The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, April 26, 1866, Image 1

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COO STATZ Zr. AND 18c f'Jt6.
.3,,cilivriol'i,•'!VO.DOWoll:4 AND Firrr elms pee
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Nale expiration of the-year. Stibantibers
' trr ,l by flatlet 7 0 . 1 Oe•Chakged ,Flrer CUTS a
vain adi!lion.
p1.3.-4o* Squire of Ten lanes out,
!ye ; two insert:ooll ; three loser,„ (int toou' i l $1, 5 0 kwo Menthe t 3
• ow b. 51,50;. is mouths s7.oo.oneyear $12.00
Ito , rates
ether abrnstisomente In proportion. Thom
,nit ~,e t r ac tly adhered to, opine chango4 by special
patrsct. or st the optiOn of Abe publishers. Audi.
tole N o nco, :limy!, Divorces ;and
„ow g4O; Administrator . * F.otieee
Not i e es rsv cents& line; liarriage Notices TWEWIT.
. Ivlcia ts piece; Obituary Notloes (over three lints
t e lt) fire outs per line. Original poetry, tw
!tor:Most the request of the *Mn,. ono. &dux
Pu •—
All adttertinetnallia will be continued a t
tte el:ewe of the person advertising, until - ordered
poi by his direction, "tenbeas a specified period be
upon foe their insertion. I
3 1; , , o nsg.—Nce have one of the best Jobbing
ova in the State. nmd are ready Ito do all workin
tout -that may be entrusted tons, In equal styli
tL , ter er'shlisbnient 'outside of the largest cities.
e r 44t1 com munications should be addressed to
13111PJ'iti WHITMAN,
Editor and Prc 4ktor.
nets Direct
Arrortmor Ay LAW, Girard, Erie Coltotn
rand other bushieu attended to with
4: pU UM, _
13106. neer North West conies of the
d: w
Al7Ol/1711 Mr Law, Ridgway, pa,
, licges l2 , Cameron and Je &nano:made%
A ny. ultalY66- 1v W.W. WILBUR.
;tam, • •
DINALVR ART Gomm. th 1
(Pam Seed, Plaster, etc., eor
sad Pattie Ectitre..Ezir;Pa. jaritt.
NE,' •
larny armillaat Straat.a;on Eighth
to sad Fritsch. Flag Horses sad Car
cptable terms. asy2Bll4-Iy.
Coma 07 FROCEI exu Thn Signers. EMI.
E „,?. p,opri,tnr. 04,0 d H 'roes sod Carriages
in food at moderato prices., Sept. 2S, TiSS-
au% [trigs% LEtt
Des , er in Groceries, Prodoes, Provisions,
How zwi Stone Ware, Wines, Limiors; &e n
it, opposite the PostotEce, Erie, Pa.
, • ' ' r--
i: . 3.I.tGILL, , '
, or"' -
. ,
e3reieT, Offkre is Ems- 'ler .. .
lock,r.ortledeof the Park, I;rie,,Ps. 21.
‘V I 11.1.1AMS_ CO..
ScoomsoOon to al , Igo J. Morton.
.11 gerLantif, and Whaler/0e dealers In -Coal.
r N. Y. I: E. sad People's l.lne•of Steamers.'
{clack, Erie, F. - jan4'es
.'NI 31 AZEPPA IfInIISK DI 4S :i•-
~.L.—Dinsetz..w °profit's run Pass ' us." 4 UR
tn., ?a.. Beinw newly Atte up in the :14.. zur:
:Ile, is now open to the public. Mem In 1 le
thp arritral of all Zoom:war Trains,. 1 . 10, J.
O.I.Ir.LISY 1311.03.,Pr0pct. t•qe..
.les wilt LLDISr, M. U.,
Plll/1101.413 AaD So coos
2.1 floor A:loony's Ettott, Weet Park, Erie.
lord, Cliestian k Hutti's store. Reeleenee
nee Wiliam, FllthStreet, SLAM French.
stria 2 to 1 P. Y.
•of Rio deneehes Btock , 14145,‘Pif. - •
J..81.4tiR1.Y, •
•/rpowiray it Law. Ridgway.
WM also practice In adjoining Coantiea.
bett's 01111ee.); Clotlitift:
short notice. Termaiki
rot 24
& etyma,
Arrog%lye 4 ..0 Cetrzaditone A? LAW
BPRICn v., opposite Crittenden lien
linnet's and all. other fecal beisi
vmezo, Erie, Warren =I Farce.
to carefully sail prongtly.
a. A. Gelbraitt; , Waltnian & /4reald
• k llr,rtiv, irte,Pa.- •
Ilee. B. P. Joltzeosi, W. D. Brown
V A E. .
- 17iobEalE3!!!
or bee .remand Ms dock at litqcetles
tad above the Lake . 1 ,•••••• Depo' to •he
brick block no Stets street, cornet of
he will be happe to se.• ui friends and
rtl this ordsts for goods Me stock
`vie sad carefully selected akod ole.ed
tit retie consistent with- the oilsinsl cos
411 la u se d a t anything to Mt.
allen to es'
P. 410inilliDER
IIItiTWKEN SkC.,(1111);
Flue, Pretut.'
1111•0 associated that:44,er, eallei'
4 14 it of Webb & Chibh, in th e Pottery band
t oLi stead, on the canal, between 8800113
Strt4.the •
wttroesge of the euttomers of the Oa
tutvta of the pubile generally, premiday
ast endeavor to dire ierfect aa , lefetioo.
F. Airx
gßimlAi. CO LLEG E.
ta t it, Gko,, W . fltxxigott
`: Lsor. •
' 8, btu nstsification of At.-
Al at, Oraitteanbil sbd MA"
Con,. r j LW)) erlitntioreist Artth'
team; be,a r 044%, nog
' Cud. mm7:00,14110 1014.- Arimuas at
e% ssq erahiwat f etey:iacutstble vary.
sod closing Looks. Ws stilettos will be
aWs pleasant. preeticiChod perms
ibis City of Sc-Lools." Prectioal •••
Ns will be emptoyed. Terms—,TuttLeas
bad for eirtu
Ths best feetltti tsr es
a • emit greetast
sUr- ( 1;41 -7
it A_ T_A lIiT0 5 411T1t 'INT C _lg
. .
, .
This Old lEstablisbed Agency represents the leading, most. popular and mit successfil insurance Companies
Life, Fire, Marine, Inland and Accident Insurance. Combined - Capital represented $28,000,606, affording f , l
once tokany allsonnt desired, and on as reasonable terms as sound and welt monoged Companies ecu afford.
