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    important flotitto
4ir-tavertisententA inserted under this head
ing at 15 cents per llnp nt 10 words for the newt
ingertlon, n cents ter the second, and 10 re nts
ier each cobstntletit insertion.
CraveiCErie Oily Intelligence °racy?, No,
12.11 stale - JBIOT74I'.
Igor Sole . ilitttlng:Top - Titiggy and Harness.
a ta n nsr a e ' it a ell!:in t i.:tZ lea". at
pan rtellable llanurantne of nil klniln apply
to A. P. Russell, Agent, 'No.ZlNorth Park, Erie,
Pn. j717'67-tr.
COTIIpai) npplp ta It. W. Bußgell. agent,
'pi State .treer- 1,1)21'6'-Iy.
troy gale very cheap—A. small Foot I.athe,
f.ylt hed, with senor teed and meets tor screw
eatt•ne. Font stark sets to taper. „Address J.
P. in: (AV Is:, Edinboro, Erte •
For amt.—The Urilon Homo , , earner of 12th
r „.l Beech Lime. The house Is very eon
-14rn attached. Enquire of J.
m lietAne House otl Ilutralo Rood, near
the Pent). t Erie 11, it. Whops. Jy11137-tt.
pumas I Pianos I S—.l. new stock of Planou
reeeicrtt at Stuith'm Mute teltate: Now t% the
times To hut - a good piano Wr a little money.
state .treet, Pu.
Notire.-1 wish to veil tar entire household
terolture,'earpets, Chairs, tables, stores, twvi:
11.. W first-class piano, one new nr*-
..i v o.or g itti. Atgn, one new first-Masi intnit.V.
ill verr low for cash. No.ttifitate s treet, Erie,
r“. 1)71 - 141.) 7.. lAwrrst.
enicval.—The Stnve sn.l Tin Ware !tore of
Ihntroa Co., has been rennived te1.:Q.1364km.
near the la 'Read, where will
Irma a eninplete steel/ n( cent! In
th d r Well the pniAie are Invited to ran
The R,rle Lodge No. 211,1. 0, of (oM Tear:
pI en nh.ets on every Tnee.lny evening, to the
„ 1,1 [',.!)owe LOdge ROOM. On State street. over
I .reekt's Jewelry store. Ftlenneer Templare via
im the elty me enrAlnlly invited tobeny* , nrnt.
KNlirarr, W. V. T.
Fit tNK BEL. W. S
Id' Inqerted In this depart
ment for one yenr, eta ,itdollar per 1111.•.
rhur.ta , y;itttrae , g. k. Walker, tr. And Park
s,„,tt A ttile%. :WO and Ziat"! Frenell
j o hn,,ton t Itrevelller, 513 Frenoz
Arbuckle Jr North Park.
Ihnrna AND F.1(014. 1
LIT, nark, 14 Park Row,
a. Z. Smith, :all Shute• t.treet.
c.t.:aornart R fb., 14 Snrth Park.
n.,,,pae urn. Tai State !street..
y . . 11,4,1, ',it; State et.
le 0., Jr., •:!1?4 State st.
i'marher )IM•reary North Park.
I. apatroel, French at:
Itaven.tick•. Park Row.
hra„•il9 French at.
• I.IQITOR STORES. S Nflehael, ir2l State at. •
has. 4. Smith, 24 North Park. . •
421 Stale at.
)lea. V, Ming, AN State et.
V;ll.4ler Wllsott, 427 Slate at.
IGree Sewing 3fachlne, 602 French at.
.Meer seeing Machine, :lat French at.
Baker. 4J) State at.
It. L White, 8 South Park. '
Wta. It. Glennv, 12 Park Row.
7. ta, 114).t0n x welly% 514 State at.
}Lem A Flatter, 2 Park. Row.
T.'M. A tditt, 21 North Park.
I. F. Wllaon. 24 North Park.
• I. kanz„kul, 513 St fat. street.
W th R i
endall. 527 1 4 snob at,
t. 11. Smith, 525 Fren t xt.
11ener & Ilaraess,t 421 awl 700 State atreci.
. 4 It. hArrin in, 1517 Yench xtreet.
Vleof A Elliot, 421 State xtreet.
Hail A Warfel, WO State at.
Wilkina k Doll. 1312 Peach atreet.
J. h. Carver k Co., 21 North Park.
Wm. Nick A SOllll. 702 State street.
Pr. S. Blektnaon k 50n,711 State street.
DRY (100115.
)fonell.Stenttena A Willey.
4%. It. Merrill.
'halter, Koater Indunati, 1350 Peach at.
Horrhein Rena, 714 State at.
r 7(6 state at. •
Edaon, t'hurchlll E ('... 3 Noble Block.
Rosenzwehr k Bro.. :32 Stat e at.
(lark, flootli A Co., 5 Reed House Mock.
Poirendort. Groax A. Foster.
Warner 11ia.... :ma State at.
Dorton & Gri fllth. 1521 Peach at.
I. A. Field k
a.. A .1. 11rd:ender. 12a " *
Henry Beckman, 51)1 State at. -•
Marshall, Chrlatlan A Craig, 21 North Park,
A. Gott 515 French at.
Mltinitt. corner 4th and State at,
I'. A. lhali:•.r A Q.a, fill French at.
Prvan A ldeGlceriff.-5 11 7 - Frefteli at.
Mallory. 527-Freneli at.
sch iecker, 421 State at.
11. V. ('tans. 2‘. • East Fifth at.
l' s _tachaaf. 701 State at.
°Waller's:, over Roxenzwelfra flinek.
W.. 4. Lott, 1407 Belleh at.
• Geo. C. Dann, over &l and 30 North Park.
Polt.ll Itroa., Farrar Hall Ruildlna.
S. D. Wat:er A Co._, over UM Peach at.
E K Il'elaluttan, I.'l' Peach at.
Thug A .I.alt lam. 70i State at.
I'. Deck, 70T State at.
M. NV, Mehl, 517 French at:
0. Y. Sterner, 401 State at.
1421 Peaclimat.
W. W. Pierce A f'o., sTil State at.
McronkeY A Shannon, :"017 French at.
