The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, June 14, 1866, Image 3

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t It catuo2ign, Observer.
n t-•ar 01.ds that the period for
:011. e etrer eacry the thiberna•
s --rived. In no way
t, o -• -6
alb) •J)"`: — ..: Tation of
rarer.t. 1), • ). • t i gn
at the :
~;7 , ., or Item L , NT , "• • .• ‘.7
• t, , he hands of very
est.. We desire, it po- , ,sildr,
',11,,,,re cirenlat'On of to.; fl in t
tipou all Detuaer,U , t
,'faltliag-11/ 0 o` C. %Vho ,v,i;
a, a :Club of fire, ten or
tf oar ',relent subscribers hail
~ by riirp'y speaking to him,
i .,1 to siths:rille, and with a lit
kur 11.1! can he doubred in every
di.trici Go tow i titrk, friends,
' d 'et it not be' Said that we
t i le (or Governor by the want
those who claim to be his sop
Local ruiltlcs.
, ~.,.00 , itii.i; , among the Republicans
~,,, fl the various offices in the
,:tr. 11 i 't emirococed . (Lis year
. fl ,•U I/ vigor. The nninerius
Jo , to Lo len't out ; the crow,'
cin pieventilig thein.
,s i t h envy nnd div i tiuttt with which
c)mpo.4ors, here gieee
• e o, menu n legrze of exciting in.
,u felt even among our excitab'e
~.ihc.l . , e uets in y.gypt, like the
like the flood of Noah's time,
o noi•tl,lspirants is sweeping
~,rof,to:tcti- S wnrounity, greedy to
pouring -fiver every see.
•c3rch of influence, and
people with their proves
and purity. Every town
to can lid tie t,r o-c office
indifferent, Eomo
fn. the Fes they want rts 4
flrs 11 I) servant. Thelbew‘ail
we bar` that 01.• , layf of
,„ .IqA" , e , l. 1) not tttrie
We hire more patriot. , willing to
kirlf tte')weti CQlll3' ry—for noon
—this vre cao tinti service for, and
• , ry c)rues up from every bill•tep
ey. and
the anneturcement
,t the palsy argsns, that the supply
exhau•ttol, but th it " still they
sott.33lonal question is. of course,
3infereu,aa it ie the irsi in inipor
r r tt.ii position two Erie city men
~ .brought forr —Messrs. Decamp
~o Warren g . tin presents Mr. Sea
-1 there i 3 a prospect that Mr, Souther,
also be in the field. Mr Lowry,
Y " ck - e lorem of Radicalism in the
ie,a,d, warmly enlisted in favor ofSco
:a laboring hard for his success.—
r-t.m.l that it is the intention of
mends to make an effort to carry
lef - againt*DeGamp. The lattlr'reems
din; it out entirelY alone, 17 'we can
ame of the_ leading politicians who
.rting him Two-thirds of th e
we meet say that much a they
~, Erie county man, as between co.S
pecatop, they will feel obliged to
o .e farmer. The friends ,r Scofield
• I be confident or has succese' here.—
ue?hat most of the strong Renubli
-I.Mps have given pledge , ' in his favor,
: st the idea that PeCamp can. get
a s corporal's guard of delegates
~:t, however, that they are not as
I. they appear, and Orli" Benson has
~ rward with the object of stealing
',,teCatop's "thunder We shall be
.:11e. , 1 in our yoliacal calculations
.tslininly an, if,it does not turn cut
iotNence, let it be small or
2., swily an ua fat or of Scofield.
,z oat of S .uthcr may cljsa Tnage
,t; here: , Nre Ith/, ay . (' a hew. move
cd ch,,4 , ,,,ard be readerq ne
:.q the requrlt turn out as, it I may,
interes, in the fate of any of
r ilia: !Ike the wornaii" in the
Ten hu, , band and the bear, we
s SC' iCil gels licked."
.1.1 to re *cif this fah, next in
to Cougrcssional Reprtscotative,
L: - ‘ Judge. In some
is a m.rc deimble office then Con
• Tl.r -a is ten years, the salary
~.4 laborious enough to
,•`lOl3 11:7 serious inconvenience:
Lt. tha office among
.'neanq of our county—liesers.
Iva'ke- an 1 Vincint—and \two in
DOTTi^k.soll (the' present
and Ittel - oaond.- Warren county,
itakewortLy modesty, pre
,l to—the secret of which piob
.^, t..e iwt that she is pledged to the
t, ,1 I here tO support Erie CO 'S
, nsi , leritinn of .giving her the
le Erawford,coun'y the con-
Teen l'ouuel,Aen and Tlic'wond rages
':mots, the Inter relying I ,rgely on
e!meftt in his party fur euccesq,
:.rntr qa the aati•VethodiAt, Of
o prefer Derrickson, alitteugh it
•Tr:•ite that the judge should now
ei :0 Erie county. Mr. Lowry is°,
‘:le, snd i• is understoo 1 that
irrt,- o 'l4a - ford county he wilLett-
j:rie. The main contest
-:••• e between Messrs, Woodruff
• Li Slncent may tura up stronger
espeeted to. The West
f,r Woodruff; while the
'Although au old politi
o never been a successful
- I lot be surprised, if even
of the Dispatch and Gazette
v•-• defeated, Iris intensely
' l l% and long-seated ant.,
the most unfit man for
•.:pwhn hat, been named, and iE is
that m tiny of the strongest
%Arley; ri•h 'alarm the idea of
0:c htnoh • We understand
1 1. tielf the chief credit
c.ut as a candidate, and
o:. - tr the shrewdness
ne „isptayed in getting
i fr, Congres., George is
ry har , l itt
I will disclose how much
onz..; We rememl er
diitant, when be splut
'-''' at his command upon the MI
, •••••(-Pr, with as mud venom
• ppei heads " He may
• 1.:(r judge, oCy to find that
(oe'.'"llr. Vincent
r l , ke Mr Walker—sour,
. 12.1,, nen5-iaud licks the lat
' ell' -:. , perieuee"-; Of the three
wqueu: I, if , ire were a lie
-1).,• g:ve the
,preference to
I.t 1 wan of atniab'e aila%
rded, has had a MO
:.; s ittryer, is not bigot d,
I .zch- would make a ve4
Ttic Itensocricy will bare
I.' . tnpir own. in the field, as
r.s.-the district is hope;
is desirable that so jai
,f otir party may be exerted,
t(or ci,c. man whose tolerant
render him a fair
in.teidOf 3 more par-
mentioned efficee,
•'`ta "'dirt' anti t.l he supplied with
1` (I . ' candidates is not ;
tellwe o :.... , V:cmice them 161111 the
4 ven eg. ' lndications at present
ranter of etindidates', for each
positions will not be more
•La tea at the lowest; Among
the aspirants are a considerable sprinkling of
soldiers, who probabl i r think this aboat at,
gaol a rime, as any to secure a portion of .
that • debt" o - wing them, which every Re
publican Convention, solemnly declares they
Peen never repay." !
