at the lowest market prices.
Adjoining this department are connected our •
W II 0L1.14.1 i.k:
Embracing French, German and American
calf skins. of best and varied brands, Slaughter
and Spaniuh Sole Leather, French and Ameri
can Roans of all colors and prices.
With our increased facilities we can sell as
low as any Eastern manufacturer, and make to
order any kind of work wanting by the Trade.
Thankful'for the past liberal patronage of the
public, we - re.ipectfully solicit a continuance of
the same.
CON for Christmas and 'Ntsw Years
A Superb Stock ct Pine Gold and Silver
Watches, all Warranted to Rua, aid
Thoroughly Regulatod, at the Low
Price of $llO Each, and Sails
fiction Guaranteed. - -
5„,11.,f !t u litJ2 Whtolto sinm
mritz:e wau :no In toa
Pt , 1:1.1.... I. :t"
, "orr.n...twter d 0... I! to 3..(1
?At 'I t•V Or .. ?ore , to tin
:1 , 11t4 , , , ,i nu:Cult! rol to 20 4 .
111111::11::: Anwriew, Iv• to 254
;4111S11*.er rzp to MO
741 sit% er xes .
:r.P.I I it,id NC . :01.11,4 „ 41 t 2.7)
If CI) 1.1101T11., ,
l'ane•w!...-.llver. Nlatrlp.
..11u1;1 , tuz ..!Srt s
Ao.sort..+l itll kinds .
uhu , ;lOrk .%al Ir.tirpo>rd of on thr
Popular IMo Pilo , Mao, patron n.
tine fluid or SOli;1 Wnu.h, for without regard
to value.
- .
Wrig 0,. 11,L ifroadU aty, SOW York.
1% Rh to limn. of ohtfVO tong
stueh. I"..rt hien res, naming the Rit.ipie,
1111 - . Itllteett 111 tooled rn Volttpo, Mitt Wl4l, mixed.
Holders are entitled to the artieles named In
their certitio,te, upon playluent of ten dOllAr24.
Nvliether It lee 11 Winei! wort it 1 , 1.101 or one Korth
le.s. The lel urn of nay of our certificates e,ntl
ties you to tho ivies named thereon, upon
ymet, irrm
rNethe of Its 'wort h, and as no
aPartielt n
VallUed lON thßn-910bivamt41 bn tiny cer
tificate, it will at onee he seen that 111 is Is no lot
tery, but a straight forty: rti legitimate transac
tion, which maybe pa rtielpithsi in by the move
A singlesertifleate will be Fent by mall, post
paid, upon rerelpt of In cont.., floe for sl, eleven
for $2, thirty-three and elegant premium for 1 1 .1.
silty-six suit more valuable premium for "le,
one hundred and most superb watch for 915. T..
agents or those INl•ihithz lip! cr.% mem, this Ls a.
rare opportunity. it Is a legitinuitely
etl business, dilly authorized by the lloecra
meat, root open to the - 181.a careful scrutiny.
Watches sent by 43 XlWrefo.W it b 101 l for collection
on delnyerY, so that no dis.ittisfaetion, can pos
sible occur. Try us.
WHIGH I', 11E07'11E11 o: i 0.. ItoportLet.
decll l ; .ln „t" YY ay, Now York.
BOOKAGENTS WANTED t., or d er: ,
for lilt. W3I. s3I !TIPS DI(TIONA
RY OF T/TE BIBLE. Written by Tuof the trivet
dbtltmarbtoorprelnexhiEuropa and. America.
11In:Muted with over lei Steel and Wood En
graving... vompiete In One Large Oitavo Vol
t:one. Retail Price, 53.50. We employ no Gene
ral Agentm. and can thu,, rer extm induce-
nimbi to agents dealing direct:) 'with us. Far
ruit rorLieillor4 amt tuti moo. the
ere. . J. tY)...
terl o -4w
13LANKSt!' BLANKS!—.V ..,a.tivte assort
-131 ment of e%ery kind 111 Siitntti het by
.Ittorneys, Juistreel,LutahleA and Businear,
lien. for SIllt• Flt the fttoierver
Ms . '',.. 1; k : , ;!,
s. If, h.'
to ,I
/1 to 7..