Order's for Insurance attended to with Promptaeis and Fidelity, in town or country. 111)4041 attention gire
liege and Farm Property, fa periods of three or flee years, or perpetually, 14 deposit of premium. Rates ver '
gelj-Thet.hoisghtfulUntprudent man insures hie Property &gehapt toes Or damage by TlT:Nand hie Life for the
and kindred depetkent upon him. Alt' who havenot yet attended to this duty, should cal at once and get the
the tollowingpomPanies : •
Walker's Of
itair 7.112
OfMoe second
een Flfth and
Cub Arstis, - - - t4:667,445
- - - 244,491 43
Net A:motto, - - 3,823,064 Si
t rem
• . .
II A-111) AT WORK!!
• ET 43f
Efficient organisation at roar thouaand ilodaTwriters.
from No Scotia to California, cod Lobe Ruperior„
b este° mad the gulf, barmoo'ing the savored' average
with al psusatiog ratesthe adiroseursrot of the
public w are.
OP Till .
e Park
P. M,
Streot. be
le are cil
Tii hoorrance Centaimiinisr to as Legidefortt
, :The Etna Insurance Company, . f Dartford,, one of
be most eneceratul Fire Insurance Corneal:lle_ of this
or any othrer country
••• • •
.Coaneetient Companies follow the roles and practi
ces of the Rtut aim-at as caret Ily as if they were. m
bod.ed In st state law." -
Again. pointing to errors of prattle. In Net* York
Companies, the ;this's enecesafol management and
so id ru:es are called to their a teutton thus:
"It sill:remain, more a matter of wonder thin imita
tion in the Insurance sroed
• • • •
‘"Eli what subtle alchemy has this ccrporatlon been
enabled to tern its fallpail capital into •he Thileso•
phor'a atone r
• • _ • •
"The extraordinary scents which have distinguished
its unparalleled ticiantdal Mater?...
The a.erege 'owes per diem iattl.• Culled Stain at
this period of the year, are boat two hundred and Oft,
\Clausal:6l dollars. The telegraph daily Botta& startling
notes of warning to all prudent omens.
Policies Wised without delay.
T. W. CEO WELL, Surveyor.,
—A 1 CoMpany.—
guru voistlittavvis COMPANY
C %Rd O.4PrrAL - 82.000 000 00
As4KIN. lit .hataxy, IS3, 3 1 39 4 ,874 14
- i 5304024•
Showing the c inditton of the Conineny on the tit day
o (January, 1866.
Cnt•h balance in bank
Bowie Sc. mort., let lien on real
estate • 196 892 60
Loans on stooks, Tay. on demand 97,392 OS
United Rates stocks,market •al. 1,350.834 90
Slate & man. stocks & bonds, do. 405 425 00
Zink stocks, do. 113.6 0 00
Interest dne on Ist Jan., 1866 27,43 la
s 6 412.,
Balance in hands of agents and in
' course of tram:mission' 178.010 51
Bills Rao , for pre. on In. Itisks,&*3 43,163 44
Government stamps on band , I • 110 00
0' bar Property, Mis. Items. . 13,505 18
Pie due and uncol on rcol. issued
.01015 ly
Bt office (fire. Warta & mar) 43.141 88
Steamer Magnet - &-areik. apps. 83,483 94
Total Assets; .$3,598,674 14
ea to tbo
Claims for too. out. on Jan. 1, 'G& $152,946 24
Due, stock on account dividend 1800 00
Notwithstanding the eery trial of the put yea; dur
ing irl• Leh the eornoanv hie paid losses to the amount
of $1.637.853 34, ertthoui omitting the eetni.annual d c t
Idende, "The Warne." with Ile teeth' a' Two 141111
Intact, apd a net enrolee of -$1.444.937 90, ematinnes to
eir.r to all who-aeek reliable inattrenee, Intueem nte
surpassed by no other company.
• - 1 J. F. DOWNING, Agent.
T. W. Crowell, Furreyor.
~. 1- ' •
r •lt IR 'Will loin entteennoray to Irina re in the best Coro.
pante', ead tbereite none better than the old Inas ,
saw Coropeny a ?Forth Ameries." e . S
INCOU!OIUtT o, 1194.
A 11421(
1 gtoni
nit he
I kin d..
' . ....-....
"-144Th9E241,4.3121CAL STAIIDIZNTI I
11$1411, Jar. 1, 1E 1 18 , : . Markit Pala.
First mortgagee on city property $4441300 00
11. S. Government bonds 83000 00
Pennsylvania State bonds _ 109,000 00
Phila. - city bonds 128,700 00
B )cds of Penns. IL- B. Co. end other
corporations 190,440 00
& other corporation stooks . 66,196 93
Notes'' Kee. (temporary loans) 150,471 06
heal Betate, office of the Co., 232
Wa'nutt street 22,000 00
Unpaid Pre. & debts due on acc't—
good - 107,581 13
Cash in.B'k &in hands of Agts. 168,829 32-
Total Assets 51,731,216 14
•OVER $18,000,000 001
rcAus succusseuL mimosa sxranizscs.
Policies tined without L'elsr It -
J. F. impwriliva,Apat.
I% W. CROW&LI; Surrayor.
LOSSES PAID IN - 1865, $410,1318 91.
OABII ASSETS, lAN. 1, 1866, $1,006,79033.
Ebi teat of tta nallonnUtr. the solid *wee, it bu
tospitred patrons. and its ability t s pus tbroith ma
soya prolito of mall arzstlons with boom and prollt to
them Most iota salad. may 06 Wensd from avenue of
the folios iftg arum of,
•Arkongsis $22,830 43 Minnesota • 20.080 42
Alabama - 45,728 36 N. Hemp. 26,309 19
tlooneotiont22o,B3l 97 New York 548,680 a
California 181,820 54 New Jersey 3,750 53
D't of Col. 196 85 Nebraska 1,167 00
Florida 20,468 42 Ohio ' - • 103,958 59
Georgia - 22,138 75 Peno!'s 53,274 QO
* ludiens. ' 84,203 19 R. Wand 20,771 21
Illinois 210,698 57 8. Cattlins 21,032-75
lowa . 81,616 73 TenneSsee 46,970 90
Kentucky 59,978 19 Texas 3,961 98
Kansas' 18,416 07 Vermont 4,282 48
• Moine 60,893 45 Virginia 27 24
Mesa. 59,870 04 W. Virginia - %MOO
Maryland 89,602 95 Wisconsin 86,444 76,
blissitelppi 20,882 65 Canada, am SO
iliasouri• 80,585 86 N ora Scotia 14,283 78
lgiehigsn, 67,057 , 64 N..Brnam )6,830 75
Losses Always Paid Prosody.
J. A. DOWNiffgist, i
e, *
T..%f: OBOWSLLO3nner ,
• - , .
. , . , ,• . .
