The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, November 15, 1866, Image 1

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moo one aa a a tb ita.aa t two month, ,$O9:,
:tree in waiha S4,Z,9;iiir months V1,01;one year $1100;
o ther adeertireinente in proportion.. Thar rataa
strictly adhered to, unless changed by epeeist
I ,,,teart. oriat theoption the. publishers. Audi
en Notice', Strap, Weems and like sticortlar.
eftt , V.,(4); Ideguistrittor's Notices 53,00; Loma
c, t , , r 4 15 o,nta a Hot , Marriage Noticre Terror:-
. oats a piece; 41 ' tuary Notices (deer thrtenliatio
ie miens) ten elate per line. Original poetry, co-
ten at the request of. the editor, ono dealer lice Alt adeertissinenta will be Continued At
h „ 0 frthii person advertlcing, until ordered
o tt, be hie direction, Won a specified period is
agreed tiros for their insertion.
ar: All comrnnintinna afoul& be addreued, to
Editor and Proprietor.
Business DirOetory._
Arroran AT LAS, trnirmilllll,
T.7to Cxgo7,
r . C. KNOI.L.
ScRGSON DESTISY, Stilt. St ,11* 9th
koitGE i . CUTLER.
'I ATTORICIrf AT LAV. Girard, EH* Co t,,
I•diana and'otber bosions attended to with
~.t..... xrl...lapateb..
W IMMO It 13,
Artos-TIT AT LAIN In Wathea Ce
p, aheeti Elie, Pa.
sPENVER \llltVeit
olm Par* go a Block, near North Weit coma' or the rrie PA. _ •
rm. 0111.0 118,11YETT,
r Jrirto>tnsccrSun. Mace setond
French Street, between Stith ',DA
e viels-2.
F kr:LE If tITEL, Waterford,,Pn..
Itn.sivr I.2inix.Panpßisrsa.
eaten' attention etreO to
,mart nl vi.s:A. •1017.5.1,1*
r . elm 11%1 %WV.,
re TESTMIt OF 1111 t PRAM POrkliaS 11104.
• kei , o z 1; .at .r Farrar Iran, Sr!., Pa
El). W. OUNNi MO*,
a owl CODT , I , Wicir and Collector.
lal."‘. l Note. tcilalne, wrallwerel comer of Fifth end
nt• etrretr, t',rie. Pe. Rp13%54
'co IV %TOILE.
loam Caamasinaasa. at Qt. new
_ • • .
lama. Fazla Villsze. has hand a large assort•
eGo,ecrics. Pro•latnna, Wood and Willow Wars.
I.lquora, Tobacco. oetays..ll3 . to wbirb he ro•
-ctztfalls cslr , the attsotion of the pntale. satfidad that
a. eta otrct as goal bargains as eau be had to any part
o.• Trip con aty. mtrSO'6b-1•
1 4E6. C DeN, , D3 V. M. D..
PnYA7c7ls AND qvitc.iny
(Ise,. Flat %IA .trett mar C. qtfore
the rtp! C. P. Kelm 2d done innth cttbe it C
Church. on Floor.trug trrtt °Zee Lore !min
1, 'A., until 2. P.M. 11 mytpr
r Nv. rp.ED '6,. cu..
IJ• Tr are and ratan dealer+, is Aathr,cite.
Tiamin , ani rna'ntir,z teal and ve,,d. Alf "alue
TAd-h Luca ter r oiries a.a froh‘red for he.Wo - u.P.
eaere en h Vrda—Cerrer sth acd Ifyrfe.ll3l
ewret r Vy-tle and Rltner rtt; 2 squvres a.rat or The
r;,,a nornt, e'r' "a.'
T: 3!. D.,
• if,moopatkie Ptivafrian and Stir,r , vrr
() • 58 aoA 7•.i4B•en 67.8 resol Wit, op,Alt• tbo Prat
(fl! hntire trop Ifl t. 12 A. M., 3t05 P. V.,
xn•l 7 8 -, 8 P. M. • aps•Bm•
•• tr. 1.47 TB FOR *4 I,Lt. .
lt , •
Several aril.
choke bdailneis slits an State Street, be
. teen Seventh and Slihth 4 tvreta, Slut gas are f
_ re,l for ease on very reaeonalolv termi. - lr 11 1'0 ,1 /
I .Illnrilre of
c.,211. WV, A. GA LBRA.Cfn. Anent.
I - O , IIN C. It K 1 / 1 11
Pa ti.ela tle Dirr 4ocars, CsoinauTS,
Cr,ckerr, II: its Mu; St•ed„ Plaster, etas , tor
, ~f streAf ar.d Public Square, Erie. Ps. lal t-
. D. usitocume.
List: ANKAS ail SrAln.S. on Riantb
, Jest,Netoreen State and French. Dine Horses and Car:
-are to let on reseonahle tame.
k. N
Id *ism, lizatratt, aaD mtiven Iv Mora.
ixelex. Malt, Ilex, Laser. ke. Proprietor of Ala an i
I.3,prr tlx...xerlex, and Malt warelantteea, Erie. Pa.
jr176 . 1 tt
nr Y. PI(kERINU. D. n. pi.,
11. butter. ORIN., .French gt ...septa story
.terrst '. Mork; row comer of 14.4Th:dim kill 1'
flint/1114K K IttISL,I3I4I
, I Dealer In firxerien, Pro neo, Proyieinny,
,Filiew i Stns. War.. Wines, Liquefy, he,
Stmet, eppoxiie lb. Poen:Hee, Pete, Pe.
W E. 311.911.1...
Dummy. nele.l in P.oteniffe
Eta& carat aide of the Park, Erie. Pa. 1.8.
fIOSKINSON, W1L1.1.113114 ac CO..
- Rrocorsoars to alC7rl J. %fasten,
Cor:Amlos Mere:matt, s..a linoleum& dealers In Coal.
Assets for N. Y. & f. sod People's Lim of Steamers,
East Pabge tioelt k Erie. Pn. isn4lss
Are made by
3. DRucKrat-k co
WILLING Stall nein.
J. wriTuti. uttaxis. 33. D.,
.1.4 'tinor Re4lty's.Bloolt. Woo t Park. trio. Fs-
rtutrtor . a. thrlattau 11. Ruth's Stout. Restd•oo ,
trr.t aide Ittyrtlo suer], ad boor* South of Ninth.
Leer boats—% to V) sad: to 3 r. -
40R113 J. MARBLY,
I j • MVO/MIT 4? LAV, Magnin
ELk Os, Pa. Witi also pranilea In adjoining Counties.
1" 11,1 t ANT) LO a
C •
Union Alock, chose Dr. Dennstt's Offlee.l Clothes
tale. vnaired and steamed on short Dopes. Terms as
ossootthts sa sits. Ins 22 ly
IL % 1"1AT1',1' 4 4 , ./7."„`„ribi„.l" 4
eeea Iwii Erie and
aA o tolor, oananfra. Special attention Oran - to collec toorayanoen
(Idea In Riodarnicht's Inqek . , comet of at-da and 511
' , ..n.; 6.- rit., 'Pa. ' . lall-tfam•
Vieo. c. olinrrott. locrst
spit...can 41.1 tsllsll•TlAß,
Pry:alto, Pa.. offl. In Ceres built:Hog. Layette Omit.
Pi:bele city. Po., mace over Remtis Rant. Fiehroion St.
C'ellyclicos promptly cm 4 to all Farts a the 01l re•
VMS j, /2-41111
$ ,
7 7 lirrifnetit. , - , - CLAIS IMMO.
arrituta. a: EPPING, .
