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    ghe trio *Whig Observer.
ERIE, PA., MAY 24, 1866
BsAv.Tegu,--A. large number of' new id
cotigersents *vat . on our thi (.1 page, t o
'bleb el/eclat attention is invited„ E a ch one
of t h ec a contains something of] interest to
tlSttv o f our reatters •
It is Jai l:0 th , t l all nocountS duo this of
fre shell b e _sett . led.. up to thS Ist of July
003. 4 A 3 trintint of each person's indebt
thuss 16.11 he - either sent or handed to him
previous to tblll, tivtle,,rtud it is hoped, all wil
up porn pity. make no
t tc tion to basing nap intlividu4 call ritrl a f t_
floithout waitirg for us to untie out a, Ult.
i t le row a goes!' in to he dczi. ed whether
ofato of !lf iyor of Erie is one intsnded
be orrisment or use Al a or Slott in
no to tharthe City Solicitor has decided
1 , t h e Rot. has lio voice in the direction
i ff s i r o o theocity, lithe matter of.ap
sobotlioates, ordering the. abatement
Delouses, &c., without the instruction or
,operition of the Councils. It strikes us
It if w e held the: positign wo would he
lig t oad "hero our say," regardless of such
Ittitica, or rosign the= position at once.—
' f fots above alluded to are too palpable
t i 1 litre e,eaped : the notice= of every re
::::tititeo. Under our - present City nher 7
lye gayor is almost without power or ia
,qt,—s mere ornamental appendage to the
ir is,, denied the ;:rivilege of se-
;his own subordinates, and his eigna
:,n3tel,ert resort required to effect the
i f - of - acts - of local legislation. The
Hayor, with all his admitted enterpri
ittricter, and disposition to labor for
i n terests of the city, Audit his bands co
y4t 4 tied at every point that be is able,
It qwn account, to effect scarcely any-
If we are ever to have a city in fact,
lot merely ie name, we must 'make our
; or what he is designed to be, the chief
the officer. with power to carry out all
m ey andiegal measures appertaining to
3, : t The time has come for doing away
our out of date city charter, and procu•
soother that will be adapted to the pro
!ire niture of the commits:l4. We stall.
.r.t best lo assist and encourage any public
itel person who will .take hold of •this
and preaa it forward to its legitimate
Dispalclee aaviee that the r ayor shah
ttheresponsibility of doin acts which
not legally authorized to perform,- we
,endorse. His true poijoy is the one he
readily fought to pursue, viz: to keep
ly yritbin the ti its of Ike aw, leaving
r those whose duty it Ma see that proper
latiC:n is adopted to take the reeponsibili•
Ich belongs to them. •
twee or Aeus.—Considerable comment
ieu occasioned in the city within.the last
. relative to the arrival of a large number
4E19, reported to be designed for the Pe-
i invading army, consigned to Capt. Cro
auctioneer. Desirous of giving the facts
is ease, we waited on Capt. Cronin, and
iel from Lim the. following particulars,
4 may be relied on as correct :,.
to weeks ago he received information
lot of goods would be sent to bim from
York, which he was requested to receive,
charges upon, and hold ) ,f4r further orders.
hot of the articles reached here on Thurs
isst. They were put up in 81 large boxes,
:'ed "hardware" and “machinery." The
;it en them, which was quiee heavy, the
:ain paid, atul the boxes we :e stnrcl upon
;t•etaiges. 0a Friday he 7.'ac',le - 1 on by
Brotrn, who stated that he tied receiv
'telegram from the United Slates Marshal
o L ituburea to seize tho good'. This the
coin, protested against, saying they had
heat him on commission, that he was re
kbte for them, had been at heavy expense
et them in hie possession, and that he
II saffer loss by leaving them go out of
lode. The matter was -compromised at
y agreeing' that a guard should,he placed
them by the Sheriff, until the subject was
ted of by the higher authorities, and on
ay a ditaohment from the company of
are at the Park }louse was stationed in
tore, who have kept up their Watch on
remises ever sioci. - It is proper to say
& ponies, of the boxes were examined by
United States revenue officers, -at the
.klErits It, A. depot,: and found to con
re arm. - , • :
,: t
is the whole story, as bristly summed
possible, and our readers can draw spoh
usioos from it as they see proper. Capt.
&lye he knows nothing whatever
Wente of the boxes, excei4 as they hare
'ported to him by others, ho neyer hay
.tnetl ony to eitamine them. They wore
.ati to him the / sync as other goods he
Ilyreoeiring, arid he considers himself
la honor to keep charge of them until
'zit York owner takes them out of his
according to direction from the litter,
• them at , pub/to sale en s- the let of
1, 7 which time the government officers
)hthly have decided whether they were
de3ighed • for hostile purposes, or a
-.Tate speenlatiolt, as is claimed.
ct writing the above, we have learned
S, District Attorney has taken
of the arms, having concluded
'? , were designed for hostile purposes.
SOLDLERS' Cosvesvion.—:-The Barris.
'ctiA • pronounces the Soldiers' Con yen •
' `•;. held at Pittsburgh, the call fer
I r'• ptMished last week, " a contempt
: , zp: to humbug" tfie brave defenders
rams, and cites epepil attention to
'Wit object of the meeting 'is not
the truth been told," it adds,
'wily a ochtme to entrap soldiers
.;!irj rooks, it wony, fall still sorn,
is keeping with‘Disnnion dmeit
•41eslit c . The whole thing is a
~! : :(4,_ . i ?iAiitnetott,lyance Geary 11315).-
11 :mm21 e the ho isin blue into the
rankt in oppositi.;n to the Presi-
-. . , vion, the Union, and the eawce
The Soldiers' Coo
'l.'l4 is supposed to hare been held
')ar3 ea the Bth of Mirth, was no
'lna!! proper se.lie of that word.
uicat s heulder-straps- 7 dattala 44:4
tk! Gm?y,
c V; - t. 1 1.-Vo"31g;
n i, e th e true "fighting boys
Ee catighoy such cheff;---''
of bristle for which many thousand.
wsui., be gladly - p old by brush
:arery re nunuaiiy Wasted through
tlshol ;veg. Mire is a chance for
. .. 1)1 3 9 to Rio st,z band make suiney."
