The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, June 21, 1866, Image 1

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411,i ..1,11 , r ri CifYYs per
DOLLAR! it Dot
IL. rre,t ion of the year. Subscriber,
by r .,,er be rl'ara ,, l Fairy Ocean t
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•, Nliditot sa*ncir,e9,.
or Teo Lin?. One in
!a ‘r1, ,, ,t4 $1,15; three bp,-
c ruets 52,50 ; two 111011011 13 SO.
j4,.6,...1p00t , ,rj70.1 1 ;0ne year $l2 00;
proportion, Th,ae rates
; -Itnie4 by erwclal
I.t r tlm, pubt:shons. Atoll
U. ant 1 , 1103 , 6ttert1....
, MArriaire Notieee elormrt
•, (Ilit , ...oarf Notices rover three line.
p, inc. Original poetry, be
• r.que4t of the editor, one dellsa.
co At; „iltertiso tient! will Le continued at
ctv re-+ in advertising, until ordered
'Sr Lill itirrit'irie, untme a epedited period le
tur thri r
~,,,,,,linotatioiss stirred be addressed to
Editor sod Proprietor.
Business Directory
•e,t :sr Law, Girard, Erie County,
Intortras rittenited to with
A: E.
'11." li {vroKsiti' 101 f, in Wa}ker's Of.
lag 7•
rwE & iIVIN.
Arrolo;r.ts AnVoretnntr.osen AT LAW.
nr:ir North Weet corner of the
BElbi ,
nr Tin PRACIC. 001 c. XPCOPa
I , :ench S •et. between Fifth and
1 jnnel6-2.
Wt 1,81 - 11., • -
A.Tinteires,',l,l Um, Ridgway, P.
Cvne.nol'evlllefferenn entintlee.
t 111 ,1 * C....1-11V•ti W. W. WILBUR.
rt , TIC:. OF THE PE
Hrst ...ticol,rl:llradon Brof
cr I tti' /OM JCSTIOR Or 'rag PRACK.
• ent, C , ,nveyancer and Collector.
~Ytn.3., Conner of Fifth and
LW •TOI:i" , .
..rorof CROVICSHERran. et th• neW
i i
~ -r, F.l::t V 1111 . , ,, ,, hoi , le hand a 1. rz m
e airt
,•, Pr ,'.,...,.., Woed arid W 1/01% Ware,
. 1 ~e • , ,.-T.l , s , co, r 2 eoro, f‘c ,to .t ick he re
_,L, tho attrotton of the pubhc. Mgt,' that
, •,, ~, 4 , ,,', 1.a1, - ;11.. coo be h ' to rine part
D). fi`NIErT, 11„
•ihrc rrelant
; „1, a'om-6ou,t• at
of C W •ICt!no,:d do,.r prl, t g
n •• !ran trot Othce bouts friqn 11 tie!, <4
..• / myW
J. (`lt 31. 1)..
II ehye:^inn no.] Surgeon
•co•ti.ti Opro-Ite the Yank
0,, hour. from 111 to 12 A. tt , 3 to 6P.
11. 5p..5-Cm•
k LE
yr, 6%4,1,1.114-, Bit. on Stlte Street, be
5. • ..101 vrz -treeta, Enstk std.. are of
eery rraptaaWe tertlt 4, If applied
NV.% 4. GAmtP.Arrn, Arent
D.:Acne Dxr (;nose, CP.OOkRIIIII4
Nei!, Seed.l"...ster;ete, cur
..t.a rol - Pubi le
Lit - “. 17 tTrr '34L111 STA 0, 00 Rightb
~.._;*- A est State and French. Smell and Car
ut.l rrasous'As terms. 221'14-Iy.
I'lll . {NI) ti ILLr va'llll.lls,
Coy, tr. er FitEveH •ND'77,l STIIPRTO,
ne, l'rt,orNtnr, ,rsirl and Carriages
. iz.riat trio lerate price, Sept.ZY,l9E5-
4 T,t7C Mt, lIPTV/IRN 3L' ANI) 4711 •
to col In the city, and pica, ae mode
V•I 1{ v. 4.416% it, •
11,r, in Graeorien, Prn.hiee, ProTioinne,
an! !...bone Wore, Wytei,
Ip , Ite 01, PoottiSlicn, Ecii),
7 marS'Bs-1y •
11 •
,rrita, Office in B•iton. .1 a .
6f the Pail, Erin, Pi. ,2E - .
1.,[0,•0v. ",:AS CILIA 111:4 lr (P. .
:'l. - criAsolt3 Go rg. J. Wortnn,
Who',4l. 42,m , era In (Intl.
• ' I. E. - ••••n,ITe 'Fin's Lite rt SteunPra.
I rd. N. ly.
‘ziii , P% it or 4-.; 1 ~.
nu: Plf., N tat
-• htt,l 1111 it/ the TC • , 1
• •"•• 't °p ,., ti UV . rqble.: l MN /14 Ft •Iv
_ hrrlrai o n!1 . 1%.,,, , r - Tral., L . , •
BK.) , ,Peopn t ~ e
Ltuv , ;. Psinpantz
..•^• .• h•lono, all c.veullitteoti 6:en to
' ,zny, x. 1 ;ap,,'Bs-13r•
PI iNt.M
s nrccrr•.r. & co. vivres
11n , , /111.1.13113 J, 31. 1R,:!,
tor Mock, Pfrk, Erle,
ehriotau Kugel. Store. EZeliJr.ef
•v,rtle •eel 3.1 b0i1... Knuth of Nfuth.
-S to :IS A o,f.id2 to Si. X. ,
I . • 1 .1 I'l' 4 . :It. D., . ---
'. , •ti• hi.. I rot rtionitl ten ice% to •hg•
, •'e •.•• .W. Tit itli•l ( It , o,n Lyt.el• toor build.
: .. .• , ...::,t, , to w doo,, 'mutt] IDI the depot‘
1. . 1 1. F..
1 1 ..r.F. 11. n ANrl" n - 6 , 14 NT ‘I,A Tr ILEA
Itlnlot beetle/41111,1z, 11,11 v. l's.
!,Si ELY,
"". ADTORSCT At i.sw.
P. Will n'co practirt m JOjmnlr.s- C.lll. Clew.
T UT:MA . 4D Ct,rer:e fate kNKR
• neritleLL'S (,)Tice.) Clothe ,
and e'eutrd on short nonce Terms ca
zni2l ty
10C1(0.1E; • 1' 0 •^,
•,., •f-•
r •I • I !I )1. • .• ••• •
3-7 lf,mpti)l
❑. V. 1 , 11:11.E1tING,- DENTI-T
n. :'.l.lnvl vanla Colleo of Dental Sot
. I.
•ory t'tt• bati'tling;
^,-,• of It• It, rd fron.n.Erint Pn•
k 4, ,C nr PER.3II` , 3IOX.
• :I, 4 , Nilaq iet,,nth
ri. s ,Nro. 253, 4ortS N!n th
- _
Cl,ll/ ZinNO•
.111:i L lAC EWING.
CoCNS%I.LOR9 AT 1.1.1111 011
Tr, oppaeite Cratendan Halt I
and all ntber legal bad
V“uanzt,', Erie. Warren anti Farr,
! and promptly.
A. kitman &
• •VArvirt Eric P.
II )r... P.Jo . lanaon, R. D. Brawn
• ,•!: Warn, ' Pa.
