The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, May 03, 1866, Image 1

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314 KW. ) •
Alll4ol'l Arai Comaimois 4iir Law.
ii 81 0 1:ma North West <moor of the
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Trench Strifyistima Tatham"
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VI Lag,
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Carmon andlerterson empties.
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SKR. M. n.
N o woopati.i.: Phhitttan and Surgeon
e. n SZI Petah St., opteett• the Park
oars At= 10 to 19 A. 11. S tzt 6 P. 114
sps CIO )
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to inelneer sites on
onl ElsbaOreets, Kikl4 'Ado. snot•
very reasonable farms, St *pplisel
WV. A. GAT.BRAIiff. tnn -r
Dian IT Dar &mu, Gatootwas,
d „ re, Nape. Man, Seed. Plaster, eta.. eor•
itrest miPablie Sow. Itrie. Pa. Jalttf.
• LITIST AND gas Suits. os Eighth ►od Vilma. Fins Homo and Car,
nagoWls r0j2,814-17.
'outs or Fules asp 7iu thitinrl4l, EEL
r. Proprf star. Grad limos and Carrillo"
at modem prfcs. 4360. 211. Mb.
rstirea 3D AyD
say is the eity, and prices as mod*.
ler in Grneerirs, Produce, Pry:Melon;
Ad Stone Warp, Wipes, Liquors, Itc.,
posita the Palliate% gel*, PA,.
Dirritr, Ogles ID Romer ' l, • ITO • •
\ Wed th• Palk trio. Pa. -
W I L GUMS. dz-
Srectisoas to 430-? g. J. Wartaa,
mita', and W belie& ilitalfts la Coal:
T, 1/4 6. and rent* Liao cf- Stemma.
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dOTEI,, Waterford. I's..
Bowe /MOWS. Psorstreos. •
°Wiens, sad eiedid attention &so to
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F r ig WILILLII/Spat. -
Firrinictur AND SCROIMII
5001' 111111 - ttea Mott. Raft Park, sr!* Po,
• iChrtsitan R Rath's Store. irotkisset
gee itsioal, 3sl bocita South 91 MALL •
t9o.a.a..araft2 to Sr. 71.
ISANS. 31. D..
Traders bka ret►(aet to O.
had vicinity. 40 floo 413 Ly Ws raw build.
anent, a ay dams south of Um /vat.
Imi R13D214 !Xis% Boos VAsirvicrnua
8100, trle.
ItZ goo prudes in adjoining Counties.
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Chia Arm, TOTS? Ball Eta Wing.
Yilitary. Naval and Chß claims
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tWiluay I nalsVolleire of Deets)
stood story of %omit • building,
sew si 11.4 Bow% Erie, Ps
orreries IT Pl l / 4 11110103r.
3 a s, North seventh street, Philatlol
- - 1 ; D. D. 8 4 , 243 , North Nin lb
* twutio,
0 "w in um Commsums AT Law
°waits Crittend en
C. l llFtictii and all ether legal had
Tyre. Erie, Warren and Term
tzei!sfully and proorly.
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Erie, -
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YO. 1.W5. .
- St mt. coLLzas.
p Pli aelP4 l . Geo. W. Grunts It‘t.
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>[ to
° fa l iearabits.
' VOLUME 36.
3p. ]w,
This Old Established Agency represents the leading, most molar sad asst imenessfal *was= Cempaales la lb.' Conatry, entbnelag
Life, The, Maxine, litlind„ snd Accidentlasusace. Combinedt 041=1 repreitated $VBOOO.OOOi affording bailee fel dee dies lush
ante to any amount desired;sed on u reasonable tent:sae sued &alma asseged Osimpasies.oss afford. - • •
Oriers for insuringe warded to with Promptseu and Fidelity, la taws or ottnatry.,SePeetletweital glees ems Iseweettee of Dwel
lings and farm Property, ft., periods of three sr five ,years, or. perpetually, by deposit nf plissituai Estes very law:" •
Dir The thoughtful sad prudent maw insures his Preperty egaiest. lessor &may by Fireosed hie Life far the prottalow ottrife, ehildrow
sod kindred 'depeudent Upon him. AU who have not yet attended to thistiOth 5h04;441131 at one sad =et their Polities iii Oat or morefif
the following Companies:— - -- . f•
, .
A t cotardi , wr.
tht v_ra
Cash 'Santis,
net Assekts,
It A R D. A T
• PIT Al
Madan t orgy' Isalkna of roar thousand Vodinlvviterii•
from Nova Ilbritlis to California. and teaks Ritpartor.
re axle* awl the liolf.tuunsosia'ag the sellessi at gouge
with vuopsasatiwg rates to the adiraaciwnitut, otithe
Wolk welfare.
most 11l tranzaws DWASMIXT
•ofhe Etat liseraziee Compeay, f Hartford, on• of
be moat atteeggsfig MO Insurance Compel* of MU
or . •ny atb•E•oastan• ,
• '•
beeaseellent Companion tolturlb• nem" seil treen
ail of the Ctna ablest u esret:lly ea Utley entri
*red be %Mete law."
Ants, pointing to aeon•ot posit* to Nos Toek
Compost's. the Visa'/ =seismic] visnyveseivolt sod
so id rotes axe sated to dude landmass than
9t sulk magus oars • mastter of wicobribas Einho
len lotto lesitrutes Tar d
,•- • ' •
what 'obits alebisay has this corporation laws
enabled to t*re Its toll pall capital tato the Philos*.
pbseretosse r •
• • • •
extraorileary 'sweats whirb_bave dlstinalated
Its nopatallelsd daanetal history."
The erste losses per dim la the United States at
thls period alba year. are boat tat haattad as& tilt.
thoossao dollars. Tit• tdeitlaph day sosads statallas
soles of warning to all prudent woofs&
,DO TOT ssOLSCT lStt,etOUtitx 01 ZisTAALD
Policies issuedieitAosa delay.
