The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, September 12, 1867, Image 3

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    Emportant jloticts.
,ertl•enients inserted tinder thls head
, tit 11 rent , per line of 10 words for the first
, t l , - It lon, 12 eents for the second, and 10 cents
I -Nueva Insertion.
.4 4,011 .41 )s
FI•ro 1 / 4 .,',4 Eric City Intelligence Of ire, ro
street. • JuIOV-tf..
For !tellable Insurance f all kind pp 3
j) Age s
nt, No. 23 o North Park s . a Eit l e - ,
For Insurance 111 well known and mast So:
„Stie rom pa o iApply to R. W:
feh2ro7 (went,
ale htreet. - -Iy.
For cafe Very Cheap—A small Fool. Inthe,
oat toed. w Ith serew teed and Beets for aerew
F‘ed .to'k sets to taper. Marra% J.
Idlow FAlnhoro, Erie Co., Pa.
„ inn .: Pianos : I--A new stock of Pianos
•,•,‘ c.t at smith's Music Store. Nowt,' the
) ,„ v a good piano for n little money.
s,. PA
street, C: Pa. anti-tf.
ant Ire.--1 wish, to sell my entire household
e:irpets, chairs, tables, rdoves, bed
lOW Ilt•W fint-cla.a piano, on new find
one new prat-class buzzy.
~„r Ca ,),,, No. SlsStale street, Erle,
_b 17-t f.l Z. SMITH.
stove and Tin Wnre atom of
1,, lie-en removed to No. 136414.3. n.
t. Itt-tr the Ttutntlo Roma, where will
1, vo,l, a complete ctoek gootltt in
.• t - he ittlittle are !Riled to call
1111:11.% np4-tf.
Thr Erie Lodge N 0.211. r. of Gond Tent
even' rta, hi the
}ante street, over
el ry ktnre. glramzer Tompinrs
• v , Lre e...rdinllv Invited tote moment.
( ;En. KNIGHT, W. V. T.
‘itvi.. S. f.
13115int50 nirectart)
ennl, in..'rl.•l In thin depart
„n. S.r nu.• prnr, Ottn dollar 114 - `r line.
Waltzer, Z' and 'X N. Park
3,1 "ot! Vreneh
lito•01 tli
511 F
A rench st.
I',F ; Ttittll , l ND KHOIN.
Artilickle ,t 'l3Nttrth Park.
'I trlt Row, t. •
lilt. ;O - ,
,• ,t• Co.. lit North Park.
• t• ptoffer. ' , tate id. • •
} , • ,, k ,.„ . :•:tate •
111)1 lit STARES.
men...arc. North Dark.-
12 , French ,
It li occd,tcy.P . :trk• 114. w.
:rh 119 I. relict, Mt.
M 2". 7 North Fark.
t ,29.,.tat..
Mrs 515 State rd.
!tIACITINE AGEN - 61 , `,. 1 4,
•,t i••• WINon. 12; State Mt. '
~t Maelithe. 102 French rt.
tie Machine', 5.2.4 French at.
• A Baker, :4'20 State at.
South Park. _
/ fi'KERY fi GT..\SSW.\ RF..
„ II / 12 Park 'Raw. -
, If•of i..•hz. 'O4 State at.
l'/er. 2 Park Raw.
21 North Park.
WIN.III. 21 North Park.
Acif .511 State street.
o F.nioll, 127 1 :. Frenela
.1 it 4 faitlt, »t F'rimelt st.
eze‘s, 01 awl 741 State at reel.
^ 11.rtan. 1317 Peaelt street. _
rihot, 4.1 4 1 State , ftreet. 4
if ; W•trf..l. at.
l'kift , ,t D/01. 1312 Peach street: , f•
' r I . Lrs, , r 'o., 21 North Park.
V,,•1; son,. 702 State, '.t reef.
& Son, 711 State streil.T
0, , ,11 "I. t,i/en, Wll4ley.
r T,4.liman. Pill Peat.ll ht
~,,, Hr... 711 State st. ,
*4. •
'!•• 1 111,1011 Noble Block.
• ijrl,., :02 State Kb
h 5 ,11.,,,1h . 0., 11144,1 House Illoek
41tV t 7. AND CARPETS.
(;r.)••••:.1.. FONltt.r.
"Or. Stato fit. .
P .7 , 111 A , :ritlit lA. I 1 - 21 PearlA st.
\ if•CI A111;1
F I Itexf...r.l A •.. "
A A I 121• A 7
11.1:r \ :01 nle 51.
i-01 All rh rr.tnm ,A Craft:. 111 North Park
t. \hank% (•oraer nil State st.
' t. A t.'renell
A la; Fr 4. 110...t-
Preneh st. •
v. 'l. •
ult. 7 L - kt.
it )(;11'.1.Pits:
11ann...v,r,19 and 'VI North
14,1'011 111,4„ Farrar Mill Building.
• t, over ITS{ P.,Lell
W:• 114: Prarh .t.
1 •1,, \ Tai State
wiz. 707 ,f ,t,,
W. Mehl, ;17 French st:
II Y sterner, 101 State ' •
' o ll'lllllll k rtl 723 rea..ll st,
W, W. Ph rev tt Sal 51:17.' '.7.
7 7 -7 'ollkeV k Shannon, 507 Frenell st.
c. Srlden , 522 French at.
12.21 Peach st. t
lltt , atar.l Itnts., 7 , 11 Stats st.
M 114,er A Son, 1215 State st.
Par, - It tlinson C t*0..1.01s and 101.11,g7•tte..t.
`; Mernhy. 22 North Park.
11.01,1 , 1101 Sassafras st.
I 11. Itiltlt t S 1'0„..1.'1 State Ft.
/. 11. ro., ata State st.
' 7 l ( ill , llPliner k Son, 7722 State at.
lick. 1233 State st.
W,,,,n0r.1; . _5; state •t, •
m • Kahn. 122 State sot.
trt• 11.-ver, i Noble Illoek.
w N.t. 10 North Park.
ll, Tlohonson. 521 French st.
tint, .ell, 111 French st.
llntvlitnson, Girard, Pa.
stswart, 311 North Park. house 417 State at.
I Frist r,:flointepathlat 1 , 02`7 Peach at.
M. Pink,. sontti Park.
‘ l, Vtirt Is, 0 south Park.
T o MeGrath. 1107 Fieneh at.
•'; /rah nn, 1110 Peaeh
rs A.M.•t,, 1123 State st.
