The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, June 07, 1866, Image 1

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?105. *Nag (rr STIR./ tr.O . TISTZWKIO'S BOO '
U+o , t c. Cassie: Sf IC ST. AND TUE PART.. '
.I,XD Farr CM'S per
'‘ u : zoto ; pad to advance ; Timis DoLt..tua if not
11110 the expir&tiou of the year. subscriben,
sero g by airily will be charged Farr Cirtas a
rearlo saaitlen. All sabteript!oi acarstas MUST
vi 41,1 orxraly. No pepsr weft be sent out
•6ai, ual?.<•paid for is, mitoses.
,pcFRTI.4. ST 3 - , Otir ;'quare of TeuseLines one iu
; ix , eclintut ; thri% LE:Ger,
" two months 13.&0:
g 1 5 S• I arilh. t i l,fia;one bar tii.oo:
o,nrtisetaettte to proko'rtlitn. • Theeo rates
testi:4y a dhered to, anleseichanzed by special
emtr i e t, or at the option of the publishers. Audi
s:otites Strays, Ihrorcos and like advertise
tp:'f •
, u ta2oo ; Administkator'a Notices $3,00; Local
,T it i z er I:, saute • line; !ferriage Notices 'TWZNYY
,,,, "es a piece; Okituiry Notices (om titres lines
ten cents per line. Original poetry, - no
w, teu at the request of the editor, one deltas
rr H e e. Ail a dvertisements will be continned at
the eqo2lo of the person advertising, until onlered
out by his direction, unless a specified period is
&reel specter their insertion.
cr . A lt c.outtunnications shonid be addressed to
Editor and Proprietor.
Business DirectorY._
.0116— a: CtTldit.
Arrowixt- we LAW. G irard, Erie Com%
n . — ecti .and other business attended to , w ith
r ' - ‘ ,,
and divateb
I,µ WgT3l°rgl
A rrzy AT LAW, in Walker's_gf
th ' treat. E s
rie, Pa,' usr 7 . e 2 r
`Pyle'.. -- t: '111114,1N.
~,,..„ 1„ ,,,,„„ lock, new Ninth West corner of the
i. r .. ; o we, Erie, Ps.
, i
Wipe Block, 'French Street,' •
;.ti k . i n Elk, McKean, Cameron an
C.CIIANg. Diti3oll&-lyo3
„,...Ars. •
Jusucz or ram Palk
tit'irtilleg West of Farrar Hall, Er
p,,,* sal claim agent, Conreyai
If.e. is Gaette bnildiag,ionthweat wrzier of Fifth and
1-- , Erie Ps ' - apIT6S-tr,
....f.rretl, . •
••EW S 0113,-, '
) . , Joys ‘..IDNINIEINItITCR. at the new
".i .. 0 ,, T , Eszla Villace has on hand a large a550rt
.,,..,,f Greienes, Provi one, Wood and W W
illow arg,
t ,
4.,, !Siva, Sebacc. t Segars, .te . to which he re
,,,e,1! eilis the ntten ;on of the public, ca.tlafied that
c!flo of er as good h.:tains a? can be had in any part
ei,•••• vasty.naar3olls- 1 y
_, -
Pi l. ),
?irk AtiWt, our C. Siegel's store—boards :at
~.ntidenc.!of C. NW. Kelso, 2d doer smith of the 11 E.
c a Sassafras street Office bows from 11 o'Cl,ck
Y. ant.O. Y.ll. mylo:fititt
J. FILiSEIf M. D..-
llomeopattiePhysietan and Surgeon
.1 =9 renide , ce Peteh St., °polite the, Pall
Offite bones from lo to 12 A. M., 3 to 5 P. M.,
• 9Y. 3. nps-609*
:• e rnal very choice business sites on Stott; Street, be
wen Serenth and Eighth Streets, List aids. anent
tale on very reasonable terms, St appliod
Enquire of
e. ra
O'ttti t's DEEMS,
Afl7, tiud►ara, t;alls, Masa, Seed, neater, ate., cur
• of etst:s street and Public Square, Erie, Pa.
1 D.
Ixtveeti State and French. Fine Horses and Car
'gee to let/in realotish.le terms. r0528144-Iy.
BRicur,Propristor. Good Buie, and Carriages
M4O. hod at triolerste prices. Sept. 22,1%65-
It D !
„ lllt GILL'S LIVERY STABLE, 61"ruArlo"illEstrif/"ectpAtina3rd' 4 7
y price& as mode.
Dealer in Groceries, Produce, Provisions,
•• Willow and Stone Ware Wines, Liquors, /toy
• Street, opposite the Poeto doe, Erie, Pa.
DivevaT.. Office in Rosen- 'ire
Block, north side of %he Perk, Erie. Pa. V.
'oskilINSON, Wits-.LAMS ar. CO..
Stlessaotts to (10:sgo J. Iforton,
noloo Iferchantsond Wholesale desilsra in Coal.
:to for N. Y:.4 E. and People's Line of Sfitsmem
F'3ll.lle Dock, F.rie, Pa. jan4'6s ly.
Cower, Pl.. Being newly fitted up in the rc.-st
reistyls, is now open to the public. Mealsuiri I I e
Ton the,_artival of all Passenzar Trains, eit/o
.; or dsyyr" OkiChRY"BROII., Propri,
'MLR tniTEL, Waterford, Va..
.ROlll-11? LIRLIt. PUOl%llll'O 8..
accommodations, 001 caiefol attantion_Zreo to
comfort of.goeste. ' -4p6'65-I,*
Are made kr
MO Seib Them.
ee, 2d Ilipor Beatty's Block, West Park, Erle, Pa,
Cylarfortl, Chi , atian k Ruth's 'Atore. Residence
Fide Myrtle streel, 2d house South of Ninth.
re hours--S to 10.5. m., and 2-SO 3P. Y. •
C. EVA - NS. 111. Dy
Tender. hie prof ...ion. , cervices to the
Of Ens bud vicinity. Cfrice in Lytte's onw build-
P•sch Arta, a few doors south of the depot.
Boor DIN7)111,-.BLAKI Boor if.ini.LCTCY/111
Stor7 of Rinderneeht's Block. Erie, Pa.
' Arronwarr AT LAW. IU
.Pa WM also practice in adjoining Co ir/5-4m. . .
AMP. CLoTnis CLx.ersn,
s'+orP Dr. Bennett's Office.) Clothes
'nted and cleaned on short notice. Terms as
T in;, ms22,ly
num PERI. E: Y,i
Lite of tie S. Treasury Department and
rtu,s Commmiqaer for Soldiers, Washington,
, l'eaPrz! Claim Agent, Farrar Hall Building,
t1t1,5.) Erie Slditary, Nara and Civil claithe
'with fidelity and dispatch. Pensions obtained
Appllestinne by mall promptly attended
? I.lving had several years' experience in the
t! the sarinee Departments, feels confident he
satisfactory aid in proseenting all kinda
,^txrat rinv3o'Bs-tf
':rs of Di. Pennsylvania College of Dental Sur
il-;e the second story of Sterrett s
edrcer of he Emed House, Erie, Pa.