Our Democratic otemporarieo throughout
the district I eve for home time past bean ar.
going the Arum 'policy policy for the party
to pursue in respect to its support of a
Congressional cfnflidate this fall. It has
urg,ed by several that we forth an nib
with; the conservative Republicans, and
fmstaining a man of that faith, in
lea l of t nuning a strafght out Deniocrat.l In
favc,r of this ; course they advance the well
known 01c, , r.r that it is f better to have hti'f a
loaf than which. under cerf tin cireum- -
FtIVOCC3 soul, i and consoling logic. The
Warren Ledger, (honk!), is earnest in the
opinion thaeour nominee should Lea staunch
Democrat and urns other. It thinks a con•
errativell,cpublican would get ro more votes
than a straight ferward * Demccrat, while, if
he did,•it argpy-Aidrt the tendency of all ir
regular political movements is to disorganize
and disunite the party which resorts to them
We have heretofore taken no part in the con
troversy. but the•time would teem to hare ars
riv.d when it Is fitting that the views of the
Erie county Democracy Ishot?lt1 be made
known. -
In the 'first pl:,ce we regard it 89 an men
tial'point that it, a Johnson Republicanjap
he selectvd, he, shill he en Erie man. ;Mere
eliqt: the chief etreng'h of the Repuhl t tins
in the district. If any successful inroatrii to'
be made in that partylt must be deneAtt4thi;
county, for we have do idea. thst suitejet:it
votes could be secured from the Republicans
in the sma'l eastern c . ittutdes to materlallY,
change their aggregate Majority, provided the
party 'in Erie county voted solid for their,
candidate. In the second place, he must be
popular enoughamong his political friends to
carry d considfrable portion of them aliing
with hint. In the third place, be must_ have
the confidence Of Democrats not only here,
but iu the rest of the distiict, sufficient to
unite the party vote in his favor. In the
fourth place he must be a person of mean's
and ability, ready to canvass the district, and,
pos.essed of a lharacter likely to win the
friendship cud command the confidence Of the
people wherev i or he visits.
We are compelled in'frankness to Fay thist,
after , having looked over the field carefully,
our conviction ii fixed that no Republican
supporter of Mr. Johnson can be. selected:in
Erie county who comes up to the above re
quirements. The truth-is that So tightly arc
I the Radical lines drawn here, and so much' tri
oen dread the enmity of their party leaders
that, although many Republicans are willing
to declare privately thei sympathy with:Mr.
Johnson's ideas, there are scarcely bans,
ilnen who,have the voltage - Co - take-the same
position publicly. Three few are genet-411r
business men, who have bad no experience in
managing political matters,.and who, weri
pep thought capable enough for place it'
Congress, would not possess 'availability al
candidates. Thirsettles the controversy,
far as Erie amity is concerned.
Supposing, howeir.r, that a conservati v e
Republican from andLtrer county was nomina
ted, what would be tVe result Undoubtedly
, no one of that class would be presented who
did not have the confidence of Democrats in
his own county, and~if he Was satisfactory to
the uhe would be to us. But what would we
gain ? lie might carry a •for Republican
votes in the locality cif hist residence—outside
of- that his support would be scarcely if any
more than a Demcerarcould obtain‘ We
question it he cauld command as many votes
as the - regular candidate of the Democratic
I party; for there are many stiff-hacked ;time
crats in every township who preferiptcasting
1 their ballots at all to voting fora man whoae
political creed is not familiar to them,l,
These reflections lead us to the belief that,
our best policy is to put a regular Democrat
in the field, and give Lim our heartiest Sup
port. We have no Confidence in carrying the
district with any candidate that we ccisy nom
inate. The Gubernatorial contest 'Murray
both parties into a solid phalanx, 'and the Re•
publican leaders will make ute of the circum
stance to compel the infected in their ranks
to go the whole district and county tickets,
with perhaps here and thereon unimportant ex
eption. It is certain, moreor,.that every
man who is a strong enough friend of Mr.
JoAnson to work and vote for his policy, wilt
do so, whether- the candidate-representing it
tie called a Democrat or Republican. •
Presuming, then,. that our candidate shall
he a Democrat, we come next to the important
question, who eball he be ? Oa this point we
are not prepared to giro a definite 4nswer.
We have half a dozen gentlemen in this cone
ty abundantly able to fill the positir with
credit and benefit to the district, anti there
are equally good and true men in the other
eountiet. Lt should be the aim of the Con
•greseional conference to select from the names
that may be presented before, it that of the
gentleman who will be likely to poll the most
trees, regardless of any personal or local
considerations. We presume that all sections
oethe district are agreed in the wish that our
nominee may be the strongest that can be se
sured, and that no county would be willing
to tirge its favorite, to the manifest detrigitint
02 the party interests. Where all .are Demo
crats, equally faithful•to principle, and c4bt .
nos-eased of admitted ability, the subjeceof
availability s•bonld be the sole one considered.
The Democracy of Erie will do nothing to dis
curb the harmony of the conference, and who
ever may be our, chosen standard bearer will
receive their unanimous and zealous support.
small f, ;me building, next to the Perry
block, owned by Dr. Wallace, and occupied
in The lower part by Adam Wild as a butcher
shop, and in the upper story by John dirbel,
clotheit cleaner, took fire on Monday untold:,
about half-past ten o'clock. The firemen
were soon on the ground, and by their timely
and energetic efforts, the building was pre
vented from being totally destroyed Too
much praise cannot be bestowed upon them
for the epirit displayed on this occasion. Few
persons who saw the fire when it broke' out
doubted that it would sweep the entire row of
frame buildings in the vicinity, is well as se
riously endanger Perry block. Yet so faith.
fu ly did the gallant boys work, that they
had not been on the ground more than fifteen
minutes before the flames were subdued, and
all fear of their further spread obviate/. The
department is not, perhaps,-all that it:shou'd
he, but the fault does not lie with theAtitem..
bers of the different companies.
ANNocsecateNi.—ifr. Editor: —The many
friends of Commodore James Stewart will sub
mit his name asp candidate for Congress—
subject to the asti. - .n of the Black Republican
Convention. The Paucity of material thus
far offered. induces them to present a candi
date for the position whose merits cannot be
disputed. The Commodore's talents, as die
piayed in the potato, chicken and Rocky
Mountain cat trade, - prove him to be eminent
ly fitte I to Occupy a seat in' Congress. Ills
principles are of the true ..loyal standard,"
and his color is of. a hue to suit the most rad
ical of the Radicals. Without desiring to
make odorous comparisons, we would say
that he istat least the equal of .Mr. DeCamp,
in personal appearance, of Mr. Benson in
piety, and of Ur. Scofield in honesty. His
nomination would be received 'with much en
thusiasm by the CoLoun USIONTSTO.
