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ERIE, PA., DECEMBER 27, 1666
Nrw Yi•ut'•'•—Wo 'have coneW-•
,t) IH•UC the urtal New 'Year's
yevr, beliPring that the custom.
impnition upon the publ , e,
be re.,ertt d to by soy well-to ,
Our patrons pay us for the pa
r.t-lorl we in turn pay our carrier boys, and
nr,Ti toa much ,f begging lo aqk the fer
rrt Y ,(s:rl contrihition at the ewe of
ror . to comport with our ideas of ju=t
N.7.rthurPechttid C 'tint; Den v r,o. in
t^ ort ~ S nebury atul jrq A i vln t, g ,s , ,,
aralng other t hingq i i t Sunhur7
tst' e- 20q mike! he
from leljthil We nre :30 or 40
,ea,-or he tcrn. and GS miloa fer , ber from
p.• , ••
nlaht Dcaecrot • 1
a I ••C luoll of you r.:•-nVetarr.
est , :r 7s r.O t s'rove the eel, anti 449 mile!!
t tl'onware, or Ilse
le- of ezweß-i - -it 2:3
ti i 1 Look ilavin, all 175
(,TC,Pr f•wii Phil vir.l‘phit.
‘p ettV , Ti OFFICERS.—For the nd
n• oar licirig out of the cite.
cr put.ll4, itle . fk , ' 'ist of public officers
F !s•foied here:
F,e,r4/ 1 — Powmgat , r. M. Sterrett :
',;;error of laternallterormr, John "..
Veruty Wm. C. TOL o ; Colee
tot pf the Pert, Capt Thomas Wilkins; Deputy
.;lect , r," E. F. Gaz.ein,,
Coutite—Fteriff, Gen 11 L Brown, Erie;
I••••PutTS.ler'lT, 1. .9 or .11ey Erie; R.:•eister
, r o cer•ler. 11 G. _Garrey, Serin2Vr] ;
I,everer. C. W. V.el'e7,_Eni".n. Pr
•••tr . P 11••••4 ElTnl.,tre
Lyreh. - 4 the
, r t.VlParl Cats rfl. o . Prowl , tir Jn ig
P. J •Itn •on, Warr •n : . 1 ,114 1 01 , i
L. l llttlpe. Inn P Vincent, Eric As.ockt ,
7 „•s %Vat 11-nctAn Waterf .r•i. and 110'-
;4 . ./ ; 1, , i C . l n
If •r ,, •k, L. \I . C , ,i.11;". S
11. 1 froy. I'.'krro4c Cr mmig;i Clark
d :
!iV,:ker ; Coroner, 1 . 6). .1. SI errAti
/lon. Wm, I, I • :=1
r E'ij in; 11 JAL tt Trea‘ue , e,
I' r•idrnf cf Sol rr C nn^i), r n. W. tit tcr ;
:erk nf Sri ect C 'unn . .l Fost? . .r; Pregi
lent of Common Ce.t.ncil J. (I. Spence,: - Clerk
,1 Gammon Pennell, I P. Ilennett ; pity Sn•-
repor. F 5h; , T11413 ; Street Stiperyker,
Joe. Mo . :otter, Se.: Sergeant 'lt Arm';, S•r•'e•
C'e* the:Matlce+,Jne. tiVilkin ; 13.'•
Poster, C. M. Ve?ney.
• linc.oon is Turr•vat.r.r. —Ol WA L laesi.:.•
morning of lost 'week the dealt) .1 . 7 of a warn In
apparently twonty-ftre. v01. , * of age. RV di
on n filth? tn, 'l , use of a lir*.
.f:NevirCitiTitu.vire, 7'll , Croat F art of her
moch I h , •r hlnds loczr•t
-m.l from the eTects of a gecele qtrtteglo.
There iras a erick of qtriva-wand, weirhinr
about prtrlß. lying. on the 11 , or, with
-evlral Clots of Wool on it, nn I it Waa oiriAerit
rom the marks on tile woman's howl that this
lick was the instrument with which she was
tin The dee;m.el we the wife of John
!ettey, s !borer, srtts ii represented I , y tho.e
,h ) ;nlsr Lim as an intelligent and inefleu
msi , ez•e;t when under the influence of
uor ile , r Ito bit the evening
t , :e murder. that he scrotal give his wife a
b; PP, act seo if that wouid keep her off
, :reel3. She IA sai I Cr) have been an ha—
111 dronk•trd vvi was intoiic e 1 .o the
Lifore her drruli On Tucullf
r„ at work near the depot, aod took several
tioki at ',alley's saloon on M , chat.ic street.
rent hcrne shout six o'clock, hnt soon after
ri Lahey's saloon, where he had two
whiskey •and one glass of eider.
:Fr? be :etttalned until ten o'clock:When the
riny s-parated and he etarted for home.
night ono of theinmates of the
.a l sti,t that she heard Mc: cy soy,."Annie.
Makes you make stic - fiii n d--1 beast of
'ltself!' Nothivg More was heard fro - m
until about six o'cleck Wednesday morn
.t. when he ktOcked a. the win low of I.ahey
it,id him that h• 10.1 kille.l hiq wife. end
Intel to know ,ha. he shoidi do: 11. wa.
that siner was decd, the he.“
:ng for him was gi•.'himWf up Taking
advice giTen, he immediately eanea q
~I CIIIIII, by whom be was taken to j ail,
her( now
The custom of keepinz •'naen hause" on
ew Teal's day, aril he maintained in 'onr
tr this year t.s untinl. 21 Prom all that we can
ettn, a larger number of families than in gen
'Jly the ca' , will k e ep open hour'," and
r oecasion ff e r , l `. fine oprorlnn't7 for
lkinc new acquaintances and renewing old
tendnhirn. She custom is one which origi
.telio New England, and in only kept:up in
ii'itts which either hailed from that section
. zinally, or have •im n bihed the encial ideas
the Eastern Staten. Err the -information
r . anr readers who ;nay not he informed in
led to it. rrevill say that gentlemen .are
titled to •init any family which keeps "open
Ise" tuaNew Year:n.whether they en
!.el n'priitiou4 acquaintance or not. After
hag a elvirtl fins, the ha lien et' he house
net nsnie refreshments hefore
er partaking of which -ihe zentl'emen ;wi , l
e their departure The cu-term leads to t
'piny dr . iehtfal acquain'auce3, I.nd it
tiye of much more cur eneill feel
e dour ta tt 'that many a happy
In date Ole time when lorntiret pierced
tr,rn . 0 71 t Sew Year's cull upon a" But flue feat
rl•ts tram the clist , :ui and that i. the
m ,, ng r)ne percona of setting liquor
We hope that AO roe
gen,tally tthqntleneti in future.
• Al' no Young lids will hare the sin to
Ire their gIIPRI°
wP".for ternivin,-; any g.nt'ernan into a
in ) nilC-111 n
c.lebra!i,n of chtisttnns in cur city
, iidtroted ID a qui t•and op-fabliioned
Outvide of the churchev which usu. ,
op • for the occasion. there woo no.
ii , quoni - itrution i 'of any kind, and the
in the aftern‘on were as solitary as
riabiiath day The weather wits cold,
spritazlincs of FLOW, and most
onouch to stay within doors.
1, , ,r 11:at the pre3.entit given did no." as
equal in number, and costli
of the few last years. The dealers
aar cold. , did a poorer trade than for
rvq, and most persons-confined
to articles of a mseful character.
money - has affected all classes,
" t;—hence the ottpence of the
out'ays which have-marked other
7 1;..• ,inee the commencement of
the Carve re!sfrevith gays we
int ". " . - I .”;:posing helms an antipathy
, r• Foie UP claitns to 'glove reason to
".4tslaiioli thecaurtesg" of our citizens,
Q.l 'tat -If public matters were eltecuso
"obr al•a grojpd no that taken by thp
should have no reason to eny
• "vsnnot Etio" .4. we tindervtatui the
0,1 It is . , gilt Ps first duly 10
11e!! the irtete , ts of Corti', leaving
rtoMinnoi it— to take care of themselves.
t. ye' to 'his stard-point, but trust
:•to !ant e nor c• WET Orsry not deem
"441.17 prem• to the welfare of the
;C:cl,,, pzb-ishod hot it should
which despiE ,, a'l the
marssy , n the onbject. we do rot
in)" tents kraal. is poor olicy,
to vent }our spite against
ildiriinala upon an entire
Stpr-me. Court bits (tech's,' tbs.
itnet Itttal.t.a cannot Convey real ma°,
Etc husband's consent
Items of Local Interest....
A. WO New 'fele qhall our reatlere: •
Mr. J. T: limb 111, of Greek, has taken
the well known fi:rorel House, and will carry
it on in' future.
