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TETESDAY.Ii.I2III 14..1867.
Siir The most L=9* Mated newspaper in
N. W. PeakyPosnut, and tAe best Advisti•
sing medium.• ,
LAM iiileettelZat. ',,. ': •
The eleeticirs: t atoms from different part
of the country, during the past couple
weeks, prove•very distinctly, that the tide
in political affairs iaturning. Throughout
New York State, espeeitilly, there appears
to be a great reaction _agaiost the Radi
cals. In Albany, Mr.,Wibon,. - Democrat,
is elected Mayor by 168 majority, and the
balance of the city ticket is Democratic.
The entire - emocratic , ticket is elected in
Troy bY 345' majority. In ROl:heater;
where the R'eels have had control, the
Democr ado candidate for received
392 majori , Last year the Radicals had
t isdr
591 mafority in. Troy, and 296 in Roches
ter. Lanaingburg, which in 1866 gave the
Radicals 354 majority, thin year gives a
majority of 50 for the-Democrats; In
Monroe county the Radicals were literally
muted, horse, foot and dragoons._ Last
year they elected eighteen Supervisors out
of thirty-three ; this year the Democrats
have electeltwenty, leaving but thirteen
for the rtadicals. Thi s county, as late as
November last, gave Kenton a - mtoorny or
1,779 out of a total vote of 18.229 1,. It
should be added that this is the 6n4tTtime.
in the history of Monroe county that the
Democrats have gained the control of the
Board of Supervisors: There are.of course,
towns and counties in which the Radicals
have retained their supremacy at {be polls,
and, in some instances, increased their
majorities; but the general drilt appears
tolbe in the opposite direction, and, -what
_Jmay seem strange, - this change of senti
ment is quite as marked in the small
towns as in the large ones. - - -
The New Hampshire election was held
on Tuesday, and resulted, as was to be ex
pected, in a Radical triumph, though their
majority is greatly reduced. On an in
creased MIS of.2,ooo„llarrrroarr. klscirepil.
didate for Governor, is only successful by
about 3,000-majority. . The three Repo&
lican candidates for Congress am elected.
In 1865 the Radicals had 6,000 majority on
Governor, and in 1866 they had 4600.
-This spring their majority is given as 3,000,
showing an average loss of 1600" eachyear
for the last two. At this rate,. it will not
be long until New Hampshire panes out
of Radical control.
dispatch from Omaha, Neb., Saystbat
city has given a Conservative majority of
400. - • Heletofore, unless we are much
mistaken, it has gone Radical.
The Radicals in Congress are already
getting sick of their bargain, in providing
for a continuous 'session; and are talking
about taking a long recess. The House
bits adopted a resolution to adjourn to the
Bth of May, but the Senate insists on ex
tending the time to some later period.
Between the two bodies an agreement is
not likely to be arrived at,aztd in that case
the President is authorized to adjourn
Congress to such day as he may think
Proper. It is ,evident, at least, that the
impeachment project is not to be seriously
pressed at the present session. The ef
forts of Butler. And Ashley "have received
very alight endpuragAttlent tram .2,01,
low Radicals, and those two worthies may
be quoted as decidedly below par in the
Washington 'political stock market. The
"hero of New Orleans" he been snubbed
in a mortifying manner on several occas
ions in the House. - He tried to get the
subject of impeachment referred to a
special committee, of which be should be
a member, but the House very unkindly
decided to retain it in the hands of the
Judiciary Committee, which is looked up
on as giving the matter its eternal quie=
Ir TUT. spirits of departed politician are
permitted to be spectatorsof the "fantastic
tricks" played on the earth, there is one
who will smile at the mighty march in
consequence of events he had Et much t.
do in setting in motion. Wm. L. Yancey
"fired the Southern heart" and precipita
ted it in a revolution to destroy the Union.
A fragment of. the Congress of that Union
has set its seal of affirmation upon the act
of secession, and crowned the design of
Yancey and immortalized the great secee
sionist. So wage this queer world. The
men who, were Yancey alive to-day,would
send him to the aciffold as a Union-break.
er, have themselves completed and per•
petuated the work he only began. There
is no more American Union in the sense
in which it was established. It died with
the Constitution, which was the life in its
body. Yancey is triumphant. Ho struck
the blow to end what Washington began,
and the 'Radicals are but the inevitable
links in the chain of sequence and destiny
which he forged. This must be a pleasant ,
thought to Radical voters, after all the
sacrifices they have m9de, and witli'the
load of taxation under which they groan.
Tim DIAITIPERALI7.-15.. Walpole has
introdatftwo bills in the - British Parlia
ment relating to the death penalty. The
Brat bill confines hanging to cases where
there was deliberate intent to - kill, or for
the purpose- of committing or• aiding in
the commission ..of repo, arson, or other
felony, or in aiding the escape of other
murderers, or in murdering public officers
in the discharge of their duties. The
other bill renders ail other murderers
- punishable by - penal servitude for a peri
od rangink from life to seven. years. • Mr.
Henry remarked, while the bill was being
discussed, that the English laws were fast
tending to the abolition of capital pun
litho:tent-4'nd that there etas no doubt but
trio same course will be adopted by other
civiiiaeal governments at no distant day:
' '
The Democrats of. Connecticut base_ se
lected, some. solid men - for their wadi.
dates this spring. The Weida cf Ern of
them, State mi. Congressional, is estimat
ed u follows James E. Englisb, $1,000,-
.000; Edirnid K. Moseley, 0E1,000; 3n
lids Hotchkiss, $300,000; Wifliam 7t , Bar."
' D om $500,00G; Richard D Hubbard,
$250,000. Total, $2,350,000. Messrs.
