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Chase, is iti,DAY. MAY 3n, 1866.
-blackhead —
lo rn „ 14 , - -O R GCIVE/W1-
sAr3e 0 F BE II KB CA UN TY.
- tins writ or vas ROVK.
The good people Of, Lb o'Nort h are pretty,
veil tired out with the Radicalism which
ban overthrown government, broken up :
ehurches; destroyed society; and produced
uch a state of bitterness, not only between
tedious, but between the inhabititnts of
Vie same towns end villages.' - But, hove
t ver tired they inay, the'trittbistandS
ht as ever -:-More distinctly, indeed, than
ever before—that the Radicalism , whiCh
was in old days:the enenirof , this Xineri,",
can Union; is ait'Aberanglily
it today, and; that the: battle remains to
be fought with it, and - the friends of the ,
1 Inlets - Must conquer or be conquered. It
idle to close our aria to the truth which .
stares us in the face. It is sneglect of
duty to say that we are tired of it, and
wake up our minds to rest, while the ene
`dragsus on to ruin. If no othisiftiote
of warning were e;onnded, the President's.
speeches, in which he pointed out the - ex- -
treme men North and South-as the origi
nators of the late war andi thejoint one ,
toles of the Goveroment,Ought to morale
the people to a sense of danger,
' The hammer and anvil illustration of
he' President was a Perfectly correct one.
The active spirit at the' handle Of the
I amme-has been Northern. Radicalism.
It is a spirit which - has no particle of rea
ton in it. It &Bowe wild impulses, and
I thoroughly unprincipled .as to the use
of Means to accomplish •ite ends. These
ire times when the Government can-only
be preserved by faithfulness to principle.
The hour calls for every citizen to atg
press himself, and be on one side or the
'Aber. The difference between the Presi- .
cent and his Radical opponents is so ats
a elute that one party can triumph only
by the complete submission of the other.
The idea of endorsing both, is not
only absurd,_but the individual ,who
should say that he endorsed both, would
),e regarded as laCking either common
tense or common-honesty.' '
The Oonservative Republicans have it
stow in their power to save the nation. On
them rests - the responsibility. Mr. John
ten emphatically belongs to them. They
cre his party. He is not the man of the
immoonstio party, and the Democrate
)s,ve no: right to claim him. They will
support his reconstruction policy, heart
and harid, and therefore the Conservative
Republicans :gm look to,thein as a power
to be used for the accomplishment. of Mr.
, Johnson's Wishes.- - Those wishes novelise
are to:sweep 'Northern - extreraistst out of
the way of the onward march or peace
end Union. Defeat Radicalism wherever
it is possible, and so sustain the President.
I Let it be remembered now that the war
was prosecuted for the Union, and-not for
the purposes of those men who Were the
original disunionhas, who always dechied
the Union a League with hell, and who
aro now as evidently inimical to it as
We trust the result will prove that party
ties are not as etr4ng as the Radical lead
ers imagine theth tio be, when men come
to consider the simple guestion now be
fore them. Shall we sustain the Union
and the President, or sustain the enemies
of the Union and crush .the President ?
The issue is made up, and must soon be
Tas Agasday llferesay.asks Gen. Geary to
stand up like`.a man andunsiver, yea or
ray, to the' following plain interrogato
ries : ' •
let. Are you in favor of negro suffrage ?
23., Do you approye of President. John-.
son's'veto of the Free•lmen'a i ßureau Bill ?
- 3d. Do you approve of President John.
son's veto of the Civil Rights Bill t
4th. Do you approve ofi i resident John.
.son's speeches agent Raclicala and Radi
calisin, delivered respectivelyen the d.
of February and 18th of -Aprl4, 1866 t
sth. Are you in favor of a general, -
road law ? • .
Gth. In the event of , your election,
would you consider. it an endorsement
of President Johnson's reconstruction
. policy I •
These are simple queations, and reqo-re
only simple anilwers. Gen: Geary need iot:
waste worda;but merely answer to each
inquiry yes or no. Come, General, be plain
and brief. In your present situation you
must;'as Hamlet says,'.'Speah by the card,
for equivocation will undo you."
h is worth noting by what fra
and !lei. the "party founded on great mar
al ideas "struggles .to keep its hold on
povier. A-more unscrupulous set of plan:
dering„cheating politicians never.liefore
deluded free voters. In the progress of a
suit recently brought against the city of
Conixid, N R., by the publisher of a pa
per which was loud for " peace," it has
been disclosed thatbissheet was supported
by the Republican State Central Commit
tee. 'The present Sergeant-at-Arms, Ord.
way, of the. Rump: Hones of Repreeent&
three,. was one of the men who practiced
this Cheat-for the purpose/of misrepresent.
• ing and distracting the Democratic party.
The following paragraph may apprt , P
ately be headed "The whole thing in a•
nutshell" =lib np,ooncisely the / uto
. tiveiwieh impel the Radicals to favor ne.
gro age'; • • .
The editor of an extreme Radical paper
in this State metal' ' man and brother ' of
Afridan descent, fresh from the South. a
few 'days ago; • and in a malt insinuating,
voice accosted him i thus : " Are you not
particularly anxious to vote, my. friend ?"
To which' eciffeei witk ;more frankness
than tact, prim:aptly responded
boss, I tinkt you men needs us—datta
Ws-aaa very .happy to _see Congress (or
either branch of it) voting that the,-Na
tionat debt -shalL s oot be Inereasest. TO
make that promise gnat it Twill he tiectisi
nary that severa l bills to 'to
" egnalize," or to " adjust"' varkia met
ters lad thinmsballfail to beconseJamt.
We are surprised to learn that the rickey,
of Observers for Union ?finis has, in several
imitaxices lately '&1104 . 4 ;each aubSoriT,N;s
until *Sudsy. . The package is iegula t tly,
made up on Thursday evening, spas tell', out
on the Friday morning.train, and w moutot
seionnt foi its distention on any other ground
than neglect. otvill'al delay on tie
eerie of the Ooternment' officiate.
there` will be ' hirthet Ouse for 0:
o s * ttifdgbjeot..
Tag nusttruOrt IPIO6gAMMX.
