The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, September 13, 1866, Image 1

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eopprioN—TirODocuata AND TIM Orris rr
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. i ffeetli the erplratiou of be year. Butoctibity
by emir *ill be ebarret Thiry Arns
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the State ooteis paid for ys ab ,„„ :
brEavororm—onAtlii„, o f Ta t i Lial
one to.
wtio , 8 ,,00 rwo Desertions SIX ; Akira" insant
to , tot : one mil% two unman 13,10 . ;,
tly,,yonsassttgeViinsoootbsltts,tion4 $4.03y
G4etolreettononte to Oraportlan. , - . lllsein atm
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oto goo ; Adaolotayator's Notleas43,oo; tool
idiot IS o asts aline: Yardage llotieea iririere
raccti 'oval; Obituary Nakao Wort ems Uses
tot mite per line.. Prfittiar poetry, so
w wri tea al the reqnhet of the - editor, one dollar
- edrertleolleata win Isrsontinnid at
6, men I f the person 'Arnaldo& wail ordered
hie direetioue stutleas la specified period le
west ores for their tosertiou. '
AU es ampotestions 'should bik addressed to
Editor and PrcepristOr.
Bilsinesi Directory.
• , f
a4gay licrrwr, State St , near Otb
_to •
, F oirag gf. CUTLER.
AT LAW, alisrd, gXi • C 0911 71
d other business-atm:idol to wi
ir, R O ,
in Walk es
,:santh itraet. grid, Pa. a= 1 112
...' =WI. suitrar.
~11 : "i : , - !ti i 11113 • '
.... ?env - Meek. oeir North Wed comer of the
, , , Zorp, YIP, Le- .
0 NENNErro
Jrallor or rus Pa ha,. - oBleospeona
rrAmth Street, betvireeci Fifth and
ilir E WntorforO,
Room', Lw.te. Pkorenry.,e_
and attanti , .o chola to
. 4 7,o f ert of ato.tx. • • ap8'6+5,17.
11111'11 t INKN•
• ' TCBTICI OP ?HI NIAOII% Paragon Block
14. 7 . 0 of Fa-nir Rall, EH*. Pa.
u.:GUNN4 4 ON.
r . irrox.lilr A? LAW AWDICSTIOIC Of TUB
•nla 1143 • tent, Conjeysaeer Sod Collector.
12 G. to 11(11 Wing, aarith.reat corner of rdtb sod
-A:MU , Erie, . spITG6 t
Joni Caosassanors. at lb* new
,t,inie Fast* Clilsc.. hu rt band a bon asaort•
GrOt.rieß. PTOTWODI. Wood and Willow Ware,
r. Llyunni, Vntineco. Pens.. &e. to 'Web be ne.
•Vie tills the attention of the public., *elided that
an offer, as growl bargains as can t. had In an rparl
Fro enzaty. saar3ols-it
C U!'"iNft VT, 3/.
Prts• - mus Aso Striuttos
d Celt AtreAt. over.O. ategert rom.--btf m
.trem!eam of C. M. glello den r meth of tt. N F.
_rd, err FatMfrus . rtmet CMee bows - film 11 tee. e.
ottil 2. P. 14., =ylollolll
W. OREM gic CO., •
Wholanais and retail dealer, in Anthracite,
ee trios and Mhiselictrg ens! and lined. Genuine
Lzh Luna% for toandriea. sad preptred for hones nit,
me on hand. 'Yards—Cornier eth ant Myr e, and
ei Myrtle and Ritter it..., 2 iguana writ fof the
-•e Depot, /rte. Pa. .
Flam•opattio and Surtron.
b and roside"ce 628 l'ev.ll opooets ttleir.rk
... MEa lours frsan.lo to 12 A.ll, 3toB P. W.,
.7t, 8 P.M. af6 6m°
rust verjr dot,* bastnen situ an State Street, be
., keaatL and Fiehth -treats, Sant able me
for We on 'rev/ .reasonable tams, it applied
t Require et ,
gIN C. intEBB,
Duran /it Dal' Goons, Gioczams,
Uardsrare, Nalls,illassl Seed. Plaster, eta., cos
.., gsth street and Public qquare, Erie, Pa. Jantf.
Ir. 0101011.NR, • -
I.trsaT asn Sala Erasia, on Eighth
%Myren state and Emrich. rinellorses ani Car
to lot on reasonable terms. my2B'Bl-Iy.
\ 'lt El
!MATZ BT., 111 LTU W 8D AND 4111. •
ct ,Nl2li to soy la the city, sad pries as mode
Dealer to Groceries, Proiitioe,, Proviators,
ervi Stone Ware,„.Win.e, Liquors, &e,
re •troet, opposite the PostotHoe, Erie,.
rtyrrisT. (liar* in Eason
tlnek.nort3 Ado nt the Park. Erie. Pt
0 4 /LINSON, IN I L1.1A31,4 eic
. SOCCEsigus to 41• rge J. Vortnn
nolnr, Iferthantformi WIlo`• sale de , 0??1 •In Coal!
for W. Y. h R. end People's Lite of Stouter&
htlie Deck, Me, Fa. , ,• ly.
in undo b -
s. broacsc& &co.
LNG Sella
, tIitPICIAN AXD,SlirOteg
44. 21 floor Tf retell Black, Wrot Park, Eris. Pa,
, risf,d, Cheri** at - Riath's 4 tor.. RetWooer
*lda Mr rile acre• 7.4 house South of Moth.
-mbouia-8 to 10* sr., and 2 to l P. at.
ATIMMT Air Law. Ridgway;
ro., Pa Will ego practice in sdjolning. Counties.
11. :VIA KM, -
Teuott Aro Curving CLIA2I4I„
Block, above Dr. Remett's Offies.) Clothes
r•ptired and cleaned on short tiotles. Terms
;able Le EDT. vas22 ty ,
W. BUJ GDEN. Arroberr it Leer,
tie Lettend to roferional betimes in Erie sod
nine eountife. Necial attentive given toe:4l2e
:ad conveyances.
he on. Patch Street, first door myth of Central
.netarpet, Erie. Pa Poftnaspd
lute of the Penneylesals College of Dental 14i1 ,
WU* in the second story of Starrett e
he the coma of 'he Reed Hewer, Erie, Pa. '.
D D. 8., North Eleventh itreet,ladel-
L Buckingham, n. D. 9,14..2 - 9, Marth 2iln lb
\ PlilladelphlA.