English, Hotchkiss and &rum are large
manifacturers ; Mat Howler ( is a retired
merchant. and Mt Hubbard is a lawyer. "
The National 'Democratic Committee
met en Tueeday afternoon, in New • York
City, at the residence of Mr. Belmont , the
Chairman. ktost of the - Northern Stake
were represented. The Committee came
to the conelueion that it was inexpedient
to calk& National Convention pievlous to
the nominating Convention nextyear, but
resolved on a thorough organization of
the Democratic party throughout the Up!
on. Good t NotV :let us nee that their
Parlxs!as do - not end in "resolves." ' I
The entire South ought to-day be earn
estly at work rebuilding its shattered for
Every inducement possible should
be held out to the people of that vast sec
tion to produce cotton as fast da the teem
ing earth witl bear the snowy crop. With
the Southern fields under improved cul
ture, and with the additional stimulus
counted on from frfe labor, we should be
getting back into our place as a cotton
growing country; the mwrorwoubt call for
vessels to transport, them to the North and
to Europe ; Northern manufactures would
be tr,t increased and increasing demand
throughout the Southern States; North
ern importerawould find a large and ready
'market for the geode that ere now piled
up in their warehouses for customers that
do not come ; our coastwise trade would
revive with Magical rapidity ; the great
West would find a' natural outlet for its
film and pork to the South, and in turn
enable it to be a mach better customer of
the East ; and, in brief, the complete cir
ertiCestablistied by the laws of production
and exchange, domestic sad foreign.
would Se traversed, again. Thus agricul
ture, mining. commerce, masufactures—
all would return' to a elate of health,
if the' obstacles to restoration were but
Now, what binders this most desirable
consummation! Who are, responsible for
tbialong delay, which' threatens - the na
tion with ultimate bas,barupteyl All eau
did men of intelligence hure the answer
reedy. The whole trouble proceeds from
the will'allnesiVot the Radie keifing
the Fouth unreyaesented and the Union,
practically destroyed; One whole section
of the country is paralysed is its industry
end power of produCtion. Oa its pros
perity the other sections are provideuti
oliy just as dependent as it is upon them.
It is not' - possible to 'keep that section
poor, in a condition of semi.barbaristti.
under the iron heel or military rule, with
out in due time feeling, thereaction fatally
upon ourselves - . And this is what now
threatens to come of it. Business is de
atrnyed, the rovennes are shortened, the
current expenses of the. Govopoxpasos ay.
dithenit to meet, and bankruptcy throws
its ominous shadows across the national
linasespe. •
- The Thirty-Ninth Congress has done all
that was passible to produce the condition
of businegs of which the country is now
complaining. They Paiied laws calculated
to prevent one section .from contributing
to the prosperity-of the nation, and with-
held their sanction from measures of the
most pressing and vital importance. If
the same track be followedby the Fortieth
Congress, business and trade, shipping,
building, manufacturing and selling goods
and produce, will be still more seriously
and unfavorably 'affected. While Abe na
tion is divided, its genera' interests, as
well aithose of each section, will become
more and more depressed. The remedy
is in the hands-of those who are auffertu
They must drive from power the men-Who
will not permit the Union to be restored,
nal.'• the people of the Southern States to
reconstruct the material interests of that
section. When that is dons, the weight
which now presses upon the business of
the North will be removed, nut not until
The appropriations voted by the Second
zemou or cue .A.A.A.EXth Congress
for the current expenses of tbe Govern
iieot during the coming year and to sup
ply the deficiencies of the last fiscal period,
the 2ribunesays, amount to the pretty lit
tle sum of $144,793,037.61. The, army
take 5523,881,654; the navy 816,794,244
Mr. Seward receives two allowances of
$30,000 each- for his Atlantic Cable bills
and:the Postmaster General gets $20,000
worth of twine. The, Nagar) , Academy
at West Point is very liberally provided
for, at an expense of $268,911 The print
ing of our Government money costs $200,-
000; the management of loans and notes
eabnot be effected for less than $2,000,000;
and for the detection of counterfeiters we
have a bill of $150,000. Oar expensive
old friend Pub. Doc. dances in to the tune
of $2.169.198, which surely ought to make
Congress ashamed of itself. The purchase
and distribution of seeds which nobody
wants costs $BO,OOO, and the Botanical
Garden, where 31n,Commissioner Newton
raises hot-house flowers For members of
Congress, is supported at an outlay of $lO,-
674. Ten thousand dollars - for bouquets
The most bewildering thing of all is
tbe list of appropriations for keeping our
public officers warm. Ifere,sior example,
we have $O,OOO for heating the Supreme
Court Room ; $3,000 tot heating the cadet's
niess4oorti at West Point; $40,00u for
heating, and ventilating their barracks -
$lO,OOO worth of heating apparatus for the
public buildings; $l,OOO worth Of ditto
for the library of 'Congress ;45 000 worth
of fuel for the White Rouse; $l5 000
worth of fuel and lights for Congress; $5OO
for beating the Capitol ; $2,000 for fuel
again at the White Hodse and Capitol.
How in the world it is possible in gsingle
winter to consume such enormous quanti
ties of coal, is Et problem quitebeyond our
comprehension. There is an item of $55,-
000 for lighting the Cspitot and White
House, betide which, the illumination
the Rotunda by electricity involves an an
putt expense of $3,000, and the Govern
ment ,has to pay an electrician sl„lmu
year to attend to it. But these items,
odd and extravagant as they appear, are
only samples of the manner in which the
people's money is thrown away. If it were
possible to trace, out the,direction which
the different appropriations pursue, we do
not doubt that 'it would be fonod that
through all the rami6Cations of the Gov
ernment. the same reckless and utterly
inexcusable system of public expenditure
prevails. We have fallen, upon. an era
when economy' and honesty are looked
upon as a disgrace, and the officer who can
scatter the. public..funds with the most
bountiful hand, and get the least back for
'ft is eromparison with - the' same sum ex
pended on private account, is considered
the best fellow. Boma, f these days,when
fanaticism has run -its course, there will be
a demand to know where the money has
gone.and then t let the sharpers and thieves
sand from under. .-z.
Democracies are popilarlyampposed to
be ' aelfloveroment. 'VW democracy of
the couotrg presents a singelaz cents*
diction of !ins ides at the in
We. have a congress from which . -serril
teen States are' absent. A reiloortterfrho'
people legislate for the 'majority and in
deSange of their wishes. Ten Santee are
ruled by brigadier generals ; sad to a Mi.
nority population consisting of igoortint,
negroes is intrusted.•the labor of rebuild.
inn, or, rather, of overthrowing the insti
tutiona of about oneethird, of the Union.
Titbits our demociacya remit' to be 'et•
rihnted in about equal share's to radical
. ion and rebellious radicalism.
•—:_ . . _
. .
