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r•-: :RIE. PA., APRIL 18Tu, 1867.
7 ,, e• mast Largely circulated newspaper in
• 11 - . pcnnsylvania, and the best Adverti
- - -
,- 3 0trntion is calla(' to the ad
,,,:nont of Mr. J. W. Taylor, MAnufae
,, f Tobsoett, N 0. .: 42. Penn St., Pitts
„.l, N., to bd found in anther column,
. a large stook of all brands,
'l. exceedingly low, BO 1110 parties who
41vor r.:m with their orders ‘ will he sure
, A rcs e d,- Netlee hie card, and when
wa nt - ntythinr in his line write him, or if
Pitt/0391.0 call on him.
, 1 crams Jrocta.—A movement is on foot
-• ~ maoy of the men of the party
' .-. r etire the nomination of Col Berdatitin
fiii in • ~f this city, as the next Democratic
0 . 4
I; i'r'efor Supreme Judge. The expression
14, ',nor appears to be general throughout
te, and we learn .that at Harrisburg,
ficAhe members of the Legislature, his
~ ,
--' was freely canvassed as the one most
)1- to meet with the endorsement of the
e c•ovention. Or the competency of Col.
ii it f, fill the position, alike with credit to
4 re'f and benefit to the State, none who
, c . i uninted with hini will deny. lie pos
0+ a mind eminently judicial in fie cheese
-11.1 iS universally regarded by the_ pro,
colon ao one of the best read, clearest and
ail: c omprehessive lawyers in' the Common- -
140 h The refusal of Judge Woodward to
314. candidate for re-election, is understood
Litte peremptory, and in that event we do not
w of any gentleman who seems to fill up
lig measure both of fitne.s and availability as
wt a+ C al. grant. [le would enter the field
inilogrzed by any of the prejudices which
'Va l e arisen during the war, and his record is
'eSs Illrougbout that cannot be successfully
vital' , i We are firm in the conviction that
,ier•ler that the Democratic party shall Me
-1 in Pennsylvania. it is imperative for it to
e op a new crass of men, who have not
_ n'pr-rtimoryly identified with the strugoles
el- he past, and among all who have been
z o4t ed for the Supreme Judgeship no one
to combine so many elements of success
git 'll Grant . .
.—The at pearauces are very de
-I,s, if next fall's political campaign in our
;lc: does not - prove one of the most exl
..!i,,g erer'behl_ in this locality. A host of
lhives ire in - the field for every office to
14 j ote,k f-t. and the admitted influence of the
Radical County Convention upon the re
gei of t he Congressionarcontest in 1868, will
-,4 composition toi ts enpositiop and proceedings an in
', et qeidon_ attained It seems to be freely
. t
. e,ied that Il•i'e county will be given the
~ t, and the consequence has
to inflame the ambition of every person
ims ever thought of,' or been mentioned
onceetion with, that position. Among the
--..efous persons whom we hate heard named
ike'y to he -candidates are Geo. H. Cutler,
, , Rey J.-H. Whallon, Wra. Benson, Esq.,
V Decamp, Esq.; and James Sill, Esq.
\Vballon has arnounced himself as cat , -
to-be in the field, but es to the others we
eno positiire iriformation . . It is now gen
!ly understood that Mr. Lowry will not
Ihe contest for Congress, it being more
34c , o.ennnce with he taste to secure a re
sin •o the Senate. where he has already
el tons terms. Ms friends profess to re
d this ootinty as certain to give him its
ref, and, counting upon the influence of
Adze Derrickson and others of that class in
(Aar ,I. they lookLupon victory there as a
nreooilyeecured.i We anticipate,.ho ever,
t in both counties they will meet* . -tr-rtger
~titon than they imagine, Th i lenemies
gt9tlr .: Lowry, both there and here, e itniong
intlqt active men of the organizatitiko.-
. -,z apd aspiring, and zealous in their de
aunvion to overthrow his dominance in
tar :•cal poUtics. It their activity is but
oral to one-third their hate of the itTepressi
-4 F,,nat or, he will have more trouble in ob
tsiamz a nomination than he has ever eine
• 1
Miord hitherto. For the other Legislatiste
ttmeatiens. there Is likely to he a wild
lir ral.,le, though the matter will, in all likeli
d ho swallowed up to a
ee by the struggle for the higher positions.
tme half a dozen persons in....tke city are
,ed. sod about the same number in the
'Aunts ,e , ary will probably present a man
iti , he place, and if he comes strongly back
lail b 5, the south-eastern townships, ne will
'hive little difficulty in procuring a mimics
...o4% „ As usual, we presume one of the X.-
iipt.ymen will be conceded to the city,-and
'lke disposition at present appears to be in fa
r .1 tome active business man, who will la
for the interests of the community, and
*merely accept the position as a stepping
tine to something better
,TIII,DIATII PENALTY.—The late Legielse
4 14-e.iii very few acts that entitle it to con.-
rleent, but among the half dozen good laws
t it gave birth to, none more heartily
- 4
Meet cur approval than the one permitting
r Governor to commute the fit:ointment of
_ .sotts sentenced to the death penalty. p
0 •1011 that in the case of A person convict
f 'wrier in the first degree, the hover
' or may, if he sees proper, change the pun
terot to ,•ottfinentent in the penitentiary.
for life or a fired number of years, as
alip , 2-Ircuantances of the case seem to justify.
le Pasqace of tai's law win do much towards
altivine from our State a system of punish
l7o.rhich has alw %ys seemed to us a stigma
r. the eivilizAtion of the 19th century. We
Iv there are many good citizens who think
the horrible crime of murder can only be.
, l , ' l by t citing the o ,Tender's life; but, if,
4 e', they :had been e. ve-witness to sett
executtons, and were p `sseeeed of eatis-
Ple' ,,, S sr;l-nce that in two of-these eases
parties were innocent, I re feel assured
• . t tli,roul-d very materially' modify their
i i
, .
vs upon the suhj.ot.
Tha report of the Chief Eng. l noer of the
I. o..?parTiaent gives s total of t nenty tree
ring the year ending April let. The 'Wa t t
. : 655 „ on whi sh the in-
: .s is estimated at 100
ranee wan $42,875. The heavi eat fires
here as folowe ; April 29th, 1866, b lock on'
grach'treat, eolith of the depot, lose $10,476.
lsurance .$1 9.975 ; August 2d, on Public
et, loss $lO 300. insurance $BOO ; Aug.
ie. Sterrett's ho'rrel ftotory, loss $18,000,. in
tkran $1,;00; November rith,Skinner tt, lio 'n
ii' refinery, lona $9,000, insurance $7,000;
li c tich . l.3th, 1867,Wittick brook, loss SI6,IAXI.