- .
nen, 11:t11 ,C MAKE
5.1 and Peach sta.
" WI and Peßvll nth.
I l'o.. corner Ilth and Erving) nt.
11,,,!h e.trner Ilth And 1-Bdlamt ~tn.
Ithotz, 1211 Pea.elt
)1.1) "Al'(llEs
01, , ,ip for Crixh, by
1 1.1,N1v
No. 2 Reed Block.
rsiztled having purchased the livery
of it. o).tiorne is prepared to give
');.)r attentions to the Rale or boarding of
and carriages always on
,; price.. He respoctfullyßollc
{Sant& patronage.
of every kind, In large or
tl! tttie ',hill Or colored, done In
4 t:. le, and ail. inorlerate prices, att the
•:t HUNTING of every kind, in large or
•al , ithoodie., plain or colored, done in
st .oat at mo,lerate prices, at the
Y• \ ,
) 11 1-ANK's I—A complete assort
of , kno of Blanks needed by
Constables and Business
it Ow i ibi,erver officv.
!NR.• corn - plot+ , tte.wrt
. •”• , it \ (..ry kind of Illtiukm ilte.led by
• 11 .1 , lices l'onstables anti Ittimiltesti
• the hipierver tiMee. r
lII.ANKS!—A complete. asaort
,., I rrit , 4 every kind of Blanks nerded by
Conutablen and Business
"" '• for ' , ale at the I amerver Orfteib.
PllR' I K lete wagon-
\ nl,; .1f arfHlanks needed by
Ju‘tlei , n, ronntablea and Baldness
7 4 .. Jr 'LIP at the I thaerver office. • - •
I'4 P RINTING of perry kind, In large or
~,,.11.4wilttities, plain or colored, done in
nt moderate prices, at the
I 'ItIN - TIN(i of et cry kind, In lafge or
'4 ' 3ll( laantitlea, plain . or colored, done In
~y,s,ayle, and at moderate pricea,,.at the
-^"flet orne,
j''a t
all P RINTING of every
kind, in large or
quantities, plain or colored, done In
0 31,, and at omderute prima, at the
ut Rocbused Rates, by
Democratic Co. Convention.
The Democratic voters of Erie county, and
all 'others who believe that the war was
waged to maintain the Union and not for
its destruction ; who are opposed to the un
constitutional and tyrannical measures of the
faction in power for preserving its partizan
predominance; who regard with just alarm
the spirit of 'rightful extravagance and out
rageous corruption which has prevailed in
the administration of the Government during
the las;siz years ; and who desire a speedy
settlement of our civil difficulties, on a basis
of justice, fraternity and true Republican
equality, bringing with it a return of Nation
al harmony, business prosperity and individ
ual happiness ;—are requested ,to meet at
their accustomed places for holding primary
elections . , on Saturday, Member 14th, 1807,
and choose the number of persons to which
they are respectively entitled, as delegates to
a Convention to be 'held in the Court House,
in of Erie, on 310 N DAY, SEPTEM
BER 10T1I, 1867, at 2 o'clock, p. in., for the
selection of a balmy ticket to be supported
at the coming election.
The several Election Districts are entitled
to the following number of delegates
Erie, Ist District. 2:LeStrutf
Erie, 2d District 2 iVaterford Tp. `3
Erie, 3d District 2' Wateribril Borough 2
Erie, 4th District 2 Greene 3
South Erie Borough 2!Summit ' 3
East Mill Creek - 3;McKean ' 3
West Mill Creek 3 Middleboro 1
Harbor Creek 4j Washington 3
North East Tp. :3'Edinboro 2
North East Borough '2: Franklin 2
Greenfield 2:Elk Creek 3
1 7enang,o 3 Conneaut :3
Woltsburg 1 Albion - '2
Amity 3' Springfield 4
Wayne 3:Girard Township 3
Concord ' .3' Girard Borough 2
Corry 4! Lock i?ort ' 3
Unhin Township 3'i:iirv . iew
Union 1‘11111 , 4
By ordi•r of the County Connnitti•r
W. w: Lrix, Secret: Iry
TYPE METAL.—Machinist. and -other;*
want of Type Metal can It supplied by call
ips at this office before tht• 10th of tleptem
her. •
WANTED.-" A true Republican paper in
this county." A rare chance is offered' for an
enterprising printer. Athlress M. B. L.; hick
box - —, Erie P. 0.
Mu. T. D., late of 3kKean town
ship, but now a resident of the titr, author,
izes us to announce his naine as a candidate
for Jury Commissioner, subject to the deci
sion of the Democratic Co. Convention. -
DEmocnATlc Clucus INNETINus. —The
Democratic caucus meetings in the city will
he held at the following phteeb, commencing
at 7 and closing at S o'clock :
Ist District—Common Council room.
District—Pleugel's Hall.
:h1 District—Eny, , ine house on Peach at.
4th District—Select Council room.
-t Last Word.
Let every Dennwrat in the county remem
ber the primary elections on ttiturtlay, and
be on hand to see , that his district is repre
sented by a full delegation of its ablest. pu
rest and most influential citizens . Let the del
egates come - to the city impri , ;;-,ed with a
determination to select the stronge,t_ticket
attainable, and willing to devote all the time*
that nmy be needed tbr that purpose. Let
their deliberations be marked by a concili
atory, harmonious and patriotic spirit, and
every measure be carefully weighed before
hand, and the result will is. such as to en
courage the heart of every friend of our
principles in the county.
To Printers.
We keep constantly on hand a general as
sortment of Cards of all &dorm and yoalitiex,
including China,Porcelain,Blanks,Bristol and
Railroad Board,whichwe can sell to printer; in
the neighboring towns at less prices than they.
"nL - 0 generally been paying. Cards will be
cut to
^;7e . wonted, and orders filled
promptly. Wc c; o " •—gial attention to our
No. 2 Bristol Board, for /,.,„ine" Cards,
which we can sell lower than f0rce,..,:.,
enabling the Printer to turn out a more salis
factory job, at larger profit to himself. It is
our intention to keep a full stock on hand of
every kind of Cards, from the cheapest to the
finest, so that country Printers can he certain
of obtaining anything in this line they may
need. The terms will invariably be rasa on
receipt of the goods.
Jury Commissioner.