2. s.i.Ven, 7,23 French at.
N'antrosel. 1221 Peach at. .
Ikthlaird Bros., 701 State at.
M. Mayer A Son, 1215 State at.
Barr, Johnson A en., 1(114 and 103) State at
N 22 North Park.
r (((Oral .4 ('o , 1164 Sassafras It.
(iENERAL rypr.itriticEits,
).11.3104k t 414 State at.
1. 11. Itthlet & Co., ahl State at. _
tohn (:ensheinter & Son, GU State at.
Stna t 3telfek, I=l State st.
F.Vacner, P.Y; State at.
NI. Kuhn. att State at.
Warka.t, Nobte Mow*.
R'. I. Rosa, No. la North Park. '
','Roas Thompann, r,21 French at.
hone. , Vtleit Ft.
i l .. '''t , wurt, 3o North Park, houae .117 State at
1 1 . .. 1: Fraa , r, I 1 onepatttist), tai Peal l st•
j A. M. Make. `With Park.
Mr.. NI, Curtis, !I South Pnrk.
',I , Mr Mk.e. Mr(rnth, Or, Burtch wt.
Jarerki& Metr, It?,.{ State %t.
( 4 ‘,%, ad and Peach mto•
Ju. P. crook k Son, ear. ith and Pearh
1. wit„ .1; earner 11th and French mt.
,•orlo.r Ilth and Irollutill stx.
11, WOUTYEN Sic - CO..
~ ,,,a cctnittc announce that they have_
• apPaN , l a store at
I 10 .42 S French St., between 4th and stb,
For the purchase and sale of
'tut I Vl'. /Null try. 3111 k. &c..
"r4r3 Irmo abroad will reetilve proMpt 'ict
,•:42“4 at the lowest market Priem',
3 1
1 ". „, The higheAt price In eush paid for Pro-tf.
"; ,I '' l l , 'l4 for Caul', by
No. 2 Reed Block
Ili, seders ino baying pUrehmed the livery
Osborne is prepared to give
rufgotat attention to the sale or boarding Of
," 1 ", . aUggi horses and carriages always on
modprate respeetfully sone
a .lotn, of patine patronage.
VOX, '
by th e dozen or single, for isle by -
.Ie.GEO N S ruma.opATuto puyniczAN.
A tm French Street, Erie, Pl.
431 M-6110.
WARREN Co. NoUlNATtosit...—The Democ
racy of Warren county met in Convention on
Wednesday of but tveek, and seleetd the
following ticket—one of the best ever jolt
forward in the county. The mdidates are
all men Of practical ability, personal worth
and staunch party fidelity Assembly, E. B.
Eldred, of Conewango ; Sheriff, Geo. Blair,
of Columbus; Prottlonotary.ll. P. King. of
Warren'; Commksioner, James Magill,. of
Gm : field ; Auditor, W, If. Dewing. of Spring
Ciet±; District Attorney, Charles Etinsmoor,
,Warren ; Jury Conimbssioner, J.-T. Carrie,
of Ycanagsville ; Trustee 4kf'-Warren Ae•ole
my, L. W. Mimi. of NVarren.
111 - I.ks is Rsiskarmcv. The Official
Rules and Regulations in Bankruptcy, adold
ed-by the "United States-bistriet Court, and
additiotral RegulationS pr'escribed by the Reg
ister for the Ifitlt Congressional District, are
for sale at this office, in neat pamphlet torn',
at :10 cents a copy, or 9 copies for .V.OO.
Our office is the only one, in the District at
which they eau be obtained, the limited de
mand not making it ifiesirable for more than
one office to go th this expeirst of gettinecthe
form up. Attorneyi l should send in their or
ders at once, so that ve may be enabled to
tell how large an edition to provide. 'Our en
temporarie's In the different counties will con
fer a favor by calling attention to the above.
THE ',TAN TAMP.Iti4.—Mt. White, who was
badly injured by the lion in the menagerieat
nochester,"on the Vourth of July, paid his .
first visit to his old pntagonist, op ThuNday,
at Corning.. The liOn behaved very well;and
readily yielded obedience to commands. It
is only a' question of time when this brute
will devour Mr. White. Mr. Lan worthy,
attached to Porepaug,h's circus, recently had
a narrow escape front death. He entered the
cage of lions to perform with them us adver
tised, wizen a large male lion sprang. upon
him. Before the beast cmild be made let go
his hold. Mr. - Latwworthy's
‘ side %IS injured
badly, his shoulders unit linibs lacerated by
the monster's pea's. The lieu KM beaten off
with iron bars and sticks. lir. Langworthy
was at once furnished with medkal aid, and .
he will doubtless recover.
THE Dis'patch calls loudly upon the Anti-
Lowry men oldie county to Ur:maize, assur
ing them that the "Lowry influence" only
."looks vast and' terrible at a distance, but
approached, it dwindles into What it really_
is, a mockery of the reality. a scarecrow,
which that faction cOntinually thrusts in the
view of the peOple, witha, great: noise."
"Battles" itsagaelously adds, "are not won
nor triumphs gained by any such masterly
What is worth winning is worth
working for. There is strength„enmigh and
Witten& enough in the ranks of the Lowry
opposition, if rightly directed, to cast him
into political oblivion, forever." We be
lieve, with our neighbor, that there is strength
enough in the Anti-Lowry wing to defeat
hint, it' it were properly orgapized and mar
shalled, Intl there, unfortunately, is the rub.