7. P. DOWNING. Amt.
T. W. ctio flatterer. '
—A 1 Cossianye— •
E[D3s/ Eirsvaancii .coßtrAtry
or Aim .
orrucm. NO. 130 BROADWAY.
*WARTS. tat January. leek
2i>1"11 811111-ANNUAL EITATEMENT
Showing the eoadltioo of lbo earnestly s the 2ot 49;
o fJooluisy. 16341.
Cash balance in Dank .
Bowie & mat., lit lieu on real
estate -196.892 50
Loans on stocky, pay. on demand 97,392 08
United States atocke,market vat 1,850,834 90
State k mutt. stocks &bonds, dlr. 406 425 00
Bank stocks, do. 'r 113,550 00
Interest due on let Ja11.:1866 27.4 3 1 16
Balance in hands of agents sad in
come of trenentiashio 173,010 51
Bills Rec., forpre. OM In; Risks az 43,163 44
Goveroment stamps on lead 110 00
Other Property, Ilia. Item 13,505 13
Pre. due and uneol. on go. issued
at office (fire, inland Et mar.) 43,141 88
Steamer ?divot & wreck, apps.. -83,483 94
Total Arse* 53,598,67414
Clams for too. out. on Jab. 1.'66 $152,946 24
Due stock on account dividend • - 800 (X)
. , -
Fotwithstaadiuw the tory WO at the past var. &r
-ho, whieb lb. tentoary baevitt lasesei* tbe sasitit
n slo37Jbla &I.lrrataat egaittleg Uri anatiansast
idczavrthe Rome.' with Its -NO or Tea &Mew
['tut, and,a not iramtas of 111.44a W .93110. cosUrbase to
otr.r to all who atra reltabis issassass. indiums Agdg
aurpumilby so alter sompaay.
J. P. DOWNING, ',amt.
, T. V. Crowell. Purveyor.
alo sad ocotoosy to Low*
and than k sons better . •
UM Company of North Iluontes,7 •
, .
uliscrirasce COUP
144TH stmt-anII►L STU
leans, Jaa. 7. Ma.
First mortgages on city prepert
U. 8. Government bonds
Pennsylvania State bonds
POI.: city bonds
B-Jeds of Penna. R. IL Co. and of
Bead & othereorporatien•dect9
ems Rec. (temporary loans)
Real Estate. office of tilit_Co.4 •
• .1.
• Walnut street
tropsidTre4-4, debts dna o sal
aR good . 1O7,68•I
Cult is B'k &in hinds of Asia. 169,84 912
Total Assets \ . SI:73IAV 14
qiiirli $18,000;000 001 . _
72 Ts.4s accOgisys& siiissu ax3riszl iscs.
Talkies larservitlerat dear Dr
; • " .1. Ir. DOWIIIIO. Asset -
T. V. CROWKI.L. !termer. -
}worm Ix9IIMANC6 ,11.XIMPANI
LOSSES PAID IN ,1865, $4l / 0,61/ 91.
CASH ASSETS, - JAN, 1. UK 11,01/ 6700 sa
no tan ot tstittslty. uso syr don Ls Astasrist ate Ha ability RI pre thtDash ter
sow et egatiegeettefte ~weer es 4 tress sso
theme istet. let~eth am Is WhoaOtttaMeat
the Mitre Latiessee et , . .
Arkansas ,ft 1,830 43 Wanes°Li 20.1:93 . 0 42
Alabama : 45,72$ 36 K. limp. - 25,809 19
Cosisenti4aL22o,B3l 91 New York 1149,580 $2
cements. , 184320 54 NM AVOW 3.750 53
DI Of Col. 196 35 Nebraska 1167 00
Florida ; 20,468 42+01d0 103.958 59
Georgia ! 22,138 75 Peas% 53,274 40
'adieus • 1 84,2031 k. bllaist 20,771 21
Illinois 1210,698 57 8. Canaria 21,082 a
Ilya 81;616 78 UMW es 44.970 90
Kentucky 59,978 19 Tel al el • 3.961 98
Kansas 18,416 07 Brunner 4„2822 43
• Maine 66.893 4521robtia• 27 24
Ma 55.59.87 0 04 W. Irises* 2,00020
Maryland 39.602 93 , 111aoonsia 86.46118
libtaiseippi 39.10 rook - 0,81580
Missouri = 80 ,595 Mara Scotia 14,285 78
mi c hipn 67,057 .: Bruns. 15,330 Ilk
Losses Atoms Paid Prisiipily, r L
Pi 90w1t9t0. AtrulL,
2. W. CW0WW1461111 1 ,111% •
- .
, -
. ' 'i,..i1.,,1tp• _0,,711.t. ..::3.': t..:;'' .1,7 - ..;;., Ci:-~ . 44, : , ' 7 1 1: '••'.,
4 4,f.i. 0 , t- ,4lg.''Ap 1
" ' • -''''' , -,----.; .!:'. - . - .-,';'1.:% - ' - ': ,. -f'.‘.“ ''. -- ,r! s':. -,-; .t :, : '-'., ':,'-' - ' 1 „ - :' ::::•-•-..) :•1 ',.'..!`....;". • r-7 it's,`:i- , i.: , .'") 5tni....;...:1:-:•.';
, .
%.,. . . .
~ .
.. . . ,
- - •—•';_•-'-'' .. ...' .4 - , 3 ",:, ' . 4:`:'' :;;i: ,;,`. ;..7 -:tr.•••':: ..1 ,,f? 1 t ; '. l ' ; - , - ; -3 ,,F 1 ,•:: .... - 1,7 , .
, _
. ;
_ „.. .
, . : ' .4.1 . ,',.) :,; -, -
•" . ..-1- . ; '.- ''t . ''.• -_. a. :
~ .