The nomination over which it seems likely
that the most contest will take place in our
County Convention, next Monday, is that of
Jury Commissioner. Six candidates have
been announced for the position, as follows :-
E. 11. Davidson and IL IL Porter, of North
East ; P. G. Stranahan, of Union ; and T. D.
(leitis, IL L. White and (Rm. P. Griffith, of
Erie. These gentlemen arc all well known
to the citizens of the county, and the selec
lion of either of them would give satisfitetion
to the party_ Our position requires us to
stand strictly aloof from participating on one
gild or, the other, and we only desire to ex
press the hope, that, out of the number of ex
cellent names presented, the Convention will
carefully select the one most , fitted by ac
wiaintkince, experience and personal charac
ter to perform the duties of the office and
sustain the interests of our party friends
throughout the county. The position of Jury
Commissioner is in many respects it highly
important one,and its peculiar nature'should-,
not be forgotten. It has been a complaint
wbetherjustly or not—that for many years
Democrats have not been given their just
representation on• the juries, and the object
ii creating the office was to secure the mi
nority more fairness in this respect. We do
not ask that an extreme partisan shall he se
lected, nor a person who will be likely' to
place his political opinions above his duty to
the public ; but we do insist that he shall•be
one who will faithfully stand up for the in
terests of the Democratic portion of the com
munity, and demand for them 'a just quota
upon the juries. The Convention, in making
its choice, will undoubtedly be guided by
similaf-riews, and , nominate that one of the
candidates who seems most likely to carry
out the willyrthe party, irrespective of per
sonal or local considerations.
RADICAL. Co. CoNvENTiox.—We give else
where a very full rvport of the proceedings
of the Radical Coniity Convimtion on
day, by which it will be seen have been no
improvement on its predecessors, and if any
thing just the opposite. Our crowded space
does not allow of extended comment this
week, hut by the time the next issue of the
Observer appears our party will have placed
its candidates in the field, and we will be en
abled to notice at length the difference be
tween the two bodies and - the tickets pre
sented by them. We can only add that the
action of the Radical Convention has created
greater dissatisfaction than ever, and that
many influential Radicals declare their deter
mination not to be bound by it. If the Dem
ocratic Convention will present a strong tick
et, we feel assured that it will receive the
support of hundreds who have heretofore
been identified with the opposition.
WE regret very much to learn that the -
Corry Democrat has suspended publication
fir a time, until measures can be adopted to
secure a More liberal support. Friend Dick-
inson has persevered under the most trying
circumstances,and it is a pity that his industry
and courage could not have been better re
warded. We feared from the start that our
party strength in the neighborhood of Corry
was.not sufficient to keep up a paper there.
With the whole county as a field of opera
tions, the Observ . er does no more than pay
expenses, and were it not that we have a su
perior jobbing office in connection, which is
largely patronized by both parties, we should
have a dreary enough time of it.
PETROLEUM shares are well defined by
Pop thepoet, not the general whose head
quiirters were in the saddle--as " parts of one
atupendous hole." - •
Tlig.Girard Spectator gives us the pleasing
information that there is more building go
ing on in that place this season than during
the whole of the last ten . years.
"The Observer is always right."—Dispateli.
Our ct - ttempoiary is still more convinced of
its a-sertion, perlmps, since the late County
Tint position of Foreman on the Canal,
made vacant by the death of Lyman 'Hall,
Esq., the Conneantsfile Record says, be
filled during the present season by Capt. John
Stitt, of Lockport, Erie county.
TirAu. ,tirEvExs has the title of L . L. 1)
attached to h 6 triune, meaning that he 6 Lu
eifer's Loyal D—l. Wirrren Ledy,:r.
More likely Lucifer's Leading D-1, neigh
11 - ,• are requested to state thatMev. W. F.
Bainbridge will return from Europe on Fri
day, the 13t11 inst., and that a reunion of the
congregation and his friends will take place
on the flame evening, at . the First Baptist
Church, which all are invited to attend.
ONITHE Ist inst., :qr. Reid T. Stewart, a
son of Dr. .1 L. Stewart, was admitted as a
cadet at West Point, from this district, after
paNsing wcreditabl6 examination. 1k is a
young man of fine attainments and good char
acter, who can hardly fall to make an honor
able record.
Tim Meadville Republican says the health
of Hon. D. A. Finney; Memher . of Congress
frontthat district, is not improving, and that
be "is in :t feeble condition. lie; has been
absent during tie summer, hoping to Melt
perate, but late intelligence is not monrag
Elm Democrats of Warren and Venting()
counties, compoiing One legislative district,
are running Ilan, Arnold Pluttyr and Hon.
E. A. Eldred tiq ' can tl i meg far Aisetultly,
MO these gentlemen have been in the-Leg
t ore, and made influential and. useful
ME.ssits. rota.: & Sox, the celebrated ho k'
!Mles. request into inform their customers
that they-have made arrangements tin doing
any kind of printing that may be needed in
connection with their work. We will guar
antee that anything entrusted to them will
he properly done.•
TuE•Common Council did good thing on
Tuesday in selecting Mr. Wm. G. Arbuckle
to till tho vacancy in the 4th district. occa
sioned by the resignation of Mr. Burton. Mr.
A. is one of our most prudent and
citizens, and from his intimate • (icquaintanee
with city affairs, will make an efficient
WE TAKE especial pleasure in directing no
tice to the mammoth advertisement of W. W.
Pierce AT Co., which appears id tiff; issue.
This house is one of- the few in our city Who
truly appreciate the value of printer's ink,
and the prosperity that has attended them is
the best proof that can be given of the sound of their judgmient. ' The firm is one of
the most enterprising and reliable in the city,
and we guarantee them to he up to the No. 1
stafidard in every respect.
\\I:: have in this city- a Radical politician
who is somewhat noted for his pomposity. A
short tune since a gentleman was walkim , up
State street, accompanied by ft child, when
they-met His Excellency, who saluted them
with his usual air of sublime condescension.
l After he had passed, the little girl stopped
and looked around with great curiosity, in
quiring—" Papa, who's dat it Pod'?"
"Papa's" answer is not reported to us, but
the story is said to be true as gospel.
TOE: Girard Spectator says: "On the night
of Aug - u.t tT4th last, Mr. Aide uParaeror, re
siding in Conneaut township, bail a horse
!Alden out of his stable. Next morning at
fellow calling himself Boimstatter, watt ar
rested at Beaver Center, Crawford C0.,-under
suspicious circumstances. lie had a ltorsi in
which was at once identified
by Mr. Pomeroy, on, um arrii-al of the latter,
as the one stolen front him.,..The thief, ho
is said to be an old offender, was taken to jail
to' await his trial."
