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the ttie Miivortm,
TnunBDAY, JUNE Orn,.
The improved appearance of the Observer
thiq week i , -. - a matter, of some considerable
pride to us, anti, we trust to the friends of the
establishment. In 'making our Selection of
new material,
.ive have taken pains to en
deavor to promote the interesta - of botlilelass
es of our patrons ; foy our reading columns
the type - though clear is condensed so dirt°
allow of the most thatterittapage,coeSisfe*
with ease to the sight ; and - for advertisemenui
we have adopted a style of nonpariel the
merits of which will be seen at a glance. Be
sides changing the dress, a half inch hasirem
added to the length of the form's, which Will
enable us to give, with the smaller type need,
nearly - one-sixth more. matter than 'herr
.tofore. The expense of these improvements
has been much greater than "pet-gams "Unac
quainted with the printing business - Would
suppose; but large, as they have been, we feel
justified by our six years' experience ,in be
lieving that they will he fully warranted by
the increased patronage they 'will bring to
the office. --The Democrats of Erie county
have now an organ of the typographical ap
pearance of which, at least, they need not be
ashamed, and it depends upon them alone•
whether the paper shall be made still more
creditable or nbt. We are determined that so far
as the patronage of the paper Warrants, it shall
be rendered equal in e very *respect to the best in
the State; and, if we fail in the aspiration, the
fault will rest at thedoors of those whose co
operation we have a right to expect, and not
to any want of - enterprise, industry or zeal on
the part of ourself. .
The Appropriation bill passed by the last
Legislature; for an early copy of which tee
are indebted to the courtesy of lion. I. B.
Gara, Deputy Secretary of the Common
wealth, is a most alarming document for the_
tax-payers of thehState to contemplate. For
the - profligate extravagance *hint it dis
plays, it has never been equalled in the his
tory of the Commonwealth. During the
last few years the appropriation bills have
been gradually: growing in magnitude.
When this last- one "had gone through the
first process of incubation by both Houses,
nearly a million dollars more had .been "ap
propriated" than the -whole revenues of the
State amounted to: But the vigilant State
Treasurer gave these virtuous Solons notice
that sormebody would have to go unpaid, if
a bill sot-profligate in appropriations was at-
lowed tif become a law,• which it did not.
As it passed, however, it is worse , titan any
that has preceded it, 7
Since 1804 there has been an increase in
salaries alone; involving annually - an expen
diture of not less than fromlifty to a hund
red thousand dollars. Every year some trifle
—a few hundred dollars, or a _thousand, is
added to somebody's salary, or some "friend"
of somebody is slipped into a snug place
with nothing to do but draw his salary. The
bill of 1804 appropriated for the payment of
the expenses of the Legislature, including
pay and mileage of members, clerks, &e.,
$150,000. The bill Of 1807 appropriated for
the payment of the expenges of the Legisla- I
ture, including pay and mileage of members,
clerks, &c.;5265,000; showing an increase in
three. years - of - the enormous sum of one
hundred and fifteen thousand_ dollars for
Legislative expenses alone! . -
Look at another item. In 1804, by section
23 of the appropriation bill, was appropria
ted for law judges, not including Philadel
phia and Pittsburgh, 473,000. By the act .of
.1867, section 20, for the - same judges is ap
propriated $118,800; making the snug in
crease of arty-two thousand dollars. These
two items foot up • the round sum of one
hundred and fitly thousand dollars. We
merely single them out because they serve
most directly to show at what-a, fearful rite
reckless and faithless men can squander the
taxes of the people, and by their unneem - ary
and uncalled for liberality to themselves-and
others, divert the money of the people from
its legitimate anti proper Use, the payment of
the State debt. Almost every section of this
.bill shows the toun . liberality towards those
who dtaw their °sustenance ,front, the State
Treasury. It is a :question- which the peo
ple ought to be looking after. The remedy
rests -with them in the selection of repro en-
tatives. If men are elected who are either
incompetent, venal and corrupt; profligate
- with their own or other people's money,
drunkards or gamblers, it cannot be expect
ed that they will prove either prudent or
economicablegisitttcies. .
The •Judiciary Committee temporarily
ceased its labors on. Monday afternoon,a res;
olution to,ittljoiarn until the 2fith , instltaving
been adopted - Without , opposition. Before
adjourning-theinestion came up.whether or
not the evidence received , by- the Committee
justified the impeachment of President John
son, and It.-was decided in the negative.
Those who voted in the affirmative Were
Messrs. Boutwell, 3LaSsachosetts;Williams,.
Pennsylvania ; Lawrence, Ohio, and Thomas,'
Maryland; in the negative, Messrs. Wilson,.
Iowa; Chairman :Woodbridge, Vermont;
Churchill; New York; Eldridge, Wisconsin,,
and Marshall, ifiiimis—the Alva latter the
Democratic immther...--f the Committee. , Im
mediately afterwards. one of the Radicals
who voted agaittst die impeachment offered
a • resolution to the effect that Pregderit
Johnson was worthy .the censure _of the
House of Representatives,muluftWOrthy the
confidence of tffe - people •of the, country,
- which passed by - a strict party vote-2 Dem
ocrats and - 7 Radicals. Most' of the 'meat
hers of the Comnfitte.ehavegoneltome. But
ler and Ashley, the jvfo leaders for impeach.:
meat, feel badly over the,result of the delib
erations of the Connnittee, but assert that_
they will bring theouption up in,Congess,
and have a square vote unit -
The fiction of 'the• Judiciary Committee
shows conclusively that we will not, have a_
July session of CongresKunless setae extra
ordinary event transpires between arid
the 4th of-nettinnitth. Those members Of
Congress Who were most zealous inflielr
deavors to - havia Summer session,have-be-_
come dfileartened,mnd do not think- there,
is the slightest chance
Tun vehement, denunciation of Horace
Greeley by Wendell for'signing'Da
vis's bail boada,has spirted:the former up to a
retort, and he has done it in way ;that ef
fectually squelches the grat Radical terini7
gent. Ile quotes declarations from speeches
of Mr. Phillips; running hack • for 'two years
past, in which he scouts an4;tett lts'the idea Of
htinging Davis. In : May,. 1845;.1111111ps tie
(dared he "would never consent to the death
of Davis - till he feared his life." In October
he said, " they might set all.dtc, traitors free;
if they„weald.onlr_enfronchise the:blacks."
In Tebruaiy, _ 1864;., ip - 41 the time - Lod
passed , for punishing ttoitots, i tuit October
he pild'hc,did not .carewhat v
vis—he " was.ollln than the - z61.: OW ques
tion of his pimisbrOat Is one that landed on
Mount Antral", Thesc,deeilinitionsAteeer
tainly In Very strong, and striking Contrast
with what heicattiyingHgt.w on'the satue Sub
ject,,. We helievOlute.ii the Ales.of the pa-
Pell:mlkb tare sq,LcltUdorous Atgainst
flreeley - Avere at hand, we eMildjetulllfslioW
that their,positions on the tiehjeet of dlsPoit'
lug of Davis, have been fully is, ineatisistent
:its those of Phillijis .
