The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, February 07, 1867, Image 2

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F) rte ill serber.
Demileratle Co. Cothadttee.
The members of the Deitocratic Do. Coin
inittee are requested to meet et the Observer
Office, in the city of Erie, at 3 o'clock, p.
on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 17T11, 1867, for
the election of two Representative delegates
to the - nest Stye Convention, and 60 dele
gatis to..a pro one¢ 'Masa Convention at Her
risborg„ to assemble at the call of Hon. Wm.
&;: Wallace, Chairman of the State Central
Committee. ''• !
BENJ'N w nirmArz,
Erie,-€eb: 4867-2.0 r. - Chairman.
In Court, on Monday, the case• of C. E.
Duncombe arid Timothy dress, Democrat•
is election (Armen of Amity township, in•
it icted -for receivin g the bot PA of alleged
des - erters,was brought up, on a motion for
their discharge. before Additional Law
-.Triage Vincent. The counsel for defend.
ants. James C. 'Morahan. _E.q , made an
= 2 able plea, showing that the Supreme Court
had decided the deserter law unconstitu
tional, and alluding to the-fact that the
presiding Judge, at the-last — ter& 'of the
Criminal Court, had advised the 'ignoring
oaf- all the cases growing out of it. Judge
,iVincent stated that•be had not given the
Ohl ect.mutboonoideratiOn (notwi t hstan d
frig it has been-a topic of discussion in the
newspapers for nearly a year) and was not
'prepared at present to grant the motion
of defendants' counsel. The parties were
!ben bound over in the sum of one hund
red dollars each to appe;ir at the next Rea
ction of Court.
On Tuesday morning= Judge Johnson
took his seat upon tse hencirsand the case
of Wm. J. Welkerija men:Oar-Of the elec.
tioia'board of Le Bci‘ - of township. indicted
for the same offence, was brought up be
foreltim, on a motion'by lifeasrs:. - spencer
&syarv;n, his attorneys, to quash the pro
ceedings. Mr. Welkerserved as Inspector
at the last eleCtion.%being the only Demo
crat on the board, The votes a two are
Jetted deserters were offered,,,and the-Re
publican officers agreeing wit% Mr.. Wel
ker that the, gout d not be constitutionally
excluded, they were received 'and counted
in the returns. Soon seer, at the instance
of the leading Radicals of the township,
MI Welker was indicted, but no_nction
was taken against the 'Republican' metw
here, of the board, it being charged' in the
inciitment that he had influenced them
to receive tce votes—a rare copliment
to their judgment and firoanessl he two
rz li
voters were also indicted and bog, dover
to appear at court. In charging the Grand
Jury, at the November term, upon these
and similar cases, Judg,e Johnson advised
that all of them be ignored. The Grand
Jury followed his advice in every case ex
cept that of Messrs. Dancombe,Grosi and
Welker, some members of the body being
probably actuated in these Instances by'
motives,of personal Spite, or political in
-fefeet: What *takes the matter more cu-
rious is, that the alleged ° deserters whose
votes Mr. Welker and hie fellow election
officers of Lgy &oaf township received,
and who by th 4 law-under which he was
held were equakly liable _to punishment,
were discharged by the same Grand Jury
whichheldhini for trial, ,
i 4 ,
Unlike Judge Vincent,' the presiding
Judge did not feel Rids duty to hold Mr.
Welkees case over for PArthep consideration.
lie ordered the proceedingsto be suinma
rily quashed, thereby acting in consonance
With his fornier charge to the Grand Jury.
A motion watt made that the costifbe laid
upon the county or prosecutor, and the
Judge expressed 'a disroaition to cast them
upon the latter, but it being ascertained
that he was worth no property, the costs
were divided between the county and the
defendant. Thus, by-the action of a' 11P
publican Judge, for the second time, the
pOsition of the Abierver on this subject,
is triumphantly sustained in our county.
The- course of Judge Johnson cannot
tail to meet the approbation of every man
who'examines the question in the light of
reason and good- policy. If the Courts
continue to encourage suits springing out
of the deserter-act, l the time is not far
distant when it will_henearly irrjposaible
to procure men to serve oil eleition boards,
The law has been a source of terrible bit
ternesa of feeling, and given more annoy
ance Jhatrany ever engrafted among the
acts ot-our , Legislature. Since its uncon
stitutionality has been definitely decided
by the Supreme Court, there can be no
'object in - permitting it ',to remain on the
statute book. and if the present Legisla
ture has any pstriOtismosny regard for the
interests of the public, Noy consideration
for the highest judicial iody in the State,
• it will not fail to wipe it out 'of existence.
The Harrisburg Telegraph of January
, pay's "The editont of the? Erie Dis
patch and the Pittsburg Leader were both
called to Harrisburg atj the expense of
the gut*,, and requested'to, testify before
..the investigating committee as to their
knowledge of alleged frauds in the U. S.
Senatorial election. Both gentlemen ap
peared and declared on their solemn oaths
that theyhad no knowledge whatever of
any improper means having been used by
. soy of the Senatorial candidates or their
friends. This .testimony stands on the
reeved of the committee, and will, in due
;time. appear among the official proceed.
pings of the legislature." The Telegraph
thinks that "after having made such
solemn declarations," -it is the duty of
the editors in question to "at least- say
nothing more on the subject, if they are
not manly - enough to apOlogise to the
public and the 'gentlemen they . have at.
tempted to tillify and disgrace." As the
fight is none of ours, we will leave the
happy family to settle the question of ve
- melt) , and propriety - among themselves,
contenting ourself with merely giving the
public a Chanceto lead both sides of the
Thad, Stevens' dictatorship is passing
away, last winter be bad many admi
rers and a boat orfollowers, and was re
ally leader in the . national House of Re
presentative,. This winter, which be com
menced in Washington whirs declaration
that he bad wasted ao much time its be ,
inn n Conservative, and proposed to he a
Radical, be has been kicked and cuffed
alnrost without ceremony; ilk greatness
and theikof Forney faded at Rerrisburg,
and his pet scheme of an enabling act for
the Southern States has been coininitted
to the Committee on Reconstruction, by a
vote of 88 to 65, and that's an end to RI
' The Wash; o eon dailx Star au ggestsoth e
orwlsatiou of 'minute Wed.! to be drum,
wooed eta moment's uciticce, for the pur
pose of defending andaulotaioing the Pres
ident ottbe United Btatisa in the exorcise
of his high official rovoistises.v
Advices from Washington have for some
time mentioned that the President was in
consultation with his leading Northern
41341 Southern friends; endeavoring to de
cide upon some basis by which the troub
les of the country might he pacified, and
the late seceded States restored to their
proper places in the Union. The moms-
Ty . of this plan is published, and it is
found to consist of the following propo
Sec. 1. No State has. a right to secede,
nor has the Federal Government the rich -
to eject a State or deprive it .of represen
tation in Congress. •
Sec. 2. The United States debt shall
be hold sowed and inviolate. but the rebel
,r debt shall never be paid by the nation nor
! any
Sec' 3. All persons born or naturalirsd
in -the United States and subject to its ju-
I risdiction shall be citizens. and shall have
the rights and immunitiesitt all St ales of
life, liberty9ld properly. • ' - ;
Sec. 4. Representation shall be based on
'numbers, counting all persons except In ,
dians not taxed ; but when a State es
. eludes any of its population on account of
• race or color from valise, then those ex
cluded 811401 not be counted_ in the basis
of representation.
Also, the following to be part of-the Con
stitntion of each State:
"Every male citizen a veer in the,. State
and eight months in the, con tztv"immerli
atetv preceding an election, end who can
read the Declaration of Independence
and the United States Constitution in the
English Tangunge t and owners of two hund
red and fifty dollars worth of nropertr,
shall be_entitled to vote, provided that no
person who has heretofore faareiaed Abe
right of franchise shall be excluded from
It is stated that these proposed amend
ments mast the approbation of Gov. Orr,
of South Carolina, Gov. Sharkey, of Mis
sissippi, Oov. Marvin, of Florida, Howell
Cobb and other prominent Southerners.