. - orsace $11,400; April 4th, King's brews Y.
4as -89,n00, insurance $.1,700. The enti re
'cost of the fire department to the oily, dooln
:1 1' lug salaries, repairs, building engine houser,
lc., ii'monnie to $7,000 for the year endin g
-;i4 . ril lot.
Franklin and Jackson, the Man of Thought
, fsti , l ;ha man of Action, with portraits3lark
~ r a,n, of London Punclic—Portraits of nine
i,l i° , Klngs and gdeens of Sweden—Allie Ar
.itoll, Netess,—A Cherokee Legend; The Or
' iM of the Human ItaCe, of Game and Indian
il . ro, by E. G. Squier,—Phrenology in Schools
'` —The Metric Systein—Tight Lacing, inns
.,:tattd —Muscular Power—Effects of a Bad
D recto—National Salutations—Shopping, by
, MiF Wyllys,—Charity, by Hope Alington.,—
..,: Ta'Fil Depravity of Infants—the Active and
. 'h° Pol.iire—Origin of Life—Pope's Essay on
14n— in May number Phrenological Journal.
.... Yi c 1.5.., or $2 a year. . Address $. R.. Welts .
- .1
E ' , `t)itto' , `t) Broadway, N. Y.
1 D . \larks & Bro., frcen 256 Broadway, N,
will open a first class Wholesale & Betai
eobirig find cloth house in Noble's; Block ,
ti . .tut the first of May. • aplB-tf.
A PIRTIAINT Sucartmolt.—The subjoined
letter contains a suggestion which is par
ticularly pertinent at this time. Evidence ac
cumulates every day that , the most effective
mode -of controlling public sentiment is by
the judicious - distribution of really good news
papers ; and we feel confident that, if the
plan proposed by the writer of this letter was
properly carried out, the result would be
most gratifying to all who hold the Constitu
tion in higher esteem then the whims of a 000-
cress in which sixteen States are unrepresent
ed, and care more for the restoration of ti e
Union than the supremacy of a political par
1 Dean FIR : Many rich men are pouring out
their money on colleges, for libraries, for the
heathen, and various institutions. Where is
the rich man who will donate money to dis
seminate Democratic reading broadcast over
the States of New York, Pennsylvania, and
New Jersey,! and all nearly evenly balanced'
States of the North. I do not meats cam
paign papers to be circulated a few days be-,
fere an election, hut good solid reading, to:
be read and pondered over and digested
,months before an election. This is what
makes unflinching Democrats, whom all the
Republican campaign documents and frothy
speeches in the world cannot change. In a
!awn in Massachusetts, where there was bat
one Democrat among the members of the lead—
ing church, and where a man was spotted in
trade, at the banks, in society, for Wog a
Democrat, and where to read a Democratic
newspaper was considered almost treason, the
idea was considered, and resulted in placing
seventy-five copies of a New England Demo
cratic paper in the hands of the voters of that
town. This kind of effort was kept up for a
few years, until now that: town of about four
thousand five hundred inhabitants is nearly
equally divided in politics, having sent a
number of Democratic representatives to the
Legislature. A systematic effort in this di
rection in this State would surely fix the
State next autumn,
and fi x it still more surely
for the election of the next Governor. At
present Democratic papers have no chance in
many of the rural districts. Who will donate
funds to be judiciously applied to the quiet
but sure distribution in places where a Demo
cratic journal does not now circulate?
The venerable Judge Peacock, of Mayville,
Chautauqua county, N. Y., owes three stores
in the Kremlin block at Buffalo, and rents
them from year to year at the came rent that
was placed upon them a dozen years ago.
The owner utterly refuses to advance the
rents upon the old tenants, though the stljoin
ing stores have been renting for two or three
times the sum he charges for his. He has
been waited upon by disinterested agents and
affectionately entreated to put the property
into their hands, with the assurance teat his
income from the stores should be double ; but
be replies that his tenants are alreada pay
ing all they can - afford and all the stores are
worth, and their rents shell net be raised.
Now we ehallenge any I pity in Uncle Satn'e
domains to produce a match to this rataavis.
The case must pass into history as the only
one on record.— Weetfield Rep. •
The above item has been going the rounds
of our exchanges for some weeks, envied
with complimentary allusions to the laidlord.
It may be of interest for some of our readers
to be informed that Judge Peacoac is a
thorough Democrat, thus showing hat his
bead is as sound as his heart.
The bill passed by the last Legislature in
relation to the extension of the Erie A Pitts
burgh R. R. pormises to be one of grsa, in
terest to our citizens. It authorizes the torn
pony to continue their - road to Pittsburg by
the way of Connoqueneesiog end Pine seeks,
or to connect with any road now building or
to he built in that section Au arra° gsment
is said to have been made by which the
Penna. R. R. Co. will extend its The into
Butler county, and in that event the Ere Sr.
Pittsburgh will only be required to brad a
few miles of road to make a connection. The
present terminus - of the latter road is atNew
Castle, and from thence on the route to Fitts
burgh is over other roads, owned by compa
nies whose interests are not identicti with
thote of the_ Erie & Pittsburgh. The new
route will give it an advantage of ei&hteen
miles in distance, besides having connections
with more friendly lines than at present. The
building of the proposed extension will open
up a country rich in mineral wealth, tht nat
ural consequence of which must be to add
materially to the trade of our city.
Were we called upon to decide - who Buena . _
the many advertisers in the Observer.urder
stand with the greatest thoroughness tie se
cret of putting their goods most advattage
only before the attention of the publ.c, we
should have no hesitation in yieldiag the
palm to .Mears. W. W. Pierce & Co. They
always advertise everything in its season.
and do it in a conspicuous andliberal manner
that cannot fail to attract the &nation of
those they want to reach,—the only way to
advertise properly, and the one that is sure
to bring back an abundant reward. By dint
of a judicious use of printer's ink, ands spirit
of indomitable energy, these gentlemen have
built up in a comparatively brief period a
trade such as but few of our business men
surpass. In another part of this week's ps,
per will be found the advertisements of two of
their leading articles, which only need to be
read to convince all who are acquainted with
the kind of implements described that - their
merits are all that is claimed.
