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• ERIE, PA., OCTOBER -18. 1866
0-ftlelal Vote in the State.
e 4 ive below a table of those- counties in
e state from which official returns were re—
ei u p to thi , hour at -which we went to
Thor include about four-fifths of the
I. , , uui her, an I can be d i bpended upon as re-
The remaining cotinties will doubtless
eie;nrately reported by next week, when the
for Geary .will bo authentically
Taking the vote giren below, and es
that of the balance of the State by the
o f '34, wo calcull tte that the Radical
o r fty will not exceed 14 500, if it equals
number. It may be that some of these
„ : ,, t i e s will increase their,Radlcal Vote, and
case, Geary's majority may run up to
: ;te . t nste of his party, which is -16,500. We
t:t think it likely that 'they can secure in
enough- to realise the latter figures,
in these uncertain times, perhaps it is
bot to Se too sure in anything where pol
• y
Lfl encrned :
2012 '3'116
21519 12414
t r ot -
3.126 3211
3257 2304 ,
j . 2336 2752
6710 13266
„ 3292 2686
6865 3007
6436 7335
3475 2974
2244 3036
223 232
1721 2251
. 2817 3399
8446 5987
.„;,,,.. 1780 1 2883
t,-sell, 1506 2801
1666 - 2135'
'orabia. 1914 3467
, ro f o rd. 6141 4525
~,I • berland, 3604 4354
5444 4220
• 3664 2145
Li, 348 . 835
6911 3222
3 2 _21 4126
_ 85 62
11662 8821 4209 4106
' 694 906 208
3reeLe , 1583 3074, 1699 3230
loi.. , ngdon, 3321 2477
fa una, 4320 2197 2285
;demon, 1820 1877 103
.Tania.ta, 1437 1751 298
Idneaster, 14470 8448 6002
~ swrence. t4OB "1389
Lebanon, 3780 2779 1498
fthigh. - 3908 592 J - 15 72
lazerne, 7645 10045 8561 12292
Lsr”caing. 3400 - 4207 3871 4148
767 632 167
+lercer. 4220 3569 4416 3757
`4Bin. 1643 1718 1725 1835
1 1,nror, 1685 2698. 1991
`l.utgoniery, 6872 7943 7285 8441
11.4 tour, 1130 1496 _ 1131 - 1523
boqiiamp,ton, 3726 6944 - 3011
2915 3608 461
Perry, - 2406 2446 2585 2591
1phin,55797 44032 54205 4887
Pike. 260_ 1180
Potter, 11 . 00 680
~er . 1
.' r
7851 9549 1722
!••loracraet, 2788 - 1799 3062 1759
Snyd.r, . 1679 1368 1812 1326
Sullivan, 369 660 •
Suquebanna, 4203 2959 1447
Tioga, 4673. 1584 v
rn;an, - 1945 1102 ' 1991 1287
Vfnangb, 3849 3341 919
Wn-ren, 2541 1505 2687 1572
a-hington, 4951 4559
lk 2274 3089 " ,
te.t.-r- °rebind 4650 5977 5046 6113.
yoadag, 1337 1402"--
5568 8500 5996 8880-
, -
^ 0 96391? ''''''63l6
Lia.Triaj. 't,t, - • •
'6 13325, •
The Radic a gain two members of Congresi
Cake in th Schuylkill district, and Coeode
1 , the West related. The gallant General
IfcCandiesa is eleted to the .State Senate
l'hiladel la, which is a • Demo
rine gain, and n:tilso gain several membera
tAssembly. Th *wo houses of the Legisla-
14'.. will probab stand as follows: Senate,
Rtdicala, 12 Democrats; Eouse, 53
:37 DeMocrfats. This ensures the election
Ja Radical Urilited States Senator in place/Of
Ir. Cowan, an' event more to be deplored
:an the defeat of our candidate for Gov_prnor.
, • -- Official County Vote:
The fellowirg is the official tote of the cl \A
ialnunty, by districts, on Goiercor and Con
gre!S : •
4 , 4 ...:
*F3,' :4 0 -7. ,
iz m O ii co tc
„Eike City, lit Dlstriet 1 152 246 135 - 235 111
• 24 District 24 269 241 264 256
• 34 District 1 , 9 3'6 165 263 171
• ll'h District 97 344 216 311 253
1174 788 119.1 I'3l
F. rt Mill Creekll3 152 258 119 5 5
Wert Min et
Ci eek . I
215 140 222 141
nrith Erie ' 36 123 '9 (
kty -
-- / lie - tie 91 92 91 9 . 1 1
r 2 o h rr i o , 34
2 . i • 76 '34 74 10
129482 351 457 231
Concord 7 2 - 1 5 9 98 191 07
147 - 219 60 219 62
31 190 61 II 61
193 171 33 167 34
P 3 ' .24/1 !18 179
. .
61640646/6- - P 3 147 42 113 46
Grrene '4O 116 155 124 154
Giesrd Itorotteh 4 76 16 18
Totro.hip 156 , 255 70 255 72
Rubor Creek . 88 234 149 234 139
14Bnoci0 199 159 194 153
I,ckport 67 154-
91 135 97
McKean 154 230 45 254 47
Middleboro 32 32 2 20 2
North Part Romeh SS Ma an 135 34
Vordi E4sitTotrorhip 45 :44 109 243 299
Sqiorgeld • 151 575 48 375 46
'ommit 34 PO 124 09 124
rtiontiornarb 3 I'o 912 127 101
"cionToworhlp 3 91 . 217 106 517 100
. .1111g0
... . 157 .205 00 276 79
Witta;ttrg 74 50 19 50 20
Wavn. 101 163 7 195 77
wilbington2o2 • 527 114 3:0 715
Ze.enrd P6ron rh IN P 3 as 131 37
W.ttrford Town'hip 175 255 82 292 55
2970 211 7237 3951 7120 4987
624 103 2951 4057
Anoy rote of 15f4
3303 314 3236 30H
3:4 -
- - 3165
It sin be perceived that Scoaeld rude . 246
te , \behini Geary. In nearly every township
'tefslie more or less short of his patty strength.
.Ary's majority is 99 more than Lincoln's.
7t!--tltet, Tote of the county in 1864 was 10.-
this year it-is 11,188 •an increase of 555
:tellq , ublicans gain in the two yeari , 326 and
et benocrats 229,which, taking the com Par.
'lle strength of the two parties into consider-
Lttel, is very nearly'sn equal proportion. It
ti: 'e perceived that the gain of 99 for Geary
it To precise ratio to the increase in the number
C.lNlati99.—We have the official vote for
~ .,7,res; from Erie,Warren and McKean coun
aelj the reported majorities from the bal 7
:ce of the district. These foot tip as fol
-Ws :
Scofideß. ' S c ott, D
' re,, 7128' 4087
2063 1593
‘!:Kean. - 121 tivij.
% , ferE , .n, 100
4zenn, 1 70 ••
• e`-t, 50 ••
tarfield, 1150
Lk, .
• • 10132 7332
:”Sell's majorit7,l_2Boo -
la..Worsred Goods, Nubian, Shawls,
Breskftot Repos, and Hoods - in many novel
ikeßi both hand made and woven at No. 6-Reed
1 Go where4ou can buy cheapest.. Mon-
CI, Stephens & Wildey offer great bargains in
kinds of Dry Goods. No. G Reed Nouse.
b 3 i..Tile beet and cheapest line of Alapacas
ever offered in Erie at No. 6 Reed Howse.
ta.SUHOES in silk velvet, jet, medallion
and fancy, at 6 Reed House.
' 48 ' 2 4 blonall, Stamm & WiLDIII%
Ns Erman tars.—The General finperiz
tentlent, of the United States Express Co.,
which his hitherto enjoyed the monopcly of
the express business of this section, has issued
the following circular to the agents of that
g BUFFALO, Oduber stb, 1866.
TO Superintendents of the United States Ex-
press Company :
An organization known as the "Merchants'
mien Exr rent Company" has commenced an
express business over some or the routes
occupied by this company. Onr Superinten
dents and Agents are instructed, under no
oircqmstances to have business relations with
this organizsticn, directly or indirectly. No
express matter of any description is to be re
ceived from them, or delivered to them,
whether paid or unpaid, consigned er uncoil
signed. s- .