A rroevrra AND Coullitft.taltff AIP r$ kW
' , 7: , 7 1 C ON: SPAM': S . *, opnotite Crittenden Hall
nt -, -.41 , •. Pll. C6ntetiOlii 1114 111 ottoir level Dui%
ron :1 rreeeford. Censor.. trie..Wirren and TOMS
eleties, attendees} toe:lmre/fiend preeirly.
'irrelleirie—Wm. A fielerattio. lienjethe Rbitmen
:'.•e ...IM,F,,,,mvp k Krie. Ps.
Pet. R. Brown. non. S. - P..l . onsosi, W. D.Reaves
i • - nn . . k Cierl. lirenen. PA. ,
X(1111.F., artowN a: CO.:
wttetuto dander, to bar:lima ref% vast,
t, e , pa rtviez Ltrpo.ed et oat lt,ct ar"lxort , ' tt , the
•••.a Ern, we reeenertry ietire from home
dint ear aateeessorli as emiteetty wee.
pattonazlp nr war ct!il
te tcsl2-tf) aeon', RKSKIN kCO
1 ITI.v GotLoist:,
~, , u ionaete Tailors. Fifth -trent. between
5..11 ; ; • Caret..l:l 'Wort, sod
prOrry. Moaning done in ti e
p:::;•icir it PILE INATTEHY,
Cam, i.
Crnarthased tte totereed o
cosltone to e2tttiet the above cstablinh.
.„7"' * .i'dtv the patronage of the customers or me old
: m A
the vestom.ot the embtle generally, pnuolliag
oluost endeavor to give rerfaet wirfaition.
- lAY R. CHILDS. •
P•a • th Streit, -rear • the' Depot!
IR. A. 11108, J7llO. N. G0G159111,
':r-ILAST.Cti. A. H. Glut. X. C. ILAIRA.
„„2 4 ‘ baring par'eitted Their are angtnltts. ais
.7 , ..5......1 to do a General Dilating, Gzehinge and
_Lh Iselsom
e ,' ,l- trzent Bonds ard Interest gates of all t.inzes
• -s oalsttlzes borsht sod sold., m731-tt
p . i. &
Tin,V4 trjraltic MU; TOILLCCOy
iTigow Trere, Fruits, Nttti,
so Slt non avatar.
Vest no*, Winos Stp sad Std Rts., nig. PC
r ss4 t r sid rir country 1 ,1 4d050.
t5.e14.0 . W. 6nsasys.
C;illsisoicla Prop*tare. Good Soma
4 .' 14 ' "sr, on gaud at tbdeyste rims. 11Y'.-tt
‘ t lf VORACCG . , dlcl CIGAR semis. .
pa sttersim4 two opined II arerTobsees stemst
,-‘,0,1.40.`..b.t5e,e. Stets ossa Proneli, (apposite DI
,- ,, taPl 'Led .131 keep ecutiatJy as !sad sat:dee
''''''''s.rtek l'obs.'es Asst. sad Inflithille spear
1t a '
elan' /ObseicA'
state. thiela tti.,y WU 00 3
Phu and Sees est chest= ID
shun 2 0 1 a, Nit enuntteteee Aseettsg tobaso. pito
toed.a tit vest lariat.
"•• • - - . ._
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- ! •-.. ,;-; • . '-',.- ,---:-.:,-; • ' !" ''••'.'- ' ' r 7: • ''. .., --7' .: • 1".• :Z .. ._-... ' 7., :.- - ---
''-' . ' . , . •
:.(I. : : '...:, -- - ...: ~, -,..• :- :-• • ..!-• -.:•.: -.• :7• - - _ , _ i• .
• . .
. , • i
• • ..
. .- 2.:::•: - _-_.• - •••'•- .i._-_'...-_:.• • ,
4' , ~.: -.- t• - :
t ,
. •, . .
• -
.-:;.. ..,
: ', 7 '1: '. .-.; ..-; . ;-7 -.' •' " ' v-; ''' -- ' ' ~ - •'.
. ~
, i '' - • • ;'• !i ! . -.-- ~ . . . . . -, , ,i.._ '
. 4 ''''', , !. - :i'...! - '' , -i . - ' - ',-, - ; ,1 ....` '.. - In- ' • ;', - " .„7" 1 . - I -
.... ..•e .
- -- --- ~:4...- , ! ;3-, J r ' , , r, , ,-.!;;;'L.: :,....
VOL. 37—Na 25. - - -- - - ----- '' ' ---
A toilet delight -soperior to any Cologne—limed to
bathe the face and patscca, to leader the akto Solt and
fresh, to allay Inflanintation, to "perfume clothing, for
headache. ike- It is nitanarsetniad from the ebb 'South
ern Napoli; and hlobtaining a patronage•
preiendented. Tt is a favorite with 'emus and oven
singers. It it sold be all dealers, at $l.OO In lairs but•
ttes,ant_r DIIYAS BARNES & CO" Nee , ? ark, whole•
isle emits.
Ilia b all Dmaista.
"Jai so 17- 'Exactly r Bolan gbingrls said; otity
weft there, every thns " If be felt "eviler' 4 the
morning, he toot Plantar on Bairn; if he felt weary at
Wen, be took Pleetation Illtters; tf he tacked appetite,
*ea weak. latiemid or mentally approved, be toot Plan
tation Mtn* , and they %syn. WWI to set him as Ws
plea Kure and bat. -
P w persons want any better %%thorny, het ea ems
11:14y, jaat read the ft:44..10i :
• • • hl owe conch to yoe, for I verily be
tiers Flantc.ttan Bitten meal my Ufa."
RF:V W. R. W/GORRS, Radrl L F; N, Y
I • • • .1 hay beau agr sat soften? from
Drapepia, and had to abandon insulting.: • • Ths
Plantation Ritter,' have cant mom"
REV. C. a-MILLWOOD. New York Citr.
• ‘si • •I had lost all appetite—••• po
woo sod etorr tod I could hardly waft, sad bad a per
'eet drew! of aoclory. • • Tye Pleeettst!oet'nit
tee fists sot me all richt"'
• • • .The flantation Sitters eared
tee of* derangement of the ft Hants and reinary Organs
that dlstres ed toe r years. They ant Okra charm.
C. C. 11 . 00112, 254 Broadway. N.Y.^
Urn 0. IS DinOg, manager of -the rolon game
School tOt Soldiers' Children, saes she hu given it to
.the weak and invalid ehildren under her charge with
the most happy and gratifying results." We hare re.
celve4 oar a hundred reams of inch - ear-
Oates, but no advertisement I , so as what
people t•emrelvss say of a good article. Our fortune and
oar rep , tation is at stake. The original qualltr and
high character of these gouda will be sustained under
every and all Mrenmetarroes. They hare alriady ob
tained seals in every town. village, par oh and hamlet
among civilised callous. Base t • itaton try to come
near our name and style as pouible, and because a good
article eaanot be sold as cheap all a pBOr ace, they End
some support 'rota parties who do not care what tber
sell. a@ co poor guard. Soo oar pr?rat► mark over the
cork. P. DRtKC ik CO., flew York City.
Sold by all Druggists.
OVER A 1301f,7..1R14. WAVED.
.11entlemea: I bad a servo rata worth $1,200015^
took cold from la tad hurt In theyeg, and wu Aimless for
over a year. I It'd used enreatthlag i could hem of
Witbont Decent, anti/ I tried VA Iferieta Rasta g Lin.
tawnt. It moon effented &permanent core.