DAN 'RICE is said to he determined on en
tering the field as an independent candidate
for President next year. He met a friend of
ours in the West, lately, and tapping him on
the,shoulder'exelaimed : " Do you know who
you are looking upon ?" The gentleman in
nocently remarked that he supposel he,did.
" No, sir," said Dan, "you don't. "Von see
before you the next President, of theCnited
States." Siugular'as it may appear, Dan is
said to rt/ally believe that he can get the of
tice, and- claims that the showmen of the
country* have formed an organization to se
cure his election.
SOME fifty or sixty parties to whom we
have furnished accounts of their indebted
ness three or four times, ivithout receiving a
satisfactory response, are informed that we
shall send one more polite request fbr.Settle
ment, and that it will he the last of the kind.
If they fail to answer with the money or a
reasonable excuse, we shall take it for grant
ed that they mean to swindle us, and act ac
cordingly. It is some gratilictition to know
that if we can't get ouc just dues, we can at
last post the public as to the rascals who
have cheated us.
It is rather refreshing to meet with even .
one Democrat who concedes that temperance
conflicts with the interests of his party, a
[het most shockingly apparent to everybody
outside of that 'party.—liadical
It is still noire " refreshing" to read para.
graphs like the above, in the teeth of the
fact that almost every candidate before our
-late Radical County Convention made stren
uous efforts to secure the Anti-Temperance
vote. It may seem-like a piece_ of rare
pudence that they did so, with the full knowl-_
edge in their• possession that the'Radical par
ty is responsible for all the legislation of
which the Anti-Teonwranee men complain,
hnt, nevertheless, it is none the less true:
Smut of our citizens are laughing heartily
over an incident which occurred in the Coun
cil praceedings on Tuesday evening,
might have been the means of adding largely
to the bad feeling betweeit Ate, Radical fac
-tiomi. A. letter was read foknillte'builder of,
the new steamer saying, that it would soon be.
ready, and asking what name to place upon
it. Mr. Crouch, one of the defeated
aspirants_ for delegate in the First District,
sarcastically suggested that the steamer be
styled the "Morrow B. Lowry." The Select
Council took him at his word, and a resold-
Aion to that effect was adopted. It Was sent
to the Common branch, where an amend
ment to call the steamer " Col..lohn W. Mc-
Lane" was passed, and the altered resolution
returned to the Select Council. The latter
body at once concurred, thu:s; avoiding what
might have led hi one of the funniest local
quarrels on record.,
I - Duntso the storm on Friday forenoon a
flash of lightning struck in the vicinity of the
elevator dock,. killing Mr. Thos. Barnett,
foreman of the company. lle was walking
I on the track, froM the shore to the elevator
building, and was seen to drop by several
persons, who at once hastened' to his relief.
When they reached him life was extinct, and
the doctors say his death must have occurred
instantly. , No marks were to be seen ution
him except a bruise caused by falling. Sev
eral persTms - wer6 affected by the sane flash,
one gentleman being carried entirely off his
feet, and for a time almost palsied. Mr. Ed
ward Collins, who was Walking along Fourth
street, Irkonsiderable distance away from
the elevator, was thrown prostrate, though
not severely injured. The deceased man was
well known in the city, and bore an enviable
reputation. Ile leaves a wife and three
WE DO not want to take any wind nut of
the sails of the Gazette, but when it
'have been "the sole jonrnnl in Pennsylvania
advocating the impeachment -of Andrew
Johnson,' as early as' the winter of 1866-67,
we have to say,what tlieGazette must know,
that the Dispatch was' the first journal in the
country to adrorate the impeachment, and that
this advocacy was ,commenced as early as
March and April, :1866. Inasmuch as' the
Gazette has put forth its claim two or three
times, we hope It will investigate the subject
further before putting on a great many"more
The course of our cotemporaries on this
subject is much like that of two strumpets
bandyirq one another Its.. to which first
commenced her career of Mame. We have
arrived at an ittteresting stage, truly; when it
is considered a recommendation 'to party fit
vor that; any , person or paper should have
been the first or among the first to broach a
design the • mason/Mad= of which Will
be The most discreditable thing in American
Tae late election returns have hail a most
hstonl.shing effect upon our heretofore
sively Radical daily neighbor. On Wednes
day., it contained what it styles " A Conserv
ative Editorial," 7 -thr finit of the kind,in,a
year—in which the idea is several times ex
pressed that "Radicalism has seen its best
days," and the 'extreme political notions of
the era disparagt:d. The opinion is also UV
knowledge(' that the Radical party has
"mended" our puldie matters "so slowly "
that the people have grown impatient and
dissatisfied ,' - that " their faithCand constancy
have been trilled with :" and that " they are
ready to. espouse any true doctrine which
will bring them the long-promised relict''
Verily— •
" The mills of Bod grind slow.
But grind exepeding
. IN of ferocious assault:ou Mr. Low
ry., previous to the Convention, the Gazette
hoists his luitue to its mast head, and urges
his_ support upon the party. liow it can do
:•o, alter t he ('barges it has made reg' annals- his
personal and political .charaeter;ir. One of
the • mysteries which it will stagger most
people to comprehend. We are not likely
to do KO foolish an ta:•t as to attack . any °four
probable candidates before the nominating
Conve.ntion, but if we ever do, we will lose
our right arm before supporting him after
wards. The Gazette may hope to retain its
party prestige by so doing, though we doubt
it very iimelt, while n : e are quite sure that
the act 41 not help its credit with the
thinkingeortion or the community.
Tut: 4adical- Convention on , Monday
adopted by a aadaiiiimo, vote the yeiir
ly resolution expressing their want of etinti
deuce in the party organs in this city.
They even went further, and resolved " that
the Senator
. and Beim-sew:dives this day
nominated be requested to use their utmost
efforts to e.tablish a trucliepubliean paper in
this county. - Alter the desperate efforts elf
the Dispatch and Gazette to recommend
themselves to the party. favor by their cx
tieme doctrines and violent denituciationA of
Democrats,. this is cruelty without parallel.