- ,
.•• . , t
. ,
' . - . .. . '' •-.•••;:-. '...... '+' 'i' - ' ' ,"' s.' :• :-. •' ' .'.. -',,-,
. .
. ;
.: ir. .. vt .„.. tk
~,.n .i...
. .
.._ .._ ...,,,...... k''.''.' ...",..1. 1 1; ~.
11 %;.:' •lh , )i, ' ! I - i :
0,, , - • ~..
. . .:. . 0 ! ~ tr:o4 - I,* r ~• . , ~.... J. , ,s- •• - - ,
... ~...•,,,,,... ; -,-i - --• --1.---. .., .....-,--,*._.:-:-.• 1 -- - -; - •••T..;:_t: --. ' : . • trl ..-, :i
3 10 ft X 1
. . .. .., •di , -., t “
. - , - ; . . - : I '+' . '. i •,!' -7. , - I f.! '' .!"
~• - '
$50,744' 49
/ 0.7 11AITIOIN 003 A.
, .
Erie, Peurea.
Office in Rosenzweig's Block, opposite Brown's Hotel.
Casir.Capital and Surplus
States Securities 468,643 05
Loans; ou Bond bforgage_ 262,000 00
bash in bank and hands of agents 85,518 87
Loans'on Stocks, pay. on demand 852.400.00
Real Estate, Interest, ace. • 11116818
Wisconsin & California Bonds 8,00000
$1,288,729 00
Lollies In process of edjwament 120,000 00
Unpaid Dividends 1,880 60
$21,876 60
. t
Fair Rates, .Parst4Class Security, Prompt P ay.
Inge'nt of Losses. .
1 - - J. F. DOWDTISCI. Agent.
1. 1 .,,,W. CHOTELL. Barrejor. . ,
Cali Capital
Meets, January 1, 1866,
The Assured receive . -
Of he net profits erl'houttieenerleg any Ltibelith or,
In lieu the, ito4let the'r option, a Mena diaconal Apoo
tbelproolual. ; _
Scrip Dividend, declared -1(66, Fifty per cat.
1 , J. P. DOWNII4O, dient.
T.l W. CRIWELL, .Bareryor. ,
0 3t a
Ca4h Capital,
, Aa4atz,
Imams Herdlegs, Mantesetetiee. ye ehydiu azgl
other property against lomat d'emege by gm owd elan
insure, against the risk of Inland Transportation and
This Company has tiumo.Dtparimants in Imolai on
Its hreltniinesa. ' -
Ordinary or Teim.Department.
Tam r term or one rise oollairs,on.ill Mw' oo of to
so able propert, at fair will oquitablental.lithallt UP7
puileipatioo la tbw poets of the Corepsoy--thr sum
as oiler stook Corepe*m - ,
Participating Department.
IMMO term boliaiy for one, Om' er den yinani. 4 44
Dwellings, rarnitare sad relll2 Building, and their
contents. glv nit wreh polterkii a narttepatten to the pro.
St. of the Company, withcrat their incurring any
talky thereby.
Peipetztal Department.
,Insuresa perpetual pollees muffin, • deposit of •
mall amount of money. in lien of alLfiatot• paments
of pruiskasc, covering take upon threlltcp, and then F.ralturc. Rano and Mgr contents fitorpsCand stocks
of Goo4ii, Churches and Schen! Room. 1 -
_ T. R. CROWELL.Surrsfoc.
OP ine
No. l 8 Wall St, N. Y., on the lat du of Jut., ism
Croat le tank and In offier, • $ 36,564 94
kinds sed'erort•ares Mang drat Ilea oa real
estate to New York and Brooklyn, worth
at least $381.00()) mato 00
ioui• no do-k% parable on dented& (market -
Woe of emirates he'd u ooitateral. $ 79 ."
L. 1740 0 ) 1t‘,743 211
Caned states stocks award by the Company,
irAt 254 220 00
*tate weeks owned by Co.. varlet vales, 29 GO CO
Real Estate (entnentobored) 4,000 00
lettered iteerped tot which meter part doe • •
• Tan : lst, ptdd,.) 4.9e9'31,
Balanee . ln hinds of Agent; and in ammo of
11 transroleston trees /ants, t• 44,60000
Bills receivable for yromleun on inland risks '
and other Ileum . 13,791 25
Cub teem, Irons onnolleeted ton'yolleiss Lanai
at oats 6.89648
Mika for Lewes eatataztelug, ha. 1, '61.„ 19.66511 L
Copaid Dhidendi,4lc,SCO..
. .
Total meta ma Liabilities.' 5ig;3973 IP.
The "Aretit" ha. s first elsrs , Jettstatios forjussers.
Lis an* literal dealing. It Is s mond estopsay,sail
.• • -
doles a prosperqui bemoan!
J. swim Pratt 4 ,
LLB. WlLLlttitTtf, Vies Pr e
V szczn ittt OV. Seel.
Timm's Bastursas, Ain't Early.
J. >i'. DO 111411170, Agent.
' W. CROW ELL, entveyor
. OP no comirios OP Pine -
N 0 R-T 11 . A 'E RICA IN
OtthoC7tyofNow?ork,oe Oro 31st day athwart..
Cub Capitol, =6OD,6tID (IO
2urplasp • 34 6:3 61
Loma on Band and Mortilare,balog AM on i
real estate worth over SO per eent. above • •
the mount Joe • ed. - in. VW 100 .
Btoeko, Hoods sod other' imeeneltleo ova .4 by
the Company, emend valor,, . ;12 Brl SO
Cub to book and odes, • 39,931 41'
Loans on dratudo idtb Coliatere. • 39 OM 100
Premium:4 dill sedates's:idiot, 14.10142
Cseb•ln agent? bandi, Weems of tesnoode.i MA ISO
latotest seemed co oecoadtlea. 1400 l• le
Bills rseelvable, I• . 2,8 f 4SS
_ .
Other property et cezepeay, , 8$1000!
161063 AT
. rota amts. ,
. •
TS* loose by ens tbreutfrout the rafted' Mateo dor:
tag the put year bore bees larger to mown than Those
°Sent PRO of tbe_praTioun eire - ate; years, oasirdloretb,
Doom:eon *am of $49.000,1n0, arod 'Op others and 'c 1104 '
awe of tte Pompey tonvatallir its sioebbeadora;
egad, and =Amer' upon 120 wry Battering redolt of
tbsyear's Suable's.
In this 'pi:dower tba'aa'ADA 'oaf Pollefeit• In 44 ;
profits of the beternetertrw• et toeurilnirsay_uoWSP.l .
Invideod tor 1146, GO ter not • A COUtISSI nee auyour
beer se,roPiettelly 40'!424.4. _. ,
- - •• - • 348.,W.C1111.8 - freal: .
• , 11. W. Briocunia TAO., . „ - _
- J. OusiroLD.Oen.dipret.
