The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, March 14, 1867, Image 1

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-iSingle copies, midi° ielvinoe
ort raid ...pill lie end of ibryer. cot
rent t ,, onsia;sis $ 10 ; Ten'al4alktla• _
.obowletlon Roceoate End be pilled WAR:
paper will be vent to • ant preen orboes Tie
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a n An-thing - Otte half an fad' trained sr a fall
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121 a 1471 CL) • ;200
LAO t • r :vs „t h 20.00
2110 300 4 640 16 26 00
260 Blf 440 4.0 t 18.00 300
3.2 F 6.60 -740 86 , Ilk 116t14.
600 80 - 10.0 r 12.08 20.00 30 110.0_. -
80012 on 23.00 ta d voo woo so
200 18.00 26.0030 OC 113 0000. 0 0 181.7
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311.^ 00
„e^- , tern ' and Agnitnietratore Notions 113 eneb ; .
retrar N..tiess E 2 each; "Special”
in Leaded 4onpufel. and inserted be"Or•Kasitaree
nrsthi, 25 per cent. to - addition to segalar rat".
Notirei. furnished by the parties, 10 rents par
of tea words for drat insertion, B coax pet Mae for
sod fire cont. fcrr each 'slinkiness% tirtion.
torlalNotiees 15 cent( pittr,looB4lo l o and
fNcenta each. icirertiatonkniiit orrery
two-thirds fall rates. r eitineisklianding to
tie.*: , ante ehonld state the piriah them
•rhek otherwise they wili ba d until or
.: oat, at the earense of thiltih!rit** l, ,
ox FR0111 . 0.- 1 ;4 4 have one of il!" - eseetjcibbing oft
in the eonntrw. and are prepared to do any kind of
I, in large or small order*, at os rossomplo prhom,
rn - as good stele, is soy establishment In the
comseantestint4shocild aillefiraciedlte ;
Editor aad Propthtor.
Business Directoiy.
ra •nty, Pa
SCITCOCiIN Dmerrno, State St .lear strti,
FottGE, H. 111711. M.
rrnrurirr R Lair. Glr►rd. Wrlo Cn . •
r,d!..ntio an and other businwng ntutnAci
n•n-r. and rinnadeb.
W. WVT , I , Mit.
Arromnrr AT LAW. In Walker'• 111.
nnßorentb P. any 7'112
Wholesale and ratan dealers in Authr , eliea
El , ll^lll. and -Fan•alarg cast and WOl4. OaWaal!
.Irh Lumn tor *modeles. mid prepared for hones ore.
are nn hand. Yards —Corner e eth and WWI.. and
er Mrrtla and Ritmo. sta., 2 squares west of tbo
coney.% Frio, Ps.
.• J. FRAMER, M. ll. *
RomeopattioPhystelaa nd Surgeon
co and reoldeoce 623 Pevh Pt.. opeoalte the Park
Office hours from 10 to 12 A. 11., 3 to 6P. R.,
P. M. aps-6m.
seral-e*ry tholoobnedneaa situ oh Stet %sot, be
wrn Seventh and Ffghth ''..treeta, Gnat aids are f•
1 for Pale no very rotaontblt term; if- applied
Empire of '
edit WM. A. GAIJIRAITYL, A trent.
miasma nr Dar Gonna, Girocnnuis,
h.ra, Hardware, Nails. Glass, geed. Muter, eta.. cm.
,f aisth straat and Plana Samara, Ride, PI , arid-
D. (i:nor:No;
Limey An, Sea Scurza. on MOM
t. between State and French. Fine Horse* and Oar
. in let nn rwonsh!e terms. mw4MB4-7r.
Seisms., Banns. AND 1 11 1Atinv v. More.
or, Ml 4, ales, Lauer. &c. Proprietor of Ale ani
p. rrr.rner, and Malt warehouses, Erie. Pa.
tIT , V4 1.1
Y. 1 3 , 'ICKRIUND. D. D. R.,
'win. Ofaeo, Freneh gt.. second .t•tr7
tt , rißrpck. war corner of .Reol from. oe.1131)
Drumm Ogee ittßosen-•
; 111.4 . north Bide of the Pert. trio, Pet&
I)%tiliNNON, WILMA:101 Oc (10.. -
Sammons to alp-rira J. Vcadan,
mni..intilf.relianti, and Wholomie deafen in Cnal.
' V. dt• E. and Peoples Lino of filteamara.,
Polple 178ek. F.rie. Ps. jan4'
14T1 TIN Will LLDEV. M. D.,
.tr.-2 , 1 door nootteo BIQA. Wirt Park. Erie. Pa.
^roorford. Clolotion k _Ruth's Rtor.. Residence
t Mee Ifyrt!o atreol. od bootie Rooth of Ninth.
t" , to boors-9 to 104 x., aod 2to E r.lll.
tl9'Rstf. l _
AMTourirt Ar LAIN Ridgway
Co., Pa Wilt ago nineties In adjoining Counties.
"M. MARKS, , • .
?Anon AID Currores Czotaxint.
,In Most. *hors Dr. Bennotei OEOIO Clothe.
~ ropairod and cleaned on short notice. Torsos as
tn.blo am en,
oklm, Pa., oflies in MITT'S building, Melte irtreet.
isle City. PI., Office OTAT &MID'S Bank. Trolinien at
lootione promptly made in all parts o! the oil To
0111. l t„ BROWN gic
Innings], dealers In bard nod anft coal,
Pa flaring dimmed at our dnek prnpnrty to the'
e limed firm, naeessartly retire from tha anal
""lmllidluff otmeneeessare en eminently wnr.
o , the eonadaneo and petmnate of nor old friend*
the public. [141249 SCOTT, RANKIN &CO
I Fishlonabls %Bore. Flittt *tenet. between
and sth, Eris Ps. Cutout Work. Routring and
tier attended to promptly. Clouting don. in the
19.041 r. , 4010 as if
gitnitiona furtusbed for girls cf all descriptions,
”"rst^ famili.s, at abort antis*. Chambermaids,
ilnosakPonaris, Seam:mass; Waitan sad Mr
t‘es of all kinds. A'en.bntsla. boarding howas and
( "CLIO. ouPpiiad with servants of all tines at
nnott target to 611141 at thi•Oalaa,
Sate St., Eris, Pa. J. P. CROSS.
tt's7 •
Rare juet rooolvotl from Vow York '
• Alan. maimed freak Him York
handowl We of wo. 1 shore ?orally Hack
the Germane Cod Flab.
Cortaro or VW= AND Tao Brawn, Bars.
• nor & Johnson, Proprietor& Good Ibrosa and
• ales always on hood at madausto prima- Iyl2-tt
nn iertigned ha,'" openad a saw Tobacco stamay
ernnt, between State and Frond', (opposite fl e.
eh onleeo and will keep atemstantly on bond a eltakr
r in ainexes, Totsoeo, Boat and warathing nolußlir
a first elms ?sham"' atom, *Mall abny *44
•to , oott and retail. Plug and ant 411111inft to
en el the tilt, rnalintadora. Bloating Whew, pipe ,
51,47 COnal in rest Totistr.
