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    zbe gtie Wed% ehoetver.
Corer,--A special session of coast will be
wa oe If onnisy, lA*, let of October, to
Ihith all who wish to 'Obtain naturalisation
pro s @ held apply. Another session will be
Ded Psturdsy, 0et. , , 6_, These are the only'
!Wiens of Conti for naturalisation perposes
sst all to held before the election:
Cot. RA tor A CLIPWATL — Jciat before
p ig to press we received authentic inforina
titetbst Col Rica has authorized his fri4nds
0 withdraw Dip name as a candidate for. Con =
r ,„: This course is highly creditable to
lis j u dgment, and will add to the kind feeling
,blob hosts of Democrats entertain for him.-
6e ! hall publish, the letters on the subject
:tot vet.
31111ING5.—The Demount! of the
part'of the couttry are preparing to
1 s grelt-Ps" meeting a Albion, on Set
4; ,
~,-sfiernoos, October 6th. Speeches are
etretttaftlom Col. Thompson, Judge Marrin,
S. spencer, keg., and Geo. W. Gunnison,
Wil?.7n Laird, Esq., will address a meeting
Greeswood school BM?, Harbor Creek
.orphip, on Saturday everting, o;%6th. Mr.
!Air] hat entered : the course for the cam
r;za; ftia , l authorises us to say he will vie&
ray rill of the ,county where his : servicie as
o feaker are wanted.
!N I lfpntgamery Blair sad Col. R. 0. Per
;ill !peak at Girard, on Saturday even
,e6 text, the 29th {net. A general invitation
erenied to persona of both political
me Demo - crate of Union are getting up s
. I r.d mass meeting, to be held on Wednes
iy next, Oct. 3d. 4 number of distinguished
%kers are announced, end the ocotalon is
apreted to. be one of mach interest. Our
c vott friends tax that is coneideretion of
their taring frequently helped to make the
Erie sty meetings - enecessful, they expect a
g od turn out from here, and we hope they
11111 apt be disappointed. There should be
at lasi at beset present from Erie.
The Law Respecting Deserters.
At the last session of the legislature an
Act was passed disfranchising deserters frog
;he army, and treating as deserters all persons
rho were drafted and neglected to report, as
Yell as all persOns reported absent from the
gnu without permission. The questions
tined by this Act came up foridecision in the
we of Rubor vs. Riley, ~ a nd thi Supreme
Court of Pennsylvania, on a writ of error to
the Court of Comartin Flees of Franklin
County,. Judge Strong- delivered the
-,cur o?ioion of the Court, which decides
1. Officers of election have no authority
try s rioestion of alleged desertion. •
2. A person alleged to
.. be a deserter from
the army can only be deprived of his right to
Tote after a trial and convictfori by a Chart.
,Tbe Court close their opinion with this
"It &flows that the judgment of
Court the below in the coos etated, was right.
The plaintiff not having been convicted of de
,ertion and fti•lure to return to the service,
:r to repori to a Provost Marshal, and not
baring been sentenced to the penalties and
f;Tfeit tares of ,the law, was entitled to vote."
IL. should always be recolledted that the
r)eteding?, trial, conviction, sentence„ &e.,
cf a Court, wbethei it be civil or military,
'l3 only be proved by the record of the pro
:2oicg., or a complete copy or exemplification
:nee, certified ae provided by act. of Cou
nts!. The opinion of the Supreme Court
1.,1 not raiee or deny the conetitationality of
.1! let of Congress, but only that a mail
:ttervi!e qualified cannot be deprived of hie
If desertion or failure to report, Mt,
3:::1 be has been legally tried, conVictlrd and
mrenced, the only proof of whlch is t s_r.,e re
::rtl of such trial , conviction and - II evter6 or
I properly authenticated copy thereof. This
! , evion, being en principle, is just as pertin
et to our Penn..ylvanis #ct as the Act of
:ogres!, and it fixes the foci :beyond dispute
,bet, eetwitheuandicg the two laws referred
. 0, every person in the State authorised so to
. 1
by the Constitution has the olear vight.te.
3t his idle; uoless aear evidence of hie con-
,CtiOtl, authenticated by the eeal - of the court
tfcie irldoik be was . triad, is brOngbt before
St hoard of election to prove bie diefranchise
Table of Votes.
Tte following table Shows the mote of
enneylvania for Governor each year since
ic ! It will be found very useful for
'ference end comiiariaon, and should be cut
.t nod preserved :
, I:26lotnaon (Wh.te 168 373
iitil-4,cngstratli (IMm.) 165,221
7851- 1 31g157 (Deze ) 136,474
1831—Johnson (arla.) ..........
Majority 8.465
1114—Pollock (Xoow—Nothing) 261,063
. 1624-121#11er (em,) ' t 157971
11.57—Packer (Om.)
1 5 57—Wilmot atop )
- Majority.
IW-4%w, ( R n.). 1 ....
kijority.„. - •
I;a—earttn (Rep.)
.i 63— Woodward (Dam )
..... - 2.14.171
it Ina the vote Cu Prealdeetkeru
' Republican.
--- 1 298,M1
•Eppnblitin raijority 20,076
?tie toldiers in 1864 cast their votes in
• t=P• They are now at home, and thou
nab rho then voted the Republican ticket
tauort, the Democratic. It will be per
-I,Tel J.Sat even taking the table of '64 as a
change of 11,000 votes, - or an aver
about one in every sobool district, will
pt as the State. Who that knows anything
the current of • political sentiment caa
that the prospects of Deinocratio sue
tH3 to flattering?
ACCIDENT .—A terrible and fatal &eel
o-ceurredia Greenville, on Saturday af-
It3'tn. As Colonel A. H. Christy- was
: - iming in a buggy from a squirrel bunt,
'horse suddenly started up,, and in crossing
threw the Colonel slightly backward
ie ?mild forward to regain hia seat, bie
kr. rreek the hamMers of his shot gun,
riith was loaded,-and discharged the Con.
Of Both barrels directly into hie brain, him instantly. Colonel Christy be
'tged tJ one of the oldest and most respected
Caiet in''.'ilereer county, and was one of the
='st n!teful
. ancli enterprising citizens - of
havini been a prominent military
tt business man of the town for the last
i 'tlY-one - years. lie had recently eomple
t4 heavy contract of grading and masonry
4'e Bear Creek Railroad. Hie sudden and
tupeal death has cast a gloom over the com
entities to numerous inquiries, we will
41 0 that our information is - positive to the
t.ltet that the
_administration is resulted to
-MTe none but its friends in office, 'Awe it-
hel p it. In localities where Radicals
1.41 i Petlesal offices, all that the Conservative
People still broil to do to eeoure their removal
lt unite upon some good men for their pla
:II, 04 %41 the endorsement of several of the
tt Conservatives at their county Intl,
i sto the petitions for their appoint
ntot to Washington. Wit it is deemed
14 rizable to make inch changes, we would
Ills that the matter be delayed no longer at
%out than a week oe two after election: i•
Wuo is Tovacse:.-114it of .our readers
will not fall to remember one of fho "orators"
at the Radical mass meeting on the 10th, who
responded to the nattiO4Of Tourgee, and
claimed to be a "Southern loyalist.";" Ile wore
a flaming badge-on his coat, with the words
"North Carolina" upon it, to give - the impres
sion that he wad a resident of that State.
