The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, December 27, 1866, Image 1

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VOL:37-NO 31
"In lifting the kett's tram the ere I ecaldeil myee't
reryeererrly—oe. heed AZITINt to a erlep. The tortcre
at.; nabeatahle. • • Th• rfaxtean Nuetaag Llnlraent
rel , ered the pate almeat imxediately. ft heated rapidly
aztl left eery liege ecu.
This le merely • 'sonde of *hat The Ifostsng Lini
ment wind°. It ti losaloablo Ia 'll cases of wootls,
OW , Ar(Et., , pratn., cote. bruises, orsria•, etc., either
vireo mm, - or bent. .
, -
13swars cf ennntarfoits. n'tie a genuine noires
*rapped in Coo steel pia.° engraving. bearing the sig
nature or G. W. Westbrook, Chen:44%nd the private
Allan of tletnii Bane. k. Co.. Newyork.
Saratoga spilag Water, sold by all Druggist'',
411 oho rah* & besvitiful bee , ' or htir, and ite pleb
ereation from rretneiwo beldnera end quitting gran
la not alt to asei , Lyon'-' rotebrated getbasioci. It
make. the hair rich„selft and gleni; etsifieates den
,!retir, end eact•ee the heir to grog Truth le :Nast It I. Mld ern , where
r. TROSI.IoILYOY, hemiat, Y. T.
iii:artatoert ii 4 prtrig, %Vette tvelit. by Lit Decutsts.
'C'e oo!mr.t I —The prettiest afar, the "swear.
eet &o 1 tha meet of it for the least re este, •
et-erect:ire the 'odor of perspiration; softens and add
delicacy to the akin e perinme:
headache and tnehiconWfon, sad is a necerllkrY e.lsriPan
; ion In the rick ror:ti, lathe nursery, acd upon the thilet
rida.Soard. Jt can or ob•afned everywhere at ono defier
per tottlti.
lkittratogn wprlnig Water, , .ol,l by oat Drug.Oets
S. T.-=lgiid.—X.—Tne ai&annt difrorg
gold fa nue Tele tog imewbat itartling Tgey would
till Broadway six feet high, from the d:ark 4th St.
nrahe's ' manufactory is oca of the Institutions of New
York It is said that Drukr pain'ed all the 11163 G the
• R•storn Staten with his obalintie ,"
1111 a thect . gut the old granny logisla i tore to pass "law
.prerentioe distignriog • the hog nature,”
him &monopoly. We do not know how this it,
hot we do know the Plantation Bitters sell ag nn other
oriole eror did. They are lure by ail cisme' of the
eoincannity, and am death on Argewpeta— certain
/They are Ter. invigorating when languid and weak,
ac? a gl , at 4 ‘r4U.v.r.
.13:rittegtt . I pelnix Water. So'd by ail Druggists.
Ws.? Pin IT ?-1, young Jed., returning' to hoe
zor.otry twine after a sojourn of a few montbe rn Yew
S ors. ail -hardly recognized by ber friend'. in plies
cf a rustic (see. she had a 'oft, ruby eoesplesion,
o' almost coarqe rasoothneee; and Instead of ?l, she
really appeared his I. She told them plainly she
reed Brian's :fag - collo lltalm, and would not be srltbont
PL. - Any laly can II:arroyo her personal appearance
vary =uch by using this article. It can be ordered 0
drn deal for only E 6 OA.
aratogn Sprit:4 Water, sold be all Druggist/
FTAi" greet'. lo lendialde has hero atead-
Gro.dL;io furor for over twenty year*. It arta upon
the shreit.eota at tha rocta the hair, and elmogra St
to it • ori:lnal color be &gyro, All lostantarieoria
dyes draari •1111 itjars tb• hair. Hainastreoes is .at.
tire hat iq certado In its resold?, promotes its growth,
act is a hetlitiful , hoir dm - slog. Pries 50 co:U.lnd $l,
Sold or alt dralero,
. .
Ynrntoga Spring Water, Bob] by 41 Draggi:to
Llot's farsaiov or Po to Jamaica. (tisk:its—top iadi.
gesttoo,,ciats‘ea, laiiaribirri,clec headache, obolant ram ,
Fur, otters s iraroaing, great/ stioatilarit is regally:J. Its
careful preparation tail entire rarity bailita it t altar
an I reliable artlcla for ealllbary plrp 'ea! 5. , 141 trerY•
otiere at 50 cebta per bottle,
sarntagat Spring Water, sold by All brags -ea.
F t:11//.1. - srpet.t . sraux,
23 and. 24 Park, (Beatty's B?oc4:,)
G R . O C E R S
Ile Rai Quol,:ies of Potrats ro•ol GsL
Agents f r the C:vreNnd 11:He i4:04
r-o- 4 Lui M,:n3frAels stock ialwayei kept ot Laza,
rhkh lel: 1 2 , e , fold a: the Looreet eigurre.
We p:tAlge otzp.trer oat to Go Ittiderootd, acid isasite
higher:, pi ice paid for ecalritry prod 4,
E. H. A."NTIION Y ,t 7 CO.,
/le:firers of notcyrapidc .14zettith
ro a idition to nor main bus'neu of Photographic
roil - Yia'a. we are headquarter* for the following, via.:
:"ier'cieroP•a PrOPSt.r, accipi, rielies of American and
Foreign t..•:e. and l ead•rapsi, Groups, rtatnary, hc-,
"Aterrox-cople Vles• of th• War, from rierstitea Made is
iSr various caranairne, and formiar a complete Photo
craphic biatery of the crest elutes: Stereoscopic
Yle•e oa G/ASe, iCat , f o .2 for either tti Hagi. Linatern
or Stereos:ore. Our catatorue will he seat to any ad
droia oa receipt of•iktet:p Of Photographic Aibums we
naoafx ore caper larreif than any other hone—about
tselidranetiew from to t•5 O earl, i , oe Chains bar,
the repatat;oc of bee:: sAperior I.i beauty sod dort•
t.iity to any others Cvd photographs or Geoerale,
, tate•tte:, Aclorr, .tc Our estalogue ettihrectszer
Gee thocsai d d.Corc:.t ro,ntft, Inc+ur?frc
hone of :ha moat col.t , rstea engraving*, Pairatinga,..r..