• .T. W, citoWiga i Bangor. ...
-.' " 1 1 01 , am 0 7 VIMOZZIMML \ ••
Cub (Unita],
' ' Esnarallim
t; .. ; . _.''',. 1110,000„.
. ,
Titsultstrtnebs.• iiitti a gala tit gosh %Rae Mar
I million. awn rsone,ity sottnailint order or malt TA*
standing orttia tionin:af:Jil "A 2.!..-llunii PrdziP9 sad
1r 1t :
11100. , ,11.. X 0 *UM _ Pro%
Asst. V.' Wyss* Astry. -
1.. - 9V,',.CIOWIEiL i Salvor.
$1,286,729 60
) 1.20,086
'' ASSET .3.
cia,tol itit
751,053 57
A. C V" I
n the Country. embracing
ilities for first Cilisll Incur•
to the 'neural:ate:of ihrel
1 t."
ro 1013 ec of wife, ahiidren
'r policies in one, or, more of
" • -r
0P 0111.120710L14 /LAIL
Cash Clonal iuld Saniiaa,
"digingdeld^ has done a bugs and anecaufal
bl iffesau fop boollY tlr4ntl year+, sad b on• of Bap
'gni. WWWSWISOI 1 1$1 11 1g Leos NPW blidand•
ratEMAN • Praiddint.„ I
'FBAS . E. PANS,Sed,r.
. . „ _ S. P. , DOldStiO, Ape.: 1
I X,lff• STrnyar. , - - •
- 1
• ,
. . ,
CAA Capital and Stoplin, -'
iwaserwstiva sad well essaired
tall mad O th s insuring
The glimmer la a
Coaraah aniglea to
OKI& •
LQUIII settled prom
V,r mod Morally
0. BUZZIiREDGE• ?hail
'J. P. DOW NI Va. Apia.
Assets over
!Somber of Polies IMila
New Policies timid duel
Retests thetas nu • -
preaao 1441 year, itO per glee!
eta ihoola to profaned 1
Div Mead p o 'd during
Total alvtdaadit paid, ay.
Total Lo am gaid. an?
Why tie Co anestient
It lithe
I:l4cwst "and ljtest
184 Safest,
I Lora
It by been ism oustes te to is
• MIE •
• th. %mat Mita elaidette. -
the hard entente% hotted.
the largest at mtge. '
the tamed ilibristhl• autplue -
the lamest
the leyeeet to m..
• had through It white Vetoer tb• pettlest .
' ni tha 'I =mit avarage tams at tatmeat of
• onto. •
.!ore famish." lattirance at kw cost than
I. It ••
2. It •
a. It h
4 It ha
6 It b
8. It •
It to •
it• • '
8 It oh %,
9. It tb
say otbi I
• .
-lee !cued br itsta Com ;nor ani either non
by their toms, or tow be toirrerted 'lnto
eh ars so, at the option of the Inured.
• -
attictry anexteptionable ?take accepted; no d
upon spn betieeen Fourteen and Sixty.
ni, Gin B. Pabi.rit, Soiy;
Via Pres% W. S. Otaurriuth WIN
es* •
AU Pal
them vh
J* t•
2. Psyrt •
1 121
or i tiaffirOßD. CONN.
..1. , . .
. .
The Tr 44•11 011. huntrants Compizy, of Hartford.
C olio was t he first to ineeerrifully Introduce hs. thus
.ortantly the prnettok of l i sorsnoe wine% aecident; of
whatever wed, whelks , or occur 'a traveling. or in
bunting. dehlng. ealliag.: diet: skating. is the street,
ohm; adtai t or while woring-in shoes's:ol4 tar : 4lm
or on the farm. , .- -
A. generearnidint oolira, coven .everf possible form
et easnal ~. looladeng risk in travellor; alert. all
forme of ;34. elocatlony.broken ;sonn roptored Undone
sprain., IIeVAMIDS.. CTWIILI/1. b. ON cake, O. ca; stabs:
genehot •eneunle. poireaki- woruu* barns suni,seabis,
bites lot doge, noprovo bed eassults by buntline. robbers
eP etarderr the echo o Of ilehtnine or inn etteks4 the
awe of implosions, -thsonteale,, tl usAri. and earth.
frelses,an . eaffsestioo he drewolognr choking.
• This Vompany hes cow 'when in enoceeetot operation
siwro April 'lst , I£o4. senfoi p to Jart.let.' INA had liaised
tiowents *Uhl:trifle then lain! porele‘nod rem, over
ries bond* lonia-4acio•tingitto large ram of ; SS9;
'Mtn toe tvlroe pollejo.hedars within the , year, for
$ 9,440 vedsll; prezolimas
_ ~, :-• I -. . .
Crish..4 .F - 2, :-- 1 t 36 - - •
, : "
• I
. _ .
The WI lTolley forever" ma. abettor be travels
snub on littli,„fs • general : ieeideakt policy. yid* 1 0 -
nrou;nig•fuit every-. poesrbba fonts of ClMlnsity at-all.
Usual and phew. /
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Ity named by seohleat. !cola 4seeedlag reel*
for saw ono seeldeef.) I
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Ilbersl dieemart al -e leitresepelkies.
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aniqoantb moral acaddrit pandas. at tea ran
_ftioned..with id patone amennasollawnitaal
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`Pain DrnahlStrar "` ION.
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. .
There Are , p ;an, univiittell and am:laming, ,
tir es:ar than any that l air yen heard
Necia'thit watt tot Ya Apgationave, -
&up tbst:bot 10dg tar s pstsdiss'bfrd.
Poe= that stop% tdieag2i lOwiist,
Poets', sanded sad iiiddon sway ' • ,
flows in tbe-aOarsibtrif liks,besattfol
Sweetly as Ames. Jo the sirs of hilly. _
Poems that only the saris shove • "
Looking down deep halo oar heartamay behold,
"bit thoogl tukeeen by . the twinge that lovr
Written Was to' lottos of gold.
Sing tom , soul tkeswest wog that thou Reset 1
flead we the poem that weer was ponied—,
The weed ,, rful WI of We that thou gins;
!nib from ob;beseititut Mend.
Mrs. Man . SwaL
A writer fi the Ladiei' Repository tells the
following pleasant story. The husbastd...
petal/J.O rhe auto/onto of bla yonog
had acquired,the habit of spending. his eve—,
ningi away' front hine, arid • her earnest' pro.
tear aphist this prude° resalted in his igre•;.
ale 4 to IPP4' la every. ovestiog for a week.sed
allow her to be abseut. The reault is ly.ttat,
might be expected in' every case where true
and-strong kffeotioo •ezists between husband
god wife. . • - - -
Monday evening esbne,and George neon
rniained true' to his promise. His ' wit-1441t
0n her bonnet andahaw4and he'said ha Would
remain home and keep • -
you dowbcp Lem gone V Emits
asked.' ' .