MT ON SPRING Sr , opposite Crittenden Ralt
Pa. Collections- and all otter level but
ui Cranford, Venanen, Rea Warren and Form.
'de; attended to eentlnlly and promptly: •
rress—Wm. A. Galbraith . Beniamln Whitman
nr.ol,Sperteer k Iferein, Erie. Pa.- ,
tr• R. Drwn, Hoe. B. P.,TohnenN W• d riAtnen
re & Clare. Warren. Pa."
'Mt', BROWN it CO., •
Wholesale dealers In herd and sort end,
•Pt Tarlns alarmed or okr_dock property to the
rstpd tlrm, we necessarily rettr• Odra the seal
4 urnazeuding our sureesucui um
un srotruntliewri*
sdenes and patronize of oarald *ids
1. 4 , 13W,C. [60.2-eg SCpII, L IUNICIN, PO,
Fuktf =table Titian, rifth ittee.teltwe4o
,t:,: Erie, Pe.- Coati Reeslr, tad
, or a:Leant to promptly. Clesetei,die the
luta; - intris4l
uqua Is. Lie poTTrator,
taz CANAL, niaiiAzisiccisiata romp sra„
ritri, Pasir,A
::?rolvted having porolmased the •Infetrart of
"1 5 ,.`,11 continua to obadock the &hove tate:Wt•
the patronag e of thatnatedoon of ,the old
aC the custom of • publligenerally:ptindelaz
ntrocat endeavor to give perfect tuttlafaction.
14:At • JAY &CHILDS.
/,'MLEZff, baronpli Mazweryor of Month
C:rpued n set sey pad* sad men& comets
a ' s 'h or oat-lob of the oity of Eris. or benotiph of
ard the tracts Murnailmat the wordy.
4 N trim for many-pun mopMpod eaeltyand
,7 tqatetor. ho Mee halm to to all-tbe fur
" 1 4 tariorie men who hue heratobla employed
jot:in:Ur attention sewn lanai/00W. OaCiand
4 t , thalf. OU Ware pmpared on the thartaet
All tern /eft at Oro Erie t Allewbesr aft ofilea.
Biwa: f Lori.. W. Miller. Tonna, Mt4-ar Baths
- . 4 . 1
ri How, b,,uth'Erte, will be rompay attradadto.
Lior,\ WOOD W & 00.$
01 Peaeh Street, war .IAB Dipbt
41 ". V. A. SZOVJ , ate. - coouvris,
• la ttuewt. A. It GIULTiC. , ILIMEIL
.41011 0. bath' ;weft-WI !bar ansatourgi
' i nured to do a Olostal Biatisg, ragbinge ,P 4l
k i ".: 45.1 1 B l ui nen: ,
bond Want - /Nisi of all Nruot
4t toegautlx. umt ana uolft. • rt.7 31 ' 1
- - - -
WHBEtt Artl99
DILA6XA ta.el. :
mum To . sicca.
Willow Ware, >, 4 1 :714ri,
• • so. in niiiii4uoir. ; •
0 4,14** 2 ath
c . 44 441fet t:ouitry - p r o f c : ft
41 fisaL via ‘ 4ridonuit . •
• •
- - _3 t
- •
iotroi attiht -4Oipettairjg ±n7 Octorna-410416
bathe the hoe and penal% to ieeder the Win oolt-sod
huh, to arzy Intlamattloo, to parttato ototbing, for
bead/the, • tefititiotrtiotrirtd' (toil the tfito tenth
no Magoon% awl It.otitaziolf i*tronago quits tin'
preesdantot. It Is a &fortis with setreeles and open
tthitra.', it It red be all dattoro.ot $ 1 • 0 0-.4 totittb*
tlea,aad by DRNA§ BAUNIC3 & QO., New York, whole
sale aittnto- - -
, .
Ilea or- "Friell r Solon , Shingle mild; i 7 tiey
wee ,
th re, every tletv " tt hi tett "owter In th e
morning\ to took Plantvt on Bitrerif tt be rat imeirreit
n42411* tookYialtstloii - Iliftora; It he hated arPailte.
Irks vreek..4 . Mirald or rrentiiltii oepreved. be took; len
tenon niter* iini they Dever tailed to eat till:mom Me
Dina nave awl firm. , , , .
4 P-ir person want toe bolter •• thor:tr. bat Assam)
mar, last reed the following:
• , • • - ' e• Mich tlik Jaa, for f Trrili be
11• r• Plantation Bitters *testi my' Ws." l
' - - RCP W. fI. WA4IONtR, MOM, N. Y.
;•. • "I hare boa a great imfferm hom
DTITAIrolds. Rod had an abaa Loa preartlag.—• .• The
Plantation Bitters have, ear•l me."
, REV. C. A. XI Ltaroom. Hew York Car./
• • . • had Jost all appettte=erasjo
weak wintry IA !erlabi baldly walk, and bads Pei •
:set dread of nest y. The Plantation
Mrs benne am all right " . - - . •
mejmnrwev.flejmafa, U.
• • llamtaUota Miters tare eared
toe of a iirtsteireceent of the Radom and Misery Prowl
that distrait ed met r year.. Thai set Me. a dme.
C. C. IfOORE, 2aTtroaiway, K. V..."
. -0. sr , nitro% nms z e of - the -Union name
School fin - Soldiers' Cbildren, eels she has
.girirsi 4 to
Mtge weak and invalid abildroo and., her etiort•
the roost hippy cod gratifying aertt. We her. en.
calved over i bandrol reams of each - air
tiSsites, bat no otvirlisuisok • sosifeatoiis ghst
people p'elaselver say of a good *Meta/Our fortinav sad
'oar up:tit:on tivit skate. The Menai' iiinilttv and
high ebaractst of thee. goods wilt bo onstoined. smear
ovary and 4 'alt clea:attunes. . They have already oh.
*nod a tale in every town; village, par's - h.:and hamlet
amoogeivilliesfnatloru, Bus try to ec l at aa.
smarmy owns and stylise possible, nod became a good
article cannot be sold as cheap ma poor one, They end
Nona import tom parties who do not earl; what they
sell. Ps cm YOU? gasrd. 8118 our pintail:nut over the;
cork. P. H. DR rat6"* CO., New York City.
Fold b Druggtita.
MILLAR!! DOs.l.sllB. &WED.
, .