tcre, .tc PLotog , aph•'S cad ot:.ere rc:•rie.g goods
O. P , -ill please remit .15 per rout. o' the arooliat with
their order, The Drtrea tad quality cf riot go- da cacaut
fall Mac: fr. • trfcl.s-6.m•
rtr evotr
W l / 01 . 1 iNA 1. E ."t D ICED 111.
t11101;13.11.Y STO
- armee el eke Porn h Firrac4 Street,
I teat-tem:o
tV•iald respeztte:ly call the attention of the emir-unit:l
to ble tare* Stedt of
' . Mita be fc &Crone to tell at the
attoe=act of
WO x 11S,
FISH, &C.,
t act ea reused to the city, al he is prepare.l to war to
sit who rice hem s
Plll4l k
00.e..ti r on hands ruperLor tot of
to the ethel.e.'. trod., to trhiell l l. dirpes tit. attenti , .\
tio pab`l,
File motto ie. "ch:ek SAW, Smutll PraflL. •sad r to!
Ecr:friarzt for the U.OZt7." sprll'B3!-•.
111 1 1ILLIA ERY-!
Bratins hu yast opazad a
Fool. door, south of the depot. next eeor to the hint.
iMd is now prepared to famish the ladies of Erie Sted
vicinity with, the latest (*rhinos, made up in the beet
*We by an swoon:mashed - tni herr, jun from oneof Ale
best e•.tah'ltshmveta so 'Buffalo.
ire bare made arraateneata to rv,olr, 111 0 • the
latest steles and fashions as soon as thee a•e re-need
In N . ,. York. It is oar aim to gleam the POrt ?With-
OGII. %V* bare • laese assortment of Dress VI rcuniNes.
Notions, 6e. Ladles, please call and *mains oar
root-M•ote purchasing elsewhere. •
13:mehing and cress - log, dressing (efts, •rtll s't ►nrk
in one luso dons VIM the shortest not , se. noIS-1m
dO core and better work at a tiara net, than ear
other. T. 17 it. if&DEI4I . CP7114 only by
ZIEGLER it 8111711,
ireotasAts LIRCG. ,e4us'r s r GLASS LIE./I.
orth Third Stunt,
(Ora& ly.•
v L~~
r _ „w
CHAS. FOSTEII,42O Broad St. Plllla.
SR;, A
WSnleisle sad Retail
And JeAltre is
DRIEP S ILr.l) rftrlV,
WOorr-:N - S• R - .1.1.0NT WARE,
1 4, TikCvn, SZGAR?,
to give n• a eaiL
Wholesale and Retail,
B •A"' •
701INSON t CO.,
S T 0 V ES
at steels !As the largest and best west of Uatblo, am•
brewing among others, flus following well karma
T3l E 11 A CI, C ,
stove lapse. the same in prineitile ss tit'. P. P.
Stewart. and is in erery respeet ttx Vie offer it
for gale with nrilipited ennSder re. in ita merits: no
Ifsgie is soid b.= ne at a ranch lover prix than that of
the . .. Stewart, and is warranted to be ell we claim for it.
This is beyond doubt the finest operating Cooking
Stan Mi. hard G'llo h the airiest. There Is ao tPDab'e
ID etthe. kindling the tire or managing it (Moretti,.
and (lean he easily regulated to seture fu t such a heat
se be required. Tiro can be kept in it through the night
without danger. N'o , nne who has erer area It in orx
rat(no would want to use any other.
Perseus wanting the Orlea's% can be rapelle4 by Its
at Low Ficurei.
We here the ezelueire rizlat in PensiyiTilnis Tor
menvitertaing the celebrated
Also on band, the Yodel ?grim., Fererit Cylinder,
Rolle, Paul, globe Ileattr, and Bell. Cottage.
Ora atoh i! very , eansiet:r4 hi paK u tailors
CoMRT, MONITOR (tor wood),
rp.oGnEinvg, SIIiELD, •
RsPtrstac, numtrii.
&ego mutates trs
"Including Vsn's Improved—the beet In the world
for Hofer, 3ost4lai riocriNtr, he
♦ot, to act, ow; thin tatown to th trade
ger TUE ramie AU INVITED 70 CALL
BOOKS FOR. TUE 3111.1.1Uk1N1.
* - Noßru ►ARK ROW,
Are now opetting the largest and most carefully selected
stock of elegantly beroud aad boantitultY /
F 3 0 0 li S !
Ever Arrnoht to Obi. nalirlpit. !yell:ding otanderilwefor,
tow Etna/1i and American Jurenile Book.. bible..
Prayer Bootwooad Chards Sirricue, to Mao sty:et. Also
Writing ttrebsVarkey 14--Stturdy Lediee' Toilet and
Work Sous, P , rtfolks: Stereoleo re, and rte.e. Pranes
Card Netnews, the most beactifst"doaday School Curti
k great Variety. Port Ikea/amt. Peed Cues, Gold Pens,
Propelllrig Permits, a large variety of Amoy Articles in
Scotch Plaid.. Pbotocrepb Alba's+ from the best mark
factori.a.„irt the test •
Fart curl - IRON WOltfig.
THIS great line traverses the Northern end Northeise
counties of Pansisylrente to the city of Erno
Lea Nen. It Ina tem limed by the Pastryteeteta Neil
road awash and is °pantied by flea:
TIMM or rssaeuza TILaI7II at ISM *
Leine Entine!.
tr7WPING Rlai,
Digukura- ?0014,
•1l out work !i =Ad. frotiitito .4al materials, sod WAR
IeArTED to be of the
WI •re now adding peril/ to OUP VsebloarT sot
blarmfactoriag facilities. to supply the int:We& *-
mod for oar work.
IrIRST PR¢lfiril
Slid 1)1
zstaurt, r:o SW* Street, Mier Pa.