Local Paragraphs.
The 'bursting of this Petroleum Rank, at
Titusville, an exchange think!, has settled the
question—" Will Petroleum explode V'
Will oil and watei : nix ?" Lelit be doubt
ed no more, since we heard a leading 'Repub
lican deelsre the other (fay that he eupported
Johnson—and Geaty
The Vonango Spectator, since it passed in 4
to the hands of the present publisher, Gaut bel
come,bne of the spiciest . and moat readable
papers on our list of exchanges.
, The latest fashion for fk bonnet that has
appeared coosists of 110 rye erases tied to
gether with blue ribbon on the top of the,
heed, with red lassehrsuspehiled at °alb Of
the four ends of,the straw.
;The Wairpo Ledger is informed that Cot.
9 it. Curtis, of that place, has declared him
self a surporter of President Johnson, and
ready to "work in the conservative harness."
One arore sinner converted.
The many friends of Win. A. flidtraitb,
Esq., will be rejoiced to learn that be is rap
idly recovering from liis late severe illness, -
and vi%l soon be able to resume his customary
While Dan Rice's ~ tirest Moral Show" woe
exhibiting at Pleasantville, Pa., a row broke
out between some of the residents and show
men, ending in fourteen persons being serious
ly injured. •
The Dispatch comes out in favor of Mr.
Souther, of 'Elk county, as the Republican
candidate for Congress. It says it has lost
confidence in' Scofield, and “will not, under
any consideration, consent to have him tic
keted." We admire its thack.
If the market tables are to be permitted to
nrouni loose in the East Park, front the
Morning they are used until they are treaded
again, wg should like to know 'how mach the
locality has been improved by the removal of
the old market'house
The most delightfuLlu ” ry to be indulged
in, in these hot days, is a glass of that
splendid soda water„ at Viers & Elliott's -.
Their fountain is a new one, and furnishes an
article Writ cannot be surpassed.
By a provision of law soldiers' discharges
may he placed on record, the same as deeds,
In the County Recorder's office. The destruc
tion or lose of the discharge will not afterwards
to of any serious conseqtrence to the soldier,
as he can at any time procure a copy from the
Recorder. A knowledge of these facts may
be of much parties interested.
Lt. Col. Chas. n. Lynch is announced as a
candliate for District Attorney, subject to the
decisdon of the Ro2nblicans in annual pow
wow assembled. E. D. Ilußoert asks the
nomination for Register . and Recorder at the
heads of the dominant political I arty. Ile
saili in his card : —"I am consttained by ne
cessity to ask of the people of Erie county
a position io which by my labor I can earn a
•-• The following men from Brie'were among
'the Feeians captured by r the steamer ABA!.
gan, in the attempt of Col. O'Neill's force to
return from Canada to Buffalo: Michael
O'Flynct,iohn Mullen, Michael O'Brien, John
J. More, Wm. Sheldon, Win. Ryan, John
We are pleased to learn that the Democrat
is soldiers of our city are-,about to organise
an association In favor of the election of Mr.
Clymer. They have
- grown tired of having
the honored title of a Union soldier polluted
-to the purposes of the Radicals, and are de
termined to let the people see where they
The corner stone of a new Catholic church
was laid at Sharon, on last Sabbath a week,
Bishop Young officiating. A new Methodist
chareh was commenced in Meadville on Tues
day of last week, which is expected to cost
$65,000. At resent that community is with
out any handsome church edifice.
Wm. Benson, Esq., of this city, is an
nounced as a Republican candidate for Con
tress. Be protests that - be is placed ] in the
field without his consent, but does not feel
inclined to disregard the 'wishes of his ismer.
ods friends. It is truly amazing how many uu,.
ambitious men are met now-a-days, who hire
to be implored by the public to serve them
in official capacities.
We notice that our old friend and fellow ap.
•rentice, W. W. Davis, Esq., of klitilintown,
is secretary of a Johnson' club in x Juniata
county. He has always been a staunch Re
pUblican, boo like thousands of others attach
ed to that party, has become disgusted with
the radicalism which prevails in it, and re
solved to take. an independent stand for the
"Government." ' We are glad to know that
William is at last in a fair way to • happy
At the late Republican nominating oleo
donsin Venango county, .1. ff. Smith, n civil
ian, was aeleoted, by Ai majority of 360 votes,
as the candidate for Prothonotary over Capt.
ff. M. ffugbes, a -returned so'dier. is this
what the "loyal men" mean when they pass
their stereotyped resolution:.— "Resolved,
That we owe our soldiers a debt of gratitude
we can never pal) .?" _
An interesting reminiscence of the war is
going on in Conneaut township, in the shape
of a squabble over the bounty accounts. From
what we can underitand, a'slight mistake of
. two or three thousand dollars has beenkisaciv
ered, which the tax-payers, curious fellows
as they ate. have a desire to Bee explained.
Will notiome of our friends give us a report
occasionally from the new seat of war?
Jay Cooke, Esq., who is buildings honae
orth hilt a million of dollars, obtained his
wealth by advertising. Diming the time of
the vale of the National bonds, which would
have been unsold to this day but for the news
papers, he was the greatest advertiser in the
The Lake Erie Press Association held its
third meeting in Cleveland on Thursday of
tast week. Although the'attendance was quite •
fair, it was not as large as espected. Aire re.;
gret that our business engagements were
o pressing as to prevent' ns from attending.
If we are to judge Irons the representations
of those present, the members of the ;Cleves
land press, with one exception, failed to shoW
a proper degree of courtesrto the attendants
at the Convention.
We understand that:this managers of the
Anthracite Coal and Iron Coppany have de
cided to contest their to the use of
Twelfth street in the courts".. A case is being
made upinvolviag the legal principle ;at issue,
and will be brought to test at. the earliest day
possible. The residents -efithe street say they
will dispute the power to lay' down a track in
front of their property until the sutject has
been decided by the highest legal tribunal,
when, if the muter g -me against them, they
will "throW up the sponge," and console
themselves the best way they can
Mr. E. P. Hammond, the revivalist, com
pleted bis second series of tabors in Girard,
on Monday of last week, and went from there
to Peoria, 111. "A large number of friends
and converts," says the Spectator, "escorted
hint to the depot, where, after some affecting
ceremonies and scenes of bidding farewell,
and with the blessings of many a grateful
heart, Ur. and Mrs. Hammond went aboard
the train 'which 1,118 to convey them to ono-
'her field of 1 •bor." Mr. ilammond'a efforts
in Girard readied in the conversion of Posersl
hundred persons. The Spectator metes thet
he 'has wrought a wonderful change in the
place: "Through Dia instrumentality many
young run and boys, 'who formerly delighted
in the notoriety theyrested by their drink.
ing, profanity, playin cards, and other exe
crable vices, , have n t only been converted
into Christians, bat also into nsefhl and orna
mental members of society, Rhino all other
remedies would lave failed."