Nlentlemen: I had a negro man worth $1,200, who
took cold from a bad hurt lulls leg, and was useless for
over a year. I bed aced everything I could hear of
without benegt, until I tried the Mimic in Mute g Lin •
Iment. It soon effected a pottutietit cure.
illontgomery, , Jane 17, 'B9. .1: L. DOWNING."
R take ;ileums in recommending the
tang Liniment as a valuable and Waive*. 'hie art }ell
for Sprains, sores, Smetana or Ogle on Noma. Oar
Men limp steel It for. Burns, Bruties„ Sure,, Rhenium
/le., and all say it lets like magic.
I. W JISWEI2.,. ,
romtcurr tor "1/102eT1,24 - 0 ".• 6 !"
'Tiered' "
'?hr sprain rf my danzliter's ankle, oantaioned while
skating trot winter, was entirely eared in one week after
ph. eonamental one yen!' teleErsted Mustang Lint-
Giouseatxr, Mau., Ang.l, MM.
It Is an admitted het that the liteican Vinthing ?Jai
ment performs more .tans , in shorter time, on man and
tent, than any article erenfiscovensd. Iramilles, lir—, and planters should 'lime hay: It pot hand.
Quick and maze it certainly is. AU genuine is wrapped
in steel plate surmise, be. slat tine 11 gartala of G.
W. Weatorook, Chemist. and the . pri7ate U. 8. Stamp of
D 81145 BARNE3 & CO, one the top.: '
An &Tort luiab en made to sountetteit It with a cheap
stone flatilibal , , Look clotelY. •
•n`o as ly
It to ■ most delightful Asir
It eradicates scarf and dandruff.'
it keeps the head cool and clear.
It makes the hair Lich, soft and glossy.
It prevents the hall turning gray and falling c II.
It restores hair nicer prematurely bald heads.
ls is what Lyon'tKallution vlll do. It is ;matt,—
It is ebstp.Alltott..:lt V The carload
and it He almost Incredible demand is daily ineresstng
until tbers is hardly)" mmistrgatore that does not keep
it, ors &tolls that does not ems it.
T 1101149 LYON, quimut, N. Y.
Who would cot be beautlfal? Who would not add to
their beauty 2 What gleiti that ramble purity and die
Ungar appearance we obeerveaponthe stage, and in the
city belle t It is nu' longers matt: Thej use Haganis
Magnolia Balm. Its cautioned use removes Tin, Prat
t^ Piamdealand'rusigiucens hour Chu ease mut
and leaves the compleiloilimeati, transmit, bloom
tog and ravishing. Unlike many cosmetic,, it cantata
no nualttal tg) 'plots tb.ths any &nuts' art
order it far you, U not on hand, at di cents par bottle. '
L. - s-o Ttldb.N.-Lacitdd:M.
DI LAS BARMI ir COWlllliblegalsr Agate, N. Y.
SARAI : 64A .4 I' t. 114 G WATER!
: : sod by ail prospu.
liebinitreet'S Inimitable Bair Coloring Ls not s dye.
All instaainneons dyes are composed of lunar elastic,
sadism er No &lawny the utility and barityar the
hair. This is the original luilr coloring, and has bees
growing in' favor over twenty pews. It restores guy
Mir to f 4 aiteala soli/ by gradual :absorption, in $
east remarkable manner. It is aim a hematite! Hsi:
drawing. in two sisaK-50 onto cod sl—by all
dealers. C. HEI - 113121,CT, Chemist.
121 M
egestisa, Nausea, Heartburn. Sick Eloniiclie; Cholas
Iferbus, Flatalency, kc , Thema titatuaing stimulant is
required: lie. mita., preparation and entire putty
makes it a chaiia sad reribla artlele for canary . parpo
aeK Soldiesrywhere, at 60 cents per bottle. Ask for
'Lyon's' Pam Extract: Take no other.
'pm - IAL 'Sou yin Er4esol.
. .
R E M O. T A L
4RO . CEBIEOI !*• - 0111xEMES !!
- 33s'oilman/sr haa .a movel Als dock of Groosciss
from - UK dam& abo.R tho' .db D l po to • Um,
room to thole& lilatit WAWA" - Crest, amnia cd
l'oarth, when air 'KU I* fern to as. .1i sad
clubmen and AU that, Mao for goods Ms stock o
Groscriss y
o .m mid sonfigy islestsd , se.t.silKs4
st the kmrstss - cosuddlat mint the Ovlcistst *oat.
Mr Whew - Mt In - wed ofmayeddr - ta Ids ilt
a tiar
kiwi - 4111,z IP.IIIOEIM
: _ .n7 hM,u„ u N ilml. g oes. ..: ll ,zerrm
I s r , sz u, a n d z r"a:
Wiligmas PM
- a h :
.- „,-, • :'..- ••.'Zt,.? ....'"• •
1ie.5r.,577.i. •
..., :`: ',.. -:,, 4 ,, - ?= 1 ---.,
.. i. .
•,,f. . 7 ' ---- , 1,- . - -tP; - f.. - t:-' 4 - - ••-•;• ,- ;': - :- 4'-' - • !.';',' • ;. --' -- - " " - •,4 1 0rt- . `:- , :c ""4-`
-''- :- --. • '• . ' •,;',,,;•.-=, 1
I •
. .
'.,,,,, ; :., ; •7 . 'Y.: .!!_;X-.- 4 - f -, ~..,-",; -.
. . .. ..
_ _ _ ________
• ~,._.r , _.,.,-,.... i• , . .
a _
P . i: , -.1•tr••••rt 14 ,- -- - - f,• :. ,- • "• St`
~1...•=, ' . - . ' -,••• - • •--' •- . • ••.. -, ''..o • -- - .-* -' _ .-..•• ••• :,, .'-.:: +„ t 0,-, • -:.
, - - ' --, :1;•-•,, , -':,. . 06 1 ,,..,.. 1 - - *-1. • , ~, ~,-„,...- ,-. ,.„•,i, 7 .. • ,„
.Pt. 3 1.,.. - . • ;:, ! .... -, . .:.-., -. . ,
.- „f . ,;,..r .. . :-.5.3 ... ; : i' . `'' 31_,,,p51.4 -1 & , V1N.1314..; • . .'.i.::,•-,'...• ---:41,7.-4,-', _ . . - •
: ,•....t 7; - t .; , ..- ._- : --..-: • r •••• '-:. ' '• ~- - , - - - ..- _ - -... • - .-t..p, , ,..i4, , •'.iv.,i irr- l iaci , ' ~.*••,,:1,:._,t ; ,; . .. 4 .,itsi - di, ' ..4 > 3 ~.,:. ~ 1.;:17 , -.!‘, 7 4, ',"•.-.',.. - 1.-:,`•. - I.,ii•: , 44.;.-::: ~., , '.l''. :'. - 1 - . : "•''' :- - '
. „ X•
, k' - 1
.ft l44 1 . , , b . ..• L.