Who he really is may be seen by the following
extract from the Cleveland Plain Dealer :
"An officer of the 105th Ohio regiment
called on us last evening to say that he
thought it proper the nubile should knoW the
real status of a North Carolina delegate to the
Philadelphia Jacobin Convention who appears
in the published proceedings as .Capt.
gee." Our informant states that this Tourgee,
who is palmed upon the public as a Southern
man who stood by the Union, was, until
lately, a citizen of Ashtabula county, Ohio,
and has. been residing in North Carolina a
brief period only, ' When the 105th Ohio rep
- intent was raised. Tourgee was commissioned
let lieutetiaat of Co. 0, 'but for reasons
deemed sufficient, he was subsequently
"jumped" by eight sutiordin, tee (officers and
privates). Whilst in the. service, be was un
der arrest four weeks, and for conduct unbe
coming an officer and soldier was repriman
ded. Oa the ith of December, 1863, at Chat
tanooga, his resignation was tendered, and
its acceptance recommepded for the good of
the service. The foregoing is the history of
one of the 'agitators' who figured as a 'South
ern loyalist' is the recent convention. Our
informant, as we learn from him, was • cap
tain of the company to which Tourgee be
longed. It may not_be improper to and that
the captain went into the service a Re.
publican. Raving fought for the Union, be
is unwilling now to vote for Disunion, and
has therefore resolved to act with thee* who
favor complete and early restoration." -
We did' not hear Torirgee's remarks, but
several who listened to him say they were the
most offensive of any made at the meeting.
Of course ibis was to be expected, for the
creature who would be guilty of so lase an
act as to palm himself off as a Southern man,
in orded that his etatiments might be received
with the more interest, would hardly be likely
to stop at any iniezent act. It was bad for
Tourgee, though, that the r. eople of Erie re
membered him distinctly as having lived in
their midst not many months ego. Many of
his own party freely denounce his impudence,
and pay that if the rest of the go called South
ern "loyalists" are like him, the leesNaid
about them the better.
Mgrrura l IN MILL Cottr.—A meeting of
the Conservative voters .of South Erie and
Mill Creek was held at the Town Hall, Fed
eral Frill, on Saturday evening last. Pardon
Sennett was elected V4esident, and E. Camp
llama Secretary. Frederick Rues, E. F.
Wilson, Peter Loesch, 11. Schluroff and R. N.
Dunn, were appointed a committee on reeolu
tions, who reported the following
Ist. The name of this club shell be "Demo
erotic Maiart Club of Mill Creek and 'South
2d. The object of this olub shall be to Be
mire by all honorable means the eledtion of
Union Conserratire men at the coming, fall
3d. The platform shall bo the resolutions of
the Philadelphia" Convention—" The Union of
36 States."
4th. All conservative persons of all parOos
are cordially invited" to become members and
so mist in accomplishing the objects of this
Col. J. Ross Thompson then addressed the
meeting at considerable length, 'in an able
and affective manner, after which an .oppor
tunity was given to all who desired to enroll
their names, when ninety-one responded.—
The following were,chosen as the permanent
ofScertof the club ; President, Pardon Sen
nett; Vice 'Presidents, Frederick Russ and
drisilan Thomas; Sezretaries, F. W.
Koehler and D. C. Thomas ; Tretteurer, Wm.
Henry ; Vigilance Committee, - James C.
Graham, U. SAduroff, Wm. Henry, J. Relb,
John Fag n, F. E.. Gerlach, V.tchultz,
Arbnckle, Sterner, Daniel Tracy. The.
club adjourned to meet at the ;mae place en
Saturday evening, the 20th last.
"Senator Doolittle, who spoke at the Court
House, this city, on Wednesday night last,
was pelted with rotten eggs while making a
speech to his own constituents, at his home,
in Wisconsin."—Dispatch.
We do.not know whether the above pars=
graph is true ornot, but if it Is, all the stigma
of the affair rests on the meo who threw the
eggs, and not on Senator Doolittle. Filth and
blaelcguaidism aro the invariable resort of
men who cannot meet, the argument, they
wish to combat.
• —Since tho above was in tyre, wo rave
been handed a copy of the National Intel':
gencer, containing a commanicatioa denying
the whole rotten egg story. The writer
"I amdiaformett by a gentleman from Wis
consin that the statement that he was recalled
with hisses. groans and addled eggs, is utter
' ly, false, No man is held in higher esiimitioa
et is home than James R. Doolittle. He hae
lko espect, esteem and confidence of all who
know him, and so far-from his having been
received as staled in the Chronicle, the ut
most interest and desire was expressed to
bear one who was known to be a strong Oro-
eate of the Presidentee policy. 13estaterDost-
little was listegtd to for nearly thiee'haure
by a lasge.and attentive wildienoe,, composed
of the beet and most influential citizens of
Racine. As to. his leaving the cars at the
"Junction," instead of at the depot, I would
remark that this has been his custom for
years. His - residencs is a few rode "cross
lots" from the Junction, .and is over ens mile
from the depot " :
The main force of this "cmattedietion eon-
Sista in the preen! furnfehetrthat the peep%
of Renal or,Doolittylle bona retnat the row •
dies the Radicals wouldieenie them the rein-4
tatien;fis being. Were they to bias and rottoa
egg Senator Doolittle a dozen times allyelt
would not destroy the force of his argziments.
... aLoor
- - 4031
_2132 403
-. 15,325
, Wst L. co.—S Our exchanges, published
In neighboring localities, almost invariably
speak of Mr. Socti's nomination in compli
mentary terms. The Warren Ledger nays :
For practical knowledge, a sound judgment
and an, intuitive perception of the people's in
terests, Mr. Scott has not his superior. He
is the man this District needs to represent
them, and we state what we believe, when we
say that they wit's. lIANI Hut ! He "will. be
elected, notwithstanding Mr. Scofield.'s boast
here _the other day that ha "(Scofield) would
carry the District by 2,000 majority."
The New Castle Gazette Breaks 'of Mr.
Scott's nomination as follows :
"Mr. Scott is Tory well known here as
President of the E. &P. H. it, and as the
energetic head cif the firm of Scott & Co., at
the Coal Works at Clinton Station. -At home
be is the populaiand efficient Mayor of tbe
city in which ho resides. EverywheeeliO is
known as honest and reliable, and
patriotic. He no_ulil make tlie Jtind_ct_ltep
resentative thatls needed, and we, therefore,
pronounce his nomination one fit. to be made."