? '.3 .7 •''
' " 1 - ! ' .. r : .; 3 ' ',
?: - 2. 'Fi -,' ,::„..,-,• 7 •,,, g :
t ,
; ' •- '' lA ' 1 , , 1" i . ' :
.' i t
' • 5 a-, •' •
' W
_ _
4 1 , Office in Roeeperweigie Block, appaa Thaws Hotel
14.047.44 S SO
544,401 43
31401 SS
W 0"R K r!
N the Aristature
ni30*0.14/0 so
3411 1 54/74 14
#40,744 49
A 31 E
•P 111 MVP OP
Maria' -7 aka.
$ 834.04.30 0 00
50 0 .00
100.00 0 OR
,188,U00 00
150,44 0 00
88 0 19 8 93
=OO 000
. ,_r~f
I. 1V SIT It AL N'4o 1E 4.0 lOW C
Erie; Penn's.
bi OAR A l /
FIRE. nisawicic.,CONl'ANY,
or ram cm' or imr rota._
Cub Capita and Surplus' - $1,286,728 £0
Voitea &afire Beintritiet = 468,643 tit;
um: od Bsid.irtorp • 262,000 00
OOh is Ipsnii.nnd hands °twat, 63,610 81
Loins on Stoats, psy. on 4.0424. 862.40.000
Rest Isfats. litetat. 111.18 18
Wisconsin & Valitonsis Bonds ' 8.00000
Lease. Is proem of Sokillitinta M O6O 00
Ilapakt Dighleada. - - • 14526-450
. _ .
Air Rates, First—Miss Ekeitri4f s Ptin#A Pay
*eat of 4°BB".
• - r, corm* a. Arai
T. W. usOWV.L. -
wirreaPPoulkui •
I NAURA.BIOII ColltiA.l7l7,
auk 0/11)1121 51,000,000
Asseis; ,laatraiy 1, 1866, 1,644,000
81PertNyY- - FIVJI MK CENT: -
at um. Dot piano uttboit, lawrllpi sal 1. 1 abelllf• or.
la llau lluo 04 -at iliate optical.a maw diseasat irpsa
tie preadaza. •
scrip Diadem!,da imrd 1866, pr cast.
_ DOlRNUfe r iguit.
W. CROWILL, thuveyor.
H o DI
xstrulyr . ot COMPIITY,
OT 110W4111783. CONIC
Cab Capital, "
Startles. "
. .
Truer litentlogs. Ituartsittorbes. Itretursithe asd
other property sabot Imo sr Wrap by Iro. &algebra
to oiliest the J!LIIir !IL Woad
. 11saeportenee
Isis ammo bm *Ss NOMlab alro/se "
to ire _
' Ordinary or Term Departp!at,
term or one year polleisi AU deem et es•
eir•ibletrmgeeltAtillitr serelleceleiliesSesi eitbecteretY
partietpitles in the mete titae erpie,t—,One
am rrAirer sloe Compralie. - t• •
Pattie:446l4 Iktpirlotent.
Zona Wit poaaimi he timaa Una *Mew Amara oat
Tanattass mad Inms %Mew sad Ask ,
restate, &fag est 3 / 4 polletes • iiirUelpitke hi se re.
h et elm Company, without their lasteds* "Kr list!
M thereby. . _
P* 4 7. 0 P0 1 . ;De7. o !!! - -
Imam perpetual wafts. aslattimer 1 avian Oa
Nun isamsaketjmori. ,ta Iles st 01 team WlW=v
elprelidavis. areseltee Adi'Apaii OusWats sad
fendtare. Elam sad th.l emiliab. Stem sad stabs
etWoota. ChteAmps sad Ilaboillibiess
minium. Mot
V. W. ClOWELL.Wirrslat.
liar IS 3 . 1 Ty es Ur Ist du d /aft,
Ca* la boat sal Ca NNW, ' ,( $ $l,llOlOl
Bask sad Isaftlimailfttialk s* fail • •
a i oga - $lO
la Nis Tedma azameao varni
rime op
a~all ft_
ainieat pllirOilleat....4(.rov.,;:
174 CO.) $4,11121
trailed Male Oaks Wolin; lba r enapsagr,
Male coda avaallerf•koorlast 03
Sail Wale taalaamasboaad)• _ $.0:40%
lattstateroad tot Web make past
} W._ le *CI IIASII2
Itaimas amiftal illairkaadlll Oa* alt
I ikaimalarat ban Aim% 9 0
fib sasolvablollar~as aebaTaad Ads
_• sad Deka 4 , 44 U
' •-" 1
is alas euueAeetedtoa peas based .
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Calm ter lama aalakaahab IMP la
Sias/ woof! 4nriUMIIMIft • NMl'/; Rt.
Tim saretial las a Itst dam isvalatlailk lawaarW
lie awl llaml Diaft as
_is_ s saaad eaugaiVisa
dolagra proopiwesaliWassa.
& ry.xszes. Tke huh.
Camas lazavaas t imrtfkiet. ' • '
J. T. DO
T. W. CDODZLl,,,ll'araimilor,„ • "1:11114_
tr,r) R T ACAN E'BI
.., _ . .
_ &Übe City of.,New tar,„ ; u tile lid Aily aftlhana• -
Cahn - --. . sans° ati
• ears.% , 3ll 4141;
Lamp es Bad aid ignpr•OPOS 414 •
Ma *MS we% avvi SO palm& %bin
the ease! . • • •
ibooki.loado sod Mbar amigos egad by
theCorypaymittuetilia s - at 10
Click is beak pad Ms% - 111.1111
taw e, taimob, web Slanilask . aroma)
thessimis daa arstedramittis 14.711101
oak is eiliate liaidhAk par oftnimpas., MOUS
lidinist ea asometiam. - itdal
Other property#Callifigh
Told saista,,
Tia• lama lq IN tassigitai the Data IN 4er.
log Us riara lorn pew arriurt pousslbia
afar east ail serdas %Pa* ley% ehloalt
imaossami fitalitak" Mit ho sillono. 4
tria t tt4 wapkia magasiam stiabwing,
11 484 444844481,1081 I» . : rifflhunf* zift!sfir
!nab .amara lbersomak or la ar
peati slaw Sobois idsPi4K 8147
• Dividadi de iisibilkpf kw& J ,
14.1118saYpaall Iii.II.CM
R.W.StioramSars. - - -
W.(11411112411 wlaa ,
TE it IP It ra 2 • st- - ,
rifitiltAßCZ- COMP4N-Y,
• ' spits . env cf.