In t/4 bg' a slaughtered, pick out tho
tie loth in a bunch, the but-cede nil
Irotal sea them tc The country More
'trio will find a reaqy mnritet for them
- "' 41,1 services is 'the Baptist church'
ttit nth the present week. They have
ne lon:eit continued and moat su:,•Cess.
e / 4 td itt Erie. - " 3
I to eta erer by the care at Cory,
ifee%• died lu 551P1t
Itsme Of in torts
A column of interesting reading matter will
bo found 'en the fourth page.
• Sherry's Theatrical Company are at present
in Corry, where they remain during ‘ the week,
and from thence go to Lock Haven.,
Those of cur readers who are fond of lovl
stories will find one of , tt decidedly novel chart,
actor on the first page. •
The Dispatch ohj;ate to the "bsyish habit"
among politicians of calling memlet a of the
opposition party abusive names. ••
Mrs. $ 13. flail desires us to return thinics
to the firemen and citiSeris for their efforts to
sorb her property at the fire on the 25 - th ult.
Finely executed photographs of Ron.
ter - Clymer csn be obtainfid by eendiag twen
ty three cents to the office•of the daily Fated,
at 'II arrisburg. , ' .
The Reading Gazette says Dan Rice sub
scribed $lOO - to the stock of the Keystone
Normal School at Kutztown, Berke county, on
the OCC.lgion, of his visit there a week ago:
The Crawford Journal can - hardly determine
wbo the Republican`Googressional candidate
will be in this district, hut; presumes "the
irrepressible George W. DeCamp will bo ono
of the aspirants."
Mr. S. J. Gi)ocirich, who edited the Express,
a paper published in this city about six
mouths, has received the Democratic nomina
ti,m for Treasurer of Nobfaska. Qe is a res
ident of Omaha. • -
After. a long effort to get a lead pencil. to
otr liking, we have at. last found the very
article wanted at Carver's drug store. Thoie
in need of pencils will find that the place to
get them.
Godey's Lady's Book for June contains, in
addition to the usual fashion plates, a splen
did engraving on steel and another on wood.,
The literary matter, as usual, itt oft s• high
est order. This magazine is the standard
faihion publication of the country.
The Reno Times states that the Franklin &
Warren railroad is noso in running ordtr fram
Irvine, en the'Philadolphio and Erie railroad,
to Tidioute, a distan a of abut twelve miles.
This road will open up a nee► route from Erie
to the oil region.
The following item is passing the rounds of
our exchanges: •
, A [wit WILD Hatcher, wilkretnere from the Werket
/IL Haase to the stead recently occupied br--
The above we Islip from OA advertising
- columns of the Erie Dispatoh. Our readers can
comment as they choose. ,
The foll Owing rather racy marriage notice
appears in the pipers: —
MARBIED.—By Dr. J. A. Sherrill, at twi
light on Wednesday evening, Feb. 28, 1866,
in Catawba county. if. C , at the house of the
bride's widowed mother, Mr. A A. Gabrille
to Miss- Lisle Milligan, after ft short but
most delicious courtship.
The neighboring counties of Chau-lawful
and Cattaraugus, New York, during the late
war, paid in bounties to soldiers, in addition
to Govern - meat bounties, the sum of two mil
lion six: hundred and fifty nine thousand six
bundred and fifty dollars. The amou'et paid
in this county for the same purpose, including
township bounties and individual expend'
tures, will 'reach not far from a million and a
half dollars. •
Mr. Warren L. Ross Los disposed of his ins
terest in Brown's Hotel to Mr. W. L. Tyler,
of Pittsburgh, who will conduct it in conjunc
tion with Mr. Loomis, under the irm name of
Loomis St Tyler. Mr. Rosa, we are pleased to
learn, intends remaining a resident of Erie.
He is a gentleman of- pleasing manners and
enterprising disposition, and in 'whatever
business he may choose to embark will be
certain to secure success.
The next meeting of th• Like Erie Press
Association wilt be held on Thursday, June
ith, - at Cleveland, the session beginning at
Iwo o'clock in the afternoon. All publishers,
editors, reporters, and regular correspondents
and cOntribators of newspapers in Western
Pennsylvania aril New York and Eastern
Ohio, without distinction of creed or party,
are invited to attend and become members of
the associatioa. -
" Mr. A. A. Adams has laid as under obliga
tions for a number of speeimerut of be Toulon;
Piscaschio nut,. or "Japan bei.ry," as it is
'more familiarly. .known to our citizens, ob
tained by him at great" tioable and , expense
during his remit visit to the East. The strik
ing properthre at this nut, or berry,.as devel
oped is a remarkable local oteUrrence, sen
ders if especially interesting and valuable
Mr. Adams, we believe, proposes giving a This does not include the Bulletin, era large
ptiblic test of its peculiarities before long, number of other Sabbath School journals,
and we shall look forward to some highly It turns out that the "Hon. Mr. Ginner,"
novel and intertalning occurrences. ' - the pentode and betteetilerit Yankee, who was
The Clearfield Republican pronounces Mr. elected to represent the Crawford disteict of
Graham, of that county, who has been urged ;this State in Congress, , has bled the govern
as the Johnson Republican candidate for Con ment to the tune of two or three hundred .
greas, in this district, "a warm and out epo- thousand dollars. l'reolsely how much he
ken advocate of the President's policy," who and, his partners have got out of the people
"theounces the disunion course of\ Stevens, of the oil region has not yet been made pub
Sumner &Co " It adds ; lie, but the amorist cannot be less than sec
"lf the Radicals want to see somebody well oral Millions:
thrashed in this distriot thitaall, let them A change, in the timestable of the Cleveland
re nominate Mr. Scofield. We hope he will & Erie 'railroad, was made On Monday, the
not back off the track, after being endorsed
by a mejority of the counties in the district, 14th Trains for the east arrive at Erie now ,
as was very discreetly done by a gentleman as follows : New York Express, 950 a in; Day
several years ago. in order 'to preserve hie Express, 1.20 pm; Cincinnati Express, 6 , 25
gigantic poptilarityt"i p m ; Mail and Accommodation, 74E p m;
The, locale of the Crawford Journal_ and Night Express, 110 a in. Trains leave for
Greenville Argus are engaged in a weighty the want as follows.: . Steamboat Express, 110
ditpute,over an imports% subject., The for- ain ; Night Express, 3'35 a . m ; Mail and At
mer having accused th e latter of failing to coMmodetion, 610 i m ; Toledo Express, 1010
return a pair of socks and paper collar loaned a in; Day Express, 425 pm. ,
to hint, the Greenville man tilts back at the ' . The .Reno Times has been compelled by
Meadville man in this overwhelming, style : finatiaial embarraements to suspend publioa
"A mistake. Every one acquainted with bini.
thin It was a model raper, and there will be
knows that henever had but one pairof socks
few of its cotemporaries but will miss with
in his life, and the idea of our taxing the regret its weekly exchange. 'Though we have
vanity of the youth so far as to eompel him t 4.41
rsonal acquaintance with Mr. S. D.
to go to bed or go barefooted, is ridiculous." p + a s , a edittir, the charecter of his paper
It will be the Journal's turn now to "come was proof' of his gentlemanly qoalitlea, and he
beelolike a - thousand of bricks," and we ex
has our best wishes in any enterprise he may
pect to see Bragging completely extinguished - ,
undertake. • e
in the next issue of that paper. We hope the
Capt..ll. G. Harvey, of Springfield towt
diffinnity may be settled without a resort td
ship, is announced as a eandidatebefrre the
coffee and pistols.