D 11 , S., North Saienth street, Philsdol-
3, ..r.V.vglusta,D. D. S., No. 243, 'North Nin ill
/11R/K di; EWING,
( W,SPRING Sr., opposite Crittenden Hall
Ph• CGllections and all other legal betel
enTrar4, Venango. Erie, Warren and Forra.
.4,tlterled to ea refully and prom p ay.
c ,5 - : Win. A. Galbraiita RLittman & Brecht
brnr& Mervin, Erie, Pa.
,st ("Ark. W 4, lion. 2. P.Zotinson, W. D. Brow' ,
' arren. Pa.
13 LE; BROWN & CO., •
-? :Who:Tsal. dealers In hard and soft coal,
.• dlspored q our dock property to the
• wa necessarily retire from the coal
,V'' ,6 .7.11ag oar eminently wor
c."4l'n,,P and patronage of our old friends
Capl2-ti} SCOTT, It kIiKIN 4 CO.
Ir i• di bIOA LOINS:, '
, i'mal,noaVe Tailors, Fifth stresti between
''aErin, pa . ' Work, Repairing .sad
144, 4e4 to promptly. Cleaning Jove to: the
. •olli 68 .t 1
" 13 V A L
6-, --/
'' ''t , ".. ,4 t hag vectored his stock of Grocerise
stand above the Lake SO,— Deo: to the
...z the brick block on State street, p coroer of
zofhere he will be happy to se. di. friends sad
tea flit their orders for goods His stock o.
• , 4 ii',:e acd cal%fplly aelected ala ofleied
, n ''' , rate; consistaet with the Original cost
.a 21. % 1 all is need of anything In his line to Air - -
c; - 111:f , Voulea ardention Go4d4, Drones
t 4 ,4 tt
1 4 aka Yerrtedyed and colored tothe
i 11 4 i1031 1 .11L1 PRIM. • -
Vl ir4:o4
0111,d & ll a ndr i taniated beton dellverY•
tt , amt
CAL F. INT EItA. if aTV 1U ri,4:l4ir
. .
This Old Established Agency represents the leading, most popular,and moat' siteessifal Tasnrancotompaniesig, dbo 'Country, embracing
Life, Fire, Marine, Inland and Accident Insuranee‘ 'Combined Capital represented V.2B,ooo,ooo,'lifording 'facilities for first class Ism"
once to any amount desired, and on as reasonable terms as sound and well tienaged.Comianies can qtripi. 1
Orders for Insurance attended to with ProMptaess and Fidelity, in town or country . Especial attention given tcf tho Insurance, of 'Dwel
lings and Farm Property, fcr periods of three or tive years, or pexpetteill,f, by deposit of premium.- 'Bates very low.. ' - .
_ - 4,,...-
. .
Air The thoughtful and prudent man i 121311119 his Property against loss or dopmge by FirkatAl it/ALIA for the protection of wife, children
and kindred dependent upon him. All who hare sot yet - attended to this doly,:alrould call at once and get their policies in one or more of
, he following Companies: / ~ 'Mall
Cash Assets,
Liabil Claw,
Net , Asaptta,
H A- R D 'A T
-13 T Alf
Effieientorganization of four thousand Underwriters.
from Nova Scotts to California. and tole 'Superior.
ifesico and the Gulf, harmob`•i'ng throclenee of &range
with compensating rates to the advancement of the
public welfare.
OD Tilt
0F.T.1 , 1E STATE OF 4Fa9'_YORE
Tie laureate Comaissioner to the Lsristaters: • --
"The Eta,. Insurance Company, cr Hertford, one of
he moo t successful Fire Inemranea Ccrmpante of that
or any other country."
•• • •
"Connecticut Companies follow the ra nd practi
ces of the Etna almost as cue ! -Cy uy were 4M.
bodied in stetuto law." -
Amin, pointing, to errors of practise In N. York
Cemptusies, the Etna's sneeassiel inanagesnent and
sold rules are called to their eltention Mac;
"It still remains more a matter of wontlen.lban imita
tion in the Insurance •-
•- • -
'By what subtle alchemy has — lhia corporation been
enabled to turn its !full pail capital into the Philoso
pher's stone 1"
• •
"The extraordinarf *Tents which hare distinguished
its unparalleled financial history."
The a% emirs' louts per diem in the Untied Stales. at
this period of the year, an bout two hundred sod lifts
thousand dollars. The telegraph daily sounds startling
antes of warning to all prudent persons.
Policies inuect without delay.
J. P. DOWNING, Agent.
T. W. CRO WELL, Sarrayor.
—A 1 Company.— .
ASSETS, lit Jimmy, 1666,
t.nirrttscrr or ran
Showing the emtlition of the Company ost the lat dq
o fJannary,lBs6.
Caili balance in bank . $50,744 49
Bonds & mort., let lien on real •
estate - 196,892 50
Loans on stocks, pay:- on demand 97,892 08
United States stocks,roarket val. 1,350,834190
State & men. stocks' & bonds,'do. 405,42560
Bank stocks, do. - 113,650 00:
Interest due on Ist Jan., 1866 27,431 16!
Balance in hands of agents and in f '
course of transmission 173,010'61
Bills Rec., fel' pl+. on In. Rishs,Ste 43,153 44
r Government stamps on hand 110 00
Other Property, Vitt. Items 13,605 13
'Pre. due and ur*l on Pol. issued
-4 at office (fiq; inland & mar) 48,141 88 .
Steamer Magnetlt wreck, apps. 88,483 94
aulo G. 3 ly
- , Total Assets, $3, 698, 674 14
,:. 1 /411311.11118
Claims for los. out. on Jan. 1,'60 $162,946 24
Due stock-fin account dividend - 800 00
Notwithstanding the fiery trial oit the put year, dur
ing which the company has paid losses to the amount
of $1,637.952 3e, without omitting the semi-annual die
!dent* "The Rome," with its ^scdtal o 1 Two Millions
intact, and a net surplus of $1.444,957 90, eontirmes to
cffer to all who seek reliable Insurance. indneemmte
surpassed by no other company.
J. F. DOWNING, Agent.
T. W. Crowell, Surveyor
.Nit in wisdom and economy to Insure In the best Com
panlea, aed there Is none better than the old Insur
ance Company of North America."
141vu 2P.241.A132111AL 41111ti1lVt:
.Assets, Jaa.l, 1866. t Market rotas.