The Pittsburgh Post copies the Gazette's
article and gives it its hearty. endorsement.
subscribers will please remember that 'the
copies of the paper sent tbom will' .14 dis
continued as soon as the time for which they.
have paid has expired. If any of thorn /ail to
receive the Observer they will understand the
reason why. We then be happy to -Mails as
many of our campaigners as permanent 'stk.:
scribers as think they can afford the price, of
subscription. After the election, no mate,
which way it may result, we Intend to give
our readers a respite from politics for a time,
and devote most of our space to literary,
news and local matter. ' sep2o4l
for sale a - Lawyer Job Tress, ist good order,
at low figures. It will do any, kind Of card
and blank work In Brat *lasi Style, in'd • ie just
the press for a country : ewe. • Ws will,war
.raut it to be as represented. Our sele reason
for selling it is that we are pelting, .pother
press of larger capacity. Also r for sale a Hoe
Card press, nearly as good as new. •
&pt. , - - ••• "
When Gen. Grant Wks in Pbiladelpbia, ti
Johnsonite told him that Clymer Would get
the larger Tot of the soldier's vote. The
General replied ..r tbinlyou will he mista
ken in _that: Clymer is a Copperhe4 and
the' moldier who Netts for him will disgrace
himself andthe flag be fought under.".—Dis
We have the best rotten for believing that
General Grant never uttered the expristion
attributed to him, end that it is purely a cre
ation, to help the cause of Radicalism. Re
has universally •thfused . to take any part in
the palitical,moveinents of the day, sr to give
any expresiion of .preference for one aide or
the other, regarding it as improper for an
army officer to do so. The .following letter,
addressed to the Chairman of the committee
for getting up a Radical convention at Mts.
burgh. states hie position'anthentioally :
11111ADQUAITIOR Altall2ll U. 8.,
• Wasti'aeon. Sept. 18,'66. /
To Edwin 31, Endloy, - Chatrmatt Executive
Com. Soldiers and Sailors' Union : -
Six:' General Grant directs MP to acknowl
edge the receipt of your inntation to be Free
ant at a national convention of soldiers and
gallons, to- be held at Pittsburgh, Po.; Sept.
25th, 13360, for politicod purpose.- lie in
structs me to say that it is contrary to his
habits and to his convictions oOluty_to attend
political snot:dogs Uf any chi:Acta whatso
ever, and that. ho sees with regret the action
of any officer of the army taking • conspic
uous part in the political dissentious of the
Tam, sir, very res;ectfully your obedient
servant, ADM BADIAtt.
, Colonel ani,A. D. C
.flow TUE liar4o to TO DI Doss. , --The
Legislature, last winter, passed a, law Which
changes the manner of voting. All State
officers voted . for will- be voted on one slip,
labslied " State ;" all county officers . and
members of Congress, Senators, and members
of the Legislature voted for, will be voted on
another slip, labelled "Counly ; :" and all
Judges of Courts voted for, will be voted on
still another slip, labelled "Judiciary;"
wh:ch divides the ticket, at the present elec
tion, into three slips. All ticket* should be ready
eta, folded dad tied, before eleelion•day. Let
Democrats attend to this everywhere, and see
that no mistake is-madr. The following is
the correct Democratic ticket, divided in the
manner in which it must be voted :
Ist Ilip.—;State— Governor, Heisler Clymer.
2d alip.—.7i;didary-Additional Lair Judge,
Benjamin Great; Associate Judges, Rcnry.R.
Porter;_ P. P. Judson:
3d slip.= County Congress, William L.
Scott; Assembly, Wm. Henry; P. P. Mar
shell; DistrietAttorney, C. B. pleeper; Pro
thonotary, W. 0. Colt; Register Ind Recorder,
P. Ses'Audecker ; Treasurer, 0. A, Becker;
COmmissioner, Charles Wrishi . ; Auditor,
Anios Stone ; Poor Directoi., Urals sohlurad ;
Coroner, James Shearer.
Tn■ Tiara us Suomi. —Go to Work —Demo
crats of Erie county 1 Are you ready for - the
election? Da you realize that only, a little
more than a week is left in which to prepaie
for the great duty to be performed at the
ballot box in October ? BE UP AND ACTIVE
See and talk -with your neighbors. Urge
upon them the necessity of joining you in
ptitiing- forth: bolder and more vigoroes,ef
fort TLIAN RVEILDEFORE. Enrol the name
of every Democrat in your school district and
bo sure that none fail to - ATTEND THE
POLLS. Bring all your influence to boar on
DOUBTFUL VOTER 3, and secure their sup
port whenever it-is possible. Don't allow the
Radicals to exceed you in VIGILANCE! Or in
zees. Immense consequences depend - on de
feating the Radicals at this election. If an
other Radical pongres.s is chosen, - there is no
telling when the gloricns Union , will be re
stored. All legislative power will be In the
and- Tutu. SUM% Qin beite dictator. Let
We" feet itizatilstis every Democrat to put
forth his DUCE? ENERGIES to avert so
great a oafs-tits.
The Girard Spectator is a paper which is
edited with much ability and generally with as
much candor and patriotism. We. regret,
therefore, the more, to see it, in its seal to
advance the interests of Col. Rice, ecdeavor
to give the impression that the proceedings of
the late Democratic county convention and the
conference at Ridgway were not conducted in
a proper spirit. The latter we did not attend,
but the former we were present at during Di
entire session, and we unhesitatingly as
sert that no hirer ,convention has -ever
been held in our county, of either- party.
Of the Ridgway • conferenee we ?an only
judge by the 'representation' of those Who
were present, and the sentiment of the party
press of the distriet,And, so far as We have
been able to learn, the% was not a festive of
its proceedings of which any Democrat can
reasonably make complaint. Aside from the
Spectator and Col. Rica himself, we have yet
to hear of a single objection to the action of
either body, among the atlPPOrters of the Ad-
Ministration in Erie county, or indeed in any
County of the district.
Rlearn that Mr. Lowry, in his speeches;
conues to harp mainly 'van Heister ClY
tner'i record, quoting and representing the
votes of our candidate daring the unorganisid
period 'of the Senate as his real senpmenis
irnotiing;' as' be does, the unfalrnesii of this
course, we cannot accoant — for it on-any ether
ground than fiat Ur. Lnwry'has deliberately
made up laiti.mind, to deceive the masses on
the subject. Raving been himself a member
of the Solvate at the time these votes were re-'
'Corded, he knows,: perfectly well that they
were not the bona Ade sentiments of Mr. Cly
mer, and in endeavoring to create the impres
sion that they were, he is guilty of the basest
slander and misrepresentatiOi..We conid ex
, owe a Radical who knew nothing of the air
cumstances in making the use that Mr. Lowry
does of this matter, bat there can be no
palliation in the case of a man who is person
, ally familiar with its character.
The Observer's malAobjection to Mr. Sco
field is that he represente acertain party. It
wants the people to discard Mr. Scofield be
cause he belongs to the Republican party, ,
and take up Mr. Scott because he belongs to
the democratic-party, and at the same time
discard all party" considerations.—Gasette.
The Observer does no such thing. It ap
poses Mr. Scofield because he represents prin
ciples which it believes ,daugerons to the
welfare of the nation: it sustains Mr. Scott
because his principles are those which It
thinks wisest's:id beet for the country. /lad
a Republican been taken up by its friends; wlto_
endorsed these doctrinesulcup
ported him_u_sealfirmly as it does Mr. Scott ;•
and had the Radicals nominated a Democrat on
their platform it would bate opposed him with
u much vigor as it does Mr. Scofield. The Ob
server is not like - the ()mite, so wedded to
party that it will swallow its own spew, and
roll ever and in the filth, in support of ,a can
didate it dispiees, simply because he has got
the nomination of its party convention.
