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1;63• The most Largely circulated newspaper in
X. TV, Pennsylvania, a n d' the best Adverti
sing medium.
ins nsasocnAnc_pALL silt. L.
Almost every day we receive fresh in
telligence showing that the great reaction
which began in Connecticut Isasiextended
over; nearly. every part of the country.
The focal elections in LNew York exhibit
almost uniform Democratic gains. Albany,.
the State capital, has gone for the Demo
crate by 1,700 majority, a gain of nearly a
thousand since last fall. The city of Lock-'
port, which the Radicals carried in 1811 G
by a majority of_lo7, this spring goes
Democratic by 270, every candidate sl pen
our ticket being successful. Ttis, village
of Little Falls;llerkimer coo:uty,- gives - a
Democratic majority of 87. Last year the
Radicals had to. All our information_
points conclusively to the fact that at the
next general election New York will vote
to sustain Democratic principles.
From New Jersey the return?, nearly
without exception, are gratifying, and in
dicate the redemption of that common.
wealth- from the control of Radicalism.
In E3sex county, which went opposition
last year, the Democrat& have made itn
portant.gains, the Radicals carrying but
out of the 8• townships , . The city cf
run Domocratic ',Jokes,
for the first - time in many ye'.rs. New
itrunswick, heretofore a reli•,bi e R a di c al
stronghold, has chosen a DeMocratic
mayor by 160 majority._
and 4 out of the G
The "Rsdiealsy •Rho have been in the
habit of carrying'Davenport, lowa, by a
majority of erom SOO to 1,000, were beaten
at -the municipal election by 600
votes. 'The Chicago Tribune attributes
the d efeat to the tact that the Radicals
tu4de the Maine Law issue ! This result
has a peculiar significance in thtit it oc
curred at.the home of Congreksman Price,
and - -in the very centre and hot-bed of
lowa radicalism. It is the first victory
over fanaticism which has been obtained
in that locality in a decade and, if.prop
erly followed np—as we have no doubt it
will result in the redemption
of tho.district and possibly of the entire
A dispatch from Hagerstown, Maryland,
says • "The Democratic-Conservative patty
Of Hagerstown today covered themselves
with glory. At the municipal election,
for the first time since_ the incorporation
of .the town, they elected their entire
ticket, for Town Council, by an average
majority of forty-seven, over the Loyal
Leaguers anti Radical Disunionists."
We" have received few returns from
Michigan, but such as. Invi,e reached us,
look extremely fivOrabla. The following
is a comparison of the majorities in the
towns named with the result in MO:
ISG7. 186 G.
T}em. Rep. Dem. Ran.
St. Johns 40 ' 134
Westphaliq 1 37 - _z_. __
111ston . - 5S 70
• Keene -15 - .
, '
! singsb urg
4C7 '——
'Niles . , —— 48
' - ' 7. 7 Adi i a n -- 13 " .-- QlO
Superirr 3 --- •1 ,
Sharon 5 —* 15:
• • • \Pnvni count`',
the Democracy. The - Democrat, in nt.
tieing them, says: ' Old Wayne is good for
six hundred Democratic majority neit
fall." Last hill it oiily gave about seven
ty-five majority.
The , Pittsburgh Gazette, the leading
Radical organ of Allegheny county, in a
statement of the corrupt legislation n i t
Harrisburg,. thus refers to one of the bold
robberies -attempted at the last session,
and denribeamode In which it was
defeated :
"Talking, a few years ago,-with a - noted
lobbyist at Harrisburg, he frankly confess
ed he and his kind had relieved the Com
monwealth of pretty much all the proper.
ty it had worth plundering. During the
past session a systematic effort has been
Made to gather up and carry off the frag
ments that remained, . and this endeavor
has been crowned with a largq messureof
success. If:the accounts are truc k and we
think they are,- the bottom ofthe
ry has been cleanedlaud es sound de
ticit left. Nor is this all. An attempt was
made to rob the Sinking Fund of $BOO,OOO
for preventing of which the . people seem
to be indebted to Mr. Wallace, Chairman
of the Democratic State Committee'. He
raised the point that by the plain words of
the Constitution, the revenues derived
from certain sources were pledged to the
liquidation of the public indebtedness,
rind could not be applied to general pur
poses. This compelled a cutting down of
the financial budget, which looked to the
expenditure of $1..000,000 more, than the
The course of :Sir. Wallace, in this id-
will endear him still more strongly
to the Democrats of the State, end should
recommend him to the favor of men of nil
verde?. "When a man can boldly stand up
in the midst of the corruption which is ad.
mitred by everybody to have prevailed at
I Tarrisbure. and defend the interests of
the people in sues, . manner as to alum
forth an acknowledgment nxv cue above
from a political enemy, it shows? that he
possesses tra innate sentiment of honesty
such as we all hope to find in our public
officials, but, alas, are too often disappoint.
ed in tAte expectation
It mu s t to a matter of gratification to
our partY frw.4s, that with the many de
nunciations 0 ? Geir leaders in this State,
no whisper of su,,nion has ever been ut
tered against their t knracter for integrity.
Duringld.r. Clymer'slkukcareer in the
Senate, with the most in otts legislative
debauchery surrounding he preserv
ed an unstained reputation, 14 ..0 amid the
heat of the canvass last year. Kith the
hundreds of charges heaped upott 4. 4 ll,
not one was coined alleging or even 1. 11
mating any doubts as to his personal purr
1 Y: After his retirement, Mr. Wallace be
came the Democratic leader, and the act
above recited
,afferds the best illustration
Of his fitness for the position. His honesty
. is freely conceded by those who would be
most prompt to detect and expose even
4ike slightest step outside of the legltiu m t e
ponduel, of a - publio official, and whatever
assaults may be - made upon hie political
course, none deny to him the loftiest at.
tributes bf a faithful, vigilant and incor
ruptible statesman, The time is coming
when facts like these will be appreciated
by the - people, and the men who have
stood sternly by their duty, regardless of
the * blandishments of public thieve?, or
the clamors against their patiiotism raised
'by those who sought in that way to keep
their own Tile deeds from being brought
to.the light, will receive that reward which
their Legislative and. private merits so
richly entitle them tr.
