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    c 6rie. ca% eboirver.
4RIF...PA•, MAY 23D, 1867
The most Laricly circulated newspaper in
p o sylvanta, and the best Adverti
, nediwn.
cower, one of the editora of the Len
t Isteiligencer. paid us %visit yesterday.,
F ,rer is ably conducted and its editors
oblidiers are perfect gentlemen.—//ar
ry Patriot.
off the above for the purpose of ad
cur tv.timony to that of our coteniporn
• r , gir d to the Intelligenoer and- its
It iv not only conductel "ably,"
rqr, i I,lgment and enterprise, and
•übt sot liana ittr sound management
,very largely the fact that Lancaster
c)ntiouel u ninterruptedly Democratic,
increasing mvjoritics, , through all the
egents of the past six years.. •
envention'of the Episcopal denomination
ern in sesaios in St, Paul's church, since
gy Afternoon last. It represents the
es of the Western Diocese of Pennsyl
sill its deliberations are °flan import
brneter to the church in this portion of
ate., Pishop Kerfont is present,together
mo t o f the clergy of the Diocese. Among
m embers we notice the names of some
neat remits, among whom are Gen. 0-.
Of Pittsburgh, who lacked only a few
,re!r. g the last Democratic candidate
.ternor, T. J. Bigham, State Senator
Allegheny. several ex-Congressman; a
e editors, and many leading members of
YoCK Cl.nrtnsol - 101.7.51%—iVe always
ene , nrage enterprise,let it be displayed
line it may, and acting upon this prin
we feel it to he a pleasure to again call
tAntion of ourrreaders to the above es
moat, in Noble's Block ; The proprie-
Messrs Marks & Myers. are thorough
ork business men, and believing in the
Chit whatever is done at all should be
well, tLey have fitted. up one of the
.meat scores in the city, and, filled it
I r largest stock ever brought to this sec•
heir variety of cloths, cassimeresorest
! ready-made clothing cannot be cur
*, and the man must be exceedingly fits
irti.) cannot find something to snit his
la the matter. of children's clothing,
•. , rtment is unrivalled. We heartily
el them to the pitronage of the public.
d !hoe none.who give them a trial will
use regret the experiment.
NT ‘ T. , (9I: PATEiIOT.—A good joke is told
ztenie of one of our citizens whose
y" was of the extremest kind dur
war, but whose temper is unfortunate
ct the sweetest. Ile was exceedingly
that eierybody should enlist,. but
o'unteered himself, giving as the res
t his age and physical im peifec
oil not allow him to he mustered in.
vine he entered a store, a nd as usual,
omplaining of the slowness in putting
e rebellion, and the tardiness of the
men-in volunteering. "Just look,"
at the lots of - strong fellows around
who could go as well as not ; I declare
if I knew they'd accept me I'd
f'. "You'd better_ try," innocently
1 the proprietor, who had grown
ti - 4 complaints. "bh, there's no nee;
they'd not take me." The proprietor
a' the crowd, and responded, "Now,
they will . ; I'll tell you what we'll do :
ten dollars they'll accept you." " This
..umper the patriotic individual bad
•lle grew red in the face,
and was about to mutter home ex
po the bystanderajtnowing that he
t he induced to enlist, under any cir
ce., broke Into a hearty shout. • The
sat too uncomfortable, for him. and
intensely enraged at the "insult," as
it, be left the locality, vowing yen
aganst his tormenter in particular
crowd in general. It will not be hard
whnhe is.
oitiation of Governor Geary as a mem-
Se of Good.Templars, ,4t- Harris
week, is announced by a portion of
'cal press with a grand • flourish of
The Governor is reported to have
upon the occasion, in which:
trPtl himself a irm tee-to-taller, and in
rrohibotery law for the State This
sweet in its way, but we should
mare consistent did it agree with the
's course during the campaign in
49 elected. We have a very clear
m that during the Governor's visit
ty he did not hesitate to make a lit
' for himself by v_isiting the Halt of
tinging club, where he not only
mtil a late hour of the night, but,
)e true, indulged in the 'favorite
reeage to an extent which showed
was not fond of it, he was at least
e stranzer to its use. The sane
o, afforded him a fine opportunity
, e cheap palaver upon our German
in ;Mich their honesty, sobriety
Itit , mrhip were herd up to the ar-
It ion of the country,and the speech
rounded off with a sentiment eulo
bicsr, which is destined forever lo
otme.with the most exalted iutel
e land. kit ibis, ton, is recollected
rmws voted for Geary, end not
axim to know whether h.• delib
atel them then, or is conspiring to
tt temperance peove now. • Their
azainst the Governor may not
tea public shape, but it is none tne
itand.cutspoken. The remark of an
keeper', who labored with all
for the Governor's somas, and who'
that he hag been grossly deceived.
e',cant as we could 'lab,' but
o, itinZ as an expression of the
'tto clogs to which he below
It mgo.neery ; I ephend ten dol
'" r ek.t trt make him Guberner
h ta=e way mine loretzel and
tetet a fluberner ; I cut mine
I v ie rit dem Aberliehnists.
'wlog itntice, from the Chicago
o 5 . 011^.17. artist who fotmerly pi
le, will he read with - 4ntereet by
a Irairere in IV, city. Daring his
here..M , Stoan acquired an envia-
Won f,r skill in hiv profession. Ire
mainly engtgeti in portrait painting,
stn that for the past year he
'lf mainly to landscapes, with what
hejudgrdby the paragraph copied.
We understand, soon contemplates
?r city, and in that event•we think
'arse him a liberal number of or
te productions of his brush :
'het is not without honor save in his
ire, There is a painting in the
t Street & Person's book store on
oo street. It is a landscape near
'EL hart did not paint it, nor Du
looecs, and yet there I. hardly an
tt pinnre that would - disgrace their
Ita mtddlc distance is one of the
ever seen. And yet the titan who
lot picture is going to leave Chicago
cannot sell paintings hero I If he
upon the Chicago market for sale,
mole eaough to biy. pepper .for
lf that painting had been painted
York or Boston studio, and sent out
tie, some of as would have broken
nutting after It. The painter'.
l oan. . His studio Is in the , Opera
Bone of us have 'heard of him. We
he very proud of him when-halisist.
( irk and Shall claim hint al kehictigo
is only to our shame that we are
If him now.
PUBLICATION-OF Tin Laws —Already, we
have'repeated the embarrassment growing out
of-the unavoidable delayln the Imbliestionof
the lawl heretofore, and complaints are befog
made on all sides that the Legislature failed to
provide for the pliblication of general and lo
cal lawsin the Several newspapers of the Slate
having the largist circulation. The subject
Was not fully understood or appreciated by-the
last Legislature, ir alaw to this effect would
base been adapted. In view Of the failure
with:li resulted tram this want of understand
ing, we now suggest.that Mir cotemporaries in
the different counties give the snhject their at
tention as the nominating conventions meet.