The quarrel between the Pettis and Finney
wings of the Radical party in Crawford coun
ty has been revived, with a fair prospect of
continuing until the close of next fall's Cam
paign. Each faction has a county committee,
and the chairman of each has issued a call for
a meeting. ' The Finney committee, of which
Mr. R. Lyle'White, Oysterly of this city, is
the head, has propo*l as a compromise that
the Pettis committee shall meet: with them.
and ehare equally in their deliberations. This
proposition the Pettis men do not choose to
accept, and the probability is, tliai T the
difficulty will end in the calling of separate
county conventions, and the placing of two
tickets in nomination. To all unprejudiced
observers the foot seems clear that in this con
troversy the friends of Mr. Pettis have the
better of their rivals. By all tile rules of the
party, they- were entitled to the Control of the
. Cortvention last year, and if they now MC..
curab, it will look to outsiders as if they either
did not have the moral courage or political
adroitness to successfully compete with their
Howe COwrour:—This is the name of a new
cooking stove; which Mr. W. G. Gardner,
No. 1318 Peach street, is making a specialty
in his trade. It is constructed of the very
best material, and is pronounced by those
who have used it the most ' durable, economi
cal, convenient, handsomest and best in the
market. As a baker it ismnsurpassed, the
flues being arranged so that the draft can be
easily regulated, giving either a slow or quick
heat, as may be desired. We Would suggest
to persons about _purchasing a cooking stove
that it will be to their advantage to examine
the Home Comfort:before milking a selection.
In addition to his stove department, Mr.
Gardner has a completo stock of gardware,
House Furnishing Goode, Farmers' laple
meats, and, - in brief, everything usually kept
in a first class establishment of the kind
On Thursday afternoon, Russell Johnson,
Howard Johnson and J. Beardslee, of Le Aeon!
township, charged with passing a $lOO com
pound interest note Upon a Mr. Page, bad a
bearing before 11. S. Commissioner Marshall.
The parties are all "loyal'• men, and have
given repeated proofs of their patriotism by
patriotically crying "copperhead" and Kral-.
tor" against their Democratic neighbors.
They were bound over in the sum of $l,OOO each
to appear before the - Commissioner again on
Friday, the 19th hut.
A change in the Time Table of the Lake
Shore road will bejnade ou the 19th inst.
The baste have been running on the South
ern division of the • canal for a couple of
. -
The Senate ha s rejected the appointment of
Abner P. Durlin, formerly one cf the publish
era of tho Observer, as Postmaster at Lyone,
Thayer & Noyes' baby elephant, pathetic
notices of whose death hare appeared fa sev
eral of our local cotemporaries, was valued at
$B.OOO and insured for $5,000.
The attention of housekeepers it , directed
to the advertisement of the large sale of fur
niture to be made on Saturday peat by Fronk
Winchell &. Co., auctioneer,.
Horace' Greeley says that the darkest day
in any man's earthly career is that wherein
he first fancies that there is Boole easier way
OF ,gaining a dollar than by, squarely earning
The New York Bun shows that the aggre
gated expenses of 0110 item eaoh in the list of
necessary &viols , ' used in every family cost
$78.94 In 1880 and $187.82 now, an increase
of nearly ninety per cent.
The entertainment of the East Ward school,
Week before last, realized a net proceed of
$80.20, which is to be applied to the relief of
the suffering people of -th - e South. Ex-Major
Scott has contributed SSO to the same fund.
The mania for leaning newspapers in the
quarto (or eight page) form, that has prevail.
ed so largely for the put year or two, seems
_be rapidly subsiding, and many papers
that ad4ted it's few months ago are.ehatts.
log back, to the folio.
The City Councils, on Monday evening,
passed luo,ordinance providing that it shall not
be lawful for "any person or iteraois, to erect,
build, or move any wooden building into the
fire limits of the city, without a vote of all the
members present of both Councils."
The Dunkirk Journal has discovered the
cause of the Republican defeat in Connecticut.
"The vigilance of the Republicans," it : says,
"proved insufficient at tho late election, and
we (that is, the Rads.) lost the State by de
fault." Entirely satisfactory, neighbor.
On Saturday, John May and John Potter
were each fined $lO and mad by Esquire
Bennett,tor offering to sell veal in market 'not
over nine or ten days old. To rash the mat
ter None, while the pratieS were before the
justice, a noted contraband stole a couple
quarters of the veal.
The joint re-filiation instructing our Sena
tors and requesting _our Representatives in
Conerese lo vote for ac: appropriation to open
communication from Lida- Erie to the Ohio
river, for the passage of gunboats,. &c., has
passed both branches of the Legislature, and
will be se , t on to Washington at the next ses
sion of Congress. •
In the Court of Quarter Sessions at Mead
ville, on Tuesday, in the eve of Edward Miss
and -John D. Nicholas, rate editors of the
Crawford Journal, prosecuted for libel, on
complaint of Clara O 'Roemer, the defendants
appeared end plied "Guilty." The Conrt,
sentenced them to pay a fine of $5 each and
the costs. We presume the young ladies' in
jured reputation is now fully repaired.
An apt illustration of the changed temper
of the times is seen its the coarse pursued by
the perambulating indiyiduals who travel
about the country under the title of "lectur
ers." Almost without exception they have
dropped political hobbies and taken to die
, coursing upon subjects of a different nature,
greatly to the relief of the . sensible among
their audiences, and the general benefit of the
A cotemporary remarks "if the public kneir
one-half the trash that enters into the compo
sition of what is commonly sold los ground cof
fee, they would be struck with astonishment
and disgust" To which another cotempora
ry adds : ...The remark holds good not as to
coffee alone ; for it is equally applicable to
most of the prepared articles offered in* such
perfection, alleged cheapness and abund
The fine new store of Metiers. Lien,
.Churchill & Co , in Noble's block. is already
receiving a liberal ehar of public patronage.
The proprietors are vidently gentlemen of
enterprise, who tho ughly understand their
business. Their stock of goods is one of the
moot complete in the city, and we advise those
in need of anything in their line 'to give them
a call. Their advertisement, on the first page,
is commended to the especial attention of our
lady readers.
The following story is old, lint good enough
to be repeated at least twice a year:
A gentleman visiting Oil City, went to a
hotel to stop over night. gelid he, "give me
the best rem you have in the house.' "Car
tainly," said the landlord, "I'll give you the
room Thurlow Weed occupied. Waiter, show
this gentleman to parlor D." Traveler did as
ordered found nine or ten cots, each with a
carpet sack therein. He seized his carpet
sack, swearing. "Landlord, I'd Tike to sleep
in the ;dem Thurlow Weed occupied, but I'll
be binned if I don't objrot to sleeping with
the entire Black Republican party."