The cowardice amd imbecility heretofdre
played by theta has served to make them
ridiculous, and constituted the basis on_which
we have heretothre founded our predictions
'of his ultimate success. Should they at last
go to work in a manner that would give con
fidence that they really mean to make fight,
they might give hint an ugly tussle, though
we arc afraid it is too late to accomplish his
COUNTY TICKET.--On Saturday, the 14th
of September, the Democrats of Erie county
will be called upon to elect delegates to the
aimia.a Gnnventk n cif the pc,rir. • rp-m the
character of the persons chosen will depend
the character of the teen nominated. If re
spectable eitiFens are sent to the nininating,
(lon vention, the ticket will be such as to.large
ly increase our strength at the polls: The
business men of the country are ready for a
ehange. They are tired of high taxes, in
creasing debts and expenditures, and waning .
trade, commence and manufactures. They
desire a union of the States in order that the
people of the South may - have an opportuni
ty of building up the fortunes of that section,
and thus becoming once more customers of
the North. The Radical party are opposed
to retrenchment and reform. They are in
favor of bolding the States as conquered
provinces, and expending the people's money
in paying :01 army to tyrannize over white
men. Itgwill men benominafedto antago
nize these ideas of the Radical party . , they
will run in largely upon the usual Radical
vote. Let the Democrats remember this when
they vote foedelegates,
Trucumts' Evinuci!..nolcs.---The fall ex•
animations of persons who &Aire to teach in
the sehool4 of the county, are announced by
Mr. L T. Fisk, the County Superintendent,
to take place as tbllow4, eommencinq at 10
o'clock :
For Springfield at -East Springfield, Sep
tember 23d ; Elk Creek and Conneaut at Al
bion, 24th ; Franklin - at Franklin' Corners,
215th, ; Fairview at Fairview, 90th ;.Gimrd at
Girard, 27th ; Mill Creek, at Eagle Village,
oth; Harborcreek at Elliott School House,
'October Ist; North East nt North East, 9d:
Gres wield at Colt Shttion, 3d ; Amity and
Venango at Wattsbnrg, 4th : Union at Union
Mills, sth,: Concord and Wayne at Corry,
I'M; Waterford at Waterford, 9th; Greene
and Summit at Elbow School House, 10th ;
McKean at Centre School House, 11th ;
Washington at Edinboro, 12tb.
•Special examinations will be held at the
superintendent's residence, one mile Gist of
Girard borough., the first, second and third
Fridays of November. to provide fur contin
gencies in the supply of teachers. In these
examinations.eakh candidate must bring a
written rennest,,'signell by at least three mew
berg of the 8 0 461 of Directors in the district
where they expect to be employed.
Crtawsoun Courrv.—We find the follow
ing gentlemen announced in the Meadville
Democrat us candidates for the party nomi
nation in that county:
Senate—John G. Burlingham, of Spartans
burg ; G. W. Recker, of 3feadville.
.Assembly—l•. 31. Robinson, Conneantville;
11. -8. Mc.l.lll4er, Titusville t Dr. IJogan,
Conitnissioner—Willium Porter, of
Jury Coututistiloaer—J. W. Douglas, of
The Primary elections will he held on Sat
urday, the 31st inst., and the County Conven
tion on Tuesday, Septenilter3d,at 11 o'clock.
Of the candidatea named we have the pleas
are of an acquaintance with only two.,
Messrs. Burlingham and Robinson, and we
can sincerely say that if the rest are of equal
ly good material the Convention cannot fail
to select a ticket in every •way, worthy the
support of the Dernittiats of the county.
Iv WE did not favor the people of the Ter
ritories against the Indians, and the people
of this city •against the • derelictidn.s of the
Railway Company, We should he at wlnss
what to do in that as the Democratic
party, consisting as it dues of few else than
editors and hungry office seekers, does not at
present present.a very broad front to shoot at.
—Meadrille Jou mat. -
The sarcasm of the Journal will be appa
rent when it is remembered that the Demo
cratic vote in . Pennsylvania alone, was last
year nearly three hundred thousand; and
still more when the tact ie,considered that
every year the Radicals are obliged to resort
to the most desperate measures to prevent
them from losing the State. - •
Tut Meadville papers all speak in very
complimentary terms of the t3ten,gerfest held
in that city last week, under direction of the
Erie Liedertafel. The singing and Instru
mental music, they say, were splendid, and
the performances of 3lehrs Band are eulogized
in a rapturous strain.
The Observer on Thursday, in twaartieles
insists that: the Distiatclt-has been mnd is
"zealously supporting' the "Cameron candi
date for- the Supreme Judgeship," meaning
thereby Judge Williams. Will that paper
give its dates and references? With the ex.
eeption of a brief article on the Williams
port nomination in the Dispatch ofJuly 29th,
with a digest of the address of the Republi
can State Committet, in which no stand in
liivor of the nominee was taken, this paper
has not mentioned -Judge William's name.
Will the Observer say as mach In Its next
_The Disr a aeli pnblislied the Address of the
Radical State Committee emits,, in which
the grossest assault was made on Judge
Sharswood and Judge Williams heartily cow.
mended to the support of the people. and
accompanied it with au editorial endorse
ment of the
i strongest kiM, Itsesmese in
that respect Ted to , the natural conclusion
that it "Avalously" desired Judge Williams'
election, and the presumption increases itt
three from the fart that it failed to print the
ThS»oeratie Address as it would undoubted
ly have done ha& it wished to putsiiemn im
partial. course. The
.general tone of the
paper, too, is so violently Radical, and so
prejudiced aguhtmt Dewier:lcy, that po per
son with ordinary reasoning fatalities could
arrive at any other conviction than that its
whole desire is to see the 'Radical entiditlat
The slotfirth° sliovetract would seem
tei he• to convey nn impri.ssion that the Dis
patch is notxnlieliong fogey Judi , » Williams
rlei•ted. Ilthis he the ' , tweet understanding,
we gladly withdraw the charge of inconsisten
cy made last week. It did appear strange to
us, and to hosts daffier% that after denounc
ing the Cartieron faction as it has done, - our
eotemporary should be willing to lend its
influence in favor of its continued tisrenden
ey,and we shall hail a direct denial in the
column:4 of tau• Dispatch, that such is not ifs
position, as the•hest evidence it has yet
en of the "independence" which it seems so
anxious to secure a reputation for ioaintniu
ance of presenting tt good Democratic ticket
this fall Is Impressing itself -very s(iongly Op
,nl the minds of friends. The be-
lief is general that with a set of candidates
combining' unimpeachable personal- worth
with acknowledged fitness, we can bring ont
it fuller vote than otherwise, and athl largely
to the prospects of our Stale ticket. Dar ad
vices from every porthitt of the 'county foul
w to believe that all the distriets will be folly
represented by delegates Of the very best
character, and that they will be united In the
determination to select no candidate who is
not up to the standard desired. - Among the
gentlemen whose names are mentioned in
connection with the various poSitintls, we
have heard the following . _
Senate— Conceded to Crawtbril.) •
Assembly—Dr. P. Faulkner, John W.