. THE CiArttitlVPT LAW. - • The - Rad lied legislature of Ohio is not i A young swell of a chap, rejoicing in the
• Among the acts passed by the Thirty the only radical legislature .in the north:nista:ratio eognomen of . Arthur Livingston,
Congress was one establishing a mai- Which hi s s refused to do that which it is came to Brown's Betel a couple of treelni ego,
form system of bankruptcy throughout demanded e very Southern State shall do; and exal t e d ; the envy of all the " bloods"
- ,tbe VoitedStates. . The psevisionseat tbal The radical legislatere of Michigan and about "city by lailariett-dlsille7- of Intel.
act are important Cow, and may be More the radical legislature of Illinois have ri 6ntizioney. He smoked 25 gent" urgers,
so in the future, when the IIITWISSAiIti done precisely whet the tadical legislature spo immense breast pins end finger Tints.
the costliest liquors. bed hie hair fro
seoliong action of the minority PlalY of Ohio did, voted down a proposition to dra nk 1 .
'ad ad fo ith d
quent yea u a ssed w h ,an put on the .
in powersball have yielded its legitimate erase the word "white" from their consti
fruits- The general features of the bill tutione. Acid in the radical legislature et Ilfr°4 : 0 118 : 4 4 7 of a l " C " ° ; if t e wag
may be thus brietlystated. Under its pro- Indiana no member has ventured to ad ae to v g e o ral octet/ions he ' s62 lted as _sz o o lis e d
dol t !
. . jurisdiction
.vueons in cases of baeltroincY, vance such a proeositioe, well knowinj
la given to the several United States Die - that it would be promptly and decisival; las notes with as melt 110/IChaillei as an aril:
nen individual would handle "a
ragged tea
[ ,
trict Courts. The United States Circuit
jected. Northern radicals, in all the seat shinplaste r ; -Re dually became " enamor- „
COnrls Mill act in a almonds/try manner as nem:Rims and legislatures , have taker of the gift, jewelry store, then in operation
Courts of Equity, and Judges of the Dia. s r eat pai ns t o p ron o u n c e I n f avor o f . 12*
in Rosenzweig's room, under this office, and
trict Courts. Will he assisted by Registers gro suffrage in the South, end'equel paint bought ,it fur the trifling consideration , of
in Bankruptcy, whose powers are limited, not to.pronounce in favor of it in the Dorn. 01,500, coolly remarking that it would bring
Provision if also made for reference of In Illinois. during the campaign las- -t l fair, him is even h income, he supposed, to furnistr
disputed questions to the District Court the radical standard-bearer, Logan, lock his liquor ud cigars. The sequel is just
Judger, and for appeals from the District • -every opportunity to let it be known tit, about an w expected. Oa Wednesday he
Courts to the Circuit Courts, a nd from the although a radical, be did not Advocate si went to New York, for the purpose of lajing
latter to the Supreme Court of'the United
extension of the suffrage in Illinois, hi In a supply ig cheap jewelry, and, was arrest-
States, in cases where the sums in dispute Cenneoticut. the other day, he, proclaim- ed there on Tbutedayallernoeu, charged with
exceed two thousand dollars. - NI with great vehemence that be 'wiz havittgron off with $lO,OOO given hint by his
Bankruptcy is divided into two kinds, in favor _otf universal suffrage. in tie empyiyer to be deposited in ' bank: ;ere
Voluntary and involuntary. Any person South i These facts serve to illustrate tie presume the gay young man Is by this time
residing in 4 United States owing over degree of honesty which lies at the bottou ennillY caged bi-. 4 place where' thousand ani
three hundred , dollen, and not being able lof their incessant gabble about all men Mr bills are not so - plenty, and gift jewelry
to pay the same, may become a voluntary 1 being equal. ' stores find no easterners.
bankrupt, on applicatio n by petition to I • The official report- of the U. 8. Treasury
the Judge of the'district in -which he re. Department exhibits a fact that will surprise
sides.” The prtotedings then are as fol. many even of our own citizens, viz t that' the
lows: F- foreign trade of Erie is larger than that of
either Toledo or Sandusky, and only exceeded
among the lake cities by Chicago, Buffalo, De..
twit. - Cleveland and :Milwaukee. The total
[exports of Cleveland, during the jeer 1866,
were $181,183, end the imports $374 852;
while st Bile the exports were $140,182,- and,
the imports $402,810. Oar city stands sixth
an the list in respect to commercial impart.
ante, and, If it continues tolnerease its trade
itthe same rate as it has done for %few years
Ls ak . Cleveland will moo have to take a rank
r low us. The same report shows that Erie
'la the setroad heaviest coal exporting port-in
the Belted States, being excelled only by New
York. It is well for our citizens, at times,
' when ,they become discouraged, and think
Erie is not doing quite, as well as she might
be,- to compare figures With Borneo!' our rivals,
and it will generally be found that We are
progressing in equal proportion to any of '
Our young men,wbo desire a premium place
to pass their eienings, will And the room of
the - Whittier Literary Association, in itcreen. ;
zweig's block, open every - evening except;
Wednesday and Sunday. The room le frm
hated with all the leading were -and maga
sad is provided with conveniences for
playing chess sod other games of a refined 1
and respectable character The_ young men
who frequent, It are among the taint high I
toned in the eity,and to any one whawishesto i
oocupy his evenings either in gleaning knowl
edge,-or in an agreeable social manner, the)
rooms of the Association offer rare attractions.
It is the intention of the Whittier, soon to }ay I
the basis of a pnblie library, and their efforts r
la this direction, we trust, Will be beertily 1
seconded by ill one citizens who take an in- 1
telltale, the intellectual and moral welfare of 1
the young.. -
Samuel P. Bates, Esq., Military Historian'
of the State, has issued a circular calling upon -
all persons who have knowledge in their pos
session regarding soldiers from Pennsylvania,
to send it to him immediately, at Harrisburg.;
cti desires *specially to obtain inforiation in
respect to those 'who were wounded, taken
1 prisoner, or died in the army daring the war,
with the object of correcting the regimental
muster rolls, which are found to be full of Ira.
perfsetioss v It Is the design of Mr. Dates is
compile a complete record of the Pennsylva
nia soldiers during the war, giving not only
the ; regimental ; histories, but biographical
ekstahei of eackindividual, and thus render
It a volume or aeries of volumes that will be
referred to with pride and pleasure for many
years to come. Is a work like this, Mr. Bates
should,have the co-operation of every citizen,
The creditors, having been properly no
tified by the . Court, meet together and ap
point one or more assignees of the estate
of the debtor ; the choice to be made by
the greater part in value and in number
of the creditors who 'have proved their
debts, or in case of failure to agree, then
,by the District Judge or where there ere
no opposing creditors, by the Begister.