Let it be understood between thepeepleend the
candidates for the Legislature, that a law pi
aiding for the pnblictation of local and-general
laws of the State, must be pasted. This will
insure the necessary legislation, by which the
knowledge of all laws can only be attained.—
Exchenye. - '
The above is the substance of a number o r
articles which have appeared in different pa
pers of the State since the adjournment of the
Legislature. So far as we are able to judge by•
our exchanges, the sentiment of the press . on
the subject, with . the probable. exception of
that of Philadelphis w is nearly unanimous. It
will be remembered, that a, bill providing for.
the publication of the laws was prepared by a
'committee of the Lake Etie Press Association,
and introduced into the last Legislature. its
provisions were as fair as It was possible to
make them, and the bill was wholly zinobjecr
amiable in a partisan sense, as it provided Tor
the printing in papers of both political creeds.
Yet in spite of these facts, it failed to be'
adopted, and we cannot help but think that
the fault lies as much at the doors of publish
ers as at those of the membersof the Legis
lature. Although Every newspaper man in the
State was informed of its introdnotioa, and
urged to enlist his individual effo•ts in its fa
vor, comparatively few of them paid any at
tention to the matter, and its fate is therefore
nothing more than we anticipated. We have'
good authority for the statement that if Halt
&donee - Wee men had gone to Harrisburg
and united' their services in favor of the-bill,
it would have passed readily. Even with the
indifferent spirit shown,- it lacked only one
vote of passage in the Senate, and not mare
titan's dozen in the House. The most - active
of its supporters were Senator
, Wallace - and
Gen. McCreary, and 'it is a duty which the
press of the State °weal° these distinguished
gentlemen that their labors in behalf of the
bill should be kaolin and remembered,
The friends of the measure do not intend
that their ectleav'ors shall end with the none
costal attempt at the last tension. The bill
will be re-introdaced at the next Legislature,
and in the meantime it should be the object of
its supporters to concentrate all the elements
of success pdssible to obtain. Tho piablialfers .
of the State have the matter in their own
hands, if they only choose to r oue the influence
of their position. In every onnty, a pledge
should be secured by the editor's of the domi
nant party, from their candidate for the Leg.
islatnre, that he wilt give,his vote in favor of
the bill. By pursuing this course, and follow
ing it up with a very little attention after the
Legislature meets, we feel that we can.confi
dently predict its passage, by a nearly unani :
MOU9 vote, at an early stage of the session.
There con be no doubt that the people gener
ally favor the measure, and If it were bhught
properly before them, the expressiOn hilts be-
half would be such as would ria7:failto.con
vitfce-thepoliticians which side theirfntereste
_require them to adopt. -
The Meadville liqe „Vieen, centre' organ of
the tiadicals in Crawford, has opened its bat
teries upon Senator Lowry With a vigor that
will give reneweToonfolence -to his enemies
in the party ranks in this county. As a dis
interested "looker on in Venice.' we cannot
help but feel that the sati-Lowry Radicals
here are just now sadly in need of assistance,
and as our sympathies always run - in favor of
the weak side, we welcome the cio-operation
of the Repu6lican with unfeigned gratifies-
'don. The contest has now assumed a trian
rollr phase which wiliadd 0 its interest,
and we shall spare no pains to keep our read
ers fully-posted up in all its diversifications.
The Republican's article derives considerable
importance from the fact of its being the cc
kciowledged central organ of the Crawford
county Radicals, and we, therefore, transfer
it bodily to our columns:
"Lowry.—Senator Lowry' declares himself
in favor of the new County project, and prom
ises if he has an opportunity that he will do
all in his power to secure the required legis
lation. Ile has served six years in the Sen
ate, and just now awakens to the importance
of this project. It is a little curious, too,
that those who are most anxious to have him
returned, arc most clamorous against Mr.
Chase because of his support of the new coun
ty scheme. If it is right for Lowry to sup
port a division of our county, it is certainly
not wrong for Chise to sustain the measure.
Then, again, Lowey, after years of bitter hos
tility to the Erie Canal Company, has sud
denly become the enthusiastic, chosen cham
pion of that organization. Ile wants the canal
enlarged for ships, gm. - All very well, but
who opposes it ? The legislation authorizing
the enlargement was had at the recent ses
sion. It met with no opposition. •
'pony can go ahead with the enlargement if
they have the money, or they may prosecute
their plan to got_Congress to make au ap
propriation, but the matter should not be
made a hobby for the special benefit of any
office-seeking demagogue.
Crawford county is entitled to the Senator.
Any candidate our people may present will be
quite as competent to look after all matters of
legis'ation affecting the interests of the Dis
trict as Mr. Lowry, and, to use his own °lan
guage, he cannot get the Senatorship "without
a fight." Ile has had the office six years.
He should be content to retire on hie laurels.
We recognize his greatness and fully appre
ciate his distinguished services.. But the
State and District will no doubt survive his
retirement. ,The new county and the canal
expansion will not sialTA.r because of his ab.
Bence from the legislative halls. His "cause"
will not be overlooked—not a bit.. And be
sides he may preyent a "fight."—and .surely
such a peaceful result would be condoling to
his pions, amiable soul.
The editor of the Petroleum'Centre deity .
Era beoame hard up for something to fill his
columns with. last week. In the depth of his
despair, he called upon his imagination, and
the following is the result. We presume the
good people of Petroleum Centre read the item
with feelings - of as much astoniehment as if
the event related- actually occurred
- We state Upon what we consider reliable
authority, that a woman living in Elk Creek
township, 'Erie county, this State, recently.
gave birth ' to the most distressingly singular
phenomena. e can recollect to hove heard of-
The offspring—twine—is a strange formation
of reptile sed.ihe homes:we. The lowe:r el
tremitiee, from the hips, are perfect, as are
those of children - in general,-while the-head
and body partake largely of the reptile. At
last accounts these creatures wars alive, bit it
is said presented such an offensive appearnacu
as to fairly' convulse those who - hum Belo
them. They are nourleheil with milk, which
they receive from a cap; This amigo freak
of Ware -accounted for by thelaot that
white the mother . was =ciente she was Mgt&
erred by a couple of monsteisno'fes while ber
rying last ten. - • • •
0 BAND American pe
nevolint Association will give f pic-uht ltt
Cochran's Woode, on the 18th of June, which
is designed* to be one of the largest and OW
est of t the season. - The - Father - Mathew Tem
perince Band has been engaged for the tined.
slop. Johnny Kuhn will walk a, tight rope on
stilts, and there will be splendid arrangements
for dancing. Auiong the Other entertniuments
Clog and:Pedal:cis tem* et the
best amateur pertortne'n in the neighlKailOlL_
Knoll's Atrial:oml hoe 'been'eeoartel for th e
_ Jutozieeting drinks will Ire mid
titt the ground, but there,trULbean 14411.40 e
Of refreshments, each stvlemouide,.eskes,,or
anger, The priotiof be:,25
prate tor pendia'ot-100114lia.;:320411,0
Ateigiearc - Aseothithititiiipielityli4lll4theit
" Iti 7f l ß bi1ev0ti14140.*:,101744-..'
