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the brie Veettim Observer.
ERIE. PA., 'NOVEMBER 15, 186_6.
agent tea VII Oaamorim.-The following voile.
_,,,,,,, ,1,0 asthottsed to melee money dn• thi
7, 53 ,,,,,tvaptt00, and receipt for the same. Parties,
~% .. h i, v• kvr• net blUs, can either pay to them, or
o olt ashy mall, as they tied most convenient t
th Eut 9. A.. Tabor Wab.rford W. C White
W.., Smiler Lockport S. C. Canffnun
y,..c A mos Heath Girard, Capt. D. W. Dutch
c.C.,'''l,,.tboy C. Howard [(won
A l, ccr., C. wclabl Lundy's fate , W. Shertuan
F litS P'
1 4 X. Pa.. , Fairview Antos Bone '
'unit:tug, /no. O. Bur- Wattsbnrty L. Robinson
Iplf [linehasa Toungtrille, C. J. Whitney
, yW. Rabaul!. Gulatti LT. Jackson
r . "l - c eases R. R. Tibia look W. C. Webb
~,. r 'OS . • .
, ' ,7,,,,1e' a 61:be rt4ll2ra Etat Greene Wm cOrton
•,;,,, r o., B. L. Planer Petroleum Center , Dr T. R.
P. • • Ti. C. Lott Ponta
t a Olt. DW. finer srd Oak Drava W. C Ford
s . C.vt, C spt. Pi WilVorthrilln; St au b . ' Arerill
En.' (lard Wealerville Geo. Annual!
.t ,„ .. • R., !f. C. Tata Miler Grove E. Fla!!
PBOOTING Poroziriow.—ln the-test:i
ecnY ° "
f S. L'Hommedien, 13sq , of the A.
t o . %Railway, l:teftire the Benet , Commit-
Ageoads, the following amusiag fist
oze occurs: • lie states that a few years
the Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton
R,aj. far the purpose of encouraging the in
reveefroputatioa and of travel along the line
etheroffered a free ride to the mother
o r every chill horn during the year along the
vac t u t ti , nuneer of application: for passes
pervsl nuaerous that the ore was withdraWn
ectr the 61.4 year." The question arises,
what propoition of the.youth of the Miami
Volley owe their existence to the free ride
ritteet of the C- 11 . D. Railroad.
Ltsr.—The following is the list of
j,.;rarB Irma for :the Court of Common
cammeoeing on Monday next:
Eric--M. J. Cronin, Joseph "Boyd, N. G.
1:hollo. Porn . Dknbaker, John R. Cochran.
Vlcterk—Wn. Lorr, B. P. Arbuckle.
liOorcreetc—Nel . M St Ark, J. D. Mlorhead
)rth East Tp.—S. Kintsbuvy. Grenfield
_T A. Itayrnon kyenangn—Davis tholit
r,. Wayne—E. Cleveland.. Concord —A.
17 , rlin S. 13urroughe, J. Paler.ol. Le
BpoeT-rJas Mattstin. Glreen--D.II Throop.
Tina -Woi: (rant.. Middleboro—F. Lam
rn. W.lihilzton—W. W. ilampbell, J. R.
3 „/, ? . Etk meek==-S. Hubbard. Spring
er'd--loseph Day, N. Blickeendereer, J. M.
?nag, F. )tiller. Girard - re--J . C
John Hays. Fairview—A. Sturgeon.
-CONGIIIissxos , ALI Disiittcr.—The Warren
Mad gives the following ne the latest .‘official"
vote in this Congressional district.- we hive
it is correct, as we have been furnished ati
lest three pretended reports, not;
ono of vh , ch agreid in its figures. It will be
noticed lint Mr. Bcoield's majority is some'
Ws than in the table - we printed two weeks
sro :
Scofield, U. Scott..D.
- 7,128 . 4,094
• 2,663 1,595
Erie rounty :-
Warren County -
McKean C •only
JefferFon. County .
Jamerson County ,
Forre=t County -
nenfilield County
Ell County - -
- 1,616 •
Scofield'a majority,
"DEAD BE ETS.". l r .The following parties
harina neglected to pay nt the indebtedness
due at this office, we take this method of re
freshing their meinaries, in the hope thatihey
will. not compel ME to resort to more unpleis
set measures. We trust that other parties, to
whom we have repeatedly sent bills, without
receiving any satisfactory response. will not
tontpel as to Pursue thaeame mole of remind
leg them of their ettliiatioas to the Prisiter
M. Lynch, so., Petroleum Center, - $5 i 5
its P Hogue,.Soarta', - (3 50
n. mitteson, Mirth, N. TV. - 525
P. Smith, Albion, - - - - S 75
A. Staples. Erie, - - 740
H. L. Rollins, Erie, 6 10
-- •
P. Q Smith. North East, . - - 525
B R !Burr, Girard, - - - 843
John Perry, Corry; - - 307
\hry Jo n es, Edinboro, - - 55
M. Riddle, Vic'ork, - - - 1 'B7
13. Loomis, E:foriou, Pa.,. - - 4 87
N. Thorne, petrol; - - 487
J113i113 N3rton. Quisqueten, lola . -6 00
Other names will be lidded to the %hove list,
I! oiro‘mastsnees seem to justify as is doing
' n0v.15-tf,
TERRIBLE R. R. Acettisirr.- 7 The Afternoon
express train on the Lake Shore road, on
Tuesday last, wai thrown from the track.
about four ,miles east of the city. - The
care were all broken to Pieces: and no less
than forty or fifty of the passengers injured.
The dead bodies of three men and a child
were taken from the wreck, and the child's
mother is seriously injured. The mother and
child were a daughter and grand daughter of
Dr. Wheelq, of Ethridge, N. Y.,_whe was
one of the men killed. The accident was
caused by the removal of two ralls e by some
workmen employed on the road. They were
either not aware that the train was due, or
grossly neglected , their duty, in not giving
(h' engineer of the train timely notice that
the road was impassible. The first•informa
_ (ion he had that the rails were out of place
was when he was within a few rods.of the I
spot, when, of course, it was not possible to
'top the train in season. Whoever the re
sponsible parties may be, they should be hell
to a strict account.
The Lancaster Examiner, referring to oar
statement that the President hadvetently as
sured a distinguished N. C from
. this Slate,
that he would be in harmony with Congress
in a short time. mays
"The Republican:M.: C. above referred to we
nnderstand is the mem ,, er from Warren, G. W. I
Scofield, who stands fair as a 'Radical, and
ought not to be humbugged by any man who
has told as Many lies about .his standing by
the Union party as President Johnson hes. 'it
looks as though Mr Scofield was abut to he in the same way that Gov. C_ox, of,
%kr, 0, IV.; Stern's, of Massachusetts, ant
Ihrr earnest Radicals have been heretofore.
-11 's hove no hope that Johnson will ever give
to Congress the power; to legislate which he
attempted to usurp." '
The, Examiner has entirely. .misenderstood
Rr. Scofield. He never pretended; nor did
sty one pretend for him, that Andrew John
ere !noted be trusted 'by the - men he has al.
may betrayed. Ile made no advance to the
President sn any issue between the Executive
Ati 'Congress; nor did he solicit any favors or
cite any terms expressed or implied: How could be "victimized" by the Presi•
drlr voluntary revoking unfortunate appoint
cent., (as all his new incumbenta proved to
ie plitically,) and giving the beet 'sense he
t)uld 'or it, we - cannot. comprehend. When
Judge Scofield is cheated by Andre Johnson,
ve trast - the Examiner will advise ue early of
tie fact —ChomBerabuig Repository.
, remake no pretensions to decide what ac-
W/7 did txko place between the President
It! our Congressman, and will leave that for
cotempornries to settle among themselves.
'"'one thing:is certain, and that is, that the
did actually take place, and that
t'? Selfielre friends seats to be in• possession
ion in regard to it which pats them
'.ll better humor with„the President than
*ty were come months' . ago. It is equally
tttain that, none of the appointees' made
'h?oagh Mr. fivfleld's influence, in this city,
la.e been r e moved, although candidates for
le:r Plates•have had 'their papers on file at,
71. gt on, endorsed by the leading conserve:
gees sf the district, ever since the opening-of
Ice fall campaign. We leaver it for the public
to draw their own inferences from these &eta.
The Ita,dical deMand to the South is this:
Reject the amendments, and we keep you out
cf the Tinton: adopt them, and we do not
_to let you in, It is the - story of
White num and Indian 'over again. The two
shot a turkey and a crow. • Said the white
man t 'tow yon take the crow and , I'll take
t he turkey or let we take the turkey. and you
de crow." .1Igh!" was the rejoindeit "In
dian. get mow Ml the time." 86, under the
deals, the South will get exclusion al/th•
rte. • •
A critical bachelor editor deicribes the new
style of bonnet es "a cross 4V/en a snap
ping turtle's shell. and a tin pan."