Mr. Northend, Bathe , ' DAtinerntio cum,
titor for Coogre•s, 01.9 taken steps to coo-
.et that horn's seat
Theodore Tilton is known• among his politi
cal friends by the stunning sobriquet of '•the
infant licrcole9 of American free irrtry"
Thoill health of [Jr. Robt Etalkner has
coal - potted hint to give up practice s'or a sea
son. fie has started on an Eastern tour, hop
ing to regain his health hym change of cl,ityr to.
The Miles Grove Academy is the name of a
new educational institution started at the
Moe- of the same name, under charge of
Pr)f. Watson Clark. ,
. The Observer Johbinz office 1113 beconolll the
centre of attraction for all who &Are neat
printing With, our rapid ne v presses, and
neat new type, we are now turninl• nut work
that equalled 'h.; very few nfficeg
The rommi,qionerq.of Crowford. die
borceil 5102.090 for the relief of
foinileq daring the war. This wns.exelosire
of township boonti-q and relief nopropris
tinne aorine. the slum period.
The temperance 40.7:uncut in Union !kWh!
is Progressing rapidly. The ministers of the;
various denominations have each preached"
sermons on the •uhject, and a onmh.c of
moderate drinkers hare horn indnc•d. t) sign
the pie tge.
The npert lovin pni•tion of the public will
he 1.1i210c,1 to learn that s';gnor lirirnor and
Piropa, so , ived by a number rf
o'hsr fimana irrrsr, will give a concert in
,4 'irrlr natl.() the eveninz of the pith of
evrh thinks th, tanwtnent to bring
Rios out -far th , Pe; s lcnrr a sharp ad
revising; .10.1 . ze, iniev.lo I to get Din's name
into 0,,0. palters, and help his show, Shouldn't
wonder. Dan knows the advantage Of printer's
ink :oc:tit as well as any man we-know of.
The United Staten Uiatrict Conrt. lion.
W,lson MeNnilles., of Pittebwrgh,regirling,.
will continence its se•A-n in this city on ,the
701 of January. The proceedings of tho
Court will attract many prominent strong:ere,
mi he of material benefit-t o••sue interests.
t of our weo , clr cotemportrirs to this
.ection have , usrendeti public - Ilion for a week,
t enable their puVishers and printers V> en
joy the halidsys„ Outride of - Erie, there will
my h. , two or three poet -4 tniblillied in
N r h Western Penn.ylvaoia this week.
;r Foreman takes this method of r , turning
LI , sincere thanks to the piety at Water ford,
who so kindly (and to him unknown) donated
a barrel of apples. Ills kindest wishes are for
thl , donor's happiness and prosperity,and long
may they live to enjoy the blesain:es of this
To those of our friends wishing a send pa
p•r from abrosl, we recommend the Ilarris
burc_Weekly Patriot It is ably edited, sound
ly L.Wmoortilic, ntia titiea to the twins with in
teresting re idiag matter. For a Pennsylva
nian. it is infinitely preferable to any of the
New York weeklies. .;
'the Ga:ette announces that it will appear
in a new dress next week. Oar expenses in
refAting our jobbing 'Ditto. have been so large
during the year, that we can •ot "follow suit"
at present, but we Jo not intend that many
months shall go by unlit the Observer makes
as neat an appearance as any of its cotempo
raries. •
The Observer for Also w ee k, as cas t ° ,
weary, will contain a record nt one tescung
etal events in the county during 1866, and also
a complete rat of the marriages and deaths
which have taken flaceduring the year. Per
sons wanting extra copies can obtain them at
May's News Stand, in the Post Office, or at
Caughey, 3lcCreary & Co's bookstore.
On Wednesday afternoon, the wife of Wm.
Dutenhaver, living on Eleventh street, went
to sick neighbor, leavivg her children
at home. During herabsence, the clothes of
a girl, 3 years old, took fire from some mat
cites with which the children were playing,
and, be ore the flames could be extinguished,
ipr body was burned to a crisp. The little
girl did soon after.
Mr .1..\. Kilpatrick, tax coll , c' in Irvine
township; Venango county, wis returning
home from a collr•e,!ing lour, a few ights
since, and when within a hundr.•d yards of his
house he was aren'•tel by two men•' nth) pre
sented retiolvers — Tui I demand , . I tiie nion'ty•
wa•r relieved of atomi 53599.
The Dispatch erye: young and talented
la ly, n , m who has been reeching
school in the nethhirhood of •Lako Pleas in , ,
recently undertook to correct a pupil, a little
girl, when etre was set upon by an older rioter
of the pupil and cruelly beaten. She was
thrown dawn, her bead jammed npon the floor,
and skull broken, so that she is now a maniac
beyond the hop! of recovery."
The depression of business causes general
compl tint to 1) , ! made in regard to the high
refits which rays:fiat:o are compelled to pay.
It cannot- be denied that. within n few years
rents have gone up to an extortionate rate in
our city. This is not the cans merely with
business stands, but with all classes of build
ings The downwarl - tendency of everything
else aril also have it: effect 'upon rents, and
pr.iperty owners mos' prerare fir a reduction
next season.
The Jary .n the ease of is'. A. Davenport,
Ee assignee of the Dank of Commerce, vs.
I'Vrizlit, et al,-after an absence of about an
hrougkt in a,verdict for the ritintiff—
Sibstantitily ase.rting that the failure of the
Pauli Wan a creel, and throwin3 the reopen
eibiGtp upon Mr. Wright, its manager A
'few years aza this verdict would have created
much on anion, but. so rapidly do events,pass
out of the recollection of the public, th tt, aside
from a few individuals; the trial and Its result
have excite i very little interest. The ease is
to be carried up to the SuPremo Court, where,
the cle'Sels.l int feels confident, the action of
Our county CTIrl will be annulled.
' the woman's rights movement will
come to, it successful, waswell illustrated du
ring the proceedings of the strong minded
female'' convention at Albany, N. T., a few
weeks ag). ,During one of the days of its
session a street car was crowded. There en
tered a severe looking female, An old gent
rose to give her a seat. "Be you one of those
womenrighters!" he asked. "I be," replied
the ancient. "You helteve a woman should
have all the rights of a man, do you?" he in
quired. "Yes, I do," was the emphatic an
swer. ' - Theo," said the man, "stand up, and
enj , y thertriike a man," and she dad to stand
A ratty of vags got up $ huge sell on some
of the lawyers of Titusville, last week. They
gathered a crow!. 'started a sham fight, and
had a policeman conduct one of the partite
to a insticee office. A jury wa•. empsnnelled
in due form, and layers called in to plead
f, , r and against till prisoner " The "kill:lite
of. the green big" put forth their most elo
quent efforts. and their aslonishment may be
imeginod when the
„jury brought in is verdict
of acquittal for the prisoner, and tht c"sta to
he paid by the attorneys The latter thought
aim was csrrying a;joke too far, but the stern
jurtice dvmaridecl the enforcement of the ver
dict, and down they had to come with their
s' a tor s. We are sorry to know that our friend
E--- was one ortbe outraged, diseieples
of Blackwne. lt,must be that he hal fOr
gotten his Erie clue stiou, or he couldn't be
caught in such a trap. •
A number of stories are going the ronnds of
the press, ab* Johnny Steele.which. we learn
from the best authority, are_ incorrect.
Among these is the statement that he secured
$150,000 frOm Mrs. 'MoClinTock's safe, after
her death.`, l The largest sum he could possibly
have obtained was from $30,09 'to $40,000.
Another false story is to the effect that "Hon.
John Morrissey went through him nt faro to
the amount of $lOO,OOO in tw,) sights:' He
never lost any-money by Morrissey. or if he
did it was in small rums. The daily income
of Steele I given at $2,000, which is far
above-the actual sum. his farm syielded him
about $O . OOO monthly, for a time, but during
the last vearthe sum has not been more than
half these figures. These f+cts we learn from
one who is intimately ncquainted with Steele's
affiirA. and who would not tell us whet was
not the truth. S'eele's wealth. like that of
most fast people, has been hugely ersggerated
in the public belief
Al few days since the inhabitants of n town
on the Phila. & Erie R R, not far from our
city, were startled by`the announcement 'kat
on the following niche a learned gentleman
wou'd live•a grand ex i liihition in the public
WI, in which be would soow the,complete
control he exerefsed over the feline and canine
family by making a number of mat; •and dogs
do everything he desired of them. Ile re•
quested the People to bring their owr. "house
bold pers." A very 'large audience, made up
of biped , ' and'quadropede in ,'boat equal pro
portion, atsembled and waited patiehtly be:
fore a green curtain till nine o'clock, when it
was discovered that the stage was empty and
that the tr , tiatirer, 'doorkeeper and lecturer—
if there was any such person—h. - ad left with
the admission proceed?.