'O,l anon read, and bins; and 'enjoy myself
generally.' ; •
'Very well,'.said Datnt,•'l bank
The wile wententend the busbandwu left
alone.. lie had ,out interesting book, and he.
began-to read. ft. • II( read •till 8 o'clock and
then began -to yawn; and look frequently. at
the clock! Tbe bcokkdid net interest him ai
•Bver and meals would ellests-ra a
passage ihich he knew would pleasetikis sr*,
and iustinctively be turned u though ba
would read it aloud; but there was no Watts
Lear ft. At half-past eight o'clock he moor,
from his chair and bestir' to pace the Boar and
whistle. Then ha went and got his flute and
played several of his favorite airs: After this
be got a chess board; and played a girlie -fifth
an imaginary partner.- Theo he walked tbs.
floor and *blotted again. Finally the 015:44,
struck nine, and his wife returned. ' -
(Worse,' said she, '1 ant bank ingood
'time. How have you enjoyed yourself P ' •
returned the husband. if bad
no idea it was to late. I hope jr au have en
y oerself..!
-, .0, splendidly,' raid the wife. I had no idea
hew much enjoyment there was away from
home. Home is a dull place, after an, 04;1
Why, no, 1 can't Eay thit it in,' returned
Geotte.earelessly. beaded,
er like it.
s lo . ooo =
'I am glad ot,that,' retorted Emma; 'for we
"alrall'irate a nice comfortable week of it:
George winced at thia,bnt be kept Me 'coun
tenance and determined to stand
On the next eveniug Ertitda prepared to go
off again.. •
'I shall be bask in good time,' she said:
here are jou going; Emma t' her husband,
exactly; I may go to several
places.' .
George Wilson was left .alone again; and
he tried ..ter amuse himself es before; but bo,
found it a difficult task. Ever and.snon. be
would cast Ids eyes on-that emptj and
the lhtiught , *liquid come; gm* plesailit. it
_would bad she were here-I', The otoolt
sir ck nine, and .fitLinigaa to listen far the
itepi . of his wife: Half an hear more, Blipped
by, and be beoantervell'aervous and uneasy.
'I declare,', ito muttered to himself, after he
had listened for some time in va in; 'this, is too
bad. She ought not tvitay out so late;'"
But he happened to remembee Opt he often
remained away mioh,later. then that, so he
concluded to make the beet of it. - ,
' At a quarter to ten EMMA came home.
'A little - late, em I not ?' she said, looking
up at the 'clock.- 'Bat I fell in with some old
friends. -How have you enjoyed youlreelf r ,
'First rate,' returned Ueorge bravely. : it
think home is a capital place. - -
4 Eapeohillyithell a 'Man can hue it all to
himself." . added ,the.wife, with a sidelong
glance at herhusband.
~ But-he made no reply.
Oithemext. evening Emma prepared to go
'tittles before; but, this time she klased..,her
husband ere she went., and_szemed to hisitate
*bout leaving. • , • -
, ,
'Where 'do , y u - think' ot going t'''Getirp
asked-in an undertone."' - • :,, -,
1 d may drop in' and - see Uccle John,' replied
Emma. 'However, you won't be uneasy. •You
will know I'm wife. '
.o,•eertainly,'Ssid her intsitand.; tut:when
left to his own reflections, be begaitto 'Fonder
Seriously upon the subject thus presented for
'consideration:, •
',. FlS'eould not read, he could not' phi, or
enjoy himself in any 'way, While that 'chair
was imply. In ahort. - he found that home
Lid' no real colfort , without hie- wife:: The
one thing need al to make Osorgilfliettult
home pleasant ven'not present. „ „ t -4.z...! , -
•4I declare,' h 4 said to. himself, •I'did-Wot
think it would eo lonestme.•Atd Can it be
that she teals ea I do when she .ii here all
Slone 1 It must be so; it /ajar& as ebe says:
-Before we werelmarried she was very happy
in her childhood's Mime. Her parents 'loved
her,, her ,broth re ,and sisters loved ter, - and
they did all the coal& to tasks her Cornfortn,
;hie.' • • ,
After this he 'hiked up and down th e room,
several times, nd then stopped again and
ostilmtined with \ hiniself ~ ,
?I can't s'ind,thlip! said he, 'I should dietht
it week:- If Llama Irks berg .I tliink=l could
,enjoy myselfvery well.- How lonesome it is!
'and only eight otelook !" • I declare; I've a mind,
;to Walk down as far as Miele John's, and see
'if she is there. It: would be a relief if I only
could see her. I won't ''go in. She shan't
know-yet that lau outs° faintly.! • -.. .
_ Q eorge , Wilson,tooli another turn acmes; the
room, &need once more at the, clock; and
then took his fuii and went out.- ,- .
Ha locked the Idoor after hirer; and then bent
hie steps towardn Uncle John's. -,
' It Wass beautiful moonlight night, and the,
sir - vet keen 'an bracing. lie wee walking
along with his e es 'bent upon the pavement,-
when he beard a light step approachtng him.
He. looked up v and—he could not bemisiaken
—be sal' his wife. • . ' -
$600,849 72
His firet Impulpe was to aroid'her, bideshe
had recogniz d him.
'George,' she said in .surpriso, 'can 'elle be
you'!" ' -.
-*Mit ie.' was the response.
do' you pass your evenings at homel'
This Ts the first time there beenont, Em
nut, upon my word, and even now. t bare not
'been abaint from - the house more 'than rep
I merely eame out to tat the fresh
air. But where are you going ?' , „
_ qam going hou.a,Haorge; willytiii ' ~o with
„VerialeiTy, refurned George. :".'"
• She thin • Wet 'arm and they ;Waite'
lode In silence:
%When prima had takes off n hor.things: she
eat down in her '
shalt; and 'oohed. a t, ihe Sleek
en therein/ .' ; ,; - -
3 Toe' are horeawarli to.sigh4g: remarked
her bnihande, : ",,,. •
The youeg wife •looked ,ip into her hme
hiite foe; and with 1M expression half emit
,-Ing nirrhilf tiarlitli she said i '' ; "
41-will-eonfets the truth. George-.-I •have
_given yeu thsexperiment. !managed to stead
isit mein& but I 'eofild not bear it thrOnglt,
tonight ; thrligbi -of Jots bare- all
slime !Wanted to be with. yam It didn't sense;
ttghtl hirnet vaJO/ 1 4
aokanrhome bit tins ,
'Vey yon" Said George , morinthin Shalt.
t o fiaLviree side, snit taking dictate One of,
her hands,
''tPaetti ' "'''
Evenings. at .tome:
I . Theti let. me mike my oonfeesion.. I hare
stboilleabt *hit'', Mier.' Whin' l' 'itiV
bit 4 No this iftening.rilouli itearlt .no lunges:
I ro,uad. ehtt„tAtia, irptsto,..tpme ton ton whits
*my Wife was 'abeent:i thought I iraull, , go
down to Uncle s lithri'd setfjoinqaee, if'
possible. (1 hid:gased spat yoni 'empty' shah.