The whole, affairs hf:the bankrupt pass in
to the hands of the assignees, who have
full power granted Them necessary for the
cellection of all.debts, and the final adjust
ment end closing op of the estate ; and
where delay is likely to occur from litiga -
Lion in the final distribution of the assets,
the, Court' is eropowerid to direct their.
temporary investment. The bankrupt is
-liable at all times to be called 'up for ex
amination on oath upon matters relating
to the disposal or condition of his proper
ty or business transactions, and for good
!caueelia'wife may in like manner be com
(pelted to attend 'as a witness in the case.
A majority in value of the'creditces of
a bankrupt can agree upon the dividends
to be paid at three months intervals. But
the law tspecifies certain claims and de
;nude which must first be met and pro
vided for as far as the assets " will go.
They are thus enumerated: First, the
fees, costa and expenses under _the act ;
second, debts, taxes and assessments due
the United States ; State debts, taxes and
assessment-a ; fourth. wages due any oper
ative, clerk or house servant to anamount
not exceeding fifty dollars, for labor per
formed within six month? preceding the ,
bankruptcy; fifth, debt. due to any per
son, who are entitled to preference by the
laws of the United States. If no fraud is
proved against a voluntary bankrupt at
any time from eisty days to one year after
.. 'idicaticeroftankruptcy, he is entitled
to a Legal discharge. No person who bee
once-received his discharge is to be enti
tled-again to become a -voluntary bark-'
rttpt, unless his estate is sufflcient_to pay
seventy per cent. of his debt,- "
or unless
three-roeitha of his creditors assent in
writing to his -bankruptcy. I"
and fraudulent conveyances are declared
void by the act, and suitable provisions
are made for.the voluntary bankruptcy of
partnerships and 'corporations.
Tile exemptions are as follows :
The necessary household 'and kitchen
furniture, and such other articles and ye
eeasaries of such bankrupt as the assignee
shall designate and set apart, having refer
ence in the amount to the family, condi
tion and circumatences of thelaankrtipt,
but altogether not to exceed in value, in
any case. the sum of 8500 ; and also the
wearing apparel of such bankrupt, end
that of his wife sad children, and the uni
form, turns and equipments of any person
who is or has been a soldier in the militia
or q i the service of the United States ; and
such other property as now is or hereafter
shall be exempted from attachment or
seVtire or levy on execution by the laws
of *the United States, and each other
property, not included in the fore
going exceptions, r a is exempted . from
levy and sate upon execution or other
process or order of court, by the laws of
the State in which' the bankrupt has his
domicile at the time of the commence
ment of the proceedings in bankruptcy, to
an amount not exceeding that allowed by
such State exemptiop laws in force in the
year 1864.
* The law classes involuntary bankrutit
cy under the following beads r Departure
or absence from the State where debts
are owed, with intent to defraud' credi
tors; concealment of person to avoid pro
cess ; . concealment of property to avoid
seizure on legal process ; assignments tise
signed to delay, defraud, or hinder credi
tors ; arrest and detention for seven:days,
under execution — for a debt exceeding one
hundred dollars; actual imprisonment for,
seven days in a civil' action founded on
contract for one hundred dollars ; assign
ment, gift, confession of judgment. or any
other act by which preference be given to
any creditor, endorser or surety ; dishon
oring commercial paper, or suspending
and not resuming payment for fourteen
days. The petition to force a person into
bankruptcy must come, from one or more
creditors whose debts reach two hundred
and fifty dollars, and the action must be
cominenced. within six months after the
actart bankruptcy has been committed.
The Other features of tbfi act relate to the
duties of officers appointed -under the law,
the fees to be paid to the same, and other
matters of minor detail. When acted up
on no doubt the, law will require some
amendments. If necessary, they can be
supplied by the present Congress,—Phila.
Dastoctswe Psoisar.—The folk:ivies is
the protest, presented on the part or the
Dem ssratio members of Congress, by Mr.
Brooks, of New York, against its organis
ation mithout all the States being -repre
sented: •
Whereas, It . appears by record juid
wade that, the following States, seven
(lateen in number,-are not. now represent.
ed upon the floor of this rouse, via : The
States ofNew Hampshire, Rhode Island,
Connecticut, Virginia. North Carolina,
South Carolina. Georgia, Florida,Alabama,
Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Tennowee,
Kentucky, California, Arkansas, Nebras.
States entitled by an act. of Congress
of kferch.4tb, 1862, and subsequent acts,
to representatives' in Congress, as follows:
New Hampettire. 3 ; Rhode Woad, 2 ;
Connecticut. 4: Virginia, 8; North Caro.
line, 7 ; South Carolina, 4; Georgui, 7 ;
Florida,: I ; Alabama, 6 ; Hitewsippi, 5 ;
Louisiana, 5 ; Texas, 4; Tennestee, 8 ;
Kentucky, 9; California, 3; Arkansas, 3;
Nebraslo,.l-; in ail: 80 voogresitional di/.
tricte oarmoreptesentexi on sh e floor of
the House:- and .
Whereas Of time unrepresented States
seven ttre of the original 13 that. in 1787
met in ;Convention and created the Con.
' 'Station of - the United States: New
Hampshire, Rhode Island. Cennentieut. -
Virginia, North Carolina.- Routh Carolina
and Gem*, a - majority of the original :
Therefore, we, members of the 40th
Congress, do now enter oar most Sokoto
protest agahmt any and eyery action teati
me° the reerginisatiow of Ibis llonse
until the absent States be made fully re t
McClellan baptized our &stew legiots
the Grand Army of the, Potoniso,. tbeie
was meaning in the title. There was an
armed foe to meet only to be overcome
with the bayonet but we have now a se
cret reilitary society, for political pure
en, under the attractive title of theZrand
'Army of the Potomac. The Crisis pub.