Republican aunty convention for Register
Two men, the ouea Democrat, and the oth and Recorder. - lle was a member of the 145th
er a Republican, were standing on a 'effeet regiment, and boat a leg at Cold Harbor. Be'
corner, a few days ago,
.discussing 'politics. ing a so l d i er, we Femme no civilian
They had reached that point where each was
,ter the field'against him. •
about ready to catch the other by the threat.. ,
7:The ecceinxio and celebrated ranalise,
"i toll you," said the Dec3B°l4 excitedly, Rev. E. P. Hammond, wee married a few days
"the Republioan party bee never date, one
ago to one of his coined* in Towanda; Brad
good thing." Just then a loyetenerr kter
feral county. The lady is said to being to
fered, remarking solemnly, "You are mists
kin, udreltbor ; it has done a good thing.', one of the wealthiest families in that county. •
"What's that'" passionately. maimed the The June issue of Beadle's, ...tron'tlly we
other. "It elected Andrew Jo.htmon," replied e6 g aeit se one of the beet numbers of a
- the former. The crowd gave,a hearty guffaw, Magazine ever issued in this country. We
and adjourned to dt.tek 14 ?,re t te ca tt e
are greatly mistaken if it does not become one
health ; . . of-the ' MOO popular and widely circulated
The Tidioute Chronicle, deairouts4pgeg ef ie. monthlies in the Union. • . - '
ire; a suit:pie sleotildate for C",freb , to the .. „ Irch , bl . sbep Purcell, assisted by Bishop
0 Erie, laid it Columbus; en talky, -
reople of that die emmt
tsiet, Bsus.theedito.. of I 4"
Lithe g Primo. a- soma thousand &
the Corey TTelegraph" °l° MiOIT to "ii a ll , the corner stone of a new eatig% *lamb,
elder. It matt from W9' 1 401117 of publish , : ' wtfehlrill' cost about $50;000, The Arai
ga Deinoccatio and Pepabliv% 4 . wipsper . bishop 'gated that ,within a year Columbus
Ztbe same time, ttat lie would naiad t h e
A ll Ol°lle° of fives w ould hate a blsbon,.e_tevelead. Ptriindeekr,
,et week
person to please eis. It • ' -
- f a it rook
Barnett, of Erie has mailed *om
the platform on which he eland: Seta
,the War Deteartenent thd,xli.nk of Brevet Brig
days, ItidiPande ht ; xrd.ri. siispuishin a "let General.-..Memitalle Ripollitent,
Tuesdays,. Johnsonlan s' , ,Wedneedsere, Ca. Tam is no snob Mime as Colonel Barnett
lereatiw ; Thniellop• %MOW i Finials, in Reis, to 6 .4 bellt 9t Our knowledp sad be.
Noc):ispeti; Blit d ; rds :rt 1(4°,41 110, • -.---
) •
• ,
The Girard Union Publishes s hall col Dim
letter from Rev.- WM. Phillips, rector of the
Church of the Holy Innocents, Baltimore, to
CJI. Uau Rice, eulogizing his Show and re
cotautehdlug its moral and instructive intim.
cases.' .The reverend gentleman says before
Visiting the performance he hail all the preju -
dice s his ,profession against • it, but, after
securing Dlll'B persolal asquainlatiopie was
convineed,thst the groat hu would al
low noliting either in exhibition or' language
to 'nffend'good taste or ehristian morale." In
thiS he says ho was not mistaken, ant to test
Iffy his appreciation of Daniel's courteiy. he
writes hint a long-drawn recommendation,
which reads os good as a first class patent
medicine orrtificate: ThiA folio wing paragreph
rota it is partioularly refreshing
My Dear Brother :
, —lieu have it in your"
power to do a vast amount of good or evil,—
With such immense audieneee before you al
most daily, made up of all classes of people
as-well as of all ages, you have it in your
power, I say. to exert a powerful influence
either for evil or for good. Trusting that you
ttre a believer in the hlessiahship and dirinity
cf our Blessed Lord, and interested in the
prosperity of his kingdom, I know yon
cast the weight of your influence on the ri te
of truth, " and stand up manfully for Jesus. 7
You may not be aware, perhaps, how much $
word spoken by you before your immense eon
gregation may exert In scattering doubt and
unbelief in regard to ehristianity, and in in
spiring contidsure and hope in its divine °rig
luator. It is said that a pebble oast into the
Atlantic will cause a ripple that sill be felt
on the shores of Africa. Whether this be
true or not, sure I suithat a word dropped for
Christ into the sea of human hearts before
you, will exert an influence that will be felt
tong after you cease to live. .
We trust Dan will adopt 'Am Phillips sag
gestion. A sermon in a Menagerie is a capi
tal idea. We should pot be surprised soon to•
see Dan'e name iioited up is flaming letters as
the "great and unrivalled Clown Preacher."
Oae thing is evident, that he has touched the
rector in a weak spot.
Messrs. Ryan &4 Rolland give their Bret
theatrical entertainment/la Farrar Mali this
Thursday evening, their opening play being a
dramatisation of Mrs. Sontliworth's famous
novel, "The Hidden Hand." The company
under these gentlemen's inenagement, is rep
resented to us sea very superior one, and our
citisans may expect to be treated to some
oholee exhibitions of the dramatic art. It is
Messrs. Ryan & 1/Tolland's intention to give
us, during the season, a succession of the
most prominent star actors and actresses in
the country, in4luding, among others, Miss
Julia Daley, •?tlr.=Couldoek and daughter, and
-Visa Emilie Melville. 'Sam is Iways attract
ion enough in himself to draw a good audience
here, and wi , h such associates as the above;
the company cannot fail to have overflawing
houses nightly.
