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71, most Larady tireulerled newspapis in
V. Ir. Pennay7vania, and the best Adverti
t;, mdium.
Pr:INTIVO 514TRTII1L 'SALL-111.0i0g
to procure a new deess at the close of
v-dume,we offer for .311.,. at a bargain, the
e rn e Cross and Advertisinu Rules,
used et present in' printing the
~h.Arver. The Type 0013.ifittl of four full
,q.eQ of Nonpariel, three of Boargois. and
,f Brovier. with a double supply of sorts
of each kind. Will be sold in quantities to
purchasers. Also,- a large variety of half
rn into lette - . euitable-fer small iohbing
citTi^r• , . • ap11:0
; THY CLETZLAND Etterrou.—The Cleveland
in.lisqler comes to us with the following
crittiyinz report of the late election in that.
••We cnneratnlate the Democracy of our city
9n.1 State upon the glorious victory info by
Peawcrntei of Cleveland on Monday. ,The
gar wna.a fine one and the poll of voters li n
the Wards of the city was unusually large.
The election passed off quietly and in good
;order. The Democrats made a gallant and
ncble flea, winning a brilliant victory Impro
ve Intel in this city or on the Western Re
-lorsre for many years. The Democratic gain
4 c the city is immense—from twelve to thirteen .
ihundred on the election last fall. Stephen
muhrer. the Democratic candidate for- Mayor._
,tested by a majority ranging from four to
are hundred; The Democrats gained two
Ir.un , :ilm..n—one in the sixth, and nne in the
roth ward. The Republican majoritiea in
h thes e Wards last fall were heavy, but
erc euccessfullr overcome by the Democracy
-The Democracy of Clevelard had to fight
fLe bottle of 'Monday the odds in fa . -
Iv of their wilitical nripanotita. The latter
41 , 1 the National, State, County and City pat
V-v Ase in their hande,-and all the influenee
)IfAt this , patronage yields. This michty
ower and all the Arts and devices their np
.onents eeuld bring to hear the Democrats of
evelandhad to contend with 13 , 1 not of the
they have come crowned with the
vet wreaths of victory "
"HI 61 1 &TING TM. COURTA. An act has
the Vecielature fixing the, time for
,t,ii„ g the different terms of Court in this
.li, , trict, and defining the duties or
Pre.idine.'ond Additional Lnw Judge We
,e a summitry of the portions relating to
di , county. The regular tern.' of the Courts
Fr•e county' shall commence on the fourth
nut:nonof February, May. August and No
mher, nod continue two weeks each, and in
:litinn Cneretn, there•chall be held in said
unto throe ad litinnal -Cour'a, to comm,.nce
the fourth Mordaya of January, March
Septeinber, whin - a
shall continue two
r ho. tulle otherwiae ordered. All writs,
p r • s .a. e ., appeal*, recognizance% et
',l when not otherYrias specially ordered,
all he due and returnable to the regular
m.. and licenses shall be grantable at the
tw-cre7uar terms in each year: and the
a. we ,, k•nf the' reenter terma, when they
i.i4t of lira week. shall be specially ap
optive I to the criminal and _orphans'
11,1., but the trial of case. In Quarter See
.no ant Oyer and Terminer may be ea
rned for trial during the second week of
.d term, or at an additional term. by special
ler ofthe Court when Oyer and Terminer
ies may be ordered: if necessary, and step.
tesanels of traverse jurors shall be drawn
lgummoned for each week of the several
crt4 when juries are needed ; Provided, Tbat
,fi r .t, motility of every regular term shall
;Truro days of origoal writs, as heretofore.
e Presiding Judge-is to hold the March,
=r. September gni November terms in our
uuly, and the Additional Law. Judge the
rimy, February and August terms. ex.ieot.
. en other , rieeagre.d or a . .7.ointed by thrm-
re.. and either of said judges may ap 1 int
-ecial (marts , or invi'e the president o as
lant law judges of any other district to e hold
y of thr regular or additional terms as the
'9U len , judee of other districts are scir by
authlrii'ed to dn. The power end juria
•iho of each of the eeii jerigeti shall be
mplee and concurrent in all matters; boa,
a and criminal, of which said courta have
:1. \ \ ISI I' 6"..7 , . NT Mr/VIDIENT.—On Thursday,
fle following highly important preambles and
eolutton were presented in the State Senate
Mr. Lowry, and, on hie motion, poised
Illy. They embody a project which wilt,
ewer or later be one of very general die
l I SII !titer
trusted ough o u throughout
thatthe rr country .
. seo6
l l
l d t. ,,, h . e lv y .
"the house, and
tato to he accomplished at some future-pe
sebniqt on att to o.nt e io :
. r e T s h s
e ,
;mina' of a deep water communication be‘
een the Lakes and the Minsis.dppi is as
I as the coming bf day and night, and
thing hut indifference on the part of the
: , lie ot.Penneyl7ania can prevent the route
rgeetr.l in Mr.. LOwry's resolution 1 from
ing rt.lnpteil : •
WIIIERFAB, A paseil;gi for gunboat. between
A nhin river and the great ides is greatly
,ded for the national protection and Beau
I "
- - , ..-lai Whereas,. The national prosperity
o' I he vastly multiplied by the opening
I' 7 : 1 1' 1 hiahway for the purpose of ontomeree:
f . : And Where's, The National Emmett ha
otnfe=ted its desire for the opening of such_
' channel. by ordering the survey of sundry
, —es ; theref , ra
-'-:, /if,: .e.vdred by the Senale and House of Rep
,,slier , faa; ,, o f the rommcnwealth of Pennsyterz
, ~, General Assengily met That our Repro
n'lt,vecarn hereby requeated, and our Sen
• ''' ut ,, rncted. to urge upon Conarass the
:, "17e • f an act to open such a channel by
'', , 0 w , }' of , he Pennsylvania Erie canal. from
-'' , li. , o'h of the Beaver river, on the Ohio
,4 1 ::,.. Erie nt 'he city of Erie, a distance pf
12.2 , t.e hue trod and twenty-eight !trim
r n. in .ho jndatp-ot of the Legis'ature of
enntyly , nia, c.n he nccampliahei by ileitis
' Uri , . Even.ior canal ran cnet to the Goy
-ttnnymt aoA the'eame can he kert in reratve
-:1,, ^lnenvo of the Erie canal comnany. for
, , e,e of the tia-einment at: all times, not to
' el one million hf dollars.
1 Fen fltni- In-s Weems. —A change has
i ,, n roadelli the management of this fiten
*,c o=tahliihment, which may be of interest
I( the many patrons of the concern..., 'rho' en
re n‘Doir hu.inosa boa been teased to Mr. W
F Liddell wha will conduct it ass separate
- Inch of the works, While the onmpsny, of
hom \legate. Stott.° & Bliss are the wive
"tr'r4• will devote themselves prelusively
the bAilding of engines, in which, depart-
flew tri er hove secured a well deserted repu
,.-.113ti"• By this division of business, each
'revu e eril he kept distinct; and customers
.**l l. >o ene.t.led to have their wants attended
';')o in A prompt and sat isifactory manner. The
4rod'ey engine, which the company. have the
~3. , .t.le right to manufacture in this section, is
-4aPid'y growing into 'PoPular favor, and seems.
irom 1 . 11 the infornotian we can obtain, to be
..; ..imittetly the best in note. It is a double
plinier, using the steam twice, and gives a.