F11R012.4 1112/ 1 - 017T11.-4. crtithonan who has for cos." trim Narrow nehltlty. Poston
tor. DPre/i, and al ths esets of yonthhal to liar-ration.
will toy the sato of satanic humanity. and tree to all
who sold the recipe and tiireetimss to* =lane the
a'or 3 •remed , 'l l which b• was eared. 3strwroritartahtsl
to Profit by the mitt. rtimem esimriirleo.esn do so by ad
diotalot JOB?: in. OGDEN.
dosZll.s fr. No. 23 Chamber, St. N. 7.
„ IMMO; • -
u bana PiOwls Oil drat rate. nos a
Our stook la tho largiot trot brought to th. city,
eoualottag of
A eotoptete Agroretrieet of Primo
rirory kind of artie!eigt thillotloo lieu,
And, it) rhAjt, • eaarr•l i ortm•nt•ot everyttettig
• t 0400.1 by Country De• Sere.
Country Dealers ant invited to everts s call. Ws do-a
Strictly trilolessis trod., and propose aelltng st snoh
priers as ettl mate It to the sarsattor or merchants
to this section to deal Is gels, Instead of sending
•Fast for their goods:
U. S. 90r721180, W. A. CLIWPOIM. J. Y. Unemto
LIIR FOR rkti.R.
Ir. .Doll respectfully call the attention of
' To °lir
• , 4 Situsted on the Canal,
rev. .r. now In tell operatlon—lasts Urea on
hand. and are prepared to tarnish It Onto the Kiln, an
the shortest is otter.
"h — glillß h SPOONFUL
Stil ANNON 3: CO:,
We hire no 'spec./ for Ank-Super. Dooke. worMeas
•oeonats or collections. end can therefore
SELL CPEAP. • ;7"';',"
B laekomithig will Blvd orrryttdor Thair Bee
Stdaroacso t. Co 'a, Ina Null St.,
- labors Railroad flepot
The best aisortment of Notions..
At Shannon it Ref, =Pearl St
---- N, .
Charcoal for Refrigerators and 1/Willett _,,,,_-. ~
at Shannon h CO.% laff.7. Poach St.
Wosterhotte & Rogers' oalebratid IEL Cutlery
' at Shannon & Co.'s. 1923 Poach St.
Gluo and Potty
at Skauandes & Co.'s, 13= Peach St.
Colobrstod Union Aso!. Pester: parer rotor both
vaYa. . At Shannon * c. ,. .., vrts v.... 5, ot.
ITtar—geonlos North Carolina. •
at , hannon fa C 01323 Peach St.
- 1 . .
Qc. airs, Sn‘tbs and S..' sibs Storms .
LC , - st. Sh an non as Co.'., I= Paulin.
• . ----
Viriteile New Rolfe and Fork Polisher & Sbarpensr
at Shannon & Co.'s, 1321 Peanb St.
. --- -
W.A./ lo • —flair. Hof se, Vane. Serab, Shoe,
W.brte vb. Store sod Counter flroshros & flusters
• Shannon & C 0 .., 1313 Peach St, • -
above the ta;nn RR Repot, Eris, Pa,
wore rota to North -Western Perna. tor this
Areblteldian Patent Axles: also flerrtoge YU* sine itor
c Jar Proof Safes and Fairbank's Ideates. jylP-tf
and DININO army
• a - Boo:seas AND ItS7A ' IL
Ate no. reeeirtne at Uttar old stand. AZaltriegn Blocc
State street. a lance and evertor stook of
. Goo-eriee, Provisions.,, Moore.
Willow, Wooden. arid .5 tone Wails
Pratte. Nuts. /to
Tootbor *la) eeerrthlne found Boots of this
tint, which they "fit self al cheep an any other *stab
lid:meat in this etty for Cash °rows: klads of country
They UV* also oo band one of the lArgeet and Buie.
-Stocks of Tobeeco and Seger* ever brought to Ma, to
vehleb they invite the attetitton of the Dahlia
or Call and 'we us-4 almblo al:panes la better than
a slow 'billing, convegvently Cub buyers will dud crest
bartaios by ealline at the
lane T. taco—e! P. K. SCHLAUDAW.
Twenty-11x toes co lard in Parborereek, pear Six
Mile Creek.
in. , nt No. 1233, on tieltlh street, west of Ilyrtle--3
lots 427 . by 183, on Snrseutb street, east of ash Luta
one Int 74 by 140, on Nisth street, west of Myrtle.
Two lots on Chestnut street, between Sithth and
)both: 43 by 4? 1.2 nab Two lots 4017 160 smelt on
Tiihth *treat, east of Benalork Ten lota on Cherry
street, between Stith and Seventh abuts, each 53 b./
1= on ground rent.
in toti v- 1,14.1, ind I,loo' ottesttd ott Our h
tide of Seveath, betwoon French and Llolland streets,
will be *old sepa•ately or dliids I. Tore eligible.
Two lots 40 byte) foot on Sessitth street, exit of ?u
-ndo 3 1 10205 sub divided Intcieonveuient lOts t., the
viUsgo ot - fielle .
St: Ws on Poplar street, betwoen Seventh and TLlgUth
Two lets on ground few on Tea h street, near the
depot Suslosto lots.
”pe. I ton ti , .teeath street, west of Peseh, 174 feet
trout oi ot..ta street. near Fourth street, in lots to init.
440 aeries of slot-o lowa lands.
A bundseg lot on German street.
' A tarn undoes high state of ettlthrstiotiono half miles
more Union Mills
S:s hundred and forty zeros of tlntlor lard In Minn.
One wader lot and dock west of State street.
Sit lots on SIMI* stew, vest of Cherry. on ground
re. t.
Seven lots '33 by 14), on Cherry Street. nest to ttth
street. ,
Also, honees and lots in various tarts of Side etty and
suburb* all of wbleh ere ossred on favorable terns;
stelae all a chance to metro • how.
dect.3rn• bib Prim& St.
Sr• Krpreu Train •
Mail %%tin
Itria.grprota Train - 10 00 rt. tn
Warren *mom— A 00
P r can run through on its US* Yail and Ex
uma trllu without cltaagaio tit way' tetwoan
phis and Ens.
Wow York eonnoctioa r toast Yew York at 000 a.m.,
atria* at trio 080 a. Leavy Erie at 4 Asp. m, mire
at `.; ew Yort 4.10 non.