• The far famed Destruction bomiiiittee
of Congress,selected by-that body to hunt
up'testimony to proh - the South Still - die-.
loyal, and to originate a plan foriceepipg
the Southern States out of thin:felon un
til it Suits the purposes of the Radicals tip
admit them, has;'affor ittuCh trial and
tribulation, made a report. It provides
for an amendment of the Federal .Conati
iution preventing
, tbe abjidgment of the
privilegei efr iodmabltie of citizens of the
Protection of lairs—which means Ibat no
grass shall . beadMitted to
all thing ciazfns, loshitqr the,white
Poptilation- only the 'basis of represeota-' .l
012' Ity c ongress , rlislrsatihisiag , ti
; July' 4;1870, in all 'elE4Cioni or biembep
.of Gtingrees And PrOident and Vice Presi
'dent all perrone wh volantariiy , gave ' aed
d basked to th .. epenfed,.. araL7 7 /-therehy .
making the. -voting- population of thh-
South about one-tenth of the whole I'Pre,
venting the assumption oy o A i ) ,,ttzklitcl,
Statocof any debt •incurred in:aid-Of •re
bellidnipast brfatare (*if 'anybody
ted,,te involve the country' deeper in debt
than, it ,is at present) ; and, empowering
Congress to enforce the amendment:-by'
aypropriatelegislatiori'. A bill aceoeirii t :
niti the:railed. ; which recites , that--after
the amendment shall "-hehome a part'of
'the , ,Consiltutioi,' Southern State
WhichratiAes it map seedrepreeertatlies .
tit Ccing73sk who will . bereqUiradjity-take'
, tile test oath before adiniestou, „ - .004/44. ;
h'ol l renders ineligible Ai,effica Under the
'United. Atates, every SMlthern 'man':
proniirienN who participatedin , the . War;
from' Jefferrn . Davis down to a colonel l in
theiartny or master in the navy. The-N.' ,
suit of this
. meeshre, if - it • succeeds in bee'
eorninge part of the laW of the lend...will
be to disqualify almtket all leading the oft,'
izens of the Scuth from voting' or . hold
log offute,,and giVe the virtual, control of
that section into the hands of the - blacks,'
under 7 the' duaination 'ot their Radical
overseers. •
It is reported-that a Cabiitet. consults. ,
lion on the conamittee's; report was 'held
onlionday. All the Secretaries wereept
posed to the proposition of .Congress, and
in favor of the President's plan of resto
ration, except Attorney .General 'Speed,
who was not present, and Postmaster
General Harlan, who; Jike the , boy at
scliool, -- iihad nothing teeitY." The Presi
dent declared hiinself against eendi-_
Lions precedent to admission of loyal rep
resentatives from the Southern - States in
the ehapeof amendments to the Constitu.
tion, the passage of !mask. Ile' in
slated that under the Constitution' no
- State'oeul4 be deprived - of its equal suf
frage in the Senate,and that, Senators and
Representatives• ought to be• at once ad •
witted in the respective /rouses as Pre
scribed by law and. th. 3 Constitution., lie
was fora strict adherence to the Constitu
tion as it is, and remarked that having.sus•`
gained Oarsalves under A. 4uriag :the ter-.
rible rebellion, bethought that the. Go
vernment ' could be restored without ai re •
sort to amendinents. m ,
- • Ever eine* the outbreak of the' rebel
lion it has been one of tlie'staple stock
in trade of the ;14diea4; : te make extra
ordinary and excluaive professions of. at
fiehment to the interest of the • soldiers.
"Our biave hoes must be rewarded on.
their return from the war," was their try,
and loud and long have been the changes
rting upon •this sentiment in their plat
forms, . editorials and stump 'harangues.
To preach thetherify Wait one thing; to"
piactice it quite another. Let us lee how
far they have carried out their pledges in
the distribution of offices at the iqational
"The Radicals inCongrese, a•longiime 1
ago,• pass rdsolution 'reqUeStina tbe'
heads of Departments to Rive the positions
and situations at their disposal to merito-•
Flom •and qualified persons who had served;'
in the army or navy of the United'Slatea.
The President, in sympathy with thiti one
Radical resolution, ',issued an order' in
which he desired the Deiartpiuents and
Bureaus to appoint soldier and sailor
clerksandmesengere. His itelt iwrreFperid
with his anggestions. Almotit ell. of_ tbe
secretaries and clerks. in. the:: Executive
'office are - oung ineri'wholage been offf.
, •, „
cora in the volunteer army: ever y
usher and doorkeeper at the.Whitelfousi
Ws, discharged soldier. His appOlntinents
elsewhere have : been - fiont `the
ranks of the army.
"Now, bow is it with the resolyiggßed
foals in Congress,: 'Theyliave'fstriyeitiiffed .
the departments with theirsons, nephews,'
aunts ~and, cousins. , They ha iwzror
three hundred CongressionaliZekeyz
losterman,d the Capitai, nadir the name of
police, doorkeepers and Messengers, who
dray larger salnriei than ball thi:se Cori-'
gasmen . aim "dreamed of deriving from,
their own professional practice before they
entered the field of, politics. There are:
hondred or more little boys who,rlM
about on the floors - of the Senate and the
House to carry:notes and papers of tOhac. ,
eo, and every one of these bay's - dritivir
larger salary for few months of such ser:
rice than is paid to one dergyir an in a
thousand - in New England for' a whole
year's preaching and praying. There are
thirty or forty clerks of the Congressional
CoMmittees.: Ity,wlioin are-all these of)).
c, 38 Ay: !soldier's ?lot 'at Of gip,
entire-batch, we .ventureAhe . prediction
that not half a dozen have ever seen tea.
days actual service in'thearkny. 7"be'oi,r
tidors of the Clipiitil) awartn.,with- paid
plies) holddra, who nre.relatives and pair
tinnlar friends of'tbe'membere of llaii - 09 . ,h:
and 'more-411u itig*tentluinfiltilt 4 ;
planet, are simply - sinecures, money.oWiti.
dles;Which could be dlipensed with
;with nojnes ; to ;aerxim end
with great gain to thejpublie , treasury.. It
is gifart and parcel Of-ttie
otip "4•RarOu'aie platfor m ` to , Poe inSf ,
professions serving the soldiers, -,, or
"kaniebody else; and, under , cover - of, the
bill resolutions , to tisg the zPoilft rooke
leaders, their relations•or lackeys." ~
• , Tsa Goiernment, 41.v:e to . far itt4if itts-
Oaraticio tok,thiiii4 :1# 4ell
counsel for Ili,prasectition . .,; The
,geivtleadenaidected arelfeisere. 'Biartai
Neff prif, Clifford, 0- 4 111u ,k t lfi i t 1 01
Ina . two Joit=tabn..W. ;Forney ,
and John Mirk Mt .one a *lead ,
duple! nor, ; l other,lyill'itf . Vol,tlie .
idea of October,
put of
• d Mist
The territory of Colorado, in the year
1861, polled an aggregate of 10.580,00 i
or6,bout tile are pumber,asiffrie &unf,) ,
is Ole Jas rtnaidifistlat 4geoffon6Froin
ec!tn:'oc,iinse,*4#43r,Otte popnlat ton since'
then hie einasisferatly dinsiniSicd4nd in
IEtIZ this tgtat lint° watilonly /,547.' Nei
ther Colorado nor Nevada contain more
inhabitants o*mi:thousand single' ,cOnil ,
ties of the States east of the 'Mississippi,
and yet, the latter has already been.ati
untied 10, the :Union, and , -
Senate last week voted in favor etlhe ad
mission of the.former. The sneret, hand
ful Of people in Colorado are to toe 1. 1!t,
As hose of Nevada tuwe ',titre - 0i been,
upon an equality in the Senate with the
,091 e of .Ohio,'` vilin''hrei,nelirlyi if 'tiOt,
_quitO. two lA/WIWI' tow) a kiott ip impitep , ;
th&e, of Pennsylvania; who :are at; least ,
_ycr koybp.