Monticomer7,Ala .Jane 11 , 'O. J. G DOZNINVI..
•I take pleasure in recommending the Ye/lean Yew
tang Liniment ail I Iralnablenid lodises's' %We article
for Sprains, So - ros,*cue; it Galls on florins. Okr
men here nse.l it forksiMrse, Bruises Soren, Bhenma•
tissa, te, and all say it seta like magic. .
3. W. JEWItTY,
Foreman for American, Wells, Ferree and Mande:o
wain nt sipialishtsesankN, octsatantal while
skating last vistas - , situ entirely wad hl ens weak attar
sosanasuessi miss pass eitsbrated lusting Uat=
Gloticest: Olin., UlO, 1665.
It in in admitted fiat that the Mexican If astute Lini
ment p•rfarms more cures in shorter throe, on man arid
teas; than say article Vet discovered. Faiollhaa, lir
ery.mert. and ylantert should always have• It on hand.
Quick and sore it certainly is. All genuine to wrapped
In steel plats engravings, be rug the aleartn• 4, of G.
W. Warta:oak. Chemist, and the Fiesta C. S. Shoop of
.DEldiS BAUM CO. over the top.
An effort has b einem ads to emintertett it erith a cheap
Oasts plate Ishe!• Look closely. -
.mo•cs 1
It if a most delightful Hair dttedog,
It indicates scud and dandruff.
It kept the head cool and clean.
It onkel, the hair tick sofiand glossy.
ft presents the hair turning gray and falling cif.
It restores hair upon prematarely bald beads.
• This is what Lyon's H•tharicsaelll 'lt Ls petty—
it 6 steep—dorable. It literally sold by the carload
and yet Is almost incredible demand Li daily increasing
oofil then I. hardly • country rtaTe - tbst dots not keep
it, or • finally that does not we it.
IL MMUS LYON, chemist, N. Y.
Sold by all Druggist,.
- - -
Who would not be lbeantiful? Who would not add to
their twanty ? What gives that marble preityand
tiara, appearance we observe upon the stage, and in the
city belle ? It in no Mager a merit. They um Baran's
Maroons Balm. its unnamed ass removes Tan, Ikea
les, -Pimples and rot:team from the bee and hands,
and leaves the complexion smooth, transparent, bloom
thread ravishing. Unlike manycormeties, It contains
no :Waist iniariona to the skin any .druggist will
order it for you. if not on hand, at 50 cents per bottle.
W. E. 1 4-GAN•Troh N.Y., elm:if/L
DOW BOWES & C 4., Wholesale Agents. H. T.
. I _
13 elmstresTs Inimitable Bair Colo:Lig is not a dye.
All'lastantaaaoas ayes axe composed of Inner mastic.
and more or Isu dratroy tha eitallty and busty of the
hair. This is the original hair colonel, and bee been
growing in favor over treaty yam It restaris dm/
hilt to Its original color by valid ebsofittlen, In e
me at menartstote rosamr. It U dao s troaatifpl Hatt
droning.. Sold in two sizaa-60 ciente and dl—bl all
dealers. ' C. Et atusnusire, Chemist.
Bold by ill dr4itsts.
LTOeO litplUCT or Pram JAXAIVA . Grids For
di Nauss , Ideazincm net Resdaelso, Chasm
rutabuicy. to . whirl a warms( stimulant Ls
rapine& Ita Sargent prnsustles rust nt . puri,tr
makes Its elisspind Mudd* article Lor eslleary pave
MIL Sold ersiryirtans,nt 60 mats par bottle. Ask tor
'Lyon's' Faro ExtruS. Take so oast.
apTibbayb. Bald by 4 Drubits.
R snovAL.
The sthstribet has removed_ Me eisth of Ottawas
from the masa above the Wm Slow- Digit to Abe
TOM tD the Ufa Wed es Mots rireet, sore* el
Fourth. where he stil Wasp? to so at Moab sae
eastottere sad El their orders tot geode Mr dad e.
Greolotto blues east as sealty Weds! Si., signed
at the loses! Mae etesistast with the etteleol ead-
H. levtest en la_ and of aoltlitst la his Use to Efe•
tate • ea. • Ir. 9011$1:1011
EroVs bistur.tri. swami waamiskitta„
- -ma =nab, ono vho bas rand hliatelf kw
attar. sad sill tin to!' sothlag bat the troth.
/Urn* vilth stamp.
ja1141114/. 7105 R. Bed" Nam
RENEE & HUR9lo§rs
It rill da all that la claleaedlor,it,
.1.11011:1111C1, JIL ,
AT ItIkDIICE'D PRlntra Baring i large ehrek or oar
own merratamikte me band. with • complete seacotomt
deity cads work. we cm sell cheaper et it helimale or
Retell than alp ot►er esteblistmeet to this city.
Baring had Meg espnienes v to the wants of costa
won, weaken tats' leettal patio, is orepartal stor e a
salt tar= , Ire hire the m a nse tight is this tilt le
make the .
. .
tor the bun Of ou au:tower; and crA r ask a te.2 at
than, toutlaty any one u to their sn annfort avrt
those mule m tbe old nay.
The Planer Boot needs no breaklag in; it is u easy
tram the start as one warn for emu time. Our -
Rpi nostri 011:t own espoda3 stisation
&Ad by all Drugesta.
Tor tbo trade always oti hood to omit.
. Teadotiag arab to oar Woods and uutororta tot
Put Tatrollaite, hose b 7 jort and- hCaoribb delatag to
Moth s routtutuuaeo of the Jam, and eardlely turita all
"to cell and 41111011ka our stork Wool parehattog also.
14tipti& No. MS. Btat.Bt. e Erie. Pa. I:m=lAM
Are now optntair the hugest and cost artfully
stock of eleyouttly Inland tad tautffully fllustrittd
Stet tectight to this Ettriott, lathathic stondsrd works,
nom English and Amman !snuff. Soot; SPAM
Prayer Booby gat Chard 84rrlara. fa ens Whs. Afro,
Writing Desks, frame! ink 131411, Wise Taira sad
Welk Bezel, P.srtfollos. Marrone°Fes and rims. FYIDeI
Card Pintails", tha most besattful Sunday tidtool Cards
Su Smut , vs!Sit,. Port Sonnaits. Card cute., 4014 Pons,
Propelling Pendia, • largo intr*, of Fancy Articles to
Firo*.b Plald,Tbotogespb Albinos fro= the bast roans,
&LIMPS, to the best Nola&
ja2Plyt tf - cAranzr. VoCRBARY A CO.
Sold by all Druggistß
WRIGEL t =GM,. e:0 Slate Stree6 Reg Ps.
03'1tA1eGIE, BLIT Tittrgi That Reasspirins sad
O Bardoolc.Chsaat orrartsr and IStilbliar. lied Pre
s pit-to sad lbtalstoasb alt MI to vase this mode=
mongrel Mb, eon so presilsat tbsouelbrat the coun
try. Bat the txtraat of letadeloa sbd S'ltbs.Swiest is
Just the moody' ter lt;as It sots be the Mar spatalstso
au tba s-ettle skolosal the mob at the We t sad in st
aatona sad easy way throws oat all Web, timid, sal
somas on [wars auttsr,sal Lusts the drealstloo
blood wee; the *lx. dew, the cat:olll6D
dor; sad tto iryttes toe hens dlsaew Ms
neollelibe that cannot be mil irlatatit bsaalt.