been productive of , mnohland in ta,e coromu.
nity. Thie is Its first pleAnte, and foe the
sake of the:caws, it, should. ratekatth a; 'the
eat abate of public foot : -
_ the.Obser‘ ver of teat week
appeared o marriage and two - death nation.
froth Corry, which walleye been deeply ptiltilit
to leari sinei.are all talie. -- ;,..They, earns in us
iuAbo same litter, signed Wittvithitive after-
wards learned wag a fictitious nante.and bear
ing 'every usual Mark of atthenticlty, -Were
gret more than we can: retprect - busing been
made tie innocent means of causing annoy
ance to the parties concerned, and will gladly
do all that we eau in aiding them to discover
the author . of this srandalona and Infamous
forgery. Whatever may have been the motiva,
It will be agreed by every. person of - 1 - 3 0 9,1
Innen that such en not-is not only oeftlooliii
hie in the ,fltl repats,, but its +nth or vieservia;of
the severest punishment.
Items of Leeat !Interest.
kis difficult Co decide Which is theiriater .
inflittiOn—klasby or the afeilthee.' '
Thorp. are in Buffalo -1,248 places where
liquor is sold, andAiLtifeknot licensed. .
Sailors, it is staled; art being shipped at
Buffalo at $1 per day, the demandleing light
and plenty of men.
novel Is - -being written about Oil City.
The Meadville Republican thinks the truth
concerning that city !Estrange enough without
— The Toledo people think they will put up
1,300 buildings this year, and oheerfujly an
ticipate a population of thirty two thsusand
to 1868.
The party who' stole a box ppd lot of lum
ber from the pavement in front of this office,
on Wednesday morning, will avoid being ex
poi!d by psying for the eamo without delay:
The Democrat io'Central Committee of Cisw
ford county will meet in Meadville on Satue•
tlay, the 25th inst.. to °lent one Senatorial
aid two Representative delegates to the State
. The projects for securing publio libraries in
our city are meeting with moat gratifyiog
success. The Y. M. C. Association have se
cured subscriptions to the amount of $8,006,
and the Whittier Association have sold over
a hundred of their shares at $lO a share.
The income list of our Lily for this year,
while eitabiting a' great falling off as com
parii with that of 1866, 'also- shows as large
returns from ihe taxes on manufactures as
last year. 'This would seem to prose that the
demand for hOme manufactures has not di
minished. -
The price charged by Henry Vincent for his
lecture in Fredonia was $lOO. Why he should
hare demanded $5O more in this city, we are
unable to explain, unless ike a punishment be
cause our people did not appreciate his tre
mendous "philanthropic" labors and brilliancy
of intellect.
In answer to a dorrespondent from Corry,we
will say that the Democratic nomination for
State Senator this fall properly belongs to
Crawford county, the two last nominees hay
ing been Erie county men. There is slight
probability that any candidate wo might se
lect will_be successful.
A eight rarely seen onlhe lakes was visible
at Detroit on Sunday afternoon, - a week, at
about two &block. One , or two craft floating
on Lake St. Clair appeared elevated to about
fifty feet above the water, and the land for
some twenty miles beyond was quite plainly
dieoernible. It lasted 00020 minttles.
) candidates -are announced itt Crawford
co.uity for Jury Commissioners. The Office
pays about $250 per year.—.Ezchasge.
Never fear; there will be plenty of them .
before the election ie (mei. The ides that any
office could be vacant in these degenerate
times, withtut there being at least a dozen
persons anxious to fill it, is 'simply preposter
Brother Dickinson, of the Corry Democrat,
evidently doze not'possese a very exalted ?pin
kie, of , 61E0e-seekers. lie Bays : "When we
have become so degraded u to have all
self-respect, and think Ire bare no ch*cter
to lose, we may then run for Congresecoln,
member of the Legislature or Alderman on—
the Republica!! ticket."
Rev. J. L. ,Ilayes, formerly pastor of the
Baptist Church of this city, and now of Spar
tansburg, Is announced- as a candidate for
Assembly in Crawford - County; subject to the
Radical primary meetings. A good many of
his acquaintances long ago formed the opinion
that he would feel - more "at home in polities
than in the pulpit.
An old gentleman who has been a dose ob
server of the weitheifor tie last 70 -years,
thus act:manta, to the ,editor of the Tenango
Spectator, for the and backward spring.
Re Bays, "The Rump Congress keeps ten warm
States out of the Union,and Seward has taken
in the icebergs and Ei-kwe-ma:-es up North.
That's what does it." - ' •
the following story ie related by the Dun.;
dirk Ueion. It affords-another verification of
the saving "go abroad fir news::' -
diA few days since, a pretty waiter girl et a
•hotel in Erie, Pa., ate a 'cottaillerible quantity
of greens for dinnir, anti was soon after taken
.violently ill. Physicians came, called the-ease
cholera or cholera-morbus, and pursued - heroin
treatment. accordingly. For some 'heat* her
case was considered a very ethical one, but'
her life was saved, and in - fact another Med
to it., in the form`„or a little .datighter and
heiress." -
We are again under obligations tit3. - F. Cole,
of North East;for a supply of -apple, 'ls solid
and juicy,as wtieti 'first later from the trees:
Mr. Cole is the inventor of a wemplasi• for
keeping fruit, which, if w.e can judge bythe
specimens left with us, is perfectly successful.
Fruit can be taken out. of the places - wherii it
is kept at any time, - winter or summer, with
out effecting that remaining. Any Person in—
terested can obtain circulars giving a descrip
tion of the process, by addressing s letter to
Mr. C. at North East.
A general• negligence seems to prevail on
the part of school directors in regard ,to pub.
lishing accounts of receipts au . despendittires
Of their respective diStrioto as required by the
act of Assembly. The State Superintendent of
Common Schools statetthat this ration of the
law is as obligatory nien the beard at directors
as is the section: rquiring them - to ketp•open
scheole, and:
r e neglect' to perfoimi this dutitte
-cordlog to the law !rill subject directors to
removal by the tiourts, - -the MU:MOSS the neglect
of any other duty required by lair.
The new office of Register of bankruptcy
foi this district is not likely,fromPresent indi•
to go'beggintfor Vent of applieentlf.
The city has already presented three candi
-dates, tie : ° E. C. Wilson, nitElell'Blll and J. W.