Elegant Eiletping Cart on adl night trabra.
For information reenacting Pawanger badness apply
at center ef3oth and Market ry, MIL, sod for Freigrlt
bZsitesi or the Company's 501000,
S. B IMBSTOR, JA., corner 13th and Rattat Strait",
PhilvSatubia. '
J. W. REYNOLDS. trio.
BiznwlL Arent N. C. R. R., RIMIZtOIe,
IL B. ROII4ToN. General freight afoot, Phila.
H. W. Gatllatt R. Gra. ?iekat Aut. Phila.
A L. TYLER. genen , .ntarintandent s rig, Ph,
G. sra.npv.
JOHN R. fit. 150.1
The nadareezed hiring bevel duly eormolaxions4 by
the Governor of the State
ArCTION'Ern Fon rat ctn . Ol
hu opened an Arotiori Lai rOlllZtilltiOil Store . nude
• the nut* and drei of
Oa Stu:* 'tryst, opposite the Patio See. where he ell
be-found at ell timer. Parties haring any erode to dis
pose prat Public or Print , * ,1 11% elil pod it to their a I.
vantage to strait Them tot.. Oat door Wee attended
to anywhere to the cite. Cassini:berm' respectfully
"Welled, and prompt eetthineente nude after oath sale
Auction is two 'aryls web wove. els:
Without fell, sod weed respeettuite reqneet all peril.,
having roods to divans et, to motile toe to UM tune.
to that I cam sell Mein on the above AWL.
Counnindonld Andictieer.
Auction & Goarsladou Ver•hanit. tas34l
&iv tact recolvel • fort tot of
Near 'leo-re Dory
, 6 op, ax
Late of New York City, Albany, Montreal
Quebec, Detroit, Mosso, SL Louie,
CincinoatL,Doyton and Wheel. I
iog bee taken
Where he will publicly heal the tick, free n
'Marge, from 9 n. to. till 11 p. m., witbon
money and without price, s
Fos Anour TsN DAIS, ComitENcnia
Ile bas also taken robms at Brown's Bole
until January 19th, where those who areetlof
and willing to pay may come " I
No medicirieli given except in those cneeS
where, by a chemical acslysis and a micro ,
scopie inrestigation of ' the blood, it may tel
found necesomy to pre,eribe certain Mood
Remedies, which combined with my recta - liar
magnetic operation; accelerate a -perfect and
'radios! curs.
No Snrgiesl.ooerations Performed. '
Chronio Disea'sre Cored.
Acute Pain Instanily, Relieved,
Over Pike Thotarnd Operationi in jive -Pear:.
- '
• Dr. Dodge's priotice is mostly diseases of I
a chronic Wore, and eases given up as in
curable , His treatment is peculiar to himself,
although there hue been men in all ages who
have bad the some magnetic power over the
diseases of the body sad mind, (some cell it
the ''Gift of Healing,") yet few hive possessed
it to such an extent- over nearly •11 diseases
end persons. it is a life and vitality passed
from a strong, healthy body, to a woak one,
that. re - stores the lost or. unequal. circulation
of the vital or nervous fluid: So
. powerful is
this infinence that persona who hove for many ,
years ailffered from diseases which have been
pronounied incurable, and to whom medicine
hes been administered with no good - offec',
have. been restored to health in an incredibly
short space of time. It will net restore a lest
member of the bop , or perform other impossi
bilities, bat it will always relieve pain, from
whatever clause The emetics is based upon
the most strict principles of science z there is
rolling miraculous or supernatural about
it. It is in harmony with an natural- laws.
Many eminent physicians of other- practices,
not only ocknowledge this Omer, bat receive
the-treatment for themselves and finance, as
well as advise it to their patients- Dr. Dodge
does not profess to cure every CUM ,
By this treatment it. takes bat a few, min
utes for inveterate eases of almost any curable
Cbronio'disease, and so sure is the effect that
but few diseases require a second operatloa,.
except Deafness. Broken. Bones, Disfecation,
Bed Curvatures of Spine, and Suppurating
Tumors. Zion thew. will he tenet. beuenten
--always relieved from pain and sometimes
fully cured. ' .
The diseases which yield most readily to
the curative agency of this, method, as prac
tised by me. are - Dyspepsia, Consiipstion.
Asthma. Angina. Pectorie,.Cblorsis, Loss of
Voice, Rhenniatism, Rheumatic Gout, Liver
Disease. all kinds of Sexual Wegkoesa, Di a .
betes, Headache, NOINUS Irritation of. the
Brain, .Dronchitio. Catarrh.' Diseases of the
Heart, Eruptive Diseases, Convulsions, Hys
teria Netiralgia, Thrush. engestion of th e
Spleen, Irritation': of S 80, Diseases of
t i p
Kidneys. Ulceration and ',placement of the
womb, Morbid Appetite 4 akefulness, General
Debility, Weak - Spine, ervons Depressi o n,
Difficult Breathing wit Pain in the lungs,
and Weal Eyes, ;
. Paralysis, Consumption and General Dropsy
are the most slow and uncertain with this
treatment. Patients steeled with these have
rarely been metered. They - , ate, - however,
always benefited, . .
Deafness when dependant ` upon destruction
of tympanum, Amanrosis dependent upon
paralysis of optio nerve--incqrable. •
All nper ,tietts performed in the public bell
are open ter criticism and investigation; .
N. B. No cases are pehlished escept by
Fred. Penland. Dayton, ,Onto.. Deafness ;
cured at Clegg's Hell in ens •mainute. Had
not beard a watch tick in CDS ear for twenty
years until. after the operation. May be re
ferred to,
Afro. Elistbeth Brown, Springfield, Obis).
Palling of the Womb, severe pain across the
back, extending over the bipse constant bear
ing down; pain for IS years; had been treated
by the beet physicians in the couutry, but to
no purpose; went to Dr. Dodge, and in two
weeks wee completely cored •
11. S. Mitchell, 198 Wabash Avenue, Chica
go. Illinois. Dyspepsia--cared;
T. Hildebrand, 185 West L.tke street CM
cifeo• 1111110/s. Wife bed-ridden for four
months. Prolapsas, and displacement—
cured. '
Rev. A. IL Trumbean,,Spiingfield. Obio.