01:6tittorikAhau fctur millions,. An inhabi
tant of Coloradwis to here as ninth infla
e'ttee at least min hUndred audit:kilt-three
tewi Yorkers. - • • ;
Tlip absurdity 'the - prciposiY*se:FT
dent that Oily in the;se:ision. tbo:appro.,
'Prate Committee of the Senate decided
that Colailtda 'o-ughkUOVW,i4
ind the Senate itself approvad.ofi- the re:
Apart. But the extent to-which too differ
lances, between .tho-President •ark Coe,
greiti would be , carried, and the ratuartfl
twCi Oi three idditional , votes to-Sinn the{
disunion majdoritY, was not then foreseen.
It It from this partisan considerittionthet
decision of . the:Senate )) . 'eeta, re
:versed by a body of men who One probe
their readiness to do for-their own purpo
seeth at whisk lbgyitage.flladY4ecidelli
,ought not to be done at all.
-in order to do this, the Radical majori.
iv; 'Watt , earripelled to eriallow another It:.
consistency. The Constitution of Colorado
contains a distinct prohibition of the po•
litical equality-of the negro, although . the
Senate has, thus rated for the new Slate,
.withthe oblectef, innreaiing tkio-pciwer
that , party_which is desirous at forcing ne
gro-suffrage upon the Soutbeni
43,to_the credit 'of seven of the ;Radio-31a.
headed by Sumner,, that they-preserved
their `cOnsiateney . by voting against 'the
admission of Colorado, with its 'provision
egainet unqualified negro sufftsge. • If
these 'seven , Senators remain true to-tho
prin;iPle Of which they are prcuninent
exponents, the : - veto 'of the .President,
which will undoubtedly be given in case
,'the 14'11 7 ,0saes 'the - Tfotife, wOl be sus
tained. • - -
Thomas_ Marshall; Esq., of; Pittsburg; is I
a'noted . orit and out Radicat. 'He was a
delegate to, the Convention which nomin
ated General Geary. .1%10 man in that body
deriorinced • President Johnsl More bit
,,• . •
tarty 'or 'fbitght harder again!' endorsing .
him , And • his, policy. After- Geary 'was
nominated, Marshall, was' e.allek Con'
for a In'that SP7eCh he' defined
the position of General Geary in the fol
lowing words: • • •
"I • heartili 'endorie the "riorialtiation
Made here. to-night,, although_ I, preferred
another, I'never knew Generalpettry ne n
til 'last week.. He called .ort.ime At my
Oleo in Pittsburg,. In the course of the
oan'veraatlen that ensuid,Renered:Geary.•
hearing me express admiration of my old
friend ;Thad-Stevens, declared. that: he
'endcireed • every sot of 11ErvStevens, sal&
every word he , had uttered in Congress:
except his remark about certain parties
b4ing in hell: I, (paid Mr. i Marshall,)
can afford to endorse General Geary 'when'
he so fully endorses my old friend, Thad
deus Stevens.'" •-
The pisurdonists of Pittsburg, had a
meeting . , On, t4e night of thej Mr.
bfarshall made a speech there, in which
he is. 'reported bY'the Pittah4ig Dispatch
as 11444:used thefitollowing language:::
• "Ai to Geary's- principles; they were
these General'Geiry had tolll
'Monti:inn). in his'otlice,' th . at his' platform'
was the ihrhoils • speeeh 'Uttered by Thad.
Stevens:at . the opening ,or .the ,session of
:Congress. - The&Tily objetiliniie had to it,.
- teas the gat sentence. That sithich,referred
to Roger 13, Taney', as one'itui,should
,Olati the wrong be had dote colored
race in. a.very -warm place r . General:Geary
thought in bad taste.
The sireeclialluded tolby • Mr..lfaishbll
has :bed ex erisivey Publisf3ed:' in it'
Thaddeus ,Steyens boldly announced his
•disueinn , sentinients, in , the Afullest . and
most unequivocal Manner'. Ile took - the
gi‘oUiad that the,SOutherti States , Must be
kept out of the Union until the .negroes
-should be given the Tight to id or
der-that they ialght` be, use ~to secure
e perpetual political an - Pripitacy
party_ now in {rower. It was so giessly
treasourble throughout es - toishocit every
conse.rvitive and Fight; thiokuig. 812
the country., Mr: Stevens is; the avowed
anitopets advocate 13f negro iittality: As
1110 , 1'helitts - ,heen'lctiewntor pears.,
Ruch is the man and such ire theienti•
relents endoisedilY General cle'ary:t s'rery;
disunionist ;Peurisylesniii otauds 1:7
(}vary and Stevens. Generaleary boldly
and• voluntarily aVows th at they i
cupy ''preciaelY saMei litical
'form, •.Let this be:fully .untierstood- ; and.
.constantly kept in mind: 'A tete tOr Geary •
is a vele tp 'aiiatiidn,theinratzicia pojlOY 9f, •
the Lincastir 4moiganiationist and dis•
unionist'.-Thad.Stevene.-No!decent white
man can,yoto for Geary vritlifint feeling his
. .. 11 0!;44051-14:illo*PlskYpr alrame. N 9
ixisai who .regardi , the best interests °f his.
ceuniryMbre than party asiri vote fOrliink
. -Lreineaster /ileeftfgenay. -f - ' ''" ``:
Tun iladicats are • incessMitly .repesting
the statement that the liteuth iii its • rebel
lious as ever—thrt
,tite,",peopS are
'ripq for
`,44ther'.7:94luffort4iMil• that,- in_ case.of a,
foreign. wer, they vroild joiri fortune , with
Ibtrenetoy, The' heat • ans yr ei• CO'stich
sit:den - 1i 'ii" 'the dStaarlitions
promineni- .Sonthern- leaders. Theta./is
eislifedefate Pfliegirtf ;who diatin
;.1 'A
*tidied, himself for• gall, a n or _1 ability,
-fiat, openly . • and , frankly. aicePts the. re-
Of-the late' sOnggle,, ai2d dechiies his
deterittie'ittliqA6;he'a' faithful citizen° in`
If ot`lo.exit4*i,WhO clbOgrot'd
!the rest it mould seem 7,- probable' to:1i ?
