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    lit tErie WeeltigObottur.
cRiF. JANUARY 17. 1867
y. r
tscs you A BAIICIAIN.—We offer for site
LO'ver voarter sheet press, at a great kar
in. To a country printer, wanting a press
it will do.all kinds of work, this is an ap
riunity seldom offered.
The Senatorial question.
In the whole of our editorial, experience we
ot recollect of a period when so
' , l et' local iodination has been awakened
oe a political issue. as the election of Simon
„ w ren to the United Stoles Semite has or
,;,Tied among most of the -member! -of the
~pe.lparty in this city and county, They
e f e ,;rte boiling over with anger and threats
revenge are heard io every quarter. It re
mote sagacity to perceive. tong
tore the day of election': that Gm Curtin
44 the overwhelming choice of nine out of
o f th e. Reciicaie of North Western Penn-
With the sole exception of the Gs
erte (whirls declared in favor of Stevens as
. first choice and (loran as its second) every
•Idiettl Press in Ibis section advocsted the
['Terror's selection as Senator. and most of
,em hove coupled their friendship for him
ith bit ter denunciation of Cameron. We are
erfect l y safe in stowing that. : lf a fair vote
id been takes in the party, at any time with.
, the last three month', ninety.nind ont of
very hundred Radiesle in Erie county would
fire decided against the choice of Gen. Cam
'1 The popular feeling here on the subject is
eli expressed in the extract• we give elite.
here from the Dispatch. Bitterns these are
lacy ore rally borne out-by the current of pub.
e eentiment. The fact that our - t3tate Sena
r. And one of our Representatives voted for
en Cameron, in direct defiance of the wishee
f their conctituente, adds fuel- to the filmes
f popular dissatisfaction.. We shall not be
rprieed •to see some interesting develop
cots grow out of this affair, which mny have
.nsiderable influence in,nur future local poll
tee. The enemies of Mr. Lowry imagine they have-secured a new source of aiteok
poh him in hie course upon the Senatorial
rue, and will heheeforth 'redouble their of
.eta to overthrow ' ' f bis political. influence,
hat the-end may be it is not now easy to
, resee, hut we can tell them in advance that
ele , e they co-operate better than in 0. , past,
~ t 1 di ap'tty more shrewdness and energy, the
Iy/Senator will again baffle them, and retain
is lea r dership more andaciouely than ever.
6 ', How On Mr.wittus VoTtw.— A corrospon
nt of the Pittabure Cot - I:mortis!. writior
om Hut Mum respeoting the election of
en Cameron, sus t
• ' , ./t Senator from the Northwest declared his
ter eivotion to vote for ("moron, although
did not believe twenty of hie ennetlinente
ere for him. A member from the linuse
m the setae region was allowd to vote for
urtin. entrtithetanding be had betrayed him
the organization."
The "Senator from the North -West"- who
not believe that twenty of hitt conetitu
ati" were for Cameron is - np .lees an WM'
iival than our immaculate friend Loairy.
,I;eTtispatch.ame•lds the Commercial cares--
.thvient's statement by alleßink that the Ren-
for "went Po fay SS t., asv &1 .t La did ...A..-
icy; there were ten Cameron men in hie
)onty." Netwithetandine ebb' fact, which
lows that he clearly apnreciated the current
t pnhlic p.nthrn.nt at home. 'Mr. Lo t wry wne
he ncUnnirledeed leader of therlamernn force.
t Fiarrigire. It wne through his influence,
, aioubtedly, that Col. Woodward wee itidneed
rote rnr,Cem•ron and Chet Col. MeCrenry
14 S'llrlinted Adjutant General. which ee
ured his •.te for the "Winnebago Chief" in
v , e it had been needed.
The "member of the flgu.e" who "was al
-I:'o,red to-,vot ef for Cameron, notwithstanding
e had betrayed him in the organization" of
he Legislature, is oar heroic renresentative,
L'ol McCreary. He was supposed to be a
riend of Curtin Up to within e few days of
he meeting of the Legislature, and at one
iod wee spoken of as the Curtin candidate
for Speaker of the Hone. From some cause
the supporters of the Governor paw fit to sr
lee another candidate, nod the next thing
we heard of the C Aonel he had been tendered
poaition in Geary's Cabinet. We will not
sip that this influenced his future course, hut
e do know that after that period he was re
garded as a supporter of Cameron's, working
to oil the friends of, the latter in obtaining
the organization of the Legislature, and onenly
declaring his preference for him as Senator
Becoming alarmed for his home popularity,
be finally supported Curtin in the Radical
caucus,but only upon the understanding that in
e‘se his vote had been required, it would have
teen given for Cameron. The Dispatch says:
”liestood by his colors ,but it was hard work
for him folio it, 'His vote was counted on
by the Cameron men, and when we saw him
last we firmly believed that Cameron would
be his choice. • * We have yet
some interesting facts to divulge in relation
to his vote. We have given him considerable
more credit than we thought him entitled to.
* * The fact that be finally snp
ported Curtin is sufficient evidence, in our
mind, that he was so used as to be "allowed"
to sing a tune 'which might sound well at
We know nothing of Col. Woodward's senti
ments when he left home, hut as be is a com
plete colon of Mr. Lowry. we never doulled
that be would vote just es the Senator bid him
liarrisburg he ie a mere figure hoed, and
the Cameron men counted him among their
supporters just as a farmekwOuld count the
number of his cattle. The. Poresent is his sec
ond seasioo, and as be koci it would be his
last political our" county, be
voted for Cameron without heeitat ion.
When it bedine known here bow our mem
bers Were going, a Committee of prominent
Rsdieals went to Harrisburg. to endeavor to
get their support for Curtin. Their threatsof
popular Indignation were laughed to scorn by
Lbwry, who told them plainly that he would
support CaMeron if he - knew • that he would
never get nuo.her vets in the county. Wood
ward tor.k refuge behind the Senator's shoul
ders, 41 McCreary was considerably Intimi
dated4ed gave symptoms of a desire to get
out of the serape as well as possible. It was
probably through the impression left on his
tain(47 the committee that the arrangement
was made by which he voted for Curtin in
caucus, so as to look right in print, while all
his exertions were in favor of Cameron.
The above facts, which tally. be depended
upon as reliable, will otiew our readers how.
much respect the leaders of the Radical par
ty in our eonity_kusve for the wishes of their
constituents. It would be idle for us to dwell
upoiiiheto, for they will• euggeot their owe
optrepritte comments in the mind of every
person who reads them._ If the people Were
not completely blinded by passion and preju
dice, we would hope that the revelations in
connection withAis Senatorial election, might.
open their eyes to the unscrupulous and don,
gerons character of the men who have been
foietel into office by the Radicals; and lead
them to resolve against ever again giving their
support to a party which has-proved itself
devoid of shame, and well nigh destroyed the
existence of the Government.
Foe turr.—A Two-Story Frame Hume,
No. 180 But 9th et., between Parade and Ger
mut. Poemslos gives April let. Apply OD
the premien, or to F. & M. Sehlandeeker,
grocers, State St. jel7-B,*
Recently a bee stung Bea Butler, and
d immediately afterwards._
RIMAXADLI DIIIIA3I.—Most of our older
readers remember the destruction of the
atermer Erie by fire in the year 1841. She
left Buffalo at four o'clock on the ninth of
August. heavily loaded with passengers end
freight. At 'eight o'clockintheevenlog,_wben
off Silver Creek, the image' was discovered to
be on ire, and in a short time burned to the
A market basket, containing twin babies,
water's edge. One hundred"'and seventy per. ;
ten days old, was found on the steps of a.
sons perished. Including several residents of
house in Cleveland, Ohio, oil New Year'sour city. The event created an intense sense
evening. Both infants were severely frost
tion over the country, and to ibis day many
who remember its horrible incidents cannot bitten- .
recall them without a shudder. A oontribu- The familiar hymn, "Sweet Roar of
Prayer," eo popular in our Sunday Schools,
tor to the Oswego (14 Y.) ?sutra and Advertis
er furnishes the following remarkable narra- was written by Mrs. Finny, a blind lady. ;
tire, which we do not recollect to have seen ; She is in indigent circumstances, and needs
in print before : . I help.