• •
T papers' of 3iOntreal, 3chereJeffe.FOn•
Davis is staying; spy 11114 Aieleeps
much within doors, and spiliseurrilsOie
went on from New York alotiedils'imily
not leaving until the , day utter.
, .
'thrrespontlent of the ,Philhdelphia
Inquirer (Radical) publishes a :Jong
cOnttptinieation showing', how" legislation
wa s conducted at Harrisburg during
the last session: - lie states that every,
bill was passed which the member interested
said was "all right i",—that committees were
created by the dozen for the special purpose
of blackmailing special interests; —that mem
bers had not the slightest hesitation - In be
coming personally" interested in profitable
Lids which were passed that the laws
were passed "at the rate of thirty an hour
without being read, except by their titles,"
and that after the easion ;was ore: not a
single member had the slightest idea of what
had been done," what bills were passed or
„7hat -Interests, public or private,, had been
imomoted. This picture may be somewhat
overdrawn; but it corresponds to a very
great extent with our, private addict's from
the—State Capital. •
A,paragraph has for some weeks been go
ing the rounds of the press to the effect that
quite a number of Republican Senators and
Representatives, in the last legislature, had
taken their sons or other relations with them
to Harrisburg and pot them. in snug subor
dinate positions about the State House. This.
mistom hasnlways been; regarded as one of
the most contemptible that a politician can
pursue, and the officer who attempted- it, a
few years ago, would have been driven out
of public life, covered with odium. The
Harrisburg correspondent of 'the ' Chambers
burg Repository (Radical) says "it is true
that this disgraceful • practice is becoming
quite common" there, and cites the following
notorious instances at the.last session:
"Of five transcribing clerks in the Senatb,
three were sons of Senators, and they each
received a little over $l,OOO, for their servi
ces. They were the sons of Senators Gra
ham and Bighorn, of Allegheny countyand
Senator Rev. R. Andley Browne; of Law
rence county. The latter by giving his own
son a place, drove home a crippled soldier,
who held a position in the previous session.
A son of Senator Connell has
,been' an As
sistant Door keeper for several' years, at a
salaiy - of about $BOO. Fer this there is pos
sibly some CMISC, Die fact of Senator C's:
'helpless condition. lii - the House, I find
George De Haven, Jr., son of one of the
-Representatives from Philadelphia, holding
the. position of Assistant Messenger; James
Ghegan, brother of n Philadelphia member,
acting as Assistant Door _Keeper, and the
father of Frank Meehling, of Armstrong, in
the same capacity, nt an average salary of
04X). ?
dium should and will attach to then
who thus use'their positions fur family pur
poses, and such conduct is damaging to the
party, for the reason that it robs others, who
desire and deserve positions, of their share
in-the fruits of party triumph. Conspicuous
ly shameful in this list is the case of Speaker
Graham, who is a man of large fortune, and
professedly scrupulous in all his official sets,
and yet who in this matter has shown an
entire lack of delicacy in foisting his. own
son, who is but a boy, upon the Senate dur
ing two sessions."
The Radicals who have been shedding tears
of agony over the " demoralization " of the
white coated "philosopher" of the Tribune,
must prepare to use their pocket handker
chiefs again. We learn front the New York
papery that at - the last weekly Ptayer meet
ing of Plymouth Church, Henry Ward
Beecher male some remarks on justice and
mercy, which his hearers interpreted , as ap
plying to the release of Jefferson Davis; and
one of the brethren was frank enough 'l6 say
so. - Mr. Beecher disclaimed that he had been
thinking of Mr. Davis ; but since he had been
challenged on the subject spoke substantially
as follows:
"Brother. I stand upon this question of the
punishment of Davis just where I did two I
years-ago. If it can-he proved that lie was
privy to any scheme of assassination, or that
he cruelly violated the laws of wat, I say let
him lie tried and condignly punished. (Here
there U•as some applause, which Mr. Beecher
promptly checked, saying—Hear all I have to
say, and then applaud at home if you want
to.) But if he is charged with any offense,
let him be tried for-it. And I say that to de
tain a man in prison for months and years
without a trial is atrocious. It is contrary to
all constitutions, and all laws, and all justice.
I have felt profound mortification over the
fact that such a thing was done in this land
of liberty and law. And I honor Mr. Gree
ley and Mr. Gerritt Smith for interposing to
prevent theyoutinuance of such a crime.. If
it had been necessary I would have become
bail myself: Yet for Mr. Davis personally I
'have great dislike. '(Here Mr. Beecher criti
cized the character of Davis pretty sharply,
but paused, and went on as follows :) But I
have no right to speak of him thus in his ab
sence. I take it back. Bitch things should
be said before a man's-face, if at all, and Mr.
Davis is not here to defend himself In re
gard to my course last summer, I -certainly,
neither in terms or in thought, proposed to
show mercy to the Whites at the expense of
the Blacks. I thought that the friendship of
their neighbors was essential to the prosperi
ty of the, colored people, and advocated a
course which I thou*t would best secure
that end. If I Was mistaken, and the course
which has been taken secures the desired re
sult more speedily and permanently, no one
will be more thankful than I."
. _ .
In reply to a question as to the necessity
for qtr. Greelev's becoming bail, Mr. Beecher
said that if it had been a mere piece of offi
ciousness be should not approve of it ; but if,
as he believed. Mr. Greeley was 'actuated by
a desire to manifest to the South a generous
spirit, and a desire to - secure fair treatment to
Its .representative man, he did heartily ap
prove of it, and belieVed it would be highly
bene4cial in its influence. •
Tlie political canvass in Tennessee, how:
ever interesting and irnion - rtant it may be,
does not present a very edifying spectacle 'to
those who have any lingering regard fur
the proprieties and decencies of life. Gov.
,Brownlow , takes a leading part in advocating
his , own .re-election--personally .the.
press ;• and he certainly does enough of vir
ulence and blackguardism for the whole par
ty. He begins an address to the public by
denouncing "that prinee,oflovindlers, liars
Arid setiundrelsjohn Baxter," oft-goes on to_
speak of the "gang of Bek-spittles" who ye.
volve around. him. He then , asks .a long
string of questions of -the most tamping
kind, c,oncerning the mother, wife,
brothers 'and other relatives of his opponent
—insinuating, against them every. crime
blown to the decalogue or. the criminal law.
A party canvass anywhere is getting to be
anything but •fascinating business—but in
Tennessee .it must be aliolutely revolting.