'laded in- Columbus. says, there ate over
two hundred lodges in that State, and the
number will be increased this Rummer,
lead that it is understood that these or
ganizations are beine supplied with arms
from Gsverbment arsenals, or ty private
spetulatois—for what purpoae, or with
what object, those only know wha are en
gaged in the conspired,. It cerainty is
for no good Purposes that secrit,*oatts
bound political societies should se pre
pared with guns and amunition.
If the Northern Republicans wee seta
ated even by a motive no creditabe es en,
lightened selfishness, they, wouli try to
advance the South, instead of ignthly ob
structing it.. The prosperity of bat Sec
tion will , in mazry ways, increase cur own.
In proportion to its growing width, it
will more aud , more divide wish us the
burden of the public debt. Thsexporta
tion of its great staple, when revived to
the old dimensions, will be the twist con
venient means of redressing orr foreign
exchange, and will enable us tt resume
Specie payments without danger3f a drain
of gold in Europe.
Within the last week or two; very seri
ous bank defalcatioue have beet brought
to light. We enumerate such, wWe see
reported in the papers
National Bank at, Meredith, N. Y-.
Tailed. Cause—Speculations of the Presi
National. Bark of Itudsot—closed..
Cause—Speculations of Cashier, •
_First National Bank of Nowtonville,
Hans. Lost twice its capital Cause—
Speculations of Cashier.
1.a.01,,,,niet* 'National Bank, laltimem—
defalcstion $3 0 0,000; by Bookkeeper and
Paying Teller.
State Bank, Boston--defalettioo
.000. Cause Speculations of Cashier.
TUE No PAW'S DODVE.--Whea she war
broke out, the Abolition party rot up the
cry of "no party," and many )ernocrats
went -into the war on- the dodgeind bare
been badly sold. President Jihnson re
cently sent the names of Gans. swift, and
Coach, of Boston, Gen. Even, of New
York city, and several others, 15 the &n
-attier confirmation for certait offices to
which he had appointed them. -,The Ben
ate,.hcovever, ham rejected all d them, on
party grounds. They were god enough
to qtbt. but not good enough ts hold -ofti
tear .
By Mr.McCulloch's month], statement
it appears that on the Ist of Mtrch $1,464,-
855,01 was the sum of cue debt bearing
coin interest; $787.1:03,880 is he total of
debt with interest in currency. and $424,-
146,572 the total of debt bestir g ne inter
est. The whole amcunt of cur debt is
$2,690 587 289, end jhe cash in the Tress-
Cry $159 823 329, Comparing hie present
figures with his prerious monthly state
meet, we find thst th'. amount of debt,
less cash in the Treasury, is about $12,-
000,000 less than last month..
The nation is fortunate in having the
Hoo. James Brooke, of New York, • in the
present Rump Congress. He is an able
debater and skillful parliamentarian. His:
course at the opening of the ae.called For
tieth Congress will secure him the grail
tude of the people. No wrong will be
permitted to go unscathed while be holds
a seat in that body. ,
Items of Local Interest.
Rob!. W. litissyll. bill State - street, is Visit
for some of the best insurance o mai:antes in
the country. Those who wish to insure their
lives or buildings. will Sod it to their *dun.
tage to give hint &call.
It looks as if a-serious attempt were to b •
made to nominate David Derrickiou, of this
district. u the Radical c audio:tate for Supreme
.Tedpe. Rehm, seamed the wave support of
Senator Lowry and the Harrisburg Telegraph.
, The opting electiou in Erie county, N. T.,
of which Buffalo is the• county seat, has re
sulted le a sweeping Democratic victory. and
the reclaiming of four towns from Radical
sway. The Board of Supervisors will stood
26 Democrats to 24 Radloale lag year the
latter had a majority.
The new i residenes of J. Bois Thompson,
Req., at the corner of Twelfth and Holland
streets, is spoken of is one of the anent be
the city. D. is built of brick, 'and, was put up
by John Meld, a young top:bank who is rap .
Idly "lacing a Satteriog.reputatlon.,
In the multitudeeff oil. business duties, we
have neglected to nkties the return 'of Major
B. Fleming, of the resat'r army; attar a
Ave years' absence In California and the West
ern Territories. He looks remarkably well,
sad bears his new honors with aharanterietle
modesty. Alter hie long continued service,
be is fairly entitled to a resting spell, of some
length, and we are glad to know that the War
Department bar givin Masa six month's leave
of absence. The Major's regiment Is stationed
at Fort Leavenworth, where he will go open
his ;tenni.
I The row of frame tuildlep On Stele street,
known as -Maladies block, was destroyed by
fire early as Wednesday - monting.- There
were sti stores' In the Bait story, end the see.
end star; was occupied by fswilles. Tbo total
less scent be less toast $20.000, tor whir&
its it:wanes is shoat $12,000. The adjoin.
lag buildings were in greardenger fora time,
bur they were sored by the faithful ;shore of
the Armee, Tha
_latter request us to return
-tiudr thanks to el. Bun - Esq., and the la.
dills *fhb feartly.lfor the liberal supply of Ira
fteslnceute famished then On the occasion;
We do-not like to alkyd• to unpleasant eub-
Jetts, but it would - be usalese to vest to con
ceal a feet that is palpable to everybody,
that we are in the midat of th'e most serious
buideeia depression which has prevailed in
many Years. Pew Irmo 'in our city are doing
more than tt living trade, and many of 'tb•m
not etiewthat. If the stagnation in business
continues, the internal revenue receipts from
this district, for the year 1887, will dwindle
to a cotoperatively trifling sum. Most trau es
nien, however, are looking to • revival soon.
and we ire convinced that all that is needed
IS a renewal of confidence, to wake matters
move on again es smoothly as a !'marriage
belle." •
company hes been organized, under the
title of the ..Excelaior Steam Pressed Ilrie k
Company," to monafectore brit* at our city
on en ektensive smile. They have purchased
the valuable clay bank of %tr. Goodrich. on
Federal Hill, and iitead, !offing up one of
Gregg's improved 'teem presses, with which
they expect to be able to tarn out from 25,000
to 85,000 brick daily. This machine is said
to make a superior brick with satonishing
,itt a cost far below the ordinary Meth
ad. If it workti as represented, the company
may well felicitate themselves upon having
' , good thing," mad the public upon the e•r,
tainty of baring an abundant supply of brick
at all season..