OE) _
offinesomis trikr..4ftra
lituatmeratr7 -
_" "-MIL IL
List 11. Illrawskaa*
as rtAT.
manznts. $1,288,729 69
The .11asted man
• 0711.11511
OF IWO - 00:12111011
of Tar •
731,1113 17
t Ere ir it A rrol-
Cub la - pild and star„
, 1i•
, •
Tbs` "lA_ eXißle lii• dea• • km* awl secomifill
bell s i r s isat tr irmitrar% aid Is sae et CM Ur
711 W:
C T' ril"11111* ! -1111111148.4. - " 7. - '' t illi . lll 77. ll D oll 7l; Pktdanio. . 4r:
C: . CROIFICLIi, Elarearaz.
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fixed ansugUarci co cruet.
• .n. 1 ~ . _ .
- • irositics,'coss. • ~ .
QM! ascitat sad Sanaa; 11000.011)
Th. int;:ime is-a
- ..4iits - and well =
Coulaiarrrestithrol t; t ea aa4paa gibs
TAU.— • 1
aittkid wousravim iu laf& tixiir
J..T. 1/0111NIS G. fiat.
'P. Famitirsir„ agiviaor.
- I
I' - .
emiscrictl , 1111171? A L
or summit con.
haler 0111? $lO,OOO 000
et Met Usidiste overt SUMO (
Waif relishes issesd daring the rem OM • /0 COO
I,r the leer wee 1 IMMO
6 til i diuteg the -t best par. OD per art
- • - par
3000 SOO
Ise sea soidoreer • 4,100.01/
Ry tit> esassetted *deli Aiwad be pedivoll
4 41 7- 3 4 adagio- die4est ad Best 1
Übtiiiiioll444Mtel tb •
771 - I :kr -
auss WI magiuwas cmgrairr OF ?En
'I. le los the %meth thither* webers. .
- sin hes tth Wired asethat Woe& . _
..1.1111 kr the Smog aerplai r
4.lit bilt the lagged Mileage earpHia.
'II in lon Me limpet thalseth - , ..
o.4:me Os bred imam- i C'
I iit bed tthethitifle er,kee blitory %be orathod
II !I abeam Ilk* hthrie anew nee of Wm* ea
V= ithrtethe ithirthee st Ithe eat . epee
ther eesepeay, .
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lit 71111-100 Weed ar Ude Comma, 434 *fiber sou
114table vir User tones, or 11:11,1 be sternied bate
mllibib ate mo. 111 the opiLba at the lawn& - .
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Bo* Mr. Keith' 11karsegeti.
'Hag's loricle from eon to sun, but wo
man's_ work . is never done,' "quoted Bin.
Keith. •
She had just finished .her *emit for the eve.
ningi everything was sidediand ehe was isi•
kg up her sewing, when Mr, - , Keith upset
vinegar bottle and -a,bowl of gravy, in the
kliehen cur host d,' ro manioc spar a Init.
which Was in Me Onset ail the time. • • '
Mea..Keith relinquished her ides of a little
season, of quiet, and went oat to let,nuttamt
in order sigetn., Ile. Keith followed to oversee
her-41 habit some men have. •
*I Wish you would try to' be' a little more
careful, Henry, Yon dtt Apt tettlise how-many
things I have to see tc. -
situmph. l said Mr. Keith, sitting dOtin it► a
basket of- freshly ironed iloibes. newer
would complain of sacks trifle as that! If I
didrOt know, I should think all the women
were in slavery.'
'And you -would be etireeit,'lreary. You
haven't the faintest -4:
(Nonsense, Mary I Why I timid do your.
Work and three times as much more, and get
an through et ten o'clock. _
'Could you, indeed,!'
'To be cure, :try yea would give me? the
thanes d it.'
'You shall have it,' said Mrs. Keith qUistly.
'I have long wanted to visit my 'Aunt Susan.
I wilt do so sow, sad you may itsep bodes. I
shall have to cook up somethatg—' - •
if I couldn't.cook I You will do nothing
of the kind, Mary. I shill likveseince,
soiled - will see bow *ice I will keep every
thing. Toe will hardly know the house When
you return.' ' ,
4 1 :dare say: restarted Mn.M &eith, but
when can Igo ""'N
'To,sliorrow. if you like.'
quid yon are quite sure yOu can manage
'Sure.: what a look be gave her; 'you shall
Mrs. Keith laughed a little to hen Ott when
her hushandjeft her at the depot. and turned
his; steps' horievard, to elan the breakfart
thingsand prepare,dinner. She only
she weld be there invisible,ind tee him man;
.Let. me sea; soliloquised Keith entering
the kitchen. wash the dishes first. and
I'u; put on one of !tag's drama to keep me
Ile fastened It around hie waist" with pin,
rolled up hie Blesses, and looked about. him.
The Ore was out, but after much trouble he
succeeded in rekindling it, and then began to
wish the dishes. • -
He took 'them to the sink, plugged up the
spout, sad this put them to soak in a nail of
cold water.