One of the most suceessful institutions ever
established in Erie has been the free evening
school, held for some time past in Clark's
block. It was started and maintained wholly
by the generosity of one of oar most liberal
minded citi Sens, and attained degree of pros
perity that Must have been highly gratifying
.to his feelings. The school has closed for the
setups, but will be reopened on the first of
October, in Noble's block. where a superior
room has been -secured for-its aSoommodation.
The following is published as, a correct ta
ble. of distances by the Lake, from Erie to the
points named
6,120 ft. 5,280 ft.
To Buffalo, N. B. k B .69 • 80
To Grand River, 0., S. W. by
W. kW. - 691 68
To Slick River, 0., S. W. by -
W. 1 1 1„ 1114 120
To Sandusky Peninsula, W. S.
W. b W.. 1241 144
To Miadifireland, W. S. W../ W. 121 140
To Point an Pellee, W. 8. 1114 129
To Long Point, C. W., N. E. 234 . 7 1 27
In addition to the name of Res..l. H. Lag?
lot, we bear that of Geo. H. Cutler, Esq.,
mentioned in connection with - the Republican
Congrendonil nomination. ft is stated that
be bide fair to become rite a prominent candi
date, the Republican leaders in the city gene
rally preferring him to any one in our coun
ty who is likely to enter the field. The Rm..
ressional contest will open in a few months,
hot and heavy. Although the nomination is
not to be made until 1888, it is felt to be all
important that the next County Convention
Shall be gemmed, and each of the candidates
will bend all his energies to that point. The
other counties of the distrist Tether concede
the nominee to Erie *Minty,.
The Warren Mail says of Judge-Scofield
that he "seems to be a good deal more sun
cessful than many of his colleagues in re
taining true Union men in office in his die•
(riot." The - term "true • Union men" here
used is a misnomer, for it refers to Radicals!
and the-only Way in which they are retained
in office Is by the personal intercession of
Judge Scofield with the President.. It strikes
us that it must require a copious supply of
cheelrfor a man who has traduced Mr.-John
son as infamously im the Judge has done, to
go to him begging for official favors ; and very
much more forgiveness than moat mortals pos
sess, for the President to grant them. What
ever other qualities Mr. Johnson may plaints,
he has certainly shown a considerable amount
of that kind of Christian spirit which teaches
us to "return good for evil."
Items of Local Interest.
Nautical Statute
miles. miles.
The income lists, as thus far returned to the
Assessor of Internal Revenue, - show it mate
rial falling off Since the last report. The
number of large incomes is lose than that of
1866, and some who in that year reported
heavy returns, will this year either have none
or comparatively trifling ones. Among the
heaviest given in to this date are these of Gen.
Reed, Orange Noble, Prescott Metcalf, Charles
Metcalf, J. D. Olarit, R. H. Stearns, Milton
Courtrlght, Wm L. Scott, Henry Rawle and
John Hearn. Very few return larger inomes
than in 1868. while in the majority of eases,
they are considerably smaller. The list for
our city will exhibit an increased number of
persons who return incomes, (owing partly to
the enlarged population, and quite a; much to
the efficiency of Mr. Lyon, Deputy Assessor.)
but the total figures will not amount to more
than two-thirds of what they were in 1866.
The Whittier Literary Annotation have re
ceived en sesurance from Bed. Sebnyter
fax that he will. deliver his lecture, "Across
the Continent." in our oily, on Wednesday
evening next, the 24th inst. Mr. Colfax has the
reputation of heing plea.% tug speaker.,and his
position as Speaker of the House of Represen
tatlvee for the two last sessions of Congress,
has given him as wide a reputation as any
,in .the„ country. He is universally
looked upon as Welt - fo — be the next Republi
can candidate for President, and this fact„
snide from his abilities as a *esker, and the
merits of his lecture, will go a great ways to.
wards attracting crowded houses wherever he
may We are informed that Mr. Colfax
sensibly omits anything of a partisan Charac
ter in the lecture he fa announced to deliver.
We trust the Observer hat no lady readers
who are in the distressing situation described
in this story, from an exchange:
"A young woman had been converted at,
camp meeting. The good minister told her
that if 'she had faith in the Lord be would
give her whatever she would ask in. prayer:
Believing implicitly in his words, she one
evening retired to a grove and fervently pray
ed the Lord to give her.a man. It so happen.
ed that an owl sat,gp in one of the treed near
by, and being dilftbed, gave out a 'whoo—o
—o She was overjoyed, and with the great
est thankfulness of spirit answered back,
'Anybody, Lord, so it's a man !' "
Our city readers, who' sometimes complain
that we. do not devote enough attention to
local matters, should recollece - that three
fourths of our circulation is outside of Erie,
'and that our special aim is to make an accept
&ale paper for country subscribers. eis • rule,
what would be of most interest in the city
would be of none whatever. in the country.
and we are consequently compelled to confine
our attention mostly to such topics of city, 00.
. currenoe as msy seem toleve the widest gen
eral interest.'
There being same doubt whether Geo. Mc-.
Creary can constitutionally exercise the duties
of Adjutant General until his successor in the
Legislature is chosen, the present Adjutant
General will retain the office up to the October
election, Gen. 3loCresry acting as his As
sistant. After that date the latter will assume
the position, and hie service as Assistant will
esabhh i laim the more faithfully to perform its
datitur The last Legislature raised the salary
of the Office to $2,300 a year.
The lake is clear of ice at this point, and a
number of vessels have sailed for upper ports.
Every harbor on the lake is free from obetruc
tions, except Butfalo,where the ice is gorged to
an extent that will delay navigation in that
direction for some weeks. Should the pleasant
weather continue, it will not be long. until
trade at the doable will assume a lively char
acter. • The canal will be opened either next
week or.the week after.