Jacob Drieeiga er,• a well known German
merchant, has ope ed s new grocery store at
the cornet of Fon th and Myrtle streets, Jeru
The Harrisburg Patriot says : 'The mom-
Math hotel at Widamsport, the , Herdic
House,' one of the finest hotels lathe country
is to be sold et Sheriff's Bali. It didn't pay."
An of sailor at Farrar' Hall, said he sup
posed he danoiniplirls wore their dresses
at hslfinast as a mark of respect to their de
The Tidioute Journal Inn ounces that the
theatre of that plsce having failed to pay as
I place of amusement, It is to be temporarily ,
used for church purposes. What a
is there, my Countrymen
We call attention to the advertisement of
Conrad Brown, Esq., offering asale 'a valu
able farm in West Mill Creek township. A
fine opportunity pt afforded to obtait one of
the beet properties in the county.
. The 2d annual ball of ; Perry Fire Co., No. 1,
takes place at Farrar Hall, on Wednesday
evening of next week. That it will be one of
the pleasantest social trains' of the , season,
none who know 'the dbaraoter of ile Perry
"boys" wilt doubt. l
The list of lecturers for the. couree this
season, together with the price for Beate, and
the programme for securing reserved ones,
will be found in-our advertising columns.
" The oelebratil Laura Keene, with her New
York Star company, will open a:series of four
theatrical entertalnmente in Farrar Hall, on
Friday ironing, the 16th inst. The reputation
of this troupe wtll ensure for them erowdei
houses. •
The Di.patch thinks Judge Johnson one of
the most effective temperance oimpligners in
the country. Re "isn't quite eo flowery an
orator ne John R. Gough but hie remarks on
the subject ecru canvielion with them arm,
time."r • ,
A Boaton paper says that Democrats are so
scarce there that the few •there have to take
back stre.ets to avoid attracting attention.—
Few as they are,
.they are riot yet so much
reduced in numbers as the righteous were in
Sodom and (tomorralt. •
The_ Meadville' Republican, organ' of the
Crawford County Radicals, advocates the elec
tion of Goy. Curtin to the 11. S. Senate. The
Western Radicals are nearly unanimous in his
- We had always thought lloncreautrille a
loin of considerable wealth, bat it seams we
were mistaken. The highest income tax paid
there is by Dat
e. 0. B. McDonnell, and amounts
to.the sum of $27.20.
A wicked eiobange asks the question—
" What fruit died a newly .married couple
most resemble 4 —anl gives the answer--"a
green pair!" What audacity!
The Connetaatville Record, in it lengthy
editorial, urger; Col. D. B. McCreary, of this
city, as Speaker of the next Pennsylvania
House of Representatives. As a Republican
is certain to get the position, we would rather
see the honor fall upon, the Colonel than any
other member of that body.
• If a man sells his watch for fifty dollars,
buys it back for forty dollars, then sells is for
forty-five dollars. how much does he make in
the transaction? It looks as if he made fif
teen dollars, but he didn't.—Ezehange. •
It probably depends ont whether the first ,
purchaser paid him the - fifty dollars.
Franklin and Oil City have each rtirohased
steam fire engines. The former place has now
complete lire department. We hope the
-citizens give it more encouragement than those
of Erie do theligi.
The Pithole 'Debating Club is fully organ
ized. The que4iOn for discussion at the next
meeting opens a eat field for thought. It is—
Resolved—That there is more pleasure in
the pursuit than I,n the possession of an &pc+.
The owners of dry holes will take the affirm
ative —l7enongo Spretator.
"Sir, I'd have y4au kuow that I keep ore of
the best tables ita< the City, Sir !" exclaimed
en indignant landlady to a boarder who bad
been ending fault with his fare. "That may
be true, ma'am," quietly retorted the boarder,
"bat you put very little upon it."
The Oil City Register has been purchased
by Messrs IL B. Dow & Co., who intend uni
ting it with the Monitor office, and publishing
a deity paper. We hope the now arrangement
sill not csnee friend Johns to break his con
nection with the editorial fraternity of this
We were shoin by Mr. George Rip:trade,
on Saturday, a stone taken from his qiarry,
in Summit township, which was considerable
of a curiosity. It contained innumerable pet
rified shells, Bea nuts, &c:,, all tending to Prove
that ; atone period this section must have beeri
covered by the ocean. One of the shells veal
aboat eight inches long, and resembled-an
immense gimlet.
Rev. J. 11. Wilt;Rola publishes a cardstaeng
that he has sold a part of his capital stock in,
the Anthracite Coal and Iran Co., to Mr.l
Joseph McCarter, Jr., and resigned the Pres.l
idenoy of that corporation. lie im?roveOte
occasion to urge our citizens to permit the
laying of a railroad on Twelfth street to the
company's dock, saying that if they are pre
vented froth doing so, it will drive a heavy
coal trade that would otherwise come to our,
harbor, to Conneaut, Ohio.
The new county officers will take their
places se follows : Capt. 11. G. ilarceit, Regis
ter % Recorder, Dee. Ist ; C. W. Keller,
Treasurer, Jan. let; Col. C. P. Bogies, Pro
thonotary, Dec. Ist. The Co. Commissioners
chosen at the last election entered upon the
performance of their duties on Tuesday of
hat week. We cannot now state when the
new Associate Judges will take their seats.
A gentleman who takes a business vie . * of
most thiuge, when recently asked respeCtings
person of quite a poetic temperament, replied:
"Oh, be is ens of those men who: have soar
lots after the infinity and (livings after the
unfathomable, but who never pays eash."--
There n4:tAnite a number of Democrats of a
nearly liroilar turn of mini. They claim to
be very strong in their allegiance to the party
princiriler L but never do anything to help on
the cacise,i . not even stinsuch as to subscribe
for their local organ.
Governer Curtin has appointed Thursday,
the twenty-ninth day of November, (the some
selected by the President)-as a day of thanks
giving and prayer to Almighty God for all tho
blessings vouchsafed to us as a people during
the pact year. The same day, hoe been
selected by the Governors of various other
States, and it will, deubtless, be generally ob
served for that purpose throughout the ErniOn.
The mach talked about meteoric shower has
failed, up to date, in • making its appearance
- in this locality. On Inesday night, the one
on which it was most confidently. expected by
th i s stammers, a number of our young men
remained up to s late hour, in the hope of
getting a sight of the phenomena, bat were
sadly disappointed. Wednesday night was
th`e extreme limit of the time set fcir the show•
ir to appear, lint, if the programme came off
et4ll, it was not visible on account of the
heavy clouds. Dispatches from the East in
term usthat the observations of the seienti.
tie nestled to the discovery of an extraordina•
ry number of meteors, not visible to the nak
ed eye. At Washington, In five hours time,
407 different ones were counted, which wu at
the rate of 80 en hour, or ten times the average
seen on an ordinary night. This is not re-,
Items of Local Interest.
galled as tAe shower, though, sad the public
• will be kept On the tiptoe of apectation for
o considerable period longer. So much inter
est in meteoric questions has been ocessioned,
that we give up a column or more of our
"pace this week; to a sketch of their charac
ter and history.
Some of the people of the Northern tier urge
the election of Glenni W. Scofield - as U. S..
Senator, in theslace of Cowan. Scofield ie a
good man, and has ably represented the "great
African Detest," as the Cope contemptuously
' call his district, because of the-intelligent ad
herence of the people of that dietelet to the
true principles of Freedom.—Leteisbusq Chron•
Judge Scofield would be a mein we could
trust and Pennsylvania w uid do well io place
him in that high position ; but we have author•
it; for saying that he is not a candidate and
dces not expect to be.— Warren You.
If-the "Judge" has really announced him
self as not a candidate, we regard it as evi
dence positive that he is one. His modesty
will be the death of him yet.
The prices of all the ne:essaries of life are
t.apirard is their-tendency." It is almost im
possible for the . poorer closaes to supply their
families with the ordinary wants of these
around-them, and yet no movement is made
to bring the cost of Rettig down to a reasona
ble standard. The approach of winter in
crea=es the hardships of the laboring man,
and we fear that many will suffer greatly dur
ing the coming -few months unless something
is-done to lower ,the prices. Row this can
beat bo accomplished should interest every
man in oar community. Therels no reason
or justice in paying war prices in times 'of
peace, eni public attention should be prompt
ly drawn to an effort to ameliorate the condi
tion.of those who are the "bone and sinew" of
the country.