4 % , ..,Iv d.alqu te hard and Oft
Ip,.r I nt ou d property to the
"•.-z, noce.Arily retire frura th 4 coal
tr SP eminently . 11•01 ,
• •'-••• arl patrinaze of onr old frieade
•- score, It \SKIN Sz
' I :L 1:11 t
• "'s lore, Fdth t w ,tvreen
lievatmz and
It i.rwoidly: Clean pi: done in the
\r ‘i ' yEiNc;
r I 1,1 C i+lon Goo la, O!102,1
red Yarn, dy.,l a Gil gnlorecl in lilt
%./11NIBLI PRICY al.
awl reflulAbed br.o, delivery.
Sui 1:011liN111.11.:111
al 1, 0 . t;csmaos Fag.,
oew Cla•ool.leati6o of Ac-
Pr, Boil.
' 0.11. a Arith:
albl'eente The
,tolp-o7o•nd who.e. honk of
' nzt..^.'as W ev.4_,Pn.‘e wilt be
phrtslnt, pract,al and perms:
• 1. 7 e Clt) or " Peact4c4l
ianp'9,e4 Terms—Ttotkn
::enl,•4t Ads{a.
, T. Cnflf
9 't *l. ersi,rne 1 otters for
• "W o, in Fakrvlew t ”roxhip, 1.11-§
• u-•• 4444 tt.o OTsd, eoa
—$ erc.ot C act. , for son
• 4 .•'t en< n a Email frato
"-., • ~”. e,..ier tied a (rem
• , , -,,, I
..,, 1,h...1 et es,h•vd—a Rood wel
'.'4'' , ., ,, ,,4 or •hati of fiesh fruit. •
~ - .. , 4 .1 , ..ure or theWid2ralgeed ea the
r .r.. , -omej ;DIE,AS BOYER.
'11.!T1/1.1: AND NOV Kt. for Agent',
5 4
. 1 0.ry Store& Druggist.. and •11 gawking
prottsble buineso. Fres foi .0 eta.;
:or doz. Cuninera ream horn frfl to 'SU
14 ' 47 4 ; DOWD, ilatmers,l9B Water St, N.Y.
. VOL. 37—N0.-.4
J. E. DOW - NO'S
It A_ I_, INSU it A.. IN" NC Y!
r -
. .
This Old Erieblished Agency represents the leading, most popular and most successful Insurance Companics in the Country, embracing
Life, Fire, Marine, Inland and Accident Insurance. Combined Capital represented $28,000,000, atilt-ding facilities for fir s t class Toter
once to
. ony amountdesired , nod on tiorensonable terms as sound anti well at tnaged Comptnics cat afford.'
- •
Orders fur Insurance attended to with l'romptaess and Fidelity, in town or country. ll•tpeclal alto lion given to, the invur i ance of Dwcl
lingo and Farm Property, fc.r periods of three or fire years, or perpetually, by deposit of premium. _Pates very low. I _
. .
iplp'The thoughtful' and prudent man insures his Property against loss or damage by Pire,and his Life for the protection of trife, chiidren
and kindred dependent upon hint. All who have not yet attezul to this duty, Should call at once and get their policies in one or more of
Le following Companies:
---_- - 1 -- ,_ A t ~.:= r .-
I „ ~\ \' l,
\(----Y - - '7l-4
~ - - ,_._ -- 2 : .-: , t ... : , , •• .
~..,.:,_:,,,_..u.,,. , •,„\\c„. l 4.
.:..t.t.s\\\,.\\Ji- 1 / 4 „
~ c • i''---,:"''' 1:-°W.VY ''''''k '
C. 441 A , NetP,
Net AiFetts,
STIT.t. •
Efficient organisation of roar thoarind Uo terwritars,
from Nova Scotia to California, and Lyre 4nparior,
axle° and the Gulf, barrumlYug the science of average
with cam predating rater to the advancement of the
public welfare.
The insurence Commissioner to the Legislature:
'Ti.,- ken t Icenrance Company, t f Hartford, one of
he moat successful Fire Internee, Com Lanie of this
or any i;ther country "
• , •
"Connecticut Companies follow the rules sod practi
ce-it of tie Etna &linnet as caret Hy sa U they were m
bodied In otitute law."
Again, pointing to errors of practice in Nes Yink
Compotes, the Etoa'e eloccesetni management and
so id roles are ealled to that vtesitoon this:
"It still remains nore a matter of wonder than Imita
tion in the Iceursoce leo:
• . • ' •; •
'By what subtle alchemy hos this corporation been
enabled to torn Its full pail capital into the PhLoso-
Rime., +done l"
• • • •
"The extraordinary events which, hare distinguished
HE unparalleled financlal history."
- The •- erste lasses per diem to the Culled States - at
this period of the year, are bon' two hundred and fift,
thousawl dollars. The telogtaph ditty sounds startling
cotes of warning to all prudent persons.
Policies jutted without delay.
.7 P. DOWNING, Agent.
T. W. CROWELL, Surveyor.
—A 1 Company.—
lag _
CARA ctrrrAL - - $2,000,000 09
lgt January, IVO, - 3,59.1,674 14
-UT:IIISM F,3, 133.742 24
t+Ltowirig the el:OW=1 of the Company on the let day
$ 0 t lattuary,,rBB6.
.1 /Man.
Cash balance in bank ' $50,744'40
Bends &•mort., lst.lien oa real,
estate '196 892 50
Loans on stocks, pay , . on demand 97,392 OS
United States stocks,market val. 1,350,834 90
State & mun. stooks & bonds, do. 405 425 90
Bank stocks, do 113,550 00
Interest due on Ist Jan., 1806 27,431 16
Balance in hand's of agents and in
course tqtran.mitiSion 173,00 51
Billy Rec , for pre. on In. Risks,&c 43,153 44
Government stamps on'hand 110 00
Other Property, his. Items 13,505 13
Pre due and uncol on Pol. issued
-at (glee (fire, inllnd 8. mar) 43,141 88
Steniner Magnet &17reck. arpit, 83,483 94
3 _-----
Tutal Aqqebt, - i 53,598,614 14
Claims for Ins. out. on Jan 1.14;t3 8152,916 24
Due qz , ,c'q on account divide il 800 00
Not.% thet•todirg ',he ['cry tr o t ~f the past . ear, enr
in, whi,:j 4 t`,.-• ~,.,,o nor hss rod 1.141,1 to 6. amount
o r 5 1 . 0.; ..i2 :,,,, w•thent o. it'ons. the setni.annos I illy-
Wends, “The "cone." selln . i
s enittl 0 , Two Itillicns
lota • , srol a not ,u -orns of $1,443,957 csi, continues to
e.g.r t o ,It who seek reivEt.'e in.o.rince iunucect nta
surpassed by no other company.
J. F. DOWNING, Agent.
T. W. Oro sell, eurrryor.
'•lt k ort.ium sod economy to lotare In the beNt Com
panion, end there it oo• a better thon the old lame
llate Con+soy of North Amerlca,.
11 4 NtlOttPIDItATED 1794.
, •
N 0 R ln T AIEERICit.
Asia+, Jays. 1, 1468. Market Vallee.