"I have recently been spending a few days
in the pity of Buffalo. While there, my land
lady, who is a woman of high reputation for
veracity. and for more than forty years a res
ident of that city, related to me the following
remarkable dream and its fulfillment: At
the time referred to she was keepiog,board
ere. among whom was a Mr. Brown—l think
that is I'e name .. One night she dreamed
the saw steamer OD fire on Lake Brie , and
in the ri ging she esw a. man enveloped in
flames. She noted his features. the color - of
hi• hair, which was very dark. She then
seemed to be transferred to the country.
where she saw s new made grave. and saw
the sexton. a Mr. Puree. or Pierce, with his
horse, bring the charred corpse of the burned
man for burial. She awoke from the dream
in a groat state of excitement and perspira
tion. She immediately awoke her husband
and related the dream. She was so much
affected by it she dare not go to sleep again,
lest It ethould be repealed. The neat day at
noon. Mr. Brown brought a friend to dine
with him, by the name of Pool, froth New
York. As soon as ebe saw him. ebe reeog
nited him as the person she saw in the dream
on the burning steamer. The. effect on her
was shodking ; still she amid nothing to him
or to Mr. B. She had never seen him before
only in the dream. At erg he did not return
with his friend Mr. B. to tea. Mrs. S. in
qnired where be was. Mr. B. replied he had
taken the steamer Erie for Cleveland She
then related her dream and expressed her
fears to Mr. B. Ile only laughed at. her
credulity, saying she was a woman of too good
menet to be moved or excited by a dream.
'Early next morning, Mr. B. went out, but
loon returned in the wildest state of excite
ment, exclaiming: “0! my Ood, the steamer
Erie was burned last night, and my friend
Pool was burned in her!" .Mr. Pierce, .the
sexton, with hie white berm., was sent to
bring the remains and give them sepulchre
in the cemetery, just a,' was seen in the
dream ."
A DE3InCRATIC DAILY.—We are often asked
why it is that we do not establish a daily pa
per,, Rome of our friends seem to think that
we are remiss in our duty in not having estab
lished one before this, and not s. few have more
than belt hinted that we are not - up to the
spirit of the times in business enterprise. Our
answer hakinitiiiahly been that we do not set
our way clear to the meow of such a move
ment We have figured the matter closely, a'
least half a dozen times. and the more we ex
amine the subject the better we are satisfied
that it would be a - hazardous experiment at
present. If we printed a daily.. it would be
our desire that it should he , one tha t neither
ourself rum the party would: need to be
ashamed of.. To do so would tiost a great deal
of money, and we are free to confess that we
have not enough of that article at preeent to
be ab'e to throw away any portion of it in
risky enterprises Any person who will take
the trouble to look arnund amens hi. Mot of
acquaintances cannot fail to be struck with
the comparatively few business men in this
section who are Democrats. From this class
moat mainly enme the support of a daily, and
if the Radicals. with three badness men to our
one, can barely sustain a single paper, how
can it be expected that a Democratic organ
could, prosper! In the course of afew years,
with the same rate of pr^grese that Erie has
been makindof lite. a Democratic daily may
be made a living concern. To do so, however,
it must start with a heavy - capital, and with
the expectation of losing a share of it, before
anAirefit can begin to be realized. When
that' time comes we ;hag be found ready to do
our , full share towards sustaining the in
terests of the party, and if others, po.sessing
many dines more means, will do one'-third av
well, we shall venture on the experiment with
entire confidence in its success. We are free
to admit that the disadvantage of publishing
a weekly, in the midst of !timing events like
the regent, is at times irksome to us in the
extreme But having made our establishment,
•after much labor and against severe entbar
emesments, , a prosperous concern. we are not
disposed to cast away the herd earnings of
several years noon a rash ad venture ; snd we
don't intend either to he coaxed or driven into
Printing dilly until there is a more prcpi
tions future fer it than exists just now
IT. S:I4STRICT Corer --The United states
District Ctiurt adjourned on Saturday last, to
meet agsit-in July. The only case tried was
that of the United States vs. Henry Hinckley,
of Titusville. charged with violating the li
cense law of Congress. This case had at
tained considerable notoriety. Mr. Hinckley,
the defetidant, being one of the twat ; known
and most highly esteemed citizens of the oil
region. The impression mad become general
that it was brought by the United State; rev
enue officers at Titusville from nip of
personal gain. and a very decided feeling had
grown in favor of Mr,. ElinAley. The trial
was abl3T conducted by District • Attorney
Carpaltan for the prosecution, and by Messrs.
Guthrie & Ewing, of Titusville, Benj. Grant,
of this - city. and Wm. T. Morris, of Titusville.
for the defence. The evidence so strongly
acquitted Mr. Hinckley of any intentional
violation of the laws, that the jury, after an
abserce\zst only a few minutes, completely
exonerated him from the charges. A num
ber of other cases, based on the same grounds,
were quashed, upon motion of the District
Attorney. The decision in Mr. dlinckley'e
case gives much satisfaction to his numerous
friends in all parts of North-Western Penn
ideon, late ofMichigan, one of the State Lec
turers of the Pennsylvania. Grand Lodge Of
Gond Templare, is meeting with good success
in his work in this county. He has organised
very promising Lodg& of the Oder at Erie,
Waterf-rd and North East, and is prepared
to geo to any locality where the citizens desire
to have a Lodge formed.
° His Poet Office ad
dress is Erie, and be makes no. charge for
lecturing, and takes no collections, being sus
tained in his mission by the Grand 'Lodge of
the State. Mr. Davidson hes been in the
Temperance Lecture work eleviin • years, and
has probably or,ranized more societies. and
delivered more lectures than any man now
living. He was for several years State Lec
turer scribe Sons of Temperanp In California,
and C has visited every countki in that_ State.
He has likewise labored the= littlish
Provinces and in Great Brits!' with remark
able success. We wish well to every one who
is honestly laboring to promote virtue and
morality, and all friends of moral reform
will take pleasure' in co-operating with Mr.
Davidson, in his good work
tepst to see our daily cotemporary en
listed hi favor of the system of . free letter de
iiiery proposed to be introduced iota our city.
The measure is one that all must heartily wish
to see adopted ; and the' notorious want of
oneness which attends every mevement advo•
noted by our neighbor, leads as to fear that
its support of the plan may cause it to meet
with the same fele. It our cotemporary will
only oppose it, or say uotbleg on the subject,
we have a confident hope that before another
year Erie may be blessed with the advantages
of free delivery possessed. is ether progressive
Items of Loral Interest.
On Saturday night, pane burglars robbed a
safe at Mayville, of eight thousand dollars;
belonging to' he Cross Cut B. S. Co.
A man •as sten drifting down the bike
from Sandusky Point, on a crake of lee, a few
days ego, and Is supposed to have perished.
Within the last week or Ism a general Peri
-1 val of loudness has taken place in the city.
Business men with whom we hare conversed,
do not anticipate a. long continuance of the
dull 1115R6011. • '
A man in Chicago cot his throat because its
lost forty thousand dollars in oil speculation,.
If all in this vicinity who lost- money in oil
speculations wore to follow hie example, the
county woad soon be depopulated.
Parties in want of Leases, Deeds, Judgment ,
and Common Notes, or any kind of Legal
Blanks, will always !aid a complete stook at
this otrioe. ThkOnsaavaa blanks have voi
the reputation of being the best in the eity. •
I • -
The Chase Pithole. was last
week sold at Sheers - rale, Ws did not learn
the nearer, but nnderstled: them to be st a
great saerince from the Worth of the building.