'There, they're washed,' said he to hbaser;
snow for something to wipe them eie.
tale the table-cloth. Such a fuss as women do
mate about wort. Why, I could wash all the
dishes in the ne ighborhood _ in bait a day.—
This stair pan smells of grease. I wonder
what's the matter with It There, rye got
some smut on my hand ! There it goes on
thit Chios saucer! Dense tats it! I wish
then was no smut.. Vella! -there'l one plate
gone to smash! Oh, there goes the 'cream
?tatter ! And I've stepped into the potato
dish that I set ones door to dry, and that's
goes to shades. Never mindaccidents will
happen. 'I guess I'll trim the lamp next;
molter always trimmed the lamp in the morn
ing. Confound them! how black the chimneys
are!' ,
Thus eonversieg with himielf, Mr. Keith
put the chinstieysintotbit basin and cogitated
a moment. Ho had heard that boiling water
was cleansing, co be scalded the chimneys,
and the result - was about a "hundred different
pieces to each-Shimney.
*WA 'ltnteittotr he' cried. twho'd have
thimegbt it? There's somebody at the d00r....
I'l,l juetatep out. as I am. It can't be anybody
thati tare for se early as tlkis.'
A small boy presented himself, eyeing Mr.
Keith with illseappressed mirth. , .
*Be yotiailstriss of the house" '
•Yes- . -that is, I am the Master,' said Keith
with dignity. VW. can I do for your I
'Nothing, I guess.. Mann mast me over to,
see if you—that is, itthe mistress oftbe house ,
would take care or the baby While she goes
11hOppilM 1' . , - •
'No: thundered Keith. "'l've other Ash. to
The boy put his thumb ttihis mite, and Mr.
Keith, otter slamming the doer.-as men al
ways,-,do when they arc mit of temper—re.
turned to the kitchen, ~...The fire was out, and
the room decidedly - smoky.-
,•I'll:gis down:in :the cellar and brisg up
some coal, said he, and started briskly down
the stairs. Oa the second step he put his toot
I tbrottgh &rip fa lds dress skirt ; siombh4 end
I fell to the bottom of thceellar, smashing a
baskezof eggs end - knocking over a shelf loa
ded with pane of milk. .
*Deuce take it !' ezclatmed . be, scrambling
to his feet. and rubbing his 'held, 'how; del the
women manses with these isfeestal long dies&
sec'Tehall break toy neck with this leg' .
. .
I The fire made again. Mr. Keith- ttsohcaght
him of dinner. He looked at his tiine.piece—
it was on. o'elock.-alniost time for callers.
What skirled be have • for *noir? He had
heard his trite lay a - rice padding and boiled
potatoes and broiled stake. ,
He filled - the bean' with rice, stirred la a
little auger, dropped in an egg, and set the
modiste an oven. The potatoes be washed i
In .soapaudtz that they certainly might be
o'ui, end put them into the teakettle because
they Would boil quicker. . ! •
The steam was frizzing in the frying pan,
and he was preparing to set ;the table when
the bell/sag. ..: I , .
- He Caught up the pan from the fire ; to keep
it from burning, and made heats igi: dm resat
door. Thee •be remembered it would: not bo
just the thing to go to the deer with& fryinn
paa In his head, so be deposltited it - on . the
porter - sofa and sootily', the ring: ' . •
• Mem Dr. Mudge winos Ous steps dressed
id all her best. .
lie, I dare ay: stammered Keith, tiny
wife *absent, and I am playing Bride.—
is." • ,
. ilts.idadge 'ailed into, the parlor, - whisk
was defined to exclide tle_scut, and Without
stopping to ' leek' at' her seat, sunk int* the
trying-pas 'on the sofa. • , .
,Indies!' cried Mr. Keith pit have dose
wi - . . . • ,
• MIL Milike sprang PR lbe /ramie driPlill
tilite slob silk Ole the carpet. Her bee f
gra dare. She was tempted tcisaj something
matting, „ bit
,sianaged to control herself,
betted haughtily. and swept out of the hones._
Keith returned tastke hitches *little c Irest-'
fare; fir bfrs. Illt- Va iti fi ttii rare
- wienrite -- dalred to appear ell.
' There was tremendous: cracking ion the
oven:, lie thought of his pudimg solkloaked
in. The burtit rice bad hoppiitt over th#
oven, the basin bad melted spirt;' and 'the
Pudding was not done: lie shut the dots.
uponithe ruhts„ist diaguel, sod lookt4 after
his piotatoe's only tO had them, it per !
f ee t jelly. ' •
• I -
Juitt - eta be had made . the dircoiery, I them
wee s chirp peal at the door bell - •
'Crandon there's that abominable bell
spirt. I wish folks would insist boine.
ter to-day, lock' all the doors sadvut all
the ball wires.' .
the door, hi 'found Mr., and Airs. ;Fidget
and their childritt.' • *
41,y dear bit ..- Keith; low do you do,' cried
Mrs Fidgit. 'We martin. lowa, std.-cm:n*BloK
we'd just step in to dinner. Where lc .bite.,
Keith f'
'She's gone away,' - . esid . Keith ; ruefully;
wobdering what le should teed them; on—
'walk in, do. I a.n housekeeper to-dey;!, •
'Yes, so I should judge. ' Rut of "course you
make a Splendid one. I remember You needle
be frequently- Met Keith and myself
how very ester housekeeping moths. .It mut
-mere play to you. - -Don't pit yourerVoul, -
11 beg.'. T.
'Put snysettont, inetted'i' °slid Keith, re
treating to 'flood gracious I , what
shall 1 de r I'd gife a huddisu dothuiif ontj
Mary witsherel WherWshall I begin
He dreir out the labia and set it whited&
ototh;, then took' off the, plates and pit on
a cloth, the very one he had wiped the dish
es on. The 'task completed, he put on 6citati
lore,potatoes end some more steak. barna
his steak to a cinder, took °Uhl', potatoes
when he did Ms meat, and put all upon the
_ There was a loaf of baker's breed io
the cupboard—be,peraded that, Weaned his
guests to dinner.
tied:sic:ll smile spread over Dirs..Fidget's;
face tithe sight of the ripest. Keith was in
$ cold perspiration. • • - •• , ' •
'Ma, my plate's all, greasy, . end so %Ay,
knife. I can't eat on dirty dishes,' cried little,
Johnny Fidgit. • -
'Awl my fork. is wet. all over with aster
that's dtopping off the table cloth; .'and my.
tatei ain't half biled,' exclaimed little Jane
A slight noise ia the kitchen drew the et-
Lewin orfdr. Keith.