In their eagerness to maintain the integ
rity of the Union, and to do away With the
institution of slavery, the larger portion
of the people, during the war, tonally die
carded the consideration- of all questions
of Constitutional and financial policy. The
result has been, that; as the Radical lead
ers were mere theorists, without precticral
knowledge of statesmanship, the nation
has been unnecessarily loaded• with a
monstrous indebtedness, whioh will press
upon the labor, and capital of the countl - 1 .
with increasing severity every year of the
lives of the present Ef t me T " .o3l '. Our debt
to-day is double the anto p :at it would have
been had a iudieicw 'am been imposed on
the country the
p rat two years of the war.
The admiuleasticin. under the advice of
Mr. Ch" - ..e, refused to impose such a tax.
It' as afraid the measure would bring the
'party in power into d;.,srepute, and so the
system of inflation arid of paying double
prices for every article purchased was in
dustrioualy Fanned. •
The effect of such managemaii t is bean
ning now to be severely felt, and as
nese than return fo natural and healthful
channels, the eyes of the people will be
opened to the fact w a t, in this, as well as
in the general ler;slation of Congress since
the cornmeuee_raent of the extra session
of / 861 p Pa', interests of the countr7 have
been aeo"..lficed to maintain the aseeniency
of *KJ Radical party. - Heavy taxes and
°":,enertd depression in business wEI pro
voke inquiry into the causes producing
r ' The Radieali - have got an idealhat quer
, anus connected' with the settlement of
slavery and the condition of the negroes
are the only ones which the people will
entertain. The late elections prvoe this
to be a mistake. The people will listen
to the .discussion, of principles involving
the preservation of the, rights or States
and the protection of individual liberties.
They will listen noon to the discussion of
financial questions, and will consider and
set upon evidence proving gross profligacy
and mismanagement in the expenditure
of the public funds. The acceptance by
the South of the military bill, and her re
organization under it, will take from the
Radicals the only issue upon which they
now depend for success. They were beat
en on that, and on that alone, in•C-onnecti
cut, and the growing distrust of them will
rapidly Increase at the proof shall be
pressed on the people that their corrupt
and partisan and impolitic legislation has
doubled the amount of our national debt,
and is the cause of the grieving burdens.
which make the tax-payer sweat under
their load.
Out of this state of public sentiment
wilt arise the new issues which the Demo
ciatic party must accept and champion.
The people look to that organization for
relitf from the measures which 'are now
divicing the States and ruining the nation.-
They kesire that the finances of the coun
try may be put upon a more satisfactory
basis, ecfnomy, retrenchment and reform
introduceninto all the branches of nation
al and stategovernment, and a return to
the Constituton as the supreme law of the
land upon al questions. These issues
cannot longer kt subordinated to that-of
negro equality. .The affairs of the nation
are in too disturbel and critical a -condi
tion to warrant ths belief th't another
general political campaign can in based
upon the old issue of the negro. The in
terests of white men will be the di - tiding
rrte netwee.. k--ties hereafter, and Upon
these issues the Democratic party must he
_The Jr TorrizenNce. PAICTS".
party is becoming ~... •,u of the Ittdieal
its'Ovtn'leaders begin to cont,,e ~ even
The negro issue, upon which it sprung in
toexistence,is dead, and tho "cohesive pour
er of public plunder" whichmade it acona
pact and victorious organization during
the last few years,• has lost two-thiias of
its influence with the close of the war.
Having neither principles to stand upon,
nor rich jobs to reward those who fawned
upon its measures that thrift might fol
low fawning, it has no 'other course left
than to follow the example of its illustrious
prgtotypes, the old Federal, Whig and
Know Nothing parties, and quietly give
up the ghost. This opinion k borne out
by the following extract from a letter
from Washington in the Anti•glarery
Standard, writtentby Wendell Phillips, the
great prophet and fore-runner of Radical-
He says :
'The dissolution have
MTV: •Perhaps
I should say that the party to.,nyrs con
tained the elements of its own destruction,
and that it only required the provocative
circumstances to develop them.. At any
rate the development is - visible to the
common eye, us it has long been teen by
those whose habits of close observation
have given to their mental vision a clear
"The debate upon adjournment tnd im
peachment was the forcing bed in which
this seed sprouted. A clever poitician
here, said to-day that the party would
have split if Congress had remained here
two weeks longer., The divisim I an
nounce is only a questiob of time. . The
struggle for the next few mouths ii really
to be which Wing shall remain in poeegs.
Mon of the Republican organizatior.
liticians. naturally conclude that tie one
retaining it will have a better stark,in that
it•will have the prestige of slimes:. For
my part, I believe it may fie more alvan
..gsmis. so fa. as purity of notion h con
corned, to o , ,ganize anew and take c fresla
ata . et. Success will, in al; probabiliv, to
built up on a firmer basis, if the Rsticais
begin without traditions or policy. The
Connecticut election will widen the di
vision. On the whole, it is conceded sere
that the Republican defeat will help the
Radical wing"
The statements of Phillips are !Arne
out by the following extract from the
Washington correspondence of theSping•
field Reputlicak. Writing about the But
ler-Bingtiam fitral, the !otter writer of
that 'paper sass:
These men, Butler and 7Binglatn, are
mortal enemies henceforth, and I think
for the present Butler will let- the matter
rest. The sentiment cf his political
friends is very strong on the subject. The
quarrels among Republicans must stop
I believe if Congress were to remain in
• -sision all summer that the Republicans
9 huld quarrel so that there would be two
PaNte, Tho "impeachers". already stip
ma ,, tl4 a large , ' class of their fellow-Re.
P nwin Ns as little better than Copper
heads, arm, the more cautious Republicans
100 kr ime of the extremists as be
ing as c ii, werons John's - ins. Ash
ley; Butler and Nat class look upon Bing
end Senator wil son , an d spaiding,
o et tter s 4 l
ln u g t
I T; qu: ri s tditms
c a o b i l ,d y 10008 i k:U h pl a r ni n .,
4 3 1 n s a n d a l v e ) S y P d a a a n i
n d dr
a t a j . f '7, br a i r so f;:imson men. On the
gerous men."
The Radicals la the hew Jet," y
lature, like those of Pennsylvania, (Rd not
have the courage to force upon their own
people what those of Congress have forced
upon the South. When - the question
canoe up in the House to strike the word
"white" dial of the Constitution, fhb..
teen Radicals went against the motion,
and it was:defeated by the decisive rote of
20 to i 5.
WWI Asti Tan pAnDoxlf.