A Merlins of the friends of the Merchants'
Union Express Company was held on 'hurt.
day last, at which resolutions in favor of Elle
taining the enterprise were adopted, and the
Philadelphia & Erie, Erie & Pittsburg, and
other roads in this,viciiiity,- asked to grant the
company the prieileee of extending its opera
tions over their lines. The meeting was
attended bY most of our leading business
men, and expressed the sentiments of nine
tenths of the Citizens. Should the Merchants'
-Union succeed in procuring facilities for its
operations upon all the roads identified with
the interests of Erie,, there will be little Ex
press business but will pass through its
We do not often take occasion to rejoice
over the personal esisfortunes of our fellows,
brit•we think that the Democracy of this sec
tion will generally agree with us in expressing
more than usual gratification over the defeat
of A. M. Clapp, the depraved and ecurtillous
editor of the Buffalo Express, for Coogrees.
_The hypocrisy by which he sought to beguile
the Fenian suppert . has recoiled on himself,
and he stands among the lowest of his party
candidates in the fable of votes. Some of the
Buflaloniane attempt to aCoonnt for his signal
defeat on alit ground that the milliners were
prohibited frin suffrage.
—Last week was an unusually busy one with
the management of the CrOsby Art Associa
tion.. The great picture of "Washington Irv
ing and his Friends," by Schuettele is exhib
ited Italy, at the Art gallery. An unfinished
proof the chromo-lithograph from Cropsey'e
"Autumn" also (tufted and is pronounced by
connoisseurs to-be a very successful reproduc
tion of the original. New clubs have also
been formed, and rapidly increased orders for
tickets arc coming in. Having run thszanot
let of the entire secular press, the dietribu•
tion has now got into the literary papers.
Even that fastidious critic the Round Table,
having just breakfasted on Griffith Gaunt,
has some:tang to say, and says it thus: .
"It would be interesting to look through the
subscription book, to see who the people are
who have bought -several hundred donate'
worth of tickets, and to speculate .upon the
winner. There are not wanting p e ople who
could avail themselves of the onera house
with-peculiar satisfaction. Mr. Johnson, for
instance, could hold his anti-radical- congress
in it. just as Mrs Elizabeth Cady Stanton
conattseernblea strong-minded body of states
woman to legislate upon what they please,
Rev. Petroleum V. .binaby, or Henry Ward
Beeelser,might make a very successful season
of politico religious theatricals, and it would
be nightly in request if it fell to the lot of
Portion Brownlow, Oen. Butler, George Fran
cis Train, Cslorado Jewett, the Count Johan
nee, Daniel Pratt, (the great American trav
eler,) or the Hon. Jack Rogers. It is probe
ble, however. that its destiaatfon will be far
more commonplace. Perhaps it may . , go to
one of those associations, of which the west
is full, wherein a hundred or more persons
have clubbed their tickets under a ,pledge of
equal division in the event of the success of
either of the associates.. * * The most
satisfactory disposition would be the disposal
of tho great prize upon some mutilated veter
an or some other helpless person who bee de
served well and been ill requited by fortune."
—Chicago Times.
DAN Rice its Av ACROBAT.—Dan Rice, the
celebrated showman, 'gave an , entertainment
in our town last Friday. Re had previously
purchased of Mr. Iluffnagte, of New Rope &
cow and bull cr.lf of the hump back Me dia
kind imported by Mr. Iluffnagle, from Cal
coatis, and the only one of the- species in pri
vate hands in this country. Early on Friday
moraine. Daniel. full of faith and judgment,
went to Me. linffnagle's to get his stock, so-.
companied by several of the leading men of
the managerie.. The cow was running loose
in a large stable where she had 'assn confined
for about five month,: Suffering under her
ill treatment, her disposition was anything
but amiable. After many acrobatic feats...-
worthy the troupe,-thes.cow was haltered.
promiscuous crowd of menagerie, circus men
and spectators were in the yard, waiting to
see the sacred bovine led forth. No sooner
were the doors open than the cow made a
rush upon the crowd. Daniel, with his cotton
umbrella, landed about three feet in the pud
dle of snored liquid, while Mr. Forpaugh went
under with a foul blow in the rear, butting a
pile of sacred manure, and sundry individu
als gore novel exhibitions of feats cf ground
and lofty tumbling, not on the bills. The
cotchad cleared th&yard, and the astonished
showmen, as they stood on fences, and gazed
from trees, eoneludei the cow was most too
snored to be touched. Recovering their self
possession they succeeded in capturing the
sacred animal with a lasso, and have her
safely in hand on the way to Dan's-farm, in
Erie county .—Doylerfozen Democrat.
PLCMEII—DAVENPOST—In this city, on the
14th inet. by Rev. G. A. Lyon, Fleury .11.
Plumer, of Uniontown, Pa.; antrLily Dav
enport, of Erie, Pa.
Mons's—Cana—On the 7th inst., at e the resi
dence of the bride's mother, by Rev. Dr.
V. R. Rotohkiee, Mr. Thomas G. Morse, of
Erie. and Mies Julia A. Craig, yonhgest
daughter of the Into F. 8. Craig, Eeq , of
Buffalo, N. Y.
Wumaxs—McAntliza—On the 4th of Oct.,
at the residence of the. bride's father, by
Rev. W. Rittenhouse. Mr. John E. Wil
; Hams. of Amity, and Miss Chloe McArthur,
of Wayne. Erie Co., Pa.
Mcaorti—ln Girard, Nov. 7th, Col. Joha
McClure, aged 48 years.
URIET—In North East, on Saturday; No•. 84,
after a lingering illness, Salina Gripp,
aged 28 years.
SnErAttn--In Union.Townsbip, On the Mb
nit., Jacob Shepard, in the 04th year of his
IF • you want a correct likeness go to
Wager & Co.'s pbotr graph rooms, 1132.8 Peach
street, above depot. Having introduted all
the latest improvements in the art, they flat
ter themselves they can satisfy the most fas
tidious. They have the most pleasant and
airy rooms this side of the eastern cities, an
improved background., beautiful side decora
tions and a largo life sired mi•ror, in which
the subjects can look themselves quare in
the face while.the picture is being taken.—
The sky light is the. largest in the oily,, and
pictur• tr can be taken in a cloudy day as well
as in the clearest.
sgr,D. W. Hutchinson, United States Claim
Ages:lo4mA, Penna. Pensions, Back Pay,
Bounty, and all other claims against the Gov,
ernment attended to with promptness. Chargee
reasonable. Applications by mail attended to
the same as if made in person. (ja18.6m.) •
Our readers needing Bdots or Shots will do
well to eall at the store Of S. Z. Smith, sm•
pire Block, State Street, before making thitir
purchases. Ills stock of goods is one of the
largest in the city, and his prices is low as
any.. Boots and shoes made to order in the
best style. . Repairing done promptly and
g For non retention or incontinence of
untie, irritation, inflammation, or ulceration
of the bladder, or kidneys, diseases of the
prostrate glands, stone in the bladder, calcu
lus, gravel or, brick dust deposit, and all d:e.
eases of the bled ler, kidoeys end dropsical
swellings, uso Ilebnbold'S Fluid gitraot Be
tax 3,. ffelmbeld'a Extract Buda and Im
proved Bose Wash cures secret and delicate
disorders, in all their stages, at tittle expense,
little or no change in diet, no inconvenience,
and no exposure, It is pleasant in taste and
odor, immediate in its action, and free from
all injurious properties. - tf
teSi•• The chrapeet, safest, simplest and
pleasantest stove to " nse is the Morning
Glory, for sale by Hinared & Company, 605
French street. • I , 0ct.254f.
jar stiattered coi3stitatione restored by
rstract Buchb. • tf
A Norma
From old and - rojng, from rich and poor, front-high
born and lowly, tonna the universal ?oleo of pralre for
IfalfaVe,tetab'e Sicilian flair Renewer.
It Sea perfect and miraculous article.- Cares bald.
nets. Hakes Their groir. A better dressing than any
. portastum." Softens brash, dry and wiry hair
into beautiful silken' trent a. Bat, above all. the great
wonder it the rapidity witSorbilar It restores grey hair
to Ito original color.
Van it • law titan. and presto, change, the whitest
and wont looking hair resontei Ito youthful beauty. It
dors not dye the hair, but strikes at the root and Ells
it with t ewklife and coloring Tatter. It will not take
a 10-g and dliagreeiblo trial to prove the truth of this
matter. The drat application will do good. You will
coo tte natural color returallig every day, and baron
you know:it, the old, gray, di vcolorad sppeeranee of the
hair will be goae, giving ple ‘ ce to last:row, sh.olog and
I eautiful locks.
dak for Erall'a liafr Renew; no other ar
ticle is et all like it to abet. Ton will find it eturap to
buy, pleuriat to pt., and rare to doyen food.