DINA t, R 04 6 -4 ARIIVP
A-TS. CAPS ANEi'..t , u
.0.14 iro.te. Hotel. !s °Olin • qty Ear Hai or
eo , ds, vrtuitt will to oold at imp imprimis.
inn irintlog torthinig t 0 tho above line rill livid it
to ull. Ladise• hue alte2l4 aumS• muds
. dice tt
.ranotv Arleta/Ws Plata and Taper
Te Releit•Nad• TrodarClorzA variety al Watt
All Or which win he ktipt ea hood. and olio rods to
'ar. for goods ars an taandhatued by ozoooloso.
L R tun ID I lag. atiteldnalading sad ItzaWag dated tha
, ° , toat tones. lso, Ime aarlatv of the Matt AO
morn. for Late( end CWldteles Eihmetotte An or"
oil will to prompt!, attaadad to
JOSIN nasieß,
Pratte/ISt. batman ath and Ath;
Dealers talk
An 1341
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V 1. ,
VOL. 137--:Nq 42
• • ,1 .•
ST 0 S
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, .
... , . . , , .
lir ateet t. pie laTvit wad b4t. inhit of Itutilo, sui•
bruin* ii,torir - .Gibes, 4. - fciliindOg Inn 'ln .01112
This store in just therein:in in pm dole * as ' the P. F.)
Stewart, and to in every We over It
:Err' ale with tmlimited eontideree'ln Ito multi,. flu
Ifuto Is sold by ea at atraeh lower pries than :Ltpt er,
the Stewart, and is warranted to be all we elan !Dr it.
. .
Thls le beyond doubt the nowt operating Cooking
Stove 'Tor hardoeal in the market. There 11 no trouble
in friths , kindling the Ore or nasnaging it Ott/war:lr,
ind it eta be easily regulated to secure ja:t_pneh.a heat
as is required. Fire an to bp/ In It through. the night
o withoat danger. No one who has ores teen It is ope
ration would want to 1160 ivy Other.
retina tranth;g• the Oriental, eau be enpelie l by us
at Low Flgurep.
We here the exelualre light in Penneyteanin or
manufacturing the arlibrated
Also on hand, the Modal Parlor, Tarorite, Cylinder,
Belle, Pearl, Globe Heater, and Belle Cottage'. • •
Our rto ail Tory lute, cousitting in part, sr follows
REPUBLIC, rintrsmit,
Including Veen Impraced—thebent Intim world
for Betels; Boarding Roam, /to
IP II It N•CE 8,
And, In tact, everything known to the trade
Three doors North of the Railroad'Track;
Hauteß operas! • new Store in the above locality re.
y announce to the public that 'lll.ey have on
hand one of the lares. and most carlallv selected
stocks of ReedrMade Clothing, Cloths, Galsialefet,
Vestlngs, Gentlemen's Varnishing Goods, Rats, Caps,
&a, ever brought to this market—all ruchesed sines
the fell to vices. and to be sold at the most namable
firms. We have one of the NM cutters In the coun
try. and will engage to make up Clothing in the most
fastitonabte and datable stile. Oar stook is ampler*.
Nothing in the line of out trans has . been Degtedfad.
Give us ascii and see for yourselves. We warrant our
goods to bees we reptesent them. find ant riots as ley
as any in the city. . • WAGNER At WEIN
thrill• lure stork of goods isibair Has seritable
for holiday prosentia—oonalatiag of
" -
i•d r is 4l lol 1 sisortmens of all ami de. smut) ly kept in •
Erst-elias JewelzStore. •
wo dosiroto caII attention to oar new g4les of
au 't
rgw.T . mw7; , ' . 7 . l
Which ire Wirral to be the bort in Nl* market: ~ .-Red
diaghings aocataatla an band sad toads to order.
*ANN .2 1113NBN:
doeIS-N . No. 2 Nod Blodk..
T 0 B A_C C 0N I.f!),Ti,
. ...
• . .
etoeb at
balklut. win bilejige iiiia large aligArefliodeetsd
the eteleeet Cigars. Saaff..4l4nl4 Cat etel
Ping Vabbaoc7a/1 to be said at ttee Stott mew:Mk
. _ _
c rim
Call aid .slot youraelni. Mr West *ham& or
MAW: and panatela sa> story waive. . .
doel3 tt •
W. EIANYCIRD Matilla. to the Claart tient:lda
se.__, Cd Co. Pa. No.
'.TULTA A 1it013114.1... ten 0,1863.
The sadarsigaed.appatated by the Omuta Comm
rem of Erie eaanty a esestebelases to take testimony
IDA. atom stated awe. attrad Who drake of bts
aypeltdoaat at' Hs ante to the eltrof Pm%latka
cooed of Mc on the kith day of Jassary. a. D. Mt
aestassmetas at Id doloak A L. at whiatilisoriat
plies all perrozut intended an atte
LI.LIII 13.-a4 if thog
?0r d.474t W11174
- _
on-n ip t TIQUAI3IIIIOItht or UNION-DrPOT.
gt(ai the UMW Coal dogs: than ha abespesb—
a t bar monks; i tri& fe all Abatis mas
a tgt is e ssa eomiae• say one a their apaetor goalt4•
-verroot. 9A7.6 WtVOOOD$
-Ay - -
JOBBEtig ,
Oa/ • Jtoelr la the lsritott trrOt tiroaglit to the ettr
- etnatittlag of
Pll/21113, - - • ,
, . .
- •
DEIJ.D7I3. .
SILKS, / _
. - ossztujeass,
as & UROWN 8111MING1
A (tornado Arrortment of Press Gonda.
Fvery kind of a4tele le ittOrptitialbe:
dna, to theft, • revtcril ai.ortrithi, or everything
needed by Country' Dealers.
Country Dealers OYIL biTitba to giTOI24S, Cali • We do a
strictly er'holeeafetrade, and propose - telling at leech.
prises tient! inseam it to the advantage of inerehsetta
to this jeetion to deal to Erie, instead of paladin
"F_tit foe their goal,.
FL S. SorertalD, W. A. CRAW FORD, J.l! .Mo& s ono.
rasy24-tt •
tiLMH 4 , .0# eAL
te would reopectfally call the attention of
To our
, Slineted on the Cuts'.
vsrw - pci MON? AND SECOND STS„
liwr Needs Doek. •
1131rws aro now In operation—ban lino on
the - hand. a
elennd arb
sta prepared to rarebit it item the Ma, on
taotite. .
sn4DiNoN & co., •
We have Do eirperi,e for Sook•Eaeper, Boots. wortkileat
income or &Meet:lona. and elm Humidor* .
B lacknnltha will find, eveiyeang their line
Kbatenos k C 0.% lEra Pawl! St,
r e best assortnentakNotiona,
At Shannon le Co.'s, 1323 Peaeh St.