. I
F. .
.„. 0' : 4 4 '
.. 3 ~:.,:,., .; 4 7 : ,,-, :, .; y r --,:i
_ ~ ,
..,, ..;. , ~ , " ai- - lq ...g,-•:,1;
. - 3 , :119iit . -
: F.... - . 4••• 4 -
~ .'7 i ...., - -
: t. '
?t, • , .
...... , . .
-, , i,r,"P lt. 1„, „,..
,/ ,..- .11 ,,, ,f.1 , 311,...1 - 4 ,
_ . , . •
~, .A. 71 tri` t . o ‘. .'
, . „ . ..
... .
~;"_ t .e. •••• t <,, 1 • (."1. ' ..4 1 :--,- ..5 , ,: - .1 , '.. -- ,i - , - . k...`, 1.! , ... , i. - 4 • I ds i':r,i ;,, •1. S ... -•
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t ...
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L '
ilt 4 li7l -" , ~.: qi/ttft Int :......1 . . v ,: - .t 4,4' .ft . "-Z - ,',
, ..
i h.:. -,,,•,
1 •
„, ,
. -.
- - ,1-
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...- , „
. -
-:!,,, -,:: c. , - - • . 7% -" , 3 ' ,.. .& ,. 't --. lc*" Ur .
• A ' • 0
- - I. - ..., ~.. „..,. ... -03. - - i• ,- ` , ...; • t 34 , -1' • i t " .., i ~:, •3 '- ' •' ' - -1 0 -- '':
.I':•1- .-': • ...: - , ~..... 1 : 2 7 :, 4 -:, ---, '.': c -• : 1 "7. - , '-.: ' , -,4 '..-iti,i''Y4.- i-Y . : -,-, • '..s ' 1 -,,"` 's . "i . • - '""''
- _____—....-...-
E--1 4 '41 l6• ; . ,
. - r-..:'.' , ....• ~ ,,,,,„,„. ' l. . Ni,-,,,_i„, , .4-, , ,,,. .-- , _- ... , 4 4 0 1 0 0 •Th -- 1 ,„ ^"s: • , . ~. MA J .- 4 . , ,71, -,., it : E - W..13: 1 .7.., 6 - •,•:•; •_,•' - -:-.--iir ,i'1?..Z.z,,,• : ‘ - f. :‘,17,;•; ' / '
t . .
- - ,-I,i'•-.7-.•4*„.";:•••....,•;.1 - - -,- .•..7...,•• I.: :.--- i r....; •,- :.-,.. ,r„ .
Sold by all Dr:iced&
Sold by all Druggists.
Sold by all Druggists
Sold b all &aiprlsto:
& names•,
And denim in ill kinds at
11, it it 01r13TER8 I
Apots for the
The Cheeped and Nod PioWant
It .ID do all that be claimed for It.
LID NMI 7.111.8 1 . 0
And prove -Itself •
SS/nn a
If A RDIV A RE S"7 ".0 R F.
A -for do-rs abatis lb& Eraloa Depot, liberal*, shall
, keep cal hand a prima stack of
11-4 RD W A R-EI
And sell at the Isenst: resserssatlss pekes,
r TRY' Vet
Erie, Jamb 18, 14106-31 a
J. moznartra, JL J. • IICHTELAVI.
J . IClCHilthAtrEi - de CO.)
D.O OT. 8 • A,N,D 811 O E
vrttousAla AND
AT fIITICCED Bartvg a largo ilia of our
own roannfato aro on hand, oaths tavola - 4o taaartmeat
et taattorettairoottmarstit di at la Imationlo or
Itotall than any other ortabllatuhan In Wittily.
• lining had lon ittpubiles ay to *We of &tato-
Wl* 'pedal perm to aroperhrir don u
I to
mom: .14 halo th e trohroloo tight In tido en,' to
•--• , • ,
- ninon Pant - BOOTS a' 810E5,
*litho Amon starsaotmosots.wd, only *
them ilootWY woo so to their sopenwocoatolt W/117
that pao +Atte 404 way. • e.;
Thip Maw Boot mods sobridging 0; 11
frsia tiv start as opo wont tor itoomtVmo. Cti;
rriz, i.V r} Jl, ll
'My! •Tesobri onr own • bbl attintioie" "*.'"
- raLinfPi...tbiTS ;OD rann,ds-
Tar tb. trade. alwaya on band tomtit . -
Tairilartag thank' to our Mao& and customer) fat
put pgrosago, lops by just MAI lionorsbla dealing to
malt a -ontinnasco of th,wis, sad cordially invite ail
to call and simulate oar ado& bears parcbaaiag era.
Oros. „Vo. =sous., at ,
. 11,11 . .."11. 1 13
- • .• . , . _
"*'"••• naer =.71161111A
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, .
- •
111E1OZT.. kkievet.; Br% Pi.
• .• • _ •
• • '• - •
lf4f/YMENT for bith Sew. • -
Domblos-oao famedstiktion; aldOoo sae'Anvils's
of alga soltialsiaaa the aunaptopol oStoth lam VD..
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MI our . work M. Enda from the t eft matrrfajK and w.Mt•
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1866. • -1208.7
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'vast Inducements to till pumas '
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- - -
&carrion Tlobete frank NtailintPaUs t 3 Ns. York;
Boston. Penland, Saratoga and the White Mountain!,
eta Toronto,. Miagatoo. Mentreal.: 4 ;loboo did other
routes, among whleh ere Mine of the in et pleesent—
traversing mean aboundin g-in I beastlfal stasery.
with a refreshing and Isylvorating stsoosphre. These
routes by the takes. the St. towienes. through 'the
Canada, and the Ma Una and Middle States: itatiarr
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facilities for the satomottodectias ofirastellara: _ •
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important polati east and neat. ;To travelers from
Pbrad.`pb .Baltiscork Rartiatornp" - Insiamarrort.
Leaddll., Titorrille, and orther, important towns in
Nizinionab i , *ha route' ars of easy RAM tit the P. &
E. railroad to Erie.
Cr Foe ticket' and all necaskarY Informallon apply
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At Shannon C0:5.1323 Pooch ht.;
atom Marcia Depot.