There are many irritations. -i3e surf you get the 0 6 ' .
P. UALL k CO., Nistaas, N. 11., Proprietors.
Fares eby all drogghte. I oel2fr tt
For preparing, restoringand beautifying the Flair, and
is the most &Beard and wonderful article the world
aver produced.
Ladles will and It not only a certain remedy to rs•
store, - darken and beautify the hate, but also a desirable
article for the toilet, 111 it hi s hiablyperfoused with, a
rich and delicate pa , fume, independent of the fragrant
odor of the oils of palm and mice.
A new and beautiful pexinme. laden In delicacy of
scent, and the tenacity wittrtraleb it clings to the
liana erebletand person IA un equalled.
The. above az:riles for see bi all drogkida and per
at $1 per bottle eeth. , ' Seat by Imam to any
address by the prop 'store,
I'. W. *mon k CO,
oottS;ly ' 100 tibial, Street, Now York.
Tas Corrsuszows Awn Esrmittow or Ai Truman.—
Publlslied for the benefit and us CAUTION TO YOUNG
linN, and others, wbo 'offer from Nervous Debility,
Premature Dna: othluthood, te, runpl:lsa at the
same time Tea Guars or StiabFraz.
~.13y cue who has
cored himself after undersolng considerable Tacker:.
By enclosing. a post•pald add:wised eisee?ope, stogie cop.
iert, free of charge r may be bad of the author.
anSO-San Broaklyn, Stings Co., N. Y.
New Advertisements.
Of 130 scree. about 10) acres , cleared. the balance In
rod timbered land, with a hints* and barn on It ; a
yotnir orchard of 120.erafted apple Vega and coma
other fruit trete. 81talted. drat farm :loath of Samuel
Ifiekleirer'a, on the Aldo, Road. and about four miles
from Fele. P.., In Wes, Hilicreek Township. For further
particulars enquire of •
novls-tf. CONRAD BROWN. ,
POI maim. 1:118119.
lar Vail infoftnst'on. with the higionof ftsfisexiars;
Won a Book on Special Mean% in a sealed- espelops.
le n t f e e,. or Re wire Au, lead for assi, "PIS
fill lea regret ; for. a. aiverais ay rhootclana are
irenradr imposters without er ewes no stranser
should be trustei. " Enelnot s e a m @ for postage,' and
direct Dtt. L&WHIINCZ. No . 14 BOND BIBENT,
NEW YORK. novlslB-Iy.
There will be a meeting of the Aviculture' Society at
the County Tremorrees offlew, on Wednesday the 21at
Chet ,at one o'clock p. at It la important That ell
Member' and Stockholders of the Soeletya well an
farmers who feel interested In, the Soalety, lit °old at.
t•rl, business of importenee will be ettbutitted for
Tarn -oat, ft rimers, and loollito Taw Interests.
nollS- S. D. HUMBER?. Secretary
-1866. EPI, PENN'A. 1867.
?hie course will consist of thirteen lectures. to be et
livered u nearly u practicable ha the following order :
1. Hoy. 2S-Henry vievat, Egg .of Sollood• Bob'
lett, "The Late Great American Confilet,en tbelfitends
and Tommie. of America in Ongland." -
2. Nov. 57—Dr. J. J. Marks. Sahket, Jernsalem;
its Inhabitants and Surroundings. 7
B. Dee. 4—efo be filled.,.
4. Dee. 11—Die Lewis, M. D. Subject, 'Woman's
Social Influence."
5. Dee.l2—Diu Leyte, IL D. Sal;.ei,•'Yhriial Cal
tare "
6. Dee.lB-6. F. Taylor, Esq , Sabjeet..Baceesn."
T. Dec. 26—John B. Gone!, Esq. Subject, "thirlot
8. Jan. 3-11(to • Anna E. bfekineon. ElubJeet, ..The
Rejected steno."
9. Jan. .I—Hey. John Lord,SX.D. tinbjeet, "Earth%
Luther and ttmtlerman Reformation."
10 Jan. 9—Rer. John Lord, T.L.D. Subleet„ "Ed.
remind Duras and Parliamentary row:lima"
11. Jan: 15—Ralph Waldo E . rnerion. (Subject to be
an pulled.)
12. Jan 22—Pmr. E.-L. Yoninanr. Subject, "Edu.
cation in Ea Land
13. Jan. 20—Jamee E. Yard** (probably). Select
It ls possible tbet one or two of the ■ubJee's of the
lectures will be. changed, bat generally !bey will be u
above et:kW. -
Reurred seats for the Coarse will be mold at eviction
In Farrar nail. at 9 o'clock. on Thursdey morning, the
15th lost. The following rates for seat* hwe been
agreed upon, and all bloc *lll be to exerts of these
rates •
. One seat. $3 613
'Tiro &eau,- 700
Three *seta, • 10 Mt '
Foot rests, 1800
Five seats, 1600
Each odd seat, - 800
Tickets to aing'n lecturer, j - 40
The bidding will not be for choice in ant part of the
Rouse fa proceeding that would doubtless lead to great
confaslou and defer), eat particular scats will be of.
foxed. bogianlar with those hat are oonoldared moat
desirable—ray No. 9 or 10 in the middlablock of trate,
Each bid will be for a seat for, cittine for ooe.person,
with the privilege or Bra sesta (and no Ittrte),lc the
tams settee, at the same rats—the War is datad above,
to ho conaiderefins In arca, of the waned valuation
of the nate. . .
Theme who Intend to Imolai, purchasers of seats will
be *spotted to icy for them at once. as no seats will he
reserved, or tickets and cheeks issued for them till pay.
meet is made
After the close of the auction (which will not be till
the bidding eases) any of the remaining seats may be
bought at the aszeseed valuation.
we have endeavored to preps.. the very beet e asp
of !educes It wag requital!? for us to terve lee. Most of
the lecturer, secured are old ,favorites here; but we
has. added one or two new ones that we think will
prove aceeptable. Three or four whom we know oar
patrons would have been glad to hear arsin—suCh as
Dr. Holland, *tr. Chief's. Prof, Agents, fee.—but were
unable to come this winter. The man will coat ni It
least $1,000: and we venture to awed that, in the
eharecter of the lecturers. and in the interest sad n 11.
Ity of the lectures. it will folly equal, if not surpass.
any WIMPS that will be delivered in any of the oeigh ,
boring cities. We trout the Mende of true Intellechtal
etiltivation and entertainment *ill 'bow their appreci
ation of our efforts by liberally contributing to the
course. '
IL. Ff. &cram. O. G. From
R. L. FUTON, W. H. DATES/01MWarm?.E.
L.. E. Warm?. Auto 00/7 $
C. E. Comma, Lecture Commit*,
14 I L LINER 1 7 '1
Um Hawkins haslast opened*
Four doors south of the &Tot, next Oecr to the bank;
and Is now prepared to rarolsh the ladies of Erie and
vicinity with the latest fashions, cads up in the best
style by am accomplished mle/Iner, just hem cum of the
best artahltehmeots In Buffalo.
we have *d arreneements to -seethe all of the
label edge and faskicme e• soon as they an recalled
to New York. It is oar ate lo; please the watt fastidi
ous. iirehave a twee assortment ot rheas Trionettem
Notions, to. ladl.ti please :call and vozamine oar
Mock beton parehleina elsewhere
Bleaching and presslog, Messing Ant, end ail watt
in on tine doni on•the shortest notice.
tort) Merest styles, adopted to aimed ted water
mute, tor 150 to 1000 web. Tittpose gold' oe One
misty or other int peeittorte awarded them. , Mos
elated Ootalagoce hew, Addnew. MASON i HAMLIN.
Bostos.or *AEON nouns. New Yak. 1a1174. •
A - R - R
A. R 14,1
F01:14 N IGHTI3 _ ONLY.
Quaid Comedy. the etlebretatt asa Oa waste,
ArD SU '
Laura Stens as Noiene l ! : irrenchard,
Played 6y-Dar enf oaf the ' %Una nights.
FRIDAY EVENING, NOV. 16th, 1866,
nominee Transbird,. - Laura Keane.