Charecal for Refrige; ; ; "-- ors and D C
Wetterhetie & norm' eetetmstrd ISL Otattery
et Shaer= & C0.'141E23 /*eh fit.
Giliand Patty
at Shannon &Co.'r, 1313 Petah Bt.
Celebrated Balm Apple Pam; OM going both
war. At Shannon k Co!A1813 PlatAti St.
aj—gantdce North Cirohaft,
at ' , haMeort ir 0rr..0,1823 Pooch St.
See thee, Bastin sad &vibe Stews
.• IN O.', 1090 rows et.
Witsibe Row Neff, tad Tart Polisher inSharproar
at Shannon as Co.'n, VW Petah St.
BTlMbell litri.ty—Tter, Rom, Vane, Sarah, Shoe,
r tVhUnruh. Stove and Counter Bruahee &Darter.
at Shannon & Co •r, 1823 Peach St.,
attars the 17e!on BR Deem; Erie, Pa.
M'Sole Atenta to 'North 'Western Perna. for the
ArA• Imidlen Pgent Atlas; also Herrings' Piro and Rnr
glee Proof tlahnrand.Pairtankl Sealed. Jeln-tf
P. A. BECKER /t CO., -
para t tee am" of the - Park 4 Pima Stress.
Todd reopetfally eil leats Stook l attalatio of n antis coca:motif
to b
Width he la desirous LI aelPat the
Me assortment of
linoti4ssued in Us city. as he Is prosissil to wove to
elf who eve him s
Fis koiosoonstitottr on . hond I 1111011210 Z Pit Of
tortte otiolegrale trod', to whiehhs dlNeta tL attontlos
of On Ftlie. - .
ma mold te. `Quick lAA ibian Prat. and a Mt
Roanivaied for th. Mono! , • 1.9211.413tt.
NOTICE. •.• •
The tudetelgeed wing been dnly etnezateeioned by
the Geventor et the State
Das Grua an AVIC6II and Commission Stem na de
thetas= and dna of
0111 W W 010311,
On State stmt. opposite the Pastel," whirs Its nil
be found at all Criss. Parties baring any goods to die
poll of at Futile or Private Pais, vilirnd it MUM, aS•
vantage to entrust them to los. Out door salmi attandod
to sapid's» Maim city. Coosignosenti reapoetfoily
solicitad.ani prumpt oittlemants mods sitsr each sale
dilution sales two A sys tn amen soak, visa
Without bib, and I would respsetfuliv reaped all yard , '
haying goods to disponi of.•to nal& ma in that time.
so..that I magi themes *edam Mut. - - •
I. J. CRONIN, . •
COmmissionod Anotionorr.
lattion I Commission .alereli ants. =WA!
Ar• now readying at thew old stand, American Bloos
State shoot, • largo and superior stock at
Groceries, Provision; Wabs, Liquors,
- 1 - Willow, Wooden, and Stone Wars,
Fruit% Nuts. ko., tm
Together with everything found in a BMus or this
kind, which Um will sell as cheap as any other *dab
liehawnt in this city for Cash mama kinds of eeinutry
Therbars Almon hand one of tho largest and flout
Stooks at Tobacco and. Saws mar bro ugh t to trio, to
which they Wits Ihs attention of the
ler Call and ass ca--• nimble donee to tatter Wan '
• Mow al t =tgemtir Cade halal WM rad gnat
Am, 2.1610-0 •-• 1. 11; 31:111311LIKIDALSR. •
Tr BARB, casisTuri e!c. -
Tian jut ifeetTeis troll lot
• - . 0 14 as Azln tilai OIL. .
minas Ai co., •
, , - • - • •
111101135f0" OVUM mass, renamo,
Orockay, Willow Ware, Fruits; -Nuta, &c.,
'w a114f1t471111741111,- -- •
1 4 _ west 'otd betirssi - eth a . aa 'Pit;
filtiiklikt coultly ' •
•T. liffitua;- • • •:ina.24,tt • ' • W.ltiewer;
• lill 8 ,T R Ar ' P 8,
- • tr e 11,4011111 Cgt tarot. tE r i tt
ydedi U, • - LO. - 811 .
and lostrootioa to yoga/ frit--00.
ord Asoxistloo,o. d mot frto of ebsrm in aided lottld
opos.—lddlos Dr. 8011(18TON.
- 't!euoir ai itidieted 'Woe
aids& sr. a mix/
. .. ,i
' •
" .r• -- • •-•
. . • - -
. 1
..~ - -
dtli DS MA r QNOLt A.
; • -
A toilet dellitit.eopertor to guy _Cologne-41mA to
:hotligthe taco sad *with to yowler, the gin port and
trtib, Inliaiiwotioth . to . item* clothing, for
hest, &kW; am' it i miißt►etared ii;aartes deb SonthP
:gm listoolts; settlf (kilning I vittonige vette ow.
frordntid• )it bl **Wl* with wittorwittuid -*pas
atoms. it it multi bit all *glom at IMOD ( la I, up hot*
tito;iird iii - DIFYAS'I3AA N•w Yprit, 41Liqe-
Skid bran Mauista:
! I risesttlY r .rioloa riblahle:eishlt• • •
rsh thayik oteirtlanl! .1:1 ? bo ..brit *welsh le ,the
moraine. he Of* Platitarcia Bitters: It be felt weary at•
olabt,betooktbietattice Bribers; It be lacked aaerite,
Vie vest. herald or meatilly opyreved, be took Plan•
Mane rittent.laut ther Beier lariat to set Admen his
alas natty and rine, ,
v pinions want oar teller aethoritr. bat u IMMO
may, jolt nod the -
•: • • "1 ova Marl to you, for I verrir be
llevePlexitatloolllttersiaved my rife."
W. H. wiaonii.irvirldfn• V.
• • • 4 Wien henna great outTarst',froxs
Dripepats, and Wen abandon preaching:, • • The
Plantation Differs baTa tem. , ma."
S. • • "f had lost MI apOotitomas so
weak and en*v ted I could tuiidlf Ira k. and bad s trir
feet dread of meteor. • • Tion Pliotatlonlllt.
tim har• sot m• ill right " •
• • • .The Plantation bitters /lays enred
ens of a derangement efts Kidney', and Miner,' Organs
'that &strived Ise 6.r years. • The* sat RH a (+bairn.
C 4 C. MOORE, 254 tiroadwal. N.
M nevi; manager of the ratan Rome
Moot for Soldiers Children, as., she has wirer. It-to
*the weak and invalid el:111ton under her charge with
the most hippy and gratifying results." We Vivito.
waved over a handfed reams of each cer
tificate; but no adrelserasat t• so elleat.te as what
poopls tlomielwo say o a good &Ride. Oar tartans and
oar rep?tation Is at stake. The erigizud (plait. and
high character of Lhasa' goodi - ho sustained tinder
every and all circumstances. They hare already Ob.
tained sale in aTtyy town. oiling% paw& and hamlet
among civilised nations. Hun 1 item try to come a .
near our name mad style es possible, and bean se a goad
article cannot Weald as 'cheap tea pow+ atm they find
some support hem parties who do not • care -what they
sell. Re ca ienr gaud. flea one prints mark ore the
cork. P, H. Da= h CO., New York City.
lama Railroad D.pot
()Arsy. A ruLtßtini DOLLARS SAVICD.
afteuttewen: I had a aatra mut IrOPILI ' $ 1,200, .bo
took cold from • tad hurt la the lee, and tru tutelage for
over,* year— hrd aged everything I could beer of
without beau% until; tried the lieslout Malta cLlo
bunt. It moon speeded • partuawint cure.