The cities of the ell Alias, se a general
rule, are big things"—on paper. Two of
the more famous of them ore described by the
editor of the Tidioute Chronicle : -
As a matter of course, when ydu find oil
you cad find a "city' nearby. The one here
is called Livingstone City, to named after
somebody, but we don't know who: It is a
peculiar pitted every alletnare house ta•a
saloon, one half the balance are restaurants,
and the remainder are hotels. The hotels are
all turnishe I with bare. We should state, in
justice to the city, that there are three erup
tions to this rule—a billiard hall where whis
key is dispensed and two offices, : each fur
nished with a side-board. Sheridan City has
one church:'and owns en institution called a
sweat-boatel. Toe inLabitants area very
economical set they import barrels of wbis•
key and exptrt b.trrela of oil—thus saving
freight nu -ernotiea. s \.__lt is a 'Wealthy earn
munify ; but few appau ra labor. i ❑ere arc
to be !mind many professi,nal gentl^men,
generally astronomers, An enterptising firm
has Itand a, strip of land having a river rfOtit
of fifty rode, and are about erecting store
houses, wharves, &o. They will keep wbiekey
on deposit only. " Take it all is &Land we
shall ne'er look upon its like sgairt'`,—if we
can help it. •
The Warren Ledger, last week, made its ap
pearance enlarged to a seven coluion paper,
and looking neat and flourishing. The Ledger
singe it went into Mr. Morrie' control, has
become one of the best country papers In the
State, commanding the entire canfidence of
the party,•and growing rapidly in prosperity.
It is au encouraging fact that everywhere in
Penneytvania the 'Democratic preiM le in a
healthier condition than at any preVious date.
The bitterness of the opposition during the
war had the effect of raffylng
, our party
friends to the zealous support of their trusted
Tapers,,and it will be a long time before they
allow them again to become neglicted as they
were before. 'Every trial has its lessons, and
the painful ordeal of the last four years has
taught : the Democracy one which they never
property appreciated before—that in order to
sustain their principles they must build
up and maintain a healthy press.
The McKean Miter rays that ale. DeCemp
was too reitently PI Democrat' to.•be trusted
now as a candidate for Congressiohal honors
in the Uoion party. If the editor of the
Miner could hove en interview with our en-
thusiastie neighbor be You'd not be long in
ascertaining th t Mr. DeCamp's feelings for
tbo Democratic reirty are neither timiabl l e or
co-operative. He will do a wondrous eight
of active and irresiq 'Me siumplogt whin his
turn comes. —Dirpoteh.
Were the Democratic party, as ;largely in
the msjirity in Erie. county as the Hepdblican
is, we suspect that Td.r. DeCamP's •ardent
feelings would be of quite a different turn.—
Re would then, in all likelihood, be as loud
mouthed and vituperative in denouncing Rad
lolly 09 be is to-day in cursing Copperheads.
George has a 'remarkable homily iot always
keeping on the side that pays the btst.
The following is a copy of o'3 epistle °found
sticking on a board on the shore of the Lake,"
In Purview township. We think it More like- ,
ly to have been written as a hoax thf any
thing else:
I now prepare myself for a fiati adieu to
this'wor'd. lam sick and tired o living in
this world, and shall leave it by; drowning
myself in this beautiful lake. I have loaf;
contemplated this thing, and am now going to
put it into effect. _ I leave no flu:l;l4i° mourn
my lose, nor friends in this connti7. lam
alone a wanderer from' my native )and, and
have suffered untold pains and hardships ;
am oat of money and In a strange land ; once
bean wealthy,lnow lam poor. The finder of
this will not know who wrote it, as I shall not
sign - my name to it, AU I ask le, if my body
comes ashore that the world will put me out
of eight. Now, good bye, vain world. I shalt
drown myself with a stone tied abound my
neck. Again I say, farewell, vain weed.
`29th May, 1866.
So many incorrect statements in: reference
to the ten per cent. tax on the Imes of banks
organized under State laws, are traversing
the newspapers, that it, may be'worth while to
correct them The law of Congress', March 3,
1863, reads as follows :
~ Section 6. And be it further endcted, That
every National Banking Atsociation shall pay
• fax of 10 per .cent. on the amount of notes
of any State Bank or State Banking AOSOCia•
tien pai4 out by then., after the first day of
July, 18 I,"
It will be noticed that the tax is imposed
only on banks paying out other notes than
those of National banks of the Uoited States
legal tenders, and that in no case can the'
be imposed on individuals, merchants, b °-
kers, or agents (if individnals) paying th
one, or using them in their busiivess. We
•learn that the private bankers in this city will
continue to receive and pay out Slate bank
lactase heretofore.
The ' Secretary of the Treasury has given
directions: authorizing collectors of internal
revere ie in cities to close their' offices at' three
o'clock, to enable them fully to comply with
the law requiring them to deposit all moneys
received by them on the day of receipt..Ez.
- The use of the word "cities," the Venango
Spectator thinks, is very indefinite. Does the
Secretary mean the order to apply tO Oil City,
Venango City, Wegertarth City, ?Sheridan
City, Livingstone City,, Corry City, Pitholo
City, the. City of Meadville and "viol'," or
only to New York, Boston, Philadelphia end
that class of insignificant towns N l:f the lat
ter, why didn't hesay so'
It may console those of our citizens who
complain of the climate in this latitude to
know that we no t alone in having a variable
and backward season. A private letter from
the Southern . poition of the State Rays: 4'We
are baying very uncomfortable weather—ione
day hot beyond endurance . ; the next cold
enough for fires." Take it all in all, we
guess the climate of Erie is about Int good as
Shay haye in most places.
Sly the time this meets the eyes of our
readers, every man, woman and child in the
county will have been made aware; thrortib
the medium of advertisements in the various
papers, that Thayer & Noyes' Circus is to be
is Fhie on Friday and Saturday neit. This
show is an out and out Erie county ?tininitu.
don," and It is too well known here to re l quire
any "puffing" at our hands. On all heeds it
is recognised as the model circus of tho noun
try, and its success daring the present' year
has been wonderful.