Dr. J. J. Malawi ("Timothy Titcomb") .
whose frequent visits to Erie have made his
name “familiar as household words" to our
readers, has severed his connection with the
Springfield (Mass.) R:publican, and - wilt
hereafter give his exclusive attention to
entry pursuits. For . a hag time his conneo
titn` with the Republican has been merely
nominal. Literature pays in Dr. Holland's
case, his income being fifteen or twenty thou
sand dollars a year—all the result - or brain.
53121 C of our citizens are entbusiastio over
the idea of having a fountain in the centre of
State street, between the two•parks. We like
the idea well ; but wou:1 if not be best before
talking about a fountain to secure a supply of
water for it? "How do you cook a hare!"
said one artist to another. "First I cafeth it."
was the reply. Unless some of our citizens of
we:Alai display more publio spirit than . they
have yet exhibited, there is . very slight pros
pect of securing either water works or, form-
Henry-C.Blo. a, EN., of the Titusville Her
ald, witi• lost week admitted as a member of
the bar of Crawford county. He has been a
practising member of the New York and Uni
ted StatOs Courts eincelii.67 . ; and his &amis. the Crawford county bar was secured
under a suspension of - the rules, every mem
ber of the fraternity in -Meadville 'having
signed a petition to that i effect. Mr. Bless is
a gentlemen who woulcPbe successful in'any
occupation he might.nnacrtake
The people Of Union and vicinity are em
phatically a reading cotentunity. The follow
ing-is the number of papers which pass
through the postoifice of that place: Dailies,
55 ; semi -weaklier, 18 ; ,weeklies, 550; semi
montblici, 52; monthly publication,- 205.
The scriee of :tirlyal'verrjcies: hatei oloped
in all our churchns, with the exception of the
Baptist, which ja.Besigned to be discentioned
at the end of the iyeek. The Baptist, Fitst
.-Presbyterian and,Paria olutrehe4lase been .
most - successful-tit gayning-bonveristimi &A
tha denominations , have increased more or,
leis in numbers. 'e are inforroel that the
total number who) , rwre openly-expressed their
pur?oso• to !eat d;Christian Jife, will reach, in
• all the ehurchee, riot lee then six huadre.l.
The Griot llotto, in Prank'in, was burned
on the in )rniag dC the 11):.4 . inn. A lady
jumped from a crladlw is tlia nurth afory,
and hay die! of I,lr iojuriaa. Tcr, seine%
girls, awned .Tl'33 litcon an l Bridget, Kelly ,
perished in tho t. Their charredremalci
were found am )nglthe ruin; in the afternoon.
The fire WL3 ctusid by inJendi tries, whose
object is supp33e , l l ; to h'kve been plunder. The
burdieg 04,9 t: $M 1 ,0)0, and was only insured
for $31,000. •
Mr. J. G. Baird of Cherry liifl , has
. the
agency for Erie county of a newipatent broom,
-which has many advantages over the kind 'in
ordinary•uPe. Ited his i advertisement.
John 11. Walker; Erq.i is urged by limey of
the .members of- bur bar as a candidate for
Associate Law Judge. -
We are rerineeted to etqte that seats for
Ryan ,& 14Ilaatl'a Theaire may be secured
thee} days in advark at,:;.Ensiga's book MC"
where diagrams of !the hall are kept for exam-
Base bsli 'clubs are all the rage - among our
young men at the present time. No less thas
four are organized already, and another is
talked of. -'
Advertisements, ,
A A utrri - o, N.
- -
The h- use end lot 601/ occupied end owned by Wm.
Thompeon; (rosmetly 'Lutes of the U.S. S. Wiehtgen.)
N 0.122 West Fourth street. - I will also sell on the stole
day all the furnittim oQ smd boos.. comprising • dole*
and select lot of Parlor Digtag , Bed Boom and j‘itchen
Turnkeys, complete. The goodi are all in excellent
order, riling newly nen. Parties desiring good topple'
In any of tne . bore nucted goods will end it to - their
advantage Wetland th.tsele. W. J. caoRIN,
For the information C,l parties' desiring to rept the
above premises , wonlii state that ihe house is not
fold it silt be rented V me. Y. J. ()BONIN.
L'. •
p B. tt.
Its peculiarity and wherein it excels all others is the
after your Ant ontlay,;you have only to Spend Tiff
CENTS whenever a new broom to required. toren this
trlAlaa expease en t) Aydded br pleating • fare Ildlls
of cum In the prdeta• •
Any person can All in t n mienstes. Tor are-jar
owe broom soaker:
Township r:lrbts tor sale in Erie cannly
Send for eirenlir, or call on the adoectribier h pear
Cherry RID. Erie Co., PL . , and see uni;Jee.
ma2l.3eir .1. 0. BAIRD.
, .
For solo at Wholesale le Casa by •
COPY, P 4 A'PrViiSON & CO.,
Ekll2l 2kEi • i
.616 Tim* Stmt.
The followinz persons have tiled ..tlisir per Mons for
Eating lionsa - Goebel, lathe °fibs of the Clerk of the
Court of Quarter Saasions of Erisinensty, and the maws
walla presontod to said Court ore Wednesday, the 13th
day of Jrue neat.
John girls Mtddlebnro, •
Michael 'atoll. west ward; Eris, . , ;
''John Wit Line, Corri,
John A Viet, South Erie,
— Jacob Schafer, FilreiivrtOwriabtp, ••
...eoh Campbell. west ward, Ed*,
:Jahn Keuell.Oirard lore',
hl . .ip SelscaL west Ward, Erie
John J Whipple, Girard tewnsirlo„
~...._srcub Wink watt ward. Eels,
--- ctiarles F Meld, west ;woad, Er'sh,
— Pet
• Jaku
er Schaaf, wA. Mate, west a est wa dd. d, - Er i
be Ere, :' • •
...Min J Banner, sreeL.Ward, Erie,
Thos Gannon, west wait Erie,
.11,ho filmier. west ward, Brie, • ' I
- I;his(erict St:ebb:o3ml% Sri..
Nord Knotdoch, east ward, Erie. --,
--- P
J Kemal, east ward; Erie,
- Jacob (faybecle, oast ward, Brie, '
— Jacob 'Sandusky, east ward, Brio.