We fear the members of the Convention have
made themselves liable to indictment under
the cl a use of the lap' prohibiting excessive
Az zuE Annual Conventiim of "The Erie
City Sunday School Union," aeries of reso
lutions' was tuloptel, *daring that "'the
popular game of base ball has so degenerated
by its eormcctiOn with various immoralities,
that itt is no longer healthful either to body
or mind, anti should be in every way as
cotifitenanced until It Is reformed," and that
" the desecration of the Sabbath on the 'play
grotimbe of this city has beco . me awhile of
fense, to be reltukNats the public sentiment,
and, if necessary, prevented by the civil au
thorities." the bast; hallkni threaten to re
taliate by resolving sothething dire anti terri
(tun readers must bear with us if we neg
lect our local and miscellaneous departments
trom un4io fine day - ite ~ Edina We rerntril
the present campaign as one of more than
ordinary importanc, and intend appropriat
ing the greater portion of ourspace to setting
forth the issue at stake, and iloing our share
,towards oldatning the victory we confidently
believe to be at hand. After the elia.tion, we
shall let politics ",go 16 the do s " fiir , it while,
and devote most of our room to reading of a
literary, local and news character.
Orn "talyented" Onmressman has for some
time past been stain is Ohio tar the dis
union and negro suffrage candidates. The
Warren Ledger says that as " soon as Scofield
heard of the result in,California, he took the
train for Warren. It is disc;ouraging for the
Radicals to talk when stilt protests answer
theM as California has sent."
llonAct: GREELEY, in his Recollee 4 tiorni, ob
serves that he studied oratory while he had
the measles, and the• Boston Post remarks
that "it is enough to'l,iive one the measles to
hear hint practice it now.".
Jury Commissioner.
1.). OBsEitvm—Drer see by
your paper the name, of Mr. 11. It. Porter, of
North Ea,t, spoken of as a candidate for Ju
ry Commissioner. We believe he is the than
.for the place. We know him to be an old
citizen, a true and triad Democrat, a sabolar
and a Christian. Ito is, furthermore an hon
orable and upright luan—one who has never
ceased to cry out against the wrongs and er
rors of - the party in power, and one who has
carried, our banner into the viTy ranks of our
Radical enemies. And last fall, in his speech
es, he spoke :IS if by prophetic ken, when he
paid that " whoever lived to witness the po;
laical campaign of '47 would most assuredly
find that negro suffrage and negro officers
would be the issue:'' and how solemnly true
that negro suffrage: makes negro' rule! In
'view of the foregoing facts we do urge Mr.
Porter's claim' on every Democrat in the
county—not to the disparagement 'of-any of
our noble band of tone and tried. patriots of
our own county, but we would say seniority
first. Respectfullyl•Ours,
McCi.unti—TATLon.:—On the 9th inst., at din
residence of Chas. Barnes, in Waterford
borough, by C. W. S. Anderson, Esq., Mr.
J. E. McClure to ltiys Mary A. Taylor.
lii—CLAIDE—On the 4th inst., at the nNi
denee of the bride's father. by Rev. W. 11.
Kelton, Mr. L. T. Fisk, of Girard, Pa., to
Miss Hannah Clark, of Sidney, Maine.
Ltotrr—RosE—On the Oih inst., at the house
of Chas. Mattersod, in Waterford, by C. W.
S. Anderson, Esq., Mr. Geo. W. Light, of
_Conneaut. Ohio, to . ;3liiS Mary A. Rose.
DRAKE—WooDnAnn—On the lith inst., at
the Union Hotel, idWaterford, by the same ;
Mr. Gen. Drake to Miss Emeline Woodard,
both of Leßceuf tp.
LAttnEns—Wm•reonn—On the 11th inst., at
the residence bf the bride's father, by Rev.
P. L. Jones, George W. Landers to Viola
Whitcomb, Toth of this ciiy. •
Guth Es—On the 6th. inst., Eddie Guiles, aged
8 years and 6 months, adopted son of - Wm.
C. and E. Hawkins.
KELL En—ln this city, on the 6th inst., Char
lie, youngest child, of C. W. and Ellen 3t.
Keller, aged three 'years_ •
HoLmEs 7 ln Corry, on . the 27th, ltyra, wife
of J. L. Holmes.
CLARK—In this city, on the Gth, Lilly L.
youngest daughter of , Silas and' Lorene
Clark, aged 4 years and 10 months.
LET ANT one lake the trouble to inquire,
and they will ascertain that the engravings
now being given away by the Washington
Library Company, of Philadelphia, to those
who purchase one or more shams of stock in
aid of the Riverside Institute, are worth more
at retail by fifty per cent.. than what is paid
for. the stock. Besides this, every share of
stock will be 'accompanied by a present at
-the great distribution Geo. A, Cooke a -Co.,
Bankers, 33 South Third Street, Philadelphia,
'are receiver or all the funds, and their name
is nn assurance of the integrity and reliabili
ty of the company, which is organized for a
good purpose which, should not be confound
ell with the bogus concerns that infest the
countiy. Read the advertisement -
DENTISTRY.-Dr. Knoll inserts beautiful
Setts of artificial teeth for $15,00 a single sett,
and 430,00 a. full sett. Office and residence
No. 1323; Peach street, above the depot, Erie,
slew abbtriistments
Washington Library CO.,
• .
IN chartered by the State of Pennsylvania, and
Organized in aid of the
Rivetside Instit u te,
For etlumting gratuitously
1.1401 - .11)11:111.-P 1 t4A_lTAlnfie
litettrporated ' by the Mtnit• or New Jerxey,
APRIL 8,-118(17
Subscription One - Dollar r.
Ityllrtue ur ti n •ir (limier, and - In twoiritanee
with itA provisionii, will illNtribute
IIITN1)RE1 TifOl7A.l.:Cl) 1/01.1,11t8
In Pri. , ,tits to the March()ltt(74, on
Wednosday, Sept. 25,.1567,
fh- at the
OnelPresent worth $40,000.
One Present worth $20,000.
One Present worth slo,_
One Present worth $15.000,__ •
Two Presents worth $2,500 each. ex?,000.
One Present worth $lB,OOO.