The haws of Miss Clara Dorton, the well
known philanthropist of ,the war t in Ferry
Hall, on Thursday evening of last week, is
warmly commended by alt who - beard IL It
wie well written and Interesting, and detiv
tied with * modesty pancliarly refreshine. in
continst with the masculine assurance of-Miss
Dickinson, and others of the female politicians
who have appeared before the public of our
city. ..bliss Barton In all her actions showed
the character of a tine lady. The impreeelen
she made on those who became acquainted
with her was highly favorable, and she can
rely upon always finding friends in oar oily.
We call attention to the biographical sketch
of Col. McLane,' on our fleet page, written by
an officer of hie regiment. The memory of
the Lamented hero is dear to every citizen of
North-West - Plannissahs• sad anything Pah:
gel le d in reference to him lea/ways read with
aridity. , We fear that the author has been
Ted by personal Or political antipathy to do
Injnatioe to Col. idaatiab of the 44th N. Y.
tattletales. Fetal what we have learned of
that gentleman, We, believe him to hate beet
a moOtoriona officer.-
Good Templar's Lodges ware litganlzad ea
Siert:dog evening, the oth that., st Edinboro,
and on Monday evening, the 11th Inst., at
hie - teen, in this county, Sinew Janiary, Mr.
Davidson: the State .Leotarar for the Order.
has organized twanty-one Lodges in this and
adjoining eminties,"and he Intones its that he
has appointments out for almost u Many
Messrs. Christian & Leach hare establisbad
decal in this city and TAW° aa Ship /leotard
and Amts. This will afford our merchants
facilities hitherto mach needed; - end
general benefit to shipowitiii tad misteve. - '
The well known 'reputation of_ these gentle.
min is a. eumdent Irtarnutee for On faithAd
performance of any brininess entenited to
A great revival has taken pt s ee In the Ad
root °birch at idiaboyo, and since Jimmy
Tht seventy-two eteinbees bare been added to
the •ooagregatton.
We have now dee legal holidays—Christ: .
etas, New Years, Twenty -Second of February,
Foneth of July and Twenty-Fifth of Noyes
-The State 'Treasurer, - In hieleitt report pub-1
milted to the Legislature, dentate' that the
attainment of personal property shows a mg
Wet of duty "bb most of the assessors through
aut.the Comnionwe&ith filet is tent/ shame
ful." For ample, no returns of money tt
interest are made from the First, Fourth, Six
teenth, Seventeenth, and Eighteenth Wards ,
in Philsdalphia, sod in Pittsburgh the asses.
its of seven wards have wholly neglected this
portion of their duty. It must be admitted
by all who have inquired into the subjeot,
that the system of &memento in vogue in
our State at. present is a complete farce.
-Every district, instead of seeking to searis
true exhibit of the value of its eroperty, en
deavors to report 'slow figure's' possible, im.
&gluing that by so doing it will escape its fair
share of taxatioo - . On an average, the assess
ments do not come within one-tifth of the
actual valuation. 'ln-looking over the assess
went rolls of our city we have seen property
set down as worth $l,OOO, which, would bring
from $B,OOO to $lO,OOO anj day at suotiow.
and the same role will apply to most portions
of the State. The consequence is to give
people abroad an inferior idea of our health,
while, no material advantage ensues to the
tax-payer. Where ail strive - to report their
valuation at the totemic possible notch, noes
realise any benefit from the policy. The
true course would be for the Legislature to
require each assessor 'tebase.his estimates on
the real worth of property, and apportior; the
tat icoordingly.
For the beinfit of s large class' of uewspi•
Per readers we republish the following start.
ling paragraph. We hope - our.subsetibers
irldl be warned is time :
. • .
"A - ghost bus appeured to tbr relict of, a
Ist. lamented delinquent, maisartber to the
Lynebbarg (Irsi.) News, saying : "Jessie.
pay my isestspeper accounts and let Ins restitt
peace !"
The South half rf the Crosa Cut Itai!road,
from Corry to the Late; is completed ;'sll the
rails being kid which were brought to Corry.
The road now awaits the junotion from the
other erftl:siid'ifi - communication throughout
can then he had hy steam. It will then only
require !sealing sad filling up "to render It fit
to do business. •
The Pitliole Renard advises all who can
to hold on to their oil, said - says the
amount of d production has beina'redriced
at leriet one-half during • the pant twenty
days, If.n. may'-beleve accounts from , the oil
region. ,It predicts (Mist' the supply in the
market muse. be reduced so in, and the price
iocreasei in toceequerme.
The Buffalo Courier says, "An el-la:int, the
prnperty of Dan Ries, ocionpied` a freight car
in the New York Mall train from the eget to
Ronbester, on Saturday last._ He was on his
way to Pennsylvania. The train was rang up
several times between that city and &intense
by the elephant, who caught the ball cord with
his trunk."
1 The Corry Telegraph thinks if "they get a
1 canal around Niagara Fells, Goodbye Erie!"
As just suet' e mai has been in exis.
r tense for ten_ years or more, end Erie has not
1 yet taken its flight from this terrestial sphere,
1 we gums the city will be able to survive-fife,
years longer. -
1 The Whittier Literary Association have en
, gaged lion. Schuyler Colfax to deliver bis
' Lecture —"torOse the Pittios"-÷as soon as his
Congreasiotial duties will permit.
Rev: J. L. Hays, formerly of . 11211 city, bee
I resigned the pastoral charge of the Depth*
1 church in Titusville, and gone into the milling
bttsiness at Spartansburg. '• 1 , .
Our friends Is the respeotire boroughs and
townships wiliconfer's furor by feuding us
returns of the elections in their localities, at,
se early a day se passible. - '
tteettoomf a norm Bawer Ste= a eertain cure
for diseases of the Madge, Kidney; Gram, wraps,
Ovule Weakens, Femate Complaklit Liletworal Debili
ty and all &ream of the Urinary Organs, abitherwr-
Wing to male or &mate, from whatever cease °linnet-
Jag and go matter of how loan 'dotal ag-
Inmate of thus Onus require the woof s &emit:.