First mortgages on city property $144,300 00
U. S. Government bonds 4 334,600 00
Pennsylvania State bonds . 109,000 00
Phila. city bonds 138,700 00
Bowls of Penna. R. R.• Co. and other
corporations • 190,440 00
Band & other - corporation stocks 66,196 93
Notes Rec. (temporary loans) 160,471 06
Real Estate, office of the Co., 232 -
Walnut street
Unpaid Pre. & debts duo on met—
, all good 107,581 18
Cash in B'k &in hands of Agts. 168,329 32
Total Assots $1,731,215 14
OVER $1'8,000,000 00 !'
Policies lulled without delay 1)1
.1. F. DOWNll4aput.
T. W. CROW27.L; Surveyor.
LOSSES PAID IN 1865, $410,613 91.
CASH. ASSETS, JAN. 1, 1866, $1,006,790 33
The test of its nationality. the solid service It has
rendered patron., and IL ability to pw through sea
sons prolific of totutagrations with honor sod pront to
those most IntarsuLtad. ay he Waned' from i Perd
the folios tog egoreaoll
k . 971 PAID. -
Arkansas s 2'l, 4 3 Minnesota - 20,980 42
Alabama' 45,723 6N. Damp, 25,309 19
Connecticut22o,B3l 97 New York 643,64 32
California 181,320 54 New Jersey 3,150'63
D't of Col. 196 35 Nebraska 1,167 00
Florida 20,468 42 Ohio 103,953 69
Georgia 22,138 76 Penn% • 63,274 40
Indiana 84,203 19 11. Island 20,771 21
Illinois 210,698 67 S. Carolina .21,08'2 76
lowa 31,616 73 Tennessee 46,970,90
Kentucky 59,978 19 Texas 3,961 98
Kansas 13,416 07 Vermont 4,282 43
Maine 66,893 45 Virwinia 27 24
Mass. 69,870 04 W. Virginia 2,000 00
Maryland 39,602 95 Wisconsin 86,461 76
Miseiesippi 20,832 65 Canada 138,873 80
Missouri . 80,636 36 Nova Scotia 14,285 78
Michigan 67,Q57 64 N. Br une .
. 1. 5 ,830 75
Losses Always Paid Preimpsly.,
J. r• DOWNINCk Arai.
1".1F. CROWICLL, Barr
. ',' :".•,.. '...- ..". ' - i • • : '...'-.
, .
, -
• .. .- --. . ;- - 7- • :',..:: .i'- i
~ , , .•,, '. a ~.. -. • ~- ~, ~ . , - i 1 .
, .
` ---v- ' ;: 1 --- . ' " - ,-, ,-,,::,7-. ..:111:,,i •.: ~
-:',- - -',--: f ,. ..1,... r . - , t ....,,,,,,,, --t-i ~ ---!.. -
- '.... ;:I •, , ..::1 ~ ) , -.1. - .:-' ,....',:.):4 ...•.1. a•-: i :,•'.•: li t. f
ti r: .. :. ,,, t 7;
. I , i •.:.•,,•.):;' f;'
~1 .: i . ..
i - .. , r: • - • . ~t..7. , .A.,:L::ti $...:-.., 'lO '•
• ":
• ' ' , •, iy11., , • li r i ~.'. 1 1 *:,:
..:,...5.1 . i , , ..L :.. •: • - , •- ..••,::•;„„:
‘..: : N I . • . . :,..., ;•.7 . ~
.. ,
\ - :: . ~, Liu ..,. , r A: b.!.
, A , ::, •:-.
\ • N
i -
, .......
... ,
, .
___,... .
~.. .... _
...,. ,• • i....
. ... ~J.,,
, ...
W Ell
82,000,000 00
9,394,674 14
133,740 24
j. P. DOt'iriq.l.NG-IS
Office ,in Rosenzweig's Bleak, opposite, *ewes Hotel.
. ~oP 44,11 czir of iw Ross
Cash Capital '*nil Surplus . $1,216,729 60
Veiled States Seautitiery ' 468,643 05
Loans on Bond lilorgsge 262,000 00
Cash in bank and hands of agents 85;518 37
Loans on Stocks, pay. 'on demand 352;400 00
Real Estate, Interest, &0., 111,168 18
Wisconsin & California Bonds 8,000 00
$1,288,729 GO
Losses in process of adjustment , 20,060 00
Unpaid Dividends , 1,326 60
t 4,067,445 80
" $21,376 50
• ,
Fair Rater, Almirsi:-Cciss S'ecyjily,Prompt Pay.
mart bil, ester.
J. IP, DOWNING. Agent.
T. W. CROWELL, Surveyor.
Cash Capital
Assets, January 1, 1866,
The Assured receive -
Of the net profits without laoarrlng. 'ay Liability, or,
in lien the , eof, at their option, a liberal• diaSount upon
the premium.
Scrip Dividend, declared 18G5, Piny per een . r.'
J. F. DOWNING, Agent
CROWSLL, Surregor.
if 0 DI E • ,
Cash Capitol,
Surplus, •
Twines Building; Manufactories, iderchandbui and
other property against Mu or damage by dre, and also
insures againd,the risk of Wand Transportation and
This Company has #retprpartionnta ,canning on
It , Ate Online*. , .
. Ordinary or Terre Department.
furs term or one year talkies, on all dames of tu
rnable property, at fair and equitable rates, without Kay
participation In the_ pronto of the Company—thaname
u other stock Campania*.
Participating Department.
Issas term policies for one, three or Are years, LW
Dwellings, Furniture and Farm Buildings and their
contents, g4ving such policies • Dartlerpatlon in the pro.
die of the Company, withnnt their inctininglpy Lia
bility thereby.
Perpetual Department.. -
loans perpetiml Pollees. requiring • dirpoilt of a
small amount of money. in lien of all futufwatayments
of premiums, covering risks upon OwelllogfAed their
Forniture, Banta and their contents. Stores and stocks
of Goods, Churches and Scheel Rousts.
3. F. DOWNING, Agent.
T. W. CROWELL,Burreyor.
No.lB Wan Bt, R. Y. on the Id du 0403%1E40.
Cub in bask and In older.. , $ 35,686 94
Itondgand,ttiorbraime(bstig4rstßen gertnal
wi4terin New York and Brooklyn, Worth '
atassat $368,000,) 177,310 00
Loans on stocks, parable on demand, (market
• value of aectiritias held as collatand, $79,-
174 W.) • 66.743 31.
United Ptetesetocka awned by the Company;
market value, , 254.26000
State voelm owned by Co.. market value; 29646 00
Real Estate (unlniumbered) . 3,10) 00
Interest accrued, ( of which greater part due
Jan. let. is pall'.) -. 4,369 39
Valance in handyof Agents, and to comae of
trauma/eon from Arent; 2 8,500 0 0
Bille receivable for premium on Inland risks
and other Items 13,791 33
' Cub premiums uncollected on policies homed'
at olds . ' - 6,89440
. 611,10119
'Claims for Losses crotstandiog. Jan. 1. '6B. 19.639 99
Unpaid Dividends,. 463 MI
Total meta over Liabilities, 869.1073 19.