They are designed to take' the place of
the Constitwinnal Amendments proposed
at the last session of Congress. and wilt be
advocated by -the President in his next
message. The first part of the programme
is Nto secure their endorsement by 'the
Southern Legislatures, and this attempt
is successful, they will be presented to
Congress as a basis of compromise between
the two sections. in lieu of the objection.
able amendments heretofore urged by that
body. The concessions they make. ought
to satisfy every reasonable member of the
Opposition, though we have no faith in
their acceptance by Congress, That body is
too strongly bout en perpetuating its party
power to consent. to any measure less
than its own unjust and impracticable
The concurrent testimony of all who
have visited Washington of late agrees to
the effect that the impeachment move.
meet will be a failure. The Philadelphia
North American and New York Post, both
organs of the business portion of the Rad
ical element, are open and_confident in
their easertions that - the scheme cannot
succeed in this ,Congresi, and has little
chance to the next. We. have had; during
the week, a conversation with an tutor:-
gent gentleman, jest returned from the
East, who tells us th s et the business' inter
ests are unanimous against the movement.
-A heavy pressure fe4m that quarter has
lately been brought to bear at Washing-
ton, which has given - the death-blow to
the designed inineaclitment, for this ses
sion at least.
.The statement of this in
formant is verified by that of one of . our
public officers, who. on a visit to Washing
ton, had frequent intercourse with our
Congressman; Ur. Scofield, and gleaned
from him the game information given
above. -
Notwithstanding the reliability of these
statements, we 'caution the Conservatives
of the country not to be caught napping.
It map be — tbat the Radicals have only re
sorted to this dodge to put the people off
their guard, and that at some moment
when we least expect it, they will rush
through their revolutionary schemes. The
friends of the President cannot be too
bold or watchful. We must so act as
to make the Radicals plainly understand
our intentions, and he prepared to carry
them out if. unhappily, the crisis comes in
the worst. "Eternal vigilance is the price
of liberty."
The Buffalo Courier speaks with its usu
al good sense in reference to the proposed
Democretic National Convention, next
summer: "We do not question 'the good
faith of those who advocate the assembling
of a Convention of Union men from all
the States ; but we ' are confident their
zeal in this matter is RI- timnd. At pres
ent, there is positively; nothing for a Na
tional Convention to do, except to , fur
nish eapital for the Radical disunionist's.
The Rump pongressWa; precipitating the
party 144enolls to - re resent to destruc
tion, and, in the name of common sense,'
why should the Dsm raoy—toterpnse to
prevent a consummation so devoutly to
be wished I When the Itsdicnts have per
fected their revolutionary schemes an ,
are ready to present their programme to
the people of the country, there will he
ample time for the lovers of oonstitetion
al liberty to arrange the details of the
Presidential campaign. There is nothing
to be gained and much to be lost by hasty
action. Our platform is the restersiinn
of the Union. as everybody known, and a
yard or two of well-worded resolutions
will have no benefical influence The ag
itators for a National- !convention, n i n e
times out, of ten. are played-out politiciani
5it:1.144 to air their ancient rhetoric and
galvanize themselves Into a Iletitioue life,
fold on, gentlemen. The Rat/le a / a are
doing more for us, lust now, than we can
possibly do for ourselves I"
The Democratic State Central Commit
tee met at Harrisburg, last 'week. and fix
ed the second Tuesday of June next for
the meeting of the Convention to nomi
nate a candidate for Judge of the Supreme
Court ; and also recommended the Demo.
creep of Pennsy'vania to forthwith elect
two delegates of recognized position and
influence with the party, from each Re
presentative and Senatorial District. who
'shalt meet in Mass Convention, at Harris
burg, on a day to be fixed by the Chair.
men of the State Central Conimitice. A
resolution of thanks. to lion. William A.
Wallace, Chairman; and other officers of
tins State Central Committee, was adopted
with degerved unanln;ity, in .the State .
Convention, Erie county will - be entitled
to,,two delegates; Crawford to thige, in
cluding the Senatorial ; -and Warren to
one. To the Mass Convention, Erie coun
ty is egpected to send four representatives,
(two for each of the assemblymen) ; Craw
ford four; and Warren two, ,4.p Crawford
and Erie compose one Seeatorial district,
they are also entitled to two additional
delegates to the Mass Convention, whom,
we •presume, they will divide between
thew, thus giving each county five, dele
gated to that asaitighl4ge?
In the course of a speech delivered in
the.Sepate, lately, Mr. Lowry alluded as
follows - 1/7003a Itidical _papers in this
city. It will be perceived, from the blunt
way in Which be puts his stiV.ements, that
our valiant Senator is not the slightest bit
intimidated by the fear of encountering
the enmity of these influential journals I
"Mr. Speaker, I did not rise to make,
an argument, but simply to repel an at
tack made by a wicked calumniator.' The
Senator from Fayette (Mr. Searieht),
when about 'reading from the Erie Dig.
patch, remarked that it was a Republican
apet(of Erie:l Allow the to inform the
Senator thit the Erie Dispatch is not and
has not been the organ of the Republican
party of Erie county. Neither does it
speak for any Republican in that county.
And the same is true of thegrie Gazette.
The latter is simply a pan' tA the Dis
patch establishment; being printed upon
the same press. It was bought by the Dis
patch, and that bargain and sale very soon
gave the Matte a very bad name. In
deed, an offensive did that sheet become,
that at the county convention recently
held, a resolution was unanimously adopt
ed warning the public that as a_party they
were not responsible for what appearedia
the columns of either of these papers."
The Dispatch'-deniea so much ,of the
above as recites that the Gszetie is' a part
of that einabliabment, "being printed on
the sitne press.". We shall hide in pa
tience until we see what the Gszette has
to-fay for itaelr, •
The agent of the Tribune's Boston "bu
reau" Communicates to that journal the.
following frightful statistics in relation to .
flogging in Massachusetts :
"Mr. George B. Emerson' has been calt.
ing attention to some of the 1 . -defective
methods of education in the Boston
schools, and Dr. Ordway, who is said to
Lave a "bobby," and, therefori, like all
men who have hobbies, a sort of red /MCC-.
tre to fogies and routiniats, has made
public some statistics in relation to flog
ging, or. to speak more mildly. corporeal
Punishment, in these same institutions.
The Doctor states, on authority of the re
cord keu'by the teachers, tilatthere have •
been thirteen thi , ' usand cases of this sort of dis
cipline re nine months.. •
Thirteen thousand floigiogs- in nine
monthsT The "Key to' Uncle Tom's Cab
in,". which coven! all the "outrages" of
thin kind for a pitriod of thirty years in
the South, does not reveal a tithe of such
instances in, the whole slave record of the
old slave States. If the Bureau has a par.
title of the protective powers that are
claimed for it, surly the white-boys and
girls. of Idaseachusetta should have the
benefit of its intervention a tea ca. and Sen
ator Sumner should give the Senate a two
days' speech on the "Barbarism of Civilizs
tion in Massachusetts?'
The Harrisburg Telegraph denies Outt
en), person except Geary furnished an
idea or wrote a tine of our new Governor's
Inaugural. As we published a statement
from a local Radical cotemporary to the
effect\ that others had provided a portion
of *he-matter of the address, it is but fair
therßivernor that we should give him
'the benefit of his organ's denial.
. 13 ravitioa.-
Th e o Bostm- Post compares the Republi
can party-to a pawnbroker's shop, full of
unredeeme 1 pledges.