George C. Praytherwes the purchaser.
We are requested by 'Mr. Varney to esy
that he has resigned the superintendency of
Farrar Hall, tut will continuo bill posting
as heretofore. Orders left 'at either of the
printing - offices or book stores will be promptly
attended to.
Previous to the election of United States
Senator the Dispatch said if the members of
Legislature failed to decide In favor of Cur
tin it would be led to doubt their sanity. We•
should likd to knot,low it stands on the san
ity finestiol by £bie Pepe? '• .
Rev. Dr. Preatley, of Pittsburg lately die-
Iniseed from the ministry for
,grow miscon-•
duct, has commenced the practice of law.
For some years peg he has been a very seal..
OMB Radical stump speaker, denouncing the
immoralities of his political opponents at en
unsparing rate. .
The, following incident did not mar io
this , Whera are you going so fad,
Mr. Snooks V . demanded Mr. Jones. 'Rome.
sir, home; don't detain ; I have just
boucht my Wife a new bonnet, sat mueo de
liver it before the fashion changes.'" .
"pill." Pad a joker to hie friend: "*here
is the coldeat seat In our omnitne line ?"
"Coldest aeat—why I enp"oee they are all
alike." "No, they're not.." "Where is it.
thee ?" "Why nearest the Pole, of course."
Exit Sam, with a big boot in close proximity
to Ws coldtei).
The young woman in Crawford county. whose
attempt to shoot the father of her illegitimate
child was detailed in last week's Mamma,
has brought snit against her relatives in Ver
non township for slander. .
- Tbo President on Monday sent in the ap
pomtmenrot ivou. a-t .W. ist..piq, Of naffs
lo, as Governor of Idaho territory. Mr. Mur
phy is well:known in this noway. having been
a standard speaker in all our troportews is.—
paigns, arid his selection by.tbe President for
the position named will be learned:arid' pleas
ure by many. .
The times of the .rtelltlier - 311abigan viii
hive a ball oo Wrdnesdoy evening, the Gth of
February. to which ail the lovers of dancing
are invited. Tompkins' fall bond. has been
engaged, and a rare evening's enjoyment ts
We caution our readers against putting
frost in the .istrictly private and confidential"
lottery circulars with which the country is
again being flooded. The - parties who send
them nut are swindlers, and money sent to
them will never be heard from again by those
who HMO it.
Some wag played_ a cruel joke on brother
Paine, of the pony. Telegraph, by sendlhg
him an acrostic, which he published; which,
being interpreted, read: ttAn ass is Paine "
We will venture to bet that the edit?t , of the
Telegraph will get even with him, if the rtie,
eel is Aver discovered.
The Nashville Banner learns "no good an
thirity" that a gentleman wisq..was recently
identified very prominetillfirith the interest•
of Tennessee. and who held is high command
in the Federal army during the war, lost over
fifty - thousand dollars by locating wells under
this direetidne of "water!' or "oil witches."
So implicit was his belief in thin ridiculous
eaperstition of the nineteenth century, thet
he was compelled to return home an utter
- bankrupt.
'The ice on the bay is in a splendid condition
- for cutting. and our packers are hard at work
getting in their supaly for next . eummer. The
ice is from a foot to a toot ind a-half thick.
and the clearest we have had in a number of
years. It Is considerable of a curiosity to ree
the different processes by which-the congealed
fluid is cut, taken to the ice houses, and packed
away for safe keeping. '
The near approach of the annual optics
elections suggests the inquiry whether it
might not be as well to select borough and
township officers on the same day on which
the general State election Is held. The spring
elections rarely bring out more than one-half,
the Vote, - and we have--known instal:ma in
which from half a dozen to a dozen taco elect=
ed all the local officer , . A heavy expense is
'also incurred, which could readily be obviated
by having all the elicllons held on one day
We commend the subject to the coissideration
of our Solon, at Harrisburg.
The new organ of Ft.': Faun, Evangelical
Lutheran Church wha received on Monday,-
and is now being net up, under the direction
of ihe manufacturer, Mr. Schermer, of Buffa
lo. It is intended to be ready, for USA after
next week, end will be formally consecrated
on Sunday. the 3d of February. The organ
is expected to be the finest in the city, and
possesses an advantage over the old style of
instruments in being so constructed that the
player faces.the audience. A iirand Sacied
Concert, to provide means for paying the 'ex
pense of procuring the organ, will be given on
Monday evening, the 4th of February.
It looks to us, tram the expressions of our
Democratic exchanges, ac if the next State
Convention would be celled for the 4th of
Meech. In such en erect it will be the duty
of the Democrats of Ibis county to send two
delegates to represent themin the Convention.
Crawford is entitled to the Senatorial delegate
this year, oar county having bad the last one.
The mode of selecting delegates has been va
rious during the last ass years,--a Conven
lion having sometimes been called to choose
them, and at other times the choice having
been reads by the County Committee. It is
desirable that some uniform come should be
adopted, and with that object the Chairman of
the County Committee. - invites suggestions
from the leading Democrats of - the ottunty. If
a majority seem in favor of a Conventions one
will be called, and If in favor of the County
Committee selecting, that" course will be
adopted. So far as we bate beat-Ibis t0.0b..
lain an expression of opinion, rap to this peri-
od, it seems, to be in Ditcr-of Wei - Alen by
Courmittsts—.our country 'getnsuilly
lookingsspen Ike hOldhilt of two COuventions
istarly as useless, sad attended with names.
vary wan of time and IDIIIIII6
_ -
The TitueVille Herald, the most shrewdly'
eoiducted Radical Japer in this section, ar.
guts strongly against the impeachment of the.
President, on the ground "that it would all.
feat the National Veda, and produce loancial
embarressuent, confusion and ruin ; end that
there Toted balsa antertelstio parties to the
contest at the North, as well ati s reibrat of
sectional strife." The Herald, has reidently
studied the matter careftilly, end its conelo
lions are such u eery sensible =utmost sr. ,
rive at. If then are any. vbo "Two tiat
the eonserrative 1036:Hy of the_ nation will
tamely submit to Ur the President - removed.
for mere partisan reasons, they may as well
dispel the pleasing delusion from their minds
at once. The frier ds of the Preildent's policy
have made no noisy display of their intentions,
bat if the time for testing their determination
erring, it will be found that they are prepared
for any emergency. We are gratified to end,
in our intercourse with intelligent Radicals,
that a very antagonistic feeling Is growing up
in the ranks of that party in our vicinity to
the proposed impeachment. The husiness
men nre, almost to a man, spinet it, regard
inkthe attempt to depose the President as the
sure forerunner of financial digester: It is
hardly likely that the Radicals seriously in
tend pressing the - lobeme of impeachment, bat
it they do, they wilt find a storm of indigne.
tion about their ears, that will soon convince' I
them of the feeling among' the people. •
The Galaxy dim:usage, in a pleasant pare•
graph, the unmeaninglessneskof styling such
a crowd of men honorable, and estimates that,
all told, we have two millions of our popula
tion out of the existing thirty already dubbed
by that. sounding title. ,Being.eo common, its
meaning is worn out. So it' is getting with
R. D. Between that and Esq. is ii long step,
yet piactically a short one; since everybody
of the male sex, says the Galaxy, who is not an Esq.• Now what sense, need,
courtesy, or special grace can there be in that
candid appendage to Seery man's name. An
6•gnire is nobody at all in this country. Mr.
means master ; the man who controls his own
life, and accoimulates his own character. It
is graceful, pertinent, without vanity or pre
sumption, and expresses merit. Write down
for most of your male acquaintances and
friends the plain prefix to their names of the
_brief Mr.