The "Aretili" hu a ant elan reputation for hon'ora
ble and Ilbaral dealing. It lea seund euerpasy, and
d°l4 t P"""21 ba.
rigt,TON SMITH, Prez%
H. B. WILLSIARTII, Vice Preet.
V mons? TILTOCr e Seer.
J. P. DOWNING, A grad.
T. W. CROWELL. Surveyor.
Of the City of New York, on the 31st day of Decem
ber, 180.
Cub Capital, 11500,000 00
Surplus, 351',f43 VI
22,000 00
Loans on Bond and Mortgage, being Brat on
real estate worth:ever 60 per cent. Maras '
the amount los • ed,' ' , $210,660 00
Stocks, Bonds and other securities own , d by
the Company, market value, , ~ 382 817 60
Cash in bank and Mlles, , 39,936 46
Loans on demand, with Collateral, 39 05000
Premiums due and outstanding, - 14,703 52
Cash in agents' hands, tre, course. aStrasianist., 3,3,086 39
Interest accrued on securities, 14,001 15
Bills receivable, 2,898 56
Other property of Company,. • , . f : 8,50000
, Total asseta, , • masa 57
The toms by Are ihreughout the Malted \States dor.
leg the put rem: have barn larger i/1 amount than those
of mil one of the previous twenty years. exceeding the
enormous turn of 4000,000, and the efileeri and dim.
tips of the company rongnitolati, its stockboldsm
4ts end enslavers upon the vary flattering malt of
the year's Maltese.
In this serapeny _the annued may participate In the
Profits of the' helices' with mit incurring any liability.
Dividend for 1865, 60 per cent. A continuance of your
issue 1.8 tespecttuUy solicited.
• JAS. 071$ Neel.
It ittnougn,
J. Oniswata, Chat. Agent.
3.7. DIttINNING. Agent.
T. W. CDOWELL, Bumps.
N T E S P 431 SIB'
Cub Capital,
CuspAus, Jam 1,141,
8 AM
Theqtattrintsa" with • paid up Cub Cal' ital of Halt
a millionoffere ustifity of the first order of merit. The
standing of the Ctempeny In "A I"—liberal prompt ind
_President. •
Tso3. H. MONTGOMERY, 1 4,10 e Pron.
Asa. W. Wientwite Beep
J.P. DOW! Oh Agent.
T. W. CROWELL, Boma.
Or THZ _
ASSETS. 751;653 52*
- A.. 461-. IE C 1 . 1?"
• e •
• r ' '
Cash Capital and Saivism, 1600,01 X)
. ! -
The "Spiingaeld" hu done a law and sneeeufal
bashaus for neatly twenty yearly and is one of the fa
vorite companies hailing tropa Nair F:rialaatt •
, . E. - . FRXICKAN, President.
COM. R. LANE, Boo's.
- ,
T. W. CRoWELL, Stureyor .r .. F.
T 11431138 INEIII i ii4NCI3 • CO lIPANY,
Cash Capital and B,nrplus,
The "Thames' la a conservative and well teenaged
Company, oehtled to ,the full confidence of the insuring
pnbUe.Losses nettled proMptly and
W FinTEmorct,
b. J. F. DOWNING, Agent.
T. W. CROWELL, Surveyor.
$1 ,000, 000
; , 'd
Amato over , , ' slo,mn,ono
Number of PO ey Holder' over 3(1,1100
Neer Pollutes tuned during the year over 10 000
Receipts fur the year over '4,000,000
Dividend paid daring the prevent lineal year, 00 per cent
Total dividends paid.DIMI 3,000 000
Total Lo: eel paid, On r '. -4,400,000
Why the Comm:tient Mutual should be preferred
-1,275,55 e
Largest, Safest; Cheapest and Bat l
It hu beet' demonstrate! to be
1. It Lea the largeat number of members.
2. It has the largest amount {neared.
3. It be. the largest surplus.
4.1 t has the largest divistbb eqpltte.
5, It bas the largest business. •
tt hes the largest income.
f. It has had through Its viol( history the en tallest
average expanses.
B. It ob•alns the I 'rant average rates of Interest on
lb {armaments.
9. It therefore tatrldies Inscumace at less cost than
any other company.
All Policies tuned by, this Company are either non•
forfeitable by their temu, or may bo converted into
Mors *b!& ors 80, at the opttowor the Insured.
None but atrietry uneieeptiout.ble accepted;,and
only npon area between Fourteen and Sixty.
Jsxsts Gooeirter, Preen: GIIT R Paso®,
Z. linarredr, Vies Petal. W. 8: Oisurrien, Cl l iter
L. S. vr tor, Thysielaii.
Penury 1,1868
LIFE AND Accuisnr.
rah oniathr,
20,127 99
- The 'inv . : here Insutanee Company, of Hartford.
Coon , Rai the first to :successfully fareduce in this
country the practice of Insurance against accidents, of
whatever k - ad, whether, they occur :n traveling, or in
hunting. fishing, selling: riding, stating, In the street,
sore, ethos. or while working in &hope, mills, factories,
or on the b rm.
A goners" aceident policy corers every possible form
of casualt„ including !the risk In traveling; also, all
forms of dislocations, broken bones, ruptured tendons,
sprains, concussions. truabing 1, bruises, cuts, stabs,
gunshot wound/. "poisoned wounds, burns and scads,
bites of dogs, unprovoked assaults by burglars, robbers
or murderers, the action of Wattling or sun stroke. the
effects of explosions, chemicals, 11 rods, and met,•
quakes, and suffocation by drowning or choking. _
This Company bas now been In successful operation
mince April Ist, 1864, and up to Jan.lst, 18136 i -had tuned
upwards of thirty-tiro' thousand policies, and paid over
nine hundred losses—lncluding the large sum of $55,-
660 to twenty-one policy holders within the year, for
P 1,440 received in premiums. <
Cash Assets, Feb. 18G6 1 $609,849 72
! •
The bast policy for everr man. whether he travels
lunch or little, is a general accident polity. which in
sures against every possible form of casualty et all
Umee and plums.
An annual premium of $lO or $l2 (according to occu
pation.) will Henri & general accident policy for, $l,llOO
In ease athirst accident; or $lO per week during disabil
ity mused by accident. pact exceeding twenty-six weeks
for my one accident.)