Shannon. David Shirk, F. F. Marshall; Eric
DHVia Olin, Girard ; Isaac 11. Taylor, Wash
ington; 31. W. Whitbeck, Corry; .n. L. Pin
rn:y. Greene ; Gilbert third, Springfield. '
Clerk of the Courts—Thomas McConkey,
J. P. Foulke, W. W. Dobbins, Eric ; Ceo. C.
Gallowhnr, Girard; U. IL Arbuckle, Mill
Creek •, G. W. Allen, Edinlyaro; W. C. White,
Slwritt—Amos Matto, Corn•; E. Dun
emutie, Amit!,-; Ailing Stone, Fairview ; Al
den Pomeroy, Conneaut : It. R. Brawley,
Erie ; John Saltsman, Mill Creek.
Commissioner—Henry Wolf, North-R:4:
n. Easterbrooks. Crirtmh'E. Pitmey,3leKeon:
C. Zinn, Albion,
' Jury Commissioner —1.1.11. Ihtvidsim. H.
11. Porter, North East ; P. G. Strati:ltem,
Cubit : H. L. White, Erie.
CAMPAION Onstatvr,n,—We are indebted
to friends in different parts i)f the county for
large clubs of campaign subscribers during
the past week; for which they will please ae,
cept our tletnl64, One of them, in his letter
enclosing the names, writes:
"The abovei:gentlemen are good, substan
tial Democrats, hut have never takert_nuir
valuable parrs% seeurtm thetrtiarties
about an hour. I doubt not but what twenty
more van be obtained within our borough
, This is but a sample of what can be done
in every portion of the comity, and we trust
the spirit it 'exhibits will be generally imita
ted- It is the duty and should be no less the
pride of Democrats to give their local jour=
mil the widest possible circulation. We are
now printing a paper which we believe to be
fully worthy of support, and if we receive
the necessary encouragement it is our deter- .
initiation to still further improve it, until the
Democracy of Erie county, even largely as
they ,are in the minority, shall be able to
boast of an organ that has no superior in the
State. - Our books now contain about 2200
names, and we are - anxious to increase the
number to 3poo before the campaign closes.
If only half our present subscribers secure
one campaigner each, it will more than in
crease it to the size desired. We are en
deavoring to perform our full share in the
work ; may we not ask this slight favor at
the hands of our political friends?
ERIE CO. Scnoots.--The annual report of
Superintendent Fisk shows that the whole
number of school districts in the county is
31, of school houses 297, seltools 3f15, teachers
473, pupils 13,005, aud average attendance Of
the latter 8,877. The averap salary-of made
teachers is s4o.2o`, *r atid of female $25.01—a
foolish and unjust discrimination which
might to be removed before the lapse of the
present year. The whole amount levied for
school purposes was $02,214, and for build
ing s97,ll4—making an average taxation
upon property of 11 mills for the former and
7 for the latter, or nearly 1 cents in all. The
snot total pall to teachers was a little over
ClO,OOO, and the estimated value of the entire
school 'property of the county is $150,118.
The records exhibit a'greater number of pu
pils, and a larger sum of money expended
for building than in any pre' ions year, and
the Superintendent draws the inl•rence there
front that " there 1111.0 been some advancement
_the working of the schools," though he
admits that "the progress is not so apparent
as 'would seem desirable, Tint what we have
gained_ will be itermanerd and lasting:' We
hope the day is not fir in the distance when
it can be announced in all truth that the pub Erie county mire not inferior,
either in their acconnuodations, their teach
ers, or in the progress of their pupils, to those
of arrOpivrtlon thersttitrY. - It 'should be
the unceasing effort of every persint . who
takes an interest in the future of the Repub
lic to bring about this consummation at the
earliest practicable period.
Tin rumor that G. IV. Colton lets been
selected by the An ti-Lowry men a their can
didate for the Senate, turns out M be correct.
Mr. Colton's card anti/antein_ that he has
coneluded to tali(' the field appears in tt%e
Radical organs this week, and a determined
effort is to be made to rally the opponents of
Lowry o the forwcr's support,. The Anti-
Towryites seem lortilini that if 31. li. is de
feated ht this comity, it will settle his fate as .,
a candidate, but in this we fear they are
mistaken. The Crawford county delegates
are all his immediate personal friends and
wannest political supporters, and well in
formed per-o:ns there tell us that they will
not budge an ihth from litimptiort, no mat
ter what the Eric Radicals may do. ShoUld
such be the case, and, the enemies of Lowry
carry the county, of which we have not the
slightest hope, an interesting and exciting
caucus contest may, be the result. Of the
-probable issue of a squabble of this kind, we
leave tint. readers to judge, being satisfied
that their opinion will not vary widely from
our own.
The oil business is slowly picking up and
nearly all engaged iu it are anticipating a
better season before long. The article has
been much too low in price to afford dealers
a decent profit, and for the sake of our many
friends who are engaged in the trade, and
the general advantage of our section, we
hope it may soon nttain,a profitable figure.
SEVEN:Trg.'I4 titivates, of the United States
Artillery, are ndtv under trial by matt iietrtial
at Buffalo, fur attending a Fenian fi'itiVe in
Fenhui unifonua.
Is sus Buffido depot on Thursday, a well
dre4 l 44 tainthrilt deltherStelyArrew himself
.bekoni a train, three marline or which passed
over his' Mad aOil &esti 004 14m inAtantr
Tns faiittte of Sir AtortaitTeto, witctse
cotteeetioa with the A It R R hes '
elicit hints Inca eelebrity,,iewietchim with
445,90 1 3,009:0f debtotsei- eisetiCothut half
iiveliest,dideuitiaei.`er modem time
Et over*iittestieti-iih*ltittiiiiNitheeler
Wition or 'Hole 'took', the+
first prize at the .Parts Exptlitityn. At litest
ails ices side wes vigorously pressing its
claims, end the .tlistre , :tsed pehlie i nns'
lintel doubt as'ever. .'