Gen. N, B.,F,orrest, the andliciinia'ind
tonm,T4valli 4014 AnT34131! tot even'
has become t horoughly "rrconstritatodi."T
art Wilrhivietili ft* tit! kolthrviii'e6trii6t
• erlia 14 3 04. ''',4444.) ) .Y 4=09 t4e 3 Equi.-
tads' Auk:Melte :
1 ma ;
April last, in a ,publio r!ddreas 'pe r
irooplaa, Atilt them, to retiitif
NI liblf4atfent=iand
hid '660 ISM they
*t.° Old 'lan-o'olk ci 0204, 7 .
Fi l ic 4 Aft et! t.Oit 4 uiß344 l, ,:bas .beq4 talge
1 ° *4 'havq , cer.4 l n;7l hien
trtifi4ok atitterick:'4o§4i,Rge.4dot„
t_ •
3oLo BLS
have been 'silent and unobtrimind. 4eileily
A i
la4orino, on my f zd, and' I regret my se.
elusion Is kof Unload by,. is in
the liewsPoPekit Aretittlit*ifit to the
government as 020'1000 MY own char
acter. I a
iheve never7-..anfultitted..An eat,
, ,
uttered word or entertrileetta sentitient ,
not in. strict . eapordanee ; -With the most,
humaniiing military.:*ltgeAl;iituti' fear= no
investigation into ray conduct.. I certainly
do not intend th !cove the country, for
my •qestinyi ilt).11014 , AVlill ill' Airlericiu?
Union, and f P:ltalleotitrittute ail toy In
.fitttpcp ft - rarditilnOliquiltir,46,l•,gov:plp- f
'mem; - stmadittg ifit eferlit,iniki.unitieg
bond's of peace and affection. As ever,
Truly your friend, .
-IC ,B. FoartEsr.
Fe. 20. 'GG
q ~r
-'.ttU~4e~; ~ ~,~ .der.
, The Radical press have fallen into the
4atit of speaking of President Johnson,
by wsy of derision-as "Moses." There is
morel pertinence in this designation GAO,
most people, at first glance, will imegme.
After Moses had delivered the Children of
:ItiraOl:from• the qutehes 044 80-lA. 44144
Undertbe guidance , of. eroO ! thar , Yecaccie
dissatisfied with him,--thought bim ft blow!
and I thereupon the people7,-.l?ithered
thernseives unto , Aaron, and:said unto
bim,! 'Up, make us• Gods which shall go
bafoi⁡i'firr.cititybis-this •Mosev-• the blab
that b'rottgbt tuft:out of -Egypt,iwboitot not
what is become of him.'"
' Action took their jewelry and made them
'aincilten calf. which they fell teilvittrthip:'
ping: - 'The 'Almighty 'became 'so sorely
dhpleasce 'condUCt thattHi
Would have visited swift destrUclion upon
the Whole of them' lad - it'n'el been for th .
iutecesaion of Moses; and,l4o . ,l„eqpc t iAc.,
tered great daficulty-tn inducing , the peo
ple th0:4,6i8i4.-Qmeiriii
'Go I I - Like, goiso L :2'fesiderit;Thlriftft,- in
the estunation.?!, thc 'Rad icalk *9e - 4416w
coach, as, false fo r his prOfessiorumaciwons
ises, and they turned to Stevens and called
to iiim "Up, Make us gods which shall go
tieloie us." Like Aaron, he hia 'Made
t4em a politicaLmolten cal:f f .:WWl:4l' they
are now worshipping instead of the Con
stitution. Moies-like, PresilentJohnson
is calling upon the people to abandon this
false worship and return ,to.tlicksvorahipot
the constitution, lest they shall be visited,
'ks a puniahmaat..iyitla . political .deatb, sa
the .Uhildren of Israel would' ltave•been
visited with physical and moral death, had
they, persisted in the worahip
_of the mol
ten calf that Aaron had made for thpub-.--
Cdanibus Statesman.
In the United States Senate, a few days
ago, the revenue bill be}u~ ; µadnr,gq~sic~
j op } tion, Senator Guthrie, of Kentucky,
bail -
-Sir, I believe we are able to pay Our na
tional debt. I.bglieve a repudiation of it
would do / more injury to thia nation big - inter
the'nations of)the world than even the
success of the rebellion. :Vtro have now
established our warlike Character' before
the nations of the world ; lot us take care,
tliat In, winding urr . this war we leave no
stain on the honor and credit of:the' na'
Lion. Ido not belinvis there lea Dian Within
the sound' of my voice, and there is no
claits 'of people in. the country With'whonti
d. htive spoken ; that do notWitot to pay the
debt, and that do not think dfis ought to
pay it. Ociasionally. rdll. hear men
say, " When you restore specie payments,
are' you going to pay those men who only
gave fifty Or sfity cents to tfie dollai-cor
their bonds the full specie face value of
thti bonds ?" Thittovas -the teat cry in
'England when they resumed specie pay
tnentli;and England has hemmer thegreat
money centre of the werrldc, and_ has en
grossed a great portion of its cnmmeree.
I,sm not. one .of those who. believe that
- England's moneyed superiority hi to keep
aiways ,as it is flow_, or has 'been for-the:
last I
fifty years. ftle are true to-ourselves,
trunto the bequests made ns - by the frattv
era of our Constitution, - true to the' large'
country we gevero,--we-shall I bring .the•
'commercial cen4e to li,etvYork, end Vie,
-with England in comineree: - Itidl bglieve
we shall make anothert great city' in the.
competing,with. her for, thejradent
the'Eastern world; end , t firow mg into this
country all Rita+ 'b ertefits-andleis an ta
gea, and that Sln Franti=c,) will rise up , a
competiprof Nev. Yor - is the commer
cial husinci3B Of the'coun try; and vreshall
rejoideA-more and jcnore with,,a restored
Goverenaent. With maintained credit, and
with commercial prosperity, and
be proud of our portion and liitereat in this
Government. „,„ ± -
Harrisburg correspondent of one of
our . exchanges writes the following:
" Geary and . Clymer arerbotjuhenes avid
there is such a markeddifference in their
appearance and manners, that it has be
come a subject of remark with all.' Geary
is a large, well-built man,figt his slouch
,hat, ponderous beard and whole demean
.al-4oiv him 19, be a mar„ of but. little
brains or refiifement,"fi j mid tfe-viinild lidos;
anywhere for what is vulgarly called a
"Plug ;" while Clyrneetratatelrform, fine;
manners and Modest bearing, at once
point him out as a gentlemen, a scholar
and a statesinan of the old Fchool. his
'friends here are anxious to have him and
ilte•Ginerqi stump theStste together dur :
1. g the campaign.",
GETTY'S/HMG }Nemo A MEDAL-41211e Sen
ate of Fennailvaitia,,ou tliCatIAT
18114.Senatar z liatt2bertoni Democrat; of ,
Nred tbo - figoaing :resollu ticifi
".Resolved; • ,That: the --ctinteitteis
fit:lanai be instructed to bring irrlal hilt
. an_tiaot 411444 A . :inventor. of this ,Cegn e wn-.