Ant 'metal premium Of $25 or $BO will. in like OM
ner. mane a polls, for 0 55,000 Or $25 per week COMpeCli•
sail on.
Any other um. fro 00 to aga ins tt proportionate
mac Wham policies a r e ' lulledloss of life oay.
or:for. conipiessation only. the rates are muck lower. I.
riberal discount en three and era year policies..
Tbk company now limes s very convenient form of
one month general evident policies, at the rate of $1
per thonno&—with $5 Ipsr week acumen setlem for each
thousand insured. These we mach bettor - then ticket
policies, for travelers and others desiring Rho rt risks. es
they an be taken in any amount, from $5OO to $10,000;
they cover all scrawls. sod each policy registered.
so that the insurance good, in care the Faller Is lost
or desboYet
For mechanics end Other, who cannot easily spare,
the amount ofsn annual premium. but we old like to
insure by the tiostb, these abort time policies Inked
the thing. To any pemon who buys six wroth pol-
Wel In any one year a pollee , for half a year will be
glean without charge Weelikt • Willey
_he of EL)
JAM President.
Room DustagEocretui.
spl24m F. DOWNING. Agent.
1 t
Beans, it is the
J. 7. DOWNING, Agent
• I
isrist;t l isa warner
I :
~ ~~
llseetteat • •
on'y !ismshe time and *dna, ; ••--4Lhireil.
Like booties to a porl; •• ' , Afford.
She Ares a; ptuusto392 atiletglit; —rtodwortis.
And I was like * tool. • z. •'
Kona kiss, Pear maid," I *LH asrsig4eds4lColtAtilft
"Ont of thou lips sussltorn I"
She shook her ringlets round her head, --Cdtoddirl
And Lill gled rimy Seinv. ' - i[rsinellsoa."
• _ _
RiniOui, wild bias, to the wild pliy.
You time them, oh, my heart ?• .41.4eCuey.
Tie twelve stela/A by thermals &oak -KBOIMItIgo.
Beloved, we mist put. . Carey.
'Tome 1 Ek, eoriebeek," elle 000 in 004 -
My eves are dint . with temit, —Si -Teger.
Now dball I 'lvo thiough all the dayik-Vitra t Degond!
-AU through a hundred years. . perm,
'Twat in the prime cit, summertlame, '.; .•
Stieldested with fin hood,- •b -41100
tie strafed together deeply_ , 7 114. Edereete. -
Into the reamingtands "ric9l.;°;
The laughin g bWldetroies blew;
To doesi6er dal* browri Wet Teyfe7f.
No inniden mar with her cemiewtSi
• most twatititotdoost rims .
I clasped it on her sweet cold bond,
• The precious golden link, , '
I calmed her tears, and alio was eilm,
oDrlnk,iretty crestare f drink!" --(Wordsworth.
And so Inoo nix --(Co* Oder
And' Mendips; '
'rho fattest thing thin 'Ter grew, • - --tlordriOrthh*
dtvinin um sod the Wee. . -fieneyion•
Wedding: Tours.
Travellers And conductors are beginning
to notice on the railroads a more than usual
number of spring and summer. wedding tour
ists. Ready money is abundant and just to
that sort of amount that' few men in these
clays can find any more useful or profitable
investment, of it than to getting married.
Those bachelors, old and young, who have
made their fortunes within the last, three
years in oil er,coal, or railroad stooks' or war
contracts, find this a convenient season for
resting a few monthi, taking a wife and me,
king a marriage tour to Europe, spreading
themselves in Paris, and doing the Great Ex
hibition, Italy, Gre - st Britain. and the rest of.
the world in half a year. Those tourists get
out of sight of the American ;world, add are
not worthintr_notieshere, for; with`them, all
is conventional and regulated simplY, by one
thing—the amount-of money they-:have to
spend. 1 - Jenkins arranges it. all and pub
lishes it in the newspapers. -' -
lint there is another far more interesting
and unsophisticated class who daily catch the
eye of the conductor, and are recognised by
him arid all-old -travellers on railroOs and
steamers at a glance—the -bridegrooms and
their-brides who, travel by themselves a few
hundred miles on their • tours, followed to
the cars by weeping, yet happy bald headed
fathers. On all the routes leading( to and
from Niagara, are these . to be seen' They,
have private snits of rooms pre.onaged at
all the stopping places, and have e idently
the idea that they have so arranged matters
that they ere not and cannot be ktown as
bridal tourists. This is not that ley are
ashamed of each .other,but simply that
their enjoyment Is in eac other's koeiety,
and' they do not. want to be criticised and
remarked upon by profane strangrs. So
I lity fancy they are travelling incog. And
yet how easy it is to the. careful eye to tell
how many days or . even hours they have
been - married, by the very pains_ they take
to seem either like Old married fke, or
cousins as • they promenade -on the eck of
the steamer, or sit, eyes so demure, in the
ol d
cars I . - ~ , ,
Their - dress detects them ' in part: It is
all so neat, symmetrical and new. !If the
parties have good taste, there is not a spark
of ahowitiese about their attire. , Al glitter
and display are laid aside, and s a who
was a fashionable belle , last win r, •and
drove out in such splendid satins a silks
to do, her shopping, is now Positive more
like a Quaker in a simple travellin dress
of mouse or drab color., Often th young
culprits pretend for: a whiffs to, be laying
at levers or flirtation, but it will o f do.
There is too much quiet hap iness 1n their
eyes for sparkle and wit and repart ; ; leo
much softness and tenderness is the cetr,
fidential whispers, and . mak . a se sit of
possession of each other Out none rr-lhe
cars, are deceived for live Infante& :,
rally the bridegroom - discovers thi , tint,
and throws his arm easily *rend th Shau l• .
ders of his 'wife, as, much as to say d lianas* ,
to the curious , " You cannot tell "13 .what .
We have been married these many ;ars." -
Not tell 1 There is a sort of vitae s and
slyness in the way that arra stools roped:
first on top of the ecoo back, then gr thralls;
closer and a silent, pleased, nnpercei ng ac-,
quiescence on the part of the bride. ndeed
it is she who tells the tale most quickl .- The
broad gunge seats are too-broad. 8h seems
to prefer the narrower Pennsylvania in atture ,
and if you sit on any seat bask of t em, it
may be noticed that the lady's shouldhrs are
!t r ot even—they incline just a little, and new
perceivedly, while she fancies she is reining
uprightly', to heroadset and .bearde part s
ner. For a few h urs thus they trav , but,
in the long rpn, he bead gravitates to -the g
shoulder, and ere it
husband's supper •
rill nestle innocently and' confiding' in the
'i n
repose eta 'new found faith, as wed a the"
happiness of honest, truthful love. • , . '
Sometimes,-in spite of all "precantihns, a
tress or two of rich black hair, will geloose,
and stray, and fall down. But tha t ride's
tresses are so exquisitely silky. and• embed
and polished, that there is order an neat •
ness in their very disorder and aband a. i t .
is, in fact, the confusion of the high a d vir•
teens sel:•respeot and honest Amide tot the
inaiden stepping out into a new faith., And
these young folks fancy themselvesilost in
the crowd—unnoticed, unknown, and with
the secret that they are just married their
own alone ! Blessed innocents l Bt .even•
those who discover them bid them GC, -speed
i n their new_ path, which — may w
load to i
netts or sorrow, As they start right ot begin
' wrong.