A Western paper gays if Brownlovr bad
not ..;.possessed a strong constitution be
would . have-"cussed" himself to death,
long ago.
Brownlow astonishes and gratifies Ten•
nesaeeby the announcement that he will
retire from public, life at' the doge of his
terra as Governor.
It is the duty of Congress to legislate for
the welfare of the country, and not to give
expression to personal or political animosi
tiea.—Sprinee&l Republican.
The Harrisburg Telegraph,the central or.
gan of th-•H:publicon party of Pennsyl
vania, makes a direct and most decided
attack upon the loyalty of General Grant,
After every election of United States
Senator in iPenneylvania, they have a
committee of investigation appointed to
see who has got the mosrmooey for his
vote.—Chicago Tribune,
The New York Herald unites with the
Washington Chronicle in calling upon
Congress to reconstruct the Supreme
dourt ? Let uithave ail courts abolishea,
and then -we- can go -ahead just as_ we
please, and "devil take the hindmost,"
The New York -Times calls upon Con
gress to - give to the South some assurance
that tbe-States will be admitted, to repre
sentation upon their adoption of the
amensimept, It thinks this is the only
way to-procure its adoption.
Senator elect Cameron, bss been visit
,both Houses of Congress to-day. and
personally conferring with Senators. It is
said that he and Forney have settled the
difference between themselves Washing
ton „Dispatch,
flow rnuoh did be give the
"D. D
The editor of the Lyndon (Vt ,) Union
has been nresentorl by -an Mina's * Demo
- rat with a (Arco hickory , chair. ass testi
monial 'ln the-man who had the-moral
courage and backbone to print a Demo
cratic paper iu the Rsdical State of Ver.
The. Cinctinnati Cosiimerciat saye("ihe
paople_want sme. . Fiver) , legitiroitte in
terest in the country demands peaci.,
the. goad sense of the country requires
peace." It:should have added that the
only obstacle to peace is a disunion Cot
grog,. -
"Why don't they teconstract the Southern
Who stand repentant, knocking at OUT flues ?
It seem' to me," says Simple, i'lts•a stn,
Now they've repented,•not tole! them in."
"It would not do," says Wise, "for past
If they come to, our party will be out."
Wrier wa 'star Emer..--The Govern..
went is in receipt of advices from Europe
to thp effect that large amounts of U. 5,
securities will soon he forwarded to this
coantry for sale. Owing to the tack of
confidence occasioned by the announce.
meat that Congress would probably im
peach the President, European capitalists
are disposed to convert our national se
curities. Nothing is more natural than a
result like this. The truth is, Congress,
by its wild, passionate, and unwise system
of legislation, is doing ita best to ruin the
credit of the cluntry. at borne and
Elder Spooner, of liVaukeeha, Wie., a
reverend politician and lobby man used
to be a great friend of Governor Ra ndall,
but is now his very bitter enemy, haitio.
become a very bitter,Radfcal, He has
shown his spite by burning bOoke and doc.
umenta sent him by the Governor. Gov.
ernor Randall heariog•of it, sent him, in
an ordipa oft3cial package, franked, a
copy of tbS ry
Bible. The Elder, in his in.
dietitian:nem stopped to open it, but
committed that; too, to the tire I The El ?
der was told what the book was after It
was consumed. 'Waukesha is in a loved
grin over the transaction.
A 'RADICAL AFT,IDAVIT.—We . find the fol-
lowing anti•radicai te4tintony in-the cot
respondence of.a Radical Boston Journal
—given Ai the.result of the observation of
a "prominent army officer." After say*
that the , rebel. soldiers accept their do ;
feat as a finaliti t and that the only classes
who make a show,of hostility are the la
ilea and "bomb-proof fellows," who shirk
ed military dtity, he touches the topic of
the times" as follows:,
"Believe me, that first, the negraes are
not fit to vote ; and second, they would
generally vote - with their old masters.
Don't you know Shot , Au? Connecticut
blacks always used to vote the old whig
ticket, following the ruffle-obliged old
eentlemen who formerly owned them
It would 'be like that here. It in bpl pot
icy, I firmly believe, for the North' to in
sist that the negroea shall vote, and con
sequently be represented,"
The Pittsburgh Christian Advocate
(Methodist}• eays in relation to the im
peachment of the President .
We regret more than we can expreis
the movement started in the Rouse of
Repregentativea to impeach President
.JOhn.on. It will unsettle once more the
foundation - of.society, and create a wide.
spread sensti.of uneasiness. The nation
needs rest. It has been feverish long
enough. Arid firm, not extreme measures,
are the great want of the hour. We tfust
the in Ir9mPnt may yet. be arrested by the
sober second thought of Congress. In less
than two sears the question will come be
fore the high court of the people ; and it is
better to defer it to that final settlement.
A. PLEastno Asstrasxce.—The.Philsdel
phis North American offers a grain of
comfort to those who are distressed by agi
tating discussions of Congress, as follows :
"Of one thing we can assure our readers
and the public, since it is proven by all
current testimony and the common ten
deecv of 'Congressional developments.
This is that no effort will be made at the
pending session of Congr. , ss to undertake
imnpaehment.. There remains "hot more
than a month .of working time, which
must be encroased by the amendatory tar
iff, tax and bank acts, and by the great
ours, ion of reconstruction," ,
The Democratic minority of the Indiana
Legislature "bolt" when they want to de
feat an obnoxious measure of the majori
ty. Tee latter, to stop., the little • game,
and to manage things a la Rump. have in
troduced a bill , making "boltinc" a •mis
demeanor, punishable with $l,OOO fine.
Whenever that hill comes up. however.
the minority "bolt," and the bill, falls, of
course. Under the circumstances "bolt
ing" is a good 'institution—it tempers
Radicalism about as well as anything
The Democrats and conservatives of
Pennsylvania. Ohio mid Indiana cast in
October, for Congressmen, 6611201 ballots,
whilst the Radicals of these States cast
728;788—an excess If only 68;487—n0t
quite enough to make a difference of one
Congressman.. Notwithstanding this fact,
the Democracy have only - 12 members
against 43 by the Radicals. This is owing
to the infamous arrangement of Congres
sional districts. .
When Andrew Johnson, under the
forrosof the Constitution, succeeded to the
Presidency on the death of Abraham Lin
coln, the Republicans declared tbat Prov
idence,. for some wise purpose, had called
the latter to his final rest, and placed An
dyin me s-.04....a Since bis course
has turned outl to be antagonistic fcirfieT
. "prorressive" plans of blood letting and
plundering, they. say he is only President
by accident.'
New England paperi . say that "a me
chanic, who" is nut of work, propose, to
write Thad. Stevens, and see what ,mount
of money, (to be raised by subscription
among the mechanics in New England,)
will he satisfactory to biro, ns an induce
ment to let peace and prosperity be re
stored, North and South, as they are anx
ious. to get beck to their workshops. It
may be fun to him—but death to them."
iff diddle, diddle, . ' •
The Congressional Addle— .
The war etosed a little too soon,
The little dogs laugh
While Butler and staff
Roo.away with another teaspoon.
An exchange says if Providence would
only incline Wendell Phillips to keep
himself Occupied with the aubj.bct of aid
for the Cretans for the rest of his life the
world might possibly have a- little peace.
• It may not; be generally understood
that. the. reason why Nebraska and Colora
do are driven into the Union at such a
rate, is to secure a majority for impeaob•.
meat in the U. S. Senate.
Gen: Ifarrimari, the Republican candi•
date for Governor of New Hampshir•i, and
Hon. John G. Sinclair, the Democratic
candidate, have arranged to stump the
State together( commencing, on Friday,
February Bth.
The Washington correspondent of the
New York Tribune says : "Reneeade Re.
publie.ana who have been appointed to oi.
flee stand little chance for confirmation,
Straight-out Democrats are thought. more
The ratification of the amendment is
denounced more bitterly in Atassachn
setts by the RA(Heals than, by any other
claps of citizens.