Messrs. C. Siegel (late of the firm of Siegel
Et Scott) and G. L. Friday have.opened a now
wholesale and retail grocery establishment in
the room corn of State and Filth streets,
which they awe fitted up tastily and supplied
with a large stook of goods. The trade they
are already doing is mating, considering the
brief period that the store has been even, and
speaks Welrfor the future prosperity of the
The Semieekly Petiolian is the name of
anew journal started at Oil City, by our im
pressible friend, W. R. Jahns, formerly of the
Register. Brother .7. is .ane of the best edi
tors in the State, and is man of taste and en,
ergy besides, and we need scarcely say that
the Petrolian, alike in matter and make up.
is a very creditable publication : It our wish
es will do him any. good; he will be s retired
millionaire inside of five years;
We every now and then hate a subscriber
complain because.ere do not publish some doc
ument he wishes to read. A little reflection
will teach them that it is absolutely impaled
ble for us to print even tenth of the inter
esting matter we wish. Our room is newton - -
rib! oircumsorihed, and we are never troubled
for enough to insert—the great difficulty is to
know what it is possible to keep out.
A bottle of water was shown us last week,
taken from the city pipes, which wets nearly
one-eighth sediment and animal(' alm. Among
the other interesting objects contained in it
were a number of email snakes, several of
theip so tiny they were hardly perceptible to
the naked eye, end Would . pot bp nsticed is
drinking. The beauty-of having water car
ried in Wooden pipes needs no further inns
In addition to the sum elsewhere dated as
having been contributed, in our city-for the
relief of the Southern poor, $llO have been
given by a number of gentlemen. The whole
amount footed up $240, which was placed in
the bands of Rev. Geo. P. Cain, of Park
church, by whom It has been forwaidecl le
Bev. Dr. Dickson, of Baltimore, for disburie
We are indebted to Mr. S. S. Cole, of North
E,et, for some fine speoimeili of apples and
grapes. - Mr. C. has invented a new process
for preserving fruit during the winter, by
which he is enabled' to take away such lots as
may be needed from time to time without im
pairing, the value of the remainder. If the
samples he baa left with ne are a taif criteri
on, his system is a perfect success.
Thehtst Legislature enlargedthe,salaries - oi
nearly all onr State officials. Among others
who oome in for the benefits of the increase.
is Mr. Gore, Deputy Secretary of the Com
monwealth, who has had $5OO par year added
to his pay, making it. now $2,300.
Anna Dickinson, in her lecture on "Woman
and Work," in Farrar Hall, on Tuesday,said :
"The first money I ever earned sae two WI-
Dugs for sweeping four ,roes-walks in Phila
delphia, with-shieb I bought a ticket to hear
Wendell Phillips lecture," Hard wet for
poor pay.
'There is more truth than poetry, in the re
mark of the Dogtown orator: "I penance,
on mine eared honor, as some of dem fel.
less his de greatest lernie is de piggeet
fools i"
The New Castle Gazette makes thie apt sug
"When you bear any one :Wagging of his
Democracy, ask him if he lakes his county
paper, If he don't his feathers will drop is
spite of him. Try it on," '
A sew Hook and Ladder company, to- be
Sailed "union, No. 1," was formed at the
Goodwill engine house on Saturday evening.
It already numbers about forty members.
Thayer & Noyes' Circus commences its sum
mer campaign at Pittsburg, on Monday, the
25th Met, It is -Ozpeoted to visit our pity
about the middle of Jima •
" Travel upon the different . rellread lines is
increasing. The Lite Shore and Phl%del
phi* trains come in well loaded nearly every
The people of this district, withoot regard
to party. will rejoice to learn of the rejec
tion of id. A. Frank's appointment as Attars
ear of Internal Revenue. Frank is the iodi
victual who claimed to r ip onoc . R ii di cs ti fm
last fall, got his appointment in eonsecutence,
and on tbf day of election "went hook to his
vomit," 'agog end working.for Scofield.
The Whittier Literary Association "are in
correspondence with. Wendell. Phillips, with
the object of securing s lecture from him nonsi,
Prom enme cause,' Weededl beg always 'feared
sits of Erie. anti itch" ,Whittler's.,.susseed In
their endeavors to mows him they rein hive
better look than others. „
Wm R IT4rris' the emineniend,uirivailed
elter.r, is fitting up a ladies' lee cream saloon,
in Rushes' Nook, above the room lately oe.
copied by the Keystone National Bank, which
be intends shall be the neatest thing of the
sort ever started to £be city.
A great and good man has been gatheroi io
hie Father!. The Rt Rev. John Timon, Ro
man Catholio Biehop of Botsln, died of ery
sipelas at the Episcopal Residence in that city.
after a brief ilium, at 8:40 o'clock on Toes
day evening..
The Carver House; at Warren, closed be
cause Judge, Johnson would not grant it a li
cense, has been re-opened by Mr. J. B. Hsß.
one of the former landlords.
A city writer thinks Carl Roes, the husband
of l!arepe, is "muehly married." Those who
saw the two in thiicity•will agree with him.
The number of pupils enrolled in the public
eohoots during the month of March was 1,446,
and the average attendance 1,169.
In Venango county is a locality which re:
joicee in the euphonious and- suggestive title
of Tubb's End-
A Paso oS ORGAN.—Which shall I buy ?
Snit your taste, corieult your pocket, and also
the sire of your room. For many years the
piano has had the monopoly,
_but -latterly
Smith's American Organs hate been steadily
growing in favor. We recently visited their
immense factory, and explored it from the
dry room, where the stock is seasoned in a
teioperature of 125 degrees, to the finishing
department and ware-rooms, where the instru
ments are exhibited - by a skillful musician.
Notwithstanding the facilities for finishing a
hundred per weetr, , the demand has outrun the
supply These organs may be purchased from
$lOO to $1.600, according to size and style.
Their action, tone, temperatneet, voicing and
general workmanship, are such as constitute
all that lovers of music can desire. Their
compactness, portableness and beauty of fin
ish make them -a desirable article in every
home.—Quincey Patriot.
Econour is EDUCATION.—Too much time
is spent to no purpose, in what is properly
celled obtaining an education, which, whet
attained is of no practical Tatum as a prepare- .
Lion for any' f the active duties of life. In-
Meld of spending so ranch time in plodding
thrrugh a course of mere book learning, let
young man spend a few weeks or months at
web as institution as .the Iron City College,
Pittsburgh. Pa., where he will obtain a prac
tical business education. and. will here ac
quired something that will prove of immedi
ate and permanent value to him. There is no
doubt but the best. investment any young
Man can 'make, would be to secure a scholar
ship in this institution.
possess a clear, unblemished skin. of alabss
to whiteness. by- the use of Chastellar's
White Liquid Enamel. It is the most perfect
article in use, for removing all impurities of
the skin, and unlike all other cosmetics, con.:
tains nothing that will injure the cuticle ; be
i'g vegetable, it is perfectly harmless. Far
sale, wholesale and retail, by Berger, Shutte
& On ., Chemists, Troy N. Y. See their ad
vertisement in another column in this paper,.
air J. F. Cross's Erie City Intelligence
Once, No. 1.252 State et. ialo'6llf.