Yira are, also, instructed to retain the busi
ness of the United Express Company, at
whatever reduction in price may be necessary,
on all routes where the “Merchants' Union",
comes in competition with this company. , To
accomplish this you will, from time to time,
I t.
reduce the rates of transportation en all x.
press matter to such a figure as, in your ju -
ment, will not only secure the business b t
preserve the most friendly relations with the
patrons of this company and public genera'li.
' Upon roufei where there is no competition you
will maintain rates, u'iles, otherwise instructed
from this ogee. * * * * *
Respectfully, -yours,
HENRY KIP, Oen'l Supt.
Geary. Clymer.
2910 3126
20571, 12895
The Buffalo Daily
,Express, in commenting
upan,the above, enunciates our sentiments,
when it Says: "So fa. as the war which is
thus inaugurated relates to or effects the inter
ests of the stockholders, the matter is a purely
private one; but in the question of express rates
the business community have considerable at.
stake. Hitherto the Express business has
be , n a manopolv,only the more oppressive be
cause it was conducted in the names of two
apparently competing companies, but which,
were in reality one ooneern. For, the first
time en organization has been started with
boldness enough to compete with these long
established rivals, and the benefits to the pub
lic have already beets made manifest bathe re
duction which has teen effected in the .rates..
As between the three Companies, people gen
erally may care very little which wins, but
thre,morchants gotteraly have considerable at
stake in, the matter. Long experience has
shown what terms the public might -expect
from the American and United States Expres
ses,While they had a clear field. By analogy
we may infer what would be the result if such
a knonopoly should be given them again by the
breaking down of the Merchants' Union. The
question resolves itself simply .into this: will
our business men, for the ake 9f saving a few
cents by the recent reiluction, help to damage
a Company which.effers to carry freights at
scannable ra'es, and thus again place them
selves at the mercy of es monopoly which has
hitherto shown no favor. In every way the
establishment of the Merchants' Union is ta
great advantage, and intelliget tusinesa men
will n0t, blinded to the true issue to be
BASE llat.L.—Middle-aged gentlemen whose.
running days are over have no idea of the
intense•interest which is felt by the rising gen
eration of young men in the row national
game' of base ball. It is already the sport of
Young America. ratching is confined to a
very few rich men, and annual regattas, so
called, fail to get together more than half a
clezen yachts. Cricket is Still confined to a
few Englishmen, nor is there\ny likelihood
that Apericane willezer take to it kindly.
With all the publicity even to horse-trotting
races, they do not usually bring together large
assemblages. Horse-racing proper creates
somewhat more interest, but the - races are
necessarily infreqiient. But base ball is being
played daily, all over the country; and when
any of the famous, clubs are pitted . against
against each other, tho contest is sure to bring
together 'immense masses of people, who
watch the "game with, the keenest interest.
There are probably five hundredsgeopls inter
erested in base ball to ono in any other game.
Twenty thousand is a small number at any of
the great matches, and so large was the attend
, ante, -for instance, at Philadelphia, the other
day, to see the game between the Athletics and
Ail /Idles, that the match could not b 3 played.
It woull pay some enterprising manager to
enclose mast space of ground, supply proper
seats, any charge admission fees when any
very exciti contest was to take place. Will
not some in 'pant Barnum take the hint?
The influence of all out-door sp - orts is, in tha
main, good. Boat and yacht contests help in
boat and ship building; trots and races give
us better and more valuable horses; and
these base-ball match-es will aid to develop
the lungs and strengthen the muscles of the
rising generation. Success to them.
, New RAILSOID.—Most of our readers are
aware that, for some time, a project has been
under headway for connecting Erie with the
oil region, by means of a new railroad from
Union to Titusville, of uniform guago with the,
P. &E. road. The movement struck us at its
inception as one of vast magnitude to the in
terests of our city, and we have never failed
at every suitable opportunity to c =mend it to
the favorable attention of our people. We
learn that enfficient means to stock awl error
the road have been secured, and it only re•
mains to obtain enough to finish the grading
to ensure its comp'etion. The amount needed.
we believe, is only $BO,OOO or $90,000, and
,this the officers, think, with good reason.
I should be easily; obtained in the city of Erie.
A meeting upon this subject:, was held the
Council room on Friday last, at which P. G.
Finn presided and Col. John 11. Blies acted as
Secretary. - 'Mr. Galbraith, president of the
Company, "made a'detailed statement of the
present condition and prospects of the work,
and after an interchange of views, the Chair
man anpointed Messrs. John Clemens, 0.
Noble and L A. Morrison, a' committee to
present the subject to the people with a view
of . obtaining further subscriptions." We sin
; cerely hope thh enterprise will no longer be
' delayed from a lack of proper spirit on - the
part of the citizens of Erie. Its value to our
f business interests is too plain to-need argu
ment; and, if our people fail to contribute the
small sum required to make it a success, they
will not only deprive themselves of an advan
tage seldom offered, lint cast a stigma upon
our community which it will take years to
The new famous deserter law bids fair to
ead to any number of suits and cross-suits.
A half-dozen or more cases have already been
commenced in this county—some by parties
whose votes were refused on the ground of al*
leged desertion, and others against election
boards which received the votes ofdeclared
deserters, in contempt of the law. As She
Supreme Court has clearly expressed its vi - kr
of tae subjeci, bra - unanimous opinion of the
Democratic and Republican members, the ad
vantage of all - these snits undoubtedly lies
with these wSo set the unconstitutional act at
at defiance. We suspect that after the heat
of the canvass passes away, the parties who
are seeking to give election boards trouble for
accepting the votes of pretended deserters,
will-see their folly, and cease any farther
giition. In Crawford county several cases
have been commenced of a similar kind, and
the matter is likely to have a thorough venti
lation before the Courts in every district, The
position of an officer Oteleotion, about these
times, must be extremely pleasant. It will be
some consolation to those who are chosen to
serve next fall, to know that the Constitution
ality of the law will be definitely decided be
fore they are compelled lo enter upon their
dais* •
Brief Paragraphs.
A dog fight, on which $lOO a aide.waa
wagered, came off in OiMom lately, which was
witnessed by 1,000 exalted spectators: Pity
the doge couldn't have bit•eich one of them
Llent-Col. J. H. Coggswell, of the Titus
ville Herald, has been promoted to a brevet
tolonelcy, for meritorious services while in
the army,—a compliment his many friends.
will learn.with gratification.
Me). E. W. Matthews, of Tituevilli, has
assumed an editorial position upon the daily
Dispatch. The Mijor eomes to our city
warmly recommended as an aareeable gentle.
man and writer of ellant.
• The vote of the leading p ces in tile por
tion of the State. is as follows : Erie (inelud.
log Smith - Erie) 2,140; Meadiille 1185;
Titusville 090; Corry 783 ; Warren 384 ; Oil
City 514; Franklin —; Plthole 174.
• _Warren county gives Geary 1,115 majority ,
and Scofield 1068, a falling of for the latter
of 47 votes. Mr. Scott receives 23 more votes
than Mr. Clymer in that cOunty, and Mr. Sco-
field 24 less than Geri. Geary.
Messrs. F. A.-Weber & Co., 814 State et.,
bate commenced keeping Pratt's celebrated
Oysters, which they will sell by the can of
case. These are-considered the best °plant
in the market, iind•all the lovers of the bi
valves should give Weber & Co. a call. .
,The Gazette is entitled to the credit of the
beet joke of the season. It colli the speech
of Ex-Congresaman Babbitt, delivered in the
Court House, on the night previous to the
election, a 4, stirring" one. Had he continued
ten minutes longer, there would not hare been
a dozen left. in the hall.
Mr. W. A. Cooper, of Franklin, Venango
County, gives notice that he will purchase
bills of the follciwing banks
Venango Bank, Franklin.
Petroleum Bank, Titusville.
Bank of Crawford County, 3fead►llle.
Oil City Bank, Oil City.
The Republican quarrels in the Penang°
and Mercer judicial district have proved the
adage that good sometimes comes oat of evil.