Mn. Komi, th'e barber, on Satunlay • morn;
ing, received an anonymous note contiining
42.30; the writer sayintlutO luta been over
paid him in mOingehange,and that Iris con
. would riot permit him to retain it.
What it pity it is that 'utopia with such
sciences are so rare!
To sf.ttiE blackberry one or the
ftrttts drinks ever producektakc twoinarts
of ripe I)lokt:terries; a half Mince each of
nutmeg and einflanlon, and a quarter of an
ounce each of eloce:1, and allspice. Boil all
together fora short time. When cold add
one pint of French 12rattnly= Let it stand two
or three days in a closed vessel._ then n tdrain
and bottle.
rt is hardly worth our while to piek up
the misstatements which-garnish the columns
of nearly every humber of the Observer re.
speeting tins. paper, hut:when these state
ments take the form of malicious falsehoods.
we cannot avoid noticing them.--Dispatell.
Will the Dispatch be kind enough to
point out some of the " mis-statements" and
"malicious falseimodsr We were under - the
impression that
,the boot was on the other
Tim Union Mills Star having alleged that
the successor at; Postmaster Frisbee,- of that
place, WILS appointed previous to the letter's
resignation. Mr. f .. tuffs published a c.wrol
coffering to forfeit $lOO in ease be cannot
prove that the appointment followed his res
ignation. He Was formerly. a Republican,
.and, having clucsen to desert the ranks of
that party, has been minima with unrelenting
malignity ever since. Hence the effort to
create the impressionthat,he was removed:
TIIEUX is an extraordinary dearth of police
business in the city, the mwdie,i, fighting ,
men, thieve., wife whippers and drunks per-,
sistentty refusing to do anything that will
make them amenable to the courts. With,
the exception of a trilling case, at tong inter
vals, the Akers have nothing to do, and
wander about as disconsolate looking as the
last run of shad. Take .it altogether the
present season is almost without a precedent,
alike as regards the public health and the'
Public months.
A %low sensible writer says that the great
cause of all the Misery in this world is, not
that awn earn ttio'little, but that they spend
their earnings Unwisely. Almost even• man
spends as much for cigars, juleps, and other
nonsense, as would pa,y,,his board and keep
hint half the year in hilbneis; and 'what is
true• of individual folly i equally true, of Mt
tiothil. We are 4eading a million a Week in
hunting down the Indians, that a pack ot
white scoundrels on the frontier may make
Tae following paragraph, which is going
the rounds of the papers, is well worth know
ing, and should be carefully preserved in
every fandir : ' .
- -"-1414.rm -174 airy cum :OVUM!" t 1
anti degree of pateney, which has been swal
lowed intentionally or by accident, may he
rendered almost instantaneously barn:dew by
atrallowinx two gills of nweet oil. An
with" a strong constitution should take
twice the quantity. This oil will neutralize
every form of vegetable or animal poison
with which physicians and chemists are ac
quainted." -
Tun Buffalo Courier is 11 - 0 to the had'
that J. Wilkes Booth is still alive. It gives
several reasons for the opinion, among which
is the statement that a few weeks ago a gentle
man of undoubted veracity, who has been
wide traveler, called at the office, Mid after
conversing' for some time about the authenti
city of the'llootit'diary, brought iutti court
at the trial of Surratt, dually said : " I know
Wilkes Booth well, and have seen him with
in six months." The expression was let slip
in the heat of discussion, and its utterance
seemed to annoy the gentleman so much,
that he closed the conversation almost im
THE well known Toni Quirk, who was con
gicted of mayhem at -Cony, and whose re
markable escape- from the penitentiary, at
Allegheny city, gave, him an additional rioto
riety, died in the far Nest, on Thursday, of
last week. Afte'r escaping he traveled from
one part of the States to the other, to elude
the detectives, finally lighting in New York,
whence lie sailed for New Orleans, to Which
place he remained a' time, and then fearim s
detection, started on a trntr to the extreme
territories, where he was overtaken by dis
ease. '
Tun fact that lifter advertising. a number of
weeks for propitMis for the desired loan of
fitly thousand - dollars, none ° were received,
does not speak well for the'reputation of the
city among c4ltalists, On Monday evening
it 'was stated by Mr. Spencer, in Councils,
that some of our local banks and a few
wealthy residents were willing to invest in
the loan, provided they could obtain it at the
rate of eighty-five cents on the dollar, and a
resolution to accept of their proffer was adopt
ed, the city obligatingitself to pay all the tax
that may be assessed on the bonds. At this
rate, our Improvement; bid fair ti - cost More
than twice the amount estimated, before they
are paid for.
Mit - PIERCE, Alm Titusville 110-er, who
was ,nccusell at Pittsburgh by a witness
nante&Delfaven with having attempted- to
bribe hint with a shirt and five dollars to give
false evidence, has published a statement in
which he denies the storifmm beginning to
end. Delfaven is portrayed by him as " a
yinian with sonic conscience, to-day a tool,
to-morrow repentant, and next the occupant
of a convict's eel'," and, Perrin, a Pithole
knight of the green bag, - - who substitiated
the former's testimony, is styled "&villalnous i
clownish, unprincipled scoundrel, a disgrace
to the profession-and a mockery ormanhood,"
while be himself pctssesses a virtue like Jo-
- seples, and has been the victim of a 'Shaw
conspiracy." Those who know all the par
ties will be bed able to judge of the merits of
the case, though it looks to us, from what has
thus far been published, as If Mr. Pierce had
the best side of the "discussion."
. 'WE conlha to some surprise at it'eeing "the
name of Judge Williams at the head of the
Spectator as . its candidate for the Supreme
bench. It cannot be that friend Sturzneckle
Is aware that Williams is almost the fae sim
ile of Geary in political sentiment, and that
if he is specessfal, the two are pledged to
work in harmony for the passage of a more
stringent license law than. the . present, and
the abolishment of the entire license system
if it can be accomplished. The manly ac
knowledgment by.our neighbor that he, was
betrayed by Geary leads us la believe that
neither he nor the Gerluans':generally care
about being instrumental, n electing another
State officer of the same kind, and we sug
gas t some inquirrinto Williams' record and
present opinions on the topic which just now
most immediately colleens them. It will not
be creditable to them, If they again elect a
man who, like our Illustrious Governor, will
turn around on the very heel of victory and
smite thelands that helped him.