FirFt ntortages on city property $144,300 00
U. S. Govei•atnent bonds 334,590 00
Pennsylvania State bonds 100,000 00
Phila. city bonds -- 138,700 00
U nals of Penna. It R. Co. and other
corporations 190,44000
Band & other corporation stocks 66,106 03
Noteq ltec. (tentrortry loans) 150,471 06
Real Esvite, office of the Co., 232
Walnut street 22,000 00
Unpaid Pre. & debts duo on sco't—
i all good / 107 581 13
CaSh in 13'k .6 - , in hands of Agts. 168,329 32
i . ---
Total Assets $1,731,216 14
OVER $18,000,030 00!
Potkies isettd sithodi °UT by
J. F. DOWNING, Agent.
T, W. CROWELL" Sureeyoy.
LOSSES PAID IN 1865, $110,613 91.
CASH ASSETS, JAN 1, 1866, $1,006,790 33
The tett of Itx nationality. the aollit serylos It baa
rendered patrons, and its ability t , tbroash me.
soul protillic of contlagrations with honor and profit to
thos: most toweated, may be interred trom a perusal ot
the following fir:meat
Arkansas $22,830 431 Minnesota 20,080 42
Alai) tma 45,723 36 N. Ramp.' 25,3(19 19
Connectictll22o,B3l 97 1 New York 513,530 32
California 181,320 51'New Jersey 3,750 53
DI. of Col. , 106 351 Nebraska 1;167 00
Florida 20,468 4210hi0 103,953 55
G corgi& 22,138 75: Penn's 53,274 40
Indians 84,203 19 It, Island 20,771 21
Illinois 210,098 Careligs - 21,002,75
lowa a 31,616 731Tenne,see 16,9'70 00
Kentucky 59,978 19, Tezna 3 961 ;is
linusas 13,416 07! Vermont 1 4.282 43
Maine 66139,1 45 1 ' Virginia - 27 24
Maas. 59,870 01,W. Virginia. 2,000 00
Maryland 39.692 05: Wisconsin 86,461 76
Mioti ,, sippi 20,832 55'Canada 38,873 80
Missouri 89,535 36 Nola Scotia 14,285 78
Michigan 67,057 04:N, Br u m, 15 , 330 75
Losses Always Paid Promptly.
J. F. nOWNtIiO, Agent.
T. W. CROWELL,,Surreyor.
Itt pe,ealitrity and wbrrain it ettelt all all.ela is that
after yOlur first autlty, you tome only to epeod SkN
CENTS whenaver a new broom is required. Eisen this
trialng expense an b 3 as pled by plarrtita a few hills
of cirn In the garden.
Any person csn anon, in t u minutia. foists you
own broom maker.
Tomaship rights for oats iiirtria county.
Send for circular, or eall-ou the subscriber, near
Chen, Rill, Erie Co., Pa., and is samples.
J. G. 131114/.-
Office in Rosenzweig's Block, opposite Brown's Hotel.,
Jahunry 1,16:i;
- - $4,067,445 SO
- - • 244,401 43
3,823,061 34
Ekle, PeAn'a.
N I A li A /I A
Cash . Capital anti Surf.lux $1,286,72.9 GO
United States Securities . 968,643 05
Loaes on Bond Morgage 262,000 00
Cosh in bank and hands of agents 83,51 84 37
Loans on Stoats, pay. on (Inland 3.52,400 00
neat Estate, Interest, &c., 111.168 18
Wisconsin & California Bonds 8,000 00
Losses in process of adjustment 20,060 00
Unpaid Dividends 1,320 50
$21,375 50
Pair Rtitev,lFirst—Class Seiurity, Prompt Pay.
ment of Low.i.
J. F. DOWNING, Arnt.
T. W. CIiOWELL. Surveyor.
Cash Capital
Assets, Januar:) , 1, 1866,
—The Auure4 receive
Of the net mate without incurring saw iiabillty,.pr,
In lieu the cot, at their option, a lineraraiecuunt upon
the premium.
Scrip Dividend, dedared- 180, Fifty per cent.
J. F. 'DOWNING, Agent.
T. W. CROWELL, 9ar►ayor.
s e a l• r h ou e i lf Ite;
ruLures l, Doirs. Manntaetories, Merchandise and
other property arratnat loss or damage by fire, sad also
Insures against the risk of Inland Transportation and
This Company hes three Departments to carrying on
its fire Business.
Ordinary or Term Department.
Isea-■ te - rm or one year policies. on all classes of ITV
MU' ibie property, at (sir and equitable rates. without any
participation in the prroftts of the Company—the seine
its other stock Companies.
Participating Department. '
Imes torus rolictes for one, three or eve years... 00
Ftweilings, Furniture and Farm 'Buildings and their
contents, giving Bob policies a partielpatinn th• pro.
fits of the Company, without their incurring any lia
bility thereby.
Perpetual Department.
!inures perpetual policies. requirioa a deposit oft(
amount of money. in lien of all future payments
of prerniome, coverlet( risks open Dweitiogs aod their
Fornitore. Strn► and their content. Stores and stooks
of Goods, Churches and Sena .1 lloocen.
J. F. DOWNING, Agent.
T. W. GROWELL,Surveyor.
OF Taz
No. In Wall St , N. Y., on the Ist day of'Jan., 1566
, ASSE7.3
Quails bank and ha MSc., E 35,666 94
Bonds and mort•aires Grit lien on real
estate In New York and Brooklyn. worth
at least 2369011 177.31900
Loans on stocks, parable on demand, (market
value of securities held as collateral, $79.-
17400 66,743 21
United itetea stocks owned by the Company,
market value, 7 254 260 00
State stock, owned ty a l.. market value, ,9 646 (11)
Beal Estate (colleen d) 3,01000
Interest accrued !of which greater part doe
tan. lat. is paid.) 4,969 33
Balance in hands of Agent)), and in course of
tran3mirslon from Agent; . 24,300 00
13111. receivable for premium on inland risks
and other item. 13,791 25
Cash prermuma uncollected on policies issued
at office 5,39449
611,101 1B
Claims for TAW' ontataunog, lan. 1 i '65, 16,6E2 99
Unpaid Dividends, 465 00
'Total nasal" over LtabiiitSen, $63,C.7310,
The "Aretis" bee • first elites reputation for hboors
ble and liberal dealing. It is a mind company, and
doing a proeperoas Laminas-
B. WILL HARTH, Tice Pres'L
zerox.wr Tri.Torr, Beefy.
Crisman Basinnauer,Asal Sec'y.
J. F. DOWNMO, Agent.
T. W. CROWELL, So eveyor.
Of the City of New York, nn the 31,1 day of Decaot
bar, 1865.
Cath Capital, $500,000 00
Earplug, •
21.1,663 67
7,51,6= b 7
Louts on Bond and Mortgage, being first on
real estate worth over 54) per cent. above
the amount los • ed, . $216,660 CO
Storks, Bonds and other securities" own sl by
the Company, millet Talus, 332 912 50
Cast, In bank and of ice, 39,936 44
Loans on demand, with Collateral, 33050 00
Premiums due and outstanding, 14.7a3 52
Cash in *genie barida3a worse of truism's., 33,9,8 39 accrued on seeuritlu, moot 15
81111 reeeirable, 2,529 55
Other property ot Company, 9,500iAl
Total assets, 251,653 61
The losses by droll:trowel:lout the United Piste' dors
leg the past year hare been larger in amount than those
allay one of the previone twenty' yes's, escoeding,the
soon:onus sam of $4.3,0(10,000, and the e flews and direr.
toss of tie compary eongratulat) its stockholders,
agents and claim:um upon he very fisttering result of
the yesr'e businese.