They run , two candidates fOrJudge,.and the
result was, that the Damotraey united upon
John Trankey, an honest man and an able
lawyer, and elected him. Let us be thankful
for so much, it there is little else to be
thankful for.
The --- Veadville Republican gives• an account
of a lady in Hayfield Township, in that county,
who told her husband on the tatting of elec
tion day that if he voted the Hemoeratititicket
she would leave him. He voted ft4,enr candi
dates, and an Wednesday morning ebe bundled
up her things and went - home to her father's.
.A man with such spirit ought to receiie the
best office in the gift of the party.
In McKean township, the election board,
although composed oT a majority of Itepnblia
cans, declined to regard the deserter law of
the Legislature, and the vote of a person whose
name'wis on the Provost Marshal's list was
accepted without heeitation. In taking this
course, we are informed'that they acted - under
the opinion of a prominent Republican lawyer
of our city.
The Demoorats are in favor of repudiating
the national debt and of paying the rebel debt,
and of compensating all ctltincs for slaves lost
- by. emancipation.—Buffalo Ezpreu.
We copy this 'simply to, show what manner
of things the Radical presses are capable of
putting forth 'to cheat, - delude, fool, gull,
swindle, humbug, bamboozle the people.—
Louisville Journal.
Silly as it may seem, Mr. Journal, it is by
just such stories that the Radicals carried
the. election.
Among the numerous dry goods stores in
our city, there are few, if any, mare axtenkive
or more enterprisingly condacted than that of
Monett, Stephens -- & Witdey, in the Reed
House: Their dock is large - and well selected,
their prices as moderate as any, and , all about
the etoro evince ea laudable a desire to se
orminanrist. *h.;. amhiaaraama, that h ;a a rl.w
ure to deal with tbeia. We would suggest to
our lady readers, that in making_thelr pur
chases of dry goods, they should not fail to
give Monet', Stephens & Wildey a call.
"Our readers," says the Conneaut Reporter,
-"are aware that it hoe been the purpose of the
Methodist Church to establish fa first-olass
Seminary, on the Lake shore between Buffalo
and Cleveland. The final meeting to decide
on the location was held at Westfield, N. Y.,
on Tuesday of laet week. The convention
consisted of delegates from all the churches
in that region. After considerable discussion
a ballot we- taken, which resulted in favor of
North East. This Seminary will be one : of
higiti grade; and under the powerful patronage
of the Methodists will be of the greatest bone
to the cause of Education in this vicinity."
• At the time the Republican Convention met,
the Observer bad a highly sensation article in
reference to its session, headed "The Slaugh
ter of the Innocents." As a sequel. we suggest
that it. now patblithes the official returns of
the election, Ander the title of "The Massacre
of the Gnilly."—Dispatch.
A still more interesting chapter would-be a
sketch of our cotemporary's warfare upon
Scofield, with an appendix giving its results
in tabular form. It would be bard, however,
.to find an apprspriate cognomen fora Struggle
which involved such terrific and perserering
seal, with =sequences so ridieutously
The Radicals of Union having passed
series of resolutions severely condemning Mr.
R. If. Frisbee for accepting the appoint
meat of Postmaster at that place, the Conser
vative citizens of the town have published a
letter urging him to accept the office:and en
dorsing his character for political integrity
and business enterprise. Mr. Frisbee replies
in a long latter defending his position, saying
that although a formal Republican be now
sustains Mr. Johnson, anti closing With the
announcement that he will soon enter upon
the duties of_ the office. The tem;er which
the Radicals have displayed in connection
with the Union and other appointments will
do no harm to the victims of their spite,
while it reflects nothing but discredit upon
The duties of the Bishop's office in this city .
mode vacant by the death of the Right Rev.
Joshua M. Young, will be performed until a
new Bishop has been appointed, by Rev. J. r•
Coady, Vicar-General of the (poem. The let
ter clergyman has been urged by many for the
Bishopric, and it would afford rare pleasure to
many both in our City and the diocese general
ly, to learn that the honors of the position
bad fallen upon him. He we. stationed here
for a number of months as the officiating
priest at St. Patrick's church, and while ['er
ring in that capacity won the • affection of the
congregation to •an extent seldom attained.
His too business qualities - caused the Bishop
to transfer him last year to the church at Oil
City, which was enormously in debt, and so
successfully did he administer its affairs, that
upon leaving, a few weeks ago, the congrega
tion was nearly free of liabilities, and had
large hind invested in valuable property, sat—
ficient to guarantee it against financial trouble
in future. Whoever the new Bishop may be,
his appointment will hardly be made kaolin
before zi./months, or more. The. course fol.
lowed in making a selection of a Bishop is for
the Bishops of thiProvince to nominate three
-candidates for the position. Their names
•mustrthen be sent to the Pope, at Rome, where
the character and nullifications of the candi
dates are fully considered, and the one thought
molt worthy of the place, and best fitted to
advance the interests of the church; is chosen.
Of course from the nature of this system, it is
lasposeiblei to pridiet who the new Bishop
will be.
The members of Perry Fire :Coates U.
der consideration a propcsillonlo sell their ,
present engine and purchase* that of the Citi
zen Co., at Harrisburg. The latter is a
splendid Button machine, which throws t hat streams, eac h stronger' and further than that
of the present Perry engine::—lt is warranted
to be in good order, and is offered for one
thousand dollarathe only reason for selling
being that the "Citizen's" hare already pur
chased a steamer. , Perry company is offered
$6OO for its old engine, and we think it would
be a wise movement for 4to make the con
templated change. The con - taibi and citizens
should render them all necessary assistance
on the subject.
The official announcement is made of the
appointment of Michael Al Frank, - of Clear
field, to be the United States Assessor for this
tongresslonal district,_ in place of Daniel
Livingston, removed. • Mr. Frank is a conser
vative Republican—or, in other words, a
Republican who hal de his country's interests
to be above those of the party. A number of
' , loyal" gentlemen hereabouts may now pre- .
pare to get their übreadand butter" elsewhere:
than at Andrew Johnson's
Capt. J. F. Cross, a gentlt'man known to
everybody,• has opened an inielligence office
at No. 1,252 State Street, Wheire.all wanting
employment, and all (melting persons to em
ploy, will find it to their interest to call. An
enterprise of the kind has long been needed
In our community, aid the Captain Is just
the man to drive it through successfully..
Oct. 18-2 t.
A superior stock of Wiwi , ' sod Gents' Fare,
Hays, Caps ing Furnishing Goods, at the
store of C. Koch, with L. Rosenswelg, Esq.-
Mr. Koch is determined not to be underaold.
The State Normal School, at Edinboro, le
undoubtedly the best place for teachers to
attend. School; the State inlets those who
are preparing to teach.
JaaT LlT.—The following is a.list of the
grand and traverse jurors !drawn for the
Court commencing on the first Monday in
November :
011 AND J 7320111
Erie—Jas Skinner, Fineman John C Mc-
Creary, James Leask, P. Metcalf, Geo W
Smith, S R Dumas,.
Milloreek—Jno M McCreary.
Harborcreek--John F Applebee.
North East—Dan Lorrell, B Phillips. •
Greenfletd—C S Raymond. M Tarr.
Concord—Amos Clark, S F Hammond, H A
Union—Wm Putman.
Waterford—John Sedgwick.
Green—Seth Church.
Suromit—N W Jarrett. 1
Washington—Wm Port.
Franklin—C Martin, C Wright. -
Fairview—Jas Duncan.' -
Albion—P D Flower.
• - Tllll7lllllll JURORS.
Erie—Geo Loyer, John Robinson, J 8
Richards, Rota 8 Bunter P Fen.
denheim, John B Mellnigv,t; Alex Nicholson,-
Wm ill Gallagher, C E Bennett, M Henry.'
Millcreek—Wm M Whitley,.R G Parker.
Harborereek—Jas J Washam.
North East—D Cole. . •
Gr9field—A 0 Burnham, Wm Yost.
Ve go—P Chapin, 2nd, H Brightman.
A y—P Betts.
wane—C L 8111 x, F W sill , J Chappell.
'Concord-8 Heath. •
Union—lsaao Emotion. D Earl.