To Orrice SUBSCIIIIIIME.— We repeat our
notice of a few weeks ago, that, if tiny office
tubscribers find it inconvenient to cell at our
place of business for their papers, 'we shell
make arrangements for having them delivered
at such portions of• the city as may be desir
able. We trust all such will inform ns with
out delay. sep2o-tf
stiff The Elk Advocate is the only paper
published between Warren and Lock Raven,
with one exception. 'Business men in our city
wishing Ito extend their trade in that diree
tion, will find it to their interest te.patronise
ita advertiaing columns. Address,. "Advo
cate," Ridgway, Pa. sep2o-fitit
The Clearfield Republican declares end
defies contredici4n, that "those who vote for
Scofield - , vote as . distinctly in favor of negro
suffrage, a. if, they had the word. printed on
their ballots."
Local Paragraphs.-
Tho Dispatch reiterates its opinion that it
does not oansider Scofield ' , honest or desert
Are you assessed Have you seen that
your Democratic neigbbors are all assessed?
if not, and you do not wish to late your vote,
attend to the matter at once. .
Is it true or Is it not erne that all the candi
dates on V e Radical district and county
In favor of negro suffrage? If it is
not, why is it that none of them deny the
The State, district: and county tickets Will
be printed by Monday evening next,- and
reedy for delivery. Oar friend,' calling 'for
them on Tuesday or after can depend on get
ting a supply.
Among the delegates to the Eoldiera' Con
vention at Pittsburgh, We notice the name of
Capt. Tonrgeo, late of the Erie Academy.—
lie Is named in the list as a delegate from
North Carolina.
Ur. Lowry. notwithstanding their political
differences, has always claimed to be a warm
friend of Mr. Clymer. e Re is now displaying
his , friendship by misrepresenting the latter's
votes during the nnorganisel period of the
As many of our readers have expressed a
desire to know the rote in our Congressional
district in 1864, we publish it as follow.:
Republican\Majority • 1,677
There wee it good attendance at the Court
House on Wednesday evening, to listen to the
ipeeches of 800. hiontgoniery Blair and col..
E. 0. Perrin. , Among' the audience were
many Republicans, who mimed deeply inter
ested in the remarks of the .dietingnished
All aliens of the age of twenty-one and up
wards, who bare resided within the United
States one year, and who hate enlisted in
and been honorably discharged - from the
armies of the United States, are entitled to
naturalisation upon , petition and proof of
each residence, enlistment and discharge.
The Dispatch does not
,hoist the name of
either of the candidates for Congress.
It takes occasion, )lownver, to • give
,Scofield,a shoe every now and then, which
plainly exhibits that, whatever may he its_
feelings towards Scott, Its relations to Scofield
remain, unchanged.
Assessment lists and tax reeelpte will be in
great request at the coming election. Let
Democratic voters and Democratic soldiers
prepare themselves in time with their Receipts,
Discharges, and all necessary documents. and
be curs to Bee that their.
, neases are oa the
Aeseseors' Lists by Friday.night.
The Democratic leaders in this district are
using money without, slink to debauch }be .
public morals, and buy vote." for W. L. Scott.
We pronounce theabese • falsehood, male
out of the whole cloth, and the author of it a
'ions - clone falsifier.
We perceive• by the Gazette that Thid.
Stevens has written a letter urgently admitt
ing Scofield's - election. .This if the same
man who at Bedford recently idvotatednegro
suffrage, and 'laid the blacks were equal to
the Germans and Irish. The inference to be
drawn is, that Scofield ,Stand? on the acne
• • ,
Capt. C. D. Sleeper, our candidate for
District Attorney, is taking an wive part in
this campaign. He hail addressed n number
of meetings, :with 'good 'effect. , The Ciptain
has few superiors as a speaker, end is always
listoned to with interest. Tie informs us that:
he is willing to note appointments-for any
portion albe county where be maybe want
The official announcement is made of the
appointment of a A. Frans, Esq., of Clear
field, al, Assessor of this congreatiienal dis
trict; in place of D. Livingston removed.
Mr.Trank Is a Conservative' Republican of
Influence, and the man whom he displaces is
a Radical. This , change will doubtless be
followed by the removal - of the Radical Deputy
Assessors in oar county, and the selection of
sound Union men in their places. It is ex
pected there will soon ben sweep of all the
Radical officials in our city and county.
The Dispatch accuses ni :of quibbling in
our paragraph last week - ielative to the Rad
ical prooorsion. We simply slated the sip
stance of the bet made and its result, at the
solicitation of .one of the 'parties concerned,
mating no comments of our own. If there is
anything like "qiiiibbling"in such en act; oar
dictionary fails to give a correct definition of
the word.
Col. Forney, in his speech at Look Haven,
empliatizally denied the report that - he had
been intoxicated at Williamsport, as report
ed- He alleged that be has "bever tasted
drop of spirits or of -wine" since the 4th of
Maroh,_ 1865. We have no disposition to
misrepresent any one,—not even a person - who
sleadere the Dszneolitic party as grossly as
Vol. Forney—and willingly give him - the
ben's% of re-publishing his statement. Hie
old friends will learn' with pleasure that-he
his parted company with intoxicating drink
Ws an awftit wicked Thing, in the estima
tion of Republicans, for a conservative mem
ber of their party to accept of's new appoint
_meat from President Johnson, but it's-all
right, in their opinion, for the. Radicals who
have ocutinued in •office. up to this time to
hold on to thCir positions like "grim death I"
orange that a mere matter of party affiliation
should make such a difference in men's
morality. - - . •
On Thursday hot Dennis . Toohliy got into
an affray with Michael Corcoran, a soldier
In the course. of which the former .was in
badly Nand that be died on Saturday after
noon. Both parties were intoxicated, and
the eviiientie shove!' 4464'00nm struck the
fatal blow in self defend°, The Coroner's,
jury returned a verdict of justifiable bomi.
o:dii. •
AS some of the Radi cals are profaning to
have bad their feelings gently outraged by
the communication fa last _week's Observer
respecting ; Petters! Geary'reoilitary record,
we desire to_ say that it was- written, ai it
. BorportetraVe; itio command,
who is personally familiar , witir ,— ilt•the fatlti
to which he alludes,. The testimony of snob
a_person certainly ought to be entitled to is
much credence as that of individuals who
know nothing of the - events of the war, except
as they find them in partisan publications. •
Wo do not want to gave Our opponents the
chance of claiming that the $2O 000 Demo
untie fund being used hate has diminished
the Republican vote.—Qagate.
The random and impudent manner in which
the Gazette "swings round the circle " of
truth is well exemplified in the above extract.
Bo fad from there being a $20,000 Demccratto
fund, every ntipber of our party in the city
conversant w i the facts willbearns witness,
that no amount has been used outside of the
ordinary means necessary to carry On a cam
paign. We will venture to assert that where
one dollar has been expended on the Demo
erotic side ten have been used on the Repub
lican. -
Better commence 'now, for the benefit of
your readers and your own credit. Swing
round the circle, and devote your •gigantio
mind to purely, ocel rommice.—Garetts.
The best thing you can do for the "benefit .
.of your readers, and your own trodit," is to
"swing round the eirt4e" ilia get out of the
newspaper business. . Your ' , gigantic robe
could find a better_opportunity for its Fenner
qualities in some other calling—boot blacking
far butinci.
Oar people, of all parties, • owe it to their
credit as a community - to "shake inch at
tempts at bribery and oorruption.—Ossette.
"Our people, of all parties, owe it to their'
credit sa a community" that the first thing
-they thout4 do is to escertairt the myiterious
cause of the Os:site's ardor for &afield at
present,. after haring denounced him to the
best of Its ability for a few weeks ago. The
lry of "stop thief " generally pomes from tbi
thief himself. If there has been "bribery
and corruption" in the case let us know, that
it may meet with the "rebuke limb stump's?.