In this company the usured may participate In the
profits of the Demises , ',Ph a' i scarring any liability:
Dividend for 19e5, bi) per cent, A continuances of lout
Favor is respecUally iolicitid.
JAB. W. OTLS Preset.
R. W. Ft Luca se, Sedy.
J.Muswat.; Geo. Agrat.
I'. ". CROWELL; Surveyor.
Cub Coptut,
£orplut, Jan 1,'86,
Anlets, 7 Gtel,oo
The , .Fatorpri•a." with a paid niCsah C4pital of Ral_
a mill ion,orrera reetvity of the Ore order of merit. Tim
tdanding or the Compeoy to ••,l prompt - and
P. R. STARR, Praxidant
Aux. W. Wurtu,Seey.
T. F. DOWNING. Aria.
T. tT. CROWELL, Saryeyor.
WW do more and better work at ■ glom coe t, than any
other. Try It. Ittnnfaranred only by
rrnoixsaLE DRUG. ',WIT kr CLASS DEAL.
N 0.1 3 .7 North Third 5t:04,1%11a. \
Boosicuan Gul Nola in Statione ry, laPapow. Iteirsetter, Newsmen, ke. &meta, clatters
tospit. Store ostler Brown's Botel,troetteg the ?so.
- . .
:: ' •, • , I i .. •
, .
I.- I I ,
_... : 1 0, i
.., I 7. ..
i 4
INSURANCE coirrksyt
Caah Capital and Surptuo,
Thrr '"Springflrld" hal Joan s 1a got and rocrenrot
b2Rluf II for nearly twenty year., And ti orxrpt theta•
Tonle companies/Jailing from New F.:130.d.
1. FRtEMANT, ‘'reeldeat.
S. F. DOWNING, Agent,
T. Vt. CIUMEA.A.., SAriejur .
( $1,288,720 60
TUVVIEN INGE: co iteixy.
cub Capital and Surplus,
The "Thames" eonservel an 4 well marlavd
Company, entitled to the full co °titmice; ot the insuring
LoaMil settled promptly and liberally i •
Sree't. ,
11. If. wri rr. TENORS, Scdy.
J. V. DOW4TISG, Arent.,
T. W. CRO WELL Surveyor.
s ,000,000
Acute over sin,ono poi)
Number of Polley 'Unitive over" 30,1ve1
New Polimee ileued during the year ovei 101100
Reneipta (or the year over . I 40(%),0110
Dividend paid daring the preitent (seal y ear , 60 per nert
Total dividend., paid, or..r . 3 000 test
Total Lo era paid, on r ! ' 4,5011,11110
Why the Connecticut Mutual ahould he ireterred
. „ .
Largest, Safest, Cheapest .eind 'Best !
I. It. has tie largest number of membern.
2 It has the largest amount Insured.
3. It ham the largest Purples.
4. It hart the largest surplus.'
5 It has the largest businras.
6. It has the ler:eel-income.
7 It has hag through It.. whole hls.ory the smallest
g It ['Mains the 1 rdest artrace rate/ of interest on
It. Investments
9. It tberetore In-rishes lesuranee at! less cost thin
any ~ther company.
All Poll•lea LA:tted by the Company ire either 'don.
forfeit:6le by their to rre,, or Intr be leentart 'lnto
tho.e which are .2 at the option of the Iretrect.
li'one but ttrirtry nneseeption,tbli seceptel; and
only opnn ages between Tienttnen and 9letr.
'Aim GOODWIN, Preet. Gra' R. Plumps, Sorer
z. kßErttis. Vice PM p't
Vnbrasry 1.1886
T If'is
THE 08113111. it.
20,12: MI
The Travellers' Insurance Comps ca, of Ifartford.
Conn , was the firet to successfully Introduce an this
noun try the practice of ICIFIVISOCH is ainSt accidents, of
whatever Mad, whether they occur In 'traveling, o- in
hunting, Gelling, sailing. riding, rkatini, in tlig-fstreet,
store, office. or while working in ah.ope,talils, factories,
neon the farce.
I. goners! aceislunt.poliwy toveTllll every poralble nrm
of ce.ualty, includio the r,ek in traveling; ale . all
forms of dielocationcbCoken bones. replaced tendons,
eprnins, concuesions, crumble., w, ulna, cuts, stabs,
frano,ot wounds, poisoned wo node, burble and scalds,
bites of dogs, unprovoked asesodts by burglary. robbers
or murderers, the aetiou of 14%A-fling Or sun Ili role, tlut
ofn,le of explosions, chemi mis, a ode, and earth•
quakes, and oullbeetion by drowning or ht:oklng.
This Company has now been in encocesful operation
glare April let, 3881, and up ',O Jan. let, .1868, bad issued
upwarde of tbirtyOve thou" And polleieS, and paid over
nine hundred loosen—inclroling tin; large *um or VS,-
fal to treaty-one policy b.olders within the year, for ,
$39,640 received In premir,ma.
Cash Assets, Feb. 1,, 1866, !$600,84D 72
The beat policy for every man, whether be travels
winch or little, is • general accident policy, which in.
tares against every possible form of casualty at all
times and places. o •
An annual premium of $lO or $l2 (seeionting to nceo
pitVon 1 wi,l v.cnre • general occo.fant policy for $2 NW
to awe of fatal accident, at. $lO rer wee:: oaring , WI
nosed by accident, !not exceeding twenty-six weds
for any ono accident.)
An annual prengump? $26 or SS2I will, in like =mi
nor, secure a polloy fob $.5,000 or $25 per week compeer
• • .
Any others am, front $5:10 to slo,llalat proportiesaree
nines. When policies are limed against lose only,,
or for compensation only. the rata are inuch lower. 6.
illecount en three sad firs year policies-
Thus non:many now Issues a 'eet7 ene'Venien_ form of
nne•nooth general recideut at at. rate of 41
ter theusin,L—with $5 pw week corupcusgile, for each
- theusand in•ar-d. These are lunch I ettsr tL..c, ticket
,pollclee, for travelers and others desirlor idiom rirks. as
the, can be taken in any amount, from $5 l l to Yl'•,init
they cover all aceldects, amid each policy is registered,
so that the insurance is goo/ s in ca• it the policy is 'Jae !
or deatroyel.
For mechanics and other, who cannot easily spare
the ',Mount of an annual premium. but would like to
insure by the month, thee* short thise,poliehe are just
the thing. 'Co any person who buyrj els mouth pol
icies Itiany nee yeer a policy for heft a )ear will be
given without charge (except a policy fee of $1
JAS. G. HATTE,R99ST, President.
PCDSZY D.Z.I.TIM, Secretary.
aprl4•lm .1. F. DOWNING, Agent.--
R a:KOVAL. I .
GitoChitlES I ! GROCEAIES !! !
The subscriber has removed his stook of Grocetim
from the stand above the Lake Sht, , - Dopot to the
room In the brick block on Stato street, corner o:
Few*, whore he wUI be happy to see hts friends and
elastomers and till their orders for goods. Lib stock
Greeeriea is tarp- sad as:/talky selected sad *Mae/
se the lowest rates consistent with the seeing out.
He invitee sU In need of anything In Wilms t risr t3
him • eefl. P.;SCEPTICID
: 1
i $800,114.10
OF 11.4.8.T50RD, , CON.