Lavin —JormsoN—ln this city. on the 24
inst., by the Rev. Oeo. F. Cain, Mr. Levi
Levine, to Niles Ann Johnston.
BAYS—Cocnatag—At the re?idenee of V.. M.
Thompson, Beg., on the 11th inst., by the
same, Mr Samuel Bsrr, of 'Battle Creek,
Mich.,•to Miss Belle Cochran, of this city.
Cnisn—Bssmt—At the Gir^rd Hones. on
the 9th inst., by Beery Ball, 'Esq., Mr. A.
A. Crstse,,to Miss L. A. Baker, both of
'Cranestrillet Ps:
Hoestan—Bnitruam—At. Floyd's Hotel, See
gertown, Crawford county, on " the 11th
inst.. by Rai. D B. Ernest, Mr Frederick
GORMSD, of Erie, to Misa Frederica C. Ber
tram, of Cambridge tp., Crawford Co.
BrTTIMIIILD—BILIAL—Monday, April 16th.
1867. at the residence of the bride's father,
by Rev. Harvey Totman, Mr. J. A. Sutter
field, of Norih East, Pa., to Miss Ltioina S..
dinghter of Mr. Lewis Beleal, of Stockton,
Chautauqua county, N. T.
V4Ol the above notice came a substantial
remembrance of the printer, for which, he, as
in duty bound, wishes them all possible hap
piness and prosperity 4
Yser—At tbo residence of her father-in-law,
near North East, March 23d, 1887. Mre. Par
melia Yost, wife of Wm. A. Yost; aged a
years, 8 months and 9 days.
Jossa—ln Corry, oi Wednesday, April 3d,_
Harry E ~only child of Charles and Nancy
Jones, 'gad 7 weeks and 4 days. " .
Swett—At Swanville, Paturday, April 18th, of
bronchial pneamOnia. Adelaide M. Swan.
• daughter of John J. Swan.
Tn./wt.—ln the city of Philadelphia, on the
evening of the 16th inst.. after a lingering
illness, !tire. Susan Jane, wife of. John Q.
Tracy, Esq., ip the 69th year of her age. ,
Coos-In this city, on Saturday the lath inst.;
Jane Cook, aged 71 years.
PimlenPo "Plight Blooming
Pimleuhs "ritNght Blooming Cereus.l9
Plinicinfo “Niglit Blooming Cereus.”
Phalan'“Night IBllleallinj Careers.”
Phalan's "Sight 1110/11111111, Cerellt.!6"
A most exquisite. data*, and Fragrant Perfume,
Ceti led from the rare and boanntal flower frog
which It takes Its name.
Manufactured only by
PUALON & lON, 11'clw York.
New Advertisements.
Oa Account of Parties Leaving the City.
Will Sell, at their Auction Re 10714
MONT, APRIL 20,1 T 191. 11.,
• lam lot of Household Furniture, consisting of
Black Wilnut and Cherry Iledstools. 2 flue °print Nat
trams, Ninon, Borealis, Wostuitandi. Sofas, Table,
look Case, Desk. Paver and Cooking hiss. Sea 01111.
Cotten and-Hut Ilattrasses: Breve'. Ingratn and
Three f9ynoshes Pillows. Wool Blekkets. a
lot et Penland W ool Bare; also. 1000 Clime and 0 gross
Pine C a t crh, w tog Tobacco, in Foil One Fine Circular
Bat Constar Gas Pictures, 2,3 and 4 lights, and two
elegant ill light Chandeliers
At 19 o'clock, in front of the store, one Bsy IfOrlse. 7
/oz. old. Hugo. liArnloas Whip, Ac., a complete tom
oat. 711ttlts cAtect,
11. 13..ParUsso having property of any d•scrlytion to
dispose of eon b seccuunodated by sending it in
P. (day evening. , arirl3-Iw.
unlersigired Afirolnistrotor will atones for l
on the
the premier. on . IATURDLY„ MAY 25, 1857, 5 a the e
following described real estate, to wit :
All that natain ere of rouPd. saute in the
township of MW Cr et, county, of Eris. oonadod and
described as follows, to wit : .rioning at a poet stand."
Inc on the wut Hu of out lot of the torn of Nee No.
lt) bet nerthwartily from the southwest corner of
pl.. UAW*. Mgt
three path slog the vast . Has of
Uat t
?aid lot GI• past; Mums out 'aloof te north
line of era lot and wand with illu Lire liC Ur and
9 tubes to apart; trans south along the wentline of
lot of Barbara ffehrrab 69 Ant to a post; theses went
along the north Ilse of lot Vf Louis flatehlonanil also
along Swarth Inwet lot of Jacob Beets 192 fist and
9 inches to the place of beginning, being a sub division
part cute the art -west aartm of ant-'at lop 688.
TCRUS—ow half down and balsam in oseyear,
rind bf bead sad marten*.
411:0148! KrillFnetner,
Oman of the
telegrapQd the aerates emanates of the
Literary Association,
! For the delivery of Weems,
_ •
In this city.
arrll3-In. 'l
Dealers la
Two rtweitioes slid City Let, co West 11% strut. Pro•
p,rty of John Perkins.
Jetsi oat of the city Malts, attar,- boww wrotd
piir. one-third of ID IMO of pognd; stout 100thoire
bearing (nit tram. paps. Ike. Prta, $1,760.
Ite two dory coders style, twurphote finished dwelUng
on Ninth draft. earner of Chestnut. A tine misty
of shrubbery. Mgt, gm's, to.
Clti tot on Ninth stmt, Ent lot out of Wm. Won's
Vary dotitoblit.
Th. stem and ground eow occupied by Tibbs* Shift
dr. Co In lots to snit tams. Will give long thus.
One stary bows and 36 let on Bast' ISlArreath et.eet.
house war. Pries $1,150.