Apropos to this eubject, • we understand'
that Mr. Johnson has „ placed the whole matter
of appointments and removals in this county
in the hands of a committee consisting of Ron.
Wm. L. Scott. W. A. Ualbraltb, Belden Mar
vin, C. W. Kelso and Thomas Mahaffey.—
You "understand" do ytu4' Who do you
understand-it from? Oh, unacrupulou.s
derer, confess that it is an invention of your
own brain, and that no one but yours elf ever
understood anything of the kind.
Wm..L. Scott is supported' by every man in
this District who votes tho Democratic ticket.
Toyota for him is limply_ to vote with (bat
disloyal sad Alsgrsced party. No good tfilion
man Will commit each an errar.—Gatette.
- Well,. we shall see. Our impression Is; that
thousands of better Union men than the editor:
of the Gazette ever his been or ever can be
will give him their support.
In - fact it, is now the usual question
when a mint innouncos his intention to vote
for W. L. Seilti; -1 1 Ito i much did you get
—Gazette. • L. 4
It a more, " usual question" how much
the Gazette has got or etpeots to get for
'supporting Scofield now,, after having for
several weeks before his nomination asussd
hint - to the:,best of Its feeble talent. , -
, 9,954
• , .
-? - i.
The iir).kuen Ledger says Mr. Scott. "bu
girtirt;:to kesoldiers_and the Union -cause in
singiAinaiiAre than G. W. Scofield in all.
Um any Onii4 Wet MR Scofield has ever
-girettlinythitil • erbaps he bail. Let some
person ansWeireh knows ;for we are very
certain that - lint - ow know ( of his generous
gifts, if he ha**, made tbern." , .
After refusing.l, do so for several weeks,
the Greenville„-Ai!gus has at length been in
duced to hoist ;14, name of D. A. Finney for
Congress in ilia district. In doing so, the
editor says be kirrenders none of the natant;
able opinions afluney he his herciofore`ez
pressed, hut sinkly because the party inter
ests demand iti4- . i
A young matt,, of boosiderable experience,
wishes a situat'Cit in a groosry. st re , or at
some businessVlti Lite nature Being more
desirous - to obtlitn employment than to make
money. -he will accept moderate wages at
first. Apply . to this editor of the Observer..
The Girard } Spectator City! of Col; Grant,
the Demiaritio notnitee for 'Judge, that be
"hoe the repUtstion of belog one of the ablest
lawyers in tSte District, and no man could
have been pu), in nominatl)n more acceptable
to the wishes' of the people."
—Mr. Watren L.' Roes hen taken the store
lately conducted by Justice, Gheen dr, Galla
gher, and fitted it up with everything neceso a
ry to make it complete gentlemen's furnishing
establishment. Ills stock of cloths, cassimeres,
vestings and - ready made clothing is superior
to anything everbrought to the city, snd•we
defy any one to rich the store without ending
something to snit his. taste: Mr. - Rossi has
been fiery anmanful in securing a cutter who•
is not surpassed anywhere. 17nderhis skillful
supervlsion the cnncern,ls timing out work
equal th. the best Eastern establishments.' No
periOn can bait an _excites for Oleg ahroad
to get clothing while Ross affords the con'eo
■tences that .he does. Is addition to his other
goods he has-also a superior steck of hats
and caps, hosiery, collars, cravats,—in short
anything that a man wants In the clothing
line can be got at Ross's. Call and see for
Yourselves. je21.0
1r you want a conect likeness go to
Wager &Va.'s photrgraph rooms, 1828 Peach_
street, above • depot. flaying introduced all
the latest improvements in the art, they flat
ter themselves thefcan satisfy the most las:
odious. They have the most pleasant and
airy rooms this aide of the eastern cities, an
improved background, beautiful side decora
tions aid a large life sized- mirror, in which
the subjects can look themselves square in
the face while the pietarp is being taken.—
The sky light is the largest in the, city, and
picture can be taken in a cloudy day as well
as in the clearest. • ' Bept.l3-tf.
Chambers dc - Dunn, between Brown's Hotel
aid the• Reed Houle, having to leave their
gallery at the expirationnf their lease, offer
all kinds of photographic work at. greatly re
duced prices. Carte visitea, usually costing
$3, for $2 • large•piotares, costive elsewhere
$2. for $1.50 ; duplicates bat 75 etc. All
other work at proportionately reduced prices.
Work equal to any other gallery in Erie. Now
is the time to get photographs at low pet.—
Call end see. fhPe./3-611*
VW Clark lb &tither; Wholesale and Re
tail Dealers in Confectionery, Oysters, Canned
Fruit, etitiosers, Yankee Mulatto s Bolters'
Goode, Toys, Cigars, Tobacco, _Pipes, aco. i
West Bide of Peach. Ferret, 1 Squire 'going
of the Onion, Depot, Erie. Pa. Also. Dealer*
in all kinds Of Country Produce. Particular
attention paid to filling country orders.
(Jan.2B.lf )
CIT *RD.—Persons 'whams to procure por
traits of themselves or members of their fam
ilies, Should enlist the gallery of Mr. Qblwiler,
in Rosenzweig's block. Ills specimens of
wort convince us that he is an artist who has
few tuperitirs. The throng of visitors to his
roitme are an indication that his merits are
daily becoming better known and appreciated
by thepublia • - *
IferD. W: Hutchinson, United Btates Claim
Agent, Girard. peons. Pensions, Back Pay,
Bonnty,-and all ether claims against the Gov.
einment attended tc‘with promptness. Charges
reasonable. Applications by mail attended to
the same as if made in person. (j'lB 6m,)
Tua EUREICA E uzT ime,—This jar was
awarded tie - hi¢beet• premiums et the New
York State Fear, American .Inititute and
Maryland Institute.. For WS by trintrott &
Dempert, 605fre,iteh 8t , ••
Dn. KATYLL Pedefal BM, South Erie'
nu experienced Surgeon. • jyl2.2m
Tin fruit nano, with patent self befall* gnaw
tope, for sale tip Birorod do Dempsey. Jana
Da. Harsira, , Federal Hill, will .describe
year disease correctly. 3712 8m
Box.ownr—Goatt the madam of I. ll. Gare l mu
ett l . c m .T l Lasilay, the 18th. t it. by
Hr: demote IttehletO..if Laexi; N. Y., to ino writ
rot Bata, of Phltedelphle.
Porroosoa—Suoass—ln Oltard, Sept. it, by Soo. 11;
0. Howland, Ur. W. S..httotook, of SRstageold,
]flat Carrie &lbw, of. Girard. '
Bituxr—Dacrox-4n 17nio3y Hit 10. b i 110 0 li Moak
, ' 313. 13 emllsy s of L•Bos!iff, azid Wu it . II neon, at
• Pomiz—Ti:o*Lia thilon x ilept ZO, by Ow (Far, lit •
J Forfar awl Ws Illaareta Tonne, all of 'um*.