Among the niimerous complaints r ja d e
by the Radicals against 'President J- J h as ea,
they have harped upon none more vigor•
only nor With more effect true hi s a ll eg ed_
Wholesale pardoning of need-handed trai
tors:" It was freely charged that these
pardons were obtained by the influence of
leading Southern men, rebels themselves,
or prominer.t Democrats. These coin
plaints eeame so vociferous that some
tr - er-realous Radical insisted that Congress
should call for official information. In re
sponse it appears, a6.lording to a statement
in the New York Tribune, that from April
15, ISO, to -March 2, MG, pardons were
granted at the request of the following
officials :
263 at the request of William G. Brown.
low. Radical Governor of Tennessee !
on advice of the Radical Governor
Wells, of Louisiana I
125 on advice of the Radical Governor
Murphy, of Arkansas!!!
525 on advice of :lack Hamilton, of
Texas, who is held up by the 'Gazette and
Dispatch. as the beau ideal - of a Brit:Ahern
Radical!!!! .
1169 on the reclmmendation of Radi•
'64 on request of Governor Bramlette, of
48 on request of Governor Fletcher, of.
94 on recommendation of Governor Brad
ford: of Maryland.
non recommendation of GOvernor Mar
vin, of Florida. -
All of whom, although not Radicals,
have always been regarded as sound and
patriotic friends of the Union.
55 on recommendation of Hon. A. A.
Ring, of Missouri. and
121 by the President, on Ms Mirl2 motion.
The attempts of the Radicals to explain
the cause of the great 'Democratic victory
in Connecticut are comical. Every one
of them has a different excuse, varying
according to the disposition of the person
and the locality ho bails from. Among
all the reasons, though, none have yet hit
upon the real one, viz : that the people
are growing tired of Radical dominion,
and have resolved upon ridding - them
selves from it in the future. As it will
interest our roadere to see the opinions of
their opponents, we have been at great
pains tO make a summary of the Radical's
editorials on the subject which have
reached us, and present it below as a
reliable digest of the whole :
cojtileobtlAareitn•Oopperheaia vitt:Lamm
Copperhead aNd Traitor utothilcivairtflturina
ircattioahneoprititrio Copperhead sleepd2
- 11Zuct000tgatifinfiefilq
_ .
The Radicals, who last fall in this State
denied that they were• in favor of negro
suffrage, are frankly planting themselves
upon that ptatform in all other parts of
the country. = They lately held a State
Convention in New York, at which the
following resolution was unanimously
adopted : _
Resolved, That the delegates to the com
ing Constitutional Convention, this day
appointed, be instructed to support by
every honorable means an amendment to
the Constitution giving to the black man
tha same rights of ballot as the white
The P.adie&ls of Pennsylvania are not a
pari icle behind their brethren of other
States in real sc - zntitnent. The reason, and
the only reason, why they do not avow
their belief in negro suffrage as boldly as
those of New York and Diassachusetts is
that they are afraid the rnaszes will not
sustain thew.
Among the items in the general appro
priation bill passed by the last session of
the Pennsylvania Legislature are the fol-
Prayers for ~..:vro use 0300
The sums here bamea $3OO
ly ones appropriated by the late t itt / :? °-
tuye which the people will not begrudge
paying If ever there was a body that
needed prayer, it was the corrupt and•ez
travagant. assemblage that assumed to it
self the privilege of making laws for. the
people of Pennsylvania. Our sole regret
is, that in selecting its- mediums for
prayer it did not choose those whose
offerings to the Throne of - Grace might
might bave.been attended with better re
sult F.
The London Ttiz-.3 says Great Britain is
now ready to pay r a fair arbiter
decides are the just claims t..t the sufferers
Dy captures. Mt, r.
has only to ask for a reasonable sum
it will be at once handed over. This is
undoubtedly the position of the British
government to-day ; but what a contrast
- does it present to the atitude of the same
Dower, speaking through Earl Russell, less
than two years since'. Then' it was denied
that England could be held responsible,
end the proposal to arbitrate was haught
ily rejected. That power now sees that
the precedpnt she set in the Alabama
casein the .vent of a war in which she
may be engaged, would sweep her com
merce from the seas.
In 18G5, Senator Sumner offered in Con
gress it series of resolutions, of which the
fallowing is one-:
And be it further resolved, That a gov
ernment founded on military power, or
having its origin in military orders, cannot
he a republican form of government, ac
cording to the requirements of the Con
stitution ; and that its recognition will be
contrary, not only to the Constitution, but
also to that essential principle of our Gov
ernment, which. in the language of-Jef
ferson, establishes (`the supremacy of the
civil over the military authority."
This was in the midst of the war, or
rather near its end. Now, in _a time of
peace, with his vote, ten States have been
turned over to five Uilitary- Governors,
an &martial law practically established for
each.. What an illustration of Radical
In the:House of Representatives, a few
weeks ago, during the debate upon Im
peachment, Mr. Woodbridge, one of the
memlierii of the Judiciary Committee. and
a leading Republican, Made the following
candid admissions:
"The Committee desired that the ques
tion should be settled one way or the
other; It believed . that the country was
situated by it. and that there was no sta.
bility in the business oPthe country, and
would not be until the question was set
tled. Men of capital did not know whetlt•
er cr how to .make investments: The
country should be quieted on thii sub
- The opinions of the Observer on the
question are thus confirmed by one of the
Isstling Radicals intongress.
"Toone pr:...-hold the late legislature has
been faithful. It been consistent in
defying the wishes of the PtTM-vle on every
Important creation." So says the Ohara.
bersburg Repository, one of the few 13ivit
cal papers which hive the courage to
speak- the truth.
. .
The adoption by the Wisconsin Legisla- . News Items. -
cure of a resolution to so amend the State
Constitution as to give the women the Artemns Ward left a fortune of about $OO,-•
right of anffrage„.does not attract the at- VW '
tealn •
a F el ie eh mint "disloyally" refuted to
ion from the advocates of "E
` qual medal commemorative of the late la-
Rights" that it might be exrected to. monied Lincoln.