Speaking of impeachment, Mr. Or;Celey
nye "no patriot will wantonly or lightly
shake the twin fabrics of Public Order and
Public Credit!' • -
A Q,nestloit of Veracity.
The Dispatch, not long since, when it was
in as angry amod . over the Senatorial el eoll on,,
charged Governor Geary with having effete&
the following tenet during his etas' is Erie,
last fall,—boldiog in his hand at the-time a
glass of lager
"The English like their beef, the Irieh like
their potatoes, and the Germans - like their
lager. This gentlenien, is the sincere sentiment
of my heart ! ! !"
"It 111143 this wonderful, wise and profound
speech," adds our cotemporary, ' , made by
Geary in Wagner's Hall, in this city, which
awakened us to an estimate of hie importance
116 a statesman and a man of ability ; and this
and similar expressions of his whtph led' us
to believe that the Rep - Oilcan party hadmade
a mistake when they selected him for Geier
nor.., * e
~""Our argument is, that
the Republicans have disgraced themselves by
the selection of Geary as Governor of Penn
sylvania. The lack is plain enough, and It
does not require any effort or argument on
our part to prove It."
The Harrisburg Telegraph, which seems to
have taken upon itself the hard teak of de
fending both Geary and Cameron, publisher
In 'teapot& to the above the fellowlag letter
from the editor of 'hi Spectator, a Getman
newspaper published in this city :
Eats, Pa. San. 80, 1887.
To the :More of the 'ilarrietarg Telegraphs
gists drew it my duty to" correct a
statement made in to-day's Erie' Daily Dis
patch, in a eottroversy With your Taper, in
regard to the merits of our noble' Hevener,
Major General Geary.
The Diepateh says that General Geary made
use of the !allotting
,vords, in Warner's Ita il,
leer tall, when requested - -by- hie barman
triotrde to being outs toast ',The English
like their beef, tbelrielt 1114 r potatoes, sad
the Germans their .Isaer.' This, igeotlemea s
to the slimes sentiment of my heart."
• I tastily, hereby, that the "haulm:de ire,*
never uttered by General Geary on that 004 1
cattiest, sal can bring sufficient, prof to . ..that
effect. At his visit in Erie last fall, General
Cleary accepted my ine , tatiOn to *risk the
,pf_vhe "Gelman Liedertafel," a musical sod
pkg. over "ham Tbave the Otor fit s presitte, -
and melte the greeting" of his 'many Ger
man friends Ind admirer' of this Atty. The
General spent over u tow with us, and /
wan assure yon that during this pleasant in
throwse he never:uttered a., syllable that the
above Words were the "Noire sentiment, of
his_heert. Sou can TOL assured that Our no
ble Itch would not have been so enthusiasti
cally sheered and applauded if he had made
any each offettaims remarks.,
In coder that the :false statements of the -
Dispateh easy sot bp-i'ploked up" by the ene
mies of the Governor and our party and suede
capital of. 4 thou; ht it my duty, to correct the
'. Shottid you deem it of any importance to
publish this etatement, aro at liberty to
do so. Obliging-iburs,truly, '
B E. iiir ti onzalcaln,
- Publisher "tier au Spectator.'"
Oiar combative neighbor :is not to be put
doirit thus natty, and in iitonday'cisene it re
(Grad upon the German editor in this pain
' , Mi. E. E .8: ursniekto; editor - of the Gor
man Spectator, of this City, has been induced
to write the ilarrlatmeg Tele,raph, and dis
pute, or pronounce a falsehood, the statement
which we made in regard to Goyernor Geary's
toast in Waglier's Hall. Whaterer. Mr.
Stursniokle may say to the contrary, we
know that GovernorHear.* did-give the toast
just as we published it, as we took it down at
the tithe, in the presence of Mr. Chase, of the
York Republican. True;, we did not make
Mention , of it at, he time, to any one, feeling
ashamed- of the Man, but this dcee not change
the fact.. Mr. Stirsnickle's statement amounts
toe nothing, as be may- not have he.ard the
toast, and i(litn•salokle can prove by a doz
en witnesses that (leery did not give expres
sion to the sentiment, we,oan prove byes many
more that he did." •
The question .119 it nowi stanAle is otie of we
racitv between our two editorial brethren,
which we neither gars nor have.any right to
take a part in: -We shicsrely hope, though, it
will have no inure serious result than a war
upon paper, and that we shall not be called
upon t i chronicle an affair of "pistols and
coffee for two.,"
The.Temperanee Reform.
Ems, Feb. 40, 1867
Eurrott.=Although a stronger to you,
I feel to thank, you for the friendliness you
manifest as' a public journalist to the good
Catrte of Temperance. and especially to-that
department of the Reform in which I-am la
boring in your State. Although the Temper.
same cause is the °Cantle atilt mankind," and
is a canoe at enmity with no honest, interest,
yet the tabor in this department would meet
with little success were it not for the-friendly
aid and sympathy of the two great powers. of
the world. namely, the'Press and the Pulpit.
And as we have notHing„to do in this week
with partisan politics or sectarianism, the
good Editors and good Clergymen are always
disposed, to give the temperance lecturer, who
comes properly accredtted. a helping hand.
Ae you Have already intimated in the Obser
ver, I am employed in this work by the
,Grand Lodge of the Independent Order of
Good Tempters for Pennsylvania. In lectur
ing we make no appeals to the public for ahr
In the forth of collections or fees , and seek to
so conduct the work that those who feet indis- ,
posed to joining the organizittion can hive no
just ground of complaint.- We have, since the
first of January, organized Lodges of Good
Templar, at Erie. North East, Waterford, Uni
on Mills, Corry, Wairen and West Spring.
field. Seversl of these Lodges have already
"nearly doubled their membership. - The Chief
officer of thei Lodge hi Erie, Rev. G. W. Gun
nison, could inform you, sir, that the society
in this city lie prospering fir beyond alr ex-
Ingtationt.itlts friends. Men and women of
iniliienee and of principle are uniting with
find !shoring for the enema of Erie Lodge.
end - they feet already, eateared theta glorietle
tutors and grand moral results await their
patient nhilantbropie efforts.
In the seven Lodges named we have re
ceived nearly three handretliharter members;
among them are thirteen Clergymen, viz :
six Methodism, four Baptists and three Pres.
byterians, with a goodly number of the official
thee of the several °birches. -
It is the aim of the State Organization to havii
Lodges formed in Mt the towns. cities and
villages of the State. There ere now about
two - hundred and fifty Lodges in Penns►lvania,
and there are working under the National
Grand Lodge, State Grand Lodges in all the
Northern, Western and Middle States, and in
several of the Southern States. one having
been organized in Texas. and in all the Brit
ish Provinces. AU these Grand bodges and
the suberdinste Lorlps 'under tbera work an
der uniform laws. pees-words and Comsat:l,
thine, and a Good Templar can recognize
Brother either by day or night, • and the
Brotherhoodls large, it being estimated that
we have Dearly one ,million members in the
Order. In the Seats of.Michistan. where I la
bored lastyear; there are four hundred Lodges
and thirty thousand Members, and stridily
increasing. -
We are empowered to organize Lodges and
grant Charters in any place where twelve res
pectable citizens give their names as appli
cants for a Charter. 4
The object of the Order is temptresses. to
rare the fallen. and the falling. and to culti
vete such • public ;opinion or sentiment u
Bill effectually bailed from hotels. houses and
society at large the,bottle tbet has proved s
blaatind end blititafferturee to so into, mil
lions of our race. ' '
I would respeetfallv urge the' young men
of this city to eeek admission into this great
moral fraternity. They will find the meetings
pleasant and profitable, and' they will there
Mid - Mends in every lendable undertaking.