Andrew Wags*, vasty ward, Erie
"- '
Ilitchall Glover, watt ward, CU,
...Mhos Mg's, east ward,
F C Molar, meet wu , 1,1 ' Y .
Christian g Drum, west ward, . " „
"Yaw Bewtrartner, east ward 4 • " ' •
Michael Schurnater,West atilkarels.
'P A Webber & Co, west
„ward. mew. • . - .
,fawner & Selter.mart, ward 4 •
Matthias Stableln, wait ward
Miss Streak., west ward - 4
Christian Ressler, welt ward ' 1 . ' .
Prink NAVA, we,t ward :14
P Listed, west ward' ' r i Ns
Isaac Gentle. west ward , - a
* -- indrew la it; oast wars so
4.obn A /water, So , thi 'RAVE; . .
'aler.tine Zahults,liontb 'grit ,
George Wapner, awkward.'erie,
;..bblGeavaltraux, Sarah V al.,
Matthias eschler, salt wa rd, Ede, '
?Thilip iNefoabsieb,-801111 V rte.
.. ; ,„„Fradarielt rabrzaaa, - Weer uni ew k ri •-
. violin Dimling, wilt ward, Erie,
,„,y A. Webber, sr, east Warll, "
.. _ •
* .Ntelialsa Clemens. wettlward' ..
Ferdinand Fiebeitand i west ward a "
- - iikenry Jordan, wed wart ' 0 -
Henry Nanbaner, eastward .•_ '
" - C FsrurtStredt;simet ward • ' 4
• Jacob Heidt. west ward
- lothony Kelleyorast.Ward" .
__ . o W Millar. wait ward 1 ' w 1
Andrew &Hick, nut liked • -",
Jabs Seitactout ward • -
nrj Rahn. west ward - . a
'Jo Stralti,,liiiilersek township,
• ard, --
lithlitaKilinfor eastward, Erie,
' - "Adam Snow, east ward: Brie.
Wiliam Striaker, Booth Zne.
- r
-De lie a Woa.tan; nry a
Campbel w ai t Ordard, Erie:,
, rnwa '
- - P L Dlefenbacb, west ward "
Hear, Umbra, watt ward ' • " I
" - Teals Mauer. wed ward ~
. Andra Gadola, Girard .
" - Prank Sebalr,wast war d, aria.
(3 W Van ?assail. west ward, Erie,.
---'' - - robs Golabesehelmer,Elouthltrie. .
*lf 1' Ikaaa, west ward, Erie.
" --- Thrarn fienhasnotrandur
James Eastman, • out awned, Erik." 5 • -
~ I seob Weiabaner, east-ward " ,
Lenhardt,Sens, east Inn%
13 Sahara. east ward .--
P f bo,maker &lira waat'.ward ..." ... .
- it Sablandeekor, eastward - ' ' " - --' '
_Newlin & Fisher, west ward. "
" - Ch se Dishing's:. Milicrerk ty, . -. .
Vilna:ye Ilrlnts,,Matean
John Pouch, west ;ward, Erie,'
A. Roemrr. west ward, ' --. 5 "
- Jos Motley, west ward - . 5 , , ' 4
F 1,, S.esei, east ward ' • " 4
""Prank Mrslun, west wa.d, ,'• , - le
,_ Jiao rehrsoblob, Villareal/ tp. . .
' " - Tobn Harlow, west Salad s F,f , s .
Jos Wankerrarn. out ward 5- a
- ; Jan Cronenbersar, South Exit
. .h . oob Decker, west ward „. a ,
'Chas Fatasiskl Corry - , *:. , - ; _
lianas t Babo, cad warsj, i - , a . ;.-.., /* - .
'.555 - 3C' Raise', east ward : a -...,' i :•
P Ending, east
• '' - ehas Dna; emit mud If, - " :
Jiro II GreiN west ward -!. . Ai ,
-- Andrew Potties, mat we „rd „ - a ', ,
- Patriek MoArdle, east w. sad - * 5 " , '- • '
e . '"Deratie Tuohy, east stv 4, . ~
Jon Aaron, west ward , - , a -
" - i'D Drachil, east ward ' i u .l Y- -:
no „
o Roland, Wed W srd;„ " I'
-- Wm Mackey. wait • arard.' :-, -, -
4 .
. _Peter Fredericka . *wit ward a.
Gestalt°, was t ward
Jacob Seib, Mina reek ' . -
"laseph Gulart,, west ward ' :: at .. '', s •t:
. ..r it Smiley, Waterford tp
Pater Seiabriat, soatk gala , - . .
. 6. g00 Grabs*. wad arard,Alt
- 4"Wablieraltrapi Union .Mle •. • ' '
. ...It ta „I wttne Filters, Middiebowa • . ,
C P Walther. Corn ,' L . •
.1 W Cooper, wet ward, ,Er ie
" - Gee - ..llww„,eantla lime i. . . ,
Nicholas Roth, out ward Erie • •
—ir I', etneman Garry '. r .- - -
- . 0 W Pox. Cor:7.
74ila AGler. east ward tide -
- John Buehler Girard tpl ' I ' ,' t :.
"'lt V Klaus, elk ward ,l: • . ' t,. .
Robert - Hunter, ,Wellabarf„ _ .• , .
- Vache fichlindweirt; wadi ward , - -
'Jahn Asper, Waterford _1
- —r Gintallrias east wad. 5. ' -
look Lanteddar,Gtrara Pero, . • , .
- Tied Anderson, NA:MO.4O bora!: . .. ; , '
John Manaw,Carry -!
.. , ;
' • - iftabnalßerahtold.W4tti 146 ', . • u .
_Goons IteCataheon, Carry , ,'
'. Daniel McLaughlin. westward; . . . ',,,
Urieut Salasdeeker, Amalfi Erie' ', ' ;,
. ',llleltael Veleta. tillicreeki tp 31
. . .-., . ' -
Christopher Millar, east ward. .. V
-1) P Ralanisort wit:4 ;d .
noscaramiga -ilreit salw
V A ZAN, Corr? '. ; - ' •
Tare lm , Ctorty' ''`-',,
."R Rehry, Carry 1 ' , ~1
`Rern ilial ar l a Idn e Toldli &ICY `:' ' ' •
, Aimee Des/fmr, gilloboro4 . •, . •:. , 1 - .• :, ' ' . :
.. • ..