Ventgotuery„.sle ;rime 17.'01. J. L. DOWNING.."
-I take pleasure to reeereasead lee the Vesleale
tangLlalmeetas • 'slash% an.l !Otiose:m.6le stet&
for Sprain; gone, SCllliellillUOT Gat CZ Rpm& on
maw bass laud It for bates„ Braga !Uwe', ithlumte
tioa, tke, sod all say It seteltke
Foreman for American, Wells, F gal and Hamden 's
I:lvrea' '
•Tbr toprain of my 4lanailder's ankle, oenuelened while
skating last winter, wee entirely cured in one week after
eh* . inumneneed using your celebrated Undone Mt-
Mound: T. Mats., 1665.
It is an S.dmitted tut that the Mewlean linstang Lini-
Meat performs more curia In 4orlwr time, en Mat and
teast, than any article our dlicovired.. Stun!Ors, lir
erg-wen. and Owasso should always bar it on baud:
Quick and semi it certainly is. all genuine te,lmipped
In steel plats engravings, be ring the eignrta. e of G.
W. Westmont, Chemist, and the primate V. B. Stamp of
toSNIAS BARNES h CO, over the top.
An effort hub en made to inentafelt it with • chop
stone pints Wad. Look closely.
It its most delightful Bair dressing.
It eradicates scurf and dandruff. •• • • ,
It kmpstbi head sod And clean.'
It makes th e lair rich, so ft sad glomy.
It prersala theltsir tinning my sad &Mug oft.
It pastors, hair
amen airtgastaisly bald beads.
This la what Lyoies ilathation viii do. It is pretti-e
It fa cheap—durable. It is literally mold by the ear-load
and yet Ste almost inersdibte demand is daffy Increasing
until these ts homily a sooner, dors that does not Ineeti
lt, or a family that dam not mitt.
moires LYON. Ch.salist , N. T.
Who would not be beautiful! -Who would not add to
thigh. beauty? What glee that male purity and &-
Mg= appearance In cheerio non the stsge,andln ths
city belle ? It le ao hunger s omen They use Cagur's
Kagnalla Balm - Its confirmed use riznoires Tan, rota
tes, Pimples aid roughness from 0111 tbei and heads,
and Isms the coutpbrzlon smooth, tranwpatent, bloom
UK and ravlshhig. Colas swayaaisaatlen• It =WI=
no ceertal injurious to the Mu Ass &aged eel
ardor Ufa? yens, If not unhand, at 60 aunts per bottle.
W. IC. RAGAN, Troy, W. Y., Chemist.
DEUS 11/10/1:11 it CO, enigma's Spate, N. Y..
Sold by all Druggists,
Iletesetreets laleeltable Bair 'earning net • dye.
All instastaneuue dyes la runquand of lunar eaustie,
and mint es tams d vtroy the ?Malay Lad beauty the
bar. This ii the original 4sif colonni. ADA lase been
roving tit gam' ores tr.eatYnalrl. It 'restores gay
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nit sttinuartibleirinanuet. ,Lt la -atm.& beaufltut Halt
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ERIE r :THURSDAY, ' 11 - 14 1867
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The maidatio'bbid's her wirrior's Bub: -
with stnibe.thaf well bs' pain dissembles,
The whili bneathner drooping lub ... -
• One slim tear-drop hangs and trembles ;
Thonghlierreh alone reodid the tear,
And fametholi sever know her Story, -
11.vr,heart lwa shed a drop u dear
tierver limed thi geld of glory.
VW wife wfotirde her - bugbears sword,
ljarlitt one& that weep or , wonder , . •
4d. briiWl spelkhe the , cheering word:
s'en tbo her heart be rent naander f ."
Doodled aloft ii - herdreame to-hear - .. •
• ": Theboltvof war around him rattle;
Rea abed atsiadred blood— -•..........- .
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Was F
,ppon the field•of battle. •
The soothe whotionuala bar grief
..„. ,f
While toba r brivatirAu boy elle presee's, o -
And Speak • few brare.words, and brit?.
Rigging 41) patriot sheblesses ;
Witblio - tmehather;eecret.Ood I- :-: •:. : :r •
.I:)Teibrovvr kbOreight tl- vela& upon. her,
Has shed &nay bloOd ,*D 'e'er the sod • '
Reseived'o'n ftsideti'ei fled of hciiior..'"
Prom p.Crivford
ciprArg 'eArrso3r.
In ordinary times the idea of greatnesi•
is often associated,with and measured 4y .
rank ind positioc: But in the turbulent
times of war, deeds take precedence of
vain show and entoir weeds, and en .im-'
partial world zottlea meritorious acts the
standard by, will 4. greatness is estimated.
Eirperience, ho ever has taught us to be
not hasty in for ing our estimatea of the
characters of mei ; for Cleo at iiatneastna#
fall, But when death-bas-closed • mac's
career, • and he has departed aurrounded,
with a halo of gbrv, and hi peat it'Cts will
hear the serntini of time ; when - Ills char-
Refer stands col, bright -and Itnnitinue):
without blot or shin. and his career proves
to. have been tut' the development of
goodness 'and gi,atneia:'''etiinbined, then
may we Gately award to him his aporopri
ate niche in the ample of lame; . In. the
case of the 'hero of whom we write, this
award comes not tardily. but is rather a
spontaneous emalation froth the hearts of .
a-graterut peoplet• • ,
Col. John W. 70Lane was•born in ,Wil-•
mington, DPlawar, August'24 1820 His
'nerents removed to Erie county, Pe.: in
1829 Of the erlacalienal advantages that
he may have enjesed in his eitilY days, wo
are not apprisec. though the marked
ability that be .diplayed, particularly- in
military matters. itould seem to indicate.
that .hia editcationhad not been neglect
ed. - •
At the age of ttienty he &starred
before the • public it a military cap ity as
the Captain of ,a volunteer -co peep,
known as the "Wwne Grays." This com
pany was cnnapcsiet of the best young men'
of Erie, and undertlie efficient ,drill and
discipline of their young Captain, they
became celebrated long the line of the
northern frontier , es the best drilled com
pany in Western Pennsylvania: Mena , of
our readers will remember the great Mill;
tary encamnment held in ' gewd.rue a t .