In ace - More° with her previeu`sly express
ed minion. Mrs. Jon 5. one of 'the - heroines of
the confab published last week, - came into
town on Monday, to look at Barr. Johnson &
Co's stows. She ,was. not nocompanied t y
Mr. Smith, but by her duly legalized husband,
Jones—e Jones, one Of the illustrious' scions of
the rare house of that name—ns she of right
should be. Jones hettit tied and hemmed a'
good deal—said the old stove was good enough
—bnt after listening. to hire. appeals, and
looking over Barr, Johnson & Co's itarietY,
his heart was softened. anti hit comedown wiyh
the tin gracefully. Meta. J. is delighted with
her new stove, and advises all her friends
- wanting no article - of the same kind to deal
at Barr, Johnson & Co's. •
The present is the last issne of the Observer
that we will semi to a large cumber' of sub
scribers who seem to have imbibed the mista
ken notion that we are wealthy enough to
furnish them with a paper free of coat Those
who fail to receive the next number will on- -
derstand the reason why, and do as their
judgment tells them is best—either pay up at
once, bo made to do so by legal process; or
have the pie:saute of seeing their names in our
black list, We have given them fair notice of
our determination, and they cannot complain
if unpleasant consequences result.
Th e appearance of 0 o..t.rr upon the
..,r'tne Rump Rouse on Friday was the
signal for the most exuberant gladness on the
part of theßadical members. They gathered
about the Vaiakrupt fellow membir, and wrung
hie hands and "smiled and smiled" (see
Shalce.pearc) until the very darkies in the
galleries grinned sympathetic grins. lied his
Satanic majesty appeared in the hall his re
ception would not have been moreenthusiastic
and delightful.
The Catholics recently held a Fair in Titus
vine, and the. following are the receipts and
expenditures :
Received from all sources 53,150 00
Wvr of the Fete 800 00
Net proceeds
The Oil City Register presumes that in no
other habitable portion of the globe do dead
heats exhibit such an• amount of cheek as in
the oil region.
Interesting trews Items.
Massachusetts bee three negroes in her
Legislature and three butvired and thirty-four
in the State Pfl.oll.
Nunn, the great Irish railway contractor,
was a few years ago worth £BOO,OOO sterling.
Now he cannot pay his debts.
The United Staten, according to the Lon
don 71res, has succeeded in -bullying the
A Peer , named Reuben was arraigned to
Glasgow. Kentucky, on last Saturday. on the
charge of murder lie had cruelly - murdered
his own son. o lad shout twelve years of age,
heclu=e bc - cc old not pull , corn fast - enough.
- - -
Don't put out kerosene lamps by Morrill , :
down the chimney.. A doctor in Peoria tried
it the other. night, the lamp exploded,- and
the doctor narrowly escaped losing his eyes.
A &P. Coburn of Showheefut, Me own
400,000 acres of land on the Kennebec river,
which is equal to four townships, Thii Srm
wit] cut 25.000;000 feet - of loan this winter—
employing 228 oxen, 152 horses and 800 1131:41.
A good-looking Methodist etirgyman, Rev.
I R Dunn. has been arrested in Louisville,
for the ruin of a young Miss Nellie Davison,
of Indianapolis. It wait the oil story. The
followis now making shoes for the State, at
a five years penitentiary engagement. •
An insane men, named Manuel Drah, who
had escaped from his keeper near ,Sparta,
Wiv„ -was recently shot in the woods by, a
Mu'AneY, who mistook him for a deer. Ile'
wn'•lying at the' foot of a tree, and with the
hushes intervening, and it being in the early
morning light, it is net surprising that the
mistake was made. The man was killed al
most instantly.
The if n F. C. Beeman, of Michigan. call
ed on General Spinner, United• States Treas
urer, the other day. and paid back into' the
treasury over five hundred dollars received
during the last three years for mileage as a
member of Congress, in excess of what he be-
Beret; to he just, although the amourt he re
ceived was computed 'wording to Cm present
Congressional estimate of mileage.
The Brooklyn Eagle says: That on. Thurs
day evening. at - the dlose of Fred. Douglass'
lecture. at Plymouth Church, a white woman,
in the exuberance of her adMiration for the
colored orator, forced upon him a high token
of appreciation. in a chaste, Platonic kiss.
The reporter dryly adds that the fortunate
black moo received the salutation "withont
Considerable feeling has been awakened
among the people of Wishington city, otf ac
count of the passage of the Stevens resolu
tion, looking to the admission of negro children
into the public schools. The general opinion
is, that any attempt to enforce such a law
would be resisted almost unanimously by the
white popul ition of the entire District.
The Shreveport, La., News of the 30111
gives the particulars of a serious affray which
occurred recently at the plantation of Mrs.
Murray, ne , r that city. A little boy of 3fro.
Murray and a negro boy alsout the some age
got into a difficulty, in which the latter was
whipped. The father of the negro thereupon
obtained a gun and shot young Murray, killing
him instantly. An elder brother of Murray.
upon being informed of the circumstance, took
summary vengeance upon the negro boy by
shooting him dead..
THE EFFECT CF A Dnesm.—The five lending
journals of Parie contain long and circumetan
tial accounts: of a distinguished engineer
whose head was turned perfectly white by a
most frightful dreami. The engineer bad via..
ited a rough and unfrequented mineral region
for the purpose of exploring and reporting to
a company of Capitalists upon the richnessof a
certain mine. The night of his arrival.' and
before he descended into the mine, be. lodged
at a small inn, and' after eating a pound or
two of pork, wear' to bed. He dreamed that
be had visitid the mine and was being drawn
up, when ha discovered the rope almost sev
ered, and there was but a single strand to
supp , rt his weight and that of the bucket• in
which he was being drawn up. Suddenly ;
when hotted ascended two hundred feet, the
rope, he dreabied, gave way, and be uttered a
fearful shriek, which sr used the inmates of..
the house, and when . they burst open the door'
of the dreamer's - riom they found a white
headed man in the place of the black haired
young gentleman who bad retired a few hours
before. The story is well authenticated, and
this is ..he brat instanoronyecord of a man's
bead being turned white feton the effeots of a
TOM ROPIANPE or A DAs: —A few years sines
a very respectable lady, living not a hundred
miles from Winona, Minn called upon ose
of our lending attorneys and desired his ser
vice in procuring a divorce from her husband.
who bad left her eight or ten years ego; and
during all that long time she haeheard noth
ing from him. The lady was taktng the step
with reluctance, but it was necessary le trans
fer some land. -The case of desertion' seemed
so strong that little difficulty was -met in
prOcuring the divorce, and the lady made the
transfer . . On The evening of the same day the
attorney was in Miles' barber shop, -when the .
lady in question . entered, accompanied by a
gentleman. She uttered an exclamation of
surprise as she-met the gale of the attorney,
and taking a seat by his side said to him:::
..Do you know that gentleman who came in
with met" "No," replied the Attorney.
"Well, it's my husband. Ile came up to-day
on the boat, and we' shall be married again '
this evening." The attorney suggested the•
propriety of his being proipent at the,
but while the•lndy was willing ho ehnuld wit
none the . cerennoay, she yet thought that be
had been a little ton instrumental in separat. !
ing therm Why the husband was so silent
diteinr his long absence we know not. Let
that remain among the mysteries.
Po trr SCOT TO PRISON.-08 ,, , W. Cni
ter, the author of "The :ton of Steam;" has
been sent ti th%c . ity prig ln at Cincinnati. for
six months, for intemperance. The Cincin 7 I
nati Gazette nays :
Mr. Cutter is a lawyer by profession, std
at times has enjoyed eome distinction at the
bar; was once a member of the-Legielotdre of
Indiana; at the breaking out of the Mexican
war he raised a company of men and distils
- guishei -himself me a soldier. ffe has puti
lished two volumes of po crag, of more than
ordinary merit, but for a numhee of years has
written nothing that has been published
Since his return from Mexico he bag been
addicted to intemperance, at times given to
beastly d unkruneas. Uod r such conduct
he long ogcr sacrificed his legal patronage and
.lost his only reliable means of support. And
now, we : are and to say it, he in almost- hope
lessly a vagrant. and the other day was sen
tenced to t•iz months in the city prison, as the
heat plane for one unable to control his pis-
Fiona for strong drink. Let young men be
warned in time To such a fate are many of
those hastening who,
in the army and out of
it aloe' indulge in the tempting bowl. .
find the fillowing paragraph in one of our
exchanges; . ..
"A monument, costing Mop°, has just'
been erected'at Mount Auburn Cemetery. in,
Boston, in honor of the late Wm. F. Hamden,.
founder of the express business in the United
B•ates." llarnden waa'a clerk . in a Boston
house, whoa his health began to fail and he
consulted a 'physician, by whom ho was :satir
e 1 that the Only chance he had for prolong
ing his life was change of emplopcsint. lie
must quit his sedont try life and travel. His
means being limited, at tN suggestion of
friends, be began to travel be ween Boston' .
and New York, taking charge small parcels
and transacting any busines entritsfed to
him. Thus started ,the express iinsiness.