01,1, 4 27 ,fi*.e4e!i‘ ;: :
Eel. evening was, speut,.t .home by,
hatband and' wif, And it wail a season of
tatutit enjoyment.'''
, In ("short time George began to realize how=
much comfort was to be fsuud, in a,.quiet dud
liaabefut home, and the longer en joyed tat
comfort, the more plainly ditl he see and.nit—
daratand the simple truth atilt it takes two to
Make a happy. home, and it,thti w i fe i s one
party, the huabsad mat be the other.
A If am Wotratt.—" What srelon 'singing
for t" said I to Mary Aladony.
"Oh, I don't know, ma'am, without it is
Itteitit.o my heart fieLS so happy." •
HaPpy, • kro you :happy ? Why, la: me
See, you don't own s toot of land lathe wide
ir.d4d." • \
!..Foot of latuf,le it?" ehe crieo without it
laugh.' 4, 0 h; what& hand ye are - after a joke:
Any surer; Lt novo peony, ,let;,ahnie
fool of laud.? ' • ,
- :; -- 1" . Xout mother bi dead."
' rest , her sowl,' yes," seiplled Mary,
withwith-s irmalrof.geaules pathos:.
pi I,Tbisileas
a bols ,
r,bed ' • . • •
Your b roth er etlll a sop.
I n .— • •
4 1 1. -Te soiling bat
drink, drietki aitd . bate his sifs—ipoor Grey,
. You hare ' o payzycher sister's board
. "flisre;the bit crepes* F and shoes good
Mlle girl, k Willie' to do ,whotevot I.
axes her. -A don'i grud_goelks mosoy that goes
for that."
I hod yogi hsipl'itay fashittaiible dtteses,
•ifitber ?" • „ •
it " Fash'stable, is it? -014.yi5,-I Olt a bit of
wbalebons .
,me skirt, gewn
spresdi as big As the ladies.. Putrtitio you
( say trrie; i-baven't two •gowas to me
back, two shoat tome feet, and not-a_buunit;
Amin' me mild boott." . • .
You kgpiren't soy icier?"
• -I' Oh. be off aid Yes! catch' Mari lillioney v
tridn bribe &eke claya,• , When:ohe bard times
is come.'-l- " • ••
What on earth. bare.. 70,- make 7cu
.A drunken Veother,nyoor, helpless
slater, 'no • 'mother, I no , -10letifby; 'Where do
yo'u Seilour .4rpiuppoz" s -L
"The Lord be praised,-miss, it rowed up
in me. Give me a bit of efinsAine, o clean
Sure, -plenty o' wort ands nip at the rigbt
iitos, - sad I'm. toads. That,makes mo laugh.
land sing. And thin, if troubles come, I try
lo'teep my . beartnp. Sure, it would be a sad
thing af!Patrick McGaire'shetdd film it in his
bead to gm me;‘-hutithe Lord try to
bear upiander lt,-
Another Speech by the President.
The Soidlers' and 134ilors' Association of
Waihirigton . City had a celebration: on the
18th init., on which 0006811011 they serenaded
the President. la response to a speech of
congratulation from one of their number, he
'made" the following' lengthy and stirring ad—
,It - -is not affectation' In me to say that len
page: is inadequate- to' cones" the heartfelt
,reelinge, produced on this occasion . by your
presence, here, and by the - pr e sentation of
your sentimen t `
sas expressed by your repre
'annuities' In his ,address, - and in the 'aloha.
ti!.rts which you have thought proper to adopt.
.1 confeits that in the peculiar poslifon 'of pub
lie tiffsire, yonr.presence and,address give en.;
conragement and confidence to my efforts to'
disthisige the duties - • ineumbent upon-rue as
Chief liilagistr ster-of the 'Republic, sod - in
what.l. have to esti I shall address you in the
eharacter'of Aid:ens, sailors and soldiers.
shall speak to yotion those terms.end on none
- other. • I Repeat my thanks for tile manifests
Lion of, your approbation and encouragement.
[Applause.] .are to-dey involved in one
of the most critical and trying struggles that
bay' otiedsred since this government came into
Nations, , like individuals, - must
leave ~a.: b eginning, must have g birth..fiting
sling inbileStenet, a natiori ptsies throdgh
its 'first trying ordeaL Ii is not necessary tor
me now Lci carry year minds back to thee/411g—
gle when tbie.nation was born. • It is not ne
cessary for me - to allude to the privations and
hardships of those who were engaged in that
struggle to - achieve the national-birth. la is
not necieseutrrto point,to Aim blood shed-and
the lives lost in accomplishinfr that result:bt
neziJOrdeal throUgh which a nation' hat
to pass- is when It-is called up in torgletreei-,
denim that it bee strength, *spicily endl power
to maintain itself among' the 'Cations of Ahe
.earth. In giving inch evidence, we peeved
Atones 4
she sir of 1812 i :sad:throughihri
u‘r trith i ttlexiso,,snd wq pgriettgrough• all
the sitruggles ,th'athavq einccomyred up to .
die ingigning l ef ahe irobetife . 6l - '
.2 eint.d *Mei& -I But: s; nitiett hat4stil nether
test, AG-undergo:anti that-is to givenvldenoe
to,,tho 'wpm, of Ole • earth ) and to its 0111.
gam, "thatithen power to resist internal
tire/eche* and treason 'with% its
eleat. binderti: [Cheers.] • W. have Awn.-
minced- that „ordeal. _ant I trust r in (ledwe
will pass through it suchen/1611y. [Cheirs.)
I feel _Complimented 'by thenllnsion ofleur
representative' to the fact that I stoidiwther.
Senate in 1860 and ; 1861., when the nation,
was entering on the third ordeal, and raised
voice and hantaiiinetireasort, treachery
and irifterent int &Wien
"Gend."] !I. stand here to day,.he'ding:tn .
and Po!outigdolt somelrinoiptes whioh
then counhintet, [ Cheers . ) . , I,
to-da y opposing tranotlxindirsson; whither'
they be in the Routh or In the: North. (baud
chests 3-:1 standlere,lo day as ktbenetood,_
%ming nll my,p.swers-meteat and i .
preserve the nation ho poesink tannish the
third phase of its existence. ; 'rho orgibis4
fortma; and- -combined powers- ,that recently
soot arrayed against are disbanded and
driven train the field. But it does not follow
Chet there are- till no enemies/. against, ourl
present - form. of government sod our free in
.[Applause t hen stood la the
Senate. of , t he ; Staten dervittilhe doc
trine of eptratien ntid ishohisten. -. • - ttltinied
then, ail deity now, that any State has the
AOC oft it; ems -will to separate_ itself from
- the other States,, and thereby . to destroy the
tration aid' break up 'the government. And I
,think sites some evident° have
been sincere and in earnest. , And'nowi want
to know why it is-that-the whole pack of
slanderers and-calumniators antl.taaducers
live been barking and snapping at uiy,lieel4 ?