The Meadville people have long been labor
ing for a new- court house, but the movement
seems likely to fail from the opposition of the
country districts. When Judge Johnson tact
held "court there he peremptorily ordered the
Commissioners to make arrangements for erect
ing a new building, under the threat of a pen
alty. The latter laid a statement o' the case
before the public, and the result nu been to
wale up a considerable degree at opposition
to the project, In several districts meetings
have been held to protect against the action of
the court, and in Western Crawford, the Rec
ord says. the feeling is almost unanimous
against erecting a new building. We are
sorry that such should be the due, for the
present Court Rouse is certainly a-discredit to
the county.
The movement, to-organise a Young Alen's
Literary Association should meet with the ac;
Live encouragement of all our oitizens. Our
city. is lamentably deficient In facilities for
literary culture, the sole organisation for the
purpose at present being the Y. 11G 'Christian
Association, which is - more religions than lit
erary in its character. We should be able
to altDDOrt at least one wood , literary society,
and it will not speak well for, the enterprise
of our young men if they fail to extend to any
properksldevised plan for this object agenerous
'eurport. •
The Gazette of last week made its appear
snee in qaorto form. and rigged out in a com
plete new dress, making a decided improve
ment in every leaped. We hail this evidence
of prosperity with plemmre, for aside from its
political vagaries, we confess to a warm side
for our venerable eotemporary. The Oases,-
as and Gazette have "measured lances" in
many a well contested fight, but there bee
never been a time *hen their respective pro
prietors have allowed political differences to
mar their friendly personal relations.
Thathops of the Erie Beilway at Dnukirk,
judging by the reports of the newspapers
there, must be immenee concerns. The build
ings comprise a connected length of 8,000 feet,
and an -average of 5,000 workmen are em
ployed in them. The ululated capital invest
ed in machinery, building., &0.. is two mil
linue of, dollars Waimea forward
to the day when the Phila. & Erie R. R. will
require as extensive facilitie . and site em
ployment to as mtny workmen; • as the Erie
Road does at Dunkirk now.
We know; ofno Republican whose appoint•
went to- any position we' could learn with
more pleasure than that of I. ;B Da•a, -Emq.,
to the important - position of Deputy Sporetary
of the Commonwealth. Re is well qualified
for the duties of the place, end will mate a
♦aloable and popular officer. • With Col Mo.
Creary and Mr. Gars in the Cabinet of Den.
Geary, Erie county cannot complain of a
want of appreciation on the part. of the new
State Administration.
We take special plower(' in calling the ol=
tention of our readers to Messrs.
& Waders adiertietement, in another
column. Coming hire, total strangers, this
drm have, b - y , their 'enterprise and honorable
business denting, built up in a comparatively
brief period, ai large ► trade, if not the larg
est in the city. We advise all of our friends
in need of dry goods to give them a call.
Mr. Thomas Mellen, one of our staunch
subscribers in North East, last week paid up
his subscription wholly - in-ne011), Hellinks
that Democratic papers should b 6 Pala - for in
Democratic money. On Monday, Mr. Conrad
Zinn of Albion, also paid his subscription in
specie-.all in shining silver pieces. We are
ready to see a few more of the same sort of
'There is a general movement in all the sur
rounding cities and towns to bring about a
reduction of rents. The falling off in trade
ban materially affected most business men,
and if rents remain as high as last year,
many of them will be forced to retire from
business.. Unpleasant as it may be, property
- owners toast make up their minds to accept I
lower rents hereafter than they have been
The:Titasville Herald thinks it "altogether
prabeble that he success of Simon Cameron
has already eicasioned a breach in the De
publican party which may be difficult to re
pair." The Dispatch expretuset the same be-
lief. Should the anticipations of our ootem
pansies IV%icorreet, the election of Simon
Cameron, instead of being .a calamity, may
provit to be a.asblessin,g in disguise." -...
We hear a great deal of complaint from
nbscribers la the West Ward of the failure
to receive their papers. Whether the fault
lies with the carrier, or is attributable'to the
rascality of newspaper thieves, is more than
we• can ascertain. We hare determined to
tracenut the taun t and will, thank any who
miss their paper; it they will promptly notify
us. - . .
The proposed new eounty scheme, for which'
Titusville bas been so long contemding, seems
about knozked in the head for this year,—the
Chairmen of ths • Coassitteesto which it. will
have to be referred both being enemies of the
bill, . •
The Pithole-Record Ors a lad aeliount of
a girl frorn_near gibe. who died in that
place, attar hoeing Wed a lifek,of chime. Her
body sae takes to the -hosts of her parents
far WAAL
4 The Conneautyille Record of last week con
tains nearly a column of marriages. The
#ecorcl is entitled to' its claim of being the
giiat matrimonial organ of the North-West.
We have tried to compete,witti it, but the su
perior good looks of the ~,pnnE,or editor of the
Record have won the day, , ..
__l. •
A lodge of Good Teuiliiara woe organized
Waterford on Saturday evening, with 4G char
ter members. W. C. White is F. W. C, T., arid '
Geo. F. King W. C. T. Many of the most in-
Scientist citizens sta interested the move
ment, and a revival .of the temperance cause
is expected to follow. ,
The New Fork Legislature, last year, In
fit of intense virtue, passed a lay prohibiting
We granting of free passes by railroad cor
porations. The act was not found to work
as exprged, and at the present session
when a bLU was' presented for its repeal, it
passed immediately by is.large majority..
There is •rumor upon the-streets that Sen
ator Lowry either hasalreadx, or soon intends
to institute a libel suit against the .Dispatch
tor its articles defaming - his character.
Black q Brocade Silk worth $1 75 for $1.121
Rep ; " t. $2 00 " $l5O
" $2 25 " $1 65
; " " $2.75- " $2.25
t h •sg •/1 $4.00 1{53.00
I. " $8.26. •' $2 . 50
C:olored Reps at from $1.25 to $1.40.
Colored Plain from $1.25 to $2OO.
'Poplins worth $2.00 far $1 25. . •
•ti " $1.52 for $l.OO.
• " as 00 for $2 50.
Empress Cloths at from $lOO to $1.371
Menuna at from 850. to $1.60.
Mint Fare lees than New York cost. .
l'ftett 4 Striped Muff and Collar worth $lOO
for $7O
2 Sett 3 Striped Muff and Collar worth $9O
for $65. - : •
2 Rate 2 Striped MuU and Collar worth $.7,5
for M.'
1 SWAI Striped MUT and Collar worth $6O
for $45. = •
A few Sett of Squirrel Fure from $l2 to $l5.
A few Sett of River Mink Furs worth $lO
for $6. • !
f will eel! the 'balance of my Shawl stock
indow coot, consisting of Double aid single
paisley, tong'Wool and Brach° Shawls,
&c. Call early to find the best assortment in
Folic at P. }haulms,
Isla. 710,8tate St., btween Bth and Btb.
jai 5-3 w.
8. 51 Weigel. tometiesl Pieno.Forts toner,
o► the firm of Weigel & Ziegler Orders re
ceived at Weigel & Ziegler's :Ansi° Store, 820
State Street, Erie, T'a. Janl7 lm.
- ,
Kr For a parlor-is' sitting room stove, no
one is equal to the Moaning Glory. for sale by
Flimeod & Comtiany, 605 French street:
0e.25-tf. - •
ankirl, A fire made in the Morning Glory
slove can be kept up sll the winter round,
without kindling. For, este by Nimrod tr.
Com Puny, 605 French etreet, 0ct.25-tt
O tifLY=TBISSLEII-..011 the iffth at the
rieldena of John Eliot. Elul., in Mill Creek,
by Rev. Dr. Lyon, A. H. grey, Esq., to Miss
Rate E. 'Weiler. ' ,
Srotnos—MOCAna--On New Year's - day, at
tho bride's residence, by Rev. W. W. Gill,
'Mr. Janice M. Sturgeon, of Fairview, Erie
Co.; Pa. to Mrs. 3. M. McCabe, of Alle
gheny City, Pa. •
Baraa—Mosamo-On the Bth, by the Rev. E.