Belau* It is the
It bsa been demonttratei to be
W. S. 06:111TIAD, Can't
L. S. Wit.cos, Phyaleiaai
1. P. DOWNINO, Agent
INSURTJ ♦owner
A toilet delight —superior to any Cologne—used to
bathe the face and ;parson, to render , the Ms soft sad
frith, to alley inflammation, to pylorus clothing. for
hralanita. ke. It lintainurattured from the rich South
ern Magnolia, and it obtaining a ,patranage pate no
pro,edented. It a f 'ratite with entreaties arid opera
sing•re. field be all Beaten, at $l.OO to largo ho'.
tlea, std by Dr..IIA3'BARNES k CO., New York, w}ole•
ale 'rota
Sold by alliDenggitta.
"Sem I"—.Evtaily !" Solon Shingle sjd; "they
stem there. esery tiam if he felt "owley" M the
morning, Its took Plintat'onpitlart; If be felt weary it
rl ight, he took Plantation Bitters; If bi lacked appetite,
wsn weak languid or mentally oppressed, he took Plan
tattoo Sitters, and they never felled to eel Wen On We
pins equare and firm.
w persons want any hotter authority, hat, as acme
may, just rrad the following :
• • • 64 0 oPe N
mach to yoty for r Tipsily be
liee•Plantation flitter. saved my life."
_ REM W. H. 17.140l;F:R, %faded, N. Y.
• i • "I have been .;rest waterer from
Drapepeta, and bad to ; abandon preachio6. • • ?ha
Plantation Bitten have viral me."
RR P. C. A. iatu.woop. New York Cltr
• • • "I had lint all appetite—wad tie
weak aad euery ted I could hardly walk, arid had a per •
feet arcade Rectory. • • The Plantation Hit—
ters have eat tee all richt "
JAtIE 11K11112412,11Y.5t. Lout; 11u.
t ;;!• • • ' The ilinlatlon Bitters have eared
me of a derangement of the Kidneys and Urinary Organs
that distres ed me f r year+. They act like a charm.
9. C. H OORR, 254 Broadway, N.
Mrs. SS, Y Li BYO; manager of ttfi Onion - Home
School for Soldiery' Children, wire she has else. ft to
"the weak and invalid children under par charge with
the meet happy and gratifying results." We, bay* re
ceired over a hundred reams !of inch eve
tldeatet, bat no adyertieetient t so as what
people t •erusel rem say ofa gocid article. Our fortune and
oar rep rfatlnn fs at stake. Ibe original quality and
Welt character of these good* will be 'enetained under
every and all circumstances. They have afr;ady ob•
it ined a rule in every town, vi Erase. par sh an 2 hamlet
among ciyilisol nations. Basel Raters try to come
nyar our noma and style as p and became a good
s ea tide cannot be sold as cheap as a pew, one, they end
toms support hem partly, who do not are what they
sell. Be on your guard. SIM nor private meek over the
P. la, DRAKE k CO., New Ydrk city.
.oentlemen: I had a nem mut worth $1,200. who
took cold from a bad hurt in the lag, and was orient for
over a year. I hid used everything I could bear of
without beneSt, until I tried the Maxie m Idststa.4 Lin
insect. It soon efiettel a pertain's!. cure. '
Monigunecr, Ala ,June'l7, tr. L. DOWNING."
"I take ploarare in recommending the Mexican Mae
tang Idnlment as a valuable and Itt.l.lspeas , ble article
far Sprains, Sores, 'denten*, or asps on Noma Oar
m'n byre used It for Dares, Braless Sorer, Rheum-
Vera, de., and all ray it acts like maec.
J, W. .1 ZWWIT,
Foresail for American, Wells, Irorgo'l and Elarnden'a
.Tbt , Apralo of ray dna rhytea ankle, oclasioned while
ekniini lag winter, yea entirely cured in ona week after
commenced using your celebrated Mustang Lint.
nerd, • LB: V.F.1..V1."
Aloncest r,-Mgan , Ank. 1, MS
It is an admitted feet that Vise Idealean Mustang Lint
meat ?storms mote rates •tn shorier Ulm, on nom and
t east, than any attiele ever discorensd.
ery•men, and planters should always bar. It on band.
Qttiek and cure it certainly Is. An genal no to wrapW
in steel pleteenrrevings, be ring the .igortn•e of G.
N. Westerook. Chemist, awl the private U. S. Stamp of
DESIAS 13.1.12)17.3 & CO., over the top.
An effort has b:e o m ad* to counterfeit it with a cheap
atone Oslo 1 lbal• Look closely.
St Ii a orat tislightfal Bair &subs..
It eradicateircarf and dandniff.
It keeps the head cool and Cillllllo
It makes the hair rich, soft sub glossy.
It poarents tbs!bail turning gray and falling off
It restores hats upon prematurely bald heads.
Thht is what . Lyoo4 Ratharion viii do. It Is "ratty--
ibis cheap—durable. It is Lissa) ly sold by the carload
and yet Its alaloat incredible desiaand is daily inereaslns
nalii there it hardly a what ry store that does not keep
it, or a fatally that pea not ma it.
• E. THOMAS LYON, Chemist, N. Y.
Who would net be beautiful? . Wi'M would not add to
their b auty i Wlmt gives that' tualVe purity and din
Hogue appearanCe we obeerve upon the atage,aod in the
eSty It la ao Mager r secret. They 'Gm Ukases
tdartiolia Ualm. Its eoarianed ute. removes Tan, Freet
lea, Pimplot and rouh-news !rem the late and heads
and leaven the eonapler.lon smooth, transnarertt, blown,
in 40 ' 1 llYttbing. Unlit , many totmeties, It eontaiel
no ms'erial tolurious to the-akin any druggist will
order it ror you, if not on hand, at AO cents per bottle.
W. E. II MUM , Toy, 11.. 'Y'4 Chemist.
DE.BAS BARNES At CO., WboWWI. Agents, N. Y.
• ,Sold by al! Drugglat#
.13,Inti.treet's ralmihble Hair Coloring lc Dot 11,47 e.
Apt iortatitaneone dyeoire compared or lunar caustic,
u rid o. eerle d oleo thi rtality and booty of the
hair. This to the original hair colortng, and has been
growing In favor over twenty years. It restores gray
belr to Its original color by gradual abroarptlon, to so
=cat lomarhable manner— It Ii also a teimedial Ttair
droning. So'd' In two sirs--50 mute and sl—by all
ewers.„ C. IdEllldT/tEST. Chocolat.
Fold by all druggL'•
Lron'a Ex Kir or Prat Jkaatca Lilltuxxii—r"
stion, ZZA,I.FIII, liCattill"), Lick flea diobe. Cb° l era
Merkur, Flatulency, kc • where a IT/ruing sithuithant
required. Ire careful propareition and entire purity
maks% K a cheap and reliable artfele for parpo
ram iSold ererywhere, at LO amine per bottle. Attk tot
'i'Lyou're Pure Extract- Take no other.
1q5'16-1. to
p, rims N writ vrowtt minty is...t.piters or
administration haying bi sVlostei to the under ,
signed up,o the estate of Selly Son,/e, deemed. late of
the I , f Erie, Pa., attire le beribr ii,en to all per
azoD iniettea to estd estate to make immediate pay
ment, and those havhsa , dada.. erased said estate will
p!easo present them; (hay autheiltieatai, for tettlement.
y". SWENZY, eases.
Erie, May lith, IVO
y,AXEcuruivs NO , nuts.