Euntosus OW Totrra..—A. lest kina vb. t o ,
oared Lot tetra _ haat Worrosa DebilW.
tern beton sod all the OW* et youtitfal to tato.
DM for Go oattiot Wheat titototty. trot to all
whowad it. Nips oaa4 dlnstiolui ID, coatis. nip,
Wogs ftexigif IT width to woo eztott. (Min wishing
to vett 67 lb. advortlatfa onetime' as do sot, el
&sotto, Rind 11. Ottnitt .
doatt66,ty. - No. LS Choialmtri St. X. Y.
ma BUUDALINA9IBED,MXna of Iterate
Lad lostraettee to young
1t lifo—Puht= now
Aseeeiattoe.e.d Net freed . le. MEW.
jetreltly. • natakapitik,
riwtro,cimerialw £ csaia.,
• rtmilaimu bay
Boot go Tase.,odo h Choodato. lealtreo Coils
Stint. Palm. Rogogoptopo Pawl Botioy. Riot noon
taro, Biking tomtit. Celia tido, Wit Ptak CrocOod
nest .I%w Vim; alday; Seem. Masud And.
Jiez otremaimadatit rum: Pm
ny Haar. Cara Neal. at Itool. 41 kWh of Itati-o.Soo.
dlooo. Rallis Pleital, Cucuta. lip,_lLA to Wt.
otorytkilat Wooten to ',bolas.' W all ekes.'
11,451 v, raTraissess co.;
- as victor imam -
Veva tan, as bud s goad imaitsist tof
124 t Wan, iCt.
X.ll7lZIPLOTrallti Cr
aind dealers is el kinds of
Agents for the
The Cheapest and Moat nausea
cocoa mem._
And pro,i itself
£A/R, PA
114oruseeivaxis or
11 . RST PRO:11:1X
gala by
s im . , -l i4:,.'iiiiiii"iinAy i • NOVEMB 1Yi*•'1,14.6.61.r
Chsr stock Is hi tergeot over broegit to it* dlr,
consisting of,
81LL.% .
. ,
BLZACHK? lB OWN ituarruiv3.
A Complete Anottibent of Goods:
• Eive47 Made ale to the Notion Use.
♦ad, to short, s' (tumid asvortment of imerytblog
. needed by Cabot/7 Naar& -
Country Dealers are invited to give us a call. Wa do •
strictly wholesale trade, and propose selling •t such
prices ea will make it to, the advantage of snerclasots
fa this 'Genoa to deal la Erie, lostaid of audio;
East for their goods.
H. S. Sorra/am, W. A. CzAwrona, 3. li. KOCIYAD
WI vocal rerpoettalty coil the attention of
. 13.630 ND
Near lieeBa Doak:
'r We Ins any in fan operation—have I(n► on
hand, god are isiepared to famish it from the Kan, on
tha shortest notice.
snA., Norl ,
We have no eapeale for Book•Eeepe}, Enokg, worthless'
leetatais or enlleetVeas. and can ibtrafore
Blacksmiths viii find everything to %air line
- At Shannon h C 0.% 1323 Peach St,
• above Railroad Dipot.
- •
The best moth:neat of Notions.
At Shannon & Cit.% I= Peach St
Charcoal for Refrigerators and Ttatillere
at Shanoon & C0.'8,13= Peach St.
virowteolom se Rogers' celebratr d at Cotter"
at Shannon k Pasch St.
(Ilan arta Patty
n at Shannon fr. Cia'a, 1312 Peach St.
Celebrsted Union Amite Pram: Om rotor both
ways, el Shannon & Co.'l,lX/2 Push St.
far—ipsalo• *north Carolina,
at -Damon rt C 0.% 1323 Peach St.
Say thea, &Mtn and Bertha sterna
at Shannon QCiAr, MS Peseb St.
t4lbe gear Knife and Fork Polhater Sharpener
• at Shannon it 132 Poach St
Brodie In eart.ty....llalr, Reran, gana,Selgt4B3l oo ;
intterraah. Stowe and Counter Etntabae Q gaiter'
at 5h112111013 & en's, 1373 Paget St.,
'abort the Vre-on BR Depot, Pea, ra:
Fitate Agents to North Witortarti Perna. for the
Arehtmldhro Patent Aster:ea° Heritage' Fire and gar
giar Proof Safes and Farb:mars Seater. jrl9.4f
Aro now rewiring at their old stand. Americus Mock"
State strowt, • large and superior utak of •
Oro-eyries, IProvitioes, ITAsek , Liquors.
' WQtow Wooden, sod Stone Wars.
Traits. Nuts. ka,
Together with everytbing found to • BOOM 'of tide
kind,• which tau will well as asap as any other sate.
lisbassot In this any for Cub or =oat-kinds of country
They bar• also op hand one of the largest end fines
Meeks of Tobacco and Sows ever brought to Salk to
shish they ignite the attention of the *Olin.
Er Call and we iwy—a nbabls sinew* is better tbour
• stow ithMair.oonssqueitly, Cask blurs will Ind 'Teat
tondos by dittos sttb•
Jane 21100.-a1 ' V. k tt. sezt.urnitrts.
011 . STILI,S 71X!0,
All Vat 11111011. IS roJa3 (TO= tha bald 1:120/inialk sDa VAP
We ere Übe' adding 111711/./ to oar liseltlesm toe.
Slavatnettaiog fatilitiet, to rixpply rt. increased ds•
mad for cm IITAik.
Fuunusunw. STOLLE '
• ,
'A ',alit? of etuldrares Plain and rimy
1.1414 W Raady-Made Mader Glotning. A mho cf &ate
7nrolalting Goods. ,
AU of 'bleb will be land on band, end afro made 1+
order. Our goods am all manufactured by ourselves
Stanraing.Stlirldny,Tbstbny and aratd/ac dons at the
sbortest notice. lao, • tre varlets attar latest style
Patterns' for Ladles' and Mdren's Garaurnts. All ca.
deraitUl be promptly attended to
/GEN rsintrim.
stalL‘ty Frmsch flt. between Mb and Mb.
AND-00 TEX BEST °slime, OP ANT Th
he'XINICILIT h SELSYSON, ACti sad tOT Preach Sheet.
SRASIIOI , I e co, 111=S Peachline.
82 A TICS It -Aside w ens Sift $1.5..
.000 Mosel Tees. lie ftpWesee siessar..
Tb. "priesives sublets and tressarers at I Wks !s
-eem tbs etecklu. Said ties with swots. Address
Asserless Teasel Toot Vests, bp:weed. Tots
mant. • ITIO-Sas
T CVI AND IMATRIMOXY ...ladles sad mat-
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Printontisabbt iodiontatton. that yid enable lon to tear
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blond, istibrmaitton win east you nothing. gala
-sou wish to norm I VIII cboornally staid You. In lotfr
tem *Moth eontitiontlal. The tiosired intbroastion test
by Mort tosil, and as mend asked. laor*,
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v0y3145t0 Grettopoint. Rings county. Pt T.
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um* garble to WOO oaell Irdtv, -no RAI or ithor
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testa estatootes &a. Mao% 11W11 AI WIWI.
Hotta% oirAtAtION UMW" NOW Mk. /SIM
JO3BER3 in
To our
Situste4 oil the Cautl. .
51r.ttXR • h isrtmissa
D!=t1111 TOOLS
RA.11119 to be of the
sae 11 ARIOLT.
The World Le Ottll of Beauty.
Thereis beauty in-too forest ,
Where the trees are green and fair;
There is beauty in thh meadow.