2 Presents at 815,0i..1 ear h, $311, 1 X/0: 1 Present at
810,0001 4 Prasents at Q. 1,000 each, $.21,10); Prt,..-
ents at Er 3,003 each, :911,00; 3 Presents nt 81,041
~11,13,000; 20 Presents nt 5.910 each, S. 10,0410; 10
Prementa at fa* each. $3,04); Pfes.entei at t• - 2.10
Z175' 1 : 211 Pie Sent s at 'V..21 each, $1,5110; Si Presents
at $.2.0 cacti, 211,0 m; 50 Presents at- ;3173 each,
110 l'n,ents each, 11,101; 'al Present., :it
earti, Presents at fi.lo each, F. , 3011,
The remainina Presents consist of articles of
Ilse and value, appertaining' to the diffusion of
Literati.; re and thy Floe Arts, f• 02,000.
bStrh rert Ilirnla r,rStock 1.4 Iteroinpatthql wll h
Beautiful Steel Matto Engraving;
And- also I.llSllres tti the holder a
IP4:4:4.):4;l,4TMAZMe):i.t.lo,lrolf--ipCJlgtillo 40).1.11
Subscription One Dollar !
Any per,on ~ ending us one dollar, or paying
the same to any of our loealagents. Will receive
1111111elliately a lino Steel Plate Engraving, at
choke from the following list, and one certifi
cate of stock, insuring one present in the great
distribut lon,
No.l—"Nty Child! Mv Child !" --- Nn.:!-- - :"They're
Raved! They're Saved!" No. a--"101d Seventy-
Six ; or, the Early Days of the Revottaton." -
. . - .
Any pPrAon paying two dollarg will reCTIVi
either of the following flue Fitecl Pint mot t choice
and two certittenteg of mtoett, t lots becom int; en
titled to two prtmentx. .
No. 1—" Washington's Courtship." No.
'Wash ington's twit. InWrview' with his Moth-
Any per.mi paying three dollars will roceiv.
the Imltuliful steel plateor
unit three certificates of sti,clt, becoming enti
tled to three• present , . _
Any pinion paying four dnlhux shun' receive
the largo unit beautiful stet.' plate of
and four eel - tine:tics Of stock entitling throe to
four presents..
Any person pay kW - five dollars shall reeeivi
the largr and splendid steel plate of
And live eertiliettlet. of Ittc.elt, entitling them to
flee presents.
ria,...aurrayln...s, and eertilleates will in +-liv
er...l to raoll u.e ott-e.o too ol
or sent by ntail, paat..t paid, or expreHs,te, may be
liter to obtain Shares and Engravings.
send or feet to tt. by mail, etielohltig from Sift
s9e, either by Po.t aMiley firilers'or in a registered
letter, at our rl'k. Larger amounts should be
sent by draft iir expre.s.
10 shares with Engraving), e 9 50
2.1 shares with Engravings
ith Engravings
75 slmre. it 11 Etagrttring,
100 shares tritlt EimraVliign
sitta, nt ItiVerslde, Burlington coinity New
Jersey, i. founded for I he purnose of gnittiltons
ly edueating the sons Of deceased Soldiers and
Sailors of the United States.
The Itoani of Trustees of the 110 flute
of the following well-known citizens of i!enn
sylvanin and New Jersey :
Illos. WILMA IL B. MANN, DiArlet Attorney,
HON. LtArts R. littoosALL Ex-ehlef Coiner
V. S. Mint, and Recorder of Deeds, Plfflatra.
JAmt:s SeovEt., New Jet - e•' .
lion. W. W. WARE, New JenteY..
ilks HY GORMAN, EsQ, Al.pqa
P111111,1 * •. •
J. E. ron,Fso., of Joy, (YOO fi Co., 111111•1.11.
April I. INM—olliee internal itiwenue
lug received sat isfaelory evidence that the pro
-1,1.11{ of the enterprise, condueted by the Wash
ington Library Company, will* be devoted to
charitable uses, permission is hereby granted to
eonilnet - such enterprise exempt from., all eliarge,
whether from special tax or other duty.
E. A. ROLLIN'S, Commissioner.
The As‘ociation have appointed ms Receivers,
Messrs..tiEuttotr. A. COOKE &Co.; :33 South ThinL
rdreer, Philadelphia, whose well known integrt-,
ty and business experlenee will be i rmthelent -
guarantee that the money intrusted to them will
be promptly applied to the purpose htated.
I't[taenet.rtue, Pe., 31n 1g67.
To the Officers stud Members of the V041.,1t i iertou
library Co, N. seeretary
Gentlemen—On receipt of your favor of the
15th inst., notifYing us of our appointment as
Receivers for your Company, we took the liber
ty to submit. n eimy of your Charter, with a plan
of your enterprise, to the highest kigal authori
ty of the State, and having received ills favor
able opinion in regard to its legatitty, and sym
pathizing with the benevolent object sof your
Association, viz: the education and mnlnte
lIIIIIIP of the orphan chilUren of soldiers and
sailors at the Riverside Institute, we have con
cluded to accept the trust, and to use our best
efforts to promote so. worthy an object.
Respectfully yours, tie.,
Addre,s nil letters and orders to
3.lrtouth3,lBt., Philluielphin, Pa.
R'eef'ers (Or the Washington Library Co. •
3rltY dt: 722 litiltc
nut. m. Agents nt Erie.
wimimth , and retail dealers in
1300114, P.4.1511,11.L,11V1D5,
Mouldings, Brackets, Mantel Pieces, Plain and
••• Moulded Base, Casting, Stair Railing,
, And all descrlptions of
Joluere Stuff for House FlnfAbing, - „.
Madeof good dry lumber, 'constantly on hand
nt the corner of South Park 110 w and reach
street, Erie, Pa..
an Orders from the city or country promptly
fill d . nel3s-2W,
By the ilozett or single,' for sale by -
• decl3-tf. 4 .T. C. SELDEN.
. R. FAtTLIC - tsTEili, M. D., )
• ?2". French. Street, irle,
()NE of the most plen.sztut residences and de
sirable locations for a village house, Is now
-ofTered for sale in the beautiful ,
The lot contains fiht)ut one acre of land, has
fifty choice grafted fruit treetCwithehoiceshrub.
fiery on lt, a good well of water, a largi:and well
arranged how") with new cistern undcellar,and
a good barn and out house. The property Is sit
uated bn - Main street, and adjoining the Acade
my Park--isf but five minutes' walk from the
post of 3 and all the ehurelam. Good sehools-,
and no a orelpleasant plaee to reside and enjoy
all the at vantages of them, exists on the Lake
Shore. The village is located about two miles
from the lake shore, and one-half mile from the
g r.
railroad_ ation of the C. It E. and P.E. Rail
roads.— no, easy. Parties desiring to buy or
having party In this city, If they desire to
exclim, , will find it of advantage tocall or ad
'dress. for further information
i 'l*
jay:33.fint. _ R. TODD PE ALF. , Erie, Pa.