Even the Tribune, which before the Con -An Indianian who lost four wives—two by
l i
neoticut campaign devoted energies t o death, one by elopement, and one by divorce
chronicling the progreea -of the ju j st ff married again. •
Rights Aasociatioui dismisses this imp or- Phl l t r ielphia De tt e n i n e Ouin e ce e s le th tt l e t e e t h e e e fi r a i s ee b d ee ie n
tant item of news with a mere paragraph, blessed with anothe6 eon.
lf, as is urged, the right of the negro to Bey. Mr. Woods, Methodist, and Bev. C.
the elective franchise is based upon hie W. Biddle, Universalist, of Linn, Mass.. re
cently exchanged pplpits:
claims for intelligence, it would seem to
be but fair that female suffrage should be u TF a o prisoners in the Bangor Jail bad a tight
advocated on the same ground ;„ since, if
the"otrrey;with end eaureset of them
the intelligence of the colored roan is to It is stated that in some of the villages of
be - the standard of voting, both gallantry Prutaii nne-third of the population will leave
and - justice demand that women be par- for America this spring.
takers of the same privilege or right, Sc- A women in Maroa, on the Central Rail
cordin as one prefers to term the elec- road, south of Clinton . , 111., recently sold her
heir for two dollar& to purchase a set of brass
tive franchise: It is noticable, however, jewelry ,
that women of thernselvea have made no The Democrat! elected their candidate for
organized appeal for. this privilege, except- Treasurerin Merrimac county. N. H.,, by a,
majority of 2 votes out of 328 polled,
ing, of course, the few female advocates of
yo A ri fo K rehear Dye the sate of babies in New
women's rights who have been before the . p rofit able business, and almost pub
public for many years. In Kansas, wo- holy m e rr e i P ed r on.
men are permitted to vote and even to An lowklady has just recovered $lO,OOO
hold certain-offices, but the number who damages for defamation of her character by a
have exercised the,firat right is very small, man who told emendated' stories about her.
and none, we believe, have been found to The chaplain. , of the New York Assembly
perpetrated the following pun .in a prayer:—
claim the'second. Still, it is not absolute- ..May men of principle be our principal men "
ly certain that the women of every State
The wages of the female operatives at the
would be similarly indifferent to such ore Merriam: mills. in Lowell, Mass., have been
portunities of distinguishing themselves reduced, and some of the girls are on a strike.
end purifying the body politic- as those of
Kansas seem to be.
there never has been a iltur Muse 11,0
birth of the Republican party 'when the
signs of its dscay were so apparent, or the
prognostications of its tall so frequent
froth its own organ.: These warnings are
given, undoubtedly, with a view of induct.
log the party to cover itself with sack
cloth and'aahes, and flit on the stool ) of re
pentance. But the time fur repentance
has passed. The New Yorks World
quotes to this point the remarks of a
Western judge, that "Repentance at the
eleventh hour may do ; . bul—a man that
comes in at half-past twelve!" The truth
is. as has been often-pointed out. that the
Republican party is ephemeral, and the
issues on-which it has flourished are dead.
Its back-bone was the negro, and the ne
gro is nearly, and will soon be quite out
Of politics. By his assistance, and the
animosities which the war engendered the
Radicals have thus far . retained.their su
premacy. Now from their own camp-the
stroke of their doom is sounded, and it
Will not be many years before the opposi
tion to the-Democincy will be forced to
take some'other name and shape than
those under which it has won its victories
during the last six years.
A Smear, his speech to the
negroea at Columbia, S. C., last month,
General Wade Hampton gave those white
people of the North who prate so much
about equal rights, a stunning blow be
tween the eyes. Speaking of the preju
dice of Northerners against the colored
people, be aaid :
"A stronger prejudice has always existed
at the North against your people than
here, and it exists still. curious in
stance of this prejudice came under my
own observation some years ago in Philo
dolphis. Passing through, I had
with me two tier.i.nts. for whom full fare
was charged on the railroads but the
',ticket agent told me that they would pot
be allowed to ride in - the same car With
myself; as the people there 'did not like
to ride with negroes."But.' said I, 'you
make me pay full price for them. and one
of thorn sa flko nurse of my children.'
'That makes no difference, The replies ;
'you can't take them into the car.' I told
him that I had paid their fare; that. I
thought them good enough to ride with
me, end, therefore quite good enough to
ride with his fellow-citizens, and that, they
should get into my cat. So I brought
them in and kept them there."
Th e cant in Connecticut, just
before the late election. about the sympa
v of Radiealism for labnring men, the
Worm thinks, is charmingly moil canals.
tently illustrated in the course of the
Radical manufacturers at Rockville, who
have discharged'eeventy men from their
mills for voting the Democratic ticket.
The quarry med _in Portland who via . ed
the Democratic ticket hive been notified
by - their Radical "masters" that I heir servi
ces "will not be needed .for a year to
come." The result of this movement won
that a thousand men threw down their
picks and drills, and refused to work till.
their proacribe4 enrnrades were permitted
to resume labs, uud at latest.accounts the
quarry works in that , town had ceased.'
Let us hear no more cant, even from the
''snne, about "free labor" and the "All.
rieh05.0....," pyrtymbioh Wilson declares .
is based upon
nenciples of eternal,
imperishable justice."'
At a recent meeting of the pocial Sci.
ence Congress in England. the Earl of
Shaftsbury stated that upwards of two
millions of children were laboring in
mines - and at other employments, where
hard work and wretched wages, with want
of light and proper food reduce them to a
condition bordering on idiocity. It fur
ther seems that the announcement "stag
gered the London Times," which paper
declared that "something must be done"
And these things are permitted in a land
where millions are annually Subscribed to
provide flannel jackets for the Hottentots
and send moral pocket handkerchiefs to
Feejee Islanders.
The Lancaster Intelligencer believes
the late Democratic victories "indicate
that the people have learned that the Re-
Publican party must die if liberty is to
leader alluding to the Northern men set
tling in the South, the Wilmington (N.