• BrOwnlow is doing all in his power to prevent
the Conservatives from voting. Arms have
•been distributed to the. Hallett! militia,
'and:everything is being done by the party in
power to exTemenue the masses. llmwalow
is afraid of a fair anti honest election. fie,
knows that u vote that character would
consign hint to obliviOn. Hence: be
mined, if poasilile, to wln the conteit by the
crielkt' Wantons and disreputable schemes. It
is'sincerelY to be hoped that this Radical pet
may livelong enough to see in What - utter
contempt held . by any man who has a
regard for decency. _ _ -
WHOLEMLE proscriptions, confiscations
eiceutions have been tried, *hues with
-out handier, as instrumentalities for stifling
the spirit of sevolt EngLitrig has tried . thenf
in Ireland; Rossi; in Poland, and Turkey In
'the Greclawlslands, but all of noxvjtil. There
are men _who want to try . these experiments
over again in this country, hoping Tor better
reg Olia• 'MY. reason from their (Am , pas
sions; tlfll frOln.aknowledo.,of human
lure and its,,developute 4; in thellstory of
niition4 For' two.. years'. Jim ivar,. has beeti
over. idnytadthiting.eoie!l?"46,ennila,
don Ateasiguigy,rocal, their .presisnee' by
smoke - or a ganatiati•
PTobabitiirgiii*. 9C*te ws,. _gt,`Ui strife
`it !slime to look fur the things - trait maluilif
buruediate and perataaext Onity,— There is a
peSsibllltg Imo ;melt, tirsthilsM9 l 4.tivr
ed, might •
whet e ] shioF foPetiettge2.2lo vow
North, shows that the real Peril is in the ;
tie:nand for an unwise and baleful severity.
The, Chicago .Tintes hopes that' te,,,Ptl/1-
dent, Oa his trip to - Raleigh; wilt-make - no
speeches, but suggests that if he saga
- i t I'ol be 'a 6trotil.: recommetabitiOn fur - t/ie
Southent people to go to work. "Ile should
advise them•to put moneyLia,their purse, to
get rich. When they slain be rich they will
become independent. Politicians, govern
ments, the , wrorld.never oppresa-thu-wealthy,
Partisans do,not urge the placing of million
aires and negroesAn a level. When a - man
"or a community is out at the elbows, and
impecunious, there are reformers firm in the
belief that social and political equality are
good things in both instances. Let the Pres
dent tell them a little story, thus
- "A" gentleman enters a chtirch and scats
himself in a pew, accompanied bya dark
skinned individual with kinkey hair. There
unto enters another individual, and snorts in
' What's that nigger doing her e? ,
Hush, lie's a lia'ytian.'
'Don't dare a d—n what-ho is, No nigger,
can sit in this pew.'
'Be quiet, lie's worth a million.' •
'Ah! introduce me to the gentleman.'
"The South applies for admission to Con
gress: - •
' Let us in, were loyal!'
`No matter; no rebel can get in here.'
. 'But we're mxed,arid taxation withoutrep
resentation is unjust.' *,
'Don't care a d—n. No rebel*Can come to
'But.We are worth millions; we have
hoed, dug, planted, reaped, sold, and we are
'Ah ! .gentlemen, your moat obsequious,
humble and devoted servants. Walk in. 'Take
seats. Stay in. We're yonru. body, golds,
boots and breeeln. !' "
"Iv is really hard that partizan editors. and
correspondents should he kept - so busy in
fibriarting invidious stories about the Ad
ministration. It must impose a on
their mental powers, ,unless; indeed; habit
has made inventions of this sort a second
nature. When it was first announced, for
instance, That Senator Doolittle was going to
Europe we had all sorts of rumors as to the
special business which had been menufre
tared for him, as a reward for political servi
ces,—amt day atter day for weeks the Wash
ington special dispatches rang the charges on
this - subjec. Now- it is quietly
_announced -
that he. did not go on public, business at all.
So in, regard to General- Sheridan. It has
been asserted over and .over - again that the.
President was 'shod to remove him from
command - in New Orleans, and that- General
Thomas had been summoned to Washington
to be eonstiltedabriut taking his place. Now
it t is announced that the Pre.sident"declines to
interfere," with Gen. Sheridan at all; and that
the visit of Gen. Thomas to Washington had
nothing' whatever to do with -his removal.
We might cite half a doze4tises of precisely
the same sort. We should think editors
would get tired of printing; and the public of
reading, such inventions—made one day only
to be contradicted or refitted the next" So
thinks the N. V. Times, and .every sensible
man will agree with it. The Times has co
operated With the Class of editors to whom
it refers, long enough, however, to know that
were it not for these very fabricated stories,
their chief occupation would be gone, and the
Radical party; of which they are the organs,
fall into the helpless 'obscurity in which it
should alWays have fetnained..
Secretary McCulloch has been -invited' by
the solid men of BOstoato - visittheircity and
help them eat a dinner. The Seeretary‘de
clines, for excellent reasons: , The finances
are not so flourishing us he. could wish—in
fact, not at all; so that there is great danger
that the National debt - Inllbaincreased rath
er than lessened during the six months be
ginning with the present Miff. Congress,
last winter, burnt its candletat both ends—
cut down tuxes with one hamlfuld enlarged
appropriations with_the other,-hence the
Treasury ,is now rather making - stenaway
than othernise. • Mr. * McCulloch says he is
"not hopeilit' in regard to our future," yet he
nullifies this startling declaration by closing
as follows :
"The emotes! which, are now operating
against us are exceptional and temporary.
The prospect Of a good crop of winter wheat
was never bettimr,,, -More' spring wheat has
been sowed, and more corn has or will lw
planted,• this season -than ever before. The
people are beginning to comprehend again
this important truth, which seems to have
been disregarded fof sotne years past,, that
prosperity is the result of labor, that industry
and economy arc as indispensable to National
as to individual wealth. - I shall be grievous
ly disappointed if another year does not wit
ness a large increase of iiidnstry,of enterprise
and of revenue, decided -progress toward a
resumption of specie payments, aud a steady
reduction of the public debt."
A committee' of the Nevada Legislature
has been investigating the Means by which
the intense 'Radical, and loud' advocate of
impeachment, Genewl :James W. Nye, se
cured his election to the United States Sen
ate, add report a degree of corruption whith
puts the Washington' and Ilatiisburg man
ipulators to the blush. It is', alleged that
Nye openly bought his seat hi the Senate,
members being paid from a - Thousand to
three thousand dollars, according, to the ne
cessities ofthecase, A men named Mine
gan„,,swears that a meinber, nanied Culled,
told him he had received 3 1 11,3510 for Voting,
for - Nye. - Another Witness, named 'Sears,
swears that received a check di! $3,000,
with' instructions to . deliver 'it fo 'almembei
named Proctor, if he voted for - Nye': but as'
he voted againerhim it had not been paid;
,Prector being called on, refused to testify.
Varioni members testified to having been
offered various stuns Ifthey Wonld'"Vote - for
Nye,,"—but, of - course; noun - of theta admit;
ted that they had , taken the Money: . The
eimemeas of . Certain politicians Mlnive nett
States admitted, one, utter another; before
they have half theimpulation requisite-for a
single member, finds its proper commentary
in these transactions. -
Mn GREELEY is rawly every. day present
ing statente.nts; through the Winne, which
justify, in hiitjudgment, the bailing of Jeffek
san Davis. He says that he., has, airmdY.lre
ceived fiord :every part of .the South -but
Texas, "trustworthy _assansnelm that it has
been hailed as-an overture to concitia*l—
varneg.torbrorthern oadlicia4l
- trho•-.return .fraut,the
South, ha ilaya i isitilfthpilWratioapf Da_via as
fraughtAvitb :Wading intlnencetk, and .be
tte:deent premise awry part _of ouraeon-.
is .-sonto - grafttleatian tckfkne!ttltst
this elastuf pelitielans begittatlast_ tnappre%
elate the.valuvof.,` fugaiPginiluencek"-
•.• is Inateeln i'irailthiftoti; - tinistithealty
that can hi Oven It p:eti,eitnii;"titticlloilice
Gieeleihas written a letter
hitto letttrianilds,eetnitiy
Ineltake tot active p;tritnbstitiiftif r aity.
and anbitautiaf
what " the fools" inight My to him; - Mr.