A. Squfer, at the residence of Mr. Tappan,
on Boyd Farm, Mr. John T. Baker. et Buf
falo, N. Y. to Mies . Sarah J. Morgan, of
Erie, Pa.
Crouch to Fannie L. Cook,4oth of this city.
L6II4IBB—DLAINE--In Noith East, on 10th
lust at the residence of the bride's uncle,
J 3i. Conrad, Hen., by Bev. T. B. Hudson,
Mr. if.-A. Leross to Miee - Emma E. Blaine,
daughter of the late E. W. M. Blaine.
Kaeasa—lioswis—Dee. 27th. at the rest
• donee of the bride's f*ther, by Res. .7. 0.
Osborn. Mr. Pharlas D. Kepler, of Seegers
town, Pk, to Miss Louisa C. trophies. of
tAISEIt--.6ll t ihe stb inat. , Eli ebbed'. wife of
Mr, Frank J. -Kaiser, aged 58 years.
GILBERT—At the residence of T. H. Allen.
' Ccrs, on the Sd inst., F. H. Gilbert, aged
• 48 , yesrs end 10 months.. Disease typhoid
lfatuaat AJD (41,1111.07 411111 TIM RALTPI7II/11114411.1111
Mammon —An erste for your men on the crime of Sell.
tads, and the MM. sl Errors, Abates acid Direases
!hick create impedlinents to WARRISGR, with sure
means of rifle. Rent to sealed letter enr..lomoi, free of
charge. Address. Dr. J. SIiILLLN FtqCOIITON, froward
Askoclition, Pnlladelphla, Ps.. Jaclrfd-Iy.
New Advertisethents.
• oprov nr or. an um nor Trim Eutß
I c nu•=r• Aartim E.Tu KY I. soci twit are notified
thist an adjourned meeting of the Sto , khol , tere of still
Society ohi e held as the C..nrc 'frme,.lo Erie, oo the
SDI) YANrAILY, A.D. DlB7. at 11 reolock a, m 411 r•
object of this elite. co , etiog is to stab I.' be er - reety
ora a pe ostoent tad. , or provide V.r w &moll:Moo, the
We of its property cod promr aliseosel of Na proniodt.
. .1. W ItYc N, Prest.
We will sell Dry Goods cheap...thin can bPaght In an!
place In
We otter goods at 90 per ant. lege than have been sold
for the past year.
00!S AS Alamos PRIGT•
.Closinn 'tee, to make room for our tine firing
took. .(Jos boroshi. at the late forded sales so cheap
that we eau Fell at !anthills cost of Importation,
Freneh Merlons Atli 25 worth $1 7b
luaus' and Cloaks at $lO 00 worth WOO.
Bream Shawls at $lO 00 worth $l5OO. •
Plaid Worn Shawls at $B.OO Worth 11000.
Prints 1230. matted down from :fa.
ltn" " • 111 e.
Ileoinaot Prints 15c. per yard, best coat.. marked
'down from ltio
Yard wide Factory 180., roarkkd down from Ito.
" Bleached amain 20a, snarled down frim
flatting Me per yard. marked down from Boa.
10-4 all wool Blankets 0.00 per pelt. weriks7.oo.
timers] Skirts $240 each, worth $3 -
Drawer. $1.60 per peer. wortfisl. 60:
Lan ice' Hoop Skirts $ LCO each, er:rth $12 3 .
A lame stock of Ladles. and Wissele Bradley's New
Patent Duplex Elllotle (or dew le) Seeing Flirt—Jo id
recatree. Witte !inhale new: Samna, fralt-.2%, sl,g
tad a yardifn eircumferenee. AU them Pldrta we will
yell ZI per cent. cheaper than ewer.
English ud French Wartime, Impress Cloth; an
Wool Waimea, Printed Delabsee.notrargtis, Striped end
MIA ltrenth and Ris lish Poplins. Per te. Rentnant
?tints. nosier,. Yankee Nations, COW& Yarlt. Cotton
and Woolen Flannels. Shirting Flanwels. Slims, Se,
ac., all marked down =per Scent.
kir Otis Stock la tull—we can't be utidenold. Call
and pee no. M NtLL,STSSRSRiIkWILDBY.
ja77-2w. " No. 6 Reed Rouse, RN*, Pa.
Enter. upon the rortyliaroath year in qurto fetch
with ehtltt mei of deo column' freely rioted
to my readsb'e typo, and to In inany- - -
'lmportant taped'
Ws:lmes OoptM suit tree toss? 'dams
PO 2gt. : , t
The not torn of %Ma loatttaftea, 'tadn tea n ores
seetwooe oe the lath day ofithatutry leff.
For terms of odottalin, esteloottes to.. eflOorte
Jo Di Fat:MR. Preet,
jilo4w., Centre Co.l, • I.
AT .
Mama. my vitt Loma% kr let my toesatit beard
'abaci In monssot.tot witboatjart caste or fwaeaa
; this it to am* tU p moo. tat to tutor outlast
or er• moototatt, sa I simU was debts et her Oat
WWI Mina&
MeV Pp. Jar T r lift
First class brick hones and half lot on east Fifth
Street -
Fhwt eau brick boon and two city lots, corm of
chestast and Tenth Streets. -
Bosse and lot of Wm Iteters, comer of French and
•Saeood Streets.
Hansa and 0 , 11 city lot on Fit.t, titreet, ear Cherry.
Moss and k,. on Eighth Stre-t, west of canal.
ilertaised lot, SO by 165 tot, on Smartt, street, west
of Fat afros.
Hobs• and lot, f 2 by 126 fest, us Ilyrdla atimet, south
of railway.
House and lot, 60 by 611.2 feet, on Wotan!, near 6th
Two very desirable booms and lota as Pesach St.
Floosie and Int on Rlmnroth street, near P. k. 6.•nU
root Sl.alo. Cheap.
We her. a number of bonus sod lota worth from
000 to sts
Anoae and 10,83 by 124 on Meat Ninth Elliot—
pro, 62,600
Aortas Ind half city lot on west Fifth stmt—prig
St 891
limps and lot, 41 by 160 feet, on out Ninth Street,
—prim 63.250.
Prams boom on 13•Itatreet—iery they,
Ftr+eit bona in WaeleyyPlo 82 alms ponitd. Price
sl,oo—u.rtb sapo. ,
Tyro city tote oo !fewer:ltlt St. wet of Myrtle.
one rity lot oo Two!fib St.. wad of /ft TV..
S s city lotulo Flovvoth flfroot.:offorf of Walnut.
Two city lota,on Vitals St, west of eons'.
ely lois, on itleveratb St , west of Canal. •
,0 ..ball lot, oorasr Walsot sad rum 4 4.
Twelve city lots, 59 by 1.30. Cbeatout , St., south of
railway. •
Wxn city lots, 39 by Il.o..lhaelals near Chestnut
Stmst •
Tw;lye city iota, 89 by ICA Ette:korr Street, nes-
Tyro city lots, 40 by 165, Hickory our Chestnut.
Fis city lota, 41h by Butiaki St, east •
Virtit city lots, 41,4 he 123, 17th. St., eut.
Fire city lota. 41 by 165.11 th St., r But St.
O. city lota bY 120. Rut St.
Fire city lota, 41 by 166, 9th near Suet St. .
Three city lots, 45 by 112? Sa sutras Street, South
Three city lob., 43 by 133, Gust At., South Erie.
One city 101, 41 by 151, Sale* St., west. -
Ore city lot, 53 by 120, toner of Eighth and Saws
tree Ste
Fourlote,4o:l6s, on Sib street, between P/nwle and
Wellsce street._ •
VOW' lota ea Eleventh 'tree; between Paved. and
W.nee, resets.