.',-- arcelv tn.ereasel power, wi It less fuel over
. ".0 o'd etvle of enginee. The demand for -the
. .
engine has grown to an satoniehioß
Aegree, and is increasing to such on ext.ent
; hat the cumpany expect, in the course of
4 4 " t tme, to devote their whole attention to
's manufacture. We sogreet to Inv of our
Arreade needing all ermine that it will he `f .r
t their interest to examine the Bradley before
'-t The city eouticile hive appointed F. Gingen!
} a"-ham thief Engineer of the Fire DepertE 7
*tot. rice J. Ei.Staff..rd; end Leander Drib
' al City Treasurer, vice Mr l!elten. The
ie . iection of City Controller, for which poet
tion there are *bout s dozen appliosnte,haa not
.1•.,4i1,7e4. been decided upon.
enacted by the Legislature,
election in each county, o
Jury Commissioners, to serve
and wbo shall not be eligible
more than once in -any per'
Deth o , mmissioners are to ho
same time but in order to P
tial drawing of jurors. it is t rol
elector shall vote for only one
same as Inspectors of election
at present. In this way there
one Democratic and one Oppng
sinner. and the complaints of UT
tofore made in c"nnection wits
of jurors, will be obviated Th
era are to meet at the seats of j
respective counties at least thin!
the meeting of the Court - of Coq
every year, and select from the ,
of taxable inhabitants the numb
serve as jurore and in case of
the following mode shall be purl
, Esch of the Commissioners
list captaining one-half of the r
her of persons, and ten per centp
thereto. and ti"e proper numbe
tained he'Ach" of said commisaio,
from 'he list furnished by the nth
equal to the said addition ; and t
stricken out shall be the selection
of jurors. and .the said jury co
shall, in the mode and manner n
bylaw. place the names of perfume
in the Proper jury wheel, and tht
wheel, looked, as now required by
remain in the custody of the said
tniseioners and the keys thereof in
dv of said county. The said jury CI
era and the sheriff of the rennet:lf
or any two of them, shall draw fro
per jury wbcel panels of jurors an
rove of the proper county, and as
traverse jurors for the trial of iset
which may be taken in any action,
the courts, civil and criminal, in d
counties aforesaid, in the manner ,
ticsd and allowed; but before the
commissioners and sheriff shall pro
lea' or draw jurors in the manner
they shall severally take the oath o
tint' now . prescribed by law to be tal
sheriff and county . commissioners l
'letting and drawing jurors."
The old law, providing for the eel
jurors by the Sheriff and County Co. •
era is repealed, except that portion r
the custody, sealing and unsealing
and opening of the jury wheel, and
penalties for the improper performan
ty. Each jury commissioner is to.
$2.50 per day, and four cents per mil
ler, from his residende to the Cour.
They shalt be liable to a penalty of
every case of neglect to perform the .1
their office. $lO of which are to go to
son suing, and the balance to the cou
instances where one or either of the
missioners is unable by sickness, d
other unavoidable cause, to perform th.
of the position, the Presiding Judge is
point a person to fill the vacancy, wh
serve until the next election, when the
shall choose in the usual mincer.
During the consideration of a bill
State Legislature, last week, to provi
the education of soldiers' orphans, Ge
McCreary:sof this county, made a sire
opposition to one of its sections providin
the separation of hits and black chit
A suffioient number of his party friends,,
ever, would not. sustain his motion to,
whites and blacks attend the sameachot
carry it, and the bill as weed allows
superintendent fo adjust the ma ter of
as he may see proper. With all due rep
for General-McCreary, we Mould suggest
before attempting to compel people in 4
Portions of the State to accept his {demi
the equality of the races, it would be n)
consistent for him to Brat secure a reform
home. In this city. where he resides, a
its four or five 1 undred Radical majority, 1
black children are obliged to attend a sob
set apart from those-for the whites, In = a
cality far away from the centre of pnpulati
and. if all reports he true, in a building I
at all filled tor its purpose. Up to a few ye,
ago when our. neer° population was em'
the blicke and whites "attended the MI
school. hut at the commencement of the wi
when a large increase in the number of t
former took place, it was thought advisabl
to have a separate school. The movemei
for this purpose came. from Itepuhlicana.
carried through a Republican board. ae'
has ever since been ameiesced in. with littl
or so our Republican community.
We have no oponsittoi to make to the arrange
ment—on the contrary we unqualifiedly endorse
the idea of separate pchoele—hat it certainly
does seem strange that Geo. MeCe - eary should
be so urgent in peeking to compel the children
of our white soldiers to sit side by side in
school with hlack - children, when, hest
of our knowledge and belief, ho his never
sought to remove the restrictions upon blacks
in hie own city A majority of the people of`
Erie may endorse the doctrine of pegro equal- Li,:
ity, in' a- theoreeieaf sense, but if the General
wishes to test their actual sentiment, let him
carry a bill through the Legislature obliging
them to admit blacks irto our schools and
Churches on the same footing as whites. We
will venture to predict that the experiment.
would result in anything but a pleasant ex
perience to him when he returns from the
scene of his Legislative duties.
Coseonarioss. An net his passed the Leg
islature and been signed by the Governor,
vesting _in the Courts of Common Pleas the
same authority to grant charters of incorpo
ration as "has heretofore been . vested in the t i
Supreme Court—the corporations so conSti
toted being excluded from the privilege of t h
holding real estate exceeding $20,000 in year on
ly value ; and all charters heretofore granted. w t
by the aforesa'd Courts in. cases where the o ff
Supreme Court had authority are made Alid. tie;
The Courts of Common Pleas are also given
exclusive power to grant charters of incorro- pot
ration in all cases "wherein any comber of an
persons, citizens of this Commonwealth. are n o ,
associated for the purpose of insuring horses.
cattle and other live stock, against loss by
death. from disease or accident, or from be
ing stolen ;'.! and are authorized (but not
given sole authority on the subject) "to grant
charters of inotirporation to water and hook
and ladder companies. building associations,
musical clubs or rociations. teachereinsti
tutes or associations, hotel companies, skating
park associations, and clubs for the advance
ment of athletic sports, Including base ball
clubs ; and in granting such charters of in
corporation, the said courts shalt proceed in
the manner provided by law-for the incorpo
ration of literary, charitable or religions soci
eties; and the said courts shall bare power to
incorporate, by the same torm of proceeding,
fire insurance companies ; which said compan
ies, when so incoriorated, shall have all the
rights, power+ and privileges, and be subject
to all the restrictions and . provisions of the
general law regulating fire insurance com•
OIL Eirstsa.—Qnite an excitement was oc
casioned on Wednesday by the discovery of
an oil miring on the property of Mr. E. A
Bennett, at Oleaplis. This eprine is situated
on the Fide bill above the refinery; near the
mouth of Pullets Creek Water- has been
need from this spring all along, until Wednes
day. but them, using had noticed a peculiar
taste to it for e , me d iys before the oil .was die
covered on it. On Wednesday oil bunbled up
quite freely in the spring, snd several barrels
of the precious fold were gathered It is of
42i gravity, much better and far different oil
from that need in the refinery, or run through
the pipes of the Tubing Co. Gas arises from
the spring in such quantities that when
lighted march is nulled it burns readily.