' , Weakness of the spinals:column, disabling
him from manual labor. Five days after an
operation by Dr. Dodge, Carried a quarter of
beet up a pair of stairs. • •
This is to certify that I have: not spoken a
Word above a whisper in three years sod nine
monthi, until I came to Dr ; Dodge. iat the
American House. in the city 4of Cleveland,
Ohio. when, after two operations by the Doc.
tor, I am able to, speak as loud and distinct
as-ever t could
Sworn and subscribed before me this 15th
day of August, 1866.
WELLS PORTER, 312.tice of the Peace.'
This is to certify that I have been ea ells:
ted with Deafness from a severe attack of
measles that t hive Veen unable to hear for
thirty years. I have been unable to, hear
common conversation. I have tried eminent
physicistm, , but all to no parrimet until I went
to Brainard's Hell in the 'city of, Cleve
land, where after two operation's by Dr.
Dodge, I am , able to hear quite as distinct as
ever. - MRS. WM.' LINDSEY, ,
'24 Seneca at.. Cle•elend. 0. .
Sworn and subscribed before ,me this 16th
day of August, 1666. WRLLS PORTER.
Justice of the Peace:
To alt whom it msy concern : -
Thls is to certify that I have been affected
with paralysis of the left arm for the past
eight weeks, and have not been able to lift
my arm to my bead. In fact I bad no nee of
it, and had not the least feeling in it from the
end of my finger to my ehoulder. arul . eould
have it pierced with a pin or pinched without
feeling it in the least. But as fortune would
have it, I went to Brant's 1111 and was ope
rated on by Dr. Dodge, and' after one opera
tion my arm wan' restored"to Its natural-feel
ing, and now I can use Was well as ever.
Sworn and imbeeribad„ April before
- HENRY PEPPER, Notary Public. •
City of Harrisburg, Pa.
Miller, Lancaster, Pe Nightly
emissions. Buffered toonthswith heed, wake
fulness, pains In various parte of the body.
forgetfulnets, melancholy and greet mental
despondency. Cured by two operations and &
preseription_ginen by the doctor. Will answer.
(leo-Steen, Se ratitan, Pll. &Tata& eight
years standing. Palate entirely eaten off.—
Deep ulcers In the tam: Wand Omani. After
tiro cip'grilions and the' die of. one bottle of
Blood Purifier I find myself well.
"attests will pay in proportion
No thane will be insde for second opera
tioo when It is found 'neoessiry. - .
Woinan...A Duct.
liach.-4o first taught men the, art of sin
eristion's early dawn
Who trill ipalla alluring, winning,
Cursed the rosebud with the thorn ?
- •
Nos.—True, true I l 4bat who first brought him
- plese re.
Pelee, contentment; rett end love
S.y which we. Ect•nee • fairest treas
ure t - '
Dore not time the-sequel prove?
Bach.—efwag woman. fickle. Wee and fair
Hue.—.Ter.t woman, .I.4eiott, kind sod rare!
Both—'Tay t woman, hateful 1 women
; r I
Bach,—Can'st tell me who it is that borrows
All the coinage from bis purse?
estest tell ma who makes mortal
Change from bad to even worse'
, .
tins.—Can'et tell me whose the angel teatare
, Is ibit cheers his evening rest!
Cao'st tell me who the gentle 'ores
. tape 1
io that toakeehis homestead blest
Boob.--Tie wonmn, MN. Wee and fair!
Hue —.Tie woman. loving, kinOind ?nee I
Both—Tie 'prim j Weal liroanin c built
1 loving 11 lin
• I
4 n ripper mill arid lower mill
Fe!! oat shout their.water
To war they reef 7 -thst ie . , to low,
Resolved to give no quotoirz--
A 'twitr wet by ,eteh engaged,
Atka hotly they Contended,
*bee fees grew Bitch, the wax they witged
They Paged were better, elided.
The heavy costa remaining still,
Were Rattled without bother, •^'
One lawyer took the upper mill,
The lower mill the-other. .
teect*3r!ii Church.
Knowing that Beecher's church was be
-1 . .
steged by a mighty throng' of strangers
every Sabbath morning ; I anticipated the
,Commencement of the regular service by
;nearly an hour, and reached that scene of,
;.Mr. Beecher's popular entertainments at
'ten o'clock. Early as was the hoar, there
were endless streams of decent looking.
well clad peoplti, moving towards the
church siting every street and thorough
fare. The church' itself is a large, ugly
land exceeding plain and unpretending
'looking edifice, of! red brick, entirely de
void of architectural! ornaments; capable
Of seating -nearly four thousand persons.
In front of the church I. (nand oix police
en on duty, whose presence was essen
ial for the maintenance of 'order among
he throngs of haCkmen - and private.
Odschmen. whose vehicles blocked up the
Surrounding streets. In ..front of the
Church were a large cumber of hospitable
notices to strangers, prohibiting them, in
Ibe strongest terms, from occupying the
seats until the pew-hOlders were comfOrtn
bly provided for. , As it was my misfor
lune not to possess a single acquaintance
among the regular worshippers in Mr,
tleecher's church, r took my place in a
tiquad of atranstow. earl watched the grad
nal filling up of the church.- There was
nch in the scene to ` reixiind a looks on
f the manner in which an opera-hoe is
Packed upon the occasion of the appear ;ince of a great performer like -Ristori.
Where were at least twenty ushers hardd - at
ork disposing of the regular worshipper/.
expected each moment to hear them',
Osbert bawling out, "'[ramify circle seat
No. 18 4 " "Deese circle lest No. 25// c r
tiOrchestra stall NO:11." But they per
:firmed their work with dexterity teed
politenese, and when, the congregation
was.seated they commenced packing the
far • Off corners - aid the extreme back
blenches in the remote gallerissr, with
+engem A small, baldheaded :usher.
with a red cravat and a flashy breast-pin.
took me in charge: and told me that there
wee a "vacant seat where' you see that
tall, chap in the white overcast, standing
up." IMO 4 a dash 'at the designated
seat,. and was within five feet of it when
another stranger, escorted by a rival teth
er. bolted into it with a look of triumph.