Tbo b4st subrtraent or Noeons,
; At Shaason k Ceo.llZt3 Peach Itt e
Charcoal for Bohtterahno ail hiding ! , .. • ; •••
• at Shannon & Co.'e a 83 Pea* t! ti
Wastethohn &Roma? evlohrited IXL Who,
at Shannon k C0.•41323 Peach St.
. .
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aiand Putt, - _ •
at Shannon & CoN, 1313 Pesch St.
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Well. Atl3bartun & Ces, Pookb EL
, T'—rmilleo North Carona, •
• L atAsauten 1 Co.'. 1323 i 1 ash tat
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Soy thee, Butts and Broths ittana• ,
Sbavnoo & CO.'e, 1333 rush SG
—... • - •
2iew3intar and Pork Pelletier iBharpsost
at Shaw:too h C0i?..1223 P. 1 1 40
"• )T31"141-i lhAil d.. . 1496
• " above the ttaton Depot, Pa.
Sole Ovate In North trastern Tema.for the
drehicadtan Patent Alla; Coo Nortikp • Ms awl Pin
'ear ?root SAW and PalttenVa !tales.- 1112-1 t
• -
BOOKS Mt TIM nutaium- -
An ostuasams
Bt3ol6tLLE*.§ 'AM? ItTrATIONOS,
An new opening the began swiped manfully eeleetid
god' of elegantly bound, and beautifully Illnstrsted
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bow .Igairtatb NO • imerleta JUT= Health Walk
Prayer Poop, aa4 pyireb pareletkiallets lea. Alas,
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?Mug Deehe, Vine, !eV headil,tadind . Wilt Ind
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-- , DESCRUTION. ' , •
Rolls?, Planet oaf Germs! stings at ',theltmotßgiar'
Solo grata for Chlokeitog Boat WaL . P.
Drucker k Co.'s, toit - Rrren I Bacon's Plano Potion
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Yule and String, MOM, Mall tree of postage.
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DILL SE/D9,- . •
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- • . PANG! P . 2.1.rf G.
W altead as losltalloo to all who auky be la
JOB - W K ,
To eel-mod poi our "pekoes'
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• ' ALSO' cILIITESIt • •
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'NOII IS I rilititoin - •-•
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FREER) LOT, 011-.COFEIa AND, -11P10.131,
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e • , • •
OA; a rare Quid fag was ths,flag:We bore.
tTis bully:Quid Bag, sn r "nice—
Et .:had - sthripes it plenty, , and Bhtirilitore,
• - "Tertts the broth of s' party desist; • :
Faint, wsoarried it Baptni, ette. we corted•,it
.1. -far.
An' ar - oued it oitibliodies tirade"; ,
&et' we aware by the shantloek that never s
Altar••••••• • • r
-ggram its azure field shcqld fade: , •
'Nye I thii win. the istb,l tell you to rno,
- Tnat - was 'wain In the sonlief our Boys
" •- -
The fight it grows think. so' oar boys the.,
• "
An' the ibelis-like.ri 6atither seritm ;
An' the flay—it is torn by many s ball,
Mat to yield it we never dhretm:
Pler4ed by bullets yit still it bears
All the ehtaiw in its tittered field,—
Ate. again the Brigade; like to -one man,
saints. In Ha
d,list a star from Olefl a g we yield!"
-". t;"Tirse the . deep,.', hot pith, I tell you
-.That Icy oleos tispo tousle ,of s
In Blue.
the. vas won/ either Inall ,
.• •
Rut two-thirds oche ooze:wee bore
'The leg' Troia thiiir wives intd"eireethearle
• dear
Returned to their homes no more 1
.Thardied by the bullet 7 .4isease bad power.
An'-,to death they were rudely tooted;
Tint their thought came worm in their dying
:aßlot slitter, from the Ras Is lost I".;
Then they said their Paters and Ave.
i thiongh; ' • -
An' like Irishmen died—did our boys in
Bat now they till its some altars are gone
Tarn oat by the rebel gale •
That - the States we forightforz--the States - we
Are still out of the Doion't pale! , -
&fay their !owl's in the Diout's hot kitchen
Who sing pock a lyin' ahtrtutil
By.the dead la their graves it shall not be so.
They shalt have what they died to gain 1-
.1, j All the BMus in our Flag shall shine
throtigh 4 ,, . • •
' ; The grass growing soft o'er our Deed in
' I Mae:
llkeeht47 . _oA Rational P2lities.
, The., Ezeontive,Cottunittoe liaving in
charge thosreparationa for the National
.Convention of soldiers ,and sailors who
support thh President's policy, to be held
in Cleveland September 17th, notified the
Rev. Henry Ward Beef-her, of his appoint
ment as Chaplain to the Convention. In
reply that - goisttemairwrituls follows:
Ittzszitt, Aug 30, 1860.
Charlis G. Ha/pine, Brelit Brigadier Gen'erol;
&scum, Majlr General;, Gordon
Grenscr..lfojor. General,Committees
Grairnixis— I AM obliged to you for
the; invitation Which you have made me
to sit It Cbarlain to the Conventionof
Soldier* and Sailors, about to convene at
-CleVelanzl. I cannot attend it, but I
heartily. wish it and all other conventions
whetsoeier, suceess, whose' object is the
restoration of the Stites !aloe in rebellion
to their Vedersil relations.
Our Viewer government has no place ' 1
for State,except in the tinfoil.
justly taken for granted that the duties
and responsibilities Of a "State is federal
relations lend to its political health, and
the . pretenlied,coridittons are fulfilled, - is
if it was dangerous to leave a community
outside the great body politic. -
Had the loyal Senators and Reprezetp
tatilies of Tennessee been admitted at
'once 'on theassemblicuof Congress, and
in moderate succession ArkansasiGeorgia,
Alabama. North Caroline, and
the, public mind of the South would r haye
,beef far healthy than Wis. and those .
Steles which, lingergi Otkpriitatibract the'
test ould have beenander trioteritillutary
!irtOeucelo geed cor.dnet than it a dczgn
'•atzilitiliOratched over therm ;T.:'
Every month that we dalv this. healtn . '
fat step complicities the, cue. Vbe
dad population, enough' unsettled bifore,•
grow more irritable the, tinny' . hecoinea.