'Jupiter he cried, : ,•if . Mrs. O'Flaherty's
dog ain't making off'with•iny steak
Ha jumped from the table and started in
hot pursuit. The dog made the belt of it;
Keith's 4fiaccustomed attire was it sad draw-,
back. and be made but little headway.
"Kill him t' he yelled to the • crowd that
joined in the pursuit, give fifteen denims
for his hide .
Mn. O'Flaherti herself appeared upon the
scene with" Y skillet of hot water.' •
Tech him if..yer *dare l'' she cried. !'' l'll
breyk „the bon es of every. mother'e; 119 s• of
y e
l' ii. Stand from iforaioet, .or yell rue Abe
' • .:• :'" .
Keith took a MO forwardottepped on the
skirt of his s , and pitched bead
dril l,
fiat' into
A wine cellar, bere. half a doe g en men *ere
playing cards. _ ' ' ( ,
•The devil in petticoats r exclaimed ! one
gamemer, and the place emptied quicker.thett
a wink. - . -. ,
The police picked up ldr. Keith, consideia•
bly braised. and carried him home. His rebut.
pany had taken their departure, and some,.
body, not haring the fear of the - law., upon
fled', had entered and - stolen a hundred dot-.
late worth' of property. • -
Mr. Keith sent the following •
,pole to his
wife by the evening bola': •
• Man Marr-i-Coms:hosne; I give up beat.
A Woman does have sgreatidesl to dr. - I con •
feet myself incompetent to manage. - Come
home; and you shall have a new eitk 'dress,
sad a daughter of. Erin to• divide year labors.
Yours, discontlolately,
H. Satru..
A Friar Szturcu.4—As there is 0 chance of
l i r
the ,D stmt . of Qolumbin being turned into
Dalt° sy and of She ebony elms being meta
'me aged into voters, it will do no harm to
'draw a fancy sketch of a scene at the polls.
We wilt therefore suppose the pails open
and a voter presents himself and hands in "his
Meer—What's your name 4 :
Officer—But your sur—name ?
Voter—Mussa never call me sir.
Olficer--Well, your haptiamal name ?
Voter—Oh, gory, Reber was baptised in dis
Officer—Well. your Christian name'
; Christian was de old masaare
Cleaner—We%are there others named Coffey
in Your ward? • , .
Voter-0, gor a Mighty, yes, yah, yah, dare
am_sin Cuffey'a is one house.
Offieer—Well, which Coffey are you ?
Voter—Wby,- i am die d identical Coffey what
am stadia' here. • • -
- Officer—But -low do you know yourself
front the s nther Coffey's!
Voter'—Why; die Coffey am a gemmeo ; de
older Caffeya am all comeion folks.
Otrmer.—lfot which. of the Coffey% urilsot
on she lint of voters ?, -
Voteran't read em glyphicb.
Offiear.:;Whisrii•do•you bre?'
Voter—Dowo at de bola
Offieer.:-Well, does any other , Cuffe,T.Arer
lite the*? !
Voter—Cora; yes, dere WA tour or et
clan't•oomailibich.• ' •
Ogricer 7 - 1 1Vell,,wboil'e your wife's nosey t :
Voter—Lor-o•tonery; helot got none.j -
Otrutor-Are the other Caffein curried
Voter...-trebet ROM married;,, Del :hob
one woman betwixt em. _
Officer—not age are you?
VcoerDat question anttoo atistjeated tor
die chile-
Oißeer-..Are. you twesupone ? • .
Voter—Neber oonntid more iwo and
bad to count 'sit, One it a 'time.'
Officer--Dld pm ever pay et tax ? . . .
Voter—reu, &LW% torinum 4 0 4
once; but be psid far 'em hisself,
Ql6eer—What claim have yeti for sakiog to
vote brief • - •
• Vater-I'e a loyaL aintraben Ainerican
le of ZrAan deseept, , ,Jhonstotria.Panoclia
• •
Amax:loam rs Trotrer.l..-41ot the , '
leis& smash:lsola:Dom the si'y sights yestemby
yea the foil ,- wing, which we _offer iota Was
tretion of the "ligos of the tittles Au old
uquaiotsace of - ours, hourti for the list tit
y4an s se one of the 'most.- bitter sad rabid of
the oect of Northern .AboPtiouiets, presented
himself to as as a ciadirlaie. ter awiracuriitra
hit° the country: the object of the ism:Mitt :
rm i friendly visit to a neighbor. Wheel,
domicile allow/4,01e plessurea of 'llte
the cellar and dig Darter, Aside from this.
as anis, diaper dents" with the ladies of the,
bbarsboid Sit eitpeeled. •
• : Tba carriage,' mere waiting, sad "mest•af,
the part): bag left the; hall door: - . ,
Oar blend it mid mot go lath them, becipie
st thit inemeat he wits teigagedia as Santo'
sed,:itestettlisoossioCia, regard t 4 the free.
&la sad equaiity of thef.iclowa4roddelsace."
He =intik el ttrat the two c of g a i n iris A,
I fable Unworthy the eriligitteummit of the f t *: •
eat art, Ile instanced Tesiesawilletreesttudi .
' .floataa..fred. Dauglas Wid'itithers, sod, was,
41titi the carat*. lett, , tweet upon all, the
f ooties of unieertal - eoslity. - Am ebbniaeios
lento household 'urged 'oast Olw
*lead verratiard- to empty Vie reotatip
eel ghos t and, jerk reashisg the door:„ fatted
is in the wagon. lie 'masted beside itisi
Zack." our eolorsii driver.