Al, solemn-looking i Puritan. whoiii heart
was visited by a timely feeling of compass
ion for me, then grimly beckoned me to
hie peW, and my troubles were at an end.
ißolf an hour in advance of the eppear•
mice of He. Beecher, the church was pick
ed more densely than I ever remember to
have seen any edifice packed before.
The ushers had filled every place where
there were no benches I With chairs, and
the hum of loud, animated conversation
filled the Visit building. The converse-.
ticin was not of a religious character. In
various parts of the building voting gen-.
Oilmen of fatiltlesa 'apparel stood op; as is
their wont at the opera; gazed comp's
(*idly around them, and talked puppy
lingo in the most approged style. ,
The severe 'looking Radial who gave
mein share of his pew. was engaged in it
most earnest conversation with ,a friend
from lowa, with reference to , the fate
of a certain "six thousand . dollars," which
be had invested in a whiskey distillery in
.that State, and which had been shocking
,ly mismanaged, and the recital of bii loss
.es, end the rascality of his agent, 'made
him so Wrathy that , he ,characterized the
aforesaid - agent as "d—d mean, swind
ling cum.': i
Similar conversations ! see med to be go.
inOzn in all directions; and they :were
kept up until suddenlv.'out of a conceal
ed door in rear of a modest, plain-lonk lb --
pulpit. otizerged a' smut, middle , iised.
plainly-dressed eentlemen„ about fl ftv five
veers of age. lie took his seat and l6ok
id 4uitstly down upon the vast sea :of up
tureod feces before' him. Beecher bears
a very rime resembleece to Dr. B---.
a will known physiiian of Richmond, but
has la teamed face, and wears his hair very
long, somewhat after the fashion of a bril
liant Virginia editor; lawyerand politician.
now residing in New York. His fad' is
wie l d great intellects, firmness, kindness'
and 'earnestness, while in person Beecher
is awkward, thick-set and common place.
As soon as he entered, 'the organ' Coin
tneUced playing, and my attention was
diserted from the famous 'divine to the
alm o st equally famous organ of the
',a.murch of the Paritano." It is the most
superb instrument in this country, cost
: some -forty thousand 'dollars, end its Its
largi as a two itoried wooden cottage. It
is impossible to describe the strength and
sweetness of its notes 'The religione t ex
ercises,"preliminary I to Hr. Beecher'. ser
mon, were very simple- A brief prayer. a
hymn, a chapter from the Old Teatarrienr;
which was very well read, and another
longer and more eloquent prayer w;all. '
Ire then placed a few sheets of nu
script in the Bible in front of biro, and
commenced his sermon. The first pa - i
it was an able, well.-reasoned , clime ex
pressed and striking theological di course.
His yokes was strong, flexible arid roiiicril,
but for the first half-hour of hrs. se on
there were none of ibe ornaments or evit
dencei of . pulpit.oratory, 'which I had an
ticipated. There are, perhaps, a him red'
elsegynien in New York who could . aye
done equally well. blcddenly, hcweve ,be
dropped the dole, logical style, and enter
edllil;l upon that portion of his sermon w ich
be called "application" of what bad one
before. At this word there was a m ur 1
of . anticipated fun and entertain', tut
which ascended from the vast cong*a.
tioo. The frequenters of the establish
. meat knew that the curtain was
rise, and that the Reverend comedian was
marshalling the happy hits of the inVari
• ble afterpiece. " " ..
/tr. Beecher'. "application of tbe fore-
tillooll.r.q. NOV. 28, 1866
going" consisted of a large and, varied as
sortmettt of first-class anecdotes, happy
hits, humorous sallies and pulpit pungen
cies, which would have made the fortune
of a first-class stump 'speaker. The Puri
tans grimly grinned, smiled morosely, and'
sometimes laughed outright. 'Me young
People of the congregation tittered and
"moggereed"' at AO awful rate The decc l
sunsethe itast assemblage, however, was,
upset by a large, red-faced. good-looking
gentleman who sat a few feet from me,
and very much like a Southern man. He
laughed until the tears- tolled from hie
eyes, but managed generally to prevent
any very large explosion of merriment.
Soddenly, however, Mr, Beecher let off an
anecdote of a parson, whose murder a
grieving congregation deplored, because
"the bullet of the assassin made a bole in
the defunct minister's vestments, and oth
erwise greatly damaged what might have
otherwise been Wield to his successors."
The anecdote did not strike — me saveri
good s but suddenly my neighbiir exii.lod
ed with a thaw, haw, haw, " ' which might
have been heard a mile., It reverberated
thronghrthe church like a trumpet. and
was of course infectious. and a mighty
laugh went np from four thousand people.
Mr. Beecher waited for the merriment to
subside, and then let ore number of otber
funny things.' The comic part of the en
tertainment lasted for at least thirty min
utes, and was intensely enjoyed. Every
one felt that Mr. Beecher had done a lib-
eral thing in getting up a first class come
dy, free of charge, to his auditors.
I was struck with the significant fact
that there was not a negro in the church
wboi4, auditors and whose worshippers
are all afflicted with "negro on the brain."
Jerzy Wer.-4 son of the Emerald Isle,
but not himself green, was taken up (for
be was at the time down) sway it.setassee
Junction, by a ,Confederate scouting
party. Re wore no specified utrifoim of
either army, hut looked more like a spy
than a volunteer, and on this ground was
arrested: "Who are you what is your
name, and where are you from I" were
the first questions nut to him by the arm
ed party. Pat rubbed hie eyes, scratched
his head, - and answered. "Be gorra, gin
'tempo, this is an ugly question to answer
anyhow, and before I answer any of this",
I'd be after axin ye, he ye're- lave, the
some thing." "Well." says the leader,
"we are of Scott's army and' belong at
Vi r sabington." "All right," said Pat, "I
knowed ye was gintletnen. for I am that
same. Long life to General . Scott."