Thli precludes the Wets that the oil comes
(rein - I
-leakage, and establishes the fact that it
comes direct from nature's reservoirs. --Piehole
The law, just
ovides for the
An Episcopal congregation was established
Botub of the depot, on Sabbath last, under the
supervision of Prof. Black, of tbe'.Academy.
The Baptists have built a tasty mission
church, a a root of 000, on the •oath side
of Sit street, near Etat Avenue.
two persons ss
or three years,
for re-election
.d of six years.
elected at the
cure an tamer
ided that each
candidate. the
are voted for
sill always be
Ition Commie-
Wanted to Rent— Two or khree unfurnished
rosins, in a house with a iesreotable family
Beat of references . givet. Address, W. L. C.,
.box 1110, Post Office. •
The market is again well stinpliod with a
superior quality of Late fish. The fish caught
in this vicinity probably have no superior in
the excellence of their; flavor in any part of
- the world. -
fnirness here
the choosing
sties of their .
1 days before
mon Pleas in
hole number
r reqoired to
C. B Wright, Esq , ' Formerly cf our city,
but now s resident of thilatlelphia„ Offers for
sale a portion of the siT.per eent..ittate
It i 4 a desirab`c iqi , estment for capitalists,
being free from all State, county or municipli
ned :
hall make a
quisite num-
Me L B. Chevalier, the artist; after a long
absence from the city, has returned, to re
main peruanent'y. and taken room No. 3, in
Farrar Hall bui'dioq; where those who want
his skillful serving will Sad him ready to
meet any orders they may give in his line. •
in ntiditinn
Ph 41 1 he oh_
r. a number
f. names not
f the names
w directed
•o selected
said jury
law. shall
'ary cam
the eueto
• county,
grand ju
petits 'and
es in fact
In any of
• several
The lecture of Miss Dickinson, on Tuesday
evening, wee wholly free from politics, and is
pronounced by many the best effort sbe has
delivered in our city. Its .title was "Some
thing to Do," and the argument was in• favor
of a wider field of employment for woman,
and a better Veirtrd f.:r her labor.
The funeral of the late Lieutenant Com
mender R. W. Scott, 11. 8 Navy, who died at
&sepals°, 'lezico, on January sth, 1866. took
place on Thureday - mbrning," from the resi
dence of his brother, Wm. L. Scott, Esq., on
Peach'etreet, and was largely attended. Com
mander Scott was regarded 43 one 'of the best
officers in our naval service. and possessed
the warm esteem of a wide circle. of relatives
and acquaint antes.
•ow peso
said jury
eed to se
• en by the
store ee-
).iuqew drug store of M. S. B. Barnum,
south of the depot, - isone of the neatest estab
ligihments in that part of
- the city. Mr- B. is a
practical draggist, having received a thorough
training - in one of the 'largest houses in- the
east, and tie heavy Wide he as built up in
the few months of his residence among us
speaks. well for his business aitalntoents. Wo
'welcome to our city all'alen- ofhls energetic'
charnoter and high moral qualities:
°Lion of
lating to
u.• posing
e of au
be paid
100 for
The young ladiei and gentlemen's writing
class, held in the College Rooms of Profs.
Cook & Hoeg , closed on Thursday evening of
last week, giving good satisfaction.• The
'prize for the greatest improvement in penman
ehip during the term. was awarded' .to :Miss
Etta McSparren, of this city. Prof. Hoeg is able 'and successful teacher,
and many are availing thenrielves of the -ad
vantages offered its the College. We under
stand the next class will commence May let
T 1
,utios of
he per
y. In
Oh or
Ito sp
. shall
he cost of boots and shoes darizig the last
few years will render doubly interesting. tie
advertisement of J Eicheuiaub et Co , off.ring
to sell goods in their line by retail at whole.
kale prices. The Messrs. Eichenlaub
who make a point of doing al they agree,.and
in this case we can bear personal witness to
the reduced rates at which they are disposing
of their goods. The liberal proposition they
make is croardingjheir store with customers,
and the lively way In which the clerks are
comptlled to hop arnand is not less amazing
than gratifying to the friends of tlwooncern,
e for
I. evil
• for
For the information of ortr•readore outside
Of the city, we will state that the Post office
cm removed on Saturday night to the new
location in Noble's block, where it will proba
bly remain for many years iu the future.
The present room is one of the most ale •ant
for its purpose in the country, and a credit :o
the community; It a pity , that in putting
up the boxes they were not so arranged that
the side door might have been used as an en
trance for the ladies, and a separate delivery
provided for them,
We had hoped to have been able hereafter
to deliver our paper in the city through the
Poet Office carriers, but since msking our pre
cious arrangements the department, has de
cided that it ctnnot distribute newspapers in
the place of their publication for less than
two cents per copy, though it can deliver pa
Pere end letters from abroad free of charge.
This discrimination is a little more than we
chonso to-sland,and we shall th refore continue
to employ our own carriers. Those of our sub
scribers' in the city who have -heretofore re
ceived their Observers through the Post Office
will hereafter have them delivered by carrier,
and it any are omitted we shall be obliged .if
hey will notify us of the same.
The electioa of a City Fire Engineer by the
~.! Galion., who I • distasteful to the majority of
e firemen. . has led to results that may prove
1 serious calamity. Or the five fire organise
'i ne in the city, No 2 is the only one which
s stains'the choice of the Councile,and the re
mining four have resolved to disband, and
t n over the city property_ to the hands of the
horities. An ..Ex-Fireman's Union" has
.b n formed, the - members. of which' are
pl dged not to . join any company under the
'co' trol of the city government, until it con
ce es the right to cboOee th eir. own general
offs rt.
e have the sad duty this week of announ
.. the untimely death of "Hiram," the
a. elephant - belonging to : Thayer ike
y•e' ciren•, whi.h distressing, event occur
• Girard on Saturday night, "after," as
• .:ortuary reporters are Accustomed to . say
b ;ef but painful Report has it
at '. o baby was insured net long e'nce in
e o our live slozic agencies for $lO 000,
. ich if true, will render his sudden "taking
".., disagreeable occurrence in more locali
e t. an Erie county. In view of the
.lel,ll baby's" short enjoyment of the et-
Hen es of this life, may we not Bugles as
ep taph for his tombstone the familiar
, Since so soon I'm done for.
[ Wonder what I was beton for ?"
method of advertising sales of per
°petty, our country folks are behind
In many counties in this State every
has a sale of personal property ad
conspictiously in at least one of the,
! k wepapere. The. adverti.ements are
conversation when friends meet;
gements are Made for attending
result is, a large crowd, sp iriteu
d a realization of ten, t wen ty or
itat it costs to advertise. A single
idder on a Single article will pay
to advertise a sale of personal
a newspaper. Is It net strange,
ny one should fail to advertise?