C.) Journal says : "Now we re -assert, what
has frequently been said by every respect
able paper in the South, that any North
ern man coming among us for tbe - purpose
of legitimate. business; and not with the
deliberate intention of tusking himself
hateful and dangerous to our people, will
find welcome and encouragement - here,
and with as many advantageous gelds for
the successful employment of-capital and
labor, as will be found in the world. And
we aro - satisfied if it had not been tO the
advantage of the politicians of the North
to have basely slandered our section, the
tide of emigration which 'is choking the
channels of travel at .the West, would
have turned Southward, and many, very
many of our own teeming population
would have found contented honael with
The. right Rey. William H. Odenheimer,
Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of New Jer
sey, he addressed the following letter to Ott
Clergy and laity of his diocese :
BELOVED BEETIIIIIN --.4llltheDßOstatementa
assure us that a famine exists in large see.
tions of the South, end that men, women and
children are dying for want of food. 1 4 et qs,
for Jesus'e sake, help our suffrring brethren,
and let us do it promptly, cheerfully, and
generously. I recommend that a collection,
for the relief of , sufferers by &wine in the
South be made in each church, chapel. and
The Indianapolis Herald of the 25th has the ). mhadon of the diocese of New Jewell% at the
following : "A young lady of this city,
A r a b i .' earliest day possible, and that the proceeds
ble, intelligent and beautiful, was engaged to be Immediately forwarded to Jae. M. Brown,
be married to a "respectable" young man. No. 61 Wall street, New-York. Treasurer
church ocultuteaud a hypocrite, In an evil of tbo Southern Relief Commiasion.
hour she became the 'lefts to the-wile. of this Affectionately, your Bishop,
whited sepulchre, was seduced and deserted, Wit. sting ODE4liell ED
Liar, A. D. 1887:
her destroyer marrying another woman. , •
About ten days since, the unfortunate girl •
gave birth to lip illegitimate -child and died ' Persons about procuring a Piano can
last Friday - lien physician says she died of purchase a new, first elites instrument; of any
sshame and grief„ What -must have been the kind desired, at molt lees than the
t•elings of that young man u the funeral
cortege of hie victimfiled slowly put his re g. tuner'. price, by calling at Ace,
deuce r
fabld-tf, •
A cake use given to a Baptist fettles! in
Burlington, Vt.; to be given at a vote of ten
cents each to the handsomest lady in the
room. A colored lady got it.
Jeff. Thompson. the es-r'onfederate General,
made a spe«ch, and omitted in singing the
"Star Spangled Banner," at a reoent banquet
in St Louis:: •
The Dunkards of our State voted to receive
colored persoas into the church. bnt object to
" sa k i tin e them with the holy kite,"
A woman in New York entered 41.8 treet car,
and depositing upon one of the seats a small
child left as quietly as she entered. tier
excuse was, that the conductor of the car was
its father.
- The Wisconsin Journal - publishes'a list of
confirmations and rejections by the United
*hives Senate under the caption, "Muir - are
called, but few chosen."
• A man in Ohio walked on ice twelve miles,
obtained a marriage license, went back "by
the same conveyance" the same day and was
married in the evening.
It is stated that Mr. George Peabody has
provided for every relation of his now Hying,
the most distant receiving 550 000 and those
nearer $150,000 each. It must be pleasant
to have 6 ch 7 relativos.
" The newly amended Maine Uglier law, pro
'hibits the sale of intoxicating liquors, except
cider, on penalty of thirty day's inuirieon.Z
meat for theirat offence, and sixty for the
second. -
A Gertnan,coubt is under arrest in Louie
ville, Kentucky, for marrying three women
there, two in Baltimore, and an entire brigade
of ladies in Now York. The papers say that
he had "wits on the brain."
A freedman, from Kentucky, shot Samuel
Fergus, stear_Lebanoti, Illinois, to obtain pos..
session of a rabbit the boy bed killed. The
farmers wanted to lynch the negro, but the
father of the boy insisted that he should be
surrendered to the authorities.
Mrs. Sallie Jones, of Petersburg, Ye., (a
colored lady) presented the freadmea's,bureau
last Tuesday. with three bouncing babies at
one birth, all of whom were a shade lighter
that; their mother.
The coming season is evidently to be talive
ly one among tent exhibitions. The New
York Clipper contains notices of 29 circuses
and menaseries—mostly the former—that are
to travel through the country this spring. and
the tooling summer:
A gentleman in Portland lost an envelope
on tte street containing $3OO. Several peo
ple passing, supposing it to be en, April fool
joie, kicked it and poked it, but no one lifted
it up Datil a boy came along, took it up and
developed its contents, which were returned
to the owner.
A snit Was tried at Binghamrton, New York,
wutun 26 lady brougnt an action
for assaolt and battery against a young, man,
the scontation being that be kissed her while
occupying the same seat in a railroid car,
she bents asleep at the time, her head resting
upon his ihoulder. The jury failed to agree,
In Kentucky lives a Man; the head eta very
respectable and intelligent family, who, during
One leek in each month, shoat the first quer•
ter of the moon, imagines himself a woman,
dons the hoOns and balmoral and sits in his
mite waiting for his bean ! This strange
eondsct was first noticed in him when he was
about seventeen years ,of age. He is now
. Ger.. Joseph E. Johnston, in a late letter
upon toe subject of the first battle of Rail
Ran, lays the victory was retarded by the
Sonfedzrats. troops as having decided the
question of, Southern independence. and ended
the Vitr, and thousands of them left the army
and went home. The Union army, be says,
"tratt.esa disorganized by defeat than the
Confelerate army by its triumph."
Astons to ARKAIIOAII. , A letter from Lit
tle Rink, Arkanaae. to the Sprinifield Repot)
licsn, dated Starch 22, says: J , Thie is, with
, ou: exception, one of the met peaceful and
' quiet of the Southern States" T hove traveled
throngt at lewd half a dozen different corm.
ties, unarmed, both by dor and night, and
never bare been moleLted in any way. And
so far as drunkenness is concerned, it
,ia not
half embed as Massachusetts."
broke out yesterday morning at Accrington,
in a seei-dettler's shop, over whiCh wee an in-
Tant's school. The rapidity of tbS flames
prevented the escape of the obildreo—sixty in
number—and it is feared that the majori
ty ".- nerisbed. Twelve dead bridles bad
been taken when the reportwas despatch
On the night of the 12 , n Ina., four men
went to the house of the County. Treasurer in
Jefferson, Illineis,who was absent front home,
boldly mug for admittance, kneeled senseless
the servant who opened the door, and going
to the bed of the Treasurer'is wife. presented
a pistol nt her bead and demanded the keys
of the safe. Receiving the key they took the
contents of the safe, from $B.OOO to $lO.OOO,
and after ransacking the house from cellar to
attic in search of more plunder, - left undis
turbed ,•
Emma Ponces Is. iftELAND.-11 is COM•
pitted that England, a' last accounts, had in
Ireland 25,000 regular troops, Composed of
Infantry, "cavalry, artillery and engineers ;
the constabulary, numbering 11,000 men;
the Dublin Iletropolitin constables, 1,089,
and the local force of town., 500—ia addition
to which may he computed 150 detectives;
making a total force of 88.839, esolusiVe of
special constables, marines and loyalist proms
teetion corp.