The Order of Good Templars is one of the
- grandest of the reformatory movements of the
ago, and in view of the'rast 'amount of good
it accomplishes, it has claims on society that
no good man will ignore.
I am,, Mr. Editor, truly yours, •
air Plaid wool shawls at $4.00 to $3.00.
Blesohed muslin; .1 yard wide, at pf) ets. per
yard. "
Balmoral skirts' at $2.00 mob.
tindershists and drawontat $1.50 per pair.
Cotton Batting at 20 ets per pound.
Ladies hoop okirta $l.OO atoll. • •
Basques ad cloaks let $5.00.te510.00 each .
Drools& shawls $5 00 to $50.00 each.
Morriteaok remnant prints at .15 Ma. per
fel)74w. 0 Ried Rouse
Mir We will sell for the neat 30 days Our
entire stook of silks at /6115 than cost of im
portation. Look at the follniiing prices:
Colored dress Silks at $1 25 worth $2.00
do _ . do 1.69 do 2.60
do do 2.00 do 3.00
do . do 2.25. do 2.50
do Pep. and Fled 2.50 do 4.00
- Our entire etook of goods we offer at 30 per
'teat. less than former prices. • -
fb.7-2w. * , • 6 Reed Hours.-
pir Just received, 5 eises Merrimack rem
nant print's—they — bre all best vre pave yet
had-1 8 els. per yard. 10, 15 'sad 20 yar d
pieces. Call coon, before they are all gone.
fb7-2t►. 6 Reed Heusi.
ser We 'wilt sell our stook of !demises et
cost—New York dolt,
f67-2w, 6 Reed Howie.
tar Yard Wide factory at 18 ow. Iper yard:
Yard wide factory, 'heavy, 22 eta., at
fb7.2L .6 Reed Nonce,
ger'Prinis es. 12} ote. per yei.d, se
E Reed House-
Eventess Cora.* ne,t---Theffutst Cos limn
have wrought stondetful'ohanges in the aye.
tern of popular education. Business colleges
bare become a nitiessity, and there is no
yowl wan in thscounisi who considers blu
education einoplete v otittoke of engaging in
- business, without firit graduating at one of
these institutions. - __Eremlarge:oity mow has
its Business Collage; but thernottt important,
as wallas the most - Au;coeeiful, thorough and
practical ,cf alc - ii,the - Triin Oily College, of.
Pittsburgh, Pa., which halgraduatednpwirds
of Fifteen Thousaid students inlint_past ten
rum This is the acknowledged head - of - all
bnivineel college. in America. .
Lupus's or, Ciotpur.Ain To Lonnie Whin
lfAuntocau=—hsoliiy iltroat pea en Umalma ef
tads. Led the Nam. 4tisial wad Dimas.
*Mob mato istiedimitioto to 11414 R. asi•
maim of *id. Ss* to orloil kottoriomolopn. Oil at
eleeme. iatcrne,pe. • UMW EN;141100/411ova#1,
Amooktiohll,4l4l l 4. t p a me.v. •
Lome Potarus —o4.Bsturdei last a gen
ileman of this eity,who had been troubled for
some time with a difficulty in hie throat,
Driastoo, Oh celebrated Surgeon.
at the Otobtira ?base. The Doctor proceeded
o remote* from the throat of his patient , *
fibrena'spalyptut„iehich had grown in the throat
to theasegtitsf four inches behind the palate,
making Swallowing difficult and painful. Ite,
lief of vourie followed Immediately and a per= moment; Mai will be the result. This very
delicate and difficult operation was performed
la a feW minutes by Dr. Liston, and certainly
stamps him as one of the most Mon essfril sur
geons of the day. ---Rotherter Union, December
18th, 1866.
We would again remind sufferers frcitn any
disease of the :Throat, Penult', - Catarrh.
atonthitis, or dismiss of the Bar, Bye, De►rt,
Lungs, Liver, Stoma:h. $l., that Dr. Liston
will be at Brown's Hotel, io this city, on next
Monday and Tuesday. the 11th and 12th days
of this month. stopping for those two days'
only. The afflicted would best consult their
interests and health by availing themselves of
the great and well known skill of Dr. Liston,
during his stay here. *
Disratuurtows.—We would call attention to
the opinion of
of the leading papers of
Canada on the subject of Gift Enterprises:
"'Most of oar readert have no doubt read
'some of the numerous 'Gift. Enterprise, Gift
Concerts, &c., which appear from time to time
in the public primp, offering most fowling
bargains tn.theise who will patronize them.
Inmost Oasis these are gigantic humbug,. But
there are a'few respectable firms who do busi
'ness in this manner, and they do it as a means
of Increasing, their wboleeste business, and
not to make money. From such firms, it is
true, banisorne and valuable areal a are pro
cored for a very small sum. and what is more
important, no one is ever cheated. Every
person gets good value for his dollar ; because
uwe have stated, it is intended lo ac!, as an
advertisement to increase their ordinary bus
iness. We bare seen numbers of prises sent
out in this way by Sherman,' Watson & Com
pony, of Nissan Street. N. Y., and there Is be
doubt that some of the articles tee worth eight
or ten times the money paid for them, while
we have not Been or heard of a singlef artiele
which was not, fully worth the dollar Which it
cost, Lint this is only one of the czcep_tions to
the tale, for as a general thinethe parties en
gaged in tbis business arenotbing but clever
eiriztdiers.—Saturday Reader. Montreal,...E. C.,
Jan. 18, 1866. dee.2.0'06-6t.
Roses Ottrrusties's Pm:mum Sloss.
•--14 r.. Warren L. Rois hag taken the store
lately.conducted by _Justice, Oheen •St Galla
gher, and fitted it up with everything , Deem a
ry to make a complete gentlemen's furnishing
establishment. ills stock of cloths, cassimeres,
vestings and ready made clothing is superior
to anything_ ever brought to the city, arid we
defy any one to visit the store without finding
something to suit his taste. Mr. Ross has
been very successfal in securing a cutter who
is not surpassed'anywhere. Under his skillfal
supervision the concern is.turning ont work
equal to the beet Eastern establishments. o
person' can have an Pietise for going abroad
to get clothing while Boss affords the conve
niences that he does. In addition to his other
goods he has also a superior stock of-hots
and caps, hosiery, collars, cravats,—ln short
anything that a man' wants In the clothing
line can be got at Ross's. Call and see for
yourselves. • • je2l tf
Fon sixteen years I was sorely distressed
with the Anthrax. A great portion - of the
time I was unable to work, and frequently
for weeks st a time. I could obtain 'sleep on
ly by setting up in a emir, being unable to
-breaths in a lying poihure. In my long
- search after relief, I, of course, tried many
medicines, but ell to little-or no purpose, un
til I used Carter's Compound Extract of
Smart Weed. This met my case at once, and
the very great relief I have experienced by
using it convinces me that it is no more than
my duty to make the fact pubre, that others
now sneering as I used to_ suffer, may-avow
where and how I obtained my rCiet. I have
also used the same preparation as a linimizat
end in Colds with great satisfaction, and con
sider it. a very useful article and one that
every-family would do well to keep about
them. Wasp EpPY.
' North Java, N. Y. Atg. 2124.-0012a-1f
Ir you want a correct likeness go to
Wager& Co.'s photograph rooms, 1328 Peach
street, above depot. flaying introduced all
the latest improvements in the art, they flit-,
ter themselves they can satisfy the-most fas
tidious. They have the moat pleasant and
airy rooms this side of - the eastern cities. 613
improved background, beautiful side decora
tions and a large life sized mi• ror, which
the subjects can look themselves square in
- the face while the picture is being taken,--
The sky light is the -largest in the city, and
pictures can he taken in a cloudy day ns well
as in the clearest. 5ept.134.4.