..Let me out." said-ito'wlet me out."
.4.Wbat fuer: onid - • •. • '
'Antid be, ~ d o pin suppose I'd
ode to Mr: --4—% hone% :befdre LII Use to
dies. iritit' d--;oo.4isterel • • - • :
4 4Vig, esid ter, mukeresto•year
EiplesuNever mind niunreireA : ' B.
4 411 tee you in b'-1l before Pil Tide utoto tbir
tau wore s u ttie,bidieelrre, alongside of;
Vitt 'oriniiing flinger. No. sir; Viiinefpleo
era all my ~1, bot-- 4 ,1"••• ilsistbetur
peso at/leanly)" , .
I ?be "tory utsy 16441, bat His trlle
• •
spa' __, 1,:i1t,..,.. .
T e r a. d i e
i t cii i.' d alxa ' '.
•itto 14 iiinettleltiiiiiatietlfeeV io.l 1:
.00 08; Or nothink : ,..: •
_1, , . I.'
thwArenit F" / 110,71 s aViiig - ; '
'the rtf ,, ,emAitimiorilf_e't . . 6,?... 4 001tin, ',..:
Ccito titiiireltrdiethetrer,ose4, 3 , i - ,,
fiegt oit of the test , ketbraterifitelareihr / I t
... ...- - . • .
4'deipttitorte-ktraht ~,
... -. .teetiitettfaiteetteph's,(44-,. i•
hettio-fieida---iodioialf-•=-;ilojlef-=•-Joyat.••••:!- - -4 ,
topl.....—bavel...ereseou-..•.. leyd..t.-.. c0n .. -
eptFet s ore—loyttl-r-Olempt.s ta oVerAtOr
the Povera meet :...-loyst —tiiiioa----
crimp+ ;---trattorleed.iitily Eisitoe .
—eat -
Pazflitti.." -: • . ' ' . ...„ .. •.,
• r
To e . who bare heard way Bod,inal,eirech
delivnred within the 'oat fear years, son-rep&
4111 up the-blsitkiffi Ott memory. ,', '"-'
:The'New ' Pork fri6isii proPeitis;'hi'lialtiri,
to tr' whits-psoids lei the Sauthvbeferelbtaik . -'•
ittrie 9.elA the iltletla.thekthhOP Ake 444 Was_ • •
i t , ge i
! / " .hor fir tel lt 4 4 ll. ..r h it-P l POlft 5)61 .:
-' MI3OMniKIO a iipieel twilit Senate the ,
WI day. on 4WM to inditinilly'earif Cori :-•
AIM rdAr loans attire& done for the got; '•
Orem nt, paid this handsome cosplimhotle•;,
e i
Gil- ite Mei:hanks otthe North,., . , • -
... WS' the entoriniti been Made iii_time of
peave y t/engross would not, be • justffiedin•disii..' '-""
OF I t li m - was .pow l'esP9sld.,hut Irar , had
made,chsitges which,could not,bo overlooked.
~ -
ft would be slimly lit act Of justice tezeilit ...
good ;thole :fosses to the Meehntiiis' nf 'the' '
country, who 1011 oontribute4rintost avowal,
I'esenhoet in say, ,as even the freedmen, to .
the ntaionsl incotws." ,•
- .The nrotiatim . the ,
banners at the iiegro ,
ceteb 14 4 Wesbirtigton, an'tbe 17tb; were' "
Ts road e up of math as follow : ....Pik have ••
reed ed our.titte to tivil,right tr- r give, us " the
ta rs
right of eirffrage; and' the work is doe*" !'Alt ...
the werld:knoift thatiii ire mat."' "Uc.eoti:
ditiodal.ouffragel' :;frifnieerial - suffrage."- - •
', 4 tleetke Ae - A } L' .'`...,,N0e the•esiorsl4.tbe skin •
males this min." -we must have
-the ballot," ,
”ciyil rights will'do, but manhood "suffrage „
esissflebleserket.,44. : :-.- ..,:i . ,- ; , ;,, •
~ -
‘Tb I.4 : croose iteregerisipublishes thataine '. .
id`WAVisoecein patriot,. who wept to rite-. Ware. 1
sati l brought: kprre, among other .plecties,.,a.
Jong "'• 'ft:a?"' After:ldeping' the darkey it .
menial Jabot fofainas menalks,,•the Model B.C.' _
pp.ll em.secually, anmpned him "Ott: Air a dog . .
w tir Vier Republim,n.. That's, malriog 4,1 e,
- no Itiftigcb'esp." '- : - - 1
4 10
. k
ilifrilisneCoriitaiiiioner Treed/nen, ,
oi - the District-0 Columbia, ban found Wain. - -
itarti it Ist,* lostritotiouk Lo teach the. ne..: , c
trait the duties 'and obligations of marriage—
,_ .
How tench Mere do they know about voting
than'tnatriatottY 7 ` •:•-' ' ''' : ' " ' ' • :
she - editor 'o the 'Pres; AO latii Titursdaz
evening; iithis address be fore It abgre literary - •
inatitittion in Thilidelphia- -' , 4 mar. upbeats,-
tingly in "fever:Of conferring the, ballot, non. ,
ths•veltiredeitizen." This is toeing the - mark.
Forney it the political godfather' of Geary;
the Donnie° caod,ulate for Goventer. - . 1 -- ; •
The New Yost (C. kinds (!) Advocate says :
"The uagroja the catalog man. - The etturek
;thst (shalt now secure to.iteelf the solortat
. impulaiiou of the country.4fil natio eare.of,
a great power for-the future:" 133,'
"Christians" ere -lustiorAfter powerooo,
well as politicians; and, to sootarkit., afro de r
vitiating their - race and cialor,,aud ticitiag
the serf -boots - of the negratee. Not for' the
salvation. of souls—not for the -extenslea:of
God's Ifiagdom.—but for ;``Poier7'f—Sessporal
power f —and the . entolnents • platger
Ulla train; • God help ouch 4thrlstlene.'!