Indispensable goveramenT,'Ohd
atillett*a_it ; the pßvertilpept`aMash
ingtifin is called to interfere - one end
[another difficulty, and this 'will heifone
inaptly, and atimelbizet With gretit•injus
' tite4.- for out saavernisient;radapted'
to Its own propetfuutkins, is utterly de
,Void 01-tbosejusbita, andtmequipped with'
the., inatruments which - .fit .a centralized
government to, exiirciie stithinitv in .
Mate States owed local Waits. ' Every et
lisraps to perform Ittett.dettiat have result
eitt-1 ill:lnietekee , •Plaieb have , excited .the'
itut.,,whalever imprudence there
may be to the Method', the feel criticism:
shenid be against the' -ricitillitei-oft each.
Ilea el' the 'general gaverurnent.w•The
.federal government , ittoanfit to. extv:
cisozninor:policeAnd goiornment,
and will inevitiblif bitinder ' when 'lt'
teiOptei It
• Pro keip - abhif score of States
Mader federal avithoatiP;
gisiv& - ties andwerxundbilitiett; to . oblige
the ventral :authority to-gtizem.lialf the
ierrIIPAT of,the ,federal . ' civil
-13Zeera and V the 'army. is a Peoliernot
confy uncongenial io'cror Mitt -prin. ,
(elutes; but preeminently darixerans.tothe
apirit of- our, lemma:wet. • However hu-i
,mane the *toils, soulOkand the mot ives,. it.
is,Lui hid,' course of instruction; preperi z
ineetir goi&rimutent `to fib defrbotie,r and.
familiarizing the people to a ittritith of auf
- thOrity which • VW.- ,tte* than
,dangetzsus to liberty,* , . •
•! am &wire:that goodriten are Withheld.
:frothedieisatitig the prompt' And-sueees
tilielideritOdow-of the.exiled .Statin try-the
fgar,chielly. of, it* effect upon the parties,
and upon the` freedmen. • ;
__hie said tbat,,it adniittedlo Celigress.
the Sduther nSetiatori and risPresentatives.
tritii.';ffzirthern Dentearate
U 1 e "country. ' Is this' nation-.
Alien p , retirtlii dhmembered - tO serve the
Have,enjlaol parties? bitirited. no,
piss by the fr ,hYsturt f . theMait:•'ten
,years;iiivflifc# jusethis couVsq - .oVitieriile:
ilit,t4e nation 46 theta/o . olft Xlol'lll4_
plungest,us .*: ;
Eyes Sdenitilsetthe
in ironkilssa
luta) Of a party' t‘de - up of
Seidlerti :J1 MO'dithen:
lised,kld - Petitizericy tired Mirth;
Chit porteriima tot be used'justlas they
pleased...Theates.hteichabged ,. not alone
. The wholetexiun;
lituf.AdVaticia: sentiment' is
lfedLfar• heyondjethat- it.hsolieettp at
aitjr foinierpentaLl' neW Agsrty.woold; ,
river„ be, tp
_seek out its
chsonels in the cdrsaadi_enieting, slopes;
ferin"Oif the, continent'. - •
.~ _
rtVe hare' entered Crtegttti of -11berit:
The style of •theitglst• is freeri end-Mere'
-.The young teen 4 our time!, ern
444 ,P,r14 4 .
on ThaSreikt ersoi.heilvest p.
d -hundr eds of • usoinsilds Of
'snit sretotie homer tojireseh4i tint, and
' tiOhler - ~settuinan right. - Atithe its
clustriatinterests of :society. ere leering
with increasing,,wi*m ; toward,,intell*-•
Pace atitPlittrAkanwhere.
re.. in litirsuure. scion:ay in
ihisiaitd Indust rial , • in *chief questions.
well Ss liViinlitialicthei Wien -feels Abet -
the ntatarisover` and sneer sprhstbanp
is tisChoylSol4 st:ti nerbia-thrimitil4 sin the
e*P. GPO-, -thif.bapPilZ thaDifealitrid
r-entreed,Ondition 'of Silks/is - to party of
fearekeiStdOttleensustinerish—f , :
5 , *ln- rod Ishiteot end- .
sown the fear of nfew,ths_Alite Bonth
ones more in attinstmentttith the
, -
atm OIL ION:.
! j p it .: 01L ,
government, wilt rule this nation I The rich—never do rich. The South
is poor—never before so poor, The popti
teflon of the North is nearly double that
of the sleuth. The industry of. the North,
in diversity, in. productiveness and for
syardnessi in all. the Machinery and edu
cation required for manufacturing, is half
a century in - advance' of the South.—
Churches In the North crown every bill.
andsehoola swarm in every neighborhood
—while the South has but scattered lights
at long distances, like 'lighthouses twink-
Hog eking the edge continent of
darkness. ' In the presence of such a con
trast, how mean and craven 'is the fear
that the South will rule the policy of the
land. That it will have the influence,
that it will contribute in time, most im-
Portant'influences or restraints, we are
glad to believe.- But, If it rises at once to
the control of -the government, it will be
because the North, demoralized by pros
perity, and by groveling interests, refuses
to discharge its share of political duty. To
such case the South hot only will control
the g overnment, but it ought to do it. i
It s feared, with more reason, that the
restoration of the - &nth would be detri
'tents' to the friettuett:' The sooner we
dismiss from ettrnaltds the ides that the
freedinen can tee.olassitlid, and separated
fora the white population, and nursed
abliiefended bylliemselyes, the bitter it
will 'be. for them - and - us. The negro ii
part and parcel of Southern sod' ity. He
cannot be prosperous while it is tinprm
pered. Its evils will rebound upon him
Its happiness and reinvigoration cannot
'be kept; from his participation. The res•
toration of the, South to amicable relations
'with the North,. the reorganktionr,ot its
industry, the re-inspiration of its enter
prise and thrift, will all redound to the
freedmen's benefit. Nothing is so danger
ous to the freedmen is an unsettled state
of society in the South. On him conies all
the spite., and anger, and.caprice, and re
venge. He will be made the scapegoat of
lawless-46d , heartless - men. Unless we
torn the government into a vast mili
•tary machine, there 'cannot be armies
enough' to protect the freedmen while
Southern society, remains insurrectionary.