A Gaol) Nunnta.—The beautiful Princess
of Denmark' and the Young ezarewitcb of
Russia ; Eminent American Divines, including
the Reverend Dr. Stevens, 4,Thomas. Durbin,
McClintock. Morris, Janes. Simpron,
Ames. Nast; Elliott. mid Haven ; also. Hon. 3.
M. Howard, Cape E. B. Ward, and Berl-Hari.
an Australian Cat:lib:11; •Your Likeness." by
Rev. Dr. Weston ; Self-Government ; Pope's
Essay on Man, :etc.. in' February number
Phrenological Journal. Only, twenty cents,
or $2 a year. Address Fowler & Wells, 389
Broadway, Nei ti ork.
• A Comm, a COLD. COL •Elozo TIIROAO maims home
diatsattratton;assi stomata be Macke& V attoerea to
continue Irritation of the Lungs, a permanent Td oat
DiraLOP. or Consomptton. is often the result.
!mitt:4 a ditoot todoooto to the ports, giVO immedlete
roller. Tor
and Throat Dlssmiet, Trachea are used with always
good Amu& Singers and Public Speaker/1 will nail
Trochee vamitul to clearing the voice when taken before
Ringing or Speaking, and relieving the throat after an
unusual mfertion_of the vocal organs; The Troche' are
recommended .and prescribed by piivetalins,"and have
had testimonials from eminent men throughout the
country. Tieing an article of true merit, and having
proved their efficacy by a teat of tuner iWir each year
dada them In new leialitiee In various Parts of the
world, and the Troches are unitepilly renounced bet
tat than other &atlas*,
Obtain 0124 oßrowds Bronchial Trochee," and do
not tate any or the worthless troltations that may be
orrered. Sold everywhere, nn2p.em'
Dr.. scxrEzzolvs
jut• ir,W7dAntel.
Times• Nd.o are comps 0301 tnrtoa• e :,^•• , •
the 1 ,1 0"0/ . 10 TV-0-C ant SCCITi 100/ the I etre at
Prouthllt* and ~ 14, q trx:/y at tome p..“ or nooehr
rattS TOM:tout poodaemo. WI V 0: Thor.• eor
eirkrtga e4uli otle. it.hou the we of the
lo nil tilhooeSloorderithesz PJ/e may be ;teed tr:th
c!):V.lJence. op Ito protooto tho 46reharre of yitate4.
kite. gust removo those chart...tient trop the liver
end WRY fleck. aso the ent..e o. blltoiti
eCoct:ol3;:u geurral.
81.:11FNCIVti MANDRASX ' P 11.1.1 care 6!e2
Ileadochr, Mid dotorderio•4llo Liver iud:cated
Elliott. *kin, rowel tohouo. eoatii•ene,w drottrb.e.4,
and n tmling of vrerriorpv and u.. !tufo,
thovvitb: diet the hvor lu s torpid or
is sh ort. WOW P. 116 Ina,' hi 1.1' , 1 with a9 , il i
taso tr, 101 rive. when it purgative or a:trrsai,
tuedkine la required.
P.taue net. for 'Dr. Schenek.'a Mandrake. Pal.,"
otnerve that the two Ilkonemes-or the (boor
rare Ott the Government atathp—one when to the :an
testee of Coon.loqolou, and the other :It hit inrelotz
t SEOII by al Drucg:lti,ana detects. Pr - ce a/ sesta
me Sax. pa. °Mrs. Na. 15 N0r.5.4111
tenor,' Woolesalt , Actutr: lattnag Barnet .1.•
11 Park 11,rt Nov York. S. S. 11. - troc. 10, 1154 1..
more St., rot Ad. .)011n 2 . ..crk. N. E. Yourth and (Palen; S . tlltto maw, t)1119
Walker & Irct and !:!4: Watath avenue,
Cluettro, ill.; Collins Itralbor - ti-rostlwrra corner
Of Second and Vine tit:L.,tert. Mo.
me. 1 yr.
floes VaarrAdisa
the but atlas known to proems the Asir. ILiUI
pant:frilly !titan Ply to,* to tin atintrial
It lass the hole frogs talltax ont. n u tb* bad
drounat In Volvo:dn. =Xing It On. Inertly • ball
Maltby. soft snd 0,4 lay. Pecs $1 O.\ Por ode by all
itnngittts. IL R BALL
lateral. • - 23ailiso.21.11.Ploydotoro.
,Ifq:!-":"e l )ittanta ' ass atrav
1312setaselltut Ainsialzta
lop pr•psriag, restotlassad bessitaytag the Bat, and
Is the malt dallibtfol and •enderful ow. the "44
-/Amilaktria 4•41A4) 0 .•-•• 1 3 . • dertalel mods to re.
O n . hiltV en glad bwat* the WT. Ibtti also E desirable
shs . g o net:ror It Is 11[M, perfutped with a ,
tiedl and delleata , the tzarina%
odor ottie oils alpha and soya,.
THE luiiirEL'or.rimia.
♦ bow rad beautiful Oerfacar, 'TWA la &Hag of
mutt, lad thr traria, with rhiek_tt eftogi tr. the
bandkerehiefind person Im =equalled.
Thr above &Adler foi maw by all datggists eta per
itstraott it par nab eamb. Slat by nptsa to say
eddreu by the props Wore.,
r. w. walowr & co.
100 . 1.1berty Street, sew Yuri'
Eti llt CITY IKDN woinuc,
• - MAN Unp TIME
oso.-set.nrv. Presid•tit. •
W.J. P LlDDRLL,Bopatnt.nd•nt.
iOaN 8. BLlV,Seembity and rto•4lll.r
Itanufeetareti by the
U Steam twice. dooblw the power of spy other
Zagiow of equal ids+.
Pal tits who with to toeteats their power without
eltaagiug their bailor. eau do to by using the Bradley
Engle., whleh works The Exhaust Steam and giros
doubts the viva from the tame boiler, thus wine half
the rust Jaataß7•tt.
Fuoinot , suerz.v STOUIC, -
Nos. 23 and 24 West Par (Beany's Block,)
Wl:missals sad Retail t
a • 0 C R S
•nd dealer* In
ni Jew cfratuta of Pallas laud Oils
•gents for the Olseeland Bide, totug and Eibietang
rr a t holm and trod" stook always kept on hand,
which wit I be sold at the lowest figures.
- We pledge °umbrae oat to undersold, and Invite ell
to eve as a call.
Eir Th. highest r Ice paid for country produce
• malln6e tf
• -'
Manukictureto _of ,Photographic Materials,
Wholesale and Retail,
to addition to our mein business of Photographic
we are headquarters for the following, via:
stereoecopes and Stereoscopic View* of Ariett.4l:l and
Foreign title. and I andarspe, Groupe statuary. +c ,
Stermecople Views of the Wsrfrom negatives made in
the variant' campaign., and fanning a complete Ph oto-
IrraPhic history of the great contest. Stereoscopic
Views on Glass, adapted for either The Vagio Lantern
or Stereoscope. Our catalogue will be sent to any ad
dreAs on recoil rt of Stamp Of Photographic Albums ire
manatee or more largely than to other house—shout
SOO varieties from `toO etc to sse mi r
n. nor Albums have
the reputation of being superior in beauty and dam,
May to any others. Card photographs of Generale.
Plate men, Acton. .he Our eatelogne embraces over
flee thous d different itojecte, Including re-produe•
tient of the most celebrated engravings, Paiotinga, Sta.
toes, he Photographers aid others tderiog goods C.
0. D., ..1R please remit 25 per cent. of the amount with
their order. The prices and quality of our goods cannot
fall WWI. fy. . , n0.15.45m.