"Abe," replied the scout. "now you rascal,
you are a prisoner!" and seised Pat by
the shoulders. '•frow is ttiat....are we not
friends 1" inquired Pat. "No l" was the
answer. "We belong to General Beaure
gard's army." "Then, ye told me a lie,
my boys, and thinking it might be so„
told ye another. Now, tell me the truth,
and Pll tell you the truth, too." "Welt,
we belong ti) the State of South Csrelin a
'!.So do I," promptly responded Pat ;
"and to all other States of the country too;
and there Pm thinking f best the whole
of yes. Do . you think I'd, come all the
way from Ould Ireland not to belong toll, e
whole of them 1" 'Pat' was taken to the
camp, but as nothing could be made to
app - ar against him he was discharged.
P. Pt, Passiets.a.--Cantain Bpeke, while
searching- for the source of the Nile,
forced his way to the beautiful country of
/longue, where King Iltuntanika ordered
that they should be fed in the village at
his own cost, sod 'where there is no taxa
tion of the traveller. The wives of this
king and of the princes of his family, are
fattened carefully up to the highest stan
dard of court beauty. They sit on the
floors 'in the bee-hive shaped hut. with
wooden pots of milk hanging on the poles
that support it, and are expected-to sip at
the, milk incessantly, the father some
times standing over a daughter of sixteen
with a stick to keep her at the uninter.
rupted sucking Constant ftwallowink of
milk and-complete avoidance of exercise,
make the court ladies so big that the fat
hangs in puddings from their joints, and
a great queen thinks it much-to stand on
all- fours like s hog ; to rise and stand on
her legs only, is more than with two per.
sons' to help her she can alWayir aceom
plish without fainting. One princess
measured within . an inch of two feist
around the arm, and four feet around the
chest ; height about five feet eight.
SWISS BSIDAIi Currox.—A foreign cor
respondent of the. World writes as fellows :
"I learned yesterday of a bridal custom
of this region, so sensible and proper,
that I shall mention it to you for the ben
efit of the young
.folks at home. The
custom of making gifts to the bride. pre
vails here as everywhere, but It is better
regulated. The bride makes a list of
thieve that she :will- require i in beginning
to keep house. eipecially tboae things that
are over and ahnve what wottld ;naturally
by given bet friends, and onelof them says,
"I will give her this," and marks that as
, orovided for; another will give her that,
and sometimes two orz,three , l or more will
combine and • furnish+ -a m re expensive
pres Out than any one would give alone.
After the :redding, the houple usually
s,tart off oo an excursion, and on their re
turn they find their dwelling filled with
these presents, each marked with the giv
er's name. At the t:de/ where I lodged
in St. Gallen, a bridal party of the town
had the wedding breakfast when I was
there, all the relatives and friends makine
a larger party than a private house could
nothing better, nothing safer, nothing so
Fore of bringing forth the right.frult in'
the end than truth.. Tell your child the
truth. Tell.him that obedience requires
i a
unpsid iscrifi .e. Tell him that be need
not exneet th purse of gold will drop
into hie hand t e moment be denies him
serfs-of a coveted pleasure. ' Tell him that
the path 'of duty is often terribly bird,
and seldom leads to an oil well, or a seat
'in Congress. or a brown stone front house,
Tell him that virtue sometimes brings
thoina, enmities, neglect. But tell bim
it 'is virtue, neveriheless—,the brightest,
the noblest and the best of gifts, arid.
whatever comes of,goodnees, it it the one
thing desirable, itstlf above all 'price.
Masa him feel tlisi obedience is pleasure,
that goodness is delight, that love is alto
gether lovely. and he will not expect to
be paid for the smallest. service and be
tempted to withold a kindness when be is
"not sure of a reward. Psrents must-cease
appealing to the appetites and the avarice
of their - children if they would have them
anything but selfish and sensual.
Yaassz Cocarmie.--One evening, M I
was sitting by Ratty, and hail worked my.
self up to the want of popping the ques
tion' sez I: "Ratty, if a fellow was to ask
you to marry him, what would you say 1"
Then die laughed, and ass she: "That
would depekd on who asked me." 'then
sea I, "suppose it was Ned Willis ?" sea I
she: "I'd tell Ned Willis, but not you.'
That kinder staggered me, but I was too
cute to lose the opprtunity, and so sez I
nen: "Suppose it was me?" And then
you ought to see her pout 'her lips, and
sea she: "I don't take no supposes?"
Well, now, you s..e there was nothing for
me to do but touch the trigger andiet the
gun off. So bang it went, Sea I: "Lor,
Ratty, it's me. Won't you say yea?"
and then there was a hellabaloo in my
bead, I don't know 'sadly what ink
place, but-I thought I heard, a "Yes"
whispering tomewbere out of the. skirin
d Sane.
Even 'Brigham Tonnes wives are affect,
ed with the military spirit; they call their
husband Briggy dear,
Brief ParagrsPhiN
British North America con es a pop.
lation of 3,232,159. •
Mrs. BToorner now wears garments like
any other woman.
ire-lolled toga in ono age for not
knowing what wen were Called !oda tor
asserting the age before. , -
Arteraus Werd says: 'l3eorge Washing
ton's forte was riot to hay army publw
man of tbewreient day resemble tam to
any affirming extent.'
"My led;' - paid a lady to a boy carrying
a mail bag. "are you a mail boy?" . "Yee
doesn't think I am a female boy, does
yen r •
"I wonder," mid a Scotch maiden,
"what my brother John eeea in the lasses ' ,
that he likes them sae weel ? For my part,
-I wad one gie tbo corot.any o' ane lad' for
twenty lamer." .
A farrier, having facilities for renovat
ing old furs, advertised, in a perfectly
grammatical manner: "Capes, Victorineei
etc., made up for Ladies out of their own
An Irisli washerwoman in Calaveras
County, California, who wail obliged to
take a share in a newly discovered mine ,
in payment for services, her-employer be- .
ing unable to pay in money, now derives~
an income of $lO,OOO a year from it.
Mrs. David torgan county,
Indiana. rive birth to three children—a
boy and two girls—a abort time since.--; ,
Rer husband was a member of the Thirty
third Indiana, and was disbarged for "dis
ability 1"
A dandy in Broadway, New York,
wishing to be witty. &wasted an old rag
man as follows: "You take all sorts of
trash in your cart, don't you ?" "Yes,
Jump ia, jmnp in." wee the reply. •
The present condition of the Memphis
streets, is productive of much wit. At the
corner of Main and Adams streets, some
wag stuck a pair of boots, bottom up•
ward-4s if A man-bad just disappeared in
_with the inquiry printed over
them "Who will care for mother now ?"