Thee*ld Msg.-south : Wife - :4 i.::: - I "
„ e Agteiesz i so: nth kris i:•, .. • _, ~ -... l t-',
Jibe 11 w deb, SlClereelties.malrlp • •
..../ C earlier, ,
cledttey et Lew% woe *OA: gee . :-'•
Jake neltakeerh eastward . - 4 ' - '
" - Men Weary terry • ' 1, , .
Joseigilifere (Orallinf) *1 •
, • i- Ink letrrilitllllD. ' •
Clerk of Caulk.
Clerk of Conde ales, / I -
Er% Way 22, VII. I pyll4l
1 ', ,
• ' - , :mrittitsgrgatit
Eleecitid doting Mr. Ryan's remit starring to
—t appear for the first,thee this
4 , • Thursday Ecening, *fi,y 24th
las superior arsentiretiou ri SfFY IC, D. E. N
worth s great, wore r the
11 I'D D E N 111
Wont,. Yr. Sam
Capitols elicit, *
I 'Jtra.Bl. ...
To corelade with tha near Irish Fares (being
shay of alr:RistVa) caned •
liathirty, • Bain
- .Printijram Bto I 2 es. per yaid.
Good Bleached Moral, 1 yd. wide, at 18 Ctr.
Soapy Brown, 1 yard wide, Falory 2U Cts:,
r r
at wituuar ° LOW PR I .
. - .
Oar 'Goods lire ail now. have b. lalsAad tr . "
sank sad will be sold at very Peal adVSWOO•
• .1 . ;:
1 ' ASO GIPS tril A CALL.
=24 V
witoratasin pay GOODS
1 .1
iOttlEnt,sild Deems to
, ...
--- 1 - --. 4. - '
Our stock is um largest • nor tnaugbtl - - bil Pis
comprising among otbtr artielsn , i . g ' ,
PRINTS, , -, -, _ ::s -
;, - ' ntuirsse.__,
BMUS, I ''''. --,
•; ' ' - . CLOTHS. -0 .
(artier.. sus
, t
BLBACHED h BROWN ElligerN?3 , -
A Couples Assortmant of Dna eabds. 1 ~._''' ' -
Blurt kind of We If (Maueds in the l's,.
And, In short, a gentrat 'milt? of evergkhinig wildly
kept an baud in a Wholesale MT GoOds -
and Jobbing Stop. i
Jost:, [hairs are intited to gtve se a stn.! Redo
Strictly wholeal• touts; and propose wellies at sath
triees as will taste It to the advantage et 'raarelsonts
Air this section t Zeal la Erie, inlaid si 'matting
last for that gvidi. -
H. S. Sonzaan, W. A. Cuirresti, J. N. ntipeoltD,
FA. WalliSs& • & ‘G:O4 -
isuutal n, •
.. • • .r •
--* 346 , nnossiwitr*. wave!lfir Mal; to4ACCOi •
Widow ' *Nei PAW' ..Nt4
I -
xe."81.4 naninszt.
wilt aid% betimalth obit i UI.. =W. Pi-
Cidi yua to: catuitii Polghtio., `; . '
• ' • . 1111.)6imusa.
- 7 106.1 ti,airti :MID= son tai
LL -
tttt» tip red it yetis tiate7. 9ll4
211,0004 Vo'clock. p. as on dor Imolai% Tao itonowiag
rattails% to oat: CosomaWar ea Mt torstarat Ridge
tea Poislaralsort, sae alms; lasi moth=
Ha* of 11141 go t o a4 Imbewer want -10-paohit, loam
ototb awl mallet to War ittoot,aboot ' , ft% to
tot fudoolel by Nt: ftgautektboaeo eat, ea ltoo
youliefi fa _ sort.aboat soobao to_ boi'seaveS
, at.• oath • bet !thaw Poplar 'moot 'boot go
catalog* INdt me lat4- 6 the plass of boitatistr • um
• catalit att WA 311,1420 c a, law, tad
tokolois oreatod a ompittorsttalso tF.allaag. aa4
kotora to Unto aloft faarleit: -
' east* of
;per ltaut.--":01dr4 its• Wowssat
two togroilitio_ aloarod mv a boot,
ialta smaritt.
Adlift plata at alma SotstaWat s 4.
' D.!
Aim )
0611 s .
FlArillONtf FOR DM.
• • ‘Oll DOVM-1)
aaio been
; They combine comfort, durability and economy. with
that ehegsnue of ahapeiwhich ham made the Duplex
tie thiestandud skit of the faehhaable world.
The ineeztion coristate of; Ditp`.ex (or two) Elliptic
steel apritga. tagenform/r braided tightly and firmly to.
gather, edge to edge, making the , "tpng,he.t. moat thongs
elaetio , and durable 067 ever need. The wonderfni
flexibility and great com fort end Omura to any lady
wears the Duple* Ellphe Elgin will be caperienced
paetteniadt la all crowded assemblies. opera.% earrtageti
railroad ears, thumb pawl, KM chairs, tit, and for
promenade and house dram-as a okirt 040 be folded
wheats use tencopy a small space as easily es stank or
Muslin dress. They are undoubtedly the lightest, most
desirable, comfortable, and econmnical skirt *ver mirk
nos 4 ' l /Impress 'nil," the "Parts Trail,' and the
op t iacor the World," the latest styles Introduced,
made of tio WM' Dopler legal la ogledilikk.
tal • great and producing the moat perfect
and wawa, attar engrafted by the present faddon,
Inateggione of the flexible 4Eteittles for *bleb theMa
pin skirts are se pre eminent.
.... 1
r •
Staniar's Duplexla, sold averywhere, is • great
favoridi 'roans t h e kullonabla people.-New York Itz
. i .p gaere co e eonual m ed y n 4 &I .
me a e l l d a . sticity, ft:aidi
ngd .-
112 e Duplex Eliclie ls arrested ss latest titer. to
wrd pmdsodoa lo Y. Eve POI*
- It rat Vie most ordinary dress a style that readmit.
It goatee In apposzattee.-Boston Post. •
tmalessament Omsk the Duplex Eliptio te is
amt that all other styles us tut falling into disc -e p-
The Doplez Kllntio le the greatest improvement in
hoopaktrts.-N. Y. Those.
• - ,
al , ' For . tale *banal* sad Retail. Trade supplied
i t - Hew Yost coat—traneportattoo added.
ho. 0 Read House, Erie, Pa.