Harnden died young, but lived to see "Harn
deres Express" extended over the entire
.country with a European branch. He left
his widow rich, and after his death she sold
her interests in the express fir $lOO,OOO,
Thus, by the failing health of an obscure clerk,
was originated what may nog- be called an
institution which has wrought alt important
revolution in the commercial world.
A young mon belonging to reoeut
-1 York
wroto to M. tlreeley. of the New
T r ib une. to nes I,tv tonuence ItOwbtaining
tor him, In reply thereto Ilorace
.wrote : "New York is iu at entering upon the
interesting process of starving out 200,000
people whom war and irredeemable paper
have driven hither. It is impossible to re
ceive and employ mere till these are `gone."
ING a or Orixtox.,-The jest disphiyed by
cur daily cotemporary in favorof negro suf
frage, at the present period, contrasts some
what strangely with its views as declared'
about the time the Radicals first began to
urge the forcing of that odious measure upon
the Southern States. The following editorial,
which is-but one of a 'dozen on the .subject
that appear scl in its columns during the Spring
of last year;%rill serve to show the ex tent of .
%tor OttgIIDOTEI 3 1 / 1 111110THEIM We onp It from
the Dispatch of Feb. 28th, 1865:
$2,350 00
CoLORED CrrIZIMSHIP.—Our people are
people of extremes. They no sooner' con
clude that they are done wtth one folly or ex
travagance than they are ready to engage in
another. We have been rejoiced with the
abolition of slaviry, that,mitterable blot, upon
the country's existence and foul stain upon the
national character. but aro surprised to no
tice the earnestness with which "the claims"
of the negro upon our generosity is urged
ur on the people by a large proportion of the
leading papers of the Country. Can it be
that it is desired to have the colored race
supersede the white in all the privileges
and emoluments of intelligent, progressive so
ciety ? Can it be that he would be taken from
his positing of ignorance and inferiority and
elevated to the superior positions among the
people, to dictate to and rule over the
whites? It is possible that this may be the
desire of those who are so solicitous concern
ing his welfare. This isa question, whiCh dis
agreeable a• it may seem, is forcing ittelfupon
nor people for solution. In fact it is already
upon us. Toe question is agitating our
State Legislatures, who are asked to extend
the elective franchise to all classes of persons.
without dis , inct ion of race, color or national
ity; and the adherents of the cause claim for
the colored race—to which has just now been
extenclad boon of ooticoolslo oohs.. obootrrar
the expense of the life of the nation—Teel
lions and. privileges which the whites of
this country have not been able to obtain ex
cept by life-long, exertion with the cost of
appliontion. We regard the movement ISS one
ofluablime imptidence, and shall raise our
voice against it. •
We do nokquertion but what time would pave
the way for this result ultimately, so far u It
is consistent with goo I manners et least. The
events of the age are giving new impulse and
wider scope to popular ideas, and reform will
be the fruit of the existing tendency of things.
But it should be given time. It should be
brought forwarti as the p , eilion and responsi
bility of the white class is brought, forward,
by the necessary amount' of cultivation and
lobar. There can be no. question about the
impropriety of the sudden elevation of such
a great body of ignorant, untutored. almost
barbaric pardons to the rights of citizenship
and claims upon society for which they have
not earned. It will endanger, if not the act
ual existence of our free institutions, at least
their tranquil operation, and we do not un
derstand bow men can be actgoted to push
the matter to extremes. It is a question of
the highest importance. and may yet trouble
us more then the rebellion now raging in the
South, if prudence is not observed in its man
31edleal liotlces.
At this season of the year, when io,many
of oar people suffer froni colds, we call at:,
tention to Ayer's Cherry Pectoral as a cure
not only for coughs and colds, bat all affeo
dons of 114 lungs and throat. Nevins used it
in our family for many years, we can speak
tram personal knowledge of its efficiency.
There wily be other rermedtee that are good,
but in all our experience this has proved to
be by far the best. Its nnalitics are uniform
and wholly reliable. It is pleasant to take,
and should be kept at command, by every .
family, as a protection against a class of com
plaints whicteeleem harmleSs in the beginning.
but become afflicting and dangerous if neglect
ed.—N. H. Register.
Pagectsn,t The . ancient 'Grecians Were
noted for their agility, strength,and great pow
,era of endurance. The English women of the
present time are celebrated for their robed
and herlth,y appearance, the result, in both
instances, of vigorous and healthy exercise
The Americans. unfortunately, have but little
taste for tliis method of retaining their health,
or building up a broken constitution ; hence
the great prevalence of weak, sickly, and deli
cate men and women. Gootiand'a German
Bitters will in a great measure palliate this
want of exer'ise, by giving great strength to
the digestive organ-, hence product:an a geed
appetite and a vigernua feeling of body. A
moderate degree of exerelie, however,
used in
connection ifith the Bitten', -is much better;
the most deprerate case of Dverepsia, Liver
Complaint, Nervous Debility. yielding quickly
to their beneficial influence. All druggists
hatte these Bitters for sale. They contain no
The •Old Guard" for January comes to as
enlored and improved The famous South•
ern author, W. Gilmore Simms. commences a
new story in Ibis issue,' and, John Esten
Cooke contributes a Southern account of the
battle of Bull Run. We find in every number
of this lifogozine one or more articles which
alone are worth the price for a year's tutt
peription. Specimen copies will he sent, pre
paid. for 20 cents. Address, Van Eerie, Hor
ton & Co., New,l'ork. -
1011;DET roa 1867 —The January number hoe
been received and cannot be excelled. The
steel engraving, '•The Fleet Party," le very
lifelike. Among Ito , patterns, ie a fumy
besides the latest Parle. feehione, Novel
tier; Work Department, &c. Pelee $3 per en
num; eddress L. A. G.odey.' Philadelphia-
. Beadles' Monthly" for January'has been
reneived. Among the contributors. we notice
all of the old favorites of the past year, and a
ndmberof well known writes have been added
to the-list The ;utilishers started out with'
the aim of making a popular Magazine. and
they have succeeded. S •nd for a copy . . 0 .ly
$3-00mer year or 25 cents per Pia& number.
Address Beadle St Co ;118 William street; New
PHRENOLOGICAL JonaNat, for December con
tains Bne portralta,of Dore, the great French
Artist, the Bing and Queen of Prussia. twelve
dletinguishe4 American Clergymen. Miss Kate
- Bateman, with Biographies and Sketches of
Character. Atte other interesting
cluding Whitt , is Education? by John Neal;
Chardmers of Shakspeare ; niers. theTrenoh
Statesm ; Orang Outsngs, etc.. O l nly 20
cents; $3 a year. Now is• the time to sub
@Cribs. • A new Volum; begins -with the nest
number. Address, Fowler and Wells, 389
'Broadway, New..Yerk.
Earnaraise.:—We notice in an es-
change an account of the great steal works of
the Messrs. Krupp. in England. The, rosin
dries and &tops of Messrs. Fairbanks &
wipe, which are located in St. Johnsbury, I
Vt., rival them in extent. The Company's
buildings cover many acres, and give employ- •
went to over eleven hundred men, with a,
monthly pay-roll of nearly thirty thousand
dollara. They are now building large tweee.
sines to their works to meet the demand,
which is already far in edvance of the supply, -
and increasing.' This Company, whose ware
-house- is at N0..507 French as in this city,
and whose agents, Messrs. McConkey &
Shannon, are among oar moat reliable and
enterprising business men, manufacture all
descriptions of scales, from the immense.rail
road turn-tables Ao the most delicate and sen
sitive jeweller's, and druggist's balance, that
is acted on by a breath. They are all built
upon the most simple plan that is. compatible
with perfection of accuracy. They also man -
ufaeture dry measures of 'all kinds of stan
dard capacitias.: It is needless' to speak of
their scales, for they have a world .wide repu
tation. Parties purchasing of McConkey &
Shannon can have them set up by experienced
mechanics. The firm aro now manufacturing
a patent gas regulator, invented by Dr. C M
Cresson. %This regulator is intended . to be
used in public buildings and large hallo, to
'secure a steady anti uniform flow of gas. It
is now used in Most of our public buildings,
and with marked good effect. In the Phila
delphia Net Of alone, its use less saved to
the government over 180,000 feet of gas in
one y- or. ' , deco-3m.
Disratunrioss.--We would call attention to
the opinion of one of the leading papers, of
Canada on the subject of Gift Enterprises:
"Most of our readers have no doubt -read
some of the numerous, Gift Enterprise, Gift
Concerts, &c., which appear from time to time
ia the public-prints. rffering meet temrtiog
bargains to three who will potrooi4e them,
inmost oases these ate gigantic purobags. But
there are a few resteet..bte firms who da-busi
nese in this manner,- and they do it as a means
o f increasing their wholesale business, and
not to make money. Prom such firms, it is
true, handsome and valuable artied - s are pro.
cured for a very small sum, and what is more
important, no one is aver cheated. Every
person gets good value for his dollar; because
as we have stated, it is intended to 'not as an
advertisement to increase their ordibary bus
iness We have seen numbers of prises sent
out in this way by Sherman, , Wateen Sz Com
pany, of Nassau Street. N. Y., and tt l ere is no
doubt that some of the articles see w rth eight
or ten times the money paid far them, while
we bare not sees orheard of a single article
which was not tti,ll 3 r worth the dollar which it
cost. But this is only one of the exceptions to
the rule, for ass general thing the portiesen.
gaged In this business are nothing but clever
swindlers.—Saturday Reader, Montreal, E. C.,
Jan. 13, 1866.. • dec.2o
Ross's Granonsa's Fcauteutah 8 TOILS.