Wetmore. All of, these gentleman have strong
influences In their fives,:and it is :to
predict: which will be snocesefal. We under
stand that several of porcidsens Are preps*
lag toasts the 'benefits'of the 'act. Shitild
the depression -Its tsads continue, •is' Mal
'that applications of this sort will become on
merlins beforelbrend of the yea.;
Our, renders, in perusing correspondence
and.editorials relating to Williston at Berrie
bin, haze Wel Um, stisd Whips vendetta
at, this terms "roosters" and d!pinohers.!', The
sleazing of these Orme 'Zig 'be of interest
In them; They ate - irsprissitant coinedlo , tits
.6,-.! 4 rieetenwie4.l4llll443l'
pey tush: through the-Tnighdibri; - Us ntlten
voids Imi - which - the - perUttir?nuserued — brii -
ArilLexpeudmetie7 iieriily - icv
, ed,as, to. speak 60 , i1;64iiiaii•
aciinaterhat,7 • : .
; •
Accading to-theQtretter atero lo l m ll4 t 1
amities. of Out Erie count: •. hottest Ntre
_beep ehetnefulliniglected:-Thlit piper
'wYhere are
no,roligitiaS stfiriesk : hold at uny
time—notosjeldispensatiotto readinetir
preaohbwof• them:4oe tiod...tto.ohltervattee
of thesabbath as a holy - day,,, The'ilok, 'the
hedaidden, the Suffering,. the igetailif, the
OeraPentant, mayhap the despairing, pauper,
oast by error or misfoitTpiiip4;the charity
of :this christisit commultitt,',il4-lofC !pally
decold of reUglgta itsethtuttitlitjuiitthireonire
neither ahurchoteitatP.44l*'
tour, or beilissji*tidliftt:ltttlldrett
Nor is this the' 'the;
pauper is,Aliti::!ine**#:-Oli
servant of The foot eour seetoat, of
this (to him),-Witetchtl tirstikintit:Viii.mia
knOWe future"_without-01115(-)illi6:)'8.-J1:
word of piortsiottpset4,ldepere4 ; -.file ear
And ea dying, the wostedhicli Is httrakc!kitire;
a ruderbox,=artd attpsigned to the tip ... sorer tor>
without burgil Agrees of the shnplestAlnd."
This is truly *fearful picture of grostrniglecte
and it does not detract any from Its.bideoai.'
nese to know that the tesytagers of the liouse
are all Radicals of the !gadvan2ed" '!moral
idea" sort- - . • •
' It seems teho conceded 'on all - bandit that
the present: season. has . been the duUesk . - for
most kinds of trade since'the first year of the
war. Very few of our business men are • do
ing more than will barily cover their expenses,
and BOMIS not even that. The wholesale deal
ers are particularly affected, the falling off in
their trade being more than fiftr per cent.
from last year. There is a general hope that
as the season adiances business will become
more lively, but .we confe;s that to us the
prospect does not look encouraging. The
course of the last Congress - has temporarily,
dried up the fountains of public prosperity,
and unless that body, at the adjourned session,
which now eeemi probable, in June, will ad
itit the South tothe Union, and do something
towards placing our finances Ina healthy con
dition, and lightening the burden_ of taxation
on articles of staple use,,it will hardly be pos ovoid a commercial crisis beside which
that of no former period will famish a par
We have already given notice of the lecture
of Rev. E. H. Chap - in, of New - . York, on
Thursday evening, the 30th inst.. under . the
auspices of the Whittier Literary Association,
and again'call the attention cif our feeders to
it, in the hope that they will not allow it to
escape their memories. The lateness of the
season caused the lecture committee some hes
itation. before making the engagement with
Dr. Chapin, but the urgent desire of many of
our citizens to hear' him induced them at
length to undertake the experiment, and it
should now be the zealous endeavor of all his
admirers to see that they are greeted with a
liberal audience. The Reverend gentleman is
admittedly the finest pulpit orator in the
country, and all who go to hearhim will be
richly repaid for - the time and exfense.
"I find," said a shrewd merchant, "I make
moot Money when . I am least anxious about
it." There is practical philosophy in this re
mark. Caution, prudence, sagacity and• de
liberation are all necessary to business success.
Some men, it is true,
.get suddenly rich, but
the great majority do-;not and cannot. Dona
psarle once said, "I have no idea of a mer
client'? acquiring a fortune as a general wine
a battle—at a single blow." The men who
obtain their woslth suddenly seldom retain it.
while those -who acquire it by degrees are
usually our most reliable- and - useful citizens.
As a general rule, too, it is a great misfortune
for a mss to come into possession of a large
fortune before be is forty years of age.-and
without having learned the value of mmzey by
hard labor to secure D. '
The dull times in the oil region are rapidly
depopulating that locality. It is estimated
that one-half the residents have left for more
congenial climes, and unless affairs soon look
brighter there is a prospect that fully one
half or two-thirds will "vacate the premises."
The fabulous prices of real: estate have kept
pace in reduction with the decreased price of
oil. - Property which would readily - have sett
n year Or two ago for $lO,OOO is now scarcely
worth a fifth of that amount. It cannot be
doubted that the depression in the oil region
has much to do with.the dullness of. trade in
our city, as well as in all the towns of our
count .
The furniture establishment of .1. IL Riblet;
& Co., on State street, between Sth and 9th, ie
one of the. most extensive concerns in the city.
Their stock comprises everything in the line
of furniture, from the isholoeit parlor and. bed
room se ts,te the plainest and Ines' substantial.
This firm have.reeently embarked in the un
dertaking business, and calculate upon giving
it a considerable share of attention in future.
Their now hearse is the most elegant produc
tion of the kind (if anything connected with
death can be called elegant) we have ever
seen, and it ought to' be almost enough to
make a m.►n willing to die to know that his
rentaini':iire'fo — lie carried to the grave in .a
conveyance of such costly and stylish de
The street railway, it geeing. is bound to be
made, notwithstanding the iliffictilty of secur
ing subsoriptiens. The company 'dyeing's for
proposals for laying down. a double
track from !blind street, on seeontto Slaw
and thence to the Buffalo load. It' le stated
that $lO,OOO are still needed to pay for this
,amount of work, which the company feel -si
gned, our citizens till readily subscribe when
they see the work nuclei headway. -We trust
that the stigma of letting this great enter
prise languish will not be !glowed to rest at
thedoors of our capitalists. _
The stockholders of the Erie lt North East
It. B. Co., will meet•at the - Union Depot in this
city, on Monday, the, 24th of June. to take
into conaideraticin - and decide upOn an agree
ment entered into between the Directors of
said Company and the directors of the Buffalo
& State Line Ittilroad Company, for the eon
eolidation of the property_ and franchises of
said two Cowponies into one corporation.
_ .
-Pentane wanting new hats, caps, or geo
tlemen's fainishing goods.•will alwaya Sad a
full stook at the store of J. Buns, State street.