Tbrre lots, 21 by 100: earner tth arid Pesch Ste. -
''our iota. ?CI% by 223 C corner late aid Rate
Rix lots, 21 by 1035,eontrr 241 and State Rte.
St;i lota between ltleventh sad Twelfth - We.
Two lots, 2? br 146, State, swath of 12th street.
. . - ' NEAR CITY.
Six dre sere lots on Buffalo road.
Four fourteen acre We cc Mee Reed, half a mile
from city limits.
157 aarborcreek--goo4 impromaeotA. -
IBS acia garbnrerest—good impronsoeuts.
50 acres to Harborersek —Load improre men tr.
70 &AM in Rartioremk—good Improvement..
52 ter 4 1.2 miles out of Erie—good itsprol4
manta.. ,
30 zeros 4 1.2 twigs wt of Eri.—g•ol Improve
• arm of 45 acres to 11111 Greek, 4 1.2 mile from city.
Good brick house, harp. tine young orchard. all find
quality gravel land. Price $40011..-the imprcrsementa
worth the money.
20 aeyea near eooper's Ville. runt elan frame barn.
Very devisable and sere elicit,. .
. _
60 scree eight mites southeast of Eric—good improve
ments. I
112 acres 12*01. Ninth Eat.
100 acres in Green township.
66 acre. in UM Coste, two oillu from cite. .
60 cres in gill Creek. four mils. from city.
9 60 sexes in Kingsinlie. Ohio—lmprovemen ts
Agitate and Dealers in Real Patate. Reed HOLM. Brim, Pa. -
Minaisetnred brthe
Hose Shama twice. Has doable the poser of any other
fiestas of equal atm -
• P.itlee ►ho wish to leavens their power without
changing their boiler. eau do no by umlaut the Headley
Itegine. which works the Sahanst Shute and Ores
double the power from the woe boiler, thine Ravine her
the ?eel. jenlo'67•tf.
p araziarisi.rnsa dew- 44 fii ltwe4.6oAD.
?m vest Noe traverses the • orthen and Northing
counties of Pininsylnois to the city of Erie,.
Lake Me. It hag been leased b the Pgitagyttonia Reif
read Ceneveay, and is operated by them.
Wail Train .........1025a.1a
Rea Express Train 680 p. m
Ws , era Aeeom 8 RI a. am
Anise Westward.
Van Train ' 115 p
FA* tspiews Train 1000 a.
Warren Aocom.. .... , 503 p.
Puma:gar can ran Ibronib on the Brie M
e all awl Ex.
prey. trains without etisageitotri wart:ookm Philadel•
phis sod Rm.
'Jew York moppet - al: Leine New York a* 9 00 a.m.,
arrive at Erie 10 00 a.m. Leave New York at 600 p.
m.: arrive at Erie 716 p. o. Leave trio at 530 p. m.;
atrlve .t New York 440 o. m. Leave Erie at 10 25 a.
.w , .; arrive t New York 1010 a at.
Elegant Weeping ears on all algbt ten*
For information reetweeting Passenger bending' apple
it eotner of 3001 and Market eta. Pbthr.., and for Peel&
busiesn of the Company's agents.
R. R VCIWORTON, la., enrage Illtb god If arlnt 9triota.
Phi ladelghla. .
W. BRAWN. ggent V. C. It R.. Baltimore.
11. R. FlorrOrl‘T. General Prodglat agent, Fiala
Ft W. O.WINNER.. (ten. 'Picket Att. Phila..
A L. I 'MR. geeenl 4 operintendent ' , He, Pa.
• _ ._
NE IV If 1 U. 31 :...--. .
_ ,
James P—Crook. having taken in him eon, Junes 11.,
as • partner. on thekAder of AnKl.lBBl, ender the tbrai
name of J 411E4 PAROAH k Stlbl desires to ha,. a set
Aliment of hls old secoonte. All persona knowlnn them•
selves indebted to him am requested to call And nettle
Am imirrocitroni or • '
V1b347. Sub, Frames. Doors and•Blinde, Montana*
wed Plaot Pence Moll Resting, Matehing and
Planing dime to order.
Shop on reach at, Between 4th and 6th Ste., Be, Pa.
Ire soopoottilly toll the attention of th e Donne to on,
facilities or dolor work to the best of attic ottooptit
and on resronable terms. Paving fitted ay entire's an
above, with saps
_Nor niachtnerl, we feet confident 0
thrive; nth* saWattion.
aroma, Prom thread will naive vtetootattootioo
t0r1,61-41. JAIIIIES P. CROON a SOP.
riMPI6OFIOICSIT FOR sulrn sit:ol*.
Madded and 'starred soldier., widows sod orphans
of shin soldier'. and tbenosesployed of both sexes on.
erel ly. in want of rrthowtable sad yrellialths employ.
ment.friebrriar no risk. eon means sorb by ennlesdns
a pest paid addressed revelers is, prtkolsrs to •
- - •:-.cann-if Dos 153. Droollso. W. T.
A Large neck of
Tim undersigned gsardisnof Helms N'ilk'nson, Byron
W Winston. rudoraWilkinsms and Ira Wilkinson. Miner
children of Its Wilkinson deceased, will sell at Dublin
mae,, on the premises, on 9A TURDAY. YID 2. /207, the
unditided interest of mid minors in the following de•
seritmilideen of bind to wit: All that certain farm
situate In the township of Amite, Erie county, ,
scribed ea follows: On the Week by,this "abbe highway,
on the North by land of Georgottanlsys ea the But by
lands of Charles Stewart and was. Deena. and on the
Routh by binds of Owirs• Lockwood and Abel Matteson.
being traetlick 181', outettlasSO sem and alleest. ees,
known'. the.Witklason Farm.
Terms of 80e—Onsrthirit in hand, and the halation" in
Throe annual payments. with annual lutenist, to •be
cored by bond and mertgapre on the premises.
jalo.3w. IRS cßeyrse,thumthia.
pusue ,uotrai You resat.
The undenigned offers for rent his racer hotel. recent
ly erected at North Point. lb. building Is 86 by 61 fest'
on the preyed and contains Ig rooms oo the second
BOOT: TM property Is one acme" et good amble teed.
This house, when corenlefLd, will hare all the canyon'
lances of it first class hotel. end Is situated neat the
depot Of.tbs Philsd !phis k rule refined. Fenton' der.
string to spend the summer mouth. in fishier and
hunting congregate here In great nambers os account
of the hetithtebresc of the climate. the 'picturesque
natural menery, and the inimitable quality attire water.
m a wild. them la no place la Pcnnerleanin that pro
mote to many mantel attractions to people draftees of
Possession. ien b. even on the but of 'April. 1867
Refereirsi.-11:. Teen% Lock Him; A. J Quigley
North Point. • JaifiAlir.
pARTEIBReIIir latilleS. -
---_ .
• Wo Imo aamodated impala", toolbar la imams
ander the lira snoop of Pas.atlaira Spent Compaq.
With our liciaald Vatittien we' fad aaatialtat is as
liU all Wan sear that data. .
'. • : , • • ~L. a lutisiwownmmetert,.ra. .-
. .
Y. inhiWaßTlL
lalo-tw. . - Watedahlaik:
Uttar's/ Pabltalia
t ai ll m t it "MT.-4 Timm alut Lot our Vlore
Toomitlati stvos'Apetl Itritstfo or • •
' • ' ELTOt
• _
rolglitikl•=4-oease aid lat . Si- Se
ltbls em• edsotee lard/Vie omega.. aske, Lai
OM. ?we story doable beam !ea adlar. Good
well et eater. •bera sad trait tear ea Ide
2 1amileel• DaNl.4w.l JOHN
dEo. swollen. Presid•nt:
W. J. P LlDDSLL,Soperintsnd•ni,
JOHN H. BIW, Saw eery and Treuni er
"" -Leave gaetward.