In th
sonal p
the age..
tosn wh
Tertises i
county o
a topic os4l
and- arra r
sales, Th
fdly times
all it cows
property 10 1
then, that
, The enla 1 mew of the Erie canal and the
completion Of the Union and Titusville rail ,
multi; wont do much to ear& developing the
vast re.oure s of Erie as a first class commer
cial mart. an we hope to see them both
ished at an i sly day.—Dirpaleh ,
Yes, but if he completion of one tif them.
at least, depe , de upon the liberality of some
of our wealthy residents, we are afraid that,
the heads of y of us will he gray, before
tbe,event Is a omplished. The indifferent
spirit displaye by our citizens on
of public ctopro . l enient vitally concerning their
interests is dep l l , rable in the extreme, and
cannot help, at times, making the really en
terprising anon .us blush with shame. Our
readers Will bear witness that it has .always
been a matter of pride with us to stand up for
the fair fame of :rie ; but we are free to con
fess that unless different disposition is man
fleeted in futuee, ‘ a shall soon' begin' to be-
,othat the
ageloet co by rive
eoae degree of to
Brief Paragraphs
l ines of old fogyism made
', communities is not without
. I Gov Geary held * Dahlia reception last
night at the Executive Mansion, to the legis
lators rnd distinguished stranger*. They par
tdok of- a epl•ndid entertainment which was
conducted on temperance principles. Not
drop of liquor being served,--Telegram.
The Governor's temperance principleaseem
to have grown upon him since election. At
bast ho was net BO strictly temperate last
fall but that h• osuld visit a German beer ea•
loon in our city and imbibe freely of the bev
erage that-cheers but doss' not intoxicate--
for further particulars of which, as well as his
toast• upon the occasion, see Di*itch of a
couple months ago. Of course no one will
Gatt. that he simply did so to secure the Get+
man vele.
Many of our readers will be interested in
the information 'that a late act of Congress
requires all deeds dated 'between the first of
Ortoher. 1862. and the second day of May,
186.1 to be stamped, Under severe penalties.
Tn avoid the penalty imposed , those who have
unshmped deeds recorded' should have them
stamped at once, and the record corrected- ac
cordingly. Hereafter deeds not stamped at
the day of execution can only be !tamped up
on anplihation to the District Collector of In
ternal Revenue.
It is said there are at present two flourish.
lug Fenian circles in Erie, who meet for drill
and intend to be ready to answer - say call
to arms on the Canadian coast.s—Corry Demo
The Democrat's informant has led it into
error. The only Fenion circlkerer organized
in the city had but a brief existence... and if
there is asociity of the- kind at present it is
unknoirn_to tilne out often of our Irish rest"-
Messrs. Bliss & Nicholas ha 4 retired from
the editorial chair of the Crawford Journal,
end been succeeded by Messrs. Thos. McKean
and R. C. Frey. We regret very much to part
with the two former, for, aside from
their politics, - they made a capitol pa
per. The new editors are men of experi
ence, and give promise of keepiog the old
Journal up to a No. 1 standard. All parties
have our best personal- wishes.
The retirement of a neighboring editor from
the ranks of the fraternity is made the once.
sten by a rival eheet of venting
.some, of lie
persons! spleen against him. ' We are forcibly
reminded by the incident of the oh! fable of
-the llring jaeltags kiitking the dead lion. .
the Dispatch estimates that if the amount
of ale and beer "consumed here in a yeas
were actually known it would be found lo
come pretty near. to the value - of the flour
used in the city."
We are pleased to observe that: Gen. Mc-
Creary, of this county, was one of the mem
bers of the Legislature most active in favor of
a- free railroad law.
We call particular attention 'to our large
line of Alpacas. For quality and price they
cannot be excelled. Monet, Stephens & Wil
dey, No. 6 Reed Block. apt44'w.
A new line of bleached and brown Cottons,
in 4-4;5-4, 6-4. 8-4 9-4 and 10-4, cheap, at
No. G Reed Block—Nfonell, Stephens & Wil
dey. apr4-2w.
New Cloths for Saccines ; Buttons and
Trimmings to match. at No. C Reed Block.
Good Bid Gloves. spring Colors, for $1.25
per pair at No. G Reed Block—Monett, Ste
phens & Wildey. apr4-2v.
[Ante stoek of new Drees Goode, just re
ceived. at No. 6 Reed Mock—Manell, Ste
phens & Wild.y. - apr4-2w.
Real French - Prints and Percales. spring
styles. at No. 6 Reed Block—Monell, Stephens
wildey. apr4-21r.
Amber buttons and trimmings, also jets and
eryinale, at No. 6 -Reed Block—Monell, Ste
phens & Wildey. apr4-2w.
Linens, Janosets, Flansocks, •Cambrics,
Br'l'iants And a tall line or. white goods-gen
erally, at No. 6 Reed Block.' apt42w.
New Spring Shawls, Stripes, Plaids and
Plato.. Call and see them,. at No. 6 Reed
Block. . • • .or4-2w.
Fresh line of prints, 'Merlin:maks and all
the best brand+, at No. G Reed Block. . .
Goods for- farmer's wear, at No. G Reed
Block—Monell, Stephens & Wildey. •
Prints ten cents per yard at No. G' Reed
Block. apr4-2w.
,RealimitatiOn laces, at Nci.:C. Reed Block—
Martell, Stevens
NEW GOODS.—Neir stock'Spring and Sum
mer Dry Goods just received at Beobe's, cor
ner Gth and French streets.
Large new stook of Drees Goods at Beebe's
corner 6th and French streets.
Bleatle&and Brown ShAetings very cheap
at Beehe'e. corner 6th and French streets.
Large stook Cloths just received at Beebe's,
corner 6th and French streets.
Prints 10. 12. 1 2 and 16 cents at Beebe's, cor
ner 6tb end French streets.' spll-3w
We suppose many of our readers, especially
those in the country. are not aware of the
superior quality, of pictures made at Wager &
Co.'est'hotograph rooms, 1323 Peach street,
above the 41..p0t, over Shannon & Co.'. -Hard
ware store. Mr. Wager is a liret class artist.
We advise our readers in want of good pic
ture., of any kind' or size, to call .at their
rroms, as they will be sure to get the worth ot
their money.
Conran—CtAnr—On the 9th ingt , by the-
Rev JoN. 11. Preepley, Mr W. If Cooper,
of Wealeyville, to Mies Joaepiiino Clark, of
lintinorr—laismil—ln SumMit township,
on the Id inst., by Rev. N W Jones. Mr.
R. W. Readout, of Monteouth, 111., and Miss
Miranda C. Lininger, of Summit, Erie Co..
FLETCHER —ln this city. on the 4th inst., at
the house of her brother-in-law, IC C. Rog
ers, Miss Jane D. C. Fletcher
LIILIC—In Warren, on the - 22.4 nit., Lewis
It , son of Major and Dorothy Lillie, aged
22 years, 3 months and 2G days.