Abel Mureott, ; • H. 11. Maldrunt
Lord Dandrrary,W. 11. Otis
A.& Trenchant. Henry Hawk
Dir Edward Trent/sari, i , J. cr. Delano
Ctole. 1. ' • G. H. Tyler
Lieut. Vernon, . 1 : J. J. Horne**
Pinney,' . V. P. Spear
Budicomb, , 4 , T. FL iThannad
Captain Da Boob, - - T. L. Jones
John Wickans, ' I I. Htseens
Mrs. Matantebeslogton, .' I Dim Lucy A. Cutler
Mary liDiridetb, Miss Jennie Anderson
Arista, '-
! Nit, Nellie Warren
Georgians. - Miss Taylor
, 1
Admission Sd eta Itesertad Seats, 15 eta; secured
at itasign.s Bookstore. Doors open at 7—to commence
a! S. nol6 it
Manufactures 4f Photographic
Whalen!" and RidaU,
1931 BROADWAY, NR.D! • Y(.4ls
In addition to one main business of Photographic
materials, we are headquarters for the following, via.:
Steve:moors and Stereoscopic View& of American and
Yore gn cities and I andscape,Groupt, Statuary, re.,
Stereoscopic Views of the War, front negatives made in
the various campaign', and fertnik a complete Photo.
graphic history of the great contest. Stereoscopic
Views on Gram, adapted for either the liagie Lantern
or Stereoscope. Our catalogue will be sent to any ad
dress on receipt of Stamp Of Photographic Alberni we
manufac are more largely than an other beam—about
200vartettes from 50 eta. to $5O each. Our Alberni hare
the reputation of being wacerior to beauty loot duns.
bility to any others. Card photograph' of Generals,
Otateemeo, Actor", ke Our eatilogne embraces over
five thanes' d • different intjeets„ , hicludlng re.produc.
lions of the moat Celebrated engravings. Paintings, Sta
ters, ke, Photographers arid, others ‘.rderlog goods C.
0. D., ~ ,41 please remit 24 per cent. of the amount with
their order. The prices and quality of oar gads cannot
fall to eatl.fy. i n015.0m0
corzsuaLPTloN otrpArax..• BY
TO CUBE CONS CALPT lON, the clout tune. be
.pretared 110 that the tunes nll3 beat. To sve.iroplish
this, the Beer and stomach rtent fire he charmed and
an appeliteereafed tot good wholmme food, which,
by three Medicines will he di , alted - preperly, sad
good heali l by blood male; thus building up the
cleanse thestomach of gilt blibani or mssecnis eccamo
latione; and, by win; the Sea Wee.' Tonic in c.m
section. the appetite to rebtored•
SCIIENCKS PULMONIC 81',ItCP is notrieioms
well as medicinal, anJ, by using the throe remedies,
all Impurities are cepeiled hum the system, and
good, niholesonge blood math., which will repel all
disauiei It patients will take thine tuedlcibea award:
fns to ilireetions, 4:orgrun.ption ccry frequently in
Its last flee yields readily to their action. Take the
pigs frequently, toe-le:lam the li* erand '
rtomach. It
dogs not follow that beeawe the hotsch, an not en.-
ttlif they aro not minaret% for puneti,,,os in diar,
laces theY arc neeesawy. The stomach. nsu.l k, pi
healthy, and en crested to allow, the Eul
male Syrup to art on thure,piallori ormas prcpurl:
and allay spy Irritatioa. Then all tlou is reinTred to
perform a permanent' cure is, to prereat takinr
cold. 'use about the room,' ad much a, pus .ible, .
at all the richest food—,Bl meiti game, and, iu Oct.
anything the appetite cravat but b, pLit;nu:nr and •
maaticale wal and w. ea. me: 1 r:
BY :us
.Depot.s., 37 and 39 Nassau; and 54, 5G and
v, 58 Liberty Orget,
NEW Yost);
Of Rosewood Plano. and isdodeoes, Pin* Oil Polotlop,
engrawlege, sliver wan, gold and aline
eletantjewel-y,eanziating of diarnondplos,de
_ ,spsond singe, gold brantele.coral, flore , tine,
morale, let, lava, sod acmes ladies' lets, •
gold pens. with sold and silver es
tension bolder*, sleeve bat tons,
seta of studs, vast sod sleek
chains plain k chased
• gold thane. o.r -
rained it
$1,000,000, FOR ONE DOLLAR.
which thee need not pay nett! It la known what la
drawn and its wade.
• • •
The American Jewelers' Assoehition rails your &then
lion to the feet of , ts being the tempt and most pe
tar jewelry association in the United States. The beat
peas to and always has been conducted in the molt can
did and honerabbe manner. Our rapidly increasing
trade is a gore guarantee, of the appreelation of ohr
petroas for this method of obtaining rich, elegant and
costly roods. The sodden stage salon of trade in Europe
°wise to the late Semen war and the recent disastrous
financial etleia in England, luta caned the failure of a
Wee number of Jeweler houses in London and Paris,
obliging them to sell their rode at a great sacrifice, in
some instances less than one-third the east of mann
lecturing. We bare purchased very largely of
these bankrupt goods, at Ina extremely low prices that
Ire can afford to wad away finer goods, and give better
chances to draw the most valuable, prises than any oth
er eirablistiment doing a similar business Oar aim is
to please, and we reepeethiliy solicit your patronage, es
we are confident of ring the utmost satisfaction. Dar
ing the pest year we have forwarded irtiumber of the
Most valuable prises to all tarts Of the country. Those
who patronise ci all, receive the full vela, of their
Money, as no article our list ie worth leas than one
duller, retail, and there are no blanks. Parties de ding
with us mil depend on hie% prompt returns, and the
article drawn - will be tali sent to any address
by return
lowing express.
?be fol remits have recently drawn valuable
prises from the American Jewelers. Association, end
have kindle allowed tie wee of their ewe, Charles
J.• Hunter, Rm. Washington City, piano. valise $500;
Mille Anne G. Ya' es, 62 th Marra race, N. Y. Sewing
elechine, value $75; Brig.oen. L. L. Hanson, U. S vol.
[tutee's:Nashville, Tenn., Silver Tea . value $150;
lilies Emma blunter, ea Front street, Harrisburg, Pa.,
sewing machine, value $5O; Limit. Col. Welter Ohitten
den. quartermaster, Louisville, Ry., gold watch; Talus
$150; Wm. 8. Reines, 257 King greet Charleston, S. C.,
Over watch, valets $5O; Alexander Johnson, Esq., edi
tor linekateur Ploneeb. Muskatsur; Minn., ladies' enam
eled watch, value $150; Samuel Lee, Rag.; President
Colorado and Red Bank Mining Company,Saa Pranciaeo,
Cal., melodeon, value $200; Aron r 4. Long, Ent, PHD.-
cipet Eckhart Collegiate Institnterßothart. N. J., dia
mond plc value $200; R. M. LOClistreel„ Montgomery,
Ala., limit lion, value $75; Rev. lanced an DOW Al
bevy, N. Y., gold lined diidog art, value M , O; Mica
t,thsra Luc:spier, Dayton. Oh o, pianoforte, value Val,
snd diamond pin, verve $176.
it"Y Luats could be placed on the list, but we Wt.
nth no owe, without perrolesiOn.l Our patrons are de
sired to send I:7liitedr States currency, wham it is toner
%tient •
To be sold for one dollar each: without reg vst to
value, and not to be paid for until, you know what you
are to receive: I
15 Elegant itosewoOd.rianos,wrirth from $2OO to fa
-15 regent Ifelodeons, rosewood rases,. 175 to 05 0
oFiret Clare Sewlog Machines, ) 40 to 800
75 Fine 'it Paintings 30 to 100
150 Fine Steel Beggaring' framed 1:0 to 30
60 Mario Bout 25 to 40
150 Revolving Patent Castors silver • 20 to 40
50 Silver Fruit and Cake Baskets_ :0 to 35
400 Sets of Tea and Table Spoons,' , 20 to 40
150 Gold Gentian Case Watehe‘warralltod, s o to 15 0
100 Diamond Rings, Cluster & single done, 75. to 260
176 Gold Watches, • 85 to 150
00 Ladles Watehea, $0 to 100
500 Sliver Watches,. ' 20 to 75
Diamond tine. brooches sod ear drops, ladles' Pets of
gold and coral, jrt and gold, itorentine„ monde norms.,
One, mosaic, lava and cameo, Pets of dads, veld end
neck dubs, pl4t and chased gold env, gold thimbles,
lockets, new a•yle bolt buckles, Old pens and pencils,
tansy work boxes, gold perm wlth geld and silver extor
tion Folders, and a large Assortment of fins Woo ware
and Yoretry of "my deareption 01 the teat mate sod
latest Style*.
Kir A chance , to obtain any tithe aboor i artielee for
One Dollar, by porobasing sealed envelop* for twenty-
Av. rents.