)0 .
TUB CAPITOL Loney.—The Washing on cor
respondent of the Philadelphia Strudel Tran
script says :—The proposition to refit :the
galleries of the Senate and House ofAepres
sentatives meets with but little oppbsition.
On the moat Radical aide a theroug4 reno
vation is accepted as necessary. in fact,
since the freedmen have learned that they,
with i, all the rest of mankind," 'chave
free access , thereto, andbliaten to tluf e,bates,
the denizens of the Freedmen's villa e have
made it a sort of ,' resting place," t enjoy
not• only the, proceedings, but the ze st pro
found slumber - . The result may be wittily
guessed., But few, who are careful if their
persods, and have an abhorrence :of the
most sickening of all vermin. resort to the
galleries. Those who do, suffer, of pouree.
It is, therefore necessary that a thorough
renovation shali.take place; and it da now
proposed to' have the galleries not only
cleaned, in the common acceptatioei of the
term but, upholstered and fitted up mew.
the old twits are to be- torn V sad
burned, and new,' nest and coin odious
ones are to take their places.. For mwhile,
therefore, the frequenters of-the galleries
will have a pleasant time after - thl i s great
improvement is made; but until the , change
be made, it would be quite 'as wel for all
who do not wish to be' brought • "" u to the
scratch," to steer clear df the rifler. "quer.
Egrartes Trurrneowsr.-.A proud East In
dian. nabob going along the streets due day
was attracted by the sounds proceeding from
a mission-school, and he drew near to listen.
ilia boys were reading the -fifth chapter -of
Matthew. The eyes of• the prince flashed with'
unwouted•fire, and when they .finished their
lessons ho eiolaimed
gi Well, if you only live that chapter as well
as you read it, 'I will never say another word,
kyothist Christianity."
A'neaUtifUl 111118frat‘,.; , 1 ,:.
.' y r• '•:- i 11 , -;
ThP r e nwlllg , at ota.lcbtilliani lecture re
cently , Slivered. in Hcw,rleenehy, the Hon.
"Cklititii CaYnn'S', l lon - tho• 'subject of d , Bathe,
Xmutistiewitistt Ithbeillieti:"'' The: inoral point
.. ed - otit it,: thett P#LidratiJohniaa may trust
,withott learithose pea who fon•tlit la the feat
for" thi eine° th e BJ lov ed, ' and which _ claim
ed their IldelitY-!-{:ititOltritat the rebels whii
come. to, Alm .witzleart liondi : aft irteiring
deposited tho Ae ',of. their...loyalty , on , the
dead body of 'HT Oeuthern, VantederaCy
• !Berne centaiieS go two kings were) contend._
.ing for the Crown CU-Castile, r forget their
namei: for tho,prieenti l but t to: facilitate the
feeling of .m,y , sto y o I Shall call„one Alfoose,
.andlne oilier 41i n.- Mimi:, 'preel#inied, 'ld
cernrier, ttutCJihu item'- it -tisurpcit "and 'rebel,
and John Aretticrt :Ilui,Ctemplisissintl.: ! Will;
john defeated his iiival, horse
_andfoot, -and
•catried_cidaryttlziaktriureptiimitly beforb gin
with. ;h4, exceP4o lot:* itioglo , biw . n,"whict:
Alfonso nail tntrusted to ..a.,etotti , ,olid. knight
tilled Aguilar; itid'whlefi, titer icloptelege,
MEI misdeed impregrhible. ' 6 ' You have dose_
,enough for holner;:.-staid-Ziot-Jels* ono am ,
to the ttorgli t t 4 !soirrender, and you' shall hake
4he &oat liberal ((Irma:" '•lf you bad tea
the history of.your country," aneitered.AguL.
tar, 93rott - would have known that noVo 'of my
race ever capitulated." 0 ' I will stOrre :you,
proud'and, obstinate fool!" "Starve theca-,
gle, it yeti caw." .1"I will Put youl and the
whole garrison to the sword.' “Try ! " was
{ thelaconie respopia, and the siege • 'Went on.
One imputing, sal the _rising sun wipe begin•
ning to gild : with it; ray s the highest towers
of 'the beleaguered ity, 4 parley' was: sounded'
from the camp of t ik e enemy . The old knight
appeaied-on the w 11, and looked down en the
-King below. 11 . ! 1 '
“Surrender!" Gild Jahn again, "thy rival,
Alfonso, is deed, and the whole or Castile
recognizes my sway! as that of its -legitimate
sovereign," ll
.-Sire, I believe, you, but I must see. my
,dead master." -6 , to, then,. to Seville, ithere
his dead body lies ;,IYon have my royal' word
that I shall atiempt nothing against you on
your way, nor ap,attist the city ineyour. ab-
SeDeet.'.' The knight came out with banner
flying and a email escort of grim-visagedlrar
?lore. Behind hini I the gates cicieed; before
him the dense battalions of the enemy opened
their ranks, and. ache.passed along, slowly
riding his noble war horse, e.houte of:admire:
lion burst wide and 'far from the whole' host
-who had so often witnessed his deeds Of valor,
and the echoes of the loud -and enthusiastic,
greeting accompanied him until the red plume,
which"waved from his helmet was out of sight.
Ile arrived , ht' Seville, and went strhighc.te
the cathedral, wherbi he found the tomb of his
former • sovereign. ;Be had it opened, and
,gazing awhile with moist eyes at the pale
face which met hil lode, he thus a4dressed
the dead monarch; I "Sire, Iliad sworn never
to deliver to anybody but yourself the keys .
of the town which you had entrustech to toy
care. Here they are: I have keptany oath,"
and be deposited"thein en the breast if King
Alfonso, : .
• , Then, bestriding,, his steed, he, galloped
back to his poet. As•soon - as he applraached
again, -the ranks_afilthe - enemy operied.-and
a k i,
King John confronted him. "Well " raid the
King, "are you satiledeand do y now give
up the contest? " ." , retr i etre." 4. here are
the keys of the town ? 7 " On the King Al
fonee's breast ; go
more." "By heave i we shall Leve part; g i ld get them •we *et at)
exclaimed the • King. " Get the ke 8, back'
yourself, and remain in command of own 1
in my name," The followers of i e't
e King
murmured, and tom Plained. of his rerarding
a rebel. - - -I ^- ---- " - --mi King
John; , , the
best ?f
What a Stranger Bees in uopgress
on IS a)
. .