Waterford—F Boyd, - 2 Morton, P S Cooley,
L Phelps.
Greene—C C
- MOKoan—John Bargain.
Washington—D E Lay, W 8 Fleming, E
gyan, A Oakes.
Edinboro—A E Allen.
Conneaut—Geo Barnes, L Salisbury, A
Barnes, John Curtis Jr., Wm Harrington.
Albion—Jas Cole.
Springfield—L I Baldwin.
Girard—L D Hart, Alei Taggart.
Fairelow—D W Nason, F Caughey.
011.!.ND Coscm:—The Cincotta to be given
in Farrar Hall, on Monday and Tuesday even
ings, for the benefit of et, Patips chunk.
promise to be among the mod attractive ever
seen in our city. The troupe of Prof. Feder-
Jail will consist of some fortyihildren, whose
performalees are described as really wonder=
thl. To show our reenefe' now toay are eau
meted at their home in Buffalo, we copy the
following from the Courier. The press of
that city all speak in the came rapturous
strain of the entertainments given there by
Prot. Federlein's juvenile band:
CONCIMT. —Those who
failed to attend the concert at the Opera
House last night—and there was a goodly
number present—lost a decidedly rich treat.
Without going into particulars, we would give
it as our opinion that, a more enjoyable affair
has not taken place for many a day. The
proficiency exhibited by some of• the juvenile
pupils of Mr. Federlein was truly wonderful,
and was highly complimentary to his ability
as an instructor. There is some talk, we nn
.derstand, of a repetition, of the concert. If
this should be decided upon, the capacity of
the Opera House. will doubtless be severely
tested. •
AID PIIIIIIOOIIIOIIT inc 1867.—Just Published,
Contains—How to Study Phrenolcgy ; Names
of the Faculties; •Hindoo Heads and Charac
ters; Fat Folks and. ean Folks; Immortal , ty
—Scientific Proofs • Thomas Carlyle, th e Au
thor; The Jew—R acial Peculiarities ;
zstiori and Beauty; The Hottentot; A Bad
Head; Forming Societies; Matrimonial Mis
'takes; Handwriting; Haw to Conduct Public
Meetings ; Eliza Cook, the Poetess ; Rev.
Tames Martineau, tho Preacher; Rev. Dr.
Pusey, the Author; Fronde, the Historian ;
Thiere, the French Statesman; John Ruskin,
the Art-Writer.: Rev.. Charles Kingsley, the
Author; Baattfulness—Ditacience—Timidity ;
Cause and Cue; Eminent American Clergy.
.m3a ; The Spiritual and Physical; Largo
Eyes: Ira Aldrige, the Tragedian; Influence
of Marriage on Morals; • Society. Classified,
etc. A capital thing. full of Portraits* and
many other Illustrations. Price 20 cents.
Address Fowler fit Wells, 889 Broadway, N. Y.
20ra Dzsiszor.—The rote for Congress in
the adjoining district of Crawford, Venango,
Mercer and Clarion is ss follows:
McCalqont, D. - Finney, R.
Finney's majority 1,882
Mr. Finney run from three to four hundred
behind his ticket in Nib - district. His Tote in
Crawford county, the place of hie residence,
is 121 less than Geary's, while in Penang°
county, the home of Gen. McCalmont, he ran
186 behind Geary.
0/71CIAL Vora.—As one of our local co
temporaries hu pabliehed a table purporting
to give the "official" majorities at the late
election, we deem •it proper to state that the
figures we print in another place are . the only
ones of an official nature
,that have yet been
furnished the public of this section. We have
taken special pains to mate . ,our table reliable,
and know that no paper in any part of the
State has obtained the official report from the
counties not enumerated.
ita.We are felling gout print., foot cofory,
at fifteen cents per yard,. No. 6 Reed House.
166 Lams pee of Ladies' Cloakinp, at No
6 Reed Som. .
0018.2 t Morns., Swine. & WILDIY.
$ For non-retention or insontlnence of
urine, irritation, inflammation or ulceration
of the bladder, or kidneys. diseases of the
prostrate glands, stone In the bladder, calcu
lus. gravel or brick dust deposit, and alt fre
ezers of the Nadler, kidneys and dropsical
swellings, nee Helzabold'e Fluid Extract Bu
obit. if .
aft. Iltilmbeld's Extran Bache and Im
proved Bon Wash cures secret and delicate.
disorders, in all their stops, at little expense,
little or no cheap - in - diet, as inconvenience,
and to exposure. It is pleasantly taste sad
odor, immediate in its action, and tree from
all injurious properties. tf
air Shattered colistitUtioni restored by
114diabobro Utast, Botha tt
Oa the 4th lasi, by Elder E. C. Beetle, et
residence of the bride's fetherla Waithiegton,
Me. E. Et. Day, of , Mead, Ceiwfoid Co.„ to
Mies Emily 8. Witheebee, of Weehlogtion,
Erie Co. •
. .
Mi ,
On the Bt h inst., by the Rev. L. Belden,
at the residence of the bride's mother v Mr.
Rudolph Petit; to Mica Mary Wisner. both of
Fairview. • ;
On the 10th inert.; in Brie, by Rev. E. J.. L.
Balton-at. hisreridenoe, Mr. D. L. Lawrence.
of Ashtabula, 0.,, and Misslllattis L. !Judd, of
North Bast
In Girard. Oot. 4th, by the Rev. J: 0. Os.
bore, Mr. Henry Barney. of Cherry Hill,
and Miss Thrones 0: Scott, 'of Springfield, Pa,
Oa thi 12th of Oot., in West Springfield, by
Rai. L. D.' Prawn D. F. Fox, to bliss E. L.
Sanbarn,-611 of Conneaut, Ohio. -
In Elk Creek, Sept. 10th, sa the' residence
of the bride's parents, by the Rev. C. Joelin,
Mr; A. G. Mallory, of Edinboro, and Mies
Rebecca Joaliri of Rik Creek. • •
In Springfield, 8ePt..256, by Rev. A. Lull,
Captain James Compton,- of leadrille, and
Mina Louisa Gould, 'of' Springfield, Erie Co.
la Wayne township, on Monday, Oct. lath,
by Esq. Smith,' Mr. Jerome Sherwood, of
Chenango Co., N. Y., to Mite Mary Raymond,
of Concord, Erie Co., Pa.
On the 16th Inst., by Rev. Father Cerro!, Mr.
Abner P. Streeter, of this city, 10. 31133
Margaret Hayes, of Union Erie co.,lrs.
[Our frienttAbiter beiegis protege, of the
Observer office, we naturally feel a more then
ordinerj , interest, in his welfare. Although
we regret to' lose him from the fraternity., of
Hold bachs," we cannot help but congratulate
him upon the good judgment he has displayed
in picking out a life partner.. May their
happiness be equal: to their expectations, and
health and prosperity attend them.]
In Wayhe, Oct. 14th, 1866, 4fter a severe
illness .of fifteen hours, Seaford R. Smith,
aged 48 yeast, 6 months and 14 days;;
In Wayne,• OM: 16th. of Con s um p tion,
Margaretta h., wife of, Charles E. Hatch, and
daughter of Daiicis Mead, aged / 34 years, 11
months and 16 bays.
At her father's residence in Conneaut town
ship, on the Bth Septemlier last, of Typhoid
facer, Helen, ageoB years, and on the 2904
of same disease,: Jennie, ' aged- •24 years,
daughteta el Jessie and Harriet Mills.
In Albion, Brie county, Oct. 6th, Ms. Ann
Litchfield, wife of Howland Litchfield, stied
44 years and 8 months. •
• Died. at Corry, On Wednesday, October 3.,
186 G, Hamilton, only son of James Patterson,)
Esq., in the? twenty-fifth year of his age.
Deceased was a lyoung - man of tnuenallyl
excellent character , and highly 'esteemed by
his acquaintances. His loss Ls s severo blow
to his parents anbrelatires.
Paxton hisharnaitr ibu.T .
Can hare their hair, restored to Its 'mistral odbr t. 31
Ming Rest's Viarraish SICILIAB 6aii Roma.