Passo-Kauar- Io Upton, rept 20. bj tbo time. Yr X
B Fenno, of traloa, and Wu Bush ♦ Kelly, of
07171M--0/11WOLD-011 the nth blatant, In this city,
lir. Owen iladosy, or Fares Mil., N Y, to Miss Frank
13 Griswold.
Pawns-4 nlllll2lll township, Aril 2d, Ks .t.Lbn
P 4 altar, abed has Imusdrsd sad Ere pare.,
Hard: 4tortrana 13!ortras Ifirsltsesitale -
12aa proved WWI the man perfect pnverstkor t.r the
hair gm offered to the pubUc.
It L • ireriteble eelaponad, tad malaise no Injurious
properties whatever.
It will restore pap heir to Ile cadging • 010 r.
- It will lump the bar trots falling out.
It deepen the scalp, and soaked the balr soft, Isulzaus
It it s irpleadid Utz &inter. ,
No Ploor. attorioltss. aboupl
. 411 cal K.
'lt verinsiodid sadrimod4l the Om mace so
thedity. •
• Ask tot Rees Pie Able Siam liar Bps,lran awl
talcs so other. •
R. P. BALL k CO., Itaahaw N. tfi'Propstelm!R
-•Tar oak le gEdesubta. , is2lsal4
_ -
TIIIIIVOIMEIOXI AID Itarsaram ay .1:11/ !mutt—
Published for the basset sad at a CAOTION TO TOLOIO
UN. as&otbars, who salter from Nory'rsts Daddllta,
ppputhea Deasy otAtahood. do. rapphing se do
limo time TI Suss or die.s•CsaL ByKd vho has
eyed himself atter iiidargoing eavaldstshlik —
Ity saolostoPs post-paid adinsed Sian+. striglo cop
te% tits achy" may be bad of Lb, aullem,
sit3o-3as - Ibroiddys, • • Co., N. Y.
. New Advreillseme :13
Dls SO L pininersbip
beritedirs a:WV between . v. tiellle tad C.
A. Creed ill. wider the era same of Malls* Caudell.
le Absolved b mesa vessels% Kr. C t retiring
boa the llrm. no Mistime bill Sr oolinlid Iry the
' tteittrelipsed. et the the old styled. Arab street. 11 doors
earth et Bagels St. trr *too ell sit:mints Ballad the
Ilea Eras .111 be settled. W.
' septt6.3lO,
nip sabacrib4;er will pay 01811
. -
rislittred at Mate papa mlll, at the Ilea
Manchester. 614.14, IM-3m
MERCLIAr"3 1.71t10N E
will open Its Motet lines to the
Aud ‘• prepersd to do a densest Nip ..
- vitb the Fut, West, Southwest and
Inst.- Including also, the early
• d eollsettns of mouSesi
valuables, ate.
The lines tt.en opened •ill embrace t
teems New York, Boston, say°, Vitro
Cincianati, Chingo, Milwaukee, I. Cro •
Chian, led , anapnila St. Louts, and alt the
places, and to be t rapidly estended over
iba Capital of Wfa,Company
end la an ample guaranty to the publio of
bunt!. 411 Maass or &metes of property'
it. w.ll be ortrowily and equitably adjuatel
iCrery effot will be made to merit the
the Inlet expectations of the putitu.
Cr fora law dim* previous to Oct 1.
oar dope tor the dlstrilmtion upon them oil
Atbaro,l4o. 20t6.1864:P71t
IlLeaufaatarete and Whole/41e Deal
Waterford, Erie CO., Pa
cr 0144 by cull promely attended I
1 1
No. d REED Hamm;. ' I
Bowing wide lap purchases in N.. York Batten,
mad Philidolphis. w. itie! l now prepared to °Margit
Felsonab:i'Priees out lapte - uad w.ll tkieeted •
. — 7
1 1
" 1 1 . .
FILM. Matt and Colored. Plain and Tr; Merinos.
barrage Clott a; Popltml. ai
Trench d Iria '; Black and
Colored .11.1.specia; Mir ri.l4 and StrfpC'd
. i
LAIEIftS; tro.4 D. Ladner; kalltaseCators and
Robs de Charbar.
fACrit s ifalinelsais; Cluny, Glarus; I Potat cod
PELLIII,A, Long sad Pim" Paisley aadlirochs.
MOM sad tlasqthres; Balmoral 6litrtli.
large stock of Clothi for ma sad boy wear.
Wcolea Ilardistr, all qoalltlss and titlark
Cantos Vannes. Bleached tad Brown.
Flannels, Plato and Chsekinf Wasp Vannes.
Prints, French Knit , h and Donrastle. ' • -
fteattoratt Prints, Blanked and Brown Caton*.
Cotton Yam, Cotton Ratting. licks, braving sad
arl" Knit Goods, Roodsp ,, , 'Rabin aid Breakairt
ehsats, Woolen and Cotton flosims, Bidoiosil Hots.
>' l ''
l '
led a
Brddley's•Dsiples nom, &iris
i. i - •Li - •
- .
Oisr . slosh su never so tall and eolaploiS as' It the
, A ... prsoral : ti ns.
, .
REII-11 .
i • Li 1
REM trouts. i
. 1;
It R. Jon,. Si. ti.lorzr.
J ONES & BROnIER, ji . 4
Maaufaettirert ikod Iniolegal• and titan
Dusts= la
oars, CORN, wart ant i ,
421 &ate At, do . or scutA 0.,
Mt PA,
IDilhary figs In the ety.
IVIIIITTOINO eoliths to tbe houswoort, mole
awl bawler the saws ta trestiost WOw
userritere eastome the weld ; bow to missy well, efts:
&thawed thins weer published billers,, read the's,-
Wed mad salaried edltioa Ihrinast Couto& time.
a eadoas toot for =rims poop* sod • good book tar
awe one. NO 100 illaetratheas.l Pelee $1 be.
atats Wile a rot Isl to to aildtwei. Tooke way' be
Lid at the bookstores, or will to seat hp , mil, post
pshl i oa reesipt at the pries. d&ww_
. B. MW.;
• ela • , 111 KI Bioadwite New Ter!.
Hy Wallas Seln'on. the Standard history of the
grand WM. .The greabol work on the war; nosier
sally iodated by army carers and the press The au
thor mys s
design In this volume to record what that a-maid
and reefed in ton eampargos ana two more battles.
el dell hare to sehilluabe the traswereing loyalty of
this arm, that Mallon ohm the bond of military co •
Melon Ailed, held 11, unshaken of Zaino., to a duty
NU Imposed.
.1 ebsU bees to follow It th ough eberkered cope- .
ranee. Is • tee commingled of great arleortunes, great
follies and great glories; but from last to Met, It will
artier that amid matt buffets of fortune, through 'win
ter and rough weather.' the Army of the fateful' nerer
give up, but mad. s good Sight and des ly retched the
"Of thie deems tbers.will be no other hero than the
Arm otter Potormo Half; for it would mato that la
this war of the people It was dearest there aboseld arise
no imperial presence to become the central 01111, aid
cynosure of men's Ores. Hapelemr, In an outburst of
haughty eloquence; melalms that In the treatments* of
Maori , the Commander wse everything. The proud
epothesis has so applatio to the army of the Pet,.
mat. Auden* mud Mut—Maw li mese bade great.
sad gensrallyhad mediocre ememsnderrit arm that It
might be tal l that 'plummet-, it won it owed cot to genius
butt ought titbits blood."
This to the o y History of the Grand Army, sad no
ore whir has borne a part le its meta% or Is interested
in lbegrandachkeremente, should be ',about It.