—Mr. Warren L. Boss has taken the store
lately conducted by Jwitice, Moen & GaVa—
guer, and ntttd g" 1 . 2 11,6.".Ge5va
Ty to make a complete gentßinen's furnishing
establishment. Hitt (dock of cloth•, cassimeres,
seating. and ready made clothing is superior
to anything'ever brought to the city, and we
defy any one to visit the store without finding
somettilagt4q . suit his taste. °Mr: Roes has
been very andoessful in seouring a cutter who
is not surpassed anywhere. Under his skillful
supervision the concern is taming out work
equal to the best Eastern establishments. No
person can have an •wise for going abroad
to get clothing while Ross affords the copse
°knees that be does. In Addition to his other
goods he has also a superior stook of hats
and caps, tindery. collard cravats,—in short
anything that a man wants it the clothing
line can be got at Ross's. Call sod see for
yourselves, je2l If
' Fos sixteen:years I was sorely distressed
with the Asthma. A great portion of the
time T.was unable to work, and frequently
for weeks a 4 a time. -I could obtain Bleep on
ly by settiat np In a chair, , being unable to
breathe in a lying postuie. - In my long
search after relief, I. of caorse, tried Many
medicines. but all to little* no purpose,. un
til I ,used Carter's Compound Extract
Smart Weed. This met my ' ase at once, and
the very great relief I have ex'pirienced by
using lit convinces me that it is no more than
my thity to make the fact publle, that
now nos-ring awl used to suffer. 'may know
where and how I obtained my renter. I nave
also used the seine preparation as a liniment
and in Colds wish great satisfaction, and con
sider it • very useful article and one that
every family would do well to kelp -amid.
them. \ - . a - ALYItDD EDDY.
North Jars, N. Y. 'Ar..g..2lre.—oct2s-tf
A nvarristsa.—There is no' doubt that the
great lever in the extension o! a business, in
these go-ahead times, is advertising; but the
immense popularity of that celebrated remedy
for Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint, Nervous De
bility, &c., Hooflatid's German Bitters, is not
so much owing to the fact that it has been ex
tensively advertised, as it is to the great merit,.
of the article. A worthless medicine may,'
through publicity, acquire a short-lived no-I
tortety, but it requires the basis of true merit,
in order to sustain itself for any considerable
length of time. lioefland's German Bitters
has been known to the American publto for
more than twenty years; each day adding
come new proof of its virtues and great cura-..
tire properties. -Mee Bitters are for sale by
all druggists. Th epicene. a spirituous drink.
tar A fire made_ in the Morning Ginty
stove can be kept up ail* the winter round,
_Bithout,kindfingA., finr sale by Nimrod
'AtnP 47 . ; i: 1305 French street. act.2s-tf.
. sifr,The cheapest, ssfest, simplest and
plessaniesW stove to use is the Morning
- Glory. for sale by Nimrod & Company, 606
- French street. . 0ct.25 If.
ofir For a parlor braining room stove, no
oath" equal to the liihrying Glory:for /shah,
Hitnrocl & . Company ' 605 French street.
not tf,
A Caron, A Cale; On A SOU ?mop mains I soros
date &Um/Liaison:t shonl4 Do aboard. It allowed to
continue Irritation of the Ltingo,• permanent Th oat
Dimon, or Conenmptirin, Is often the
haring* Croat intirmace to the 'parts, giro taumallata
rellat Par ,
and" Throat Trochee are need with tire's
good rueoese. Slavin end Public Spee'rerw .111 end
Trochee useful to cleating f i bs votes wise taken before
flinging or Speaking, and rellrldog the throat after an
inaanal inertion of the easel Orgasm The 14 Gebel are
recommended sod preeerlbed bJ ph-stclans, and have
had britimonlale from stainent_noto throughout the
countii. Reing an article of true merit, sat hawing
proved their ethscy by a led of nun , years, 'mob yea,
dude them in new tomiltles in various parts of the
world.eard tba ?mhos are animal!, p rononaged bat
tar than alba articles.
Obtain only olltowe's firma 14:oehits," sod, do
oat harem, of the ererthisee Imitations th at mar b.,
Waled. Bold eierretheri. n'29 em
0411.i'1l HAM ItSiMai
Is the best preparation extant for reatoring grey heir
CO its orlgind whir. meriting Its falling nut and pro
%noting Its grata.. It to Was a besuUbsl hair dressing
B. P. HALL Ie CO, Manse. N. IL, Proprteton.
ibtvNiriitdrilaidtL' - I dismal
• 41 im.: saamtsrmrs
Thu great medicine Cured Dr. J. 11. BMicumr, the
Proprietor, ci Pulmonary C oraunnalon, When Ii had
tenured Its mad formidable aspect, and lkitefl . speedy
death appeared to , he inevitable: Ma phys t elans pre.
nottriced his came' incurable when be menced
the me of this simple hit powerful re y. His
- health was reamed in 4- very abort tin# and no
return of the disease has' been apprehen - for all.
. the fymptoms mdeldy_dloppmared, and fun present
weight Is more then two hundred pounds.
Since his recovery, he haa devoted ht attention attention
- exclusively to the cure of Consumptio and the
Taysoci which are =Lehr complicated Ith, It, acid
the cures ellleted by Ids medielnexhave been very
12111:111:1701111 and truly wonderful. Dr. *exact
makes professional visits to several of the larrer cities
weekly, where he has a large commune of tetienbt,
and it Is truly astonishing to pee poor mMumpurce
That hereto be lilted out of their carrla;nr, and in
a few months healthy, robin:. pciMits. Da.'
TONIC, 'and MANDRAKE PILLS area centrally
ail required In curing Consumption. Poll dire,
tlmta accompany each, ad that any one can'toke them
Withent seeing Dr. ' s Bousscx, but when It is ran.
verdant It is beet to see him. Ile gives mire° tree,
but for &thorough examination with his Rai hemmer
his fee is three dollars. - i
new olzetts, when purchatlng, thaiFille two
Ifltertataca of the Dcletor—ono when in th 4 ;lad gage
of Cocuramption s and the other as he ,3IT , le, In
perfett hettli.h—are , on tho Government elatap.
Sola by all Dravida mod Dealer!. Prsc.
per bottle, or 137:5d the, loth' dozen, 4We - fa tor
advice should alwais be directed to Dr. !Schenck's
Principal Office, 15 North Oh fit., Philadep a , Pa.
General Wholaptlei .teente: Demat Floroca & Co.,
rt. Y.. , B. 'John D.
Park, Cinch.
lIL ;
I. most
arer produces.
Lmtiee will end it xr,. lily a certain re:
afore, darhen 4nd hey:ails the Itatr, tut
ertichr for the t , ilet , at j it le
,hiably peril
rich anedeicate pe furna, indopenexnt of! ,
odor ortha oils of paha 'awl mace.
SHE 114.11 EL OF PFAU.
A new and betutleui perfume, whicti iu
eve, and keseity with which it ell
bendlierehieund perion le neequilled. •
Tlielbo;e artelles l'ep t le by ell &nest
timers, st $1 per boitle:eneb: •Seot by gip
atdre.. by the
100 Liberty :Street. N'
New Advertisemen
J OPOSALI Mr Building Cana
Sealed Pron.:lv -1 e Cans
rswide street wIII be received by the unders
the first Wonder In Jinnsre nett. When. al
*id be opened of the Town Will.
- jotter TIER -
Ir. N. LOv
d e e27-cd Road Covin4sinneTs r f kill
01' ICE I
W. SAX FORD 12C3R81.T., To the court
. Pleas nt Erie c
JUITA ITCUYsEq.: :0, Feb'y terra,
• The underalwnrel, TW the Court
Plea. of Erie county a entainta.loa• cake
la the abase stated case; wit I attend to the do
appointment at his ofilen in the city of Co
county of Erie. nn the Ilfith . flay of' January.
eomruen.ins at 71) "'clerk — A M., at whichl,
plane all persons interented can ertend If the
dec27-It Comm
Print., !ad enlorp, at 125: eenti poryonl.
Prints, do.
IS - , do.
Pemnant Frlirta. Feet quality, IS do.
Yard trlde Factory. 1 is do. t
do. balmy, 21 . do.
On. 11 exalted, 2(1 en. .