The lot on the east. side of 6iate
south of Perry Block, 23 by 100/feet,:b •
sold to Bernard McGrath by Wm. :A
braith, at - .3200 per foot. Bat one!lo
remains of this block unsold, sad it
;eery desirable property, this will do
soon be taken. The ?oat Office builtlin
the other new and elegant etruelneee
built there. will rank this eery non
the best business sites in the city.
Mr. itese H. Lord, late political editor of
the Dispatch, has bees made cbief
of the New York Scientific Americari. a posi
tion for which he is admirably qualified both
by taste and education. Mr. Lord] during
his connection with the Dispatch, obtained a
flattering reputation for courtesy as • gentle
man and skill as a writer, and wihave learn
ed of his departure from our community with
frelings of more than ordinary regret.
The burnt portion of Oil City is being rap
idly rebnilt. Nearly' every person whose
property was destroyed has declared his de
tertninstion to rebuild. A better 'class of
structures than the old ones are to be con'
struoled. The Regizter toys within :the nest
three months all the burnt sparse will be cov
ered with new buildings of a superior style.
A movement is going on in Girard to bring
Col. Oin Rice colas a candidate for Congress.
The petition asking the •ColonePe consent to
use his name, we understand, has been signed
by many of the leading citizens of thSt vicin
ity, irrespective of party. -We are informed
that Dan has assented to sacrifice hit:melt
upon thesis's of his country—reluctantly, of
Tin cans, With Putout self sealing blase
tops nit ,
tops; nit
by Hinurat a Dempsey, bill
*the barbers of the city ; have all asfeed ; l•
cloie their ustaLllstaneots on Bunda7a here•
seer. The arrangement commence on
next Sunday a week, lifter which lime no
Sunda.* work will be dose by them: • -Perim:4
who bare been to the habit of waiting until
Eunday to get their ehaving gone, wig take
- An ungallant correspondent from London,
describing the Princess Mary of Cambridge;
who is loon to be married to Prince Tech.
says she, Is of enormous sire, and would he an
armful for Polyphemus- •lirr (nine, husband
will Bed himself about *as much married as
any man la' Chrirtendom, Incept, perhaps,
Brigham Young.
We would call the attention of our readers
to the notice of a free lecture on Physiology,
on Tuesday evening real, by Prof. Kayner.—
The Profissor comes tons highly reeommend
ed, and we have no d)ubt but the audience
will be highly entertained and instructed.—
Let Farrar Rail be crowded, to bear him.*
The traitorous old Gazette pretends to be
greatly horrified because we referred to the
, 'soldiers" political convention, held in this
city a coup'e weeks ago, in the lone which it
deserved: It calls us a variety of hard names,
and indulges in a 'strain of pious wailing
which must be *highly interesting to those
who are acquainted with' the history of that
paper. The
-intelligent public will not -fail to
understand the object of all this noise and
bombast. They know very way that the
coeductors ef -that sleeriy, coneern have never
displayed any triendshipfor the soldier beyond
using him for their personal and polities.%
ends, and that were be to disappoint them,
they would soon revile him as eagerly as they
now beslaver him with Prairie. Tbe hackneyed
terms and cant pleadings in which they
indulge are appreciated at their .xact worth.
I\eir motive is so well understood that they
only exciteithe, derision of the class to whom
it appeals. Do the conductors.of the Gazette
Juppcse the soldiers have forgotten how it
has slandered some of the beet patriots the
country has produced? Do they think at:
"brave boys in. blue" fail to recollect Its
secession teachings, and its sneering allusions,
to the ..I.llion severe" during the stormy.
year of 1860? Do they suppose they forget
'4htirillainous manner in which it traducrd
Gen. licClellan, and others of cur most
faithful officers)? The apldiere have not
forgotten these things, much as the Gazette
would be pleased to have Meer; They know
that through its long career it has ever been
the toady of party, and that , its .-whole aim
now is to nee them as for Is tc! effect its aims.
i.There is not s'irenLitke soldier in the county
but despises it from the bottom 'of his heart
for its cringing subserviency and base incoe.
; sistency, and very few who do not regard any
complimentary allusions in Its columns as an
insult to their patriotism.
Fumy°stis.—We remind parties wattling
fireworks for the Fourth that Better Sr. Burgess
have in stock the largest asitortmsnt ever
brought to this market. • They are prepared
It supply commit•ees anc!detilers, on short
notice, with as good a variety and at as low
figures as they can be obtained in Buffalo.
Tug EUIIIKA Putt JAL—This jar was
awarded the highest premiums at the New
York State Fair, American Institute and
Maryland Institute. For sale. by Nimrod &
Dempsey, 605 French St. jelttf
jo this city. nn tb• 14th Wit, by lb. Rom. Snot
dint, Mr. Mtn') BraGER, CO Ylu BUB.OI F.. 111AitTLN
both or En*.
H bhatb evertor, Way 27th, In ohs 72l year of her
I tar, Mrs. EtillA MAGILL. wife of ti• W. Magill Raki, at
the residence of her sou, Dr. W in this city.
1 tie tags away our loved emelt, tondos to bless us. sad
1"to whisper farewell verde, even when the Idasson they
long to nisch ta in fall view beyond. And though we
sadly miss the love and communion which tamed so
large adore t f our earthly happiness, et we would not
veil back those I .red and loving onelh for have they not
to very truth gone bows to the tender etre of Our
Father, who ' , death all things we'L '
The subject of oar notice ens born in Philadelphia, the
daughter of Mr, John, Whitehead. • merchant of that
city. Waving married she. moored to Wayland. aad
therm about the year :12d. to Meadville, Ps., coating -
; log 'o reside In ard near that place wail a convent
tint, reteat pattod. -
Her life. whether to town or country. was that of an
intellteent, devoted Chestiest woman. Under her lade
end S.btath M thool. were opened sk, a the good work
culled on until all learned to adrturs bar zeal and love
k her goodness sad spat% of. self worites.
Those among 11. who have known her well ten testify
to the lovelinoot other character as a eV., mother and
mend, and to her eleadfagness and deretedoess as a
nember of•the Chureh of Christ Let WI embalm her
1 rumor, in our hearts, and strive sincerely to ern. lite
1 her many virtues. (Coma]
Drowsed, oo tbs Ittb f Yy. EMERY A. ENS.
WORTH. son of D. C. sod \►noj Ea/worth. seed 9 yrs.,
6 gooths ►ad 0 days.
He vleepa within the cold, whir giosuad,
?Jae dark bleb Alm above b ra;
Ilm'eas too (Arend frail foe moth— •
me knew biro bat to love MO.
Hie sweat. fair Ulan has fad/4'13011N
His cheek- have lest their roses;
Hls happy hiker, se tem from On,
In Heaven now repots.