Ai ALLOBT.—In - Sorinetleid, Erie Co., Pa.,
on the lst. ins Mrs. Margaret C., wife of
Nt •jor Andre ' Mallory, aged 71 years and
8 months.. . • .
Her long residence in Springfield; her
great personal and moral worth, renders a
passing tribute to her memory eminently .de
serving. She CAMP in 1819 with her husband
from Washington County, New York. into
Springfield, then quite a wilderness, where
they settled, and have since resided, having
done their part to make it a highly cultivated,
populous, and fotellirent locality. Her amia
ble disposition and personal courtesy attached
every acquaintance she mule in continued
friendship. Major and Mrs. Mallory reared
to adult age a large family of children, all of
whom aro now living, and who sustain very
respectable rositions in the community where
th e y r eside. Major Mallory and Captain
Ivory came to Springfield together, with their
wives, forty-eight years since, or ever ; Mra.
Mallory is the first to fail ; her husband is
approaching eighty years ;. Captain Ivory is
verging upon tear taint* , years, while that of
Mrs. Ivory's age we are not informed, tut
enough; she is spissing far upon the ecar and
yellow leaf. *
E E Taxem. M. 13.
kanufacturars and Wholesale and genii
Dealers In
421 State aird door south of P. 0.,
Deliurry fen* in the Cite
Cm:. Eionrns Aso StromOn
Boddeses armor Sloth Stmt sod East A.TRIP , O, E
Eris. - • 144 41 • SK-ATESI
win", nouiss, LADIES', GENTS' & - - EOYS" SKATES
Crooked qtrott. EOlou NW; res ' , . Wer/ C heap, At
CosothlPs. E. B. Wart, Prof/Astor. tt . ' • - .1. C. EfELDRIPS.
,-Mr. Warren L. Ross has taken the store
lately conducted by Justice, Gheen & Galla
gher, and fitted it up with everything neces.a
ry to make a complete gentlemen's furnishing
establishment. His stook of cloths, cassimeres,
vestiogs and ready made - clothing is superior
to anything over brought to the city, and we
defy any one to visit the 'store without finding
something to suit his taste. Ross has ; been very snccessful in securing a cotter who
-is not surpassed anywhere. lTeder his skiltful
supervision the concern !planting out w,rk
equal to the best Eastern - establishments. No
person can hire en excusafor going abroad
'to ttet.clothina while Roar affords the cease
oiences that he don. In 'addition to hie other
good!! he - has also slaPikor 'toot of hats
an& caps; hosiery, collars, estate,-113 abort
anything that a man wants in the clothing
line cao be got at Ross's. Call and see for
yourselves. jell tf
Messrs Henry. Bryant Ft Co., proprietors of
the Eagle Foundry, secured the right man
ufacture the celebrated Iron Beam Curtis
Plow which had pirviously won a wide rep
utolow wherever it lilts introduced. The re:
cult that has attended their efforts has berm
very enenuroging—and they ore now entering
on their manufacture upon an exten.iyescale.
The plow Is raid by those who.have nerd it to
be superior 10 any other ut de here. and the.
heave demand whieh has sprung up for it, is
proof enough that It must be all . tbat is claimed
for it. We would advise our farmer readers
to call and examine the Curtis Plow before
purchasing any other kind. mr2l-tf
g6y. The Erie Lodge, No. 241, I. O. of Good
emplars, - meet on every Tuesday evening - in
the Odd Fellows' Lodge Room, fourth. floor of
515 French street, at 7 o'clock. Stranger
Templar visiting the city are cordially invitees
to be present.
v G. W. GutmeoN, W. C. T.
GEO. gNIGHT, W. S. feb2.B-tf.
air B. M. Weigel, practical piano forte
tuner. Orders left at the Grover & Baker
Sewing Machine Agency, 820 State' greet,
Erie. Pa.. or by mail, will receive prompt at
tention. A fire oleos workman employed to
do repairine of pianos and melodeone. , • I_2m
Rcuovm..—The stove and tinware store of
'Moro(' & Co., has been removed to No. 1364
Sassafras street, near the Buffalo Read, where
.will be on hand a complete suck of goods
in their line, which the public are invited 'to
tall and examine. apr4 tf.
- - - -
For Insurance in Well known and the most
reliable cempanies, apply to It W. Russell,
agent, 110 q state street. feb2l
ger it F. Cross's Erie .City Intelligence
Office, No. 1.252 Etate et.. inlo'67tf,,
n r
rhalon 9 a ~ N ight li s looming Ceretim.”
Night Blooming Cercuo.”,
Phnlonto Blaming Comm,'
Pbalon , .
Phalan's "Night Blooming Covens:,
Phonon , * . 6 Night riamonaing... , arc l s."
. '
It . mest exquisite. delicate:and Fragrant Pertain;
dlialiled from the rare and brautlful Bower from*
which it takes Its name.
3fanufactnred only by
PUALON 807 V, IFp!or York.
New Advertisements:
LI R 9, bIAWKINS hoe owned, in the building (orm
erly occupied b) the Penny Poet, eonth of Colon De
pot, with a (all lino or
Where she will remain until her new at re, in Man
lion House gins's, le completed. w bleb .111 b. aboat
Slay Ist' Illaaablea done io flag/
apososed •tyle. aprlltti.
23,0 0 0 .
/laving been awarded portion or the shove ioee.-1
am prepared to Ltroish It in 'arse zr small some at the
lowest m ,rket rates. Orders by mall will receive special
attention - C. B. WRIaIIT. ;tanker.
. sprll-2m. 142 tooth 3d St , Phila.
West of New York City.
Frescoed in the very neatest stele of the art. !
Hormel resigning, Drafting of Models toe the Patent
ofll-e, and every deseriptiou of Ornamental Printing
esecniod promptly. Bowe in Farrar Hall, No! , 'ea
end Floor. aprli•tf.
0I L ,
P A I N. T S,
PURE LIQUORS ter Medictl Purposes. LONDON
F'FIRCRIPTIOVA Carefully Dl•p•osed. All articles'
sold bi me aro uarrsoted to be precisely .0 reoree•nted.
?n trouble fo sbow goods. cr. Remember tba name
sod place
BARNUM'S, 1317-Peach Sts4et,
4901'67 ly
Notice le hereby given that after April sth, 1167, the
entire atoek of
I •
Oaaufaetto est bw and In •tare at the establishment of
J-EtrifinihAtTEl & CO., 628 qtata Street, and which
fur gnalttr and finish cannot be acirpassed in this mar
To individual cnitomers at wholesale. Thin plan iy
operations is to be permiment. and the manufactory la
to be still farther enia!ired by the addition ornate build
Ingo and Improved machinery.
Not teinu crittiterisituvd by tip. =tall dealers In thin
*nett , ' n, beeanta they Trill not abandon than ottenrive
retail trade; hare lesofrad to herraftar nil their stork
To all who cheore to patronize them. ETU - pair of
Boots.. Sheen. Osltere. ka. lie., nt their oronerore seiort
men! wilt be offered
to the retell enetomer the entire 'profit
whir Gbe rell. he'obflged, as heretofore, to pay at all
other edeblithmentr.