It is the beat artlet lumen to Kenna the Left, peal
montang its falling o 4 and making lifeeta, Miff, !mash;
hair Maltby., soft and glossy j
All who nse tt sr* unanimous in avardlog it the pre,
at babg the twist hair dressing extant, and w.tbont 1
rival in Tutoring gay hale to lts Estoril color. Bessrii
of ocausterfidts and imitations. Ask for Hairs, and take
no othri. Pries VAL -
11. P. BALL & CO., 251saIms, N. 11., Prcipridi tom.
Tor We by all druggists octlli tt
P1111..4110 Op. Or . PAIX ALIM KAM
For preparlog, marina and beautifying thrElsq, and
is the most delrightiol and wonderful arts to the wOrld
over produced. • j •
Ladips will and aloot only a certain eluordy tora.
store, darrin and beatifythe heir, but alga a dedzable
article for the toilet, as it Is perfileted With L
itch and delltat• perfume, independent of the fregrtht
odor of the oils of polm and mice. ,
A new and beautiful perfume, whims In 41/eaey of
smut, arid the tenacity with Which 4t clings to the
bandberehlef and peison 1s anegaalle
j I
The elms artelleator sale bb all diaggiste ann Pe
at per bottle each. , Sent *xylem to any,
addreu by the propiletons,
' T. W. WRIGHT & CO.,
oetlll-1y 100 Liberty Strest,'Nervr York.l
New idvertisements.
. . I
OR SALE—c I A Fancy and Dry Bou cle
S tore, delogla good bailing., , Floe !owl= roc
Fe eueLosee. - . great margatn. lbw.. 1e...111.e -
11l health. For terms, dc., apply to - I
MRS. 8. A. BALL,
, 1 1353 Peach Street, Erb, Pa L
K ra .
Mourne, Mims:, tan rzAticz v Boys,
ler Malt, aleklagor els. Proprietor of Ale sad
lager %ovaries, and Mall waretioases, Erie, Ps.
jr1768 U.
He Y. ricVaiuro, D. .D. a., .
DUTIIq. Ocoee, Preach EV. wood stofy
terraWa Block, near corner of Reed Hones. oclfi-lyr
* This 10b0010liara excellent` mettles for obtalnl4, a
Usorouets, neactJeal English' education. Ta• Stets u.
slits those who letend to become loathers. A certifl
eats from this Institut:on Is good for life In all parts of
Pennsylvania, and exempts the holder from isaminatlas
by eehbol einem, ! The winter term will open December
For otreeler or e►talogae, Siddress ,
oat'? Ewe J. A. COOPER!
Prepared from a Pm:Arlon of air. J. Chub; a. D.,
Phratelsa Extrtordinary to the Queen.
Tais invaluable medidne leunialllng in the atm of all
tunas palatal sad dangeroas dimmers to which thermals
constitntioa is mehlect. It moderates all excess and so.
moves all abstractions hom whatever tame: A speedy
curs may . be 'relied on. •
it is peciallarlyauited. It will, In a short time. bent Pre
the monthly period with reaularity'..
Mae Pills daub, east k taken by Nessales • • Adis, iks
FIRST TRIMS , NORMS of Prersitaty, ISt thr seas
roe to bring ea Afiscsrriege, bat as asp etAsetime tAvy
In all uses of Nervous and Spinal Affection; Pain In
the Back and Limbs, Taigas on alight exertion,Palpita.
Con of the Heart, Mysteries and Whites, these Pille
efbeta ewe when all other means have failed: and al.
though a powerful remedy , do noteentalst iron,allotnel,
antimony or anything hurtful to the constitution.
Pull directions ti the pamphlet around each packa g e,
which should be earefblly preserved.
Sold by all Druggist* Pries $1 per bottle.
It Is the fate of *my valuable medicine to be coin.
terfeit.d. Be cautious, therefore, and see that the Ist%
tars "T. &M." are, bkwn in the bottle, apd that deo
wrapper bears tie facalinile of the signature' of-L C.
Ba'dwin & Co., and Job Mom. Without , which none
are putting.{
N. —One dollar with eighteen tents for rods's;
enclosed to any authorized agent or to The dole geberil
agent for the United States and British dominion&
JOB MOSES, 2J' Cortlandt BR. New.TOrk,
will time a bottle containing aft pills, by return mall,
secured sealed from all obserntioul Agents for Erie,'
Hall & Warfel, imp J. B. Carver Zs Co: ooltt-lyeolv
D IG JOAN. DELAillall)2l2 9 14 I :
i" 1 1
Aro prepared by' the Massimo.. 0 modem k Bazit
pharroacoeutists, No. 21e , Ewe Lombard. Park, from the
presoriptioo of Dr. Joao Delmarva, chid phial- to
the Hospital du Nord oo Laritalsere.
... ..
itiy 6th,
Gentlenien—We have mod the*Speeifie Sills" Made
from Dr. Delsmarreeprescription, during revue rani
out. in our rivals and public radios, and have found
them &tont energetic and itaetrnt remedy in eases of
Speamstorboes or Seminal Weakness, nightly, daily or
prentalnre 102111110111; snail weakn, ss or ieupot th en
*dal derangements of the nervous system; amber ems
arising from secret habits and canal cream; Warn-
Ron of the genital organs;
yak Woe; affections of the
eyes; *Line or *brick d art" d.potits the urine;
*Milky" &whirrs; patentee of toe akin, with sunken
cheeks at ploodWeslips; *pinched. features irregialar
option of .the heart, and 1, In all the ghas tly train of
symptoms arising from over am, abuses, Or ose, from
any Cal" if the amens form.
We earnestly advimi the, profession. and all, pinions
suffering from say symptomatic or organic aff•ctions of
the genitO-nrinary , systems. to use times pile. With
high rasped, we Sr. yours most sincerely,
ft A. Ritatfastatal e R. D,,
D. Driaaem R. D., -
Jun tavonws, U. D.
To Gsrantitni dt Dupont, No. 2111, Roo Lombard, Net
Sedentary and steams ow:patina, grief., auxtefko,
or whatever ford. - to Impair Om vital sotto* of ;. he
bride, dietresslni sad embarrassing disorders •of - th•
id Ho system. atudent s, clew men, and :wryer', than
fiee, who aro isleufally Odds to -them wrahlemus,
should resort promptly to fall's Specific Pills.
pamphlet, eont•tniegpartlenlam, with direc
tions and MO* printed la Reach Orman. Opaxish,
and Yegllsh, memos:des each box, and will be sent by
roa.Astme of cost, le any who will write for it.
21 per box, or esteem for 26.
Sold br all the prinelpal drunk% 07 will be Ma by
rim% seesrel d from •all .Aserratlon, on memo of
the prim .by any antherfsid agent. or 10, tbo
sole parn al ageuis for Amen, °dens O. 1202114 k
CO., 27 Cortisndt Pt., 7.1.. Y. Aufhmtted 'grafi, for
grim I. B. Career k Co., Ball k Work!.
oetlfPlerow , - ' ' 1
, •
The School Dinettes eg k k Cnek District trill Let
at tin boon of Robert Hamar. &a. Waißaillb •
w a nk,. the sOtb k ev of ociober Tut. to employ 12
onspotoot ton**, •
toe the vista tom The hiened
wore eintopstd to tesetters et exesektr.
• ev sada ottbaltaard.
, t C. C. IMO%
; --,
4 Th beethg, the Vuelsetkin of the beet UNA=
*alb hen attsla.4 • Vonalarlty wesqyallsd by any
publications La sae sonatur. They ate pare In toss
= v .= Oar:wie:fraillooral tea
nipaalois reg g eod sl i t! be '
i 1 The Heats& St Wealth sad Paiute%
I 3 t'he Trapper% Retreat 42.. The &MPG, the forest
3 Patriot keghwaystea. 43 The Glutei the Woods. ,
4 I=lrls of the Nome 44 flee eras,
43 Llau Ileartstaior
1.11 The Trunk of Tire: 47 Old roe of the Woods.
I 6 /be Man Raters. 47 Mad Nike. _ '
2 Marlette Tempts . Tempts. ' 48 Whine Headed Huta.
8 Tb. Death Peke. ea Blg Rested Jot. •
19 ludlau &var. 60 The Scout of Louglsland
90 Tares Catetur. ' it ItUverhealgther Delaware
1 t The Lthetsts Triumph. 53 Black IRA the Tropes?.