Tim Meatlyille Republican,• Iu coinmon
with the 'Minting Herald and other Jouruah;
of that party, is - growing sick of the nominat
ing system so long in vogue hi that county.
Ina recent editorlakalluding to the proposed
adoption of the same.phm by the Radicals in
Lancaster county, it says: 1 . • ' •
"If they consult the hurwony of the party
They will do no such thing. That system dbi
tracted the Democracy in this county,no
was one of the cttiet tames - of their over
throw here: - It originated With theta.and its
inbsequent adoption by the Republicans has
not proved thrtunate. Indeed, ever since its
adoption by our party our majorities have
been decreasing. It has u tendency , to create
faction, and foster a spirit of (Thwart In this
respect it is open to more serious objections
than the delegate - system, and the plea that
it is more honest in its operations cannot be
sustained , by fibeta. Tice clalnithst the mass
es are tainettter thealbe . 7 saeleft- 01_ PAW .
'ilisuratipotarellitialinlitle count) ,
Ertraftfteilieert titre 'fresofiktiOtt glaring
under the preseettheauraloAknawinethed,
or hominating. -. SO ntrioriti can Ime
has been the ,e pther comities that
-have adopted thit system, and we hareyet,to
learn of asingtacounty where it hasproved
advantageous for any length of time.
Tim letter of ; Mr. Suirineckle, editor of
the Gerntan Speetlnor," in last week's Obser
ver, has Attracted wrdikintention, as much oh
account arthe developinenni Itmaktm,as front
the acknowledged fact that ititteaks the sen
timents of nine-tenths of the Gerinans In our
community. This class of our citizen 4 Teel
highly incensed over the deception that was
practised- upon them in Ittikt, and express
their contempt for Gov. Geary in terms more
vigorous than polite., When we told them,
last year, that Geary's election' would' be n
blow at their welfltre, they preferred - . to fol
low party lead and take the consequences.
"The - result is before then a and we- trust they
have learned wisdont enough front the ex
pc.riment ti not allow themselves to be 4-
celved again in this fall's campaign. Judge
liadical candidate, is one of
the saute clique to which ,Geary
is a representative of the sunlit principles—
and stands pledged to carry them out if lie is
cotemporaries In the..-oil region are
struggling hard to, see which can tell the
most ifimmbable snake story. The Pithole
and Fmnktiv papers have had their say, and
now comes the Oil City Petrollen
"On yesterday a party of gentlemen at
Complainer were duly notified of the dis
covery of a den of rattlesnakes on Caboose
11111. Arming themselves with they
sought the spot. Upon an twense tlat rock
they saw a huge mass Of rattlesnakes writh
ing and hissing iu hideous concert. A volley
front the titles of the party scattered them
somewhat. A charge was then made by the
party4erined with sticks, and the battle
retsidted iii the killing of 'nineteen arltl the
capture of six. The snakes were all front 4
to 5 feet in -length, and vicious. A grand
hunt is being organized to exterminate these
. • -
3tn. qoassoN, of the firm of Johnson tk;
lirev Mier, a few days ago, rode alone on
horseback. front Miller Farm. to Pithole,
having about 000 in his possession, be
sides a valuable gold watch. While . passing
through a dark woods, a sprang out
and attempted to seize • tho +riffle. The
movement frightened the horse, who darted
to one side, and then dashed off at a rapid
pace, leaving the would-be robber behind to
mourn ids luck. Mr. Johnson had no wea
pon:but he *•ill hardly be likely to Mogi
through the oil region at night hereafter
without one. -
To THE kindness of one of the staunchest
young Democrats in Girard, we were indebt:
ed, a lati". days aio:for otteobf the pleasantest
trips we have ever made, from that borough
to COnneauttille boa. Moat of the.
route was new to us, and we were both sur
prised and gratified at lite - fine appearance of
the country, and the prosperous character of
the towns through which we passed. The
hospitality with which we were entertained,
during the whole period of our absence, has
e upon our memory which
years will not efface.
Tikm following comes to us Witho s ut an au
thentic signature, but its suggestions arc so
good that we feel willing to forego our custo
mary requirement in that respect:
Mu. &Omit :—:Almost daily, on our streets,
may he seen " old Ben Flemming," begging
his bread. Where um the men who erected
a monument to Commodore Perry, and got
old "Ben" to help them do the ".spread
eagle" (M the occasion of its dedication ? A
little of the money expended on dead heroes
had much better be applied to the support of
the tying. D you not think so? Yours,
• Tun 'Democratic Convention of Clinton
coumty adopted the following resolution,
which is no less applimble to every other
portion of the State than to the one for which
it was specially intended :
ResolVed, That we urge upon our party
friends everywhere- the great necessity of cir
culating local Democratic newspapers iu eve-.
ry neighborhood, and if possible, in every
household, as the surest means of disseminat
ing correct principles and guarding against
Gilschood •nd imposition.
Ora City Fathers have just had en inter
esting experience of what it costs to indUlge
in Metropolitan luxuries. Wiihing to adver
tise the city bonds in New York, they sent to
the Herald office asking what would be the
cost of publishing a. notice two squares In
length (less than two inches) for the space of
one month. The reply was, " $384, cash in
advance," whereat our city colons opened
their eyes considerably, and immediately, re
solved 'that "this establishment does not ad
vertise M the New York Herald."
PROBAIIIN the oldest lady in the North
West counties of the State is Mrs. Rebecca
Porter, of Athens township, CrawfOrd coun
ty. She has survived all her children, and is
in the ninety-ninth year of her age. A couple
weeks ago ",the old lady walked one and a
half miles:obtained a pair of hand cards and
from the, fleece carded, spun and twisted
`nun'eight of- woZieri yarn, witidn a space
of time•which many a younger damsel might
be proud of:"
Mn. Joussox's idea of appointing
Gcn. Steadman Secretary of 'War, could he
imprOved" only, by pbstituting George U.