September. 1842, and the spirited contest
between several volunteer companies for a
prize banner that vas to be presented to
the beef drilled tympany. The Wayne
Greys, Capt. -McLane, were - vcresent-and
entPred, the lists; as also did C-1. "D,"
Buffalo City Guards. The proficiency of
these two frontie' rivals soon drove all,
other competitors from the field, while
between them tbt contest was exciting
and orntracted, aid - the committee cho
sen tb award the ianner failed to distin
guish between their merits. -Capt. Mc-
Lane finally received the banner. and the
Wayne Greys carried it to Erie and then
presented it to tip Guards, and it was
taken to Buffalo. 1 duplieate banner was
prepared and afterwards presented to the
Greys. ' • •
Capt. John Gram, of Erie, an old he
ro whodistinguished. himself in the late
war, wan then Capt. McLane's First Set.-
geant,iiiiTfrom hire Relearned many in
cidents of the contet. For either com
pany fb excel, in aqrtlaing found in the
tactics of that day, ; was out of the ques- '
tion. for each was farmer perfect; as it was
possible,to be ; and after exhausting eve
rything' found in the books; they had
course to what is !crown as ileum, move
' ments." - Inithese tie Buffido..boys ocmfi
dandy expected to excel. And they had
I sufficient grounds far confidence from the
fact that they were thoroughly drilled in
a very intricate and beautiful manceuvre,
which they themselves had ceiginated,and
they' were confident that it was unknown
tool! their competitors. So carefully did
they guard their secret, that it was not
until the night previous to the last day of
the contest. that they quietly marched out
of the camp to drill upon it by moonlight.
Their movements, however, did not es
cape she vigilance of Capt.McLane. He
became possessed of' their secret, and on
the following day. When the Guards cnnfi
dently and proudly executed their Star
movement, it was with astonishment they
beheld the Greys follow suit, with equal
precision and skilL
Shcertly after this Cant. McLane removed
temporarily to Fort Wayne, Indiana, and
was there immediately elected Captain of .
the Mad Anthcny Guardif.' - Ells residence
there was of short duration and be epos .
'returned to Erie. It happened, -however,
that he was in' Fort Wayne arranging his
private affairs, when's call was made upon
the State of Indiana for volunteers for the
viar in Mexico.. He immediately volun
teered with his company; and marched for
camp at New Albany, before his friends in
Pennsylvania were apprised of his •deter
mination. Here his company- were mus
tered into the First Indiana Volunteers—
Col. Drake, Lieut. Col. Henry S. Lane,
—and from thence embarked for the seat
of war.
Daring the Mexican war, Capt.-Mc:Lane
hada but little opportunity to distinguish
himself fo the exercise of his great mili
tary abilities; not having an opportunity
to take'Part in any engageinent of note,
his comMand being employe& id garrison
:duly' at Mater:l2ora' and Monterey, during
the entire war. - . •
At the close of the war he returned to
Elie and engaged in millirig and agrictil=
tural pursuits, which he followed suncesi•
hilly, until in .1860 he was elected Sheri ff
tit Erie- county. In 1859 he organized
"ThiSlVayne Guards"' in Erie city.- Crum.
hoserinks came Inch . men its - Gen. Strong
Vincent, Gen. 11,•711. • Bfovrn. Alen. D. B.
Ucf3reary,. Cal, Thomas .Walker, 'and
many. wt, lesser , rank, who., distinguished
theMinlyeidiiring the war; and many of
Whom now "sleep the sleep thit knows no
wakiiig" , on the • historic fields of the
South. , .
-It might with !propriety te , said, that
Ool..MoLone was the Drill-linger General
Or Western Pconsylrma. At the out-,
l?reak of the war, there - was no man in
be Western portion of the State who un-'
ileersteod military =attars well dohs did
or took M mnoh-paino 'Jo inatrunt others.
Officers and nonitommispioned • gffitters,
'find even privates, who had enjoyed the,
advise tages of his instructions, were eager;
ly• sought after to )(dim 'other arganisiv
*ions; and we w..4f0 in making: thole
sertion that 4e - contributed more. totrude •
thesefficiencyttutt ebarooterised the.troapo
of Western Pennsylvania thin ,stnY other
man within its Limits f
tbis dirrotion.were of inestoulablebtmelit
to the. State teld the Nation: - When: the
report of the Slat-gun from Charleston re,
aerberated - along the shores of Lake Erie.
Capt. 'McLane at' once tommeneed 'organ::
lung a (*repots*, with -the intention of
tnartfhing ti3ltittsburgh and there joining
a :Rib:neat. , Vincent.- Itrown. Graham,
Austin. Sell giCotbere, enrolled .
, ' e '
4... D
.. . ~..: 7: , ~ .
. ..
~. 1
/ST 4 - j R .„
. ' , l.' : _
names upon idolise, and - runners were seal
out to eanvasi the surrounding country,
and in, a .very short titoehia "company".
numbered sixtesn bundred men. Select
log a 'number sufficient to conatitute a reg
iment from artiongthent,he waselected end
.conitnissioned their Colonel, and., on
first day of Met, 1861, they marched - for
Pittsburgh.and were the first regiment of
the war to march through that city. Cupp"
Wilkins having been designated as a camp
of rendezvous. Cal. McLane was appointed
commander of-the camp. Hia regiment,
however, was not mustered into the serv
ice Of the 'United States; and ofterremain
log in Carrie three Months.' they recetted
tram thect3tate authorities pay-lbri-ette
mon',/,' end seventeen days. and then re
turnid to Erie. • ,
While in cismp:at Pittsburgh. Col. Mc
Lane wsa simmotted to Harrisburg by
Governor Curtin. and tendered the office
of Col:emissary General of the State.- This
he at once declined, and expressed a , KR ,
•fereneii foe active :service in'thia field, tit;
'the same time remarking that alai:Emmen.
could 611 that plum..., HeLanes patri
otiantatiaa:of the purest:tyPe.,Alehad .i nn
desire to gekgaln in tie coat& He sad.
already resigned thestaffot the-Sheriffte'
'WO up the Sword, and the tender upon
the part of the:Goverriorof this safe,,coin-
Ridable and luerative poi:Alien:in the rear:
could rektor p gnopent swerve him,. from
his 'fixed purpose. He saw the country_
engagedin a mighty • struggle inwhish
she must either triumph or die, He bad
fully resliied the Magnitude of the con.
test, and weighed well -the
,interests at
stake.' Efe" knew that the needs, of the'
Nation denitinded fn: the-front, the use of
the bones, the- sinews and the brains of
her beet soda
-; and he was "not 'the man
who ,otitermi a place of safety cry, go f
but rather would place himself at the head
of thentlintin and gallantly lead fortieri
to the 'centlict: He would seek for re
nown through'ne other line than that of
duty. and , through that line-he reached
immortal hontirs,7even as he passed the.
portals. of death: .