While leihat she); sat y themsefier againet,
met':ll itliecause I the:au:of the
people I And when •I , sox
. 4, , the, people,!! ) 1.
include the soldiers andmlors. [etteere,] ,
Why lea that they ire; arrayed in trilioing,
and eslumiliting, - and Yillifylittniit f 'Where
*ere they during the rehelliOnlo voice-s
-./ At ,home.,. in .bed.?' 4,./4"904q
, .] :
image tt; and 'heti
it Wan 'believed' thet it Winictba le'. the tutored'
Of the station; and would waft putting - .
down the rebellion,- did
• not.leasts my, plane ; ,
in, the Senate4 . ?lspis of amolument, cane,
and AititintstiOn-an4 take toy
the enemy cool/Ile reaelted,niasibilesynielea
lives were in dangert---ECheers, and cries of
st,That:elo i r 1' While, 1 lints 'than 'lmpeded,.
personally. sod •pabliclyit . end . , ,in t nyAtitys .
some - of ;ny tresent traducers ,aita - cilumnia..,'-
terieWerelar feinted tee th Alte toe;niidLirediti
aajoylat ewe jual aamfors::;-1 Chien sad
laughter.],, But, I aara, act tor '
_h care ,
not that slander. the taut Of ;lin,' his
Veen turned loose egillit
itlftbsty: Indies too tell youterettoAsY that;
Alamo& -Progq- oroil.4 ll T4WlLAttliros I,' fool
,he} I shaltlive long enough,te line dote the
-*hoe fradueeit
:fita - itfaired - thicispai
pack loose tO lower me in jour estbruktien.
'l' P , -
C. 0
n• ~• C. 1!
+1 efer, - fi 04 ,iiisWltiitli
„TtiNtO .'•-•
O r n i ti,Sweetbeartr Ilttli' ' •
al ng ereppipg,ap , sear' neg.,
liet A boa : them not, VbeergrEligl
kali people— , citizens eitizens,:-.01.41ers 1,-. ', -
know thetftem
,my" adveol into p V--,,,,,
the piesentrooplet.4 I hare dtwayssCopit,-iltir:e
yieldingly; Acid .uutravelipgly the ediocate ,
mid - defentieref thrir rights turd intereate—
t Cheers ,I, - We are in the, nation's third or
dial ; re are' not through it. at e (lad that
theGiates could not. go out Of the ?Moe; we
denied the doctrine of edhession, and w e ', e y e
demonstrated that !ire, are, risht ' We' dlere 0/1-
"Po. a the'sirdng atm ; , yes, throolerere
1 "1 41 laZ 3 r.e — Gid Weiss 'there t 7 have ttetot•n• -
stpSied ' by !heir-Pattie' ic heerte an'd strong
'lupe; that State!) haie2not the'power to leave
the ilnion. [Applattee.] What followed!
The coefetiorate armies Were. over; owertd
all& diebanded, arid' there was itrwillingpcee
on the .part, of the people Othello latest to ~, .
conehack; be obedient to the laws aid , ne..,
'knowledge she supremacy ofthe i Cotietiiittintt
or, our lettere.' For what, brie we
threugh this third'ordeal!- It was tdestah-"-
flab the, principle that no.Gtete had the Ferrer
to ,break up - the governmenti it Wee 0.14 ..
down the rebellion. The rebellion hail teen -
pqt - down.. and for what? Was it to 4stroy
the:States ? (Voices—"Merer."] FoT what ..
have islt these lives been eaorifieediaad all '
Iris treasureeipe,nded ? Was it for the par. • •
pore of destroying States ! 'hie, it' wasfar
the purpose of pre-service' them in,the Union
of our lathate. [Cheers-] It Was for that. '
you fotight-it wee .for '
toot I tried not. to „
break up the
,government, but to put down
the rebellion and preserve thit Union., of
- the
- States. That is whit we have' been contend.
fag for, and to establish the fact that the no- ~
tion can lift itself above and beyond intestine ;
foes, and treason and traitors at tome: When, -
the rebellinn in Pennsylvania was put down, ~
did that' cieSteey she State, and put it out, of --
the Union!! 'So "'heti the reeent great rebel--,
lion wee put'down, and the'tonetitution And, ~
~ ••• aws,of the,country restored, the States
`.. , gaged its it - -the rebellion being crushed;
i''. • few- restored; and , the "Censtltutlon sm. ,
noirledgelin thont--stand in the Union:con-. •
'tutting 07 pert 'ciT the Merlotti and 'bright
galaxy of States. • tLond Oilers:l. - In ;Casa.
ing through this ordeal What has been ilone -
in Tennessee wider the direction of my la--
merited •• predecessor? We' coMmenced the .
wcek of reztoration"- ' 'we succeeded .before I ~- -
game here ity . fistoring the relations which,
had existed bet'ween - Tenneitiee and the rest
of 'the Union, with'enh ekeeption, and that
Walt 'the relation arrepresentation. r ',Aix' ,
to t,Tatehlugtoi. and' tinder' extriordina4 dr. ',
curtatatteeranoceeded to preSidential chair.
,Ibiteit '-',,The 'Congress or ill
e" 'United
ltrteititatl ad,jearnedirithentprescribin . g day .
plea I tbenproceeded as YEW done i n my . .
own State '
tinder the direction of the govern.
ment,,tO restore the other States f • And how
did webegin V - - WO found that the people heti ' -
no'conita, mid we said to the•judgee, the die;
trict attorneye 'and the marshals, "Go down,
and bold your Courts; the people 'need the
tribunils of justice to be oPettea." " Was there
anything wrong fa that? The Courts,were
opened. What else? We looked out and new
that the people down there had no mails;" they '
had been tiut tiff and interrupted by the °pa.' , ,
ration of the rebellion. 'We sail to the Post
master General, "Let the people have floili-, '
ties for "mail communication; and. let. teem
again begin to understand whet we all feel,
And think—that we are one people.". We
loOked out -again and sari thatAbere waelti_ .„.