,§2.63 abbertiotpeitto.
To solicit ortlers . .(or a new Illustrated
This Dictionary embodies the results of the
most recent study, research anti Investigation,
of about sixty-live of the mosteminent and ad
vanced Biblical SchoLanino w living. Clergymen ,
of all denominations approve it and regard it as
the hest work of its kind in the English lan
guage and one which ought, to he in the hands
of every Bible reader in the land. •
In.cirrulating this work, n. gents will Clad a
pleasant and pmfltable employment. The nu
triemus onjectimis -which are usually encoun
tered in selling ordinary works will not exist
with this. lint. on the contrary, encouragement
and friendly aid will attend the agent, malting
Ids labooragreettitle, useful and lucrative.
Ladles, retired clergymen, school teachers,
twitters, students, anti all others who possess
energy, are wanted to assist in canvassing every
town and county in the country, l whom.whomthe
most liberal Inducements will offered. For
particulars apply to, or address
722 Sansom Street, Vtilltatelphla, Pa.
- '
Lime, Plaster and Cement:
The undersignetrhavina purchased the kiln
btatinetta, ate.,ut the Elrie LinaentitKenwnt
tonnerly ennatttntell, bade_ 9ra:tin:tea a new
firm undertd )
e silllllo
For the purpose of carrying on the time, Ce
ment and Inastsr !mistiness.
Constantly MI liana and of the best quality
SOIIN IL rocrlitAN,
s. E. NF.ILER,
• 11. W. SPOONER,
rrir, Aug. I, P4l7—aulS-lw.
Div)fACCO AND 4t,' IC; A MS.
The place to get n choice article of Tobneeo,
Snuff and Cigars fit at
South or the I.7nton Depot.
,ways on hand a good assortment or the
11.110VO articles of ev(•ry grade, wholesale and ra
tan. Also., Pipes, I'ouehes,•lloxes and Smokers'
'Article's of every description. Please favor me
with a call. Don't forget the place, Mai Peach
street. mr2l•g7-ly.
Real Estate Agents
A Farm of 111) acres, two miles front the village
of 'North Enst,fair buildings and orchard of 400
apple , trees, rind MO grape vines, can by bought
this month for 63.500.
Farm for sale In Greene township, owned by
(ten. s. Wight ; 10 lures • one very gpod house
and one tenant house. Price $3,010.
Forty acre Farm for sale on Buffalo Road, in
Harbor Creek, seven acres wood, small house
and barn. Pare about 575.00 per acre,
number of dwellings on private teruts
A two story new Dwelling 110114 e on East Tenth
street. Price SI Terms easy.. Itonsi well
finished throughout.
,first-clans new two stniT Frnnn
• Wets. to every . respea. Price 55,000. 'Ferrara
A two story, well llnlahcyl Dwelling, on West
Ninth street. Price 13,000.
Fine dry building lots, cost from SV) to :MU
ertelt; '.3.50 in hand;balanee (in 6 years time;
about SO mit( from the Public Siluare. For
further Information call at our Wilco,
IT A.171;.:16.3
nuls-4f. Itettl Ilstnt4. Alets, Reed Rouse
Mannfailurerg of
Have a larie and.extensivea.,sortment of Stoves
ut Wholesale andplelall,
1, a ilrkt class Coal Cook Stove, with or Without
Reservoir, for hard or soft coal,
or wood, and. is;
We also Manufacture the
not ll low oven Coal i orac son - es—with wood
grates—.can he uxed either for wood or coal.
inanufa'eture fhTs celebrated low` oven
stol,e fur wood—with or without .te,ervoir.
, A low oven Stove for wood. This Is a new ,100 e
of Ismutiful lesimiTanzt now for sale—logethor
with a large.rtinent-Of-Elevafed Oven Cook
Parlor Cook., 'Mr wood or coal; and parlor and
011100 Stove., forwixid or ...oat.
c. Trinritg: D. suing. w. - R. .ii - 171711111.1.1.
Jail (t7-tr. -
._ '21.111
tz..) (NI
_ !NJ(
Orphans'. - Court Sale.
rr if E DNDERSTONED, ittutitlian of the persmi .
j and estate of John M. - Sturgeon, Minor son
of John M: Sturgeon, late of Fairview township,
Erle eount3' deed, will,by order of the Orphan's
Colin of Erie county, otnr for' sale at Public
Auction, at the Court House,in the city of Erie,
NEXT at 1 o'Cloclt, p. rn., th,f• interest of the
sail miner in 50 acres of Thud, indre or less, sit
uate in Fairview township' afoream hi, near the
\ niece of Flairview. being The west half Of the
farm of said John 3f.'Stnrgeon, th' , ed, with the
hoprevetnents thereon; said interest being the
fee simple of the Writ subject bathe_ life estate
of the undeisigned finnan,, according to the
provhdons of the winbf,the sad John 3f. Stur
geon, dece.asetE ' '
TERMS OF SALE.—:&I4IQI.I eontirmat lon ; n
-.Mainder payable on' the ..1.41). of Mandl. Is7B,with
imiterest,from conflpitat bevel td;e,whele sum, to
be putt annually; secured .by Judgment bond
and mortgage on the premises., $1,004) of the
purchase money to remain charged upon the
land, payable on the 41(.1'111.0f the undersigned
widow of the said John M. Sturgeon,,
or within two years thereafter, according to the
will of said John M. Sturgeon, deed: The said
Istol will be gold by the acre, the number of '
acres to he ascertained by a survey. at the Joint
expense of the undersigned and time - purchaser.
The undersigned will sell, at private sale, her
liar wdete interest In the amid Poll acres, and In
the remaining SO acres, being the whole farm of
the An id John M. Storgeon,-riee'd, ,
This regardisi let one of the finest farms in
the county as regards tinprovennents, soil, and
Far farther Information inq_nlre of T, 'J. Po
glebattgh. on' the premtseg, Jokeph Eillheffer,
Esl4., of Fairview, and Charles V. Keh,o, attar-
Hey at Law, Erle,_Pa.
A. STURGEON, Guardian.
Warratit in Bankr - uptcy..
- - - -
r ISt TO HIVM•NOTICE that on the 2td day
- of Antplgt, A. P., ISM; a Warrant in Bank
ruptcy WOO Issued against Dm estate of it. H.