wealth- to-cause, e, suitable ' Medal ; nas,oid,
to be gilt& and prevented to-Gam
and such other suitable, featlinoOW "PIM,
nt : detire; to be presented , to z ibo,other4
cbterrilagiolaed add xion,ektniiiissioned.citito l
cers and ;privates. of We' • Staff; : 1'44
Acifooght far7thisemmonwe,alikis , greati
deliverance frin: idle); in vaaiiipAte 'll4, -
eangitta d rran rictorious;field.ofiGettys
I Senator Joiusson; distinioiilzat , moved lo`
amend by,directing the aomnikittee to in-,
quire into tree' expedin iey off , )devi t to.y. , two.
: Democrats voted against amending the
resolution.maciAtte dianniamists.for it, The
'amendment was carried. The committee
did not tonsidst szp4dientand never 4rought
•in the bill, and vtooteedal - was everpresen.
tledlo Gen: "amid . ' and - 111iluildift4 7 -,K*
cause of this vote. of • the dia . Unienlats,i—,
WOO 4 Itt'e itecord page 599111 • 2 2 ' ',V
. ..:, r , 1 .....,
; The th ree hundred .Efonitiaii(Piggas,
have all tett indignant st theitiet or:their ,
ernisioud 41}9,1e5. s'ef theirpttseikt,a.pgiti,'
ir hem:oatmeal waskupentelL4D.rotiria s
in'ost'Yey,othtttly,, , ite - itatik'ittid.fie tonic'
fart adviee - Ortheii Vesteil"` filitithittle
n 3 .gxstport, Apri l 26 says : "
' Hiiridtedti of ' the - isit&si g - leireiVi fi eft )
heir homes, threw up their situations -
re up elJerythintF=levittin heart and
oulin this movement, and it was.truly a
tdefelleholr sight Sleelut !vettiesverbp thfrr
oil:, ' : idrktdp s - , .,.We is m i jorifilt , 'ite,voitr,
i' nieed i ,not m
Ardowing,bere • LwairAk alist
4iikri*i.liwth-giritithritiPY4l. Dk ll .eibmit
ot.beiugsl3ll4aot . ,:tb: 4 3 ,' , Vaorai n ii:4541.
tliefra pvlsagelliaohegai IL etStpo i ailed biti
Only, Qa4e,aying," '
1 . • • .
- -511 , 11 f
11110,r,49!. O,frtke,shler 0f.,"1 . 1e
isoua r AtlorTaspitil`At..,cfl2 Po
entered by biz argisrat oil. bp Inornion or
;off 29tV,.filiti tiitetcbittitid..goggeo thlt,
entleratia.anti oonigiaitZtas
liver up the keys of tho littok and cattle...
The burglars then effected an entrance to
the bsnk ancriebbed the safe W 431 1111
in United State: bonds and abotit gsIK: I I.
in deposit — iiy.- , lectitd" Or lee: , ie.
A reward . fit *IMO ‘ihal(lls ofl'rtiby'
the of fi cers iob, . k ft). e tiptiitzfisn
slop rf ihp . o terskitudAre vorycot the
t.eepritiryi..kD r tt 1 ) ). ba4,:forlll fotmerkind
6 . 15,1t01 hnlittrtattr.
- •
•1.111144.6.1f0rt.01•Fim-it About Ifoilt 0°01%.140a
Sunday afturnooa a tiro broko out In the row.
of tolttOittitri fratubilmatfilith'ln Peach alreei,
was itiotvit at, the 4„itse, Anil an I
refiipktoe_ithtteisflie rIK 4s o 7[
}lames bey and any hope of extinguishing them.
, T¢j4o efpl) oitnipigg . tieli)reTnjeltad4holgq .
diligently to remove their croodsand furniture,
aided by many cf ; tk t u f Aittns 1,1,34,:q . Most
eases they were successful in securing only a
-t., , L t g' ..• ,„
Li' high '"wiattliii4led"tile
easterly direction, over thcarick buildings on
the east side of the street,but the general atter_
'Where' ttie
theigidlief 431tgel."ifieCtitik' 88denr7 - It
iffSetiveria iitekiiiveoi4hOsteit •
iiiiantiiteVlif rasejsh •SWii:4litha ieavlirhis
store; was upon. fire, and_j_o quiek was the
prgress of the devouring element that before
any, Snit itutt '.lbdo.'-reltdeVe 3
the biiidini-wasitotitlii - itrapped fit-flantbs , 4.—
Two stables , adjoining were also consumed,
one belooging to Mr. Serr ato l lhef.otherito
41F.„ Decker. In ,tp fo rr9 a er ere ,a cew and,
pig,:*th of, 4hiotiperthell? l'hittioTiV large
earriago.making estOlishmo,nt,ort•tha,Aa4 of
Mill creek, was for a long time in great della
er, but through vigilsocentrar industry, the
building was saved withouti_dtuaaga. •
E'rOnt ebti`row first spoken: L ot: gunfire. aY
to a two story frame bgildin - g north;
-owntil,by;Alttokonbiehi'd: §s4landcekAr t ,aalf
3'4 ROsalterc-!.:Fai a wialleAltseciftiCk as if ink
pier' A's"? eei'of tWittliere - ecluirti44l4 Pre - -
worktdyrith a zeal seldom,. asioollil, n€4 l .V;
brought-the-names into suhjection; after the
lirsti.lokett of, bad ',been about half
de_4trojtod.:-.1110 darnagit to tat 'the buildings
in the'elednity was considerable; , -Isriansi of .
them thinsindetva were Cracked by the heat,
and on,
.s sotti,ei
th:corniee .and . roof' were . ,e
The follossing are.the owleriand occup4rs
of the'bnikliggs_ilestreyed; Willi • th sir _ losses
soul insurance,. as nearly as we Jiainkeen t ,,
- tO sioerlain them : -Ist building north, next
to. liatileili'd-storei droned ideitei
story used by DassermartlrrStibneider• as, a
olothing . etor,e; upper etoryresidenee.of 4).r.