. ArrorcontraCtors,debauched politicians
and the elrmorante who swarmed around
the Provost'effleree during the warvireept
to speak in light terms of sash disinterest
ed patriotism ;•, to pronounce it foolish,
and to chuckle over their unholy gains,
accumulated and extortectfrom the
others fought Readied in her de
fence. But the name or Col. McLane will
survive the lapse of lime, and live for
ages bright and fresh in the hearts of his
countrymen, while their's will perish and
rot in oblivion. Peolish l forsooth. If the
pure, the disinterested., patriotic-and no
ble example of John W. McLane be fool
ish, then let our. sons, the youth of the
land and the hope of the Nation, all be
come ,fools. Let folly become-an honor,
and let it rule the world, and let wisdom
become's reproach. .
Immediately upon his return from Pitts
burgh Cnt. McLane applied lo the Snere
tary of War and obtained an order to- re
cruit a regiment for the three years' serv
ice. This was - soork accomplished, and on
the 16th of September, 1861. in obedience
to' an order from the War Department,
they left Erie for Washington. In organ
izing the new.regiment , the Field sad
Staff were ea -
Sone W. McLane. Colonel.
Hugh B Flemming. Lieut.. Colonel
Strong Vincent, Major. '
Wm. H. Lamont, Adjutant.
JamesSaeger, Quartermaster.
Wm. Faulkner, Surgeon. -
Josiah Flower, Chaplain.
The Captains of the organization ware
Morgan, Morriso Campbell, Woodward.
Brown, McCoy, Carpenter, Knox, Graham;
and Austin. namedin the order of senior:
Hugh B. Flemming (Captain 9th tr. S.
Infantry) declined the Lieut. Coloneloy,
and the subsequent action , of Col.:MoLane
in filling the vacancy occasioned by Flem
ming's dedination, did not meet. ith the
entire approbation of his subordinate
chiefs. The" Lieut. Coloneloy was .very
properly .coriferietr upon Major •Vineent,
but in the regular order of promotion,
'dept. Morgan should have been the Major.
If Morgan was not a suitable person for
the place-(as is very probable) then the
honor should. have been conferred upon
Capt. Morris, 'who was a gentleman in
every way eminently 'clualified to SID the
position. The Colonel, however, desired
the appointment of Dr. Louis Naghel,. of
Indiana, and to this his subordinates gave
as unwilling assent.
Major Nagbel was a gentleman of many
estimable qualities, and well deserved the
esteem and confidence of his Chief, as well
as the respect of-all others; but be was
not a citizen of Pennsylvania, was as des.
.titute - of militaey experience as any Cap
tale` In the regiment, and bad expended
neither time money in its organization
and had no claims whatever to the dis-
Unction conferred upon him. The-action •
of the Colonel iu this matter, might with
some propriety be criticised. However,
the great respect felt by the officers of the
regiment for their Chief, led to a quiet ae
qmescence in this arrangement ; and had
it not been for a similar- occurrence in
Mitro l 3. 1862. it would never have been our
unwilling task to chronicle the fact that
there was ever any misunderstanding be-
ween Col. - MeLane and his offleen.
February 28'h, 1862, 'lieutenant James
Steger, R. Q. M., resigned, on account of
physical__ disability.. According to army
regulations, the vacancy should be filled
by some one of the Lieutenants of the
Regiment. Col. McLane, however, lap
pointed to the place,'a man by the name
of Tuttle. also a citizen of Indiana, and a
brother-in law to Major Naghel. When
this transpired, unmistakable signs of dis
satisfaction became apparent among the
officers. These act' were without prece
dent in military affairs, and could only be
justified upon the presumption that the
officers of the line were destitute ot-ebili
tsi, and unfit for any 'grade higher than
they held ; and 'the imputation thus cast
upon them. they regarded turszojust. After
consultation, several officers waited upon
the Colonel. and respectfully represented
to him the views and feelings of his offi.
etre, with regard to. hix-reeent - 'arqmint•
meet. He gave them a respeotful hear.
log, but declined acceding to their wishes.;
and. Tuttle was retained as Quartermaster.
The Governor 'of Pennsylvania was - then
eppetaed to. and Mr. Tuttle was not cont.
Missioned, and shortly afterwards left the
Colonel McLine was resolute in all his
'purposes; - and when he had delibenktely
taken a, position be would not. easily' re=
cede It. He very properly• regarded
his judgment adequate tto bin rank, and
his rank was' pamnrcarnylo his entiordl
riates;. and though ; his views did not at
all times accord with the wishes &others,-
yet this indomitable resolution; this fizei.
amentpurpose is one of the mosteesential
qualifications of a great military mats; and
one that has characterized all of Mir' great
eat Ind most successfulGernsials. No fun.
they'misunderstandings ever onourred,
and this was loon forgotten; andihe rola
eons existing thereafter; between him and
his officers; were always of the most agree
able- nature.
At:the:time, of Waking camp at Erie
the. "regimen t was without 4 'clotbing or
wen and:gatrtion . equipaker and id that
,condition they arrived on the morning of
. the 180i.tWillarritbarg..; Here an effort
wen madeity Govartior. cumin to indite.
the Colonel to go iota Damp, and "chithe
aid :equip" before proceedingto the front.
but haring receiret.hig authority to
omit his regiment fratlV the ;13enteieff of
Fah elso,tha ordeito report at Wash-
Atigten; he declined doing so : and having;
with' tame,-,secured traosporta,
title far his commend. be-moved forward
tis - ,'Washingtem, arriving them oat4l
night nt the 20th of Sept 1861.
The fact that the regiment wen wit
. re.
ll ; %BS
:tort s TrN ' W/UTMAN: EDltalt AND Pllo'l%lE7'o
crnited and eqUipped under the auspices
'of the State. probably =omits foritahar
. .
rort been called the 'Eighty-third for, by
reference to, .the Adjutant General's Re
port, it will be seen - that no less than
twenty-nine organizstions of later date, ex.'
clusitie of. the , Ono - nhree 3fonth Regi
ments," and the "Penn's Coups," were en
tered upon .the State Riater prior to the
entry of Colonel 3foLane's rivintent.
The regiment remained at WaShington;
on Meridian Hitt, until Oistober let; when
they marched over into Virginia, and fin
ally camped on Hall's farm, rear Ball's
Cross Roads, and weralnisigned to Butter-
Beld's Brigade, of Porter's Dishier!. of the
Army of the Bateman. in • which brigade
they remained during the entire war.
The brigade was afterwards known as the-
Third Brigade, of the First DiviSion, sth
Ann' Corps.
The regiment remained in ibis camp
until March 10114,1862„ and during this.
time Colonel McLane inaugurated and en
•forced.,a 'mut thorough' systein of, ant,
discipline and polioe-"devoting his entire
tittle to the supervision of the , catop and
the exercises .of the troops. 'Though
camped within sight, of -Washington. he
Seldom if ever visited it, nor would he per.