. 1
j'rom. the Nation.)i
* ti , The ball "e l, rather sombre, '1E1 3 , 1;6-hi
struggling in drearil':, from the sop ; ut even
the light of a dull day makes the gild" g glare
painfully. He obeeivec the tee litt o flags
over the Speaker's tread, and has taken' his
seat before perceiving-that a man id oft ids
legs behind one of those little gingerbread
desks,' haran'gning the BOUM -, Be cannot
hear a ward he says, partly, because. he man
does dot talk•loud enough, but chiefly laecause
no one is paying any, attention to hiioi . . But
few members are in, their seats, , and these are
butty writing, an exerpise that they very with
another that Somewhat amazes our frien d. He
trietvainly, and would like to-cateh word of •a speech 'tint teems-to elicit such
terrilde applause. ' The members are con
clapping' their betide with" great but
WV prolenged energyJ at which little hobgob
lin pages erring about, running as ifto re
lieve each surcharged Member of, hie tabu. 1
gleam ; - and - call friend' gradually covers'
that the hand-clapping is not applatuni, but a
mode of summoning the pages..
He gazes in bewilitement on the Bel be-'
fore - bira k The man . m , reading .. his peech,
and does so from a printed copy, as if. e were
paid blithe line for iill The pages skip i aborit.
The members clap their hands. People 'come
in look at the slier; with stoical apathy,
and then go out again' Theater' finishes his
reading and sits down: Another man gets up
and commences the same performance: The
members go out,, until not over a dozen of
them are left. The Man is reading his speech.
'lle does not doit very glibly; he does not do
it no if die expected te, gain anything by it.—
.Some hemline friend Comes to his rescue with
a motion ; by 'parliardentary fiction his speech
is considered deliverd, and printed with the
proceedinge, and as ninny copies as the, orator
likesio pay lot may be stuffed into- the glory
'of a buff envelope and franked to a wondering
con at itaency in his "district."
ilt May be a necesaity, in the economy of the
'great parliamentary whale that. it. <tome tip to
the surface and blow lbff, and then go' down
again. 'lf it could be entirely restricted' to
the Saturdays it wciild be. better; one day in 1
'six is,.after, all, notn i great deal to deVote 'to 1
parliamentary !tenser!, el. . Making a speech is
considered' the destiny of our politicians.- -
The member who shoilici not euooeed in going
through the operationljust described at least
ones in each session, and franking home many
thousand dirty looking little pamphletans ev
ideriee would be eonaidtred an Utter failure—
a fraud upon the puhlia: It mekes no !differ
coos that be,-htts angl ing to say. It Makes
etill lees that no one ants to *smile him:—
At the oloie,of hid ' "Catechism" some leader
of the _flown may bekind enough to shake
him by, thiband and ;nongratulate him on his
"speech,'" but - even the Most; verdant member
- is not unsophisticated, enough to believe that
it bed any effect ,on.any.'bodv.
,It ids very
broad f -, and a very sheik Each
Setae le-or
as $ Republican soldier by the Wayneshurx
(Greene Co.) ) Messenger, is evidently a man of
sense: , ••,
C o l, yeneioge :.
feu grant a Repub..-
Mean soldier room in' yr ur paper for I • very
*host article ' I tnecelv -wish to notice an
idmonition, intt e hat Greene Co. iltpubtican,
and to aso.,nre the editor that his advice is
good; and I believe w3l be very generally'fol
' lowed by the soldlels if the county. The ed
itor says : "To- theie who have borne , the
blunt, vote , the way:you shot." Now, Mr.
Editor, we shot for Or Union, and not, for
negro. and intend to vote for the bnipi,and not
for the negro: - Thigh? all I have tO say at
present. , Eruntinan 80101.1111..
The Louisville doirtia/ Says the Radicals
of, the North are estranging the Southern
peOple, • while every, interest and every prin—
ciple which Bhauld be dear to the heart of
every patriot requires that these Seuthera
people shad& t e draitra" toward the Union and
the government. ' Tlieir course. , is pernicious
atudpOrteude disaSter, Boathern States,
if treated judiciously and fairly, will become
the fast friends of the Union, .of the free
Union; it not, amyl will become its perma
nent and bitterest foes.
.1 VW .*sperm, 01'4- Hue,
Cutd itt.the
talus one bright ass3ge, Tho case
in width Mc 'heirs or a Sire. Sobofield—an
trociLlitib hiarniirs:aiebistria habilis; who 'l%
Cittoirkuatik lart4-..oruleavored to peinuotte
the' collet to ret.,eside the,,wdi„ on several
irounda.".''' P ftrifpitichiral.-witn - esi was a :Mrs.
C heelee4l l 9 lsl~ - 141stifty4 •-..1h0 had been
caked ii hair aozitt,tituce; as to-Atto age c-f coo
of Mrs. `
raped con
tiouvr-; 4 • = , n ' ••ti
:I A.-4 teltitbet Ldoitet.kfoW his ag^. His
.birth rogitlte r lioever went
to 'sea
Nottieti;-41rri Che'edohiatigbrills perhaps
proVer Lo` say to•you.ihtt you latist be patient,
Gad answer. ,11 tihntqnastiaatsionnsel toad' PO
to you. -
,111141 - - - -"Mtut I don't soe any use
oftsineWfiving the - Ivan questions over; and
over again. •
41totirt.3otito of tie mey t n6l'hear all your
Mese* and it is often necessar y to repent
questions. .• . xo
generally, speak, )opd enough
for ' this 'C'ourt l rconi 'to hear rim e
•and ',think if the ;lawYere would attend to
their,huslussEthey,: wouldn ' t havi to ask a
witness more than ;once& r•-• - • -
Ciurt.--Prodetict ith'the exicnitiation.
shy Mrs: Schalteld' drink a great
ileal oft liquoit ;:what, slid -.shy ateitto it in--*
jug,? , ,
A'.2 l 7o;' ) Bll`elcitii•it. in" iileatijohn in a boa
ket 'I; tinier'ilbAer into thiiintiket to see
whether it museums orrinot,-.107,1 think it
wee; astd4Juiva carried it
hundsmitiimea laie hp,. if a striat account'
bid Itien'icejit, to Mi.` Smith's liquar store to
get it:filled remember. Mr.r - Bmith used to •
_often say.„'Vrealtaga4o7±Mvii.amaebrough."
And I irouldops7er, "Nu, ate theaame drunk;"
but ha knew 'l:viaa Joking, and ho knew who
the liquor vas for: 71: 6
Qlbat kind 04. liquor da ahe-guse ?