Greitey, not itioWing: the ltddretti "Br eler•
nude ; sent theietteenin WV - Idea of. Vie
atter In Yttt4ingtoii tOth a: refines t
be' fornairdettiutetitn*ying it witha note
to her, stating the substance of the letter; the
Indy 14 to nii, eoritehotly Whtivottliflt.ead'
imi l . l 4 o tir qt 4 •
l'aitePollittuut of'iA;urth It t ;
Weghlinitent,e* have Aominetnilo
ad:ion - foeinnnini ConftlizsioZtiNetet
the nrar lhe ttenuti/'Wholioolikkgiazti
no_ eannele nfldirelotign%ne_the e l
Pad.- CW,Gittio_ l o;47-t -- Xv
realign- 7 , e, • -
Of" C<A;lF:W*l4o6i* Oa : Y* 6 °i*
*item wild hay•lyafftited i irthete
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The ImAtyhteseihteiCifililitpelied 1. ,
A DV:it.dyklAViON?Dri'VVAß‘i
~. • •
talc illintinient."-asst.Av..... a
(taunter Move.
The itletrestsbers•Wlthdrettle• mut rrepe.
lions for the Battle 'Mum.
A PeaelY Strop:lv stil.anghf
' The grand rebellion which
has been inaugurating for some time past
against the established. custom ef
cal-party of the district, has at length opened
in all its vigor, and bids fair Tor "a while to
come to be the all pervading topic of local
political discussicin. Ills letter- in "reitionse
to that of residents of our city; 'inviting Mot
to be again a. candidate for re-electhin, wasi
cunningly devised to put his opponents off
their guard, and enable hint to get his forces
in proper.sluipe before the main object shciuld
be exposed, Having perfected his plans, he
has now come ont openly as a candidate for
re-,election, as we felt satisfied he would front
the first. In a long letter, directed to n num
ber of citizens of Titusville, he gives as his
main reason for wishing to .bc renominated,
that he has been compelled to become a can
didate in self-vindication against - the -asper
-sions of the press of Erie, and reiterates the
opinions before expressed respecting the ea r
nal enlargement, and the division of Craws
ford county. By this sort of strategy he en
lists the two strongest influences in his favor
,--the sympathies of his friends,and the hater
pits of the two met rabid Radical' portions
of Crawford county. In this county, his Rad
ical enemies, bitter as they are, have not yet
succeeded in arraying any formidable'
hination against and the contest,there
fore,ls virtually narrowed down to thcjimits
of our neighboring, county. The gad on
his part will_ henceforth be played with' im
mediate reference trrsuccess there; and, lf•he.
wins the day, his nomination - will = be antis.
sured fact., It becomes, then, of the 'utmost
importance that all who do not wish to see
him returned to the Senate should lend their
aid at' once to the •anti-LoWry clement in
Crawford, to secure his defeat at the primary
elections on the 21st inst.
. The contest in that confity;though it must
necessarily be brief, promises to be ono . of the
sharpest and most-interesting in-the political
annals of the district. It has already com
menced with a vigor that gives premonition
of what' is' to come. • • The ,
Republican has stepped into the
arena as the organ- of the anti-Lowry
theflon, and its articles display tv vim
that is refreshing in these dull times. To
Deinocrats, in particular, this triangular
struggle Will possess rare interest, and if its
results will only be to split the Radical party
in fragments,so much the better. „Lis a spec
imen of-the spirit of the anti-LOwlY men, we
quote the following 'from the Republican of
last week : •
We understand that. an enterprising citi
zen of Greenwood township has discovered
a plan by which Conneaut-Mandl maybe,
drained and convened into n flower and
market garden. In order to at comPlish this
desirable result, he deems it absolutely' neces
sary that he should be elected to the State
Senate. When first urged by his friends to
be a candidate he - declined, but afterwards
got new light on the subject; and: has found
that no one else is competent to secure the
required legislation. He is now traveling the
Marsh procuring.signers to. an appeal-to the
people; representing the great importance of
his project, and' setting forth his wonderful
powers of - manipulation among legislators.
Among the prominent: names attached to his
paper are those of the most conspicuous cid-
Zeus of -that - locality, Messrs. B. Frog, B.
Bass, W. Duck, 3L 3L Rat, Y. Perch.
S. Fish, ,M. Sucker, Polly Wog, "arlothers."
With such an array of names and the . extra
ordinary pla t y s of harmony and enthusiasm
manifested by - hts supporters. the candidate
alluded to feels confiderithe will have a "soft
thing" on 'any opponent of the large canal
variety. To render assurance doubly sure he
has a clerical garb and in the course
of lus carman lectures to good little boys and
girls at Sunday Schools, affects a most pit),
found regard for the Sabbath—in fact, once
killed a rooster for crowing on Sunday—(not
one of the " roosters" that crow so lustily in
legislative halls)—and distributes copies of
his celebrated speech on "The Enforcement
of Piety among the Broadbrims, and the Re
ligiona Culture of Mud Turtles."
Republicans of Crawford county! In mak•
ing up your minds whom von will support
for State Senator, remember that the office
beloirs, to this county.and that two gocid and
capable Republicans, Messrs. Richmond and
McCoy, are candidates. Col. Richmond has
been one of your ablest and most efficient
workers on the stump, and Col. McCoy has
not-only been an able and active Republican,
but for four years faced the bullets and bay&
nets of the rebel armies. Will you discard
men like these and give your - support to
demagogue like M. B. Lowry,who, atter hold-
ing the office for six years, has the indecency,
to ask it fore longer time? Either of your
own county candidates is far the superior of
Lowry in Intelligence, and honesty, and ca
pacity, and can you consistently ignore their
claims at the demand of a trickster who seeks
preferment on fraudulent pretences
Our pious and learned friend, Senator Low
ty has been actively engaged in canvassing
this county for theplst two weeks for the
purpose of securing his re-election.
mite now that his letter pretending to decline
was all for
.huncombe: He rides the new
countrholdry most exultingly, and expects
to float into office on one of his largest canal
gnnbciats, and to crown all, he does things so
piously, acting as his own-colporteur in cir
culating his famous - Sunday ear speech!
What a good- Christian candidate he is, and
how splendidly he makes both ends, of the
county meet by ritemis- . of his new county
and can?l4Mlargement sticking plaster!