If Southern society is calmed, settled and
,occupied and soothed'with new hopes and
prosperous industries." no armies will be
needed..," Riots will subside, lawless hang
ers on will be driven off or better goy
erneetande Way *ill be gradually opened
up :to the freedoittn, through education
and industry, to full citizenship, with all
its-honors and duties. -
CUM:mitre to a growth. N. , titier tan es
cape that fortygenia in the wilderness
who travel from the Egypt of ignorance
to the promised land of civilization. - The
freedmen mist:take their march. I have
full faith in the results. If they have the
stamina to undergo the hardships which
every niaiillized people has undergone in,
their'upward progress, they will, in due
time take their place among us. That
place cannot be bought, nor bequeathed.
nor gained by sleight of band. will
come by sobriety, virtue, industry and
frugality. As the nation cannot be sound
ntitil the South is prosperous, so, on the
other extremes wealthy condition of civil'
society in the South is indispensable to
the weltire of the freemen. '
Refusing to admit' loyal Senators and
Representatives from the South to Con
gress will not help the freegmen. It will
not secure for them the vo th It will not
protect. It will not secure any amend
ment of ' obr•Denstitnttion. It will only
increase till dangers and complicate the
difficulties:. Whether we regard the whole
nation. or any section of it, or class in it,
the first demand of our ,time is entire
liPiltu 1.7•1it0 . • ..••••• , •
attack each evil and secure every good.
Meanwhile the great chasm which re
hellion' made is not filled np:. It grows
deeper end stretches wider. Out of it rise
dread spectres and threatening sounds.—
Yet, that gulf be. closed, .and bury, is it
slavery, sectional animosity, and all strifes
and hatreds.
'tits fit that that, the brave men who,
on' -spa, And ituad E feced death to save, the
notion, should now, by their yoke and
vote co nsummate what their /Riot& ren
dered potsible.
• Fertile sake of .the fteedmen, for the
sake of the South and itemillions of our
fellow-countryreen,-for outown sake, and
for the great cluise'of freedom and civili:
4 s tion; I urge"-the immediate reunion of
ill , the parts which rebellion and war have
.shattered. am ',truly yours..,
Thw following is the report of Major
Goners! ,Gordon Granger, one of the ca
reers sent 40 - investigate the condition of
. .
:the, South., Gen. 'Granger is one of ; the
bravest; ablest ant best known,of our sal
diere, And his testimony merits more eon
rideration than that army hundred Rad
ical letter writers, *hese prejudices dies
hie them from-seeing any virtue in tie
Slut/gen people .„
His tleney,.Andreto. &Anion, President
of the United States •
obedience to initructiOniaated
1F66, directing. me, while carryi•
leg out a specific mission; "to 'exenSine
carefull# into the disposition of the peo
%de of the Southern States through which
.1. might pus. toward.. the ,goverernent of
;the United Stales," I have the honei to
Thatirr ell the States! - I - visited I found
sigriasr :symptom: of organised disloy- -,the general,` government . Ifound
- the peppletaking our currency, 'and glad
lb get, it ; singictis for Northern • capital
and Nerthertilaher to develop the resour
ces of their_ wrasted =coon try, and
posed toward every Noriticrn Min Who
came among them Wall that elect in:
. •,
Some lrealitiee I •heard rumors of se
cret organizations pointing to asenevral of
the Oc myestigaring,these se;
crist — secielies, I could discover' n them
'nothing more then charitable institutions
laiiinglhr:their principal abject the relief
of. the 'widows and orphanitof Confederate
soldiers whOhadfilion in the war.. '
'During the. Whole - am* treeple I found
bei - rus %alit tied tenvenierst to mingle
with the per-pled thie- South, freely die.
cussing any end_every Milks that came up,
as-in any. other section of, the :United
States. .1 'iris often among , them un
known,,and the tenor Of their acts-end
conversation was then the same as when
my name and official ;position was thin , '
The .propleof the Snuilt may be divided
into twoclasiee. - 'There is the industrious
elati,laboring earnestly to•huild up what
has been, broken down; striving to restore
proaperitt, to and.interested.
mainly in, the great questimief - Preividing
toed' and 'clothing 'fork - themselves and
AMMO. - - Theme ("twist this: great majoritY'
of • the.people.- .Thee there is- Another
en,utterly irreaponsible
posect.tolunirof youognienvito were the
"bucks"' of•Southerweecietf before' the
war; end'ehiefly spent their time in loung-:
ink round .the court- rooms and hen; in
chicken Sehtiog • and: gambling., These
havebeen•greatly broken up by the war;,
~many,of them hav e been ;' but
those Whiiiemain- are' disturbing
menu in the z community, sad:ere doing
!much, mischief- thy,,clean of
And a number.. t the,
,poot whitest; wh.
have formed pnga few - berm stealing. = It
is - thisy r arliti in some instant*, have made
atterike - orreffloers of the. ',admen% Bu.
rite: end Lheritilktreited the freedom'', I
It le r thelmhomfrookthclogn,pretatter
saying Mat there ii among the veoplf of
.4 •
.x~ ~.. .
The Scnith'ss it. Is.
..- .?
.1 • - •
,lie &it 114 Willrl:o4n°' ' . y ,to
'the 'United
,Sotert;MEMb. IEO they
arsaribtthet . prelautidiirat of the &leak.
ern people. -They form but ma•‘insignig.
cant Inintwitrirt theeenusunttYs and wren
they.autactuati.d.:not2samuott bye feet. .
ing of opposition to theurarnment as by
a reluctance to' earn lbw own liswilhood....
b) ho3filTsl6l l etertion..
That cases of autheettbrontrage have
occurred- in tbeßoutkrispeisettcrerareray _
one familiar witb_the currentxtewe of the
day. But litameassArefirWand far bar
twain , * ad it hi bettiMajust-iind ungemer•
cue Webers* the responsibility for mob'
acts rWawath
* upon e wiJelft 00101'
ern pleNia,, For ems is/4'oloOn WWI.
accoutits of these isolated disorders nave.
been tpllected and grouped toga/seri - tine
sown ,broadcast over the Northiss 10
give to the public mind an utterWerrOn:
eons impression as ' to the condition or
Southern society. The fact is, that wher
ever disaffection and turbulence
manifesteed themselves outside the-olass
to wbo rfY above alluded, there hail
been some local or specific cause to an
aunt for it. Lawlessness, likean epidem
ic, has extended over particular belts of
the country, and, Mtn an •epidemic,' is
equally tfacable to some' inithitory cause.
Chief among these causes must be named
bud government, pillage and oppression.