Where the flowers !cent the air;
There is beauty is t 6 sunlight. I
And the soft blue Want above !
the world-is thil'Of beauty, ! ,
When the heart is fell of love. ;
Thare le beauty in the fountain;
Hinging gaily at the play,
While rainbow hnep sub glittering
On its silvery,' sbinY spray.
There is beauty in the strearolot,
Murmuring softly through the roil,:
Oh ! the world is fulljefbeardy,
When the heart is fall of love!
There is beinty in.thri moonlight,
When it sleeps upon the sea.
While the blue foam crestell billows
Dance and trona joyously;
There istbreuty in the;lightaing gleams
That o'er the dark !ayes rove;
Oh the world is fun of beauty, .
When the heartis full of lord;
• -
There is beauty in thelbrightlyess
Beaming from • forint eye,
In the warm blush of affeation,
to the tear of symp4thy ;
In the sweet, low spice', whose scattily:
Oh t'he *weld Is full tif beadtf.
Man tlieteart, is foll'of love!
Tiinety Suglgestiorts.
[Pab!Abed by ,
* - ,* • We like everythin!
which is' pretty and becoming, but 1 eta'
we do object to, and what, as, we said it
the begionieg,. we do believe is the Sin o',,
women of the present time. •is making
dress - the great atm of life. - No. earnests
minded woman. especially no Clitistiari
woman, would be willing to believe that
there was danger of her falling into this
evil, and yetits power over. her is iinbtlai
—it steals upon her and absorbs her n 4
snares. Let' us each ask ourselves,'C t ian);
didiy—what is the history of the twit two,
years? What has mostlbusily—most anal
ioualy—mostconstantly 'occupied our, time
and thoughts ? Has it been the religletta
et mental training of our children, or the
cultivation within ourselves of those love- ,
liar and holier grates which throw a Sacred
lustre around our homes? Has, it ,beeni
the church of which-we may be 'members!
—in visiting its sick or its strangers? Hai,
it been itp Sabbath-schOol or its mission -I
school? Has it been the Home for the'
Friendless, or any of the worthy and - be-I
nevolent enterprises ofithe day ? Has itt,
been either of these objects which liavel.
kept us so busy, or has t been the getting
of ''something to wear?(' Now, however!
gwd our purposes or inlentions may :havel
been; what is the &dual fact ? Is the !er-I
vice - of - God the first, the absorbing olvect.,
of our lives. and _is one time spent for
/ .1.
Him, or in shopping—g 'tting things inede I
—and, like the Athenia s of old, sO tee- 1 ,
ling or hearing of "sore new thine' Do}
we not spend the beat p tof every silting I
in -getting our wardrobes and that of ourl
children ready for suroinerl—the best of l
every summer in getting reedy to go away
for the- hot season?—and later. in getting
ready for fall ?—thebest part of every fall
in getting ready for 'sinter ?—and the beat
part of every winter in getting ready arid
keeping ready for its•roand of p‘rties• - and
gaieties, - until Lent puitati quietus upon
thesis all ?—and then it - is time to get
ready for spring. . _ I ,
Now, if we are indeedChristitin women,
we must be shocked to find our lives glid
lug in this way—and yet 'what record do
the-daYa, and thewionths, and . the years,
leave - as they go by ? rime broth in upon
a group of women almost anywhere, what
are they sure tti be talking about?' 'And
then were women ever, in any age of, the
world, se busy as the women of the present
day? Our grandmothers+ Who had to spin
and weave the fabrics fo b their wardrobes
besides rushing theta up,eftervrowd—withl
o ut a sewing-machine-ond yet 'vastly
snore leisure than we ; and we do not read
of- their complaining that they had "no
thing to wear." But we, c.annotmeet'any
women now who is not "Si, busy"—aeo
driven!" No one has "any time." "Have
you seen Mary, lately ?" asks one friend
of another, as • they meet on the street.
ilick; I atn ashamed to say it, but I have
not been to see Mary fooore than ft year.
Poor Mary I she was a splendid woman,
but what a sad time she Ss having! 'I do
mean to get to see her- soon ; but I have
been so btasy. -All winter it' was nothing
but parties, end one canldn't get nine
anybody—and now I am having six white
skirls - made, and they have all got to be
tucked and ruffled, and , yow.straow„ how
inn& time it takes even 46-see - that math
things are well doise."j_ Poor Itteryl.'—
widowed and heart-broken—fighting the
bard battle. of life as best shemay, for
herself and helpless littleories—has bitter
thoughts sometimes, perhaps at the 'ne
glect and cold indifference of the friends
of happier days But Mart - is unreason
able. She does not consider the import
ance of those six tucked and ruffled skirts.
Out of society now herself--out of the
charmed circle where once she shone,
courted and admired,-4lice cannot appre
ciate its demands.
"Will you ,take 'a chits in the Meilen
School ?" asks; with a pale, worn, weaty
face, one of the few hard workers of the
school, of a bright blociatiog woman, A
member of the s-me cliMeb. She is a
dainty-looking - creature,'-,—everything Lao
exquisite about her, from; the , fairy lace
hat, and delicate shade end immaculate
fit of her gloves, down to jibe end of her
long, sweeping train. "Oh," she replies. ,
smilingly and patronisingly, "you are get-
ting on-very nicely, I am sure, leithoukl
me. I should-be-glad to help you—for 11
I feel a great interest in the school—but I
never could teach such children—the odor
sickens me,—and besides, II am so dreajut
1y 61v—driven with dress—making, to say
nothing of plain sewing, -4 never could
get time to, hunt up scholars and keep
-theist here." Sci, with a very pleasant-nod
and smile, she steps kite her handsome
carriage, and rolls away, She qtilehs her
cosisCience by sending a papkingeof tastseff
clothing and a suits of money, .it may be;
besides. - But the making over of that
package, and all the hard work of the
school', she leaves to be done by those who
have no carriage to lighten th 3 task, of
searching children to the outskirts of the!
city—who, for the most ptrt, must teach,
er toil in seine other wa ~ through the
week, and to whom a little more rest on
' the Sabbath-would be yeti grateful. But
take heart,• earnest works re I She leaves
it to you, also, to win the blenied reiriird I
Time for dress—time for a l ,thotitand !rives
lons nothing!, tint' no . time ,to hunt pp
ragged little children and bring them in
out a the *lle* aid attics, , arid bases..
meats, where they are growler up in bete.
thenism end sin I No time for Christian
women, surrounded with easeand luxury,
to care for the,soula of these little ones!
"I should be veryglad to do something
for the Home," says one. )"It is a blessed
institution—it has my prayers. I should
lilts nothing better thin to work for the
Journal, and try end getup's list for yeti ;
but, dear mil—it does fake all' one's. time
,to get anything to weir these days:" , :
, Now we know thnt the reply to all this
will be: "Weil, these reutsrks do not ap
ply to me. I only have what. is aseesscry
—one must appear rstpaciably." . All very
hue; but if to appear respectably in the
eyes of the world, must ezbaust-ell one'sr
time and mortal energies, then is it not
the duty of Christian- women to "come odt
and be eepsrate," and to be willing. to be
"wealisr," if need be, by ithe simplicity
of theitettire Nothing can be so dete
riorating. sQ destructive to what is noblest
in tivraman, as to hale alt her- energies
than concentrated on . the utter trifles of
dress and fashion. , MI that is best 'must
be sacrificed 'to the exactiou of-the present
style of living and dressinii. To keep pace
with its enormous demands, solid reading,
study, music—culture of (fiery - sort—quiet.
visiting, church, home and charitable du
ties—must all be neglected. What will
be the 'result of 'years of such living:—
such habits4—not only upon ourselves, but
upon our children—our country!: It is no.
light question. Let us hsve fewer dresses
—less elaborate trimmlogs—Hess , tucks—
less ruffles, if need he buttlet tip manage
to have more time for God's 'levies. How can
We "love Rim and serve Him with all our
might, ardisoul, and strength," as we - are
commanded, with Our dip, our 'months,
our years, so spent on vanity? The :Rae
is coming, and is daily drawing near, when
we must render ,up an account of our
stewardship.; Whet shall We say for our
selves, when summoned into the august
presence of our Lord and ;Judge
mat of Iloine.