'Brown's Hotel row. 'Kuni makes it a point
to - have the - first -of every new thine: th . tit
makes its appeirenoe.andiaierfalletto flutist's ,
his cuatomers. -In variety of gofids 'ad mod
eiatiori of prices he wishes it. understood that
berdoee not allow himeelfte be excelled. •
We - are Indebted to Ideeirs. hiajr 7 B: 'Sell,
news' agents on State street, near the Poet
office, for copies of late publications : It gives
-us - pleasure •tii see that them enterprising
young gentlemen are meeting with Hirai
patronage. The latest papers and magazines
eaWalways be proeured froth then:: ' '
On. Thursday afternoin Week the
Immeniwroof, of the Buffalo ; Union Pnddling
~dille fell
Inittiryine Mtn' blithe/ -*Oliva,
in the tuteic: Tat , ntenltereqnstantlY_ Med
and fifteen Others.t erelerlounly injured. to
mill -was recently destroyed by Ste, andlar
ingleen rebuilt, the9o feet by 200, was
being placed in posylon, when it teliwithretmit
*rid dent.
A laborer,_ whdeo Marie we did not Iwo,.
from Portagakwoion over bj scowl train
titolittabargb4obli; 'on "liibbsTif. - 3/TO,
likdi*a• abooklogix MII4IO/14, *Slitei died
raoitinabitiityThe litchi tarts ot :. tka~tl *~tlG ' ourtj 11
- 1 1 c!t
of 1
des 1:eo
•;..fe • "
-A, „ataTespaqtrat-4 : the:D/9100h w.rigng
iiatit - doinaauti Ohlti; gliba thelailatring
t ektag Octave clf thwaattaittatrafAtatitip iota
to that sectiont ot-thefatiotts itsfital-triatain
Bowie • "
• .tVirithirithe:Pasalaw dtiya lihidter:isltb
- .Pia.' hitched to his mane, has beed'exhibit
logs couple ofknowlng horsesfddirty-shirted
and attentive • crowds, jhrough the diterent
burgs hereabouts. -• Hit reeeipts at: ettr town, I
am told, footed up toe roundonthundrad dol
lars. Should Anna Diasinson, Wendell Phil-
lips, or soy other orator, deliver a lecture at
Connesnt it would' be with:ire:it exertion on
-the part of the people and prose that the above
amount would be raised.= But, as you know,
the majority will give more to see e horse
I.etand ow .his. hind lets, shake his bead and
kick, than they would for all the moral lectures
this side otOberliu. • •
We are'nOt . eure bat, - atter ail, the taste-`of
the people of
. Condeaut 'deserves -to be • oom. -
leandil:` &totes' 'ahoy mei not be ae
tenable its Miss Diehl:glen's or Mr. Phillips'
lecturer, haft-glees
audlepoe something
preetlial, .at . least, think iibout, snit' does
- not fill their :kinds with bate 'against their
neighbors, whlsh to more then: trsU.nenally be
said about the latter; •
The Meadville Journal is quit
over the anggerticin that it iti_a supporter of
.Mr. Lowry'e re-election to. the Senate: It
says: "At present, tile. ottly - candidaies we
'MOW of before the'parti for nomination for
Uitor, are Col. 11. L: Itiohmond and Col. D.
C. McCoy, - of. Chia county, either of erhom is
well gulped in orrery respect to 'represent
the interests of the district, and it is for the
Republican inters of the county, end net the
editors of the hurnal. "to - say which of them
should hale the . preference. lint were Mr.
, .
Lowry a candidate forionomination, we should
merely say that Erie minty his had, the Sen
atorship for two terms, and should iiew,stand
aside as Crawford county is entitled to it now.
We judge that our intentions In the matter
have been rpisrepreseitted by our Democritio
cotemporaries, because we did not abuse Mr.
Lowry when - it' wad supposed ho would be a
candidate ; for getful . that ours isn party, and
not a factional paper." Just so, and " i ce
judge" ,that if the Journal here to tell "the
truth,. the 'whole truth and nothing bat the
truth," it would say that its sympathies are
for Lowry, first and foremOst, is preference to
either of the Individuals named, even though
"Erie county has had the Senittorablp two
.terms." Nilicy sometimes compels people to
put on queer faces.
We copy the tollwing from the daily Dis
patch er Wednesday: "A day or two ago
James Burgoyne, a ,farmer who lives aboUt
four miles east of - this city, found a cow he
longing to his brother-in•law, John Dugan,
trespassing on his (Burzoyne'r) laud, and
shut her up.
- "Dugan armed himself with a chtb,and went.
to Burgoyne's to take forcible possession of
the cow. This led to an altercation, and Dug
an attacked Burgoyne, beating him with the
club ib the most shocking manner, indicting
two severe scalp wciands, breaking one of his
wrists, and several ribs. it is stated that bis
attendant physician, Dr. Bennett, of Wesley
vile, entertains• but little hope of the vic
tim's recovery. 'ire tinderetand Dugan has
been arrested and put nutlet bail."
The Warren Ledger thinks reconstruction on
the Congressional plan will turn out a good
thing for the . eountry.. It has already given
the Democrats Kentucky and Connecticut, and
if Congress will only meet in June, and con
tinue the same policy% we shall be likely to
carry neirly alt the fall elections. We urge
upon Mr. Scofield to nee his influence, by all
means, to procure a anamer.eaaaton,
Taa present number (doses ther37th volume
of the. Observer:, and with the next issue it
Will enter upon the 38th year of its age. We
Intended commencing the s ath volume in an
entire new dress, but the type manufacturers
have disappoieted'na, and it may be a month"
before we are able to accomplish our desire.
Reserved seats for Chapin'e lecture can be
obtained at Caughey & McCreary's book store,
commencing on Tuesday morning next. Those
who are shrewd will go early, ,as there will
undoubtedlrbe a lively demand for tickets.
Messrs. kimrod & Co. have opened. a new .
stove and tin ware store at 1364 Sassafras
street, near the Buffalo road, where they In
tend keeping a fall stock of all the articles in
their line. .
Fe call - attention to o the card. of John Ban
yard, the poimlar grocery dealer._ If therein
bettor hearted than anywhere, or a pleasant—
er one to do business with, than John Banyavd,
we have never mtt.him.
GOOD Nr,yr N. —The favorite Continental Vo
calists; who have kept up their orgauloition
and. held their popularity longer than any
other troupe in existence, will give three en
tertairimentsln our city, on Thursubsy even
ing. Friday rternoon and Friday evening.
The reputation cf She Continentals is so well
established that the simple announcement of
thelf presence is enough to secure - crowded
kouses wherever they go. They have added
a stew feature to their entertainments—that
of illustrating their ballads —which is-said to
double their attractiveness. It ii scarcely
'necumeray to cite any testimonials in-favor of
the Continentals, bat to show that the high
opinion in which theme are held in Erie is not
cOntined to this locality, we quota the follow
ing from the Chicago Tribune : ,
"Never before was a Chicago audience so
highlj delighted u lest evening at the enter
tsinnsont given by _the Old Centinental Vocal
ists. - Even Rhine could net hate !net with
better success."
Jury Commissioner.
Nonni Lan, May 16, 1867.