No. i RN
ftaleagent for irate minty for these eelebrstea Va.
eblnew. luta on- bald at L le it Goaldlog's Tailor 'bop,
Fifth street, between Stet end Peach, a large varlety ,
einbeiting all kind* ao4 teoi'whleh he mpeetfully
told* the public to saki a d esamine' - The Rowe ma.
Woe hi aeknowledged le the beet la wo o doing ell
kinds at :Work. arid Wog easily kept to order. Fur
proototthese asiertione t I rapt? ask a him/ of the ma.
e%ble 4 i 7.4 trirotirogtheat to do all! promise.
ell Wilma ex cadosbetore ptrehashignther
tats. grail attention OM) to repaving Ma
r o ts u r.,laffProtophy repaired, at =ideate char
. .
Es, . % C.
vonoult • &
- " "
I Ert a tec,teeet. not side, third door north of ftslirOad
Bridge, MR, ?A,
iLtNe/h l 7 PV - BFFalls -
' IL
I- • ,
- - lemr;Tr„ApTratzi Azip;razza Is
B 1) 0 ‘"All if ..1
, ,EVililt Oyu: AND TAMMY,
i )kiro. 816 State St., Weal : 044 . 6e4 Bth and 9th,
A • . 1 -
Eats, re..
ar ;Rat rteeiveil,,i' new stock. of Go, lads;ittitei WW
bs sold.:it the lowest prices. , j
, • 1.,, 1
i , • AHLS. S. HALL '
Take; Anson iniannonuoing_to Ithe 'potato that
tei opened a new store to . j _
I4ioek,2;llg uases south of_ pelo4
Where she will Iteepocuratanfly large variety of.
XI Did NER Y AND I DR ritioQD s 4 -
Ifilliety, Cloths, gad I pistaidassortaseat Et evagthlei
=ashy kept on hand in • store of tha kleck ' . _
joir on eta* of Geette jest tecelved from the
Belot desirous of dada I out hei old do*, She will
eeltitwOm now to the La of Jake !Weed gad.
• • -
r. 0 UT 2'13
TPA, /1
nee imp
wind, .
W. appetii
La all diseases of.Sainc, such as Coughs, Mom
the Lungs, Liver,
/se., th is article
&eta as a specific. .
afq .ting ham
a PaPn•
to a pew in p > _
barrel of swill theA
above diseases ":"
,U 1 he eradicated - - _ -
,i;;;;• entirely prevented. t given in tiass,Ja certain
psyetative and , taro for he ".ijog Cholera: ,
Prif4t 4 15.Mo:cis per Paper, or 6 Papers for $l.
S. A. rcitrr* . .sc 13!t0.,
♦T rains
Bro. 116 Freaklin 14, Baltimore, Iffd.
For-Sale by Druggists slid Storekeepers through
aist- the Utinett States.
efit tr
(3oceeisore to Weber 1.131 a..)
Dula= If
Uliurrs, Segars, Tobacco,
Yore; rusinta sovoNs, Lo
P. pat :mans
WIMP AND FLAX, - • : _
Fat Ball at & Usti lir •
V: Patterson & tb.,_516 fish. Mad.
Four drat class bnlidiog lots rof 6:11 sud ith sf.r :-, I
weal aide, exert uf the eatato of lir. !fail. Thts vr..t ..:e.
16 la 18 one body, sad ,ern
flashers properly for saie..-82)4 fret frost on t,t., • t ,
betwsee Stet. sad Posotri - wid sell this tit
floe p s° and lot on Second street,' between St it-
Poach. 'This deAretile property contaion al - out ••;
city lot—anelruft—house In_ good repair, and a: i .
cold cheep for prompt per.
'Sheila, large dwelling Juste of 3fre..7.7,110.1;
reen,h street, o )rner of Second Ifwtm yu tht. •
COMplete tersir. rrim !rile—terms einy.
Fula ' , NMI three &tee, brick dwriling on C111,,T., •
cut tide, firdrned corop'ete, ocd tr Ifl to col
gein. "es
HoUSt AND LOT FOR hiLE-Liletwoon FAlS.qtr.
Myrtle streste, on the lank. • 1i0n.% two stories, ).
good condition. Prlce $1,600.
Ws here st oconber of very dertruble priest°
for sale, worth from $5,0'0 to $15,000.
This preparation,
aud favorably
ammo, will thor
oughly rtstnxigorafe
'woken-down and
ow.spiritcd hone*,
and cleansing the
tuoinach and ) lates.
It is a aure _Tue.
c •yr rA OK 'WINE YOR SOLE—Oz Chesty n t't
betsreerafinth and Troth street;. House has r
sitting eoocn, dialog room, iltehea, three bed:,,oe.-r,
Cloasta, telt, eta " in complete reptir.
mist c , tSS DWELLING YIR SALE—On t,
street, first door eat ofSt de. House new, lot to by 4'a
beet. -
FOR STORES VOR otter for sale les %:
feet, corner of State and Eleventh streets, end F;2O t t
feet oir - Stateetrestoomh of Idler's Machine Shr,
is decidedly the best property for sale in the etc^
co.cltine shoe., atoms, etc., and trill be sold io
'Suit the parchment.
iratinii is invaluable,
caproves the quality
of the milk. It has
been proien by an.
tual exikiti*eo to
inc,Lea.ft the quast
tity of milk and
cream twenty per
nerd. and make the
butter dna and
Duvet In taatening
cattle, it gives them
an appetite, loosens
Ouir hi dc, and
malts them thrift,
A Fell City Lot on Eighth street, between Myrti;
PObeetnut. Also, the Lot in the rear, on - Feventh r , , ..t.
convenient to entail. Very desirable for Menefee ,, , .,,.
Two choleA dry Lots on Fourth street. 2d t
Chestnut, 41 (seta tubes by 3.65 fret.
We have tat a timber, 9f building lots on :4 , 0,... , 1
and Duffel) Wants, betwega Holland and Gorman.
high gravel ground and very - desirable.
une acre of land on Cherry,,atevet, west el' Gem,
This is a iine.dry lot.
One full City Lot, corner of Eleventh, and Ch..:
north side. Pries 111,500. Also, one on Twelfth et ~,—(
of Myrtle. Pelee $l,OlO.
Ten Building Lots, corner of Eleventh and Rant •:;:t
One full City Lot, earner Tenth - and blyttle Ste. - Al , r„
one on Tenth St., between Wyrtli and Chestnut.. ;. , te
lade. 'this 300 foot street le fast being taken up ; r
ties desiring Po areet brat clan reniderac.s.