Among thewamusing reminiscences of
these days is the famous courtship of the
Rev. Stephen -Mir. of Wethersfield.. He
made ajouriiey to 3inrthariplon in 1696,.
in search of a. wife. He arrived .at• the
Rov.' SAomon Stoddard's,' informed him
- elite - object - of ids - ridt; Ind "tbst•-the
pressure of hOme 'duties - required , the Ut
most dispatch: Mr. Stoddsrd took him
Into the room where his daughters were,
and introdneed him. to Mary, Esther,
Christians, Sarah. Rebecca land Montt.
sad then. retired. Mr. .Mix, addressed
Mary,• the eldest 'daughter,[ said ho had
lately settled at Wethersffield, and was
desirous of obtaining a wite, nod concl ad.
ed by offering big heart and band. She
blushingly replied that so important a
position required time for i t onsiderstion.
He replied that be was pie qed that she
asked for suitable time for rillectioo ' and
in order to afford the Weeded opportunity
to think of his. proposal, he tirotild
the next loom and vrtok4 a pipe - with
her father, sod she could report to him.—
Having smoked a pipe and' sent* message
to 3tisa Mary that he was ready for her
answer, she came in and silted for fur
' thef time for corrsideration.l He replied
that she could reflect still longer on the
subject, and fiend her .answer by letter to
Virethers , field.l 1 • . few weeks he'receiv
ed her reply, el ie."- is probably the most
laconic epistle ev r penned. Here is the
,model letter Which.was soon followed, by
a wedding:
isTorthampter, 165. Rev. Stephen
Mix; Yes. Mary Stcddard.t • ... •
Two matrtatontal mixture t uok. place (no
the Ist of December,• 169 G, and proved to
be compounded of the rnostoongenial ele
ments. fix was pinitor of the raradise
of' onions. for forty-four years —.V. Y.
, .
DON'T LISA 5111M1.111.--The Radical
press is now Commencing a Ivigorous war
upon General yirrta.ta.u. T. Slllll.llt. He
is almost. in their estimation. as bad a
man as President Joussos2 The Pitts,
burgh Commerde, a leading Radical priitti
says that the rumor that be is about to be
called to the War. Departraent does not
tend to dispel the apprehensions which
oppress the public mind re,garding the
mediate future. It adds :
'‘There is in his composition -just
enough of the indescribable quality, or
the quality that need not be described to
thcwe that know him, to leave it doubtful
as to-what might not happen with Witt
tan TEcritssu &maxim in- the War De
partment. receiving orders from Aiieagw
Jonssow. bent in carrying mat a desper
ate scheme. Admiration !for General
Snessam'a military career- should , not
blind our epee to his unstable political
recor3, entirely consistent with his. man
tal ergabization." • ;.
-The Chicago 14nt6lican says d: • '
"His elevation to the position of SeCre
tar), of War would be regarded as a men
ace toward the loyal North which has
the President's policy by over
whelming majorities.' It wntalil create
wide-spread apprehension."
rt is thus that every man,l no matter
what hierrecard in the past, cr what was
the character' l a his antecedents, isede
nounced by the Jacobin prigs. the mo
ment that he hesit des to carry out-ell
'their mad and despsrate party schemes
Whether it is GRA* Snzarks . or Aux-
SON, it makes: - no'aifference.--Neto York
The Dog Doctor's Secret.
Good food, damage, and want of exer
cise are the destruction of parlor dogs.
They become;fat with• increasing age, and
contract "minus diseases. - At last a day
!cornea when 0 doss of proositi acid most
finish the business , or a medical praction
',er must be called in, who will (try a seiere
regimen restore the dog's health, and ap ex kennel man inl our neigh.
bdithboilifiatle a very comfortable income
by his pecnliarjhne of practiCe. Ile de-
Ivulged the secret of his sisteirt a few
days before his dissolution to the estima •
ble clergyman of the parish. ( "I always
alid this canine Abernethy, "to
is crab tree at the end of my garden; fora
week, and gave 'em -nothing abut water.
When-I fetch 'em from their, mistrewes
they refused to eat what I should bave
been glad to get, and when they went
back they would eat what I Would not
touch. 'l've had some dogs twice or three
times a year; but I always cured them at
last. One of th' .was as 044 as three
pounds ayear t . I was terrible fond
of him, but .he -.ever took tq me,; and
ivh-n ne saw me Coming for him to bring
down his fat, he would waddle) away -and
howl enouch to wake the 7 1 a . d. ;Dogs
hnvn't got no gratitude."—Sa• .
Give vim WALVIS. 'a 'CitaNci.—Charley
Ithmsey to the barkeeper at thellssaasoit
House, Springfield, in the old Tay State.
Charley 14 sound on the entire science of
ornithology. ,Cbtrley can give' ajoke and
take one like a philosopher. Charley got,
offs good thing the other day,'during the
National 'Horse Show. The bar-room was
full 'and the audience was ap •reciative.
A tall, cadstierotts'Yapker, with a sancti
monious face, hair' ing ft slightly illumina
ted nose, aporoanbed'Charley with hands
Open hisatriotnen, 80 . with woeful con o te
nance, said : "I stn flick-pmery sick the
'bats don't agreit with me. Bar-keeper
give me a, little brandy," Charley pro
duced the bottle. ".Etanctiononions prit
clasped the glass so as to cure the con
tents with one hand, while with the other
he poisred it Outlast full of brandy, and
then tskingnp the pitcher, wet about to
tint in two or three drops of water, when
Charity interrineed : '"hiv friend." said
be, "you don't ; give the .:water a. fair
Chance!" The apectatora "came
and the sanctimonious gent subsided.
At Iscinsu.--As siniti dears WU last
week approaching the stispermion bridge,
near Niagara, the conductor found a yomig-
Man ibo could not patilds thir. 'The poor
fellow wu evidently in the last stage of con
sumption. lie sat by himself, ant his eyes
Were red, as though he
.tad been weeping:
but the laws of 'the company dial not be
transgressed, he Mull leave the train. Not
4 person moved or spots as the conductor led
him from his seat; ill shivering iwith cold;
hut jut as be reached the door a beautiful
girl arose from her seat, and with. bright
sparkling eyes deMended the amount charg
ed for the poor invalid. The conductor said
eight dollars, mot the young and t, noble' girl
took that sum from bee pocketbook, and
kindly led the sick youth back to his seat.
The action put to shanieseveral mile who had
Witnessed it, and they offered to 'spay
bht the whole-sou ed woman iodigastutly • re 7,
fused the assiststioe. When the train ar
rived at Albany tho:young protectress gave
the invalid utimesurungh to kespi him - over
night and sentfldm 10 _his "Melds in the
Morning. f: •
A Oat! Story.