Lockwood; of Corry, in t ho county , of Erie, and
Stater of Pennsylvania, who has been adjudged
w hankrn Mon his own petition; that the nay
;limit of any delitel and delivery of any property
belonging to h tm, for his use, and tin- transfer
of any property by hint arc forbidden by law;
that a meeting of the creditiarspf the said bank
rupt, to prove theAf debts and to choose one or
more Assign or his estate.-wilt be held at a
Court of Iktnitrupfes,.. to be holden - at the (Min
House, la the city of Erie, before N, J.:, Woad ro IT,
lleaNter, on the loth day of Oetolnyt, A. L., 'sir:,
at too - clock, A. M.
S. Mandotl for Katt thxtriet. •
Per i'..o, , tvEs, Dept. U. S. Marshal.
Warrant in - Bankruptcy.
trm: E,
ils TO GIVE, NOTI('} ht. that on t day
I of Angust, lam', a Warrant in Itankruptcy
was issued out of the District Court of the l'nk
ted States, for the Western District of Penn4yl
- against the estate of M: Chapin, of Erie.
in the county of Erie. in said district, adjudged
a bankrupt on his own petitions That the ptlY
ment of any debts and-the deltvery of any pro
perty belonging to such bankrupt, to 111111 or for
his use, and the transfer of any property by
him. are forbidden by law;
and that a met
ing 14 . the creditors of said bankrupt, to prove
their debts and to choose one or more A+signees
of his estate, will be held at aQourt of Dank
rtiptey; to be holden at the'Tourt House.
In the city of Erie, before. S. E. Woodruff, Esq.,
Register in Bankruptcy for said district, on the
Rani (lay of October. A. D., 1%7, at ^ o'cloek, P.
s: Marshal for gialindistriet.
Per G. P. DAVIS, Dept. U. S. Marshal.
Warrant in Bankruptcy.
rrillISIN TO GIVE NOTICE that on the 2:31 day
1 of August, A. IL. LIM a Warrant in Bank
ruptcy was Issued against the estate of Pardon
Sennett, of Mill Crock, in the county Of Erio;
State of Pennsylvania, who has beenadjudged
a bankrupt on his own petition; That. lhe pay
ment ornhy delds. nod delivery of any pmperty
is to such bankrupt, to hint and for his
use, and the transfer of any property by hint
are forbidden by law; that a meeting of the
ereditors, of the said bankrupt, to prove their
debts and to rhoose one or more Assignees of
his estate, will be held at a Court of lkinkrupt
ey, to be hoiden at the Court Flouse, in the city
of Erie, before S. E. Woodruff, Itegister, on the
17th day of October, A. i)., big, at 10 o'clock, A.
IT: S. Marshal for mid District.
Per G: P, DAvbi, Pept. U.'S. Marshal.
Warrant in Bankruptcy. '
rEdfIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE that on the Mst
day of August, A. D., Pia; a Warrant in
Bank ruptey was Issued against the estate of I.v
num Thomas, of the borough of Enlon Mills, in
the comity of Erie, State of Petutsylvania, Who
has been tuLludgid a bankrupt on his own pe
tition b That the payment of any debts and de
livery of nny property - belonging to such hank
rapt to hlm, and for Ids use, and the transfer of
any property by hint, are forbidden bylaw; that
a meeting of the creditors of said bankrupt, to
prove their debts and to choose one or more
Asslinwes of Ids estate, will be held nt Court
of Bankruptcy, to be holden at the °Mee of S. F..
Woodruff', in the borough of Girard, Erie Co.,
I'm., before Samuel E. Woodrufr,Reglster, on the
k2th day of October, 4. I).. Itift7, at 11 o'clock, A.
r. S. Marshal for said District.
Per O. I'. DAvis, P. S. Marshal.
w. W .1 , 7.. C & Co. ,
No. 832 State Street,
General Hardware, Table Cutlery,
8010 Agents in Nortli-Woitern Penncylvanin for
ILA)I7-I, TT Tl, Az' "C IE. !
We wall attention to the Littlefield Fur n ace with entire confidence thut It hi the hest Warta
Air Furnace. ever Invented, and radically overcomes the faults-awl objections existing in other
Furnace.; and we feet Care that a careful examination of Its superior sterile in connection with
the cainlid and unhianed statement of those who have had this Furnace in tise during the pant
Several winters, will tow Inee all that what we say is true.
. relipC . ettljtb- refer to the following Among the runny well known citizens who have this
Furnace Il i use: Capt. J. S. ItreIIARDS, W. s. Isitt AWN, Eng., ISAAC MOORHEAD, Esq.
'M 0 R N,I'N.:G . GL OR !"
!...'tewswit't4 Ovtil Parloit. The Glob
CO• • : • - •
Call and examine our st,a•k. W.• warrant the best uncut. ana lowest prices or any establish
ment in this city.
%Inn, sole ntteufs for Erh• County for th,•lll.W
lnprol'ed Portable Buckeye
Cider -- Mill and Press !
The nts - of suririty posseFaed by this
Mill ov er all others are
us follows:
1. The Adjustable Throat, adapting the Mill to
the various sizes and conditions of fruit.
. .
2. The Adjustable Grinding Rollers * for the
same purpose. These two feature,. are secured
to ashy Letters Patent Without them no 31111
can possibly boa perfect grinding apparatus,ll4
the different conditions of the fruit imperative
ly demand this adjustabilitv,
3. A neat metallic box to hold the bearings of
the gearing, preventing the same from getting
out of order, from the swelling of the wooden
side'. and endg.
.4. The strung compact frame for Mill Press,
with well proportioned bearing, for iii support.
Z. A strong iron beam, with a two (twit metric,
enables us to give the pouitite a powerful fires
G. The Grinding Apparatus is the most perfect
in use, consisting of three horizontal rollers,
one above and two below; the upper one has straight flanges for the purpose of breaking the
fruit against the adjustable rubber throat as It passes through. On one of the lower rolls nt the
ribs are oblique or spiral, and as it revolves it presents to that straight ribs of the other a contin
uous cutting edge, enabling us to cut the ponmee from the skins of the apples, leaving them In
such size as to obviate, in most eases, the necessity of tad nd straw, which Is found to.he deleteri
ous to the quality of the elder.
7. The Strainer Board, under the tubs, by menus of which we are enabled to express the cider
as completely from the bottom as front the top of the cheese, leaving it nearly dry in all parts.
This valuable feature Is secured to its by strong Letters Patent.
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