From his pore Ho the playful emlies •
Could' not by death be driven;
And with a hop* of fatale bliss
Pe panted froM earth ao Heaven. •
Haring tltt.d up one
mprc ° dice dneng the last yew with
And all the
AS me now prepared to melee- anima for any kind of
work In oar Rae.
Of Seery Mitt,. don, on short notice, as aztly mid On
al has woratde terms It an be twain to
any city along the lakes.
Om to
We Wend an imitation to
of all who may be in
Deed •
To call an see, our 11:4thnOn11.
Is supplied with complete assortment of all the
Legal Blanks in use by
No Form likely kite called for has loses omitted, and we
feel Implicit sontidense In bengal:Jo to sup
ply any ankle wasted.
Are got up on good paper, In neat style, and am mach
superior to throe procaried to the •
largo attics.
or Orders from abroad will be promptly dUed.
: been
Ito be
BALI SVI I?ABLI %lotus El Ass Rumps%
Beam* the halt.
Man Vegetable Sicilian flair 1445/ 1 / 1 1?
Bertarei pillar to it. original order.
Vegetable Weittan Belt reareer
• Prenosto the hair Iran falling ed.
HOU V getable Sicilian Bair Boniest
lin so the hair e dud &any.
Hairs Portable Stell'ao Heir It never
Dom not dais the akin.
Hairs Vegetable Sicilian flair Itenesrar
Sea weal Melt the beat preparation far ths
• hair aver presented to the public
For a`e by all drarilete. Pries SI Orb
R. P.n.% LL k CO.. Jl odur, N. /1.. Prop/Wort.
PIMP. D. P. ZATNED, ban of Ohio. now n rosident
of Ede. nttl Wives n at:testae and practicarttettii on
lb. ant Interantlng sobiset of Phlalolop 04 Lan la ws
*flits and beaDb. on
Jcsz 19TH,
at s eaaet.
The LOW and gentlemen of Erie in Corijolly hotted
to attend.
proponli "Ma morfyid by the Streit cam.
=Moe, mall Monday, Jett ]Bth, Mot 8 o'clock p.m.
of odd day. for Gradin& Mutiny sod PilriDs tbs went
swims: 4n the Parks, slth the Illichshist or ntl
storm polemist.
City o Itop oco Eric la &odd to atom/ to 'Stott Committoo,"
P/101 and rpondations Ida In on eildbition at tin
Soled Conseil Rana on and af J. tor Jim It. Me.
Stns. Counaligi
BINXII 4 WlRGitsys,
lianufaclunis c I ova', Via let, of
Alai,' la store Lad for aals by tha quaaDay
Dalai's., •
Pea las • reraita bile&
• sad Tobsees.
_ 1 _
Mid a gssersl arrntateta milt 114 largo -
Tinworks it WWegual,
We bought early and as olfer ltdttaisientala IlL t il
... .
bil C oll abetiOn with the &bon. wirsell
Yankee Notions, Toys, Fancy Goals and Smait
t •
Jost rated geodes/ errantry &sten writ man vlll Eui
it to their interest to boy. Ire ma meet the motto of
country ancrettantn vttb Itrat clans Goods is our Ilan.
BINKFI k IttllaL33;
481 State street, lir* Pa.
The only paled Combined Maebine fa use, with I'Mr
ward eat t, mowing, sad row eat and aid &diem Re
Reaping, and a
..--% \ • ~1 7 .- '' ,
~..'''';', r";;; 7 ' -.....:.—^f,' Nib:
..,_.- ...... ,
,- - '----'4 P': , .:1;:.; -;-----, ,
is 177 . 477 7 ", 7- 7 - -. 1 --'
- --- - - ------r, --- ~, ~....,.._,:.:p• - -4- ,-,i , - ...:,-Z
implemento la ow. A boy can menus it leth
are: It le a ceded Vorrower,, Colorer. Sou, HMIs and
Barron. The b. I:Woo:teat la we for coverirgrala
No Vsrorer should be without oaf of thaw light end
simple drraMe soon .1 plows.' Hu snovablo *top Whs.
ble for rows from to 3if fist *put. Seed for Wu.
tested pamphlets, with terms to &pate.
The Cohoubh,o Mower sod Raper took the first pee.
mium at the [deaf the America* lath tuts, last fell.
You CL totem giving pots list and fill particulars,
address •
age W. It. GILLLIT, I
Pole ot tor ount.
Alsoorgant for the teur, Bono Ha Por Us
k. C
pinular svriu sTORIti
Nos. 23 and 24 We Park, (Beatty's Birk.
Whohruls wad Retail
G R O C E R 8,
KLOW; ?Oat. list!,
DitllD k stump lit'll3,
• .
TODLOOO. 801Arat
The Bat @••Su.. 94,Porsits eel Oil.. • '
Aprito for tho Ckrvitrool sod Bluttoi
ty , • tholes and trash stockstray' teat on band ,
which wit I be sold at the loran dimes.
et I
W. pledge onrsetres not to De underaold, ' and all
to give ne • ealL
ar rho blithest ps W paid for moot* rodoes.
E. 211 • ~, I DCI I. 8. 8
arizr Jon *deed my Wray to soy faetEtieh f am
to do ali vett to my Mt% and equal to any
ni bindery. I have meetly mated an experisoad
wort aunt tram tha East, and am pepped to do vat Is
the Wad and moat 'waned atylra
wr nom Is LAscra I= 07 Tun MT nit itantaxim.
• eoioiele oamortsseat otblardi book; dee allnlYs as
hsab Prices as los, as possible, sad satiataellos guar.
himifer 24 dory Risiendrits , lneek. Calm tStets
jnt ea AO , Aria. Pa.
eat Z. X.
NSW F1111.3t•
Jirosi P. Crook, having tabu la Ma sott, ham VG e
as a partoorola theta. As, 0tA1T6,18114, ands! the tuo
mom of J /XV P. CROO7I • SON dastne to hats a sot
Wound of bto old aeccoutts. All smut knoarlag thew
salvor todobtod to him are requited to call sad mottle
without delay.
111lioi.sw Sub, Frames. Doane awl ; Blinds, Mouldings
sad Picket teats ,S=ll Suring, Valetta( sad
?lacing done to oilier.
Stop on Peach St, Bet,wrieu 4th =la 6th Stu, El* Pa.