- The Crawler& Deinotrat still-insists that
notwithstanding -Senator Lowry's declination
he wilt yet be a candidate, for nomination •at
the Republican primary meetings: Now, at
cording to the rates'of theßepubli6tn
,candidates fortuimination must be announced
itt. one or more-Republican newspapers thirty
days ,before the- time of holding the Pii
mary'ineetings. Less than thirtfdays - elapse
before the time twilled, and Mr. Lotiey has
not yet anneunced in-any Republican jour,
nal. the ' case, be can only
100 ,a andidate now contrary ti) the
usage - of the party. If therefore, he is a can."
didate, it will not be tailite noinfitee-ofthe
Republitans, unless they -violate. the rules
- they have adopted-for "their goyernment, and
as his persorud friends are among the most
tenacious kidders for the obsemtmee - of the
present system of making nominations, they
;would be guilty of gross inconsistency in
supporting him under the circumstances: -
The Rcfniblietwauf ,Crawforti county were
never more intensely. indignant Than when
theyleathed 'Bud - Simon emnertet - was elect
ed Baited fluiteilietnitor. ,- Let them bear in
taindllutt Morrow B. Lowry wills one of the
headers who accomplished this result;
openly boasted that in doing, so be was acting,
in"deflatfee etthe'sentimetturof his'cimatitu- -
Wirrthey sustaltaluf in that outrage
upon-their feelings, end endwise lei -conduct
bylv"eleeting,bitat the. wool over
the eyes -ar veteriOle uibefore thegi a
new county and minted carat ‘Let=them
- thmeintier that the enlargement - Bill; haslbe
epele, s law, and that although he has been
six yearg ,In: the Seithte he has never yet done
anything for a new toupty, althougfi repat-
edly sohclted to support that measure. He is
playing The humbug etas ofa presnraptuans•
demagogue, andintelligent men should not
allow t4e4l,seive9 to Ito ; ~lgceived.
, Nat 71116- 4 031,.. 83tARTAAN rn TILE
- the strongest picao.Fged*Loirti.
Arid his Malta .is that -be isthe'enly pan
that ean'secnre - the necessary 'legislititni Tot.
tiiu eniargetirtaitt of the Erie .sand; and for
the organization of • the new-conatt, the
flimsy artifice of a dernsT not/ 4631 d
have no weight with into nt Voters. Ve
hava more " that thousan lielnildbriuti in
IldstlistrietjastiasiltatitOndi se 31.caloir
.laratrtaidisaharge , ihe kniett& d ll 4l‘P legb
latkin: If the work isto be done by trickery
, anti Amok t-hattbetter
_nodone, and.
• Is on - oritateliltnassurntaarttitairlowry's
'Arlo eetitiatia—zeitweirieloubi not
towtheigaggramilestft ROA kvtva. l / 4 .._
takis to be regretteil that Id B Lavvy 'per
. B. ,
VW. hallitt,.. - ' ' ALNVW:
.coAllty, o zt, .t to o If
Ira* , 'Nitiltif, , V•Viiiibits.ikriti teliteste
aftri*iiiirwitftwmpat l li
PlOrg; Olt Ittelvitscallbh WAR g Akita gek'•-
At t tu Ctight.", zatirxtc,tl3, as,
PO - elilt44 tkilfilie thAt i r tft eT 4 ltit'd
to tha ; tea it igutW Wes& 9t
trust, -cuiltom and right ibr Ericio'ask. or
rawfenktngivc,the office to Erie for Pnother
A u.4Tprim of Radicals sje muo4l llll eP
Dirt for an extra session itor . c..coogntiottettiuett.
the promulgation of Attorney General Stun
hary'i - Some of them O l e Mixing
letters to other members ? urgityg, them to
came MA in &inr of:an exam-session. : *-
*pito atettel.n o Ynutettini-.4,1a. 49t„
July sessionjs possible. The, sentiment of
the people IS,sonnmistakably'against a-suni
mer session, that the mass of the members
are unwilling to defy It .
statement.of the National debt, which
win be forthcoming in a - tev days, will not
be as satisfactory as the last. 'Tim Goverit
mit has paid out In coin over $24,000,000 as
Interest on the itve-,twenty ,btradih and. has
oaly received aboutl9,ooo,ooo In- gold - film
sources in return. — The interhal s rut-antic
receipts will be about a million and a quarter
Mori than' last month. The reduction will
be very slight; If there be, ani at all. •
Tim Airny and Navy journal has attllfge.
filous way or calling a matt a liar: In speak
lag of Gen., Baker it describes him as t` one
of those deedrative men who Make it a point
of honer never to let a story loSe.anything
by passing through thed'artistie hands"
NO( York, Julio 5
FLOUR—pull,: and 20r30e lower. Choice
#ll.soal2,73 ; winter $13.00a16.75. Rye
flour quiet. Sales of fine at $8.25 ; superfine
WHEAT—Nominally lower s , Sales bf No.
2,Chicago at
and lower. Safes in lots s at
SaleA of Canada free
MALT—In Moderate demand. Sales,at
x. 55. •-
CORN—heavy and Babe lower. sow of
new mixed western at $112a1.15 ; retail lots
$1.16a1.17 old delivered $1.22a1.20 - 1-2. -
oA.T&Unellanfred. - Sales of western at
feaB-10. ; Penn'tf 87a87
POET{—Heavy and lower. -$22.85a23.00
for new mess-; $22.00 for old mess ; $19.01.t
19.25 for primer $22.25 for prime mess. -
,- "-
BEEF 'RAMS—Quiet "and lower. At
- CUT MEATS—Dcwry. *- Sales -shoulders
atB 3-Baloe ; hams 1244 c:
LARD—Heavy. Sales•nt . 12 1-4a-13•14e.
for new, and small lots at 13 3-Be. . ,
BUTTER—DuII at 20.1-2 for, Ohio.
CHEESE-:-Quiet at Bal6 1-2 e. -
--- - .
Buy'g. Sell'g,
Five-twenties ('O2) coup., 108 7-8 109 5-8
Five-twenties ('O4) coup., 105 105 34
Five-twenties ('65) coup., • 105 3-1 106 1-2
Five-twenties ('O5) new iss., 107 7-8 108 1-8,
Seven-thirties (let series) 10.5 7-8 100 1-4
. (2tl and. 2d) 105 3.8 105 3-4
Ten-forties, coup.; '9B 34 99 1-2
New York Exchange, • par V=est-4
Money, Interest,
.PhiLa:%t Erie tr.51:1 R. Th - Stciek - , • 40
.Erie .t Pittsburgh, - do 60
Cleveland &; Erie (none in market) 250
Buffalo & Eric 250
Erie City:Bonds, .
Erie City Warrants',
Erie County Einnis,
Flour, Wit., sl7iilf)
Flour, Win., 15a16
Flour, Spring 1.3x13.