112 Ocean Raters. 38 Red Yea of the Woad.
13 Tory Dateritted. , 64 Grim Iriek, the oessyed
114 Toles titescum. - Robber.
1 15 Scourge of it. Slag 53 ladles Quen'e Renege
16 Tao Captive Maiden. - 36 Old Scout or the Cave.
11y. Lour Legged Joe. . 117 Big Snake. the Hama. llB Wild &outer the Roan- 18 Villein Jot, the Snake
; takes. •
119 The Forrest LOD.. 62 Steady Ithad..the Share
120 Ths Raiff vine Rtogent Shooting Hinter..
21 Esttlesnalte Dick. 60 Gipsy Jack.
332 Illeketylo.n the Rorer. 61 The Seeenik-wani ci .
2 Theban* of nu Praia's. 42 The Scoot of Tippecanoe
,24 The Robber's Terror. 63 Sehlotertionose. .
125 Jog the' 8 erplet." 64 Bride of Wolf Glen. -
2r Lletfoogthe timut• 65 Ruffen) Jack, Trapper.
27 G l‘pt*yof Bunker Rill 86 S mit of Rio Grands.
138 Star Cheek the - Wild 117 Da lug Backwoodsman.
Ralf Breed-. ea Clumsy Toot.
132 Squint 'End Bob. ' 69 The Straogete Gear*.
'GI snaky Soodgrasa. 70 Mad Waneg the Teases
31 !tolling Tbueder, or the Fortune Teller.
' Rival M'v enters. 71 Long Rag the Hinter.
33 Posey Ustehet,ths Bold 72 The Wooden Legged Spy
1 • Stout. 13 Laong - Lem the Squatter
33 Sly Sam, the Quaker 74 The Dlsek prophet.
I SP/. " 73 Old Norte, th e Router.
34 Throe Derleg Trappers. DS Tiger B.e.
,83 The Fatal !taros:so. 77 Rero'utlortary Joe.
33 Bute Rent Take. 78 Jack, Buffalo (Metter.
37 Big-felle Niek. ' 79 Tom Turbtn.
ZS rho Bold Scalp Hunter. 50 Smut o 1 the St. Law
-192 The TOry Spy. noes. ;
40 Prahie Jake. ,
1 Pedal arty Song Book.
2 Yankee:4lla Boos Book
3 Madan Bea and Amgr!•
gaols song book.
4 The Basra' and Moores
aorg book.
AB tbrer boolts are for We by all Nioradealea and
Booksellers, and are seat pest paid on receipt of price.
Tea eel:Meech i.
GEORGE MUNRO al CO., roblishere.
oetll 2t ' it? WUlta St., New York.
514 ',State Street, opposite Browses Rotel, Erie,
Hu opened with • new and splendid stub of Fall
Goods, which were bought for Cub, sad will be sold
foe Cub only, at • =all ptodt. •
I Intend to sell cheaper than an other house this
side of New York. A.!1:1 ask la a call audios fir your.
self. The' stock ebonite of
Gents' Silk Iku,
Gents' Cassimere Rata,
'Soft and Stiff Brim Bats,
Gents' Brightins 'late,
Gents! /lotion Hats,
Gents' Peto Hats,
Eats of all Slyk4t
Boys! and Mena' Caps ofaU Descriptions . ;
VAildren's flats and Caps;
Gents' Traveling Bally Gents' Trunks and Umbrella,
Geo& Shirts of all descriptions, Gentle Turnishing
Goods Generally.
'Faye caught six stolen horses within the put week,
and lure captured more horse thieves since its organi
sation than any other company, or than all other com-'
pailesrand dttectrees combined It bu a detective force
eitanding from Pittsburg, Pa, to Consort Blain, lows.
sod from Cairo to the - Lakes. It ha •-•-" eh
Fuel or •terwore os, curt it anurorised capital o
000,000. It has over 184.00 policies in force, and la ths
only lire stock Immure Company doing hardness in
this Mats.
WARNER & GERSIM, No.l Park Row, fire, Pa.,
will insult gone home or cattle satinet death by dis
ease or accident, and against theft, or satinet theft and
death both, for lees money than it would cost to adver
tise your stolen hone. We might. fill up the whole pa
per with names of parties and certificates of indirlduals
who haversorind blgouneration from this company for
lost animate, but Wm from the well known firm of
Loesch & Sterrett. of this plate, will be read with in
terest, ithir.kshows.that the company is • costP.nY in
fact as Well as in name, and that they not only pay los--
sec but pay them promptness and despatch :
We, the undersigned, hereby certify that on the 25th
day of August we insured our milts livery amok, con
sisting of 12 home', with Mears. Warner t Garnish, in
the Great Western sad America/I Horn Insurance Co.;
that on the 3d day of September one of them died of
Cholic.tad on the 10th day of September we received a
draft on New York for the full amount of the Inane
arum. LGESCIi & arzaasn.
Erie,Sept 11, 141.
- Insurance am be effected in Waterford by calling on
Messrs. Terry & Vananden; in Wattabdrg of Wm. Van
anden; In Edinboro of raged?. Burnham.
Very Respectful y, wAvYta & GERRISG.
General Fire, Life, Marine and Rove Insurance Oftica,
No.l Pith Row, Eris. Pa.
Snag has thoroughly proved their to be the beet
article known for curing CaTeleil, COLD re vas Run
and HiaDeons. It ham been Pound an excellent remedy
In many cues of Saga trim Dumas has been removed
by it, and glatlllo has often been greatly' improved by
Its use. It is fragrant end agreeable, and gives IBUDDI
ATt DICLID O to the (tall heavy pains caused by diseases
of the Head. The sensations alter using it are delightfol
' and Invigorating. It opens and purges out all ob
enaction; strengthens Pa glands and gives a healthy
action to the parte affected.
Koos than thirty of isle and use ofDr Xarshars
Catarrh and B• Snuff bail proud ite great value
' for all the common diseases of the head, and at this mo.
meat it stands higher than aver baron It is recommend
ed by Many of the test physician; and Is seed with gnat
lineeees and satisfaction imwrwhere. Read the Certificate
' of Wholecale Dr:mishit:ft :
the undersisnad having for many years been woman
tad with Dr. Marsha's Catarrh and HeadaPhe awn; and
sold to our wholesale trade, cheerful'e date that we be
, three It to be equal, in every respect, to the resommendw
tloturidren of It for the cure of Catarrh Affections, and
that ft is decidedly the but article we Dave ever known
(or all common diseases of the Head.
. .
- Burr & Perry, Reed, Austin & Co., Brown, Lamson &
Co.; Reed. Cutler & Co., Seth W. Fowls. Wllsoo,Patrbank
4 Co.;Boston Nensbaw, Edmond' Al Co., H.' H. Hay,
Portland, Ifs.; Barnes & Park, A. B. k U. Rand; Stephen
Paul kr.o.,lsrael Minor & Co., NeCeason & Robbins, A.
1.. Bovril & Co., Y. Ward, Close & Co., Bush & Gals,
New York.
For silo bull Druggists. Try it. se92l`6s4y_
the ale ef Melrosni great Steil Plate
Sold only by snbserlptlon. The picture represents
one of the most touching and enblima Incidents record.
sBl, the lievclution. ...trashlngton'a Prayer for the
Satiation of his Army and Country."
Pahlishres commindon given. A few ablt.and rape.
rieccettom wanted, to employ agents, and to transact
metro eoutmeted with oar extensive business In the
different States. Pay from $l6O to $llO per month and
Apply personally, or address with reference,'
M. McCOON é CO.,
Pr IMI," of Sable:4okm omit, No. 97 Pink Pt.,
tlarsland; Ohio. Or to A. 0. Gillett, Union Mills, trio
County, Pa. 46 - tq4o.3m•
Minna wrings.
hr0i..820 State Street, Erii, Poutivania,
Deslen in
1 , Fr44 . 47.461111
Italian, Pna•h and German strings of the, beet
Sole agents for Clattering k gone. Ifni.P. Manna's,
Drucker & C 0.% and Raven & 'Raton% Plano fortes:
also, the owletrated Treat & Linsley Cabinet Organs and
Melodeon .