bleakede ' that Abe cirstoixi - holies were' all
closed.7,We• said, "Open the doors of the
custom house and remote the blocked . ° ;, let
trede, and' commerce, add the pursuits of
peace be' restored." And it was done. We ,
thus traveled on Inept)) , step, opening custom
houses, appointing, collectors, ,establishing
mail facilities, and restoring all relations that
bad been interrupted by the rebellion. Was '
there anything , undertaken to be done here '
that was not authorized by 'the Constitution ;
that was not justified by the necessities of the
Cave ; that has hot been dearlreonsonant ,
with the Constitution, and: with the 'genius
and spirit of our government ? ' [Cheers.] '
What remained to be done? One thing-so= .;
meined—to dnmonistrate' to. the eivillied _and' '
pagan world that we had passel suceinebilly ;
through the third ordeal or our 'national ex
tence, and proved that'our governmeit was
perpetual. A great 'principle war tolie re- 'T
'etred, -which , vas established in nit reiolit." '
tii n
*heti otrrfatherd were contending - agile . et '
th :fewer of Great Britain :' ' Whit was one '
ofi the pritelf al IMMO of this complaint ! It -
wee that they were denied representation.
They complained of.tatatin 'without' retire- ,
sentation. [Cheers ] One of thergrest prin
ciples laid . down by our fathers, and Si hleh
tiredtheir hearts, was that there shieild he no '
taxation without representation. floor then •
demi the matter stand? Who'has been ttetlrt)-
ink power? Who has been defeating the eree
ration of the Constitntiow? and what now re. -..
militia to be done to complete the restoration
of these States to all their former relatiors
under the federal government, and to finish
the real ordeal through which we hare been
pestling? It is to adniit representation
[Cheers. J. And when we say admit represen •
toien, what' do we mean ? We Olean _repro,
aentatienin the constitutional and law tibial rts '
sense, 'at was intended at the beginning of the )
government: • 'The Copetitation declares in '
express terms 'that each - Rouge, the Benet&
aid Rollie of Representatives, each- acting
.far itself,aholl- be the judge of the returns, '
election and qualifications of its own meto- '
'hers. It is for each house to settle that ques , ' '
I'neider ' , tips' Constitution 'and Under the - '.
s lawn 'emotion of ad oath. ' And can 'ire • he. '
Jive that ` either Horse would admit any ' roam-
b r into ill body 'to participate tails !Iroise& -
•itige? They-, heats' the .f (twin, not ' the •two
'Gouges, but each Heine for itself-' The Con- '
otitntion farther"deolsier that no Stain aluill
l 'ittprived:ll lie enual",stileasti lit the Sen.
s of the' plaited Suatellrlthinttlis con - sent. '
ewherede we stand?' 'All that laieeded -
to lintel)) tide:greet Work of restoration is - for
the twit-Ronan - respectively te - detertebie the •
question. ''
*,, 1 "Oh !Du tint bcinte'one will ray. -", tti traitor
- ght cbme in " The answer to that ii, that
ooh' Iltrzee nick ho the judge, antl,:if a trai
r pet:Saks- himself, cannot' 'tither' House --
- know llittatitiClittaittir ? '[Applause-] ,,. And,
,if he . is a traitor,_ can they_not kick hiserout '
of Ahe doOr - , ad see - d - fitin thiak, saying to tie
'polite eilitierent hini, - , is Yan must'seud•ne a
thy at Man' ' - ‘{o4e,rs;.tirid a ioice-: , • 4 That's .'
lOitti 4 "3 • 11l tffit4l'LllY Alifilenly . Omit "'that f` '
c.,-$6; 11 6 ; t• ;no ilieersi,J" if, tt,titiltor pre. '
lents' Itionselfctecitlier ' !louse, - Ciniot that ' '
idoestisitylolliit7 , ;fity, - you cannot be adMit.
tied iht4:-thisc'betlY. On back. Wiltiirnot
deny yontopeoPla t he!right' of representation,
bat they' innetreend a - idyll represontal ive.'r
(Cheertf.) ' And 'when the States dosendiciyai
reprerettatives, can 'You' have any better evi- '
, deuce of their fidelity to the Constituibh and
the 'awe? - . , -There is' no. one learned in the '
Constitution and the laws who will - say that-if"
' traitor, happens e. get into Congresi, that ,
body-ant - tot expel him after he gets in. That .
staked' assurritee doubly -tire , and confirms '
he action of the government to thcreonstitu
'llan of eitr fathers. Hence, I say,'let as stand'''•
hy that
„Qinstitntion; and in standing by it .
the eofettant will he preseried. While .l rive
been icentsodieg agyinet traitors , and treason,
Ind secession, •and 'the: distoitttiori' of 'the •
tni eth l hare, -b;en' eontestditten,V tee' sable ?
time againeethe Sonsillidition of power here.'
Cries of “ G tred V) 7 I' think ' the e one olide-'-'
Jibn of pewer here is Squally dangerous with ' '
ther separation of the States., TObeers I The' .
4h33e iponld' , shatter' ha and' might run: into
tbliy, while the ote.4* would•oeneentrate
d eventuate in 'monarchy. - ' [cheers,' anil- 1
tries of "Can ' t do ft l"] oh, but there is an `, idea abroad that - one ‘tearreati be iv - despot,
shst :one man eel - be 1 mover; but that a ,.
handred'or two hAndred :men can not.. ' ldr.- 1 :
letterset?, the apostle of :liberty, tells' us, and
Ise dtetikohniten sale, 'that tyranny dud dee..
pie - dine Oan be enerifeed'ity many more Tiger- .
obely7ttndz *ore tyrannically thinlky eine..::. ,
I lirtiaepthWeillitiyourPresideet to bee ty r a n t?
Wilk: t eak:he do? ' What can he roriginate ik
esi,f,:ttiair say he exerciser the: Veto power.
tLevighterl - Wher, is' the- Waterpower ? j [ t
seine" Ter put down the Wither.° 'Lang., _
I tir I r 'Who''is 'velar Preildent if' [ Sereral'-
s '
ay - 3 h "] '
i reieeiFa-liAn 9 newt•. Is he not elected
i bY
Teeple through the electoral tielleges t
' The Presideetis nothing' more than the tri
bune-of the people. Ilia office is tribune' in
its cearinter. . T pTden iimeei when tribunes
We're i iirst , eleeted in the Roman 'Republic,
they steed at the 'door of .the Roman Senate,:
whiehiree,then overreaching on the.pepular
. and 'putting the heel, of polar on the
-neck/ iif the psopte. • The- people chose a
Wilma* and placed him at-the door 'of the
figete i , eo rwhett that body, ventured - tut-op.
primitive set he was ready edibles's* , to say, .
7, Vita, - / forbid., was
President now le the
OhAtniiiPet this peepie.4. -T *sit God dam'
sad I intend-to insert; thwpswegenskinkvii