It no treatment le ntextitted to Consumption or fatui
ty may guns. Our Flesh cad Blood are aouporlelbtoa
these smarm, sod the Health and Moises% and that
of putertly, depend. upon prompt nu of a testae
rowdy. fiettahold'a Estuat Bathe, esteblhhed
mane of 18 years, prepared by
H. T. DELVDOLD, Draggle% -
• 601 Broad, iir, Nor York, and 104,Boatb Nth Strati
Phlafelphia, Pa. "
PIM...MD nit OF Para[ AXD
For pnrparlog, restorlug and beriutliying the Halr r sad
Is the rent delightful a •oodettel artinis the yea%
snit produced.
'Ladies will And it cot only a cattalo rinsed? toTa
store, Batten ;aid beautify tie bolt bat alto ladeatrside
article for it. toilet, as It Is MOO partook' with •
riot and acacias refuse, iodepecient of the tragraaj,
odor of the oils of Dabs tad take.
mg MARVgI. OP esitu
A new and beautiful perfume. whim In delicacy of
semi, and the tenacity with which It dings to tha
bandeeroblef and person Is nneittelled.
'The above Wales tor tale by all drouglets and bar
nwhon. at Al per bottle etseh. Sent .by azptew to any
address atilt* pew lams, •
w. waxier k ce,
100 Liberty Strut. NMI tort
Snow Ihrr Seavirr.—Vadscoe Z. P. Thonatoo, the
great SaeLeh astrologist, Clam/eat and Perehome.
taiclao, who bee eitonlebed the saleatide aliases of the
Old World, lee now located hinitelf at iladees, N Ir-
SlOshatracitatom gannet anti troaderfel lawns of
mord debt. al to suable bar to lio4sut kriovledge of
the greaten thsportause to the sines or mantel of
altbor ier. While In estate of trues. 'en detentes
the vary natures or the snot you an to nem sad
if the std of an fostsinaeat of Warm power, knows as
the Pnaheraotrops, waaranton to prods= a life
platen of the fatale barked or win of The ago/lent,
togethar with donor mantles, geoid° e to life, n.dlog
trait' otehsraater, Ise. This Moe lausbag as thousands
taettcoosbaa an wart. She will e.nd whim decdred
a eatend onteless `e. or written gasmen% that the
estate fa chat it en:porta to be. Sr enetcalag gni
cents and stamped envelope addressed to roinwelf, ion
will metro the plctare sad desired Information by re
tarsi mill.4.lloontoinnlestfoos neredly eoaddentiaL
Addle= is eaalidnes. Lenexa L P. ?stenos. P. O.
Sot Pa Hudson. N. Y. feb2l`67-Iy.
♦ Cocos,a COLD, oa it Boat ?steal rociaLres Woo.
diato attootion,"and stionid be dotted. It aitosoft trt.
continuo Irritation of the Lungs," perassemt oat
Plinio, or CocurragOloo, lo oft= 'la molt. '
Kowa aßownit. TROCTIES,
hintAr s direetlannis to the parts, eve immedists
villa. Pot
aid Throat Discus. Train it. used ottit galleys
glad Slava lad Pubtlo genitors will tog
Trochee assart ti atearteg the van wiles taken betbre
Alsoling on Speaking, aid rellertng ttia tinnt Art an
maul notion of the vocal ovum The Ttooheo are
reneemeaded and yrosertbed by phrekdane. aid bane
bad teet4noutela tract eratnoit data throughout tbe
°imam. Beingian WWI, of true. merit, and twine
lowed their Whaley by • bet or omit loot • each Jean
lode Mel to new localittee varloso puts of lb*
world.and the Troabes an uotrarially ronoaueed bet
ter than other &War. r , , • -
Obtain only , Broorses tronebtai *Nth's," an d do
not tebtany of the worttdese imitations list my ba
aped. dii ratrihem i n 0.24401
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Kamm Len Cesasecrr ewe eau Somme °onto"
gAllgoos.—Aa essay for pew moll II the atm of Bag.
tage.-aeg the 114.1 *nark Muss sod Means
elite& smite holettimeatil to Venting, with sue
lieeio if regal, gent to gaged letter oovilepos. hoe of
sue.. Address, Dr. 3. emmulki 110120870 N, Reward
espodotton Philatiotohlo. Pe- • i!larfil-kf.
• natasaaa's Sanaa? Brow sad Improve! kiats
Wash anna oast sad dalkate dlaindso In all Rair
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taitrzin Ommuntimirs Miters! I*. Bibb* Ida
ititraet Litho. 1404417-I.y.
-• , --.- • ~. ,-.-. -? ..--- --- -.---,-
Euvorries SEAWEED TIPI/C. / "
Tha =Wm. isortnied by Dr. 3. EL Siittinos. 0 v ERNM - ENT
of Phinutelo, fo Intendod to Mambo the bid toe PROPERTYAT PRIVATE SALE
... ke n inuot r o, thearli prOelllatigoPllooa. $7
4= 2 ,114 to genneb with .liletenek's gimtdrake , ipiTKIN OCO
Pills, the T eti own forlorn the appetite. mph toed i, . j
, .oe.
th= eaten Ware mains It Waite!' eon/
• dimmed. : 1
mina be oared by arbinalea Pal
an tto Syrrl =deo the almnarblind UM
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health,' motile restored, beecof o Tonk
and Plus wand in pearly•etery Ole of con.
soreptdon. A 'pit dozen beiges le. the SEAWEED ...
TONIC with:re or lour bases or the YAM:MAKE
ruls Irtii env any ordinary ere of drapepda ,
Dr. Blenierar makes proroalonal visits in Now
York, Boatel, and at his principal OlSee to Amuse,
phi:, every welt. Geo dolly paper , earth Stkine, - Wr -
his pemphiel or conswroptloa for his dors for eisitro
lion. t , .......:
• Nemo adorns, whenpurebnoiniitbatbolwniiktr
- meow* of ter anctor. one when in the tort nom of
ConAtimigkci. and the other as be now is, lo perfect
, • health, are ea the Government stattip,
, ile:d by AI Dr:matte and Ilatient, price p1.r.0 per
bo:tio, or et.5c4.5 hall-dozen. AU letters fig advice
aleeid be addressed to - Dr. Smirscree Principal
Onke, NO. V> 14ortll Ws arca; Phliaaelp•fia, Pa.
Coacral Wholesale . A.,^ontl: Demos Bunts & Co..
V. Y.; a. B. flanco, Baltimore, Md.; Jolm D.
t Parke. Cincinnati. Ohio; Walker & Tailor, oil
- ' ...145,43, IIL : Cedilla OM., 8t Louie. Ile. . -
• ; i • (IA w. ...n. un- 1 yr.