,niit hi. officer. or meta to do so. 'The du-
ties of Abe ciamp,•tbedemands of the ser
vice., and the obligations due the govern.
meat. 'were by
,bim held paramount to.
all, giber considerations ; and by arduous
and untiring personal efforts his forced - his
regtment.iip to qr. degree of pinficiency
that could not be excelled:by, any similar
organization in the army: . , So expert .did
they becorize in the exercises and evolu-
tiona of the service that thioyextorted fre
quent compliments from all the promi
nent Generals. The health of the regi
ment ..during what may with. Some pro
priety .z 4: called this period of incubation,
was •prece dented . in the annals of Camp -
Tife bare tovEuer b u t 'e rr 7tttlw aicknent.
T. 's may be attributed altogether to the
..irable aystem of police adontod by the
Colonel. Cleanliness of person, Ofelothes,,
quarters, cookery, kitchens and drains,
was acruuulously exacted of All; •ot what•
ever rank,,or- station. Thin s , with whole
some food, healthy eaerclse, and almost
constant ' occupation, bad the effect to
bring the men out in' the Spnisg, strong,
healthful and robust, and well fitted for
the hardships of the coming campaign.
As a disciplinarian, Colonel. McLane was
gni peer of any officer in, the army. He
was unwilling thst'any branch of discip
line should escape due punishment, yet
was ever ready jo extend the strong arm
of his power to protect the meanest sol
dier in his ranks from of fiat oppression
er wrong. Butterfield Was called a great
disciplinarian, and in , some respect be ,
was, but McLane was itfinitely his superi
-or. in this, as well.aa in other .respects... -
Butterfield's ideas of military proprle- :
ties were correct, but his method of en
forcing them, on, men of inferior rank,
was often .contemptible and mean. Col.
McLane never by word or deed transcend
ed hie authority, or fell one jot below the
dignity of his rank. Inflexibly just in all
things; he adjusted the scales of merit and
dement wit h the ,o!cest. precision, end
wbsterver - disp o sition to insubordination
may have been entertained by- either of&
cers or soldiers, it was their greatest and
most profound study to Bedsit concealed
from the Colonel. He was feared ea. well
as respected and loved. -
March 10th, 1862. the army moved - out
from t6r, defmnas or washingtotii - ana- /I T "
ter encountering peril!, by sea and by land,
arrived in front of Yorktown on the sth
of April following. At the siege of York
town it became evident that Colonel Mc-
Lane occupied a high place in the adios
dim of his superiors. Enterprises Of mo
ment and matters of weighty importance
were intrusted in his hands, and were al
ways executed with promPtness, energy
and dispatch. Upon one occasion. acting
in the capacity of :'Officer of the Trench
es," he discovered that the enemy bad
-thrown up a breastwork sod planted a
battery in an advanced position; where
they could severely. annoy . some of our
working parties. He_ at once applied to
General Porter, the "Director of the Siege,"
for permission to carry the position by as
vault. An order to that effect wee issued
and the troops designated to carry it into
effect. That night, at 12 o'clock, the
troops, under the direction of Colonel Mc-
Lane, stealthily advanced until within
rifle range - of the breastwork, -and then
suddenly charged upon it with a yell.
The works were handsomely carried at
the point of the bayonet, and the guns and
gunners captured, without loss to the as
sailants. - During the siege the Colonel
often expressed fears diet Porter's corps
would constitute the reserve of the army,
and everything did seem to indicate that
such might be the case. The Regulars,
the Reserve Artillery, and the Pennsylva
nia Reserve Corps were successively at
' taehed to the command, and it became
-the largest and most unwieldy corps in
fheesmy. The Coloriel'aexperierice on the
reserve of the army in Mexico . had not
given him a very exalted opinion of inch
a position, and he very much feared that
be would again be compelled to occupy a
place in the rear. He desired to be in
the front rank, where he could grapple
with the enemy hand to hand, and strike
telling blows for the cause of his country,
and he regarded as a cheap article that
patriotism that expended itself in harm
less and empty words, where blows are
needed. •
The siege of Yorktown terminated May
4th, and the army advanced to the Chick
ahominy, and...there commenced opera
hone against the city of Mohamed. On
the 26th of May, information was received
that General Branch, with ten thousand.
_men was at Hanover C H r on his way
from Gordonsville to Richmond. Han
over C. H. is situated nearly/0 miles from
Gaines' Mill,. where the left of Porter's
&mos then lay. It is neither a town, sta
tion nor junction, but *simply the court
house of Hanover Co. It is a venerable
'structure, that has withstood the tooth of
time,the innovations' of pride, end the
vanalism of progress, for, more than a
century, having been erected in 1740.
The First Division of General Porter's
corps was ordered' out to attack Branch, -
and early on the morning of the 27th. in
a drenching rain storm, they started upon
the expedition. At about 2:30 p. in., they
arrived within probably, two miles of the
court house,' end- thine encountered
Branch. They moved forward at once to
the attack..,
Butterfield was di.
reined to triin the leit'flank.of the enemy,
and for this purpose pushed forward the
83d Pennsylvania, 16th licichiesii. and
17th Vow York regiments, the 83d taking'
the advance. The main forces of the one.
my'were massed in a dense woods lying
to the lett of Butterfield'a line, and were
unobserved by him, or any of his corn;
mend,, who, -deceived by the appearance
of troops and artillery elationed at some
distance in their advance. in ; an. open
field/ actually passed the main body of
the enemy and advanced to the - attek of
these detached forces. — Collin - erlifotane
bine down upon them gallantly, and the
enemy fled, but the pursuit was so hot
that they were iximpelled to abandon one
of their gnu. ;The' gad passing the liMei
'contirined the-pursuit, but the 17th-New
York, commanded by colonel.-11eratip
Seymour Lansing, coming up,in the xeak
cheered.' vociferously, and fancied:square
around the abandoned piedeirif . oidnenee,
stacked arms, and theme remained guard
ing the prize during the remainder of the
action; • -
col. Lansing, thelack - Falstaff, of the
Americart' , rirmy, actually succeeded, by,
Feartinaoicirte lying, and 'persistent clamor,
m gainipg credit in th?, Official reports of
th -t ti the IMpthre of the- gunk,
li w 4 • ,i;iiiwaa the . meet heroic nobler
! comp
.:-;ent;list hat
hed, he redoubtable
doubt!** wilt hereafter
this chieftain ao.
prodicaki chal4elieratitt-tefihi ethernet: ^f ,
'State; ','
these event, Were lakiiast place In thie
sir% of the field, General Martindale, com
manding the Lt B r im ide; l **l att acked "
and ainiost.o-ssnemYr---
liatiraeld's brigade was scattered. be
44th New York, With IfirtlitdaU; the $34, -
Pennsylvania - In pursuit of 's flyhre de- '
;achy:tent of the enerey a tbe 16th !dial- --
gun imniewhifererid the rub' - New - via -- -
supporting the bononiattlib great Ameri
ca ragtag. . Batik. din of the oonnjot •
'ib the rEar. and - the peculiar situation of
his own command. called into requisition
the greilt energies . a Dan. 'Butterfield,-
WI reorganng WS force* With astonish.
lug ceterity, he led them back on double
quick to thnscene of action and hurled
them •tion the flank of, the" enemy, •
who fled •at their` approach. •When the -
order Lf charge was given, Colonel Mc-
Lane fought Emplace in toe rear of his • —...
line, Put
_,.advaneing to the fiont, and ~ -
drawing his glittering blade, his clear.
full-toned, Manly voice was heard - above
the din of the conflict and the hastily
tread of the mustering boats, "Now Meat -
Niivi lithe time to prove yours - elves sol
diers 1' Forward I"—and bke a gallant'
chieftsinots he was, he led them forward
to the front.