IN- TIME OF ROA IWO Prewar. for Insease
WARRANTED to own Choler* or any or the , st.ors
ctitemse In their worst form. A severe ow of nhol•ra ,
hex been eared with It in 30 minutes, proof of which
will be given to say ',Wang it. No case hta seer been
known to which itAiled.
Prepared by DR: song BENWRIT, of Weilandlle
and *old by Wm, and at the et re of P. A. Beaker, Rrie
Paws 10.00 ilia Boma. Hawaii or Cocrxraartura.
Has been tested for the last 20 years, sad gives rem.
pieta satisfaction. It mires the following completed':
Pais in the small of the back sod hips, with a polling -
Weitht_itd bearing flowe when long on the feet; pain
in the elde.losi downowith palpitation of the heart:cold
feet and divans of the heed; pain between the shout-_
den; weak stomach; nervous affectwoe, etc. -
ftscommetadations to the merins of this medicine
could be "given by the hundred, has we the time sod
room. The beet plan ts to buy a bottiv, aad test it for
Primo SIM per bottle. „Sold by Dr. Bennett, at ills
oak* in Weeleyville, and at P. A. Becker', store. Erie,
A Pam soucaichis pm sem.
ocethilf cleared. with
or For forth*: puhr . tt ali* supers at the. brag
Store of
orner 7th and Mat* Stioets.
N - 4
st.issirg..A.3 STMT,
AA Versos Cnal eheaper than the ehespeat—
other Coals ithproportion. A trial is al4 that is twee.
aary to eoziviricoAisy *Tie orthiliattyarior quality.
Sl* Ittritt. RAYNOR h CO,
Nos. 1111 sob 117 WlllbosiStrost, Ns• York,
Envelope Otantifscbarers, Including **wry Arlo 01
GI - WOW], Into. RAU% oltctLl, DAY. dreg sod portfolio
sisioNopos. -
Also solo spots for *be Irving k Ran lea, Mills
Writioir Pawns. by the osso or smaller clusniity. Price
141 with wimples soot.►y mail when »quested. Dealers
are issitad to esti aced asasolzks stork, style*, prises, he.
tr. IND Intornstios. wttls the litglat tanneries.
eat • Boob ei Special Distata. to s seated metope
ant too& cr Re nu gut •tad far tins, asa you
sett sot nem it r tot, so khrlvnirag oltyoletons ors
sasttally avoids's, sttbont refersacto or. straw/ sr
email* trostst. beets s damp tot 4014AVt. sad
ittroot to Da. LAMAZE; No.- 14 BOND Mt n%
NEW 'YOU. n0v1514-ty.
1:O/1 1 16116 ROMS and Lot to South Ira%
within ono on Matte welt of the consibna
150 I. Two atm &Mao Man. witb cant. Good
won of orator. km sod *VII - Moo ea tho pragoo.
Tome an. 4w4 JOHN !NM'.
OR WIT .— L Howe azia Lot soar allot. II in
romodon elm April.lot. Inquire of
. - 817 STATE ST., ERIE, PA.
Few tram, house nu Rolland pima, between 3d and
LotB2X by 166. Trip low: brine welly.
14aw two stole Fran. Ronan on 3d s hirt, between
Cheittral and Witt* Lot 42X Of Gs. Cheap, on ege, .
termw i'oeuission elven Imam 'lately.
Theenhorrewe rwr 13th IRtreet between F•neh and
=fru , . 1 eta 421 i he 142 near': Dr/we law. ler On 1/”47.
Fresno booms no Arh atreet. between State and Peso ' ,
pagiartion ist of Sprit .
name ta.nea an Illts otew, hetween Pesch a^
satrap; lot 42K by 160 will ha grid at agreat bargro
--.41 0 .,, e , n d i n t an fith street Deter. , Pearl, and
sifnut. Tot be 144' nil be. Bald at • ere t harguß
llotutt sod 'nt on 6 , " Street. between l'egeb and ee.
infra' iof ?2,V; by 165.
Muse • ttrtwo loteust IStlt street, between Poplar end
Cherry. Pries low and terms easy. •
Brick bon, on eth street, bet ween • Serrtan end 1,
Lot.. 254 on
stow. atol ter•• In son Fq.stb st6o,:botweett 41111:t
kb; term. reef, rTitlt
R.most and lot nn Corner silt co,! Gersten ereor, tot
elf- l b U s.prlce low. on long tinte„
fine ne id e n c er , tw o g usg In _pries from V., ton
t o sur, 000,1 n the bast Ineatlo , • In the nit,
I-Inno* east 'fit, lb stmt r,.. nt , ) ,
and Rolla , el. with Erie fish tree* ard
Rome and lot on went Seventh street, totter - ea I's s et
tad .anndran.
Vino brick boos. on C•fth •treet, between Fr-, e. no
Brink house on emit SI: street.
Roush and totsm soots' ride nillth street, thins
front Ssestfras
and lotus Fourth street between 'Raw af1A..,.!
Wipe and lot on' aaaa her, tetw.rn 121 i, sad l' , ,
streete t 3d door, from 12th
Prick house with S itc,re of' hint, in Water'er,i 1 . 14,
reeider es of Col:Cimobelt.
Derek bones on 11.6 s;re•t, between reeil en( .se ra
friat residence of at ilea Boyle.
Frame herniae on 11th -a rant, betere Pearls any 8 -4.
tares. led 82%
22 feet br 147 to an 14 f" , ot Ailey, on north wee; corner
State andlo•h etyeet.
24 Reel by 100, on &ate street. between 70 ard Stb,
east We,
21 feet by 100, east side State etre t, rotes, ot
'2l feet by poe lanodred,esst side State streeto„Platalc a
h above,
Rrtck ewe on Atlas street, between 7lb and Bth :Pe
Lot 22) tor 145.
40 by 165 tooth slide of 10th street, part of out lot No.
74 by 100 south side 10th street, near Aril Lace, Out
of out lot No. 067.
4i (. by 105 on 6th street, between German and Pol
land' N'o. 067
52t by 151 on 6th street, between German ant.
Led. No. 1674.
825.1 be 165, On 7th street, betty ten Garman and 1707.
lard: Na. 1006
roar 101 l c'ty lots on Poplar street,„between 4t5 art
4th street a.
Three full city lots on ;WV , street,betereen Poplar sot
Cherry. -
fa feet be 801. 2, eon:o.r Peach and 25 street.
100 feet by 165 on !that:set, between }'reach and Mil
Ad '
Five iota on 9th street, 98 by-160, to an e/16 , , letters
Vallee and Aah Lane; on long tiros sod very theal,..
at by 165, on 14 , 11 street. near Ash Lane; /err cheep
Two fall city tots on 11th street, between C:ertent
and Walnot streets.
Four full city lots on 12th 'Pest, bt.tween Chedrat
and Manta 'Amer,
86 1 2 by 165 on French street, between 2d and 3d
821 2 by 165, on west 6th street, !Amer of 11,yrtls, ad
joining King, Esq.
Flee lota on Sassafras street, between $d avd 4th.
621-2 be 185. eprner of 6th and Poplar; pries low
40 by 145 en an alley, on east side Prate street, bet...,
12th and .Bth; will sell twenty feet if &lazed, verz
Vine roe dense lot of 6 acres, adjoining Capt.
and .1. S.,Carter, io Mill Creek.
3) by 165 on east side Mate, between Bth and t - .
IEO acres, 3 miles from Erie. tetween Buffalo Ikea
and P. & E. raProad; gores another, talenee in Ike
higheat state of cultivation; brick &mu, with good
barn mod One orchard. -
J?. acres on Gospel Hill. els miles from Erie—good or
chard; 54 acres timber; good grain lank well watered.
100 acres on Lake Hoed, four miles from Arts—house
barn and good orchard..
108 acres near Flarborcree.k;, good grass land
Mg Cant Hinton's.