10.4 all white Red Blanket.. $5lOl per t;aLr.
Balmoral Skirtx2 00 each.
, .
Double and Single Rh:oo4 Shrterle, LIS to $lO.OO.
•-• 40 ,Broclta do. IS 00 to :0 00.
Ratting.. 20 ate. perch.
Under' '-ta tad Dr ,- ... $l.OO •r - - net.
. on],
Jnileriihirta evil Dr&'tarsi--i -...---, Pe , Pk
Ledi me ilccp wide', • 1 I.eaeb.
ilitlarec'slina librot i o; • -001 40 to 12 rte
Bradley's Duplex Elliptie Poop - Pkirto radii ,ell 20 per
coot. oti former prices.
1 ,
Conel!tior of French and Pnedten Iferinnel reams*
Cleobe. ell wool jleialewo,. Prlotod Delalnea.lCalearye,
..l son Lemma rUpfltri AP • •
Starting Flannsl., Shaker Flannel Knit. 6, de. Bow
fin% Yankee, If ottops. - Cotton Tern, Cotton Flannels,
Cloves. &e.
nr Call and see as at '111.5114p of lb. FIL E
No a. Reed Rome, Elie, Pa
A class Ith Speneerlan Penh:band:hip will be ors f eed
WEDNESDAY; - JAN. 2D, 186 T,
At th• Co ilea.* Roll7ler earl n'Perk and Pa•ehlltre•ta•
at 7 n'elock. p.m. A b•atiltful pare will be given to
the ooe iniproring the aloft,
Terms for • term of 15 leesons —To Geatlemen,
to hvliee, $1.75.
To 8 . 2111101111 Neu—Tho r oriohtnr to tate ti pertia ;
bourse tan d.l.o,lind he charged accordingly A Schniar
ship. rod to all the Colleges of the chain, sod For time
unlimited, including orivilelms At venters at any time,
A 35.00. Grand indneennents. The importince or se
early, thorough. prs-ticsi 'mein etc education to J. young
man drstined tore mercantile course, cannot te over
estimated -
Math hu been and la be hie slid by some inatittiti one
of the enuntry about the 11re of this portant,' feature
to Meriantile teaching We tstiolgare have resclied the
•of ttils imoortant facet. tali an ate our
student•• books,. Meg for theinitelven -It
"pr•etingite it le nooda at.' bought and - dd. • eposits
against teklai draft: are drawn at our Bank. d.2?-It
The Undersien.d. -Administrator of the e
RENO, Y AMIN. d by virtue or an order
Ornhan'e Ceort of Erie County, will 1..11 at p.m!
et 619.Frensh street, its the 'city of Eris. S 41" p
the 19th day o , January next, at 10 o'clock, ai
following descrit ed real estate, to wit:
All that 'piece or parcel of lend situate in the township
of Summit to said counts', bounded as tollowe cl l .. Com.
meriting at the Northeast corner of said piece ; thence
south 21:Uranim. east by And of John Jobsueue
tire and A. half rods thane. South II degree.. West by
land at John Rama one hundred and titty -four rode to
• atone or post-; thence along *antra of the "Lai Road"
North 28 degrees. West fifty dee sada half rode;:thence
North 64 deg. , Root by land of Alexander Fink and Stn.
Idattbeors, one hundred and Ilfty-four rode to thy plows
of bog' noble. containing 6 ree aeres andel ate. seven
rode of land mori or leer. Petog part of tract N 0.369.
Alan:the Vest htlf of la-Lot No 2750, to the nyy of_
Erie afar Said. bounded North by Od street. kset brEsst
blilf of old In-Lot; Smell by in-Lot No 2707 snit :Wog
be 10-Lni 'o . 2763, blue 41 feet three- Inehis In *kith
and sae hundred and sisty_flie In length.
Also. the followlng described to the eity of rite
afustuid : Being known as Buh-Lots so.. 10. tO ' pod 21
of Brig Out-Lot No. 360, as subdivided by Vinkent &
Nlntrod. gash Pnb.Lot being 41 test three isehek front
and 126 fret is depth, the whet* bounded Ruth .7 NIP
ram it, - Bast be Sun. Lot N 0.22; Swath by Buck, • Al.
lee and Westwardly br Sub-LOt No. 18.
Tiltllt OP Saur....-One•third , to band, the kal min
two equal for. imstit• with annual interest to be .
by judgment bond and mortgage on the ensue eoe.l
Ade, of Henri Ilartin.,;
dee:r 08 I w
I '
&Mg rho tremor Coal cheaper than the chaap
other Cosh In proportion. ♦ trial Is all that Is n
vary to oontinto any 0115 of hair Oa:parlor quality',
iffpNAS A. JIMPER3ON, li the Court of Co •
101 Pleu
N 0.117 November Term, 1865.
tlecfment to Worm the ibeelee perfonnsnee of •
contrect for the isle of the following described land by
plaintiff to defendant, to wit, a ,lot of ground situate In
the city f Corry, and county of Site aferearaldi de•
scribed u follows—being lot No.ll in said efts, bound.
.4 en the west by Cases street, on the south lot
N 0.13, OD the east by %oda of Perintlo w Johneon cod
on the Nerth by hind told to Perry Stewart; the said
lot being four rods wide on Centre street, -
and the Sheriff baa made return to the meld writ that
the "defends:Ala oat faint to fhts laliwice, pot'
one in pours:don of the land fa i the odd writ &fatted,
and the Mara day a laid writ Wing now past, the
plaintiff by his attorney „coarse nod soiree the :mart to
grant • rule on de sodant to impair and pine to sold
writ, as& cea. act of nes:mae to inch ewe wade and
provided. BE! JA will GRANT,
/Ittotriey for Plaintiff.
"N ow to wit, Dec. 111" h; MP. ' Ws granted oo de
ant to plead so preyed for, to be published as trot trod
by act of •seezotdy Pet Cur.- Prom the eacord--4 t tnre
dye/ lea C ROGERS, Protley.
by her nest friend. the Conti of Coma=
GO. Dean. • 1 Pia, Priv Co..
NO. 75. Log. term .
JACOB insstvo. s . •
Ta Jamb Wolin, Ftsrpandisit.- •
T ha node* tha t depa.lttoa to b mad Is astdasse as
this baring of Ms agora cam "Mb* taiga at tha Slles
ofths aadardrasth as that .29th day at DeCANIIN. k. D.
18 0 6. at 8 chitiek, P. M. 1 F. CUECTZM,,
I forty different styles. sdaptid to nand and wok,
motto, for BYO 10E600 ..a.• ffllty , one gold or illtner
osolals. or otbeg 011% yrendones reeraid eham Ulna.
Wad Cato] orator bus. *admen. YAWN &BAUM
Boston.orlLASON BEAT TIEVY.Nw• Tad!. " Eby
, 1 •
(Plots Vrtdokay Prepvatka,) '
1.91 TWA
rouptlng f. - orn say acme whatover. Pm.trat4
of a•ay.t.m, emm•el by iwyere iftspo.urea,
fortra or i11.•..ra of camp iiro. Sol.ll.ra„etttlauft, ma's
iv, adult. or youtb, 'n.l In al., ,iittere a v.('
Toni., not o ..goi'ant on bail 13q.i•re for their s , tno t ml
- 1
itlf3 PXPAiI.,
Aud 41aexxta r , ea 1114 f.ort, t:llwrdtal of i6+-L:eer &DJ
Divecive nr,ar I ar• clf t.v
This Hitters Nig I erform.d more curer., 'lv.. L.ll*
tslltfittlen, has more tc.thnony, h e mote raepoctshlt
prop!. to south rot It than any other arttel• In the brat
tat , We dr fy cry ooe to cor,tr,,i,ct this isretti•e,-eed
trll' pay $l,O 0 to sot one who will prodree s certlU•-st.
yablurbed by rabbet.. not zenalno.
'Pill cure very eve c hron la or tenons debility ant
disese tLetidoeys. Inserve the lollovaDg symptom.
trsulting from dleordore of the digestive or g era :
Constipation. Inwood Piles. Fa:lnstil of Blood to the
[lead, Acidity of the Stomach, Nantes, iteartbOrni Die
gust for rood, Fulness or Weight in the Stoma* Son.
hstict•tloos, Sinking or Flutterleg of the Pit of the
Stomachs 5• g of the Head, slurried and difficult
Brearblog, Fluttering at the Heart, Eliot tt or'suorcat
any Sensations when Ina lylog posture, Ihmossis clis
Soo, Dols or Webs before the eight, retry sod poll ra.o
to the nevi. Deflcieccy of Persplratioog Vellown•es v.
the -kin aud'Eyes, rain to the Side, Paig; Chest, !grabs
/se S Sadden Flushes of flew, Burgling io ,tie riesh, Coe
stela Imigissiugs of Erit and great Deprwsty3 of Spirits
KC& Ica n 4, that thl• !litters ill ootalchoulle, cootal3
DIVTIro or wili.keir ' and cannot Duke Ornobanbt, but lo
the belt teak to the world. , •
mo. 1 Y T.