ED. Onsgsven—Deer Sir :—I see by your
last issue (for lam a constant reader of the
same) that we Democrats will have a Jury
Commissioner to elect this fall. Now, what I
want to say is this: I want you, as our organ
of the county, to keep the name of H. R. Por
ter, of North East, before the people until he
is elected, for a more staunch Democrat and
hona•ra - Ae man does not live In the county.. I
think he was our candidate last fall for Assist.
ant Judge., He has lived in the county for
over 48 years, has a Ilrge circle of acquaint:
aices, - is one of themost erientitio and practi
cal farmers in the country, a - man of good
praotiCal knowledge and a good scholar, and
will make us a most competent- Commie.
sinner; if he Will accept the nomination. He
hes.done se-much
. for the party Mc any one
living in the county, according to his mstute,
and hos never asked for an office at the hands
of his friends offside - of the township,- And
the l othe offuweought the Men; not the Man
the office.: Mr. Poriefaut.ran hisown tipliet
last fall.. Hell honored and TersPected wher
ever known—i,ehrbtian andischolar.". Now,
Mr. °keener , Ole le all unknoin to Mr. kor•
ter. it, is - hi - request of many voters irrour
lorry, and 1' will venture the assetdon that
when It shall become known throughout -the
county that Mr. Porter accepts the nomination
you will have many letters of congratulation
on the subject, from various townships, for
the wise and timely eelection of such a man to
.611 tbie - office, if we can only persuade him to
aceept. Iteirfeetfulty:
pre freely concede eurYthing that our cor
rejpondent Soya itt, regard kti Judge Porieile
merite;: but, on, reflection, he :will probably
"owe with us, that it would be impolitie to use
our editorial influence in favor of or against
the eelietion of any person as 'a Democratic
candidate for eithei.ofilke,countieofitus. The
*ery Tut that our paper is the acknowledged
organ of the party makes, it Inctfin bent upon
us to be perfectlyimpartial, or we AMIN soon
Joselhe prestige tbstutwattaehes to the Db.
server.: By referring back to the columns of
the papei . dud* learit U lei. been
ttadq; air f°o4"ol,i if tui seen that this has
ata flatboat of th em e arty Pointed 110
inusisteko4744; War . ( 11. 6 0 16 a 11 4`- lead":
Ito reader their' isisiiiikii*4l .
kWit Osi! ittiiven'ihilttleadtenitseet.
c low tkit might be ruinous not only to our.
liaises but for Ilia party:at large. Ott the (Oh.
er htuid, communications, advocating the tfe
,lection of any persons Ishomtbe writers may
deeiie as candidates, we give place to willing
ly—, Col:natter whom they may urge, in_from
what !source they may come. - As therorian'of
tbs-party,we feel.lLto,be our duty to-afford n.
cilium for this. expression of every - - shade of
Opinion in ne ranks of our organisation, and
not only freely publish bat iotieil-correspond
once on all questions relating to Democratic
interests.] -
Dn. LIST'ON.—ThIs distinguished surgeon,
who-ti coming is always•anziously looked for
here as elsewhere, will bo at Drown's
this city, again on Tuesday end Wednesday,
the 11th and 12th days of June, stopping for
thou, two days only. , We notice In our ex
changes lately, a number Of valuable testimo
nials,' which speak .of remarkable cures
wrought by his skill ; and the Watertown Re
former has an elaborate description of an ope
ration recently performed by the Bator for
the removal of a cataract. A life-long devo
tion to hts profession, and the most enthuslas-,
tic consecration of his fine talents to the sperm
cialities in which he has become foam, have
placed him in the fret:drank - of surgeons. His
rooms at Brown's Hotel are always crowded
during his stay in this city, andme announce
his coming that people. at a distance ,may gov
ern themselves accordingly. , , .
Dr. Aborn, whose advertisement is contained
in tho Implement, will be Id
. Drown's liolol
every Thursday until farther notice.
Rose—WHOE—ln this city, on the 21st insc
et the residence of the bride's father, by
Rev. P. L. Jones, Mr. Charles P. Rose, of
_ Buffalo, N. Y., to Miss Effa J., daughter of
Mr. A. E. White, of this city.
[The bride, in tho midst of her happiness,
did not forget the printer. We tender the
young coupler our best 'wishes.] •
MATTurws—Besnam—Oa Thursday. the 16th
inst at the reeidence of the bride's father,
in Tiffin, 0., by Rev. B. B. Moore, Major
-E. W. Matthews, of Erie, Pa., to Miss
Amelia C., - daughter of Mr. F. D. Benham.
flnescumtn-•Fn Bitten Mills, on the oth inst.,
of dropsy on the- brain,
Bettie A.,-daugh
ter of W. J. and Ellen A. Blanchard, aged
3 years..
BOIIAN—On Monday, May 20th,of lung fever,
Mary Isabella, daughter of Timothy and
Mirgaret Bohati, aged one year and five
months. • • . • • •
BLAINS-At North East, May 21st,Mra. Sarah
A., wife of A. W. Blaine, aged 47 years,
NACIIISL—Oo Saturday, May 11th, at the
residence of Mr. W. W. Tuttle, in Louis
ville, Mrs. Ann•NagheL I
• I
' ' [The deceased was for some years a real
dent of this city. Her fine social and benevo
lent qualities rendered her a great favorite.
particularly with our older citizens and,
though ripe, in years, her death will be much
regretted. rn 1839, the family r emoved !rota
here to-Ne w Albany, Indiana,• where they
have since resided. Mrs. Naghel was the
mother of the gallant Major Lewis IL•Naghel,
of our veteran 83d, who fall at the battle of.
Games' 111i11e, inns 27th, 1862, while rallying
and encouraging the- troops against the dee
•perate assaults of a largely superior force of
the enemy. --
512 STATIC BTIC.IC - 11T.,
Cloths. MoakWet, Digaisus, diVett, Lenos. . Mohair'
Thtbet, Cashmere, Stlk, finches and ?Maley Shawls,
White Goods, Ho eery, Glom, Notions, be.
CT non& marked &mu to m•st the market; 'NO
trouble to show Goode. Call end ermine.
myt.7B7-17. .ROIENZWEIGI &
Ras opened • new store of the above dam Ipiloa. at
hie old stand, n•ae the South -Test corner of State St.
and the Park. whereta tnettethit old tmslomers and the
public ginerallv to give bier a call. Constantly on band
a general mortment of
s LvEn_ icitEt
Bed Room Sets. thaw A.; Tea SA& Knives, roan, Tea
Spoons, Soup Spoons. Looksor Glasses, Lvov,
Globes, rhtmwyq•dtc.,-&e.
Kethraelne solar of the 'nest beantlfal ever brought
to thin market.
Those oho wish to 'bite at a bargain will find it to
their latereet toralL He guarantees to tell .
.go PER. CENT: . BELOW -
any otherbouse In therity. - zny3367-Iy.
J. H. $11:11.17.. 7: NICE. Jog. A. STIIIIRM.
T n. 11.11314. ET & • CO..