Once. upon..l time a maiden,
Rich, and born of high 'degree,
Loved a youth without a'
Who from cares of wealth was free,
. Boon her dad obtained the secret, •
And upon a certain day, .
When Alonzo came to wool her, '
Sent ition,iticked and Caged, sway.
Onee upon a night thereafter,
Weeping o'er the lilted choice
,Of a lord her dad had made her,
Lisay heir& her lover's woke,
the wall be slowly seramblei,
17p the window-sash she flung,
And with speechless joy the lovers,
On each other's bosoms swung. .
While they atoed like marble statues,
Ragging, kissing, shedding tears,
Het old dad, who heard the rumpus,
Tripped it. lightly up the stuirs.
In the door he - quickly bursted,
Swearing an intent to kill
Lover sloped, but daddy grabbod him—
Loth went o'er the window Bill.
•Lstert--,-(Yer the benne and posier,'
'Round the earden t through the most,
Went the youth with de/ a-tugging.
At the bobtaili.of hie cost ;
And the 'doge of the plantation,
endereteading nothing clear.
iFailiil recogolee their mister,
8o they seised him by the rear I
More Truth than Poetry
pn the 224 of September, General Wade
MlimPtdritade a speech before the "Sol
dier's Association" of Walhalla, South
Carolina. The speech was an able one,
from which we take the following:
I have given you the record of the
Southv I have shown how well she has
observed her. obligations_ Lot me turn
now to the record of , the North. Bear in
mind-that in _giving this I shall simply
state tuts; leaving you to draw your own
inferences. I propose to say 'what the
North has done. Idd not intend-to die
cuss the morality, the honeity, or the jus
tice of' her actions. When the tyrant die.
puted the assertion', of the philosopher,
and drew him into an argumentLthe reply
of the latter was, "I do not choose to ar
gue with the commander of twenty le.
glom" Without being a philosopher, 1
can recognise the force of this - answer,
and I waive argument as totally inappro
priate in a discussion of this sort. Facts,
which are said to be stubborn things, will
be amply sufficient for my purposes at
pri=ralt. •
Foi four years the North waged war
upon us. only, as she solemnly declared,
to bring ns back into th , 1.1 ion. More
than a year ago thit 8- expressed a
willingness to return, RIM vet she is now
.as effectually out of the 'Union as if she
had never formed a part of it: The North
profeesed to fight for the Constitution. 'de
soon as she bad the power to ,do so, she
changed that Constitution. and violated
its sacred provisions. The Noith protest.
od that she did not fight for conquest or
for plunder. The Southern States are at
_this moment practically conquered prov
incei,and more of their moveable vreperty
is now in the hands of Northern - soldiers
'who stole it, than in those of its rightful
pow asors. The parole which Southern
soldiers received promised, es; I have
already that they ahould pot be in.
teetered with, so long as they obeyed thei
laws of their States. And yet on their re
turn to their States they were not; allowed
to ezefeish any right pertaining to 'free
citizens, until they had, =AO oght, en
demic' all the acts of Congress afP.F de
clared the abolition of slavery fixed, irre
vocable and constitutional.
"Amnesty for the part hid been-repeit
ednepromised to the t3outhi yet bow many
of her people are stilt, in the brotherly
language of the Radicals, 'maps-Maned
rebels,' while her most honored end most
beloved son languishes in a feces cell,
denied the sacred 'right guaranteed by the
Constitution. of a 'speedy trial by all im
partial jury.' The Southern States were
to be recognized as equal members of the
Union. They are still excluded from that
Union. and even in the imposition of
taxes, there is no' equality, for the cotton
of the South has to bear a heavy discrimi
nating tax, for the benefit of . the North.
All the rights of the South were to be
held. sacred. She has only the right to
live, and tolabor, perhaps to complain,
though to do so may ha treason."
= There is too much truth in the above.
AMD neen , ro iisrose In.—Tho Winona
-Repa&lican relates lha: two men, one
of whom wee - smoking a pipe, started to leave
;that pleas a few drys again a baggy in which
more was a keg of powder. Suddenly the
powder exploded, and the result was disas
trous. The men, who were named respective
ly Train and Hanson, were thrown some dis—
tanceitp and forivar3. The bone, in addi
tion to losing all the hair on his tail. became
'considerably , demoralized. and ran ai the lop
nt his speed. Thetwo men fell on the whit
ffetrees, and Mr: Ramapo, to clear himself of
the wreck, jumped, over the wheel and fell
into a mnd-hole in a half stupefied condition.
Mr. Train clung to the pieces, and was car
ried forward about s mile eta pretty _rapid
pace. On coming to a atop he took an inven-
tory of the concero, and found that the bug
gy was completely shatterel, the-bottom and
seat gone
‘ and the axles bent nearly doable,
so that the four wheels canto almost together.
Mr. Train himself had been stripped of all•
his outer clothing,-about me-third ofthe hair
on his head, and all his whiskers burned off.
sad - hie eyebrows and lashes gone. Yet,
strange to may, he - was not hart is any other
way, and atter extinguishing the fire on his
remaining clothing, he started beck to find
his companion. Upon meeting him be laugh
ed heartily at the ridiculous igurd he pre
sented, but Mr. Hanson did not laugh, for be
was badly fejt:tract.
Larr week a gentlemen., :rota Montreal
came to thircity in seat e his wife and
hired Iran, who hid .m that place.
The story he told was that he was an engi
neer upon a ferry boat connected with the
Grand Trunk Railroad. That he bad a wife
and family in Montreal. That his business
was such that he did not go home only occas
ionally. That he employed an Irishman by
the name 'of Fitzgerald to look after things in
his absence. That upon going home a few
,days since, he fo'azid that his wife had &apes
ed of a portion of his personal property, and
lids the Irishman was missing. They wee
' tracked to this city,' and it was found that
they stayed at the hotel as man and wife, on
Friday bight, the 19th inst. The trail was
lost here, until Saturday last. when-by acci
dent the 'husband say Fitzgerald .sawing
wood in the shed of John R. Praetor,
where it appeared the guilty pair bad hired
oat. .
scene emitted when the woman saw her
husbeed. Fitzgerald mange/ to reek* big
escape, bat the W 020512 was taken possession
of by her liege lord, whose name Is Pangbern,
They were married thirty years ago, aid have
bred together ever slam Her age is 61.,and
that of Fitzgerald but 25.—Yonciitsfer, N. if;
Mirror. -'
The liewbstrypurt (Maas.) Herald says that
one day last' week a hard working roan 'of
that place recoiled ► letter from New York
announcing the death of an aunt who left
large estate, 6 full halt mimeo, whin h+ will
come to him. Be appears to be a very eenei
ble, *she is an industrious and temperate
Innarand on receiving the intelligence com
pleted his dare work as though nothing had
happened, and after baring been to New
York to confirm the facts in' the case; has
returned to his daily labels, which he mill
continue till the adteiniMration of the caste
is cm .leted.
Tat rigor of tba - .lttelunona (Ind.) limn
s* Rini says he refuses to associate vitt'
menthe has been guilty of steeling a Arl
een% map from as' repban, and tamed Ms
aged mother out of doors to save bowie_ rent,"
and mildly insinuates that the tailor of the
Tam fignifilimrs did all this.
'Brut biciwnipu.
A man being askedias. he by itum b ag
himself co tbe,pase, whet was the height
of alubition;replied t "To Many arroh
widSvritithe bad coned'
ilt:You ate very stupid, Thomas? said a
ntry saboolinsster toinlittle boy eightt a
Years•old ; "you are likelo _donkey, as
what do they do to cure hint of his stn:
Pidity "Why, they feethim 11001 and
kick Idm km," mid **urchin,
Tussromen of Poland hire a watchful
eye over their daughtins, old task , then
wear little hells on tbeir personate denote
where their are 'anti What thel axe about.