Ibis work presents a rare chance tomato moessy.
Agents sewed Send for eireutere, and see our terns
septo lms NH Minor ilt . Phase.
of Rigout
Would respeatfallr anoartars that thy hare opened a
. state at
NO. 128 iirrou ar,•DsrggßN rea AND sm,
For the potshot's:#.4l:o We of
rir Order' from abroad Will receive prompt atter'
lan at the Lowest Market Prises.
t ar The highest price in Ca/I/quad for Prod►ee.
, gig -
The Chas7psst, Simplest end Best arrsogernen for the
purpose ever invented. .ft .tends rm Wheels, Wolfs, or
Hinges. end works easier than any other date that eau
to produced.
Prattle Du
Specimens an to seen at Jahn Dodge,. and G. T.
Elliott'. on the Buffalo road, to Ffarbor Creek town-
ship; alio, at several panes in. Mill Creek township.
The undersigned has bun appointed agent foe Harbor
Creek township, and will be glad to give any- informa.
tian that may oe wanted.
Co the Kuhl road, one tote 'oath of auto, Creak
line. . anl6 tt
llts nsponsl•
yntntstod to
QTR.* NUB, BUT TRUE, That Sarcaparilla and
CI Bludook. D , OWL) , f Tartar and SulphnOted Pre
etnit-tp and Brimstone, all ht,t to mire this modern
mongrel Itch, now so prevalent throughout the omit.'
try. But the etztraet of Dandelion tad Bitt r-Sweet is
Just the remedy frr it, ea It acts on the Herr stimulates
ald tte s-cretti us, opens the pores of the etta. and in a
i tneft
est..rai and easy way throws out 104 tb mid, poi
tenons or Impure matter, and leak . e circulation
free, the blood pare , the din C/:212,, co mpletion
clear, and the whole @lateen free frihn e. It is a
medicine that cannot be used without isoneflt. : xte
Fr abel as,
9, Prins:
Et B. -Monaca. /AMU Mpisox. - Jon
D it it' Grooos
1&c . ,
SEPT E/1 S R , 186 6 .
Now complete., and !netts the attention of Dealers to
. their carefully selected assortment of
The freititient fluctuations in value of all descriptions
of Merchandise, renders it a =litter of especial propriety
that purchase' abould be r frequenl, and therefore the
nearest "'aka! bnoints the one best adapted to supply
ing retail dealer, with goods they sell.
'Purchasers from Westin n Pennsylvania. Eastern Ohio
and Weston, Virginia, are - invited to iirLatt Pittsburgh
and inspect this Stock of Goode, witch will tit kept dar
ing the IMOD.
- ,
Terms, :Vet dish, and Prices BiasCltable
so. 54 If 4 , 0 D BTalakyt
sept 6 If PITf4
Hallos Is himeby st:ten that letters of administration
hare been granted to the undersigned npoa the estate
of Wm. IL Whittley,late of the tosissldo of 11111 Creeb,
Erie eottatj.,deeessed. All ninon' indebted to raid estate
will Cat an d eettle.and all , ptrsorsliaring claimer rgainst
the same nill bandstbern eerie cent: be 1. _
3illi :1 W. RYAN,
an bll-.5.• , Atliaßalstratar. _
N EW allLLlNltttlidrk HOODS !Stores
MRS. S. 121. HALL
Takeo pismire In annminelng to the petille that she
bat opened a new s'ore in
liarmon's:Block,2 Squares south of Union Depot,
Where she .111 keep militantly a large veal) , of
Holseey t Cloths, and a general assortment of eserything
timidly kept on Lind to a store of the kind.
, -
Or A new, stoat of Geode pet remised from the
an APE VI 2.1 .* E S, C.,
Loehtding Apples, Ware. Cherries, Herr; Peach
es, tie., of due. 'quirky ;mirth, arid of the
most approved varieties.
U.1.1./NADIMA/; a nT. Trll2l:e.
The Lupe ' t acid Most Trod'attliv flaiikerry
A complete areortroeot or the heat Tirietitll.
Planter wootltig opetha or mortid 4toek are toeltell
to give oases%
FL - .11211.4?,
toga° Oe• •
Tam err* Newness:
~~ ~
Arid, for
Agents for'
- • a023-tf
any on band a largo assoracternt of f Seta, Caro,
Bagar, Synth pie. `"-• 1;12-0
zstnis ultustrai Conunos Pins. ;tie Co,
No. 413. Aug. ter
• 11. Alfas Ilubpoess_.To
raters "NM"
Whereas, Zeno stinker did prefer bi. *Mon to-tut-
Honorable Jo gee of the Court of Cotompaltensfor thd
comae of Brie. pnishig tot the mesa the — SW set forth,
the 'might be dienteed trout his wife Noners..N. Mikan
%often Is hereby glee* to the said ifintlut Billikosts
be sad appear before our Jades at Erie at a Gout*
masonpleu then and there nit* hoiden , for the
scanty alert*, on the dust Monday in Ndleionterafest,
o anweeesaid petition awl abide the Sudontat•t
-40 art thsprambes. L. gigolo'
Owl% Ms, thfist 20. 111110.'
ifirehata .
or tar
r n GREAT siluo(rragrata ilnUe
Mot a WlLLikey PriParationj
rin en»
toraltiog trots as, eases what:vim Prootisflea
of tbs esitom mused tis -savors hudithlps, lisporares,
firms or Moises of amp Ilb. Foldlery ettfnny =ls
or fra 24o . Mel. Or path, wlll find Ls els Bitters a purr
took, not doposeont os bid liquors for their almost rot•
rotu'oos idea.
DI'S PEPS/ 4t,
Arid diseases mottle( from disorder' of the Lien sod
Digestive organs, am curd by ,
This Bitters has "serforinad more , cam, sires lailttX--
satistsetiorr a his roars !antimony, ha• news respectable
popis to vouch 41. It than any other article in rho war
kat. Ws dafy anyone to contradict this arsertloto, and
pas mr oto any ani who will proclaim a cartiOrate
pribliahedty os that is not gennine.
Rill tore every else of ehronle or nervous debility am.
dist*, -a of the kidneys. Observe the following symptoor
reselling from disorders of the digestive ar g on' ;
Constipation, Inward Piles, Fannon of Blood to the
Head, acidity of the Stomach, Hanes% Heartburn, Die
gnat tor Fmn2„ [alum or weight to the stomach, tfout
rhuctettone, Slaking or Flattering at the, Pit of the
Stoma:l4 Beimmtog of the Hoed, Homed and Matron
Daubing. Flattering at the Hark Choi, fog or :indent
eg Saturations when in a lying posture. Dawes of Vie
tom Dots or Wets helm the eight, ,seer read Dan
to the Head. Dendeney of Pernirathoo. Yellonnem
the :thread Eyes, Pain in Ile Side. Hark, Chest, Lambs,
toe , Sadden Flashes of Best•,.Bouting to thewl - leak Coo
gan Imagining of Sal and great Depreuton 0f.3 Wits.
R'am's, that Wu Bitters le ootalchoollo, contain.
no ram or whiskey, and cannot make drunkard', bat to
the beat tonic' lo the world.