Ws make this eery libel el offer proposing 'to perms
nently establish the Firm. the ackbowlenged soperi
oriti of our go , de, manufactured under our especial
rere will be maintained. en .we ere • reparing lari.• ad
ditiona to our ruanufecturing faciliti.s Re , barite sal
isepeclirn - and comparun n c f cur stock and wish all t.
rear in mind the fact that by purclousuift of us they FIIVIN
the hroSt tcadeby tho retail •lesler - CALL AN!" BE
CCNVINCVD. d. LlCliEszLel36
aprll'ill-tf. 828 Qtafer , t, grie. rir•
Accrios sxn coniTssiON Sisiccarris.
mu! 13;10 E.tate Agent.. 5.12 'tau street, (comer SO.)
Erie. Vs Adverees rmde eo corit.rnmentot:
/iISIL WINO/ILL [spr4'e4-1y w. S. shows.
W .4 N T E D.
Age:dig" sell noels and
I loos' Lo•k Stich Seeing Machines le Erie cenzty. For
terms,aie • apply to
- S. H. BILL
mr2S'B7tf, - 1241 Peseb St., Hrie, Po.
TURN GlititdllEl3lEß & ScIN.
Corner of Seventh . aad St
I•) 41
South of the Depot
\ k,4.
raring moored to their
Are vow pre - fazed to iell .
D Y 00 P S
et:esper than over before
?tit following is 4 trite Hist of some of the Goode now
aellieg at their store
4103 Yards Good Madder Print;
30t,0 do do
EOM dd no
4C(13 do do
4001 Yards 4-4 Brown 16 4
3.810 do 44 do 18e
nal do 4-4 do heavy 2 0 c
9600 -do Faille Brown 44, • 16 and litle
-000 do do 4-4, 20a
3000 do 3-4 1 2544
3 0 00 do B:rached 4-6 - - 150
3000' do do 7-9.. .... : .... ... . 18a
400 do. dO 7-8 ~• Oh
"000 do do 3-4 1"5:e
Four thourand yards Deakins. at 25 reels. All Wool
DONSFFIO Ft INTIM DEPARTllliNt—llsel, White,
lae„ Buff, he. Opera Flannels, all colors.
♦ fall Una of Ladles'. Mime sad eldldnoe's nose
The gentlemen are also provided for la this depart
seat. . .
A full line of all the various styles - had makes of
Dress Goode. and .. endeavor to suit the most fastidi
ous In this lima Re show-our good. with gnat pliar
era without chirge.
A Imp line of ?tench and Domestic Gingham', Tory
cheap. , Twee& and Seam. for Boys' veer, cheaper than
any atm. parties. Call and ■ea them.
YAW BEE NOTION 4.—A. full lbw of all laws*, mscli
Timiad, Kos. ...dia., Batumi, TAMED Itig. au.
S.R: , TALITIP,SI —Brown and 'Bleached )inallne,Prlnta
and Detainee WI below the market.'
'tom Don't forget the place,
Next door to the Pee:Office, Noble Block
Alk, • w. PICItCE d; CO
T If
The above invaluable implement bu glean received
the Ent premium wherever eibibiled, and all wbo have
Inca it anti:mm..lf. far superior to any.Lhg eise,of the
kind ma following are ulna of the adv. Uses this
rnitivat or bas over even other kind now In sew t
1, lightness and durability; being made of the best
quaiity of steel. highly polished, and the whole imple
merit weighing from Bftv to sixty pounds.
2. Adaptation to more kinds of work than any other
cultivat r knoworbilog • perfect and thorough Cant
eats used with all oh* tooth au, loalnag the
ground even and level, and working nearer the rows
than spy other Cultivator
Etv- removing the small teeth and attaching the
.wings to the shovel, it in the mo.l perfect instrument
for hitting that can be found.
4. It is the best instrument for covering and digging
potatoes ever invented. A man and bone can cover po
tatore aslast al a horse can walk, and a man and team
can dig from 800 to 600 bushels of polatoen in a day s
when the crop lea fair one.
6. It works equally well in corn or any kind of crop
requiring cultivating. and 1n - most cases hand hoeing
can be dispensed with
0. Its cheapness,. considering "-the many kinds of
werk to which It can be applied—the farmer having In
one implement all that is necessary for cultimlin s and
htiling any kind of crop. or covering and digging pots-
eertifiestee froze the mast Entheattal far.
rcers in the United Sta.'s might be given of the cope
riority nf the above implement over all others designed
for hke purposes
We shall he pless.d to receive a cell I om any one who
needs a Cultivator or Shovel Plow, r ad wavialak to them
the merits of the above Horse Hoe over all other imple•
meats of the kind. We warrant this Horse Hoe to work
es • cnltivator as well as any Cultivator made—u a.
Shovel Plow as well ae any Sh-vel Plow—sn lase }Terre
doe a comnlete nieces', or refund the money if It does
not tweet the warrantee
We also keen on bond in connection with out Hard
ware. Stoves. Tinwate, and House Furnishing Goods,
comniete assortment of Bor.. Rakes, Rand Robs. Grain
Cradles, SostheS, Forks, Hoes, Shovels, Suds;
km. Don't fad to give no a call W
W. PIERCE k Co..
Sole Arnta for Roue Hoe iu Rite Co.. P., and Ash-
Win!' Co Ohio 21 door (rpm the corner Stowe end Bth
Ste , Erie. Pa. aprll-3m.
NO 11.1C•D...
Ti pronounced by all who bays need It the very hest
preparation for tFii Bair. It in a positive care for bald
ness eradicates dandruff and humors. stops the hair
from falling out. and armed , ' teslotes gray lochs to
their original hue and Itiraviance.
It ope , ate. on the secretions and tllls the glands with
new tlfe and coloring matter. Thin; dead, faded or ray
hair will always be broughthack by a few applications,
twits y outlaw almodance. vitality and color •
I. make• the hair soft. sloes.. fragrant. pleaasat to
Ise toneh and eaajto avenge • ilm.wtry and intract
able lock. become - nisi, pliant tied dine remelt
icrany d.ainad peaitl n. As a Hair Dretaing it has no
envail. 'Measles see enortonna and It is a universal fa
vorite with . M and young of both P yea.
Sold ey Droggials throughout the ;Jilted Staten. Add
dress all order to
ZiPOLFIt SUITT Sete Proptieten
131 North Third St Philadelphia.
Mot Lem, are 'co preyed with anxiety for your little
ones? Are your alumse and fini broken I: , their
erise! Do Inn awake In er *he mornin te g
unreftesheil end
•Dereheneive , If en, precure a bottle el Dr I eon's
taint Remedy , and you will have no more weary hours
of watching and anniaty.
An stone the teat et veer.. of nevus and
mottle', bear witnue . thitt it never fails to eiu roller if
n.d in %Olean. le a mild, yet sore and speedr enr%
for rttalte. Cramp' and windy pains. tad is Invaluable
fqr all enmo , aints incident to turbine.