' A Frenchman rated for not
said, 'she knew nn woman ba batted; so
much as to make her his wite."
Wun.i Webster wisllenritary of State
be wog ',resented' st i ball, when I top
skirl_ do biro, "Don't you dines, Xr. •Writ"
ete.? I never. see you danelog."
said he.."l never had dietapaeity to learn
bow. sir." •
"I say, an," says one friend to anoth
er, "nicer our friend A. has bedii hestib
speculating in oil. has , be made - 8123'
thing?" "Oh, pee," raid Jim, , "ho made
an assignment."
Leaped her tiny ,band in mine; I
clasped - 13er beatitemui torrn3 I Vowed to
shield her frons y the wind, sad-from the
- -
world's cold storm. She set her beoute.
ous eyes on us% the teats did wildly flow ;
and with her little lips she said, "Con•
found you, let me go." ' •
"Yssysinav I was called an ass by. Mr.
Jones. and I intend to prosecute hire , for
it. What do you think of it V'• "It I
were you I would not do it V' "Why ?" •
''Because, be might prove the charge,
and that would compromise- yon."
A Western editor lately married one of
his compositors, soother compositor act
ing as bridesmaid, the - officiating nlergy- •
man,being a retired printer, and theymtl
editor 'gave the bride away.
constable in Ohio lately - tortieed in F .
court as toilet's : "I know nothing of her
but what I hear the neighbors lay ; and;
in my opinion. what a woman says of -an
other is not worthy of belie"
have nothing,but my heart to give
you," said a spinster - Ims lawyer who had
conducted-a snit for her. "Welt," said
be lawTer,trofily, to my clerk—be
ekes the feet"
Oua Young friend 3. D. was asked by a
young ladv who had been dancing the
"German:" whether ."he saw her feet ?"
"No, madam," he said, with a solemn
shake of the head—ofar from it!"
Two widowers were .once condidipg to
gether on the death . of, their wives..
of thein exclaimed, -wilt' a sigh : "Well
may I bewail my loss, for I had so - few
differences with iny - dear deceased 9tat
the last day of my marriage was as happy
as the first.". "There I suep,Nos you," saA
the friend, "for the last day of mine was -
- Ar a recent railroad 4inner. in eotOpli
ment to the fraternity. the toast was eie;
en : "An htinest lawyer. - the noblest
work of God." But an old farmer in the
back part of the house rather ett . oited the
effect by adding in a loud vo ice, "and
&bait fir,* seareint."
A Paris dealer "announced that . a
franca gold piece is secreted in one of tn.,.
17 hundred sausages
,exposed . for lode in
histhop. The itPmand for sausages im;
mediately became etiormouti: A perfum
er having adopted a similar method foi
his soap, sae threatened by the sausage
maker with lent, proceeding; for imitat
ing 'ale invention; but he soon ascertained
that he had no.gronnd for action.
"I am a great gun;' said &tipsy printer,
who had been on a
_spree for a week.
"Yes, said:ice - overseer, "Yen are a great
gun, and half-cocked, and you can consid
er yours& discharged." "Well." said
the typo, "then I had better go off."
.-A Connecticut pedlar asked an old lady
-to wbn-o be eras-trying to sell some arti
clef, if see could tell him any road that
no 1.041ar had brat traveled. "I know of
tut one, and that is the•roadlo . hearea,"
was the reply!, - -
Two friends meeting. one renastited:
have just met a man who told me I
looked exactly like yon." -"Telt me who
it was, that I may knock.him &ern," re- •
plied his friend. Don't trotible yonrrlf,"
be said, "I did that myself, at once.
A French journal tells a little story
about a lady, or rather she is made to tell
it herself : "When I was first married I
was on my lfnees before my husband front
morning ttli night; It was a per
petual adoration, as incessant
an inexpressible blips. I showered cares
ses anon him, I could have eaten him:*
14 And now?" asked a friend. "I am sorry
I did'nt."
On One of our lines of railroads, cele--
brated for its "slowness " the conductor
of a pstsenger train which bad been :jog
ging along for hotirs and making but little
progress told a lady-that her boy waw too
large to pass for "half fare.' She silenced
ttio objection, however, by stating that he
was '•quite small enough for half fare
when the train started."
."What sort of a sermon do y - Ou like?"
raid Dr. Rush to - Robert Morris, one day.
"I like - sir," replied Mr. Morris, "that
kind of preaching which drives s man in
to the corner of his peci; and makes him
think the.devil is after him."
A man was saying in company that, he
bad seen a juggler place Mk Ladder, in open
ground, upon one end, and mounted it by
psssing through the rounds and stand up-
on the top erect. Another, _ who was
present, said be lad no doubt of it, as he
had seen a man who had done the same
thing, but with this addition, that when
be arrived at the top he Pulled the ladder
after him. •
once won a suit, at bleb the opposite
party was so much enraged that he de.
eared that whenever he met "Prince
Sohn" he would rebuke him. They en
countered each other at an oyster counter.
The man atonce addressed him : "Mr. Van
Buren, is there a cause so bad or an indi
vidual so infamous that your services can-
not, be obtained?" "I - cannot say," said
John, sivallowing another oyster; then,
stooping over, he asked in an undertone
that everybody could bear; have
you been doing
SOMEBODY ought to tumble the editor of
the %Vile° County _Yews into the Alaba
ma. and put a couple of pig•metat on
him until he learns •to keep coca. He is 1 .7 "
indigthint at the declaration of
Journal of Health that a husband• and
wife should, sleep in separate rooms, de.
daring that Dr. Hall can sleep now, when
and where he pleases, but - far himself, be
intends to sleep where he can defend his
wife against the rats and all other noc
turnal foes as long as be has got_ one to
A Westehi paper tells iCatory of a dis
tressed agriculturist thcqi : A farmer drop
ped in here on Wedn esday to pay his
quarterly rent. On entering. the house.
.he old the landlord that times was so bad
h.."(l l not - money, at all ; and. -
dishing a bundle otgreenbaoks upon the .
t • e, said: "There, that is all I can pay."
Tl: a money was taken up and counted by
air. —, the landlord, who said ;• "Why.
this is twice as. much as you owe."
"Dang'ee I give it to me again." said the
farmer, "I'm daihed if I did'at tape It
out of the wrong pocket." j-
Tax wife of a returned — soldier gave
birth to "three beautiful boys," recently,
in Brooklyn. Just thick of it —and all
doing well I Three beautiful boys I Oh,
happy mother! Oh, more happy father!
Oh, overjoyed brethren and sisters,-if any
there are. Hole they will want t 9, peep
under the coverlet of the bed to sate -a,
look'at the three tiny little heads all laid
in a row. 'Flow they em want to look
down iotb the six twinkling little eyes—
ipme blue,- some black, perhaps. And
their sweet little months, and dainty lit
tle noses—three noses, three mouths and
six ears! and their little feet--six stumpy
little feet, with suchweelita of little toes.
And when all are asleep, and some noisy
rag man comes- eking shout* re-re—
vs-pa t awaking one, which cries, arid
awakes another , arid then the,B i cryitig
awake the third, and then , all vg to-
Father, won't the brothers sod tete hare
jolly fon to hear them all cry together?
Three bsmatital boys I. sad all at atm