.Barnardi 41lig'''S • insurane . o
~sl,opo ,poser--
man & Schneider's loss co wered by insurance;
neat north oWeetby- Robt. Smith
- no)ittsuraioe olotipied by L , Priti - a§ a' gib'.
cery and Osiden'e:4 . tor 12;50;4-and
4th btiiitling owl:tell by H. L. Pinney, loss
'boat s4;ooo,'ltisiiitsteo $1,600 i'becupled by
"rc store,' & Han
residence ;—Weelfzete -lost not known ; Hall &
Randall insured for $3,500, wkieh.iieill tot
.osier IgrySerr's less ) is abort $5,
'OO9, On`whisili tle - i; is an ineursnce ‘ ei $5OO.
:the fine p'ato widdon's.4ti%ihe ileirpailding
-90.4.:4 99 were nearly all'eplit by the,heat,
entailines loss of about $9014 which is car=
Bred bylatirance. Gnekenbiehl
decker were insured for
,$l,OOO on stook and
building: i s,.
Vie Oatitiolitlliefirels'nritriewir;•
Place tiliereP it' etigltintel Aire;
inforips, us, thet, hA first
smoke, coming, 1110 tlieli.Chlin-„
Fey, is_tol•otigointouti 16!!•:ithimpt,' t0:127
tingiliair the fiatiee, thei
Shingles on Niroialtitipt side - to, eu,cltent
thatlio bro3W /*tough: ~ile,9ll}iine that. the
dra fir,t,iciurril*tt
occupied liy froeltgeo !3d! f
• _,
ki4. - :4 1444:4 ;: 4' . r; 4,
4 P'rona ttiOClereltilidihitifid.%Niiril 25 I
'ln-4. great city peeple-are:dying and heing
eititsigned tyAesl . 44ett,e) h,oftpp every*, 3 , 14,W"
out: creating the slightest ripple on the living,
moving tide of its inhatilfants: But when a
fellow, utort4 ie eopposod to hay°, departed this
life, and arrangements partially'
made to.cronsiga, kiartuulit tido:their: last rest
ing place, the consternation of his friends, can
be more easily imagined ; tiniftitescribed when
therdtscover that he is not flood,: only _Bleep.
log—in a tratito en Air thsf,ltotrerscof lifting
grave, must certainly Vaun t sfiiiiOntikipktitin:i
during thO'rembiltder of lira"
The fearfuLpicturett s lahlmtttrbeingtalsagg7
gliniefor - IrecAsm i rr,Otia , e,lATM M4 4 ooia";
kind friendallaiti eartifully lowered Wltat,they
pptitA 'to be a.lifeteWacttodyretwitetinAtitlk. •
fully repiesekted.,V7 the moat. . !pilianf
A, case of %hint lanai' *betels s't young man,
was iipeterhelirinitAthe'graNeA;oectifteAts
few dayeetgo, in this city. We'vritlibeid. the.
names, of ailDpartiee, , lry.arpineint , ' request;. but
the 'iertliulars we are at liberty to give-'-'' '
A.- young German, recently married to a
handsome lady ef verredipeboable_pareatoge,
was taken'euddealy tirneli aqilaee - -"of . Wor,
nesti•last.Eriday. He was placed in iCarririge
and - takefl to' his residence
,on Erie street,
whore he', laid` iii grehl'aglinfulitit grinday,
when4tin;tiligiiiiicticl,P . rketrateti fliih' t ithYiiicat,
porieri thit he laymotinitleigtWptin34.l4:
while weepinglritinit'strf.tinded the couch.
To all . itivdirattere hetthie'do6.and,itlr i nAao
decided. Arrangements :VettiAlkiiit - ito.. •lie
made 4otrAheititirtinintWthen the. young wife,
feeling she could not. givelititiiirso lion, 'M . -
isistel7ttitit the pesiptititil until
TtiesdXrtalitriihts , To'graiitAtkr_vtottairttuis
Ortiught so speedoyto p meurn the lose,of.her
husbawd, the funeral WaspOitPonie The Its
consOlate Ntife;eptiactnot4 of s the day to you.
'lay in the same room with the corpse, weep.
'lng ns thougteinwheurtrwooki break, and
still clinging to the thal , 4, could pot be,:
About twilight on tfolidiy ev.euus' gowhin
-everytliimeabhut the house was perfeetlyeini 4
et, except_,ifthse'n the stilln tea was 'broken by
,the sighs of the bereavettrwildow, there being
.but few persona iz the goonhthe body seemed
to move. Icll.fielit/PACA ll l;Alialttlite:ltif'
infßoienttixiatr,est the etlentiotri4ione-tearfal
Bye, .
~ 1
~ U. . fn. , ,T:" qV I 2I
~ i
/ Inert i ' .lto wife ' %eider thickjittiOwai. noi,
extinct, that the bOda•Atititrathter her:dile/ail,
bottitMeAtzions ebeqi hltketifiitfluprptted - tak
dteither7.mlildtrtiiii thii - tirrlitittitriOetitillitit'
lone hours were spent in conversation; - their
.friends Tilling that she wattlateliktiAttfesibly ,
.by ticifficiteriug light, as the ahado:wa goat
reight,have pred t m e f the effect eh; ascribed to
vitefir' 2. ": l :!",'" ' 'e) !.;:gir e 5 , 1 •1' 1 5 rmol •••
; ! a Oftilijki 44 1 iliti)e t' A s tillii rritaiOfilk
i tfriends-i4 ininwitanittiathentiolri.l andsliint ,
OI P :i ll it 41 11 t e lvi irle lB : i D e fri l u i r tft l e biel i Ttl owL 6S ita t Tie e lt s . ll lilT,
i titfewit s ttrilyweittearbwtheimbilimenta:
of 414ittyYlitt'llitittitttre!,16t1',10ktfiri,
dte3i iNipos ec l"wontt eciidillicattti.: 9 4 o (iti;
- 'bectiptintlillAt tito:irtid of the !Ivo hours an.
other slight movement' wmalearreAllltijitti'
the Putlyy.,;tATlrn Veit e.. *MA tot:cited 'Veil
ntrer be described. , Tbeterifir. olunt-fthe the
raorieniese - Atm of ter husband,' alternately
weeping and beggiinrofThis to speakijturt one
viord,..wliile t4o.Aiencle wept for job, Widened%
for , a WysfeiattettlitiniOd then irinti, letiy-thiiiit
etrange condnis‘iiptUtteiteitKastipe of con
filsionenerally. Whoa Also Physician arrived
the tyke *Otero rsseMbleil are the'
qu t p , roy d e
g t
, inan, an pitting and "applyinglletliVielilai.
i'vewertrAtetrd or dreamed of by aity,taf the
i, it t icy 4 011 0.. tlie , z,kfei ~ e vertirkeltnel 7:it.1197 5
- sintoziefgatv,atenio4o4;Atii gq,-1
• iiien*# ititt - otenne WI snit St - ihe I
aide of her husband ,Ln o , the smog., eloathilliripl
il!tlitittifttill& itittiiiiiibllooo)o l tettelJut a few
moments before, I. ..x.5.1%, #.313 t`tr • .i; % 1-1 - 1
; ThIPP/Oatatietigikl Olt DfCe3B , F7IOI4 ta ‘
?galore the Writi and `tetueeitate the man,
which -41.hed fn both
:wet, .is tygLiek..—.. 4-, . g.a.. :ore,.
but if you wiliquestion the piltiont. to regard
to twilit), !laid 1 , , fix., you till very often find
ithstitilligestio iirthe r prime came ; the inti
,anney of ihe-b in wadi stomach ta very close,
and nothing eo
, ours the feeling,:autirdispo4l-,
Lion .n dyspepsia . It t is n sinYdlat' ftet ' that!
went ie„properly,digeeted the brain is free and
unopprestotd, - and will solve our troubles,
Pointing out annilkine ahead, and inclining us.