In respectfully call theotteation of the pone to mu
futilities for dalnr work to the Dad at style. promptly
and on reuonable terms. Baring Shod op entirely/se
sloops, with upiner aisalner).,le.taal cooldent •
airier anti:" satisfaction. • •
virOrders froo ateroul will Swine prmot attualos
casitB•64—th JaliV3 P. COOfa SOS.
f r E Pl‘l l4rB l E7 YOrli )CONEY BACK
BOOT AND £1,11:43.13 tilT0;11E
area street, mail: Goon. tia Post
' E. ColtriliiN Boot sod Hooker,
oespoetfally tadpoles tho hallo that be
ham ?moved Ms stand to Store Boom
• en gua etted, marl, oppo4to tit* Pod
Oldot, whore ha Invitee ell Ida old binds and eutotner'
to Ore Oho acad. hartkalskr atioatto* ens to
noting Ganda mmon, sad esportstoodbr ell Mt
btoloauttloololf. hatnen., ho ow gin ea good Wire
tion and tell at r Ire prior so ar etre pear to the ,
city. Good Pita War:looted. sweat ,
puthaoswtwar UL ita* 'LOAF*.
THIS steal Ileitraterese the Weihem and Ifertheasi
atreettee et Ptautatteala to the aity !rte. ea
Lek* NAL Iglus bele Weed ay the Palaredeeede Mr&
read Cliepasy. eed la operated by then. •
wets ow rattans nun a! 115$. •
Lame Eastward.
rail Tvela ...... • —lO 25 a. la
Er:e 4 48
°CI w p.
" .i1171 : 174;a7aW ....... . as
mail Tntla .. _ ....... p.
Ma Lams 'Tref& 010 a to
Mama Ammo.. 4 03 p ta
leateare ears tea the ea their/email art Cr
pram testae wltheat thu reat gs Mak 44 14 limn PUMA
phis and arm
Jr.a Part ..winos s Lens N. York at eOO LW.
mire at Dia 030 th ta. Lean Me at 4 4114. at., wive
at Nov Tark 4 10 ,
r >ilaletsl Meseta, Cara ea all Right testae.
oe tatetaatioa esatier appl,
at maw of 110th asrt i t= a =aad Tretabt
beds= et the Osm°aata ovals,
8. B. SIMOMPON, . 1 / 4 mew, lath sal "dot Stied%
.1!M. MOLD& Ws.-
le. asowit. &ma It. 0. Baillmeilt.
=anon. Gateral Faded t. rbila.
H. V. onetime, akinmskes us. Am phus.
1.5 Lil a.searasupertates4eat,►ite,, Pa.
_ talus
?be aadeirdireed hare aseadatiod theroselese, gilder
the erwand 'We of Webb QUO. Ls tie ?Mtn./ daid
De at it* old stood, oil the ma, heti/lea Swir'
cud stmts. • ,•
Wit usltint tlott tbaustcousim of tha costommiot The old
aim sot ths custom of the roadie pactstly, promistas
t ass du utmost sodomy/ to she period wide:AWL
ino. Lin u t%
caret 4Aira,,
Tar Bale at 111 holiest*, • Wall he
Gof, Patterson & Qt., 515 Preach & ee l,
ftqcgni , BELP-8:641./p FRUIT JARS!`
.IhasabstlMges&• &
o'o • s. ?kris Rio . * k
WW-tai • 616 Moab Ellnct
tlt 4 k alra V e l
% .9) evu
t IL I )
WAV tA jkl
41 40 $
•i BRIE,
Jane 15th and IGth, 180.
ESIAAPiIIj tho 4 , 1101110U8 carkeido of WU 600 and
160 boron. togotb.r with a mod ini tosupnabOuldvo
troupe of Porta nulog Yoib7o. dovr a lts_ booms, Aulmals.
Globe. Dog; Poo* to a collected from four quartiles of the
Orgoottod au a sale of noprowlontiod coral& ooa,
sod tho estroordlour sod noted perforsoarteo of for.
Cl , I sod oath, artist; and the troop* of perNnotog
WI.II habefavetea Cu' art la ataatemeate. The Peter
tan:agate will be prodaml with a degree at oriebeality
&ad spleneer never betaneettezapted la tilts eaattry.
Of this gigantic eamblnetiAn will at{ ,rd the pithlie ►
arrittaitona iet• w of it. poi fie TOSOWV $ ant our ansite'ed
rich sae The magnificent etisriotii, nazi s end carriers.,
majoislte in des gin, aapeibli carted sod deeorated with
costly ornaments and approFriale alierori al end his
torical nat• tinge will be by Ivrrit...l sts•ls richly
god pity dipmeat.l., with other attraction*, will
'ores prstainent futures in this grand tossing patois.
Attached to this volt Circa. comprises the most talon
ted American and itnropeart
Known in the profession. it befog the alma of the Pro.
piston, reganEess of test, to preseat to every depart
smut of equestrian and athletic ekti4 the most skilitnt
and artistic perf.:rtnartess freer witnessed In this es an
gneateet female rider, the greatest maie rider, the
greatest lest i mas &England sad America, and the great-
Get clown are attached to this company, eft.:
Charles W. Noyes,. -
And hl. celebrated Wet !twee, "Grey Eagle, Jr.'
Mr. fames Coo ,
The English Champion, and
. . Kelley,
'The American Champion,
Intannparabirthe mated to
that era ap
pawed In Amities.
Hr. and Mrs. Tom King;
The nu/quilled Dual EgnestrialM.
The linen Brother,,- _
Profaner Di Louis..
Three origlial Clowns, '
Dr. James L. Thayer,
Janus C Reynolds,
and Torn Poland,
aaci 20 other artlets, a do aid female
The elite of three different Cireness, who hare boon
Lied stye in other equestrian eitt-liehments, 4‘s no
finial:rot , lieniselves in Their several departments. '
Dog... Monkey; MON and horses
_eontending with
*ash other for superi or ity In eintirstlin of ins foe;
tha world has Miter of .111 probably DOM
seas 'Rasa!, ao many drat Ow Perron:cram roneentri
t:d In on. circle
Children under 12 'sus,
• - •1 '
; 40
. 7. 2
4'7l° al ih""enr rs ea rptiZl gm. .
21. B. Remember the !greatest .Los• of the season Is
comiat. Obserre the day mad date.
ZeraCllLt, 10TICL
Fatally path of WI ;to and chltdmi' 'Whiting Ike Sir
ens will nava prottpt attention ahoan them el polite
sato* uppCialiy oistgoed to potmoto tl. roostort of
foollito WIG Ole altabia to afford the elbibithin with an
nowt •
Piths)le, **lay, Anse 1164.
Readay, June 12th
arry,..Trednesday, June 13th.
Union. nuralay„Aune 14th.
Mu" Jsztte 13th,
" Saturday; June IGth.
L . Hr. I. L. Carper haring atuthseed the btu ten
teo=lllß Via,. la our daft ea* /weird meat far Ede
aoaurtr. PA., tar the Nhe oldie "lova Machias mow
ay s Sesta(
AU others mho deal is the store ereln taaddied
obtain Emu serraftlEredr.