From Rer. R. D. Sehtftiel. Pluto! of Twelfth Raptiet
Gentlemen— I hare neently been laboring Rader the
diatomic, effects of Ind igertfoll, MOO zipeeded bye pros
Intim of the nervous ay stem. Numerous rennedles weer
recommended by friends. and some of them Meted, bu
without relief. Your Booflacd German Bitten *ere
recommended hyperons wheTbad tried them. and whom
'favorable meatton ct then Bitters induced me tp try
teem. I must vastest that I had .an &yentas to West
Ifirdialnal from the "thousand and one" quack "Bitters
whose only aim seem to ,e to palm off sweetened al.d
drugged liquor upon the emsunonity to a sly way, and
the tesitee, of whirl. I fell, ts to =he many a a.m .
armed drunkard. Upon Jeletztlag that your, j aa rea lly
• medicinal preparation Int& it with happy effect. Its
action, not only upon the stomach, but upon the nervous
system. wu prompt and gratifyiwg. I feel that ri m ,.
derived great and permanent tomtit from the see of a
few bottles. Very restrertfullr toms.
W. 0. 8100,,WIFLD, No. 254 Tlmokamszon St.
From the Rey. E. D Teele.ll, A94tjtat Editor OtriAbo
Chronic Ls. Philads.
I have derived decided benefit's= the nu e' Realm d'
German Bitters. ant Heed May privilege to recommend
them as a most valuable tonic to all who are stalliffng
from mural debility or from dime', arising from the
derangement of the liter.
Yours truly.
trim Elev. D. Mersle , Pastor of ttuPasuraolt - a! hit
Otittrer, . -
From the many respectable recommendations Orris to
Dr. HooflandrsGermsn Bitters,' eras induced tepee th:tu
• trial. After using several bottle'," I found them to be a
good remedy for debility, soda moat excellent tongs for
the stomach. D. SflOilftlag.
From Rev; Wm. Pmith. formerly Putor of the 'Flom
town and Mi 1) Saptist Cleurelne.
Haring cud tomy 'amity a number of bottles of you.
Bootlend's German Enters, 1 beret...say I regard tleirer
as at excellent medicine, 1111PtiblIT adapted tetremore
the diseases they we recommended 'or. may strengthen
and bulgorate the system when debilitated, and arenas
tot In disorden of the liver, loss of appetite, &e. I an
also recur mended them to venial of my friends she
bare tried the., and famed them gresVy herniae's! la the
resto-atlon d health. Yours truly,
WE. SMITH, 964 Ent Mown St, Philads.
See that the signature of C. IL JACKSON" ts ea the
wrapper of each bottle
Should your nearertdrturglat not hare the article do
not be put ofr by any of the intoxicating preparations
that tosy be offered In Its plate, but mend to us and WI
arillforward. securely picked , by expytifs.
Eir Principal 00ce and lianatentory, No. tKI Arcb
Street, Plidladelphte, Pik
JONES & eveits,
[socemors to C. Y. Jeekson & C 0.,) Proprietor,.
For sale by droggitta and dealers in @Tay town In the
United States. decTll6 -11.
R U B BBs L-.$
- '
ertif re the natant igatast the evil *Otte of anwhiile•
gorse water.
Will env!, Dylpepsia. •
Will erreoWeakiseee.
Will care General Debility.
WlltaQre ftearthirrn.
Will cure Headache.
Will enre Liver. Complaint
Will excite arid itreaft4 healthy appetite. ' •
Will invigorate the organs of digestion aid moderates
ly increase-the tmapatatura of the. body and the form of
circulation, acting In feet as a general oonroboraut ot the
system, containing ad poisonous drug and Is
A- fair trial la earnestly solicited. • • ,
GEO. C. }UMBEL k CO., Prop
Einra r ,t. T.
Central' Depot,tio lean Expels Building 66 HOD.
For sale by all Druggists, Graters, /re.
tor KINNIG ar FIOaDLEY; Erie, Wholemile Ago
and for We by Ball is Warfel. Carter k Career and W il
aim ar Booth:
Coal Yard, comer ct Twelfth and Peach Streets, Sri%
Pa., who keep constantly on hand Lehigh and Pittston
(Ynr‘ seri lump and prepared, Shamokin, Rim Woe%
and Nat elms; ilitomlnon• for grate and steam, and
FAr alackamlth Pasposes
Oar Coal 11411 received by rail, is kept en dry plank
floor, and
We carer great Indacemeate tepartieglrieblog to ley
to their winter supply; a!so to dealers parchutng hy the
eat load.
or Give to s vii) and e e vino tee to en Bathe•
j01y19:61 , ,fl •
picu,l, gist N TIONAL AGENCY,
Ofita In Farrar Hall 11411 dial, Erie, Pa. 4(
AU elaimanta for extra loonnty allowed by late acts of
Congress. can here the 'meow promptly eollelted Dt
rending their dietherges to me, the receipt pt which
will Fe promptly aeknewledged and .netitteticns re
INORVASE 09 PrwszoNs.• •
sts per month for total loss of are of eithri leg or
arm, instead o• de. taper monthlor each minor child
of deceased soldiers or acumen. Also, other Increases:
Three months pay proper for all in genies March 2d,
and discharged after April 9th, 1196. Chime culled.
Claims for sneers Om, and een.toos, and h ati oty
promptly collected. Dosonelled facilities (or emend
and completion. eases. tliowanta to prisoners of war
collected. Only azener In North-" Western Penneylre,
We where years of experience in the U. O. Treat ory can
be found...
Tiankfhlfot the very Metal patrolled. trial:Mid
in th e plot, we hope by increased experience az d nom,
mating attention to patrons to mom their co:Matted
favor, Ofilee i n Farrar Hall Baddied.
j• Loth Box 101, ltrie, Tea
pirownwr '
Idages t and But atoek of
And BRUMES In ttle sup Do fond at
Inn Er., Nos►a es P.srurn.
flarhiibbol loos experien c e la the trade'. we are enebled
to eeelfri Parties with a ~ceder qtalltf of 'ea, at
the leant irkaa.
Oar 'tea embrace' a "eneral witty 'of imerithing that
Painterkneed, and that, who gln W their Pelrealle
can rebt on , tot being diappolated. -
tart filled. Orders ibr Tarnishiag ballditegi mid be "sathete
Will do riot* and better work et • gives cart, than any
other. Try ft. MairofseVrect only by
rraot,EsAtx DRUG. PAM? 4 alalBB-lia4L
N 0.137 :forth Third Street,
Lt4►LL AND' INTER !mimes for Bonnate s
.11: gate and Turbans. Rearmi i TRW, and all kinds
of dtzaw Goods sitarsd 01/ Asished, promptly. Your
peel:raw is %ItapocrUnly anateitad.
surg4o-810_ A. V.Dtillti.
frtaseillel rs o f the that meta 1160 mart Osalr
lu arl . ate awl
Meteo greatest ether aad pe/twee in
latslllek Carter's lixtract 01 Swart Weed. Than.
seeds an Wally to the trntb of this atateassaq and all
that sire It slab Irbil I beams of the mos Wad. ,
Manila Lone patintmidlelie—ao called—that'
auelt to be ►n l'o l. esvill7. seed that is Csrtse's
Eabiketof Smut Wad: loam ttis smut§ vhieb some
UPS from those that turn used It, ire think then can
1)0" ot►ts Erssiviqh, s svp2o.ti
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