Asir, sod
READ tllO SAYS ;to
Flom nor. W. D. zo.igfri , ll, roxit.or of rworth 1.1.4 Ott
e the world
Gentlemen- !have reesutly been laboring wader the
d.etressing eXects of indlgeo ton; lepinyamed by a pros
tretton of the nervous nyatem. Numerous remedies were
recommended by friends, and some of them teeter!, to
without relief Your IloollaudltiGeroatt Bitten were
recommended by per•ona who had !lied them. and wiles.
fatortble Aloe of these Bitters laduc.d me to Ire
ti ern I must cuctemx that I had au ayersiob to rateol
blediciaea from the "thouaaod and ono" quack •'Bitters'
whose (July aim mime to be to palm off sweetened a d
drugged liquor upon the comm.-nit, in a sly way, cud
the teed, rice of which, I fear, Is to make many a e.m•
Brined druatrard Upon lean:dog-that ours was really
a wydlcinal preparation I took it with happy effect Ito
action, not only upon the stomach, but noon the nerrocie
system. was prompt and gratifylag. I feel that I bore
derived great and permanent benellt from the ate e , a
few bottles. Very reopYctinily
W. D. SiIIG/BIKU, No. :8.54 Thacsamazon ' t.
edy to re
med with. i
he flagant
delicacy or
, ICF to the
and per
From the I:cr. E. tt Fend' Fasietant Rditor Marl . Imo
ow York
I have derived decided benefit from the a sect? Hootland*.
'Conan; Ihttere, tad h eel itray privilege to recommend
them as s remit valuable tonic to all who "an materna
trcin general debility or Irons diseases ■rising from the
denngetneut of the liver.
. Yuan truly, S. D. FaNDAlilii
From 1t... P. `dery /0, rutor of the Permian% art 10
Church, Pht
prom the Raalill
D. rtogcumworierman thrtcre. I troll induced to gave m
• trial. After ming several bunko, I found theta tot.
rood remedy for doodah' sod • moat exceleat !mar tot
the stomach. p /I
Elrldg • on
Toed uP
Fro. Her. Wen. smith, formerly Pastor Of the %Intel:a
- tore and .111 lle (%. I) litsplist Churches.
Raying need In my +=illy a number of bottles of nee.
lloodanefe Gentian Betters, I hare to say I regard thert
as en excellent medicine, epeciallr adapted to remove
.the disease,. they are recommended or. They atrengtheb
and le tigarate the sista= when debilitated, and are use
lot in disorders of the lever, lore of appetite, !be. I an
also rito-nemended them to several of my friends _eh%
have tried theme, and found them greatly beneficial in the
reneweitioauf health. yoo cm teats',
WY. SMITH, 9Ge Hutchinson St., Phelads
f C.:7 m_l
SM.P .' 11
f *meson
uthri of Ms
um frith.
4. D 1867,
I tin. sad
1 11.11py,.
See thit the eigesture of M. JACKSON" la ou
wrappmr of each bn*Oz
Shoted yo .r nearest &priest not have the arts m d, ,
not be put off by any of the intoxication yrsparsoon
that may be offered in ate plane. but snit to us and so
will forward securely, peeked, by express.
Eir Principal On3eo and Manufactory, • No. 631 Ala
Street. Philadelphia:TA.
[doeinaeors to C.%. Jaeknon & Co., J Proprietoce •
For gale by drawl/lets sod dealers In every town o
t r olled, Steam. devornb-tdreSS'En
dre prepared by the llessicors. G ranciere & Dupont
pharmacoeutlstu, No. 214, Roe Lombard. Pula, from the
of Dr Joan Delman., chief physician to
the Hospital du Nottl on Larit °lsere.
. . .
Pails,May 5th,.111 - 3.
Gentlemen—We have Cued the “ttpiwiric Pine" made
fem. Dr. Delemarrere rreeerintion, darns se rears
past, in our private and pebilo practice, and bare found
them a most energetic and e Solent remedy in muses of
Speimatorboea or dentinal Weakness. nigbtly, deny or '
prem. ere etniselotto; frlCii IMOD Its Of impotency;
'weal derangement, of the nervous system:saltine. sea
%rising from secret habit.. and 'oval ereseeete; niers
lion of the genital organs; week spine; affection's of the
eyes; "Lime" or .brick duet" a-I:mite in the urine;
"Milky" dlcrbe cc: palm:tear of toe skfw, with sunken
cheeks oebiondlere hpe; "pion - hod" featur-e;
action"'of the heart, and in all the ghastly train of
eyniptome Hieing from over use, attires, or luta, from
any tweet, of the nervous forte.
We earnestly advise the profession. and al' persons
entrains from any symptomatic or organic affahone of
the genitd-urinary ayalems. to use these pi U. Wilk
high respect, we are yours moat onnverely,
fliesitsreitts,ll. D.,
'Co Garscrier. tt Dupont, No. 21.1 Rue Lombard, Parts.
&dents ry and studious occupations,,
or whatever le. de to impair the vital action of he
brain, distressing and embarraesing disioders of the
yi tesystem Studeat clergymen, and 'airy vs, there
fvrt., who are .es• vitally liable to these wiskoeseee,
should resort promptly to Pr. Delsroarre's Speeißc
A pamphlet, coot doing full particulars, web direc
tions anci advice, printed In Fench Merman. Spanish,
and Euglish, accompanies •ach box. and will be Rea by
free of cost, to spy who will write (or it.
?tics $1 per toz, or atzkosev for $5. s'
Sold by all the prinelpil druggitta, or trill be meet by
M. 14 Pecarely aeal.d tram on receipt of
the ime.ifled price by any arth•qiced agent, or b• the
vole ;omelet agents tor - America, OSCAR, O. 1103E3 k
CO, "I" Cortlsndt At, N. V Authorized agents for
Kriet - J. B. Oor.•r k Co.. Hall Iv Warfel. •
Proposed from a Prescrlp•ioa of eh.. J. Clsrke,
Physician gxtraorainary to the Queen.
Taurinvaluable medicine is - unfailing in the curs of ail
tam painful and dangeroas diseases to which the repasts
consttution itsubleet. It malerstes all excess end te
rriers,* all obstructions bow whatever came. A speedy
dnre may be relied on.
/ tate of
of the
Ile se!".
113., the
It in peculiarly nutted. It will, in a short time, bring on
the monthly period with regularity. o
nese Pills slosh' sot be takes be Pastaks ifonag
FIRST THREE NOIITIIS of Prersumcy. v asp ars
rare to bring ovi Miscarriage, but at asp other tins tees
sr at safe.
In ail canes of Nimes and Spinal Affections, Pains ID
.be Rack and Limbs. Fatigue on Flight exertion,Palpita
don or the Heart, Hysterics and Whites, these Pills will
erect a care when all other wean• .have failed: and al.
though a potretftil remedy, do Ent contain iron, calomel,
antimony or anything hurtful to the ionstitsitzon.
Full direction, in the pamphlet srocmd each package,
elder, should be carefully preserved.
- Cold by .11 DrngOsta Prior $ 1 trr . Wale.
It is the fate of trety_ralnible tnedici no to be coun
terfeited. Be cautious, therefore, and gee that the lot
.tere `qr. At It.' are hi ten In the bottle, and that eacb
wrapper hears V. fee simile of the signaler. oft C.
Be' win h Co., and Job Mom. Without which bona
are geritite.
N. B —One dollar with eighteen cent• for to•tago,
enclosed to any authorised ■gent or to the sole cetera)
agent for the totted Shifts end Brine , dominion".
_ _JOELYOBBB,27 Cortlandt St., New York,
lawn a bottle containing tift villa , by return mall.
securely seadod Rata all otwervation Agents for Erie,
Rail R Wart.), and J. R. Carter & Co.- o-18-.yeow
Coal Yard, carver et Twerth and Pearh Wroete, Erie
Pa, who keep tomdantty oo hand Lehigh and Pftteton
(Farrar%) lamp and repaired, Shamokin, Ezg S'nee,
and Nut etw; Sltuadnone for grate and steam, and
For Blseksmith Purposes
Oar 0:41 is ❑l received by rail, is kept on dry plank
lira care great todueements to parties .eablog to lar
to their winter supply, also to dealers purchasing by ttia
ear had. • 1
ar Give us a tall wane outran tea to give vatiottlue
Jalyl9lBtt S tLTSNA N & Ca.
M ANHOOD—Hoar Lost! Howßestored
j a a a
Jett published. • new @Mina of Dr.
c;- Calverweirs celebrated essay on The
r - - 0- , radcal core (without medicine) of
Spernastotrbtaa, or Peados! Weaknesa.
lovoluotery Sow tale Losses. Impotency. /dental anti
thesical Incapacity. Impediment. to Warrior., etc.;
also Consumption, Wotan sad Pita induced by Sell;
Indulgence or artnal sztratrarracCa.