A. randy, air—the regular old cognac.
" 4 2: ow did•she drink pure" or mixed ?
A.—LE.he as often took it pare atiany way ;
whets ahe wanted to she made it into grog;
she wild to drink'it out of s ./i!tle black tea
pot ;tliat was handier thali long bottle; the
Mt lir
who rt.
Qa • •
to her
you be
Q - - "as she Sober •
A.- o, she was never sober. Drinking had
becotsie a sort of second nature with her. She
wae•lik: a good many lawyers that I - know ;
they can't plead a case ivithent being half
drunk. [Laughter.] It is a fact. T tell you
I have seen many a lawyer that never under
took to try a case until, as they say, he had
"two sheets in the wind and one a flutterin'."
[Renewed-latighfer.] •
Quces..AucrioN.—lt is • well known that
an alicticiti of unmarried ladies imed to take
place in" - Babylon. t , In every district they
assembled on a certain day in every year ibe
virgins of marriageable age," The most.
beautiful was first put up, and the man who
bid the largest sum of money; gained posse.-
Ilion of her. The second. in perecnal appear
ance followed", and the bidders gratified them
selves with handsome wireS according to the
depth of their purses. , -But, 'tiled! it seems that
there:was in Babylon same ladies for which
tie money was likely to
,be offered ; yet, these,
also; were disposed of, so provident were the
Babylonians. When all the beautiful virgins
weremold s 4her crier- ordered the moat deform
ed to stand up, and after he had openly de
manded who would marryler fora small sum,
she was at length adjudged to - the man who
would be satisfied with the least;' and , in this
manner the money arisinefrom the sale of the
handscme, served as a portion for those wbo
were either of disagreeable leeks, or that had
any imperfection. This custom Prevailed about
five hundred years before Christ!
Winewa vdr Idatatirs.—A.; Richmond paper
nays 70, 1 214 men are.scarckin that city, and
maidens and widows insearch of husbands
very plenty.,,,The latter seem' to he the moat'
euccessfol, and the. editor, pleading in behalf
of the maidens, says :
1, We do not think, is .view of the great
scarcity of men, that it idtair for widows to
marry a seoond time, until all the young maid
ens havcsenured husbands. The legislature
o wgtit to attend to this matter, and protect the
interest of young ladies, for without .the aid
ot legal enactments, the wideNrs- nre alive to
phiy,the grab game. They will therefore
have restrained by the strong arm of the
law, as was 'done in the early coh.i a l history
of -Virginia, when the itcrui3e . of Burge,.o
passed an act of the very character indicated.
It was.found that all the young men imported
into the colony, were at once caught by the
widows, by superior wiles .and stratagenis,
without any chance being to the mod
est and retiring young maidens. Bo the Ads,
!attire took the matter in hand, and will have
to :tie so again. ,
Nor Cour IMEST6RY.—Last fall nearly all
the ministers of the 31. E. Chitral; stationed . '
on Li - keTAtikitCor:;--viiiii" down to conferende
on the famotle propeller 6 i Lao' la Belle," tic
first mate of which is ev.zrnff but dry old
joker. 'Having hiard that - there' 'were seve
fa-ministers on board, the mate remarked,
in. a careless sort of a way, that the trip
woula' be a stormy one.
4. Why de you think so ?" inquired one of
the mirdsters, who happened to overhear the
" Because there's so many preachers on
board," said the mate. -
. 4 Why," replied the minister, I've trav—
elled on the lake far.the last five years, and
never waa in much of s storm yet.. How
do you account for that ,
replied the mate, drily, " per
haps you're not much, of a preacher."
The Phrenological 'Journal fo'r June con
tains pOrtraits of Hon. Solomon. Foot, Thomas
Jefferson, Aaron Burr, Constance,Eraily Kent,
Jenny Lind,. a group of Mogul's or Utah In
dians, with upwards of twenty illustrations.
and tketehes of - character; ,also Practical
Physiognomy,' Love and - LoVers, Marriage
and Divorce, Celibacy; Revelation and Sci
.ence, -Your. Likeness, Strong Men,. Hints to
Preachers and Sextons, Physical -.Culture,
Tine Politeness,. How' to Talk, Fashions, etc.
S 2 a year, or 20 cents a number. - A new fol.
ume—the 44th . .—begiris with the next number.
Address, Fowler Wells, 388 Broadway, New
York.. •
Tan WEiKLY AGE.—WeQSIII:IOt, too often or
too stiongly urge the Imperative necessity for
a wide spread circulation 'of 'Democratic
newspapers during the pending campaign
It is the first duty of every Democrat to extend
the circulation of his county paper, but if ho
can afford to du r so, be should' also subscribe
for some other standard DemoOratio journal.
Vfe' know no paper which is more worthy et'ebpport,
obpport, r better worth the!price demanded.
titani , the eekly Philadelphia Age. Ills pub •
limbed at a low rate for the Campaign. It and
other DemOcratic rapers should be put into
the bands of every man who will read them.
Clubs should be formed and money raised for
thi s pue , eve. More - con be accomplished to
secure t, e triumph of ,correot principles by
this age •ay than by sty other. , Let Demo •
mats see that it is not negl oted.
at the C.l
men's B
in Geo rg
are stsry
fins beev
of the K
in much
Geary - Met =Meer wliether he is opposed
to negro suffrage and equality., Geary won't
answer hetber he favors a 'free railroad -
law. G=ary won't answer whether he We
vorablo eight hours as a day's work. In
tot tbor are so many questions which he re •
fuses' to answer that we firmly believe be
won't answer for Governor.
.The Cincinnati Ent:free stye:—Our infor
mation from Wnehinctou is that there is ito
doubt that all the office-holders for this city
Will be compelled to walk tne plank.- They
"have tried to carry water on both shoulders,
for or against tha President, but . : have, only
succeeded in wettlng•themselves. They will
be removed ere I , ng, and conservative He,
publicans ' friendly to the President's p. 1107,
wlUtake their places.
41tIttatag 800120:'
*4llitin einoinzwit,
th4t oily, con.
OHO. .
dII o _
was filled neon'? iiiieliTbeit I didn't
liitaYer . alin - litia a Hula Englishman
•d to go for her eery atop."
ion by a juior.—How - did she at'end
.usinees wheWehe had a store on Fifth
don't. know r ezackly,,but, $e I told
ore, eh° was always w4)l up in money
)w ro Dta.- - te an stddrosa delivered,
wok of,theTuritans, New York, last' r.
by Chaplain ,French; of the Freed-,
wean, the' speaker said : If not
tirtythottaand: freedmen will perish-
a before the first of March. - They
ngand dytnethere, c Ping for cur
ve they can't get bread " (len Fisk,
:Mucky and Ventiesseo region spoke
he same strain.