Mamma as VD:monis—ln Judge Spence's
court, at Lynchburg, Va., a few days ago,
Captain Doe. P: Halsey, in behalf of certain
negro clients of his who had been sentenced
to imprisonment in Jail for various petty of.
femme, moved that the sentence of the court,
be commuted to public whipping. Two of the
negroes were men whose families depended
upon their labor, and were suffering while
they were kept in durance. These persons,
therefore, desired to be flogged and set at
large. he court refused the motion, on the
ground that there was no' legal authirity or
precedent to juetifytruch•an action,
TO CUBE CONSUMPTION, the system mud he
prepared to that lbolungs will beat. To accomplish
Lbw, thi flier andstomach must first be cleansed and
an appielts created for good wholesome food, which,
by theme medielnen will be Wrested properly, and
good tealttly blood 'made; Sins bulldina op the
cleanse the etoxeseh of all hlllown or mucous accumu
lations; and, by WNW: the lies Wee I Tonle in con
nection. the appetite is centered.
as well se medicinal; and, by usinz the three Ceased:es
ICupuritica aro expelled trent the system, and
"mod; wholesome blood naldP, which will repel all
disunite. II patients will take these medlehmeaccord
tiO directirms. Consumption very tmauently in
Its bin loge rtta4 moony to their action. Take tie
phis irequently, to cleanse the Its crawl stomach. It
doe:snot follow that Jaz:wee the bowels are not ear
ths khey aro not required, for sometimes in -diarn
hcca they are necessary . . The ,too ..4): mast he kept
healthy. and an appetite created to allow thy Pm-
MOMe Syrup to Acton the re-pi eatery oromn properly
and Oar any Imitation. Then all that I. raittiret to
Portent , a Permanent cure IN to prevrylt talon
cold. Exercise shoat the rooms an much ponclie
cat ell the richest food—tat mixt, game. and, in tart.
anything the appetite crate, balls: part:ether ut
masticate well. L.nad w. ea. me. I :
A COi . Cl/4 A COLD, OA ♦ Boas Tnesae requires llAlDA
ttlataattestion,ana should be else:lied. If allowed to
continue Irritation or the Ltutzr, a permanent Th est
-Disease. or Consumption, Is often the result.-
hatiog a direct latlatote to the party eve immediate
relLef. For
and Throat inesszwo. Trochee are need with %leave
Rood wanness Singers end Public speakers rill Cod
Troche% toseful In clearing the volee when taken before
.Itaging or ipeaktug. and relieving the throat after en
naneuel exertion of the mill organs The Mich!, are
reeornmended and prescrihed by ph •siciana, and have
had teetimoulals from eminent throoghont the
country. dieing -an article or Vas merit and having
proved their eilc•or by a tee: .11-• Teiro. each yeu
(Inds Ahem in new in merlons part% of the
wuridocid the Troches are p ononrced bet
ter than other artiedvs. •
Obten on y 'Brown', Bronebie traehea.^ and de
not tete ear of t 22, w 2rOl'eto lentatioom Viet my be
offered. Sold everrwhere. 2?-ern
rnwpArrso r`ti. or PALE AND_ VACC,
For prepsting, restoring snd Apantifyinglhe Hair, and
Is the mat eol:ghtful r.0f.1 wonderful the world
ever prodated
LIMPS WM 11124tt DO . 01117 a certain remedy to re
store, darken and beautify the hair, Dot alio %desirable
article for t e ea it le lalehly perfumed with a
rich and de' icste pw r foote, fildepealent of the fragrant
o'or of Or% of Nam vai ce
A now tad beautVul perfume, 'hien In &limey of
scent, and th., tacit with which tt clings to the
handkernble , and person is unequalled.
The .14,re artelles foriOe by all droegists and per
rimers, at $1 per bottle each. Bent by exeresf . to any
clarees by the proptletore,
T. W. lirlaiGar & CO,
lOU Liberty Street, Neer York
Meow Tar Ourrisv.—liadtme E. F. Thornton, the
great English AatrOlogiSt„ Clair voyeat and sycho me •
triCien, who has utoo 'shad the scientific crawls of the
9 . 14 World, Lu now located herself at Hudson, X Y.
Madame Thornton possesses such wonderful powers of
second eight, as to enable her- to impart knowledge of
the greatest importance to the single or married of
either sec. While in a state of trance, she delineates
the eery features of the parson you atte-to•-marry, • •
by:the aid of an instrument of intense power, known aa
the'ruchentotrope, guarantees to produce a life like
picture of the future husband or eri , e of the applicant,
together with We of marriage, puition in life, larding
traits of character, &e. This is no humbug sa thousands
of testimonial' can wart. She will and when desired
a antlited certifies**, or written guarantee, that the
picture t what it patients to lie. By' snickering fifty
cents and Warped envelope addressed .to ventral?, you
will ranter the pittore and desired information by is
turn mall. All commtmicatione escrldly confidential.
Address In cenldenee. MIDAM I S. fi TUORTON, P. O.
Box 223, Hudson, N.Y. feb2F6T-ly.
k Yomeo LADT—R tartans to he, country,
tar a solemm of a few months in the city, seas hard],
recognized by her friends. lo place of a cosne, matte,
dashed fees, she had a soft, rob, comelezion t f Limost
marble smoothness, and instead of teenty-three the re
ally appeased but eighteen. Upon inquiry as to the
nue of so great a change.ehe plainly told them that
she used the CIRCA•t3IIO.I BALI, and consider/ et it so
lOVlOuatno scyWdtloa to Aar Lea - t Oust- try Its Use
any Lady or Gentleman can improve their personal ap-
Nominee an hundred fold. It la erupts in la combine,
Men as Nature herself is elms's, yet amosepazied in Its
efficacy la drookor imparitiesfrotn; ate., heating.eleene
liik and beautifying the skin and completion. By its
direct action - on the vatic!• it dews from it all its fiat-
Purities, kindly heeling the game. and tearing 'the Bor.
fete as nature intended it to be, clear soft, smooth and
leMintifet Price $l, sent be mall or express., 0.. receipt
of to order, be R. L CLARK fi ^O., Chemists,
No. S West Fayette St., Syracuse. N
The only American Agents fur the exie of the same
Ras preyed 'teal to h the meet perfect preparation
[or the hair ever presented to:the publin.