ONO Agee. Chrtaletat. Obla
15t.410 9
rANIFLD=Te nal is null hauellith kA ut ra or Iva
IT noel* *moo teetrezetmlestiot two
tei ideate oak ot the ram Asy_oos
bear et this deseeiption to nut, la
timothy IN WS ollote o
t r ill .o 6 ! R " T *F IW A TI A, •
Mils 'MOW !VIVF% tI44
Debility null !Jog from any tainsto ertittarrer, Prostration
of the alenn, canoed by tralara Jurdibipi &ern
f or diseuea of camp Ilk. Soldier', aiti"n V at 'ual
or ferorlo, adalta or youth, will pit its tbiw Bltten a pus , '
Inc ic,no t dependent on bid /Niers for the almost Lal•
ricu'our effect.
D73PE - PslAl
A od'diseamai resulting from disorder. of the Lila: sad
Dlguative °lvan; ant euzia b 7
fbi; Bitters ha g.setormad sto;• cores, Ow tatter
,iiriefsettoo. tuts move tostintony, tuts taws tes= l lo o ,
rzvrtrl3Pyrcloutoeo han ritia' drib!" CI. %lon, sod
va , poi $l,OOO to say one who will puska o entifi .
I bb tutted by 1121100. bl cot poen*.
Will rum every curl or chronic or oeroooo debility sod
throes.* Wilts kidneys. Observe the following ryroptageri
reselling frogs disorder* of the digestive client r
Constipation, Inward Piles, Fallow of Blood to the
Head, acidity of the Stomach, Nonage, Deartbursts pis%
gnat for Poe& Fulness or Weight in the Stomach, Boot
atuctatioca, Staking or Fluttering at the Pd of the
Stomach, Brlmmfog of the Bead. Burned end difficult
Breaching, Fluttering et the Heart, Choking or Scarcest.
og Sensation& when in • lying posture, Disoneas of Vie
ion, Dote or Webs before the bight, Velar and Dull Pale
In the Head, Deecisncy of Perspiration, Yellomets of
the:. kin and Byes, Pain is the Side, BlLCCelegt. Uint4
to , Sodden Pluthee of Best, Burning inlhe Flesh, C°O .
'Mot Imagining' of Sett and greatPepreasion offipiritra
Minns um that this linters be not alehoolla, itaitOns
nem u or wnistay, and eannot =he drunkards. but it
the best tonie in the world.
Prom per. W. D. Seivhdad, Pastor of Twelfth Baptist
Choral. MU"-
Nutlemen—l hays reolustly been laboring nadir the
dam..s fog effects of lodisation, accompanied by a pros'
trollop of the nervous syatam. Natoarooa ramedieswarn
recommended by friend!, and some of them tested., tin•
without raise Your id oolland'a Gams Mtn* were
rsoammended by persona who had :Had them and whose
favorable mei. ion of thole Bitters Indneed me to try
ile l l.coe
lin onfsss r
the "thou that I had Fa SIVILMiOLI to Patent.
sand and one" quack Bitters"
oboe* only atm moms to be to palm off awtstaild aLd
drugged lEgnor upon the csclusellitY to a elf waf. end
the teedinoir of which. Urals I. to make many a coo.
finned drunkard. Upon learning that 'ours wu Teary
a medicinal preparation I took it with happy effect. its
action, not ouly upon the stomachs but avian the nervous
system, was prompt and gratifying. I feel that I beta'
ssorsendat and permanent beiscdtt from th e am of a
few butte.. Tory respectfully yours,
W. D.BeGiSIED. No. 2ba Thaoltaroar.oo Bt.
From the Rev. E. D Venda.% Aseistnnt Editor Christian
Chronicle, nailed&
have derivedteeideri beneAt [rota the tire of Ilhotlarir;
4. men Bitten, sod I teel•limy privilege to reocensietol
them ass most rebuild* torile to all who ore 'uttering
from general debility or from diseases arising from the
deruogrount of the , liver.
Yours trots., E. D. liitNDALL.
From ton. D. Mere" hike of lb Passayarat raptist
Charcb, Phileta.
Prom the many respectable zecocimendatleas en. to
Or. Hoollazur a Gerteattalttera, I vex induced to ere tb.u►
trial. After astag savant bottle% I found them to be a
gaud rantedy for debility, soda matt eseelleat emit lot
the atomseb• -D. Ilantrtnr.
From Res. Wm. Smith, Arrow!, Pastor of the Virsceisi.
town and (N. I ) Baptist Churches.
Having mud ismy family norober of bottles of yem.•
flordsod'e German Bitters, I have to sly I regard them
as an excellent medicine, epeciallY adlle!ed to remote
the diseases !layers recommended "or. nor etrengthcri r
and invigorate the - efstem when debilitated, enders use •
lot in disorders of the liver, lon of appetite, /se. 1 sea
altar sec )esmended them to several of my friends. whe
hare tribd them, and found them greatly kneed& in tbo
restoration of health. Yours truly,
WM. SHIM 965 Hutchinson St., naiads,.
Pee that the Cautery of J.1.C.11.6014" is ea the
wrapper annuli bottle.
Should your nearest druggiat not hare the article go
not be pat off by any of the intoxicating preparabon,
that maybe offered in its plan, bat send to as and wo
will forwerd. - eseurely peeked, by express.
Priacipei Ogo and Manufeeory. No. 631 Atoll
Street, Philadelphia, Fit,
[gateman to C. M. Urban & Co.,] Proprietor*.
For alebyldruggista and dealers in every town to the
Unktedatatan, dasT634y.
E. W. REED & CO.,
Wholegal* and Dealers is
Cepoioe Lehigh Lamp for bander)", tad pregmred for
Hoagie an,
Yotos—Corley inn anti lifyrttar; and earner Myrtle
and Ratner streets,: sclinwes vest of the Union INTot,
/artless the netam spinet the evil Whets of anerhelsa .
eon. eater.
Will cure
Will ease rara .ame "
Will care General Debillty., •
Will care Heartburn.
Win cure Headache.
tt in ow* Lira, Complaint. •
Win excite and create a healthy appetite.
Will lorlsorste the organs of cllgilinon and moderate
ty imam the tecopectature of the body and the force of
circulation, acting in bet as agenotrai ecaroboraut of Om
.system, containing no poisonous drop, and is
A fair trial U eartalstly eollelted.
GEO. C. I:WESEL & CO, Proprietors.
Central Depot, *Wal Hudso
esa Repress Building N. T.
For sole by all Druggists, Gifting,
IfINNIG ABOADLET,_ Sr* Wholesale* ken%
e nd for aide by Ban A Warad, cartes A Carver and - Wit.
tins A Booth.
515 Witatth St., Nate, Pa.,
Hare been Appointed Bole Agents for the Up of We
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Summit, MeXein an d Inhview township&
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J. R. CARVER & Co.,
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