Vies to alit area. past of J. licClurs'a Taro, 4jj miles
,suotb.isaat of the city. Substantial 13i story bons*,
barn.aad a variety of cholas fruit. Soil sandv loam,
under a Ens state of cultivation. Price $1,900, allay
In lots to suit purchasers, the West lit) feet of the Ate
acre lot of Bev. J. Pressley. in Sooth Erie. •e ins
' ;rounds salty In Pommyhunts. Price from $l5 to
$l7 ow foot. Terms one•sizth d own, balance to six
annual payments. 1
flie One new Gothlo store and lot, in fee simple. on
Teach street, directly north of the Railroad. Price
$S OW, renting for $ OOO per annum •
Business IlitsAlrsetly north of Bur & Johnson's stores,
property of P. Whittlcb.
12 miles sonib-eset of Erie, in Vornsnzo„lls Ives;
25 eerie cleared; b.nk barn, bone, fruit trees, &a.
Price $25 pot +en.
• ,
pis acres land, 2 story Irma holm. tam frrove. seres
t, of ebotee fruit. Pries $1,200.• Tiro miles south. on
plank road.
GICBEILIM 1.015 11 .—Wa are salling this Ta'nede ortipor
ortnon "kW and fourth streets and German and
Holland streets. t. lots to *mat buyers. Terms. one
. sixth In band and balsam in sir &zinnia payments
Silayors moat call soon tor • chola..
But Estate Agents, Hoed Rolm.
Tag none 00:11VORT
Which now stands
te used to tbe
All the foists in doors and dampers ire fitted to the
mast palest manse; making the Home Comfort, fa re.
AIR 1! I G H. T
n. ItTE3 in ilia
Are very large, giving a quick draft, which is of gnat
importance to a Cooking Stows. No pales or lapels's
me spared to mate toe
Ia Waircated to be as represented. Call and P.O the
Roma Comfort, or mend fora circular, at the BOMB
W. G. GARDNER,.sote Ageot,
Ve vast grata to all sections of tho States of PEEN-
TRICT of COLOMBIA, to D sell wary sahiable piddles-
Mon •Aellicc agents eon make Twenty Dollars par day,
ot which we can tater an, one &airing the Informa
tion. Parsons wishtng • solos will direct to
sprie-se 1 _ Belo, mulisbunr, Pa.
s 0. L. 171041"
This machine has met with the most complete success. - In every section where It has been intr...
taken precedence ever thole machines which have heretofore ranked as Bret clue. We have entleaverVi.t
ish/tpe .
With this end in view we have ssenred, by lease and purchase. the control of all the disitable and standard pat
enth!now in use, among which we call attention to the Ohio and Buckeye - Patents tui combined in this mach'ne.
This machine embraces all those valuable features which have contributed to the great mucus . of the Ohio and
Buckeye Machines, together with a number of entirely new, novel and valuable improvements.
In compactness, lightness of draft, excellence and elegance of workmanship and finish, combined with great
strength and adaptation to all kinds of work, it will surpass any machine heretofore offered to the farmer.
The following points of excellence show the advantages of Dodge's Reaper and - Mower over all others:
This Machine has two driving wheels, which support the whole weight of the Frame, Gearing and' Driver,
giving It great power and facility of operation.
The Linger-bits of Dodge's Machine to attached to the frame by sdooble blare joint, whir& ►lloae it to follow the
surface of the ground, without being +fretted by the working of the frame Over ridge, end through hollows, the
Independent aktion of the Cutter La perfect, enabling either end to tie* or (all withontaffecting the other.
The most important part of a Movrins Machine it ita cutting apparatus. Cr all the numerous experiments and
Inventloca, the Ora], WROUGHT IEO3 GrARD, faced with CAB? STEEL, ES uead lu thle Machine, la the only guard
that has proved paceerarnl in all pierce. The advantages claimed forthegaards are: They do not bend or break.
They are all treeirrly alike. They do not clog.
The draft of Ibis Machine, to heavy gran or grain, is much lighter than ordirui:y plowing, and dots not exceed
an average of too poor& direct draft. A light f all. of horses can work the roadiino amly all day, 'in any kind
ofipse or grain, when the machine is properly adjusted and operated. -.
The S elf-Rake applied to thin machine has proved a perfect success. It is a Revolving Rake, and does its own
reeling. saving the expense and trouble of a reel, end yet performing int_ter in all kinds of grain than. Rawl and
Eland R eke tan. It makes a rerfeet separation with the rake head, in-all kinds of grain, whether tangled or
lodged. long or short, by reason of th • rake revolving over forward, sad striking into the uncut grain, or before
the sickle. carrying it along and over the platform, and delivering it in compact bundles, at the rear of the ma
chine, entirely out of the way of the team and machine on its next round; and without any littering whatever.
The double hinge joint and two driving wheels make it the ONLY REAPER PERFECTLY ADAPTED TO UN
EVEN ORMIJNO Ihe over banging Reel is supportei upon steal, axed Molly to the drag-bar socket, nod
can be readily adjusted. up or down, or backward or forward and all times follows the movements of the Plat
form. The grain Messily delivered at the rear of the meebrie. entirely out of the way of the team on the next
round. to good ahaped bundmv for binding. THE PLATFOrtH in readily adjusted to any required height,
Cr Descriptive pamphlets of the Machine will be famished on application to
VV. W. PURACE & CO., SBO State Street, Erfe, Pi.,
Geer& Agents for Erie and CrawforeComitiee.
Er Agents IV nted to every toy/MIMI, to whom h liberal coma:4Bton *ill be allowed, - April-3m. --
11 1 W. PI SKOV. & CO.
The aboie invaluable implement has always ,eeelved
the drat premium wherever exhibited, and all who have
used it pronounce it fir superior to anythieg else of the
kind The following are sores of the advar taigas this
- Cultivator has over every other kind now in use:
1. Lightneu and durability; being made -of the beat
quality of steel, highly polished, and the whole tmple
meat weighing from fifty to sixty pounds.
2. Adaptation to more kinds of work than any other I
caltivat-r known; being a perfect and thorough Culti
Titer when used with all the teeth on, learlog the
ground even end level, and working nearer the rows
then any other Cultivator.
3 By removing the small teeth and attaching the
wings to the shovel, it is thelmost perfect Instrument
for hitting that can be found.
4-It lithe bertiestrnment for covering and digging
potatoes ever tweeted. • man end horse can cover pa
tatoes ea feet its a horse can walk, end& man and teem
can dig from 300 to 500brishele of potatoes in a day,
when the crop is • gar one.
5. Itworks equally well in corn orany kind of crop
requiring cultivating, and- in most cases hand hoeing
b• &mewed with. •
6. Its cheapness, considering the many kinds of
work to which It can be applied—the farmer having In
one implement all that is necessary for el/Rivet lo s end
hPling any kind of crop, or covering mad digging pota
Nemberless certitretes from th most influential far
mer/ in the United Steel might/be given of the sups
riority of the above implement ?Ter all others designed
for like purposes.