It will restore gra• - hair to its original Color.
It will keep the hair frost failing out.
It cleanses the scalp.
It makes the hair lust , ous and silken. •
It lea splendid hair dressing.
No person; old or young, shonid fail to 111111 I.
Re eery particular to uk foe Mars Vegetable Sicilian
!sir Renewer, u there Is • vorthlen Imitation in the
market Price $1 per bottle.
R. P. HALL & CO.,
Nuhas, N. H., Proprietors
aptlB 67
flaufsoLn's FLrin Exynacr Brmyrr—ls a oertain cur.
for dlecaßes of the Wedge-, Kidneys, Oranl , p re p..;
Organic Pi f elkness, Female Complaints. decimal Deb:M
il and alt , liseases of the Urinary Organs, hetber es-
Wins in male or female, from whatever canoe origiaat•
ins and IV; matter of how long standing.
Diseas,s of these Organs require the use of a diuretic.
if no treatment ti anbmltted to Consumption or insani
ty may ensue. Octrllesh -ad Blood aro milPPorled frets
them looms, and the Health and Happiness, and that
of postmitl, depends upin prompt tie of a ratable
'remedy. Relmbold'a Extract Bimii, established up.
'verde of 18 years, prepared by
H. T. 11F,411110LD, Druggist,
t NI Broadway, New York, and 101 South 10th Sired
Philadelybia, Pa. mr14.61.-Iy..
Wormsurct. err Tatra.—lfedame Remington, the
world ?summed Astrologist and Somnambulistic Clair
voyant. while in a clairvoyant state, delineates the very
features or the person you are to tamer.' and by the aid
t or an instrument of intense power, known as tits Psy
lchozootrope. guarantees to produce a perfect and We
like picture of the future husband or wife of the spell
, cent, with Gate of marriage; occupation, loading traits
of character, he. This is no imposition, im testi montale
without number can inert. By stating place of birth,
age, disposition, color of hate and eyes, and ,enclosing
fifty cents, and damped envelope addreseel to ',ourself,
you will Tocsin the picture by ',.tarn mall, together
with dowtrwl information.
rir Address In confider/oh MADArser ozorrsotra Rut
13011; P. 0. Rcz or,. West Troy, N. Y.
- FR= TO EraBVRODT•—A large e pp. Cites!Ur, Mint
information of the greatest haporMate to the young of
both seem .
It teaches bow the homely may became listentilhl, the
despised respected, and the forsaken loved.
Ito yowls. lady or gm:Damao 4honid fat to send their
Many, sod rosette ► eopy. postpaid, by ratans matt.
Address P. O. Drawer IL
tablr67-Iy.' Troy, New York:
Useatsas Aso Ccuessre rats sus HAPPLUIS aslant
iurnooly,-.A n mks !or Jong man on uie crime oi &U
-tah{ and the luelnd itriors, Abases aid Musses
which create inspodlutents to ILARRIAGE, with sue.
mane of relief. Sent In 'salad /atter enroja l as, frree o f
charge. Address, Dr. J.sKILLIN tiOtrepToZt.Ftenrazd
guogition nalidelph/N Ps. Sizarc-IJ.
triLIIZOLWIS Striae.? Braid and Improve.) Ras
Wash cares eemet and detests dtsordets ia , all their
stases, at little menu, little or a° &sande in dist, no
ineonrenteneo and no ensurer% It Is plesult la taste
and odor; Inuellitien action end free from all 1014-
mm properties. mrl4'67-ty.
Tams no woo trorolemant ssd Claude Itemeddes for
topleaszat end dam/mous Women Tee 11Mmeold
Extsset nuet: and Improved Ilote Weak.
?ER GLORY or UAW Is ST•uora-Thenfo» the
Xenon• and nebilltated should Immediately nee Helm:
hold'sExt:rset 3tiehn.l,4'67-jy.
Rairrzaza Coxerrersioaa traitore4 by Hebabold'i
Extract !Inaba. - tarlalrMy.
And Rao Ede [oe+. 2 A
22 D
t C a O a M M
s U tr N ee I t O , NM on NI e N 6 N 4 M
Erie. Pa Advaaeu made on enaalrataanta.
22a322. wi2c11214.. Capre6Y-1y 3 • W. a. avows.
e rtaq, Esonrcia AND 8 r Ray yn ft
Residence comer Sixth Street andikent Avenve,-R
Corner of rinstmd tit.C.2Cr Streets,
The Lanai, Cheapest, Ike
iN THE rsrtnn SrAT7,9
• During She past 'en pear►, upward' of
Representing every Statein the Union. have greduatei
- ben.
A COLLEGE OF AOI7/11. arstrmess, supoliwt Irati
Stnrea. Mfg, Comminfon Tertm
anee. la/Orem& Stestekbakt Volortspb Offices, ho
effiabitingTFlßOßY DPR (TILE.
Students are thoronghl , leatrmetipd to all the I , runehem
et a
nein' log Pool: Mr ping Penmanship, A rlth Pow.
turrets! t OM Polttiesl t et•nomy„ nosiness Cnrr•.oond
epee, lte Mt o• notrotior Coanterfeit littes, Rsihoad•
titqamb sting, Telegraphing,. rrsetinal Ustilriart
'he to. eitnelit.r at any time alri entriple.o a fall
mine fn fr. - ma right to helve +Poeta.
Pays, all .apeorea for Tuition, Books. Rlenk• and rd
For neranansbits. Stestrbatitina, Railroading. B. king
or in (Ohm Cnllpre. Pre• Lessons daily In
Penrhauship to all student! In the . Commercial Depart
iFORCTRCIIL /MI, riving frill Inform stioo. eud ems—
tafolog onoro rote ootlioo of oar erptear or Practical
Bastnes. Edeentl ,, n. toc.ther with
. .
Tram pritelcal Pusloft' Merl Merrhs to. 11,nt,terpers,
Molars, be , address tha rrfactost.,
.IIITH ts C) , SCI.rY.
• _
$1 60 * A V It
125 to S5O
ON A 1414.0DE0N OR ORGAN !