A you env LOT—On etit street, corner of 3: ,; • •
YOR ISALE• number of the guest tierne in Mill "..
and /labor Creek tpe.„ at pikes from $7O to ti.m.
- CITY LOTa FOR EIALE.—A, number of the EllO4
liftable building lots in the city oo prirate term!. ,
. , .
rou BALE-10"Acres of the farm of the late 3e::-,.
Barr, 'intited on Ridge Road, one mile from the a+!..
c0:414141g an orchard of 160 grafted apple treee, aod
fewrsfab and pear trees. . !
SAIR,--10 1 3 .tree wood lot, 10 acted iMpru%,..l.
Miles rouithe pity. Ellice, BYO pqr acre..' ,
A Fro of &are* in Chautaugnacottufy, N. V.: 'it i
farm I located within three miles of the Labs eh ‘,.;
,Abont,lo acres improved;' first elan dwelling no c.e,
goodkerns and out bowies, young orchard of p.i,r:.• :
fratitsi—applas, r each'', plume, etc.
'ryety area of Farming laid end 10 acres of a ti in.,: .
lot, 6 4l ad milts eat o r the city, on the Lake h .-
Price 120 ier acre—will sell the 20 acres separate II ‘'s
aired. i Fins barn on the 20 acres. -
A FARId in Harborcreek, loath of the Railroad .ta
Lion Eat* 100 rods. containing about 100 acre,- !to.
bank barn—good moderate 02-41 Romeo—Ting on:n.l it
—4 told acres of woods—soil good, and I ' the cora:
state of cultivation. Price $7,600. Teems easy i
A FAIIII north of the railroad station, on the t ./..
Road 100 soda, about 100 acres goort, a substantial. :4.0 - F.
lionse,2 fine barns, orchard, out honese, Ate. This pia:
to In aNo 1 state of cultivation. Price $l6O per cccv
Fermi' easy. .
Fifty acts him for sale—the farm of T. l;favie , t. in
UM Creek, ab cut 4 miles from the city—good .; •411
bone—flee bank lan, orchttd, &c. Poll gravid -,,,
bottom land I'i ice '4,000. Porsassien April la.
Ili a'YE'i it IiKPLZR.
by ladies
otitth and
tth o: the
Ito be the
onto 41 , t
io fated,
iro• bot
oda of
o bt Log
er, and
• will not
or break,
te aloee
pier • re.
Loaf Sugar, 6% ibis for ' 'si Q I
Best White CoCee. do., 6 Ito
Brown "do., 9 Ito 1 '.) ,
The beat tea in the eneeket at (;)
Choke Roney Syrut, per gallon I')
Prime Old Java Cogre, per lb
No faintly should be without it. Everybody using
it To be bad °Nut, uwe ue the agents.
Call and get one of tkoten
Just received. All of the above goods we will .4-11
ehtsper than the cheapest.
{ 'Ail on-goods are !en, having Just bees re , ,.
v a invite all to exlmhoe for themselves.
17'643-tt BEARN, CHRISTIAK k ORA h 4,
C (P "
-.-: ' ,l
Rare been appointed Sol* Agents 'taittle Salo
For the city <f Erie, South Erie. Rai Creek, GI v.r..,
Summit, McKean and Fairview townabipa.
Aguas waatez ¢o sell, them la all the abase ratvel
Apty tatalligeat mast or IF= n can make $5 per a , I y
eginTaSdng tot t l sem. Voi particulars apply ay ate: v.
• 4.
03os1t or awl &RD sots= 811111211, swr ,~ l•r .•.'e
Itvs47thing is the Tolima* Cbt,
inip, Cigar eases, Meerschaum Pipes,hrs.
ways kept on hand. Our variety is so large nOOO e
EaIL to be suited. •
rr- Pat V pea atiou'ion paid to orde:a, ace
goodewarmeted to be what they are sold (or.
Hamar T. StSansa. (tos3'6o4y) JAIIIB S. Bat
W.' W .
It prepared to surrey any lots in the city or submi, •
or set any grade from the official records of the city..
Particular attention given to eulr-divitrier's of out I, ti
aad the ezteeeion of etneete. Aa work, dome - with t
'utmost etre and_ guaranteed correct. / -
Drafting amid Mapping neatly executed.
•Platte,Ppeciflotitiore arid Rettutates furnished 0,1
notice, Orden- Sic at the Clothing Store of J. Jll
tine State Sty r at,No. 725 ?math St., will cc., •
procipt attention.- mad I tr.
The undersign - id haring been duly eommiefione , '
the Governor of the State
Jolty Uin.
has (Tana! an Am:4lml and Commiadon
the name and !Inn of
!"I Cut to
On State *tree., opposite the Postofilett, 54 :„ f
be found et all timer. Parties having any 1" - . -
pose °fat public or Private Sale, will endi ot hers
vantage to entrust them to me. Oat door•,
M anywhere in the city. Ponsignmet r it
solicited, and prompt settlements made
'Mutton sales two ova in each meek, rtz.e Z. A.
Without fell, and I would respectfully re:
havingedv todlspose of. to notify' me - 'l4
so that mut sell them on the above days.
f. J. CRQiiiiede,
°° l " 2 " 6 ,ed it - state of
Auction Commission Iderthants. ' Aule T re '
F"1181 ATTENTION 2 ; trieral Eu-
emory of the
A • .1 1 2; lefac tri" •
• • •MW:Mb• ' ' 1,4443 , .4 k , 4 r gte •' , '%
• ‘474144• 4 *
t 6.006 wanthkg Ote ea
*ma and Itesplo- toravalet,
triGai ,t;
Pea - 01,1 1
ekeibit hi
On Perth fsw doaraiositbidAh• Ositsa
slash was deitroiod by tho Ude are. 1,14
bars didaradoed upon Falling old their outliostottc 01 •
BOOTS, MOW 1 1 /1110BALS,
Wale oast. /11 dish:ono of mating good b t -
gibs sod ob a good Vaderstaadiag, at g , Fatly
redaoed prices, ahoakt not tal/ to gin thaw a ash.
a , y /0 at.
. •
Agents and Dealeis in Reel fletst
• Wayne ittints.-E
qrLs Rely 2i4 ir.otrß
The nicest thin; c n c
615 Trench St., Trle, re.,
In ilikMarket, -go_to
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Surveyor and Civil Engineer,