40 look ortihe blight,,,ll4s of Lt
Aar duty.tiEguatna.agalsulif thiblinoneer—indi
gestion—and we know of nothing sti potent to
assist digestion as. Coe's Dyspepsia Cure. It
has cured' somp very bad-.cases of dyspepsia of
oven ten or fifteen years; standiag. •
Atitstfetilt..e- A sure and certain remedy for
all diseases or the stomach and digestive or•
gaps, is Iloofland's German Bitters. They
never fail in Dyspepsia, - Liver Complaint, or
llierreue Dabilitx.,. The owe ot, ti bottle or two
wiikyrork, vrouderis. I Try them.= For sale by,
"aff dinggrati. 'Thi r y are not! it,lturri drink.
16 1 0 4 2*- . , 3 •„, :" '
should rielt'he'
vitsAtduring a airtailkthdo; tit they will surely
bring on, a miscarriage. Sold by all drug.
pes. my 3-1 m.
,The.rcal Velpau FrenchTills_cure sickness
riettailettitnifelti , veirnifing Iteartbdrn: • Site
notice. EJEiold py.all druggists - . nl2.lnr.
-163 - Clark & 'Brother, Wholesate,and Per.
toll Dealers in Confectionery. Oysfe'rii,'Cinifed
Fruit, Staieuery; ,Yankee Notions, Illakere..
GoOds, Toye, Cigars, Tohaeco. Pipes, &e.,
Wess Side of Peach Fired. 1 Square South
of the VoiengaOtAlitr, - Pa. Also. Dialers
in all kinds4WAß,W** -- ; 7ll4tge.
attention 1414 01111141fitdt!forrle,4:-•
f f ut ch irni r n4 r : V9 l l l4l6 '"'V rial is
Agent; girardcPeiiiirr.--"'-rets:*"..l3irlay,
-141.1443'1,41U othili>.oliimi-ergitinstliritley.,
prOmentnt . , — Wi" , 311, - -trith'itro:penositithannti,'
rtfrisenV47.4pActsitiairattendsil4 -
.01q tie180n.")•:-.
• tr
z'riCTURES.-• feitions wishing to preemie por
Vats of themselves or members of their fam
ilies; should-I:dint the gallery of Mr. Ohlwiler,'
,Roieniweig's block. His specimens,Of
.work convince us that he is an 'artist who has
few snperiorm The throng ;of visitors to hiw
rooms are an indication that his merits are
daily becoming better.known and appreciated
by the public., *
.Hatti Cocas darastm..—The public again
called to theme:its Of Waal(' and popular medicine...
39nar airsn rtti Kerr THORDTGII TRIAL DVIitRIYA ?ID
!IRDID OF TwENTT•pss YALU rS anaurraii LIM 3108 T 81.81•
DT. AND piarrsia CO 2 ... ‘ , R2c01FT rOarheoar ATLI LIISG
boimainna. •
EverY eo . lderate toner' knows the importance of
removing I ' g &traction's in - their early stages and many
from Fad erpeilenca haiele:raed the danger of daisy.
ffalt's Cough Remedy is so? recommended as a aims.
*AL FOR ALL ItrixAsitiicLot. only fora *pact;
fie class Of-Massasitoested in the, BIM stinetareAnel. ,
ted by the game causes and requiring rola& thi same
treatment, Tar) , lug only with degrees of iiolenes.
It is . p)issant" thc . _iartt, sat; In Its o:.eiation,
#;arongh and speedy' in its action. Long experience
irovelit his no autionos or autraaininerit or eilleteney
for caring Gonna; 'mange:ass, naosczurza. fragrp
4srnitl. and wnoorMa nowt.
It rembres irritation, cause free and east expectora
tion, 19osen;the tight And, fall sensation in the lungs,
lisitores.ths respiration to its natural condition,
Ssiipsrta 14alth and vigor to "the lungs and *Tao clearness
and strength co the voles. _
Onohottls le genet'aitysttflici'int,tio Cure an ordinal
Betel:Om 60 emits toti bottle.
r'beitt IndoetroeitinOffAred a.the trite,
B° l4-10 " 11 4 - n II OIY 61/ & Warfel, pr4trise
tors, at heir drug store, 830.24 MA street, Erie, Pa , and
by dealers generally. : ja29An
LFRO s rut AnattrelN Jonasake "PnaItSUCT;• May
'65, edited by Wm. Procto44.....Ffrofesnor . of Pharmacy
aythe - Phitrdelphis College!, ct Pharmacy. 7 -"Will the
- irlaid Extracts gq, 04i of use owing to they tab prim*.
~san we have some Authoritative modiacat ons of the
formulas by which we can Make Caen:rata more reaeou•
Able cost?. if , thilatter, stall- the changels In the
. tidality of the menstraum, or In the manner of applying,
It, 5c41141144i* quantity requisite? Can. there
,be a convocation of the Committee of 'Revision AO en
abatis° some new method or modification of the prese •
With regard ' tc the cialitempiatcd amine In Clis y ;
tity, oninAlioxtmustrunne itself. in the prepare
tinid extracts, I would take °motion to gay teat in ..;'.411,'
seine the health .of the patient is the great object to :`•
Tfin coat pf the material Is sonasthing,Ant
Witein,prit into the seelsrith human health, and °len
Mimes life;it is hardly worthy of consideration at, all.'