. Ifanufactarers of and Dealers to
Parlor, Poisfailtowai swayed Roma fiefs, OBler, ideal
arid natal Bets, sad •
Our ifernufattorj Is-toeatad on MI/lath *nee sea the
meal. and our Ware Rooms at 818 State cheat. In the
tatter place we keep a. larger supply_ of farnlkree than:
man be found anywhere else In kria, -ill our own stoma
:actor% rotten op with partlealar careferr custom Ws&
mode of the best material and after the most *roved
style and manner; Particular attention is dbroaded
fir nbteh we eta make a better article then can be par
'armed atone of the Mt:melts* wsrebvasen In tbervit,
nod which we guarantee to be nut Clary In every par
ticular. Full seta gotten np in Walnut, Rose Wood or
any other &Arable materiel, covered wittl the beet
gads manufactured for the purpose. for anortruent
of Ira mittens Intble line Is so complete that away ealt•
tomer con be suited at ant assolnation.
Wo have eounnenerd the balloon of Undertaki with
embed equipment ever introduced in Ms. aW with
two excellent helms, one of Thigh is aa fine es any in
the Statism* insbled to attend he funeral orders with the
utmost fllity and satisfaction. Om stock of coffins
and DOKE cam, trinradnqs, full In mill Orm
olu.. and ws are satiseed that we ran till every order
promptly and satisfactorily, in the city of county.
my:MT-tr. J. E. RIFLET & CO.
. -
A N: D V I C' I N.- I T Y.
Whereas, a statement hu ben made and cirri:AWL
3n this eaminueltrealeolated to mislead runt et mu
citizens, the undersigned would molt respietrally tesg
leave to eortradlot the same, and Lemke lienellSPee
that at
South of the Mahn Depot. (T.F. beeleeLoid Stand.)
ma► be found a choice lialeetion of
Foreign and Domed% ?Mts. Crockery and Glasawave,
Tv**. Noliclah-Tole. Ito- la tie everything tunas
keptln a family Gnaw Stove Flow from the We •
brated Ohara ifills—trartatited equal to the beet to the
rurthersoote,wiire cot so . diatrnstat of one fellow
citizens, that we are not willing to tenet at all:
to all good-payla a. °adman% Lodgly 80 0 a1 fog ill US ,
sour oat alto claims to - so otoiciab. Rao =fir.
toasts *ale tkaTo - saT bid dab* vs Pledge tanielvea to
dos, all honorabls amobs.ata tom dosa—poekot
-the lota ontialtaa and cot aalt out good eattootatalo
mats It tiou soataelatat to Its., dons..._. .
For a ienfinesees et the slum et►temeat r we ask or
ly a tar
_ .
Ocods dellemO r tt protopite to any Port oftle Pir
member the plsee; 4121' yesett arse, ,neee *by Cream
Depot. - , • - ' ' • 11/. J. REWORD &CO._
- '
pliClitreAiLS , HOB •PAVAII9i
• Sealed Irtopotota win Se"ritefiroA WU* ineittiped
Camoaltioi. nag! tONDAII:IIAT 21Vri; HIM On pat .
Ist tot oittribellodOis atooluarossist ; also,
APT o NtekkOhopstroOst_ Atom out,
"tlot Collooloramild otnelo t Arndt stowit ire t i n
Snood to ttto Reath deS•sf thy rapped testa t`
stout. OM Etlitatikto• Suit& strestAL L 27104 otra‘
ttootrotodestroot to Csittall ifidtbo Maioour' mod-.
qmrilor Pub. PteniasabletiNkaum !as 10 .81111 it
tigettl Wow, cam cosmos Cowin room. •
. • - • _ N. 17 SHANNON,
--" f - LetratON, „
Intle-ur-. 01, 7 1 :jsituam -- -
New Advertiseinents.
The largest and beet stock of
?Erns, 11Ll1HEL9, trxEra.
_ -
„ .
Frightful_ Outrage!
riarbeen committed upon people'who, to goon faith.
here paid their money for what they mapper/1 was an
rev:ardent. Bat the
1,001 PNIZO‘ NU.
-Who bare ban' •
' • -
V I C-T - 1 - 111117. - ED , II I
Didn'ilw(y titeliAASS end CAf Sof
- -
had they done so,they wonahere - hed no Oetil'at” to
COOPLaini all be gaarentees to fern de-u - GOOD goods
de the, mutat sdords,at prices witherhich noac Can cow
pots. A11.,'•
.,'• ' , .
Of id, friends
i itid;; K eroniers cordially invited to t ali
am *Ban Lithely testify, 'hers they Idaho kindly,
received indwell Dental br - • -'
At the "Big Rat" Store, 23 Perk Row, Elie,
10 lba. of Good Sugar for $l.OO,
.11 ibe. Choice 1111LICOTIM) for $l.OO,
While 'Coffee Sow at 15c per lb.,
Good Tee for Gas Dollar per lb
Fine drawing Young 11,1430, $
We boy our goode for cull, of Importers in New iork,-
and - •
The well known Wholeeale Grocers ot' 513 French Ares+,
have opened t
Three doors north from Eighth street, where they
keep on hand a large 'ripply of Choice Family Groceries
Provisions, Wooden and Willow Ware, etc., which wit
be sold to
tieing enabled, as Jobbers, to boy our Goods at touch
lower agoras than Retail Dealers, we propose to give
ens customers the tonal of each advantage, and invite
the attention of all those who wish to IMO money In
buying Groceries; to oar large and well selected stock.
isr- Gonda delivered, free of chirp, to any Taut of
Um WT. myld—tf.
The tplandld itac.k of
Gents' Furnishing _Goods !
Jitzt receired at
The Stock of Sommer Hata is complete, and at prices
that defy competition. Also, a large usor , ment of
Silk & Cassimere Hats
Made to order en theeonformatair and guaranteed to
dt the head.
J. soNr, Agent, 513 Slats Street,
Brown's Hotel Block, Erie, Pa
Otl/ot, No. to State Stroet,Brie, Pa
re Eyeryilllallnilhat wan anted for everyikus.
Z. SMITII v 816 StAto Street,
- The glastio Pantlv ilsehine does all kinds of Sewing
thick or thin, without change of tension, and does
Ttol Look SUM biontlnos nsadtor light and hem
tallosing. by Hunan and 'boy mokyyr. Skint* in Con•
itrnettoo—Qalot and. Easy in Operation.
- • IV' Eboting Yaebinw extbonood and to rent, by 1320_
week or month. Blik, Cotton, 011, Hardie; tog cow
stunt on band.
aptt' • ' AGENCY.B2O Staio
• -
tobseintaly en the .atiatik' et 6ittine4 C.
Sokneas;'dedd. tats of if t3ieattb. ' Kits` Coned Pa.
bartnitbse• visited th is
b given to all Indebted to the estate to make Itemedr •
ate peitotst. ud Mote !metes elatmasainat the rate
will entent.