Muria and Striareent by mall free of poilaige.
all ardor' promptly attended to.
Catalogue of Neale seat free of postage.
GREAT BARGAINS -ill Wall Papers.
Baring determined to retire from the Wait Piper trade,
arena, aiming their entire stook, tholoding
TU. I. a rim apportunitr for porton' wishing to ;a
par their Donau WI tall or next rights, to lay in their
stork at •
Ws are crecrated to dose out our wall papas imam.
disbar, to make room for 1111 tuerosami Mock of Book',
litstkuurry, pictures, &tars traisa. ke. . • •
CAUGHT, MoCRtAkIr k 00,
Paring midi largO - patellae In New York, Bodon,
, c t
and Ildladel
r I; we are no* prepared to offer at
- ressonab:a p i
our large and well seleeted
srocK OF GOODS !
- BILK?, Black and Colored, Plain and Bipt; Merinos,
Ringers Cloth; Poplins. Trench and Irish; Black and
Colored Atapacar; Chinked, Plat:sad striped
5 The Greeley and Bennett
Jolly Yellow's song book.
T The Paul rry Songster. -
9 The Ballade at the Biro-
- DE LAINE9; Wo,l Do LatzenWoe: Caton and
Robe do Chan - ban , • --
LAM; Vali:miss a; Cluny, Ginpure; Point and
BB AWL 9, Lona and Equate; Paisley and lirolts.
CLOAKS and Beimputoosi Balmoral Skirts.
A lame stock of Cloths for mon and boys woo.
Woolen Blankets, iii qualities and prints.
; Canton Amines, Bleached and Brown.
Flannels; Plain and Chen/Led:Bilk Waep Flannels.
Prints, Fren:b goglish and Dotnes'tie.
Remnant Prints, Bleteited and Brown Cottons
Cotton Tam, Cotton Batting, Ticks, Deasnins and
Stripe; Knit Goods, Hoods, Habits • d Breakfast
Snarls, Woolen and Cotton Hosiery, Balmoral Hese,
Our stock wu never so fall and complete as at the
present tlme. •
Would respectfally announce that they have opened a
stole at
Eir Orden tram abroad will receive prompt atten
tion at the Lowed Market Meas.
A , NZ W
, •
The Cheapest, Simplest and Beat anaemia:len' for the
purpose ever tusented. It needs Wheels: Pon; or
Storm and works ender than soy other Gate that can
be predated. '
Specimen, can Fe seen at John Dodge.* and G. F.
Elliott's, on the Buffalo road. in Harbor Creek town
ship; also, at reverst places in UM Creek township:
The undersigned has been appointeeagent. for Harbor
Creek lownelilp, aor .will be glad to give any Inform'.
lion that may os wanted.
On the Kahl road, one mils math of Hereof Creek
line. I sale LC
Tara pteuare In aanntatelag to the phblie that the
haaopmed a nev lore la
Harmon's Btock,2 Squares south of Union Depot,
Where the will keep constantly • large variety of
frofsery, Cloths, and a mineral assortment of everything
usually kept on hand in • store of the kind.
ar nn stook of Goods just received from the
• UM open for bneingie
In the Banking offloe now °erupted ler the Ifeithunre
Bank, In Brown's Hotel Banding, north-east COTher or
State street sod public Park. -
WM. L. SCOTT, Fulmer,. fill C. CllRRY,Coprika
_, 1 7,14:ert0,0f J. Hearn Co,O Coal Nolen
JOS. MoCARTERJof 3M of Belden, Slla k McCarter
Borders. •
GEO. J. MORTON, Coal Des*.
W. 8. BROWN, Arent Buffalo k Prig Railroad.
JOHN E. BURGESS, pt Ihmt of C'emens, Caughey k
Hurns, Wholesale Grocers.
O.K. CROUCH, of ilnis of Crouch & Bro.. Flour.Mres.
di. R. BABE, clam of Barr. Johnnie rs Beaman, Stone
P. F. - FARRAR, Gray k Parer , Wholesale Greer.
;Mk Deb. MUM&
11 merchant, farmer or mechanic. A eon
plate dine of informs' lon for the year. Volume
for Mt . The Am. lean Caroni Cyclopaella. and Rey
Mtn of Important Events f r the Year This work yes
commenced in the year 1861. and IC published nee vol
ume annually. in the same style as too "New American
Eyislopaedia." Each volume is intended to bea eyeho
pcWia of the material and intellectual development of
the year. and anibranes the civil. polltlatl , military and
Nodal &lett , of all omit:tea; liopeitant nubile docu
ments; bingnitday; •taohnice, comments, anew" litera
ture. erienee,aplealtare. mechanical inelnetre. e'c. In
a word, it corers the same Bold an the "New AMOTieIIII
Cyclopedia, bat each volume la Montimed to the results
of its yeikr. .
1 1t. inn enterprise of Iminemse value to the
and ought to be Lu every llbnay.Public and Taint., es
an inesluable book of referenca—tAtles and Amu, Al
bany. Now York.
"We en conditentiv and consclanqourdy recommend
the Amens/ Cyclops dises all who would have in scan
nts and rwlabla Melo elf contemporary meta close
at hand , and u ad'• rk of relerence."—(Erenlag
"It is indeed a most szesitent wort. It Is there'll'
and reliable, at dJest each. work us is greatly needed.
• faithful &modeler of Important erents.too numerous
ter bb remembered, and of too meth amount to be
[Clayelaad Daily Phiadealar.
811.1 by enbteriptlons only. Sand to the publishers
for dream. ♦gents tasted.
D. APPL E TON i CO, Pallet - me,
r , 443 and 816 Broad's•, N. Y.
Flan emmaeuced keeplat Pratt tk Cole celebrated
Baltimore 0 stem which Merrill eitil either bj the
rig or cue. These Oysters are cousidered the but in
plied at low prim . notate, saloons and pirate families sup
Diablo" and rstamed 'Wins, widows and oiphans
of slain soldiers, and the unresployed at both ems son.
evilly, In vane of respectable and pollteble roplop:
uwnt.lacnrelas no risk, can proem sorb 4y imoslng
• postrpald addreead envelope for partleolsn to
soP-If Hot 15.1 Brooklet. N. Y.
►/11!8118 ht on* patent znedleteo—.o mlled—that
I ruin to be he every foully, and that le Carter's
astraet of Maid Weed. Yvam these:oasts 'Web owns
to ea boo those that hue and it, vs think there e*
Do as doubt dab pod value. r 010204
No. f. Yet Raw.
)11) 6 REED ROSE.
And a
.13;:adkes Duplex Elliptic-Hoop Skirts.
EBiE , , 7.&..
Tor tt ut.rstrebase and ‘4Ol at
cir The Mahout price in Cult pain for Trodae6.
In intro cloth.
la Ilbra_g leather.
Ia half Inch,' morocco..
luhs!( Runii, extra elt o 7.50
In run nor. kuVque, gilt Wires `I 9.00
191911 Routs, “ 9.00
F.. A. WEBER Sr, CO., 814 STLTt ST.,
- • mot a WhiskriPtsparstlov
Debility vomiting from any awe whaterim Prod:adios
of the system, mead by MVO hilraddPif OrPentle.
fevers or Warms of ramp ilia Solace, Wino; snide
or female, adults or youth, will dad in this Bitten a pare
Toole, Rot depatideat on bad livers for their almost ed.
rankle. reecho .
And &Plum remdtlng from dltordom of dm Idma r and
Inestivir organ, on mood 6s '
kOOPLANDS Gmaxw.Brmmam7
This Bitten Us pAtrformed came ear% sires better
atiefeetten, bar sue latimay, bu More
people to Taub for It then Any ether artiels in the
kat. We defy -any one to contradict this assallon,
$l,OOO to uy who will prOdlies.a tt
publUbsd by ne that te not ruins.
ears every ems of ebroelo or nereolut debility filt4
es of the kidneys. Observe the following nymph:ad
malting from disorders of the digestive organs t.