M y /31437,(791iw0014ra) will untiotie 'to be
,m•le u
-formerly, aiad if 'lt cannot be maintained at present . tri
ll, they will bare to t é advanced to anew 6thytadeance
frttite price of material. To . such as desire quantity in
stead • Of iinality, we , would pay that water is a cheap
cgmmodity,, And, ma y be 'readili - ii‘lde4 lay the person
neingthe medicine if he desimito do ao', „
'Dtakgist e:nd' Pbetoret,
, •
594 Bra,dway, ltew York City
.41 Cone. COLD nn ROOS
nildiatit;attention and Should beelected. If allowed
to coltinhe, irritation - se the lunge, A 'pernitnent
ittroac left.Oben or se incurable lusbudisesso tnoften
theA .L esult. Brown's Bronchial Troches a (Breit
Itatluetten be the - petite, giretinnadiste :slier.. reit brosw
cbitleseSthnna. catarrh, consumption and thmatdiseases
logoeheettre used eith alcrayre94 P.Ceetis• and ;
' l.ll3ll o.EPtiaisitt yr int cl a d Tl 4 44a.nreful in cliaLing the:
voice when taken beineringing or snaking, and relieve
vocal orsaris.
„pin T r ic ) h l ii_ are; re d'entinsendod &u prescribed, by physi
cians and have had testimonials from eminent men
ffirredghent:ther tountri. 'Being an *Weiner Une,nutrit,
and having proved their efficacy by a te:it of many years,
each fen - illiada them - in newloealitLee in various parte
of ithet'setistd,. end' the Tro!lleti are—nniversally pro.
)seuneed ,bottei alt.feli. Obtain only,
'Broirrt's Bronchial Troches, 4 .asstktio pot take any of
the worthless imitations that may bo offered., Bold
iierywhero in -fhb united States, and in foreign ettune
,ties at 3'5 tents Der box. jall'3m
„ „
Published for the benent and ass GaDTION.TO YOUNG
KEN, and el ... berso al6o a:if/at:Man •Nersonn Debility
preangar3.lletearief Manhood, &e , aupplytng. at. the'
anteklene llaal4aatta op gaut.Baalt.,. By one who baa
aured,biammlf attar undergoing tatunderable quaollasry.
Cy tilltbetleXa poet-paid addnelwed ionTa'aPe, a Ingle ear
ea. Ran of charge, tufo be had of the anther.
Brooklyn, King. Cc. N. Y.
;'. ii 064):
iicriicu. • ,
• - or ,raug. • _
• : .#l. - . :
CVITA.T.4 $l5O OM.
: DIBIOTORFi ' ' 5.
Vet DES t • • JOUNI/' &ON J.
e •.-4 OIMOBLE. • '• • • •
°BANGS NOWN,Presidoleto,
", Jo r 9_1# 1 ,-+ cciubitis
ifhe_obove bank attl be opened for the tranaActi,o_o
- boakeas on
DEC. 5; 1865, IN' LELfGH.ES ) BLOM:C.,
'Nest Ride of Stets St., between qronth a nd 1 1 .i/th to,
keiti.f.,•torr pager dlettountah ' '
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by it, and HUM= has often been vastly
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of QSllsad. The sensations after Celit I
and invigorating. It °Fens and pup,
at:littlest*, strengths/as the glands and ru e ,
action toast saute affected.
Mora than thirty-years °tubs sad now
Catarrh and Headache Snag has proved f
for all the camases diseases of the bad,,
ment),ll duds higher than ererbafore li
ed by. utany of the beat physicians, and
sums and satisfaction everywhere.
of Wholesale Druggists in 1854:
• ThePads/1 1 04d having for =ay yak
ted with Dr. tiarahall'a Catarrh and Heat
sold in au wholesale trade, cheerfullY st
Here it to be equal, In every respect, to ti
Dons given of it for the cure of Catarrh
that I is decidedly the best article we h im
for ageotninon dine:Tee of the Head.
Heir a Perry, Reed„ Austin it Co., Eit
Cp., Reed. Cutler dr,Co.,,Betit W. Foyle,
s et Co., Boston ; Etaatattair,Edananda 4 4
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Portland Me.* Baroes it , Park, A. B.
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Benet]] Co., Id. Ward, close ,e: c o
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or ails all prszemista. Try It • logll
Those Drape are • sel.ritifinipy eon
grapanation, and better than any pfer, pre
trams. Being tignl9, their action - le direct,
rendering theme reliable, speeds
for the cure of all obstruction and inne r
tare, Their popularity is indicted !qv
over 100,009 bottles are annually rile sot
the ladies of =aerial, erery one of- !rho
tie elf ongest terms of aloe of their gni
They are rapidly taking the place of cur l
remedy, and are cons dered br all she k et
thew, al rho purest, safest and mos{ idea
tioh in the world, for the cure of alibi:nee
the removal hi all ohitrucConi of eaten,
Ilia= of health, regularity and itrec:ll.
rectiona, stating when they may bailie
hag, when and why they ilionNl not, ar
used Id 'honk producing eCects nearer
ren law", will be found carefully tilt_
bottle, with the - ..written signature of Jr
'without which Dale are genuine.
Prepared by Dr. JOHN L. LYON, 195
New Craven, Conn., who can ho consult,
socially or by hit* (enclosing staclP)
private dhows And female weeivatues.
. Bold by Druggists everywhere.
C. G. CL! Cern ',rota for G.'
Composed of highly Concentrated
Roots and thrill of the greatest medical
from the origaal prescription of the
bett, Lad used' by him with rem
twenty year,. An infallible remedy
`',f the LIFER; or' say derangement
"ay Cure Diarrlcea, Dyapepele,
et.4Litrer Comnizost
noway Dr. Mott says of these
XiTsed the formula from which your Pitt
my prsotiee - for ores 12 years they hue
feet upon the Lifer snit Digestive Orgr
clue In the World, and are the most
which has ever yet bean made by Ms
safe and pleasant to tate, bet powerful
penetrating properties stimulate the vit
the body, remove the obstructions of it;
the b'ood, and expel disuse. nee pet
ktuxurers which breed -and grow diet,
tluggish or disordered organs into the
liid impart a healthy tone with_ at
system. Not only ass they core the
.3) lent* of seet7bady,,,bdt also fcrsoidsb:
disease; and beitig purely vegetable
riet or harm."
'They create' pure blood and remove
from the system, heads are a positive eve
Headache Pitee Mercurial Dineen se
adults, one Pit in It
for children nder 8 years, half a Pill.
Price Onellatterpor Box. Trade eirepl
Mall; post paid, to may part of the tr
Canada! on receipt. of yens. None tact
res-simile signature of V. Mott Talbott
V. MeYITTALSOn tr Ca, .
No 62 ycilon street
mirste EiTOOlO.
No. 820 State Street, Erie, Pc I
Dealer. in
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IMlan,Franah and German Axing. c
Sole agents for ci . delering Alt Sono', Trr
'Mutter Co.'s,•and Raven Bums
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All Orden promptly attended to.
Catyozoo of Male Bent free of peetep.
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Brio, ,Crrll 26,1866-3 I
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French St , *Awn,
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Lipri) 1866.—apc104
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