A physician passing et, tombstone shop,
called out : "Good morninz, Mr. Jones,
bard at work, I see. You finish a atone
as far as 'in memory.of," and .then wait,
1 suppose, to see who wants a monument
next 1" '•Why, yes," replied the old man,
"tiniest somebody's sick, and you're doc•
taring them then I keep on."
An Oriental maxim says: "IC a man
knowe, and kbows what he knows, be will
lead a happy life, If a man does riot
know, and knows that he doe: know, he
may ad a' tolerable life. But it a man
does not know, and does not know that
,he does not know, be will lead a misers,
ble life."
A countryanin went to London to see
the Queen. "What is she Mk:?" his wire.
asked. "L7ike !" cried the rustic, "why
I ne'er was so cheated in all me loife!=-•
Whitt doe't think.3fargaiet ? r *ring
are loike thoine and Moine. although
have heard our exciseman say a score of
times ber arms are a lion and unicorn,"
An exchange paper published not-long
since some ver-es conteming these-lines:
"I met her on the street, -
And she sh-wPd her dirty feet."
The young lady referred to made_ corn.
plaint, and the editor corrected bin:tiled
in his next paper. _ For "dirty" he substi.
tuted the word 'dainty." This rustle
matters aii right,
A convivially disposed gentleman ; re
siding on State street, in this city, upon
retiring late, the other 'night, walked in
dependently' and somewhat noisily up the
stairs and along the,corr.dor to his room.
"Why, what a noise you make," said his
wife, who beard with some anxiety the
heavy tread of his _ boot. 'glow heavily
you walk I" "Well. my dear," lee the
response, "if you .can get a barrel of
whiskey no stairs •with any less noise, 2
should like to see yon do it."
. .
The Washington correspondent of the,
&nday Dispatch tells this characteristie
story concerntng the late Count Grtrowski
"The Count was once in- a heated argu
mEnt with an ex-rehel, Judge
when be suddeply said : `Judge L
I admire' .you!' Nirhy,' returned the
Judge, cannot see bow you can admire
me after e.alling me such hard names l'— '
'lndeed,' roared:the Count, 'l'-'admire
ererpisni sat is partook, and you are one.
perfeck scoundrel,"
One of our friends was recently blessed
with an addition to his household, which
"came like a thief in the night." The
next day the happy father took his four- -
year-old boy to the supper mom
to see the little brother. 'who
was quietly eiojoying his first morning nap
with his little mouth open. With - eyes
firmly fixed on the new comer, and with
a countenance showing trouble withiti,
after a few moments of silence, the elder
brother defiantly exclaimed. "I should
like to know who pulled out that baby's
teeth." --
A pious old negro woman was once
caught by her master stealieg a goose, and
the next Sundty she partook of the com
munion, after which her Hester accosted
her as follows "Why; Hannah, I saw you -,
to day at the Communion, table)) ey es ,
tank de Lord, masse, I was 'lowed to be •
dare wid de rest of His family." "But,
Hannah, I was surprised to see you
them", be said ; "how is it about the
goose?" She looked a little. surprised, as -
if atte- did not comprehend the causerof
his wonder, but soon catching the mean
ing, exclaimed, "Why, Bar, do, you -think
I'm goin' to let an old. goose stand be
tween me and my Master ?"
. Wass A Situx.—Which 4 will yen; do,
smile and makes others appy, of!. be ,
crabbed and . make everybod around 'you
miserable ? Y can live among fill:tem
and singing birds, or in the mire, sue
rounded by fog and frogs. The amount
of happiness which you - can produce is in
c.-deniable, if you will show a smiling face,
a kind heart, and speak pleasant words,
Oa the other , band, by-sour looks, cross
words end a* fretful disposition, you can
make hundreds unhappy almost beyo.-d
endurance. Which *AI you An? Wear a '
pleasant countenance; let joy beam in
,'our eye, and love glow on tpr forehead: 0'
There is ne joy, so great as -that which
springs from a kind,' act or a pleasant
deed. and you may feel it at nigit when
you rest, and at mnrnine when you rise;
and thiough the day when about yo&
daily business. , i
' "Div Bar Deese ! Drunk ! my boy
drunk'." and the tears started from the
mother's eyes, as she bent herbesd in-un
utterable. sorrow. In that moment the
, risiort of a useful and honorable career
was destroyed, and one of Worthiesenees,
if not absolute dishonor, presented itself,
Well did .she know that intemperance
walks band io hand'with poverty, shame
and death ; and her mother-bout slur
pierced as with a sharp poieted steel. Ah 1
young. man, if the holy feeling of love for
her who bore you is not dead within you,
shun that which gives her pain—adhere
to that ivbich gives her joy. If she is with
you on earth, she dont tot, cannot de
sire to see her eon a drunkard ; if she is
with her Father iii- Heaven shun that
course of - life which shuts the gates of
us ti ven against you, sod debars you froth •
her society forever. The drunkard t?an
net inherit the Kingdom of nod, ."":
- , ,
Wssrsax Never, Dicers.- The bill. in
troduced in Congress Tuesday, by Repre
sentative Paine, provides for the estab
lishment of one or more naval depots on
the northern and northwestern lakes of
the United Statea, authorizes' the appoint
ment of a board of four Alfa officers and
three engineer officer, and Makes it thei7
duty to extunine the bettors at Buffalo,
Erie, Grand Haven, Milwaukee, Chicago,
'Michigan City and Cleveland, with Wm- -
ence to their fitness for naval depots.--
They are to report whether any such' de
pots are needed on the lakes, and if any,
how mar, and which of - the aforesaid
harbors are best salted for depots.' The,
report. is to be Mule toCoeval", aod it
is snide the duty of the President; w i t hi n
sixty days After-its admission, unless. it
shall otherwise be provided,by law, to
proceed to establish each depot Or depots
.111 the majority: of said bond may lam
recommended. . .