Tor No by - -
.7. C. SZLDS?:
(Not a Matey Prirpitet4.o;,)
will cam
Debility mania' from any cans* wbatsww. Prostration
or Om system; caused by raven iirdsbips, asp:wares,
tenant Or JWuei of amp Win Soldiers. althea% aide
or reufls. adults or youth, will dad in ibis Bitters Brow
Tonle, not dependent no bad (Naar& fur theirpoost mt
racu'ous egret. - -
And diseases rosolting (foto disorders of the lATur and
IninaLtoo organs, an nand bt
Ttila Bittern ban aerfortned mon aunty aim boar.
eat!atection, bu more tastimon p , loon respotetebbe
people to math tot it than any other article in the was
list. Ws they soy one Co cootrsdiet thla ausetton, cod
will pay $1,040 to any one wbo win produesaamilk.i.,
published by us that is not maim.
Will cum every awe of chronic or nervous debility ani
diseases of the Wiley'. Mum the following symptoms
enrolling. from disorders of the digestive miens :
Constipation, Inward Piles, Fullness of Blend to the
Read. Acidity of the Stomach, Nausea, ffeirttnarn, Ub
gust for Foo d, Fulness or Weight in the Stomach, Soo
grnetations, Sinking or Fluttering at, the Pit, of the
Htoreseb, Swimming of the Reed, Hurried and &Meat
Brearbing..Flattering at the Heart, Choting,or Sugregt
log ftensations when in a lying posture, Diniseas of v ie
lon. Doti or, Webs before the eight, Fewer slid Dull rgip
lu the Head. Deficiency of Perspiration, Yellowness o:
the :41n And Ryes, Pain fa the Sidi. Back Chest, /AMA
ltd. Sodden Flushes of Hew, Burning in the Flesh, Con
slant I - maiming. of Keil and great Depression of Spirit"
Rennes% that this Bitters', not alehoolle, contain,
no ma or whiskey, and cannot mete drunkards, bat ir
the beat tattle la the world.
`READ Vl3O ilaYa 80. -
From Rev. W. D. striel, ree!or: of Zaino;
Church, PbHada.
Gentlemen- I have reeently been laboring ceder th e
dattressing effects of indigestion v ectmananied by ptos
tration of the nervous system. Numerous remsdieswere
recommended by friende, and ROMS of them tested. bn
without relief. Your Hooffsud a Doreen Bitten ware
recommended by persona who had :tied them, sod whose
_favorable awe Von of these Bitten ireduc,,l me to try
teem. I must coulees that I had au averdoo to Velem!
Wedbeinestmm the Khonsand and one" quack "Bitten"
whose cooly arm name to be to palm off sweetened a,
dragged Ilqaor upon the commonity Inal sly way, end
the nodal:ley of which. I feat. is to make many a eon.
rimed drunkard. Upon learning that oars was redly
• medicinal preparation I took it with happy effect Its
action not only apatite stomuch , but upon the nervous
viten:, wilt prompt end gratifying. I feel that I
al e
few bottles. Very respectfully yours
. W. D. tilelOiltlED, No. 254 Madams:on •t.
I have derived derided benefit from the tore of llootiand'.
German Bitten, and 1 feel 'troy privilege to recommend
them as a moat *[cable tonio to all who are aufferiag
from general debility or from dineen arising from the
derangement of tba liver.
Yonne truly.
Pr= Err. D. Itenlig, Pasta, at ths Passayotik 5..11.1
?rota the IlmisY roaDoctable raconimardatiou gllun to
Dr. flootiand's Getman Bitters,' gas induced to eve 1h In
• trial. After using moral bottles, I found them to b. I
lemedi for docility , sods most erzeitsot toots tot
the D IhteRRIGS.
From Bev. Wm. iimith, forinerly Putor of the Illness
town bad Ntihllle el. ) haptbet churches,
Baring =Kiln my %WI, a number of bottle, of you.
Boofiand'a German Bitters, I hare to say I typed then
uan excellent medicine, specially adaytid to remove
the disown they are reennteended or. They atringthee
and lavigurate the mate= when debilitated, and are aar
tal in disonienrof the liver, loss of appetite, hm. I ay.
also mrewrmended them to several of my friends eb.
hare tried thee.. and found them fatly beneficial In the
restoration of health. Yours Imlay,
Wit. SKIM gee FlutchicusonSi.„ phtlula
'Sae that the al:gators of *.e. id. JACKSON' is Oil at
wrapper °reach bottle.
Should yoar nested druggist not bays the merle tie
not be put off by any of the intoxicating preparation
that may be offered in its place, but sand to a and on
will forward. mainly pasted, by express. -• '
Prbielpal Oleos and blanaiawary, No. fel Argil
Street, Philadelphia, Pa.
[enamors to O. N. Jackson & eo&.,) &VA Proprietor,
For sale by druggists and dealers in etrory town to tit
United Status. darreb•tdeeiffee
au&. towidhaaa,saLorms D
'Are prepared by the bleulearr. 0 maim Dupont.
phenols:amities. No. 214, Rae lartabard. Paris, from the
- ptaseription of• Dr. Sam Delaroarre, chief phydetan,to
the Hospital do Nord ea Lartroimmt.
Pam, May 64b,
Gentlemen—We have used the .SpecUlo Pine toads
Dow Dr. Delarnarrifs prescription, during sinntrlid pearl
pant; in Our private and public practice. and hoe frond
there a most energetic and eiliclent remedy In wan of
Spelmatorboea or Mahn] Wellies, Weak. daily or
prema ore emissions; sexual weakn o or impotency;
epeeist derangements of the nervous system; %eakua• lei
• rignit from soot habit, and atonal eseessee; relaxa
tion of the genital organef week spine; affections of•the
eves; "Lime" or 'in lek don" &Tanta in the' urine;
"Ifilty" Moberg's; paleness of tee Ode, with sunken
cheeks or bloodless lips; "pinched" featurrs; irregular
setton of t h e b ee r,. map in sill the ghastly train o•
symptioe. ...wog from over tsse;ebuses, or km mom
oriv cause, of the nervous form.
We earnestly &dries the profession, and al; persons
nrifaine from any symptomatic or organic affections of
the genito•nrinery evatente to use theme pi la. With
high respect, we are yours most sincerely,
• • RA. BLit/Will; 11. D..
Drastume.ll. ft,
JEAN Di Larynx. l. 0.
To Garanciere k Dupont, N0.21e Hoe Lombard, Pole.
gallant...Ty and studious' accupatioaa, grief., anxieties,
or whatever te. de to impair tha vital action of he
brain, &straining and easharraraing disorders of the
vi tie alstem. Students; clergymen, and avyere, there.
f. re, who are es. °Malty liable to *bete weakoessee,
should retort promptly to Pr. Delarnam's Specific Pills.
A pamphlet, coot dialog fall particulars, wi•ti direc
tions and advice, printed in 1 elicit German. Spanish,
and IC ogllsh,eccompartiea *sell box, and will be sent by
nuta, free of east, to any who will write for it.
Moe $1 parr box, or mix bona for 26.
Sold by all the principal druggists, or will tw amt by
mcii, merrily sealed from all .hasi ration. on receipt of
the specified price by any arthoriord agent, orb- Itb•
rile rural menu for America, OSCAR. G. 11103Yol
CO., 27 Cortland, Ot., N. Y. Anthortzsd , agents! for
S. it Co, Ball fir Warfel,
• -,
Prepaied from a Priserip ion of sir. J. Clarke,
Physician Extraordinary to the Queen.
Tan laminable medicine le unfailing in the eure nt all
than painful and dangsroaa diseases to which the female
constitution is subject. It moderates all ewe.e and te
=rn an abatraellaaa tom whatever clinic A speedy:
.care mat be relied on.