_Those who. oppOsed the' nietisures of Mr.
Lincoln were nicknittned "CoPperbends -
()tight not those who now -oppose President.'
Johnson bear.tbe some epithet?, . - .
'truer was otos Pativ.-r,ths the 12th orlkez
*ember: 1859,,,k1r. 14-toss - Trumbull, then,. awp
now. a Senator of-the - United Stales
!.Itt rayAndstoest, "there -lei alstinetiott,
made holm' the. white and - the black races'
made by Omnipotence itself. Ino not. ; hotieve.
these two reees 'Can live happily aid pleasantly
together.f - • •
T i Wojuiticei of the pedoe'and one clergy.. ,
matt relused-to marmaitegrocenple f um one,
thousand mike ,from here, last ,week. W.
refeir The cite to the , g,Preedineits' Biretu "
high heeded outiatel" - - . .The ceremony.
vis lutrfortned by a. Presbyterian clergy man .
in his parlor. —Fredonia Advertiser. •
The Aiehtnetal Nosisfitr: Isys.A!this cant.
try :is . fast. teadi)g to the.lonost and most
vulgar eityle of royalty—the - monarchy of the
mob and the aristocracyof the dollar."'
lion. A. IL Coffroth, Id. C.; frota - thn Sea
ford. Somerset and Franklin district; trill
mate accept our thanks for valuable ' , pair.
s " •
• William Lloyd Garrison; an oriel/al \-,,
abolitionist, a canonized dical, and 11,-
hater of the 'flag and the reviler of the
Constitution, wants to impeacS -President
Johnsoe. and laments that he • -is not in' ,
Congress to do it. . - -
Alexander IL Stephens testified befere!
the Star Chamber Committee that ha
thought that Congress' And the people .of i
the North were laboring •under'an entire;
misapprehension 111 regard to the people
of the South generally., So far as he was!
capable of judging, the people willingly!,
Accepted the new •condition of affairs
which- the rebellion had brought - about::
lie; OM be d'itt not believe there was ,
considerable 'number of pentane in ihai --
South who were not in- favor of'c.arryint,
knit' to the fullest extent their obligation -
to the Government. •
Senator a recent Speech in
the &bite; laid' that since "the war began
AI million of negrors bad dinclin the South.
,4.his.rate the'African ipteistien rrilfaoon
Settle itself.. •, . -
-, craeer. euitotiters.;—.
While Liticoln. lived ,they, deviated, ha'.
„wail l ''fbeeriniernment." After his death,
evreirerAsis - sneer:nor did 'botinherit the
"Tight divine," *bat the sceptre of power
passed to Cortgress„which fallow" the '
Government," so the-Radittsfs contend.
. .
• =Las - J.-ear the Radical' Republiesna of,
Cohnectiettreketed- their'Governor - by,
spwarct of: eleven ;11musatici'meieriti„,w.
Thir,!_year-,they brought ant theirstreegest
Man for the same - office, and elocted o him,
by'. only flan hundred majority.: The pi- -
topes* has about - run its rare. •
The Jitirnal
,Coiiierc pertinent:lY
Marks that the ten transition ides'o, the
1,84401 leaderninvolifesthearkesting Irina '-
1 Stites (kali reserved. powers Over Abele
aloi Inhabitants, and the erection of a
'nevi kaierntrien t 'at Washington - which
- .shalt - have-power teetienistreeta in New
York, establish tnarketi in Ban :Francisco,.
lieensa,backa in ; ebicaga, , and 'prescribe
I penalties 'for Locat, till4ncel in every. State. ,
. '
!The Washington correspondent of the'
- tebscinneti gagtre is IPdigvant lansennis the
Preildent has recnered "JolarGibsins,osat ,
matiter at' Chilliissthe, Mo.: without- .the
knoveTedge of Mi.; Ban. - Losin.'the
'her:4mm - the Chillicothe pisteicti'lifbd•
ii4r!inst the remonstrance of thadis
npiontsts of the county, l and appOsted
Dementia his plate.: He says ritut ,
rnoiral _Was insisted upon by the Preseident -
eitainst, this wishis of the restutsster:** btai: T;
_ ,
ti i!bnsou Phab-luts. been .fortneCat
*amnion alb with Mon. itionigottlecl
air. n member-of LincolaNk Cabboat.! ti,
PriViditat. • 4,och .-" Republiinuts lis hew
&tor Norton. of Minnesota i Marcus 4.
'llatrott, of Katooks-r- and &maw Van
Winitiv; , otlWest Virginia, irevionipii*
90 5- stating dB members.'.. .., •, _ • -.: •- I.
. --.1
' :The bew York 'l4 - vea - els isincernedf kV
thanyident breaking up of theilepahtii,
ffe!tPart.7. • ' • • : . .1'
i The Weir York Su* regards 40 1 0101 u!
tionii of 'chi Abolition Mate
or Paubsylvanisai a il poiiticalioviiiiiy," ,
a; ..corigionterations" and'_d.ilu.'
tian tifideii." •,.. _ - ' • ,
.' • General Thomas Francis M - eakiker. Act.
411,tirovertkir of Montan:L has recanted
bit'lthiticil ' opinions,' and coin, - o for'
Vrenident 4Folinson:.:l -•- ... -, _, ',
' 1 Senator - loci, ni_'..ltaititaiiti big
gustaittitg the': President's veto, liariii•--.
ft This I do - know—that - the. Iterthboan
Port-t; of Arbiek ..f Pm n member. it awe&
4. O , IP,PieS, , IAIt t Y lit Ant i' dl9' ` " It
pone the rieeptsoit of Won States,sit.
-aunts the destruction of that*piirty. '
~ ,