Fire sealed inivelopes will -to lent fot stem for
52: th irty for 115;' sixtrsre for 110; one h u ndred for
$l5. ,
Una malted inducements offered to ladles sod gents
into will seta.' snob. Opr,ffeseriptire circular* will be
Mt on application.
Distributions are ands In tile following manner
Ceitincatas naming. sob artiste awl Ito valueara aimed
in sealed sarelapes, latish are welt mixed.. One at these
coolopee ea taloiag the certificate or order for some
ornate. will to &Brawl at oar abe, or sent by mail to
any address, without regard to enoice, on roftript,.of 16
On reediting the certificate the, purchaser will see
what article it dm= end Its value, and can then send
one dollar, and ricelye the ante • Itamedor can choose ,
so , other one article on our list of the same value,
Purchasers of our gelled ewer lope OM% in intact:mu : .
ier, °Main an article worth from SICO to Ste' O.
Long letters are unnecessary. Owes the kindness tio
write plain directions, and In cloning digereat
ees from those drawsiosiention• the style desired.
Orders foressied envelopes scud in ey. ry ease be ao .
compacted with the cash, with the name oflba person
seeding, and town, county and State - plainly written.
_Letters shoe d be addressed to 4* managers as fob.
lows: litOEßtf grArsoN 4 co
at k
tip a r o stzaT tirt
LINN of Common Pleat,
by her next Mend, , Rrle Co.,
Stephen Wing, No. I% Nov. Terst,lBoB,
n.Ulla Subpoena in Divorce,
JAMES BONDY: • S intern
Whew, Lucinda Booby did priter herr-titian to the
gone/able Judges of the Court Of common Phew for the
count. of Yetey marine for the noun therein set forth,
ohs might be dieotoadfrom her husband. James Sabre'
cause Is hereby atm to the told hates Beet!, to
be sod signor before our Jidgee gat Ids at a, court of
common Ow then and there to be bolder; or ttN
county of Erie, on the-third Monday to No:member, ISSN
to answer hid petillin and abide elev. , of the
court to th e premises- 4 11. BROWN,
Sheriffs Off ee. Oat. If, '-• Shade
can- ft' -
WARD TlClTheS'i' i
Crooked Street, Unto; Ms; Tate
Cc Pa. Et. B. Weed. Peop,!r.
.. --~.•
. .
FAmiLy strpr
, Lir !moult,
./y'oa. 23 and 24 Went Pant, (Beatty's' Bbxk,)
sanc. l pa.
Wbcduiqs and Beall
.010,E S
Azil dealers to
n 468, t08a1,7134.
11:40DEN WILLOW Win,'
TOBiCCO, !TAMS, ka r ac.
7%; Bid qu l alm fir ?anti Iva Mt
cents for the Cloridend RUN taming and Bhutto,
1 Powder.
rir A tholes and Crash stank always kept on liana,
hish wii Ibe gold at the lowest Bores. .
' •
We pledge ourselves not to be undersold, and belts Jill
to'glr• us • call.
The hlghoi; jig lee tat d for CoUntl7 Ptn
ini tia
- P. A. !RECKER &
Nort&JELA Omer of Da Par* 4 "m 4 .Stred,
mamm _
Would rePp•cth;lly call the attent a
ion of the iammtelty
. to biplane Stock of
Which be LI &drone tome, at the
Hia assoilimit of
FISH, &C.,
Is Dot aurpassed in the eity, is he is prrpared to rote to
all who give hies a esti. •
Ve also heave mutant!, on hand a superior lot of
twee wholesale trade, to which he ;Streets the attention
Of the ?labile.
Rift motto ti, -"Quteir, Wei, Recall Profits acid a foll
;Qulrklent. for the }toner•" , awl:Mat ,
NEII , "Plltllt
• .
Junes P. Crook, havlng taken in his son, AMISS L.
111 4 putner,o 5 theist da y of A prit„lB64l, trader the drin
name of JAPES P. ettoos:4l BON dullest° have &set
tlement of his old seemintL • Mt persons knowing them
lens indebted to htm us esquated to call and settle
irithout delay. ~ . 1 , .
• • ---
. .. . .. ..
Winnow Bub, irknies. Doors and Blinds, Mouldings
.2., sad Picket Tomei. - Scroll Sawing. llatetring'and
• • Planing done to order.
op on Pasch et, Between 4th and 6th BM., Erie, Pa.
We respectfully ma tke attention of the Dublin to am
&Militias for dolor work to the host at style. promptly
knd on tessdnable terms. Having fitted op entirely now
hops, with superior machinery, we fail confident o
gitior entire satiedketion.
'Orden from abroad will reeSive prompt attention
cordr64—it. I JAMES P. eaooz ✓t BON.
7911 SALZ
We are now running • itarket Llo. born Eris lo
toys, on the Philadelphia di Erie railroad, and wiah.zr
- &seize all kinds of!
a Carry it on, have Istabl , l4et a Deppt on . . ,
In the raw of the old Reed Roam,
the we will to it in Oxon ready to receive and pay
or the mare. All baring Produce for see we request
to rtleens a natl. Inquire for Market Depict, Fifth Bt.
' I !)IISSOLUT 10 OF , ' COo l AU .
The firm heretofore extol:log tinder the name of
Wee dissolved by mutual eonsent, dating from January
late, nee, Ur. Cart. 4 retiring. The boots of the old
Erin may be found at tho old plane. I Prompt astUemente
ieoaeated.g . ; 13. CARTER. \
'." - . J. IL CARTER. ~
Mr Carter boa aisOeiated his son with him, ind wnt
continue the basing", tinder, the tame and errn of
Keeping a new and well selected stocker lholn.
Eines, Fine Chemical'. new Pharmaceutical Uare Perfumes; Fancy article*. be.
The experienced clear of this house are retained mid
persons can rely open being correctly 'erred at all
Norma.—The envie"' of Mr. J. S. Cartes have also
been- seenrsd. and he .ill be happy to meet hrs old
friends and curtail:lent at •
vast ti2l PARR ROW,-res OLD sum,
c• -
PFIT3 great line traverses the Northam and If °slimes
ermoties or Pennsylvania to the city of &IC
LONNA*. It Ina been hand by the Pentryteerrie Rai/
Costimay, and to °orbited by Dom
VIZI Of 1*.11411M11111 mane .1.111.
Leave Eastward- '
. . ..
Wall Train : I , . I0:5 - s. m
Erie Experts Tract ' 445 p. as
Corry ACCOM., 6 ON . ID
i . Arrive 'Westward._
Mail Train ,
, ..-..- ' 110 p. to
Erie Express Train - 935 a ID
Warren neeom.. , _ -
400 p. en
Paneenger can ran 'through on the Erie Mail and Ex
ress trains without change bothersys between Philadel•
phi' and Errs.
i New York coniseetioa I Leave Yew York St 900 a.m.,
arrive at Erie 930 a. in. Leave Erie at 4CI p. m m , arrive
at New York 4 l 0 p.m.
1 Elegant Sleeping Cars on all night-tram
I For information respecting Paseeinger business apply
it corner di 30th and Market ate, Phila., and for Freight
bulloes or the Companta agents.
gii. n. ,
Philadelphia.graranTOlit. In. corner 13th13thand Market Eltreets.
IJ. W. REYNOLDS. Erie. • ,
1 vv. BROWN, Agent R. C. lt: R., Baltimore.
R. R. 11011RTON. Generallereight Agent, Phila.
i R. W. 0 WINNER, Gen. Ticket Art. Phila.
A. L. 1 - YI.ER. o.ioneaiiinrerintendent.. I. tie, Pa.
rr Ts, ruinic
, -
1 AND -. , , 1
I .1
414 ileac Street, opposite Brown's Rotel, Erie,
Has Just opined • splendid stack • f floe Film. for Ti'
dies end slismes, eomnrislng Capes, Ralf Ca p es, "aims,
Vistorines,Vollars, Skating Muds, Man and
lindson its., Sable Da-k, Mink. F tett, Marten,
B , IINA/in Sciainely Ricer leak, French Coney, Eke:
you Re totelotdorlr lawn*, to Inspect MT large
asiort•otat and warps: ,
• ' •
• iple;tdfd - auortasent at
Toe Sorion, Criaquot.lfohopao, Dinnarek, Drf dog, Clip.
.n i C i tfam t p . lcz l ac es dgpa s it tu p . r a tta , l i oo m a fal
ere lislinnk
. also Copt for tall and Whiter treat. ♦ "
splendid stook of
Bu®►lo sad►tier Piney Robes. An the above roods
►re of the cost - quality, and most fashionable. ►ad wilt
he soldeheaaar than any other konseila elty.