For fiveyeani the Southern people have
beenthe subjects of gross misrule. During
the war their government was a military
despotism, depending solely on the dic
tum of an individual. Since th - e war they
have been left more or less in a chaotic
state—their government seml-civil, semi
military, or rather a diiiaion of rule be
tween i fba military, the Freedmen's -Bu
reau and the Prosisitmal Government.-- ,
What might have been the result of a
different policy it is notalsogether idle to
Speculate. Every military man wbo.eerved
in- the' South during the war will
that the heart of the people.wernott
nugbly in the adruggle. The. number . 0
desertions from the , rebel armiesabun
dankly establishes-this fact. Had a policy
of wise and statesmanlike conciliation
been followed out immediately after the
Gloss of the war, • it is more than probable
that the condition and disposition of the '
people Would now be far better than they
are.. But on the subjugation of the South,
the national authority in she lately rebel
lious. States was divided and broken up
into Opposing factions, whose action graat•
fy hindered the re establishment of civil
law -arid good order so muck 'needed
among a people demoralized by the most
demoralizing of all agencies—civil war.—
The country was flooded with Treasury
agents, who, with their accomplices and
imitators,leeced the people right and
.left, returning into the Unit ed • States
Treasuiy for all the enormous amount c
property theY seiald and confiscated bare}}
ly enough- to pay the coat of confiscation.
Agents of the Freedmen'Oureau stepped
between the planter and the laboren-stir
ringup,strife, perpetuating antagonism,
and often adding their quota of extortion
and oppression. On every hand the peo
ple saw themselves rubbed and wronged)
.by agents and self appointed agents pr;
fessing to act under the sanction of the
United States Government. Need it be.
wondered at thit among a community
Ihns - d?alt' With; pweilesalo "redist"itill
too week 'and prostrated for successful
complaint, some bitterneli and ill feeling
should arise? Nene but a brave and well
meaning people could have endured un
resistingly all that the South has under
gone.- • •
. . •
In prosecuting this inquiry I hardly
deemed it fair to ask more than what bad
been the actions of the people of the South
.toward the general government. With
their private 'opinions, their sympathies
and their prejudices I had nothing to do.
Yet, fors more thorough understanding
of the'question, I made it a part of my
mission to investigate even these. I found
they bad universally compllsd 'with-the
conditions.graisted and accepted at the
final surrender of their armies and cause.
I found that- therwera carrying out with
good faitkand alacrity the requirements
of the constitutional amendment abolish.'
big slavery, - and that in all the States' ex
cept Mississippi and Texas, the fattens
Civil Rights Bill had been antici
pated -by the action of the State
Legislatures -previous to its Passage by
Congress. Further than this,lfound that
repudiation of every dollar known
thorities, and bad. been univertalty in
dorsed by thepeople; and I neither beard •
nor saw any,disposition, or anything that
pointed toward a disposition, to repudiate .
the national debt, or to retire the institu
tion of slavery. • • •
But while the Southern.people ire thus
loyal, arid have fulfilled all the require
theists asked of them by the Federal Gov- ~,
'ernment, it IS impossible •to disguise the •
fact, and the better class of citiserts de .
not .attempt to disguise it, that, there is
among.. them a deep feeling and a strong
apprehension as to the cause of their long
continned exclusion from Congress. They
believe that it is part of a set plan • for
perpetuating the existence of the political.
party now in the asdeuclant, Oita 'that the
suffrage„ readjustment of representation •
gni remedies &rebut excuses, foe still lon
ger delay.. Thus regardless of the 'great
interests, not only of the Suffering South,
but of the whole country, burdened with
debt end laboring under severe embarrass
ment. I found the prevailing opinion
among, the meat inteligent citizen", so
well as among those moat 'anxious fr`r ad
early restoration of theUninn; to be that,
if, representation and an sqliar and just
co operation in the administration of fed- _
oral affairs were mach' longer withheld
from the Southern a feeling at .
difference would "spring up toward
Jetting .any, part ' in filling 'Federal,
offices, and .more particularly ' toward re
filling their seats 'in- Congress-that' the
people, in fact, 'would sitar away from' the -
Fells and allow the elections to golly 'de
faulCto the great' detriment' 14= the coun
try at large.,'This feeling of indifference
,indeed, .ia aleady' manifesting itself, and
m rapidly , increasing. so much - so that
were .11 _not fin a „ few , persons fit' each
Southern., State who have found it neces
sary:for ,their existence tolivenpon and
bold (Alice, end wbose'haunts and occupa
tions bare hitherto been at the Federal
capital,..t do not believe that any Ohtu k or
for representation would be 126,14.
*bat is needed Lirestore harmony end
Prosperity. to the, entire .Ocrostry, • both
North and South , is closer_ andhetter ac , :z
quaintance_with each'other. I have:been
astsiniahed to:notice how little _people,
even whose social relations are alt. South
ern, know of -the, true state of feeling in
that section of. the' enctittlY.J We' need
greater politicil; social, and commercial
freedom? more frequent intercourse,- nd a
kinder appreciation ofseph other's peculi
arities. _ The adrintiges to - the - country
in its present financial streakier-a raitnion
of heart - and sentiment,' would-be, beyond
enumeration: , The broad lands of thoter,
tileos.outh are now. lying, almost in, waste
for. Ivantoof means and capital to cultivate
them, when eiery tore 'of the 'beneficent
'sell mightlia a gold Mine twits posseisor,
were therpolitieal relations of • the people
better understood and acted upon.
I have the honor to be jour most obedi
ent servant. . Goinozi Glamors,'
Brevet 'Major Gen, U. 8. A.
Tnac.43sassimesanamangss.—ln Thad.
Stevens' , -Lancaster speech. in which he
blackguarded the President so character
istically; he expressed his 'disgust with
foreigners in the following terms :
. 4 We hare listened too much to, those
whose cry is 'Negro Equalite—'Nigger'—
'Nigger'—'l`7i - We are influenced
too much 67 *km paresis frog!~ hoofs
who, while sn seam& of freedomi'demtent'
bleamailmen to. doses& fro titair cask"
- uThose -imam!
,from foreign lands"
who arn"inflaencing 1111 WO WWI" will
please tack - D ouce that according to the
-highest . Radical - authority; -the n
are otherieeliiiireirl:lii the last P m
ew campaign it was openly mask the
leading argument for
,negramtiframs that
it was apolitical.necessity to en
the blacks so thaVtheir votes en
ter . • these' of rtitanaithed
en s now thesafrad defamers; of - Adapted
Citizens are coquetting for the Tete of the
men they hare beimi_peraiitentlY reining
for their inee'of the Union. - - PTAs ' vain is
the net spread la the slight at soh hird)