Letters testamentary on the Wats at Buell Phil-
Ups, deceased, late of Xortl t East batonitb, grit> county.
Pa.. baring been granted b s the underalgeek sake le
hereby glen to all indebtot t W seal taints to wake I=-
:iodate ;smut% and thaw I bowleg Oahu licwhlst'lla•
ism will Omitthom,dol awthsatiestwd. for wink -
North Eigt. Joss 'pd Xtorwartz.
.I. ' S.
. •
A i s
i l
: . . I
. if
. --
.... .
We're always had n greet dislike
• For all the foolieb ways,
The eilly rules which folks have got
For courting now a-daye.
They've east aside the good old effle, -
Of hug me it You can,"
And imitate, like senseless apes,
Some hateful foreign plan.
0 how it.rnokes our 'Finder raise
To see, then courting now-a-days.
0 limes ain't as they used to was, •
As ono can easy tell,
Fdr when a fellow sees a gal.
That suits him pretty well.
Ha's pit to:be first " introduced,"
And theri he pens her notes,
And pretty soon he comes around,
To see the kind old folks.
By jinks,•we don't believe it pays,
The way the boys court now•a-days
Tile "addresses" then be gees to pay,
' (They don't spark soy more,)-
And every night you see him pull
The white knob at pie door,
And soon a "eeriest,' ushers him
Into the parlor gloom
Aniett comes his dockland "takes a seat
Oa t'other side the; room !,
And there they sit acid sigh and gale _
They call that courting bow-a-days!
Sometimes they talk 'botit story books;
Sometimes the , dady"isings ;
Sometimes she plays the organ, tpo,
To show her finger ringe;
Sometimes they take a pleasure walk,
Sometimes they take a ride,
And by and-by thp fellow groans—
"Oh! won't you be toy bride r"
To bow and scrape alhousand ways,
They think that's courting now-a-days!
They set a day and -hire it
And rent n church or two, •
So every boy a'Aut the town,
Can have a separate pew; '
And when the hour at last arrives,
In gorgeous array,
They more up to the waiting priest,
Who "ties the knot" stinightwaz;
Congratulations, words ofipraire,
• Wind up the courting now-a-clays.
o . give us back the good old style
Of merry days gone by, -.
When, we could "go" with any gal
That chanced to take our eye
Still took her home from spelling school,
'Bout nine o'clock at night,
Then by the old stone hearth's warin side,
We sparked till broad daylight !
We hued and kissed, till break of day,
Ncr beard the old clock toll the hours away!
We tell you, chum, such conking pip—
It went ahead of now-a.days !
Sold by dit Drug gists
Artemus Ward Among the Fenian.
• To }TOMB, April, 1866.
The Finians conveened in our town the
other night, and took steps fords freein' Ire
land— They met into the Town nail, and by
the, kind invite, of my mew, Mr. Mulroony
O'Slianghnessy, whose ancestors at least meet
have had Irish blood in their vanes, I went
You may not be aws)r, by the way, that I've
bin a invalid here to home for sev'ral weeks.
And it's all owin' to my own improodens.—
Not feelin' like eatiu' a full meal when the
vies stopt for„dinner, in the South, where I
lately was, I went into a Reeterater and et 20
hard biled eggs. I think they effected my
Liver. •
My wife aays, Po, po. She, says i've gel
splendid liver fora meth of mfr time of life.
I've hard of men's livers gsadooally
awiey till they hadn't none. l'e's a dredful
thing when a Man's liver gives him the shake.
Two year 3 ago oo.nia' tbid May, I bad a
'tack of fever 'n-ager, and by the advice of
Miss Peasky (who continners single and is
correspondinly unhappy in the same ratio). I
consulted a Spirilooul writin' me
-jum. .1 got a letter from a cel'brated Win
chief, who writ me accordin' to the mejum,
that he'd been ded two hundred and seventeen
(217) years, ald liked it. He then said, let
the Pale face drink sum garb tea! I driokt
it, and it really belpt me. I've writ to this
talented savige this time Otto' the same me•
jam; but as yet 1 haint got any answer. Per
haps he's in a spear where they hain't got any
poetize stamps.
• But thanks to careful nussin, I'm improvire
Sold by all Drogglids
The Town Ilell was jam full of people,
mostly, Irish citizens, and the enthoosasta was
immense. They cheer'd everybody and every
thing. • They cheer'd me: r .
, flurroo for Ward! Ifurroo I'
They was all good nabers of mine, and •I
anserd ih a pleasant voice. All right, boys,
all right ; Maroorneen, och hone, croon,
Cooshlamacree These Irish:rimarks bein'
received with grate applane, I added, clklns.i.
ler! Mushier I '
Bold by all Druggists.
Good ! Goo! cried. Cop. Springier, who
desires the TAM rote for County Clerk—:,that's
Ns rate.'
You see what I'm dtivin' at, don't you,
Cap r I said.
1 •
612ertainly.' •
'Well,' I linseed, 'l'm very glad you do, be
eline I don't.
. This made the Fininns iarf, and they said
walk up unto the speaker's platform, Ai!.
The speeches was red hot ogle England,
and her ,Iraa heel, and it was resolved to free
behind at °net. But it woe much desirable
before freein' her that a large quantity of funs
should be raised. And, like gen'rous seals as
they woe, fans was. libirallyl chntsibected.
Then arose a escitin' discus i sion as to which
head senior they should send 'em
hotly or Mcllteberts. There" wed grate excite
meet over WOut it watt finally resolved to
eend half to one and half to t'other.
Then Mr. Eittu,igAn rcse, nod said we ItIV,
here to-night, sum citizens of American birth,
fing whom we should be glad to beer; it would
fill our hat-le with speechlossjoy to hear from a
man whose Ratite towers high in the ecologic
al and was figger world—from Whose pear:) ,
. Says I, 'GO slow, Finny, go slow.'
Wo wisheel to bear,' continued Mr. Fin
neganitioae.ratja' his stile summut, from our
townsman, !4r. 'gent'
I.beg'd to be deelined, but it won't no use.
I rose amidst a perfeck uproar of applaus.
I said we had convcened there in,a meetile
as I understOod it, or rather in a body as it
Were, in sere:ice to.-Ireland. If I knew my
Own hart, every onJef us there, both grate
and small, h9tl en impulse &win' in his boo
sum, 'and consequentially,' I added, 'We will
stick to it similar and -In accordance there
with, as long as a spark of manhood, or the
peple at lag°. That's the kind of man I
be!' •
8,14 by all Dillgerts
Squire Thaster interrupted me, The Squire
feels the wrongs of Irelehd deeply, on account
of havin' onet courted the widder of a Irish
gentleman who Wad lingered in a lostbenni
. dunjin in Dublin, placed there by a Englieb
tavern-keeper, who despotically- wanted him
to pay for a quantity et chcps and beer he
had consoom'd. Besides, the Squire wants to
be ye elected 'puttee of the Peace. *Mr.
Ward,' he said, 'you've bin drinkin'.4 You're
nader the intloo'nee of licker, sir!'
Courting Noir-a-Dayo.
Svc I, 'Sqtlire, not a drop of good lioker
has passed illy lips in 15 years.'
[Colo' of 'Oh here now, that won't dui
- 'lt is troo,' I said.. 'Not a dri:4) of good'
ticker has passed my lips in all that dime. I
don't let It pass 'em. I reach for it while it's
says I. r-'?quire, harness me sum
more 1'
'I beg pardon,' said tbo Squire; 'for the
remark; yon aro sober ; but what on- airlh
are you driviro at ?'