514 State Street, • - opposita' ; ltrown's Hotel.
oet:24-if ' ' • •
v ows gintioplicac, yaws.
fleas Drop EV a Selontideil,ly coalponaded Auld
=Woo, and better than: any Olt, powders or as.
Being ikluld, their salmi is dived and positive,-
lendestat than • reliable, Speedy and aegis with°
for the enre of all abstractions and aapplaStiOna of sa
tire. Their popularity la tidiest's, by the fact that
over 100,000 bottles an aulltalilr wild and mammal by
the Wise of imaries, map one of whom Reek la
the strongest tams of lotus of their gust merits.—
They are rapidly taking the place of mew attar fansale
remedy, and an eonedenatby all fsho know angbt.of
t ate the mast. Kest sad roost latillibleprepans. ,
the wed% for the eye of all latoale oreasdalittay
Oak sonisseal WI ort obatnuttiona of natures and the pio-
Amgen offitlillk regularity and affiessithi. ItspUoit di
reotarat. e7r ava therms,. Wtted, aid •apiala-
Ing Wins and w airy Amick . no t. and e:wld not be
red wrhont tulip edicts true to nateve's &m
-ews lure, he faded y folded irons! each
bottle. with the orates dins - of Jobs L. Lyon,
etold which no . n;l o are l igrapt
.... * ~ -
I 1
1ia=30%., la Can "Oadaltad S e thi: ll i%
arrally ar by (eaela tn coaciraiag all
private disease tad tram& a.
I - "Sold by Druids esraryarlie
0: G. (Liar-erg co,
00 7664 7 Goal Aerate toy U. Laud Canada.
AT THE stak bi tth FLAG
Ilarteg m lds largo parthtsom in Now York. Dolton,
- tad Pkilladelphia, we are cow prowled to eau at
tessonsb4 plea our largo Sur! well, WNW!
SILICA Mink sod COlorsd, Ptak Sod Ript; Merinos,
Emma Clot! I; Poplins, Moen and Irish; Blest and
Colored Alspaeal; Cbi eked, Plat l sod tept4
DE LADIES; Wool De Lainos; Colors and
Bike de Dliarrber.
LACES; Valspoiones; Cluny, Clupurs; Patna and
Threa J. *
BB AWL 9, Long and Eh:pia - re. Palaisy ink Broths.
CLOAICB and Baaritrines; Balmoral Skirts.
A !aria 'took of Cloths for men and born wear. .
Woolen Blankets, elt qnslities and rites
Canton Flannels, lileachedsdEillrown. •
Flannels, Plain and CheekstlyPills Wasp Orlannels. •
Prints, Fren:h English and Docasatia,
- Remnant Prints, Bleached and Brown Cottons.
Cotton Tarn, cotton Batting. Ticks, Denotes and
Stripe, Knit Goode, Bootle, Nobiss-a d Breakfast
Bbawls, Woolen and Cotten Bodeen Balmoral floe*,
And •
Bradley's Duplex Elliptic Boon Skirts
Oar stork weal never ao fall 'end complete as at the
- Present time..
ie. CRESA llOrigt.
. -
Are prepired by the Messieurs. G sunders & tripont.
pharmaeoeutista Ho. 214, Rue Lombard. Paris, from the
prescription of Dr. Jaen Delamarns, chid phystAan to
the Hospital du Nerd on Laritoisere.
Leman Cr 1100111113MariON. ,
Paws, Lay 6th, Ult.
'ClionUemen—Mie Uri wed the .ff geeing Pins. made
hens Dr,Baliensmfa mewl , ptism, daring severs/ years
- PUMA SW privateand piddle paella, and have found
them • Most :energetic and efflclimt tamed, in cues of
Simanisterhoes or ficadnal Wealtnisk nightly, daily or
geemilsze andaelons„• meal *aortas or impotency;
genial derangennrata of the vervous nslem; creative , sal
:Vekcal secret habits and sruxg4 excesses; reins
t a the genital organs; weak spine; affections of the
err: .'lLinse or Malik dun" deposits la the urine;
emigre °whims; palextege of too with macron
Cheeks or Wooer' dip; "pinched" Naturist 'minim.
antics of the - petit, a nd_ all .the than of
symptoms arising from steer use, sham, or ions, IMES
any close, of the pervoire form
W. eaniastly Adria, the- profession, and ali persons
imffaing from any symptomatio or organic affections of
the genitr”Orinary asiessajo us. them pi L. With
high respect; as are pours moat atocereiy.
B A. finavastrstas, N. D.,
O. D. Dmisarns, L.
• ' Jess Du Lerman, W. D.
To Ogranctize k Dupont, N 0.214 800 Lombard, Paris.
Sedentary and itadlosue oemapattions. grief., anxieties,
or whatever tei da to Impair the vital action of the
brain, diatressine sod mho:Taming - disorders of the
et Ile system. Students, dery men, and zwyere: there•
fore, who ars es; eclaNy liable to these weaknesses,
ehould resort promptly to Dr..Delamarre'e Specific Me.
A pamphlet, cootdoing fall particulars, *Ph direc
tions and advice, printed in F•enth Sonoma. Spanish,
and EogUsboaccompanies each box, and will bestent by
rtml, free of cost, to any who will writs for It,
Price $1 per box, or all bocee for ire.
Sold by all the principal druggist& or will be seat by
mail, securely !weird from all .liervation. on reettpt of
the vivified price by any authorised agent, orb the
sole rneral agents for Avutriez, 1:14("A1 G. tfoSS3 k
Co., 27. Cortlandt et., N. - Y. Authorized agents for
Erie: J. B. Carter & Co., Rail k Weds!.
octlB.llrow '
Prepared from a Prescription of nit. J. Clarke, U.
Physician Extraordinary to the ()Attn. _
Tam Invaluable medicine is unfailing to the mire of all
toose plaint and dingeross dheisses to which the female
constitution im subject. It moderates all excess and ro
more all obstruction from whatever emus. A speedy
y be relied on.
It fe pemiliarly suited. It will, in a 'host time, bring on
the monthly period with regularity.
' nem Pigs should sot be tam by Omaha daring the
FIRS? THREE MORTHS of Peetalusey, as they ars
am to brine oil Miscerrials, let el of otter tams (key
are sufe.
To all eases of Worsens ind Spinal Affections, Pains in
the Back and Limbi, Fatigue on Flight exertion. Palpiter
Bon of the Heart, Histories and Whites, these Pais will
effect a care when all other means hare failed: and al-
though a powerfal remedy, do not contain iron, calomel,
antimony or anything hurtful to the constitution.
Fall directions In the pamphlet around ese.hna , kage,
which should be carefully meserned.
Sold by ell Druggists. Prim $ 1 nor bottle.
- - SPECIAL Nonce.
It Is the tits of error? valuable medicine to be cone
terfeltpd. Be eantione, therefore, and see that the let-
tere .7. & B." are Wien in the - bottle, and that each
wrapper:bears e taellmile of the Arista - re of I. C.
Ba'dvin fa Co., and Job Stowe. Without' which none
are genetic..
B --Ono dollar with 'eighteen, cents for r wise.
enclosed to any anthoriud 'ager.t to the sole poen'
Igent for the United Btatevand British dominions.
JOB NOSES, 27 Cortlandt Et., New York,
will tutus a bottle containing Oft pills, by return mail,
pecarely realod fmm all observation. Agents for Me ,
aail klgartol, and J.B. Carter k Co. oolli-lieow
Di. F. WORDEN & CO.,
Would respastfallyeineonnee that they hare opened •
store at
Tor the parchise and aalS of
Orden from abroad will metre pscsipt aßen•
Don at t1:14 Lowest Market Priem.
Q' Ike highs, price in Cash paid for Product..
• anl64f
'MU. S. 11. BALL
Yates ilinienfitnientionating to the patine the she
has opened
• a am eon to
Hann:nes litoek,2 Squares toulA of Union Depot,
late 4 ate will keep constantly a large mist: or
Baum, Clothe end a gems: sesornnent of ennthing
nstuellyaept on had In a story of the kind. A new stook of EnochJost reeelve4 Nora the
mimosa, war. coasTl, PA
This school navy; moonset, Mantles 'toe nbtabling •
thorough, pmetioul Reglion_restoitoo. Too Stale nu
sista tboso oho intend to twain umber% • eertig
' cote from this inatititeint is good for ino then parts of
Peamglarda, and Memptoths holdsr_frommarninatisa
by school oingsra. PM idea term witless December
dtrealaTar . palakim alb=
seta *we . J. a. 000122.
rite:JilllP PrAllirGTAßniativanini
- (Not itYilikate7 itilisMaesa
sIII me
Debility molting &ma say me whaterviy, revetretios
or the IlYet•m; amid by win birdstelph_esponnes,
-Amin or dlemasts of asp lib.. fttillitlete, dueling. =ls
erJ.matysdultsor youth, will WI be we Bitting • pu re
elet.dependent ou bad Ibiteers tbytbetr amen mt.
raettlens greet .