Constipation. reward Piles, Fullness of Blood to the
Heed. Acidit of the Stomach Nasser, Heartburn. VW
gust for Foo d , Fulness or Weight la the Stomach, Bout
IM:stations, Staffing or Slathering at the fht of the
Stomach, - 11wistualng of the Head, flamed sad difficult
Breathing, Flatter:log at the Heart, Choking or Staccato
lag Hensetioas when in a lying posture, Dissnees cd Vier
loss. Dots or Webs before the bight, Fever atd Doll pan
In the Heed. Deficiency of Perspiration, Yellows:me of
the bkia and Eyes, Pala to the... Side. Back, Chat, Limb'.
tut; Sudden Flushes of Hee, Boni nein the Flesh. Con.
stant Imaginings of Eril and 010 Depreyaioa of Spirits.
RIXIMBISIL, that tads Bitten is zest alehoolle, contains
no rum or whiskey, arircannot rusks drunkards, but to
the best tonic to the world.
Prom Her. W. D. deigfrislie ?utor of Twelfth Boptizt
Gentlemen—l hare recently bash laboring wider the
IE/treating effects of IndigestionotecOmpanied by a pros
tration of the narrow system. frnmatous remedies were
recommended by friends. and some of them tested; bu.
'Without relief. Your lloolland's °mean Bitters ware
reeentmended by persons who bad tried them, and whose
favorable =potion of these Bitters induccd me to ire
them. I must confess that I had. an aversion to Patent
Medicines from the ,"thousand and one" quack "Bitters"
whose ocly aim seams to be to pains off sweetened ar.d
drugged liquor upon the community in • ale way, and
ths teadroey of which. I feat. Is to make many & COD.
firmed drunkard. "Upon learaing that jonra was really
a medicinal preparation Itself It with happy effect. Its
action, not only upon the stomach. but upon the citreous
system,try prompt and gratifying. I teal that I bare
dome great and permanent benefit from the rep of a
few bottleVaryerstfully morn.
W. D. SElG nisp AILED, tto. 254 Thscluunason St.
Promibe Estr.E. D. Fandall,Antstant Editor Chriattan
Cluvnlels, PhUiubL
I have derived decided benefit from the use of Midland%
German Bitters, and I feel It snj prliilege to recommend
thermos a most valuable tonic to all rrbo are angering
from geaeral debility or from &seam arising from the ,
derangement of the liver.
Yours truly,
From Beet D. Demise, Tatar of the Pussycat raytist
Church. Yhtlads.
Prom the many respectable recommendations given to
Dr. Etoodand's German Bltters,l mu Induced to give thtm
• trtaL After ruling several bottles, l found them to be a
good remedy far de: ditty, and a most stagnant lonia for
the stomach. D. =RIM E.
From Rev. WIZ. Smith, formerly Pastor or the Vineen
town and Mi (N. I) lisptist Churches.
Ereetett used in Mr family a number of bottles of you: -
Mefferd's German Bitters, I have to asy I regard the=
es an excellent medicine, venially adapted to remove
the diseases they are recommended or. They strengthen
and Invigorate the system when debilitated, and are use
fed In disorders of the Lim, lose of appetite, ke. I an
also reoommendedthata to several et -ray friends. whe
have tried the., and found them greatly beneficial In the
restoritlon of health. Yours truly,
WK. SMITH, gen Hutchinson St., Pkulada.
See that the eignative of ".C. If. JACKSON"' le as thee
wrapper daub bottle.
Should you nearest &waist not bare. the article do
not be put off by any of the intotkating preparations
that may be offered ingi e tio an e. bat rend to an and we
will forward, eemcrely by express.
St Philadelphia,
Principal OM= and alictory. No. 631 Arch
reet, Pa.
ESneeesectis to C. N. Jackion & Co.,] Proprietors-
For sale by druggists and dealers in crap town to the
United States. decree 1).
Fortides thesystem against the evil effects of merle.
some water.
NW sure Dyspepsia
Will cure We
Will cure General Debility. •
Willeure Heartburn.
Will sure Headache. ,
Win 171121 Liver Complaint.
• Will melts and create a healthy appetite. ..
Will levigorate the organs of digestion andoderate.
ly increase the temperature of the body and the form of
circulation, acting in fact as a general eorrobtrrent of the
system, containing no poisonome drum, and fa
A fair trial is earnestly 'elicited.
CEO. IL RIMEL ft CO., •Propriltom,
Radios, N. T.
Central Depot, &ma teen Ritmo Building Si HUD,
Tor sale by all Druggist", Grocers, Ike.
rjr YINNIG & HOADLEY, Erie, Wholesale Agents,
and for sale by Hall k Warfel, Carter di Carter and
bins k Booth.
octlir6s. • -
Coal Yard, eoraer cf Twelfth and Perish Streets, Erie,
Pa., •ho keep medal:My oo hood Lehigh snd PPtatoo
Agar ao.) lump and papered, Shamokin, Eig fd ore,
and lint eau; Bitominon. (or grate and steam, and
Ow Coal is all retelved ty rail, ti kept on. Wy plank
Coos. sad
• ,
We ofTer groat Indictments tolartlas wtehrog to lay
to their wheat supply, ego to dealer' perchlalog b the
ear load. "
Or Give us a call atvi se guartn tee to give rajldao•
AU claimant' r - ar extra bounty allowed by late acts of
Congress. can have the mane promptly collated' by
reeding their discharges to me, the receipt of which
will be promptly acknowledged and .netructions
turned - . •
month for total loss of use of either leg or
arm, Instead orst. $2 per, month for each minor child' -
ofd .m* entitling or seamen. Alm, other increases.
'these mor4s pay proper for all In service March 3d,
and discharged after April Oth, fess. Claims cashed.
Claims rev arrears of pay, Asa menetous, and bounty
promptly eollected. Unequalled facilities for closing
and complotibg cases. Allowance to caimans of war
collected. Only agency in North-Ifeatern Penner n.
nis where years of experience In the U. 8. berm Dry can
be found, I
re Mukha! fui tbe env liberal pairoraze bestowed
in ilia past, we bone Or Increased el - misses d unre
mitting attention to patrons to same their continued
favor. Office In
,Farrar llall Baddlai. • .
Addttwt, • B. TODD PF.IILICY,
autt.rf • • Lock Bon 101, File. Pa.'
nen i pR17886.13 in Kris may be found at
Burs Er., Nona cr Peri:try
Ilathig had otig asparienee in the trade, we us enabled
to supply pantos with a nthetior quality of goods at
the lowan , pric e.
Dire stock embraces • general variety of imelthing that
, Painters need, and those who give as their patronage
tan rely on not being disappointed. •
IllwOrdati let Parnishing tettldingi tad be satiate
per zol. $:&0 ,
" 650 4
prEE imumirmuniE LEAD,
Will do more and better oath at a given cert, than any
other. • 147 it. Manaracto red only by
rruoLssirs DRUG. pimp °Leis 1:1241..
II 137 North Third Street,
LOTS. 1tAT111,1101416,—1 stem lad mat
moth, if yen 'nth to mor.y. &West ths wat!loralma
-04.. wh o will rend you. o lth , at now find without
prink golonhte intormatlon.lbgt will sosbleyon to nue ,
77 happily end gosedily. irregpeetiew of Sp: wealth or
beauty This infonegstion will toot yang:olbn. ma It
Jon sigh to merry, I will elmortally mad. you. AU let•
tom meat!. ;eoaideattaL •Tho oegrod intorsostion gent
by return Moll, and no mod asked. Address.
. SARAH B. -
royle..SM Greoupolat, Map county, N. T.
MU It tura:due thus meets the meet Isom Wets and is
Merger* ail* greatest. eras dad importance to
W Wont* a Who's Rztraet of thoszt.W. ed. Thou•
sande we the truth of Able rraterorut. and an
thet a
I,*ll4it bit trial will imam, (Atha sew aged.
Church. flillyis.
For Blurts=lth Purpose,
r •
Ea Pamir Hall Ballsllag i Erie, Pa.
Ins Largest and . But stook of