Flour, Rye, 9 50A10
Wheat, Wit.,
Wheat, A., 3 coca 10
Wheat, S., 2 704 80
Bran, -
Potatoes, '1 00a1 10
Butter, lb., . 20'32*
Lard, lb., 12alk
Tallow, lb., .:93111 , s, doz., 20
hams, lb., 14a15
Shoulders; lb., 10a11
Dr'd App.,' lb., 'lo'
Peaches, par'd, 28440
Peaches, imp., 17/118'
Woql, 403.50
Veal, 1. w., cwt.; 7aB
',Pork, " 9311
103a1 10
Beef, 1. w., cwt. , 7a9
Mutton, " • • 048
Attu 2bbtrtionnents.
most Interesting, immtiful And attraettve
book published. Great inducements to
agents, male- or female. Those now engaged are
- making from $l5O to tax) per month. THE
BOOK SELLs. Send for a circular or apply to
Chestnut Fih,philadelphia,
311-InV ,
ONE of t mist pleusant retnlttences and do.
ramble lnentiona toes village house, now
ofterwl.for stale in' the betunifel
The -lot contains about one acre of land, hat.
flits' choice trotted fruit trees,with-ehoieeshrub
.bery on tr. a good well of water, a large anti well
arrangetthouse with new cistern and cellar,and
maned barn and out house. - The pinperty Is 'at
tuned ori Main street; and adjoining the Acade
my Park—is but five minutes' walk front the
post °Mee and all the churches. Goad
and enjoy
no more pleasant place to reside' and enjoy
MI the advantages of them, exists on the Lake
Shore. The village is located about two miles
from the lake-shore, and one-half mile from the
rallmail station of the C.& E. and P.. 4 R. Rail
made. Terms easy. Parties desiring to buy or
having property In this city, if they desire to
exchange, will find it of advantage to cull or MI
-dress, for further information, . •
AVDTTOWS REPORT, ..11AY 4th 1867. .
To amount of bounty tax levied Feb.
%111 13
hy - mdfley paid on band* - - 44271
By amount of Exhon6ntions, - 010 21
By a
c mount of-collection ... . 107
. .
1 1 ,11,9g5 57
We T „: the undersigned Auditors, of Lencenf tp.,
having met and examined the account and
vericlAers of the Bond. °imminent:tire of NMI,
townbtp,, In regard
themis, due mid Commissioners the sum
Witness tntr hdnilerunilsozdts-ot LeWent: this
6th dnyot May, 7867. - - ,
MIEAIII9III.I' 4.418.).
11.3 i. RANGE. MA.)
Caking and Gent's Turnisliini goods !
_ w, , aEratircs4ariv,
Maaufaetnrers'antl Wholesale tftleis hi
! • .1•04.1 2 .Qp0, BEG.NRS i
14 1:1,3r10 ,
No. 6 Federal St., Allegheny City, N.,
Illgi i ddoofTriflrStmpirt!;:fintin!'id ,
"12131-1 Y• ef:thiß4g•Exidilut.
Real Estate Agents !
noose and- La, 0154a1C), On-Freachakeet,,be
-*land 3d. , - Price ,f.::,..%0--very cheap.
Corapietefurnishedtwostery nanie Isonse.tnat ,
hie tnantlee t AmAlrOtiorßod.Pelton,
}Tolland street, , .. - Op%•tcheap.:, - , 7 ,
The large two storyttinto Dwelling and m o p
tt..51.1179, on Peach street; corner or gimpy=
'trek, Particularly desirohle for hotel or
*totes. - - •
Teo Dire hbc Clio Lot;:n n WestSth street:
Property' ofJohn Perkins.
Jost Ottt of the city' Thalia. -bottles tionse, in
• good repair; one-third or on ACM of ground;
about oneflontdredtehoicObenrixfk fruit tines, -
Intrpes, &c. Price ti 1,150.
C i liT tot on i‘lnth street. first; eatk r 'nf *ni: PA:
Verreleoirtibte._ _
The storestontota, no'w neee4inot-hyilhbotei -
Shirk 4 Co., 41, top to - intit , -Ertirept. - • Alva
long ,A •
Co sit acres, part of J: DioQlure's ~,
.Mites south menet the: alto.: antis - 7_ t
story ininote..bencsiete varletyid:
trees. 'Sell eimay'llootn-AndeOoffirnib IMMO Pc
. ,Attivoryni:
The th 10,1301; dothic'4'illatitua;ll - iiittro;
on - peach etreet; d irectly north of the
- price Si,: 000,Renting for $940 per annum.
klosiness LOW directly - north.: of Bair do John=
, _l4oll'll starP r i PrWirtY off. Whfttiett.';
Itlreuentli-earat eelead tptrie; fo i
ank barn, home,
fruit trete, ar r Prkie illStSper acre. .
Six acregland.
two steer term honseybarn,"good
Variety:of aholee trop. ?Ate 51,2 all_ Twe fillies
eurialAllaffkAUtil. •
We are ratlill ; arraliteer
• ,
,13,ECALTslic ,vm.044: 161' s
and Fourth atreetNaltilVerinan an Ifelland_
^-lillteeetaith relfteilulirt
, handrawk,
Bilyers iruidiFtlitteltenribrerehatee4- - -.
":"? • -
apt t Bed
1 l IE VW 0 1 R 8164 -41$
" .•:,I*angitt -, 7
-9404.7 8 0, 1 % - . 4 1 M; -#4 61 : 1 10 . 0 6 *
:f - -.-'-'lltVatiiiiiiiiiiiX'w.
- • ito ti _ D
iiroo:nsiso - orMIKIng*TitADE
No, 54E17*Froliicti
Aniieimeo that they haye Jat re-opened their
And Invite the rittenittni -wanting Bard.
Stook iR the paigest ever held in
Noith-Wegtern Pennsyranin
Comprixing a general atoeirthitmt of all the aril
eleg In their line. t
FARMERS will and what they want.
BUILDERS will and what they want.
BLACKSMITHS wtU find what they want.
WAGON MAKERS will rind what they want
CARPENTERS will and what they want.
MASONS will find what they want.
PAINTERS Will And what they want.
GLAZIERS will find what they want.
MACHINISTS will And what Haw want.
LUMBERMEN - will find what the want.
COAL DEALERS will find - what timely/stn.
In short every !dud of Hardware toted by any
class In the community, will always be found
on hand and sold at the most reasonable prices.
Fitirbant'sf Standard Scal6s!
Hay. pan', Platform, Wheellx,rrow, Grocers'
. Drufffftsts', Butchers', Post - Ottlce
nod Counter,
132' 1-2 127 1-2
180 132
Croton Glass WorkS
All sizes of Glasq nangtataty an hand at lam*
- Omsk prtet.,.
The public are lna lJ&1 to call and examine tot
themselves. Remember the idart,
Wayne 4lnekonppagite thelleed noase.
my :767-M
mum AND vlcriwrrir
M rN fir i ghtUrit a t W ent l agi . tyt i _ t i lVe d u=
to mislead many of our citizens, the undersign
ed would most resPect tally be -leave tO contra
dict the raw, and hereby tinnottnce that at
Soutli of the Union Depot, (.1, P.. Decker's old
stand,) maybe totinda eboice,se'leetion of
Grocerios,- Provisions,
Foreign and Domeztic Fruits, Crockery And
Glam.Ware, Yankee notions, TWA, lie. In fact
everything usually kept in a Family Grocery
store: ' Floor front the celebrated Allard Mills—
warranted equal to the best inthe conntm
Furthermore; aware not ea d istrustfut of our
fellow citizens, that WP are not willing to trust
at all.
to all good-paylug custolners, andsell goods just
rut low as any one who claims to' Neil only- for
cash. If so unfortunate, an- to have any bad
debts, we pledge enrselveS todo as all honorable
nzerettants ever have done= the loss our
nelves, and not ask our customers to Make
it up—as some claim to have done.