'Yes!' I said, 'that's just it. That'swhia
l're bin axin_myself'durin' the entire evenin'.
What is LIN grate media' drivia' at ? What's
all the grate Pinion n.ectins drivin' at allover
the country ? •
'My Irish frens, you know me well enuff to
know that I didn't come here to disturb this
meetin'. Nobody btit q loafer will distort,
say kind of a meetin'. And if you'll nodes
It. them as are up to this sort of" thing, Idlers
come to t► bed end. There was s young man—
I will mention his name— who disturb'd
my show in a certain town, two years ago, by
makite remarks disrespectful of my animals,
accompanied by a allosan to the front part of
my had, which, as you see, it is Tiald—saYie,
says this young mart, •Ton sandpaper it too
mtit4, - but you've got a beauti ul head of hair
in the hack cf your neck, old matt.' This
made a few igcreiit end low-minded persons
'larf; but what was the fate of that young
man? In lees/than s mooch his aunt died
and left him a farm in Oxford county, Maine!
The human mind can I ictur no crater raisfcr
tin than this.
%No, my Irish:frens, I Gal here as your na
ber and , fren. I know you are brave and
warm hearted. I know you are hove,ki in this
Fierian matter.
But let us look at them Head Centers. Let
us look at them rip roarin' orators in New
York, who're bin tearin' round for up'ards
year, swearin' Ireland shall be free.
, There's two p Irties-0' 40.1nhonys and
McO'Roberts. One thinks the hest way is to
go over to Closely and establish a Irish Re
public there, kindly permittin' the Canadians
to pay expenses of that sweet Boon : and the
ether wants to sail direck for Dublin ray.
where young Molloy and his fair young Bride
went down and was drowns I, necordin' to a
ballad I ont. heard. But there's one pint on
which both elides agree—that's the Pmts.—,
They're witlin„them' chaps in New York, to
receive all the Funs you'll send 'eni Yin
send a puss to-night to Mabony, and another
puss to Roberts Botbwill <receive 'eel. You
bet. , And with other pusses it will be aim'.
'I was into Mr. Delmonico's ho l use the
other night, and I saw my free Mr.' , Terrence
McFadden; who is a elekeot and entetjprisia'
deputy Center. He was elltin' at a table,,
catin' a canva , s beck duck. Poultry of that
kind, as you know, is rather high just now.
I think about five dollars per Poult. And
bottle of green-seal stood be'ore him.
'flow are you, Mr. McFadden I' said I.
'Oh, Mr. Ward! I am miserabla-- , Miserable!
The wrongs we Irishmen suffer! 0 , , reland!
Will a troo history of your eufferin ev• o
writtsta Must we be forever gro uad under
by the iron heel of despotic Brito ? But,
Mr. Ward, won't you eat suthin
'Well,' I said, 'if there's another canvass
back and a spare bottle of that green seal in
.the house, I wouldn't mind jinin' yo'n in Lein'
ground under by Briton's iron heel.'
'Green turtle soup; first ?' he said.
'Well, yes. If I'm to share the wrongs of
Ireland with ycu, I don't core if I do bay' a
bowl of soup Put a bean into it,' I said to
the wailer. , It will remind mo of my child
hood days, when we bat 'em baked ,n Con
junction wi ti purl,. every Sunday ronrnin',
and then all went up to -- 115 virege church,
and had a refreshin' nap la the fam'ly pew.
qtr. SlcFsdden, who was sufferin' so thus
ly for Ireland, was op the Mahony wing. I've
no doubt- that some ckjly pa , riotic member
of the RobPrte wing was'eufferin' in the same
way over to the Maven-Dory elide' house..
'They say, feller aitiscos, SOOTt you will see
a Blow E (tusk for Irish liberty We hain't
seen nothin* but a Blow, so fir—it's bin all
blow, and the blowers in New Tork.won't git
out if Bellu-sessts long as our Irish frets in
the rooral diitricks send 'em money.
'Let the Greta float abort the red, if tha"ll
make it feel any better, but dna% you be the
Green. Don't never go 'into anythin; until
you know where'bouts you're goin' to.
'This is a very good country here where
you are. ' You Irish hay' enjoyed our boons, •
held your share of our •offices,- and you cer
tainly ha►' done your share of our satire.—
Then why this hullabaloo a:tout fre - ein' Ire
land! You do your frens in Ireland a grate
in,joory, too ; because they blieve you're
retain' sure enuff, and they fly off the hlndle
and git into jail. •My-Irish frets, ponder
these things a little. 'Zim no 'em closely, and
above all scd out where the pusses go to.r
I sot . down. Theriiwne no aprinvetut
they li,Etened ,to me kindly. They knoW'd! I
was honest. however wrong I mi i rlis be ; and
they knoted, too, th4t there was no peplo on
arth whose generosity and gallantry I had a
higher resprok for than the Irish, excep'
when they fly off the handle. So my feller
citizens let me toot my horn .
Hut Squire Thaitqr Int bin hind onto my
had and said, in a mournful tone of vols.
'Mr. Ward. you're mind is failiu'. You're in-
felleole folters. You are only about sixty
years of age, yet you will soon ba a dlivelin'
dotard and Isms' nocontrol over yourself.'
have no &otrol over my arms sow,' I re
drivite my ethers suddenly into the
Squire's i Ptutomuck, which caused that corpy
lent mc4istrate to Lit vilently off the stage
lute the fiddlers' box, ;where he stuck hi4-ven-
cr'ble bed into a Bass drum, ard—ststed
'murder' twice, in a very loud vOiP,
It was Isle when I got home. The children
and my wife was all abed. But a cardle--a
candle made from taller of our raisin'—
gleamed in Betsy's room; it [Wanted for
AM was aWI. The sweet oilier moon was a
shinin' bright, and the beautiful :tars Wag up
to their %null doio I felt a sett' ymentat mood
-still Ito gently ore me Et lin', and I pawned
before Betsy's winder, and sung, in a kind of
op'ratic •ois, as fellers, itnpromtoo, to,wit
Wake, Ratan rak•,
Ny tyre!. 1
Ws. up :fair lade,
WMI, 1 inch my late !
The winder-4. regret to say that the 'win
der went up with s vi'lent crash, and a form
robed in spotless white exclaimed, ' , Um into
the house you old fool. Tomorrow you'll be
goin' round conatilainire about your liver ! '
I sot up a spell by the kitchen fire readin'
Lewis Napoleon's Life of Jullukiesar. What
a reckless old cuss ho was: Yit Le vis plc-.
toys him in glowing cullers. Cesar made it
lively for the boys in aul, didn't 'le . '. lie
slew'd one million of citizens, male and fe
male—Gauls and Gaulussec—and then ho sold
another million of 'em into slavery. Re eoli
th:mm*4 this eheerfal stile of thing for Sant
time s , when one day he was 'eassinated In
Rome by sum high-toned Roman geni'men,
led on by Mr. Brutus. When olCßrutilng
sorted his knife Into hiss, CMIBII. admitted
(hit he was gone up. Ri's funeral was& great
FuCCCI39, the house bein'.erowdea to Its utmost
elpncity. Ten minutes after the doors Wevr
opened the Ushers had to put up °Oda on
s Web, was printed,' , , Standire Room Only.'