IST Pries. In a sealed envelope. only 6 cents,
YU celebrated. Mbar In this admirable essay clearly
demrostrates, from a thirty years' aucceeafol orally.,
tb.t the alarmists coreeqkeneen of aelfalnurp may be
,radically cared without the Cameroun Use et internal
medicine or the application of the toile_pointlog ant
• mode of care at once simple, certain and effectrial, by
means of which every sufferer, no matter what his coo-
MUNI nay b., may core himself eboilly privately ind
. _
- tt.ti i•tunib' ibwila to in the hoods of arm
youth In the land.
Seat nod= weal. In • plain envelope, to any address
Boat-paid. on receipt of ail teats, or ta o post stamps.
Addora the pubther s ,
B J. C. RIJN? &
de .ell-Sto 127 Bowery. N. Y. Pont Office Box 4586.
- _
No.= Ma
. th Thud Stria. k?lila.
11617 ...... _ _
clasi.beek bong. and half 40: owirls4 Filth
Ir et
First e itatmSakl4. 4 ke and two city lets; 60111n2 of
Chwannt awl Tenth Atre.ta.
lie as. andiot of Wri. R'gera, oornst or rtanaVand
nous, rod lot**. Fifth Ntreo4, Dior Chotrya
!loco , ind,nt on Elztts Striehwort of etool.
Foomioad lot, 42 by 165 foot, oo Jotlrtb strait, soot
of 4 at
tad lot, es by i 25 fret; on Myrtto street, son*
of railway ,
11.13/1. owl 1 , 4, 60 by 5112 foot, no VlAloot, Dot, 6th
?gm vatir dee rob's horireO tad lots ini'Preaselk
Room. and Int nn F.l4vonth street, hear P... It ran
rost Pr,* sl, s . Cbrap.
Ws have a number nt hnutea slid lots worth toSta
$.5 000 to SISC ( X)
Fiona* an.l'.l , it, 33 by 125, nn Waif, Ninth 'treat--
erten 112,K0
Hone, and belt nay lot on arid, Ftfth-Stret-.prite
$l, 891
110{1,P and lot, 43 by 140 feet, On cod Ninth Street,
From* house on 13 b street—veil also".
Peek house lo Wowley - vino 1114 nest n ground. Price
$1,313--worth $2OOO. 1 -
Two city lots on Eleventh St. welt of Ifyrtle.
One, city lot on Twelfth Si west 01 fd.rtle.. • •
li.z lty late on Eleventh Street, IF/Ha of le afoot. '
Two city lota on Eighth St.. west of canal. •
Six. 04 lota, on Eleventh St , west of Canal.
O. e•balf lot:corner Walaut and Fifth St "
Twelve city lots 39 by 110, Chestnut St., south of
Seven city tote, 33 by lin, Duffels near Cbeetnut
Twelve city' lota, 83 by 1511, 13 - lekorr Street,
Two city lota 45 by 165, Bickory near Chestnut.
Pis city 10te,413i by 123, Buffalo St., seat
Eight' city lots. 41f.‘ by 125, 17th St; east.
Five city lots. 43 by 165. 11th St., ne..etaat St.
One city tot, 41 by 120, East Bt. c
Vire city lota, 41 by 1 85, 9th near East-St.
Titres city lota, Si by 132, Swathes Street, Sauth
. . .
Throe ply lots, 43 by 136, WWII Rt., 130111 h
One eity lot, 41 by 169, Butolo St., 'eat.'
One city lot, 32 by 120, corner of Eighth and awe: ,
Pour 10t5,40x131.1, on I , th knot, between Tirade and
Walbecostreete. •
roar lota on Eleventh etriet, tStreen Pend* uel
Wallace streets.
• Three lot,, 21.b7100. corner 7th and Penh Ste
Four lots. 20. by 5214, corner 10th and State
Six lots, 21 by 165, cornsr 2d and State Ste. ,
Rix lota between Eleventh and Twelfth Sta.
Two lots, 20 67 145, State, south of 12th Meet.
slz ay. acre'rots on Buffalo road. -
Four fourteen acre lots Oa - Ridge Road, half a mile
from city limit+.
lf.? acres In riarborere-A—mood improvements.
12% acres in 4arbercreek—good improvements.
53 acres in Ilarborereek—hood iniprorere.enin
acres In ilarbormat k—gimd Improvements.
62 sera 4 1-2 mdse east of Erle—good tesprovs
20 acres 4 I'2 mile, east of rie—good Improve .
' arm of 45 acres In Mill Creek, 4 1-2 the from city.
°.v!' orteg non... barn. One your orchard. all first
quality gravel land. "Price s4,loo—ihe improvements
orortb the money.
20 ac-es near i'oo ear's 0111 m. Flint class frame barn.
Very desirable and vet. chess.
00 acres sight miles mouth tut of Brle—goo! Improve
ment.. •
112 acres near Ninth rut.
250 acres in Green township. • .
fd acre in Mill Creek, two miles from city.
50 CMS In Creek, four miles from city.
VI acres in Kingiv.ile, Ohl'o—improvements.
Agents and Dealers in Real notate.
' Reed Howe, E-le, Pa.
Having mule large pnrehasea in Now York. Boaten,
and Philadelphia, we are now prepared to offer at
reasonable prices our large and well Beetled
Ptt . Meek 'ind Colored, Plan And Hint; ifeninas.
,Empiets Clot! s;-?oplino. Prone.] and Itia3; ilia and
;Colored Alspiina; Cbi eked, Plat *. and Sty#l4)
.1.41.N1Z1; ,Woal Do iLienee; Aniline; Caton tenl
Robe deßbaxeber.
LACES; Vilanclectes;'aunr, Gil:Loire; Foist ind
Thread. •
SHAWLS, Long andlhatutzt. Palalay and Broths. •
CLOAKS and Barqclnesz Balmoral Skirts:
A largo etdck of Cloths for men and boy's wear.
- woolen Blankets, all qualities and pride
Canton - Flianels, Blelened and Brown.
Fiannale, , lnaln and Checked; Silk Wasp Flannels.
PAM; wrench Eogll - .11 and Bocasstle.
Remnant Mara, nlasarood and Broon - Cattons.
Cotton Yarn, Cotton Batting. Tlek■, Donning and
BIM Goods, Hoods, Nubian a d ,Breakfast
Shawls, Woolen And Cotten Unitary , Bilm,pral Rosy,
,\ •
Bi.stdley's Duplex Elliptic Moon Skirls
Our ItCUt WIZ liner ao hall and complete al, et the
present time.
N . C*,6 REF.I7 HOrSz'
N. HIV F 11131•
Sanwa P. Crook, having taken in tats son, Jilllllll N,
as a partnee.on theist dam of April.lB44, ands? the erns
name ofJAIINa P. CROOKA SON testiest° hairs oast.
Clement of his old accounts. All persons knowing tkoun
solvea indebted to him ars rogissted to call and settle
without delay
Win low Saab. Framer. Door* and Elba* Mouldings
sad Picket /elm Scroll Saslow. Ma and at
Pbugag dons to order.
Shop on Patch Et, 'Between 4th tad 6th Sta., Mt, Ps.
We respeetfially gll tie attention of the public team
feel Utley for doing work In the beet of ftwle. promptly
end on reasonable tenni. Having Otted up award, ewer
amps, with snostior, roseblien. We Biel confident
eying entire satigastlon.
twOrders from &Vets& will teethe preMpt attention
mr2B'64-11. JAY P. CROOIC k BON.
H.: MILLER, borough Sarver", of tiou" th Er* la
ruby prepared-04, at spy grads and re.rcierk comers
nr In•lots or ontiote of thte city of Erie, or of
booth Die, and the tracts throughout the APnaty
riariVe been for Many years emplovedt, end"
vounty esurvesor. ias s
begs Jean to refer tb all the far •
Men and Dubber men who have beret/36.0 employed
,bbn. Particular attention given b mapp please:ad
specifications. 011 Maps prepared on the
Offles with .7. W. Sri eden and Wilson talid, at
torneys at law. comer of sth sad State Streets, Binder
means block. Erie, Ps. An orders left at H. Neubeneer
atom Fru& St.; Chula W. Miler, Turnpike St.; or
Eagle Fumes Itov a pouth Erlis, will be promp4v atten
ded to., in10160.4f
Of 130 sere*, ibont 100 sores cleared. The balenoe la
pod timbered-land, oath a house and barn on It; a
ons orthard of 120 grefts6 apple trees and sons*
other fruit trees. &tasted. Ant brie 'loath of flaninsl
Fietleves, on the Mks Road, and about four miti
'from EA*, Pa., in West libiferseit Township. For forth
partfeularsissqufre of
r n0v15.41. • CO':.BROM
as razwcrti maw.'
=MI 110 1