ATooso tapir —P. tarnist, to he' • minutes b toe, al
ter isiajosta of a to mitt" to she kty, coo !hardly
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ally sposrsd but eighteen. Upon Imp 417 u to the
" 4 ° o ' nn tent s. ehhop,•h+ gists ty tam them that
Oat tug theCMC.S. WO BALM. sad enissansi is an,
lava nage acquisition to soy !aye ?aka BY 11l IT
Ilar Lovlrer Geatlrrma daY ..proyer th-Ir personal Op •
possums an hundred fold. It is simple In to entahlts.
!loves Waters herself Is shop* yet unsurpassed In its
eglemy In dravitiß Imporitlell from, ityik, bsallne eines
. fog sad heantiegrae the skin and oamplexioe. R, Its
direct asthma on the eatiel• it drawl from it all its lm.
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fate al nature inteocteet It to be, clear soft, month end
1 teentiesi. "Prloe IA moat be mit or express, oni immipt
aims *ran, by ix. L. CLARE k ri:t.ckeasistik
Mo. Payette di, green" W Y
The only Ann.dalYi Agent. for the mile of the isms.
nillonfim acr '=au,.—Madacos Rem iogtoo. the
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of as instilment of lamps Ware, known as the P. -
ehomotrope,gausateeatoptootee,s perfect and We
like picture of the Mont hatabwrdoc wife of the appli
cant, with data of Marriage. oceviktfon, laaiileg trefu
at character, Ake: ?hie cv fotpoefli,o, Li fattingititell
without tackler can swift. ftyntattog place of birth,
age, drpwrition, color of hair end easo and niefanind
fly cents, and statopedinvciopeadd
Ton will recatte the picture by r.ticritsoalt, togattew
with desired thfonoation.
cie. Adams in conedenea, Havana fizatacon flash
macaw. P. 11.130 z 297, West Troy..N. Y.
fthlrilt-ly. A
lielre Vegetable Sicilian Bair Reliever renews the
Rale, restores Grip bale to its original color, prevents
its fallen off, mikes the Bair month end gyiasy it does
not stela the skin, 'thee proved Itself the best prepara
tion ever presented to the public. Olve its trill. Price
1%00. Per ale he all druceste.
B. P. BALL k — ffo.,
ISsehns, N. B , Proprietors.
Pars To EVISSIODY.--6 bog, 6pp .irentar, giving
thromstion Of the greatest importance to the Joao; of
both .
It tssekes bow the homely may biome! beliatitta. the
derided respestsd, and the forsakes loved.
Ito riots lads potlsoaas agouti fan io send their
addles; sod rood,e soapy. postpaid, by retort mail.
Address P. O. Drawer 21,
Troy, New York.
Ten 61,01 T Of Kau 11 3111111111—Thntfora the
Nervous and n•bllltated should Istousdlatelr are Pelna•
hold's Ectratt Sachs:. inel4'6l.-17.
New Advertisements.
111116 31 1 0. T V %LIABLE,
L Tamils Medicine now Inum Cutees Extract of
mut Meet.
T EIR GIRHAIT PAIN 11 1081.11:161t -
L Cartata Extract of Smart'
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1314 Boot or Ilmat. oirlCO7tt
ttvo,World for breaking ,
go a cold and . throwing orta favor la Cannot' of
The CO Partnership heretofore existing under the
arm DIMS of Wagner k Kuhn, is this day diseolved by
mutual consent. The clothing business wilt be maim.
red by J, U. Kuhn, at lb* wiawd, No. 12f9 Peach st.
three door. north it the Ratirosi, who assumes all lia
bilities. and to authorised to collect all debt. due t a
bite firm. P . WAANEE,
_nt . l4aw. ' J. 41.
For tireelera History Complete,
Rxintordinaryi pportnnity I, thusaralleled Succata
This history Yontelas aeo•unts of about one hundred
battles not generallr rend in the earlier troth* on the
Rebellio n. even in these most widely cimuleted. Now
that Greeters Bistory is comple.ed. Its popularity re
greeter than ewer before, and Mils with a tepidity which
maims it the moat valuable cork far Osavaiusbn entree
publiahed. address
0. D. CASE k CO.. PubSalmi.
&Word, Quin
By rirtsta of srfonder of the Orptuur's Court o f Eris
I bounty. the unillersigsed,admintetnitor of the estate of
Henry Martha, dr.% will pit the Mowing described
Beal State of said decedent, on itatorday. April dth.
1857, at 2 o'clock, p. D,. at No. 512 Paunch street. 1141 s,
Pa to to wit:
all that pions or parcel of land situate is the town
ship of !furolait to add ernanty, roundel as follows :
Common log at the Nortbesst earner of raid pt• or.
thence Sonth 2e deg Cant by land of Jahn Johoson Of
ty-bus sad a-half wan thanes Booth di dig,. West by
land of John Hsu, one hundred and litty.fortr rods to
a stoma or port: there. :Jong cent , . of the' Road"
Korb Z]l deg. Blest eft.-ore and a-half rods; thew*
North 64 dn. East be lor4 of Alegardsr fink end lint.
Ifstihrors, one Irani:ea and My bar rods to the place
of beginning. containi^g My three acres and slaty
wren roda of land, foots or less. Being part of tract
No M.
Mao. an that put of tram No. ;08 to gild tam - ship of
&Meg to coot/01w ova sera of Lim.. hounded N mr th by
• raad.lionthatat by laza. of John /chasm and ',a sat
by land of ilittbows.
OLIN Lot No. IS in Oat• Lot No 3R.9 tb. ally of Erni
as subdivided by Vinesut is lliturod; sent lot b int for
tY-onn feet thine inehee in width, frootief south aide
of Aaron street s sod one btiodted and twenty-dye feet
Joni to Buckeye Alle y.
Torsos of 50k0.....0n0-tbild In hand.tbo Walesa LA MO
egad instabnenta went ouuttiel intern*, to be focused by
Indio:lna bond and motivate on the premiss*
JON A IS GUN% Li 1•7,
/doer of -Henry liforfin. deed.
N i, •w FIRM.
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No. 3 West riveter +t, tyroon 4 s, v 1'
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