R. nnreviottor, of
melee' of sending olden to New York
Fernub•d from tte folio:foe eelobratod Vancfsolgrors
k New Yo rk
W. linnba d
Wm. B. Brivlbury, New Ynylr.
Grovtatem3 Ar. Co., New York,
Sbardstan k Gray. Albsay, N. Y
Goo. A. Prince A Co , Butrale, N.Y.,
IT. Smog, Syracuse, K. Y
J•—eC k Goodman, Metelaska r 0.
coor o rvro& Gabler, New York
Pismo, from $250 to 51,600
er A Ilponon desiring a Ant rate Plumler Melode
on are Invited to eall and examine our Instruments be
tore pa:chasing elsewhere.
Erni Instrument warranted for dye years.
No. 615 .tite Street, rne, Pa
Coal Yard, comer c f Twelfth and Pearl Streets, Erie
wbo keep sonqtantly on hand Lehigh and Pittston
(Pura aro; lump and prepared, Shamokin, Egg Store,
and Nut sizes; Sttorainou • for grate and steam, and
For Blacksmith Purposes
Our Coal le all received by rail, is kept oa dry plaza
We oiler great lodaesetursta to parties veal:foe to lay
in their 'apply, also to dealers purehaaing by the
ear Ina&
moss and ve goarep tee to give satiable.
so. 1269 PEACH STRUT,
Three sfoors North of the Railroad Track
.flavl opened a now Store in the above locality re
spectfully annonore to the publle that ti , ey have on
hand one of the lures* and moot manfully seieeted
stock. of Really-Dade Clothing, Cloths. Carsimeres,
Vutings, Gent'emen's Formatting Goode, flats, Caps,
Ike., ever brought to this market—all pure:wed since
the fall In pekes and to he gold at the moat revs mieble
figures. We have one of the beef utters in the CM3O.
try. and will engage to make up Clothing in the most
tuitional:4e and durable .tLle. Our stock In complete.
Nothing to the lira of our trio. has been neglected.
Give us &call and see for yo al selves t►'e warrant our
goods be uwe represent them. and our price, sr low
as any In the city. WAGNER, di Kt'RN.
dec2o tf •
X 23,000,000 ,
Flaring been awarded a ptYrtfon of the shore , Lem L
am prepared to-larnish It in lame .:%r small sumo it tht
lowest m , rket rates. Orders by etsi l wOlreeeire /twirl
att•nti on C. B. WRIgHT, basket,
142 tilonth 3,1 , Phlla •
With the
Aid the printing material accompanying
MA .174 it, every man can do lib ova printing
neatly, quickie and c't empty. They ars
en simple in comitrnetion:thets boy ten
year" old can easily wastage the largest
else. Printed instructions are sent with
B! S each office, enabling the purchaser to go
to work without a previous knowledge
• of printing. A emu% ,• containing tall
description, prices, testimonials. An.,
sent free to a ll.
._Our Specimen Sheets o:
Type, Cuts, kis, ten cents.
PRINTER. Ceb 67-17
Tor tireeiers History Complete.
Extriordltuter 1 Moe:unity t Unparalleled Success
This histm7 eollis vent:Lab of about one hundred
battles not generally f Bona In the 'triter works on the
Rebellion. even In those most widely circulated., Now
that Greeley'm liirtst7 is completed. its popularity is
Meter then ever berme, and sells with a utadtty which
=tee it the most viluable work.for Canyassers - ever
published. address
O. D. OAtiF, t: ,,
Hartford, Conn
No. 83 Rut Tenth Se.,
Of all kinds of
Done in the beat mile, at the "'hottest settee, and at
reasonable prices.
W' Ali goods U 1 be preyed sod retle ‘ itsbed before
delivery curet 3m.'
do Ordinance trobibition interments between tertia n
atreela w the borough of South &la
Sea 1. Be it ordained *Ed enacted that from and af
t*r the lat day Or lane, A. D. 1861, interments of dead
human bodies shall be prohibited between Peach am
Chettsatatroet* ta said borough of South Erie
See-S. TWO any person. acidity or corporation vio
lating the tint section of Ode ordinance Olin bop pan.
lobed by*tine of fifty dollar , . fot the fret offence and
one hoodrod doff aro for eyery initunrent offence.
Wm. Low-re. Cart. WK. EVRT, Serum.
T O coriTßAcTons.
Jed propmao. will be received by the Street Corn.
=Moe of Councils of the city of Rrie, +=tit Monday,
April 221, for Evading and oaring with SieDolton We
meat the ativieta around the Parka Plans end eoecid
cations can be eon by applying to the City Rnifintsf.
.104EPIr IfoCAßittit s
- 3. FNEIRn.OOI3,
Street Committee,
Excimmicia t EXcELstou I I
Per Rumoring Superrttoolis Mgr.
To the ladies arpeclally, Vita Invaluable depilatory
recommends Itself as being an almost Indispeassibls aril
el e to rmale beauty. Is easily applied, does not born or
fajta* the skin. but acts dine*" en the root+. It is
wrrrautiod to restore suporfluous bar (r•m low fore
heads. or from ao• tof the dy, eoni r detelr. totally
one radically. extirpating the 1111 DO, leaving the skin
soft smooth and natural. This ls the only article ua.4
by Lb. French and is the only real eflictual depilatory
Sa , listatine Prlotabrauste per package. sent postpaid,
to any Address, on esesiot of an order, by
EAGER, SIMIT3 Cbeinlets,
260 filter tt, Troy, N. Y.
=le' blf67-ly
SA"P. B. 11/11011:1114
: FANCY fiCioDs.
O -L
k I R
- • f c0L,0,0.1.
13RUSii ES,
PURE I :t1U0.9 for" VetVcsl Porprmeor.
170MTIGEI Nt errIVI ALE. '
P trPC , IPT!! I•I4 Parefallv 111•15.n5.4. 141
jni4 by en. aro warr•ntPd to t nrrolirety
,Nn cronWe to oFow eons. Rem•mhyr 0 cc.„,
and plaire
aprl re 7 ly
D 13 N, T 1 M T R. 1
'Teeth positively extra,t t s i i:l , wi'll , ut pin by lb, a l . of
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traa•lal ....a of Artme.11 . ...11, no imornr.l v;re, "
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BARNI7NI'?, 1317 Peach Street,
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