" nt the,g9ll. ll 4thatteail i pse lettl
. - 0. FORD,
ft, COLT,
. . .. . . _ .._
I d
Cit. Detlis -i' • " '- -
at, if &Ili it aliiks3 --- at Dais.
wadd Waned* alitsastesurs smiths piddle stlerslor
i,, thekbge has purchased . ,-
:':-Pritil"s '. PRORIGRAPTI - GALLERY; -
utrallOOdWirestkviedri 4sirstry , Stiorh'irt kit
'late ptepassal mats allidtads aeollaress of Metes*
in the mt Approved sty's. . . • -
.- .... t or P iOaf ela sir rile dc lapi n
ON, Yei S Oh, Yes
- Let Übe known that there is a
Staid. and Fanny -Dry Goods
' .
aße sure pou g r., :rrght place—One Door Sonar
a - Eliot le Goodwin's B ok.
F . 0 IL. 24 A I. E.
Two Dwelling and City Lot, on West Bth street. Pro
perty of John Perkins.
Just out of the eity limits, cottage booed in "good re
pilr, one-third of an acre of ground; at-out 103 choice
hcuing fruit tretsi grapes, So. Prior, $1,760, •
The two modern style, Complete flntshed dsrelllor
on Ninth street, comet of Chestnut. 'A flue satiety
of shrubbery, sruit, grapes, tic-
City Lot on Nlnfh street, Brit lot met of Win. Edianl.
Very desirable.
The stores snit grounitoiroes Plot by Tibbs's, Shirt
S Co. In lots to suit bluets. Wilt ittee long time. '
°gist'pry hone and 34 lot on But Eletentli street;
hones new. Prise 81.160. '
- - -
Five to el:acres, part of J. 31eCilure's Farm, 4 milms
sioth-eutof the city. Substantial 13{ store house,
berms tad a variety of ehoice trait. Soil sande loam,
under a fine state of cultivation. Price. $1;00, easy
lo to to suit purchasers, the West 4(d) feet of the tire.
sere lot of Bev. J. Pressley. in South Erie. AN dor
gzonnda as lay in Penney'Tanis. Prlee from $l5 to.
517 par foot. Terms one•elrth down, balance In air
annual payments.
the fine new Gothic store and lat, in fee simple, ore
Peleh street, directly north of the Railroad. Trim
$5.000, renting for $9OO per annum.
Bomb:ten lota.dtreelly north of Barr &Jolason'a stoma,.
property of F. Whlttich. ' '
Farm 12 ranee eoutii-eset of Ede, in Ventago.lls :era:
2.5 acres cleared; bin& burn, house, fruit trees, &e..
Price $25 per acre.
Six &cies lard. 2 story. frame house: bars, xraire, varie
ti of choice fruit. Price 51,200. Two railer south, on.
plank road. .
REVELER LOT.—We areselllag tbb valuable proper
=do Thtrd and Toroth streets" and German and
Holland streets. in lots to milt. buyers. Terms, one
sixth to band and balance In sly annual payments.:
Buyers must, call soon for a choice.
Real Estate Agents, Reed Horse.
$23,000 3 000.
Harlin been awarded a portion of the above L o t
am 'prepared to edrninh It in large or small sums at the
lowest meta rates. Orders by mail will ?settee speebtl
attention. C. B. WRIGHT, Banker.
142 South ad St Phila.
All kinds of Stock kept and snide to tfib latest style at:
Hats and Bonnets. Alkp, •
As low as can be jell done, and I snare all customers
that, with over 25 years expatiates in manufaelnitug
Straw Goods, they can rely on Divest styles and sort
done promptly end in the best possible wiser.
Thanking my patrons for past favors, I solicit Istrthar
cr •No pains shall be spared to maks it a thorough
Bastern.Straw Shop
We challenge the world to compete with as to our
on/ all broaches of family awing. It makes the Lock
Stitch. 'Warranted three Teem
Ingtruetiong (meta parebutsees. Office between eth
os/ sth Sta. O. G. BOLT, Agent,
612-3nlErie, Ps. ,
_ _
Z. 8111111, Agent.
Having opened a new Store in the above locality, re.
apeetfolly announces to the public, that be has on'
hand one of the largest-and most eareitilly sainted
stubs of Heady-Made Clothing; Moths, Cualineres,
Vesting', Gentleman's Furnishing Goods, Bats, Cape,
tr., ever brought to this market—ail prirehasei since
'the fall in prices, and to he sold at the most reasonable.
Emu. We have one of the bat nutters In the corm
try, and will engage to make up Clothing In the moat
fashionable and durable sate. Our stock is complete.
Nothing in the line of our trice Mu been neglactad.
121 Ive us a call and see for yolussiveg. We warrant our
g..ioda to be la We repreSent them, and our frees as low
as any in city. -
Edo, r.
i'tgicct7Toften rorravis.
- Letters teitemantaiy on theistate of Edward °Top
per, deed; late of Elk Creek ty., Erie county, Ps. bar.
ing been granted tithe undersigned; NOM is gent./
ghee to all ineebtrd to the sal esta teto teaks Immedl•
altElinsentr_anli OMB having alaimengslost the ma*
sus sr emut tnem,dvit authentleared. frr settlement
ELI EN' m'CONN. Ereentrie.
Oreele, April 25. i567-mye-cue - Arm -
- 110 glide to get a oho
O tce article of Tobacco. Snag 11.11 d
MMS •11 . A _ , •
Always on hand • good euratuant of the shave art--
tiles of every Sule,Wholettl• and Detail. Aleo
Pouches, Boxes, aadEanokut Articles of svue deserip-
Don. Please' !nor u with a :alt. 'Don't forset the
plue, DU Peach street nu 214314 3 ,.
• '
, rpl• BANYAIRD,
.Lulty G RD- n E 8 ;
'Tea; Corr. anger.Parap. Wollner ' Flow, Port, VA.
Huai, Provisions' Gerdwally.. Country Produce, Bird
Cape. Wow% Willow, Stan and Cfoalll77 WW I , riser
*fravelingßalkatr, Terneco and Began, Rabin Taside.
Be i ae.
- E r Private tamales and hotel; mappllad. Goode
delivered. toy le-tf.
nos. If email and J.W.l3hanaoul In Warren Co
_ Dalai trudges' uCOSOMOD Pima, No
• & Solana*. 2.1 Jane'fam.Shttl
, - " " Foreign, sthwh
Tbsslitoksnstraw •
Oil °Guppy. 5 aunt Asnosplit
30.1167.jadgeneot and mteitin the
Prothonotary to use's
Status eat of elalat=filial SYS 2
est from Ten 10.111/10, at a per cent.' _ ; • „
.To theabore named defeadant—Paki oath* that I
Shall saw the domes in this cousin mordants with
above stated role. at my office In Wariww. On, th e
. ggth
Ilay_of Jou isestat 2 realock p. E.
annualmy rand end the seal of uld borough this
30121 day of 0pri1,11167.
- itale4vr. ISAAC 11. HILLER. Pro.
Where yetelvtri alms And
All VI b. ,old
South of the anion Dopat