For a confirmation of the above statement we
ask only a fan trial.
Deeds delivered promptly to- any part-of the
city. Itemembef- the place. 1.52 l "Desch street,
near the Union Depot. - -
rnyMV-if. J. F. REXFORD Sr. CO.
M~l S'A'KIJ qty VS
No. tiwrict,rm
JO,U , l9'_
Having opened anew store in the ttbovelocal
ity, respectfully announces to the public that be
has on hand one of the largest •Mal most
fully Selected stocks of ~
'f • „
Bea4y•Mailiitiiithl g;Clothsitassjaterei,
I• - -
Bats Gaps, ete., ever brought to this market—all
purchased since the faildn,pribWand to be sold
at the most reasonable figures. lie has one of
the best Cutters In the country, and will engage
to make up Clothing in mastaziablanable
and durable style. Aisataelf Is complete; -Huth=
in the line of histrade hasbeen"peglfcted. Give
him a call and see for yourselves.. - He warrants
the goods to be as represented, and prices as low
. nanny in the city. - • - •
- ••••• 0 67-tt. - - .1. Sf. =MN.
. All claimatito feseextraixituitytillh*afthite‘
acts of Congreiss,, can have lite 'same-Aire ptlr
'eolkieted by. their-Aseharges to we; the
receipt of ightch wilFhe promptly aalhiowledg
ed and histruetiona returned., '
• - , • ,•
, INCREASE OP rEzisxcers.-
1 15 per month for the topii4ciss_of usootalther,
leg or arm. ipatead of Si,....,Osertrionth•foreach
minor' child- et...deceased,- i:oMlera Iteaineti:
/Lbw, other inerensea. , ,
Three. minim. fifti- -Reim ;for iterrlce
'March ad, and ildsclutrged :after 'din - 4,9th; Ma:
Cantu cached. • „.„ •
Minus for arrears of ptd•,• - atfd --Onitone. and:
noupty, prompt:Jr collected.-13n.fttudled Mont-
Wes tor cketag null contpletlancWinp;
num to priedOf.‘ — Only agency -
North.. Western Perulaylvotna,<Rhere-arvatit of
ritniedin the 1J.13. Trettaury datt<be zottitA. , `
14or:tlat Nary liberat-Pantrningtf be 4
statredisilhepEtatv wftimm by -innteneed erg*:
,riefice and Wu - emitting nneuttotitn introna c to
-come their continued *vat.
add „OM& -lb' ir,ar . rtir
:padding: • Address - < - • • -
• - R. Talittltiff.W,'
';.tti7,116-tf. • ,• - 1 . 0 0419x4 0 /. Erie; Pa.
LIVERY ST*l3:l4, - -- -
rUNDERSIGNED' havingpurchased the
wall known Livery Stand heretofore wil
ed by Win. J. Sterrett, desires to Inform his
ads anct the publi o that he will C O / 111 e Pie
'busiesftii,nri_d_inviiek then' lislteßaiW ''' ' .
THE . I OCK. wilLbe largely increased and lm:
,proved—new costeetallists. hattitlbeettAinictieed
.andeank of th e best, livery horses' in tne Coen.
Urinlgkr.,- I win detertainedsci - so sonductgatab.
„raent - as ki give Satisfaction.
, wileit to obtain the services ot o =4 ol l
bo ) on * will
find me ready at tillthiaestoi
sirttialmable prices.
: ItetolitiotAbspisbe; atettiteitMC W4 l
, -1/ *
.. I vslr of me geed Mute. - -
~ - - _THOS. LENNON.
wrgiAms,. crwv.simik • _ •
•-•t•z .••
- ,
ware to the same
.• General Nsmoimeht of
KU' - H - N`i
tTn "011kt:tiffs tiffOtts.
, • .
- - •
nEALpin tv
lq now opening and will keen entvgantly on
liana a large and tatailoritafilo liCrwk of
, .
Bonta,and Shwa, at his
N. Parlf ROW, (Brown's Hotel.)
Rip Mock einbrarea ever; hing in the Root and
Shoe Ilno, inciroting n large line of
Sete agent for the city for the
66 Threbole Patent foot
A very desirable article for ladies' wear.
flaying ptitehnsed the interest or the
Vixterhts In the
Of the hatefirm; . would respectfully solicit a
exmanuanee of favor fmta,l la• friends and pa
trons of the house• and the public neneral,
pledging himself Clad he will . tit all allies try to
' Keil g° oo and TellLool .
01,91kir, Feed and firr
At the lowest priee for cash In hand. From bn•
long experience In this brand' of the *nide, I
trust I know what the public dentinal, and that
I ant prepared to meet that wale.
Returnlna my thanks to the puhlie (or their
liberal. patronage to ate In the pcsi,l Kohn• by
stria attention to my busine.s and their wants, I
to merit a emit haunter of their patronage lathe
kNI) Gll.%Es: iii7sESINS
.Wl.lll i xt ccnitlnutml, l i lt all Its departrueuts, at the
and the Store,
E -AL gT 1 , , A_ IC. 13.0 NV ,
Betwevn Brown's hotel awl Ite•d noose,
Where the patine will fital a good stock alwayg
for gale, with competent and lailite wen on
Lund to taipply' their wattle.
ap2767-Iy.. 11. 11. 11.1171.1tSTICM.
ifr:/ , 17A;V:0 0 .:4z 1 .‘
flali owned a new store of the above desert's.
tion,ut his old stand,near the South West corner
of State street and the York, where he Invites
Ids old customers and the 'public uenerally
to give him a call. constantly on hand a gene
ral assortment of-
- Crockery, Glass, China anciTillyer Wnre,
DM Room Sets, Dinner anti Tea Sets, Knive.n,
Forks, Ten Spoons Looking Glasses, Liunpm,
Globes, Chimneys, Spoons,
Embracing some of the most beautiful ever
-brought to this market. Those who wish to buy
Ida bargain will and it to their. interest to call.
lie guarAntet.4 , to sell
0/ PM. CENT. „lima
any other house in the city 4 • my2'.l'67-Iy.
Corner ocTwelfth and Peach streets, Erie, )'a.,
who keep coneitantl34 on hand Lehigh and Pitts
ton (Furnace) lump' and • prepared, Shamokin;
Egg, Store and Nut gize4; Bituminous, for grate
and steam, and
For Blackwinith Purposes
Our Cad Is all remixed by mill, Is kept on dry,
plunk floor, unit
We offer great indueetnentm to parties wighing
to lay in their winter eupply, also to dealers
purchasing by the ear load.
Give us a call and we guarantee to give
July 19'664 f.