McClellan, formerly ft New Jersey—Ga
The Gazette pmbably namni the above
for a joke, but it uninttntionally printed
more good sense thanits columns larva con-
tamed for many months. We are rejoiced
tti see that it is progresing.
" Itownvzsaps La; becoming a chronic
complaint in Greenville, according to the
Argus, and the younger portion of society .
lake Utah delight in gettingdrunk and in•
dnlging in vociferous obscenity." Greenville
is not the only place in this vicinity where
Young America is making the same encour
aging p ,ro,Tro.
Tin: first session of the Erie County Tenth.
era' Institute, tinder the Act approved• April
9,1887, will be belt) at Waterford, beginning
October 21st, and continuing throe* the
ek. • .
148iC grocery has been, opened-At Gll
French street, by 3lesprs. T. St. Hanlon.
They. intend keeping-up a hill stock, - and
selling at the lowest market prices.
• 1161 term of the Court will ebm
mence on 3fonthey nett, Judge - Johnson pm
stem. •
DitWols——On the 20th inst., by Rev.
',Dr. Whallon, Mr. Ezra DeWolf to Miss
Anna -Elizabeth Kelso, of Writ Mill
'Creek. • .. .
Witot=LEtros-at . the iesillence of the
bride's father, in Edinboro, Pa., Aug. 2bit,
18117, bylos;D: Woven, V. D. M., inn.. T.
- Wade; to Hiss Ida L Lewis, both of Edin
- •
Iforcatascnir*At Girard; on' tbe.lsth inst.,
Lydia Eliza, daughter of D. W: and May
Hutchinson, aged years, 4 months and 8
Guunn,-On the Bth inst., at her residence in
East Mill Creek, Miss Armtleld M. Grubb,
aged 68 yeant
Jotrfisolc—ltr Union 3fills, on the 15th inst.
Mr. James Johnson, father-in-law of L. B
agvd 75 yeari and 9 months.
Jimmcm,.--Dr. It M Purloin% the re
nowned Lung PhysiCian, will visit Erie on
Friday, Nugust 23d, and remain ohe week at
Brown's hotel. Dr. Purinton, who has crea
ted so much attention With his wonderful
power of diseriminatink the nature of an in
ternal disease from the 'respiration of the
Intigstand beating of the,heart, without your
being required to give your symptoms, and
who, also, has the.nbility to treat the same
with a degree. of success altogether unparal
leled, by rejectin g the use of all poisonous
drugs and.ritinerals, using nothing but Medi=
clues prepared from vegetable remedies, so
licits your attention to an esamirtation of your
ease, wfach will be most cheeriblly given,
free of eltaive. It Is not eipected that all out
of the,. many " whom be examines can be
cured, although, there are lint, few, compara
tively speaking, but what may be bertellted,
To such it is ever-his privilege to give advide
free, and whenever reason' stands -to judge
that a cure can tie performed, you will be put
under treatment from one week to three
months:. • -
Tun Washington :Library Company of
Pigladelphin gains credit arid support ,every
'Atty. The sales bf 'stoat surpass all expecta
tions, and the prospect is, that the fluids for
the noble object will be secured even in ad
vance of the time anticipated. The reason
is obvious. The design is worthy, and cred
, Rabic to the patriotic hearts who are labor
ing to reward a too ranch neglected class.
The funds go into responsible hands, and the
public have no fears that they will be mis
directed.: - The' plan 'adopted satistims the
scruples of the most conscientious, and has
• the endorsement of eminent legal authority.
It is by its distinctive features entirely re
moved front the taint ofcatch-penny schemes
which have so often been the means of int
' posing on the public. It gives to purchasers
of its stock a full equivatent for the consider
liana paid. 3.11 its transactions are open
and above board. It has no. ' , concealments,
and the reputation of the managers is such
that they cannot afford to be dishonest in
thisirmisaetion. Read advertisement.
lifustcst Ituvrttottirr.—The Piano Forte
has long been the popular home and concert
instrument, yet in point of swelling and sits
taining- the tones it is extremely defective.
On account of this - deficiency, music written
in chords, or m a connected style, cannot be
satisfactotity'executed, tet the long notes re
sultin diminuendos where they should be
sustained. Tiie taste for the Organ and or
clum, tral style lot music is being rapidly de
veloped and widely diffused—and the time is,
approaching Wheir the demand for this sus
tained style of ntitsic will :amerce& the pre
sent piano compositions. There are no in
stniments capable of such fine expression in
this style of MIMIC mi the American Organs t
manufactured by- Messrs. S. I), & fl. W.
Smith, of Boston. Their delicacy and varie
ty in the voicing renders them susceptible of.
beautiful orchestral effects, by the skillful use
of the tremolo and the improved knee swell,
while the deep manual sub-bass which is ad=
ded to the new styles, gives - the choicest re
semblance to a pipe organ.—Boston Journal.
Goon STORIES.—Messrs. Ticknor & Fields
have issued - the initial number of Good Stor
ies, trader which titte'theY propose to pub
lislijn cheap and attractive form, a valuable
collection of short stories, tales, and sketches,
The need of such-a collection has long been
felt; for while numerous collections of poe
try have been made, no general repertory of
good stories exists. It Is not intended to
limit this collection to English literature. It
will embrace, by competent translations, the
best and most characteristic short stories of
all languages. • Each number Isis small quar
to, appropriately illustrated, and easy to the
hand; the - stories are choice, and demand
not too continuous attention; the type is
large and can be easily rend, and the price,
Fifty Cents per. number, will place Good
Stories within the reach of al/ No 2 will be
issued in August. Ticknor .5:; Fields, Pub-
Ushers, Boston.
Ariz bbertisiments.
airAdverthienients. to semis. insertion, must
he handed In by 11 <i clock on Wednesday after
noon. All advertlxemente will be continued at
the expense of the advertbser.nnless ordered
for a 'Veined time.
CIAME to the premises of the subscriber, in
5..." Fairview township, suipinins the Mill
Creek line, on Saturday, August lUth, a Small
Red Cow, about three years old, with a white
spot on her forehead. The owner is requested
to romororwaril,- prove property, Wm' chant"
and take her away, otherwise she will be dM•
posed of according to law.
nu2f,' 3we W JI. SAWDY.