60 acres of hemlock timber land near Concord Station,
onibe P. eletp
Several other good fareoS elthth two miles of *a
allures of lend, two and ono-half miles from Erie, oa
Wattabnrgh road, loose, two torn, -two orchard --
31 acres In Greeta,townehlp:two roller from Erie.
es acres two mile, from Eri e.. ..nrav Bldg. Road, ander
doe enitivatloo.
• 20 sores near Hirborereet, on Lem goad, near Focr
tt k
A bolts amount of Oil Linds and producing wells
Pennsebraokk, West Vleginta, and Canada, are ofered et
extremely lose pekes- _
TRIs great Hoe Worm the Northam and.Northoes
mulatto' of Parana)lmola to the elty of Kitt. ,
Lake Erie. It has been !mad by the Pensk!rasu Rid
TIM Cooper:ay, and Ix ..posted b. them.
TJYC lay T.lO9lllOleR THA.7RI AT WI
Lowe Esstarard.
Er, Expresi 'Praia
Wa• Peck Amara...
Arrive Weetwerd
Mau 'Train . • '7 13 p r
Eris Express Train - 10 orl a r:
Warren A =WU-.. _ 6 004. 2:
Passeoger ears run through on the Erie Mail and Er.
_press trains without ebaugaboth wars tetween Philadel•
phi. and Erte.
wYork emoueetios : Leave New VoyY, s= 9 DO A.rj,
arrive et Erie /0 00 a. la, Lem* New York at 3 COp
ea.: arrive at V.r.e 716 D. so. Leave Erie at 5 :20 p. t ,
arrive at. New York 440 n. to. Leave Erfuit 10 26 a.
r , .; arrive • t New York 10101 to.
Fllegaot Vl.plos Cars on all night tmina.
For information respecting Pasrenser bovine's sprit
at corner o f 30th and Nark/tits . PLili., and Sro .IProaekt
Pt:misses of toe compatri agents.
N. R RIATOSTON. Tr., corner :Rib and hark et Streets.
.7. W. RFYINOLIr, Fri.
. .
BRnßir, Atant N. C. R R.. Baltimore,
• R. R. TinrfcrenN. General Freight Airent. Phila.
If. W. G WINNER. Gen. Ticket Att. Phila.
It L. TYLER. Masai tioneorintandont. t rie, Pa
N kr•
F 1 it 31 .
taken to hie ton, James 8.,
of April. 1964, ander the tm
OK & RON define to have ken
nts All porton' knowing-Om
ar" renniteted to tall and set"
James P. Crook, briqqj
as a partner. on thole. -
tam* ofJA.LIV P. C 11(
t Leming of btu old tem
selves tadehted to tai
without dila).
V . Datums rD •
Win 221 r Sulu Frame., Doors sod Blindn, tln•lls.lp,
Picket Fence Scroll Salting. Idatchldg in!
Planing done to order.
Shop on Pesch St,-Etetween 4th and sth Sts., Erie,?►
Ws respectfally mil the attention of the public tow
tatilitAss for doin, work to the best of stole, prompt',
and no ressotabls terms. Rawl:lg ettse. ay entimi.m•
'bops, with onpertot , madden); ors tai matelot o_
(Woe entire estisfution.
reOrdsm from atrralta wit) rscalrs prompt attieve
msor64—tl. - • , JAMB' P. CROOK & ,
THOMAS 11. JErrEnsoNlln the Court of CeLVZOA
YS. . Floss
if. J. SO BINSON. of - Erie Corioty.
No IV November Term, 1835,
Ejectment to enforce the &oscine performance of a
iontrect for the sale of the following described Pod el
plaintiff to defendant, to wit. a - lot of ground situate 0
the city of Corr, loal-eotioty of Rite stortisia, di
•eribed as followe - --tnitaciot ISTo.II in said cit-r, boutd
ed on the wilt by Centre street. on the tooth by tot
voaa, oaths cut nflands of Periot rn Sr Johnson, sot
on the North tre land said to Perry Stewart; the raid
lot tonnz Nor inflow wi to on Centre street,
And the Rberiff has made Tatar* to the •sid writ that
the "defendant Is not foand inhot batlaict, nor sr ! '
nor in possession of the land l athe said writ deacnbs'e,
an the, return day of Said wilt tows. sa• part. ioe
plaintiff by his attorney come and move, tits teen n
grant a rule on dc'endent, to ppear and plead to nd
writ, ask con. act of Aelounstlfin inch case malt av ,l
provided. BENJA MIN (HUNT,
r Attorney for Plaintd.
t I Wit, Deo 17 , h.198 rale gren'Ael no doNDJ"
ant to nten4 se staled tor.-M3 be nobtfibea at restate.
kyttet of 4. "amble' Pet CO; Ftpm the record —e trot
copy. ' — der.?.(,) 2m 'C. P. P.00e.1.3,--et?tys,_
large 6 pp. Catalogue,.tasellins how to tenors To
?rookies, Flaplos, Slouches', Moth 'Patches, Sat aeons.
Evptions ga4 *II impurities of the skin. How to (ono
whtikels, rostsre, curl sod heouttry the hair, nose
ssre. rare Druakenoese, Nervous Debtlitir, sod Wu!
useful and ithilble treormatton. Eyerybodr good
Address BERGER, SEICTTS & CO, Chemists, Ins Rt•e?
- Strost„ Troy, N. Y. d oor.huLT
Paama's "Night Mounting Ccrent.'
"Night Blooming Ceroors:",
.• Sloe:maim% 'Veress.:"
Phalan , .
Phalan's • • Night Blooming= Verses +LI:
Mistimes "Night gioennicili Cerefici
A most exqui+ite, delicate, and Fragrant Ferfams.
Celled trmii the rare and beautiful flower. trorr
whiglr it takes its name.
lannutactrord only by
PIiALON 4: SON, New Turk
:Disabled mod foto:rad soldiers:widows and ofylar
of idea aoldtara, and the,_tinesuplo.Ted of bolt!
orally, in want at raspretabla and" pr. /Dahl' .rvple''
In.nt.Ltienttlar ao atak.eta paean?* ankh by ene'arrf
a post odd addresPed envelope for ptrtieniala to •
Boz 143. Brorklva, N. T.
619-4 S
QT RANGE. RUT TIKIJR.—Every , sung 110'0 4
10 gentleman in the United •Itates can hear ootsethwi
eery much to their advantage by morn mail. (il,O O
Charge) by addressing the underelaned. nose la f fs,f
Tears ci being hambagged will oblige by not aotitlng 0: 0
wed. all others will please address their neediest mo
ant, 1110 s. T. CtiAI•MAX.
dwar6s-Iy. 831 Broadway. N.X.
F. A. WEBER & CO., 814 STergBT.,
Baas tam:mead klaitilna , Pratt & Co,'l
Baltimore 0 steraortileb they will toll eltber_t_ . i...
ran or out. Theta Oyatera are eotoillariel the twit ,
the market. Houle, saloons and printe r'r
plisd at lon Wire. oPti•eo
ritti lIRIDA talAltlOßß,aa to. , of wnitt ,
.1 and Instruction to,yentor Meo—pobliabc , l C"• tie
and Annotation,' • d sent free ot ohne* in snir.l *
op s. Address Dr. J. SRILLIN
jill'at9e. • P 411001 0 1" ra,
rr.II_I3IIIAMON & 111.41,11.11 4 1 cenINE - r
_forty different iteles, adapted to tarred sed.tre? - :
mode, for PO to 1.600 etch. Fitt?-one gehi or s t ,'" .
medals or other first premiums awarded than 11. 1 r,
trtted Cettloots tree. Address., MASON Bs ItANII'
*MUM. or ItAsON lißoTliaßS. New TOtli.
lb^S ....r.
.. 600 i.le