We shall he pleased to receiU a tell I om any one who
nude a Cultivator or ShOvel Plow, end explain to them
'the merits of the above Horse Hoe over all other !Mole
manta of the kind. We Tetrintlhis Horse Hoe to work
orwtivator es well es any Cultivator made—u a
Shovel Plow u well u mor Shovel Plow—endue Horse
OW a complete =Wet% or refund the money if it does
not newt the warrantee •
We also keep on hand lieritineetton with our Hard
ware, Stoves, Tinware, and House Furnishing Goods,
complete aseortment of Herseßakes, Hand Rekes.Grain
Cradles, Snythes, Seethes, Forks, Hoes,Shovels,Spades,
&c. Don't fall to give us a isalL
Sete Agent* for Horse Roe in Sr% Co., Pa., and Aeh•
Wale Co, Ohto, 24 door from the corner State and Oth
Ste., Srie..Pa. aprll4m.
Is pronounced by all who have used It the very beat
preparation for the Glair. fi is a positive care for bald ,
neas, eradicates' dandruff and humors, steps the hair
from tamp, out, and speedil. restores gray lock. to
their original hue and luxuriance.
It operates on the asioretions and ails the elands with
new life and coloring matter. Thin, dead, faded or gray
hair atll always be brought beck. by a few applications,
to tie youthful abundance, vitality and color.
/t mike* the hair !soft, glossy, fragrant, Pl r atant to
the touch and easy to arrange. Dry, wiry and intract
able locks heap, rola; pliant and dlspried to remain
in any &sited prsiti a. At a Hafr Dressing It bait no
equal. The sales are enormous and It Is a universal fa
vorite with Id and young of both ~ s ea.
Sold by Druggists throughout the Milted States. Ad
dress all order. to
ZIEGLER & SEIM Sole Proptietors.
137 North Third St. Philadelphia.
Mothers, are yoo premed withantlety for your little
ones? Are your slumbers and heart, broken by their
ales? Do you awake to the morning enirefreshed and
onnfolloolotve? If so. procure a bottle of Dr. Leon's
Infant Remedy, mei yen will have no mon weary hours
of watching and anxiety.
Has stood the teat et years, Thetuto?e of nurses and
mothers bear 'Muses that It never fails to give relief if
used p 'emelt. It is a mild, yet sure and speedy mire
for Mille. Cramps and windy pains. sad is invaluable
for all eompleinta incident to teething.
Sold by Draegista throughout the United States. Ad.
drese all order,' to
Sole Prop
ZIEGLER &SMITH, rietors,
131 North Third St, Philadelphia.
' Saves time. labor and roomy—warm Waal:dog a pas
time and Manley* Festival. Sold everywhere. Try it
Addreaa all orders to the Marmfacturera.
ZIEGLER & SWIM Sole PlODristorr.
deofl-17 IST North Ti ird Street, Phila.
Rooms I .. .2ll: h rsalkh ol
lo s Rt . rsc itni t. l % : i as ga id et l / 2 -
I ' two doors
spelt-V. E. • EMIL. Agent.
:3111 Peres iltreet. M.
Paorosims wioenuo.
14a1eitpropeasate will be melted tuttll ;the TOIIRTH
DIY OY, NAY fag building a Stone Calvert and
STUN' np • Ravine: in Summit township, on the Old
Tornplle, yew Oseez Dan's. Plane and epeelficationa
eau be seen by applying to the undersign.. d. Coomils
easter' of Summit towtuhlp. JOHN SM.
A. 0. HILL.
.The • Most Successful Medicines
in the World.
Established in 1835 by. one of
our Host Eminent Physicians, and
now used throughout North and
South America, with more pleasing
results than any otherliodiciae in
cases of diseased Liver, BloOd or
Skin, Indigestion, Costiveness,
Bilious Complaints, Rheumatism
and Fever and Ague.
Thousands of certificates are ju
our possession, giving detailed
accounts of perfect Cugs effected
by these invaluable Medicines.
They regulate the System and pat
all ,the functions of the body
in a healthy condition.
Sola by all Pruggists. Whito S llolrktaa, .Propri,
eons, Sumo-Dora to Dr. John Moffat =at Dr. W„ D.
Nor York.. •
I ,,ktE
• "N'\
fc 4 rim)
. t.OLIt
tER/0 4 .
4.9v,14p r Acru v. r. or , •
- U
AND Cpt'k
Corner of Holland and Sixth Streets,
~7RZE, PA.
To: the pnrcbue and sale of
Cash Advances Made: Consignments Solieitei. Gon
ers' or Special Market Reports Furnished at Bennett-
REFERENCES.—H. F. Pall, Cashier National Bank
of Commerce, New Tork; Messrs. J. Boorman, Johnson
is Co., New York; Gordon, McMillan k Co., Cleveland,
Ohio; W, Windfall. Cashi.r First National Bank.
ilinnaspolis, Minn ; Thos Arthnr, Cuhier lint Nat'l
Bank, Newton. Iowa; Messrs. Ford, Dixon At Co , St.
Lomlh inuourt; and to any Banker throughout the
country hiring New York correspondents. mr2l-flme
The place to get a choice article of Tobacco. Banff and
Claws le at
South of the Union DPpot
Always on hand a good assortment of the 'bore un
ess.-of every grads. Wholesale and Retap--Aleo Firm,
Poaches, Boles, add Smokers' Artielpuf everrig gl To.
lion. Plena favor us with a cal 4.
• lice, 1388 Peach street. it sor2l'6f-Iy. ,
A Lars* Stock of
I forty different idyls% adapted to iv::: sk ; a yy
made, tor $BO to $ 600 ._. 0141 : 7 tny -one gold or Aimee
"'.mama &warded them. Address MASON et HAMLIN
~JNasurrans. goy Toyk. *dile
-11" -
Preferred by All practical painter. Tr,y it ft And you will
have no otber. liaaollaatnzed SMITH,
Ho. LW North iithd Stmt,
SPRING OPENING , OF mtia.impns
MRS. nswoNs h..e op.ned, in the building torn.
erly occupied by the Penny ?toot, Booth of Lintel De—
pot, with a fall tine of
- • ..
000 . D . 5!
Where she will remain until her new store in Man
H o ". m oc k, te co mpleted, which wile be about
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