When the enemy fled, General Butter
field ordered immediate pursuit, and find
ing themselves closely followed, they
again made a stand, but were almost im
mediately routed, And the • aneroach et -
darkness favored theirilight. It is report--
kl 'that ;General. Branch never counte.v.
mended his order tit "doubliquick," un=" - • .
til_ ha Ives - in the fortificatioas of Rich- -
mond. : Theo ion.returned _to MOW'S'
Mitt uu We mo th 21.1 theyanntrom that
time tcl, the Milt of June, were engaged in • .
.bridging the Chloltahominy, domg•
post duty. 6:310t1131 McLane hintielf
-paid no attention' whitever to thinnman -
ly manner in which Falateff had -secured.zt
the -contmendation of General McClellan -
for the of the gun above referred
to... The matter, however, was freely'dis
coned by , othera, and as often as Tensing "
obtruded. hiiobese person among men of
hoeor and, self respest be met with an
noying reproaches for his •cowardige and
instconade. He finally became alarmed:
lest bis 'yen - precarious"' footing ehtinld
•slide from under. him, and inasmuch is
rumors were prevalent that. Col. ]McLane.
was about to , be appo . inted Brigadier. he
.determined to apologise to him and ifpos
aible.make "fair weather," and for this
purpose he went to Colonel McLatte's
quarters. The Colon el received him, heard
answered .him, and dismissed him •
just as be deserved, but with less formali
ty .than Henry -V. dismissed hilt' 4reat
B.ngliab piotetype. ' He. Veoeilied bite
coldly; heard him patiently, told 'him bito
IiP4I; and
.ordered him to leave.—[Fait
- -
[Concluded Nest iVesild] • ' '
Brief Paragraphs.
Row many peas are there- in .a pint?
One p.
Why is life the riddle of riddles I Be
cause we must give it up. ,
Woman is a delusion ; but men will h ug
The art of book-kee_ping . taught in" one
abort. and easy lesset;—neiefiend-theth.
Gen. AreClellsn's wire lies become - a
mother at Dresden. • -
- Mrs. John Bigler, of Beaver, Ohio, wears
a widow's weed- at the age of 12. 11er baby
has seen half, a summer.
A woman in Nevi York, over fifty, , has
sued for a divorce from her husband . , near
ly se•enty. .The "youth" has been paying
his addressed to a young girl. ' •
The latest "conscience money" ease la
thatt of it Newark man, who paid a farther
for apples he stele in childhood's sunny
&nu or CONSOLATION.-4 'man's—
Well, I'll tell you what you Mist do. A
woman's—Ah 1 I told you how . it would
.be. •
A cm%-mnorary summits that ttuaquieltest
way to mate a fortune 1, marrying a
fashionable young lady and aelliog her
clothes. _ .
_ .
A young lady of California recently
,broke her'neck while resisting an attempt
of a young man to kiss her. .This fur
nishes a fearful warning to young ladies.
"w, papa, what is humbur ?" "It is,"
rep No
lied papa. "when mamma pretends le
be very fond of me, and puts no. buttons
on shirt."
"Gentlemen will please leave their to
hamar' at the door," is the polite request
prominently p ieced at the entrance of
several paces of worship at Columbus,
A New Bedford lady recently wrote to a
Boston publishing house for a copy of
"Gellert, or Trust in God," and received
for reply, "There is no 'Truitt in God,' to
be found in Boston." - .
No more married men are to be enlisted
in Uncle-Sam's army. This order will
keep men from jumping from a frying•pan ,
into the fire. _
He is a a great simpleton who imagines
thattbe chief power of wealth is to sup
ply wants. In oinetpisine cases out of a
hundred : creates more wants than it
A Connecticut Yankee has cleared his
house of rats by catAing one and dipping
him in red paint. He then let him loose,
and the other rats, not liking his looks im.
Medlately left. •
A Hississiipi negro worked on shares.
When faked the amount of his profits, he
said: "Nut En. I worked for de seventh,
and de boas only made , a fifth, darfor I got
muffin." -
A boy's idea of having a tooth drawn
may be summed up as follows: "The
doctor hitched fast on rde, pulled his best.
and just before he killed me the tooth
came out." •
"Pray excuse a bit of sarcasm," said
Smith to Jones. "you are an Infamous liar
and. scoundrel." "Pray pardon a touch of
irony," replied Jonet f as be knocked him
down with the poker.
The editor of en Eastern paper remarks
"We haVe adopted the eight hour system
in` this office. We commence work at eight
o'clock in the morning and end work at
eight in , the evening.
Mrs. Partiogton is in New York. She
came in.from Boston as soon as she learned
by telegr aph that gold was falling rapidly
in W street, but after several unsuccess
ful attempts to get into the shower, is go.
log bask a disappointed woman.
A man named Aaron Bedbu g recently
applied to the 'Kentucky Legislature to
have his name changed. He says his
sweet-heart, whose name is Olivia, is nn
',Mingle shall be called A. Bedbug, she
O.'Bedbug and the little ones, little Bed
bugs. - •
'I think,' said-a wife who could not
agree with her husband—'l think, Hr.'.
Jibba, we had better divide the house.
You ahalllive on one side, I on the other.'
'Very well, toy dear, replied be ; 'you
take the onside, I'll take the inside."
A northern planter overheard two 004
bands talking. "Jim,"Mild Sam, "what's
the reason the major don't call me mister;
and what's the reason be calls my wife
the old woman. and not minus?" "I
can't tell, " replied Jim ; 'Rem to me
Yankees don't think much • more of es
than our old masters used f• - : •
A Goon Spaiiiard mita
a peach ° I. Pear bY tbe:voideide, where
ever.he foot , digs a hole.. in the groamt
with his , and covers the tieed, Con
sequently; all over. Spain,liy the roadside
and elsewhere, fruit in " g reat' abundance
tam is the taste, and is ever free. Let*
this habit be imitated in , this amoutry.
-- -
"I Wish I bad your lead.'.'-said-alidy
one day, to a gentleman who had solved-,
foi her a- knotty point. "And I . Wish r..-.
had your heart," was the reply. "Welt" -
said she, "since your head and my
eh 5
can agree, I don't see why they should,
not g 6 into a partnership.
Oar A fire made to tee Morning Obit?
store eau be kept up all, the mint= round;
without kindling. For sale by Ilitorod &
Company, 805 Freeoh street. 00t.25-tf.
ferrFor,a parlor or sitting roam store, At
one is egnid to the Morning Glory, tor macaw.
Himrod . de Company, 605 Fran& stmt.'