Sold by Om:gists thronghont the lhitedStatea. ea
!me all orders to
ZIEGLER. EM% Foie Proprietors.
137 North ? IT bird St., Philadelphia.
Saves time. labor and enney—triskes Washing a par
time sod Nonfat a Fes Int. Fold everywhere. 'Try a•
addren all orders to the Manufacturers,
ZIEGLER k mina sole ?Jerrie_
3.37 North Ti tre. Street. rnur.•
- . W. TAYLOR,
iiinuftetnrer of
- And all the other Iran& of -
This machine has met with the most complete meccas. In every'section where it hu been introduced, it hu
taken precedence over.thore mschinea• which hare heretofore ranked as Bret class. We have endeavored to furn
ish the
With this end in view we have slcured. br lease and purchase, the control of all the de:usable and standard pat
ents now In toe, among which we call attention to the Ohio and Buckeye Patents as c-mbined in this mach ne.
This machine embraces all those valuable features which have contributed to the great success of the Ohio and
Rickey* Machines ' together with a number of entirely new, novel and 'valuable improveme,.t:
In compactness, lightness of draft, excellence and elegance of workmanship Ina finish, combined with great
strength sod elaptatirtn- to all kin" of work, it will anvils. any machine Leretofore offered to the farmer
The foliating poidta of excellenc vnow the advanta g e., of Dodge's Damper and Mower over ell others':
This Machine has two driving wheela, which eupport the whole weight of the Frame, Gearing and Driver,
icing It great power road facility of operation. •
The (Inger-bar of Dodge's klachine is attaebed to the frame by a double hinge joint, which Bellows it to follow the
suttees of the ground without being fleeted by the working of the triune Orem ridges and through holows, the
Independent action of the Cutter is perfect, enabling either -end to rise or fell without affecting the other.
The meat Impsrstatit surisof • Mawism Maclaine is Ito er•ttimis sispaysiitis Cr all toe ssemassaisi ira-pc-rhasets and
inventions, the Orli, WROCGLIT IRON GUAM,. kind with CASS STZEL, ae need in this Machine, is the only gnat d
that has proved an ecerstal in all places. The advantava claimed for the nude are: They do not bend or break.
They are all preclady alike. They do not clog.
The draft of thin Machine, in heavy grass or grain„Le much lighter than ordinary plowing, and dots notate:eked
an average of 100 pound• direct draft. A light rah- of home can work the machine esonly all day, in any kind
of grane or grain, wherttbe machine is properly adjnated and operated. -
The 9 elf• Rake applied to this teaching has preyed, a perfect success. /tie a Revolving Rake, and dose Its own
reeling caving the esponie and trouble of a reel, ■nd yet performing hotter In all kinds of grain than a Reel and
Hand Rake can. It makes a rerfsej separation with the rake bead, tu all kinds of grain, whether tangled or
lodged, long OT short by reuon of Of • rake revolving over forward, and striking into the uncut grain, or before
the sickle, carry ing it along and over the platform, and delivering It in compact trundles, Cl the rear of the ma•
chine. entirely out of the way of the leant and machine on its next round, and without any Uttering whatever.
The double hinge joint and two driving wheels make it the ONLY REAPER PERFECTLY ADAPTED TO UN
RT.Mi GROUND the over hanging Reel Is support* I upon a reel vat, fixed firmly in the dearbar moots; and
eau be readily adjusted up or down, or backward or forward and all times follow. the movements of the plat
form. The grain Leanly delivered at the rear of the meatitoe, entirely out of the way of the team on the next
round, In good olsapod trond:es for eluding. THE PLATFORM!. readily adjoined total required height.
cir Deeeriptive pamphlets of the Machine will be ft:imbibed on applieation to
W. W. PIERCE 3: - CO., S3O State Street, Erie, Pa.,
. - General Agent. (or Erte and Crawford. Counties.
eir agents w rated in every township to whom a liberal OotatlinelOri Will be alerted. arell—Sm.
t. roe of the Directors of the Poor aria Hones of
Employment, for the county of Erie, Pa., from January
lot, Me, to the al Et day of December. lBf.B
To cash in the treicury ae per -Vitiator's re
port, ;61 50
ek.enty rammiaxion•
To each of Commtuloner' of Frio County on
Tocash for pigs sold from farm,.
To cash clover reed s.ld from farm..
Tocash sheep pelts 1135.00, shoes
To each hides
To cash Sumas! Slater, Erg., Pace,
To cash pasturing cow
To each call
To cash seed whoa•
To cosh R. Flamm (pauper In house)
To cash due Treasurer
'To warrants in elrealatton..._.
By warrants limed for sand y bills as. per
vouchers on hie. for aid - to out door pauper.
of all grades • $ 7
For in passing transient paupers through
the county
For wroeririr. $1 12 3 .28, dry goods $1,607 18..
For flour $848.18, cracken $4 .31
For wheat $125.62. hardware, kitchen furni
ture, *e., $203 02
For blacken:tithing, re is Hog wagon, buggy,
-For pork $368 90, butcher-rig $24 -- ....
For Sob $OOO plough points $3.90
Fo- blank book. and stationer.
For bee hires $7.00, coup $2B 16
for digging graves and remit. to bury
For e^ 05.5159.40, leather $208,82
For ph 'lariat:lß V. out door paupers..... ...
For ty whiny $ 0° , 82 . cool $ 3 " 11 $•-• - - .... ...
For constables for removing pulps,. to root-
Tor good 1380 0,0 Justices fns $56,85
For trintlor annual statem • sit-
For butte , $99 Le, seor $171,52
For barrels 69.00, mic eellanoon a $36.00
For crockery $13,83, Iron bedsteads $LN,00....
For nest boildi• r.
For cows SS:M. beef tattle UM. labor on turn
$26103 613 03
For Thomas IVillie, Esq.; OrTiees u Dire ctor
one Jest
For Andrew Thompson. Erg., services u Di.
rector one year . 125 00
For Thomu -taunt, Eng., services as Direr- i I
tor oos year
~ f 303 00
For Calvin Poole an Steward one year , fpo 00
For Dr. D. S. Dickeosou, phylician toi'oor
Ponseorre year - six, 30
For John P. Walter, attorney one year . 25 00
For P, Arbuckle. clerk and treasurer one year 200 00
For immature $75. lime and ashes 812,44. ' 57 44
Far Western Peon's flotpital 120 - 34
, or hats and woolen yarn 10 60
Fr , rmakins elder - 5 00
For shoe fiedinsp 10 86
For drugs $44,07, comber $OO 05. 101 13
Amount of warrants Osued 18,052 44
Warrants in circulation at last settlement._ 2,028 '0
Total 8"0 030 54
We, the undersigned Audits. R of Erie county, having
met together at the office of the COU Ott C o mmissioners
of Erie county. and after having carefully examined the
&tenant of the Directors of the Poor and Alms Rouse
of Erie estatv, do report and certify - that we find them
carnet as stated.
Given under our hands and seals, this 7th day of Jan
uary.. 4 D 1867.