I went. to bed at last. 'And so,' I said,
'Thou hest ko ear for sweet melody?' A
very snore was my only user. Betsy slept.
rfl2 POPULATION 01 Tllll Gnons.—There
are on the globe about 1,288,000,000 of souls,
of which 390,000,000 are of the Cataissiaa
race. 552,000,060 are of tho Mensal race, 190,.
of) ,otio arc of the Mariposa nee, 176,000i
(koo are of the Malay race, and 1,000,000 are
I the Ludo-American race,. There aro 8,046
langnages spoken, and'l,ooo different reit
' gions The yearly mortaiity of the globe is
333,333,833 persons. This is - at the rate
! of 61,564 pA..r day, 3,730 per hour, sad 60 per,
minute. 8o each pulsation of our heart marks
the decease of some human croatriie. The
arerage of human life is 34yeare. One fourth
of the population die at of before the ago'of
scvcrt yoare—ono half at or before n years.
.tincug 10,000 persons on arrives at the age
al 1(O years, one in boo ittaitislbirege of 90,
and one in 100 lives to the' age of 60. Mar
i ri.:d mon live longer than single ones. Is
1,000 persons r 5 marry, sad more marriages
octur in June and December thank say other
months of the year. Oneoslghth of &keyhole .
plpulation is military. POfessions exercise
a great influence on lenge - 7'ly. In 1,000 in—
dividuals, who arrive at the age of 70 years,
42 are' priests, orators or public speakers ; 40
are agriculturalists, 83 are workmen, 32 are
soldiejs or military employee, 29 advocated
or en ineere, 27 professors, and 24 doctors.--
Those who devote their lives to the promalga
ti of that of others die the soonest. There
are 333,000,000 Christians, 5 ,00 0 , 000 Israel—
ites, 60,000.000 of Asiatic religion, 160,000,-
000 Hohammetlians, and 200 , 000 , 00 0 Pagans.
In the Christian chucks! 170,000,000 pro—
fess the Boman Ca t olio faith, 75,000,000 pro
feeo the Greekl h, and, 180,000;000 Profess
the Protestant fai h.
. WA R NING TO 3fes.—;The Jackson
(Mich.) Citizen t lie a good story of a young.
man in that city, ( -
who was partial to a widow
who had a daughter 'passing fair.' The young
man was assiduous in his attentions, and was
a constant visitor. This notice awoke in the
young lady's heart the tender passion, audits.
her dreams she imagined that she would be: .
came the wife of her Adonis. 'Matters kept
on in the same old way. .The young man con
tinued his marked attentions, and people be
gan. to whisper among themselves, 'A match
sure!' while knowing ones, with a solemn
toes of the head, would remark k ...lirhat did I
tell you?' The young min went out to his
supposed charmer's house, the other evening
for the purpose of taking tea. During the
meal the mother of the girl asked, 'When are
you and'--- to be married!' The young
roan leaned back in the chair and coolly re.
marked that he idea of marrying any. (
body, and that he 'and the daughter wereonly
friends. He said he supposed she understood
it so all the time. The young lidy &bid nets,
word, bat rose up and seised the teapot,
which was filled'with hot tea, took off the lid,
and threw its boiling contents into his face,
scalding . him severely and leaving an ugly
mark. She then furiously ordered him out of
.her Sight. .H-n bath no turflike a woman
seamed,' old skiing ' and this young
mart can attest to its truth.
HOWSLL COBB.-A correspondent of the
Louisville Journal gives the following account
of Howell Cobb :
Ex-General Howell Cobb. former Seers
:ey of the Treasury, and one of the most
gifted and influential men in Georgia, resides
- here with his family. The emancipation of
the negroes, and the visits of Sherman and
his friends to his plantations, have ,rendered
him, from being one of the richest planters in,
the State, ccmparitively poor, Ito that he is
obliged to kraetioilaw in this city for a sup
port. Ile is in partnership with Hon. James
Jackson, former flepresentative in Congress
from the Sixth District of-Georgia, and at
one time on the,f 4 ircuit bench. 1 have seen
the General once or twice all ho passes to and
fro from his office, which is exactly 'opposite
the Lanier House, and exctipt that he has let
his beard and mustache grow, (both of which
are considerably gray) I see no change from'
what I rew cu= tilui when presiding over the
Treasury Department, temp. Buchanan. Ho
is very molar here. He is an earnest John.:
son men, and one of the most aotivs, supporters
of ample protection by the counteto the lives
sad property of the negroes. ~Although not
yet - pardoned; be has taken the oath of alle
giance, and is, ram told, one of the most con.
servative, forbearing and patient citizens in
the State, with a kind word for every one, and,
the half of his last dollar for every one wh6
really needs help." -
FASIIIONABLS Naar Yons. Sokauer..--A. cor.
respondent writes that a fashionable couple
up town in New York, married but not mated,
as the story goes, quarreled a lOW , mornings
since, and the irate wife, by the advice of her .
parents, sued for a divorce. The eelse is only
noteworthy from the ridiculous cause of the
quarreL One morning it seems that the bus—
'bead washes himself, es usual, iii the bowl
used by both, but the lady, for some reason,
refused to use it that morning, and rang •the
hill for another. P. wan brought', when the
now indignant husband flung it violently on
the floor,' breaking it to pieces: The wife
thereupon called him hard names,• when he
locked the door, and insisted that she should
use' the firAt bowl. She vowed that she
wouldn't, if she went "with a dirty face a
week." He swore she should; and so, tilling.
the bowl, he seized her hands, and using in&
ficient, force, washed her face for her. 110
then unlocked the door and went to his busie
nese, While she went to consult a lawyer, and
the suit began,
A GOOD _Holum—Sometimes ono bears it
said 'of a good wife and mother that "she's a -
reeular home-body."• The phrase is simple,
but what a world of ennobling qualities it in
dicates, and what a universe of frivolities it
excludes. Tho matronly homebody is indeed .
"Heaven's best gift to man." Dashing ladies,
whose business it is to set the fashions, won't r
you look in upon your gentle sister as eheeitS
is her well ordered nursery snaking the chil
-4,r en happy. with her presence? Note how ahe -
adjusts their little difficulties, and how she
sdmo isbes, encourages , instruote, amuses
them las the case may require. Do you think
any urse maid could produce such harmony
in dist little circle? Is she not an enchant
ress ? Verily yes, and her (Awn is ' , love
stringer than death" for those sweet young
faces, , where you may see her smiles and
cr, i ;ie n e (though she seldom has occasion to
if-own) 100044 in glee and sorrow like amid
i'glit and cloud-shadow in a quiet pool. Wha
9be is, she will teach her daughters to be ; ,
and blessed are the eons who 'have suclutj
A handsome' young Yankee pedlar , mrde
love to a buxom widow in Pennsylvania. lie
accompanied his declaration with , an allusion
to two impedimints to their union. , Name
them,' said the widow. 'The want of means
to set up a retail More.' They parted, and'
tho widow sent the pedlar a check for ample
means. When they net again the pedlarlttad
hired and stoat ed his store, and the spoiling
fair one begged to know the other impedi
ment. have another wife,' cried the notion
Fiume:m—We remind parties% wanting
fireworks for the Fourth that Boner & Burgess
have is stook the largest - iiicsartment ever
brought to this market. They are prepared
to supply committees and dealers, -on short
notice, with as good a variety and at as tow
[ 'apneas they can be obtained in BniftAo.