It bypeenliarly salted. It will, In a abort time, brief on
the Riontlatypeziod with rogolarity.
. - CAUTION. .
. Thus Pills should sot be Inks* by Fremias dxrike fie
FIRST THREE MOSITHS ef Pregiseuicy e. Sky ma
ours to fainyr Aftscamiege, bat at any :Wier time they
are see.
In all uses of Nelsons and Spinal Allietiona, Pains in
the Back mad LW:WY:dive on sUght esgpilon:Palpita
tloo of the Heart, Castello' and Whites, these Pills will
effect a oars when clt other means bees felled:, end al.
Mow& a P OI II OI I Intedy, do not eentein iron, dime,
antimony or anything hurtful to the coastal:Moo.
Full directions in the pamphlet .round each package,
Ode: should beetansfatly preserved. •
Bold by rli Druggists. Prier $1 rer bottle.
It to the fate of every valuable medicine to be coon.
terfeltbd. Be cautions, therefore, and tee that the let
tors -T. &iv. are hi. wn to the bottle, and that each
wrapper bears tl a fae.simile of the Signalers of I. C.
Ba'dwin it Co., end Job Boxes. Without which no
ire genutue.
N. B —One dollar with eighteen cents for wisp,
enclosed to arm authorised agent or to the sole °beret
agent for the United Btatee and British dorniefoec
JOB MOBS% 4T Cnrticodt4St.. New York.
will inter, a bottle containing eftby return tuall.
pecurely sealed Irvin all clestrvatinn.Agewis for Fee,
Hall St Warfel. and J. B. Carver & Co. o.lB—Meow
'4 l
Coal Yard, stonier tf Twelfth. and Peieh Streets. Erle - : .
Pa., who keep constantly on hand Lehigh and Pinatas
(Pm, ace) lump and prepared,-Shamokin, Egg Dora:
and Nut vilest Bitumlnou. for grate and steam. ig4
Tor Blacksmith Purpoeet.
Om Coal Is all noticed by rail, Ls kept co dry plank
door. tad
„ ,
We offer great loffneaments to pestles 11,10:1114 this!
In tlelr winter supply, also to dealers parobsslng bytthe
car load.
Ulmtr. Give na • call and as toorantot to girksatiese.
j01T1941641 SALISILIieb4O.
. x
MANHOOD—How Load How Restored - . 1
~..-... • Just published a nest ration of Dr.
. i.
d ow corths.
.. -q . " l - - radical eon; radical -'
ta taloirif) of
BPermstoseboot. or ettultal Weelness.
favolantart &imbue Lomeli, ftepoienev, Mental and
Pbesleal loespseity, r air ent. to &intim ste.;
also Consumption, rparestOlad FM Wand ty Self.
Indulpnes arsenal ottramroilael.
er Pries, to a sealed strvitioso. out. 8 Goats.
The estsbrated. other to this adinirebl• essay aunty
dessouetretn. from a thirty - Mmeessfal practice,
Cut the aleranor wee ' of oilf-abuis may be
mdiesllr cored 'Wheat the dasserost ore of tetanal
modieibe Or the appeal** of the Ittdis—polotleg out
• mode of eats at ones aimpreimertato antLetimtnal. by
means of which every suir.rer;'ne matter what his eon
dittos maj be, may ears blue relftmlily privately and
yr This lector, should *IA ilt• booth et Itmlii
r -..,
youth in, .
teat an WI, to a plain envelcipt, to any address
post-paid, en receipt of Mr math or t!p post stamps.
Address the publisher'.
CHAS' , J. 41 IiCLINor & CO..
fiselo-ter 177 Mowery. fili:P. Post-Mee 800 15ne.
Prams& by an wetted palate. T it.rasatioa vU
S . - as tear. Ilatabatawa onlyjq
ma, rues et.Adimusgo.
1111 North Mr' etre, !it* -
~oaly udidubt• senlidles tsova." -
olive IMO Poison*?
o Jot dairjorase to the gnaw' Fondly .°
"Rata mato out of their holm to dm:.
"COSTA.rB" 114 t RUC% L . *, MOLTS
Ira used for Rata. Mar. Boartrar,
Bleak and Red Anti, k.., '
Is • liquid or wiodr—used tolodzoi r and
also as a prenatal"a for lied 800, ke.
for slotbs, Mosquitoes, flows. lied Dogs,
losooth on Moto, Fowls, Actual', ao.
{• l l 1 Ree nut t tot.ll worthless baUattioso.
gar rise test .`Corraa'a" mos is 00 era Box, Bat
tle sod Flub before you boy.
484 broads's.; N. Y.
Sold to Brie, Ps, by lel Druggist; sod retell &Were
For Cuba Burns, Bruises, Wounds. tiaell.Bannirlir
Broken Braun& SOTS Nipples, Ithagin. Blind and
Wes, licrAtilous, - Palrid and Ifletondlikuted
Sores; illorn. Glandular Svellloge, tnletlo!a. Gahm.
oaa Ado:Dona Binpronni. nob, Coma BaaSoln., Ball •
blabs', de.: Chapped il•cda. Lips. ka ; Bites of splars,
macts..tatinals. to.„ tor. .
Boite 25 cents, 50 mite tied $1 Cam
Bold by all Draught* aver? *berg.
And by HENRY B. COSTAR, Depot SU Broadway,
N. Y.
ki 0 4a, ZS Ida, 10 etilAued St Air.
80,1 by ell Drouteta evieffoitne. (
N Ola r d by BENET FL COMAIt, Depot et 4 proldwoy,
FOR BE4vrayuto 1H cox:Lula:l.
Used to soften and besatlfy thittkin, remove Frotet.'.. ,
Pit/10M Eruptions Stu.
Ladles Ire now lining it formality . nee to ail othor.
Bottiei EL -
Sold by all Unest, iserywhero ,
And by HENRY B. COS AB, Depot 484 Brost .
I. Y. .
For Coughs, Colas. Roarronear, Rom Throat, CI ...p,
;Whooping Cough, Inenei aa, A elitC29 •
Bronchial Alletaloas, and all diseases o f tarot. a
Luce. -
Bottle., 95 etc.. 59 eta. and SI &us.
Mby 101 onital•ta , varavaate.
.12, TIINRY It. COSTAE, Depot 8U littoadmay.
N. Y.
f " ; 73r-
13 1 - S'lloy P.ILLS,
For Nervous sad - glek Hoodaahs. Cootl000mo; lodi•
potion, HyorpilkEthoosoen, CossUpstion.Dlorirbus.
Vorrro p .od general datoroond or tbs
Elgoothro - Orgtoo. -,•••
Boxes, id ow. 40 eta, audit dam
Sold by all -Drueristoomraluro.
.11124 by HENRY R. COSTAR. Depot AK Rtoodosy.
N. Y. •
( • . L . 50016r1H30
ram -FOR SALE. ' :,..,:
of SID ann. 'boat 1M anti elsartiL al khan la
rod Unbend laaili^stlA A knase p aaP l ane $0; a
young errebatd at 120 pined a p bat sea soot
othaz trafttnan. Ottani& int Inn Sank of annul
Irteltf.avem. oa the Up Read, tad nowt Am .11,
from Et* Pa, ta West IllinataskreltnillP , 11 4 Who
pastlaulats esquire of
an 26-4,1. . - , -amen Want.
61 s; =NW Mita.
HAVE ail' altoeEluiti Qc;
Mr; - 1867.ik
As:sprint qpproachel
Ants sod KOsralell
From their halos wens ost
And Mee and Rats
In sidle of eats, .
clagy skip about.
" 0, T A "
Fos Cons, 8ua10124 Wart% as
',C 0 S -T A, R ' S "•
C 0 S AR' 8"
10 AA 41,71.1,1
"Res uOl 142841