[Signed]:' PFEIL'? 0311011 N, FL.S.]
11. HARTZ:RR, [LS.)
91ar IBM 4303 bush.l. wheat,ls tons hay, 100 bumbela
10•01.7.10 ',ramie onions. 000 1000000 aeam. 1000 1000.
COl,lO qO. 700 bushels potat , es, 101 bushels tomatoes. 20
bushels turnips. 19 hogs weighing 3,600 posed. r4buxh
els plower Imo& 2 veal calves sold, veal 90 lie. 20 sheep
pelts so'd 601 bushels •poles. 110 doz. candles, 25 bble.
gasp. 401 lbs. butter; BEO tbs hides, tallow, --
Fro= o 8 F. lsr, 18 8 7.-10 cows, 4 horses. 1
year' og bull 14 "hosts, 10 geese, 90 chickens, 15 docks.
E:1111310 PIM KRT. 1868—lien's--Costa 30, rants 60 pr.
vests 26. latift , 00, stockings 65 pr.. shoes 40 pr., h and
kerehirfs overalls 32 p-..
hats 8. Rove'—routs 25,
pants 30 pr.. shirts SO, shoes 16 pr.. stockiogs 18 pr. Wo
men's—Dttwses 65, caps 18, chin - Miele 68, aprons 65,
shoes 30pr stewlengs PS pn,handkerenlers 2:,pettleosts
26 night dresses 10 Girls'—ftreues ehemisetts 45,
Petticoats 46 aprons 25. shod 10 pr., atockirgs 20 pr.
Nomber of time es in House, Jan 1,1867 .......
dmitted du• Ire the yen
Dial 0, bound out 9, discharged Ea..-
Remaining in the House Jan. ' 119
iinans Boni —America _ ....I; ,
House 10; Germany 20; Franc; 1; liw,tzerland 2; 2`T ,
Brunswick 2; Canada 2 .
boas—From 1 to 5 wall; from 5 to 10, years 9:
from 10 to I 3 years 2: frem 1510 25 'rears 15: from 25
to 40 years 26; from 40 to 60 years 20; from 60 to 7s
years 21; from 70 to 83 years 12; one 99 years; orr '-' 2
years; one 104 years.
.12. “Botte 17:
insane 9; deformed 1; deaf and dorrb 6. . I r, l f"
Number of out door ;supers * Jaw. 1 , sae. 21'2.
taken charge of doting the year, egg; total 1.211;
.1 , 4
charged and died 787; rematnins ma hats* Jatlol
1857 4. ,
Meal, 42 and lodgings t o ,boatute and out deor paupers
forniebel tn srie 480; .1.1 , at th Poor House for trate.
Mont paupers 182. re.a l4, Log
week. from mar cdslit to . one
All of which I. re-pectfolly submitted.
1866. .
Janunry 3, to cash in the trust as per An -
ditonereport —3 let GO
To web. requisition irons Commissioners of
Eris county iwo 01
To °sat. roquisitiOn from Commissioners of
ET% county 1.400 AO
To t' for sundries 415 00
To cash; balance due TrtglidTa f• It
By warranta redeemed and cancelled by an
dltor $l9 0792 as
Alta, the undersigned Auditors of the county of Brio,
met together at the ethce of tie County. Once.
pirrsataum, EA
4)1110 AX I)
... ..... $20,9F.0 00
51; Ireland 27; England 1 in
misein tyre of Erie county. and, having carefully !UM..
ice the account cf P. Arbuckie,•Tressurer of the Direc
tors of the Poor and Alms Houle of said county, for the
Year A D 1866, as ',fated in the above account, do re
port them corn• et, and that we find due the sold Treasu •
ter five dollars and eleven cents. • .
4,40) 00
8 00
ED .30
37 00
2 25
2 00
3 00
The Most Successful Medidnes
in the World.
1.699 21
Established in 1835 by one of
our Most Eminent Physicians,
now used throughout North and
Siiuth America, with more pleasing
results than any other Medicine in
cases of diseased Liver,
Blood or
Skb, Indigestion, Costiveness,
Bilious Complaints, Rheumatism
and Fever and Ague.
648 1
WM 46
687 74
105 F$
383 15
8 00
t l 4
65 '6
10 20
568 2 ,-
361 °5
2 0 4 95
Thousands of certificates are in
our possession, giving detailed
accounts of perfect CURES effected.)
by, these invaluable - Medicines.
They regulate the System and put
all .the functions of the body
in a healthy condition.
Sold by art Drurzisto. NVinto S Howland, rrorri.
etors, Suromora to Dr. Joldi. 'Aloliat. and Dr. W. 11.
'Moffat, New York.
125 GO
- j
I C MOL L D S ', O O ;
ii ~ CHEIVIICAL ' NPlijC C . ''' 6 0 -
. , ' • ,
OLIVE r CH.ERASIVE 4 45:;, ,..
<..,t SOAR.; SOAR t; ,,-,- '*-----
0 1YEM/0 4 INF.2.C. ' o .ltEwfo "-: __.-_.;'
6 1 11 MANUFArrr gut:
r<c ".
V 4/ 0
I c) \
Corner of Holland and Sixth Streets,
For TEO purchase and nla of
No. 4.5 BROADWAY, Nir Yost
Cash Advances Made Consignments Follette I. Gen
eral or Bpseial Market Reports , Furnished at Request.
REFERENCES—R.F. Vail, Cashier Nation.; Bank
of Commerce; New Sea; Meure. J. Boorman. Joenaon.
Co.,llien. York• Gordon,llcllillan ik C 0... Clereland,
Ohio; W. P. West/ail. Cuhi• r Flr.t N s uanal Bank,
ilinnsapolls. Minn ; Thin Cashier Filet Nat'l
Bank, Newton. IOWA; WWI, Ford. DizOn & CO. St.
Loots, liinouri, tied to any Banker throughou•
ootlllitY having 154 w York r orrespondents. mr2i-ome
_. $3
.. 64
ratacco Vlaitts.
The r IACe
to get a citoiro article.of Tobacco. Saud sod
' Cigars is at
Always on band a good assortment of the oboes arti
olss of wavy grade. Wholes Os and Retail. Also Plissi,
Ponenes. Bois', a.of bmokan' Articles of every descrip•
yen. ?lease favor tia. with • call. Don't forget the
place, 1868 high stmt. , m 12047-17.
rime MASON 6e 11A 1 11.11 4 1 csaftfrr oFGAN
forty different steles, adapted to sacred d
musts, for $5O to S6OO O 'sell Fifty .0110 go l dor silver
rnadalt. or other drat premiums awarded them. Slot;
fisted Catalogues hoe. Addrash YISON a HAMM '
Bostonor MOWN iIIitCYPITERS, Nair York. jagayes
Polls Lineary winTs LEAD.
by all practical rim Try it, lad y e n wU
hare Co other. azoithedered only by
No.E No
187 rth Third Stave; Phila.
• 1410-1 y .
$1%082 00
n tt P renrinsoV. CT -g
South of the Union Depot
A Largo Stoek of
Tor silo by