Administra,tor's Sale
W and rtaftWI C L IY In the" to
the in
towmfbit,_ on Pn ' ttuttly, Sept. P l r s e thllftr, the tom e
of Sohn Endlich, late of mid tiree 4 ne tp., dos
meted, containing :2- .wmt of land and allow
once, more or lexe having erected thereon a two
story fmtne dwelling. frame barn and other out
building*. ENDUCH,
augf-Sw. A.dmitilstratont.
T. Sr. M. ErANT....-rIN
Would respectfully Inform the, - cthr.ena ot•Erle
,and clelnltY that the,' hare opened a
new Grocery Store at
611 French Street,
Where may Ithiays be fount a Complete assort
_ meet of -
Groceries; Fruits, Pros Woos, ke., &c.,
Which will be sold an low as at any other house
• to ;he city.
• eV The htgllftt Infest paid for Country Pro
duce of all kinds. Ittmeruber the place,
811 *INCE ST., Erie. Pa.
• -
No. 30 Vette, *root, New Tork.
AAIITYNTO. 317.S.Nntru .
In every te get up Clubs amengst fami
lies tor oar TEAS.and.COFVEES. We can save
Lb nannies 50 as. tosl peer pound ma Tea= s, and
10 eta, to 2: eta. an Coffees. We Impor t direct
and sell at cargo prices, thus saving to consum..
era the ace or six profits made by Middle-men.
satisfaction' warranted or money retUnded. We
pay a liberal commission to Agent* to get up
Clubs forte, and bundredsor our Agents make
a handsome and regular weekly Income. Ad
dress Immediately,
Who Great United Mates Tea Nriarehouae,
Of T, Y. EELLEY dt
Na au yesey - Street, N. Y.
OlUce Box rd. nult.q-4w.
; • , -BOMC-- -- AGENTE3 .
To solicit orders for 41 new, litustipsted
This Dictionary ,embodles the Vaults of the
most recent study; research and investigation,
of about sixty-five of the most eminent and ad.
va.neect Blhficalficholarsnow Living. Clergymen
of nil denominations approve It and regard it as
the best work of its kind In the English lan
linage and one whietkomild land In the hands
of every tilde retuleillin the
In eliculating this work, ft gents will find a
Pleasant and Pmiltable employment, The nu•
merous objections which are usually encoun.
tered in selling ordinary works will not exist
with this. But. on the contrary, encountgement
and friendly aid will attend the agent, making
his Winn ustrceable useful and lucrative.
Ladies, retired clergymen; school' teacherS,
tanners, students, and nil others who possess
energy, are wanted to assist In canvassing every
town and county in the country, to whom. the.
most 'Mend inducements will be offered. For
particulars apply to, or address
• Tn Sunman titreet, Philadelphia, Pa. -
(sCCCIASOM TO C. litlitiEL,)
Dwat . effli '
GROCERIES,. FIRM 1410irbiltiNti,
50M STATE pr., Foam* TOTH,
ant C-tf
Of the best kind. at
del:rol7 tr.
No. 12 Pork Bow, between Brown's Retel4 Reed Howie,
Croekery, China, Gamin Ware, Tin toilet' Ware,
Parkin, Chtna and Glass Vases and' Ornaments !
Merchants jii4uppliect at k than New 'York Pirteen.
No: 4 Noble's Block, Erie, Par.,
Grentlemen'F4 Furnibhing Croods,
At Prices Satisfactory to All.
N- 0
47te' zs
North-West .Corner of State Street and the Park:
Job Printing of Every Description
Ina style of unaurpassed neatness, and at prices to compete with any other °thee 14 the Sorth
West. Our PREVIFA are - of the
. _ .
Our TYPE all NEW, and of the 14:FATENT ErTYLD3, and our Won.g3tEN equal to any in the Coun
try. With the 3faciiiners and 3taterial we now pones', we feel lay warrannql in
claiming that NO OFFICE in the western Part of the State EXt'KLS, and • -
only one or two equal us, in facilities for turning out work in n . ..
Received, and work warranted not td be inferior to that done In the East*•rn W.;
Cards, Letter and Bill Reads, Circulars, Statements,
We have made arrangements with the 'largest and best• establishment in Buffalo for procuring
any sort of Engraving that may be needed, in as OW style and at
~. •
By entrUsting theta to us wiU be assured of a gourd tdereof workinthelnostar_outpt awl igatblifilt •
tory RUM uer. I...tigritelngs furnished either on Wood,titone or Metal.
- • . ...
In this department weave facilities that are unsurpassed. Persons having printing to be done
that requires Buhl or Binding in connection, will Ilud it to their interest to entrust it to ill; W_ e
will guarantee that, t shall be perfumed in a workmanlike manner, and that the ens/Streit' I , !e
ea moderate as can be slibritesf. .
The liberal patronage extruded to this &nee during the Mat two yaws Mut enotatrrl tts to
Make every efbrt possible to deserve the favors of our Wends, and we now take elate _ gratid
cation LA tafuendas them and the public that we have succeeded in ntUng up an,
Velurecoo every mut:relent - of the conuntinhY.
determined to eorapete with the hest, and only ask a trial to satiety any ofie that we
Thaw no more than we arelustly entitled to.
Constantlp on hand a full supply at Attorney'l, Justices of the Peace and Constable's Bls,
of the most. approved tunas. Jaw, BLANK of every kind and RECEIPTS. single oral
J. C.,7IF.LDEIvs.
aC., 4110C'.. Ave.
Two Doors South of the New Post Otßo
+C IE4 CP rir 11. I. TNT . I
An examination of our Stock and Pricer, respeetfully solicited
308 PRINTEv,,'
. u-
Having fitted up our office in the
Special attention given to the plinth:lg of
And all the kinds of 'work In use,by Business Men
Parti wanting Cuts 43t
Buildings, Machinery, sealsOntographs, Maps, Portraits, Be.,
Yitcwoic Binding, TtulAng, Are
We are prepared to do