DrEll X P§ll4
dad Einem mulling from dloordari tha LIM and
• Digestin Win; are cold by
Thus Bitters has perforinid moo ems, gins bat*
sattstaettoa. has more tacalmay, has more
people to vouch for It than any other WWI 17=
kit. w e defy any one to cootradlet this akorrtkur sag
will pay sl,(ao to any core who will produce a
published by Ai that la not sentitne.
Will mare mei nos sot aromas or ulnas debility U
disuses of tbe eiders'. Obarre the following 017mPluno
remarlag from disorders of the digestive moos r
constipation, lariat Pike, Pulling of Blood lo the
vHeadat, acidity of the Stomach, Noma, Heartburn Mr
for Pad, Mean or Weight la the Elttreasch. Sear
limetatbasul, Making or Flattarieg_at the Pit of the '
Stomach, Solmattog of the Head, Haandand Mean
Brear Wag, Flattering at the Heart. Choking or Bodoeat
:og Seneattone when In a lying posture, Dimas* of Vbr
ton, Dots or Webs before the night, Peva and Dell Pale
In the Head, Deffcleney or Persplrathil a t i Zellovnese of
the rldn and Rye* Pala la the Ma, Cheat, Linda,
ica,Suddea Mahe' of Heal, Burning In Fifth, Con
stant Imaginlapot gall and great Degrade* ofdldrlt*
lloornang,.that this Bittenn is noialehooldecootains
no rum or whiskey, and cannot make drunkard% but 1
the best tonic in the world. . l
~........, i
FMCS RaT.Mr. D. Set stria 4 Pastor or 'TraIDIZ Baptist.
Rauch, Phßada•
Gleutlatuest— I hare secretly beau laboring ander the
distrembig Iplreeta of indigestion, accompanied by a prco
traUou of the narcotic system. Nconerocaremedisawerro
recommended by friends. and same of them tasted, bu•
without relief. Your Itoodants German Bitters oats
recommended by pennant who had !tied them. and whom
(storable mention of these Bitters induced me to try
them. I mot confute that I halt an wanton to Patent
!Widnes from the 'thousand and one quack "Bitten"
whoseoniv aim macs to ,to palm off sweetened aLd
drugged Aga r upon the catty in a sly way, and
the tendency ofarbich, I f . is to make many a con.
&coed drunkard. Upon og that 'Our. wee nap
a medicinal preparation [teak it with happy effect. Ito
action, not only upon the stomach. but • pen the nencont
system. was prompt and gratifying. I feel that I here
derived great end permanent beiledt from the use of •
few batting. Very respeedfolly roars,
ff. D. 9EIGIRLIZIANo.ISII Thackanisson St.
From the Rev. B. D Feudal, Aulstaat Editor Chrintlen
Chronicld. Phi Ms.
Ibarederivett f.ecidedbeselitirom The weed Hootand*
German Bitters, said !fail am) , privilege to recommend
them se a most 'ignoble toots to an vim ire ,offering
from general debility or from dAreasoa arising tr n m tbe
derangement of the liver. •
Yoitza truly,
Proemßs,.D.Yarrlp, Pastor of tits Passayrink 'Baptist
• 'Moab, Phil.oa.
From the many respectable rerommendations siren to
Dr. DoollantraGermanßittere,l sou indneysi Wain. norm
a trial. after using sureerst. bottles, 1 found them to be a
good remedy for &Math and a most creel:lent tonic for
the stomach. D. ucartigE.
Prom Ear. Wm.Pmithe, formerly Pastor of the Vineed
town tad If/Grille (a. I) Vaptist Cburehes.
Haring used in my ranalty a number of bottled of you
Hooesturs German Bitters, I bare to say I regard thew.
as an exeeUent medicine, specially adapted to remote
the diseases they are recommended Or. They Trenched
and folligullge the system *hem debilitated, enders use
Int in disorders of the liver, lots of appetite, he. I am.
also recommended them to several of my friends. vbe
hare tried them, and found them greatly hewer/Tin tho
restoration of health. Yours truly,
. WM. GAM% 9135 lintehinsonfit,
. . .
Bas that the elgratareof C. M. JACXSOIP• Lon tloui
wrapper °teach bottle.
ahonfd your nearest draciviirt not have the article dot
not he tint oft by any of the intonleatint Preltenstion.
that may beaffered in ita place, but and. to as and wt
will forward, secintelt tootkikt, by rOtell• -
St . Phtladelpbla. Principal Oflce
Ps. and Mannnenry. No. 631 Arch
Vaceessore to O. N. Jackson & Co i d Proprietors.
For sale by druggists and dealer's in every town In the•
Vatted States.. daentla -It .
BALT= Al 3 I CO.'s„
Coal Yard, wrier cf Twelfth sod Peach Street; Eris,
Pa, who keep eonatantly on hand Lehigh and Pittston
(Far, act) lump and prepared, Shamokin, Egg Btors,,
and Eat Caen Bituminon. for grate and atom, and
For Mackin!! th Pavan*.
Oar Coal Ls all remind by Tall, &Ant ea dry plumr
Boor, and
' We offer great Inducements to parties wishing to ley
in their winter Supply. aLso to deelenparthasing by the
ear Mad.
tiontir Give es a call ant! to guarantee to give saGefee-
Jo ty19136-if ,SALTSIELN Alk CO
Ofai;11 in Farrar Hall Building. ado, Pa.
All clabannts for &Mtn bounty allowed b late ads of
Comma, esn have the came promptly collected by
sanding. their discharges to no% the recetot of which
will be promptly selluerrlrdzed and anstructlons re
turned. .
• fld per 'onth -for total lou ef. use of either lag or
arm, Inaten m d $2 per month for each minor child
of deceased aoldiera or emnen. Also,other incomes.
Three months pay proper for 1a service March - BA,
and diecharpd after April 9th, 1865. Claims cashed.
Claims for amen dm, and noneterne, and booty
promptly collected. Unequalled facilities for closing
and completing cues. Allowance to prisoners of wsr
collected. Only agency lei North-Western ransotrlrs
ate when years of saysrienes in tins U. 13. hese my can
be found.
LY Thanklbifot the very liberal patravege bestowed
in the put. we hope be increased @aperient* and unre
mitting attention to patrons to secure their continued
favor. Odle* in Farrar Hall Bedding.
watt Addteas,
Lott Doz. WI, Erie, Pa,
The Lugeat and But stock or
And BRUSHES in Fete may be timed at
Stall ST" 2;1061 OP Slll,llll
AsNnghad long experiettee in the trade,ve ars exabled
te supply parties with a superior quality of goods at
the lowest. Prices.
Our stab embraces a general variety of everyth!ng that
Painter, need, arid those who give us their patronage
can rely on not being digappolottol.
Orders for Furnsahlog building, will be suttees
filled. -
- CALL AND IsrarrsE ouit STOCK.
GREAT •BARGAINS is Wall Papers
t 4.
Having determined to retire roue the Wall Parer trade.
are ISO* offering thelraatire stock, larlaator
Mats ama opporturtfti for parsons wishing to roe
oltrat thole boors this tall or mat spring, to lay their
sto - -
We are empollsd to aloes cat car will , psporo Imam
dlitely, to make roan for an.litersand stock of Books,
titittosEry, pietaregipietarl truism. &a
CATIGaZIrj 110CBEAlli a Co..
F. A. WEBERA CO., 814 STspe
Ban enameled keepies Pratt & Co.'s ealablested
Baltimore 0. etas, which they will sill either ley the
tenor ease. These Oaten Ire etterldered the hat to
The whet. Betels, saloons and private thanes mar
plied ki low prim. oettAko,
Pose vatemiTir mums YiAD,
Will kfil i , iciore anArt i rr , Teak at seestei4 b tlria ass
*oar Otertli • stron t rmis.
AMU IesTRATOKeit xenon.
Letters. of Adminietnation on the wits of John ft.
EmPiebidedsenefilste ofileuneotennahlihysie eonolys
Ps, basing hsen mated the andersinned;zotioe lfai
herein. even to sit Web to said notate to make tm
medLbou ent„ and thone kolas chinos swami its,
um L sfll
rem% thewdilJ anthentiested. for WWI'
6111.11311 rNI INDLICH.
mike ' mehistedmis:-
Hall Park Sow.