• WORD.UN c•ic,
'Wank' reApeettully announce that they hare
opeuedn store nt.
No. 428 French St., between 4th and sth;
For the purelut4e and sale of
l3aitibpriv, 'Poultry, Milk, Jkcfr„,
Orders from abroad .will receive prompt at
tention ut the lowest market Prices.
W The highest price In Cash wild for Pro
duce. aul6'o6-tf.
Sold cheap for Cash, l)
IiIA.NT4I.&•I I 7SI-LEFIt s •
are ivoultt remieetfully can the-attention of
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Situated on the Canal,
NearTteod'it Dock
:We are notrYn . (till operation-4a%
liana t , and are pre 1 to tarnish It front the
Kilreoa thershor notice- - „
NF.Mrli @ SPOONIt,
WOE: UNION EIOUSIE, nenr the Phila. & trie
j Shops, h • offered toe rent, - as the present
proprietor Is shoot to open the., _ .
- • - ate;i.,t'sE ixotriE, -
On:the Bunk) Rend. 'Turtles wishing. to keep
Let or batrdlng house will flnd this deglxuble
pLace. The houturinsitilm;_n good btusiness. En
qqtre of JOS. JOHNSTON, Sen., or of end.
WEI*II, on the premises. my2117.-tf
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y„FAMILY-18EIVIIT9 4p.,0111NE! .
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nifil2,ll.Peach St.; esst:sitiei two dhci
:-. south trinflth street , Ede ,- PA- -. ‘• •
nplBll7-Lt. . ... - : re.,_#•Aat!AL.Alient--.1
JOl-11%1 13A1111rA.Till •
• Tea, &tree, *mar,
per, Fish, Hami,'ProYMOns4enurtilly,%.Conn•
try Produce, Bird Cages,. Wood, Willow and
Crockgyy Ware, FlracyThotilingataketa, To.
baccoVatdBcpars,ybdittig Tacicie t
•,_ , Al,2ll4tiatiiVitioole, k Mel o; Pa:
Private-Ftuallies and Hotels supplied. Goods
DEetIONER etkECortprz.--4wrisT
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Ow -York C ,
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tern of tell
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Prescript Innii
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regenteti. troultte show„T . ”'
bee tbe ttsittle uud phi( ,
Stationary awl liorlable 'Steam EtiziniN,
Ilra , llCy's Patent Engine, Hick's I'. t, tit Ctivirt-
Irtwt .I.ctinallreular Saw •
' Circular Savv 31111., •
t i /;F:011,61: SELDEN,
W. J. F. LII)J)ELL, sup' t,
", • -JuIIS IL ISII*4, Tr,
'Fite Hruttley,"-Ungripe
use. want iWfee. ntl4 dour lr thelamrrl,f
other En* *lent etitutlidze. • .
Parties who •wish to Increase tl u •ir 1..‘0r
wit houteliatightg their boiler, eau (in -OM
the Bradley Engine. which Work. KX11:01a:
StenAL and paves double the power min
same hblier, thus sayttm halt the fuel.
13IgPA.1rCI,I .13XNDFM1
Blank 'Book Manufactory
We take nlemiure in annnuneing 1,, thepubn,
that we have socurtri the gerviees nt
A most conilllete and Ilion %%orkinan.
take eitame of onr .
• •
Bindery and Blank Book Manufactory!
Mr. Ashby ha. for strYeral years been euraw..l
in l'entleld's Blank Book F.stablishmeta. .0
Buffalo ' and 'has no superior in the
Other Valuable assistants have been eneluz.....-•
that. work front this department
C0A.14 !,
In nil that pertains, to 141,1...teit, superior for,
warding and sul, b tinily 1,112117:-t
The Largest and 'Hest Stock ..1 -
Paints, 01Is, Varnishes, Glass d:,
ElaVing had long experience in the
are enabled to supply parties with a •ttpcn,,r
quality of goods at.the lowest prio-.
Our stock embraces a general varietv cr.
thing that Painters need, and those a ho
their patronage can-rely on not belllg 41.4
Orders for furnishing buildings a ill 1.. , at:-
factorlly filled., •
*d' Call and examine our-.dock.,
Peach Street, above the Buffalo 'Road,
lIINNYVV, flux - A.:Ng'
' And all kinds of Imu etod
Every Stove sold by us is wlirranted toga,
*satisfaction. Nettles, Sleigh- Slus , ,
&e., on burst and manufactured to order. Plou•
and Plow points of superior Make:lll4 , l'll'34: l s
ty always on hand. A call and a fair till
our articles Is 1111 we ask.
Hare a large and CN t enx lye assortzn rut of Stu ',
at Wholesale and Retail.
Is a tlrst class 0041 Cook Stove, with or with.:
Reservoir, for hard or soft coal,
or wood; and is •4-
- We also Ilanurattare lire - 7
Both low oven Coal Cook Stoves—witif mo 4
grates—euu be used either for wool or ~01.
We still iniutufneture this celebrnted low o,,in
Store for wooil—witli or without resloir.
A low oven. Stove for Wood. This Is a iww
of beautiful design, and now for cab--1. , 0•th , r
'with a large assortment. of P.levated (Weil 12 "
Parlor Cook, for wood or coal, and Polar
Onlee Stoves, for wythi or coat.
C. M. TITIDAI4. D. 8111.121:. W. 11, 1111 t I6IIIX. •
Keystone National Bank.
CAPITAL $25 ,006.
Seidel" Miinitt, John W. IBM
Pester Town, 0.
MA . • MANGE NOBLE, Prest. .
The above bank i. 9 now doing
'few building,
Satisfactory.-paper. discounted. Most -t n
eciveti on deposit. Collections made and Pr,"
iNetstlx acconoted . for withprontpto , ..s.
Specie and Bang Notes bought :old
sMrn of public patronage wilt-Heti. --
Wholconic and Retail Grocery St
P. A.. BECKER 64 CO..
••:North-rust Corner Ptir r it Orot Fr'rtiOt
Would mpect tuns cidirtho attention of tlie ,0,, *
-totlity to their large etork of _
Grooeriesr anti Pr 0 v
Which they am 4egiroum to well :‘t
• Teir, rtmentof
Sugars' ()ogees. Teas, Syruf&
oot autposnott in giveity, it+ theynic W o ' 4
to prtn - o to all who them a nig.
.... ThrY II1:40i:cep on hand a tatiterlor lot of
. .
- - •
lkoulhowholeeitle trade, to which they d't" .l
theutttenitlonrOf the pubt.(e, obi
Their motto lee'Qutek Wes, /ran Prog,._i:', f .
841111:eqklettlent. Or Ow wow-) : aPII '''' '
Irby abbertiontento.
() 1 L
rm, r - 37 •.t
61' t;,1: 1).1.ot
?ithintfitvttired be tb.
10 East Park, Erie. Pa
3111 .T. A. ASHBY
IC3IP'OI - 17T.A.N'1`
In Erie, may bc found at
F.401:14 - o P.a.. 'Sprat cid' 7th
Manufacturers of
3. TOWN.'